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bbwerChase Research Project

I am a psychology professor in my fifth year of the chase trying to identify factors that compel our involvement in the chase.  I have tried to estimate the size of our Chase community using a random survey of 1,000 workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. It appears that we may be substantially larger in size than Forrest’s estimate of ~350,000.  I’m asking more seasoned searchers such as yourself to take 5-10 minutes to complete this same anonymous survey. The data will hopefully be of interest to our community. Please complete the survey just once and not share the questions with others until data completion has been completed.  Just cut and paste this link in your browser if interested:









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    • And I’m pretty sure we just helped him with his Masters Degree program

      • I’ve helped on other surveys but they all seem to miss on the possible options that could be involved. Different situations could easily involve different answers.
        Makes me wonder why only T/F is the only possible answer. How about including more options or like I said below, a text box/comment box.
        IMO more could be seen than just a “Probability” or clicking on an answer just because you feel a need to complete it for the person doing the survey. IMO

    • Some amount of redundancy is SOP in serious surveys as a control. A response with completely different answers to similar questions is somewhat suspect.

      Also, it’s not a survey about the Chase – as it says in the header, it’s a survey ” . . . trying to identify factors that compel our involvement in the chase.”

    • “I often felt that some of the questions were repetitive or redundant.”

      That is a sign of a properly controlled survey. If there were not redundant questions, the survey would be nearly meaningless.

  1. I too completed it – Next to last set of questions did not seem to relate to chase AT ALL! JDA

    • I took the physiological evaluation. how funny. Yes many questions asked over and over to twist you up. Can’t wait to hear about the survey he puts together.
      He will say we are all crazy. Ha ha.

  2. Forrest has never said bring a sandwich and a flashlight.

    That is a myth


    • – People have become fixated on you telling them to bring a sandwich and a flashlight.  Are they just wasting their time focusing on these things as clues? 
      FF: They certainly are not clues.

      • I could be wrong but I think someone covered this statement before. If I remember it correctly, Forrest made that statement after a searcher was rescued but it was in reference to safety. It was supposedly meant because if you get lost and the sun goes down at least you have a light to see with and I’m guessing the sandwich was for the possible hunger while waiting.

        Although, in my mind, the sandwich could attract bears and other vermin so I have always passed on the sandwich. Murphy follows me around I think! LOL….

        Deano Bravo

        • DB,

          I don’t normally think about the sandwich and flashlight as anything… but *I think* the original comment was about, do we need tools [shovels, pickax] or something for searching.

          Regardless of why the comment was made; fenn cleared it up as not useful… they are certainly not clues… in the Q&A above. If folks want to have a candle light dinner and serve wine on a… who am I to say different.

      • Donna – Can you come up with a link to where Forrest said it?

        A chaser that’s no longer involved made that claim and never showed us.

        I would love to see the quote from Forrest if you can find it.

        We have looked for it many, many times.


        • I can’t find the original but I thought Forrest’s wording was something to the effect of… maybe a sandwich and a flashlight. I almost think I saw it on Jenny’s site in a questions with Forrest, or a 6 questions with Forrest.

          Maybe Dal can help though, I did find the following March 1 2013 post published by Dal on this site called “tips from Forrest”. In that post Dal says that the headers are actual comments from Forest and that the preceding text after each header are musings from him (Dal). The following is what Dal wrote that day…..

          Folks have been agonizing for a couple of years now about Forrest saying this. Why would we need a flashlight? Is it in a cave? Underwater? In the basement of Brown’s home? Maybe we need a flashlight to throw at a bear guarding the chest…who knows? Recently Forrest sent me an email in which he said “A flashlight isn’t necessary unless you are searching at night.” So why did he say this to begin with? It’s just a saying…a reminder. My dad used to tell me, “If you are going to be late, take a flashlight.”

      • Dal
        In my opinion they are not clues there is just 9 of those ,so mr Fenn can say truthfully they aren’t clues but definitely hints to the clues

  3. Obsessive, manic/depressive, needing validation? I prefer to think I’m learning coping skills as a searcher. Certainly must cope with disappointment. Now I’m depressed again, or is it delusional?

