FFGM Treasure Hunt #5

MARCH 2019

This treasure hunt has been solved and the key to the medallion has been recovered.

To read the story of the couple that figured out the puzzle and found the key stone, look HERE:

FF Gold Medallions image 1024x562

ffgm 5 clues

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9 thoughts on “FFGM Treasure Hunt #5

  1. It was awesome time! Dal and I love rewarding the Medallions to searchers, so we are so happy and we do want to make the hunts ‘solvable’. However, do you want them more difficult? What are all you all’s thoughts about that? We have another five to go in the Appalachians for this first series of hunts….. then they get spread out. I know Dal has one he is going to hide on one of his many adventures!

    • I would prefer them harder for the simple reason: too easy and one can solve it before others maybe even read the announcement.
      But thanks you 2 for doing this. It is a cool thing!

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