The Blaze…


This is the place to discuss the the blaze. What do you think it is? Is it temporary or permanent? Will it be around for a thousand years or doesn’t it matter? Is it easy to spot or difficult? Does the poem tell us what the blaze looks like or what it is?

Nick Lazaredes of SBS-TV’s Dateline in Australia interviewed Forrest in the spring of 2014. Here is Forrest explaining the BLAZE.

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  1. My end is not only odd, but white….like the blaze may be.

    But no searcher’s quest has ever been ceased upon viewing it, that’s for sure.

  2. The Book of Blazes has provided us with a few ideas.
    There are a few more that I have seen that I have mentioned in the past.
    I am still interested in the one that I posted in the Book of Blazes. But I am still open to others. Maybe lichen…

    • Michael, I have always enjoyed your comments! I don’t know why I find you so laidback and a calmness about you?
      Mr. Fenn, did give a huge clue…about the blaze being a physical thing, I thought the reporter was asleep personally!
      Go Mr. Fenn and thank you Dal for your work! I do enjoy it , I can only cover so much territory .❤️

    • Michael H., You said “Maybe lichen…” I went down that path a couple season’s ago, and I looked in a location with that in mind. I concluded the bioluminescence/foxfire idea probably wouldn’t stand the test of time. Besides, traipsing around in the woods at night is not a very bright idea. imo

  3. Ahhh the blaze,
    ( moment to gather my thoughts.) As I see it in my mind which some accuse me of having lost.)
    The blaze is of decent size and a short distance from the hiding spot.
    Possibly a rock formation pointing toward the chest.

  4. I’ve had many different ideas of what the blaze was in my searches throughout the years and none has panned out. This may be one of the clues that it takes botg to understand. Can it be seen from goggle earth or sattilite views? Many say yes. I’m at the point where I don’t think so, unless you can see it and not understand that the image is the blaze. Here’s the thing, I now believe the blaze could be something “whitish”. I know the discussions have gone round and round on this subject but this is what I believe Forrest meant for the word blaze now. He might even told us, way in the past, just what it might be in a ATF comment.

    To me the “blaze” and “heavy loads” are the two hardest clues that botg are needed to understand their solve. The rest are pretty straight forward after you understand what wwwh is, and why Forrest chose that one (Hint in TTOTC book), from what I came across.

    The season is starting for those in the south Rockies and moving up as we speak.

    So good luck out there, have fun and be safe.


    • Bur – Thank you for your response on the previous blaze thread, which is closed to comments now. Look again at the marks running down the center of Forrest’s face, when you expand.that pic.

      The leading character on my ridgeline Cartouche blaze is a Star; and Forrest was a leading Airman in the Airforce. A “whitish” star blaze is the Airforce symbol. The Cartouche blaze reads:

      Star Bird F F E

      I have wondered if chalk was applied to those barren areas, which look about the same as in the background of that pic of Forrest on Lightning with his white blaze in the Looking for Lewis and Clark story in TTOTC.

      I have always thought the last E in my Cartouche blaze is a nod to Eric Sloane.

      • Bur – That final E is left justified, which some say could correspond to drawing nye (nigh) in the Poem, especially if a horse is involved:

        Could it be??

        NYE = New York Eric?

        Everard Hinrichs???

        Who studied painting at the Hudson River School in New York?

        The end is EVER drawing nigh???

        What say you, Shakespeare???

      • Bur – In Summary (a nod to when I think Forrest made my Cartouche blaze ‘in Summer’, and to Mr. Shakespeare’s contemporary, William Sommers, the famous Court Fool of QE1 and her father the King, Henry VIII);

        Star Bird F F E

        Could be an epitaph and a blaze all in one. My translation is:

        Stellar Airforce Airman Forrest.Fenn For-Ever!

        But I have always been The Fool on The Chase. Ask the poet, William Butler Yeats. He’ll tell you! He wrote a great play with that character in it.

      • Hey Lisa,

        So your thinking the white marks on Forrest face is a star pattern in chalk? To me it looks like sunlight coming through the trees on his face. But can be wrong.


        • Bur – Look closer. Anyone who uses Photoshop would recognize the several marks in a vertical line in question as an aberration. And they were not there the previous time I went to Forrest’s blog a day or two before. I used his blog as my resource for stories about The Chase on his blog page there, since I didn’t have TTOTC for reference.

          • Lisa,

            I can see some of what you said, but not a photoshop wizard. I too used Forrest blog and other things posted on his website for some good info. As you know there was other place we posted ithat had a lot of people with good ideas too.

            The blaze has me wondering. I know I will be busy for a little while checking the two blazes I think at my search area but if they don’t pan out I will for sure try to see if there is something else that stands out.