  4. All research projects start off with a hypothesis and then the questionnaire is developed to either prove it disprove that hypothesis. Based on the questions asked, here is my guess at his hypothesis…

    Searchers who spend a great deal of time and effort on the search have some type of personality or psychological disorder e.g., Obsessive Compulsive, Borderline Personality Disorder, Manic Depression/Bi-Polar, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, etc.

  5. The survey was interesting with repetitive questions stated a different way. It was basically about personality and how you perceive yourself on the last two pages.

  6. I completed it too. It will be interesting if we get to see a published paper describing the results of these surveys.

    I think the repetitive/redundant questions are a way for the researcher to validate answers. Normally a person would answer them roughly the same. If someone is just randomly clicking it will show up.

  7. As I took the survey I noticed I began to feel this unlimited feeling of euphoria. You know, like this feeling of complete freedom and no inhibitions. But I soon noticed I could not get away from the survey. I literally spent hours trying to fathom what the questions really meant. I went on line and ordered $500.00 worth of books that talk about surveys, even though I am very poor and the money was meant for groceries. But I did enjoy it. Thanks Dal, and also the University of North Dakota.

    • Sparrow,
      so, took the survey and felt disappointed in the tenor of it. poured myself a bowl of Cheerios and started reading others’ responses to it. read your post and learned that laughter can propel a Cheerio about 20 feet through the air before my dog will catch it in her mouth – appreciate you for being the catalyst that set that little experiment into motion.


  8. Will take the survey later, but I can tell anyone what my motivations are in the Chase:

    1) the prospect of finding a unique, valuable treasure (why lie?)
    2) my search area is in a place that I very much enjoy
    3) the idea that I may be able to match wits with (and hopefully “defeat”) Forrest Fenn. I think that FF is a national treasure, and an underrated thinker
    4) the feeling I get when I have an A-ha! moment in the Chase, as they usually make me feel closer to FF, a man that I admire greatly

  9. I prayed for D’s but no one was listening. So I think that I failed the survey.


    • Kanafire,
      I’ve done it tired but now I’m weak! I have had so much fun during this Chase! I have always thought of myself as a problem solver and as I’ve said before, if I find it then I’m going to do as much good for those whom cannot afford Veterinarians and the steep costs. My intentions are solid but my searching stinks.

      Gotta run do the survey…but unless you can meet the person face to face, you don’t really have much other than speculation. They have come out with so many psychological disorders that it seems that EVERYBODY has something wrong with them. And whom says so? The so called geniuses of the psychological community.

      Deano Bravo

      Deano Bravo

  10. I don’t think they asked the proper question’s, it was more of a are you compulsive, or are you narcistic. Nothing about what motivates you to any realistic extent.

  11. I answered the mandatory questions, then the first couple of pages of questions before I ran out of time. I have some suspicions about the researcher’s starting hypothesis in relation to the Chase. But ah well, I’m still interested in seeing what results come out of it. A fun way to kill some time.

    • As soon as I took this survey, the color of the icons for my update notifications from this website changed in my email server. I ran a virus scan, and did not come up with anything however I am a little bit concerned. Has anyone else noticed something similar?

  12. ~ I am a psychology professor in my fifth year of the chase trying to identify factors that compel our involvement in the chase. ~

    I can answer that without any survey. The compelling factor is the lure of gold and trinkets waiting for the one who can complete the task… If it was a bag of marbles, you’d be able to count searchers on one hand with fingers left over.

    But there is a benefit for even trying; It give a sense of adventure, a new and different purpose, not for one – but for all; that wunderlust having lay dormant in many of us. That’s when we sink our teeth into the challenge and it becomes more than we could of hoped.

    • Seeker,
      EXACTLY!!! I just wanted to see if I could solve it. Heck, that’s reward enough for me…and that’s the honest truth.

