Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Nine…


APRIL, 2019


Slush Cup Competition

According to the Santa Fe paper more than 280 inches of snow fell on our ski hill this winter. Now it’s melting all up and down the Rockies and the rivers are filling with run-off. Soon it will be time to start searching for the treasure, but not yet. 

IMG 6935

Sunday the 14th was the last day of skiing for this year and there were several hundred people on hand to watch the Slush Cup competition, or as some call it, the “The Annual Dunk.” Doug Preston, and his wife Christine, were there taking pictures. About 100 men, women and children registered to compete in the juried event.

Shiloh made it – no, wait. He almost made it.

Tradition suggests that competitors wear costumes, and many did. A mystery man wearing a banana suit with a cape drew the most laughs, especially when he splashed soon after he reached the 2 feet deep pond. Superman soon followed with the matching results. Many participants made multiple runs and they didn’t seem to mind getting soaked in the 32-degree weather.  Some were topless and others wore swim suits or skivvies. About 25 skiers and snow boarders made it safely across the 65-foot pond. Shiloh and his friend Nick (who is one of the geniuses at Los Alamos National Laboratory) made multiple runs during the 3-hour event, and both were able to skim across. They also crashed a couple of times.

Shiloh and the partially nude Nick.

Contestants were judged on style and results. Shiloh and Nick didn’t win anything, but they were smart enough to take a change of clothing. The top prize went to a 23-year-old woman who received tickets to the Ten Thousand Waves Spa, where the water is warmer. Maybe I’ll enter the competition next year, it looks like fun. f 






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  1. Thanks,
    I saw that on the news this morning and can’t help to think you gotta be a little crazy.
    I would pay to see you try it.

    • This world, always offers up tons of fun if we choose to go find it thanks for sharing. it’s always good to know your thinking in the back ground.

  2. 10,000 is a lot of waves! We have that many lakes here in Minnesota, some say more, but none of them are thermal pools. Right about now I would trade them all for one of those hot springs. The lakes up here where I am are still frozen over! I say skip the contest and just go to the spa instead.

  3. Looks like a good time had by all . Wonder what kind of costume f Can wear next year

    • Indiana Jones would seem fitting. Now if he could crack the whip while crossing the water…that would be a talent.

      Wow to Shiloh and Nick, definitely braver than I. I’ll stick to the Aftershock, Tremors and Panic Plunge at Silverwood (Idaho).

      Also, thank you Forrest as I just got a new copy of TTOTC today with a doodle from Collected Works. I love it! Also, thank you Cynthia for pointing out that we could ask for one in the order details. I don’t know if Forrest is able to honor all requests but I was very hopeful and very happy to have it.

      • What fun! Forrest Fenn be Proud of you Shilo! You forgot your Logging Cap and Bunny Suit 🙂

        Idle are you up in the Northwoods area? Thanks for the reminder about the books I just ordered one for my Grandson!

        • I am up in Missoula. When I googled North-woods it suggest that Montana has part of it but when I click on the American part it only shows the great lakes area.

          • I was referncing North Idaho where Silverwood is… Ive heard it called Northwoods before… Missoula is really a great place to live!

    • Fenn took the words, “Ten Thousand Waves spa, where the water is much warmer” from this article, “Slush Cup winners receive such prizes as trophies and gift passes to nearby Ten Thousand Waves spa, where the water is much warmer. The first place winner was 22-year-old Sascha Seebeck. ”

      Off by a year? Also “The “Winner” will receive a special Slush Cup Trophy, plus Meow Wolf tickets and Ten Thousand Waves Gift Cards.”

      Anyone want to make sense of those discrepancies?

      • One year off. Was he expecting it to be retrieved last season? Things to ponder…

        • The Slush Cup was cancelled last year because of a lack of snow…

          Maybe someone ran out of charm last year?

      • 9equals9 – I will try.

        I attended our Cold Bowl Pond Skim here on Dollar Mountain, our Bunny Hill, for the first time this year. I watched skiers try to make it across the pond for two hours. Costumes were amazing, including that some women were wearing only Baywatch swimsuits and ski boots. Kids as little as 5 years old tried to make it, and Guest Services ladies quickly grabbed them with blankets, as Ski Patrol guys in the pond fished them out. One guy had a full on Medieval Knight suit on, with a sword in his hand, and his breastplate was made out of Bud beer cans. He is on our Ketchum City Council.

        Here is the video of last year’s event, which seems pretty tame compared to this year’s:

        And the prize this year was a river rafting trip with the Head Ski Patroler’s company. He was the really funny announcer.

