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  1. The roman numerals VI, VII, and VIII are flawed (the I’s are on the wrong side of the V’s) – don’t know if that’s a lead or an accident. The hour and minute hands are also not in sync, they’d never share that placement.

    S’all I got.

  2. The numbers in the upper right say, “the hands of time move forward never back” (1=a , 2=b, etc.)

  3. The numbers on top are a simple letter/number substitution and spell out:
    The Hands of Time Move Forward Never Back

  4. There are two phrases that hint at Forrest Fenn’s poem:
    “In a place of riches new and old” (“and hint of riches new and old”)

    “You can discover the secret where” (“I can keep my secret where”)

    Just a nod to FF?

  5. So, if the numbers convert to “The hands of time move forward never back”
    Then, the 2 little white hands pointing to the clock may lead somewhere.
    In clockwise order, the first little white hand is pointing to the 16th space and the second little white hand is pointing to the 53rd space.
    Put them together and get, 1653. Could this mean the year 1653?

    The little red birds beak is pointing to the 25th space, and another little red bird is in lower right corner where the STONE is secreted in some leaves.
    Can the area where the stone is hidden have to do with a 25th something?

    There is a leaf pointing to the 37th space on clock.
    The stone is hidden is some leaves.

    The clock hands read 3:03 roughly.
    The red X’s are in spaces 1,12,22,27,36,40,47 and 51.
    The mouse’s nose is pointing to the 7th space and it’s tail is pointing to the 9th space.

    • Another way the clock hands can be interpreted is instead of 3:03 it could be 3 and 18 or 318.
      The big hand is pointing to the 3rd space on clock and the little hand is pointing to the 18th space on clock.

  6. Didn’t get anywhere with this line of thinking, but I was going with the intervals of 5 spaces on the clock being a Bacon cipher. The blank spaces are A and the xs (and possibly the other spaces with things pointing to them) are B. And since the hands of time always go forward, I, II, III, IIII, IX, X, XI, XII are to be read clockwise, but the others are counter clockwise since the numbers are backwards. To go forwards, you’d have to go in the direction of VI for instance, not IV.

    Sounds good! But didn’t get anything meaningful.

  7. I also tried to force the solution. I’m pretty sure it’s New England judging by the number of black oak leaves on the ground in the video. So tried to use Google Maps to check out every AT parking lot to see if it matched up. Nada.

    • I’d focus on NH since it’s the ninth state of the union and this is FFGM #9. Probably a reach, but who knows.

  8. In MA there is a Blackstone (the ‘stone’ in the corner is black) and a Hop Brook this and that. But they are nowhere near the AT.

    • There is also a cardinal bird over the stone or (redbird). REDSTONE Granite Quarry in New Hampshire.

    • Wow, I forgot about that rhyme, good job.
      The hickory could have something to do with barbecue, smoke, wood.
      The dock could have something to do with a marina or boats.

      All very interesting.

  9. I’m new to this hunt forum but find it very interesting and exciting. For clarification does the hunt number correlate with the valley map ? ie. Hunt #9 and #9 on the valley map the James River valley.

    • Hi Mark! And Welcome….No, the map numbers do NOT connect…. The map is only used to show where the Medallions could be hidden —in the shaded areas—..please ignore all else… best of luck!

      • Thanks Jenny for the info, by chance did you see my email or comment on the MR. Beil’s website defaulting to an SQL error ? Any help on being able to register with his site would be greatly appreciated.

        • I know he has been updating his site, and many people are having issues not only registering, but everything else. I will see when he feels it all might be done though….. and get back to you…

  10. Every time I think I’ve figured it out, I can’t find any lot that matches the video. Nothing paved, that size, with a road near it that has no lines painted, etc.

    • Hi Lisa, No…. keep looking…. It’s still out there….. Next one, and last in this first series of FFGM Treasure Hunts will be posted May 22– whether this one is found or not…but it should be… there aren’t any difficult ciphers needed to solve for the location….

      • Jenny – Thanks! But that “secret where” part reminds me of Forrest’s version of this quote:

        “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”
        – Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac

        And then there is that CLOCK, like in that treasure movie with Nicholas Cage.

  11. Two things:

    1) 8 red x’s -> X8 -> Exit ??
    2) We can get the hands to be in synch if we rotate the clock face a couple clicks clockwise. It would be as if the clock were hung on the wall crookedly but the time would be 3 o/clock. (code in upper right says hands cannot move backward, but it says nothing of moving the clock face) Also the right angle of the hands as they are, relative to each other, occurs only at 3 o’clock at the top of any hour. (that angle occurs more often, but none of these other occurrences is at the top of an hour except 3.) And I am thinking the mouse/hickory dickory dock tells us the clock is striking the top of an hour.

