Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Eight…


MARCH, 2019


Hey Forrest,

Here are some documents I dug up related to your 12/21/1968 rescue:
1) Handwritten log from the Joint Search and Rescue Center (JSARC). 
2) Mission Narrative Report 2-3-79 written by Lt. Eagan, USCG.

Also, I found some records related to the first time you were shot down on 8/24/1968
1) Handwritten log from the Joint Search and Rescue Center (JSARC).
2) Electronic records list the aircraft as F-100 D with serial # 563019.

Note, TACAN ch-89 is Nakhon Phanom and TACAN ch-115 is Binh Thuy. Positions in logs are often given as TACAN coordinates: heading / distance (NM) / TACAN channel. The heading is from the tower to the current position.

Some other notes:
– Your chute beeper never activated (phantom beeper picked up 35mi south of your position).
– Swisher ran a MISTY thru your flt path to figure out where to search for you.
– PJ King (high bird) was MIA/KIA 4 days later (on xmas, about 25mi NW of your pickup). He was awarded the AFC.

Chris L

Chris L.,
Thank you so much for finding those documents for me. I had not seen them before. They explain a few things that I had wondered about, especially that my parachute beeper had not worked. My chute is probably still hanging in the tree. Anything else you can find for me will be greatly appreciated. I received a Silver Star for that mission, But I have never seen the narrative that was written that convinced the brass in the Pentagon to give the medal to me. I would like to read that document. It must be somewhere in my personnel records. Where do you live Chris? If you are ever in Santa Fe I would like to show you my combat scrapbook. I have a photo of me being pulled up on the
Cable, taken by someone in the high chopper. f





277 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Eight…

    • thank you Chris that read was like looking back in the truth of history you must have some high brass to find this doc ty great read

  1. That’s so awesome!!! I can’t wait to read it, but I have physical therapy in the morning at 7 and have to get to sleep. Will definitely read it tomorrow. Thanks so much Chris!!!

  2. God evidently had other plans for Forrest – the task assigned to this man had not be completed on that day he went down. And you and I both know that Forrest doesn’t just “try” to do his best, he works at it until it is done.

  3. Very good you did some research, I’m sure Forrest is proud. ❤️
    And he responded to you that’s even better.

  4. Impressive research Chris L, and thanks for sharing Forrest! Digging into the links now…

    Happy Monday 🙂

  5. What a great story. I just happened to be watching Fly Boys when this was posted. I almost became an Air Force pilot myself. Instead I dedicated the lion’s share of my career to the support of military avionics as a software engineer. After 35 years of working as a civil servant and defense contractor for all branches of the armed services, US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps, I retire this summer. It was a real privilege.

  6. Chris, what was the address of the barber shop that gave FF his first professional haircut?

  7. Chris,

    Good work in digging up those records. This begs the question are you in the military or? Those type of records usually are not intended for the public to research in personal records. Curious.

    Now how is it that you can’t find that treasure?

  8. I read all the papers you
    Forrest you sure did fall far in that jungle
    Thank god they found you.lots of people working on your rescue to get you to saftey.i know you did get a cut on your face and has healed up nice.when i first met you,i could not see a scar.chris thanks for the info on mr.forrest.never leave a team member behind.

  9. Chris L… Wow! That is some impressive research! Cool to read. Thank you for sharing… Forrest those boys never gave up on you!

  10. Wow Chis L, how and where did you get these?
    Interesting but somewhat cryptic to read.

  11. Thank you for the SB Mr Fenn and to Chris L. for the information. Phantoms and towers and logs oh my…

  12. The mission narrative states that Sandy 1 “trolled for ground fire.” Wow, those guys were some brave soldiers…

  13. Incredible story of survival and rescue. As a civilian, it is difficult to comprehend the reality of living through such events, especially on a daily basis for extended periods of time. Reading the documentation is an opportunity to see what went into the rescue of a downed pilot from start to finish. Thank you for sharing that piece of your life with us, and for your service.

  14. Really interesting.

    It seems to me that we can find the chute and the camera if Forrest or someone can decode the co-ordinates XD 299 670

  15. Thanks for sharing this SB. Very eerie in an interesting way to revisit an old log from the ready room. Thanks Chris.

  16. Now we’ve all seen formally classified ‘S’ info from the zone! Buckles got promoted to Master from Tech during that period! Way cool stuff!

  17. Incredible! It is simply impossible to imagine the mental, emotional and physical strength and courage required to execute the mission and endure being shot at and hit not once but twice. And to think I get nervous over a few bumps in the road on a a commercial aircraft. Thank you for sharing these archives.

  18. Sounds very interesting. I’ve tried three times but can’t seem to load info.
    Wonder what that’s about.

  19. Very Cool find Chris L. Does anyone know with 100% certainty what type of aircraft the Nail74 FAC was? O-1,O-2 or O-10?

    • The picture on page 81 TTOTC is an O-1. The 23rd TASS used all three of those at one time or another. “O” is for *obsolete*….

      • Thanks Ken for pointing out the photo of the L-19. I was just wondering if “Nail 74” had anything to do with “nailing” down the first clue.

      • The picture on page 81 TTOTC does not prove in any way what airplane Nail 74 was flying – the guy in the picture is not Lt. Swisher ..


        “Forward Air Controller (FAC) Nail 07 pilot Lt. James Swisher in OV-10 #67-14636”

        As Swisher was flying a Bronco on 08 Oct 1969, he was probably flying a Bronco over Forrest – or he could have been flying an O-2 ..

        • It looks like Swisher was flying an O-2 since he belonged to the 23rd which initially flew Cessna O-1 Bird Dogs in 1966 and into 1968, when the last one was retired. In 1967, the unit began receiving Cessna O-2 Skymasters to replace the O-1s. In 1969, the squadron began to receive North American OV-10 Broncos, and flew that aircraft until the end of the war. [wiki]

  20. Definitely love learning something new and interesting, thank you Forrest and Chris.

    pdenver, surprised your not pondering the capital “C” in Cable in Forrest’s response. Especially with synonyms: rope, cord, line, guy, piece of cordage;

    Chris, I have a few curiosities to ask you as well if you are on here.