        And the way to win it this year, was to have the most gnarly Wipeout in the Super Cold, waist deep water. Lots of good ones I saw! Two guys even came down, one in front of the other, on one set of long skis with dual mounts. Unfortunately, they made it across.

        • 9equals9 – The only things that really stood out to me were:

          1) The cold “water high” warning to searchers in the first paragraph?

          2) Forrest’s choice to mention the Banana Man, followed by Superman. Was Forrest confirming another one of his favorite Marvel Comics heroes, in relation to the “marvel gaze” in the Poem? Both had capes in the SB story. Are we supposed to grab that banana?

          3) The mention of where Nick works; that he is a “genius” at Los Alamos.

          4) The number 23 vs. 22 for the age of the winner.

          Ok, Forrest. Let me ask you this:

          Does Nick know what the heck you meant, when you wrote, “bi-products”, in your last Scrapbook?

          And are you making a reference to the date you hid the bronze chest, as being maybd the 23rd, and not the 22nd, of a certain very important month? So did you choose, oh, say, the day AFTER your 80th birthday, on August 22, 2010, to go to your hidey spot? Because you knew your family would want to celebrate your special day with you? And maybe because it would have been kind of a post-birthday celebration of passing that important milestone?

          All IMO. Just hypothesizing.

          • Lisa – I’m not sure if there are any hints nestled within this scrapbook entry, but you bring up some interesting thoughts.

            I just have to tap into my comic book nerd-knowledge and mention that Superman is Detective Comics, not Marvel! Superman originally appeared in Action Comics #1, which was published by National Allied Publications (which later changed its name to Detective Comics as it still stays named today).

            So maybe we should take Action by getting to some Detective work, and then take a NAP afterwards? 😉

          • I see what you see. Birthdays are always better when you don’t expect anything and everyone comes through and it actually surprises you pleasently. When you have no place that you’d rather be, everywhere is home. Maybe a genius was run off last year on his birthday, and maybe f is trying to remind the birthday genius to take their time and skim all the way(or almost) acrostic. ?

            ‘twin T too…
            reminds me of the Aberdeen Lucky for Life top prize winner and why you should always “go with your gut”

          • Blex – No Sh*t, Sherlock! Good catch. I knew that. Just seeing if anyone would take my bait. The Phantom wasn’t a Marvel Comics character, originally, either. But they did a series with him in it later.

            And speaking of “IT”, I wondered if Forrest was reading here at Dal’s, because my new blaze was a backwards bike S on a small island in the Madison River at Baker’s Hole. Which I can get to wearing my library friend’s waders anytime.

            But it’s all elementary, my dear Watson. I mean, Ken, KISS KISS.

          • Ah, but the joke is on you, Lisa! For it was a ruse on my part to have made you only THINK that I was taking the bait that you so deliberately….

            Alright, that’s enough crazy for today.

          • Blex – And do you think it’s a coincidence that the lead electrician remodeling the local library was wearing this shirt today?:


            He is a comic book fanatic, but his favorite is Captain America. That’s one of Forrest’s, favorites also. That character has a big white STAR on his chest and on his shield, right?

          • Lisa Cesar’s,

            I tried your link about what the guy was wearing, it doesn’t work, saying server not found.

          • What comes up is the bis “S” in a diamond – Superman’s insignia – or Superwoman’s if you prefer – JDA

          • I will at least concede that letter S’s are about as common as double omegas are in geography…. which is extremely.

          • Blex – Except that particular S is at Baker’s Hole, where Forrest swam all the time and where he liked to camp with his Dad with the Airstream and where he took the dingy out on that trip in the Preface of TFTW. I wouldn’t go back there either, Forrest. Someone might see you there!

            In my mind, there being a lot of S curves like this in rivers is like Forrest saying there are a lot of places WWWH North of Santa Fe. Which one fits the Poem as the first clue; where to “Begin it’?

          • Blex – Found this in a searcher’s story here at Dal’s to add value to the “home of Brown” clue for this Baker’s Hole solve:

            An informational display at Baker’s Hole Campground describes how brown trout spawn at Baker’s Hole in the fall, and then grow for several months before moving down to Hebgen Lake, their “permanent home.”

            Now I am going to find that quote from Forrest about how we should all camp at Baker’s Hole…

          • Blex – I got waylaid reading Cynthia’s search story about going upriver all the way on my “IT” to my ‘X on the map’ at Three Forks. That was April last year. Forrest commented about that Reynold’s Pass CD sign. I see a certain ridge that a Blackfeet flagpole was probably planted on behind it. That was in that section of Osborne Russell’s story along the Madison River that ends in “Go in peace”.

