Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Eighty One

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627 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Eighty One

  1. gent from orient blesses our land with his presence after posting many deep meaningful vids on utoob. He’s much wiser than we. Sees things we cannot.

    has bbq with toby.

    goes home. Without the treasure.


  2. I don’t know how many have saw the AGK video where Cynthia got Fenn to sign, doodle and write stuff in TTOTC book and what struck me was page 99 X’s with the arrow. This illustration or drawing is the only one in the book that was not drawn by Allen Polt as far as I know and now Fenn sign’s it and puts a couple of X’s on the map and yes I think it’s a map.
    strange but i think very interesting.

    • “Read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map. Beyond that I am not compelled to reiterate. Hunt prepared and go safely. Good luck.” f

      Look at page 118, pride of our family, Father on the Banco, is that a hint?


    • Jake, Thank you for real data related to the Chase. I don’t get to all those other sites. What is AGK? Would you please give me the link to it? Thx.

        • who’s “we”, what explosion, and why wait?

          did I miss some coded memo?

          or do you just mean the explosion of spring/summer weather, or of pent up cabin fever anticipation?

          • Yep, thanks Jake – I do remember that exchange now, but more for the odd claims about the Chase’s effect on Nat’l Park visitation.

            (Visitation started to take off in a big way around 1985 and had hit warp speed by 1997, paralleling sales growth of outdoor recreation stuff from REI, North Face, Patagonia, etc.; all these trajectories predated the Chase).

          • I’m not sure what apparel companies have to do with the Chase J A Kraven or Chase’s effect on Nat’l Park visitation.

            Do you see “Patagonia” as a hint or clue in the Chase just because Fenn wanted to stay warm and got the jacket at a good price?

          • Just a sidelong glance back at some statements in that “explosion” thread from last March re outdoor recreation.

            Certified 100% free of any hint or clue suggestions.


        • At first I thought it was nothing because Forrest doesn’t like giving any unfair advantage to anyone. The MK-82s with Snake-eye fins going in for the gun emplacement sort of points to a Vietnam reference but maybe not. Was wondering if anyone has tripped his email alarms and been dangerously close recently and maybe he is giving up something here. He doesn’t respond to most questions along those lines so I’d defer to Dal to ask that one.

        • Jake Faulkner – Is that X on the map Forrest added to page 99 of TTOTC, located on the uppermost shore of a GIANT S CURVE in the river? Like the one at Baker’s Hole? Is that the best place to “put in” with waders or a canoe, Forrest? No Double Omega Island in that pic, though.

          And, what?! Did you write “Rockwell Commander” on that pic of you flying over Taos? We both know who the ‘Rockwell Commander’ is, with the red hair, in Rockwell’s painting, entitled, “Marbles Champion”. And that would metaphorically be me. Soon you’ll be losing all your marbles.

          Love, Elizabeth

          • Jake Faulkner – Not a bad catch, though, wearing that shirt you remember. Were those all Big Brown trout caught on the Madison River in that pic? My fly fishing librarian friend headed there this past weekend again to fish “IT”.

          • OZ10 – Thanks. Was that Rockwell Commander name already printed on that pic? Or, did Forrest add that as a doodle in that special edition of TTOTC?

            And I added an extra S to that “Marble Champion” painting by Rockwell.

            Ok, now I am REALLY going to meSS with your Poem, Forrest. The quotes are off (they kinda look like champion boxing gloves, at the beginning and the end, right?):

            With my treasurES bold…(Eric Sloane?)

            My Secret where…

            Of richES new and old…(Eric Sloane?)

            Where warm waterS halt…(Cold to Swim there, at Baker’s Hole, per Forrest. How Sweet the Sound.)

            It’S no place for the meek…(ask Diggin Gypsy, she’ll tell you! Grizzes everywhere!And the meek inherit Earth, not water)

            If you’ve been wiSe and found the blaze…(yes, Forrest, in a word, right there!)

            Your queSt to ceaSe…(the Holy Grail? Or, ‘que S t-cross’ and maybe, ‘See S E’!)

            But tarry Scant..(S cant or angle?)

            JuSt take the cheSt..(still think that’s a Medieval Justinian reference – followed by the Christian t-cross and ‘go in peace’).

            So why•Y iS “it” that I muSt go…and ‘hide’ my trove for all to Seek?…(Shakespeare tanner waterproof thing in that scene with poor Yorik. And backwards bike for ‘Seek’ is homophonetic for ‘keys’).

            The answerS I already know… I’ve done it ‘tired’ and now I’m weak…(Yes, the ‘answer S’, you already know, Forrest. And do you own a fly fishing float tube? Two trips from your car, maybe?)

            So hear me all and liSten good…(I heard, you, when you wrote ‘ten’ miles was TFTW)

            Big Smiles!

            Love, Poor Yorik aka William SommerS

          • OZ10 – Awaiting the release of my S blaze solution post in response to your comment. The Sheriff will receive a bonus Baker’s Hole video from this past weekend, if he brings the keys.

          • You really have a wild tangent imagination Lisa.
            BTW it’s Faulker…

          • OZ10 – So, while my Baker’S Hole Solve is in lock down, I will JuSt explain one part:

            Your queSt to ceaSe.

            That could be:

            ‘que S t’


            ‘cue S t’

            That small t was the symbol of a river Ford on a map in the movie, “Dragonfly” with Kevin Costner.

            Cross here, maybe? That’s what I thought Forrest’s putting the X cross on the map on that S River on page 99 in TTOTC meant.

            Big ol’ homophone:


          • Thanks for the link I will not use.
            I am not interested in Shakespear, William Faulkner, shadows on books, LOL…

            May be good for you or others here, but I will take a back seat in those areas and sorry I mentioned it and please don’t reference “back seat” as a clue….
            Well, you or others can but I will stay on the sidelines as I have done.

          • Lisa,
            If watching Kevin Costner movies is required to solve the poem, count me out. Maybe if I marinated myself in bourbon I could get through a few, but I’d rather eat Faulker’s hat. I can’t imagine Forrest being so cruel as to require something like that from the searchers. Let’s get back to the poem.

          • JW – The next Season of “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner starts June 19th, I believe. I liked Kevin in “Dances with Wolves”, for which he won an Oscar. I think Forrest knew someone behind the scenes on that one.


            Always on the Poem.

          • JW – The next Season of “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner starts June 19th, I believe. I liked Kevin in “Dances with Wolves”, for which he won an Oscar. I think Forrest knew someone behind the scenes on that one.


            Always on the Poem. Oh, my Baker’s Hole Solve about the Poem is out of lock down. Yay! CaSe in Point.

        • Thanks Jake…. that told me a lot, but I also know that any good tell is going to incorporate a lot of distracting, false, or camouflage tells. My instant reaction to pg 99… was his name was at the bottom, meaning either NM being the bottom of the Rockies, or, bottom like a mental depression, and the arrow moving toward the mountains for comfort & rejuvenation…. He tells us as much in his stories, so no new Chase hint there. I think the significant tell (if there is one) is the picture of him and Donnie from the Stout Hearts chapter with the ‘threshold moment’. I’m probably wrong, but that was my instant reaction. Thanks again.

          • OS2 – I think Forrest’s name being at the bottom of the pic on page 99 refers to his home at the Fennhaven Cabns on Boundary Street. I think that pic is showing my backwards bike S blaze at Baker’S Hole. I found the trail he most likely followed to swim there. Probably also with Donnie Joe.

            All IMO.

          • 10,000 people at least will think that it is pointing to “THEIR” spot – including me – 🙂 JDA

          • Never having been to the area myself, I have a small data base of experience to excite my intuition and spontaneous reactions. So I enjoy your gifts, your…. largeness. Thanks.

          • OS2
            You must like New Mexico for your search area. I’m not sure how anyone could get either of those thoughts just from his signature on that page. I thought he may be signing there because he had drawn that illustration or he’s just messing with us but then again it could be a map or location where the treasure is.

            Do you like New Mexico where the treasure may lie?
            I’m still with Montana…

          • Well Jake, it didn’t seem extraordinary to me that IF the page is a kind of a map of the Chase area, &/or IF it is incorporating some life-path message, and IF he is giving a subtle hint with a sketch (all big What-IFs)… NM would be at the bottom of the page. Yep, its a reach, but I never saw this page (IF JF is FF) as anything more than a dream-memoir of being in VietNam and wishing to be in familiar mountains. To fly away over the familiar patterns of farmers fields to his peaceful place. All very general, nothing specific to the Chase hunt.

          • Ya, I thought that drawing was about Vietnam but after he signed and drew the 2 X’s for all to see, I have changed my mind. I’m convinced there is something significant going on with this.

          • Jake – Look at the two X’s with the arrow Forrest drew on page 99 again. Then look at the S on this topo map with the bold pink line straight forward through the middle:


            Forrest approached from the bottom on a path I found on Satellite view to the bottom of the Stairs blaze, where he placed one of the two X’s. The other was placed at the top, where I can see a shore where one could put in or ‘t-cross’.

            All IMO.

          • Lisa, all creeks, rivers, streams have “S” shapes.
            Some have many.
            You can put in anywhere.
            I don’t think I ever saw flowing water not make an “S” shape even in my shower.

          • Jake – Yeah, but my WWWH at Madison Junction and my Baker’S Hole Solve S blaze are both Special to Forrest. Per the stories in his books.

            Like when he wrote:

            “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe.”

            Doesn’t mean an avid pilot and fly fisherman like Forrest wouldn’t pick a Specialized blaze and hidey spot that looks juSt like the S river pic on page 99 of TTOTC.

            I mean Schwinn. Sorry, Forrest. Keep thinking about J.H. Sharp and that map of where his cabin used to be.

          • Yes, I know Lisa.
            I think you may have mentioned that before many times but I’m not sure cause my memory is not that good anymore.
            You may have to post it again in the next 30 minutes to refresh my memory again again.
            You may have to post it again in the next 30 minutes to refresh my memory again again.
            Have a good night and ah have a good night.

        • Thanks for the post Jake.

          I know you don’t know, and probably only Forrest knows, but I was wondering where “NORTH” is in the illustration. I suspect that the artist is looking to the SOUTH as we look at the PIC – but (of course) that is just a guess. Wish I knew. – JDA

          • I have no idea JDA,
            I don’t see any shadows in the illustration.
            Seems real interesting though he picked this page of a few and put X’s on it. Mind bowling to me! See what you started http://WWW….

          • That is easy. His plane is coming from the west and heading towards the east, so the guns are south and the high mountain in the background is north. That means that the river is flowing in a southwesterly fashion through the valley, and his arrow between the two Xs is pointing somewhat northeast. Like from Santa Fe towards the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, if that was the Rio Grande River.

          • OZ10;

            What tells you that ” His plane is coming from the west and heading towards the east, ?” I believe the plane be coming from the east, and flying west.

            The only shadows I see are in the “Valley” near the point of the arrow that is pointing down. These “hills” have shadows on the left side. If, as you say,. ” His plane is coming from the west and heading towards the east, ” wouldn’t these “hills” be lit with sunshine?

            Look to the left of and directly below the near horizontal gun and you see dark shadows. if the bottom of the PIC is to the south since you say he is flying west to east – The sun would be at the bottom of the illustration and these shadows would not be where they are shown. Only if the sun is to the right of the person who drew the PIC would the shadows fall where they are shown – Don’t you think? I say that the picture was drawn in the afternoon or early evening with the sun about over the tall palm tree – South West. – Just how I see it – JDA

          • Just read his notes on page 89 about going into the sun on his first pass and coming out of the sun right after, etc.. He parachuted into the jungle at 1755 and his plane was shot just minutes before, so there shouldn’t be any confusion that the sun was west at that time of the day.

          • OZ10;

            If the illustration is of his last flight, when he was shot down – Why would Forrest put the illustration 10 pages after the description of the flight? Does not make sense to me. I do not think that the illustration on page 99 is meant to be a depiction of his last flight. I think that its purpose is something different, and that the time of day, and the direction that the illustration depicts is important. I think that this illustration “IS” meant as a “map” of sorts, and it is up to us to figure out which direction the illustration is pointing, and the shadows tell it all.

            Draw a supposed sun on the far right edge of page directly right of the fuel tank on the right wing. ALL of the shadows in the pic then make sense. Placing an imaginary sun at any other location messes up ALL of the shadows.

            With the sun at my supposed spot, the Jet is flying mostly west, and a bit south., JMO

            IF the illustration had been placed on page 89, instead of page 99 MAYBE I would buy into your theory, but the shadows would ALL be wrong. – JDA

          • I was of the thought of 250 degrees kinda SW. Fits my solve very nicely and almost works the shadows.

          • JDA – Here is a ‘good map’, of sorts:


            I think jets take off to the Northeast, and circle left, according to the AirNav site for KWYS. Hey, is that another homophone for ‘kees’ or ‘keys’, backwards bike for “seek” in the Poem?

            That was a nice description Forrest gave on that ‘places to eat and stay’ thread for Baker’S Hole. Pretty sure my S curve fits your pic on page 99, Forrest. Even though you flew a Rockwell Commander or a Piper Malibu vs. an F-100F Supersabre on that KWYS runway.

            Remember: Left is nigh is counter-clockwiSe, Forrest. Kinda like turning back time. To your Summers in West Yellowstone.

            All IMO.

          • OZ10;

            I am going to go back on my statement that the illustration on page 99 probably was not of his last flight. I now think that it was.

            On page 83 Forrest says, “It was 1755 (5:55 PM) when I ejected from my crippled F-100…”

            So, It is a bit before 5:55 in the late afternoon – Sun would be fairly low on the horizon to the west.

            On page 89 he says, “Made first pass 250 degrees into the sun, 200′, 500 knots…”

            So, if you take a map and draw a line on an azimuth of 250 degrees, then lay the illustration on the map and align the missiles and the plane along this 250 degree azimuth line, you will see that the plane is
            flying mostly west, and a bit south. With this alignment, the sun would be above the palm tree just as I had suggested, and all of the shadows fall where I thought that they should.

            Just how I read what is said on page 83 and 89 – JDA

        • Not I.
          There was a rumor way back about JF being Just Forrest but can’t confirm.

          • I think if Forrest had drawn that picture he would have aimed the two .50 calibers pointing in the same direction since he wrote that they were tied together.

          • One cannon is pointed at the jet and the other at the bombs.
            2 X’s
            2 Bombs
            2 Cannons
            2 Arrows

          • JF was a guy who served in Air Force together with FF and later sent him this drawing. FF tried to find JF before he put this drawing into his book, but wasn’t successful! FF also stated that this drawing is not a map…

          • TLo,
            I vaguely remember what you are saying about who drew the illustration but I can’t confirm that without the source of this info.

          • hearsay – take w/ grain of salt, but here it is.

            Mindy in Feb 2018 quoting an e-mail from ff –

            I guess I was thinking about the email he wrote to me and Marti. These specific parts:

            “The drawing on page 99 was made by a war correspondent/combat illustrator whose initials are JF. I was an instructor pilot in Vietnam, which meant it was my job to take non pilots on combat missions so they could see what war is really like, mostly high ranking military officers and war correspondents. I flew with that JF guy in the back seat of my F-100F. I’m sure I knew his name when we flew in 1968, but when I wrote TFTW, forty two, of so years later, his name had escaped me…

            “That drawing is not a map of any kind and I did not draw it…”

            “I spent some time looking for JF because I wanted to send him a copy of my book. I could not find him. I even advertised in the Air Force Times for information about him and came up with zero. I think he was a civilian, but don’t remember. I figured if he ever saw my book he would contact me. If you want to launch a serious search I think he could be located if he is still alive.”


          • The Two Jakes – Thank you! But Forrest still put two Xs on page 99. And now I will hunt down that JF civilian for Forrest.

          • My link was deleted… probably because it linked to CC… or why? I have posted the source of the emails discussed above!

            But what can I say… I love this kind of silent moderation…

          • Thanks JAK3 & TLo,
            If we could only get it from the elephants mouth and not the ants being trampled under foot.
            Maybe 2 grains of salt but it gives me high blood pressure.

          • Also deleted was my link to Cynthia mentioning a very similar hearsay anecdote in June 2016 – it’s here on HoD and is called “Wisconsin Mike’s Survey”.

            What she wrote was –
            ” I’d like to add a tiny survey I took throughout the weekend [Fennboree] with Fenn searchers. I asked several people if they thought the drawing on page 99 of TTOTC was drawn by Forrest, and could indeed be his “treasure map”. Dal replied, “not likely because he doesn’t think ff can draw that well…look at the stick figures on the prize maps .” He also reiterated in his opinion. I asked Amy same question. She replied that she strongly does not believe he drew the picture. Her reason had to do with artsy lingo that I now can’t remember. Hmmm…so I left Fennboree accepting the fact that ff had nothing to do with page 99’s drawing.

            “But wait…yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who actually asked ff about the drawing at Fennboree. My friend said that ff said it was drawn by a Vietnam war correspondent with the initials JF who he has since lost contact with. . . .”
            *** *** *** ***

            Another grain of salt, of course. Don’t know why it’s gone, but won’t add the link this time, I guess


          • OK, I’ll up my bid to 3 grains of salt but no more and the ants that weren’t trampled took them away but the elephant will get them sooner or later looking for more.

    • I have found that one interesting also.
      When my search area is tilted just right in google earth, it looks just like that pic. Mountain to the south and crevice to the north.

    • i see th e initals of JF? and a shovel…? a palm tree.
      by the edge of the water. and the two propellars?
      as an X? which if a map would leave out
      yellowstone….completly…and the plane that got
      him to the spot…hum…not sure maybe is maybe isnt..shovel is odd.

  3. To take, as I, that path that fate decrees,
    To live, to suffer, and die wordlessly.

    Do you not see with your own eyes the chrysalis fact assume by degrees the wings of fiction?

    ”But it is the province of religion, of philosophy, of pure poetry only, to go beyond life, beyond time, into eternity.” Vigny

    See you at:

    Fennboree 20 19


  4. There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

    Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Hugo

    Afterthoughts on “Winter Thoughts”: Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.


  5. OS2 – Thank you for your reply on the previous thread:


    Great video! But now I find myself contemplating my navel. As Leonardo da Vinci clearly did. Ok, back to the Poem, Forrest!

    Or, should we talk about that Golden Record with the Vitruvian Man on it, which was sent out on the Voyager Spacecraft? If found, do you think Aliens would disparage Leonardo and us for contemplating our navels, as representatives of the Human Race?

      • joe – Just waiting for someone to argue the point about the Vitruvian Man image being on the Golden Record on the Voyager Spacecraft. It wasn’t.

        But what I really wanted to talk about was the Golden Ratio.

        And how Forrest drew an arrow from one X to another X, top to bottom, across the S river pic on page 99 in TTOTC. Was that, like, a reference to MONEY, Forrest? Like dollerS, maybe?



        And Apples are NOT Oranges.

        Ring the bell loudly.

  6. I was watching the weather this morning. Looks like there’s a big storm front rolling through the Rocky’s this week. If anyone plans on searching this week, please be safe!


  7. IMO only.. I have been thinking about the start of the chase and ABC News.
    The TTOTC was set with poem. I think his idea was all the way to Canada.
    Then Matt Lauer’s torpedo. in New Mexico. then like 2 months later in the
    mountains north of Santa Fe. I think the problem may have been the chest was not
    in New Mexico and it could not be written out but what to do now.
    IMO the big mistake in TFTW isn’t the map stopped at Canada but that New Mexico
    was still on the map. cut 2 states but not New Mexico because well you know why.
    I wondered if the new map was a recovery from a bad start.
    Its just a wild guess. I know I should have my mind checked putting that on the blog.
    If it was in New Mexico you think it would have stayed that way. In the mountains
    North of Santa Fe. But we get to Canada. Which I wondered if that was his TTOTC
    and it got confused in the start. Which rules out New Mexico if you see what I am
    trying to figure out..
    I got to give it a rest for a few days..
    Stay Safe . Just throwing ideas at this summers BOTG searchers.

