Forrest Gets Mail – 22


This email came in today and I am posting it here with permission from the writer. How do you help someone who says they don’t need help, when you know they do? f


Dear Forrest,

I want to thank you for just being you. I am a single mom of 5 kids and I raised all my kids the hard way pay check to pay check. I never had money to send my kids to the activities that kids do baseball soccer football cheerleading that kind of stuff that you got to pay a lot of money for. So anyway I instead found ways to to keep my kids entertained. And that was bottle digging and the dig is easy but doing the research of a town to find where a privy to dig up the privy to find a bottles doing the history was the thrill for me and it taught my kids a lot of stuff about Maps and history of the town they lived in. I took them in the woods to teach them to mushroom hunt for morels. We all went camping fishing in our little town. I would maybe have 5 bucks for gas and we would go drive around Missouri and look for creeks to walk in to look for arrowheads or get fish put them in our homemade fish tank, And so this is how you help me my kids all grew up they are all out on their own all 5 and they are all doing good with life. No drugs no serious drinking you know they’re just normal kids all five. I don’t know how I got so lucky cuz some moms out there are dealing with having to raise their grandbaby cuz the kids are on drugs, sad. Well after all kids left I was alone I spent my whole life taking care of my kids and when the last one left I felt so alone. I was like making plans to just weather away and die because I had no kids to take care of anymore. And then you came along and your story. Well I am still a little too poor to afford your book but one day I will be able to and I’ll get to read your book I’m excited about that one day. Well I got to see a lot of it. Your book off of you tube…And your treasure hunt got me back into looking up history learning about the Indians and the brown trout how beautiful Yellowstone is I don’t get to see it in person but I do get to see it through other people’s cameras the GoPros whatever they use to film stuff. It got me out of feeling sorry for myself and getting back to living. And what you said about you can shut one door and open other, So once again I am living and that is why I felt the need to write you and thank you. I do love the Thrill of the chase I didn’t get to read your book but just the thrill of the chase of looking up history in finding something that’s never been found. I do know about your poem that you have no x letter in your poem and. X marks the spot..That is really neat. Your kewl. Take care and thanks for being you.









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    • I am almost in same boat however not raising grand children .i do live on fixed income and I was intrigued by ttotc it got me involved in ff chase about his memoir. Heatherdawn angel sent me an extra book she had. Once upon a while I would love to read. No extra money . My life halted when my husband died 2014 see I brought him home to die . He had stage 4 liver cancer. So I have lost so many family members is it worth getting older??????

    • thank you it took me back to eating dandelions out of the park mom only had us three and a few neighbor kids but, good moms, are what life is all about. kudos’s to you the author of that peaceful note and Thank you Sir for sharing.

    • 22 is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Everyone please re-read this 5 times. I mean, c’mon. Research the history of a town bottle dump in the woods using totc indian map x. The chase is a story with a dream like interpretation.

  1. I wonder if Thunderose understands how kewl she is for recognizing that you don’t need to be wealthy to share the values of outdoor life with those you love…

    While we’re on the subject, here is a great article someone sent me today about the value of being outdoors…even if it’s only to sit in a chair and watch the leaves…

  2. You already did help her. That part is obvious and perhaps some day one of her kids will take her for that 1st BOTG and then, it will be in their blood!

  3. I’m confused by Forrest’s introduction. Thunderose makes no hint at needing any kind of help, does she? So why does Forrest say he knows she does need help? His introduction, therefore, perhaps holds a hint at something to aid in finding the chest. And perhaps this is how he helps her, and us.

      • I think there’s more than one in this post. The dead give away for me is the unusual spelling of kewl. That seems like an obvious pointer to homophones and alternative spellings.

        But I also wonder if Forrest chose this email, beyond its sentimental value, because of its heavy use of the term I and her focus on shifting from many to one.

        I also know that there is a theme of Forrest being a trickster, prankster or joker if you will. This post also focuses on the term kid. Kid would seem to apply exactly as she uses it when referring to children but is this chase just maybe about subliminal themes? If so should we be focusing on them? In that case, I think we all know that to kid someone is to fool, trick or joke with them.

        That concept brings me back to…

        “Life is a game of poker, Happiness is the pot. Fate deals you four cards and a joker, And you play whether you like it or not.”

        And that quote brings up another interesting thing. At first glance one would think that Forrest penned that little ditty as a philosophical way to open ttotc but I think that statement has huge meaning regarding the chase. That is a line from the Ernest tubb song “I’m waiting for ships that never come in” and Forrest edited in some poetic license to tell part of his story, in my opinion. Here is the original that Forrest edits to suit his needs, “Now life is only a game of poker and happiness is the pot
        They’d deal you five cards in the cradle and you play whether you like it or not”

        Are we supposed to notice these things or is it the proverbial rabbit hole. Ernest tubb is a country singer from Forrest’s time, did he choose that lyric for other deeper meanings associated with that song, it’s title or the man Ernest tubb himself. Remember that odd story about Suzanne summers and her random tub? It makes me think a bit but who knows.

        • Sorry actual quote….
          Now life is only a game of poker and happiness is the pot
          They’d deal you five cards in the cradle and you play with your like it or not

        • Don’t forget Olga’s thirty-six long bathtub. However, is it Ernest Tubb we’re supposed to find, or Art Gillham?

    • She can’t afford a book but isn’t asking for a free one or help to get one…. seems pretty simple to me

      • That’s exactly the sort of thing my mother would do. If she was dying of thirst in the middle of Death Valley, she wouldn’t ask for a glass of water unless she could find a way to pay for it.

        I love her dearly, but she can be very frustrating at times. 🙂

    • Thanks for posting Thunderose , beautiful read! Your a wonderful mother and your children are the evidence. I can’t imagine the difficulty of raising 5 children by yourself!
      I completely understand the empty nest system!
      Thunderose, good to hear Mr. Fenn has inspired you, he certainly has inspired me too!
      Thanks for sharing, Mr. Fenn your wonderful!❤️

    • I think that would be a huge thing for her for us to send her some of Forrests books.. Let me know where I can sign up to donate. I would send her one of my books but they look like they have been pelted with rocks and then some…:)

  4. I would like to donate the thrill of the chase book to this woman. Figure out how to get me a shipping address and I’ll get it sent off to her. God Bless her and her children. And if she can figure out where the treasure is I may be willing to fund her trip to pick it up.