            I know your area and love that region but my search is over up there. I hope I’m wrong for your sake but right for mine.

            Good luck,

    • WWWH is Warm Springs Station. Heavy loads and water high is Atlantic City. He said the spot was “difficult to find but not impossible”. Please look up the word “difficult”. Nothing about this puzzle is straight forward in the way you are choosing those words. An antonym of difficult is straightforward. It means there is a lot of work even when you are on the right path. And there is a lot of work.

      The blaze can be solved from your chair and is visible with GE/satellite views. Like everything else he does, he hints about it everywhere. Here are several:

      – the horse’s blaze and other stuff
      – a yo-yo (sound out those letters; does your mind go anywhere?) as an allusion to a helicopter hoist, which is an allusion to the blaze
      – jade and a Lorraine cross
      – guts

      A buttload is 126 gallons of wine, soda speak. It is also a two-wheeled handcart. Too bad he didn’t think of this term and use it in his book or posts. It would have made me “en coin” because that’s just my level of maturity.

          • No. I don’t know your reference of “I” to “Miss Ford”, although Miss Ford is indirectly related to the blaze.

            The reference to jade is from the TTOTC book, “ancient Chinese human faces carved from jade”. You really need the book. See the Chinese Oracle bone script symbol for “jade” and compare it to the Lorraine cross mentioned in TFTW. These are directly related to the blaze.

          • E.C. Waters – Thank you for that info. That Olmec Jadeite Mask is from Forrest’s story post about his found objects and collections right here on Dal’s blog. Where I seem to be able to find just about everything Forrest wrote or placed in his three treasure related books. Thanks, Dal!

    • Hi Bur,
      what is about the hoB? Forrest said that hoB is only one (he added “in the poem” but most likely in entire Rockies). And we know that he also said that the knowing what is hoB will lead you directly to the chest.

      • I might imagine HOB might provide a more direct tack as the crow flies to a later part of the route if HOB could be certainly determined prior to going through the clues that immediately follow. Just my observation.

      • Mr Tall,
        Near the top of this page there is a audio link that Dal provided “Here is Forrest explaining the BLAZE.”
        If you listen to this audio, you will know what Amy has commented about.
        It’s recommended.

  5. In one of my BOTG searches I came upon what could be interpreted as a blaze overhead. I looked around quickly and didn’t see the chest. The blaze that I saw was not what I had expected or was looking for. It was an object that could easily be there for a thousand years if no one destroys it.. In reflecting about it much later, i realized that i may have not examined the area as carefully as I might have,.given more thought to analyzing how Fenn would hidden the chest.

    There are factors that would have impacted how Fenn would have hidden the chest given a couple of sound assumptions. First, the chest is in a mountainous region. Second, the area would be subject to various types of wild animals that naturally inhabit the area. Foremost of these would be large curious bears. Fenn more than most would have been aware of this. In one of my BOTG searches, I ran across a fresh bear kill.(tarry scant). A bear could easily upend the chest with one swipe and possibly dislodge it’s contents if the chest was left out in the open. I seem to recall that Fenn said the chest was not locked. The photos of the chest that I have seen show the chest with a latch that might be easily lifted to open the chest. Fenn would have considered all of these factors.

    Another factor is the logical assumption that if the chest was out in the open, snow would have buried the chest. As temperatures would rise, the snow would melt and water would naturally wick through the small openings of the chest’s lid and over the years, possibly filling the chest with moisture. We know that moisture will not effect gold, but the wooden interior side inserts would certainly rot.

    Additionally, a tree or some large debris could fall on the chest and possibly crush the chest, spilling its contents. Anyway, this thought process leads me to conclude that the chest is NOT in the open but is carefully secured in a location to prevent undesirable events and circumstaces that would be detrimental to the chest and it’s contents.

    One other thought to consider is the first line in the poem. It says, “As I have gone IN there” . Fenn has said that every word is important. Fenn could just as easily said “UP there”, or “OVER there”, or “DOWN there”, or just omitted the word “IN”. There is no doubt in my mind that the chest is hidden in a location that requires the searcher to go “IN” and remove something that prevents the chest from being disturbed or subjected in a negative manner.. I live far away from my solve and often reconsider (or not) going back to further search the area. As age and arthritis advance, my decision cannot be put off too much longer, but the fire still burns.

    • Ronald Conley – Awesome post! Have you thought about how trappers like Osborne Russell handled burying their profits, ie. Beaver furs, and tools? Google ‘fur trappers cache’.

      • Robert Conley – My hidey spot, which one could *look quickly down” to from my Airforce star.blaze character, has a log laying on a perfect diagonal across a perfectly square clearing “in the wood”; the surrounding forest of Lodgepole pines and Spruces. It looks like an Egyptian Pyramid to me from Google Earth’s satellite view.

