Scrapbook Two Hundred Two…


june, 2019


Gadi was one of the first searchers. As a reporter for NBC News in Albuquerque, he made a documentary about the treasure that won him an Emmy, and a promotion to Correspondent for NBC News in LA.

He remembered in my book, TTOTC, that Donnie and I took 2 Babe Ruth candy bars on our horseback quest up Red Canyon while Looking for Lewis and Clark. So Gadi decided to search the canyon himself, and for luck, he ate 2 Babe Ruth candy bars and nailed the wrappers to the Red Canyon sign that had been placed by the National Forest Service to mark the trailhead.

Well, not much later, Dal, while searching Red Canyon, saw the 2 wrappers on the ground under the sign, and placed them in the trash can. Dal should have given me the paper souvenirs so I could picture them in this Scrapbook. Maybe they could bring other searchers good luck. it is indeed a small world.

Gadi came to see me his week, on his way to Yellowstone on assignment about grizzly bears tearing up garbage cans. He told me the story about how he proposed to his girlfriend. It was on a deserted island and includes a treasure chest with a secret inside, It is right out of Treasure Island, You can’t make this stuff up. Maybe Gadi will write a Scrapbook and tell that story. Here is an email I received from him this morning. f


From: Gadi Schwartz (Google him)
Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019 11:13 AM
To: Forrest Fenn
Subject: Almost found your treasure again…

Howdy Forrest!

You’ll be happy to know that there are legions of pterodactyl sized mosquitoes out guarding your treasure!

I finished my assignment a little early at the Grizzly Discovery center, so I headed up to the Firehole and spent the afternoon exploring as many little slots as I could. I thought I hit the jackpot about a quarter mile down from the falls when I found this little crack. I crawled in, did some interior decorating and checked the crevasses and cubbies until my work clothes were indistinguishable from a miner’s. After a bit I sat back in the dust and cleared my mind and tried to imagine you sitting in Mummy Joe’s cave.

cave movie

When I came out, I spotted a couple armed with binoculars who seemed a little out of place. No fishing gear, not particularly interested in taking photos and stopping at every pull off to scan the cliffsides. All told, I saw about 20-30 people that matched the description of treasure hunters around Yellowstone. (I didn’t stop and talk to any of them though, because I wouldn’t have been able to resist bragging about our lunch which would have wasted precious time)

After a graceful and wet mini tumble into an eddy, I headed upriver and put some eyes on that old grizzly cave. There are still bones from some sort of elk or deer bleaching away at it’s opening. My log bridge I crossed last time has washed a little downstream and I decided not to press my luck again.

I headed just past the falls pull out and checked on a couple more spots, one place I really love is this little ledge right above where the falls goes over the edge. It’s hidden from view but also nearly impossible to get to. One of those rocks gave me a gnarly little cut on my city hand that I can’t wait to get home and fuss over.

On my way back I spotted a big nest that had been destroyed by some kinda marmot. I finally decided to call it a day and head back to my car. As I got in, I heard a noise in some brush beside me. I turned to see a 3-400-pound grizzly lumbering toward me. I let out some sort girlish yelp that evidently conveyed I would taste very sour, so he went around and headed down toward the river where I had just been looking.

bear movie

Hope he has better luck in the search than I did. I finished the day pretty proud that I survived and decided to celebrate by buying a steak and frying pan from the grocery store next to The Dude.


I found a nice spot overlooking Hebgen Lake to cook a romantic dinner for me and 7 million thirsty insects. I forgot seasoning, a knife and a can opener for my side of chili so my meal was small and over cooked. The mosquitoes ate me medium rare.

Sending you picture and videos.

Also, I love your new book, Once Upon a While.

“Took a long pull of Worcestershire Sauce to clear my head”

“While trying to avoid those who distract me from my self-esteem, I am always reminded of the heroic performances I committed on the football fields of my youth. “

“Fear they’d turn their vocabulary loose on me”

“… the candles died of old age”

“I mostly listened, not wanting to interrupt him with the weakness of my thoughts.”

My favorite chapter the bridge jump. My least favorite was the forward by Douglas. I was terrified he gave too much away! But that was before I headed back out to explore and was once again reassured by Yellowstone himself at how insanely large the woods are and how enigmatic the blaze remains. Here’s to hoping the treasure is never found!






164 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Two…

  1. Gadi is awesome. I love that Douglas Preston’s foreward scared him. I hope someone is still reading that foreward in 1,000 years!

    Thanks Gadi and Forrest!