  5. Shoot… I’d send her mine, but the dang thing is wored out. The dust jacket took the same route as Fenn’s cash did and half the pages are cracked and tattered. The poem page rests inside the front cover ready to fall in half and may or may not have been folded a couple of times. I’d still send it to Thunderose… if that would help.

  6. Dal send me Thunderose’s address, and I’ll send her a copy of the book. That would be a huge pleasure.

    • contentment is the key word , money doesnt make one rich , family and old friends and new friends and people that willing to lend a hand to you. that’s what being rich is. reading all your responses to Thunderosa this is a rich community.


  7. “……And so this is how you help me.” And then you came along and your story.

    Mr. Fenn, you and Miss ThunderRose are a perfect example of how we help each other. We help each other by sharing our stories, and we help each other by having willing ears that listen to the stories other people tell. Some of the best lessons I have learned have come from other people.

    Miss ThunderRose, I hope you pass along your stories of the strength of a mother in your own memoir. You sound like a loving and creative Mom, perhaps you could help other parents with low-cost engaging solutions to educate and entertain children in your own book. I bet it would be a wonderful read, and inspirational to many other single parents.

    Mr. Fenn,

    Perhaps you could help her by donating each of your books to her local library, or to a local Boys and Girls Chapter?

  8. In answer to Forrest question I was reminded about a Tim McGraw song from a few years ago.
    Always be “Humble and Kind”

  9. I do not have Thunderose’s address..and since it’s email Forrest probably doesn’t either. But I am certain that if Thunderose sent Forrest her address she would get a book…

    “How do you help somebody who says they don’t want help?”
    Maybe it’s just a rhetorical question…and not directed specifically at Thunderose…

    • Dal his question is a good one. If it were me… I’d just help the person and hope they had enough respect and thoughtfulness for me to understand and accept it. Always remember Forrest’s words… “No one is a self-made man” (or woman). And that is one of the truths in life.

    • I took the question to be rhetorical. Thunderose sounds much like my mother. My mom will tell you about her woes, but will never ask for help. And if you try to offer help, she resists it. How do you help someone like that? All I have come up with is this:

      If she wants to be heard, listen good. Be there. Care. Sometimes listening is more important than doing.

      • I agree Ray – Sometimes all we can do is listen, and CARE! Some times when someone wants to talk, they are not looking for someone to “solve their problem” – they just need to be heard, and know that the listener CARES!

        An ear, may speak louder than lips sometimes – JMO – JDA

      • Did you realize that Thunder Rose is a heroine in an American Tall Tale? Does that change your opinion of this scrapbook?

  10. This was hard to read, not just for its content but for its presentation where you get no chance to breathe. Are we moving toward a future where punctuation will disappear: no capitalization, no commas, no apostrophes, no carriage return line feeds to signal paragraph changes? In short, a texting-based generation? Maybe like Forrest, I’m not ready for the 21st century.

    • LOL You too Zaphod?

      I mean…you, too, Zaphod?

      I got winded just reading that, and had to take a deep breath afterward.

      She sounds like a hard-working mother…worthy of deep respect.

      Thanks, Forrest…and Thunderose…and Dal…Et Al…

    • Hey Zap – I’d like to connect with you via personal email sometime if you are open to that.

  11. Thunderose, I like your name.

    I wasn’t privy to privy digging until I read your story. Thanks for sharing.

    And from the comments above, it looks like you’re going to get the book. Have fun on your Chase!

    ~Allen K.

  12. Darn you Forrest! Why do you consistently keep making us wear our hearts on our sleeves with these kinds of stories? Can’t you see we just wanna relax and concentrate on ALL 4 of your Memoirs and try to figure this whole thing out with any distractions! JEEZ! (I’m only kidding of course) 🙂

    I remember when I first heard about the Treasure Hunt back in Summer of 2017, I LITERALLY COULD NOT WAIT for “The Thrill of the Chase” AND “Too Far To Walk” to arrive in the mail. I LITERALLY FELT just like I did when I was a kid on Christmas morning. And a few months later “Once Upon A While” was release and I FELT that feeling all over again, AND a year later the Revised Edition of “Once Upon A While” made me FEEL that FEELING one more time.

    So, with that said, how about WE get Thunderose a copy of ALL 4 MEMOIRS that Forrest has written. TTOTC, TFTW, OUAW, OUAWRE.
    There are plenty of us regulars here on this sight. It’ll probably only cost us a buck a piece to send Thunderose the books.

    So, How are we gonna do this?

    And, Thunderose you are right about Forrest, he is pretty Kewl.

    • I think I figured it out.
      We send the money to Collected Works, In Care of Thunderose. There could be a deadline, say July 10th or sometime after Fennborree. Maybe someone could pass a hat at Fennborree for Thunderose also and drop it by Collected Works when finished. Once the amount is raised for the books and shipping costs Collected Works can contact Forrest to then contact Thunderose for shipping address.
      Any extra money can be put into Forrests cancer fund.

  13. Answer, you go to the rescue. Mention of Missouri brings back childhood memories. My mom grew up dirt poor in Missouri, and when we would go visit grandparents for a few days in the summer in Missouri, we had the most fun just wandering along the stream and playing in the broken down barn. We grew up dirt poor too, but I had too much fun playing outside to notice.

    • I do love seeing Missouri come up on these blogs .I was born and raised and raised here not far from the old city of cove .

  14. I’ve been to alot of places, if you’re not happy in america, you definitely need help. “So here we have a failure to communicate”, “I’m shaken it boss, I’m shaken it”. We got books with X’s and arrows, we got signs with mean ol cowboys, we got caves, baseball, brad pitt, treasure island? and we have a forest, and a fenn, what more do we need?