        • I don’t know if I could honestly say what it would be like having gone through what Mr. Fenn and the others who were rescued of what it would have felt like, but knowing one was given a chance to continue living, I believe it’s quite a personal feeling for each.

  21. Thank you SeeN,
    And more importantly and with all my respect,
    Thank you Charles D. King, Airman First Class, United States Airforce, MIA, KIA, Christmas day, 1968. Never forget.

    • I concur, Strawshadow. It was a bit sad to read what had happened, but proud of him for laying his life on the line to save another.

  22. That word “high” has caught my attention. It reminds me of that dream I had about the elephant in the tree. Remember that? Seriously. If f hid the treasure high up in a tree, he can go up there and get it his self. (I think that might be a line from Crocodile Dundee).

  23. Easy.
    Maybe your elephant is just your dreams way of telling you that you carry to heavy of a burden on your shoulders and that if you carry to much at one time it will crush you. If that elephant is only a dream and it is not so heavy and you can let it down to the ground and set it ( free) then you can be as well. Signs are everywhere you just need to look for them. They hide in the most unrecognizable places.
    I think Mr. Fenn can attest to this for he has been we’re most men would not.
    If he says different then I apologize for my perception. So take charge of that elephant if it’s a dream then it’s not a load it’s just a burden.
    I hope this helps
    Sincerely. Grasshopper.

  24. I loved reading this and am definitely impressed that someone was able dig all that up. I can’t imagine things not lining up for a meeting in Santa Fe. How fun would that be? I can only imagine the photos and stories and memories that will be sparked. Great job Chris and thank you for sharing Forrest.

  25. Dampened Myth
    It is amazing that Chris came up that valuable information about Mr. Fenn. What a find. Almost as lucky as us all to find such a triumphant man. I hope this years Fennbarre is everything Mr. Fenn. Could hope for. Is it’s easy to see how a man of his caliber could effect the lives of so many. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to be a part of this experience.
    Sincerely. Grasshopper.

      • I’ve never been able to meet Forrest or make it to one of the Fenboree events. If someone actually finds it this season that might be the last time us searchers have a chance to meet Forrest.

        It might be funny too if the Mythical Hunter (if they exist) retrieves it and then reveals themselves at Fenboree. Maybe they’ll consider showing up if they are on this forum.

  26. “Litter 81 CR 1 having Trouble getting man to move away fr. cliFF.”

    Hilarious! LMAO

  27. How were our found men pulled up? Did one soldier descend and then grab the soldier? Was the cable attached to them in some way?

    I can’t imagine the feeling of looking down as the jolly green takes off with you in her care. Thank you for sharing Chris and Dal.

    • Heavy object (penetrator) attached to end of cable; straps attached to hook under penetrator; survivor puts himself in the straps; up he goes.

    • Copper-
      To add to what Joe stated…
      Remember the Jolly Green with the penetrator was hovering just above the treetops at 250ft…that’s as high as a 25 story building. The jungle canopy in that part of the world is old, lush and made up of very tall trees…

      They would try to get the pilot out in the open so they could see one another…but in the jungle that isn’t possible. So they figure out where he’s at and if he is in good shape. If he is wounded or hurt and unable to get to the penetrator or unable to strap himself into it…they would send a rescue person down on the penetrator to help get the pilot into the penetrator. In Forrest’s case, he was in ok shape so they dropped the penetrator down through the canopy unattended. Forrest gets the heck out of the way until the penetrator is lowered. When it’s low enough for him to get onto it, he pulls out the arms…sits on one, straps in and holds on for dear life as this thing is winched back up through the canopy…fast and straight to the Jolly Green..

      There are some good photos of the penetrator illustrating how it’s used here:

      • Thank you Dal. I bet he was thinking “I’m in. Now Go!” Sheesh. Makes my knees weak.

  28. Forrest,
    Would you please send Dal the photo you mention so he can post it? I’m certain we’d all appreciate seeing the moment of your rescue.

  29. Its always hard to read “My War For Me” as I was there during the time Forrest was there. It was my worst year in my life doing forward ground recon, trying to see and not being seen for many days at a stretch.

    I didn’t mean to distract from the scrapbook, I can relate to Forrest in many ways, although I wasn’t a fly boy. I just hope he can sleep good at night, its not always easy for me to this day.

    Sleep well Forrest!

    • Sorry CharlieM

      I too was “in that hateful, wasteful, losing war”. I sleep well most nights, but then certain nights images return, and sleep is lost. How sad. JDA

      • I always have strong feelings for those that go into combat these days, especially those that have more than one tour, I just don’t see how they can do it. What brave souls they are, I’m very proud, yet very sad for them.

        • Thank you CharlieM, JDA, Forrest, and everyone else for your service.

          Without the sacrifices you’ve made, we wouldn’t have the freedom to Chase our dreams.

          Thank you for eternity.

        • That about sums it up CharlieM. One of my long-time sayings: “There are only two legitimate reasons for a man to go insane: one is the loss of a child and the other is being in actual firefight military combat.” I cannot imagine either one.

          • JDA, you are right on the mark there with being the lucky ones!

            I, too, was in the Air Force. But not during a war. I feel lucky too.

    • I’ve never served, but I have great respect for those who have, and I am well aware of the ways war has of following a soldier home. I have seen that unfocused stare that says “just quietly step away for a while”.

      For all who have been there and done that, and those who have seen the things that cannot be unseen, I can only pray that your restful nights outnumber the nightmares.

      Sleep well, all!