        This painting by an artist Forrest has mentioned, Gilbert Gaul, features such a fallen log. And a fallen boy. And a horse. “Taps’:

        I think having such.a log across the hidey spot would help to keep the elements out and the claws of Grizzes from removing the flat stone I think covers the cache.

    • The poem does not say “As I have gone IN there”. If you truly believe that every word is important, you should be careful with them, hmm?

      I also tink that the pictures (at the top of various pages of this blog)
      are important. They hint at the location of the hidey place.
      As always, IMO.

      • *** *** *** ***
        “I also think that the pictures (at the top of various pages of this blog) . . . . hint at the location of the hidey place.”
        *** *** *** ***

        Honest questions, Tall A:

        Why would you think that?

        How would they do that?

        What do you mean by “hint at”?


      • Tall Andrew – Back when I joined The Chase, I thought that, also, about the pictures. But later, Dal credited the awesome pics to Goofy, a searcher who used to manage this blog. They chose them.

  6. The blaze is a marker! It will be obvious and I feel I will see it in the area I believe the treasure is located! I’m not telling where I think I’ll find it this summer

  7. Morning all,
    Keeping in mind Forrest stated: The chest is not associated with a structure.
    This lends itself to the thought that all of the things described in the poem are natural with the exception of WWWH and the HOB. These I believe are manmade. Once one has correctly identified these two places it is time for bog. This is when imagination comes into play.
    I have a decent idea of what the blaze is. My problem atm is getting the right WWWH and HOB. The blaze is as simple as looking at it.

    • High Desert Drifter,

      How did you come up with what you think the blaze is? Especially if you haven’t gotten any other clue solved. Do you think Forrest has said what it is? I believe he has back in the early part of the chase.


      • Hi Bur;

        Is this the quote that you are referencing?

        “The blaze is a physical thing. It’s not theoretical.
        Boy did I give you a big clue (Forrest chuckles after
        making the statement). That’s not a clue. It doesn’t
        take a scientist to figure out a blaze is something you
        can look at … A horse has a blaze on its forehead here
        … ah, ah, there are rocks that have a white face that
        could be a blaze… ” f JDA

        • JDA,

          Nice to see your comment.

          No that’s not the one. If I say what I think is the comment it will giveaway a hint to my search area. I need to be careful for right now especially if a searcher lives close, and I know there a few that do. I want to be there first in the next month. Lol

          Sorry for not clarifying the comment.


          • Thank you JDA,
            you hit the nail on the head. Also, keep in mind that Forrest wanted the chase to last for a long time. The hints Forrest has given us are very subtle. In my mind, I see pictures of natural things. These things will last for hundreds of years/ Example: Old Spanish trail markers can still be found today in Az, N.M, etc.

    • What is the exact quote by FF? Does he use the word “chest” “treasure chest” or another word or phrase? The distinction may be important.

      • “I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.”

          • Finder – Ok. How about, then, if I found a definition for “bold treasures” being ‘found objects’? Like those contained in Forrest’s “treasure chest” he mentioned in that NPR interview??

            As I have gone alone in there,
            And with my treasures bold.

          • Finder – This just in from Forrest:

            “The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.”
            Richard Monckton Milnes

            The treasure chest is still out there waiting to be found. It is not easy to
            find, but the fortunate bi-products of searching seem to come from all
            directions. f

            Timely, Dal. Thanks!

          • LIsa:
            Don’t you wonder how Forrest knows the treasure is not found yet? I don’t. Multiple levels of meaning with words and phrases such as chest and treasures bold, but a real simple solution. Multiple byproducts of the Chase in my life as I have been imbued with a sense of adventure and emboldened with confidence to solve crises for several desperate situations.
            Yours truly,

          • Finder – Personally, I think Forrest has My Grizz.on his payroll. Jars of honey buried all around my search area. Just like the guys Jesse James had guarding his treasure. Have you seen his blaze, btw?

            And remote wildlife cameras on trees in the forest. Dal even posted a picture of one a little ways out, on his story post about going out Cabin Creek with that Australian film crew.

            It is beautiful to hear stories of how you and so many others have gained knowledge, compassion, strength and confidence on The Chase. Positive fallout from all those hours spent being a Deep Thinking and Truly Seeking treasure hunter. Who knew?

  8. The blaze is ubiquitous, it is the area around the blaze that is important. Should I just give my answer? What is a synonym for wise?