  15. finally someone who speaks my language
    thank you very much for sharing

    I will help all I can, if/when I can.

    • Forrest should just help her and send her a book. She would be Thrilled.
      Raising 5 children is expensive. I’m sure u did a terrific job.

    • The power of prayer is mighty especially when it’s a prayer for someone other than ourselves . God bless you and pray on

      • Travler,
        You’re correct amundo!

        I’ve come a long way but I still have a long way to go! Working on myself daily and the power of prayer is real. God bless the entire Chase community and good luck to all.

  16. Through the information the lady has written. Her words tell about how hard it was to raise a family. But yet she does not ask for help she probably feels uncomfortable to ask for help. Or probably thinks nobody helps people now days.because it’s all about me,myself and I. It’s not. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Especially when it comes to money
    So why feel like a fool and ask for help. Or you feel like it’s not other peoples job to help me
    It’s my job to help myself and kids
    Most of us has lived from paycheck to paycheck. And still do.but we have dreams and desires like the rich people in Hollywood. But know those dreams will never come true.there is so much in the background of the mind of what each of use have gone thru from a child up..your just caught up in this mess and can’t get out.even tho she has a roof over her head
    I just thinks she thinks wouldn’t it be nice to have a your kids leave the do feel alone as a mother who was used to raising kids and keeping house.thats a hard job.words written down can tell alot about a just have to listen and understand where shes coming from.shes been screaming help deep inside for years.she did what she had to do.)now my life is empty, what am I to do.if a person has not walked in her shoes,then you probably won’t understand. That’s what I think.if you got the money to bless her,or by her a book.your blessing will eventually come back to you reap what you sow.

  17. Hi Forrest;

    This post touched me in so many ways. You seem to have a talent for making me tear up a bit Forrest- but that is not a bad thing – Don’t you think?

    Life is not always easy, but Thunderose seems to have found a way to smile at life’s hardships. Forrest once said: “If I cannot enrich those with whom I interact each day and cause them to be better for my having passed their view, then I have wasted my turn. That I succeed in this endeavor is not as important as it is for me to make a solid try. For if the try is sincere I have succeeded in whatever failure resulted …. So now, at least for me I know. And if no one should ever think of me when I have passed this vale, it will be of no consequence, for I have finally found my way and am at peace with it all.” f

    It seems as though Thunderose has taken these words to heart. She may not have much money, but she has already found treasures galore in the way she lives, and the way she raised her kids. I salute you Thunderose. Thanks for sharing her words with us Forrest. As I said, they touched my heart – JDA

  18. Hey, I have a few books TTOTC & TFTW. If someone has Forrest’s address I can send them to him and he can forward them onto Thunderose. I’m done with them and they’ve only been opened once…like new!! And seeing as how she’ has money needs I will insert a nice crisp 50 dollar bill for her hard work. Wishing her well…

  19. Thunder rose, your kids are doing well because you did well. Most parents are too busy making a living than making time for their kids. BRAVO to you and other single parents out there. I raised my two kids by myself and I know first hand how much work it is. I’m a man that has changed a million diapers, told bedtime stories and had sandwiches or hot dogs down at the park most evenings. Weather permitting. Most need to remember that it’s easier to raise good kids than to fix broken adults.

    • You can tune a piano,
      But you can’t tunafish.

      How do you catch a unique rabbit?
      You neek up on it!

      How do you catch a tame rabbit?
      Tame way, you neek up on it!

      How do you fix someone’s broken world?
      You do your best and pray for forgiveness….

      What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?

      All IMO

  20. How you helped: you created a game that sends a whisper of sweet hope (that is more precious than gold); and you gift both a smile and a blade of blessing grass.

  21. When F asked a question, we should listen. .
    Maybe it would help if we read the book
    “Thunder Rose” by Jerdine Nolen.

  22. Thunderous appears to have it all figured out. Those near her know she doesn’t need help. She may be waiting for the right time to take the first step to improve her lifestyle. She has a positive outlook on her future. She must experience freedom before she moves forth. Just listen to her and allow yourself to be convinced of her belief in herself and her actions or lack thereof. Sometimes I’m not very eloquent but, I believe in the fire within.

  23. Kewl story. And thanks for the help Forrest, I was never good at asking for help but now I know it’s “under those” logs lol. I am just kidding but I like that Thunderose anagram, and coincidentally a big beautiful butterfly just flutterby my window…

  24. This is, in my distorted opinion, another story made up by Forrest to give important hints. Just like many others. You don’t think Forrest loves doing this? I love reading them, trying to see where the hints are. The rest of you only see the sentimental values. That’s ok. But it won’t help you solve the chase.

    Bring it on.

  25. HOLY CRAP! Talk about your seven degrees of Kevin Bacon! Bare with me as I explain…
    Okay, Forrest got the writer’s permission to post this…what if he’s the writer? Why then would he do that? Perhaps to help the “arguably mythical” lead searcher, because he knows that he or she needs that little bit of help to get past the last hurdle? So how would he publically help that person in this post? By letting Garth Brooks help the searcher. Wha??! Okay let me unpack this all…
    Garth Brooks’s song … The Thunder Rolls (which instantly rolls off the tongue as “Thunderose” in the song) Okay Will, what have you been smokin!
    Let’s decrypt the post to find out…
    1- The repetitive 5’s —- Garth had 5 siblings in his family.
    2- The woman talks about being alone, and “The Thunder Rolls” is a story about a woman alone at home pacing the floors worrying about her husband.
    3- They would drive around Missouri—- March this year Garth officially kicked off his stadium tour at the Dome in St. Louis, MO. …home of the Cardinals. What also is specially strange about that… is he promoting his LEGACY vinyl collection:×210.jpg
    Forrest shared much interest in the moon and going on a rocket to the moon 🙂
    4- Garth’s 5th studio album (there’s that 5 again 😉 ) …was entitled …wait for it…. “The Chase”
    5- Garth began his career notably singing in Wild Willie’s Saloon in Stillwater, OK (WWWH anyone?)—- funny his dog is named Willie 😛
    6- I looked up the story behind “The Thunder Rolls” And this is what took place:
    (((In October of 2010, Alger was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, and when Brooks paid tribute to the tunesmith that night, he told The Boot and the others assembled about writing The Thunder Rolls. “Pat [was] sitting with his pen and his paper, poised. I’ve got a little rubber ball that I’m bouncing off the wall right above his head, back and forth, crawling underneath the chairs and desk like you do when you’re five years old”
    Brooks also remembers that he and Alger felt “pretty cool” when they finished writing their song)))
    October of 2010? Isn’t that when TTotC was published? Oh and there’s that five again. “pretty cool” or “kewl”?

