Forrest Gets Mail – 21

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A dear friend sent me an email today to announce the birth of a grandchild. She sounded like she had just won the lotto.
Here is part of that email. Maybe there will be a rush of treasure hunters across our northern border. What do you think? f

Forrest, guess what…here in Canada someone heard your poem/treasure story and they formed a company that hid 3 treasures in 3 cities and wrote a poem for each city/treasure. One in Vancouver, British Columbia, one in Edmonton, Alberta and one in Calgary, Alberta. Each treasure chest is worth approximately $100,000. They had several writers/poets who wrote the clues for each of the three poems. They are selling the poems for each city, $25 each or $45 each with bonus clues. They were hoping that the sales for the poems would offset the initial treasures combined total of $300,000 in gold and silver Canadian coins. The poems were released on June 1, 2019. As of June 2 the Edmonton treasure had been discovered.

I’d say they might should have just asked for your poem/clue writing abilities in order to elude their treasures searchers a touch longer. At least it got people out of there house for a day, perhaps the other two cities will be slightly more challenging but I believe neither will outlast yours!!

Have a wonderful day,





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    • Oops, correction, I am actually closer to Calgary..I don’t read very good.

        • I will have to think around my space on that word for a minute or more .

      • Vancouver and Calgary are not found yet. You can still buy and participate.

        • Too much going on this week to do anything with the chase let alone join in on a new chase. I think we all just need to get a taste. I wish you and your brother good luck though!

 (It Only Takes A Taste – Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz) — Odd song that reminds me of Forrest and his Totem Caper.

        • Vancouver was just found too. Details of and locations are coming out tomorrow. I didn’t get a chance to search. Last night they gave a big clue-not in a park! That was huge, busted my solve. So today I re-thought .

          I came up with:

          Strathcona Community Garden
          Habitat Island.

          Most of the chatter on social media was the bulk of searchers are looking in Kerrisdale area.

          We’ll know the where’s of all 3 tomorrow.

  1. I do believe they should have had you write the poems;1 day, that’s ridiculous!

    Miss you Forrest!

      • Junlecruzr – Funny blog name:


        Did you write?:

        “Forrest would have had to rush it.”

        Like, we could have tried to ‘rush’ “IT”, maybe?

        Soooo much deep, marshy water, with tall ‘rushes’ blocking our way, to go the way I think Forrest did, to get to my hidey spot.

        This ‘Nelika’ email quote is suspicious, also:

        “I’d say they might should have just asked for your poem/clue writing abilities in order to elude their treasures searchers a touch longer.”


        ‘Eye•d’ (lower S curve Omega to the Eye route reference?)..’might’ (I was weak, Forrest, from emaciating hunger)…’E•lewd’…treasueS…searcherS…A touch…longer.

        Where is my Star-nosed mole Search Buddy? Please touch. We are responsible. You are, Bubba. And I am, too. Just heard someone call their dog your nickname on a trail hike here. Too funny.

        But the anticipation of how this story will turn out is literally killing me! Won’t you and Shiloh just please meet me at SUN, with a rented plane, and we could do the ‘brave and in the wood’ thing, at Baker’S Hole? I don’t care about “title to the gold”. I already know the Oscar winning movie will be appropriately called:

        “The Thrill of the Chase”

        Where the treasure lies.

        All IMO.

        Huge Giggles.

        • And this Sunday is Father’s Day. We could borrow the canoe from Jim at Campfire Lodge, have him cook us a nice breakfast, then put in, outside the park boundary, at Baker’S Hole. I know where to land that canoe, on the opposite shore. We could bring a Sunday afternoon picnic!

          You two be Lewis & Clark, at the O.R.S., and I ‘Will’ be Sacagawea.

          Perfect. IMO.

          • Correction: At the O.A.R.S.

            Even better. F•row•n, upside down, from the Smile. Alpha to Omega. The “lead dog” in front.


            Forrest could say to Shiloh, “Go in, Peace!”

            Hence the name.

            More Giggles.

            What do you think, Douglas Preston? Would that be a ‘wonder•ful’ ending, or what?

  2. she sounded like she just won the lot to what?

    congrats nelika


  3. Congrats on the new arrival Nelika!

    So why is it that I must go, eh?
    And leave my trove to be found in a day…

  4. Thanks Nelika, dal and Mr. Fenn,
    No better joy than a new born baby, congratulations.

    • I’m sure if Forrest gave us the city it was in, the chase would be much easier too. Let’s not compare apples to the national championship. 🙂 hope everyone is ready this year. Almost….the right… Moment. God bless.