      Deano Bravo

    • Strangely enough this post I read from you has imposed some thoughts to me (not new) but bringing some clarity to who what were and why we do things, and to what extent we will go to.
      Given your profession I can see were you might get some of your insight on solving the puzzle. And maybe why you may over simplify some thoughts that who knows how valid they could be. IMO.
      JMO. I agree that the TC is and will be the lure to motivate. That works the majority and that’s why we use money. But as in the growth mindset posted by DM not all fall to just the monetary reward. That reward system is instilled in us from day one and changes how we think and operate our lives. It shackles the few that strive on challenges and robs them of there full potentials. I’m not a psychologist And am not trying to assert that so please IMOP.
      The problem with the chase is when do you now you have mastered it. When you see th TC. Until then you are still chasing rainbows and trying to stay out of that box your loved ones would see you in that fits there daily challenges activities and reality TV shows. I have never been plagued with any addictions. Therefore seen as having one and needing some help. My addiction Is of little cost if I stay home and health friendly and educational and mentally stimulating. How bad is it. Yes my but is tired of being in the chair. That’s a drawback.
      If the chase doesn’t open your eyes to more then you ever new before. Is it not the chase doing it’s job or is it you. Maybe a little harsh but so is the chase.
      It’s not for the meek it’s for the hide and seek.
      So as I get my cookie thaw out the t bone mow the star thistle drink a cold one all on my day off I wish you all happy hunting.

      • My apologies for misreading the post. I was under the impression that seeker was the professor and was doing the survey.
        By the first sentence in seekers post.
        Therefore my comments may seem a bit strange.
        You may ignore without comment and I understand. Or price and place as you wish.
        Once in awhile I put the cart in front and I trip over myself.

  13. Ummm…. I dis-ordered a pizza! I took sociology in college and enjoyed reading about the norms and rights of passage and such but just looking at the intro speaks volumes to me. Makes me wanna shake my head. But it’s on the HOD so I’ll do my best to contribute…

    • We cannot promise complete secrecy….WHAT? Sounds like a Facebook problem…hmmm

      • Ok, if you’re going to ask a question then at least leave a comment box that helps us explain these SITUATIONS. I paused on many questions to reflect on the answer because the question involved many different possible scenarios. The comment box should be involved…IMO

    • I rolled in sage and pepper… but then couldn’t decide whether to opt for baked or fried…

      • Should have added cloves for the real cluey searcher feel, then smeared on some pimento cheese for good measure. Sorry, ken, you should probably start again with someone else’s idea of how you should go about it.

  14. Is it just me, or did anyone else think this guy is full of it? Seemed like he is trying to craft a negative overview of Forrest, of us and of “the chase” in general.
    Just my 2 cents worth…

  15. Here’s the simple conclusion for his survey IMO. Searchers are people who seek a thrill, we enjoy the mind research aspects. We enjoy the investigation of our solves. We enjoy the challenge this Chase offers us. Yes we want to find the chest, yes we think of it’s value. But mostly we think about the accomplishment of solving the poem. We are thinkers and doers, we think, therefore we do.

  16. Psychology scares me sometimes. Maybe it’s because my wife studied that in school. It sure feels like sometimes she tries to fit me into some small category that I just don’t see me fitting into.

    I did send her a link recently that I felt did apply. Some of us treasure hunters I believe have what Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck labels “a growth mindset”. She wrote a book called “Mindset” which I haven’t read but the excerpts in the link I found interesting. Here is a quote and link below to the article. I think many of us treasure hunters simply thrive on difficult puzzles. The more complex the puzzle the more we thrive. I have never found a more complex puzzle than Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt so it’s no surprise to me that I thrive in all my attempts to solve it.

    “Her interest, she says, was aroused when she observed the behaviour of 10-year-old children when given puzzles to solve. Some, when the puzzles became difficult, thrived. They relished the challenge, even when it proved too hard for them. Others became anxious. When the puzzles became hard, they were easily discouraged.”

    Link to article with above quote:

  17. This note was on my computer this morning: “Crazy survey, but I took it anyway. The one question about having conversations with people who aren’t really there I found to be quite humorous since I am certain you exist Sparrow.”

