Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze…


JULY 2019
by dal

I’ve been listening to folks anatomize this phrase in Forrest’s poem for about eight years now. We searchers, it seems, struggle endlessly with the possibilities of attaching some kind of elaborate meaning to uncommon expressions, and there appears to be no shortage of either uncommon expressions or eccentric opinions in The Thrill of the Chase.

I too have had my Byzantine moments with those five simple words. I have struggled with what they could add up to and how they might help me find Indulgence. But when all is said and done, after thrashing my tired old brain with endless dead end theories, I generally return to my familiarity with Forrest and his habits, for a “true north” answer.

There are two characteristics and one position of Forrests that I relentlessly draw upon when attempting to analyze anything Forrest has spoken or written:

1. Forrest likes words
2. Forrest likes simple
3. Forrest likes to say, “Who said I couldn’t?”

Tarry scant with marvel gaze…

I believe Forrest is saying “Take your time and enjoy the lovely view”
How did I arrive at that???

Tarry scant…

Tarry in this case matches the word “linger” or “dawdle” or even “rest”.

Scant is most commonly heard in recipes…as in “a scant cup of milk”, or “use a scant teaspoon of lemon juice”. It means “nearly”. In other words use almost a cup of milk or use just short of a teaspoon of lemon.

So tarry scant means to “dawdle some” or “linger a bit” or another way of saying it might be, take your time but don’t take all the time…don’t take all day…

The question now becomes…why linger here? Why is Forrest suggesting that we should rest in this spot? In fact he is telling us something important about the hidey spot.

Moving on to “marvel gaze”…

This is the reason we will want to not be in a rush to leave the hidey place…

“Marvel” is short for marvelous..something amazing…a spectacle…

“Gaze” refers to staring…looking…gawking…

So marvel gaze means to “look at the marvelous view”…

In its entirety, “tarry scant with marvel gaze”, simply means to “linger a bit and look at the beautiful view”.

The hidey spot is…as Forrest has described it in the New Mexico Tourism video…to paraphrase his description…a lovely place to behold.

This is the antithesis of what many folks have interpreted that phrase to mean for many years…most have put forward that we should not linger at the lovely view…and we should grab the chest and move quickly away…

Others have tried to attach wholly unrealistic (in my opinion) meanings to the phrase that have to do with descriptions of the blaze or just odd nonsense describing anything from black tar to white slabs…but these have nothing to do with what Forrest intended that phrase to mean, in my opinion.

As mentioned a moment ago, most searchers seem to believe that those five words meant we should grab the chest and get out of the area quickly. The unanswered question was always, “why”. Why do we need to hurry out of this place where we found the chest? Is there danger at the hidey spot? 

I believe the answer is that he is not telling us to take the chest and move quickly on. He is instead saying, take your time. You’ve worked hard to find the chest and now is the moment to relax and enjoy the view.

How is this useful in helping us search for the chest?…well I believe the chest is in a beautiful place with a wondrous view, just as Forrest said in the New Mexico Tourism video. So I should eliminate any final resting place for Indulgence that does not meet those expectations. If the clues lead me to a pile of trash or an urban street, or anywhere not bucolic and marvelous, I need to start over with my solution.

We have suspected this all along. We always believed that Forrest would choose a place for his final resting place that was lovely and peaceful and “marvelous”…and I believe he has even told us that much in a single five word phrase in the poem…

So in my mind we should all stop puzzling over the meaning of those five words and get on with finding the correct place to start…

Tarry scant with marvel gaze…
Take your time and enjoy the view…

The New Mexico Tourism video can be found HERE







142 thoughts on “Tarry Scant With Marvel Gaze…

  1. IMHO nobody has ever come close to what this means and will not until BOTG and following the remainder of the “clues” (as opposed to the -remainder of the poem).

  2. To me, scant means not a lot so to tarry scant would mean don’t hang around long.

    • EXACTLY! You don’t want to be caught with the treasure! Just peacefully leave with it!

  3. Tarry scant with marvel gaze to me means “not doddle with little time”, to stare at a marvelous find, for the place that contains the chest. I think is more reasonable than most that I have heard.

    • I couldn’t disagree more strongly. It makes no sense that Forrest would say almost all the words are important and not to discount any of them, and that he would waste some of them telling people to enjoy the lovely view. The poem has to pinpoint the precise location of small box in the Rockies. Forrest said he was architect in composing the poem. It’s tight, concise and everything fits and has a purpose and structure. The phrase is an important clue that immediately follows another important clue – the blaze – or clue #6 as I refer to it. It’s not a fluffy Ernest Hemingway story about a pretty walk in the woods. IMNSHO

      • I agree with Warlock62. It is my 6th clue as well and I believe there is more to it than enjoying the scenery (although its probably beautiful where f hid the chest). I think this is the point one has to be very observant IMO.

        • I also agree with Warlock62. The location’s locality has some (in my opinion) very impressive scenery that can best be observed and appreciated by using a combination of GE and also one’s own (while BOTG) eyes. Not that a leisurely flyover in a slow aircraft wouldn’t also be quite a visual feast. Fans of American culture may have an advantage in relating the 5-word phrase with an effective solve of the poem, regardless of whether it’s inherently “fair”. But let’s face it, folks. The universe isn’t inherently “fair”, and neither FF, nor you, nor I, nor any given
          individual person can make the universe inherently “fair”. As always, In my not-always-humble opinion. Please emphasize
          safety while walking near cactus.