  5. Alberta does have Lake Louise and some of the most spectacular Rockies…..,_Alberta

    Spectacular does not do that place justice, in 2011 it was a prime suspect ,,,but our map does not go “up” that far, in Too Far.

    What seem so simple a poem has eluded me for 9 years, I once considered Lake Louise, but that is just Too Far to walk, and besides my mom won’t let me cross that street, where those Border Line Biddies live, you know ones like Miss Ford, the one with Andy Warhol overtones in scrapbook 105, what is 105? A longitude plus one, maybe 106 some kinda blazing work of art? I am just gonna stay home. The border is a crack on the map, step on a crack, you will break what?

    Forrest really is an artist, but his best expressions of art are are in casting, welding, brazing and metal work, cause sculpting with willows and yucca leaves well, pinon needles, leaves something to be desired.


  6. I am working on the Vancouver one with my brothers. One lives in Vancouver. I have a location figured out , maybe. He’s going to search it tomorrow. Then on Saturday all three of us will be searching the area. Two of us are in Victoria. Fun stuff and really hurts my brain trying to figure it out. There’s two poems. One with the map of general area and another poem with 5 clues. You can buy just the map with that poem and for 10 bucks more you get the second poem with 5 clues. Just 55 bucks. I saw the announcement on the news but wasn’t going to participate. But then my brother called me and asked me to help.

    Not too dissimilar to FF’s. Man my brain hurts!!

    • He’s going to search it on Friday, not tomorrow I meant to say. That is if it’s still not found.

    • Allset –

      May I give you some advice?
      You are going to use a technique or a few of them to solve the clues in the VC poem. You will readily solve those clues I have no doubt whatsoever.

      Here is the tricky part.

      Use the exact same technique to solve The Thrill of the Chase.

  7. My friend Bart sent me an e-mail about that treasure hunt about two weeks ago and suggested I try for that easy money.

    I took a look at the webpage to see who is behind that treasure hunt. I could not find a person or a corporation responsible for it. Maybe I was just not looking hard enough.

    They wanted $25 or $50 (depending which package of clues and maps you want to order) to register for the treasure hunt.

    So somebody put $300K (CAD) on the line for a totally crappy treasure hunt expecting to recoup that money from entry fees and no marketing at all.

    It looked like a fraud to me and it still does.

  8. A submission from Italy says the name Nelika means “Gift of god” and is of Unknown origin.

    It is fascinating to me the different meanings that can hide in a word. I recently learned that my wife is a descendent of an Indian Princess. That seems to make her and my daughters all princesses. I call them all that on occasion for different reasons and they are none the wiser.

    If someone is to receive a “Gift from God” that seems to mean a higher hand is involved. Has someone been reciting the Lord’s Prayer?

    • Dampened Myth – There, but by the Grace of God, went Forrest:

      Beautiful poem, Nelika. Such a heart warming and appropriate gift.

      And Dan Brown would have a field day with that 1755 time stamp, Forrest. His “Book of Symbols” was awesome. And I, for one, am delighted you are here with us after such a terrifying experience in Vietnam. I feel blessed to have made your acquaintance on The Chase.

      • Dampened Myth – And ‘Nelika’ means ‘Blue Eyes’ in Indian.

        Did you know that the Mountain Pine Beetle and a fungus work together to kill Ponderosa Pines? The wood from the infected trees have a distinctive blue stain.

        If there is a fire, like the 1988 YNP fire, my hidey spot Smiley Face will have a black eye. If the MPB’s meet their blue meanie fungi, and are successful, the eye will be blueish.

        “Into the breach, dear meanies!” – The Beatles, “Yellow Submarine”

      • Dampened Myth – Correction: “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. From a review of that book:

        Though his books tend to focus on complex symbolism and exciting plot twists, Brown likens them to the treasure hunts his math-teacher father arranged for him and his siblings when they were growing up.

        “On Christmas morning, when we were little kids, he would create treasure hunts through the house with different limericks or mathematical puzzles that led us to the next clue,” Brown tells Robert Siegel. “And so, for me, at a young age, treasure hunts were always exciting.”

        I hope Dan Brown is not on The Chase.

        Smile turned upside down is a Frown.

        • Dampened Myth – That was:


          So you better B•row•n after Forrest to beat him across “IT” to the bronze chest, Dan!

          Giggles. Where is Harlequin Lake, btw?

        • I love that the father would make treasure hunts for his kids!

          I remember Forrest saying one time who he imagined would be the best person or family to find his treasure.