    —Billy Barty

  18. There is something that is amusing about one poster asking the question, ~ Was the test like a DISC assessment?~ Question is why wouldn’t that person take the survey? Was it the fear to be involved or the fear to find out who they really are?

    • Why is FEAR the only possibility for your conclusion? Don’t ya think there could be other factors involved? I could think of tons of reasons NOT to take some psycho evaluation… Especially on a computer.

      There’s more than one reason Chuck. It’s not just black or white…there’s plenty of gray areas in between. Just sayin…

      Deano Bravo

    • I just heard a sheep say Baaaa after being herded through the gate.
      Now that’s amusing.
      Where’s Loco Lobo to round the rest of em up?
      Surveys and polls are not accurate and a waste of time.
      Congratulations, you’re now part of shepherd’s pie!

      • Jake,
        For what it’s worth, every one of our IP addresses are already open game once on any web site. HoD is no exception. We all part of that pie already so keep thinking you’re not.

        The other day a few of us drove around from place to place and every time we got to a business location a message showed up on one of our devices about “how did you like McDonald’s or how was walmart”. You’re as much of the flock as the next guy…like it or not. It’s reality.

        Deano Bravo

        • I’m well aware of that any many other things you may not be since the early 90’s.
          I ain’t no newbie to the internet or operating systems like most here. lol
          I shut my wifi off when I leave my dwelling unless I need to do something important.

        • Here’s my answer once again:
          “Surveys and polls are not accurate and a waste of time.”
          I’ve never got any messages like that on my device(s).
          You are what they are looking for and found it because you’re a easy target and allow that to be.
          I try to lead the flock away but they end up in a crock.

          • Jake,
            It wasn’t on my phone. It was someone else in the same car as me. I’ve never gotten a message.

            What I was referring to was the sheep comment. You remind me of my wife because she only remembers half of what she said.

            And now you know the rest of the story.
            Good day.

        • Maybe you should have said that in the beginning.
          You just made my point with “Surveys and polls are not accurate and a waste of time” because people don’t give you all the info related littledab.

          • I totally agree on that point and that’s the point I was trying to convey. We’re all susceptible once we enter any place. It’s not just a few survey lambs….it’s everyone.

            Deano Bravo

          • Jake,
            That tidbit was shared with 5 people on here. One was your old buddyOpie.Now if you can tell me my other one on here then I’ll give you a shout out but this one is meaningless as Its used for this blog only.

            Have a good one Jake and good luck.

            Deano Bravo

    • Really?………The fear of who they are??
      You must know what kinda damage can be done with personal information gathered by just an IP address alone… right?

      I had a conversation about a blog opening up by a searcher for just that reason… someone else became aware of his computer being [ hacked for lack of a better term ] and confronted the web own, who shut down the site in minutes.

      An IP address can trace the movement of the device [ linked devises ] as well.

      Your question; why wouldn’t that person take the survey?

      Do you any idea who “I am a psychology professor” is?

      I think it’s common sense to be careful / curious as much as possible when you have no idea who is collecting the information, by you just signing in or visiting a web site… do you?

      • Seeker,

        My comment was not about technical, it was about a persons behavior type, such as easy going, angry, compulsive, etc. Just curious why.

        However I do agree with security concerns, and am protected for that reason.

        If folks here are afraid of being hacked, then what are they doing here on HoD? You can be hacked here as well, trace IP gain access etc. The survey did not ask for your identity or where you live etc.

        Just Say’n

        • The survey doesn’t need to ask. That info is provided when you go to the site [ IP address ]
          The tech part is more advance than I. I’m computer illiterate. But any web site own we any employee with access to the IP can find out who and where.
          There are things one can do to check on the web page… which I have done on many occasions [ at least for the private ran web sites ] However, when logging into FB for example, you automatically give permission for those ‘companies’ to use and pass on info for different reasons… adverting for example.

          You may or may not know… twitter postings are storied at the Library of Congress. You may or may not know certain information from your phone and PC [ such as pictures ] automatically go to this thing called the cloud.