            Here’s that quote from Forrest about Baker’s Hole, where the Brown bears were everywhere. Like where the airport runway is now, which was formerly the garbage dump. So if Forrest landed there, he was certainly doing the “put in below the home of Brown” thing. IMO.


            And the tributaries he mentioned are aka creeks. If you can easily walk across them, then it sounds like “there’ll be no paddle up your creek” applies.

          • Blex – Did I mention the Brown bears we’re headed across those tributaries to get to the Garbage Dump?

            “From there it’s no place for the meek,
            The end is ever drawing nigh.
            There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
            Just heavy loads and water high.”

            Garbage could be heavy loads.

            No place for the meek: Brown bears everywhere. And the meek will inherit the Earth. So how about a swim in the “water high” instead?

            “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,”

            Let me spell it out for you, Blex…

            Double U•Eye•S•E

            Sounds like an instruction written directly to my given name, Elizabeth’s, initial:

            Look for the Double U in the river with your Eye, which forms an S,…got that, E?

            If you or Jake changes that topo map to Satellite view, then zoom in all the way, you will see an island with a suspicious dot, dead center. That is also right where the bold boundary line passes through the island.


            And Forrest’s recommendation quote ends with “cold”.

            Marrying the Poem to a map could be all right there in that quote from Forrest. Especially if you paddle a “brave and in the wood” canoe, like an Indian might, out to that very island.

            All IMO. Just Brown bear food for thought.

          • Blex – And I forgot to mention that Forrest was using the handle, “Forrest Fire”, in that post. And that he said the garbage in the dump was burning and smelling badly.

            It all feels Sooooo blaze-ish to me!

        • Jake – That pond looks like a mirror to me. So maybe the aberrant number 23 is really the number 32! Let’s go look at that Forrest’s Scrapbook! Oh, right, E.C. Waters, there isn’t one. And I nuked that Forrest Imposter. Here and over on Mike’s blog, where I did it in Clint Eastwood style.

          And Vanadium has the atomic number 23. Let’s go fish for Steelies on the Snake River in Stanley, Forrest! Now I am going to go look up the atomic number for 32, Ken.

          • Ken – The atomic number for 32 is Germanium! Used in the production of transistors! Forrest had those in his crystal radio, right? Or did the crystal act as the transistor?

            Now I am thinking about German Brown trout, introduced above Firehole Falls in the late 1800s. And that the West Entrance to YNP opens on April 19th.

      • Yes.

        An imposter’s fee is 23,
        But also sews a prime.
        A skier is a load of Krapp
        Weather or not I rhyme.
        10,000 pens makes a hundred there
        While tipping heads and tails.
        A slush is a discrepare
        Of blog posts full of fails.
        The one who reeds between the lines
        Knows exactly what to seek.
        Those who laugh and ignore the signs
        Choose to miss the soda speak.

        • Ya’ll are still ignoring the point in favor of your own solutions. He’s embedding coordinates into his posts using the language I’ve been failing at teaching you. Just like he has been failing to teach you. An obstinacy of bison.

          23 is a prime number. He did this on purpose. A prime symbol is also an apostrophe. Like feet is an apostrophe. And arc-minutes.

          For practice, go to SB128. If you land in OH, near some geological faults, you’re probably on the right track. Unless you forget to follow his instructions precisely, and not tip it over for the rest. Rainbow blue is 40 degrees. A fly is also a dash (negative). A hashtag is also a capital 3, you see, (aka UpperCase), just like a demonstrated Eszett B makes me think of Evetts if using a fricative V, just like marvel to marble.

          It’s time to wake up now, put your blog-thoughts away, and get busy on solving the poem. There is a lot of work to do when you start over.

          • E.C. Waters – Meanwhile, I’ll be fly fishing in the “reeds” below my WWWH.

            “Those who laugh and ignore the signs
            Choose to miss the soda speak.”

            While laughing out loud with my library friend. Wearing waders. And drinking a pint of Stella. Soda speak. I didn’t use your method to find Stella Lake in that Forrest’s Scrapbook, either.

            But I will enjoy exploring your solve method and applying it to mine. Thank you for sharing “IT”.

          • E.C. Waters – Wasn’t there a drawing in one of Forrest’s books of Bison along that same stretch of “IT”?

            I keep pulling Y’all along. To go “alone in there”…in them there “waters”. Teach them to fish, right, Forrest?

          • If any part of your solution includes wading into water, start over. If any part of your solution has you looking around for it, and not walking directly to coordinates, start over. You should not be botg until you have solved coordinates. Even getting to this point you will have had to use decryption based on each line of what the answers to the clues have revealed. In my experience.

