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This is the place to discuss the phrase in Forrest’s poem that reads: “in the wood”. Is it a cryptic clue or simply referring to the outdoors or the woods? What are your thoughts?


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  1. I have asked Forrest to describe the wood,
    But he said I was funny!!!
    What’s that supposed to mean? Ha ha ha.

    The wood to me has to be a tree
    Or a pile of wood .
    That’s all I got.

    • I don’t know of many individual trees (in the Rocky Mountains) that have lasted pr can be reasonably expected (in my opinion) to last for ten thousand years.

    • It means in the woods, the forest.
      Woods would not rhyme with good so he used wood instead.

      So if you said “Forrest would you describe wood to me” that would be funny.

      More importantly is brave. Don’t separate brave from in the wood.

      And for all of you early searchers, don’t be brave and in the water. Spring runoff has already been deadly in this search. Bears seem scary but it is really the water that will get you.

        • JDA, I don’t think I’ve seen your definition of “brave” as stout or strong , but I’ve see: tall, upright, and erect. If any of those things are FF’s intended meaning, I deduce that the searcher must be at a place where he has to make a choice that satisfies that meaning. I try to imagine scenarios where one of those options (stout/strong/tall/upright/erect) makes sense. Then again, another shade of brave is bravura… bright, showy, audacious. Imagination might be the best keyword.

          • OS2;

            Look at the Picture in Graveyard Logic – Feb 2017


            It shows three or four stones stacked on top of each other. Maybe the searcher needs to move, or remove 3 or 4 stones like this in order to discover Indulgence. If so, they might have to be “Stout” or “Strong”

            Yes, I know that Forrest said, “You don’t have to move big rocks, or scale a precipice to get to the treasure. Stay away from dangerous terrain.”at:


            So, maybe Forrest doesn’t consider the rocks that need to be moved “BIG” rocks – JDA

          • Ok, you’ve locked onto that pile of rocks…but as long as your home again (welcome back) and twiddling ideas, try the tall one on for size… reach for something higher or peek over that wall. I found the expression ‘brave waves’ in biblical translations I read long ago, and it didn’t refer to waters at all. So if wood means the Wood River, or means a certain ford or bridge on a river it might be referencing the high waters. Im stretching… but thats what armchair searchers do.

  2. A great new post!
    “If you are brave and in the wood…..”
    It seems some bravery is connected to this.

  3. FF meant ro tell us to think outside the Box!

    Now that I’ve seen it thrice, I’ll give my reactions:

    There is a typo, or mistake, or deliberate aberration (maybe more than once). Yawn.

    Someone deliberately or carelessly posted the same silliness twice. Yawn

    I’ll repeat the silliness to bring all this to someone’s attention. Yawn

    Even if the message appeared not to have a typo/mistake/aberration, it’s understood. Yawn

  4. Too far to walk is a reference to time near the start of the poem. ff is coming back to time with in the wood. In the wood there are rings with no start or ending. Rings that can tell time. He is waving a red flag and underscoring time. So why is it that he must go and do that?

    • Buddy Allen – Great post!

      Higher up on the previous thread, there was a discussion of braves shooting arrows, and how the soft Heartwood in the center of trees was used for target practice. To hit the bullseye. Which you just did, IMO. That target looks like a Circumpunct or, the alchemical symbol for GOLD, doesn’t it? I have one of those as a blaze that I will ford, formed by the creek surrounding a small island, not too far below my hidey spot.

      How about a tree grove blaze, formed by a clearing, that was special to Forrest? And since, “time is relative”, maybe Forrest once boldly brought his beloved and treasured wife, Peggy, In THERE? Once upon a time…a wedding ring is an Everlasting circle of GOLD. Well, for Forrest it is, anyway. He mentioned Peggy waiting for him “there” in that “Flywater” story, when he would be, “pillowed down and scented in”. In a Heart-shaped Pine Grove or in a Pyramid clearing, Forrest???

      And there is a giant fallen log, laying exactly on a diagonal, across my ‘Pyramid’ clearing at my hidey spot. I have wondered if the bronze chest is under a “tarry scant” (flat stone?) beneath it. Google Earth does not go down far enough, as Forrest has stated. But I wonder if it does zoom in to 200′. Does anyone know?

    • Standing in the middle of a circle, there is not a noticeable start nor a finish. If a circle represents Time, abserving from being in the middle you will see all happenings happening at once in your Now. The moment a focus is at a point on the ring line, you observe that moments events of that time.

      A tree ring can a likened as a clock. Every spec of the circle line that’s added within a years growth is a point in time .Every speck of growth tells a story about the environment at that point in time , throughout that year (ring) of growth.

      Trees are “Keepers of History” and probably know where the chest is.

      Perhaps it’s wise to talk to a tree. For, it’s apparently in the trees.

      “Stop arm chairing that thing to death and get out in the trees where the “box” is.”f.

      If one can only find and talk to a tree ENT somewheres in the wood! Lol.

      • Alsetenash – Amen.

        And I am wearing a stylized ENT on my ring finger right now. It represENTs my journey on The Chase. Of course I am.

        Afana – I will answer for you:

        “Isn’t THAT special!” – The Church Lady, Saturday Night Live

        And then Forrest might start in with:

        “My church is in the mountains…dreams…faeries… play.”

        You get me, Alsetenash. That is Heartening.

        • Lisa C. I must of got in your head! I didn’t ask anything. Now I’m going outside.

          • Afana – That was an answer to your earlier “specialized knowledge” comment. I guess not everyone knows about the Da Vinci Code and Dan Brown and the and Circumpunct as symbols for GOLD. Moore’s the pity. Smiling.

            Some people live under a tarry scant, I guess.

          • I wood be petrified to know I’d be around that long. Lol. No more earthly motion after that transition. The poem leads to in the wood, metaphorically speaking.


      • Another word for brave is steel. In the wood (tree) you will find rings.
        Maybe it hints towards a steel ring?
        The Oympic flag has five rings coloured blue, black, red, yellow, green and a white background. These are colours referred to by Forrest at various times. Perhaps he is pointing to a ring?
        Food for thought.

      • I like your thinking Alsetenash!

        Dont forget guys, that trees have spirits too and if you are brave…….you have the spirit!

  5. Could be a reference to an old English term for bullseye in the game of darts. The center of dart boards were wood. Therefore if you are ‘in the wood’ – bullseye!! you found it.

  6. I believe the “brave” part comes from the “no place for the meek” part of the poem. You have to be brave from that point if you continue on.
    Of course to me “in the wood” is referring to the wood lined chest. I believe Forrest has put something in the chest that gives you title to ownership of the chest and all it’s contents.

    If by chance “in the wood” does refer to wood(s) as in tree(s) the chest location might be near a tree line but not deep in. IMO

    Good luck all,

  7. Great topic!!
    “In the wood” for me has evolved into being “on target” or a “bullseye” as in the game of darts.

    SmokyBaer 🙂

    • Smokey bear, I don’t know if you’re still around but I’ve also heard that the target center in darts is called the “gold”. The only problem is, my dart throws usually end up in a person’s arm, head, or calf, not the center. If I could find a map of Forrest’s search area the size of a wall, I’d have an easier target area than a golden calf. A random throw and the location is chosen. Seems simple, right?

      I guess if I said please, I could indulge my next door neighbor into painting a full size wall murrell. That’s what he does… at least, that’s what he used to do for a living. Maybe I’ll give him a ring.

  8. Come on people. It’s obvious what the wood refers to. Remember what Forrest’s favorite pastime is – fishing. What is one of the most prominent trees that grow along the rivers and nearby trails of Wyoming & Montana?? Duh, it’s a Cotton Wood!!!