  8. Be smart, be safe. Enjoy your surroundings, And seek with a child,s eye.

  9. Lisa, (up-thread) … Funny you mention Faulkner ….. When i first read about FF throwing his watch away in a cotton field… I recalled a Faulkner story, which FF may have read too. The short story is within a Faulkner novel, but I don’t remember which novel. I don’t think any of them have anything to do with the Chase though…. except for the incident of FF throwing his watch away.

    As i can recall… A young boy was recently gifted his first rifle, and allowed to go to a hunting camp with the men. When the men left the camp to hunt an elusive Old Great Bear, the boy was left at camp with the Indian cook. He decided to hunt the bear on his own. Alone, he entered a glade in the forest and found the bear’s massive paw print in the mud as water seeped into the impression. He waited, and waited but the Great Bear did not return. He tried for several days, but no bear. On his last day, he went again, and put his gun, his watch & compass on a stump and went to the edge of the glade to wait and watch. (symbolically divorced from time & space & death) …. the bear appeared. Eyes met… read the story,
    it will rip your soul like a silent cotton field after an ugly war.

    • OS2 – Forrest has over 3,000 books in his personal library. Betcha he is familiar with William Faulkner. I will Google to find that story. Thank you.

      There were some good time quotes in that “Sound and the Fury” list I provided. Forrest threw Time in the circular file. Sagan had lots of good theories about time and space, also.

      I almost wrote Sound and the Furry (Giggles):

      Where did you catch the Fish that you still have a memory.

      In Alaska.f

      If so, why do you remember that memory?

      Because a 900 pound bear also wanted it. Guess who won?f

      • OS2 – A good one, if Forrest chose his final resting place to be on my Double Omega Island at Baker’S Hole:

        “And I will look down and see my murmuring bones and the deep water like wind, like a roof of wind, and after a long time they cannot distinguish even bones upon the lonely and inviolate sand.”

        – William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury

        • Lisa… I think you might be close on this one… but I have always been troubled by the little girl who’s face was hidden by a cup, She gave FF a nice smile & asked him to please follow her. A cup is a name for a little hill.

          • OS2 – do you have thoughts on her braids? Perhaps up the hill from a braided stream or river??

          • OS2 and Sandy – I emailed the video to Dal that my fly fishing librarian made from her “marvel gaze” hillside, overlooking the S Curve blaze at Baker’S Hole. There was a single track path and a road in it, both leading down to the Madison River. Which I know from my topo map has a network of braided creeks and streams.

            I don’t know if Dal can post the video, because it is 2.6 MB in size. But it was a very, very beautiful overlook.

          • OS2 and Sandy – Follow her Smile? Or, S mile? It looked to be about a mile to get down to the S curve in the river from where she was standing.

          • Sandy… Braided streams? …. but because of her strut and good school, it might be braided boardwalks. From day one with TTOTC, Norris was store #1 for me… the porcelain plain and coffee cup always paired up, but because I was a hobby potter, that was probably confirmation bias. A roaring checkout guy near by.? lots of other stuff… Literature is important…. but like G.Burns, my age is killing me , I forget where I’ve been.

          • Hello OS2. The face and cup puzzled me in the story. I’ve wondered if it’s the face that should be paid attention to. A cup to cover her face? Is it a “cup” or could it be a “bowl/basin”? Maybe it might suggest her vision/eyes are impaired/blind. The book mentions face and eyes throughout the book.

          • pdenver -.Great assessment! In my solve, that would be a hillside face (friend in that May 5th video used the word, “embankment”) that needs to be taken down to follow the girl with the braids. That S mile is the distance. The braided creeks and streams surround the chest. As the braids Cascade down the chest of the smiling girl.

            My interpretation.

        • Lisa – last year, Forrest suggested that people planning to attend Function at the Junction camp at Baker’s Hole. Convenient to town and the Boundary Trail? I think it is called connects WY to the CG.

          OS2 – exactly. Funny – the western Norris basin / Tantalus Creek area is extremely and intricately braided as it slopes toward the Gibbon. And I like your “Boardwalk” idea. Great “Monopoly” reference; in the greater YNP “Park Place”. HA!

          • Sandy – I know E.C. Waters will appreciate the notable presence of Geese in this pic, located around the bend from my Double Omega Island. My library friend made it, while fly fishing there on Sunday.


            The ‘anser S’ I already know???

            Upon returning to see my online topo map, she realized that wasn’t the right island she waded out to. Guess we are going to have to go back!

            And she very much enjoyed her campsite at Baker’S Hole on the river. A guy next to her with a big hound dog probably helped to keep the Grizzes away.

            Thanks for the recommendation, Forrest!

  10. wwwamericana- no way should you stay! Get out there and get your boots muddy. Take the trip. Gotta look at it like this:
    We ALL think we will be “the one”.
    I’m not giving up until the fat lady sings. It’s better to have done it and gave it your best than not at all and be sorry . Keep on searching and good luck to all!

    • When I think of Veronica, I think of Archie; that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it
      (there’s a small hint/tease in there. Jughead isn’t necessarily part of it; neither is Moose).

      • Tall Andrew – When I think of Victoria, I think of Prince Albert in a Cairn (‘can’ or ‘kin’ in the Poem?):


        Big Hint to my original hidey spot out Cabin Creek. Much less snow In THERE, apparently. Good to have a fly fishing minion, who is also a librarian. With bear spray.

        Note: how the Scottish photographer spelled “Forrest” in the text. Is Forrest a Scot?

        • Ken (in Texas) – For you:

          “I can keep my secret where,
          And hint of riches new and old.”

          Is it ‘can’ or ‘ken’, maybe?

          can verb (1)
          \ kən, ˈkan also ˈken; dialectal ˈkin\
          past could\ kəd , ˈku̇d \; present singular & plural can
          Definition of can (Entry 1 of 5)
          transitive verb

          1 obsolete : KNOW, UNDERSTAND

          And, again, is that homophonetic ‘word that is key’ equivalent to “keep” in that first stanza of the Poem?

        • Ken (in Texas) – Why I thought Forrest carried a ‘tarry scant’ up the Cabin Creek Trail from his San Lazaro Pueblo to cover a tanned ‘hide’-lined cache at my hidey spot:

          “In Scotland, it is traditional to carry a stone up from the bottom of a hill to place on a cairn at its top. In such a fashion, cairns would grow ever larger. An old Scottish Gaelic blessing is Cuiridh mi clach air do chàrn, “I’ll put a stone on your stone”. In Highland folklore it is recounted that before Highland clans fought in a battle, each man would place a stone in a pile. Those who survived the battle returned and removed a stone from the pile. The stones that remained were built into a cairn to honour the dead.”

          But I also see a spot ‘dead center’ on my Double Omega Island that could be a cairn. I don’t think anyone swimming out there, or wading out to fly fish there, would disturb it. Especially if it has a marker like the one Forrest stumbled over in Vietnam. Or, maybe a stone engraved with Forrest’s Rainbow-shaped epitaph from the Epilogue page of TTOTC?

          All IMO.

  11. Relax wwwamericana, Dotson doesn’t have a clue. The search area is not a quarter mile, it’s 10″ x 10″. 🙂


    • Dotson has quite a bit ground to cover searching, one square mile down to a quarter square mile? Hummm….something is missing.

  12. Thank you all for your supportive comments. I guess as they say – I’m cleared for take off.
    You know what’s funny? I’m searching My Special area – which most likely could never be Mr. Fenn’s Special Place. Unless of course somewhere out there, we connected.

  13. The poem, if solved completely and correctly, narrows the search area to about 30 feet by
    20 feet (not strictly a rectangular area). Please be thorough when you get to the search
    location, as the hike is rather challenging and not extremely short. All IMO.

    • Tall Andrew..
      “”hike is rather challenging”??
      What part of
      “don’t go where an 80 yr.
      old man……” is it that
      I don’t seem to understand?

    • You say 30 feet by 20 feet matter-of-factly, what makes you so sure? Have you been there or are you usi,g a Google Earth measuring tool?

  14. If I were a “Betting Man”, reminds me of the new Jeopardy Champ, Jim https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/5/4/18529311/jeopardy-holzhauer-ken-jennings

    I will step out on the Plank, I mean the Limb and predict that this year, 2019 the TC will be retrieved, in fact, I think since Colorado is the least searched state of the 4, it will be necessary to travel to Colorado to get Indulgence, The key was in “For Whom the Bell Tolls” In that combination of thoughts of “JFK” and other men, some from Philadelphia, some in Granite: Ask not “For whom the Bell Tolls”, for, it tolls for thee.

    See you at Fennboree!


    • I agree TT – It will be found and retrieved this search season, but sorry – It will be found in Wyoming, not Colorado – But then again, I am prejudiced – JDA

      • JDA,

        don’t forget that Montana has a nickname “The Treasure State”. Forrest family had a cabin in West Yellowstone that is in Montana. I also not exclude Wyoming but Colorado is definitely my coldest search area.

      • How can you believe thats where it will be found?
        You may visit
        On the road with charlie part 1, 5/8/17
        The part where forrest says he hasnt been to yellowstone since 1950.

        Wait youre searching NEAR yellowstone.

        • I thought Forrest said he took his grandkids to his special swimming spot in Yellowstone, and they were not interested, and he was disappointed? I will have to find the details on that 🙂

        • 1950 might have been his last complete summer in YS, but he’s been there quite often afterwards! In his books are several pics of him being in YS later…

  15. HELP!

    Someone recently posted something about Forrest signing some book pages and drawing doodles. One signature was on page 99 of TTOTC and Forrest drew an “X” – Can anyone give me the link to where there is a picture of this – Thanks – JDA

    • It is interesting……but forrest is a prankster! What I dont understand is why would forrest hide a map in a picture of a tropic jungle being blown apart by bombs.
      So far from the peaceful place he wants to rest in Peace? Does not make sense.
      Is he just playing with her book?
      Or her?
      I do believe forrest could of used “a war for me” to hide a clue…..but why?

      • Maybe his words in tell us why –

        In “My War for Me” Forrest talks about a French Soldier’s Grave Marker. Here is a quote from that chapter:

        “If you should ever think of me when I have passed this vale, and wish to please my ghost, forgive a sinner and smile at a homely girl.”

        Those words burned in my brain and I can see them just as clearly now as I did then, when I was so rushed. I took care to replace the stone marker as it had fallen, and smooth the grass to hide it over. The promise that place had made to me had been kept, and mine to it as well.

        How innocent and foolish all of that seemed at the time, and even more so, that a strangely insidious something began to gnaw on me. This could not be the end of it. There was no feeling of closure at all, no sense of completeness. It was disappointing.

        Is it fair that no one recalls where those BRAVE French soldiers fell and are now interred in that remote jungle clearing, hidden from life for a million sunsets? After a violent ending, they have been swallowed up in a serenely beautiful place, and at the same time, hidden by ravages of time and nature. Those who fell there, in that hateful, wasteful, losing war (like the one in which I was involved) are forever forgotten, save by me. It has been fifty-six years since that war, and no one cries anymore. That thought is deeply personal and indelible in me now, forty-two years after I was there.

        My experience beside the waterfall was on December 22,1968.

        The BRAVE French soldiers HOME is now beside that waterfall in Viet Nam – remembered by only Forrest.”

        Maybe in some way Forrest’s Special Place is a memorial to: “Those who fell there, in that hateful, wasteful, losing war (like the one in which I was involved) are forever forgotten, save by me.”

        Just a thought – JDA

        • Hi JDA… your selection affirms for me FF’s deep romantic streak …. I imagine that when he reviewed his flight log & the Philly event, he recalled ‘paying his debt’ at the waterfall in Nam, and then remembered finding special grave in the Rocky Mts. when he was a young man. A grave perhaps of a French trapper or warrior who died in a local skirmish. Being a romantic, he was moved to pay a debt of recognition to that unknown trapper/warrior. Later, he, would memorialize him with the TC Chase, & keep company with him when his own time came. ……… I imagine.

          • OS2;

            You may be right, but I think that it has more to do with
            ““Those who fell there, in that hateful, wasteful, losing war (like the one in which I was involved) are forever forgotten, save by me.” – But that is just my opinion – JDA

          • Hey again OS2 – remember in TFTW Forrest and a friend found an old fallen-over gravestone of a woman named “Mary” in a very remote area of Wyoming? Forrest righted the gravestone, naturally – as is his custom. Is this a hint to “marry”-“Mary” the clues not only to a place on a map but to a gravestone? Or cemetery? The Blaze, perhaps?

      • Trust your instinct, Lou Lee – he probably wouldn’t and probably didn’t.

        The only downside to “he didn’t” is that there’s one less thing to wonder out loud about.


      • Hi Lou Lee
        Forrest said he was going to make it work know matter
        what. The HINTS that is.keep it simple

    • I think it was that “other dimension” FF talks about… the personal psychic link to the universals of pain, death, & the stupidity of war. But thats just me. Thanks back-atcha. OS2

  16. JDA, read the statement very closely, I did not say, it was in Colorado (could be WY), what I said was, IT is necessary to travel to Colorado.

    9 Clues, 9 Years of searching, what took me s000000000 long. HOB is in Colorado, take it to Fennboree, 9 years later..perhaps me, perhaps THEE> John Donne is the key.

    TT Now throw away your watch. Easy Ride…for me.

  17. Hi Pdenver, Re: her face & the cup ….. This is gonna be hard to explain… when I first got my TTOTC book, I was casually googling stuff on Yellowstone & I came across an old book… it was fully accessable, I could turn it page by page. I didn’t get the name of the book, and I don’t remember if it was about great parks in the USA or just about Yellowstone. I have never been able to find the book again. The pages had wide margins between the open edge and the text. In those margins were occasional notes about the adjacent paragraph ( I dont think traditional ‘footnotes’ were used) and occasionally there was a small photo in the margin along side the text. …. now, to the point…. the photo….
    The text was about the parkature at Norris, the photo was of that building with the big open breezeway entrance to the geyser area. I think the building was called ‘the bookstore’ at the time. The shot was taken from the walkway towards the breezeway framing the porcelain plain. It photo must have been taken at high noon because the glare off the plain obscured the whole square breezeway opening…. it was just a big smear circle of blinding whiteness. Anyone would have discarded that photo today because it didn’t illustrate what the text was about, but in those days, photos were rare. The circle of white covered the face the big square doorway. It was a circle on a square. I wish I could find that book again.

    • it was like a porcelain cup bottom obscuring the face of the building/entry/approach.

    • OS2 – Circle on a square, back to Vitruvian Man. There is SO much at Norris. Since I was a little kid it was always my favorite spot in the Park. The thermal features and basin are continually changing, but the building you are talking about is still there; the breezeway frames the Porcelain Plain. I understand your reference and it is a good one. Thanks also for your earlier comment re: the underlying theme of “another dimension”.

      Have you ever read “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien? I think of Forrest when I think of that book. It has haunted me since the first time I read it. The book isn’t quite a memoir but is written like one in a sense. And speaking of old books; I recently acquired a 40 year old 2 volume book series at our local used book store about the history of Yellowstone. I just noticed this morning that the cover of the 2nd book features an old photograph of a rainbow connecting two prominent spots of a very intriguing YNP landmark.

      • Sandy, the circle/square of that old photo was striking enough for me to remember it all these years… I never linked it to the Vintruvian Man doodle in da Vinci’s sketch book. But it is a curious link now. I guess it haunts me like your book haunts you. Funny how our deep psyche files things away and recalls them … like taking Time out of the trash. That Imp Lit chapter is like lighting a match in a dark room in a strange museum. Good luck. My old oven stopped working and Ive got to figure out why and find discontinued parts. Its a lot like the Chase.

        • Thanks for those links pdenver… beautiful, scary. not brown scalding gravy pots. I sure wish I could observe for myself all the things I think are hinted at.

          • Hello OS2. It’s hard to say what type of kettle the gravy was made in. The smell may suggest the gravy was burnt, or his nose was sensitive to the smell of gravy. He washed the kettles in scalding water (temp. just before boiling point), which made his hands turn white and have deep canyons. I don’t know if the hands would do so, but certainly the fingers. This is where I’ll stop and think about what was typed.

          • To think in degrees: kettle-cauldron-stream locomotive. His stories includes at least two of these.

  18. Tall Andrew,

    …. So I decided to fill a treasure chest with gold and jewels, then secret it – leaving clues on how to maybe find it for any searcher willing to try. It was almost a perfect match of mind and moment…

    … I was delighted. It was almost the perfect treasure chest…

    … I kind of knew exactly where to hide the chest so it would be difficult to find but not impossible…

    … So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed some what precisely, will almost lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:…

    There, I fixed f statements above for you to allow your 20′ x 30′ search area to be good enough.

    Good Luck

    • The first quote has always bugged me.
      Why did Forrest say “secret” instead of hide?
      Why did he say “almost” with regard to it being a perfect match?

      • wwwamericana;

        Please read dejoka’s posts carefully. He has added words like “maybe” etc. These are NOT Forrest’s actual quotes. You note that there are no Quotation marks nor Forrest’s “f” denoting that they are quotes. Dejoka is just having fun.

        Why “secret” instead of “hide”? Don’t they mean the same? If you look up secret – one definition is “Hidden”

        Question #3 – He DIDN’T say “almost” That is Dejoka having fun –
        The actual quote is: “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” f

        Ya’ gotta read what is posted, and Ya’ gotta KNOW what Forrest said – Just sayin’ JDA

        • You are absolutely correct, JDA. I’m constantly amazed by people who claim to know so much about the treasure hunt, yet get basic facts flat wrong.

          Ken (in Texas)

      • Y’re right guys – he did NOT use the word “almost” in that sentence. But point is, it still made me wonder. And secret does mean hide – just thot it was a strange pick of a word to use.

        • wwwamericana;

          Back to the “secret vs hide” topic. For me there is a small difference. Let’s say that I have a love letter from my high school sweetheart. Even though I have been married 40 years, I do not want my wife to find this love letter – So, I decide to keep it from her.

          Should I “Secret” it or “Hide” it?

          If I “Secret” it, I may put it in an envelope then put the envelope in a file folder and put the file folder in a drawer in my desk – Job done, I have “Secreted” it.

          Now if I “Hide” it, It will take a bit more effort. First I climb up a tall ladder and take down a book that is on the top shelf of my 1,000 book library. I then tape the letter that is in a sealed envelope to the inside of the dust cover of my book. I climb back up the tall ladder and replace the book. I have “Hidden” the letter.

          If my wife wants to find it, she will have to search all 1,000 books. Even if she finds the right book, she probably will not notice the letter that is taped to the inside of the dust cover.

          To me that is the difference. Maybe Forrest is saying that IF you know where to look, finding it will not be that difficult, because it is “Secreted” – not “Hidden” Just an Idea – JDA

          • JDA – IMO. The operative ‘word that is key’ is “keep” in the first stanza, where neither ‘hide’ nor ‘secret’ are used as a verb:

            “I can keep my secret where,”

          • JDA – And I think Forrest’s use of “keep” is another at least double entendre. And a homophone. And a metaphor for the Medieval siege scene on the bronze chest. And a poetic metaphor. And a physical metaphor.

            Ok, Lisa, ‘Just’ take the chest and go in PEACE, alright?

            No, Forrest. I will continue to batter your proverbial castle gate, like a Ram, with comments here at Dal’s, until you wave the white flag of surrender. From your lofty keep. To join me on The Chase in West Yellowstone. With Shiloh.


  19. Does anyone know where the treasure is?
    …….and if so, can you tell me please?

    Thank you.

    (this is my new strategy) 🙂

    • ha ha, Pauley T. Just ask any of the billions of searchers that claim to “know” where the treasure is.

      Elsewhere on the net, one blogger is making a list of searchers who “say” they will definitely find the chest this summer.

      Of course, these know-it-all searchers have differing locations. So it will be amusing to me to find out the results of their arrogant pronouncements.

      I don’t think anyone “knows” where the chest is. And I predict that 2019 will end exactly as 2018 ended, with the chest still hidden.