          In those cases, it’s not easy to check out each person with access to your IP info.

          Just sayin….

          • Seeker,

            Again, it isn’t about the probability it is about character.

            You can argue about security, it is unreasonable to think that I am or anyone else using what ever are naive about security, some are some aren’t. Anything is possible in this day and age, its naive to think any thing otherwise.

            This is about the survey in its self.

          • Well Charlie,

            Here a reasonable question. Why is a University spending time and resources for a study of a treasure hunt? [ a single treasure hunt ]

            You ponder why someone wouldn’t take the survey, where I’m more curious to why this particular group [a single treasure hunt] to conduct such a behavioral study of.

            Don’t get me wrong… it is interesting to a point… but why just one single group? I find that alone something to ponder.
            Here’s another thing to ponder. Are other site [ I haven’t check myself ] such as MW’s who has *many different hunts* talked about, asked to join in the same survey… kinda thinking in lines with… more data to process the better the survey results.

            Personally, I don’t care… I never do surveys… But I do ponder the reasoning of any survey { in this case; for a single hunt } limiting the data received, compared to all hunts of the same interest.
            So, there’s my answer about ‘the survey in-of-itself’

          • Seeker,

            I can’t answer any of your questions, things to ponder but I’m not going to make everything to worry about, it would drive anyone to come to forgone conclusions and make things out as doom and gloom. Why not ask your questions specifically to “whodat” below.

            If I lived in paranoia about everything I would go nuts worrying and live in a shell. If things happen because of whatever, I’ll address it when it happens and take care of it then. At the same time use common sense and logic. That in its self is debatable who has common sense or logic. 🙂

          • CharlieM,

            Why the word “paranoia”?

            Doesn’t that idea of [paranoia] fear removed the idea of common sense from the equation?
            It’s one thing to understand the world around us and act accordingly… it’s another to fear it by unwarranted delusions.
            A person with paranoia [ out of touch with reality ] has nothing to do with the conversation.
            There were legitimate concerns that have been brought up… because of the world we live in.

            However, Alan did [later] clarify and addressed some of those concerns.

      • Seeker,
        I have my A.A.S. in computer programming. My brother is a Unix Administrator. We’re all in a fish bowl and the sharks are all around us. Just sayin! I agree with you 100%

        Deano Bravo

  19. Dal. I have a ? For you. Why would you allow a person to post a survey for searchers without considering wether it would be safe or unsafe to access the web site. I’m not computer Savey and even though I’m probably in the wrong state I still like my privacy. And my solve.
    Can you clarify And explain why you felt this a worthwhile post.
    Thanks. GH

    • there is an Alan King professor at UofND
      , saying that I dont know if this is the same character or somebody stole Alan Kings credentials. you make the call ,


      • Grasshopper, MGW, or anyone…

        You can call the number provided [from the link] and check if it’s legit. The number does check out to be a number used by the U.

  20. Hello everyone. My name is Alan King, and I am a 63-year-old clinical psychology professor at the University of North Dakota. I have been a proud member of our chase community since the morning of the Barry Peterson CBS morning interview in 2015. As many of you will recall, Dal was highlighted in that segment. I posted on the blogs early in my chase. My credentials can be reviewed on my web site (, and I welcome any questions or comments you might have at my email address (

    This study has been authorized by my university IRB, and additional information is provided in the mandatory consent form at the top of the survey. I appreciate all of you who have taken the survey and certainly understand the reluctance of others to participate for any number of reasons. An effort will be made to publish these results in a peer-reviewed professional journal where broader visibility may be drawn to Forrest’s chase. We all appreciate the chase as the greatest treasure hunt in American history. It has been my opinion that our subculture is unique in a lot of ways and deserves much more serious attention in the broader population. I also believe that we are growing in number. So this project was designed to end in a peer-reviewed publication and/or a report to our community probably later this year. Prior to this time I will remain reluctant to speak in much greater detail about an analysis that has not yet begun on this sub-sample of my project.