  30. Fennboree is scheduled to occur before the time that the chest will be found this summer, IMO.

  31. Thats a wrap, a “your to late” and some last minute directions for the few who or two, who can read him. It clicked a couple years ago but it really set in today. You where a smile not you wear a smile pointing to a smiling mout. I had final 100′ or so, along with Linger Longer then came this SB and wow, hurts bad but Im still going this Sunday and spending my last few bucks getting there. You dont spend 4.5 years and 14k++ hours on this then assume anything. But It was like a self fulfilling prophecy. I had this aweful thought about a year into it that what if I ended up being 2nd? How it would hurt…ouch just ouch. Deeeeeeepthnkr out, congrats to you LL or RT or CY or BT or whoever… Dont forget who laid out all the good stuff years ago. TY Forrest : Hew If or Rest

  32. Documents = Dog you mint then flip it and dog means shade, so Shades you mint/TC. Thats a wrap, a “your to late” and some last minute directions for the few who or two, who can read him. It clicked a couple years ago but it really set in today. You where a smile not you wear a smile pointing to a smiling mout. I had final 100′ or so, along with Linger Longer then came this SB and wow, hurts bad but Im still going this Sunday and spending my last few bucks getting there. You dont spend 4.5 years and 14k++ hours on this then assume anything. But It was like a self fulfilling prophecy. I had this aweful thought about a year into it that what if I ended up being 2nd? How it would hurt…ouch just ouch. Deeeeeeepthnkr out, congrats to you LL or RT or CY or BT or whoever… Dont forget who laid out all the good stuff years ago. TY Forrest : Hew If or Rest

    • My one question for you deep, if you’re so sure, would be, just where did you find the peace?

  33. Thank you Forrest and all those who have served this country, and also those currently serving. If it wasn’t for our veterans the chase may not have existed as we know and love. God bless!

  34. Truly a genius of camouflage within the written words and sounds. It sometimes takes awhile to see or hear the message between the lines. Its like a whisper barely discernible and birthed from a slight breeze in the quiet of night, the waning moon casting scant light upon ones awareness. BAM!! Then Other Times Every Tic, Chorus And Whisper Anxiouslessly YELLS! Language, neigh, communication with a maze of clews can weave a gnarly knot of Intricacies in the hands of a grinning outlaw. How lost we are without the sage eyes of an owl yet whats necessary is only to duck the BS, find that thing to follow and let it take us to the Tower Of Wisdom and, alas, get buck naked and bravely dance down Broadway lane with our treasures bowled four all tock.

    • Ok I’ll look for that treasure, but my clothes stay on. And well done Shake spear.

  35. I’m trying to picture something in my mind about this scrapbook and I’m hoping others will give their opinions, please. It may be something to simple that I’m missing or not understanding. Mr. Fenn states he wonders if his parachute is still hanging in the tree. Would those who were looking for him have seen this (the parachute)? Or do you think the parachute collapsed in itself and slipped through the branches. I don’t know what how long parachutes with their cords are. Trees were around 250’+ tall. Parachute however long they were in a dangling position. Mr. Fenn being around 6’+ tall, and he dangled 18″ above the ground.

      • I should have read my response before posting. I apologize for my errors. My mind was going quicker than my typing.

    • Pdenver, what if the whole sb was simply to drop a hint with just a word: parachute? I assume you read ttotc, so what did he write about shooting and a pair? Then that sentence about a tower, hmmm. If you figure out parachute and your place has a “tower” or two, then your probably in the right place. Mine does. Also, what would be a perfect title for the end of the Chase? how about End of the Trail? Mine has this and is about too fars away from that tc. Well Imo, will know soon..

      • Hello Deeepthnkr. I have read the TTOTC book and currently going back and rereading it. He wrote about shooting Meadowlarks and Scissortails. I’m not sure about “a pair” for which you speak. I’ve thought about this scrapbook and considered something I hadn’t thought of, but will continue to go back to the book and poem. I hope you’ll let us know how you made out, and good luck.

  36. Wow great research Chris I would take the ole coot up on his offer of seeing his war scrapbook

    • I can’t see that “Clint L” has ever posted anything on HOD. That’s odd for someone that into researching the facts around “the war for me”.
      It would be against the rules to have changed his name. So…will the real Clint L please stand up?


      • Chris L didn’t post this scrapbook, Billy, and there’s no reason at all to assume that Chris L has any idea that HoD exists.

        There are tons of academically trained, self-trained, and complete amateurs out there researching all kinds of things for all kinds of reasons.

        Museums and libraries (especially national and university-associated institutions) are staffed with people whose job (and interest) it is to assist researchers (including us regular ol’ citizens) locate documents, maps, and other historical artifacts.

        The internet, too, has made it MUCH easier now than it was even 20 years ago, when you often had to go to where documents were physically located to see them. 25 years ago it was almost completely an actual ‘paper chase’.

        • J A..

          Well said. I agree, but it just seems odd. I suppose it could be that “Chris L.” doesn’t even know about the chase or the HOD. Then what is your hypothesis as to how or why he chose this time to send the research material to Mr. F? Why did he pick Mr. F to research? It just seems odd. I wonder about the meaning of so many of Mr. F’s friend’s names,…like Chris, Olga, Sam, Shiloh, Suzanne, Zoe, Jax beer….there seems to be a trend going on but I can’t quite figure it out.


          • Hey Sherif Billy
            If you don’t know Suzanne,Zoe ,Jax Beer,Dizzy Dean you better go to the drawing board my friend.

          • *** *** *** ***
            ” . . . what is your hypothesis as to how or why he (Chris L) chose this time to send the research material to Mr. F? Why did he pick Mr. F to research? It just seems odd.”
            *** *** *** ***

            Hey-O, Billy

            I see how it could seem odd, if you assume that this correspondence from Chris L came to ff out of the blue, unsolicited.

            Seems equally plausible (maybe *more* plausible) that this is just a part of a chain of correspondence between ff and Chris L.

            ” . . . thank you for finding those documents *for me*” seems an odd response if the stuff came in out of nowhere. I suspect collusion. 😉

            The material provided shows that Chris L is no slouch at archival research, whether professional or amateur. Is maybe even a contact who works at the archives.

            Whether or not Chris L is aware of the chase seems beside the point to me. But I think ff is talking about the chase when he says he is, and that this scrapbook has everything to do with ff, and nothing to do with the chase.


          • J A Kraven…do you think Chris L. Used the Freedom of Information act to access thes documents? If so, full circle back to Donald Rumsfeld?

          • Hey-O Sandy –

            Don’t see a need for an FOIA request, but my own (limited) archival experience is pre-20th century documents, where pretty much everything is “public record.”

            To get access to ff’s own file would require written permission from ff or next of kin. But the reports presented are from operational and service logs, not ff’s own personnel file near as I can tell. I imagine they’re public records, not classified.

            As for that Devil Reincarnate guy you mentioned, I don’t have no truck with no Trilateral Illuminati juju. Way bad mojo, mon.