    Not sure where this leads…..

  12. No hint yet please. I’m still making progress. Could be coincidence but i think i found the state.

  13. I’m thinking White Mountain NF in New Hampshire.
    Possibly Franconia Notch SP in the area of Old Man of the Mountain.

    The White hands pointing to clock=White Mountain NF.
    What I thought was a mouse may be a Hampster=Hampshire.

    The red bird is possibly a Cardinal?

    I can’t let go of idea about 2 White hands pointing to clock at space 16 and space 53. Put together is 1653. Year 1653?

    Could the Red Ribbon above “In a place of riches new and old” have any meaning?

    New and Old = New England or New Hampshire.

    Why is there references to both a White Stone and a Black Stone?

    I’m clueless on Hop, Skip, Jump.

    “Clues this time of a different kind”
    Jenny says upthread, “There aren’t any difficult ciphers”
    So, why is this so hard?

  14. Here’s a solution for your amusement. It fits perfectly.

    “Hop, skip, or a jump.”
    Jump Hill Preserve in CT.

    “Hands of time move forward, never back.”
    If you travel where time is moving forward, it means you’re going east. Jump Hill is in Easton, CT.

    The word Stone in black type.
    Jump HIll is on Black Rock Blvd.

    “Clues this time are a different find, but lead to FFGM #9”
    The Jump Hill trail system was recently connected to another series of trails, giving about 18 miles of trails in total. This clue describes Jump Hill, but that’s not where it is. You have to follow the trails to another parking lot.

    The border around the clue is red.
    Some of the trails are in Redding.

    The clock has numbers that are opposite what they should be.
    Some of the trails are in Weston, instead of Easton.

    So, I say this solution is for your amusement because there’s just one problem. Easton CT is nowhere near the Appalachian Valley! I spent way too much time on this solution before actually checking it on a map.

    • SD
      I’d love it if this was right, I only live a hop skip jump away from there!

  15. Personally I don’t like hints unless I’ve given up. I used to have a German teacher in high school that all the kids found really frustrating. She would ask you how to say a phrase, and as you were formulating it, she would blurt out the answer.

    I think Jennie should wait until the next clue is released. I’d rather the race be between people, not against a clock (no pun intended). That’s just me, of course.

  16. Oh I’m so sorry, I didn’t see these opinions on hints until just now— when I came here to post a hint….lol……and I have already announced on my FB page I would be giving a hint… so I feel I must— (because many over there are expecting and waiting patiently for one)…. However, please know it will only help focus on what has been seen already…….

    The Hint for FFGM #9 Treasure Hunt:

    You’ve got X marks the spot
    What more could you ask?
    And also one full minute
    To complete that first task.

  17. Lots of excellent solutions are popping up here. Here’s mine that turned out to be a dud.

    The red-x code is 1,12,22,27,36,40,47, and 51. Taking the 1st, 12th…words in the poem above gives the phrase, “IN RESTS PAVED SEE JUMP DISCOVER CLUES”.

    I did a recon today to Jenny Jump State Forest in New Jersey. The bird is pointing at the number 25, so I searched primarily around what would have been campsite 25, but it doesn’t exist. The campsite map goes 22, 23….then 26,27 with a small parking area on google satellite where 25 would have been, but it can’t be seen easily. On the ground it was just a dirt spot with no pavement, here’s a photo in case anyone’s solution pointed to Jenny Jump:


    There are also roughly 37 campsites at Jenny Jump, and the “weeds” point towards the number 37. This was my perfect solution, but it’s back to the drawing board.

    • The red X is X Marks the Spot. I believe the 8Xs represent the 8 that have already been found.

  18. I give up!
    I’m goin back to Forrest’s puzzle!
    Jenny should be working for NASA or the CIA or something!

  19. I didn’t know there was a FB page. There are over 130 comments. Some theories are way out there. But some seem plausible.

    So…here are a couple of things I picked up.

    If you start at the top of the clock and count spaces, ABC etc., then start back at A when you get to the end, the white hands point to PA.

    If you do the same thing, but start at the position of the minute hand, you get NY.

    This one I figured out: If you take the clock hands and move them forward as a unit, there are two places where they are both pointing at red Xs: 33 spaces forward and 9 spaces forward. Then if you count 9 and 33 from the end of the Hands of Time sentence, you get NH.

    So it could be any of three states. Personally, I’m leaning towards PA.

    • SD
      That’s all super interesting.
      I’m thinkin it’s somewhere North of Santa Fe because, NO I’m only kidding!
      I do think it’s somewhere in northern New England most likely New Hampshire cause the previous 8 hunts had a pattern leading Northward and the 8th stone was found in Vermont.