      • doug – Did I mention that I have a series of blazes, beginning with an X on the map formed by the rivers that meet at Three Forks,.MT and ending with my ridgeline blaze on the face above my hidey spot? Their locations on a map could be considered to be forming the concentric rings of a target; one like I have envisioned being on the wall of the sick little boy, who shoots darts from his bed, in “A Big Ball of String”:

        Check out the red military jeep with the star on it and the bike on front of it. I sent a used copy to Forrest. It showed up at a friend’s bookstore here in town. Coincidentally, or not, she grew up working Summers in West Yellowstone. And her sister is currently the manager of West Yellowstone Airport.

    • Finder,
      “You said, “Poem does not say “treasure chest” IMO. Words matter.”

      In the poem the words, treasure, chest, trove and gold are one in the same, including the name Indulgence. When folks or Forrest speak of the treasure or with the combination of the words “treasure chest” they are talking about the treasure.

      Some have thought the chest and the gold are separate things, which they are not separate.

      Back to the Blaze, it is not upright and does not point in any direction. IMO and is not easy to remove and solid.

      Just Say’n

      • Treasure chest and chest equal treasure. Chest by itself probably not. Concur that Blaze probably fixed, not easy to remove, but not so sure you can call it “solid”

      • Your posting is confusing:

        (talking about the Blaze) “it . . . and is not easy to remove and

        Does this mean that the “Blaze” is not BOTH easy to remove
        and solid? If so, this could mean that the “Blaze” could be easy to remove but not solid,
        or it could be difficult to remove while remaining solid,
        or it could be difficult to remove while remaining non-solid.

        Believe it or not, I try to help searchers understand your postings (if/when I can).

        As always, IMO.

  9. We are having to start over on our “blaze” we thought it was a mountain top/peak that as you walked up your canyon boom the peak would come into view. then Mr. Fenn said blaze cannot be seen on Google Earth.

    • wildbirder – Here are s few peaks surrounding my search area. I have wondered how many of these possible blazes Forrest could see from Lightning the horse and from the top of my ridgeline face blaze, if he was there:

      White Peak, Red Streak Peak, Sage Peak, Pyramid Peak, Echo Peak.

      The last one is for the story of Echo and Narcissus, because of the Blue Spruce, the mountain Springs and the possible mirror ponds I see on Google Earth. Forrest wrote that story about mirrors. And a mountain Spring runs down right near my hidey spot. Did Osborne Russell and his party camp there, to be able to see the Blackfeet Indians coming? Did Forrest camp there, so he could fish the circular creek with the island in the middle down below the next morning? That area looks like a Circumpunct to me, the symbol for GOLD, or maybe a 360 degree Rainbow blaze.

      I did see teepee rings at Upper Teepee Basin, below Red Streak Peak, on Google Earth. They were just over the ridge, not too far from Cabin Creek Cabin. A trail leads down into that basin.

  10. I have this fantasy that the blaze is a rainbow created by a waterfall near where the treasure is to be found, so that once the rainbow appears from the particles of water from the waterfall, the rainbow itself marks the spot. It would be a wonderful place to put the treasure. But, of course, the real treasure is that natural phenomenon that creates the rainbow.

    • I do imagine that if you seek such a blaze and seek it often, you will experience what f intended for all searchers.

  11. I think that when the sun rises at sunrise and is projected onto the earth, a certain projection is created, blaze. You will not see such a phenomenon on the map, only in real time.

    • Hey-O John –

      The spot on your horizon where the sun rises or sets changes every day (quite quickly around an equinox, very slowly around a solstice).

      And so will any effects of the projection of its rays (such as casting shadows, or hitting a reflective surface).

      So, to marrying your clues to fixed places on the map, you’d have to add a shotgun wedding to a variable, limited-time “solar window”.

      Not saying it’s impossible, but –

      Difficult for the chase-master to pack such additional precision into the 24 available lines of the poem, difficult for the chaser to precisely retrieve it back out.

      I don’t think Hank done it that way.


    • Fully agreed from my side. Solve the whole thing before botg. Everything needed is in the book, except one’s ability to match map places with what is hinted.

    • As one who appreciates the wilderness and its preservation…

      yes…please delay your infractions until you are absolutely sure of the blaze before entering. Maybe best that you never come to a proper identification.

  12. I remember some time back, ff was asked by someone if the the blaze was an actual object, to which ff answered “In A word, Yes”..

    Does anyone else see that as an awful strange way to answer a yes-no question?

    My take on that answer is, It’s a little ff riddle that the Blaze is a word that starts with the letter “A”

  13. Hi Floyd,
    What about this…
    What’s in a word?…letters
    It could be something shaped like a letter, perhaps a “W”….

  14. In one of my several solves i have ready to go, my blaze is a rock. Well, at least I think it is a rock – it could be an outcropping or a volcanic leftover or such. On GE I have looked at it. But am having trouble finding, what comes after like any cold or wood or anything. Anyone else have a rock as a blaze or such troubles.