          • Jake – I was asking about the possibility that Chris used the FOIA to obtain the documents because the mission narrative report is stamped “confidential” and “secret”. That reminded me that Forrest and Rumsfeld are buddies, because Rumsfeld co-sponsored the Freedom of Information Act. Just the latest gyrations my brain has taken.

          • *** *** *** ***
            ” . . . the mission narrative report is stamped “confidential” and “secret”.”
            *** *** *** ***

            True, Sandy.

            But the stamps on the report also show that it was downclassed from SECRET to CONFIDENTIAL in 1972, and then DECLASSIFIED entirely in 1974.

            So I can’t see why an FoIA request would have been necessary or even useful to obtaining a copy of it.

            (Anything I may have written about R*msf*ld will have been redacted from this post by the time anyone reads it.)



          • Jake, thanks for the explanation and input. Makes sense. I’m not accustomed to reading these sorts of document so that was helpful.

    • I’s from the hills and I am cautious about who my friends are – I’ve saw alot of War and was always glad to make it home.

  37. I’m ready to go – BATTER UP – who’s bringing the balls? If it’s raining, guess we can always go bowling.

    • Well Frogman it’s been a while since I’ve been on the field and my right tibia is sore a lot but I am up for a good game. I have all the balls my Louisville slugger, glove and hat.
      Ready to play if you are.
      Just need to get permission from above. It’s not easy getting away from here. Besides the pain between my eyes, I’ll hop my way there anytime. Grasshopper

      • I’m ready to play but sounds like you are in sad shape. I would recommend trying the ThermaCare heat wraps for your sore bones and there use to be an aspirin on the market that worked great for headaches – can’t remember the name or who made it.

        Who is it you need permission from? Come on – grow up!
        Just wondering too – where do grasshoppers go in the winter?
        Well so…. when you are feeling better and in tip-top shape, let’s play ball.

        • Americana.
          I don’t believe my age has anything to do with my health but I remember that aspirin and it used to work. Permission usually comes from my wife and her preplanned year. Sometimes a feeling or a dream from another dimension let’s me know.
          That’s the spiritual thing.
          Your probably in the major leagues and I’m just in the minors. But some day we can play. Maybe Fennboree

  38. Did you know … for $2500 you can join the crew of the Treasure Salvies, treasure hunters of the Atocha, for one week. Seven days in the Florida Keys. You can be rewarded with real treasure from the Spanish fleet sunk in 1715, I think. Take your scuba gear.

  39. I think I’ve seen that phrase “nailed down” dozens of times, and I find it mildly offensive.
    Even though it rubs me the wrong way, it’s Forrest’s way of expressing something; so I’ll
    let it slide.

    • Hell Tall Andrew. When Mr. Fenn stated one must “nail down” for the first or else they have nothing (paraphrasing), it would seem that we need to be certain of where/what the first clue refers to. Over time he’s made this known to the searchers of how important it is. I’m not sure how the phrase, “nailed down” would be mildly offensive.

      This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • Hello Sandy. I just read your response and wondered why the response until I reread my response and I am SO embarrassed! I didn’t proofread my words before posting.

        Tall Andrew, and others, please know my response was suppose to read “Hello Tall Andrew,” not what ended up being posted. If you’ve ever read my other responses through the years, you would know I wouldn’t curse. My sincere apology for this error to everyone.

        • PDenver and all – I was totally joking and I’m sorry I even pointed it out. It was an amusing typo particularly given that it was PDenver of all people! My apologies, I certainly didn’t mean to embarrass you.

    • Tall Andrew,

      Why should you be offended with “nailed down” when it is only a metaphor for “knowing for sure, 100 %, that you have the clue answered correctly. I can’t believe how sensitive folks are these days, and the need to be politically correct 100% of the time.

      Why is “nailed down” offensive? I just don’t get it. I have heard the “nailed down” over my many years to mean “knowing for sure” about something.

      Just Say’n

      • *** *** *** ***
        CM sez – “I can’t believe how sensitive folks are these days, and the need to be politically correct 100% of the time.”
        *** *** *** ***

        I can’t believe how many folks feel the need to sound off about what other folks sound off about.

        Heads, tails, same coin.

        Just Yak’n

      • If you believe nailed down means to know for sure (and only that), i think you are depriving yourself of critical information. Most every thing that forrest says, shares, or suggests relating to the chase has double or hidden meaning.

        Remember the poem contains a riddle of sorts and a literal reading will yield little results.
        Hundreds of thousands of searchers and their deadend solves attests to this.

        • I support of my claim, consider:
          When asked why forrest began the chase, he once replied (paraphrase), my daughters are some age and neither of them know who clark gable is…
          Considering that a large part of forrests clients were hollywood heavy hitters, how should one interpret forrests suggestion to “look at the big picture”?
          Idk, maybe im the one missing the boat…

          A fun rabbit hole to venture into:
          See how many phrases in the poem you can relate to names on the hollywood walk of stars.
          George Burns = the blaze (hint from ttotc), Joan Rivers = paddle up creek.


        • Forrest said try to marry the places in the poem with a map. That sounds pretty literal to me. Now we have to figure out a riddle too?

        • BadgeR,

          I completely disagree with your statement, ” Most every thing that forrest says, shares, or suggests relating to the chase has double or hidden meaning.”

          I don’t know where that idea of FF came from. I think he’s a straight forward guy when he says things and write things. Such as all of interviews, SB, emails from him, he likes to joke and he is always evasive when it comes to the Chase related questions.

          Heck I would be evasive to questions regarding a treasure that I might of hid. I think some folks forget about that side of things!

          I’d think that type of thinking, as you suggest, would not be productive. IMO

          Just Say’n

          • You certainly are entitled.
            Ive learned that there is no sense in debate if one party doesnt consider the opposing partys views to be even the slightest bit legitimate. O think thats is called something completely different.
            Thank you for your input.

          • CharlieM, we all see what we see through the filters of experiences. Some of us think differently.

            For those who think like me, where much of what he says is an allusion to treasure-related places and how to find the treasure, research the word “pica”. For those who do not, no worries.

  40. I really thought Mr. Fenn was going to step away, But he is back with a vengeance. Maybe it’s just me, 11 hints I see.