    ~Allen K.

    • Some of the most fun I have had in this quest was standing inside the word of time right where your pointing up thanks Forrest for sharing this story and thanks Gadi for writing it be safe out there this crazy Colorado weather is keeping us land locked don’t care for canyons and rock slides in the rain have fun everyone
      and a wish for good health to all from Jeff Burch Titan, Ranee, and Mom, good stuff.

    • Mosquitos don’t count, he should be with a search partner. Preferably one that has a knife and can opener.

  2. I was very scared to read about yet another SB on the eve of my latest search! Thankfully not a discovery announcement by Gadi (or anyone else)! Gadi is a very familiar face for me given his heavy L.A. news presence over the last decade.

    • The Babe just can’t get any respect. They stole his name and now a candy bar goes missing. It must’ve been that Ty Cobb messing with Forrest’s memory, he hated The Babe.

  3. Great area to look, but a grizzly rolling by?! I thought Forrest said it was in an area that is not particularly dangerous… 2nd bear encounter I’ve read about today…

  4. “I mostly listened, not wanting to interrupt him with the weakness of my thoughts.”

    I feel like this often. I read more than I comment- which is ironic that I’m commenting now! LoL

    Glad, with the bear encounter, Gadi was safe.

    • I wonder how many of us there are, who read but never comment, and feel like we know you all even though you know nothing of us….

  5. Luv the Treasure Island reference. Why the reversed image(?)
    Gadi is cool. I hope he’ll have a reason to interview Me someday. ( 😉 )
    I also hate them darn mosquitoes. (…and Grizzlies!).

      • randawg – Timing is everything. I invited Forrest and Shiloh to join me tomorrow night, on Father’s Day, at my hide-y spot:

        June 17th, 2019
        Full Moon Calendar – Dates, Times and Names. The next full moon will occur on June 17th, 2019 at 4:31 AM ET and will be a Full Strawberry Moon.

        I can see the almost full moon rising over Dollar Mountain here, now. I think it’s a sign.

          • I can prove that by waiting at your spot or we go together, retrieve it and I tell you the whole story…
            Or I openly post it for everyone!

          • TLO,
            Did you get to meet Zap? How about JDA? These guys are legends in the Chase!

          • Oh and I videotaped the complete solve with a friendly family that met me at the put in by chance…

          • Zap had the solve! Did you frisk him? Did JDA show? Man I’d like to meet them some day!

          • I didn’t get that vibe when I met you. I ended up having to rush to West Yellowstone for medicine when we last parted as my Mom had fallen sick.

            I do have a picture of what I believe is the same spot Forrest, Skippy and June are floating on a log on Hebgen lake. Not sure if I showed you that.

            Also, Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s in the chase. Especially you Forrest and to your father Marvin for whom without the chase wouldn’t exist.

            Good luck on your search TLo.

          • Under Searcher Introductions – type F3 then JD. This will take you to my bio. There is an attached link – click on it – It will answer your question – JDA

          • JDA – Thank you for that info! If I can swing it I’ll there! Would enjoy meeting you and the others! Thanks again

          • Hi TLo: I certainly wasn’t avoiding you — it’s just that we were hours apart from each other: you were in Gardiner when I was in West (but only for a couple hours) and I was heading toward Utah. I’m sorry that my search trip didn’t better coincide with FITJ — would have loved to meet everyone. Then again, the search weather was much better on Father’s Day weekend than it was 5 days later.

          • Hi Zap! All good! I was in WYS at the same time… we‘ll meet again!
            The function was a blast! You definitely missed something, at least a beer from Forrest and a handshake with JDA!
            Since we hit all them bars together weather didn‘t matter!
            I found lots of new friends, I‘d even say family!
            Next time, Zap, okay?

          • TLo: next time for sure. I’ll be back up in Montana as soon as I figured out how Forrest snookered me on my last solution. 😉

    • dal puts the souvenir wrappers in the trash can, and gadi has to do a story how bears are tearing trash up. Then there’s a treasure chest with a secret. That makes perfect sense? It’s a cinderfella in wonderland story. But really, whats the treasure island reference mean?

  6. The foreword by Douglas Preston has always bothered me. If Forrest’s last clue was to leave his car parked at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, doesn’t that hint toward a Colorado search area?

    • I was thinking about this while on the Valley Highway last weekend. It hints, but necessarily to Colorado. IMO.

      • Oops. Typo. Meant to say “*not* necessarily to Colorado”. My fingers stumbled on that one.