    It’s the KISS principle. Use this axiom for most of the poem and don’t over complicate things.(except for the Blaze which I believe may not be what most are looking for). I haven’t found it yet, but I came close. – I think. Maybe this year or not..

    • Ronald Conley – Or, it could be a “hazel wood”:

      Someone quoted Forrest down below as looking under every BUSH in America. This William calls the fishing rod a “hazel wand”, and Forrest’s father, William, made Forrest choose a switch of the appropriate thickness for his punishment. I have wondered if Forrest ran to my hidey spot to escape punishment. And then fly fished at my Circumpunct blaze in the creek. “Golden apples of the Sun” are mentioned in that poem. And are tears WWWH in this case?

      E.C. Waters – Those two Williams were for you. And E is an Irrational number in mathematics.

      • E.C. Waters – William Butler Yeats also wrote the play, “The Hourglass”, referring to time running out. And the blaze of which is formed by two triangles, knows to nose. ⌛. ‘As’ Above, So Below. And which features The Fool. Who was always asking for four pennies; ‘as’ valuable ‘as’ those bronze Roman coins, worth a third of an ‘as’?

        I dedicate this post to William Sommers, QE1’s Court Jester, who always played The Fool and the Joker.

  9. It’s where the chest is located. In a V, a tuck, at the edge, probably not buried. We’ll see.

  10. Ok folks, this line is a lot easier than the “If you HAVE (underlined) been wise and HAVE (past tense) found the blaze: ” (Just messing with ya!; and his poem, too) but hear me all..

    Mr. Fenn,

    I am not even close to solving your riddle. I’ve tried for months and nothing works. I am not asking for a clue to the treasure, I’m asking for a clue to the clues. Please help me. ~Mary.

    Dear Mz. Mary,
    The solve is difficult for many searchers because their minds think the clues are tougher to decrypt than they really are.

    Some say they are trying to think outside the box, as if the solution lies somewhere out there.

    Until now I have resisted telling them to get back in the box where their thoughts are comfortable and flow more easily.

    The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust. To illustrate my point go to YouTube – Smarter Every Day. f

    So what is so revealing about the BOX????

    Mr Terrific, as my wife likes to call me…but really I am not arrogant, I am Enthusiastic about saving the Rockies….TT

    • Tom Terrific – You quoted Forrest:

      “The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust.”

      Check out the dedication quote in first paragraph of this great article, “Shakespeare’s Genius”:

      It’s about time. Enduring works that have lasted through the ages.. Timelessness. And the article notes that Shakespeare was born exactly at the right time. Forrest thinks he was born 100 years too late.

      The “adjust” in your quote above made me think “add just” and then I did a find in page for ‘just’ in that article. Which took me to the part about QE1, who was responsible for Action of Trover. And the word “dust” is in Shakespeare’s epitaph. Was Forrest making a reference to his line in his Poem?:

      Just take the chest and go in peace.

      Compared to Shakespeare’s last lines in his epitaph about stones and bones?

      William Shakespeare was a Genius! I wonder how many people in London called HIM a nudnik back then?

      Now I am hearing that song from that Disney movie with, “Somewhere out there” in my head….

      • Blex – “An American Tail” was the highest grossing non-Disney movie of its time. Great lyrics in that song. It be perfect as musical accompanyment to Forrest’s Axe Man pic, IMO, Douglas Preston.



      • “Now I am hearing that song from that Disney movie with, “Somewhere out there” in my head….”

        I’ll bet that is not the only thing you are hearing in your head! (sorry, couldn’t resist Lisa 🙂 )

        • joe – They say a picture says a thousand words, but nowadays, a video says more.

          Which is why I just heard Stephen the Irishman in my head:

          If you are brave and in the wood,

          See also: “Braveheart”.

          Lands and titles. The Nobles ultimately took William Wallace out. His last words were, “Freedom!”.

          Where is JC1117, by the way? He used to post the best videos. And he is a Master Mason. He built a rock wall for Dan Fogelberg in Colorado. I have a question for him about scant engraving on a stone I see in a pic at Forrest’s San Lazaro Pueblo.

      • Have you met Mr . BonesI wish he would tell us his full name . Sure was hoping that maybe that was one of the steps was to find that out .

    • Interesting… thanks TT. I visited the Smarter Every Day site & it stirred some deeper thoughts related to the backward bicycle lessons. Learned responses can be as strong as instincts… Ex: our vision is upside down, but thru experience of reaching & touching as new babes, we adjust it to right-side-up. The backward bike lesson!

      Learn to unlearn those learned responses…. and apply it to language, i.e., the words, reasoning & logic of the poem ……so #1 ……warm water DOESN’T HALT. It gets blocked or other rules apply.

      Playing with the HOW concept for awhile opened a couple WHERE ideas I hadn’t thought much about before. Good luck.

      • Please pardon my skepticism. If we should not then be looking for a
        place where warm waters halt, should we maybe think that maybe a
        canyon doesn’t lead down(ward)? Should we assume that I (meaning
        Forrest) couldn’t have gone alone into any “in there” place?

        Sorry. I am going with my “straightforward” solve that could theoretically be done by a modern 13-year-old person who doesn’t have an unusually high level of esoteric knowledge about anything. But good luck (also) to you. As always, IMO.




        • Tall Andrew – Sometimes rivers flow Canyon Down, but travel Up North. Like my “IT” does. All the way to my ‘X on the map’ at Three Forks, MT.

          Hey, that’s the Treasure State! Wow!

          Cynthia could have stopped to see Casey and Brutus the Brown bear in Bozeman.

          How are you doing on solving that Coriolis Effect Connundrum, btw?

    • Thank you very much for sharing this. I see “blueprint” relating to “I felt like an architect when writing the poem”. I wish more would share their emails with Forrest.

    • Tom Terrific- whats revealing about the “box” of which Forrest spoke is the quotation marks. the quotation marks reveal that the so-called “box” of which he writes may not the box you think it is. naturally if a searcher reads Forrest writing about a box (no quotation marks) that searcher can safely assume this box (no quotation marks) is the bronze box we all seek. BUT since Forrest put the word box as “box” then this “box” obviously to me is not the bronze box…its something else. quite possibly something as simple as a wooden chest in a museum display somewhere surrounded by fake trees.
      and there you will be “in the wood”.
      remember, its a poem. and metaphors are king.
      i think.

  11. Here is a thought I had the other day. What do you searchers think?

    In the wood. In the cord. A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet. It’s a dimension.

    Forrest talks a lot about ropes, cables and lines and cord is that also.

    • DPT – An original idea – Good for you. In my solve, I do not look at it that way.
      In “Graveyard Logic” and in “Charmey and Me” Forrest describes a lined hole – I think that Indulgence is secreted in a “Wood lined hole.” – Therefore Indulgence is “In the wood” – JMO – JDA

        • And that would never last a thousand years. Forrest would not put the word wood in the poem if you found the chest in a thousand years and the wood was decayed with no trace of it left.
          I think you need to rethink your wood.

          • DPT;

            Forrest has said that the treasure is not associated with any structure – So, what is a “structure”? I guess that that is up to each of us to decide.

            Decayed wood question – Maybe “Tarry scant” refers to “Tar” put on the outside of the wood to protect it???

            I guess we will not know until Indulgence is found – I just do not want to limit my possibilities or limit my thinking- JDA

          • JDA- look up the definition of structure. It takes out any rock Cairn or wood lined hole. I think it’s important for searchers to look up words that Forrest states to understand what he is saying instead of thinking they know what he is saying. Not picking on you JDA, I just see a lot of searchers doing that. It should make the chase easier if we understand what Forrest is talking about instead of assuming!