  4. To me it means a short walk and a beautiful view.
    I link to such a place with my name. The Rio Puerco Gorge is a slot canyon with numerous waterfalls. There are no human made trails. When approached from the lower end to the south it is a place where an 80 year old man may go. Some early searchers had gone there, including me when I had two legs. Whether the treasure is there or not, it is worth a look to marvel gaze. In my opinion.
    (Do NOT repel, climb, or take risks there)

  5. Dal, I agree… Forrest likes simplicity…. until he doesn’t. Who knows? I certainly have no idea about anything. 7+ years later I’m still wondering as I wander… aimlessly, mostly. Thanks for sharing. Cynthia (the heretic… you say.) Ha Ha! Does this post mean you are home? I head north soon!

    • Don’t beat yourself up on the 7+ years Cynthia…none of us have found it …yet. We’re all on even ground 😀

    • Cynthia-
      Yeah…Forrest is always demanding “simple” language. No complicated contracts…
      I am home now..treasure chest poor but wildflower rich…
      Say hi to the bison for me…

      • Interesting how one word, one letter in fact, can completely change the meaning. What word? What letter? “A”…

        I have always thought of “tarry scant” = linger little. But I can definately see it as linger a little. Which might make entirely more sense.

        I thought it was a take the chest and go statement. But can see it being a enjoy the special place/view statement as well.

        That darn “A” gives a completely opposite meaning.

        I have found a few instances of that in the poem.

  6. In a nutshell, Tarry scant means that we are looking at the blaze and the hiding spot.
    And thinking how could it have taken me so long to find this place?
    An alternative could be: You can see the hiding spot now hurry to get the chest.
    All just my ho.


  7. I believe you are right about wait alittle and enjoy the view.mr.forrest has been all over places ,spots,locations in the rocky mountains making his own blaze.when I go in the mountains I make my own blaze because I never been there before,even tho someone else has been there.it is my first time.me.i. one..I can look and see the view or look down and see my feet on the ground, the earth.i believe the earth is the answer.its full of treasure.i am the blaze,you are the blaze,earth,sky.etc.my body has a chest.and warm waters halt.my stomach,that gut feeling.instinct.intution,I know I miss spelled that.its that inside person who you are.your character. What makes you who you are.through the years you have changed inside.you have learned,studied,read,experienced,grown into a different person.these are my answer.

    • To what question(s)?

      I’ve been led to believe that about 5 BOTG hikes to the correct location will be
      required by a searcher with the CORRECT SOLVE, before the TC is findable by that searcher. During those several hikes, there should be plenty of time to “marvel gaze” at the local beauty.

      On the day the TC is found, the lucky finder should grab the goodies and beat a hasty retreat (especially since it may take a fair amount of time to uncover the TC). And one could always return some other time for sightseeing. All my opinion.

      • I do agree, TA. Understanding that before walking away, IMHO that lucky finder will wonder if they really are lucky or reluctantly facing an EthicalDilemma.

  8. But, you forgot “But” Dal… Wouldn’t that be messing with his poem? I believe he cast each word in stone for a reason and we should not discount any of them….

      • “Ignored,” understood. Now, who was the author, Dal? Not that it matters…but it really does matter.

    • Hi Spallies: I agree. Leaving out the first word of that line is dangerous. I don’t think its clue-meaning has anything to do with either soaking up the view or skedaddling. And while I don’t think the treasure’s hiding place will be some clearcut in a forest, I also don’t think it will remotely compare with truly gobsmacking scenery like what you find in Yosemite Valley, or Artist’s Point in Yellowstone, or the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier. It will probably still be nice — just not spectacularly so, otherwise it would be crawling with tourists snapping photos.

      In the MW Featured Question from (8/28/2015), Andrew asks: “Would you want the person that finds your treasure to admire the place where it rests?”

      FF: “Well Andrew, I’m not sure ‘admire’ is the right word but if we twist it a little we can make it work. The word means approval or high regard. So it works. I sure feel that way or I would not have hidden it there. I like the way you think Andrew.”

      “Approval” doesn’t exactly sound “marvelous” or “spectacular” to me. Forrest’s initial attraction to the spot may go beyond its visuals.

  9. Who wrote this post?
    I guess will find out in *time*…

    ~ Cover of The Thrill of the Chase book: “All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination, and maybe a six-pack to help celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery.” {MWs}

    We definitely don’t seem to be in any rush to get out of dodge.

    Anyway, Your definitions usages seem right /correct, even easy…
    But are you over-simplifying marvel and/or gaze?

    Note; definitions and word usages from google search.
    Tarry, does mean to linger. { a time related action }
    Scant, does means a small amount. { can mean of time }.

    Marvel; a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. a fact or **situation that is observed to exist or happen**, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question. {For observing, time can be a factor}

    Gaze; look steadily and intently,…. intently meaning; with earnest and eager attention, *to study, observantly; to take careful notice.* { to study takes time}

    I’ll add quickly to all this…
    Quickly; with little or no delay; promptly. Lasting only a short time.

    The thing they all have in common is about, “time”

    The question posed in this above post asked; “why linger here?”
    A good question. My answer is related to “time”… the common factor to all those words.
    Even thinking about “If you’ve *been* wise {past tense and/or time related} and *found* the blaze { past tense }… This line in the same stanza can relate to the idea of having “found” what we needed to find and/or a possible waiting, of time to pass, to know what it means or is *used* for.

    I think we might be underestimating word usages.

    But I’m a multiple meanings and usage guy when it come to the challenge.
    I’ll go one step further; The wording “take it in” as a view, works well for the later wording, meaning observe. “Put in” can mean to follow by eye sight or see a place. So, I ask, What is it {IT} we are possibly waiting for, to observe for only a few moments of ‘time’

    Who ever posted this… your question was great.
    I just don’t know why you imply the words to mean.. simply enjoy the moment and look over the landscape.
    The word “But” can mean; used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting *with what has already been mentioned*… But: Yet, however…
    From the proceeding phrase “Look quickly down” for something to cease or come to an end… for our quest to be finalized.