  20. Oh, also from the FB page: the clock with the weird numbers is a sundial. There’s a picture there that shows a standard sundial and it has IIII for the number four, and reversed letters for the VI VII and VIII.

  21. OK, I had a momentary lapse of sanity, I’m feeling better now.

    So, Jenny gave us a hint upthread:

    You’ve got X marks the spot
    What more could you ask?
    And also one full minute
    To complete that first task.

    Here’s what I’m thinking, the first task has something to do with all the red X’s. Starting at the first space with the red X or the “One Full Minute.”
    That’s all I got, no clue what happens next. 🙁

    • SD

      Check out Lafayette campground at Franconia Notch, the Appalachian trail comes out right there. The parking areas across the highway look promising but can’t get a good view from google. There are so many possibilities around that area.

      • I looked at it. So…see if everyone agrees, but when I look at the video of Jenny planting it, I see a few things.
        1. The road next to the parking lot looks like there are no painted lines.
        2. It looks like the land on the far side of the road is sloping up. It also looks like the land at the right side of the lot is sloping up as well, like the road is running in a little valley.
        3. There’s a strip of grass bordering the road.
        4. It looks like there’s an exit off the road that you can just see on the other side with grass in the middle.
        5. Jenny is planting in the corner nearest the road. BUT the poem says it is planted in a back corner. Which would mean the exit to the parking lot is not off the road we see. There must be another road you turn on off the main road, and then into the parking lot.

        Also there aren’t many trees in the corner where Jenny is planting.

        So these are all things to consider when using Google Maps.

        • SD

          I agree. I think parking lot runs parallel with road.
          Also, it may be at a rest area. Line in poem reads, “ The white stone RESTS to claim the gold.”

  22. I’m thining it’s lake George area southeast corner of Adirondack park. Route 9 leads right to it and it’s a hop skip and jump away from last find. They have old battle recreations. The ribbon in the puzzle looks just like the rotary, southern part of lake George. Can’t figure out what the clock/sundial have to do with the area. Maybe someone can help.

  23. The red X’s fall on the numbers 1-12-22-27-36-40-47-51. But if we don’t count the #1 red x as it is behind the second hand, and the hands of time move forward never back, the first red x is actually #61. Counting the letters in the poem you get IDHOELTR – DIRT HOLE.

    Googling dirt hole does not come up with a location in NY, PA, NJ etc. and most Google results are for “dirt hole set'” a form of trapping. The mouse may have something to do with trap or there may be a quarry near the location.

    Could also just be a coincidence but thought I’d share in case it jogs something loose for someone else.

    • Jenny’s new clue mentions Rabbit Hole (Dirthole). I did some research and some call quarry holes rabbit holes. The bird in the corner over stone could stand for Redstone. Redstone Granite Quarry in New Hampshire. It’s off of route 302 near the Appalachian Trail.

  24. I posted this on the FB page because the clock style/type was being talked about……. and thought I should share it here too—

    I don’t want anyone going down to deep of rabbit holes….so let me say this—. the clock type/style is not a clue….. Great thoughts though….and I will keep all these in mind for other hunts…

    • Jenny

      You say the clock type/style is not a clue, but does that refer to the Roman numerals that are misspelled?

      For instance:
      IIiI should be IV
      IV should be VI
      IIV should be VII
      IIIV should be VIII

  25. I think its WHITE ROCK NEW MEXICO . The sign with trees around, near the secret city Los-Alamos WHERE discoveries are made

  26. Hey Jenny

    By any chance, does your car have a “This car climbed Mt Washington” bumper sticker on it? 🙂

  27. Alrighty then,
    A second clue reads, “A Treasure’s Trove First see
    with 58712643”

    Why is Treasure’s, Trove, and First capitalized?

    On first clue upthread, Jenny says, “please know it will only help focus on what has been seen already”

    The word First has been used in both clues, first task and First see. (SEEN)

    Could the numbers “58712643” have something to do with the Roman numerals? There is a red X near the numbers 5(V), 8(IIIV), 7(IIV),12(XII), not really 6(IV), 4(IIII), not really 3(III)

    See and three(3) rhyme.

    Matching the numbers 58712643 to the Words In first line of poem:
    “riches old and in a new of place”
    Matching the numbers 58712643 to the letters in first line of poem:
    “LECINAPA” = “IN A PLACE”, That is a remarkable coincidence.

      • There are 8 red X’s
        58712643 = 8 digits
        Matching 58712643 to red X’s by alphabet starting at first minute = JYUALNAV

  28. Jericho lake state park NH looks interesting.
    I didn’t see anything around Redstone.

  29. So, if the previous hunts have something to do with the 8 red X’s and the code 58712643, then maybe they have something to do with the locations of the previous 8 hunts.