          • DPT;

            Thanks for your post. I agree that understanding the meanings of words is critical to solving the 9 clues.
            As I said before: ” So, what is a “structure”? There are many definitions of “Structure” – the question is – “What is Forrest’s definition of structure – only he knows. Until he tells me his definition, I will continue to leave the possibilities open – But thanks for the post – JDA

          • JDA, I agree with your reasoning.
            I also think it’s important to have different points of view to cover all our bases in the chase. Thanks JDA

        • Hey Bur;

          I agree with the stacked stones on top. I even think the bottom stone is a “Tarry Scant” – A flat black stone, although it could have lichen on it and be more colorful – Thanks for the idea Bur – Have a GREAT day – JDA

          • In the wood = casket??

            A dead person is:

            A) gone
            B) alone
            C) in there
            D) warm waters have halted
            E) down
            F) not far, but can’t walk into solid ground
            G) put in below
            H) home
            I) cold
            J) in the wood

            That is a lot of consistent description related to one possible interpretation that we need to find a specific grave site.

            Thoughts, JDA??

          • JDA – I agree! But my solution involves only one flat stone, under a huge fallen log. And I think he dug a cache, lined it with a tanned hide, and sealed the hole with Pine tar on a flat rock for the “tarry scant” part.

            And I even think I know where he got the rock, shown up on the wall, behind his head, at his San Lazaro Pueblo:


            Too funny that the pic is in a scrolling carousel with his books, right there on the cover page of oldsantafe trading

            Good practice to take that stone on his backpack to my hidey spot, for a trial run for carrying the bronze chest and its contents on those two trips later.

            All IMO.

          • Lisa;

            Possible, but since Forrest has said that the treasure is wet, I wonder about your tanned hide idea, and the – sealing it with pine tar idea – How can it be wet if it is sealed? If not sealed the tanned leather might not last real long in wet conditions. Good idea – BUT??? JDA

          • JDA – Uh, did anyone else notice there is a piece of PAPER on top of said flat rock, just above Forrest’s hat? Was that Stella Lake Scrapbook a clue??? And is THAT the:,

            I give you TITLE to the GOLD

            that is referred to in the Poem?

            Could Forrest be giggling that we couldn’t find this CLUE that is hidden in plain sight, ever since I joined The Chase in late February of 2013? Is this the “Big Picture”???

            All IMO.

            Just making a point about many pointless discussions folks engage in here at Dal’s. Lots of wasted time discussing who is posting what and why and whether they should do that or not. Whatever.


          • Lisa;

            Rocks of all shapes and kinds are to be found throughout the Rocky Mountains, Why would Forrest have to carry one in? What would be so special about this “Tarry Scant” rock that he would carry it in? If it is inscribed with something, carrying in a stone hammer and chisel would be a LOT easier, and inscribe the found stone on-site. JMO – JDA

          • Elementary, my dear JDA. Temperature changes during seasonal changes would cause the contents in the bronze chest to sweat. The lid is unlocked. The skins and seal would not prevent that.

          • JDA – I believe Forrest carefully inscribed that same exact Rainbow-shaped blaze with his epitaph from TTOTC on that rock. That would equal the intro to the Poem shown right there on that website page also:

            “…will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.”

            Forrest likes art. I know he would want it to be perfect. I think he inscribed the rock while sitting right there at San Lazaro Pueblo.

            It would also be good practice to carry the weight of the rock, and the size looks to be fairly equivalent to that of the bronze chest.

            And he could have easily have hollowed put an existing den or depression in the softer soil with a Bowie knife. I don’t believe the trappers had shovels for their caches, did they?

          • Lisa;
            And why do you think that the rock above his head is “THE” flat rock that is on top of Indulgence? 1) It is not black (tarry) . 2) Judging from the width of Forrest’s head, the rock is only about 8″ or 9″ wide, and therefore not wide enough to cover a hole that contains a chest that is 10″ wide. Forrest has given other hints that indicate (to me) that the “Tarry Scant” stone is about 14″ wide X 10″ deep X 7″ tall, and weighs about 70 lbs (at least according to my calculations as a stone carver.) Although black, it has lichen on it, and is therefore orange and redish in color.

            Of course, I could be full of it – but: .JMO – JDA

          • Lisa;

            Nice idea – but. Have you ever tried to inscribe letters in stone? The stone you see is probably sandstone, or possible limestone. In either case, neither type of stone will hold up to inscribing letters on it. You need a much harder stone like granite. That is why grave marker stones are granite, and not softer stones. Even marble is hard to get clean edges needed in inscribing letters. You MAY be correct, but as a stone carver, I have my doubts – JMO – JDA

          • Lisa;

            One last thought. IF Forrest wanted the inscription you describe, wouldn’t it have been easier to make a bronze medallion or plaque, and taken that to the site and epoxied it to a stone chiseled out to receive the medallion or plaque? – Just a thought

            If inscribed, a simple “V” on the Tarry Scant stone pointing down to an inscribed “Up-side-down” “V” on a base stone, making an “X” to mark the spot seems a LOT easier (and more likely – JMO – JDA

          • JDA – And there were no Grizzes lurking at San Lazaro Pueblo, while Forrest was sitting there, drinking a Dr. Pepper, and working on his epitaph. Just Cody the German Shepherd to keep Forrest company.

            The epitaph could have already been inscribed on the underside of the not-yet-tarry scant, right in that pic. No one would probably have lifted it to check.

            I saw a video of someone making Pine tar online. Forrest said he did that while chopping trees near Watson Creek for work in that one story, didn’t he? He could have easily found pine sap all over the place near my hidey spot.

            All in my Imagination. All IMO.

          • JDA – Thank you for your stone carver perspective! But I was thinking of Settlers and Trappers carving at places like Independence Rock, and Indians carving Water Ghosts on rocks near the river and creek crossings. And that those have lasted more than 10,000 years:

          • Lisa;

            I am sure that your mind is set on what you think you will find, and it will be easy to discount anything I have to say – despite my having more than 3o years experience as a stone carver – but – at least give it some thought – JDA

          • Lisa;

            Size matters. A petroglyph or inscriptions on “Inscription rock” have lasted a long time BUT – the letters or graphic depictions were large compared to what you want inscribed on your small stone – – JDA

          • JDA – Kit Carson. Great book! I think E.C. Waters has one of those Trapper’s and Settlers rocks in his solve. Lots of small letters in those names and dates. They’ve lasted pretty well so far.

        • Bur – Thank you for guiding me again to Forrest’s SB #166 = #AFF, if I am using the KISS method to decipher. HINT??.

          I believe Alpha “lead dog” Forrest outlined exactly how he ultimately hid the bronze chest here. He has even announced it is NOT In THERE at San Lazaro Pueblo. He digs a hole, mentions the clay mine (good substrate for moisture protection)…and then there is that picture from his San Lazaro Pueblo book of the Indian woman kneeling atop the corn cache in the ground, shaped like an Omega. Good shape. My answer as to why that stone above Forrest’s head looks too small to you, compared to the dimensions of the bronze chest, JDA. Makes sense to keep water from pouring in, during a deluge, to erode the hole. And it deters imsects and pestd, IMO.


          Carefully tilt the bronze chest onto its end, holding the lid closed, insert vertically, into the skin-lined hole, then cover lightly with dirt. With a tarry scant on top. Like a treasure parfait with a cherry on top. Is this Forrest’s recipe??? IMO.

          The Tukudika Indians of YNP used BRAINS to awesomely tan those hides that Trappers treasured. And maybe Forrest did, also, at one of those Trapper Rendezvous visits or when he and Peggy attended Shoshone Indian ceremonies.