    On some days I feel at the top of my game. On others, not so much. This blaze is killing me today.

    • I found a mark on a rock that is dark brown and rectangle like (a chest?)…resembles a petroglyph…unnaturally placed in a tomb like “cave” as soon as you enter, head level. Another interesting point is the rectangle had an arrow/roof indented in the rock (likely natural) to the right of the marking. Potential “Blaze” or “home of brown”? Also interesting was a nest of a Wood Rat in this “cave”. Had to be sort of brave to enter.

      I may have stumbled upon the haystack, less than a one square mile area…many clues leading to it but one major clue that I have yet to see anyone mention, probably because it could potentially be a dead giveaway to narrow down the search area to less than a square mile. I will be headed back to the area once it stops raining out here as it is near impossible to get to the spot when wet without an off-road vehicle.

      I almost gave up when I first searched an area that the poem led me to. After I looked in the last suspected hole, I decided to call it quits and snap a few photos. The last photo I took I saw a major clue that made me realize that I was in the right spot and then I found the mark on the rock. There was a blaze that got me to my search area followed by a blaze to get me to another more narrowed down blaze that may be pointing to the treasure… did Fenn have more than one “blaze”? Is that why his answer is so “open”?

      We can look at sat imagery, photos, poems and maps all day long, but it all looks different when you’re actually there. It also depends on your state of mind. I discovered more potential clues when I left the area that may lead to potential exact spots of the chest. I am missing the very last piece of the puzzle which I hope to solve or at least verify I’m wrong the next time I go out. Guess what I’m saying is, don’t consider a search a failure or get you down if you don’t find the chest, but it is an opportunity to look at the whole puzzle at a different angle. Just be sure to take photos of your search areas to look at later…360 cameras are nice for this as well.

      Whether I find it or not this next trip, I’ll post my solve as it will be my last attempt.


      • Vic,

        IMO you might be on the wrong road. Remember Forrest drove a sedan when he hid the chest. To me if the road is not a maintained road or a asphalt one he most likely didn’t take it. Remember he was 79-80 and most likely would not want to get stuck and have someone come and get him, or to know where he had been, just saying. Now if you could walk about a mile to your search spot from a parking area then it could be considered.
        I think Forrest parking spot was asphalt or not but a few feet from it, like a pull off.

        Watch out for caves. I crawled in one in my early years of the chase and thank goodness I didn’t run into some critter, because it would not have been fun to have to back out of that place quickly.

        Good luck,

    • Joe,

      I had a layout of boulders that looked like the gold nugget layout with the frog and the coin in TTOTC book, in my search area, and thought it could be the blaze. It was on the left side of my npuyc creek that I followed. To me the layout in the book with the frog it represented water (my creek), and it’s nose pointed in between the two bigger nuggets and the gold coin (treasure chest) was under them. I search between them and there was a big enough space for a person to craw up in. My pinpoint metal detector went off a couple times but under the leaves and branch debris was a old rusted cast iron frying pan and a old metal top to a surveying rod and a few bones. But no treasure chest.
      This trip I’m going back down to water high to search instead of following the creek up. Think this was my mistake. So ideas of blazes can be tricky, especially if seen from a sattilite view.

      Good luck,

      • Sure sounds interesting Bur. I guess one would have to be at your search area to figure it out completely. I think I see what you are saying, but am not 100% sure. Good luck when you go out in a week or so – JDA

  15. I’ve been thinking about SB 107… discussed further up this thread Suppose the simple message is to ‘reorganize the given numbers” ?

    1st pic… tangled wires, & ‘get gas ‘
    2nd pic … re-organized silverware in 5 bins
    3rd pic … street address & a five …

    The street address is 1921 , the phone pad GAS is 427.

    All the other stuff is yarn & diversion.

    Now if 7 of the numerals do represent a coordinate, the upside down 5 is tricky… I think it is not there as a numerical value in the coord sequence, but to affirm the significance of the 5 placement bins for the utensils. … 2 places for forks (or degrees), 2 places for spoons (or minutes), and a single bigger bin for knives (or all those tiny cut-up little seconds nobody pays attention to).

    If you think the 7 numbers may be a coordinate… The only relevant longitudes start with a 3 or a 4…. and there is no 3 among the 7 numbers. The only relevant 2nd number from the group could be a 1, 2, or a 7…. But my money is on the 7 numbers being a phone number & Fenn playing a Gotcha! joke on us to test our analytical skills. When organized correctly, and called, there will be a ring in the Fenn house, or maybe at the Santa Fe MVD.