      Ken (in Texas) 🙂

    • LOL Pauley T – though it hurts to laugh right now.
      I know where it is. It is in the Rocky Mountains.
      Glad to be of help…….

    • Good strategy, Pauley!
      I’m sure that all searchers know where the TC before actual BOTG but after the trip to Rockies they know that they were wrong. The answer to your question (where the treasure is) is very simple – memories of visiting of new places in Rockies. Each visit you get some treasure.
      About 2019 chase results prediction: I think that circles around TC are narrowing each year and it will be discovered before 2020 i.e. in less than 10 years after Forrest secreted it. Forrest already gave us so many clues and hints that you just need to use Multiple factor analysis (MFA) method and the treasure will be yours. As many of us I have calculated one location and will check it this summer. If it’s wrong I’ll repeat the calculation with more iterations. Good exercise for brain 🙂

  20. At this point in time, I don’t think Forrest would waste an opportunity to include a little excitement in the rush to get out there. The sun is on its way and searchers are waiting in the shadows, drawn out like moths to a flame.

    The Xs included in cynthia’s book have re-lit a fire here – I think they are there to be decoded if you know where to look.

    I would love to join you all in this great game and bring my son along for the ride; no staying home and playing Blackjack ( I can’t play canasta).

    Rambling over.

    • Funny you should mention The Son along for the ride.
      FF signed page 99 with a ” dot in a circle ” in his signature.

      A circle with a Dot in the Middle represents The Sun, don`t look UP at it , it will blind you.

      • Well spotted karhaular. Well ‘spotted’ Forrest. Has he ever done that before? I’ve also thought of that symbol as being Egyptian, I think it means ‘origin’ as well, so the sun is the origin.
        I’ll go and have a good look…

      • Hello karhaular. Is the dot present in his signature? I tried looking at his signature yesterday and I don’t recall seeing it, which I thought was odd. It’s possible it’s there and I simply “overlooked” it.

          • Thank you for your response, JDA. I’m happy to know I’m not seeing things. Well, I guess I really didn’t. 🙂

  21. Hi All

    Been debating if I was going to disclose my solve.
    Had to ask myself if I could live “in peace”?. What if my solve was correct?, what if I walked right passed the chest?
    Had to come and realize that this area is a high risk place for the landsscape to change course and therefore the chest would be lost 10,000 years or longer.
    FF seems to be stand up professional and full of humility that is passionate about life , history and the natures we been given to enjoy here on earth. Therefore my conclussion is that he has done his homework on the placement of the indulgence with great consideration in all aspects of possibilities of success for as long as 10,0000 years.

    I came to realize my place doesnt hold up to this criteria even tho IMO , all clues line up.
    Here is my breakdown. IMO
    Warm metaphore for sunshine , the name of waters halt
    Waters plural more then one , there is upper and lower sunshine.
    Halt reservoir , a key note dam and reservoir are two different things , dam is the actual structure that keeps water back , the water that builds up behind is the reservoir , look up definition of dam and reservoir.

    Where is a word he used for general locations to look for canyon down , did not use the word begin it “at” wwh.

    Wood river road imo is canyon down
    Not far but to far to walk brings you to home of Brown which is Brown mountain campground , a campground is referred to as a basecamp or home base when camping.
    Put in below , two different areas for a put in.

    Going to end my solution here , I do have an understanding of no place for the meek ,
    No paddle up your creek , etcetera.
    I have been all over this area and failed to find the blaze
    This location to find the blaze is a monumental task and ff said the clues will take you to it. Just dont see how one can find the blaze in this setting.

    • Thanks for sharing your partial solve MWG. A lot of people have been drawn to the Brown Mountain area – Who knows? It might be there somewhere – You may be wise to give up on that area though, as you explain that it is a difficult area – JDA

      • JDA
        your welcome!.
        I realize searchers been down this path , but have they been down this path with or without the understanding of wwwh?.
        The sunshine reservoirs , canyon down and HOB.gives that area a legit place for BOTG. IMO
        The potential causality of the climate imo disqualifies it.
        Then again it is MO..

        • That could work as long as you are satisfied that “canyon down” is upstream on the Wood River.

          • MeBIGGUY
            You have to take the canyon down to home of Brown first. my original thinking was from BMC the put in below HOB would bring you back down steam to wood river campground put in.. there you would have your pit in below HOB..was thinking this way for the line in the poem where it says if your brave and in the wood or does wood mean wood river?. But to realize this is wrong is to read the next lines in the poem from there it’s no place for the meek. This line is directional , I wont elaborate. The next line says mo paddle up your creek , this telling me your not going up the creek or down the creek cause there is no paddle , but forest uses the word your creek , the word your is giving the searcher possession of the creek so IMO have to do something with the creek only thing left to do is cross over the creek.. I gave way more then I wanted , but I have left this area and hot on the trail in a different location.


  22. I see all these comments with interesting info on Machiavelli and da Vinci and Shakespeare and Faulkner and shadows and other deep thoughts and info that might or might not be connected to the Chase. But what really surprises me is I don’t think anybody has made the more obvious connection the Chase has to Ren and Stimpy and their Log commercial lol. Forrest has said a kid might have a better chance of finding it than us grown ups, or something to that effect. Look below at all the references to Logs and kids Forrest has made. And a few other things, gold spelled backwards is D LOG, if you take away the “D” like Forrest did with knowlege it is just LOG, Olga anagrams to A LOG, coincidence? I don’t think so. So don’t forget to look under those Logs when you are out searching this summer. And definitely watch the short video at the end of this, I am sure it was some of the inspiration Forrest had to get kids off the video games and get them outside playing with Log. Of course I am just being funny but he does talk about looking under Logs quite a bit:

    “Find an old rotten log. Turn it over and see what’s under it, I mean, you’re gonna find grubs, you’re gonna find ants, you’re gonna find all kinds of – write me a letter and tell me what you found and I got a three page letter from that kid. He went on and on. I saw their experiences and energies and education under every log and every mountain.”

    “I wish more fathers would take their sons and daughters out into the countryside. Not necessarily looking for arrowheads, but looking for – I mean, roll a log over and see what’s under it. You’re gonna find ants and worms and grubs and beetles and make notes.”

    “The mountains are full of activity that fills me with wonder. One of my earliest recollections as a boy was to turn over a rotting log in the forest and watch as a hundred little critters scurried around trying to decide what to do. It’s nature in its rawest moment. I find solace in the solitude of the trees.”

    “Get out in the mountains and turn a log over to see what’s there.”

    “I hope parents will take their children camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I hope they will fish, look for fossils, turn rotten logs over to see what’s under them, and look for my treasure.”

    “Our kids need to see a skunk or a porcupine in the wild. They need to turn over a rotten log and see what’s under it.”

    “And, under every log in the jungle is nourishing food if you’re willing to eat it – and I was.”

    “Could a 79 year old man move those logs to put a heavy bronze box under them? No one ever called me Clark Kent to my face but some people think I’m from another planet.”


    It’s log, log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood,
    It’s log, log, it’s better than bad it’s good…

    • Hello Mark. I enjoyed reading the references to logs. I admit I missed the last one about Clark Kent. I’ll have to go back and see if I can find it. The video is cute. Working backwards a little, I’m reminded about “Frosty.” The Christmas character wore a top hat. While thinking of the top hat, it reminds me of Abe Lincoln, which reminds me of a log cabin. Lisa’s comments about Cabin Creek also comes to mind.

        • Hello Mark. Thank you so much for the link. It helped tremendously. I would agree those particular logs shown could have been moved by the gentleman.

        • Mark in Taos and pdenver – Confirming my theory that my Superman S blaze in my Baker’S Hole Solve is legit:

          “Could a 79 year old man move those logs to put a heavy bronze box under them? No one ever called me Clark Kent to my face but some people think I’m from another planet.”f

          Thank you both. Big Smile!!!

    • Mark – awesome connections and thanks for sharing! Now, how do we tie “umbilcial” (Vitruvius Man/Da Vinci connect) into all of this…I guess we might find a “knot” in a log, or a bullseye. Last log I turned over I found a scorpion; camping in the desert ya gotta be careful.

          • You’re a sweetheart, Sandy. I think you and others have been posting great thoughts to consider.

          • Hello Sandy. I woke this morning thinking about yesterday’s conversation about umbilical and the mentioning of channel/canal. There’s a scrapbook about Mr. Fenn’s bathroom with the mirrors, and there’s two photos with the T.V., one being off and one turned on. The conversations of searches pointed out they thought it was Judge Judy. This morning I was thinking of “channel” in regards to the scrapbook and yesterday’s conversation. Also, if it was Judge Judy, I could see other conversations/posts in regards to benches/pews (Compensation for being quiet scrapbook), court/courting, justice/judging (story about the injured artist), and other things I considered, but have slipped my mind. In regards to Da Vinci, he also did the painting of The Last Supper, which reminds me of Mr. Fenn’s story for which he spoke of the banquet table. Lord (the mentioning of fords/cross?), twelve Disciples, twelve, dozen, which makes me think of bakery/bakers (including the stories of pies), might suggest Baker’s Hole, but I haven’t been convinced just yet. I think I can understand the importance of Mr. Fenn’s routine of lying in bed for an hour just to think about different things; it’s quiet and the mind is open to possibilities.

          • PDenver…wow those are some intriguing thoughts. The pies/baker/Baker’s Hole is spot on. Love that. So much you have given me to think about. Thank you!!

          • And, PDenver…one of the definitions of “chase ” is “channel”. Weird.

          • Hello Sandy. That’s interesting. While looking up the different meanings for chase, I noticed it mentioned engraving, which reminds me of the scrapbook with the engraved flask.

          • pd;

            I think that there is a lot “Inscribed” in that SB. One needs to think about the “Bubbly” personality of the
            Imbiber. Just misin’ – JDA

      • Thanks Sandy. I am not sure about the de Vinci connection yet lol, but I have read a few times that “in the wood” is an old archery term for bullseye or close to the bullseye. I can’t find much confirmation info on this though but if it’s true it would be an interesting interpretation of “in the wood”…

        • Mark…Vitruvius described the human figure as being the principal source of proportion among the classical orders of architecture; with the navel (umbilicus) as being the center of the body – and the human body as a microcosm of the universe (twin). Now if we could just figure out what the architect (Fenn) means when he talks about ‘umbilical” we might get somewhere! Symmetry? A symmetrical / twin feature? Like fingers? With a log nearby that an 80 year old can roll over? I’m liking it….

    • Nice Mark. A few more here and there… and also quite a few about his flight *logs*.

      • Logs & flight Logs…. the date on the Philly story log was a Friday the 13th.

  23. The latest Forrest Fenn Gold Medallion hunt is on. This is hunt #9. These are beautiful gold medallions hidden by Jenny over in the Appalacians…so if you live near that mountain range you should give these treasure hunts a look…
    All eight of the previously hidden medallions were located and claimed…
    So they aren’t that difficult to unpuzzle and locate

    Look here for more info and the clue poem…

    • Can anyone explain why there is a lady “on the hook” on the back of the coin? And are there initials on her head JAC? I thought maybe these were Jenny’s initials, but her last name is with a K.

      • Denise-
        Those are doodles that Forrest made. These are icons from his life…so there is a trout and an airplane and him hiding the chest and that lady at the end of his line is Peggy…his favorite “catch”.

  24. Treasure was found 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe. Video wilL be posted on another site for those that have not solved the poem free of charge. Thank you Forrest!


    • This is a fake…a troll…
      I missed this when it was posted. Sorry it stayed up so long. I am going to leave it here with my comment so folks are assured that it was replied to by me…
      I just heard about this a few moments ago from Forrest who said he was receiving email about it and told me he did not write it.

      • Thanks Dal – YEA!!! Hope you can find out who this scummy person was and act accordingly – JDA

      • I am glad it is confirmed as a fake. I hate people like this. Thanks for making sure it is all cleared up.

      • Doesn’t take a genius to know this writing was not from Fenn.
        Fenns writing does not match any of this.
        I suspect there is a tell or few in this writing.
        F, wilL & Thank you Forrest!
        Will… LaF…..e
        The exclamation point!
        Time to move on.
        You can delete this if I’m off.

    • 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe?
      What an idiot, and definitely not a poem cracker deluxe.
      Dal should leave it up as a bad example.

    • 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe,,, LOL! He must say in which state it was found 🙂 And what about turquoise bracelet? Anybody who really found TC must send this bracelet to Forrest immediately. Only completely dishonest person will not do it.

      • Andy;

        Forrest said that he would like the bracelet returned, but nothing says that the finder “MUST send this bracelet to Forrest immediately.” as you say. IF I find it, I will be driving from Idaho to NM just to return the bracelet, but that is just me. – 🙂 JDA

        • JDA,

          if I remember this correctly Forrest advice to TC finder was to put TC in vault and think at least one month. Maybe because of some possible legal reasons…
          But bracelet it’s different story: when Forrest get it he will officially stop the chase. We know that many BOTG are risky, 4 searchers are already dead because of this chase and they are not last ones.
          So, you can drive with bracelet but I’ll send it via FedEx overnight 🙂

          • Andy S.

            Again, I think that you are not correct in your statement. Here is what Forrest has said: “Mr. Fenn, Should the chest, for example, be found today, would you be able to tell searchers that the chest has been found in the same day? ~Johnny Q

            .Well Mr. Q, you present a question that’s hard to answer. There is so much talk on the blogs that whoever finds the treasure may be driven underground and not say anything to anyone.

            If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets. It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have teeth. With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring”.f

            Forrest says nothing about the bracelet having to be returned to him in order to make the announcement that Indulgence has been found.

            In “Forrest Gets Mail” there is a long question (Which you can look up) and then Forrest responds:
            “I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it? You don’t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. Thanks for the input but I think you should mobilize your club and hit the trail searching for the wondrous treasure. Besides, I’ll probably get hit by a train. When you find the treasure please come sell me the great turquoise and silver bracelet that is in the chest. I wish now that I had kept it.” f

            Again, he says nothing about your offering to sell the bracelet to Forrest having anything to do with him announcing that the Chase is over.

            Surprising what just a LITTLE bit of research will uncover – Just sayin’ – JDA

          • JDA,
            Reading that second quote again makes me think that one of the checks we could make on our solves is whether we could ride a bike to “water high”. Forrest does imply that he would be able to.

          • I think it is a statement as a question. Not answered. Could he? g

            What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it?

          • JDA – About that backwardS bike. Forrest wrote, “…when I am through with it.”


            ‘through with “IT”?

            He left the Madison River at Baker’S Hole in the preface of TFTW. He was wearing fishing waders and had a rubber dingy tied to his belt. You can float the Madison River, my “IT”, at Baker’S Hole. Beyond the border with YNP. Right at my Double Omega Island.

            And in this Poem line:

            “I can keep my secret where,”

            Could it be, ‘cairn keep’, as in a river rock cairn ‘dead center’ on my Double Omega Island? In “water high” of Spring runoff, the bronze chest being placed “near the top” of that symbolic ‘Rocky Mountain’ might have been a good strategy. To stay above the water line my fly fishing librarian friend saw along the river around the islands upstream. I still think Forrest would have used a tanned ‘hide’ in that hidey hole to protect the bronze chest. Thereby, the chest would be hidden and not buried. So you and Shiloh ‘can’ just leave the shovel at home, Forrest.

            See also: that Scrapbook with “Ferd” in it.

            All IMO.

        • JDA
          I’d ask Forrest to sign all my books (TTOTC,TFTW,OUAW,OUAWR) with really cool one of a kind original stick figure drawings In trade for the bracelet, sounds fair to me.

          I would go to NM as well, but think I would stop at collected works first to show proof and ask them to contact Forrest. I mean, what kind of person would just show up to someone’s house uninvited, regardless of what their intentions are.

          • Pauley T.
            Your idea of having Forrest sign all of my books (TTOTC,TFTW,OUAW,OUAWR) with really cool one of a kind original stick figure drawings sounds GREAT – Thanks for the idea.
            Also, I would NEVER just drive up to Forrest’s gate and expect him to let me in. I certainly would call and/or email him at least one day ahead of when I expected to be in Santa Fe, and ask him if it would be convenient for me to visit. I would leave time and place up to Forrest. I would also keep the visit short – or as short or long as Forrest was comfortable with – JDA

          • Pauley T.
            Your idea of having Forrest sign all of my books (TTOTC,TFTW,OUAW,OUAWR) with really cool one of a kind original stick figure drawings sounds GREAT – Thanks for the idea.
            Also, I would NEVER just drive up to Forrest’s gate and expect him to let me in. I certainly would call and/or email him at least one day ahead of when I expected to be in Santa Fe, and ask him if it would be convenient for me to visit. I would leave time and place up to Forrest. I would also keep the visit short – or as short or long as Forrest was comfortable with – JDA

          • All of this talk about what you’d do to negotiate the bracelet got me to thinking… maybe I’d try to negotiate with him for his peace pipe.

            Then another thing struck me. He said there is one thing in the chest that he won’t talk about. What if that one thing is the deed to the part of San Lazaro Pueblo that he owns? That would make this whole chase sort of like a “Charlie in the chocolate factory” type of thing. If you are wise enough to complete the poem and devoted enough, then you are wise and devoted enough to own his deed and continue his dream to dig every room. Maybe it’s even in the poem in Stanza 5. Why must I go and leave my trove for all to seek? The answers I already know, I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak. He has explored the pueblo to the point that he can’t any longer.

            Just wild thoughts that I figured I’d throw out there. All IMO, of course.


          • TimM;

            If I am not mistaken, Forrest sold that property a couple of years ago. Can someone help with this? – JDA

          • Hi TimW,

            What you said, about San Lazaro.

            That would be so cool.

            Fun to think about…Thanks!

            All IMO.

          • Hello JDA. I’ve read via Santa Fe New Mexico, dated Sept. 3, 2016, which the reporter said Mr. Fenn stated the pueblo was sold a few years previous of her report. I believe Dal may know the answer.

          • You’re correct PDenver. Forrest sold the land the Pueblo is on to a friend but said that he still has visiting rights.

          • Well that fantasy didn’t last long.

            Looks like the finder will just have to settle for the contents of the chest and the mystery prize.

            Thanks Pdenver.


          • JDA
            I was taking a Jab at the people who INVITED themselves into Forrest’s house and became FRIENDS with Santa Fe’s Finest Police Officers. 🙂
            As for me, if Forrest ever allows me into his house, regardless the situation, he’d better have enough Food, Drinks, NEW Stories and Clean Linens to keep me entertained for at least 3 Days, cause I’m not leavin until ALL my questions are answered! LOL.

          • DAL,

            Not sure where to comment. So Forrest told you that he still has visiting rights. Odd, Forrest told me something completely different about his role there. I am sure he did not use the word tomfoolery but close to something very similar.
            Good one Forrest

      • LOL. If I find it, that will be the first thing I sell on e-bay to make F pay for it !

      • *** *** *** ***
        Andy S supposed – “Anybody who really found TC must send this [turquoise] bracelet to Forrest immediately. Only completely dishonest person will not do it.”
        *** *** *** ***

        Really Andy?

        Speculating out loud about what you’ll do if you find the chest is a reckless jinx. The you with the chest in your lap’s gonna be a whole different you than the you with just the poem and a map in your hands.

        Speculating out loud about anyone else who finds the chest is, I dunno . . . pointless?

        • Bad juju all around. Spring madness is setting in to be followed by… well… summer madness.

        • Come one J.A.
          I just said that if I find TC I will send this turquoise bracelet to Forrest immediately i.e. via overnight FedEx. And for me (personally) it will be dishonest to sell the bracelet to Forrest. I don’t care what other searchers will do with this bracelet. BTW, I’m doing all BOTG with my son and he also knows what we will do with this thing if we found TC. The chest in my hands will never change my word.
          About TC Forrest said:
          “If you find the treasure please keep it in a vault for thirty days while you think. f (Posted December 16th, 2016). So, we will follow his advice.