          • E.C. Waters – An excerpt from Forrest’s original story about, “Flywater”:

            “But I know that as the seasons slowly change and the leaves of life fall and are reborn anew, so do the names of those who wade those waters and chalk the memories once again, this time for themselves. I hope they feel the reverence that I once did and now still do.”

            Fall. A great time for Brown trout fishing In THERE. I provided that YNP Craig Matthews link to Grasshopper this morning. mentions “IT” mentions that “chalk” word for this stretch of “IT”. So, again I propose this idea for the original Poem version, maybe composed during that 15 year Poem tweaking period:

            Begin it where warm waters CHALK,
            And take IT in the canyon down.
            Not far, but too far to WALK,
            PUT IN below the home of BROWN.

            With waders. IMO. That’s my story and I’m “IT”!

            All IMO.

          • EmC. Waters – The prime number 23 is divisible by only 1 and itself. Period. Or Circumpunct, if you Will. I, for One, Will be going “alone in there”. But I ‘Will’ be crediting three authors, at the very least: Forrest Fenn, Dan Brown and William Shakespeare.

          • E.C. Waters – And for the record, I know my Apostrophes. Especially the possessive ones. And one of a Searcher’s Theses’ or Theseus’ things are not like the others:

            The apostrophe also looks similar to, but is not the same as, the prime symbol ( ′ ), which is used to indicate measurement in feet or arcminutes, as well as for various mathematical purposes,

            More’s the pity.

            And get in shape, everyone! I already put BOTG, all Winter long, in Summer and Winter. At high altitude. Click on my name above to see my pics.

          • Thanks, JDA!

            Gonna bring my new REAL camera to take pics of the bronze chest. My Moto G phone with 5 megapixels isn’t going to cut it to:

            Just take the chest and go in peace.


          • Well Lisa, I wish you luck in finding Indulgence, but you better put your track shoes on if you are going to beat me – 🙂 JDA

          • Where her feet have been I’d say she would be able to trek it bare better than most feet.

  4. Reminds me of the crazy Polar Bear plunge every New Year’s Day out east here….

  5. Spring is definitely in the air! The melt can’t come soon enough. That looks like a fun time. I may even consider signing myself up for next year’s competition.

    • Michael, how funny . I would have a heart attack from shock, seriously! It’s just so cold.

  6. I‘m gonna collect some rays of sunlight for a week on La Palma… after that I will watch the weather forecast for the RMs day in day out! Can‘t wait to get back over the pond!!!

  7. I missed seeing Shiloh in his bunny suit like he wore last time Forrest talked about this.

  8. I don’t think I can do that, but I can skip a stone pretty far.
    Thanks for sharing all you did Forrest.
    Now the real fun begins, and I’ll be out there enjoying “it”.


  9. I would have tackled the banana suit guy and hollered at the top of my lungs…”IM GRABBING EVERY BANANA!!”

    • Ya just reminded me of something: Sometimes a banana looks kinda like a yellow crescent.

      The end of this COVID-19 lockdown should make me happy. There might be a spring in my step(s). As always, IMO.

  10. Forrest –

    When I was a teenager I used to skim rivers or ponds and the bottom of Ski hills.

    One was Breckenridge in Colorado. The other was in Wisconsin.

    These were maybe 25 to 40 feet.
    65, that’s a challenge!


  11. It’s like Fenn waving a gun in his hand pointing straight up and saying “On your mark”.
    When is he going to pull the trigger?

    • Jake Faulkner – I agree! Except, not now:

      “According to the Santa Fe paper more than 280 inches of snow fell on our ski hill this winter. Now it’s melting all up and down the Rockies and the rivers are filling with run-off. Soon it will be time to start searching for the treasure, but not yet.”

      Sounds to me like the whole purpose of Forrest’s Scrapbook #199 today was a warning about conditions in the Rocky Mountains. Not everyone, like me, lives in the middle of the high country. Snowmageddon here in Sun Valley was EPIC this year. And our Big Wood River is going to be a serious challenge in the coming months.

  12. Thanks Dal, Mr. Fenn and the rest of the crowd,
    I couldn’t help but notice no one was clapping, at least he kept his tips up. And as long as he doesn’t get a complex, then what difference does it make where he ends up. At least he had enough sense to keep his shirt on. No offense meant to Nick, who is sharp enough to know what I mean anyway. So where’s the photo of the winner? Don’t tell me…she was to close to being on the skins team for any outsiders imagination to admit. Springtime fun in the Rockies, almost but not quite yet, don’t you just love it.