    ~ ” I worked on it, on and off for 15 years….I looked up words and definitions of words and changed them, went back and rebooted… It [the poem] turned out exactly like I wanted.” {SF podcast 11 mins in}

    We may need to still do something, for our quest to seek. { in which case } A little time is needed to do “just” that… complete the clues in the poem.

  10. Boy- couldn’t disagree more. Sure, the words say exactly what you’ve pointed out- but that’s thee most pedestrian interpretation. “Tarry scant”.., no one talks like that, nor is it grammatically correct. Tarry… likely means blackened via/like tar…and scant- a quarry term to describe a a broken/squared off masonry unit. Given we’re dealing with the Rockies,…

    • Bohuslaner ~ ‘but that’s thee [the, I assume ] most pedestrian interpretation… no one talks like that…’

      Regardless of what everyone else talks like… fenn is almost 89 and has heard different terminology for a long time. Even gave some examples of words he heard when he was a kid… example; crean.

      But the posted thread, author, isn’t talking about; others or grammatically correct … it’s all about a verse in a poem.

  11. You already have the treasure at this point – just take it and go don’t stay too long; “tarry” – a word used by a certain chief near the Bighorns complaining about whites staying too long when they promised they wouldn’t tarry – pretty simple and this line doesn’t lead you to the chest in any way

  12. Forrest likes words. Check.
    Forrest likes simple. Uh, well yeah I kinda agree, but be careful how you define simple. The smartest PhD types I’ve ever known could break down complex concepts into very simple understandable terms. In a way, this is how I see Forrest’s poem. There’s a ton packed in there but its been artfully simplified into 24 straightforward lines. It’s pretty brilliant for a guy who barely passed high school. Of course he had years to carefully sculpt the masterpiece.

    So I cannot agree that “tarry scant with marvel gaze” simply means to take in the view for a while, or don’t stick around too long, etc. That may be right, but there’s a ton of info you are missing at that level in my opinion. I challenge you to go back to your point #1 – Forrest loves words.

    So, having said that, I would like to point out that “marvel” may share its origins with the words “mirror” and “smile”. Both those two things seem to pop up in strange ways in Fennisms about the chase, as knowlegeable searchers will recognize. Coincidence?

    • Must Listengood – Thank you for your great thoughts!

      Forrest apparently likes archaic word meanings and double entendres, too, IMO. Your analysis works with my backwardS bike S blaze, my S-mile, and my mirrored satellite topo smil•e, marking my hide-y spot at Baker’S Hole. Especially because they can all be viewed first, remotely, from the distant ‘marvel gaze’ of Google Earth. I like the ‘funny books’, also, Forrest. Especially the heroes of Marvel comics, who have the Superpower of flight with a bird’s eye view.

    • maybe ff just applying a dash of lewis carroll to the stew

      t’was brillig and the slithy toves
      did gyre and gimble in the wabe

      (“crean” is ff’s “covfefe”)

  13. I thought it means : look quickly , ibefore your quarter runs out… as if you are looking at something beautiful… say .. at an overlook.

  14. I have to agree. I’ve seen a couple scenes during my searches that took my breath away. I am more convinced than ever that the chest is overlooking some amazing landscape. Some epic scenery.
    That is certainly my hope.

    • That’s a question I asked forrest (email), but of course, no reply.

      One thing I’m trying to figure is the concept of an ultimate resting place for a man that knows every major canyon from altitudes of 10,000 to 100 feet for the entire length of the Rocky Mountains. Is he moved by the grand view from the overlook, or the restfulness of being enveloped by the deep woods and mountain meadows?


      • meBigGuy – I think the “in the wood” words gave me my answer. I choose your “enveloped” description:

        “On the Big Blackfoot River above the mouth of Belmont Creek the banks are fringed by large Ponderosa pines. In the slanting sun of late afternoon the shadows of great branches reached from across the river, and the trees took the river in their arms. The shadows continued up the bank, until they included us.” – Norman Maclean, “A River Runs Through It”

        My final blaze is an aging rectangular ‘continue straight’ trail blaze on a Ponder•O•S•A pine tree. Close to the Madison River. Where Forrest may have written a note or two to Peggy, while watching an Osprey make his fly fishing talents look unimpressive. And where a long tree shadow may just have been cast, to mark the treasure location, when the “Arctic Shadows of the halflight” fall in the late evening, JDA.

        All IMO.

        • Correction: “Arctic half-light of the canyon”:

          “Then in the Arctic half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and the sounds of the Big Blackfoot River and a four-count rhythm and the hope that a fish will rise. Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” – Norman Maclean, “A River Runs Through It”

          The final scene from Robert Redford’s movie by that name will always make me think of Forrest with fondness.

        • do you think there is a conflict between him being enveloped “in the wood” and “I’d see mountains”.
          I wonder whether he regretted that whole sentence in the NM video, (If I were standing where the treasure chest is …) not just the wet or pinions part. He couldn’t take it all back because it would be a big clue.

          • mBG,

            The proper separation of clues and hints deals with any potential conflicts, IMHO.

            I agree with you that this video would have been one of the few and only unguarded moments that ff experienced publicly. He paints an interesting picture of verification with (1) exception.