    Have fun… The Santa Fe area code is 505.

    • OS2,
      “Something” in all you said can help with the “big picture”, pretty sure Forrest would agree. Wish I could say more.

      Good luck,

      • Good morning Bur…. are you a numbers guy, working on Lat & Long hints? That seems to be so natural, a given in this this chase. But because it is… I suspect FF may be using it to flirt with those chasers, but he’s not gonna take any of them to the dance. But flirting is fun anyhow. Good luck.

        • OS2,
          Not a numbers guy, but that scrapbook IMO has something that hints to the big picture and you touched on the outer fringe of it.

          Thanks for the reply back.

    • Hello OS2. Your idea about organization may be true. Another scrapbook that comes to mind about organization/compartments/order is the one about his slippers. He mentions compartments for his toes (paraphrasing). Another that just came to mind is about his bathroom and the items on the countertop being organized. Which brings us to the poem being a map.

      • Thanks Pdenver, what are those 2 SB numbers, Ill look at them again and maybe something cosy will register. And Thank you for your link to Osbourns Journal…. nothing has ever made me more appreciative of literary organization, == Indexes, chaptrs, ltitles, sub titles, paragraphs, footnotes, etc.

          • Hi Pdenver… I looked at those two SBs… sweet musings in #130 about old friends and imposters. Nothing chase related IMO. What do you think?

            As for 99.5… Remote, but has possibilities,… He doesn’t like clutter, but all those mirrors multiply clutter. Good thing he has an escape window.

            Takes me back to the Preface and “But she didn’t have to stand there & see”…. in that that lovely shower with the skylight ‘flat above’ (a mesa? Big Sky?) and marble eyes. See my age? Not at night. And now, a recent inquiry from a blind man? So…… remote but has possibilities. What do you think?

            (I wish I wasn’t a dot…………. addict…… but its expresses tone easier than waiting for the right words or punctuation to shoot out of my finger tips)

  16. Mr. LaFayette: usually your posts confuse me but this one was different. A blind man sees by “touch.” Kinda like “let your fingers do the walking” ? Got me thinking …….

  17. A question for FF should be “Can you see the blaze year round or is it seasonal”?
    The blaze could be the blooming of flowers. FF told a searcher to wait until summer……..not until spring or fall. This seems to me to be odd. Some people have walked right past the TC and did not know it. Maybe they were there too soon and the flowers had not bloomed yet. Most searchers are looking for all kinds of blazes and would be keen to see one when out in the forest because it would be something that stands out. So if the searchers were out too early, then the blaze (flowers blooming) would not have been apparent.
    As always, this is IMO.

    • Welcome everybody to the lisa cesari show. Hold on to your hats, its quite the rollercoaster.
      I only have one request, well only one that i am comfortable asking here:
      Could we please not reply to our own replys? Youve got the margins pushed so tightly together on a mobile device there is only one character per line.
      Woah and wow.
      Just curious have you ever considered hosting your very own blog site? Read into that what you may.

      • She means well and is a good egg.
        I just don’t like repeating the same thing over and over again in a short period of time and you never get a chance to reply to the original reply because it’s usually replied to several times by her so you really don’t know what to say at that point.
        I suggest she stay away from caffeine and remember what you commented on so you don’t keep skipping the record.

    • I’ll bet you can see the blaze in any time of the year provided there is light and you may have to shovel some snow away from it in those colder months.
      I’ll search in summer or early to mid fall.

      • Jake,
        I hope you are right. We’ve been out to NM multiple times in the Spring and I would hate to think we missed the blaze by being too early.
        Like you, we will search in the summer this next trip.
        Good luck, stay safe.

        • Thanks Tarheel Searcher, Same to you.
          Don’t get me wrong, If i lived close or in NM, CO, WY or MT, I would sneak in a short spring or winter trip or few as long as there was little snow and/or runoff.

  18. Time to provide some food for thought.
    Blaze: illumination, enlightenment.
    Roll that around in your noggin.

  19. I think the blaze is a red horses face drawn on a rock. However it is not the last clue, it cant be because there is a ‘but’ to contend with.
    If you are standing at the artists point of view in the real geography (the sight that matches the painting) you will see the marvel gaze.
    Its too cool.

  20. On May 6, 2019 at 12:21pm, I posted a version of the Poem on the O&E thread, in which I inserted my S blaze from my Baker’S Hole solve into various stanzas. I wrote:

    If you’ve been wiSe and found the blaze (yes, in a word, right there, Forrest!)

    And in another post, I examined that capital S in ‘wiSe’, noting it could be the “tight focus on a word that is key”. Because it looks magnified in caps. And because Google Earth doesn’t go down far enough to see my hidey spot, ‘dead center’ of my backwards bike S, at Baker’S hole, on my Double Omega Island.