    • It depends on interpretation. I’m not letting Douglas Preston distract me
      from the poem.

      Has it occurred to you that the role of the Preston thing might be simply a confirmation of some correct solving?

      As always, in my opinion.

  7. I also hope that the treasure is never found. I might lose my motivation for getting out into the mountains.
    BTW, it is in New Mexico. If you want to see a lot of water falls check the site I linked to with my name.

  8. “I spotted a couple armed with binoculars that seemed a little out of place” …
    does this mean that there are now 2 “binocular guys” (or girls) working together to either solve or sabotage this thing?

  9. Best part of the story — Dal’s admirable stewardship of our national lands by picking up and discarding the trash left by some loathsome miscreant. Imagine if every single visitor to our precious public lands decided that rules and laws do not apply to them, and left garbage (or worse, PLACED garbage). Not at all a practice to be celebrated nor emulated. Thank you, Dal, for doing your little part to contribute to our enjoyment of our public lands. I appreciate it.

      • When I was a little tyke, my grandfather taught me to always pack an empty trash bag for exactly that purpose when going out into nature. He saw stewardship of the land as the responsibility of everyone who goes out there.

  10. That was an awesome story Gadi! You’re writing is similar to Forrest’s. Enjoy video and story very much. What is the documentary name that you did? Thanks Forrest for submitting this!

      • Oh!
        I thought it was kinda weird how Fenn used the word “nailed”.
        Nailed the rappers? Nail down the 1st clue….
        Maybe WWWH is around Red Canyon?
        Zap brought up a good point too.

        • Red Canyon
          Gardiner (Treasure Island)

          Sometimes it’s what is not said that is most important.



          • Inohury – Did you comb the landscape of the Edwards Penninsula, like Diggin’ Gypsy did? That was my first Captain Kidd solve, back in 2013, when I sent a story to Forrest about taking the Firehole Ranch pontoon boat to that shore at Midnight, under a full moon, with three friends and a shovel. That boat also goes across Hebgen Lake to Kirkwood Marina, not too far to walk to the turnoff that leads to the Red Canyon Trailhead.

            Edwards Peninsula really looks just like Gardiner’s Island on my topo map. It’s a boot. What a hoot!


        • Solving the poem using only totally “clean” thoughts can be quite a challenge.

          Solving the poem using whatever thoughts one uses can
          be quite a challenge.

          Good luck, everyone. As always, IMO.

  11. Thanks Forest, Dal and Gadi for sharing. ‘Dal should have given me the paper souvenirs so I could picture them in this Scrapbook. Maybe they could bring other searchers good luck. it is indeed a small world.’ Take it to NM for good luck? He says a lot without saying anything at all.

  12. Lovely story Gadi – Thanks Forrest for forwarding it for posting. I loved Gadi’s sense of humor.

    My search Team is heading to Wyoming – With a little bit of luck, I just might get a GREAT Father’s Day present. Stay tuned all 🙂 JDA

    • Back in the saddle again?
      I’m sure all will enjoy and I’m a little jealous.
      I’m sure it will be great but not the best.
      Good luck!

    • Good luck JDA and have a great Father’s day.

      Enjoyed this scrapbook and kudos to Dal for cleaning up Red Canyon.

      One idea JDA, maybe Forrest intends to trade the chest on his desk for the bracelet so the finder can hide that chest.

  13. That was a really enjoyable blog! Gadi – where are your city hands from? (what city?)

  14. Great read with coffee this morning makes me wanna throw my boots on and get to skippin maybe not search for the treasure just enjoy nature and maybe fly fish

  15. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

    LOL. I can see why Gadis’ adventure became a scrapbook.

    Gadi reports “…about 20-30 people that matched the description of treasure hunters…” It would appear that the search season has officially begun.

    Note to self:

    1. re-read ‘Looking for Lewis and Clark’
    2. eat candy
    3. pack

    Thank you Forrest, Gadi and Dal for sharing.

    • Thanks Dal…your posting that link is what it took for me to put together that Gadi is the same guy I used to get nervous for repeatedly, watching him cross that log bridge.

    • Dal – Thank you! There is an ‘S’ below the ‘F’ behind Forrest, on the Aspen tree, at 4:23 in that video, filmed where the Fenn Galleries used to be. Awesome!