  13. What mystery man?….The man in the banana suit was clearly identified in the story. Maybe a mystery person grabbing a banana…after a chorus of laughs from his fellow searchers?

  14. Forrest, what fun playing in the snow and water, now that is exhilarating. Once tried to do that with a wooden toboggan with my brother tagging along at the opening of the beaver pond, opposite the dam side, between two good sized hills. Although we were with all of our clothes and jackets on. We made it 3/4 of the way. That was the longest, coldest walk home back over the other side of the hill and about a 1/4 further to the house.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. For someone who is ‘stepping away from the computer’…

    I’m assuming the tablet or handheld devices were gonna still be in full use?….

    The keyboard sings her sweet siren song that draws many but brave Ulysses…

    • Borders used to sell the classic. You can still get it at Barnes & Noble, or Dorothy should be able to order it if she doesn’t stock it.

  16. Kudos to Shiloh and his shirtless friend Nick. Thanks for sharing the videos, Forrest. Like other local folks, I saw the recap of this event on the local evening news. I actually looked for Shiloh but did not see him and wondered if he was still young enough to participate once again. It looks like everyone had fun. Let the search season begin!

    • Not QUITE yet, as Forrest wrote above. But we’re at least closer to search season than we were a month ago! 🙂

  17. Please be careful everyone. Its very muddy! Even
    though the snow is clear from roads, the mud cakes on tires and gets supper slippery! We almost slid right off a mountain pass on a good dirt….hovever muddy road. Wait till no rain!
    Best Wishes
    Lou Lee

    • Dont cross your tips, start practicing your pond skimming/wading skills. The waters you need to cross are about 2 feet deep but worth the cold. Bust out the high water pants, you just might need them. If I had been participating in the event I would have worn my waders. I think the waders would have totally tied my outfit together. Maybe bear spray in the front pocket for luck.

  18. First day of summer. Seems so far away. When the grass finally greens up and it’s warm enough for me to fly, I’m going to fly like a bird and get some grasshopper food. Before the bird gets me.
    Hope the menu is extraordinary.
    Nice share Mr. Fenn. Good to see your still with us.

  19. Ok…that confirmed a few things! Woohoo, can’t wait til runoff over!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m listening, Forrest!

  20. Shiloh certainly loves the outdoors, he must take after his grandfather.

    Take notice of Shiloh in outdoor winter photograph on oldwood site, anything seem odd?

      • No I don’t see anything odd in the photo…??? Missing an “a” maybe here in his bio… “before graduating with degree in International Business from a top-tier American university.” But I guess we all know what they mean 🙂

  21. That’s looks fun!

    I could picture Forrest casting a popper into that pond, but not skiing across it. So I don’t think he could win the warm water gift card.

  22. Well I can pretty confidently say that I would not have done as well as Shiloh did! A very respectable “almost made it” finish!

  23. I used to work as a lift opt on Mthood, and my biggest regret is missing the Pond skim contest, I hope this year I will make it up there for one! I work with a Skiing instructor who is going for the pond skim this year.
    I keep checking webcams from the Rocky and am waiting for the Snow to melt.
    One of my dreams is to Ski in the Rockys, and maybe sit at one of those Restaurants overlooking a Ski run.
    it is awesome how the Seasons change in the Mountains.
    Thank you for now.

    • Those alpine restaurants are awesome. And the view…….with a little wine and a good waiter who keeps filling up my glass, I can pretend I am in Heaven.

      • Celebrating Easter with a champagne brunch – how fitting!
        Got a reservation for 12:45 for two – should I make it for more?

        • Wonder where we all would be if we didn’t have Easter to celebrate – maybe back where we started from?

          Actually, I’m not sure I could even find my way back. I did drop some breadcrumbs tho………

          • Where is said alpine brunch ? I just noticed someone replied.

            If nothing else, have a great Easter and Good Friday!

    • Shane – Come to Sun Valley, Idaho! Here is the view from the deck if the historic Roundhouse Restaurant deck,where Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meg Ryan were honored for Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Sun Valley Film Festival over the past four years.

      Here is a pano, made from pics taken this past Friday, by my best friend at the local library, the IT Director, who is also studying photography:

      The Roundhouse is closed now, but maybe we will have the same huge amount of snow next year.

      • That is gorgeous, that View borders on religious, I love the photos you have collected! I have only been to a few spots like that one! But I hope to make it out every year to at least one place that takes my breath away.

  24. Brrrrrrr! Makes my skin crawl, shiver and such. A bunch of crazy folk bereft of sensibilities but not bereft of machismo and competetive spirit. Seems, a lot of fun had. As Flip Wilson said, the devil mad’em do it. I board and, it seems, a snowboard would have a better chance of making it across. Maybe next year, if I know the correct Sunday.

