FFGM Treasure Hunt #7

APRIL 2019


This treasure hunt was solved and the stone retrieved on April 13th.

You can see the complete solution on Jenny’s site, HERE.

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This treasure hunt was solved and the stone retrieved on April 13th.

You can see the complete solution on Jenny’s site, HERE.






20 thoughts on “FFGM Treasure Hunt #7

  1. So far these things have been claimed within a couple days of announcing them I am curious to see how long it takes to unpuzzle this one…

    • Dal, here is something out there in the cosmos of coincidence that will blow your mind….

      This is Treasure hunt # 7
      On the bottom right there is a code: e4e5d4exd4qxd4
      Would you believe there is ACTUALLY a twitter user by that exact handle?? It gets better… He has 7 followers! lol

  2. 12 13 46 4 7 20 5
    L. A. R. E N E G

    30 58 27 18 22
    E. R. O. T. S

    Backwards = General Store

    Left side solved.

    • Top lines of dots and dashes are Morse Code.
      Message is:

      Laugh often
      Love beyond words
      Live every moment

      Two of three parts solved for you now.

    • 8 course meal begins with:

      Hors D’oeuvres

      Ends with:

      2nd dessert, called Mignardise

      Mignardise might be keyword for right side crypto. Not sure what is going on there.

      • I think it’s a play on words.
        Start with a laugh “Ha” or “Har”
        Skip to the end of an 8 course meal: end of Mignardise (pronounced min-yar-DEEZ) word ends up being “Hardee’s”

  3. Whomever is the mastermind behind these puzzles is quite something!
    I feel as though I am close to Forrest’s treasure but am so opposite and completely baffled
    by these.

    Good job Jenny! (I wish I had more time to solve these before the numbers whizzes do.)

  4. “Moment” is the 8th word in the phrase that starts with “Laugh”. This could be keyword, as well.

    Food for thought, fellow puzzlers.

    • I think the lines on the right side might be Vigenere Cipher and the key phrase is 1 word that is 8 letters long. (the 1×8 above it)

  5. Maybe a lot of folks have solved the puzzle but they are leaving the stone hidden so that someone else has a chance…lol…

  6. I figured out all but the puzzle on the right (5 rows of letters) 🙁
    totally stumped on this one

  7. Congrats to Jeff R.! He has successfully claimed FFGM #7! Way to go! Solution/story coming soon!

    Next FFGM Treasure Hunt released on April 24th! It will FFGM #8!

  8. Here is the Solution Post: http://mysteriouswritings.com/forrest-fenn-gold-medallion-7-solution-and-winner/

    As you can see there aren’t any difficult ciphers involved…just a little googling and out of the box thinking….

    Thanks so much to all those participating in the hunts… Dal and I are so happy they are being found and enjoyed…. however, only 3 more to go in this initial hunt series (last one released May 22)..as then the peak search season begins for the Ultimate Treasure— Forrest Fenn’s hidden chest of gold!

  9. I haven’t solved any of these, but I’ll keep trying. Nice to know they’re only a few hours away.

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