Forrest Gets Mail – 19

“The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.”
Richard Monckton Milnes

The treasure chest is still out there waiting to be found. It is not easy to
find, but the fortunate bi-products of searching seem to come from all
directions. f

Dear Mr Fenn,
I have found your treasure. Not the treasure that you hid but the treasure I
found is worth much much more. Let me explain, many years ago I was going
through some tough times; struggling through college, 3 jobs and barely
making it. I made a tough decision back then to give up a baby for adoption
to a lovely couple. The time flew by, as it always does, and 18 years later
I received a message on Facebook from a young man stating that I’m his
biological father and that he would like to meet me. After having a lifetime
of doubts as to if I did the right thing by giving up my child for adoption,
he turned out to be an amazing young man. We finally met and it was
wonderful. One evening he called and mentioned your hidden treasure. We
talked about it quite a bit. We finally made the trip out west and spent an
entire week getting to know each other and looking for the treasure. Every
night we would talk about how we would spend the money if we found it. It
was the best week of my life. We found the treasure mr Fenn. Only it wasn’t
the one you hid. This one is worth far more than anything in your chest.
It’s getting to spend the rest of my life with my son. We are planning
another week now to go and look for your treasure again and I can’t wait.
Thank you Mr Fenn.

David L


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  1. I lost 66 pounds chasing a thrilling adventure. Thank you Forrest for the inspiration and motivation! 🙂

  2. So glad he’s still reading his emails, even if my constant stream go straight to his trash bin.

  3. Thank’s Forrest, That read was worth every line. It’s amazing how the world turn’s.

  4. I loved this story! Thank you for sharing. If we can keep our hearts open in life’s journeys treasures await us even along the most difficult roads. Our stories are our testimony of our lives and how we lived. Don’t waste it. Cherish every day!

  5. I often bring my mother and my sister to search for the treasure. we have been out to many amazing places, and I have gotten to hear many stories about my mothers life along the way. She has more stories than FF does. I tell her to write them down. She’s a treasure.

  6. Excellent! David L obviously understands far more about the Chase than just the money!

  7. Thanks for sharing David L and Forrest!

    We must be one of the most virtuous communities on the Internet!

  8. Congratulations To You Both Sirs !!!%
    Best Treasure on the Planet is “Priceless” –
    And it is “Not” a Material Treasure – !
    Welcome to the Chase and Enjoy “the Scenery” !
    That’s the “Real” Treasure of the Chase !
    The Chest is Merely a “Bonus Item” !!!% ~ ~ ~ IMHO !

    Maybe One Day I Will Tell Where He Put it ! Ha-ha 😛
    Perhaps One Day He will Respond to the Email I Sent !
    I Take the Lack of Response to Mean I’m “Dangerous” ~ (In His Words!)
    `Cause I’m – Redneck – White Socks an Blue Ribbon Beer ! (Just Like Him!)

  9. Thanks Forrest for sharing a very nice story from David L. and am glad that coming together is going to be long lasting.

    To defend post–
    Sher & Richard Cron – this is new words from Forrest and David L. nothing was recycled or old.

    • I have always believed that the true treasure will only be found when honesty and effort go together. And has anyone thought that maybe Forrest is looking for someone while someone is looking for his treasure . For I keep this mindset I would rather find Forrest hiking ,or sitting on a bridge just thinking all that was around him was his for a little while . For I do know that Forrest likes listening to lies about as much as he likes drinking warm water . Around here only thing served is warm water keep hoping that maybe someday I might afford a trip to were I know I will find a refreshing drink. Then maybe have a conversation with a man who don’t live to be rich but , is rich to live . Also would like to have a full conversation instead of just a brief chat while passing patches .

      • Yes several people have thought this before and there is even one interpretation of it in the book. However to assume that just any finder would qualify is asking too much.

  10. OK, I’ll be the first to post it. Aside from a heart felt story, imo Forrest is imparting so much more in these few lines than the reader perceives at first glance. Fennspeak, Just couldn’t help myself.