      • Lisa-
        That tree was in his backyard not at Fenn Galleries. There were all kinds of carvings in the bark of the Aspen’s in Forrest’s backyard. Some by him…others by members of his family. But most of those trees died a few years ago…some kind of disease wiped them out…Forrest was not happy about losing the trees…

        Nearly every searcher who visited Forrest noticed the tree carvings and most commented…or took pictures…there are several stories and some pictures of them on this blog…

      • Dal – Actually, I think that take is of Forrest walking through his own Aspens on his current property. And look again at 4:23…there is an Underlined ‘Z’ below the ‘S’, which could be a reference to my backwardS bike ‘S’ at Baker’S Hole.

        He wrote, “no specialized knowledge”. The logo for Specialized bike company is a ‘Z’. The logo for Schwinn, from back in the 40’s, is a Big Red ‘S’.

        I hope Forrest and Shiloh will go back to Baker’S Hole with me. We need three to recover the bronze chest. Because there ‘Will’ be mosquitoes!

        I am covered with itchy bites right now. Note to self: don’t wear shorts and a tank top during the Brown Drake emergence and spinner fall on Silver Creek! It was epic, though. Timing is everything.

        All IMO.

        • I think it’s much simpler than that Lisa..
          Forrest carved the F
          Shiloh carved the S
          Zoe carved the Z

          • Dal – I surmised that, also. And one of Forrest’s F’s at the top was turned into a ‘P-‘, which could represent Peggy. Or, “IT” could represent the ‘mad dash’ across the Madison River to my hide-y spot. That ‘p’ looks like an upside down ‘d’; just like the one in my previous ‘word maps’.

            Why is the ‘Z’ Underlined, Dal?

          • Dal – Yes! And I am sure Forrest does, also. I think Forrest ‘traced’ that backwardS bike ‘S-mile’ on his Scwinn, and with his finger on his ‘good map’, many times; imagining being at Baker’S Hole. In his ‘reverie’.

            Watch the video at 4:23 again. And ‘listen good’ to him saying, “behind me’ as he is standing in front of the Aspen ‘wood’.


    • Dal – How come the little light spot blazes, down one side of Forrest’s face, aren’t in your original pic? Those represented my hillside blazes, down one side of my ‘face’ out Cabin Creek, if you’ll remember:

      Do you think those two ‘Babe Ruth’ bars, and Forrest’s comment about “good luck” for searchers, could refer to two searchers, who may have ‘nailed IT’ or ‘hit a home run’ to find the ‘correct solve’ at my hide-y spot?

      Just a theory. Giggling.

      • Lisa-
        Several photos with more than one camera were taken at that moment. breeze in the trees changes light filtering through the leaves constantly.

      • Lisa, I’m not sure if you meant this, but you made me connect the nailed wrappers with Forrests quote about having WWWH nailed down. Problem is, they weren’t exactly nailed down if Dal found them on the ground.

        • Dave…I know Forrest said nailed but Gadi had actually duct taped those wrappers to the signpost.
          Think about it…how many folks have a hammer and nails in their car when traveling…on the other hand, at that time Gadi was a reporter/photographer and always had a roll of duct tape or gaffing tape with him. As do I. I keep a lot of tools and items in my van…duct tape included…and I have a hammer…but no nails…

          • Then what do you do when a shoe comes loose from your horse? Anyway, I’ll add that to the list of factual mistakes in the intro written by Forrest. Nails vs. tape, Babe Ruth vs. Baby Ruth, and 2 bars vs. 3. What that all means, idk, but if you think Forrest isn’t sharp anymore, you might be wrong. Verbal words can have real mistakes, but to me, his written words are suspect and he may have put some time into that intro.

            I also found what most would write off as a typo, but I believe to be a subtle hint. He said “his week” vs. “this week”. I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak. I believe he’s hinting that he isn’t the voice of the poem as in “he’s weak” vs. “I’m weak”. Did you know that Ben Franklin went alone from Boston to Philadelphia when he was 17 and his chest met him later because it went on a different ship? Now you do. I’m not saying BF is the voice (“I”), but he’s a possibility.

            Oh, I almost forgot – IMO (except the part about the horse – cowboys need nails and that’s a fact)

        • Dave B. – But Forrest’s use of ‘wrappers’ could also refer to the ‘dust jackets’ of his two books. Did we two ‘Nail IT”, ‘A•S’ to your pics on the cover of TTOTC and TFTW? Or the one on the cover of OUAW?