  15. So you are saying that when Forrest’s Mom said (hypothetically) “Tarry Scant with that Mop” she was telling Forrest to take his time?
    Sorry, don’t buy it. I wonder if Forrest tried that one.
    I don’t buy any of the tar theories since we already found the blaze.
    But, IMO it really just adds to “look QUICKLY down” and means:
    “Don’t linger long with that XRAY Vision needed to find the chest beneath the Blaze ’cause you might wreck my lid triggerd satellite beacon.
    As others say: “Just Sayin'”

    • I wish you could edit: I don’t buy any of the tar theories either since by this time we have supposedly found the blaze and the distance to the chest is obvious.

      • Me Big guy
        Right. On.
        I will try to be crystal clear :
        tarry scant…..
        = di di mau
        (go go quickly)
        ( Viet mil jargon)

      • The distance to the chest won’t be obvious until it’s found. This treasure
        hunt should not require the application of rocket science.

  16. I will give my opinion since this stanza is Brilliant. I couldn’t have done it. For me the
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze. For me the but shows its out of order.
    To myself it is a description and an action and the last line brilliant too.
    All I have to say is absolutely brilliant Forrest. I see it completely different from anything
    I have seen on the blogs. It could mean what most people think too.
    Hey you got to work with what you got to keep going. But whoa…Geez..
    Stay safe..

  17. At the risk of interrupting what I see as a mistake by a competitor, I gotta go along with Spallies on this – ignoring a word can be perilous! Looking up potential meanings for each word, such as the seemingly lowly “but,” and considering something other than an obvious interpretation, without getting too far out of the box, might get that dang treasure found.

    I think it goes without saying that FF’s special place isn’t going to be cruddy duddy, with no need to waste words in the poem just to say how marvelous it is. I’ll stick with my “nonsense” (hrumph–IYO) interpretation and consideration of “but” as pretty important.

    Respectfully offered and realizing I could be wrrr…wrrrrr…wrong. AKA IMO!

    • I already did – sitting on a rock overlooking the canyon down.

  18. I think the linger and enjoy the view idea is clever and creative. I tend to be in the grab the chest and run camp. I think the line, “just take the chest and go” confirms that. But why should it be necessary to grab the chest and run? We are not told to hurry up and find it?

    • It’s a matter of practicality. The finder is not likely to see the TC until mid-day,
      and it’s a good distance back to a reasonable place to park a sedan. Not
      rocket science, and all in my opinion.

  19. It is in my belief that fallen French soldiers and the phase tarry scant are closely related. Don’t ask me to explain, I could but I won’t.

  20. Not sure who posted this, but nice write-up. Thanks for posting.

    The focusus on 6 words out of a 29 word sentence. It is my opinion that one should examine the entire sentence, taken as a whole, rather than selecting only a small portion of the whole.

    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down your quest to cease,
    BUT tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.”

    Line #1 – (one part of the whole) – If, in the past, you had spotted the blaze…
    Line #2 – Look QUICKLY (what you will see will not remain where it is for a long time)
    below the object that you had found previously.
    Line #3 – But (Without exception) look at the Tarry (Black) Scant (Flat object) {The Shadow} with marvel gaze -It will lead you to something marvelous..
    Simply put – Without exception, look at the large black shadow before you, it will lead you to something marvelous.
    Line #4 – Just take YOUR chest (Yourself) and go to the place where I would have found peace, had I died here.

    Without the “BUT”, and without the two lines above, and the one line below, one can not see the entire thought. Can you know what a cake will taste like if you examine only the flour and eggs? Nope. We need to examine ALL of the ingredients to get the full flavor.

    Just how I now see this stanza. JDA

    • JDA, anyway I still prefer your explanation of “tarry scant” as just simple flat stone. IMO but via this phrase Forrest just suggested not to look at the surface of this stone but roll it over and see what is below.
      Sure that Forrest coded well all places and actions that searchers will must to do for TC finding but line
      “BUT tarry scant with marvel gaze”
      is not so critical for TC finding (IMO).

    • JDA,

      I see that you are still thinking tarry is tar and scant is a flat rock. How can you have tar on a flat rock to be a marvel something to gaze at? I’m sure there are thousands of flat rocks that vary in size and thickness, question is where did the tar come from? Is it near a tar pit or was it planted there on the flat rock?

      IMO, don’t delay or doddle with little time staring at the marvelous find, just take the chest and go in peace. This may be done using a map and you have little time to go and get the chest, before someone else may beat you to the chest. Look at the big picture, ie. a map, but more than likely GE.

      Just Say’n

      • Hi CharlieM;

        May I loan you my glasses? If you had your spectacles on, when you read my most recent post regarding Tarry Scant you would have noted a couple of things: Tarry refers to color (black) and not a sticky, icky gooey substance. Scant, now (IMO) refers to a flat shadow, not a stone that is flat on two sides. It is this black flat shadow that leads one to something marvelous. But thanks for keeping up with the latest – 🙂 JDA

        • “scant” refers to a FLAT shadow?
          I’ve never seen a black flat shadow.
          I’ve seen many shades of gray but never black and flat.
          IDK JDA, I think you are really stretching things.

    • JDA, I read and appreciate your posting. But your comments about Line #2
      suggest to me that something will be changing quite rapidly while a searcher is in “pretty much” the right local area.

      I have a little problem with that. What if the day is overcast, and it’s not real
      clear where the sun (and, therefore, shadows) would be?

      I suggest that less technicality is involved, especially if regarding sunshine.

      Good luck in your solving and searching.

      • Thanks for the input Tall Andrew;

        You could be right – Just puttin’ down what I think the poem says – I could well be wrong – JDA

  21. I’d like to see Seeker to simply uncover the mysterious identity of the OP author.

      • “again” lol
        How can I eat my hat if no ones found the treasure?
        I will save you the raunchiest part Seeker.

    • So, there is no author on the post, yet I recently discovered the email notification of the post does say, “by dal.” Mystery solved.