          • I would offer to play an hour of poker with him to win the bracelet back. Even if I won, I would put it on auction to the highest bidder where all the money goes to Fenns cancer fund.
            Win, Win, Win.

          • I think since the Silver Bracelet fits him perfectly I would just give it back to him…. It might just give him a little bit of contentment 🙂

          • Jake – As discussed, I would play a game of Ringer with Forrest for ALL the marbles, especially his hand made Agates. And he can have the bracelet AND the bronze chest, as long as Forrest buys me, the Marble Champion, this original Rockwell oil painting from George Lucas:


            Love, The Ringer

  25. I dont know much, but I do know that I would never send my solution or any part of my solution to Forrest via email. FWIW.

    • I hear ya Sandy…good solutions don’t grow on trees for sure.
      But, why wouldn’t you? Just because of security or another reason? Thx, tt

      • TT – security reasons. I question the security of FFs email (and my own!). It is no longer casual conversation amongst my closest colleagues and friends that AI has progressed in ways we couldn’t have imagined 5 years ago. AI and hackers are a real concern. There is no question for me that it is a lot easier to hack an email account than solve this poem!

        • SANDY,
          . Yrs. back, during training held by a MAJOR Telco’s I.T.. team, that as of then and for probable future,. , despite the verbage and certs.. anybody who actually thought there was real net security was delusional.

        • I hear that one! I recently had my computer hacked for several days. It was no fun. It was some type of AI hacking combo. They will always be 2 steps ahead.

  26. If today taught us anything, it is that the Chase can end in an instant.

    Good luck to all Searchers, and remember – TRY to STAY SAFE – 🙂 JDA

    • You know lots of stuff. Do you (or anyone) know if Ronnie McScottie
      is coming back this year? Thanks. D C

  27. The post said “Treasure was found…..” It didn’t say THE TREASURE or THE TREASURE CHEST. Perhaps a treasure of some sort WAS found – just not the one y’all have been looking for.

  28. “You have to find out, you have to learn where the first clue is. They get progressively easier after you discover where the first clue is.”
    Progressively easier? So that would mean that the last clues are the easiest to solve?
    I’ve puzzled ’til my puzzler is sore…

  29. All you yellowstoners check out on the road with charlie part one 5/8/17.
    Forrest says he hasnt been there since 1950.

    • Fenns been in Yellowstone many times since 1950.
      I would disregard “on the road with Charlie” statement.

      “Several years ago, with my daughter Kelly’s family, my wife and I drove to the little road (It’s paved now) and walked to the river. I tried to get my granddaughters to swim where I had spent so many peaceful hours.”

      If you click on “Most Important Info” on the right where the links are and then click on “Media Page” near the bottom of the list of the links. Then click on this video near the bottom.
      This is a video interview conducted at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY in 2006.

      I think he was there building his “Dude Motel” in 1962 as well?

      • At 44:20 minute mark of Cody interview Forrest says he goes up to Cody about 4 times a year and always goes to Yellowstone in the summer.

        • Ya Pauley T,
          Lots of evidence to prove he has been in Yellowstone after 1950.
          Case closed until next time.

    • BadeR,,,,
      Did you read the entire May, 2018, post by Dal on this???

      Sorry, but I am still feeling a little prickly,. After the recent bogus
      Shenanigans. Batty

    • IMO he meant he hadn’t spent a summer there (like he had with his family) since 1950.

    • I’m a GYSer, you’re a GYSer wouldn’t you like to be a GYSer too

      • Jake, you are a “GUYser” …If I have your pronouns correct. Cant be too careful these days however.

        • Well, I’m not a “GaySir” not that there’s anything wrong with that.
          Hope I don’t get in trouble for this.

          • Jake – Lillie Gay Fenn may take offense to that.

            Looking up the symbol she embroidered on Forrest’s pants, which he called attention to. Looks Indian to me.

            I spelled her middle name wrong earlier. Sorry, Lillie.

  30. I just spent a few moments outside sitting on my front porch watching life pass by. The cars, the people, the noises and sounds from the neighborhood are tantalizing. Then, I started to watch my neighbors tree for a while. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but it looks like a very large Japanese bonsai tree with beautiful white flowers. The glow of the street lights glistened onto the white pedals of those flowers.

    I immediately started to think about Forrest Fenn and going into the wilderness to lay down for infinity underneath a tree. I also started to think about the Granite Mountain Hotshots and their task of protecting a 2000 year old tree from being destroyed.

    What about a tree is worth fighting for. What about a tree is worth dying for.
    What is it about a tree,……. a simple tree.

    • Pauley T.

      “A simple tree.” Or A Single Tree – A tree standing by itself – A sentinel on watch guarding a treasure, and is a treasure in and of itself – JDA

      • JDA
        True. I wonder if humans may be jealous of a tree, the way a tree is rooted to the earth, the stability a tree has from the earth, the constant nutrients a tree gets from the earth, the way a tree can provide shelter from the earth,……….. A simple tree.

        • Pauley T.

          I think they might Pauley

          I think Forrest had the right idea:
          “Forrest, if you die before me where do you want to be buried?” What would your answer be? ~Joe
          Joe, thanks for the question. I have no desire to be buried in a box. It’s too dark and cold for me, and too lasting. I would rather go into the silent mountains on a warm sunny day, sit under a tree (In the wood) where the air is fresh and the smell of nature is all around, and let my body slowly decay into the soil. What can be better than that?” f – JDA

          • JDA
            (In the wood) You sneaky! 🙂

            Once again, I Believe, IMO, We are to park our vehicle where we can witness the Blaze, then look down INTO THE WOOD where the Quest will cease and the Treasure is encompassed.

    • Pauley T – One of my original theories:


      I abandoned it, because of the story you mentioned about the firefighters protecting that tree. And because fire would topple and scatter the contents of the bronze chest.

      In Forrest’s great book, one of Sharp’s similar paintings is called, “Squaw Mourning Her Brave”. Do these lines apply?:

      “If you are brave and in the wood,
      I give you title to the gold.”

      As Mark in Taos pointed out, GOLD spelled backwards is D’LOG. That apostrophe looks like a low hanging Golden banana to me. And then there was the whole E.A. Poe serial story, called, “The Goldbug”, with a tree and a skull in the solution to the cryptic riddle.

      • Lisa

        All good food for thought. I like the tree grave idea but never thought Forrest hid treasure that way. So many things said and written that would lead away from that idea.
        But, so many rabbit holes aren’t there!

  31. Just a note…
    Jenny points out that the latest FFGM treasure remains unsolved and unclaimed..
    It’s been two days since it was posted. Might be a record for the longest unclaimed…
    These treasure hunts for the gold medallions are typically solved in a day…
    Jenny must be getting craftier in her clues…
    Anyway…the medallion is still unclaimed and if you live close to the Appalachian Valley you should take a look at the clues and the video showing the actual hidey spot…

  32. I came across something interesting the other day:

    It describes a Sioux Burial ceremony – This was written back in the fur-trapping era:

    Sioux burial ceremony

    The Grand Medicine men then says after covering the grave: Don’t look back but look towards your journey, towards the setting sun. Let nothing disturb by your cause you to look away from our path. Go in peace. Then another medicine man and all them medicine men speak thus: “I walk peacefully, I walk peacefully, for my long journey of life, soon to reach the end of my journey so ontoreach my friend who has gone before me. “The song completed all the grand men with one loud cry out Meh-gakuh-nuhMeh-ga-huh-nuh

    Several parts of Forrest’s poem mimic exactly parts of this rite, or are quite similar – HUMMM – JDA

    • Thank you for sharing this information, JDA.

      In TTOTC, “Father On The Banco,” page 119, it reads the following:

      “When his home mortgage was finally paid, he and my mother went out in the back yard and ceremonially burned the papers. They said it was a religious experience.”

      I tend to wonder if there is something in those words.

      • Also – Graveyard Logic and Charmey and Me have “burial” symbolism – JDA

        • Hello OS2. I apologize for missing your response. Just came in from planting columbines, strawberries, and vegetables and taking a little break. Curious what your thoughts are, but respect you for not wanting to say.

          • It was too long, too analytical, but for short, young Forrest suffered from anxiety. Little failures increase anxiety. Maybe some dyslexia like reading double p’s as double b’s in school (the word bed was my mnemonic, maybe pineapple and bubble gum was his. Anxiety & peace don’t coexist. Paying a debt is peace of mind. The Chase & the waterfall are both debt payments IMO. Survivors guilt plays a big roll in some suicides. I don’t wanna talk about it.

          • Hello OS2. Thank you for your response. When reading from the book that he suffered from anxiety as a kid, I felt sad. Had wondered what it was that made him feel this way. Was it the kids in school? In the book, he seemed to be teased and bullied. Certainly would make one anxious. He was slugged in the face by the cowboy. Not a fun way to build character. I know others have considered dyslexia, but I’m not sure if I’m convinced of this. I do believe there is something in pineapple and bubble gum, but haven’t put my finger on it just yet. When he gave Olga the bubble gum, it seemed like a “ceremony” he followed when visiting her. I’m not sure why he brought bubble gum, but did. For me, when I think of bubble gum, I think of the name “Bazooka,” which could lead to thoughts of war. Although I cannot put my feet in his military boots and say I understand, but part of me believes I could understand the reasoning of wanting to pay a debt so to speak for coming out alive when many did not. I wish no one would feel this way, nor have to suffer survivor’s guilt. I’ve heard many who have been at war don’t want to talk about it because of their experiences. If I could, I would erase those memories.

          • Pdenver, thank you for you thoughts. Hard to keep these discussions brief. More surprising to me than the cowboys slap was FF’s response to it … maybe kids that get bad switchings…. well, you know, at least it’s attention. I think FF is a trader by nature or nurture; if you get, you pay for it. If you give, you expect payment. A strong code in the Old West. Balance is relief, peace. Sometimes charity or excusing payment is a power play, and power is the spice of life for some (here I get political, sorry.) The Chase may be payment for cancer survival as the WF was for Nam survival. IMO, Kids off the sofa is not all the truth. None of this aids in locating the TC, but it helps explain the man to me. Everybody works it out differently… Sloan may have had some daddy/power problems … Five housekeepers! (here I get Freudian, sorry)

          • Hello OS2. I had to go back and find what he said after getting punched in his jaw and having a bloody lip. According to the article I read, he made his first rule of, “Don’t make the alligator mad until you’ve crossed the river.” I can’t imagine what the cowboy thought he heard Mr. Fenn say to him that made him do so. Yes, his rule is interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever known a child to make up rules. They usually test to see where the boundaries are. I’m not sure if he misbehaved just to receive a switching for attention. To want approval, I can understand. I guess to a sense, this would be attention. Makes one feel wanted and did something right. I do believe Mr. Fenn had strict business rules and confidence of the direction he wanted to go with it. As for himself, I think he has a tenderness in his soul where he really cares for people. Was the Chase as a repayment for surviving cancer? It’s possible, but I go back to my comment about people. I remember seeing a photo online where a family with children visited him and a child sat on his lap. Young adults to experience his Pueblo. The fundraising for the Children Museum. These are just a few. Is there more than just getting children away from technology and enjoy what he did? He knows the answer.

  33. Hi all
    I wonder what the odds are in Vagus on the TC being found
    this summer,any body know? Clint

    • Practice makes perfect. By now I should be able to drive to Montana without looking at the road…

    • Glad to see Steve can put a Rubik’s Cube together, as well as, have the poem memorized.

        • I concur, ace 340. I think there was a couple he may not been exact with words, but only going by what I think I remember from the video.

      • Pdenver,
        Sort of memorized.
        He mis-quotes the poem the same as forrest himself does at the cw bookstore book signing.
        This seems more significant than the content of the video.
        Maybe not.
        The content of the video is more common sense than insightful, i feel.

        • But still, hats off to the multitasking. He solved the cube while thinking of the poem. So many times I have been working on the poem in my head while driving and suddenly realize I have long past my destination. g

    • Dal
      This has to be for entertainment.
      Mr. F wants everybody to be on same playing field , just as when he incidentally told a searcher that a dam wasn’t part of the chase , he felt that was not fair and made it public.
      TTOTC book , IMO , the hints in the book would be unfair to other searchers who had not purchased the book for whatever reason. he would have IMO infiltrated the book hints into his videos or other sources so everybody can be on same playing field.


    • I solved a Rubik’s cube once back in the eighties and did it completely by accident, I still have absolutely no idea how I figured it out.

      I feel comfortable enough to say that if I ever find Forrest Fenns treasure it’ll most likely be the same way I solved the cube. 🙂

      • Pauley T, you have a gift. You make me laugh every time I read one of your posts. It feels good. Thanks.

        • Thanks Joe.

          Wait till the treasure is found, I think we’re all gonna have a good laugh when that happens.

          • Pauley T.

            I guess that that depends on how much the finder reveals about where and how Indulgence was found. Forrest might want all of that info kept quiet.

            Smile, and Grin – YES – Will we all have a good laugh? – Not sure – 🙂 JDA

    • It is always a good sign to hear that Forrest Fenn remains active in the Thrill of the Chase. He seems to stay very up to date on the latest goings on. Thanks for putting this up for everyone Dal…

    • That guys good!
      I like the idea of figuring out which words and phrases are the 9 clues in the poem first as figuring out one side (color) of the cube first.
      Then figure out what the clues mean or where the clues are as figuring out the second and opposite side (color) of the cube.

      2 hints and the rest entertainment.

    • I can do a Rubik’s cube in about 3 minutes. So far, I’ve been working on Forrest’s poem for years! I can say with certainty that the Rubik’s cube is much easier!! Haha!!


    • Agreed that the Rubik’s Cube is much easier to solve since the solve is just a collection of algorithms, the colors are all easily discernible to us, etc.

      The poem, on the other hand, doesn’t readily have the colors (clues) so easily discernible to us making for near infinite possibilities.

      My favorite method for solving the cube was to break it apart and reassemble it correctly—maybe that is good advice for solving the poem too.

      • That’ll work – Even easier is just taking the stick-on color tabs off and putting them back on where needed 🙂 haha JDA

          • Not the only one, my friend. 🙂

            The video reminds me of different things. We could compare the Rubik’s Cube to the poem as “difficult, but not impossible”. Yesterday, and previous days, there were discussions about box canyons, Da Vinci, quincunx, channels/canals, etc. Steve’s wife spoke about viewing different YouTube “channels,” as well as, the television in the background. Steve was twisting the cube. Twisting could refer to switching, braiding, etc.. In the story about Cody the buffalo/bison, the vehicle “twisted” like a snake. Maybe the Rubic’s Cube represents a box canyon where the end of the rainbow may be found. Steve wore a black shirt, which reminds me of Johnny Cash, which may suggest “ring of fire/caldera”. Imagination may be helpful when considering the clues to the poem.

          • pdenver – Excellent! Especially the Johnny Cash song. That’s a big S blaze with a bold line through “IT”, right? Cold, hard CASH?:




            How Sweet the Sound.

            Not switching Channels.

          • Hello Lisa. I look forward to hearing about your results of your search area you’re considering. Good luck and have fun.

      • LOL—I have done that too, but then the stickers don’t stick very well again after that.

    • Forrest’s poem is far more difficult than solving a Rubik’s cube.

      Great video and good perspective.

    • My solution to the Rubik Cube was to give it to the kids…they wore that thing out.

    • That is fantastic, Steve.
      Some few people have already said this, and I think that’s the right way to think of this great Chase.

    • I like the analogy. It is sort of like a rubiks cube of words, but harder. We do not have to work our minds into thinking differently to solve a rubiks cube as much as these words. Another problem is that with the cube at least there is confirmation when you get the first two sides right, in the form of colors. We can get two clues right and not know it at all until all are complete. What if we had to solve a rubiks cube that only had stickers for one color because the last result is the only one we can get confirmation of, like the chest at the end of our journey. Unfortunately we cannot peel off all of the stickers in the poem and redesign it so that we achieve our desired outcome.

      • Those were good times. In fifth grade, when the girls got tired of trying to solve the Rubik’s cube, they will just pull the stickers and try them on as finger nail paint. They look cute, but they could never figure out why they always missed a sticker. So, they will put the stickers back on the cube and tried another color. This usually went on for way too long, and I always felt that knowlege gave me an unfair advantage over them.

    • “So hear me all and listen good.” I have, thanks Forrest. It’s BOTG Mother’s Day.

  34. Niice way of saying “get back in the box…er cube ” this poem is multi dimensional, look at this and understand, it’s not good enough to solve one side… C:\Users\Owner\Pictures\Exported Videos\Toltec 1_Small.mp4

    What took so long.


  35. IMO the 200’/500′ is purely elevation, otherwise one could drive or ride to it. Why walk over a mile er less than several? Why answer this in a riddle:Forrest, You said you made two trips from your car to hide the treasure. Besides walking, did you use any other methods of transportation to get back and forth between the car and the hide? Thanks, Edgar

    Edgar, your wording of the question prompts me to pause and wonder if I can answer it candidly, yet correctly. Were all the evidence truly known, and I answered in the positive, you might say I was prevaricating, by some definitions of the word. And if I answered in the negative, you may claim that I was quibbling. So I will stay quiet on that subject. Thanks for the question anyway. f

    If Indulgence is near a mountaintop, but less than 10,200′ it must be a tiny one compared to all the other Colorado teener’s


    • Tom – why would one assume it had to be at the top or near the top of a mountain?

    • TT
      I’ve heard this before, regarding other methods of transportation. My question simply is, what transportation could possibly be around in a thousand years?

      Say Forrest parked his car and got onto a steam train someplace and took the train down a canyon or whatever and got off the train and walked to the treasure spot and reversed that journey and did it once again. With what certainty would that steam train still be around in a thousand years?

      What other transportation could Forrest have possibly takin?
      He said he walked, the poem says walk, all the information we have is that we walk to the treasure.

      I think if any other method of transportation was used it was possibly a form of crawling or sliding on his back side down a slight incline to avoid tripping or falling.

      “Were all the evidence truly known”

      What could that possibly mean?
      What other form of transportation could Forrest have possibly used? A horse, a donkey, a bike, a boat, a helicopter, a jet pack, a this or a that?
      And what about us, would we have access to that other method of transportation? Would Forrest have left it there for us or arranged for it to be there for us somehow?

      The other method of transportation just doesn’t make any sense in my opinion.

      It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

      With regards to the 200/500 being an elevation distance may not be. What if there is simply no way to drive the distance in a vehicle. What if there is no road, trail or path to drive on and one must simply walk. We can’t just drive our automobiles wherever we want. There are strict guidelines concerning all methods of transportation.

      Why walk over a mile or less than several?
      I believe, IMO, because Forrest simply wants us to walk.
      He wants us to experience the journey, the wilderness, the great outdoors, the nature, simply by walking through it and absorbing it.
      To drive to the treasure would be a total contradiction of what Forrest has said all these years.
      I believe Forrest’s special place is only accessible by walking to it. IMO, why else would Forrest have chosen it.


    • TT and others,
      Did forrest in fact stay quiet on this subject? Fundamentally, if you tried to figure out what he was saying without first knowing what he was saying then (whatever).
      Never assume that forrest is using the same definition of a word as the definition known to yourself. This is supported by forrest statement of “by some definition of the word”.
      He is also telling you to know all the facts, dont assume you know what prevaricate means simply by context. So based on all that jazz, one could conclude that (by him answering positive)……
      Yes, he could possibly have straddled something in addition to walking.
      (By answering negative )
      He would be lying.

      Who else could hide an answer within a non-answer appearing statement.
      Nobody as well as our beloved ff

      • This answer to edgar is my absolute favorite, and most brilliant so far.
        The use of candid and correct, near synonyms set in seeming contradiction.
        Love it.

  36. After saying the TC was not on top of a mountain he then said it may be near “the top.” I think he is saying that the TC is near a “top” that is a toy that spins. So, it is near something that looks like a toy “top.”

    He tells about carving toy tops when he was in school. A top is shaped like a pie, which he also talks a lot about. All are hints to the TC location, IMO.