          Where exactly on the Madison River did you take that photo Forrest used for the backdrop of his shadow photo on the TFTW cover, btw, Dal? My fly fishing librarian friend and I are both looking for a fly fishing staff like the one Forrest is holding. Great thing to have to avoid deep holes in fast water on the Madison. We each used one of her two very short ski poles. Tall as I am, I looked like that Egyptian Gardiner’s heiroglyph of the Old Man with Staff.

          Looking ‘forward’ to more TFTW adventures on The Chase this Summer!

          • Lisa, those wrappers just keep going rolling around and around in circles. I seem to remember them as plastic not paper. I think I’ll just shake my head a few times, have a Pearson’s Nut Roll, and forget about it.

  16. Gadi is handsome.

    Be safe out there searchers and Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads!

  17. Interesting, I was under the impression that Forrest was backing away from all this completely. Well, guess he can’t shake the bug either! LOL.

  18. Gadi,
    So nice to see a story teller who puts their whole heart into the production and who carries such a personal history, If you will document the experience, I will take you to the spot that adventure birthed and dreams are made, IMHO. Just four (4) conditions. #1 and #2 We agree to later in the planning process. #3 I search/find for the benefit of my church and not us personally. #4 You decide really, really soon!

    • Alright Gadi, my promise to you:
      #1 We will not walk around aimlessly up mountains and down canyons hoping
      to “get clue.”
      #2 We will move deliberately from one clue to another and be finished in one
      #3 We will drive the portion that is “too far to walk.”
      #4 We will have fun and have the opportunity to challenge this community of
      fine people to the next Chase (inspired by ff)!

  19. Every time I see that FF has posted another scrapbook I am scared to death he will sneak in a hint or two and some deep thinker is gonna figure out a key piece of the solve.

    Nice email from Gadi. I’ve just been researching bears yesterday. Those pesky humans need to do a better job of not attracting bears. I will keep in mind the defensive mechanism of squealing like a girl.

    Please, FF, no more hints. I promise to find the treasure later this season when the snow is all gone and the runoff has subsided. Safety first.

    – Schrodinger’s Treasure

  20. Someone posted that Gadi was incorrect.

    He remembered 2 candy bars but there were 3.

  21. Thanks Gadi, dal and Mr. Fenn,
    I just loved all the interaction. How fortunate you were to have been there from the very beginning. Any chance you guys ever ventured out with the likes of Gadabout Gaddis? I know many of us and for ages to come will be yearning to retrace his footsteps.

  22. I sure like the quotes at the bottom of the post. There is a lot of sage advice here,

    I also like the “Long Jump” story in OUAW. – JDA

  23. come on people, how can anyone wonk on that the front camera reverses the image?

  24. Having not read the book yet…I am just looking for confirmation that this quote\phrase was authored by Fenn:

    “Took a long pull of Worcestershire Sauce to clear my head”


  25. To me, it looks like Gadi is pointing to Shiloh who is retreving the treasure box and bringing it to the roof of the dude. His pointer is one finger, maybe some dude won! This could be the first “media ” announcement. Just my nutty opinion.

  26. Lisa Cesari: I will wait here for a while and hold onto my smile…

    Zapster, Clint: drinks on me… come on over here!

  27. The backwards sign reads “God loves you” in French I think , LOL! Remember the ONE! Happy Father’s day to my dad, my husband, Forrest and all the other outstanding men who give so much to their families each year, we love you!

  28. The waters are definitely getting warmer.
    Just can’t quite figure out where exactly I should step in.
    Alot of confirmations in this scrapbook.
    Thank you for sharing Forrest and Gadi.

  29. You can’t make this stuff up = output may suffice, thanks.

    Keep ’em coming, thanks.

      • am. You seem to have a liking to your engine since you mentioned it a few times. Output comes in the form of input. Not sure how your engine works with that. But a good reliable engine with low output is worth more then a big powerful engine since they generally don’t last as long. I go with Diesel 4×4 tool box long lasting torque gets me to hard to find places. Like no place for the meek. Just wondering wear you get your engine from. The only engine running long enough for this chase to conclude will belong to a JOAT MON
        Sure it will take more then an engine to solve the riddle. But if it does I will be the first to congadulate it and ask for a test run.
        Never forget those words from the past.
        You never know when they may come back to you. They may surprise you. I hope your warm waters don’t get cold. IMO
        Just for fun no sarcasm intended.
        Best of luck. Bed time

        • GM – I guess I’m gonna have to step this up and reach higher.
          Keep the fire burning for me – it is sooo hard to see in the dark.