      Dal must just really want everybody to tarry a while and gaze your day away because it is not posted under the typical, “This is the place to discuss (Tarry Scant). Nor was it the basis for Tarry Scant 3, even though Tarry Scant 2 is really overloaded.

      Summary: Dal wants a rest…and I don’t blame him…I am.

  22. It shouldn’t matter who wrote this piece unless it changes the way you comment, but I think it’s obvious who wrote it.

    I will agree with Dal’s meanings and overall analyses of the phrase and would say that this line is not a clue seeing your quest ceased in the line before. Enjoy the view but not too long.

  23. I’m just going to throw this into the mix…what if “scant” qualifies “marvel gaze,” instead of “tarry”…

    • I’ll be a naysayer here. I don’t buy it. Then the line reads as if you are being told to linger around this place with little scenic value.

      • It’s not that there is little scenic value but, IMO, there is a blaze to see but it is only visible when the play of shadows is just right…

  24. My interpretation is that Tarry is to wait, and Scant is barely sufficient.

  25. I have a different take on the tarry scant line., specifically the tagging of ‘But’. Instead of linking it with the discovery of the chest upon looking down, I bring it up to link with ‘if you’ve been wise and found the blaze’ . So it is an If-But contraction like if-else. Not a normally seen combo without the word ‘otherwise’.

    I found an example in TTOTC on its last page to help me build on this concept. ‘If he knows everything about me … But I hope he knows that…’. A hint for a clue.

    So how does this help? Stanza 3 has a semi-colon joining two phrases describing paths to follow on the route to the treasure. The No-meek path and the Creek path. When do you turn from the first to the second? I believe it is when you see along the first path a place of a ‘marvel gaze’, a lookout point maybe or something or someplace else.

    I treat this tarry scant line like a joker clue. Use it after the first four clues and play through to the final path. There are nine clues but one is a joker to help me with that turn to the finish.

    Make the turn and go 200 feet closer.


    • Papa – Always good to have a ‘wiSe’-cracking Joker as your Wild Card to find the blaze and solve the Poem, right?:

      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze”

      Those two semicolons in Stanza 3 indicate the end “drawing nigh” with “heavy loads and water high”. Don’t semicolons get used to make a winky smil•e face? As you make my final backwardS bike S-curve left (nigh) turn on the Madison River, my hide-y spot is within 200ft. Inside the winky smil•e mouth would be a great place for Forrest to have parked his dinghy. Walking the river bottom, wearing waders, guiding the dinghy, with the bronze chest and his camping gear on it, would be the “heavy loads and water high” part in my solve.

      All IMO. Wink.

  26. I appreciate your post Dal. I still maintain that Tarry scant with marvel gaze means do not stick around after you’ve opened that fabulous treasure chest. Tear yourself away and save your marvel gaze for later.

  27. sense the treasure chest is not at the blaze terry scant and marvel gaze – to me it means to keep going and continue looking – your efforts will be worth the cold if you are brave and in the wood – ill give you title to the gold

  28. ‘Scant” could also mean …”little”…”scant bit of difference” just thought I would let you know there is other meanings for words that may not be in the English dictionary as an ‘official’ word. Maybe stop being so rigid, regimented, dissecting ever word….(I am saying this respectfully not trying to be a smart A@#@ or anything truly. There are so many of you who have varying levels professional expertise, a wide range of brilliance and common sense. You have come at this from every possible avenue…maybe it’s it’s about “informality’ rather than the ‘formality’ of the words. Not discounted them, understanding the words as they mean…to everyone in every way.

  29. What if the word “but” means to halt or stop short of the Marvel Gaze, let’s face it, we all know or at least think we have seen a marvel gaze, why else would it be a “Special Place” so Tarry Scant like “from there” does not necessarily infer we leave quickly, and does not mean it is out of order. Just not quite all the way to the point of this view of our Marvel…Gaze.

    If you have been wise and FOUND the blaze, look quickly down? Tarry Scant, stop short your quest ended before the point of the marvel gaze.

    I am just messin with the whole idea to see it from another tangent.


  30. Thanks Dal
    That really makes sense TSWMG verbiage. You simplified it and makes perfect sense! Now if u can do the rest of the poem for me…lol.
    Much appreciated.

    We live near Tampa and love New Mexico as I am a Lobo! UNM Class of 1972 Football Alumni.
    I hope to have our daughter in LA be my BOTG as I am also a disabled Army Veteran Vietnam Infantry. Hooah!

  31. Balony. I don’t buy that argument. To paraphrase Fenn , don’t get lost in the weeds . Just apply the KISS principle. The treasure is in the mountains somewhere. If you have ever done a BOTG, you will have seen Forestry signs for you to be wary of dangerous bears. That’s why any serious searcher carries a can of bear spray. I have even run across a fresh kill once. If that doesnt make you want to not hang around, then you need to have your brain examined. The TSA folks in Boseman have probably confiscated more bear sprays than anyone could ever want. I know, they have one of mine.

    • Agree with KISS method …it’s not difficult to find, IF… (paraphrased). Also concur on bear spray as a necessity. I fly into Bozeman for my BOTGs and, FYI, you can rent bear spray right down the road from the airport at Explore Rentals. No need to transport your own and have it confiscated.

      I’ll be taking the family in 6 days and will rent a can for myself and the wife. Also carrying a ballistic option.

  32. Dal – I agree with your interpretation 100%. When I get to the end of where my armchair solve leads me, I start looking for both a blaze AND that marvel gaze. A blaze could be anywhere, but once you get to your “lookaround” spot and start reading the lay of the land, it’s generally easier to figure out where a good marvel gaze might be and head in that direction with the hopes of catching sight of the blaze along the way.