    Okay… granted maybe it’s all a stretch of the mind. I had a lot of time to kill so I looked into it with my imagination 😛 Anyway hope you enjoyed a trip down that rabbit hole 😀

    Oh and as an added coincidence… Today is the 29th. Garth Brooks is set to appear on his Stadium Tour today in Eugene, Oregon. Didn’t Forrest have a Featured Question with a Eugene!?? Okay okay…I’ll stop now 😉

      • consequently “THUNDEROSE” anagrams out to “Shored Tune” or (supported tune) 😛

        • Holy Moly Will that’s a whole lot of imagination there!!!! And a lot of fun to think about… Nice to see you back around and out from under the stone or log you’ve been hiding under!!! Now I’m going to listen to Garth all day 🙂

    • Wow! I’m in deep trouble if Garth Brooks is central to the final solve. Nice work.

  26. I always love to see words from Forrest. I personally can’t imagine knowing how someone could help me and then not asking especially knowing I need the help. That’s not in my character. I think something far more complex must be going on under the surface. One thing I know for sure is this puzzle is harder than I ever imagined, but I’m not giving up. If someone figures it out this season my hat is off to them. It would be quite the accomplishment. And I hope all continue to have amazing adventures this season!

  27. Stories like these are surely inspirational for the human spirit. Keep on keeping on.

  28. I’m not dissing Forrest, nor Miz Thunderose, in any way.

    But, when I use Google Translate and input ‘Thunderose’ in Engish, in Spanish it translates to…..Trueno…..True(?), no 🙂 🙂

    LOL! Great post Forrest! Ya always give ’em sumthin’ to think about; and leave ’em wantin’ more! Hope you and Peggy are having a wonderful summer

    • Hi Loco: Thunder = Trueno is an amusing observation. (The -ose is just getting ignored by Google translate — you’ll get the same result if you type in thunderthigh, for instance.) Many fives (5,5,5, five) as others have noted, and yet another instance of a type of vault.

      • Also dovetails with the Money article: the four things Forrest could get for a nickel: a Wimpy hamburger (doubtful in the 1930s), a coke, a bag of Fritos, or an ice cream. So four 5’s again.

      • Hi Zap: Yes, it was amusing…that is why I posted it. For me, it is just as amusing as those who ponder the numbers Fenn uses/used.

        And of course, it is self-evident what Google did. I’m glad you recognized that, otherwise some might think that Forrest was attempting to use a red herring….and most searchers know that he has no need to use red herrings (although there are some geniuses who can’t accept that, because they can’t admit that their interpretations may be incorrect). 🙂 🙂

        Thanks for replying, nice reading your thoughts again…..loco

      • Zap – ‘Thunderose’ wrote:

        “and .X marks the spot”

        I Spy a Circumpunct!!!

        And the 555 count in that email text.

        Dan Brown – What do you think that means?

        From your book, “The Lost Symbol”:

        “Outside the window the sun had set, but Langdon could still make out the slender silhouette of the world’s largest obelisk, rising on the horizon like the spire of an ancient gnomon. The 555-foot marble-faced obelisk marked this nation’s heart. All around the spire, the meticulous geometry of streets and monuments radiated outward.

        Even from the air, Washington, D.C., exuded an almost mystical power.”

        Thinking of how an ‘X’ possibly radiates outward from my ‘spot’. Like a quincunx. With losenges. Like the ones on the bronze chest. And of a Poem “written by an architect”. And that the ‘secret where’, on top of the obelisk in Washington DC, says, “Praise God”. Hmmmm…

        Hanx – Why didn’t you and Dan Brown make “The Lost Symbol” together? Problems with film locations there, maybe???


  29. Thunderose,

    Thank you for sharing your part of your life and show there is little need for money to experience things and to teach children there are wonderful things outside of the home. Your story and your motivation is very inspiring, thanks.

    Thank you Forrest for sharing her story, it is a very much appreciated.

  30. Well we’ll. That was an enjoyable story. I read it 5 times, or was that five times? I don’t remember. Just kidding. She sounds like a really nice lady. Thanks for sharing this Forrest and Dal.

    • Sparrow – ‘Write’, one ‘five’, spelled out, in that ‘Thunderose’ email:

      ‘five’ > f•Eye•v•e

      That ‘v’ looks like the upper Golden Triangle in my ‘A•S Above, So Below’ hide-y spot. The part I was able to excavate, before almost expiring from exhaustion. Is t’hat, ‘In A word, yeS’, Forrest? ‘A’ is one of the shortest words. In my solve, t’hat upright ‘A’ triangle is the ‘below’ part.

      I wonder•e•d, A•S I wandered, in YNP•S “Wonderland”, if Forrest had a solar panel driven camera on me; especially as I bent over, looking quickly down, in my mole hole with the soft earth. Maybe on top of the high ‘banco’ bluff behind me? I saw one of those devices at the base of a pole with an Osprey nest on the Campfire Lodge property. Did you have your All Seeing ‘Eye’ on me, Forrest?: ‘f•Eye•v•e’

      WAIT is a four letter word.