          “A family that is joined together and gone out lookin’ for the treasure four or five or ten or 50 times. Take a tent and sleeping bags and fishing pole and go out looking. That was my primary motive.”

          I like how he said that. It’s fun to imagine perhaps some family will go out together and actually find this thing.

        • I don’t consider Dan Brown or Doug Preston seriously
          competitive rivals in this hunt. But I wish them good luck
          in life.


  9. When I first saw it a couple weeks ago I thought the same about it being a fraud. Then in the first 12 hours Edmonton was found. I saw the family interview that found it . They can’t say by agreement to not say where and how to keep the hunt creators methods secret until all three are found. I then though perhaps that was a gig. Have one city find it to give legitimacy and boost sales and participation for the other two that wold never be found lol. Perfect crime lacking available proof . Can’t prove what’s not been found lol.

    But, what the heck , keep an open mind and don’t by soneones lunch one time. I’ll only search once anyways. Maybe we’ll be successful and I can finance my next FF search lol. It’s better than sitting around watching TV .

    Oh and it’s a banana vine, not a banana tree. It’s a plant, btw. IMO .

    • Correct Banana Tree is not a reference to the fruit or herb that everyone things it’s a reference to. Banana Tree refers to something different altogether.

      And for what it may be worth, here is the actual quote

      “He said, son, the train doesn’t go by that banana tree but one time, so you reach as far out as you can, because every banana you don’t grab is a banana you’ll never have. And then we walked on in the mud and we picked up some arrowheads.”

  10. Thank you, Forrest.
    It’s always great to see a new birth.
    Congrats, Nelika.

    • Too many, too frequently. Humans are more arrogant than wise about some
      things. Maybe more folks should get a snippet of a clue about overpopulation.
      All part of my opinion.

      • That’s a worthy conversation to be had.
        But it doesn’t belong next to the cradle, where the time is better spent in celebration.

      • Tall Andrew, Hogwash, America has now fallen below the replacement rate due to lack of births. Oh, and congratulations Nelika!

        • That’s been true for decades, tomtom. Not just for the US but for most developed countries.

          • One should be careful that which they accept as true.
            Ive almost fully adopted the belief that everything is just as true as it is false until i can determine through personal experience and observation sway in either direction.
            Not really but im a huge advocate.

  11. Forrest, I think I’m kinda hoping that the other two cities are solved by this weekend! Just in case your chest is found (but what are the chances really???!!!)

  12. That sounds like fun! A little too far north for me but a great idea for those in Canada. But then again maybe I’ll head up that way if I decide to take another journey driving across the country.

  13. That’s ok Forrest, as long as there is not a rush of treasure hunters near my borders. I don’t know what to make of your colored Rorschach map of Canada, but I am suspicious, lol.
    If I wasn’t so busy with this hunt, I’d head north to try and grab a 100k…but that reminds me of the dog that had a bone in his mouth and saw his own reflection in the puddle and dropped his bone in order to get the bigger bone he saw in the reflection and ended up with no bone at all.
    So, make no bones about it, this treasure hunt is the greatest of all time, and I wouldn’t trade it for another. Good luck my Canadian friends, go get it and have a blast doing it! Sounds wonderful!
    Thank you Nelika and Forrest.

      • It’s not the one you linked. Looks like Calgary has been also found, just waiting for verification.

        It’s only for Canadians . People are solving and finding them fast. Maybe more Canadians will try FF’s hunt now. It doesn’t take us long to find real money! 🙂


    • Forrest for one must think it’s real money–He has some displayed on the cover of..The Thrill Of The Chase..

  14. Start a new team? Host a gold hunt? Choose a city? Looks like the gold rush is on and its all coming together up north for the goldhunt and Nelika. I think its good to have dear friends in high places.

  15. I really enjoy these short emails from Forrest and this is a good one. There’s nothing sweeter than a new Grandbaby to love. Congrats to Nelika.

    I had also heard about the new treasure hunts up north. They sound like fun but I live too far away from Canada to participate in those. Besides, I’d probably have to invest in a Passport to go searching up there and I don’t currently have one. Are Passports even required to enter Canada?

    Anyways, thanks to Forrest and Dal for sharing.

    And since I’m here I’ll ask, is this our green light to go?

    Sure seems like there’s still lots of runoff out there.

    Happy hunting everybody!


  16. I believe what is good multiplies. Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt has been the most epic treasure hunt in our time and has fostered so much good. Watching new ones being born from it is amazing! Congrats to Nelika! Thank you Forrest for everything you have done and do and Dal for keeping this great site and resource for all of us who have discovered the Thrill of the Chase!