  25. Did anyone search the area around the pond for the home of brown?
    Just kidding. The snow is too cold for my ole bones. None the less it looks like
    folks had a blast. Ahhh the exuberance of youth.
    Thanks for sharing this Forrest

    • No to the pond, Hi-De-Drift.

      But hundreds of travellers have suddenly and unexpectedly booked a weekend halt at Ten Thousand Waves Spa.

  26. I think Shiloh did swimmingly! Thanks for sharing! Shiloh, you are so bloody handsome!
    On another note,
    “Soon it will be time to start searching for the treasure, but not yet.”
    So, on your mark, get ready, get set…..

    I’ve been studying pictures, and there are two places I saw on my first trip that I am anxious to examine. Cant wait to cut loose as soon as the snow melts and the mud dries!

  27. Interesting finds in this Scrapbook,

    Fun last word. Also used fun a lot in similar scrapbook with Shiloh. Look up fun and leave the jokers behind at the spot. 🙂

    Also, know the word Peace, afterall that is what Shiloh means. Peace is a calm, tranquil, quiet. You cant skip over wavy waters. Only skip over calm waters, that’s very similar to wwh. I think Ive said enough.

    • Funny you should mention the meaning of “Shiloh.” I have a cat that is named Shiloh and he is NOTHING like that. Perhaps I should rename him?

      I wanted to call him Noel since I got him as a Christmas present from my children but they thot that was a silly name. So I went with my second choice and Shiloh stuck.

    • DPT – Wow! Awesome! So fun!!!

      Ok, for E.C. Waters, how’s ‘about we add a COMMA to this line in the fourth stanza of the Poem:

      WARNING – Do not MESS with Forrest’s Poem!!

      Just take the chest and GO IN, PEACE!!!

      Just take the chest and GO IN, SHILOH!!!

      Shiloh can be my Search Buddy, anytime. Blushing. Besides, he can fly me into West Yellowstone Airport or to the private airstrip at Nine Quarter Circle Ranch. In Taylor Canyon.

      And then Shiloh can have his rightful inheritance! And Douglas Preston can finally update that script for “The Thrill of the Chase” movie!!! What do you think, Doug? Would that be a good Oscar worthy ending?

      Just an idea. All IMO. In FUN!

      Inspired by Will Sommers, The FOOL and Court Jester from QE1’s Royal Court.The top banana in the bunch. And probably that Mystery Man on skis in Taos. Grab all the bananas you can, right William Fenn and Copper??!!

      • DPT – That last sentence above is:

        “Maybe I’ll enter the competition next year, it looks like fun. f”

        I spy a suspicious COMMA!

        Good catch!

        A semicolon has a period and a comma. Or he could have used a period for emphAsis. Then the final thought would be, maybe:

        “IT” looks looks like fun.

        Yes, Forrest, my “IT”, as being the Madison River, certainly does. Big FUN! You are cordially invited to join us In THERE!

        And I still think that potentially missing dot, in your final thought, looks like a Circumpunct. Which would match this last line of the Poem:

        I give you title to the GOLD.

        That was bold, Forrest.

        All IMO.


        • DPT – Google ‘Comma’ under the Wiki punctuation tab. And Aristophanes of Byzantium under that history tab. First the Ellipses and then a Circumpunct-like dot was used, before the comma replaced them.

          Doesn’t a comma look kinda like a banana?

  28. Wrapped with emotion and intelligent alteration. So relative, so why is it not time yet? Don’t get all up in arms, the best is yet to come. I can’t wait to see Sol Pais in a real line up.

  29. Well, here goes my imagination again. I know some of you “love it ” not, when I give my take on SB’s. “My take” is this is 2 stories about competition. The underlying story is about the current status of TTOTC competition. I had to laugh when Forrest mention’s “geniuses” and imo by that, I think he took a couple jabs at a few searchers who’s names I won’t mention. IMO this SB is all telling! Though the names and numbers have been changed to protect the innocent. Ha! Some will get this last line. Let the games begin Soon.

    • Yes. In my opinion, “rude” is the term we are seeking to describe “nude-nicks”. In my opinion, the word “brave” can also connect based on the strange and poetic etymology of the word. Related to a coin theme, we find “aes rude”.

      • Extending “aes” to the first stanza, an argument can be made for Rijndael AES encryption based on alone (monarch, reign, rain, Rembrandt) and there (dalr, dael) etymologies. If this argument is true, perhaps each line contributes a character or more to an encrypted coordinate. In my experience, I can answer many of these lines with locations that can convert to a character. For example, Goose Egg, WY could be 0, but also “anser” / “answer”.