    • I had to read FF for a bit but I think you may be right about that. That was a nice story I’m happy for those folks that find that completeness. It doesn’t always work that way for everyone. Enough, Fennspeak is a complicated phenomena sort of speak. Probably not ment for the norm. You definitely must have your heart in it if you are to learn it. Someone will understand it someday. Who knows when that may be. If your one of anxious Searches, patients is always worth mastering. I m not there yet. Unlike a friend, long time ago restored his 1956 ford truck with patients greater then mine. Searchers be patient as you may leave something behind. I have many times.

  11. I have a different view. I think this and many other so-called emails to Forrest are stories made up by Forrest to not only “warm our hearts” to the chase and encourage us not to give up but more importantly to give us additional hints to the location of the chest. This story has everything.

    • I think this story is great and genuine. I would bet my life it’s an authentic email to Fenn.

      • Virtue- worth, good, abandon(so why is it…) a-band-on= stage. Staged-If u r bra-tiled-guard. This may come 1,000,000,000 years too late.

  12. Afana. Sorry, I didn’t read your post before posting mine. We must think along the same lines.

    • Landhigh – delusional – nothing is made up with F’s emails.

      Afana – again delusional – I don’t understand why you perceive there are hidden things in what is written. There is nothing there other than what is written and comprehended.

      Really!! Turn a treasured story into trash?

      Just Say’n

      • WHOA! CharlieM, Key word Comprehended. We have to tune into Mr. Fenn. Keep in mind Fenn spent 15 yrs. off an on drafting his poem. And Really!! read further above, I by no means trashed David’s heartfelt story. I’m referring to Forrest’s comments. Take it or leave it. imo

        • In addition, I’ll make myself crystal clear. I’ve never thought or said that Mr. Fenn has ever made up emails. Period!

      • Virtue means waste, dump, trashed, so before passing judgement remember Fenn is an environmental ist above all else. He said don’t mess with my poem, eluding to TX’s anti litter campaign. So how funny would it be if he hurled into a metaphorical dump? Shouldnt pass judgement until you understand where it is you stand.

    • Land high.
      I believe your interpretation is off base to the extent that you like many others just need an excuse to justify why you have not found the TC. Mr. Fenn has flooded the field with clues on finding the TC. BTW there’s is more then one treasure out there to find.
      He does not need to make up stories. If you think and do the math you would know he gets 100s if not 1000s of stories a day. You don’t think that there may be one that fits his objectives of helping everyone see the clues. There is only one way you will ever see the light. Hard work. Indescribable hours and dedication to learn who and how this works. He tells us this. Take accountability for your self choices and actions. I get so tired of excuses. If you have one it’s generally an excuse for yourself.
      I read these blogs everyone looking for something from someone else and expecting something and then on the side, bashing Mr. Fenn. Read one that I don’t want to repeat. My not take advantage of all the free information to figure it out. And if you or myself don’t find it because we didn’t do it right
      O well there’s not a trophy for everyone in this t ball game.
      Just my opinion. GH

      • So, there is no tolerance for a different view on this forum? I said it was my view and that “I think”, etc. I didn’t trash Fenn’s story nor did I bash him. Have you even read any of his other stories that he has admitted to embellishing? I enjoy his stories for the content but mostly for the hints he is giving in them.

        (Gr)asshopper, you don’t have a clue as to how hard I’ve worked on the chase. I would wager that I’ve put in more research hours and BOTG than you or most others on this website will ever put in.

        I expect nothing from you or anyone on this site, nor would I want it. I’ve got most (if not all) of “my solution” already worked out.

  13. Nice share with us, Forrest. Dismiss the doubters that these emails are fake because some of us know they are real. As I confirmed in my new video, this chase never gets old for many us. I just spent a day in an old search area from 2015 and loved it all over, again! Emails like this from DavidL, hopefully, make you proud!

    • Agreed and great video BTW. Good luck this season Cynthia, and please keep sharing your BOTG footage for those of us that can’t get out of the house! 🙂

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    Now I’ll post what a By-product is…

    • By-product

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  15. Love hearing positives in the chase. Almost thought it was about JDA for a second till I got to the end. JDA have you gone searching with your found son?