  33. Surely there must be billions of “marvelous views” and “lovely views” scattered throughout the Rocky’s. Why this one for his hidey spot?

    No, there’s more to “tarry scant with marvel gaze” than beautiful scenery. I think it has to do with what else is there, in addition to the treasure chest.

    Ken (in Texas)

  34. I agree. It could be that secret location where he kept more than the chest.
    What comes to my mind is “Hints of riches new and old.”
    I believe it could be is a collection started in Fenn’s youth.
    It seems nobody in his family has known of this place of his is my reason.
    Marvel – to look thoughtful upon. Gaze – to linger and observe.
    There’s probably is a great view both outward and inward. It is RM!
    – Papa

  35. I think that “tarry scant WITH marvel gaze” could also infer two things are now needed. You were wise and found the blaze. Now look quickly down and use TWO things to extract the treasure. When Forrest says bring a sandwich and a flashlight with you—-do these two things actually stand for two other things you need? Just throwing this in for fun.

    • Sparrow,

      A sandwich would be good, but the need of a flashlight while searching in the daylight, there is no need, it’s dangerous to search at night in the RM. If you are lost at nightfall the answer would be yes. If you get lost there would not have been planing at all and not paying attention to where you have been, without a compass, GPS and a map. Caves are out as mentioned in the Cheat Sheet on this blog.

      The overall answer in regards to needing a flashlight to search during the day, is No.

      • Sparrow, I respectfully disagree with CharlieM and encourage you to take a sandwich AND a flashlight…just preferably one that is bright but compact in size. Take, for example, a ledge. Depending on the sun, it can be difficult to see what is under it without casting some additional light on it. Better to err on the side of having it and not needing it than not having it and needing it.

      • Charlie– you may have misunderstood me. I said maybe the sandwich and flashlight “represent” two other things that are really needed. I didn’t mean you have to take a flashlight.

        Tarry Scant WITH Marvel gaze may be two things you will need once you’ve found the blaze. You look quickly down, use the two things, take the chest and then go in peace. You catch my drift?

        • Sparrow,

          I get your drift, how about needing your eyes and your legs? But I honestly don’t think there is any obscure words or thoughts other than what the two words true meaning, don’t delay and little time.

          You asked the question. Question is what do you think?

          • Charlie—-
            I really don’t know. But the sentence “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” has always struck me as having to be an anagram—that one sentence out of the whole poem seems to be a mix of other words. But what do I know?

  36. Thanks dal,
    You always know how to spark up a conservation. I promise not to dawdle here all day with tangly dribble. Or share to many of my endless sourpuss views. Besides that, I just highlighted the 1937 version of “Phantoms Gold” and can’t wait to see how Lasseter reached the Olgas. If that old Coote pilot had had any bearing on the situation then perhaps the departure from Alice Springs might have turned into less of an adventure. In hindsight though, without the unexpected walk-a-bout, the legend of gold, born in 1930, might have never had a clue to be told. So tarry scant with marvel gaze, for life is but a dream.

    • Sparrow, “tarry scant with marvel gaze” presents interesting anagram ideas. I would love to hear your ideas.

      scary tant (taunt) at gravel maze might fit locations high on a mountain with scree or talus – that are not for the meek;
      Scary marred gaze. Tarred gaze.
      Mar V el – u or v shaped valley marred by glaciers. Gaze – E zag or switch back zig zag,

      IMO, the general idea is don’t stay long looking at the marvelous gaze..because it’s a high, dangerous place when dark. Finish the hike, enjoy the view, and move lower into the canyon. Gold isn’t at the pinnacle/summit, but Skippy’s RIP place is “there.”

      IMO one of the poem’s purposes was for ff/Bubba was to honor Skippy & June’s memory by returning to their favorite places “marvel gazes” to place a small part of them at their respected marvelous gazes.

  37. I think I would leave the sandwich in the car. I think maybe hunger is unrelenting and
    problems with your campfire maybe the reasons. If your going long distances maybe
    you are going to far. Your guess is as good as mine. I wonder if I should keep an eye
    on the trees. Would that have a real name too. type of tree. I am lost in the woods and
    haven’t even left home yet. I am not even sure if he did say that or why.
    IMO I know what tarry scant and marvel gaze means I think I do. But TMI.
    Stay safe. After all these years its still probably there.

  38. Not necessarily one to argue but with Forrest four cards and a Joker, Mirrors, backwards bikes, etc. ……… could one not see Tarry Scant with Mar (Marred) Vale Gaze …….. that would change the whole picture and the Fox is in Court !!! Just IMO. Best Regards

    • If the poem did not tell you to do it, then I don’t think so. If the poem tells you to mess with the poem, then maybe, but not as presented.

    • lone aspen, yes i agree. heres a change of picture for you….tarry scant (stay short) with marvel gaze (look with wonder) describes perfectly our actions while visiting a museum or art gallery. we tarry scant and marvel gaze at each display. tarry scant because some is waiting their turn behind you to get a glimpse of what you are looking at. here is the double entendre at work again, this line of the poem works for an outdoor search (a pullout) as well as indoor. where can one go for the mirror image of Yellowstone park? the answer is not the capital D of the Denver natural history museum but the Draper museum in Cody.

      from TTOTC page 112- “…I feel sorry for those who dont enjoy that depth of imagination.”
      not me Forrest, i dont feel sorry for those. i thank god that i was born with this depth of imagination and hope that others never learn it….”how dare they go there.”