    • LandHigh – Thank you!


      The image at the ‘top’ looks like a ‘Rocky MountainS’ cairn to me. If you invert it. To represent the actual shape of a mountain. In which the ‘Hide-y Hole’ would then be near the ‘top’ or ‘peak’ (or ‘peek’, which is homophonetic and backwardS bike for “keep” in the Poem). Yet another nice use for Forrest’s Big Ball of String to stir the ‘pot’ to get that ‘top’ and our ‘headS’ spinning, right?

      And what did Forrest say about needing to be BOTG to solve the last clue? Were those felt bottomed boots, Forrest? Bring your best Sage rod and your tackle ‘box’ and your hand made Aggies. And Shiloh. Who may also need to be “schooled”, during our game of Ringer. On my Double Omega Island.

      Love, Elizabeth aka The Ringer

    • LandsHigh – I like these four historical references, from the ‘tippy top’ of the list on that great link:

      1. The Iliad, by Homer, in XIV 413 in 800 B.C. (Ancient Greece) claims to be a story of the fall of Troy: reels like a top staggering to its last turnings.

      2. Republic, by Plato, IV 436 in 360 B.C. (Ancient Greece)
      A wheel or top which moves upon a fixed axis or center may be said to move or not to move, i.e., it may move at its circumference, while its axis stands still.

      3. The Birds, by Aristophanies, 1461 in 414 B.C. (Ancient Greece)
      You get the idea. I’m busy as a top.
      And again. Top? Heres something to make tops spin. (picking up a long whiplash)

      3. Aeneid, by Virgil, VII 378 in 19 B.C. (Roman poet)
      She wanders aimless, fevered and unstrung
      Along the public ways; as oft one sees
      Beneath the twisted whips a leaping top
      Sped in long spirals through a palace-close
      By lads at play; obedient to the thong,
      It weaves wide circles in the gaping view
      Of its small masters, who admiring see
      The whirling boxwood made a living thing
      Under their lash.

    • Ya’ Just might have something there – Landhigh – Good luck with your search near you “toy” – JDA

    • Pretty good Landhigh. That is an idea that searchers may want to consider when out BotG. I wouldn’t put it passed f to hide something near the chest, say within 12′, that could direct one to the chest. lol, maybe that is why we tarry scant, we may find a toy in surprise and play a little, lol, okay, that’s a stretch, but good thoughts Landhigh. Right or wrong, keep up the good work…

  37. Hey all,
    I need a little help. I seem to remember Forrest saying something like all the clues could be solved from home, in theory, except for the last one. Does anyone remember anything like that? Mainly the last clue must be solved by BOTG.

    I’ve tried searching on the Tarry Scant website but I’m not finding what I was looking for. I don’t think I imagined it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      • There is this one as well:

        It helps to know something about Rocky Mountain geography when making plans to search for my treasure. Rocking chair ideas can lead one to the first few clues, but a physical presence is needed to complete the solve. Google Earth cannot help with the last clue.

        • That’s a good one too, Aaron.

          I like seeing these quotes all clustered together like this. They all seem related and it helps to bring focus to certain parts of the poem. IMO.

          Hey, how cool would it be if all of the quotes were organized in this way, by references to specific topics and/or focal points, instead of the same repetitious ideas spread out over nearly a decade of time. That would be so helpful. IMO.


          • See this link, SRW

            ◾No Paddle Creek Co – JCM

            It’s under
            ‘Treasure Websites & Blogs’
            at the bottom of this page

            Or, like many of us, just start an Excel file and cut/paste as you go. It’ll build itself quicker than you’d think.


          • J A Kraven,

            In topic format. I like it. I will add this to my cart.

            Thanks again.


      • This quote leaves it unclear IMO. The “but not likely in practice” portion of it makes me lean toward needing to be on site to solve some clues though.

    • SB 167 – – How much progress can be made by someone just thinking and searching the Internet from home? (Another way of saying this: How many clues can only be decoded in situ?)
      FF: All of them, in theory, but not likely in practice. A searcher must go to the site to find the treasure. Hope this helps – JDA

      • So, theoretically, us armchair searchers should be able to get as far as the Blaze, but it will required BOG after that to find the TC. OK.

          • So KK;

            The question is – “What is the last clue?” Many think that it is the blaze, but as you point out Forrest seems to say something a bit different.

            For me, the last clue is: :If you are brave and in the wood I give you title to the gold.” Is “In the wood” something physical that can be seen with BotG, but not seen on Google Earth? IO personally think that the answer is yes. – But that is just me – JDA

          • So, if the blaze is the last clue… why is there so much poem after it? Looking down would be quite natural if you’re searching around at the last clue. Looking down goes without saying…. but, it’s said.

          • I agree OS2 – Sure a lot of wasted lines if the blaze is the final clue – What are we to do with tarry scant and marvel gaze? Just look at them (pun intended)

            What about go and leave – tired and weak – do these lines have no meaning?

            Why tell us to listen good – Listen to or for what?
            And how about the cold – It has to have some special meaning, or Forrest wouldn’t have put it there.

            And the ever-perplexing Wood – Wood, not woods.
            What are we to do with that?

            If we already have the chest, why write 11 more lines before we can claim title to it? Makes no sense.

            ALL of the lines after the blaze MUST have meaning, and need to be interpreted – or so I believe – JDA

          • “I mean there’s people driving down the street looking for a blaze, because that’s one of the clues. You can’t start in the middle of the poem & find the treasure, I don’t think, I mean it would be a miracle if someone did.”

            Fenn didn’t say – You can’t start in the middle of the *clues* & find the treasure. –

            The blaze is the 9th and last clue in the poem to find the treasure and those that ignore this are doomed IMO.

            How many statements has Fenn made where he mentions WWWH and the blaze in the same statement?
            I know and the other smart ones know as well.

            I will eat my hat if the blaze is not the last (9th) clue in the poem and yes I’m still keeping track.

            Sure there may be hints but I don’t think there are any more clues after “blaze”.
            It’s pretty obvious to me.

          • Well Jake, that poor hat of yours is pilin’ up the potential teeth marks. Please start figurin’ out what kind of sauce will taste best – Smiley face/smiley face 🙂 🙂 JDA

          • “potential ” will never happen.
            I’ve read the same replies by you and others like Zap, Hear me all, Lugnutz, Bob, ACE, Blex, etc.. about all sorts of flavorings to put on my hat before eating going back to 2016 and none of you have found the treasure and made me eat my stinky, smelly rotting hat.

            Where are those searchers now that thought I would eat my hat because they were so sure based upon their solve?

            There was only one instance I said I would eat my hat where I may have should of but the treasure is still not found so It’s being marinated until…

            I do commend you JDA for your tenacity , resolve and partial logic on how to solve this puzzle but you seem to bend your solve to your area too much.
            You’re going out again in 2 weeks?

          • Not planned. I leave Wednesday for a one week vacation to NM to see my son and step son. No search presently planned once I return, but one never knows – 🙂 JDA

          • YUP – I am tenacious. Like a dog with a bone – Clamp on and stay on – 🙂 JDA

          • Blast from the past:
            Colokid which may be Dejoka.

            Colokid: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
            Yes there was a lot more said in his comment but this sticks out in my mind.

            Fenn: “Thanks colokid, I was hoping someone would say that about that. f”

            Makes you think it is what it is as right in front of you instead of looking way ahead or outside the box.

          • Hey, Jake. This one is for you.

            Since math failed me last summer, I’ve got a new spot identified for later this summer. Per my latest concept:

            Wwwh = hob = blaze . . . All the same place.

            Wise provides a line of indeterminate distance moving away from this singularity.

            Heavy loads to water high is the critical info needed to pinpoint the chest (IMO!). This is a line of known distance and the elevation of final spot, provided, correlates.

            Clues identify 6 places on the map (some general area help only), and 2 lines with intersection point validated by distance and elevation.

            Will this turn out to be correct? No clue. I’ll let you know in several weeks.


          • Forrest once paid like 300 bucks for an old hat with a bullet hole in it……

            I wonder how much Forrest would pay for Jakes half eatin hat?……

          • I agree with you JDA, if you are brave and in the wood the GOLD will be yours is the last clue.

          • It’s one big waiting game Iowaengr.
            I’m not as confident in finding Fenn’s treasure at this point and I think those that are – are fooling themselves.
            I’ll be going on a vacation in SW Montana in several weeks as well.
            Once or twice a year to get out of this swamp works for me.

          • It can be located / “seen” using google earth. This takes
            into account various — at least 3 or 4 — different things, any of which might be the blaze mentioned in the poem
            (one in particular seems to be a stronger candidate than the other few).

            I’m getting anxious about Burger King. No, not their
            breakfast menu this time. I want to try their meatless
            burger, which (coincidentally) is being test-marketed in
            and around . . .

            scroll down . . .

            wait for it . . .

            . . . tada! St. Louis. Hopefully, that *SANDWICH* will be available in other areas this year, and affordable to the finder of the blaze AND the treasure chest. As always, IMO.

          • Jake – Thanks for reminding me! A new season is ready to start, and I’m feeling confident again! Shall we renew the deal? 🙂

            If I find the treasure this season, I want a high-definition video of you consuming your entire disgusting hat emailed directly to dal for sharing on this site.

            The video must be one continuous cut and must end with you displaying your empty mouth to the camera confirming consumption of your hat. No condiments allowed. No intermittent beverage-consumption allowed. If at any point during the video you vomit out a portion of your eaten hat, the vomited portion must be reconsumed in order to achieve full-hat-consumption. Deal?

          • Blex;

            Sounds like a one-sided deal. What happens if you do NOT find Indulgence? Just askin’ JDA

          • JDA,
            Thanks for pointing out the other party’s responsibility if they are wrong. This is a 2 way street.
            We have had many bets through the years and none panned out too well for those betting against me.

            I just go with the odds and the past. It’s easy.
            Anyone else want to make a bet?
            Where’s my bucket of pennies JDA?

          • Jake – You did not require anything risked on my part the last time you agreed. Seemed kinda odd at the time.

          • Blex,
            I do not have enough info from what you have posted here for me to make any decision on eating anything.

            How can one take a bet when you do not give any specific info on your “general solve”?

            I was waiting for you to get “over confident”.

          • Jake;

            Bucket of pennies??? You will have to refresh my memory on that one. Am sure that you have it all recorded somewhere in all of your data. 🙂 JDA

          • Ya JDA I have a record.
            It wasn’t a bucket of pennies, it was $7 dollars (7 trips) worth of pennies or cash and I was going to frame them on my wall.
            That’s when you broke the agreement and don’t worry, we were just trying to see how many cents it would take for one to drop out of the agreement. Doesn’t matter anyway, the treasure was never found by you or anyone.

            I’ll tell you what. I will agree to your bet as long as you agree to mine.

            If you do not find the treasure this *season (*It’s what you said above so I’m assuming this spring but I will extend it to this year seeing it’s an easy bet), you will record a video of yourself (and uploading it for all to see) apologizing to me (for being over confident) and everyone here with a link here on this site. You can use Youtube or whatever platform you choose.

            Hurry up. This page is going to close soon…

            Do you agree Blex?

        • Hi guys, I haven’t posted here in awhile. I hope you don’t mind me jumping on this train of thought.

          How much progress can be made by someone just thinking and searching the internet from home? (Another way of saying this: How many clues can only be decoded in situ?)

          FF: All of them, in theory, but not likely in practice. A searcher must go to the site to find the treasure.

          Rocking chair ideas can lead one to the first few clues, but a physical presence is need to complete the solve. GE cannot help with the last clue.

          So I think we all agree that a COMPLETE solve requires the burden of proof to be physical, correct? No one can find anything if they aren’t physically present to do so, right? So in all of these quotes, all I see is Fenn saying that to find the treasure one must physically be there.

          Please correct me if I am wrong, but he has never said we have to physically be there to solve the last clue.

          “A physical presence is needed to complete the solve” isn’t the same thing as a physical presence is need to solve the last clue.”

          “GE cannot help with the last clue.” If GE can’t help with the last clue, than the last clue probably isn’t physically tangible. And if the last clue isn’t physically tangible, it can’t be the blaze because Fenn has told us “the blaze is a physical object.”

          Does this make sense to anyone else, or am I off my rocker, pun intended. 

          • Kk, you may be right…. or you may be off your rocker… but it sounds like we need to be off our rocker to find the chest… What is something we cant see from Google Earth…? I guess that could be a lot of things?

          • The last clue. “As I have gone along in there”. Where ever “in there” is may not be visible from GF?

          • kk,
            Maybe a drone will help to see the blaze but you still have to go there and retrieve the chest I would think.

          • O2, JDA, Jake F., Spallies,

            Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I consider the last sentence to be the final clue. And I see it as more as a metaphoric riddle directing me rather than something I can see from botg experience or GE.

            I always appreciate other interpretations, one never knows when a switch might be in order.

            These are just my attempts to put the puzzle together. Funny how we are all working with the same pieces, but have come up with vastly different ideas on what the end result should look like. Part of the magic, I suppose.

          • Just imagine if we all thought the same.
            Holly cripes that would not sit well with me and probably others where everyone agrees on everything.
            I guess we would be a bunch of robots.

            I also appreciate others POV’s but at least we have our own unique processor to make our own decision.

            Being Sapien doesn’t apply to all of us though.

          • Kk, said “GE cannot help with the last clue.” If GE can’t help with the last clue, than the last clue probably isn’t physically tangible. And if the last clue isn’t physically tangible, it can’t be the blaze because Fenn has told us “the blaze is a physical object.”

            Does this make sense to anyone else, or am I off my rocker, pun intended. ”

            When you see an image on Google Earth, it is a computer program that renders a 3D representation of Earth based primarily on satellite imagery. The program maps the Earth by superimposing satellite images, aerial photography, and GIS data onto a 3D globe, allowing users to see cities and landscapes from various angles.

            Also time and light even the seasons of the year cannot be taken into full effect, and example is looking at an Aspen Grove above Santa Fe Ski Basin, you see it without leaves, but in reality it was taken as composite of time and the angle shows you a shadow well defined, look at my video and notice in October how the Aspens have no leaves, then look at the area ablaze in September, lot of difference, in the distance you will see Aspen Groves that have not yet shed their leaves and have turned bright golden color, lower down the mountain. Now see the same area on Google Earth, WOW, they just disappear completely. That may be why Google Earth cannot help with NUMBER 9.



    • Hi TimM,

      Here’s another one that seems related. It’s from the Moby interview, 2013:

      “…Is it possible to locate the treasure chest without ever leaving your computer and Google Earth?”

      “No. It isn’t. Did I really say that? There is not a picture of the treasure chest on Google Earth. Was that your question?”

      Yeah. I think that will suffice.

      “Because Google Earth doesn’t go down far enough.”


      • SRW,
        Love your formatting

        Very nice to see
        quotation marks
        around real verbage

      • SRW…. the distinction I think we are discussing is not ‘finding the TC’ from an armchair, but ‘finding the LAST clue’ from an armchair.

        And LAST is tricky because of the TS Eliot poem about starting at the beginning again with new insight.

        • OS2;

          Here is the quote:
          T.S. Eliot said:
          We shall not cease from our exploration
          And at the end of all our exploring
          Will be to arrive where we started
          and know the place for the first time.” f

          For me, the last line is the key – “and know the place for the first time”. I think that this is more important than the line above it -“to arrive where we started”

          I have been to my general search area 28 times, and every time I see it from a different perspective. I “Thought” I knew what a particular cliff looked like, until I recently saw it with new eyes, and it changed the way I looked at a particular part of the poem – AMAZING how that can happen – JDA

          • Agreed. You won’t necessarily be back at the first clue site, but you will remember it with a new understanding. Its like finding the diary of a loved one after they have died, and discovering you never really knew them as you thought you did. So many new questions.

          • OR…maybe where you start and where you end are the same kind of places, only different…start at an apple tree…end at an apple tree…only the two trees are different trees…factor in that it is the second stanza that begins with the word “begin”…perhaps the end of the poem is at the end of the first stanza…you arrive at the beginning of the poem but, instead of seeing it as the beginning, you now see it as the end…

    • “You’re going to have to figure out the clues. Go to the first clue, and then the clues are consecutive after that. If you can decipher the clues, you’re gonna find that treasure chest.” The Lure Q+A
      “Nobody is going to accidentally stumble on that treasure chest. They’re going to have to figure out the clues and let the clues take them to that spot.” KOAT 2015

  38. Yup. We definitely have a 3 dimensional puzzle. I remember my Dad bringing one home for me and my brothers. We played with it for several years. I eventually solved the Rubix Cube after reading the book with the solve and following the pictures and instructions. That was quite the puzzle of my youth.

    This is probably just entertainment, but maybe he is hinting at something more? The guy in the video solved the cube and knew it well.

    When’s this season kicking off? Next month maybe? It’s been a painful winter, but I for one am eager to get back out in the wilderness with my tent and wake up in the early morning with the wonderful smells and sights and sounds and be able to stretch my arms and legs again.

    Safe travels this season everyone!

  39. Dal ,

    He is telling us something , he telling us what he has been saying from day one. That isi , follow my poem from the beginning. Do not begin In the middle , do not look for the blaze without the wwwh.
    The poem is exactly like the cube there is an order in which it must be solved or you will never solve it.


  40. Mr, Fenn has said that the chest was not in a cave, not in a mine shaft, and not associated with any structure. But he said he went in some where. Maybe the some where he went in to is “no place for the meek?

  41. JDA, make sure to see “Meow Wolf” in Santa Fe, it is for all intents and purposes on “The Threshold of a Dream”>

    YUP – I am tenacious. Like a dog with a bone – Clamp on and stay on – JDA

    I live in Tijeras, (scissors in Spanish) just south of SF, and I know exactly WWWH, and it is soooo obvious. What took me sooo long.


  42. Jake said “I will eat my hat if the blaze is not the last (9th) clue in the poem and yes I’m still keeping track.

    Sure there may be hints but I don’t think there are any more clues after “blaze”.
    It’s pretty obvious to me”.

    I will eat my hat if the blaze is not visible from WWWH.


    • Got it!
      That’s a tough one TT.
      What if there is a lot of fog that day?

    • It’s great to see that “hat eating season” has begun…the precursor to the official start of the search season! I think the Fennboree and Function organizers should set aside a placeholder for a “hat eating” event. Just think how much this would drive attendance… So, who now is brave enough to reply to this by saying “I’ll eat my hat if the TC is found by Function or Fennboree”…???

      • OK I’ll bite but I will not chew and swallow.
        When you say “by”, does that mean before or a place?
        “by Function or Fennboree”

        • Jake –

          So Y•Wy•Why is “IT” t’HAT I must go…

          Do you like Brown gravy on your HAT?

          We could always turn t’HAT Function at the Junction into the Chase Victory Party at Baker’S Hole, right?

          I want that signed book with the X’s on page 99 and the ‘Rockwell Commander’ text for my very own. I wonder if Forrest would eat Mildew?


        • Jake – And ‘HERE’ is spelled “HEARE” in t’HAT ‘tHERE Shakespeare’s epiaph. Middle English.

          “So hear me all and listen good,”

          Always happy to confirm references to homophones and to See an added E.


          Love, W.S.

      • spiff ~ ‘It’s great to see that “hat eating season” has begun…the precursor to the official start of the search season!’

        Ha!… I had a mental image of fenn standing before the mob of desiring treasure hunters, tossing his holy – barbed-wire head-wear into the air, as the stampedes begins to their hopeful search locations… leaving fenn behind in a cloud of dust….

        lol “hat eating season”… Thanks for the chuckle.

        • I have an image of a row of hat eaters up on a stage in front of the crowd…kinda of like the hot dog eating contests…

      • Come on Faulker. You know you don’t think it will happen. Just do it. Bring some of that swamp sauce and hope for the best.

        I’m in. I’ll eat my hat if the TC is found by Fennboree.

        • LOL…you’re a brave man Joe! So, that (potentially) puts three up on stage…anyone else want to join Joe, Jake, and TT???