        • That “as” in first staza confirms your thirds theory EC. I, alONE, gONE= there anagrams to THREE. Three clues to find to solve the riddle in poem perhaps. And to Lisa- minerva and athena play a big part. IMO

          • John edo – Score!!! Awesome solve! Eureka!

            There are a lot of ways to Sunnyvale…

            That’s where I grew up. Not to far from that fruit company where I worked. The Apple is the fruit of knowledge. And Athena/Minerva is the Greek/Roman goddess of Wisdom.

            But now I live in Sun Valley. Hey! Did you know the Circumpunct was also the symbol of Ra, the Sun God? Golden.

          • John Edo – I have a Circumpunct blaze clearly scene from Google Earth in the landscape, right below my hidey spot, which marks where to cross and enter my final immediate search area.

            There is a giant Glacial Erratic marking the entrance to my home of Brown. In plain site. If you are an experienced Brown trout fly fishing guide and know just where to find “IT”. Uh, did I mention that Boulder is a giant OWL?

            Donna here on Dal’s went to “look quickly down” around it for me a few years ago. Just in case. You need a “brave and in the wood” canoe or waders to do that.

          • Good to know we are in different spots and you missed the star! You missed the correct owl, too! IMO
            well wishes….

          • Spallies – It really is Organic Ethiopian Medium Roast, locally roasted, and offered at the lovely coffee place here in Sun Valley. I get a lot done there.

            Hey, Ethiopia was a huge producer of GOLD at King Solomon’s mines there. He had a six pointed STAR as his blaze. Two intersecting equilateral triangles. A variation on “As Above, So Below”.

            I remember when Forrest talked about how fast he wrote TTOTC. It happens.

  30. Lisa, some good insights. I believe however the banana man and superman are to represent a disquise. Many scrapbooks have been had this reference. From Masquerade to one of the main clues in the chase- Hidden.

    Also I believe the runoff reference is also of snow MELTING. Many references in scrapbooks about Melt, also another good word to look up and know. Melt, meld mean the same thing and meld is an important word in one of the most important pages in TTOTC page 99. This Scrapbook is 199. You should also check out scrapbooks 99 and 99.5 and compare the warm waters. And don’t forget scrapbook 9 where the little girl is having fun, she is a trickster. Is that a peace sign she is holding up behind Forrest head or ears???

    • DPT – Just went through all those Forrest’s Scrapbooks with a lot of 9s everywhere. I noted the different types of warm waters and how they halted or not. I saw Forrest’s Banco with the shampoo on it. And I read that it was a grandson, not a granddaughter, with the peace sign behind Forrest’s head. And I know what a meld is, because I played Canasta with family.

      But here’s the kicker; I discovered that no one ever identified the location in this pic. We all assume Forrest took the photo of Noah and Tucker, but did he? If so, that’s a pretty steep climb. And what are they standing on? It appears even Seeker didn’t know.

      Anyone wanna play that Find Stella Lake Game with me?

      Ok, Go,!

  31. Slush pond? Can’t ice fish it, can’t get a boat on it, to cross it with hopeful grace. Though it’s perfect for skimming and good for swimming, there’s not a fish in that whole darn place. g

  32. Okay, to further explain my comment up thread about Shilohs outdoor winter photograph from the oldwood site. Notice anything odd?

    Everything I’m about to say is in my opinion of course. What struck me odd is, why did Shiloh choose THAT photograph to post on the oldwood site. It looks to me that Shiloh is alone somewhere in the wilderness. His right arm is not in view and looks like he’s taking a Shelfie, his eyes seem to be looking slightly off center probably to see the button to push to capture the picture. So, I think it’s safe to say he’s alone taking this picture. Why?

    In the bio, it says his rescue mutt Boss travels with him on most of his adventures. There is no sign of Boss anywheres in the photo. Why?

    Now, as far as selfies go, I’ve takin a selfie, looked at it and deleted it and repeated that process multiple times before I like the selfie I took. You’ll know what I mean, right. You want yourself positioned correctly in the photo and you want whatever IT IS in the background to be captured correctly, right.

    So, look at the photo of Shiloh, the majority of the photo is filled with snow covered trees, look like pine, and it looks like trees reflecting off his goggles as well. So, it seems he’s standing right in the center of a bunch of pine trees all alone in the winter and he has a whimsical look on his face. Why?

    If I was Forrest Fenns grandson, especially if I was the same type of person that Forrest is, an adventurer, a pilot, an outdoorsman, a person that explores the Rocky Mountains on my down time like it says in Shilohs bio, I would most definitely go to look for the treasure.