  17. Ah-oh! I fear another gut feeling. (A between the lines read) Here are some other treasure hunts to look into as mine is almost over?

    • OR… could be a nudge to try a proven easier one?
      thanx for sharing Nelika, Forrest and Dal…

  18. Congrats, Nelika!!!!!

    Grand babies are better than winning the Lotto! 🙂

  19. This is a great way to get people out and about. Maybe some other well to do people could
    Share their fond memories and a token of their blessings.

    Some give to colleges, others to cities and to research.
    The manner in which Forrest set forth his chase encourages folks to move out of normal comfort zones and relive their childhood spirit of adventure.
    I hope others follow his example and create more chases. People need something to dream about and pursue. It’s our nature to explore.

    Thanks for sharing Forrest.

    • Yep, by an Edmontonian that drove from Edmonton to Calgary. He’s been on disabilities for two years! Good for him!! He needed it.

      I hope Vancouvers found soon. We can’t search until this weekend. It’s more of a race than a chase lol.

  20. I’m going to sneak over to Canada to find the third one. I do hope the finder of the Fenn Cache hides it again. It would be fun to keep the thrill going. Although maybe the finder could do us all a favor and dumb it down a little so I have a fighting chance.

    Nelika-Babies are the best. Congratulations. There is nothing better then sniffing their little heads. Am I right Spallies?

  21. With all these treasures being solved relatively fast, it makes me wonder if the fenn poem is designed properly. We make the assumption the creator did a good job, but what if it missed the mark and has a flaw? I know if I made one it would likely be flawed.

    • Quite right, 9=9.

      A brilliant solve just ain’t so unless/until it recovers the chest.

      Likewise, it’s not possible to assess the brilliance of the poem and chase until someone has chest in hand.

      If and when, it could be a “why didn’t I think of that?”, or could be a “huh?”


  22. With two being solved already I am going to say negative with treasure hunters flocking to the northern border.
    This treasure hunt will be over in just a month or so. IMO.
    A long time for some, and a short time for others.
    Some got to play and others did not.
    But time is not wasted for the ones who gave it a shot.
    Some will cry, and others will cheer, I hope that all the grumpy’s would just disappear.
    Congrats on the grandchild.
    And Forrest, congrats to you.

  23. Northern border – maybe not referring to Canada?
    Dear friend – could be a “deer friend?”
    Winning the lotto – perhaps got a permit?
    Let’s go hunting…….

    Just rambling thots and of course only IMO.

    • Good thoughts. The Canadian loto is Loto 6/49. 49th parallel is the border. Is it the answer to the 6th clue or a clue in the 6th stanza?

    • http://www.americana and 9equals9 – Think: the GOLD ‘rush’ of 1849.

      My hidey spot latitude is 44 something…

      And my ‘Northern border’ is Montana, the Treasure State. But since this is a Rocky Mountains kind of treasure hunt, I think Forrest might be referring to the Continental Divide, where Idaho, Wyoming and Montana meet on this map:


      ‘Elizabeth•Lisa•Flipped Omega•Lower backwards S Omega Curve route•Reversed Smiley’

      Another ‘word map’, Forrest?

      Turn that ‘F•row•n’ ‘up-side’ down? Like, go “Heere”, to the “Broadway”?

      Big Smile.

      Didn’t Forrest Gump make a t-shirt with a Smiley Face on it? Talk about popular culture! And remember how useful ‘Wilson the Volleyball’ was to ‘Chuck’ in “Castaway”? Also a Smiley Face. Tom Hanks lives North of town here. Right where I took that Shadow pic. He played ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Robert Langdon’.

      It’s a ‘Wonder-ful’ world, isn’t “IT”?

      And now that modern version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, with the lyric, “It’s a wonderful world”, in it, is playing over the speakers here. I don’t need any Ruby Slippers to go down this Yellow Brick Road. Or to get back. I am home.

      • wwwamericana and 9equals9 – Fran Warren did a beautiful version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which I just listened to on YouTube. Forrest did that on his Crystal Radio, that Skippy made for me.

        So many worms in my Star-nosed Mole ‘warren’, which made me ‘wonder’ about whether or not Forrest tried to fish with a “hazel wand” and a ‘hook’, as a little boy, after swimming at Baker’S Hole (making that finger pulling the inside of my cheek gesture now). Hook, Line and Sinker. Then a tin can, which seems to have great landfill longevity, would have been a useful ‘can keep’ at my/Forrest’s ‘secret where’ or ‘secret weir’.