          And then there is that Shakespeare Genius dialog in Act V, Scene 1, of that famous play, that only someone living under a ROCK hasn’t heard of. The one with Yorik. And that Skull. And the well preserved Tanner.

          I truly believe Yorik, the King’s Court Jester, was based upon the veiled knowledge and foolish behavior of King Henry VIII’s and QE1’s Court Jester, William Sommers.

          But I digress…


        • Bur – Thank you for the idea to read SB #166! In the flurry of new posts on Dal’s blog this morning, my reply post did not go through. Alas, Yorik, and woe is Me! Ok, Shakespeare’s Court Jester, aka quite possibly William Sommers, here is my ‘Summar•y’:

          1) SB #166 = AFF as a simple decipher? Is the #1 or A standing for ‘Alpha’ or Forrest as the “lead dog”?

          2) Are the details about the ground conditions, holes dug and descriptions of the hole Angel uses for her Divorce pot a recipe for how Forrest hid the bronze chest?

          3) Could that image from Forrest’s San Lazaro Pueblo book of the Indian girl kneeling before the Omega shaped hole to place corn on it be the model for the hidey hole? A narrow top porobably helped to prevent moisture and pest problems. And the bronze chest could have been inserted into a skin-lined hole vertically, while holding the lid closed, then gently returning it to horizontal.

          4) Didn’t Forrest and Peggy attend Shoshone Indian ceremonies? Trappers treasured the exprrly tanned hides of the Tukudika “Sheep Eaters” on YNP. And Forrest attended many a Trapper Rendezvous. And the LATCH on the bronze chest is a RAM. And a Tanner ‘s well preserved body, protected from moisture, is featured with Yorik in Shakespeare’s famous play and scene with Yorik’s skull.

          If first you don’t succeed,..
          try, try again!

          • Bur – Those Tukudika Indians used BRAINS to expertly tan those hides by the rivers and creeks in YNP. And I found out Tuesday night, at a lecture by my friend, Tony, a proud Mohawk, with the name, Two Eagles, that the Tukudika also exprertly made BOWS out of Bighorn Sheep Horns. Wow!

            Tom Crais, the expert local Dermatologist, and a supporter of Tony’s work with many Indian tribes and issues, was gifted with the most beautiful, softest Shoshone-Bannock locally made hide gloves he had ever seen. A true treasure.

          • Lisa, maybe you know.

            I thought Forrest once said something about big horn sheep being in the area of where the chest is, or something like that but I can’t find that statement anywhere. I believe it was before 2015 maybe or a lot earlier. I was wondering if you remember something to that effect. I had told PDenver I would find it because she wanted to know where that was stated but never did I find it. If you remember something could you let me know. I know I’m not crazy and had seen or heard it somewhere, why else would searchers write about them in solves and posts everywhere if it hadn’t been talked about.

            Just curious, if you know. Thanks,

          • Hi Bur;

            Not directly associated with the Chase but – In SB 56 – of March 2014 is the following, relating to Forrest visiting Suzanne Somer’s home:

            “Strangely, there are no roads within 300′ of the house, (all of the building materials were carried up by burros). So the “walkers” put us in a small open-air tram and pushed a button. Two minutes later we were half way up the side of a rocky mountain that’s full of mountain sheep, bob cats and rattle snakes. Suzanne doesn’t like rattlesnakes.”

            This MAY help – or not – JDA

          • Hey JDA,

            No that’s not it. It was something like when he discribed what he would see if standing at the chest.

            Thanks for your reply.


          • Bur – I can’t get there either by clicking the link. Maybe you could email Dal? I think they may have removed the video from Huffington Post. Maybe it is too old? Did a search on their site. No dice.

            Gotta run! Have a nice day!

          • Jake, sorry not the tourism video because it does not mention big horn sheep, right. But thanks anyway. If it’s not in this interview then it might be in one that can’t be accessed anymore because of timespan. I’ve checked most all I could access over months of looking but nothing.

            Thanks again Jake.

          • Bur,

            The at the New Mexico video it shows Big Horn Sheep in the intro and in this video he speaks of animals in what he sees and smell.

            I do remember in the Huffington Post interview and I do not recall ff mentioning Big Horn Sheep, There are others where ff mentions, sheep skin, sheep bones etc. The only references is about mountain sheep.

            Hope this helps.

          • CharlieM thanks. I seen a lot of references to big horn sheep but I have in my notes about Forrest saying they are in the area of the chest but did not write where he said it, and it bothers me.

            There are big horn sheep in my area of searching and I was actually amazed to see they were and thought about his comment. I just would like to provide a source of this. Guess maybe one day it will show it’s face if not then it’s just me saying it.

            Thanks again,

          • Bur – Did I ever tell you about the time in late August one year, when I camped at Campfire Lodge, and drove to dinner at the Grizzly Restaurant in Cameron one evening. I think it was on Forrest’s birthday, because I remember texting him a pic of a fly fisherman near that camp to his email, using the cel signal there.

            Anyway, I had to stop in the middle of the highway, because a herd of at least 30 Bighorn Sheep we’re about to cross, from East to West. I protected them from the cars behind me. And on the way back to camp, the biggest one was in a good sized turnout, so I stopped to take a pic. I think I later emailed that to Forrest also. That phone died, so I no longer have any of those great pics.

            I think that herd of Bighorn Sheep was headed up canyon on Sheep Creek. I invited Diggin Gypsy to go with me on that trail this year. There are no cold creek crossings. I see foot bridges.

            Come on, Diggin Gypsy! Let’s do this! The Bighorn Sheep owe me!

          • Bur – I have read this Gaul darned book as many times as Forrest has! Lots of Bighorn Sheep references:

            Actually, Forrest, that Blackfeet battle you said in “Looking for Lewis & Clark” happened near Hebgen Lake Dam, actually happened 3 miles above where your Mom & Dad lived in an Airstream in that West Fork Campground in Cameron. Where Secret Lake is, also. The “go in peace” part happened on the Upper Madison below Hebgen Lake.
            Because I read Aubrey Haines’s version.

            Actually, Forrest, that Blackfeet battle you said in “Looking for Lewis & Clark” happened near Hebgen Lake, actually happened 3 miles above where your Mom & Dad lived in an Airstream in that West Fork Campground in Cameron. Where Secret Lake is, also. The “go in peace” part happened on the Upper Madison below Hebgen Lake.
            Because I read Aubrey Haines’s version.

          • Bur – Pretty sure I know where they planted the American flag on this ridge. Gonna look there!:

            “We then saddled and packed our remaining animals and started for Mr. Bridger’s camp, which we found on the Madison at the place where we had left it. Our party was now so disabled from the previous desertion of Men and loss of animals that our leader concluded to travel with Mr Bridger until we should arrive at the forks of Snake river where the latter intended to pass the winter. On the 11th Myself with 5 others returned to the battle ground to get some traps which had been set for beaver on the stream above our encampment whilst the main camp was to travel down the river about 5 mls. and stop the remainder of the day to await our return We went for the traps and returned to the camp about [8] olk. P.M. 12th At sunrise an alarm of “Blackfeet!” echoed thro. the Camp. In a moment all were under arms and enquiring “where are they” when `twas replied “On the hills to the West”: I cast a glance along the high range of hills which projected toward the river from the mountain and discovered them standing on a line on a line on a ridge in their center stood a small pole and from it waved an American flag displaying a wish to make peace.”