    Then I thought more about these two quotes from Forrest on Dal’s great Cheat Sheet:

    ♦ Q: Is the Blaze one single object? “In a word – Yes”
    ♦ Q: I would like to know if the blaze can be found during the day without a flashlight. “I would say yes.f”

    YeS! The blaze is RIGHT THERE! In that word. And you pointed right to that “yes” word twice.

    Now I get “IT”, Forrest. Giggles.

    All IMO.

    • BadgeR, Dave B. and Jake –


      Shakespeare, Sloane, Simpson, Shiloh, Sharp, Salinger, Superman, Sherlock, Stephenson, Silver (Long John, the Horse, Star), Skippy, Somers, Sommers, Supersabre, Sabertooth, Stagecoach, Sacagawea, Shoshone, Sheepeaters, Stars & Stripes, Slough, Secret, Scant, So, See, Smile, Smarter (Every Day), Steps, Slide…

      Did I forget an important S word?

      Just trying to figure out what my backwards bike S blaze might signify. Could it be an S at the end of a name or word instead? Like Brown’S Camp or Baker’S Hole?


  21. Is it feasible to think that the “blaze” is identified in the previous stanzas of the poem and is not something that you have to locate by going BOTG?? That would mean one is aware of what the blaze is before even leaving home. Just a thought.

    • wwwamericana – Yes. That is all true for my solve at Baker’S Hole. The final blaze was on a Ponderosa pine tree, which I could not see until I did BOTG, though. But that ‘ground zero’ or ‘bullseye’ blaze, of my ‘target’ of concentric blazes, was just that 12′ final confirmation for me.

      And that Brown Buffalo dung pile nearby made me think of King Midas and the Minotaur, and Theseus and Ariadne, and her Big Ball of String. And then, of Icarus falling to Earth, when he got too close to the Sun, and his waxed wings melted. I was A-Maze-d, truly.

      And then I thought of Forrest falling to Earth, after ejecting from his F 100-D in Vietnam. And how much my hide-y spot vicinity looked like the pic drawn by J.F. on page 99 of TTOTC. That one Forrest recently added the two X’s to. Including a high bluff behind, where the 1988 YNP fire came to a ‘halt’ on my topo map view. That reminded me of the bluff Forrest wrote about being on, after parachuting down to Earth in Vietnam. He had to move away from there, so the Candy Ann Green Giant helicopter could drop the cable to rescue him. A helicopter could do that at my hide-y spot, for sure. There is, conveniently, a helipad across the highway, next to the runway at KWYS. And there is a Fire Management HQ next to it.

      But this is all IMO. My treasure is still deep down a mole hole. For now.

  22. I have spent several trips over the past three years looking for a blaze with no success, so I decided to look to the poem again, this time with the intent to draw an ‘X’ on my map. I just finished this idea and am astonished by the result. I began by marrying each of the clues to locations on a map and tried to make my ‘X’ to no avail. I was about to abandon this idea when I thought of something Mr. Fenn said. I don’t remember the exact quote, but the gist was to follow the poem precisely in order to find the chest, so I went with that idea. I abandoned all of my previous ideas and just drew lines on a map at the direction of the poem using the geographical locations I had come up with based on the clues. I am still staring down with marvel gaze at what was drawn on my page…perhaps I should tarry scant at this point. I used no external information whatsoever with the exception of one small nudge in a certain direction from TTOTC. With just the poem, a map, and a little imagination I drew a very well-known symbol on my map, one that will lead to within several steps of the chest (if I crossed all of the lines in the right place; at least in theory). After that, I did use the internet to learn the symbol I drew has a very deep meaning, but in a word, it represents light. I started thinking about TTOTC again as well as the poem itself in a new way and found several very subtle hints that this may actually be correct. I am sure many of us have been here before, but this is as excited and confident as I have been yet; I guess we will see… Whether or not I’m on to something, I look forward to sharing more about it, I think it is a fun way to look at the puzzle. If it is right, I have a renewed appreciation for Mr. Fenn’s wisdom and what he has done for all of us. I am looking forward to heading back out soon to see the look on my son’s face as he checks under every log and thinks every fallen tree in the shape of an ‘X’ is the blaze. For me, that is my blaze and I have found it, along with a trove of amazing memories on each and every trip I have been fortunate enough to go on in this beautiful country.

    • Yeti,

      Sounds good.
      Have you tried making circles? You talked about Forrest said marry the clues to place on the map. Well a circle is just like a “ring” given in marriage. Try some 500′ and some 200′ circles from you married solves and see if they cross and put a X on your map for you. Especially your “put in” place with a 500′ circle and then some 200′ circles on the solves after that.