    Alan King (whodat)

    • Well, you seem legit and commented on this blog 4 times not including this page.
      Did you take the (your) survey?
      I won’t participate in something someone created unless they participate themselves and show the results beforehand. I just want to know if it was tested by yourself first?
      I hope the effort will result in a peer-reviewed professional journal that all can view.

    • Hey Alan,
      Thanks for the clarification…
      But if you don’t mind…
      Why is the survey related to only one treasure hunt group and not others involved in different treasure hunts for behavioral study?
      And, is this the only site the survey is posted on that is dedicated to that hunt?

    • Thank you Alan. I feel a whole lot better. At first I had no worries but post kinda made me think.

      • JDA, I too find that interesting. I feel that if he never said that, than he would have said as much here. It does raise a red flag with him stating that they certainly aren’t clues. On that note though, it’s a nine clue poem we are dealing with and sandwiches and flashlights are not included in that little nine sentence beauty. But does that mean they aren’t hints that help us with the clues? That’s the real question. I’m a person that thinks if Forrest says something it’s for a very pointed reason, no matter how cavalier he is in his delivery. When you listen to Forrest in the moment, most of it seems innocent but when you put the nine year body of work with all his redundancy and same specific answers and deliveries, it’s clear, imo, that he is very much an actor on stage just waiting for someone to ask a question that fits one of his rehearsed responses.

        And beyond that I find it very interesting that this disputed quote is about a flashlight and a sandwich.

        Flashlight in my mind is an allusion to his horse lightning or flash of light. And it’s not just lightning that makes this relevant but it’s the fact that it could be a reference to his horse named lightning, which easily connects to the multiple stories that involve horses and many pictures that involve horses. Just the way he presents that his horses name is lighting is curious. He says it in a way that implies the name has nothing to do with the attributes of the horse and as well made me as a reader slow down and notice that passage, it seems like he’s trying to direct us to something hidden between the lines. An idea is also akin to a flash of light and that concept brings me back to his “winning idea” quote as well as the fact that the letters in each corner of the poem spell the word “idea”

        And now to the other thing he said we might find helpful, a sandwich. To be sandwiched is to be in the middle of something. This makes me think of the chapter in his book “me in the middle”, it makes me think of a few pages prior to that where he writes the quip, “Bessie and me in the middle.” I’m taken back to the fold on too far to walk where he mentions his lifetime of finding the edges and there has been multiple more instances where he either states something as being in the middle or hints to difineing the edges which would help to identify that middle. I also find his grammar curious in these instances too. Again it seems like he is using an improper wording to subliminally direct our eyes to a concept at large. He uses me as opposed to I, and we all know the first line to the poem, “I alone”. I think it’s more than a coincidence that a wordsmith such as himself is constantly misusing the word me for I. Fenn has funny ways of of directing us with his speech, like when he says, “if you know what I mean” after talking about how to proceed at a fork in the road.

        This is just a touch of the many instances where these things happen. In my mind it’s more than a coincidence and I truly believe that he didn’t just say that flashlight quote but he did so with idea of helping the audience.

        • Not sure how this ended up down here, lol. I know it has nothing to do with this part of the thread, it’s supposed to go with jda and dals comments above.

        • Thoroughly enjoyed your post Double A. Thought-provoking.
          I have to ask…..what size batteries does your “flashlight” run on?

      • Double a;

        Some very interesting “Catches” you have spotted. I like your “In the middle” connections – Just might be something there. Thanks for the post – JDA

  21. I have a Bachelors in IT, a certificate in web publishing, and have created a number of web sites myself. Cyber Security is something to be concerned about, and one should always have a good antivirus. IMO though, if someone wanted to hack you for your info this survey wouldn’t be the route. The info given on this survey isn’t that useful for anyone not gathering psychology related info, and personal info isn’t given out. In my mind it is safe.

  22. “I wouldn’t worry. My wife stays away from surveys and she’s a hacker. I’ve always thought it was because she smokes so much. But I must say I approached the survey with great interest and constipation. It was like I was studying it. I found it to be both interesting and invinegarating. I truly enjoined it”.