        I have ‘wonder•e•d’ if Forrest’s mother, Lillie Gay Fenn, made flowers out of tin fruit cans, like Andy Warhol’s mother did? There were lillies all around the circumference of Andy’s Campbell’s soup cans. In “A River Runs Through It”, Norman’s future brother in law brings a ‘can of worms’ in a Folger’s Coffee can. I have wondered if my hidey spot is where Forrest secreted his prized possessions, like ‘tresures bold’ aka ‘found objects’ or “funny books” or Dizzy Dean baseball cards in his “secret where”. Like a time capsule. Or just to ‘keep’ them for his own use. In a tin box.

      • Broadway huh, hmm, I have a few Broadways in my canyon down. Its just a general solve but I can tell you it is but one location. Profile, coins, Broadway, old dyes, rose/thorns/nailed down=Holy Thurs-he prayed to thor. Its also called Sheer Day-same as shave. loan vs lent. One of the practices of Lent was to deny ego. Pay attentiion as I level the field. As (I)have(go)n(e)= I and ego gone= A shaven a loan(gone is past tense so Lent) in there. A shave N Lent in there… Look up Maundy word. This just hints to one of 9 ways to see line 1/2: as eye have gone alone in lense(look lent vs lense) and with Athenaeum up close. As eye have gone alone in there is profile. GWs profile is very important, so is deer but thats not the word he uses in solve. He says “deer to me” it may not be deer to you but the word he uses is a word for deer. As I have gone upside in there and with my treasures bowled(turn dust cover upside down- glass bowl of coins(coins have profiles). As I halve go ne a loan in there(bank/ashore) and with my treasures bolled(in a tree/trunk/truncated-square). As I have gone alone in there and …..bowled. Title = name= pin.. Also line 1/2 can explain game of Odd man out. Of the coins which is odd man out? Penny, he looks the other direction. Lincoln died April 15rh – Levy Day-Blue Jeans and Hush Puppies. Fenn hints by mentioning John WB, 105th day of yr-Levy Day-J.R. 1st black man drafted-# is retired(#42-some may have seen this # ere)- so where does that map to? butt ary scant with elevator= butt ***** **** **** and elevator= NOD. elevator on plane lifts and lowers nose. Go ahead try it. This sends you somewhere on map with confirmation of place, description of place and one other thing… Anchor from another line does the same. Blinking and winking hints to more. When you solve enough of the clues a pattern emerges, people keep saying I have a spot that fits great! You only have one spot? My solve has a few, SS & Robin Oldys-old dyes, Will be Worth + Ft Worth = Broadway and his bronze monument. Those who know this can try and duck me but Robins duck BBs. Speeking of BBs isnt a direction from BBs = to C’s? Nope, look quickly DOWN so from D’s. Who prayed for D’s? Now some will find where I pointed to, its not hard but your still a looonnngg way from the end and TC there. trust me been there and looked. The oddest words pop up and you see how he hinted at them, when in right final place they make sense. What does he point out in archaelogy vids? repurposing. 1st word of poem is Sew(So) he likes to use wed, meld. Look name meanings and remember we are looking for the end of his rainbow. Its JUST that simple, no it isnt. Unless your intention is to keep it simple, then lookup words, poker hands-yep went from Polaris to 4 of a kind by folding first and looking down to see rhe joker. Goodnight. Deeepthnkr

      • I had to steal the map…I’m not a cartographer. I don’t have any maps of Canada that I drew with my own unskilled little hands. So I found one on the internet that looked like it would work and placed the x’s where the instructions said the prizes were located…Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary….jeese guys…give me a break!!!

        • I do believe you Dal, it just the way you wrote your statement. Never mind, it seems it was just a coincidence in my own mind.

  24. What an interesting little write up we have here. All of that Canada talk had me believing that f likes to fish with a #32 Midge. Them Canadian waters are full of fish. Even if the fish is big, what’s wrong with the tiniest of bait. The morsel may be of great taste, but it is so tiny. Ah, what the heck, I’ll bite. Ok, I’m making the plan to head over there to see what I’m going to catch. Ah, the lure of a treasure hunt! Thanks for sharing, f.

  25. Don’t ya just love hearing the excitement when a newborn is announced, congrats to Nelika and her growing family.

    Just a few days ago we also hit the jackpot again. At almost the same time Simon Pagenaud was taking the checkered flag at the Indy 500, our family welcomed an 8th grandchild into the fold. This new young lad will have a special nickname due to his fortunate timing.

    Secretly, I am hoping that neither of my kids curtail having additional littl’ans until we have enough to field our own baseball team. Life is Good!


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