          • Bur – The American flag has a fifty STAR blaze on “IT”, and I happen to have fifty dollers in my wallet. A Grant. With a big ‘ol STAR next to his face, on the right. The founder of YNP as a National Park. That is one of my solutions for home of Brown. And also where Osborne Russell put in, on my “IT”, to start this section of his journey. The “burnt hole” he traveled through is the valley where Hebgen Lake is now; called that because of a fire years prior.

            I see “IT”! The Madison River and the ridge where the flag was planted, I mean:


            I Hope My Grizz doesn’t find me! He was seen crossing the Madison River at camp, headed toward those Bighorn Sheep, on one of my trips. Maybe even that one in late August.

            At least I will have the fifty dollers in my pocket, right?

          • Bur – Sorry for the double paste in my earlier comment. This is a tiny phone screen.

            And I will keep pasting on “IT” until the Sows come home. I mean, “Cows”, Like Bessie in TTOTC.

            Did you know that QE1’s nickname was Bess? Kneeling down to beat you at Ringer, now, Forrest. As in Rockwell’s “Marble Champion”. Within 200:, at the Double Omega.

          • Bur – Did I write, “Gaul darned”? Oops!:

            Search Results
            Featured snippet from the web
            Who were the gauls in ancient rome?
            noun. an ancient region of W Europe corresponding to N Italy, France, Belgium, part of Germany, and the S Netherlands: divided into Cisalpine Gaul, which became a Roman province before 100 bc, and Transalpine Gaul, which was conquered by Julius Caesar (58–51 bc) Latin name: Gallia. a native of ancient Gaul.

            My ancestor was not crowned King of the World, though. The Senate intervened. But Marc Anthony got them back after the funeral blaze.

          • Lisa,

            Did I ever tell you I had a star blaze in one of my searches. It was on Flagstaff Mountian Boulder CO. It was a search that I drove down from West Yellowstone to for another searcher. I didn’t mind the trip because I have family in Denver.

            Bighorn Sheep- there might be part of one in the wood. Didn’t Forrest get a knife craved from a bighorn sheep. That’s right in “Mummy Joe.”


            Maybe that 5″ knife is to precious to be that extra something “in the wood” of the chest.

            Have a Good Easter Lisa.

          • Bur – Just Wow. I forgot about that knife. Thank you!

            I think you are right about Forrest putting that in the bronze chest. And I got the confirmation I needed for my theory that Forrest lined the hidey hole cache with tanned skins to keep out moisture. From the last paragraph of that Forrest’s Scrapbook:

            “Today my thoughts sometimes harken back to Mummy Joe, who was wrapped in sheepskins s…”

            Wasn’t that layer in which Mummy Joe was found, like 682AD or something???

            Mummy Joe lasted a long time.

            Thank you, Bur! And Happy Easter to you, also!

            Don’t eat too much Easter Lamb!

          • Bur – Just Wow. I forgot about that knife. Thank you!

            I think you are right about Forrest putting that in the bronze chest. And I got the confirmation I needed for my theory that Forrest lined the hidey hole cache with tanned skins to keep out moisture. From the last paragraph of that Forrest’s Scrapbook:

            “Today my thoughts sometimes harken back to Mummy Joe, who was wrapped in sheepskins s…”

            Wasn’t that layer in which Mummy Joe was found, like 682AD or something???

            Mummy Joe lasted a long time.

            All IMO. For my personal solve only.

            Thank you, Bur! And Happy Easter to you, also!

            Don’t eat too much Easter Lamb!

        • Besides which, I put up my animal photos tons of times in Florida, while I still lived there, and a lot of good that did!

          • William,
            Not sure if your comment is for me since I live in Florida? What animal photos? Are they related to the chase? Of big horn sheep?

            Are you the William I met in Clearwater with Stephanie and other Florida searchers way back?


        • Russ,
          Good one. Yep.
          Maybe one day I will get to see this up close and personal.
          Good luck,

  12. One could be considered in the wood once they open the wood lined chest. Only then will you have access and title to the gold inside. It could mean something else entirely or have a dual meaning. Only one way to find out.

  13. “Toys are Forever” to me is a very clear hint of “Brave and in the wood”.
    In one of his interviews he was ask if he would look for the treasure if he hadn’t hid it and his replay was something along the lines “If I were a ten year old boy I would be looking under every bush in America”
    IMO it is hidden under a juniper bush.

    • FYI Todd Lovato interview with FF time 3:35ish. ( one of FF interviews at his house). “..under every bush in North America.”

      • Not Obsessed,

        I would almost agree except that the bush would be sage. I believe you will have a strong odor of sage in the area where the chest is hidden.

        Not to say there might be a couple juniper trees in proximity.

        Good luck,

    • Paul Gates – I will have to check. There might be Nine Rings for the Nine Clues in my target, from the view of a plane or Google Earth, if I draw the Rings. Nine years now, since Forrest hid the bronze chest, possibly. Wow.

      That does work for my Ever leading inward blazes, which end at the Heartwood blaze at the Bullseye. A-Maze-ing! Right, Theseus and Ariadne? What do you think, as you are flying up to that big STAR blaze in the sky, Icarus? How are your wings doing up there? Melding, yet? Does anyone here play Canasta? Carry on!

      • Paul Gates – We’re not in Kansas, anymore, are we, Icarus? Just “Carry On…”:

        “Masquerading as a man with a reason
        My charade is the event of the season
        And if I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don’t know
        On a stormy sea of moving emotion
        Tossed about I’m like a ship on the ocean
        I set a course for winds of fortune, but I hear the voices say
        Carry on my wayward son
        For there’ll be peace when you are done…”

  14. Read 39. In a Wood by Hardy Thomas. 1898. Read it thoroughly!!! Fenn liked Hardy. Or A carved wooden canoe.

  15. from the previous page On 4/17/19 another wise man said, “It is a trail of discovery…not a word game…”

    10-4 Dal, well said, wall to wall and tree top tall.
    Not a word game… in my opinion also, but other’s will differ of course.
    Personally, I just don’t think the redneck in Texas with 12 kids has time
    for word games! By the way, what happened to Leeroy? Did he ever
    get his backhoe? For awhile I thought he was a contender…

    • yes D Crockett….I think Dal summed it up very nicely. Simplification does not equate to endless hours spent gyrating through Wikipedia and other cyber sources. No first clue nailed…no go nowhere.

      • ken – But:

        “No time spent in thought is wasted and nothing is too small
        to know, so one should not let knowing a little bit be a substitute
        for learning more. The aspirations of youth grow weak where they
        languish on the shelves of patience, and some of the things I’ve
        enjoyed the most in my life have come from the smallest voices.
        That a butterfly is really a “flutterby” is one example.”

        How do you like them Apples from Forrest from TTOTC? Play on with WORDS, everyone! The believe they are KEY. IMO.

        But that doesn’t mean I needed word games to solve the Poem. I didn’t. I used the Poem, a good topo map and the stories on Forrest’s blog to find my hidey spot.

        • Lisa C. IMO, the majority of references you impart to us, and that you seem to use in your solve would be considered specialized knowledge. Not things the Average person or redneck with a beat up truck and 12 kids would consider important knowledge to have when it comes to everyday living. Knowledge is good, but don’t let it get the best of one’s common sense. Again imo.

        • Afana – I respect your opinion, but I do not agree with it. And I will not try to convince you otherwise. Because I listen to Einstein the Genius, and I know not to do the same thing, over and over again, expecting a different result.

          But perhaps others will enjoy this discussion about Sir Thomas Browne, over on another thread, and will read the full quote that is excerpted on the cover page of Osborne Russell’s “Journal of a Trapper”. I post my thoughts and research for all the same reasons. Not to convince you or anyone else. Just take IT or leave IT. Doesn’t matter to me.