    Also, considering the “what ifs”, what if Chris L is David L’s son? How cool would that be?

    Thank you Forrest, David L, and Dal.

    • ID;

      Yes I have – With Jon and his two children Paris and Kael – My third trip – March 22, 2016 – Am about to make trip 28 – WOW – How time flies -Thanks for asking – JDA

      • Hi Forrest and thanks it doin’t get any better than that.

        Hi JDA
        Nice to see ya out here posting again,and good luck
        kept a good look out for those hungry Bears.

  16. The treasure chest is still out there waiting to be found. It is not easy to find, but the fortunate bi-products of searching seem to come from all directions. f

    I’m sure you get many of those bi-products in emails of searchers stories Forrest, and even more are happening each day. Who knows how many of us seachers have inspired others by sharing our adventures. Hope is out there and nature can heal many wounds.

    Thanks for sharing, take care.

  17. Incredibly heart-warming story! I’m sure that Forrest never tires of hearing what he set into motion. It is up there in the realm of miracles. So glad for you.

  18. Nice story…very nice! The only “hidden message” isn’t hidden at all. Ff says, “The treasure is still out there waiting…,” and that is true as well as motivation for another season. Still “waiting,” but IMHO – found.

  19. Thanks for sharing Forrest. I’m glad the Treasure is still out there waiting to be found. That’s good news!

  20. What a great letter I agree with who ever said it’s nice to hear the good things in the chase reminds me of how it use to be years ago thank you David can’t wait to here about y’alls next search since I’m
    Just sitting back and watching everyone else search this year .

      • No Dal, she has a higher calling at this time! But I bet in time she (we hope )will be back!

        • I agree! Diggin’ is just taking a much earned break. She’ll be in my thoughts on my #82 search this summer! She’s my “soul pardner” all the way!

      • David L = “dawdle” = “tarry” in soda-speak. I meant no disrespect to the awesome OG’s here. Just tryna teach with ropes, while being opportunistic. I wish I could emulate the master with better umph.

  21. What a wonderful story.
    Imagine all the people that will never get to experience what David and his son have, the opportunity to reunite with a family member.
    And the chase being one of the stones in their foundation of memories must be an amazing thing.

    Father behold Son
    Son behold Father

  22. Finding priceless Treasures… 🙂 Thanks for sharing Forrest, Dal and David L…

    • I really like stories of reconnection or reunion, especially when it involves family. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great story, thanks David L.

    As to Forrest’s comment I’m usually of the opinion that his comments don’t contain extra hints. But “bi-product” does make me wonder.

    • It also makes me wonder whether there’s a teensy hint there. Even if so, teensy means very small, so it’s not a big deal. IMO.

        • Allen K. – Or a Brown Drake mayfly, maybe?:

          Did I mention a friend is joining The Chase, who is a librarian AND a fly fishing expert? She is fishing for Steelhead right now, up in Staley, ID, with the guy who was with Grant McClintock when he coined the term, “Flywater”. She has some pics with her from that book to ask him about. Like the one of the fly fisherman standing just offshore on a stump in Quake Lake. I am going to look inside that “in the wood” stump with waders on!

          She was kind to take me fly fishing on the Big Wood River for the first time this past Fall. So beautiful!

          Thank you for teaching us all to fish, Forrest! I mean that in every way possible. And be very, very jealous!!!

          • Allen K. – There is a great picture of the Brown Drake mayfly hatch at Silver Creek Preserve in “Flywater”. That’s where Jack Hemingway liked to fish and Ernest Hemingway liked to hunt. Here is a great video of that hatch in June:


            It is good to be on a first name basis with all the fly shop owners in town. Key Word: Flywater.

  24. Thank you DavidL and Forrest for sharing. This really hits home for me as well recently. I submitted my DNA several years ago. 3 weeks ago I got a email alert to tell me I have an older half-sister. Soon after a few messages, we got to talk on the phone and it was wonderful. Can you just imagine? So we plan to meet soon in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I suppose it gives a new meaning that it takes two to tangle which makes the lines cross.