      • Thanks Bob…,… you gave away more than I did. IMO Tarry Scant is a Location with geographical features AND Scant is short of………The Home of Brown AND Half way to …… from The Blaze …. to Indulgence. Multiple meanings to most of the words that you have to apply at the right place/time. Call me crazy like a Fox I don’t mind!
        Your Friend,
        The Lone Aspen

  39. Maybe “tarry scant with marvel gaze” is a suggestion that if you see something that doesn’t
    look like it should be there, you should keep looking at it (instead of ignoring it) for a while.

    If this is true, it could be an important help in finding the TC. As always, IMO.

  40. For my latest solve here are my interpretations:

    tarry scant = don’t linger long.
    The location of where my “Blaze” might be is probably visible from a road. Difficult to tell from Google maps.

    marvel gaze = take in the wonderful view.
    If the Indulgence is where I hope it is then the view will be amazing.

  41. Hi, folks… I have enjoyed everyone’s comments and theories and thoughts. Found it hard to understand many thought processes of people’s solves and possible solves, but it’s been fun to try and follow things like anagrams and grids and such. But I’m one of those that have stumbled and staggered and tripped over my own feet (and thoughts) and although I SO admire the persistence and endurance of the long-time searchers, I just need to stop. Done, and need to put my own focus and attention back on my pre-assigned work and duties here, which I have sadly neglected for the last few years. Sort of stand up straight on m’feet again and march on after this sideways trip — educational and fascinating as it’s been.

    Now, would someone please go find that bronze box that weighs a heckuva lot too much to easily carry out of wherever it’s hiding, so I can hear about it on the news and talk shows and such?

    Now if you will excuse me, I need to go scatter my brother’s ashes in the place he wanted that done, it’s been put off far too long. (Oh, and it’s NOT in one of the 4 states, which I doubt I will travel in ever again, despite having lived in the Rockies in the past and loving them.)

    Warmest thanks for the inspiration to go out and meet interesting people, see interesting places, and learn interesting things firsthand. 🙂


    • SD;

      Like your attitude, but hate to see another searcher exiting the stage. Hope your trips have been rewarding despite not finding Forrest’s treasure at the end of his rainbow. Please TRY and STAY SAFE, and thank you for fulfilling your brother’s last wishes – I salute you my friend – JDA

    • I can say that this Chase will always be in my mind whether front and center or the back, even when the chest is found if that happens IML.

  42. Hi all,

    Everyone the treasure will be found this year. Forrest Fenn created a legacy, but your driving force is important. The biggest issue I learn is that once you confirmed a theory, you need to try your hardest to disprove it. You have to be your worst critic and once you can’t find a flaw with it move on to the next phase. I have gone three times BOTG and I learn so much is time and refine my location even more. My driving force has been the challenge and the ability to ensure that I’m capable of doing anything in my life. The fame or the money is not blinding me at all but my purpose is a whole different thing. My force= Tenacity and Determination but most importantly contentment.

    • Good Luck to you Luis. I hope that you find all that you seek. Maybe you are right, it just might be found this year . . . or not. Only time will tell. JMO – JDA

      • Thank you JDA,

        I will be heading out on August 09-13 and like Forrest Fenn say the last clue google earth won’t help you. I send Fenn my solve on July the 19 and I found this email connected to me somehow. I wen’t home because conditions were not favorable but I knew I was in the correct location. The area is breath taking.

    • Luis,

      For me the first thing that intrigued me about the chase was the puzzle. I love solving puzzles.
      The second was spending more time in nature. My wife and I have had two great adventures with our BOTG’s and are looking forward to our third trip in September.
      Thirdly, the financial gain would benefit our family.

      My chances of finding the treasure are very slim so I don’t put much hope in the third reason. It’s the thrill of the chase that matters!


      • Kurt,

        That’s awesome, for me this book and this challenge have change my life. It really make me look in the mirror and really start thinking again. We become so complacent in life, that we forget to think for our self. When you work everyday to sustain your family, you become almost like a computer doing the same thing every day. Forrest Fenn brought out something extraordinary about me and something that I stopped doing and could never explained why. This is my edge as of now and following my can do attitude was always my strong trait. To find indulgence you must find yourself first and that’s what happening to me now.

    • I also believe the chest will be found this year, driving force is very important, finding a location with confirmation makes a person question and disprove yourself. But when you can’t prove your wrong you have to defiantly refine and tighten your location. Zag when you should Zig, Tenacity and determination are a must!

      I won’t quit! I twisted my knee pretty bad my last search but headed back tomorrow. Can keep me outta the hills!

      • Travis… Don’t push too hard and get injured again. The chest is patient. Good luck out there…

        • Thanks Ken, I won’t push to hard but I feel the search season is going to be shorter than years before, The Chest is patient but I’m not. Lol thanks Ken

      • I wonder if Fenn twisted his knee when hiding the treasure.
        Zig Zag may help with the pain and the poem may become clearer.

  43. I say sterno cause I have located one of those out on a search while detecting right next to the creek

    • Taylor or Eldridge?
      I’m glad you found my sterno and please clean it up for me.

  44. Dal.

    After much hair-pulling and worry, I have come to the opposite conclusion.

    Tarry: to linger
    Scant: barely or scarcely sufficient; frugal
    Marvel Gaze: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/a7/7d/b6/a77db6ddd5ca57dd6590e4a83a1d5bfb.jpg

    I believe that while the treasure is hidden in a place that contains some marvelous views, the exact hiding spot is not much to look at. I believe that the phrase, “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” is simply telling the finder to linger for only a very brief time, hardly at all, and then “just take the chest and go in peace.”

    What did Dorothy do? Watch the Wizard of Oz – Prof. Marvel and Dorothy gazed into the crystal ball, he tells her that her Aunt was in trouble. So after she gazed with Marvel she did not tarry but she ran on back home. FF wants us to do the same – skedaddle!