    This is what I got from looking at the solves.

    Hunt 1 – Lost mountain trail, Sky Meadows State Park, Virginia
    Hunt 2 – Bear Mountain State Park, New York
    Hunt 3 – Rest Area, Tennessee
    Hunt 4 – Ascalon Trailhead, Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia
    Hunt 5 – Arcadia Boat Launch, Virginia
    Hunt 6 – Glen Onoko Falls Trailhead, Pennsylvania
    Hunt 7 – General Store, Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania
    Hunt 8 – Emerald Lake State Park, Vermont

    It seems that State Parks are the particular area for hiding the stones and the Appalachian trail is near to some.

  30. Cardinal is NC state bird.

    Nantahala SP (Murphy) was where the Treasure’s Trove butterfly jewel was found.

    Don’t think any of the eight coins have been found in NC yet. V

    • Fantastic sleuthing Matt!
      Many possibilities around that area.
      There’s a Hickory as well, for mouse rhyme.

      I looked at the Treasure’s Trove jewels and locations.
      The Grasshopper was in James Baird SP New York.
      That’s just a Hop Skip Jump away from Bear Mountain SP where FFGM #2 was found.
      So many possibilities.

      • The Great Smokies and the area in and around Newfound Gap looks interesting, trailheads and parking pullouts galore, and the Appalachian trail is right there.

      • I thought about that too. Still wondering with Treasure’s Trove First means. The Dragonfly was the first found and was at Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania. But the Spider was the first one listed on Jenny’s write up which was in Prickett’s Fort State Park, West Virginia.

        And then the Butterfly is specifically mentioned in her blog post.

        None of the jewels have 8 letters, but if the Xs on the clock translate into BUTERFLY, that would be close enough. Is there anything about the butterfly that could be considered a First?

  31. “In a place of riches new and old”
    Could this mean, New and Old Testament, meaning-The Bible Belt?
    Bible Belt states- North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama.

  32. State Birds.

    West Virginia= Northern Cardinal
    Virginia= Cardinal
    Kentucky= Northern Cardinal
    North Carolina= Cardinal

    I got excited about North Carolina until I looked up state birds for VA, KY, WV.

    I think the Cardinal has something to do with one of these 4 states.

  33. Jenny,

    I wonder if you could double-check the clue? I got something that is just one letter off from the name of a park. I did notice a typo on two of your other clues, so I just wondered if you could check it. If there is a typo, it might explain why nobody has been able to solve it.


  34. FFGM #10 was posted earlier today on MW, and successfully claimed! Congrats to Amy S (and family!)….. (more coming soon)

    So this means FFGM #9 is the only one left to solve/claim from the first series! Best of luck to all!

  35. 58712643 Puts the lines in order to spell “Treasure.”

    I.e., the put the first line of the poem 5th, put the second line 8th, put the third line 7th, put the fourth line, 1st; then, the bolded letters will be in the order to spell “Treasure.” I then shifted the lines horizontally, so that “Treasure” was spelled down in a line. It did not help. I found nothing.

    Also, the x’s are on ALVAJNUY on the clock, and with the poem in its original order, you can actually spell that too. I shifted the original lines to get ALVAJNUY in a line, and, got…nothing.

    I counted shifts of the first letter in each line relative to the red x at the beginning of original line 8. Still got nothing.

    The other minutes marked (with the hands, clock hands, mouse and bird and plant) land on CGIPRKYA, which very nearly, but not quite anagrams to CITY PARK.

  36. So here are some random things I’ve noticed on this puzzle. I must admit that I’m only casually following along and some of this may have been quite possibly picked up on and I missed it but….

    First, I think that the cardinal has to do with cardinal point, as in point of prominence, rather than the bird itself. If true most likely the starting point of where our clock hands need to move forward to but there’s also the chance that they land there as an ending point as well.

    Next observation is that there are 8 red xs and 8 highlighted letters, one per Iine of the poem. Jenny gives us the second clue and it’s the numbers 1-8 scrambled. The highlighted letters are S E R T R U A E or the word TREASURE itself. When you put the letters in the order Jenny gives it becomes R E A S E U T E.

    I’m thinking that each one of these letters pairs up with an x on the clock. And when we figure out the correct method, it may turn into a helpful phrase, maybe the whole word that the highlighted letter is from somehow gets placed on the clock, although I tend to think it’s just letters.

    My last thoughts go to the obvious, the hands must refer to movement of the hands of the clock. Perhaps a clue to a resting point or a reference to the spacing of them as they are moved. Which one corresponds with the hour and minute hand is anyone’s guess. I think that the blade of grass and the red eye of the mouse that both occupy spaces on the clock face must be specific points of reference as well.

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