    • You and I probably think the same thing for wwwh. Sadly I left NM but I won’t stop visiting until it’s mine! Lol. I’ll be to my solve area at the end of May. Wish me luck!

  43. I haven’t posted anything for the last several months due to personal reasons, but I kept on reading all the good postings on this site occasionally. And it looks like same kind of discussions are repeated over and over.
    As I posted sometime ago you should be able to see all the clues (or places) on Google map except home of Brown and the TC of course IMHO. If you can’t see your blaze on GE your solve is IMO not the correct one, meaning that if you try to find the blaze on your BOTG you’re not yet 100% confident about your solve and you probably won’t find the correct blaze.
    But the blaze is not the last clue IMO. You now have to be on your BOTG to find the TC from your blaze. But in order to find the TC, you have to be BRAVE and you only find it IN THE WOOD according to the poem, and also of course according to what Fenn is saying. All in my opinion…..
    — MK

    • I’m interested in the basis of the conclusion that the blaze is something that can be viewed on google earth. Seems a lot of searchers has that opinion. Did I miss an ATF?

      • Hi MBG,
        If the blaze is to withstand the test of time (e.g., 100 years) it should be relatively large and easily recognizable IMO. If it is a small mark on a boulder or a scratch on a tree trunk, it won’t last that long.
        — MK

        • Easily recognizable with BOTG within 12′ = A big YES.
          Relatively large = A big NO.
          If it’s a rock outcropping say 8 ft high by 2-3 ft wide by a few ft deep that stands out and you can see it’s natural markings, can you see it from GE = NO.
          Will it last 1000 years = YES. Mother Nature permitting and that goes for everything in her grips.

          • Hi JF,
            If the blaze you’re talking about is somehow blocked from view, then nobody may be able to find it, and nobody will be able to find the TC in turn. Is this the reason why nobody was able to come up with the TC until now?
            In my solve everybody, I mean, everybody, not just searchers, can see the blaze. The only thing is that they don’t know it’s THE BLAZE they are looking for. But if you follow the clue in the “meek creek” stanza you will find it, but you have to be wise to see it according to the poem, I think.
            — MK

    • Hi MK,

      I’m not sure about first part of your statement that “you should be able to see all the clues (or places) on Google map except home of Brown and the TC”. Why do you think that it’s impossible to find hoB on GE?
      What is about this statement:
      “If you can’t see the hoB on GE your solve is IMO not the correct one, meaning that if you try to find the hoB on your BOTG you’re not yet 100% confident about your solve and you probably won’t find the correct blaze.”
      I think that blaze is not visible on Google map and searcher can found the blaze only when he come to final spot that is around 50X50 feet.
      Question is can the blaze be very small object (2X2 feet) and at the same time withstand to potential destruction by time and people? Why not? For example, who will move or destroy small but enough heavy white stone that he found in the wood?

      • Hi AS,
        If the blaze is that small, a week quake or mud slide may dislodge or move the stone from the original spot and make it impossible for searchers to find the TC at all IMO.
        – MK

      • The hoB is not a geographical feature or manmade structure, it won’t be shown on the map. You have to figure out yourself what the hoB is and where.
        — MK

    • I think the first few clues lead you to a general area. Then i think he left something in situ to that when you’re standing in front of it something else should occur to you. I think it’s too small to be seen on Google Earth but theoretically there could be pictures or video of it online.

      This is how I put it all together.

  44. Thanks everyone for your input! I appreciate your help!

    I think I have a pretty good handle on my solution and I will have to wait until July or August to test my theory. I’ve never been as certain in any of my previous (wrong) solves as I am now. Its stunning how it all came together and how it all lines up. I’m not saying that it is correct… I won’t know until I go check. With every little tidbit of information, I get a little more excited!

    Thanks again!!


  45. Above, poster locolobo posted a quote from FF in response to a question about how many clues, if any, can be solved from home. FF’s response was, and I’m paraphrasing >> all of the clues can be found from home in theory but not likely in practice. To which Aaron responds:

    “This quote leaves it unclear IMO. The “but not likely in practice” portion of it makes me lean toward needing to be on site to solve SOME clues though.” [my emphasis on “some” to stress more than 1]
    I can see why it would be unclear to a lot of searchers, because a lot of searchers have convinced themselves that one parks at WWWH, then walks the remaining 8 clues. In this theory, only 1 clue can be solved from home >>> WWWH.

    But Forrest directly contradicts that apparently false assumption when he states that at least SOME clues can be found while never leaving home.

    It was poster Seeker, along with multiple “VIP” searchers on YouTube that promoted what I consider this false assumption of walking 8 clues.

    I cringe when I think of all the searches that have been done in the last few years, using that assumption.

    There is another way to view the poem’s clues. And there are viable answers to posters’ questions and comments that followed Aaron’s comment.

    For the last couple of years I have presented a reasonable alternative to the walking 8 clues (false in my opinion) assumption. But I don’t think posters have ever taken it seriously, so I won’t rehash it now.

    Ken (in Texas)

    • One can theorize anything—such is only limited by your imagination. If you can imagine an “answer” to all 9 of the clues, you have a legitimate theory. Legitimacy and validity are two different things, though, and to make your TTOTC theory valid requires the physical aspect of same, namely physically going to the place where your theory says you will find the treasure and actually finding the treasure there.

      Unless you have telekinetic powers, that is, and can use same to bring the treasure to you. (Insert smiley emoji here).

      I’m not sure why searchers would believe that only 1 clue can be solved from home, especially given that we are told that TLGFI cannot get closer than the first 2 clues which, to me, is a clear statement that at least 2 clues can be surmised from home. (Insert another smiley emoji here).

      Even that TLGFI comment has an alternative interpretation, so I agree that there are reasonable alternatives.

    • Ken {TX } ~ ‘I can see why it would be unclear to a lot of searchers, because a lot of searchers have convinced themselves that one parks at WWWH, then walks the remaining 8 clues. In this theory, only 1 clue can be solved from home >>> WWWH… It was poster Seeker, along with multiple “VIP” searchers on YouTube that promoted what I consider this false assumption of walking 8 clues.’

      Ha! I don’t know about the “tubers” ~ I don’t watch drama series programs, I’m more a SyFy, adventures and mystery program watcher myself. ~ However, I do think many clues references can be found on GE [or many mapping style tools] It’s what is needed of them, that I differ from the norms. Your assumption I have promoted “walking 8 clues” is far from the ideas I have posted. Fact-of-the-matter, I’m one of the very few who dislike the idea of stomping clues.

      Regardless of exactly how many clue’s reference can be spotted on maps… I lean towards this being an observational style solution from or near WWsH. Yet, I don’t think we simple park near WW’sH… we might have to hike to the ‘location of all the clues’ – hence the idea of walking less then a few miles for two round trips from the hidey spot [and all the clues]
      The problem I have surmised is, folks leaving WW’sH. This might be because we can ‘see’ later clue’s reference on a map / GE / or even ‘on site’ from WWsH, which automatically makes most to ‘think’ they have to stomp / drive / fly ‘to’ those clue’s reference, or even could start at a later clue and proceed from there.

      I apologies, Ken {TX}, if you misunderstood many of my theories/ideas/postings of the last many years… I hope that clarifies your misconception of your above comment.

      End of commentary…

      • Like FF said, at least a few of the clues can be found at home. This doesn’t really have anything to do with knowing where to start walking from. It’s my opinion that once a searcher solves the theme of the poem that helps us determine the correct WWWH then they should at least be able to figure out CD from home. After that nobody knows, but a good solution to the starting point and CD can be enough for BOTG IMO.

  46. I vaguely remember Fenn saying something about the gates closing behind you or the the gates could close behind you and I tried looking for this quote but can’t find it.
    Tried Tarryscant and Google came up 0.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • I sure don’t remember this one, nor can I locate it. Old age I guess – DARN! JDA

      • Thanks for trying, I went through all the Google pages (about 60 sites) and didn’t find it. It must be a video or audio that hasn’t been transcribed yet. It makes me wonder if there is a Forest Service gate that may be closed in the winter and this Forest Service road may lead to where the treasure may be. Just a thought.

        • It’s not in “Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn” either – This is usually pretty reliable – As you say, it may be an audio or video that has not been transcribed.

          Have a GREAT day Jake – JDA

          • I thought JCM had all the quotes. I’ll keep looking. Thanks and you have GREATER day! 🙂

        • Jake – Forrest wrote of his father leaving their car on the other side of the fence, inside the YNP locked gate, so they could fly fish In t’HERE before the park opened. Is that the reference you are looking for? Try ‘fence’, if so.

    • Don’t quote me on this… I thought /recall… there might be a SB mentioning gates. Maybe the one where fenn is landing his plane on a dirt road?

      • I think it was a video or audio about safety maybe about searchers out hiking in the fall and I think Fenn said to be careful because gates close behind you.

        • I’d be interested in hearing the exact quote and context in the video/audio that refers to gates closing. I checked Tarry Scant and didn’t find anything. Does anyone remember more about where that quote is located?

          • Thanks, I’ve gone through some of the media coverage for 2-3 years ago and haven’t found it yet. Did listen to some stuff I hadn’t heard before, though.

            But here I am breaking my own rule about sticking with the poem and not being led by ATFs. Ha, I must be getting desperate.

  47. from wwh to the treasure chest you can walk all the way after about 2 days if you stay on the highway

      • lol guess you have a point there Jake – what im trying to say is that there are 2 ways of getting there walking or driving the reason I said highway is because you cant walk from one clue to another . with out having to clime one hill after another to get to the treasure chest or to the other clues that’s my opinion

        • Ah, OK, good, we don’t need anymore roadkills.
          Your area looks to have a little snow and/or clear with no snow.
          When are you going to head out with BOTG?

          • nice try Jake- no botg for me im driving to location where he parked and then from there ill walk 1/4 mile to the treasure chest – oh I don’t pick up hitch hikers Jake so you are on your own good luck

          • I wasn’t asking to come along. I highly doubt the treasure is in NM. I’m just surprised you haven’t gone there yet.

          • I did go once to to my salve but had to come back home and couldn’t go all the way because of bad weather- you say that its not in N.M. the poem says it not far but to far to walk- that to me goes for all the clues

          • You did mean “solve” right?
            “salve” is an ointment.
            Ya, you shouldn’t go in bad weather it’s just not worth it.
            We do have access to what the weather and conditions may be like a few days ahead of time. There’s no reason to fight Mother Nature, she always has her way.

          • Jake I cant make everything easy for you- you have to try . if I would of spelled solve like its supposed to be – it would of been to easy for you to figure out what I meant so I spelled it salve

          • frank,
            Your not making anything easy for me.
            It’s a struggle and not worth it to figure what some posters are trying to convey. The main thing is we need to figure out what Fenn has said and wrote.
            Good luck with your general salve!

      • Jake – Not TFTW along the highway for Forrest and Donnie. They walked up the Gallatin River Canyon, going North, downriver, along Highway 191, from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, for 91 miles.

        I have wondered if they followed the Boundary Trail from the Fennhaven Cabins, through Baker’S Hole, to start. Is t’HAT w’HERE they threw the bear cubs up on the “water high” stream bank?

        Thinking of ‘father on the banco’ HEARE, also. And doesn’t Mildew have barbed wire and a HOLE in “IT”?

        All IMO. Still Giggling.

  48. Ken {TX } ~ ‘I can see why it would be unclear to a lot of searchers, because a lot of searchers have convinced themselves that one parks at WWWH, then walks the remaining 8 clues. In this theory, only 1 clue can be solved from home >>> WWWH… It was poster Seeker, along with multiple “VIP” searchers on YouTube that promoted what I consider this false assumption of walking 8 clues.’

    Ken, the reason this one clue WWWH as the start and the other eight are spotted as you proceed is simple to explain away as Seeker intimated, ask yourself how the Little Girl in India could get two question? Then ask this question: If you HAVE been wise (underlined) FOUND (ditto) the blaze is “past tense” as if it were discovered or located before hand…IMO either from a map or a result of time, as the wise men knew?

    This leaves one to wonder about the statement of why ff intimated that the “Last Clue” could not be discover or seen on Google Earth (paraphrase) and since the ability to know where the WWWH location is we do not leave the poem at any time when we speak of the “Present tense”.

    I wish all our Mom’s a Happy Day, filled with love and remembrance of our childhoods, even if they may be gone and have passed the Vale, miss you mom..


    • Hi TT,
      As I’ve posted several times about the tense of the lines in the poem (under 9 clues section) Fenn is trying to tell us that “you have to skip the lines written in different tense and interprete lines in the CORRECT order”. If you do that answers to some of your questions will become obvious IMO.
      — MK

  49. This response has been amazing!!! Thank you all.
    My wife Lory is VERY into the chase and both of us are enjoying all of the responses. I will tell you that I believe this is for entertainment only – but based on what I have seen from Forrest – you never know :).
    If you enjoyed the video, please like and share it.
    If you want the six patterns to solve the cube – give me your email and I can send them to you.

  50. Happy mother’s day everyone! Now get back in the kitchen – make sure she’s got warm coffee and breakfast in bed!

  51. Food for thought.
    When I was a kid with my siblings we played a game of hot and cold. It goes like this , we hid some bodies object of importance , we would tell them if they were cold or hot in relations to the object , closer they get warmer they would be , farther they get colder they were ,
    The line your effort will be worth the cold , imo means all of your failed attempts will be worth it once you find it.


  52. I agree w/Sacha’s Youtube video that Fenn’s doodles in Cynthia’s book were not specifically meant for Cynthia but are for all searchers. And just might possibly be intended for a certain special searcher or searchers.
    Happy Mother’s day to Mrs. Peggy Jean Fenn and to all the mother’s out there!

    • I’ve read people’s comments about the doodle but I have no idea where to see it for myself. Can you tell me how or where I can see it?


  53. I finally got around to reading Douglas Preston’s “The Codex” this past week. It was a fun adventure read that included a couple of subtle nods to Forrest Fenn. There’s a minor character whose last name is “Fenner”, and there’s also a reference to an art lover who encouraged people to touch paintings.

    However, my biggest takeaway after reading this book is that I am very, very grateful that Forrest chose to hide his treasure in the Rocky Mountains and NOT in the jungles of Honduras! 🙂

    • Hmm from the chapter Me in The Middle.. TTOTC.. “It sure would be nice if they could all come back so I could be in the middle again.”

      Hondouras is in central America… central.. the middle. Hint?

      • JimB – Could be, but I don’t see Forrest using Douglas Preston as a mouthpiece for distributing hints. Forrest seems able to toss those out himself when he feels necessary.

        The middle brother character in the book (Vernon) seems to be almost the exact opposite of Forrest in many ways. He’s frequently swindled by huxters and doesn’t do a good job of surviving on his own in the wilderness, relying mostly on his younger brother to bail him out of trouble.

  54. All my opinion here for whatever it worth:
    If you’ve found the blaze wisely, you then look “quickly down “ ( why not slowly?) and the quest is over. Take the chest and high tail it outta Dodge.
    Done. Everything after that is after-the fact knowledge and he sums it up with a neat contract (title to the gold).
    So I have to agree that the blaze is the last clue. You have to see it, that’s why a blind person couldn’t retrieve it by themselves.

    • Hi Veronica,
      The problem is that the TC may not be there when you quickly look down after finding the blaze. The poem clearly says that you have to be brave and in the wood to get the title to the gold.
      — MK

  55. Happy Mother’s day to all the Mom’s out there! In regards to the chase, A spiritual thank you to Lily for putting up with 9 months of Forrest umbilically attached so we all could enjoy the chase.

  56. I also want to say Happy Umbilical Day to those whose attachments sustain us.
    Ofttimes, truth IS stranger than fiction! I am ok with believing things happen for a reason…

    Anyways, from up thread, doesn’t “driving down the road looking for a blaze” prove driving plays a role at sometime following “walk”?

      • Hi JDA,
        In my solve you can see the blaze from everywhere while driving, but you can only get close to the blaze by walking.
        — MK

        • “I mean there’s people driving down the street looking for a blaze, because that’s one of the clues. You can’t start in the middle of the poem & find the treasure, I don’t think, I mean it would be a miracle ”

          Looks like you got a miracle on your hands MK.

          • Hi JK,
            No, I think I’ve solved all other clues, not just the clue for the blaze. Don’t get me wrong. Even though I started from solving the hoB first, I think I have a complete picture of how Fenn hid the TC and where. I will be on my first ever (also the last, I hope) BOTG in a couple of months, and I hope my 100% confidence will surely pay off well. Please wish me a luck. I may need it in case my confidence fails me.
            — MK

        • MK;

          Sorry, Doesn’t match my solve. You can not see my blaze without walking – Just how I see it – JDA

        • Hi MK,
          it’s good to have 100% confidence when you are going to have BOTG.
          Can’t agree with your idea that “you can see the blaze from everywhere while driving”..
          Forrest was asked on Mysterious Writings on April 29, 2016 “Mr. Fenn, Which direction does the Blaze face? North, South, East or West?
          Forrest answered: “Foxy I didn’t take a radial off of the blaze Foxy. I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f”
          So, when you are driving and see your blaze which direction this blaze face?
          For my next BOTG I got perfect hoB and at final spot I hope I will found small blaze that face up to sky and a rainbow.

          • Hi AS,
            “I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f” could mean that the blaze is not facing a specific direction. It’s just standing there and looking every direction.
            — MK

        • MK, I got your point about “it’s just standing there and looking every direction”. In one my BOTG I found one blaze that was visible via GE and it was looking every direction when you stay close to it. It was giant boulder cracked in two peaces in such way that you can enter inside of this stone. Moreover, there was enough big gap between boulder and mountain below – like small cave.
          Thus, any big boulder staying alone actually looking every direction because boulders don’t have “face”. And big flat stone laying on flat mountain is looking up and at the same time every direction.
          So, good luck in your BOTG.

        • In my solve, (unless you have a good telescope or binoculars) you
          would need to be within a few miles of the blaze to see it directly.

      • You maybe right JDA. I have followed your post thinking if someone could see what it is you may be the one.
        I believe that believing is more powerful than anything imaginable. It is the core of our soul, powerless without. I hope this helps in your search. IMO not sure if I broke rules
        Stay safe. Good luck.
        No more comments

        • Thanks Grasshopper. I hope that what I am seeing is what Forrest pictured in his mind as he wrote the poem. I guess that time will tell.

          I to believe that believing is more powerful than anything imaginable – and I do believe in my solve, my team, and in myself.

          Have a GREAT and SAFE day Grasshopper – JDA

      • JDA,
        Affirmative, walk after drive…unless your hidey hole has a drive-thru. 🙂

        • mia;

          Sure wish that it did have a drive-thru, at my age it is getting harder and harder to do the “walkin”. 🙂 JDA

    • Mia, yes things happen for a reason. Sometimes the reason is no more than simple fun, right? I like your incorporation of Fenn’s umbilical “term.” ROFL

      • Joe – For the rest of us, who just resumed The Chase:


        My Double Omega Island, ‘dead center’ in the S curve, could symbolize the umbilical placement and symetry of the Vitruvian Man. But to me, it looks like a still shot of a rotating propeller, from the cockpit, as Forrest flew his Rockwell Commander, or Piper Malibu, past the “teeth” of the Rockies, to my hidey spot. At an altitude 200 feet. Which may just be the same altitude as my closest Google Earth-based topo map view. IMO.

        Did you know the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains are part of the Rockies, Forrest? Did you ever land at the Middle Fork Lodge airstrip on the Salmon River? Did you refuel at the Twin Falls Airport and fly over Shoshone Falls, the “Niagra of the West”?