          Ok, gotta get back to making that Big Ball of String for Theseus, and anyone else who needs IT, Ariadne!

          • Lisa C. while you’re at it, don’t get yourself tied up in a big knot. I’m smiling!

          • Lisa C. IMO, some are aware of your “navigation” skills. And other’s still stay on course. If you only knew what that ball of string means. Now I’m going out to get some fresh air. Carry on, I know you will. I’m still smiling.

          • Lisa C. reply to 4-18-19 @7:pm. Been there already. Imo ‘it’ will not stand the test of time.

          • The chest and the poem are on the same frequency and nobody has been able to reach that frequency yet.

          • Afana – The third line of the Poem is:

            I can keep my secret where,…

            “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

            Because you wrote:

            ‘it’ will not stand the test of time.

            Time is relative. And my “IT” is strewn with Glacial Erratics and begins in a Volcanic Caldera. My “IT” would be an awesome “Survivor” contestant.

            And the ‘relative’ that probably taught Forrest to align with frequency was his older brother, Skippy. When he built that Crystal Radio. Which left Forrest to ‘pine’ away for Fran Warren. Who may just have sung, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, better than that famous Dorothy with the ruby slippers.

            I asked Forrest once if I could borrow that radio, since there is no cel service at my In THERE. Remember how his Beacon didn’t transmit his location to his rescuers? I AM trying to get on the FF frequency:


            And it Hertz me when folks are negative about the frequency of my posts. If I have the time and energy to do this, and the positive vibrations to share, why shouldn’t I? Who knows where “IT” will lead?

            I have wondered if the positive vibes Forrest put out to his rescuers enabled them to zero in on his exact location at exactly the right time. The mind is a powerful neurotransmitter.

          • Lisa, did Forrest ever reply to your request to borrow his crystal radio? Do you think he still has it? A fun anagram for “Crystal Radio” is “Clarity Roads” 🙂 It’s fun to make a play on a word…:) I think that is a play on words not sure ??? I’ll pretend it is!

          • How about this Lisa…
            “A backward bicycle can’t stand alone; if it is two tired.”
            LOL… I think it might be time for me to go to bed 🙂 Thanks for all of your great posts you are really amazing! I still want some of your coffee you are drinking!

          • Spallies – Great one!

            And I wish I could have met with you and Dal in West Yellowstone that one time. But then our sides would have hurt from laughing so much! I bet the three of us could have put our heads together to find Forrest’s treasure that day! Humor allows the subconscious to run free! Ask those guys from Monty Python’s Flying Circus! They’ll tell you!

            Happy Easter from the Killer Rabbit! Run Away!

        • I’m with you Lisa, first off everything Forrest says is caked iwith nuance and nothing he says ever seems to confirm what he’s actually seems to be saying and at the same time doesn’t do anything to rule out the opposite of what he appears saying. It’s a mind-bleep from the word go. But just take this quote for an example.

          Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map

          How is it these things are positive solutions yet won’t assist anyone. If you ask me and granted no one did his very literal sense in the end is the obvious, these different formulae won’t help you at location or in the act of physically getting from the car to that location. But at the same time his statement seems to imply that they are positive solutions to various points or mini games leading up to the location being revealed to you. I mean the whole poem is a riddle, it must assist you on this journey. If magnetic variation doesn’t come into play, then why is one of the significant features in the too far to walk map the lines that distinguish magnetic variation. Obviously drones will help you scout your area as that is essentially what google earth is. So how can this statement have it both ways. If this was as simple and straightforward as many of us would believe, then why all of the trickery and methodical wording? I think the independent solves are probably simple solutions but I think there are many that we need to determine while covering many different angles and those elements alone make them complex. Just my opinion. But it will never cease to blow my mind how searchers continue to take open ended statements from Forrest and argue their meanings to death because the way they choose to see them fits their solve. I think this is the leading reason that we are nine years strong on this thing.

          • Double a – Thank you for taking the time to create such an insightful post!

            Since Seeker isn’t on board this ship at the moment, I will attempt to grab the helm.

            Just do a ‘find in page’ with the words, “disconfirmatory evidence”. And I think Sir Conan Doyle was a Genius, also.


            “IT’S” not like I haven’t posted Ad Infinitum here on Dal’s blog; that every thought and theory in order to VET my solve. And I always address every counterpoint and research additional thoughts and solutions offered by my fellow searchers.

            Dan Brown attended Exeter. I like their round table approach to education and discourse. Neither Forrest nor I were able to attend the college of our choice for financial reasons. But Forrest has clearly shown that higher education is not necessary to become a success. And that no one is too old or too educated already to learn more.

          • *** *** *** ***
            Double a wondered – “How is it these things are positive solutions yet won’t assist anyone.”
            *** *** *** ***

            Simple – ff didn’t say they ARE positive solutions, he said they’d “been offered as” positive solutions.

            What he wrote was

            [those things] “. . . will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things *HAVE BEEN OFFERED AS* positive solutions,” referencing many searchers’ proposed attempts to ‘solve’ the poem.

            So there’s no need to try to make it work both ways.

        • JA, thanks for the attempt but re-quoting the quote used doesn’t change my breakdown of it one tiny iota. He says they’ve been offered as positive solutions. Point blank, really no way to read that any other way.

      • Agreed Ken and Crocket!
        Anyone can copy and paste till the cows come home……..Forrest said get back in the Box and Poem.
        Im headed out to Begin it…..where and enjoying the Woods!

  16. Aaron you are correct with your thinking, so I will expand on it.

    One has to start by thinking “how” logically to write a poem or story!

    Firstly, starting with the introduction( stanza 1), then following on with the body of the story( stanza 2+3+4) and then finishing with the conclusion (stanza 5+6).
    Now, by stanza 5+6, we should have found the chest, which means we have the chest in our hands. This is very important to imagine yourself holding the chest.

    While looking at the picture of the chest from page 126, TTOTC. I will explain what “if you are brave and in the wood ” means.
    Don’t forget, you have to be thinking of this with the thought that you have found the chest and are holding it.
    Your next step would be to open the lid to the chest. what you are doing is “being brave” because you have gone past the “gargoyle” which is the latch to the lid. In the 1150 century gargoyles were used to guard entrances to important buildings, castles(depicted on the surrounds of the chest) etc.
    Now, you are “in the wood” which is inside the chest, lined with wood.
    And it follows that “I give you title to the gold”.
    Hope this helps, IMO.

  17. JDA
    Question What has ears but does not listen.
    Fact Check — Bristlecone Pines do not live 10,000 years.

    • fishbowl – But Whitebark Pines in my neck of the woods hang out for the longest, in an extensive study I found:

      *Whitebark pines at high elevations often attain extreme age. Stands in the Wind River Range, Wyoming, and Jasper National Park, Alberta, have been aged at > 600 and 700 years, respectively [133,194]. The oldest recorded specimen is on the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho, over 1,270 years old [169].”

      It’s probably the positive energy in these parts. Smiling, JDA.

  18. JDA
    BTW After 13 months of letting the waves of knowledge, from this and other blogs, break upon the shore of where warm waters halt and a little imagination. I probably have enough knowledge to have a great vacation and a short hike. IMO LOL

    Good luck on your quest.

    • Thanks Fishbowl – Hope you have fun on your quest (or vacation) as you call it. – JDA

  19. Jeff C,

    You might want to take a better look at the latch on the chest. I believe it is a Ram (like in big horn sheep) not a gargoyle.

    Good luck,

  20. Double a, Fenn said the complex, esoteric permutations had been OFFERED as “positive solutions”. He didn’t say they WERE “positive solutions”.