        • I observe a bit of “mystery” in your words, GH. I like surprises.
          I’m still in the dark though but getting ready to fire up my ole engine and strike out of here soon. Just following the stars – no telle’n where I will end up. I don’t bank on finding the TC but sure will have me some fun.
          And……gonna get some awesome pictures (say “Cheese”) to spread out to show the family when I return.

          • Am. I may have read into your engine wording and concluded for a comment there maybe a mystery unknown until the chest is found. If I find it you will know what it is. I hope your mystery is the one if not me. Same goes for JDA and the rest that are heading out these days. Maybe we all end up in the same spot same time. I do not bank on finding it either although I have made it my mission to complete and will continue. Good luck.

          • Grasshopper;

            Doubt that we will end up at the same spot, but just in case, I will put a couple of extra Dr. Peppers and Grapette sodas, and Bebe Ruth candy bars in my pack so we can all post a toast to Forrest – JDA

          • OOPS – TYPO Baby Ruth – not bebe – Ought to learn how to proof-read – Sorry – JDA

          • I just noticed that the date on your post is already into June 17. You wouldn’t happen to be in New Zealand would you?

          • @JDA — be sure to pack out the empties, as I know you will (then place in recycle receptacles). I gather that you live by higher standards than other searchers, so would expect no less.

            Better yet, send them all to f. Each of his SBs is purported to contain an important message. I personally think his purpose in posting this particular SB is to invite searchers to send him rubbish from their searchers.

            You don’t want him scolding you like he did Dal for failing to do so. Bad karma.

          • Ard –

            Not to worry – “Leave no trace” – or as much as possible – 🙂 JDA

    • Hi how every in the chase that is still in WYS
      Want to meet up to night.Lisa &Zap&TLo

  30. Too bad you didn’t find it Gadi. Your grin in the picture makes me a bit suspicious though!
    I hope you were not wearing a smile on the way to the right spot?
    If it was me, I would have brought 3 extra Babe Ruth bars and extended the search till the end of July.

  31. Seeker – Thinking about Forrest’s specific reference to the Red Canyon sign…placed by the National Forrest Service. That’s the Red-Black-Green Trailhead #205 in Radar electronics, btw. Love that palindrome: RADAR.

    Found a 1960’s postcard of the original National Park Service sign at Madison Junction. I will post that pic. It has the arrowhead-shaped NPS emblem ‘nailed’ to it. The new sign shows the YNP West Entrance is 14 miles away. And we know Forrest said 10 miles is TFTW in that book’s preface. Was Forrest’s mention of the NFS sign a pointer to look at the NPS sign?

    Wondering if my ‘A’ for ‘Alpha’ to ‘Begin IT’ WWWH at Madison Junction has anything to do with these lines in the Poem:

    “As I have gone alone in there”

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down your quest to cease.
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,”

    Is that ‘A•S’ an ‘Alpha to Omega’ or ‘Beginning to Ending’ clue-to-map to the GOLD reference? Thinking of Bitfrost, the Burning Rainbow Bridge, and the Asgardians of the Universe. And Thor’s Hammer. To ‘nail down’ the first clue.

    Notice the recently restored shape of the 1940’s shield of one of Forrest’s favorite Marvel characters, Captain America:

    Getting out my compass tool again to check for that arrowhead-like shield shape for my map marrying of the clues. Is the STAR on Captain America’s ‘chest’ a shape reference, also?

    I always notice when Forrest ads some extraneous detail, which does not seem specifically relevant.

    And I think the missing or ‘hole’ ingredient to the Poem ‘recipe’ is SALT. Not a good thing to leave out of ‘where warm waterS halt’, if you are baking a cake at Baker’S Hole, or if you are crossing the Madison River to get to my hide-y spot. One has to be ‘worth their SALT’ to make that crossing. Like my ancestor, Julius Caesar was, when he crossed the Rubicon River. He was one of the Nine Worthies. In good company.

    All IMO.

    • Seeker – Knowing an English ‘Guy’, who.guides for Scott Schnebly’s fly shop here in Sun Valley, I am well versed about the similarities between an English chalk stream and the Madison River. Craig Matthews also mentioned that chalk precipitate in the Madison River book link I provided previously. And I saw that white chalk deposited on logs in the Madison on my first trip inside YNP on Memorial Day Weekend.

      I still believe Forrest’s original first clue Poem line was:

      Begin it where warm waters chalk,

      I wonder if Doug Preston could verify that? Did Forrest think that fly fishing reference was too obscure for the average redneck from Texas? Would that have made it too difficult to find WWWH for most? It rhymes so nicely, though.