  31. Thanks to Thunderose for your persistent efforts as a mom and for sharing your plight.

    Thank you to Forrest for your helping hand. I’ve found my error(s) and have adjusted accordingly. We are loaded and ready to roll. Pulling out at first light. . . . . can’t wait!

    This snippet was fun. Thank you for sharing it.


  32. Thank you Thunderose, dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Deeply rooted, elegantly stated and morally correct, how can you help something so quaint, as a beautiful life, from any angle.Thanks again for sharing.

  33. OMG!!!

    It is not the name but the story and not just the story, but much more personalized……..That is the real clue here.

    How did I do was the family game?

    So………….how did I do?


    ps. I am getting closer

  34. Maybe Collected Works can do a pay-it-forward system. The pitch: My local coffee house allows you to purchase coffee for people in advance. They give you one of those insulated sleeves and you can write “Police officer” or “Student” or get really fun with it by writing “One legged man by the name of Bob” or just “Someone who needs it” and they hang them up on the wall. If you match up with one, your coffee is paid for. It wouldn’t take much for them to allow someone to put that in as a note or something when making a purchase. They keep a list of people who need one, and ship them as they get pay-it-forward purchases.

  35. Wow who ever wrote this sounds like they could be my kinfolk. And send her a book ole coot heck send her one of each hehe

  36. Sounds to me like she’s already ahead of most, maybe not financially, but more importantly, humility.
    HUMILITY is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. C.S. Lewis

  37. Hello all,
    I am thunderose and I would like to thank everyone for being so amazing..I am completely blown away by everyone’s response. Took me a minute to find this site . I accidentally deleted the email to where it said where my email would be sent to ..The only thing I remembered was Dale and that was wrong. I found Dal by watching a interview on YouTube.Which led me here. I would like to apologize for my poor grammar.I made all Fs in school and I don’t understand English at all..I should have never use the word poor..I should have use inefficient funds at the moment..I spent my fun funds on a fishing seine .My grandsweeites want a fish tank and I would rather take them to the creek to get the fish than a fish store and teach them how to use a seine. The reason I said no to the free book was because I want to be a part of the helping kids with cancer. I just got here to this site and there is a lot of stuff to read.Wow what a site..My heart is overwhelmed with joy with all the outpouring of kindness..Thank you all ..I am going to let your eyes rest and I am going to get busy reading this site..

    • My significant other and you share similar stories. We have 11 kids and 8 grand kids between us – some adopted. My offer to send you a copy of The Thrill of The Chase stands open. If you send your mailing address to Dal he can send it to me. 🙂

    • Thunderose, I meant it – I will buy you a book, the money will go to cancer, and it will be posted to you. Please accept it, I would love so much to do this for you. It’s not free – you have to use it to find the treasure, it’s going to cost you a lot of brainpower and maybe drive you crazy!. If you want to, you can go search my spot for me. What do you say – email Dal your address and he can give you my email (I think)

    • Thunderose

      I wanna thank you sooooooo much for your wonderful story.
      I really enjoyed it. It filled my heart with warm fuzzys.

      I don’t know if you saw upthread but I suggested everyone pitch in a buck for Mr Forrest Fenns 4 memoirs to send you. You mentioned that you don’t want any help with the books, that is admirable and should be respected.
      It doesn’t seem like there’s any interested parties with reference to my idea, so I guess that worked out nicely then.

      So anyways, I just wanted to ask you something. You mentioned in your post that you said no to the free book. I was just wondering where and when you made that comment?

      And, what part of Missouri do you live in?

      Also, you mentioned that you got all F’s in school and you misspelled “grandsweeties” But it seems you spelled seine correctly twice. And, you said you “dont understand English at all” what does that mean?

      I had to look up the word seine, I didn’t know what is was.

      Say hi to Forrest for me if you talk to him, thanks.

      • Hi basically I’m just horrible at English and grammar ..I said to Forrest that I would promise to buy the book so I could be a part of donating to kids with cancer. So far I only have three grandaughters and I call them my grandsweeties I dont even think it is a word I just made it up..Like what I mean about I dont understand English I don’t even understand where you put a comma and if I did try to use a comma what if I put it in the wrong place. I had no clue that my emailed would be read by so many folks. Forrest said I would be an inspiration to other mothers and he wanted to put it on a site. How do you say no to that? Thank you ever so much for being so kind..I am calling the book store today they said there is a free book there. I feel bad because my intentions were just to be grateful for such a great man. Happy Hunting!

        • ‘Thunderose’ – Hi and welcome to HOD (home of Dal). Hey, how come your name highlighted on this blog post, like only Dal’s and Forrest’s usually is? And have you met Diggin Gypsy yet? She built a creek just like the one you described. But I don’t think she bought a ‘seine’ yet. She may be interested in finding out about that.

          So glad you are getting the free book! But all you really need is the Poem and a good Map. Take ‘IT’ from me. I don’t own any of Forrest’s books. Yet.

          Big S-mile (my ‘path’ blaze)

          Love, Lisa

          • “All the world’s a stage..”

            – William Shakespeare

            Unfortunately, Forrest, you are not even close to being Brad Pitt.

            “I can keep my secret where”

            Did you have a ‘secret weir’ with a ‘seine’ in the mouth of my Smil-e out Baker’S Hole?


        • You are an inspiration Thunderose. We need a lot more like you. I am sure that he got the message. Happy that you are getting the book you want – maybe you will get it very soon. JDA

        • Pauley T.

          Not trying to quash sales, but why recommend buying OUAW and OUAW revised. They are almost identical in content, except for the addition of one story at the back of the book. The revised edition is a bit more colorful, and the stick figures are cute, but the content is almost identical. Buy the revised edition, and save your money – no need to buy the original version – That is what I would do – JDA

        • JDA

          Hey buddy! Hope Life is Treating you Kindly. 🙂

          I would LOVE to tell you the reasons to buy both books but ( how often do we get to use 4 words in a row that start with the letter B, cool huh, or should I say kewl) I don’t wanna let the cat outta the bag!