    • Special ed, if that logic is steadfast and I were to agree and be swayed by what you and JA are saying. Then we should just start with the one thing he claims won’t help you on this journey that we are all using. Riddles, THE POEM IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF RIDDLE, so let’s just throw that overboard too and start skipping around the countryside.

  21. It may be foolish to post this, but In The Wood is a title to a short story set in France by Guy De Maupassant. In the end, the mayor forgave the sinners and smiled at a homely girl.

      • You could very well be right. There’s also a poem of that title by Herbert Edwin Clarke which refers to a long lasting relationship (to the Winter of life). Perhaps “the gold” then is a 50th wedding anniversary. Question is, why would he put the moral of a long lasting relationship in his poem? To say there’s more to life than wealth?

        • Dave B. – Oh! Wow! That “In the Wood” short story ends with:

          “Go in peace, Madame, and sin no more . . . under the trees.”

          She didn’t sound “homely’ to me, though. Just aging a bit and a little plump. But she certainly didn’t think she was still attractive. Then there was that reversion to feeling like a little girl again…

          Ok. For me, this connection will work. Because Forrest was about 55, when Eric Sloane passed away in 1985. And Forrest was happily married to Peggy, while Eric had several wives in his lifetime. Both Forrest and Eric achieved financial success and notoriety.

          Now I will go read that poem called, “In the Wood”. Thank you again, Dave B., for sharing your thoughts and discoveries!

          • Dave B. – One of the last lines was:

            “For that was long ago…”

            Seems like this couple is riding into a reminiscence of their past love and attraction, also.

            Thanks again.

          • I went with homely because she said, “when I looked in the glass, I also understood quite well that I no longer appealed to anyone”. Also, they were brave because after all, they got busted and were brought before the mayor. In short, they were brave and in the wood.

  22. Dave B – Thank you! That fits my solution perfectly! I will go read that story now.

    I needed to tie in Forrest’s stumble over that marker in Vietnam. I believe I may find a similar marker in the center of my Heart-shaped clearing in the trees. I think he put the same engraving on it as the French marker, and he made it of cast bronze. And I see a bronze bell with an inscription, also. And I believe he put those in THERE, alone, many years ago. Maybe even when Eric Sloane passed. I think that is also when Forrest added an E-for-Ever = Everard at the nigh end of my Ridgeline blaze.

    All totally IMO. My imagined ideas.

  23. Bur,

    No Reply Button. Re: Big Horn Sheep:

    Marc Howard describes a place that he searched for the chest: “I’ve sat in a hot spring in the middle of the mountains with a herd of bighorn sheep 150 feet away,” he says. “I’ve seen a bald eagle over my head during the first snowfall. I’ve brought something back from every place I’ve looked.”

    • T. Hunter,

      I like this -” I’ve sat in a hot spring in the middle of the mountains with a herd of bighorn sheep 150 feet away,”. I’m pretty sure the quote I’m looking for relates to where the chest is hidden, but who’s to say this quote isn’t related.

      I’ve read a few articles from True West magazine in relation to Forrest and certain people I have found of interest. I like this magazine.

      As I said maybe one day I will come across that comment I’m looking for, but in my heart I believe Forrest said there would be big horn sheep in the area where he secreted the chest. If anyone wants believe it or not that’s up to them. To me if your solve doesn’t include them then you might be in the wrong area IMO.

      Thanks for your help T. Hunter and good luck.

      • Bur
        I remember an article by Dal about sitting in a hot water “tub” or pool and all these animals around and near…not FF ???

  24. In the wood. and brave . IMO it could be just out searching in the woods. I saw some guy
    implied it was code for searching for Indian artifacts. and they are in museums now anyway.
    Better off now.
    I got one of my thoughts for all. The little girl form India thing. example. say WWWH is
    salt lake city and canyon down is grand canyon. If you say take highway 11 and its 200
    miles south to the grand canyon. But you go not far as the grand canyon is to far to drive.
    And you go 25 miles and turn left. you have WWWH and canyon down right but figured it out and the little girl is at the grand canyon and her solve is over.
    That’s how I see it. Its not that she needs BOTG.
    Now isn’t that confusing. Its a possibility. it fits my general solve anyway.

    • When I hear talk about a graveyard, my ears perk up.

      FF said that a kid really has time to think in a graveyard.
      This may be a small hint. As always, IMO.

    • Hare – Your name anagrams to Hear. And my, what big Ears you have, Tall Andrew! Big enough to hear a whisper on Dal’s blog?

      But make no mistake. I am the Killer Rabbit on this Chase. And I ‘know’ where all the bodies are buried. Soda speak. And that’s not in a Joe Mummy Cave. All IMO.

      Hey, did any of you find the two graves in the Cozy Corners neighborhood out by what used to be Watson’s Creek Ranch? Still haven’t been out there to see them, but I know the minimum altitude for burial and distance from Hebgen Lake. And I know who is buried there.

  25. I’m a newbie, and here is my newbie reasoning and conclusion about “in the wood”.
    Apparently, Forrest originally intended for his bones to rest where he put the treasure. I assume because he’s very intelligent that he picked a location that would be private enough to give his body time to turn to bones. I also assume that his body/the treasure wouldn’t be In a river, stream, creek, pond, etc., because his body & bones would wash away. And yet, the treasure is wet, apparently most of the time. On a different track, his location has the smell of sagebrush, which is semi-arid or arid, and yet the treasure is wet. Finally, I assume that of ALL the places he traveled, the beauty (and peace?) of THIS location really knocked him out. So what’s “in the wood”? I put all of the above together, and I think it’s in a magical hidden glade (open area in trees) with a small waterfall or maybe a small spring. A very remote, picture-perfect, magical glade. Sage doesn’t grow in a forest, so maybe it’s a glade in a stand of trees. Remote – probably off of a closed-in-winter service road. And I also think that when he says he has “gone alone in there”, he’s going into a glade/into this magical place. I just can’t imagine him picking a random beautiful spot in the rockies and thinking, yeah this is good enough. To me, when you’re there, it should feel like you’re in a room with amazing views. The other thing I think is that I’m wrong, and not using my imagination enough to decipher the clues.

    • Lots of common sense TN. Sage may not grow in a forrest, but maybe it resides.

  26. Not really related but Last night I had this quick dream thing. I was in the woods and
    A Large grey wolf walked up to a tree in front of me and reached out his paw and put it on
    the tree held it there and looked at me . then removed it and walked away.
    I guess he said I could leave now.. I will try and take his advise. spend less time thinking
    about the chase. It was just a random tree.
    Good luck searchers..

  27. Call the poem police on me if you wish, but I believe “I give you title” also refers back to “in the wood” as a title. I’m hoping another person will seriously pursue this and come up with a straightforward meaning. Please let me know with a concise response if you do. There’s no reason the poem itself can’t refer to a creative work outside of it though people scoff at the notion.

    All I have so far is; “in the first thicket” from Guy de Maupassant’s “In The Wood”, and “but two miles more” from The Wood by Charlotte Bronte.

  28. “As the woods are the same, the trees standing in their places, the rocks and the earth… they are always different too, as lights and shadows and seasons and moods pass through them.”

    -Emily Carr

  29. Off the cuff; paper is a form of wood.
    Which I am in search of. Of particular interest is a copy of the poem set in a brownish backround
    with what looks like a burnt edge to the right of the poem. Anyone know where I can find this online?

  30. “In the wood” means on target, bulleye, in the game of Darts.
    So, if you are brave and on target I give you…… You know the rest.

