FFGM Treasure Hunt #11

JULY 2019


The stone has been located and the medallion claimed by Sam.
Thanks to all who participated…


To claim the medallion you must find the stone with the sequence of numbers and letters written on it. Then email the sequence to me. If you are the first to find the stone and email me the numbers and letters, in order, written on the stone, I will mail you the medallion.

This stone is hidden in the Cascade Range of mountains which stretch from Northern California into British Columbia. To find out where EXACTLY to look in that large area: decode the information below, read the poem and watch the video. Then retrieve the stone and email me what is written on it.

email: dal at lummifilm dot com

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The FFGM Treasure Hunts are brought to you by Jenny Kile at www.mysteriouswritings.com.
Jenny hid the original 10 medallions in the Appalachian Valley. All have since been claimed.
Jenny was kind enough to share a medallion for hiding in the Northwest with me.
This FFGM Treasure Hunt #11 is the result of Jenny’s generosity and her desire to share the fun with others.



The stone has been located and the medallion claimed by Sam.
Thanks to all who participated…












19 thoughts on “FFGM Treasure Hunt #11

  1. Wow! I could find that next week I’m up in WA. Thank you Dal 🙂

    I’ll see if dad and brothers family want to take a trip!

  2. Aww Geez Dal! Now that I’m not there anymore you put one in Washington! My son is going to go check out a spot for me after he gets off work…

  3. First one to the entrance sign for North Cascades NP on route 20 east of Marblemount wins. Too bad I’m not nearby.

    • Gee Camperguy…. Now everyone knows!!! Mile marker 111.7 if you want to be exact-

      • Whoever goes should stop to see Gorge Creek Falls and the Diablo Lake Overlook while in the area. There was a nice series of cascades / falls around mile 121.5 when I was last there, but I recall I was photo-disappointed because there were power lines cluttering the view. [Probably the same line.]

  4. Not in or from Cali, quite the opposite, VA. But at a quick glance it appears this one is on Highway 20 at one of the stone welcome signs on the Skagit River , the hi voltage tower in the upper right may point towards one the the hydroelectric dams with a natural waterfall or man made as in the dam overflow or spill way, possibly the Ladder creek falls that’s associated with “Gorge” power house.

    First pass, quick thoughts and without doing the code.

  5. My brother from Seattle is on vacation in Michigan, and I’m in Florida.
    Oh well.

  6. My son was just there and it’s already gone! He found a shiny quarter in it’s place. Wow that was fast!!!!

    • Thanks for posting this, Spallies. My family was driving up there from the Portland area and we would’ve been really bummed if we made the 5 and a half hour trip to only find a quarter! Luckily we only just passed Olympia when I saw this post. My wife figured out the clues at around 8:30/9 this morning but we thought we didn’t have a chance because it wasn’t exactly close by but we figured we’d give it a shot since no one had posted anything about a successful recovery. Hopefully we get another hunt in the Pacific Northwest soon!

    • Hmmm…. my son was at the Entrance sign to the North Cascades National Park. Mile post 111.7 He watched the video said it looked like the right place but no white round stone only a quarter.

  7. The stone was found by Sam and he sent me the correct information that was written on the stone. Sam lives about 80 miles from where the stone was hidden.
    Congratulations Sam!!!

    He also mentioned that he left the shiny quarter that Spallies’ son found when he arrived after Sam.


    The coded message is a simple Caesarian Shift of 4. That means that each letter of the alphabet is replaced with the letter that is 4 letters ahead in the alphabet.
    So A would become E and B would become F…etc…

    Once the letters are properly solved the coded translation is:
    North Cascades National Park Welcome Sign
    North Cascades Scenic Highway
    Mile Post One Hundred Eleven and Three Quarters
    Between Marblemount and Newhalem
    A White Rock Among the Other Rocks See the Video

    The clues in the poem are as follows:

    The Cascade Range is long drawn out (the range extends about a thousand miles from Mount Lassen in California to southern British Columbia)

    In the north with cutthroat trout (look at the northern portion where the cutthroat trout are dominate)

    Put in above the home of George (George refers to George Washington. His home was Mount Vernon. There is a Mount Vernon Washington and you should start just above…or north…of it.

    And travel east toward the gorge (gorge refers to the Gorge Dam… one of three dams in the Skagit Hydroelectric Project that provides power to Seattle)

    Near a place of heavy loads (referring to the Newhalem area where the hydro project workers live)

    The white stone rests quite near the roads (the stone you are looking for is near the road)

    Park by the sign that welcomes all (Look for a sign that welcomes you)

    and promises a waterfall (in this case the sign announces the entrance to the North Cascades National Park…a cascade is…among other things…a waterfall)

    The number “20” refers to Hwy 20 which is the road you will be on
    The number “111.7” refers to the mile post where the entrance sign is located. It is actually about 3/4 of a mile past mile post marker 111. There is no actual mile post marker with the number 111.7.

    The transmission tower icon is another indication of the stone being near Newhalem and the hydro project.

    The video shows the stone being placed under the “N” on the welcome sign. That “N” is the first letter of the word “National” as in “North Cascades National Park”.

  9. Thanks Dal! Although my son didnt find it he said it was a beautiful day to drive up HWY 20 and he had some fun looking for it!!!

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