  25. Now I’m just a hare, but I was wondering where the amazing young man’s mother was in all this? Anyway the point that f has his choice of stories is well made, and I could add his choice of quotations. This one by Baron Houghton is useful if not terribly unusual- f could have found at least another hundred along the same lines- “He knew that a service that does not struggle does not survive.” -David Cornwell

  26. What a wonderful story!!
    Thank you Mr Fenn and Chris L. for sharing it.
    The story makes me wonder, how will the chest finder feel to take away all these amazing experiences from the treasue seekers.
    A question comes to my mind – should the future finder announce the find, and postpone the retrieval?

    • The prize is part of the game.
      To artificially extend the game is folly.
      Moving on to the next search/adventure is part of what makes life interesting.
      AND, perhaps the future finder will continue this search’s legacy in ways yet unknown!

      • Your probably right Joe. Many prizes in the chase. Even though many have found them, there is still the one that brought them to the chase. I can’t amagine someone knowing not wanting to recover it before it was announced. Based on FF actual words I think it’s still there in that spot. I believe the real treasure FF left is for each to find in there own time. Maybe it doesn’t matter were the TC is.
        Many unknowns
        Wish I had all the answers.
        Don’t quit

    • LtleIndianGrl,
      finding yet not immediately claiming has been my plan for a while now. I came to the decision after much thought about scenario possibilities.

    • Having a change of heart on this. Don’t know about “…announce the find,…” but definitely beginning to think it would be nice to postpone retrieval, by whomever (if anyone) finds the TC. From what I have seen so far – with one exception – it would be nice if the chase could go on a while.

  27. Thank you David and Forrest. So glad you found your son. I was adopted by a nice family and found my birth mother, father had passed away and found my sister and brother. Still in contact with my sister and brother and we live near each other. It’s nice. I have brought my sister with me to meet Forrest. Treasures like that are priceless and treasured forever. I am going on an adventure with my husband and grandson this weekend to find treasure, not Indulgence, but still fun to dig in the dirt and climb and hike with loved ones. Enjoy your weekend everyone and get outside and get the treasures Forrest intended on you getting and love each other.

  28. Lol dal no way am I in Ennis didn’t u see that 17
    Year old got attacked by a grizz I’ll wait till there belly’s are full before I go again lol

  29. Thanks David L, Dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Who doesn’t love a story like that. Why I had to take a private moment and just reflect. Sometimes the obvious is all that is left. Except the unexpected and plan for the rest.

  30. Connection. I think it is perhaps one of the best feelings in the world, especially after a separation of any kind.

  31. Thanks for sharing. Chase helped motivate me to step up and save others. Treasure would have been helpful for them, but learned tons doing it on my own. Anyone else wonder why you and how you know treasure has not been found. I don’t any more after my last BOTG. I need to speak with your source again before my next BOTG.
    Yours truly,

    • Finder on, As for Mr. Fenn knowing the TC hasn’t been found. IMO I think there’s something written in the TC, included with his bio that will cause the finder to contact his appointed executor’s of estate, and or, those to follow if not found for many more years.

  32. People who are outside of the “Search” cannot understand that we are not deterred by bad media news, some real and some fake, however thanks to Forrest, David L and Dal, any time there is warm hearted stories of the grand or fatherly kind, it renews the spirit of the Chase.

    I even see the “to come from all directions” as a whisper that someone is close to the omega, ((X) 2.

    TT Terrifically enthusiastic about saving the Rockies!

    • Tom Terrific – It just occurred to me that I can approach my hidey spot from four directions, in all four seasons.

      And I remembered that Forrest’s cousin, Chip, in Graying Creek, has ATVs and probably Snowmobiles Forrest could use.

      And it was so nice of both Diggin Gypsy and Chip to help, when Jerry got stuck in the snow in my search area overnight. That Search and Rescue helicopter probably saved his life. Don’t let this happen to you, Searchers!