  57. I am thinking I need to use my imagination . My D’s and F’s Whoa that was the dumbest
    place I would have thought. 1942 Fly water. 12 y/o. small dude. Big growth sprout in
    1943 13 y/o jump start learning. He throws Yellowstone at us like no tomorrow.
    They were building up tourism for 40 years. there was 100’s of thousand’s visitors
    every summer. then the war. It was scheduled to be closed in 1943. but opened
    anyway. it hit rock bottom except military visitors. they were going to keep building
    but we went into recession.
    No serious fly fisher fished at Fishing Bridge. First. Fire hole and Madison, the lakes and creeks. Step over creeks and small streams. any where less crowed. they had there
    secret spots. probably duck creek.. Show the poem to Mr. Child. or Meir or Waters
    they were running the park.
    So Forrest at 12 y/o and our imagination now. I wonder if they missed 1943 and
    stayed home. So the Park started mostly at Mammoth hot springs.
    I think Montana State University has good information but I haven’t checked.
    TTOTC test is being smart is not everything. Look in the dumbest place you can think
    of. IMO there is something in the 1942-1943 era. maybe FF grandfather’s stories would
    give us more knowledge.
    Or maybe WWWH is at the drinking fountain in a public park in New Mexico..
    Or Not.. Or back to Wonderland. Yellowstone. The old faithful area used the Brown
    colors. Isa lake splits the divide. IMO Yellowstone and in the Montana area of it.
    Where a 12 y/o thought was paradise. What it looked like in 1942. They moved the
    bears and beavers around as best they could over the years. AND stopped trying
    to build the whole park with hotels and housing in 1943.
    Maybe its at the arch and the poem is a trip around the park..
    Just Kidding…
    And keep it simple and no bike riding in the snow.
    Only if your solving the poem. HA. HA.
    Or just a Snow Melt Down. For the over aggressive searchers.
    Or a Full color page add for Tourism in New Mexico. He says the poem is real
    and the chest is real. I Believe it. All thought the artist name in the Montana Book
    got me thinking for a minute. You sure you just got that. Never mind.
    So WWWH maybe Mammoth Hot Springs or Not.
    I am stuck on Yellowstone but Google earth sucks.
    Good Luck. Build a snowman.

    • wwwamericana – I think Forrest made a reference to YNP’s historic moniker as “Wonderland”, when he used the suspicious descriptor, “wondrous” in this quote:

      “I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it? You don’t know how many man hours I have spent on that subject. Thanks for the input but I think you should mobilize your club and hit the trail searching for the wondrous treasure. Besides, I’ll probably get hit by a train. When you find the treasure please come sell me the great turquoise and silver bracelet that is in the chest. I wish now that I had kept it.” f

      That “mobilize” word has another S Sharp backwards bike “-iZe in “IT” also. And “input” feels like “put in” from the Poem to me. And I bet you ‘wish now that you had kept “IT”…’, Forrest. To yourself. But now you can’t go back to Baker’s Hole. As you mentioned in the TFTW preface.

      And when you mentioned “club” and “hit the trail”, I wondered if you and Donnie hit golf balls with your clubs to try to land them on my Double Omega Island? After riding your bikes from the Fennhaven Cabins on the Boundary Trail? I know you both were caddies here at the course in Sun Valley, before you left for the Airforce. Was there some kind of a ‘grate’ (that “great” word); how you ‘kept’ (“keep” Poem ref?) the golf balls from affecting your beloved Brown trout in the Madison River?

      And where did the Yellowstone Monida Stagecoach line pick up passengers from the Union Pacific train, back in the day? Is that why you included the “hit by a train” comment?

      And for you, wwwamericana, Google Aubrey Haines, who studied at U of M, and created that great version of Osborne Russell’s book. He was the YNP historian, and wrote another great book about the park.

      All IMO.

    • wwwamericana – I answered my own question! Great historic link. Read the first two pages about Stagecoach and Railroad routes (the link to “Laying Tracks” is at the bottom of the first page):


      I think I drive that former Stagecoach route, when I take a left on Hwy 20 onto Hwy 87, by Henry’s Lake, and then take a right on Hwy 287, to get to Campfire Lodge. If you continue over the Hebgen Dam along the lake, you come to Hwy 191, where you can take a right to get to the town of West Yellowstone and the YNP West Entrance. Cool!

      Like J.H. Sharp wrote about his Stagecoach experience in Taos Canyon,, having a ‘heavy load’ of passengers and luggage makes steep grades and that Madison River crossing, also, strenuous for the horse teams.

    • OMG. I think I know what the poem is. Maybe. OMG that’s wild.
      its going to have to be deciphered. Or the nine clues.
      Well that’s going to take some time. if it’s possible.
      Then put it all together. How . I don’t know how does a posse rear
      end on a Chevy work. I don’t know it just does. That’s a good one.
      Well I got my work cut out for me. But Whoa. nobody has thought
      about that. YET.
      So will it be there waiting if ever comes a time for me.
      Or will it come out now. It will take me a few weeks to see if I
      am able to come up with something. Probably another rabbit hole.
      Maybe not… it’s possible that is what it is.
      nothing to do with the cube thing. not really..
      Stay safe you got plenty of time people.

      • I hope the last clue say the blaze isn’t only know by Forrest.
        If so that’s it. Game Over. Maybe he let it slip some where.
        Not sure yet. got work to do..
        Like I said plenty of time.
        Stay safe.

      • You seem quite confident in “knowing” what “nobody has thought about”.
        Good luck, O omniscient one. As always, IMO. Hah!

        G, I should say something helpful about this hunt. Maybe I already have.

    • Lisa – you mentioned 1943? Even with all the research and training, I’m afraid I’m crashing here. Can’t seem to pin anything down as to why that was important. Perhaps something will ring a bell but until then I’m waiting for the cows to come home. Could you pull up something out of your box of tricks that might help me?

      • Since she’s not going to answer and I said that. Looking threw the book for any thing that stands out. I know he didn’t put the time stamps
        but did he write the caption. He looks more 11 y/o blonde haired.
        1942 fly water. 1943 13 y/o jump start. growth spurt but brown hair.
        I don’t know. it stood out to me.
        Rubik’s cube for people like me with say gneiss creek solve-stay home
        and play computer games. Forrest suggest a Rubik’s cube.
        In researching early Yellowstone they were building it for tourism.
        I read some thing about 2,000 military men to be house near
        henrys lake to cut timber for buildings. didn’t pass. I thought I should
        search for things planned but not built. the tents became tents with wheels. then cabins, railroad additions planed things like that.
        I like the white buses. The boats rides. all Razed.
        Didn’t work out. guy died when Forrest was one.
        but what happen when war ration was to close Yellowstone in
        1943. but they were open and collecting tires and metal.
        didn’t pan out.
        I did get my answer. it is a in the box and out of the box search
        design. Its Forrest fault we are out of the box.
        He hints at both.
        Dal has the answer but don’t know it. he states in on the podcast
        go listen again for the answer. I am not going to tell any one.

        I am working a solve. Its back in the box. I am keeping it to myself.
        just in the chance it is still there. I am not in any hurry.
        Good Luck..

  58. Do y’all think somebody has figured out the clues and located “the right spot” but missed something that should be obvious on site? Forrest has mentioned “the right spot” a few times but his last one that was decoded from Jenny’s book is most interesting to me: “If you are in the right spot something you probably haven’t thought about should be obvious to you.” It doesn’t seem like much help if you’re not “in the right spot” but if you are it might be a big hint right? I wonder why would he say it now? He doesn’t say much these days. Did somebody tell him or comment where they were and they really were “in the right spot” but they missed something so they didn’t know it or find it? They didn’t tarry scant with enough marvel gaze lol. Is someone closer now than “near the right spot” as he implied in Mindy’s email below from Sep 2015? Is someone actually “in the right spot” or “AT the right spot” now? Or is he just giving a hint to whomever might figure most of it out in the future, telling us all now that even if you are “in the right spot” and have figured out the clues in the poem you might still miss something that should be obvious when you are at/in the right spot? Why would he say this now if somebody didn’t find the right spot?

    Mindy: “So no one is looking near the right spot?
    Forrest: “No one is looking AT the right spot”

    “The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot.”

    “If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home.”

    McGarrity: “Will a metal detector help?”
    Fenn: “A metal detector will help you if you’re in exactly the right spot.”

    “If you are in the right spot something you probably haven’t thought about should be obvious to you.”

    • If this thing that we probably haven’t thought about is the blaze then it sounds like the most probably do not know what the blaze could be but upon seeing it then it becomes obvious.

      • Aaron – I agree that the blaze seems like the most obvious solution to this hint, and the one I tend to lean towards.

        However, I also think that it could easily refer to “marvel gaze”. Breathtaking views have a tendency to often take one by surprise while hiking in the mountains, especially when one is “in the wood”.

        • as ff said…my church is in th e mountains…and along the river bottoms…

          but i also believe it is in west yellowstone
          his tromping grounds…!!!!

    • Mark: Could it be kinda like a “railroad crossing look out for the cars” situation?

      • www;

        I remember that one from a riddle book I had when I was 8, and just got my tonsils out…

        Railroad crossing,
        Look out for the cars.
        Can you spell that
        Without any “R’s”?



    • Good observations Mark;

      I especially like this one: “Mindy: “So no one is looking near the right spot?
      Forrest: “No one is looking AT the right spot” This seems to say a LOT!!!

      Message to all – TRY and STAY SAFE out there – JDA

    • Mark in Taos – Thanks for sharing. That was the first that I heard of the deciphered hidden clue in Jenny’s book. It’s an interesting hint that I don’t believe adds anything new to my line of thinking, but I’ll think about it further to see if anything rattles loose.

      Some other (paraphrased) quotes that come to mind concerning the “right spot” are the one about searchers walking right past the home of Brown not realizing how close they were, and the comments about people being within 200-500 feet of the treasure itself. 200 feet is pretty darn close, but I would still say qualify as not quite the “right spot”.

      • Blex. It’s interesting that he said this now imo. It seems either he is saying somebody was at the right spot but missed something that should be obvious or he thinks that whoever does get to the right spot in the future will probably miss something that should be obvious, if the latter is the case I wonder why he feels compelled to tell us that now? Before it was the clues should get easier as you get closer, now it seems even if the clues get easier as you get closer there might be something at the end that you don’t notice, why did he decide to say this now I wonder? In 2014 he said: “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.” Now in 2019 it sounds like he is saying you might be 12′ from the treasure and not think of something that should be obvious. So now he is telling us you could be 12′ from the treasure and not find it. I wonder what changed? I think somebody got there and missed something obvious and he is telling them to look again. I think that is me lol…

        • Mark – I am inclined to think that a number of other comments from f are applicable to what you are talking about here… I am sure some will disagree.

          “use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure”

          “nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.” … “that is why I recently suggested that searchers consider the what ifs.

          “I’m a little bit surprised it hasn’t been found. But there, there’s one thing, there’s one, I think, important thing that nobody has thought about, not on all the blogs, nobody has thought about it. If they had thought about that, they might have found the treasure. And I am very careful not to tell anybody what that thing is. But I have said a number of times, get back in the box, people are looking outside, they are looking so far ahead that they can’t see what is laying in front of them.”

          “The treasure chest is not hard to find “if”; it is difficult to find “if not”.”

          “… people have told me exactly where they were and I recognize that spot and I know that it’s about 200 feet.” … Forrest answered “No, they didn’t give up. They left the poem.”

          This last one has always been interesting to me… got within 200 feet… but left the poem. I personally don’t believe the last 6 or 7 clues are all within 200 feet, so I suspect that a searcher has solved well beyond 2, and even 4 clues, to get within 200 feet.

          Whatever that last clue is, if that is what is holding up the chest being found, it seems to be a bugger with an interesting twist.

          And one more from f…

          “And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself, “what took me so long?”

          • JCM;

            All great quotes. Now if only we could figure out what we are not figuring out haha 🙂 – JDA

          • JCM – Two important excerpts, IMO:

            “nobody has thought about it.”

            “…get back in the box, people are looking outside, they are looking so far ahead that they can’t see what is laying in front of them.”

            Forrest – Oh, now I have been thinking about “IT” in the Poem. That’s 24/7. Especially about Baker’S Hole. But you wrote that quote before early April 2019, didn’t you? Yeah, I guess where Cabin Creek meets the Madison River is pretty “far ahead”, right?

            Are those ‘Anser’ geese, that my fishing librarian friend saw, nesting on my Double Omega Island? Is that what you meant by, “can’t see what is laying in front of them”? Or, do you mean when you rode your bike to Baker’S Hole to swim, and you got out to dry in the hot sun, laying on my Captain Kidd Island, spread eagle, like the Vitruvian Man?

            IMO. Just another imaginary hypothesis of how to read your Cage-y words.

            Ok, what did I mean by that, Forrest? Does it have to do with a B.F. quote and your “secret where” or ‘secret weir’ maybe?

            Quid pro quo, Forrest.

          • JCM – I guess you can’t be blind to see the sign at Baker’S Hole about Brown trout migrating from Hebgen Lake through there, on the way upstream to spawn, just shy of my WWWH at Madison Junction.

            And I just heard a Scot on the Oxford dictionary site pronounce ‘Kype’:

            Many male trout (e.g. Brown trout (Salmo trutta) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)) and salmon develop a kype prior to spawning periods

            “I can keep my secret where,”


          • JCM – Ok, this is also a very. So ‘kype’ would be a secret double entendre, per the Urban dictionary:

            A verb meaning the act of taking another person’s possessions without asking with the intent to give them back eventually.

            Sounds like a plan, Forrest. More giggles.

          • That’s a good list of quotes to chew on JCM.
            I feel like I’m being yanked to the left, then the right and back and forth.

            Ya, Left the poem, does that mean they should have taken a right to stay in the poem?

            OK, where’s the quote about – gate(s) closing or locking behind you – ?

        • Mark, I think you just answered it for yourself. He , IMO, is not talking about the chest. e is not saying you need to do something if at the right. I will put another way.
          If you are in the right spot, and f has passed, how could you let him know?
          He has told us how, couple of times. He has stated it in the book, used the same language in the poem, and has done the same in some ATF’s. That is the secret. His “secret” plan, “I can keep my “secret” where? It is how a smile (of a homely girl) will turn into a ‘grin.
          It seems obvious to me that if you are at the right spot, and have the chest, to ring the bell so f will know. His “secret” plan= burying bells. He can keep his secret where? (secret=bell). If you find the chest, ring my bell so I will know (paraphrasing). IMO, what f is talking about, the one thing searchers have not considered, is the “bell” that he buried there. It has nothing to do with some final thing to do. It is just the thought that the searcher that finds the chest, that has figured it all out, will also have found the bell, so ring it, and let f’s spirit know. (it would be the bell on page 137). (being aloof, I think I’m the only one that knows where that bell is). Lol, not the chest, just the bell. Kidding of course, (I know where both are, ;))

          • PI, IMO something important slipped by in your above post. I don’t know if you intended it or not…. pay attention to the nouns. good luck.

    • Just another Fenn comment that doesn’t help find the treasure IMO.
      If I knew I was in the right spot, I wouldn’t care about anything else.

      • But Jake, what if you are the one that has been “in the right spot [but] something you probably haven’t thought about should be obvious to you.”???

        • Don’t make me think too hard Mark.
          I might think myself out of the box where I’m not comfortable.

          It’s one of those tough statements made by Fenn that may be pointing to what we are all thinkinking as individuals with our own areas or solves.

          I’ll admit it does point to my area or spot but it may do the same for all that think they know the spot and I’m not going to put too much weight into it.

          Why would it be in Jenny’s book to be deciphered (I think Jenny created the cipher and Fenn gave the statement?) and not a complete public statement unless you buy the book and someone like you has to post it here to give it exposure? Maybe he thought of that too.

          I’m on the fence for this one but I have to say it does make us all think as most of his statements do. Throw a rock to tip me to the right “correct” spot.

    • Hi Mark;

      Just a guess, but I think that it has something to do with the line “If you are brave and in the wood.” We all know that “wood” is singular, not plural. Is there a lone pine or fir tree – standing by itself somewhere within our search area? Maybe that lone tree is what we had not thought about before. Just an idea that is probably not worth much – JDA

      • The plural form of wood can also be wood, JDA, so be careful not to discount any of the words/nouns in the poem.

        • Not discounting any – as far as I know – Just using them as Forrest intended – I hope 🙂 JDA

    • I think you did a great job. You didn’t “blab on about the blog.” LOL. I think you did a great job of representing the essence of The Thrill of the Chase!

    • Dal, you were very convincing in the Pod cast, it took almost 23 min. before the actual interview, but these people are very entertaining, what you said made perfect sense and was well presented, all the highlights about the Chase…Great way to spell it out and sell the concept of fun and “Staying Safe”, enjoying good healthy entertainment. Kudos to you.

      TT; PS see you at Fennboree again this year stay safe and look at scrapbook 105 very, very carefully, 106 is the key IMO

  59. Mark,

    Wish I would have put things into proper perspective many, many months ago. However, IMO until you master a couple of trip wires in the poem you would pass on by, just like those in the 500 foot club.

    IMHO Forrest has seen photos and affirmative comment(s) about where Indulgence rests. Your post provides some more great confirmation. That might be enough motivation for some people “who have been within 200 feet” to scoop it up. Yet to me, it continues to be – my ethical dilemma. Perhaps this is a self imposed dilemma or perhaps it was an intentional layer of the Chase. Only Forrest knows.

    He continues to be a very, very fair and impartial benefactor.

    HOWEVER, I believe it was in Jenny’s “Periodic Words” segment that Forrest stated, “Let’s coin a new phrase. You can’t have a “correct solve” unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest. Otherwise you have a “general solve.” What do you think? f (posted )

    I would like to formally AGREE with you Forrest and respectfully ASK you to clearly let the Chase Community know the current status of the Chase.

    Forrest, has anyone provided you with evidence of a “correct solve” according to your own definition posted June 2nd, 2017? (Maybe a respected leader/member can get this answered)

    • EthicalDilemma;

      I am quite sure that Forrest will not answer your question. IF he were to say that he has received a “Correct Solve” everyone who has sent him a recent solve will be hitting the road at break-neck speed, and all He** will break loose.

      If he says, “NO” all those that sent solves will be very disappointed, and some will stop looking, even though they MAY have been fairly close.

      Forrest is in a “No Win” situation, so the only answer is – No Answer – IMHO – JDA

      • Hello JDA,

        In the past Forrest has told us how many clues had been solved and also how close people have been to the chest. I do not see how doing it again at this point would be any different.

        • Beefstew;

          For me, it is a matter of precision. Is Forrest giving a lot away if he says that people have been within 500′ or even 200′? I think not.To me, it gives nothing away. Hundreds of people can think that they have been that close. This comment causes no panic – at least not for me.

          On the other hand, If Forrest says that “Someone” has been within a few feet, basically Forrest is saying that the chase is almost over. It is just a matter of a search or two, and “someone” will find it. To me, this is like yelling “FIRE” in a theater.

          If you are told that the Chase is almost over, won’t you head for the hills at a full run, in hopes that you can beat that “someone” there? I know my heart would beat faster, and if possible, I would make one last trip.

          Hundreds of people would say – “I KNOW it is me”!!! Caution would be thrown to the wind, and people might get hurt or die. I see a stampede like in a western movie.

          Just how I see it – obviously you see it differently. Only Forrest knows how HE sees it – JMO – JDA

          • Thanks for the reply JDA.

            If somebody has been within a few feet and or has solved all of the clues then yes lots of people will probably go searching a bit earlier than they probably would have. I think this happened last year with the “gut feeling” comment.

            There is also a chance that nobody has been closer than 200 feet and nobody has solved beyond 2 clues.

            Most people who are out searching already assume they are the ones who are closest to solving the poem.

            In my way of thinking, of those updates stopped only because somebody is getting close that would seem a bit unfair to that person. To not have the same type of general information at there disposal as people had for years and years in the past.

            On the other hand as I mentioned it is possible that nobody has solved beyond 2 or 3 or 4 clues. It’s also possible the 200 foot barrier has not been breached. If this were the case I’m sure lots of searchers would like to try and hone their solutions before spending time and money on travel. In the past that has been a great advantage for the community.