    —-Norm Crosby

  23. Since the only animal that attacked me was a skunk I answered no.
    (Although it was a ferocious medium sized skunk!) 😀

    • I got attacked By a flock of mosquitoes The size of well they were huge biggest ones I ever saw. I felt like gravity quit working. They were trying to Cary me off. I emptied a whole can of spray on myself. Some didn’t care they liked it. It was like that movie the birds. Anyhow. I know what they tast like. Glad I’m not a fish. The trama was overwhelming I thought about consulting my councilor but I can’t afford one and I knew the question would come up. Why were you anywhere near those mosquitoes. Then I would have to tell.
      I’m an undercover secret treasure hunter. But don’t be concerned. I’m normal. Can’t you tell.
      All fun aside I have no opinion on the survey. I did take it and as all surveys I just answered no. I think.
      It’s usualy the best answer. I was looking for the the little green men question. None. I was so disappointed. When they asked me if I heard voices I told the truth. No. I don’t. They never asked me if I feel thoughts. No one has ever asked me that. See that would get you an entry pass to to white jacket room. Why is it that you always have to hear or see something to be nuts. I think man kind has trained himself to think with limited senses.
      I believe we blind ourselves, because we are programmed to see what everyone else sees.
      In all fairness my respond here is to the skunk attack.
      I have been skunked many times but I don’t count anymore.
      But I did almost step on a skunk one early sunrise morning. It looked up at me I looked down at it and I said hay there little fella. I think. And talked my way away from it. No spray. I escaped without injury.
      True story. No lie.
      Sorry randawg if you had worse luck, from your picture maybe you were mistaken for a relative In custume.
      Sorry. I’ve been told after they made me they broke the mold. I thought that was a good thing. I misinterpreted.
      I’m just trying to justify that lonely cold dark place perceived by others that I’m in when I remove myself to this mind altering challenge. I really wonder who is really the not so normal. Maybe since Alan is part of the searcher community he can shed some light on this subject with us all.
      After all how often do you here of a treasure hunter need help.
      I’m curious.
      Sincerely. GH

  24. Alan, your survey reminded me a little bit like taking the Myers Briggs Test. Hope we can see the results someday. Interesting how even non-BOTG types are able to participate!

  25. That was pretty good fun. Me, 100%, Angry White Male, poverty, and I will be admired by all! LOL

  26. Isn’t it funny that from all walks of life, many are searching for the Fenn treasure but none have found it yet. I mean, there have been some 10 to 12 white rocks hidden for those to find a medallion and all have been found, however, Fenn’s treasure is still MIA….
    Its the Ultimate game of Hide and Seek….And Fenn is the Master!

    • Kit Kat;

      Until Indulgence is found, I do not think that any of us will know how truly masterful the whole chase has been contrived. I think that we will learn of nuances and layers of intrigue none of us perceived. JMO – JDA

    • I think it goes to show that all those methods used of hiding the coins and other treasures cannot be used in solving Fenn’s poem. I don’t think there are coordinates, letters that translate to numbers or any of those cyphers used in any of the other hunts because Fenn’s treasure would have been found like the others. Seems like just vague descriptions of places, directions and actions in the poem to me.

      • I think that you are probably correct Jake. I would add – Vague descriptions of things… JMO – JDA

    • kit kat- interesting thought, now heres mine…
      many have found the treasure, the great outdoors.
      it is the chest of the poem we seek which is not the bronze box. IMO.
      here is the difference…the white rocks to claim a medallion are just as stated. plain and simple. easy peasy.
      Forrest’s bronze box is not the chest mentioned in the poem IMO, its something else which makes Forrest’s puzzle much harder. i believe once a searcher forgets about the bronze box to eliminate gold fever and starts thinking about Forrest and his life, one can unclutter the mind and focus on whats important to Forrest. thats what matters most. love the thrill of the chase, why he did this and forget about the gold. search out of love for Forrest Fenn, not newfound riches.
      you all can have the gold medallions, i dont want one.

      i think.

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