  41. ChickenOne…has he ever really stepped away? He’s seems to always be there whispering secrets in our ear. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on the 9 clues in the poem and several hints I found sprinkled throughout my TTOTC book. You have to wonder which clues and which hints will ultimately lead the searcher to the treasure because I don’t believe you need to have all 9 clues solved to find it. Although it will be a sad day for many when the chest is found, the story behind the search methods and the tools used to finally locate the treasure I’m sure will be amazing. In the mean time, everyone be safe out there; and thank you FF for the experience!!!

    • Conquistador said, “…the story behind the search methods and the tools used to finally locate the treasure I’m sure will be amazing…”

      There is some truth in this. But, the story behind the hiding of the treasure, the 9 years of searching, and the genius of Fenn will be more shocking. IMO.

  42. Why woodn’t it put one on the offensive or better yet why shood it keep us on the defennsive? Just nail it down to the cross and go in peace. Heaven help us why we can’t just seem to get along.

  43. Sorry pdenver, didn’t mean to confuse, perhaps we just see things a little different. I applied alot of thought into those posts, maybe we should just leave it at that:)

    • Hello Strawshadow. One of these days I’ll figure it out. You stated, “Just nail it down to the cross and go in peace,” in the above post. It does go with the discussion made a month ago with you and others.

  44. I have always hoped and prayed that I could be the one to recover Mr. Fenns TC and that it would be more for for fullfilling then I could imagine. But I am not so sure that MAN (KIND)will live up to those words for the one that completes the mission.
    I hope that searchers will just enjoy sharing there experience with the person that solved it. Maybe that person does not have all the answers and they may never all be answered.
    Mr. Fenn did not have to create for us this game of opportunity for the dislikes of one opinion over another. If I can ask one thing that has inspired me the most here is that the excitement and desire to see more will continue as it has , and up to and past when the TC is recovered.
    I think it will come to become common knowledge that the clues have all been the same and repeated since he first introduced this to the public. And it’s up to each to figure it out.
    Just my thoughts.

    • Initially, only One will realize what we’ve All been seeking. But everyone who made the effort will forever bear witness to Forrest’s doctrine; expressed through his personal offer to experience… The Thrill of the Chase!

      Spring back; Life renewed! : )

      • The circle of life can surely renew us; especially if we are careful not to break it.
        For a curved line is harder to form then a straight one. It is much eiser to get back to the curved line then it is the straight one as long as you stay inside it. As we sometimes get moving to fast on that circle we don’t take the right time to stop and smell the flowers or the green grass from a spring thaw
        As the seasons renew themselves, so must we. Spring is a great time for this as new life amerges and old life gets another part of time in this circle of life.
        It’s important that we not pick the flowers before it’s to soon, for they should be left to enjoy till the time is right. Hard to tell when that is, that’s when Faith comes in.
        For me I just look for the signs and follow my instincts.
        Back to treasure hunting.
        What in the world does that Strawshadow have to say. Sounds like a foreign laungage from Mars.
        Not trying to be afensive
        Just get a good chuckle out of it.

    • Grasshopper – I think it is time to repeat what you said above for all to hear.
      You’re one of the “wise” ones. JIMHO


    Thank you Mr Fenn for posting your rescue logs and thank you Chris for taking time to dig them out.

    Reading this scrapbook and the logs, I tried to visualize what you must have gone through after your plane got shot down.

    I had a chance to spend couple of nights in a Laotian jungle north east of Thakhek (which is north east of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand). Fortunately for me it was just a trekking/kayaking type of a trip. No danger what so ever, being guided by a local guide who knew the area very well and no armed enemy behind my back. Staying over night, in a bamboo/banana leaves shelter, with the jungle around fully alive, gave me appreciation for how you must have felt being alone in there, not knowing if you’ll be able to get out alive.

    Thank you again for posting this scrapbook.

    P.S. I haven’t seen a parachute hanging from a tree, but we have seen many, many bomb craters
    Apparently, Laos hasn’t been bombed intentionally, but the pilots returning to Thailand couldn’t lend with the a load of bombs, so they despose of them over Laotian jungle before landing.

    • Well said. Truth is noone gets out alive, could get hit by a bus later today. Point is to grab the bananas when you can, carpe diem, live every moment to its fullest. Time is the enemy chasing all of us. I believe we can enjoy the thrill of that chase.

  46. Log books – scrapbooks – journals – memoirs – biographies – history books.
    What do they have in common?

    • I’ll bite…

      All are research documents.

      The transitive property of equality tells us that:

      IF research documents = paper
      AND paper = wood
      THEN research documents = wood

      If you are brave and in the [research documents], I give you title to the gold.

    • April 2014 Scrapbook 62
      “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about….
      Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” f

          • I keep bouncing between who wants to be a millionaire, and am I smarter than a fifth grader.

        • Perhaps this is partially due to the notion that the chase is a much more limited game than we here realize. FF last guessed 350K people have searched for the chest. There are 328 million in the US alone? That is .1% searching. Then if we consider the world, its .004% searching. I, myself, was not even aware of the chase until September 2018.

          • Joe-
            Forrest used that 350K number more than once…and wasn’t it quite awhile ago when he used that number?
            If the blogs are any indication…or perhaps I should say if THIS blog is any indication…then I would say that interest peaked last year or the year before. If true, this is good news for those who want less competition while searching but perhaps not such good news for those selling chase related T-shirts and magic 8-balls.
            I would also say that a decline in searchers is inevitable over time given that Forrest is decreasing his involvement in media interviews which stimulate publicity and therefore awareness…

            In the long game…folks need a real or imagined carrot at the end of the stick to keep the game moving forward…
            The carrot seems to be harder to imagine after nearly nine years…at least for the masses…
            There will always be an elite group who clearly see the carrot and move forward…but for most, the trek becomes tiresome after nine years of no success by hundreds of thousands of searchers…
            As in war…grunts get weary after years and years in the same trench…no movement…no momentum…no encouragement..
            There are always a few, new, starry eyed recruits who believe they can get the job done…and the elders encourage them…but without a carrot the new also lose their way and become unable to move forward…

            So, what happens next?
            An explosion I suspect…something new and different that will capture the attention of searchers and reinvigorate their imaginations…
            It has to happen…

            I am listening!