      I put in 500′ circle at my put in spot and one 200′ at HL and one 200′ at WH. Those circles all crossed at one point and made a nice X on my map below WH.

      Will this help in the location of the chest, I’m not sure, but it’s a great place to look.

      Good luck Yeti,

      • Good Morning Bur;

        I concur. I think that the circles idea is GREAT. It sure has worked out for me. I now have an “X” created by the circles, an “X” created from a couple of hints in TTOTC, and all three cross at the EXACT same place. WOW – has me excited – Hope my search team can put BotG soon – JDA

        • Dang JDA,

          Sounds like you have a lot going for you. Maybe I need to take you to my spot and you can show me the blaze!!! LOL

          Of course that doesn’t make sense because then one of us has to be wrong, and who knows which one might be right. Of course we both can be wrong, but we will not tell anyone that. Again LOL

          Thanks for the reply and good luck with those circles.

          • Well Bur;

            If we are both right, we are in the same spot, and I am willing to share – maybe 🙂

            If we are both wrong, I won’t tell if you won’t 🙂

            Have a GREAT day Bur.

            Question Big blaze or little one??? 🙂 JDA

        • JDA,

          Big blaze or little blaze? Don’t confuse me I’m having a hard enough time just trying to find one blaze, the correct one that is.

          You have a great day too.

      • Bur, Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried circles and like the idea. Just wondering if a clue in the poem led you to these circles, or Mr. Fenn’s comments about how close searchers have been? In any case, the blaze I found will lead to within several steps of a specific location, whether or not that is THE location is as of yet unknown. The only thing I know for sure is that I do not have the chest. For now, I think more circles will just leave me spiraling down a rabbit hole I may already be deep into

        • Yeti,

          I thought of the circles when Forrest stated that searchers had been within those two marks 500′ & 200′.

          The 500′ mark to me was on the main trail (at the put in place), that’s where the searchers got the first two clue solves, wwwh second canyon down (main trail), but went by the rest (didn’t take that put in off beaten trail).

          Now the npuyc creek is first seen by me about a 100′ up this trail, so as far as it being the 200′ point that did not work from the 500′ place. but both the HL and the WH did for me.
          So my thinking is the searcher(s) that were at the 200′ point were at HL but did not recognize it as a clue answer for HL and went back to the main trail and continue on down it to another search area they had planned to search.

          That’s my idea on this dilemma.

          Watch out for those rabbit holes, some can be deep and everywhere.

          Good luck,

          • Gopher and prairie dog holes for sure will trip you up, maybe break your horse’s leg. Thought I had a clear line on a clue then down a hole I went.

        • Yeti and Bur – Your comments made me want to reconsider the Golden Triangle and the Logarithmic Spiral as a model for the pattern of blazes I see leading ever inward to my hide-y spot:


          Didn’t Forrest tell us to go out in Nature, and into the forest, where we should, “turn over a log”? Could he have meant the concentric ring patterns of a fallen tree? Or, could he have meant the Fibbonaci spirals that occur in Nature and in the forest; as an “As Above, So Below” bird’s eye view, or archictectural model, or ‘blueprint’ of the Poem clues ‘married’ to a map?

          Does Forrest’s use of, “turn over” and “a log” possibly mean, ‘turn over’ plus ‘A’ plus ‘log’? Is that ‘A’ reference to the ‘big picture’ of a Golden Triangle turning over in a Logarithmic Spiral?

          Just a theory. Getting out my ‘good map’ and a compass tool. Forrest did say the Poem was written, ‘by an Architect’, did he not?

  23. I believe The Blaze is a Rowan tree, also known as a North American Mountain Ash, which is common in the Rocky Mountains. I say this because it is tied to wisdom and is sometimes referred to as a blaze. On page 25 and 26 of Forrest’s book in his moment of wisdom with his dad, Forrest mentions something in regards to Thor and in his hand. According to Norse mythology, Thor was saved by a Rowan tree by grabbing onto one of it’s branches.

    Other credence to this theory is that it aligns with Forrest’s descriptions. It blooms white buds in the spring (they turn to red berries and make the tree look like a literal blaze in the fall), it can be removed by a person but no one would reasonably do it, there are billions of them (slight exaggeration), you can stand specifically where it is at.

    • *** *** *** ***
      Mark E proposed – “I believe The Blaze is a Rowan tree, also known as a North American Mountain Ash, which is common in the Rocky Mountains.”
      *** *** *** ***

      The Ash trees (Fraxinus) in and around the Rockies are very different from the berry-bearing Rowan “trees” (Sorbus), most of which are more like large shrubs, and none of which are common (if any) in the Rockies.


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