    But, being Forrest Fenns grandson might come with some consequences if the grandson of Forrest Fenn ACTUALLY found the treasure dont ya think. But, if Forrest Fenns grandson found the treasure and left it where he found it and never told anyone then no ones the wiser. (Unless, maybe the grandson whispered the location of the treasure into his grandfathers ears just for giggles, I know I would)

    Could it be possible that Shiloh found the treasure and took a selfie at the treasure location? Does Shiloh have the same kind of playfulness as his grandfather and would he actually take a selfie of where the treasure is and post it as a bio pic on his families business site as a self rewarding conquest?

    I know I would. I most definitely would.

    • Pauley T. – Interesting thoughts! And very well written bios. I wonder if Forrest had a hand in writing them? It appears David is an accomplished writer as well. What caught my attention was this from his bio:

      David has “earned his keep” in the woods and can fell big timber, operate a skidder, and run a sawmill with the best of them.

      I can KEEP my secret where,
      And hint of riches new and OLD.

      Shiloh looks perfectly dressed for skiing on the mountain at Taos or Backcountry skiing. I am surrounded by such folks here in Sun Valley, ID. Personally, I don’t believe finding the bronze chest is a priority for either David or Shiloh. Based on the above, I think they both enjoy making their own way.

      But thanks for drawing my attention back to this site with the bios, to look at Shiloh again. Ok, focus, Lisa. Get back to The Chase. Blushing.

    • Born and raised a country boy, never paid much attention to no schoolin. Coached by the best, wouldn’t have it another way.. And that’s no foolin. g

  33. “A mystery man wearing a banana suit with a cape” is a very interesting sentence. I find it appealing. Thanks f or the story Forrrst!!

    • It sounds like the Banana Man made a precise three point landing? It’s probably the same Banana Man that rides Ragbrai every year?

  34. Looks like everyone had fun trying to get across the pond. Shiloh, although you fell “in the middle,” you didn’t give up. The fun was in the trying.

  35. I haven’t posted on this thread because sometimes I got to think. It has been nearly 10 days since I seen the Shiloh video. I know, I know. I can hear it now from everyone. “Gene your a little slow.” I suppose when the next scrapbook comes out I have gotten a little slower. I have to go dive into more important things that are in my life.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

  36. I haven’t posted on this thread because sometimes I got to think. It has been nearly 10 days since I seen the Shiloh video. I know, I know. I can hear it now from everyone. “Gene your a little slow.” I suppose when the next scrapbook comes out I have gotten a little slower. I have to go dive into more important things that are in my life.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

  37. “…,but not yet.” “Shiloh made it-no wait.” The year difference in age, things we know and don’t in regards to those who skied, and I believe there may be more to this post which needs to be looked at, just as the letter Mr. Fenn received and posted previously.

  38. So did we ever figure out why Forrest showed a higher number. Number 23 when the correct number was a year less for the age of the winner… 22?

    Somehow this reminds me of Bingo??? Maybe I need to go read that scrapbook again. I-23?

    • Only theories. We can be sure it is intentional to draw attention to it. In this regard, he is always successful.

      23 is a prime number. A prime symbol also looks like an arc-minute symbol. There are other scrapbooks where he uses prime numbers in his message, including “Lost My Spot”.

      There are 36 sections to a PLSS quadrangle. He might be alluding 23 is significant in this sense.

      There are saints days on 23rds of some months. Perhaps one of these is useful. He mentions saints and separately calls out Nov 1 in TTOTC.

      There is a WY County Rd 23.

      As always, it is whatever you want to make of it.

      There are 23 counties in Wyoming. It’s flag contains a bison (the monarch of the plains). It’s favorites include jade, salamander, meadowlark, a Sacagawea coin, an Indian paintbrush, and a few other references.

  39. Revisiting “wave” because of the use of Ten Thousand Waves Spa. John Charles on p16 brought me here.

    “Sometimes John Charles would bring a little jar of green olives to school and wave that thing in my face.”

    The connection is a German phrase to the color green, “grüne Welle”, and Forrest’s fondness of starting sentences with the word “Well”. Not sure if this is referencing the hair dye company “Wella”, or if it’s supposed to conjure images of street lights. Or maybe it’s both. On one hand, he mentions dyeing his hair. On the other, it seems Street Sense, Street Smarts 102, crossing the street, and perhaps street names are “I’ve done it tired”.

  40. Reminds me of the saying, the olives are always greener on the other side of the hill. And who knows, maybe they are.

    Sorry, just my weird humor…

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