Missing the Mountains Already…

June 2019

By Veronica and Izzy


I have been wracking my brain trying to think how I can share my search without giving away my location. So I wrote a poem…

Izzy and I aimed our car at the Wild, Wild West,


To search for treasure where we thought might fit the best .
So we drove all day and most of the night,

image3 1

Got some rest , then hit the road by first light.
Finally made it to where the warm waters stop,

image1 1

Then drove not too far with our canoe on the top.


We searched all over for that home of Brown,
Don’t mind us…We’re just passing through town.

image3 2

We looked all over in the places not very meek,


We even found a paddle up the paddle-less creek!

image5 2

No chest to be found , but there are riches galore,
So much to see, and so much to explore!


So, get in your car and aim it out West


And visit the Rockies where you’ll be put to the test.
For me and my boy , we count down the days,
Til we can search again and find that dang blaze!


Now get off the couch and go smell the sunshine, Y’all!
– Veronica & Izzy








26 thoughts on “Missing the Mountains Already…

  1. Is it Victoria or Veronica?

    I Loved the story, I loved the photos and I loved the Poem.
    Thank You Victoria OR Veronica and Izzy.

    Looks like the Tetons in the background of first photo.

      • Veronica

        Looks like you had a great time and thanks again.

        As much as I wanna go on my Great Adventure into the Rocky Mountain Wilds, part of me just can’t wait to get back to the comfort of Home after it’s all said and done, regardless of the outcome, and submit a whole bunch of photos and videos to Dal along with a Great story and Solve.

        Cause, let’s face it, at the end of the day, when night is calling, we all just wanna be nourished and comforted by really Great Stories. Whether it’s about a Prince and Princess trying to fall in love while vying for control of the Kingdom, about a Intergalactic Warlord wreaking havoc and seeking complete and total dominance throughout the Universe, about a cute little furry animated creature that just wants a big hug and to find it’s way home, or about an elderly man who thru a multitude of physical turmoil accomplished to survive and fascinate thousands and thousands of people throughout the world with each chapter of his memoirs and allowed their imaginations to run wild to the precipices of…………

        Thanks to All the Storytellers. 🙂

  2. Thanks Veronica and Izzy, beautiful stuff.
    They went out west in search of the chest, two brave souls who gave it there best. Only to find what they now know, the mountains will miss them dearly as they go.

  3. That was a great poem for your adventure.
    I think u have a picture of what the blaze is.

  4. I also don’t like random people drawing on these trees, only Forrest should be allowed to do that. Ha ha.

  5. Very nice Veronica, beautiful area.
    I’m with you on that blaze. It has me wondering to. I might have seen it but didn’t understand it.
    I like the mountains but live in a flat state (Florida). Not sure on my next trip back out west since my last search was the first of May.
    Did the canoe come into play or was it just for enjoyment? I gave mine to my son years back and it hardly ever gets use now. Oh well.

    Thanks for your post.

    • You’re welcome, Bur. Yes, we spent 4 days canoeing and it was an adventure for sure.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Veronica & Izzy! I like the pictures of showing where you went without giving TOO much of your solution away! That third photo down reminds me of an area that I may or may not have traveled through on my way to a search last summer! 😉
    Looks like you had great weather and enjoyed some beautiful scenery! Well done!
    Did you see all that you needed to see on this trip, or do you think a return to your area may be in the cards?

    • I always go back to the same area because I feel like we are right on top of it. Definitely missing something and it drives me insane! The weather was beautiful, but we drove home in storms the whole way. Guess we should have stayed!

  7. You captured the true essence of thyme in all your photographs, Veronica.
    I love your name – one of my favorite flowers, indigo blue speedwell.
    The hula girl on your dash cracked me up. Looks like she was “unprepared” for the mountain cold tho – but I’m sure she didn’t let it show.
    Making memories; that’s what IT is all about.

    • WWWAMERICANA- I had no idea about the flower, thank you! I love gardening and will have to see if they can withstand the Texas heat. It’s funny that you mentioned the hula girl. We wanted to put a sweatshirt on her when we saw the snow. And you are right- it is about the memories made and the time spent together in the most beautiful place on earth .

  8. Veronica, your photo with the drift boat oar may make me think you are on to something. Was that in situ, when you took the picture? And can it be easily moved or removed?

    • YD, the paddle was partially buried and covered by debris when we stumbled upon it. I just thought it was an ironic find out there. (It is very old ) I was near that boulder when We found it so I put it on the rock and took the picture.

  9. I just saw this I just love this your one of my top favorite searchers country thru and thru and that s my paddle I left it for you to find lol I’ would like it back now please send it on further south Hehe

    • Lol! Thank you, Marti! If you are Ever in my neck of the Hills, I owe you a few margaritas Take care, lady!

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