      • How nice of you to remember. I unashamedly remember that moment in my life, and contrary to your statement,
        I was in no immediate danger. Fact is I had already had a fire going and was preparing for another night under the stars what I lacked was cell phone signal. What the SR helicopter did do was rush me into harms way, for momma bear was a waiting to get ahold of me, personally I would have preferred another night, lol!

        Truth is, danger exists in all seasons, a wrong turn into a Grizzly in spring, a slip of your foot on a cliff trail in Summer, and so many more plausible scenarios.
        Expect the best, and come prepared for the worst.

        • NearIndianaJones -.Thank you for responding, Jerry! Were you upset that your wife called Forrest? And that Diggin Gypsy found your car stuck on the forest service road and also got involved?

          And have you ever seen that great movie with Anthony Hopkins about the bush plane that goes down in Alaska? Bart the Bear was great in that one. Especially when he attacked while Anthony and that other guy were sitting by the fire.

          And how prepared were you? Why were you confident about staying another night?

          I like survival shows. Like the one with Bear Grylls. I also spend a lot of time conversing with and learning from backcountry guides.

          • You a reporter or something?
            Ever been told you ask a lot of questions? Ever been to a moonshiners convention?
            As for your question, I suppose it depends on the required level of virtue.

          • Jerry’s trip that May was definitely one for the books, but the outcomes from it have been more than plentiful. We are fortunate to have formed life long friendships and still stay in contact with Forrest, Chip and Amber, Digging Gypsy, and others from the chase. I’m more than grateful for the
            adventures, experiences, and, conversations had with them. I have no doubts in Jerry’s survival skills, but also know things can be unforeseen like anything in life. The only bears he needs to worry about is the gummy ones he about choked on.

  33. TT —

    I don’t see/hear the same whisper that you do as regards, “to come from all directions.” In fact, he said it hasn’t been found and that the struggle is more important than the prize. To me, this post is just encouragement for all searchers to keep searching.

    • IMO that following clues will lead you to natural pathways around the final spot that, even if you miss the final clues, will allow you to approach the final spot from different directions. My area of focus was discovered coming the wrong direction on a return trip from one of my failed solves of clues 8 and 9.

      • Finder – Agreed. I see concentric blazes, guiding the searcher Ever inward, to the hidey spot in the bulls eye. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they are found on Google Earth or while doing a BOTG search. They all lead to ground zero. Forrest was a bombadier in the Airforce.

  34. Here’s my take on Mr. Fenns comments Only. The TC is not easy to find, But to the searcher’s who are close, they should remain at home, quiet, and patient while waiting for the weather condition’s to improve considerably. IMO

    • Afana, I doubt you have ANY inside info. If so, do tell. (where have I read this before?)

      • Finder, upon exit from spacecraft, please remove blinders. I said my take, and IN MY OPINION.

    • OK Lisa C., To bad your link isn’t working for me, because otherwise I might know what the H… your taking about. You could have posted your insight on this F.G.M., but instead you’re recommending to me what obviously you should heed yourself, miss mega poster.

  35. I liked David L’s story and I am happy for his family. I’m not sure about any hints but “bi-product” was a curious choice of words. If there was a hint, it’s in that word. I called the BLM office in my area to ask if bears were bad this year and he asked me how chubby I was, and that they like the fat blonde ones (hey, that’s me)!! I’m glad we can all maintain a sense of humor.

    Now is a good time for searchers to do a little research on conditions in their area. Happy hunting.

    • Fenn has used the word byproduct a few times in interviews.
      Just search for “product” and all will see.
      Nothing unusual here.

        • Tarr-ee scant = by product. IMO. Search tar in

          He tarred a post and talks about it lasting a 100 years.

        • E.C. Waters – Pine tar. To seal the rock seams on top of the Cache. To keep water out of the unlocked bronze chest. But condensation will still make it true that, “the treasure is wet”. IMO.

          But tarry scant with marvel gaze…

          Maybe means tarry flat Rock?