          • I agree that the field of searchers will decline over the years especially when Fenn passes on and I think he knows this.

            It seems as though most searching are older folks and if we can’t sell the Chase to the younger crowd then the amount of searchers goes down year after year as well.

            I think this will make it more difficult to find the treasure along with Mother Earth ever changing.
            The carrots are unfortunately wilting.

          • There has never been anywhere close to 350,000 people seriously searching for Bronze Beauty and the peace of grand solitude that speaks to your soul when you escape the prison of urbane society and commune with True Nature – there may have been 350,000 unique individuals that sent a message to Forrest or 350,000 unique individuals that bought multiples of Forrest’s books ‘for the autograph’ that they can re4sell for a nice pretty profit, or to convince gullibles that they’re “one of the core” or one of the “experts” on youtube, or one of the “experts” on one or more of the treasure blogs, but the vast majority of the so-called “350 Triple 0 Club” never left their cities and the smaller majority never did anything more than take a casual stroll through a nice pretty manicured National Park with its nice pretty manicured trails and its nice pretty manicured parking lots full of 350,000 Conspicuous Consumers dumping their fast-food plastic containers on top of the over-filled trash cans — and out all over Nature ..

            If you go back and scour all the “treasure” blogs over the last roughly eight and a half years, you will find a preponderance of repeated names – repeated and repeated and repeated – numbering in the hundreds, or maybe the low thousands .. I doubt the totality of “serious” chasers [more than one or two searches or more than say 100 miles from their front porch] has ever numbered more than four or five thousand — and the number of one-time searchers [that actually got off the manicured trails or spent more than 10 hours doing an internet search] probably no more than 40 or 50 thousand — and that probably too high .. 10% of that 350,000 is probably a much more accurate “TRUE” number representative of the “REAL” number of searchers over the last 8.5 yeqars ..

            .. B ..

          • Brad-
            I believe your estimate is far off. This blog alone gets a million plus unique hits per year…granted…not all search…
            Right now we are experiencing 684 unique hits per hour on this blog (averaged over the past 48 hours)
            Less than one tenth of one percent actually attempt to comment on this blog and all you counted are the names of those who successfully comment.

            It is, of course, impossible to tell from any blog statistics how many folks are actually searching…or how many times they actually search in one year..
            Maybe just once while on a vacation with their family…
            or maybe a dozen times per year with friends or by themselves.

            But when I look at those numbers…along with growth statistics for attendance at State and National Parks in likely chest hiding areas over the past nine years…
            and at the awards Forrest has received from tourism folks who are pleased with the additional traffic in their areas….
            and the publicity from such hugely viewed sources like Newsweek, Reddit, Discovery Channel, NBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel, Wall Street Journal, etc, etc, etc…
            and listen to accounts from folks who live in popular search areas about the numbers they run into in the summer…
            I think the numbers are in the millions…
            Not right this minute…but cumulatively…over nine years..

            This is a very large community of folks…

          • KABOOM !!, that hurt my ears…Slow and steady as she goes. There’s no quit from where I sit. Good luck everyone and make sure you eat your carrots.

          • HOLY COW!
            I can’t wait for that explosion!
            Come on Forrest, LIGHT the FUSE!
            Yeeeeee Haaaaaa!

          • Wow! Yeah, I was only going by Forrest’s old number/guess. So the fact that there are far more than 350K people at least doing something with respect to the chase is phenomenal. And as Allen K. said, ‘no one solved it yet.’ This is indeed incredible.

            Dal, you said, “…An explosion I suspect…something new and different.” I agree. And, as I have said before, I think it will happen this summer. I think it will be a good thing too. The future is full of good things even if we don’t know it in the present.

          • So define a searcher? I do not think 350K have actually gone BOG…I do believe the number that have studied the poem actually exceed that.
            Most searchers only make one or two trips to BOG and have the adventure of a lifetime. There is nothing like the excitement of thinking…What if?
            But 7 years into the search, many have come and gone…or still lurk in the shadows. The top three Youtube videos have been out less than 2 years. They have a combined view count of over 9 MILLION. Most never find their way to the Blogs or if they do they are part of the typical count…70 members online….800 guests.
            Dont forget the countless times Forrest was on GMA , 60 minutes and other shows…….350K is too small in my opinion.

  47. I have a question for anybody. I should ask Forrest but I’m too shy that it might seem impertinent. I’m hoping for gold here: what exactly does that medal look like in the paragraph below?

    “And when I boarded the plane that brought me home, two South Vietnamese pilots ran up and handed me a small box, saying, ‘We want you to have this.’ It was the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, their country’s highest medal. Although it was not officially presented, I still value it and the appreciation that came with it. Never mind how important those things were to me at the time..

        • Hello Idle Dreamer. I believe Mr. Fenn is a humble gentleman to add himself to the list, although we feel he should be amongst those and many more. As for retrieving his personal information, I have to believe he knows he can do this.

          This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • Thanks pdenver.

        That was my first search response also, but it is only an assumption based on the description in the book. There are other Gallantry Crosses in the order of medals for South Vietnam.

        • You’re welcome, Muset. This is the only one I could locate. I’ve tried searching for others, but I do not see any listed for which you suggest. With your research showing there is more, would you be so kind to provide a link so that I may read, please? I would like to read more about this subject.

          • Thank you for the link, Muset. I greatly appreciate it. It appears Wikipedia states for this particular medal the following:

            “The Air Gallantry Cross, was awarded to Naval Aviators operating off aircraft carriers in the Tonkin Gulf and to United States Marine Aviators operating from bases in South Vietnam.”

            If I recall correctly, Mr. Fenn didn’t operate off of aircraft carriers, so I’m not sure if he would have been awarded this particular medal.

          • Ah ha, I see the difference now. Thanks.

            I agree your first response must be correct. Thanks a lot.