          • Beefstew;

            You said: “In my way of thinking, if those updates stopped only because somebody is getting close that would seem a bit unfair to that person.” How is this unfair? Forrest has never said that he would give each of us a report card – OK Joe, you are in the wrong state. OK Mary you went down the wrong canyon etc.

            Forrest has been overly generous (as far as I am concerned) in releasing the “General” information that he has released.

            How will it help the “general” search community by saying “OK someone has been within 50′ or 20′?
            Nice to know, but to me, it really helps no one.

            I KNOW where I have been. Were Forrest to say “Someone has been within 20′.”
            What am I to do, retrace last season’s searches – hoping that I now see something that I missed last year? Seems like forcing people to re-play last season, instead of them coming up with a new – better location.

            Who-ever has been within (say) 20′ already KNOWS that they are close, and this person(s) will already fine-tune his/her solve and go back. Why send a couple hundred (or more) people back to areas that they already searched and gave up on? This doesn’t seem like a “help” for the general search community -JMO – JDA

        • Beef, this comment was moderated but I still need to ask you, how many clues do you believe have been solved, and which ones? I ask with the perception of what we, the searchers, would believe “solved” means.
          For us, the searchers, solving a clue is knowing it with surety. To f, it is getting it right. So, I could know nothing about the chase, sitting under some tree, (which just so happens to be wwwh), go on a hike through a nearby canyon, (which is the canyon down), later learned about the chase, and actually solved, in f’s mind, the first two clues.
          But, to us searchers, I would have solved nothing. And know nothing.
          That is why I say, it is quite possible that nobody has solved anything. Not to the respect of what we searchers need. That is why I ask you, what has been solved? For surety? I think that is what a lot of searchers take for granted, the first two clues have been solved, when actually, that is not the case. Not in the eyes of us searchers, because those searchers that f has said solved the first two clues, were just searchers there. They knew nothing. That, to us, is not solving a clue.
          Also, when you say how close searchers have been, you cannot say for 100% surety that he is talking distance. He has never stated that searchers have been a certain distance from the chest. It sounds like he has, and it may be so, but it could also be elevation that he is talking, which could result in miles. The 200′ or 500′ club could mean that very thing. So, even though it is popular belief that searchers have been within those distances, we must be careful to assume what he is saying. And I think your post is too assuming, unless you have the proof, I would love to hear it.
          I’m with JDA, It’s a no answer question. And like Ken has posted, we have been given all we need. F needs to let us just solve the thing, and I believe that’s what he thinks. He has basically done about as much as he can do without actually telling us the answer. The ATF’s, the book, GE, interviews, pictures, and the stories should all be enough by now. It really doesn’t matter what clues have been solved, it’s just the last one that is important, to be solved.

    • That would be a very interesting question and one that would be beneficial for the entire community.

      In the past Forrest has been very up front with how many clues had been solved and how close people have come to the chest. Since he has done so on so a number of occasions there should be no reason not to do it again.

      I agree Ethicaldilemma, that a respected member should ask for a status update. As stated Forrest has done so lots of times in the past so it would just be staying par for the course to answer it again.

      • They were never really “updates” (as phrased in your other post, Beefstew.

        The 2-clues 200-500-feet thing was basically presented once and then repeated (with variations) over and over again. Rather than updates, the repeated retellings seems to indicate a complete lack of any progress since the first mentions.

        So either nothing’s really changed since a handful of early searchers stumbled upon WhereWarmWatersHalt, or ff’s not really been updating.

        2-clues 500-feet goes back to March 2013 at least. So sometime in the first two search summers (2011 and 2012).

        2-clues 200-feet goes back to 2015 at least.

        And as of May 2017 –

        “There weren’t too many people within 200. . .” The Lure screening
        – and –
        “I don’t know that anyone’s been closer than 200 feet, and I don’t think they have.” On the Road with Charlie

        Ask yourself why some searchers solved the first two clues and got within 500 feet early in 2013, and by 2015 searchers solved the first two clues and got within 200 feet?


    • JDA,

      You make some really valid points about why this question will not be answered. And maybe why it should NOT be answered. Yet, Forrest did bring up (out of the blue) the whole “correct solve” and “general solve” discussion. I suppose that it was for a reason that he had in mind. Maybe he reconsidered those labels due to the points that you raise.

      We also know that he cannot and does not read/see every post or every email, nor can anyone assume that they even have an authentic email address to use in contacting him.

      So, I will admit that I was wrong to pose that question. Maybe the answer would turn a few people into full-blown fools and someone would get hurt…or worse.

      Forrest is wise, cunning and strategic in both his silence and his comments. We have to consider the comments and understand the silence.

      • Forrest is wise, cunning and strategic in both his silence and his comments. We have to consider the comments and understand the silence. – Well said – JDA

    • EthicalDilemma – I think “IT’S” Forrest the ‘Quarterback’ vs. me as one of the Kittens with a Big Ball of String again. I’ll go for the Hail Meriam pass.

      “Let’s coin a new phrase. You can’t have a “correct solve” unless you can knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest. Otherwise you have a “general solve.” What do you think? f

      Two Washington Quarters or 50¢ was what it would cost Forrest to take a hot shower at the Union Pacific Station in West Yellowstone. General George Washington boldly crossed the “worth the cold” Delaware, to the opposite shore, to attack the Hessians. A pivotal move (pun intended). To cross the Madison, to the opposite shore, at Baker’S Hole, General Washington in a boat would have to do a Sense-less maneuver, that looks just like the ¢ sign, to avoid my Double Omega Island. That wouldn’t make ‘cents’ to me. Not one bit. Or two.bits. Or four bits. But that would be the proverbial “general solve”, would it not?

      For the “correct solve”, I would land on my Double Omega Island, padding my “brave and in the wood” canoe, and “knowingly go to within several steps of the treasure chest”. To the dot ‘dead center’ of that not very big IsIand, at the pivotal center of my S blaze, which I can see on Google Earth.

      That’s what I think, Forrest. Of that new phrased you “coined”.

      No quarter. The gloves are off.

  60. Red light – green light….. where do we go from here? Perhaps we should just throw a dart up in the air and see where it comes down. Reminds me of that song “Spinning Wheel.”

    We’re all lined up at the starting gate and ready for the race……..
    I got my number, how about y’all?
    Remember – stay in your lane or you might lose the race in the end.

  61. Im trying to find the quote by Mr. Fenn when he talks about following the clues in order. Does he say, the clues are contagious? I think I’m remembering that wrong, any help? Thanks in advance!

    • Here is one of several Birdie:

      Forrest once said, “There are nine clues in the poem, and the clues are in consecutive order. If you want to find the treasure chest – you have my book there – I’ll tell you how to do it. Read the book just normally … the poem and the rest of the book, and then go back and read the poem 6, 8, 10 times – study every line, every word. Then after you do that, read the book again, slowly, with the idea of looking for clues or hints, that are in the book that will help you follow the clues. You can find the chest with just the clues, but there are hints in the book that will help you with the clues.” f

      Hope this helps – JDA

        • So the nine clues (9) are contiguous.. What if your confidents with your clues but there not contiguous???

          • Confident not confidents… Good thing he never said the clues we spelled correctly 🙂

          • “Contiguous” can mean either bordering one another, or simply following each other in a sequence. So I think when Forrest is talking about the clues, he could be referring to either where they are on a map, or where they are in the poem, or both.

          • Hello Spallies. Although Mr. Fenn stated both contiguous and consecutive, with the confidence you feel in regards to understanding the clues, does it read like a road map?

      • But, Birdie asked if the clues were contagious! Not contiguous. Big difference. My response is… Of course the clues are contagious! Look at how many of us now have GOLD FEVER! I’ve got the FEVER. Everywhere I go I’m reminded of the Chase.

        • Hello Slurbs. Birdie did post contagious. May I suggest a couple of Ibuprofenns for your gold fever? 🙂

  62. Some searchers think that Mr. Fenn “created” the subtle hints in TTOTC book. I’m wondering how that jives with his comment, that the subtle hints were “not” deliberately placed to aid the seeker?

    • I also am of the opinion that he is responsible for the hints in the book.
      I think the comment about not being deliberately placed to aid the seeker is simply about placement of the hints — not the hints themselves. At times, I have also considered the possibility that the hints have been deliberately placed so as NOT to aid the seeker, thereby making use of them more difficult. This seems not only possible but probable to me when some clues appear to require information to be extracted from two or more locations in the book in order to make sense of a single clue. Just my opinion.

  63. Beefstew, and EthicalDilemma, u too JDA,
    Listen very closely to what is said at the opening of “The Lure”

    In this comment and the one about the “General solve vs the Correct solve” he actually answers the distinct possibility that someone out there is closer that they, he or she suspect.
    Look at it this way, If the poem is truly linear in concept, truly contiguous and if a solve were propounded/proposed by say a searcher named “Dilemma” yet slightly off, like some searcher had dropped the Di and used only the root definition or “LEMMA” so ff gleamed that he had defined in general many/most clues, not perfectly or necessarily in the correct order, acknowledging “LEMMAS” was actually defined as a subsidiary or intermediate theorem in an argument or proof positive general solution, but did not included the “Di” then he (ff) understood and truthfully answered above and that was clearly intimated in this video. IT was “his..Di’s” general clues/solution and a hypothetically correct one geographically, another words “MR ETHICAL Dilemma” truthfully would suspect a small correction or miss order was put forth by him and ff hinted that to a certain mr. E.D. Yet, as always, FF did not want to give out too much….Does he beat around the bush or is it actually in the bush.

    NOT ALL THE TRUTH..? Now to quote ff “What do you think?”
    Forest often uses hints, just like he would with kids, doesn’t tell you what to think, it is sorta like his father who said on pg 25 TTOTC: “OK son, what have we learned from all of this?” “Well I didn’t have a CLUE about what we’d learned, but was praying thanks to Thor because he was holding my hand and smiling.” My father I mean…. What we’ve learned is that you should always tell the truth, but you should not always tell ALL of the truth.”
    Thanks to Father n Thor, Miss Ford incident is now completely understood.
    Forrest is very good at telling the hint with a message of truth IMO.
    Spoken here too:
    Someone is near but not exactly right and correct at the spot in the WOOD or the grains of wood are not exactly RIGHT …. yet quickly down….right? not NIGH.

    What do you think? OF THIS: Forrest, You said you made two trips from your car to hide the treasure. Besides walking, did you use any other methods of transportation to get back and forth between the car and the hide? Thanks, Edgar

    Edgar, your wording of the question prompts me to pause and wonder if I can answer it candidly, yet correctly. Were all the evidence truly known, and I answered in the positive, you might say I was prevaricating, by some definitions of the word. And if I answered in the negative, you may claim that I was quibbling. So I will stay quiet on that subject. Thanks for the question anyway. f

    Forrest sure floated this one right by us yet told the truth, yall see what I mean? But my pants got brown in the process. Must be those rusty tin cans, Andy Warhol.


    • A decent introduction for anyone who has never before heard of the Chase before, though I was distracted by how the scale of the bricks in the background kept changing throughout the video!

  64. Mark in Taos quoted Forrest saying: “If you are in the right spot something you probably haven’t thought about should be obvious to you.”

    Posters responded by assuming that Forrest’s comment related to the chest.

    In my opinion, his comment that “something … should be obvious to you” relates to something else, not the treasure chest, per se.

    I agree with others that Forrest has been exceedingly generous with his hints. And now I wish he would cease giving out additional hints. We have been given more than enough already.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

    • Ken, Mark’s post IMO tells us a story that not many see in tight focus, but focus on “time” and be wise so that the big “B” shines through.

      Just think that the Tc will be found by going into Co, otherwise the Rainbow and Orion’s Belt make now sense. Where is the little dog in Orions Belt… Now there is a Heavy thought.


      • And with my treasures Bold
        I can keep my secret whEre
        And hint of richesewand oLd
        Begin it wherewarmwatershalT

        Hey look. A Belt. 🙂

    • Sooo agree with you TexasKen, I didn’t think the TC would be found this year, but recent posts changed my mind…. and I am kinda sad at the thought that this game will end.

    • agreed, Ken. Since f’s comments about finding the chest now or 1000 years from now, IMO, there is something that the searcher will find that will somehow, in f’s mind, alert him to that searcher finding his chest. Researching anything that f believes about the afterlife may reveal something. He’s not highly religious, but is spiritual. I think it is the bells, more research may yield something else, who knows, but there is something , IMO.

    • No kidding, Ken (in Texas).

      Every time FF posts anything I cringe. Wish he would remain silent, at least until my BOTG has been completed this year.

  65. Jake, up thread about the “gate” thing, any luck? If it is true f mentioned something about gates or a locked gate, please let it be known. I will check old notes, but I don’t remember a mention of it. Just the searchers that have been to his gate at home.

    Loco, you out there? Have anything on that?

    The only thing I have found is related to “gait” not “gate”. But, knowing f, they could be one in the same. (first line in poem, the first letters of those words). (For me, this leads to the third clue being a gate, 3 gait, but it also could be a distance). Not that anyone would know that, but if Jake has found a comment about gates, I’m interested. Even more so if it points to the third clue.

  66. Hi Guys;

    Well, I am just about ready to head to NM tomorrow morning on vacation – early. Will be gone for about one week. No, this trip has nothing to do with the chase. Have fun, and TRY to STAY SAFE all – 🙂 JDA

    • Hello JDA,

      What part of New Mexico are you going to if you don’t mind me asking?


      • Farmington – Cuba – Albuquerque – Roswell – Las Cruces – Creststone, Co – Gunnison – Prove – home – MAYBE – On vacation, No hard and fast rules – JDA

    • Heck JDA,
      If your going to New Mexico and seeing it is one of the possible states, you should at least put together a simple solve and check it out if you have time.
      You never know what can happen.
      Have fun anyway.

        • JDA as a relatively new searcher I wonder why some are so against New Mexico. It seems those against the possibility are REALLY against it. What’s the history on that, if you don’t mind explaining. Just curious.

        • There would only be one place in NM that I would search only because TTOTC and that is Taos, not at the top but in and around where Fenn dusted the weeds with his friends ashes.
          The way I think is if your going to be there anyway then you should make time for a hike seeing your on vacation.

          Seems like you went on 28 vacations in the last 4 years anyway.

          • Hi Jake;

            NM is not small – Just like Montana is not a small state. Sure, Taos on a map looks like a neat (and easy) place to go. In reality, zeroing in on one specific area around Taos would be the true needle in a haystack. Why expend the effort. Your success in Montana has been the same as mine in Wyoming – That is the Chase.

            Continue having your yearly vacatrion(s) in Montana, and I will continue to narrow my search area in Wyoming.

            Thanks for the advice though. Have a GREAT day Jake – JDA

          • OK JDA,
            I guess my plan was foiled. I tried to get you to look in a area where the treasure is not and failed. I don’t want you to go back to your area in Wyoming in fear you will find the treasure.

            Until next time….

          • Well Jake;
            I doubt that that was your plan – but it sounds good. You have never believed that it was in Wyoming, and you have never thought that I would find it there – But that is Okay. I have never thought that it was in Montana, and I have never been worried about you finding it there – So we are even.

            Have a good one Jake 🙂 JDA

          • OK -when I first started the search – the first week I thought that it was around Anaconda Montana – Sorry, I forgot – JDA

          • Thanks Mark,
            I’m sure they will taste better than my hat.
            Just because I don’t search there doesn’t mean it can’t be there.
            If I were going to go there though I would at least come up with a “general solve” that may turn into a “correct solve”.
            You never know till you go and plan and observe.
            At the very least it would be a great vacation in the land of enchantment and is on my bucket list as I JDA’s.

          • JDA, you are wrong about that. Then again, that is YOUR dead ends, correct, So I guess you are not wrong, it’s just the places you have looked in that area are dead ends. The correct area in that …. area, does not have that problem.
            Aaron, sorry to butt in, but yes for me in that area. It’s where the chest is, so of course I’m there. :). Actually, that is WWWH, IMO. Anaconda Montana.

    • Have a great trip. If I went to NM I would hope to time it with Fennboree so I could hopefully meet Forrest. Aside from that I would want to see the subject of Eric Sloane’s first Masonite painting. In my early chase days I really wondered if that was the home of brown simply because it was tied to Eric Sloane’s start as a big painter. It also ties Robert Redford and Forrest Fenn together in Eric’s book Eighty.

      Otherwise have a safe and fun trip! The travel kind of trip, I did the other kind yesterday and I am grateful to be alive (saved by a thin safety gate on the top of my basement stairs).

    • JDA. I hope you have a great time there. If you visit Santa Fe And I hope you do. Check out Canyon st and this great little old church in old town area.
      I have been there it was one of the best things I have done in a long time. If you are brave you may give Mr. Fenn a shoot he lives close by. I hope to see him at Fennboree for the first time if he is there. In all I hope you have a great trip.
      I for one am looking forward to Fennboree.
      I have never been to one. Enjoy yourself on your vacation. I am hoping for one soon it’s been one long year on this end.

      • Thanks Grasshopper.

        Yes, I have been to Canyon Street – It is Great. Much of Santa Fe is beautiful. I love the architecture.

        I too will wait for Fenboree to meet Forrest.

        To all – TRY to STAY SAFE, and I will too – JDA

    • Love that state. Has nothing to do with the chase.

      Three of my favorite spots:

      El Morro National Monument
      Gila National Forest
      Carlsbad Caverns

      Enjoy yourself.

      – TH

  67. I really think I have finally figured out exactly where the treasure is, seriously, I am like 99% sure of it. I will be going to get it soon. You probably wonder why if I am so sure I am not going to get it right now this minute. It’s because I love this feeling of being 99% sure about finding it and I don’t like that feeling when the 1% becomes reality and I don’t find it so I am going to enjoy this 99% feeling of absolutely knowing I know where it is for a while lol…

    • Just remember it’s The Thrill of the Chase. Not The Thrill of Thinking About the Chase. Though I believe there is a Far Side comic on that.

    • Mark

      If the knowledge of knowing where the treasure is becomes too much of a burden for you, I’ll be here if you ever wanna free yourself and take that weight off your shoulders. 🙂

    • I’m in the same boat as you. The feeling is addicting. I’ll in my solve area at the very end of this month. Last time I went there was still snow on the ground. It’s all gone now. 😉

    • No one can be 100% sure of anything except for shedding our shell at the end of this life journey as we know it.
      The 1% has a way of being 100% in this chase game.
      Nice to dream anyway.

      • You know Jake. I’m no wizard but the older I get the more I respect the 99% and look forward to just that. If we miss the 1% along the way o well 99 is better then 0. As I have said if 100% is not good enough then why bother trying. G only knows that what we leave behind is more important then what we try to take. So don’t shoot yourself down for winning the 99%. There really is one goal only in this as you call the Chase. The solve.
        That’s it whether it be your journey or the Chest. Maybe your like most looking for those answers in that box.
        There not there. That makes the box worthless. Find another reason for solving this quest. There’s plenty out there. This forum is s great spot. Odds and ends. Has nothing to do with the solve. It’s just life and how we can make the best of it. You and many may take this differently. And I respect that and do not what to challenge that. There is no point. So this is only my opinion and it is sent for good ententions only.
        Sometimes I just have to vent over the odds and ends.

    • We’ve all heard that springtime vision many times before MIT.
      I’ve written similar soliloquies myself and then hit “cancel reply” before posting.
      Good luck to you sir.

  68. I have to intrude on the warm fuzzies. I’ve read a few threads elsewhere regarding Forrest saying that hoB has nothing to do with Brown Trout. Was that issue ever really resolved? (whether he said that or not). I’ve even seen it attributed to diggingypsy. I searched the hoB threads through 2017 and found no reference to it. I could have missed it. Anyone care to enlighten me? Thanks, mBG

    • MBG

      I have read that before as well but don’t remember where or it’s validity. I wish that I could help you in some way, But,
      I can not help you whatsoever as for I am completely oblivious to what’s going on around here.

      I would ask JDA or Jake Faulker, they have enormous informational wealth.


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