          • It’s a marble memorial. Tar has a related meaning. Marvel has a fricative V on purpose, like in Spanish. The memorial has asterisks. It’s telling us not to spend time on it, while validating why we are there.

          • And wet does mean something else (rain), just like everything else he says, but it probably also means wet.

          • No. I’m again talking about the book. Get the book. The book has all of it. You can’t solve it without the book.

          • As you wish, Lisa. But you will be left out of what the majority are able to read and link in our minds because we read the book.

          • E.C. Waters – I read the first two of Forrest’s treasure related books. I just don’t own them.

            The plan is to retrieve the bronze chest and then purchase all three books at Collected Works. Where I will have Forrest inscribe the inside covers of each, including special doodles. Because the unique thank you card he sent me once,.with a doodle of an Osprey on the river chasing a Brown or Rainbow trout, is gone now.That makes me really sad.

          • E.C. Waters – Hopefully, Forrest won’t have lost his marbles by then. I mean that bag with his personally fashioned Agates and Boulders, from the rocks he found along the Madison River. I challenged him to a game of Ringer once on the Island in the middle of my Double Omega blaze, surrounded by the creek. And then I found the Rockwell painting called, “Marble Champion”.

  36. Stories like this remind me there are a million good news stories for every bad one.

  37. Tar is a byproduct, as is Pitch.
    Fortunate Pitch. Fortunate Pitcher is coming from all directions?

    Hmph. I don’t know. Where’s Jeremy P, he knows everything.

  38. My absolute favorite story of all to come out of the Chase. This one created the sweetest tears. My son and I are tight like this, and to even compare a currency to the greatest joy in life, would be sacrilegious. Thank you for writing this! You made me feel human and well, it has been a tough couple years getting over a disease, neigh a weakness, and you helped me realize that my priorities have been where they belong. I have so much more I’d like to say about this bond between father and child but it’d take up more room than Dal’d allow. Time to double my efforts to win this, for them I leave nothing on the courr.

  39. Pitchers use pine tar to get a better grip on the ball—it’s banned in baseball. hmmmmm

    • Sparrow – “Field of Dreams”. That’s a home run for me. Thank you! Isn’t the baseball made of some kind of tanned hide? What kind of wood are baseball bats made of?

      Copper – What was the Fortunate Pitcher’s name in that movie again? The players entered the baseball field through the Iowa cornfield in all directions. Coming back from the afterlife.

      The thank you card Forrest sent to me years ago was a custom card with one of his Native American dolls on the cover. She was holding such a ball from the stick ball game many Indian tribes play. I still think about that doll.

      • Copper – Here is that Fortunate Pitcher, who was able to return to the Field of Dreams, after the World Series scandal:

        The word ‘tar•nish’ is used in that article. They were all banned from baseball. And the author character, Terrence Mann, had banned books as well.

        The bronze chest is likely to be tarnished from some bit of moisture as well. But maybe less if it was wrapped in tanned hides in a cache.

        Hey! Maybe Forrest put a treasured signed baseball in the chest? Like with Dizzy Dean’s or Eddie Cicotte’s autograph?

  40. David L- i think you gets it like nobody else ever got it.
    good job finding your treasure. you made Forrest proud.
    now where and what is that darn chest of the poem?

    its the what and where that will make all the difference.
    i think.

  41. Happy to hear you’ve found your treasure, David L.. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story.

  42. A father-son reunion.
    A son that found his father again.
    A father that realized a natural relationship exists even if it’s years apart.
    Sounds like another familiar son/father relationship.
    Time lost will never be replaced but can always carry on.
    ***All memories return when at the place where love began.
    Yes, alot to learn from an email, if you are listening.

    • Thanks Donna for your message. You are right, patience is a virtue and listening sometimes is hard to do. One begins to think they are alone when their questions don’t get prompt answers.

  43. Guess I will give Virtue a try, limited menu guess I will have a burger.

    • Yes , give it try. You might be surprised.

      Food for thought…………….
      “What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.”

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