          I will say this, I believe, that there are clues in all 4 memoirs, if you can find them, that’s all I wanna say. IMO

        • Thunderose, you certainly are an inspiration to mothers and others alike. I enjoy taking my 8-year-old daughter out mushrooming hunting, but morels are a bit of a mystery. Would you have any morel-hunting advice for the novice? Not looking for your secret spots , but it sounds like you know what you’re doing. Funny thing, I’m currently wearing a shirt that reads, “Amateur mycologist with questionable morels.” This might be more true than not.

      • Pauley T,
        No worries. I just wanted you to know that there were others in case you missed it.

        Let us know more when you can and my 50 is ready roll your way.

        Thanks for the reply PT

        Deano Bravo

      • Deano

        I didn’t miss what you said, it is admirable and gracious for doing what you wanna do. I’d hold onto that 50 right now, I think Thunderose will be able to get everything from Forrest and Dal and Collected Works if need be.

    • if you hover over the hyperlink, you will see that she likely entered the word “none” into the website field. it then picked that up as the website, and colored the name orange.

    • I do have friends I just don’t show my friends list for other people safety.My son has three different facebooks.He is in the army so he is all over the place. My son name is Cody and I only have one Cody he just has like three different facebooks .One for family one for army and one for friends..I don’t know why .My real name is not Thunderose it is the name I use for all internet sites..Of course my work doesn’t know a Thunderose ..Why did you call my work? It is very rare I get on facebook I spend most of my time in the creek or river..Yes I am a major morels mushroom hunter..I find about a 1000 every spring..I give them away to people who can’t get in the woods anymore..I am the go to lady about morel mushrooms..My daughter’s real name is Thunderose..I just don’t like putting my name on any Internet site I don’t know why just the way I am. I preach to my girls about keeping their self safe on Internet sites so if I’m going to preach to them I should take my own advice and set an example

      • You really don’t need to explain yourself to anyone here, and I am glad you took care to protect your privacy.

        You already have the true treasure of the chase.

      • I am so sorry that there are people in this community that are creeping on you and it could be argued stalking you. Shame on them. This is exactly why I don’t participate in these blogs and forums and regret having done so here. I was just trying to send you a book and now I have to read about all this craziness that’s going on and rude comments from others.

      • Thunderose, no reason to explain if you have a security reason for not putting your real name out or keeping your family secure. Your story is great just like it is – well, beyond great in that it’s inspirational! Thanks for writing it. I enjoyed reading it and we can all learn something from it. It also shows that it doesn’t take money to be content or happy. And it doesn”t take money to raise children right.

        Again, well done!

        • Hi Covert! I agree with you too.
          Hope your trip was great and may you find a treasure everyday!
          Best regards,
          Lou Lee
          Chased by bears in jellystone park and lived to tell the tale.,

        • Hi Lou Lee – yes, I survived and made it just fine. It was great meeting you in person and thanks for bringing the neat things as giveaways!

          Ah, bears. Good to here you survived getting chased. Remember, you don’t have to outrun the bear, just the people you’re with….

      • I’m totally with you Denise!
        Somethings definitely Fishy in Denmark!
        This is a bigger mystery than figuring out what the Blaze is!

      • I thought you were outta here?


        PS – please don’t call my work, wouldn’t want them to notice I haven’t been in for the past week.

      • I’m not sure why anybody should follow Facebook’s rules or why anybody should care if somebody does or does not.

        Facebook is a private corporation. They mean less than nothing to me and I would be perfectly happy to confound their systems with fake information about myself.

        They profit from our profiles for heaven’s sake.

        We are getting off-topic though, so I will just leave it there.

      • She said good morels.
        They are really good.

        Thunderose, can I ask how you got that nickname?

        My great grandmother lost her husband right after #8 child showed up. She raised them the old way, in the country, as it was done back then. I think of them as the best of my heritage.
        They all lived long full lives and stayed close, the six ladies were canasta experts. I could never win against my grandmother.
        I think I was born too late,
        got smart too late, and old too quick.

      • wow…
        Thunderose, I am sorry for the way you were treated on here. You don’t need an explanation for anything you have done or said. I enjoyed your message to Forrest, but there will always be malcontents that try to steal your sunshine. Just keep on shining! Happiness is where we make it and judging from your message, I think that is something that you have down pat!
        Take care!
        PS, I have never tried a morel and I love mushrooms, so I think this is something I need to remedy!

    • It is amazing how many positive replies this post generated; a true testament to the good in many. It does seem the response to a person in need is truly a measure of one’s morels
      I hope you get your book, Thunderose. Maybe there will be an X in it, if your lucky, or very smart.

      Give a grandsweetie a fish and they eat for a day…

      • Old Milk of Magnesia bottles provided much of the cobalt blue glass used in creating Mexican blue drinkware.

        That may be why Thunderbabe is upending privies.

      • It goes all of the way back to SB107 Travis…Puceet. I just happened to have known of the color. Interesting how the came to be.

  38. The 5/fives could simply be a nod to the designed rhythm in Fenn’s poem…iambic pentameter. It is a natural fit…

    • Just a thought…….

      5×5 = 25

      3. Never underestimate the power of a quarter. SB 169

      • true. I see so many references over the years to [five]…as in singular.
        In this story the [5 kids]… perhaps a wink to 5k [5000]?

  39. 5, five = 55 – Wasn’;t the bridge in the “Long Jump” 55 feet above the water? Might not this be a “hint” about something? Not sure what, but maybe something.? Just musin’ JDA

      • Hi Copper;

        I think that you are wrong on the 40′. I just went back and double-checked both OUAW and OUAW revised, and they both say 55′ – JDA

        • Zap;

          The original SB 89 probably does say 40′ (I will take you word for it) So, the question then is, “Why did Forrest change it from 40′ to 55′ in both editions of OUAW? HUMMM??? JDA

          • Why indeed. And why not use a picture of the actual Leon Bridge like he did in the original Scrapbook? Why replace it with a 5-truss bridge (there’s that 5 again) when the Leon Bridge has only one?