      SALT, as a precipitation process verb or noun, works well, too, though. I give you what some call either the North Yellowstone ‘Salt Flats’ or ‘Chalk Terraces’:

      Did you know Sodium Chloride forms the yellow color in the latest NASA pics of Jupiter?

      All IMO.

      Hey, aren’t nails made if Fe?

      • Seeker – Thinking of Fe, and how that symbol was derived from the Latin: ferrum. And that the crystal structure is a ‘box’ and that it is a primordial element, found in the Earth’s inner and outer crust. And then I felt compelled to look up the Baby Ruth candy bar, to find that the current owner of that company has this name:

        Ferrero (Italian: [ferˈrɛːro], Spanish: [feˈreɾo]) is a surname of Italian (from Piedmont) and Spanish origin that means “smith,” the person who works with iron.

        Is that why you wanted to ‘picture’ the two wrappers, Forrest?

        Now I am thinking about Fools Gold: Iron Pyrite. Fe•S•too.

        Did I ‘nail IT’, Forrest? Do I need to mention the oxidation process of rust? Or horseshoe nails? Or two ‘nailed down’ double omega-like downward facing rusted horseshoes?

        All IMO.

        • Seeker – Is there maybe a lot of Iron oxide in the landscape out Red Canyon? I have wondered if Red Streak Peak above the Cabin Creek drainage was colored by that combination of elements. Could we be tacitly discussing my references to my ‘Face on Mars’ with my hillside blaze, at my original hidey spot, along NFS trail #205, Forrest? Lots of Iron oxide to color the Red Planet:

          A circle, with a short, simple arrow shape extending diagonally upwards and rightwards from its edge.
          The symbol for Mars has been used since antiquity to represent iron.

          Iron tools and weapons replaced bronze ones. Hence, the Iron Age. Did you know that King Tut had a dagger made of meteoritic iron? Do you think the character of Superman from Krypton with a weakness for Kryptonite was based on Mars and meteoritic iron? Meteorites are radioactive, right?

          All IMO. Just exploring a possible, “hint of riches new and old”.

          Do you think that Ferrero company makes Mars Bars, also?


          • Seeker – No wonder Forrest wanted those “paper souvenirs” from those two “Babe Ruth” wrappers Dal trashed! Looks like the recent acquisitions made by that Ferrero candy company made a fine Chocolate Brown Monopoly winner out of them. Did you know that Baby Ruth bar was named after Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth, and not the famous ‘pitcher’, Babe?

            And here is the story on their ‘stiff’ competition, The Mars Company:

            Top 10: Brands Owned by Mars

            #9 Mars/Milky Way® Forrest Mars created the first Mars bar in 1932, and the fusion of chocolate, caramel and nougat has been a huge worldwide hit in the years since. …

            ‘Grover’ Cleveland…

            ‘Forrest’ Mars…

            Milky Way…

            I like to ‘dig’ deeper.

            And I noted your secret ‘y’ to ‘e’ migration for “The Babe” reference, Forrest. That made me think of my Alpha to Omega solution for your Poem.

            More Giggles.

        • Seeker – Ok, Forrest worked for the USFS somewhere around West Yellowstone in his teens. Do you think he used a sledgehammer to install that very Red Canyon Trailhead sign? If so, he probably felt like Thor:

          Do a find in page for:

          Cane (fishing staff?)
          Mayfly (Brown Drake?)
          Star (Supernova creating meteorites?)

          Gotta remember to try to find the old blacksmith shop, where Dwelle’s Grayling Inn used to be. And then the one where Riverside Stables were, out the Barns Holes. Dal or Crayton might have to dive in Hebgen Lake for the former Inn location. Oh, does Parade Rest Ranch have an old blacksmith shop? That’s where Forrest and Donnie Joe got the horses for their ‘quest’. And I gotta go there for breakfast.

          All IMO.

          • If you should ever run in to lisa in the wild do not make eye contact and back away slowly” just not slower than whoever you are out there with”.

    • Lisa, I don’t want to hurt your feelings. What would you say if I told you it was
      MY ancestor who first discovered that a bone would make a good weapon
      (as in the movie 2001)? As always, IMO.

  32. When you are out searching and you encounter that many other searchers you have to know you are in the wrong place.

    • Dave H., JDA is a who not a what. He apparently goes by JD. The A is probably like your H. Great name by the way.

      – Dave B.

    • Dave H.