          • I would like to share something I saw quite a long time ago. But I thought of it when you speak of medals. If you take the following area of the poem, and inject the sentence “From there it’s no place for the meek” you will note that the word SATISFY shows up as an acrostic on the first letters of the sentences. You will also note that exactly on the 4th letter of each word moving upwards from the word FROM is the word “medal” (I have put it in small letters). Since I will never find the treasure I am sharing a few things here and there that I have seen. This one is very unique and interesting. I had always noted that the letters SATISY were on the front of the sentences—-and thought if you inject an F you get “satisfy” (content), along with the word “medal” also appearing at the same time. This will send you down a very nice rabbit hole. LOL


          • I would like to add to the post I made yesterday that I believe the reason that the Treasure has not been found is because people are ignoring many hidden things within the poem itself. The large majority see the poem as guiding us to different points. Whereas I believe that the poem is itself a map.

            In my example that I posted, when you place the sentence beginning with F into the other sentences you get the word SATISFY in acrostic form on the first letters of the sentences. You also at the same time get an acrostic on the 4th letter in “MEDAL”–this is found spelling upwards from the “m” in From and up.

            This may be pure coincidence. But I am prone not to believe that this is the case. Forrest has said “don’t mess with my poem” but what does he really mean?

            It’s interesting to note that many “purists” refuse to realign the poem in any way—-even though 7-8 years have gone by and no one has found the Treasure.

            I personally believe the poem has been broken up from it’s original form, and the real key is to find out how to put it back together. JDA a year or so ago shared how he had put verse 5 and 6 on top of the poem. I’m not sure if he still holds to that approach or not. But I do—I believe verse 5 should START the poem.

            I think the verses are like toggles in a lock. They need to be rearranged until you have the proper combination. I have believed this for a long time now. The person who solves the poem will unlock the answer when they get the combination correct.

  48. To anyone concerned (about “mildly offensive”):

    Thank y’all for your comments. I suspect that some over-reaction ensued. I am very rarely
    personally offended (even mildly) by anything. My comment was an attempt to suggest that
    the phrase “nailed down” could possibly be interpreted as if it were a noun. FF has told us not to ignore the nouns in the poem. Carry on. As always, my posting is only part of my opinion.

  49. Gosh. It is so quiet…doesn’t anyone have any ideas? Do you want me to discuss my theory around SB32 again? That always seems to liven things up. Dal …I would really like you to give us your third explanation you were going to publish last night but then balked. Com’on warden, let us have it….Please.


    • Hello Sherif Billy. I believe searchers have ideas, but I believe they respect those who wear a star upon their chest and would like to honor those by letting them go first. 🙂

      • …and besides, Sherif Billy, I thought the theory around SB32 was already discussed and solved. SB32 = Super Bowl 32, Denver Broncos beat Green Bay 31 to 24. At least, that’s what I remember. My Cowboys didn’t make it to the finals that season, so I couldn;t bear to watch it.

      • J A K,

        Right, and everything I touch is gold, ya must have missed the news on the internet!

        • Lol I just wonder how many people would flip or find it funny. Poor publisher to pick this for a prank. She will be getting lots of hate mail. lol

        • Good news on the gold touch!

          I’ve just recently had my bid on title to the bona fide “Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” accepted (it says here in the e-mail).

          I can hardly wait for the snow to clear so I can get up there and take possession before my provisions run out.


    • I’d like to give a shout out and genuine thank you to those who put out that story yesterday! My family all think I’m literally nuts for having gone searching as many times as I have and to continue chasing the solve. I’ve told them as long as I’m having fun I’ll continue until it’s found or I decide to stop. I do limit myself to one search a year now.

      I got them all good with that story! It was hilarious to watch their reactions.

      • That’s funny. I seem to have the same scenario as I type and prepare to go to dinner. If your not a half a bubble of you shouldn’t be in this. IMO
        I used to like roller coasters and I’m starting to get used to them again. Only ride in town I know.

        • I searched last summer and realized that I should have brought a metal detector to find the treasure so that I wouldn’t have to pick up logs or rocks with my hands. I realized this when I discovered a rattle snake skin. CAREFUL.

          • Good to see you posting again, Seeker. A metal detector may be handy, or if one has a hiking stick, one could tap the top and see if anything stirs. Last year we came close to a rattlesnake while climbing down rocks, so much so, it sounded off. A few years back while searching, I lifted a small rock and found a field mouse, which I hadn’t considered anything would be found but a treasure chest. I concur with you Seeker…be careful.

          • Hello Jake. Which? Getting close to a rattlesnake, finding a field mouse, or thought to find a treasure chest under the rock?

          • If the truth were known about how close to the TC snakes
            live, I think people would be surprised. Fortunately, the
            snake(s) I saw on my search hike(s) were not rattlesnakes.
            Please don’t be too alarmed from my message; please do use reasonable caution, and do your “due diligence” about safety before going on a search hike. All IMO.

          • I think both you pdenver and CharlieM missed something.
            The commenter above (Seeker) in no way resembles anything that the original Seeker would write. After I was done reading the comment in 10 seconds, I realized it was not who you think it is -sound familiar-.

            Both you guys showed me your cards but I already knew them anyway. I’m sure there are others that know whos who by their writings without a name behind it.

            I think we all would love to see his combat scrapbook.

          • Hello Jake. I seem to be a bit confused by your post. Why isn’t it the Seeker that we know? If there are two searchers that go by the name of “Seeker,” I wouldn’t know who is who. I find it easier to trust someone than not to. I’m not sure how I showed my hands as you say. I know I’ve shared with searchers my thoughts and sometimes more than I thought I would, but I don’t think I’ve lead anyone to my exact area(s) I search(ed), nor lead them astray.

          • Hi pdenver,
            I won’t go any further explaining what I said and just leave it be. It’s better that way for all of us and let it be a mystery for some for now.

          • Hello Jake. Had to go back and reread everything in a different way. I believe I understand now.

          • So u really think it is “Him” Jake? Does he do such things? If so I think he left an “n” out of a key word in that post!

          • Thanks for showing your cards Joe.
            Evidently it went over your head as well.

          • Hello Joe. It seems Jake is trying to collect everyone’s cards. I know I don’t have the treasure in my hands. How about you? 🙂

          • “But it boils down.. really, ah, to 1 rule, and I don’t care what you do, where you are, it boils down to this, it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

            My link to this media doesn’t work but I am sure it’s pretty accurate quote from Fenn.
            “it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

          • I don’t want to collect anyone’s cards pdenver.
            I think my cards are better than most especially when folks keep showing me their cards LOL 🙂

          • Hello Jake. May I have my cards back, please? I’m trying to build an ugly castle upon the sand with mine. 🙂

          • You only shown them to me.
            They are still in your possession but you may want to throw some in the muck.