          • Man you guys do not know math, if it is 40′ to the water from the Leon River Bridge, then the the clearance is 14’6″ to vehicles and the span of the girder is say 12″ added together it is over 55′ if you climb the rail which is what I did as a kid, not there but in Carlsbad, NM where I grew up. Now look at it from the top, the big picture and see that is what us brave, stupid kids did, we would count how long till we hit the water while free fallin, also when truly crazy we would dive.


    • 5 and 5 in Roman numerals is V V. I think wise refers to YY’s so V V could also refer to 2 forks in the path to the treasure. Just a thought…

      • Hello there ladies & Gentlemen. I promise to be on my very best behavior. I have so enjoyed reading here for the last year. It has been enjoyable watching the chase from the detention corner.

          • Well, well, well…look who’s back! The gangs all here. We have McB, Travis Brown! Y’all better give a big shout out to Mr. Zaphod because today is International Asteroid Day! I do believe Zap is the only person to find over 100 of these beauties along with 100 meteors if i remember correctly. The only thing he didn’t mention was that he found 99 if them laying next to each other! Zap happy IAD and congrats on all you do for us both inside the Chasecommunity as well as outside it. I for one missed you over the winter and good luck Sir.

          • Hi Deano: hmm, someone has been doing some internet sleuthing. 😉 Thanks for the shout-out. I’d like to point out that discovering an asteroid, meteorite or comet is a whole lot easier than solving Forrest’s poem!

  40. From the internet, so it must be true…

    “Churchill was in the lavatory in the House of Commons and his secretary knocked on the door and said: Excuse me Prime Minister, but the Lord Privy Seal wishes to speak to you. After a pause Churchill replied: Tell His Lordship: I’m sealed on The Privy and can only deal with one sh?t at a time”

    Not at all inspiring, but really funny.

  41. Pardon my johnny come late to the party.

    Morning all. Good to see such a great response to this scrapbook.
    As always this in my humble opinion: Wildrose is indicating a desire for a companion.
    With this in mind, I would like to extend an invite to this community.
    Please pardon me if I am being presumptuous, secondly many thanks to the generous folks that have volunteered to send Wildrose a book.

    As a vet with disabilities, I know what it is like to work with the means one may have at their disposal. And over the past 3yrs, I made ends meet in order to fulfill my dream of living in SoCal. this point all I can say is I am blessed. House is almost finished and soon I will be able to pursue my dream of prospecting for gold.

    Wildrose you did a great job raising your kids.

    As for this story being related to the chase as possible hints?? Ummm I am not real sure about that. Imho it may have more to do with how to view things.

    • I do think you’re right here Chad, this letter has definitely made me reflect on things. There is so much negativity in the world, this was really refreshing.

  42. Ok shoot me now. My deepest apologies, I meant Thunderose.
    Note to self: Do not type when brain dead.


  43. After shedding my embarrassment, has anyone noted the spelling of Thunderose??
    Ummmm. Thunder Rose, ThunderRose. An obvious play on words????

    • HDD aka Chad;

      Thunderose= Thunder Rose = is a tall tale. A tall tale is a humorous story that tells about exaggerated or impossible events. JDA

  44. To Diggin Gypsy,
    LOL, I only know you from your A Gypsys Kiss but I thought you wrote it. The whole time I was reading it, I saw your face. Lol
    Your voice and mannerisms are as nice.

  45. Thunderose,
    It sounds like your heart is in the right spot. Maybe whom ever finds it can donate 10% to that children’s cancer fund. I for one know the joy of giving. I don’t have much but I do what I can when I can.

    From age 10 to 16 I worked for a little Italian guy whom owned a corner market and he did what he could for the old and the needy. ..he was my hero, he was Felix DiFede.

    My offer still stands and I wish you well. Good luck to all…

    Deano Bravo

  46. This email described my own plight. Raising 3 children from babies as a young widow. They all leaving the nest and being alone. Finding FF’s treasure hunt and being excited and learning all the history of all the search states, etc. Hoping to afford the book, finally buying the book after years of family asking me what I wanted for Christmas, telling them how I’d really like FF’s book. Nobody wanted to encourage my search efforts so no book. I understood their concerns so finally was able to buy it myself. I’ve gone down many rabbit holes as many have, but have been thrilled at every turn. I’ve needed this focus and have enjoyed the chase. I seem to have let my ego drive me, hoping I can figure this out. Always have wanted to be a good detective I guess.. In closing, just Thanks for the opportunity to expand my mind and learn many historical facts of a time before present. Best regards, Colleen

  47. Five- don’t forget all the references to nickels. They were magic to Forrest.

  48. So…………………should we tell Thunderose that the memoirs are full of lies and in each story there is really on one sentence of truth?


      • It is the truth!!! Look at how FF answered the question when someone called him on it. In my opinion, this is the major clue in TTOTC. Like the washing machine story?????? It is actually how FF met Peggy and landed Skippy in the hospital.

        Maybe FF will confirm?


        • How do you KNOW “It is the truth”? Were you there? Do you have a “secret line” to Forrest? Come on guy. Don’t post your OPINIONS as FACT – “Play by the rules OK? A Newbie just might quit the chase because of false posts like your last two.
          Grow up. If you think Forrest is not telling the truth – Quit the chase. Why participate in a lie. BS – JDA

  49. how DO you help someone who says they need HELP, but you know they don’t?

  50. The word „lies“ is wrong… if you write your autobiography you should be accurate and stay with the truth… in a memoire you have more space for phantasy and little non-truths to add some drama or humor to the story… still you‘re not lying…

    Memoires are a step closer to fiction than autobiographies IMO

    • “All of the stories that mingle among these pages are as true to history as one man can average out the truth, considering the fact that one of my natural instincts is to embellish. just a little.” f – Preface to TTOTC – JDA

      • Perfect, JDA! Exactly what I was guessing… I am sure, you saw the IMO in my post… opposed to the „facts“ New Way of Thinking was writing about…

        • My post was NOT a criticism of you TLo. It was in support of your post. As to NWoT’s post, you can read my reaction below his/her post. BS!! – JDA

          • Hi Lou Lee! I made some progress, yes, but not enough, yet!
            Good to see you safely arrived back home!