  31. Dal – Copying those posts here. We have a good discussion going!

    Lisa Cesari on May 7, 2020 at 7:03 pm said:
    Dal – Watching the 2009 PBS series by Ken Burns, “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea”. Wondering if anyone has explored a petrified forest for the ‘in the wood’ part of the Poem? I think I saw some interesting formations out Specimen Creek in the images I searched.

    John Muir used the word, ‘carboniferous’ and amethyst formations inside the trees were mentioned. Thinking about Forrest finding agate for his marbles. Here is a link I found, where you can read about what Muir saw:

    Lots of beautiful images and scenery and great historic info. in that series. I wonder if it inspired Forrest, back in 2009, to make any final tweaks of the Poem?

    on May 7, 2020 at 7:24 pm said:
    Hi, Lisa – I’ve seen several other searcher mention petrified forests as a possible solution for “in the wood” over the years. The Florissant Fossil Beds National Park is often overlooked, but is just west into the mountains from Colorado Springs and worth a trip. After visiting the Sequoias and Redwoods on the West Coast, it’s wild to see giant stone stumps of the same types of trees thousands of miles to the east in the Rocky Mountains where they’re now long gone.

    I’ve looked at the area to try and work out a solve a while ago, but couldn’t come up with anything I liked.

    Brian u
    on May 7, 2020 at 7:36 pm said:
    I tried a solve near there at eleven mile canyon. Not t.c. but awesome place in general. Colorado springs west is like going from mountains back to prarie and there is a place northwest if fossil beds called the dream stream, for trout.

    Lisa Cesari
    on May 7, 2020 at 8:16 pm said:
    Blex and Brian u – Thanks for your responses! Fossils are mentioned in this great post by Mark in Taos about everything Forrest and logs:

    • Thanks, for the link Lisa. I missed Mark in Taos’ original post, and agree it’s a good one. I never realized that Forrest has talked about turning over a log quite that many times. I’ve turned over my share of rotten logs on BOTG searches already and it looks like I’ll continue to do so if I happen across any!

  32. I had a dream that I was a bookworm, crawling through the chapters of TTOTC. I got to the back and started to eat my way out. Eventually I saw daylight and emerged, but it was the front cover. I had crawled out through the letter O in the word OF. I looked left and saw Forrest, he was the letter f, made from wood. He was looking the other way. I jelly bellied over and climbed up onto his first branch where his droopy head was smiling down at me. We both said at exactlu the same time “I found you”, then we both started giggling. “What took you so long?” he said. I replied, “You gave me the the book upside down and you were a J you joker.” We chatted for a while about me being an idiot and I realised I was the town clown. What a pair I thought.

    Suddenly green spouts started to appear from f’s head. Endless leaves, pines, seeds and a few hairs with drops of dew on them. I turned to my right and there was the real Forrest, sat on the other branch. “You nailed it sun.” he said. His trousers were pulled down slightly. He said, “Sorry, I was just trying to be moon.” We giggled again. Always the joker I thought.

    He became serious and asked me to look around. I could see all my past, people and events, unfolding in front of me. Everything playing itself out at the same time. It was awesome. “You cannot change any of that……but the knowledge gained can change you.” he said. “Imagination got you here, now add that to what you have learned and go make this place a better world”.

    Then, from the trees and hills and streams, emerged all the searches, their families and all the people from f’s past and present. They began mingling and chatting like a big family.

    Then f rose, turned into a bird and flew from the tree. He dropped stars onto the ground and they exploded over everyone making them all start laughing. He disappeared into the heavens and was gone.

    I sat there, all alone.

    Hearing a giggling noise I turned around and there was forrest the eagle. Heading straight for me. The last words I heard was “I eat bugs for breakfast”. I tried to get outa the way but was too late!

      • BigOnus and pdenver – Just Wow!!!

        There were lots of Earthworms in my hidey hole, out Baker’S Hole. I thought, “All I need now is a Folgers Coffee can! My rectangular ‘continue straight’ blaze on the pine tree, about 12 feet away, faces East (where the ‘sun’ rises), not directly toward my hidey hole. Your ‘J’ as upside down ‘f’ made me think of the ‘JJ’ blaze on the Jesse James treasure hunt. That was in stone, I think. And methinks that could have been an Eagle, a la the Prometheus myth, but the fallen pine on my topo map, across the Madison River, marks the end of the Boundary Trail, where it meets my fly fishing trail, which follows the shoreline of my backwardS bike ‘S’-curve…marks the spot where I believe Forrest say under one of his favorite trees, watching an Osprey expertly fish for trout. Gonna check around there for his flies, back cast into the branches, on my next BOTG/BITW trip.

        Your bookworm impersonation was particularly funny. Because I have been just that, ever since I began The Chase in late February of 2013. I am thankful to Forrest to have learned so much! Coming out the front cover reminded me of the T.S. Eliot quote, about knowing the place for the first time, and Forrest throwing “Time” in the ‘circular file’ and ‘talking in circles’, when asked how far he walked ‘a few miles’ to hide the bronze chest. You went in the front cover, and ended up coming out in the same place.

        I have said this is a game of Hide & Seek for me, with Forrest. I have said I will return the bronze chest back to him. I have also said having a Chase Victory Party, with all searchers, new and old, would be a great way to celebrate. Thinking Baker’s Hole Campground might be a great place to do that. I want to see those glittering stars in the night sky, there, again.

        • Correction: sat under one of his favorite trees.

          And, the early bird gets the worm. For breakfast. At Sunrise. Looking East.

          Giggling with you and Forrest!

          Loved your vivid dream!!!

          • BigOnus – And the Flower Supermoon rose about 9:45pm last night, here, in the East, over Dollar Mountain, and I watched it set, over Bald Mountain, in the West, about 6:00am this morning. Won’t be another Supermoon until 2021.


          • BigOnus – Maybe that Eric Sloane painting, of two Indians riding away ‘in the saddle’ (possibly ‘in the wood’) applies here. Eric had “A Reverence for Wood”, and many have suggested the Double Omega symbol in Forrest’s books is a nod to Eric Sloane. I took that part of your dream to refer to the blaSe/blaZe, which in my case, is an ‘S’-curve at Baker’S Hole.

            I think your bookworm coming out the ‘O’ in ‘of’ is a reference to the Forrest Omega of the two.

          • T.S. Eliot has my cogs turning too, Lisa!

            Looking East sounds perfect.

            That S, might just turn into a $ for you, with that kind of thinking.

            Yes, I have crazy dreams, for shore!

    • Great story BigOnus! My imaginagination runs wild in dreams also.

      P.S. Carrots are good for breakfast too.

      • Ponderable: If carrots are so good for vision, why do I see so many dead rabbits in the road?

        • Zap… If one can keep a straight backbone, carrots might help a person’s arrow hit the bullseye. And if you’re a good enough shot, it also might keep those bugs at bay.

        • BigO,

          I’m with ya! Just like in Black Jack, ya gotta double down with 11 and always remember to split those Aces!

          Momma Mia, that’s aspicey meatball…yeah, double good…kinda


    • Good thing a worm isn’t a bug. (A bug is generally defined as an insect.)

      And thanks for the teasing. I heard that hair can be teased. As always, IMO.

  33. bigOnus,
    That was a wonderful write up, some things you just cannot make up, truth is stranger than fiction and I have seen it first hand.
    I had a dream from a long time ago, before I started the chase, I still remember it, I would write about it, but the giant crosshairs at the center of the story would have Dal pulling the trigger on my post. No offense to Dal, we all have our part to play.

  34. As I have gone alone in there and with my treasure bold… in the wood. Maybe a transformative sacred ceremony/ communion of the grand elixir? As a mason one may see such an experience as a true treasure. Symbolically returning a treasure to the wood that provided him the observation of the inner treasure?

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