      I am a searcher like most. Have been searching since December 23, 2015.
      Look under Searcher Bio’s under “JD” – It will tell you a bit about me – If you are interested – I was “JD” for a while, then someone else started using “JD” and it got confusing, so I added the “A” – My last name starts with “A” JDA

  33. Sorry for being late to the party (so what’s new?), but the family went to Ft. Flagler State Park for the weekend and I didn’t check email until now.

    I simply love this SB on several levels. Thank you so much for this early, but great Father’s Day Post Forrest. I sincerely wish you, Dal, and all the other Fathers here at the HoD, a fantastic day.

    It brought to mind a special place I searched last year (without success) and the beautiful grove of Golden Aspen on the west end. Then I just realized there’s another smaller place close by but in the opposite direction.

    I didn’t search that spot for a few reasons: it looked like a cyclone had unleashed its fury and blown thru with Aspen scattered everywhere. With so many logs to roll over how could I effectively search the area? Plus, it didn’t look real safe as I was all by myself and wasn’t wearing the right clothes because it was ivery warm and my shorts wouldn’t do the job.

    I head back out for my only search this year in August and will be better prepared this time with a pair of my favorite work pants, Levi’s, to help protect me. Hope you don’t mind the plug Dal, but they have always been my favorite blue jeans and have been wearing them since I was a teen.

    And by all means to everyone attending Fennboree this year, please have a great time.

    Take care all……….Pinatubocharlie

  34. Sorry pay tree IT. The reply button to JDA is missing. But you made me laugh. I was going to tell JDA that I’m not a Baby Ruth fan but what came to mind for a candy bar is PayDay. If that’s a clue remember we’re you got it. That’s got to be the ice breaker.
    But I drink Dr Pepper over all soda.
    So I will have a toast to you all and a few others when I get to go. Good luck.
    Be careful. GH

  35. Just when you think you have it all figured out comes along ONE who has spent more time, dedicated more energy and resources – which completely blows my simplistic mind back to reality.

    Wishing everyone a safe and memorable season, enjoying God’s creation and finding value in each breath of crisp, clean air. I am done with my chase and it IS well with my soul.

    • E.D.

      If you are saying good bye – I, for one, will miss your input. Most times it has been thought provoking. Don’t make your decision based on what someONE might say. None of us have the treasure, so we are all on the same playing field. Good luck in all that you do – JDA

    • E D … This adventure has a way of systematically wearing thin on some folks. All we can do is satisfy our own goals and efforts. You done did a lot more than you think… Harvey Goodwin…

    • Ethical – or not?
      Step back, take a deep breath of fresh air, and cool off.
      In my humble opinion, there is a lot more to gain from this “chase” than we all can even imagine. Do your best, never give up, simple mind or not ; you might just be the “one” to solve this. At least, keep your engine idling……

  36. On the 11 o’clock news last night, Gadi covered a story on bear-proofing containers (e.g. coolers, trash cans, thermos-like cylinders with screw-on lids). Prototype manufactures would “live test” their designs by filling them with peanut butter, tuna fish, etc., and then placing them in the outdoor enclosure at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center … in West Yellowstone! Yes, apparently Gadi is still up there (or perhaps they filmed the segment some time ago?) If a design lasts an hour without breaching, then it receives certification from the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Most of the designs on last night’s show resulted in tasty bear snacks. 😉

    • Zaphod,

      Which 11 o’clock news was this? Or are you being facetious? Could go either way

      • Hi Scott — as you can see, my post was almost 2 months ago. I believe it was the local L.A. NBC (channel 4) affiliate 11 pm news. Gadi is a regular, roving reporter for us out here in SoCal. No doubt he used the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center story as an opportunity to do some Fenn searching as well. (Gadi has been a Fenn-atic since his early days in New Mexico when he did a story on Forrest.)

  37. I particularly like that Gadi probably has the resources to be “comfortable” on the chase, but he chooses to rough it… mosquito’s, grizzles, canned chili..
    I’d like to think whoever finds the chest chooses to walk a mile in Forrest’s shoes, just like Gadi did.

    • I somehow missed seeing this story earlier. What a great adventure! Thank you Gadi, Forrest and Dal! I loved reading all about it and seeing the videos! Sometimes lately I feel a little off my game. Maybe it’s the 14 hour work days in 104 degree weather and/or that I’m not drinking enough water. Apparently that’s what comes when one lives in a desert… Oh what I would do to be in some cooler Rocky Mountain weather right now with snow melted rivers rippling nearby…

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