  51. Hello New Way of Thinking. A lie by definition is an attempt to deceive for personal gain. If that is what you meant, say so. Are the makers of puzzles being deceptive? Of course, and part of the fun is unravelling the mystery. I’ve learned that seeming contradictions are most often a sign that I’m missing something. This site, like others, is a place to discuss those very things. Is it possible you are missing something?

  52. I don’t need help (much). The comment applies to all but the most humble of us, seems to be the human condition. On the surface it sounds harsh, but I vaguely recall my grandmother saying something similar. Take the memories and wisdom of the older ones and learn.

    • I get the point your are trying to make, I think. There are two major ambiguities and one jumped conclusion in the short foreword:

      “..permission from the writer..” (s/b “her permission”)

      “..someone who says..” (s/b “a woman” or “Thunderose”)

      “..when you know they do..” (s/b “she does”)

      My humble conclusion is that the message is meant for somebody else. Probably you and me.

      • Muset

        Exactly, Thank You.

        Is Forrest using Thunderose’s comment to make a point?
        Are there VITAL clues in Thunderose’s comment?
        Why hasn’t Forrest or Dal commented about this yet?
        Are we ALL in a fish bowl being monitored?
        Just lookin for answers. 🙂

      • Yes Pauley T, IMO.

        At the start of season 2014 (if I remember correctly), Forrest wrote about his pond and some big-mouth bass in the shallows and how the thing wouldn’t take his offerings (advice on the blogs). It’s a similar theme, I think. It’s no conspiracy and nothing vital, IMO.

  53. Ouch.

    “How do help someone who says they don’t need help, when you know they do?”
    JA Kraven, what say you about this comment?

  54. Ditto – JAKe

    Pauly – You said: “If it was ME that sent Forrest an email and Forrest then posted it to Dals sight with the words,”How do you help someone who says they don’t need help, when you know they do” I would most definitely FEEL unworthy or disrespected. But that’s just me, what say all of you?”

    Here is what I say: Why would you feel disrespected? Forrest is just stating the obvious – TR MAY need a bit of help – at her own admission. But, she DID NOT ask for help. Rule #1 is NEVER give help unless it is asked for. Some people have the need to stand on their own. I MAY be wrong, but many of you have offered to buy TR a book or two. Good intentioned, but since TR did not ask Forrest or ANY of us to buy her a book, she may well be embarrassed by these offers. She was just thanking Forrest for offering her a chance to “Spread her wings” after her brood flew the coop – so to speak – Nowhere did I see her ask for help – of any kind. JMHO – HDA

    • JDA
      IMO, Forrest posted Thunderose’s email knowing we were all gonna jump to help, not one comment has been made regarding the outcome whether or not Thunderose was gonna get a book or not until Thunderose mentioned there is a free book waiting at book store. Does anyone find it ODD that neither Forrest nor Dal has commented about this?

      • Pauley;

        Solving the mysteries of the poem is more than enough for me. I don’t need to invent new riddles. Honestly, I do not need to know who Thunderose is, not anything about her other than what she chose to put in her email to Forrest, and which she gave Forrest permission to publish. It is none of my business.

        Why should Dal or Forrest comment? Forrest published her email (with her permission) – period. End of story. TR chose to reply – she certainly had no mandate to do so. Dal has no mandate, nor does Forrest. JMO`

        This whole thing reminds me of the chapter in TToTC – “No Place for Biddies.” 🙂 JDA

    • Pauley, the rabbit holes are deep around here.
      Watch out!

      When you fill out the “Leave a Reply” form, you need to input your “Name” and “Email”
      The optional part is “Website”
      If you click on my name you will see it’s the same as Thunderose just for this comment.
      I do not recommend putting a website in there unless it’s yours but I don’t know the rules for this site about that and please don’t put any websites in that is unacceptable.

    • Jake

      I’m still fairly new to using computers and I don’t know how to have a website or post a pic like you did next to your name with hat and sunglasses.
      Looking thru upthread quickly I find you, JDA, KK, Dal, Mark, Denise, Lisa, Michael, Tlo and others all have pictures next to your names. I’m assuming these pictures are photos of the people who are commenting. If I was able to post a pic of myself I would, but I don’t know how. I would post a clear image of myself as for I do not have anything to hide.

    • Pauley T, if you go to and create an account you can upload a pic of yourself or whatever you want and associate it with an email address and whenever you post something using that email it will post the pic you uploaded. That is why my pic shows up when I comment…

    • Pauley T.

      Go to You will find a place where you can substitute a picture for your avatar – JDA

  55. Rose Petal would be a good name for a young deserving searcher.
    Maybe she could find 9 bottles and 5 caps if standing in the right place.
    I would probably find a can. Rose petal and her searching family could be
    handed a special book with a message in it. I am still thinking about my one
    time and once only search. there is that sound the rooster makes. bac.bac.
    Who Me. It would make for great memory.
    Good luck. Rosie…

  56. PauleyT
    This one is simple. How do you help someone that doesn’t need help even though you know they do.
    For starters Thunderose is not asking for help or implying she needs it. Her story leads you to believe she needs help therefore leaving you with ? What help or how. Not saying she doesn’t need help. But the statement FF made works if you think about it.
    Maybe that’s how he feels about all us doing so not so good searchers. And the best he can do is give us all hints. That work for the right solve but not for all. IMO. No further comments That’s just how I see that.

  57. A rose is a rose is a rose…

    My friend wrote and recorded this really kewl song called Rose and I posted it on YouTube for him – it’s a great song about stuff like changing your name and making off with the gold and it has absolutely nothing to do with the Chase but I am posting it anyway because it’s such an inspiring song and it’s called Rose lol…

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