          • PD, as long as Jake doesn’t want to collect our marbles, eh? I don’t have too many left. And, no, I do not have the treasure in hand. Pretty sure it is still under snow.

          • pdenver, don’t throw in your hand. Right now is prime time. If you want virtual motivation (or at least to get my notes), hmu thru dal or find my email. I’ll share.

          • Hello E.C. Waters. I appreciate your kind offer, but this particular thought has lingered several times and each time I had considered to explain to others more of my thoughts, and there may be a time when I do so. I’ve come extremely close.

          • pdenver, I’ve read your comments above. Don’t share all your cookies at one time. Please wait until this season’s over if you can. Don’t be discouraged, you have a good team. Also we enjoy your naturally good nature, and your positive Spirit. I know you’ve been here a long time, but actually how long? And if you can say, what state are you searching? I personally can’t say, so if you can’t I understand. Have a great day.

        • Jake F, many things go over my head; I am only 5′-5. The real question is, did my cards help you? I hope so. That is the idea here, right?

          • Yes, your cards showed me that you didn’t understand what I said in my comment as others and in fact you took it the complete opposite way even though I was very clear. So that tells me you also have a difficult time reading and understanding one’s comments. Hey, we all make mistakes.

            It’s worth repeating what Fenn said: “it doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

          • That quote is from Forrest and do you or any of you know which rule it is?

          • Yeah, still not getting it. But don’t explain any more. I will have to ponder it. I am just that way with some things. Good evening.

          • It’s actually pretty simple Joe.
            The “Seeker” that commented above is not the original “Seeker” that has commented thousands of times on this site and I was surprised that others here fell for it immediately and thought it was the original “Seeker”.
            I won’t post Fenn’s quote again. Does everyone get it now?
            Understandable some of you guys haven’t been here awhile but the 2 that replied have.
            Nighty night.

          • “I searched” is the giveaway tell.

            The modus operandi matched the moniker – “original” Seeker’s MO has consistently been *seek* and you shall *find*.

            Once found, all you have to do is go get it, no searching required.

            Seeker mk1 never gave any indication of needing (or owning) a pair of boots.

          • Unless seeker pulls a fast one on us and switches things up a bit… I’m sure it won’t be hard to tell a genuine seeker post. Jake (from the Gold Coast)… that would be rule # 1.

          • ken,
            You got rule #1. I wish Fenn would share all his rules with us but maybe they are all in the chest.
            Knowing whos who should be rule #1.
            It’s not who you are…….
            Where’s the rest of that quote?

          • Jake,

            I believe you can’t prove that the “Seeker” that posted way above wasn’t the real “Seeker”, without the help from Dal or Chris. It stands to reason the name “Seeker” has long been established and I doubt someone else could us the same handle here on hoD.

            Just because the post was short and sweet, doesn’t mean there is a imposter.

            Go figure your the one that easily fooled himself!

          • ID,

            If I change my avitar, does that mean the real CharlieM didn’t make the post?

          • I’m sure the genuine original Seeker will poke out again some day. He’s probably in a timeout as some of us have been for various reasons.

            He has changed his generic avatar/gravatar a few times here but I can recognize someone’s writings and traits thousands of miles away and know that was not him and it shows me that you do not know people which leads me to believe you do not know Fenn.

            Some people have that gift and some don’t, that’s just the way the world works. How do you think I called a few out on here with different avatars and different names but knew who they were originally or before? I know peoples styles, writings and traits as I know yours and many others here. But that is a 2 way street and some could also know it’s me under a different name and avatar.

            I would bet that their IP addresses are different and the one above is not from Tennessee as Mike is.
            I have his email but I don’t need his confirmation LOL.
            I have not emailed him in a loooong time.
            I wish dal or chris would confirm this to end this discussion otherwise we will end up in a timeout.

          • Jake,

            Your right I don’t know the people here at the hoD. I’ve never met in person anyone here. The thing with you, seems that you know all and others are incorrect about a lot of things.

            I most certainly read people to some extent and can’t do a full read because I’ve never met them.

            For instance, my impression of you from the get go was and still is that you come across as arrogant and condescending.

            Is my take correct or not? I would say not necessarily true because we have never met. In turn you think I don’t know or understand Forrest or possibly don’t understand the Chase. Along this line you are sadly mistaken. Assumption about anyone or anything is dangerous at best and in this age folks do a lot of this. The same goes for speculation.

            I like fact over assumptions and speculation that is who I am and I apologize with my assumption about you, just trying to make a point.

            End of comments,
            Just Say’n

  50. Hello everyone. Been a while since I was last here. Been thinking about getting back out for another search since the treasure is still where Forrest left it. Be safe everyone.

    • Hi Stan,

      Has your spot changed over the years, or have you remained faithful to a certain area? Just curious…

      ~Allen K.

  51. Since I’m late to the party, and the reply button is way up there, I’ll post my opinion here on the “Seeker” dilemma. That’s not the mind twisting Seeker I’ve come to know. Will the real Seeker please stand up.

      • E.C. Waters, See? what happened? You backed away. I find you interesting and on point at times, and other times you leave me scratching my head, saying what the… Since there doesn’t seem to be much to the discussion here lately, or new revelations. I see most searchers keeping their best cards up their sleeves. I called you out to the challenge you posed above imo. I’m not talking about eating Jake’s hat, or anyone else’s for that matter. The winner takes the sole TITLE, and the TC to the bank? by June 21st 2019. That’s all there is to it. You in?

          • Jake, I hope you have a good supply of mothballs, It should have been eaten up by now. imo

        • Ok. I’ll be where I’m going for 2 weeks starting 12-May. Between now and then I have to finish, soda speak.

          And I disagree about new revelations. The “soda-speak” code is cracked.

          • I’ll address you. E.C. Waters, If I’m reading you correctly, you’ll be hard pressed to get anything out of that cracked Dr. Pepper left in Avalanche Lake, soda speaking. Good luck to ya.

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