    • Sean;

      Definition of “but” = used to indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated.

      So, what is being stated “tarry scant” – So, what does “Tarry Scant” mean? One definition of “tarry” is black. “Scant” can mean Weak of Minimal or minimum. Combined – Tarry Scant can mean a muted or minimized black “Something” A scant can also mean a stone that is flat on two sides – like a grave marker – like the one on page 95 of TToTC.

      So, what if one were to see a muted black “something” that looks like a grave marker – If one were to see something like this, it might be impossible NOT to look at it in wonderment. I f one were to see this “Something” one will be amazed – JMO – JDA

      • Tarry can not only mean black but it can also mean to be “of tar.” Scant can mean a very little amount of something or a hard, thin, rectangular piece or section of a stone-like material. (my definition)

        In many locations, along dirt or gravel roads there are short sections of asphalt (or concrete) pavement where the road grade is very steep or on a sharp curve or is through a ford in a stream.. This could fit the definition of tarry scant.

        So, you could be looking at a short section of paved road that has a marvelous gaze or, a gaze across a marble-textured image.

        “But” can mean to stop. So when you see tarry scant with marvel gaze, you must stop and not go in the direction that you see the tarry scant but turn to the right (the just) and take the chest. The chest, IMO, is not the Treasure Chest. It is a general area.

  45. Off Topic: Is there a new ODDS & ENDS somewhere and can someone direct me on how to navigate there. Thank You in advance. -guy-

  46. I always thought yes it’s in a beautiful place
    But…….I think the marvel Gaze will be what’s inside when I open it and see it.

  47. When FF was younger [ i think that`s when he found his special place ] there were no rules so taking a walk off the beaten path was normal to do but today there are rules , we know people have been within 500ft and searchers within 200ft . i believe TARRY SCANT WITH MARVEL GAZE simply means to TAKE THE CHEST AND LEAVE , there is just to big a chance that you will be walked up on , to many people in close proximity , i know that FF would not pick his special place where there are a lot of people but there probably was less people when he found it , but in ttotc FLYWATER pg 125 he talks about how so many places that were secret fishing spots to him back then are now busy with fisherman and women never knowing he had been there. he always thought that space was his ALONE . so people have invaded this space also , probably not likely to see anyone but then again , a searcher can`t take the chance . JMO

  48. Glad you made it safe Dal to me it means look enjoy and leave or someone maybe watching. good health to all. be safe out there.

  49. I’ve posted on this site many times my thoughts on the importance of the 4th stanza.
    The whole line in question is: “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”
    (“…it is risky to discount any of the words” (paraphrase). I don’t think the scenery
    surrounding the chest is particularly interesting or awe inspiring. The poem is a map
    to a treasure isn’t it? It’s not some sort of sightseeing guide to nature’s wonders.
    I believe that it’s required (once finding the ‘Blaze’) to stay and carefully inspect the area until
    you see a sign or marker that points the way to the hiding place.

  50. Dal stated “Scant is most commonly heard in recipes…as in “a scant cup of milk”, or “use a scant teaspoon of lemon juice”. It means “nearly”. In other words use almost a cup of milk or use just short of a teaspoon of lemon.” This goes along with my “Most of Biscuit Basin solve” Dal posted for me recently.

    In this solve, I took “But tarry scant” to be read as Buttery Scant, pairing it with Biscuit Basin. Pointing back to all of the cooking, baking, and food references in TTOTC.

    I also, in another solve, took “but tarry scant with marvel gaze” to mean look in amazement, but move along quickly. Fenn stated in TTOTC if you “see a warrior staring, move away quickly (paraphrasing). I took this to mean Black Warrior Spring, as just above that would be no place for the meek (Narcissus Geyser), refer to greek mythology about Narcissus & Echo), drawing Nigh (to the left is Black Warrior Spring…drinking black tea).

  51. I have heard these terms used (separately) in days gone by, myself. Tarry did mean to hang around for a bit at least in the ways I had heard it expressed. However, scant was used to define something very brief. A term in opposition to “Tarry”, therefore IMO putting emphasis on not spending more time there than necessary.
    These terms were often used in the same ways that the term: “Don’t Dilly Dally” was used on me when I was young. (And yes… there is even a song…) Being sent to the store… but don’t dilly dally, meant I was to only look for, and purchase, what I was being sent to get, then straight home.

    I have often wondered about this portion of the poem in specific relation to Forrest leaving his remains with the treasure in his initial plans. Now should one find a body (associated with the treasure), there could be a number of things that one might naturally be inclined to do.
    1. Call the authorities (keep the treasure if you think you can fool them it wasn’t there)
    2. Call the authorities and turn over the treasure as well… hoping that you might get it back (not)
    3. Simply leave the treasure behind and try to forget you were ever there
    4. Take the treasure and run – etc. etc. (though I don’t think he has any intention of one needing to run away from the spot… just “Tarry Scant”

    Now if the lines at the end of the poem really are related to FF’s original intention of having his body be with his treasure, I take the following lines to mean:

    Tarry scant with marvel gaze: You are marveling at seeing both the treasure and Forrest lying there – the beauty of the surroundings might suddenly depart from conscious thought. He doesn’t want you to spend a long time doing this though… so –

    Just take the chest and go in peace: He left it there for someone to find and take. “Just take the chest”… don’t take anything else, don’t disturb anything else. i.e. Let Forrest rest in peace where he desires to rest in peace. Do not call the authorities or anyone else that may disturb his bones and then change his final resting place… he didn’t want his body moved to a cemetery … he wanted it left where he had placed it.

    If you are brave and in the wood: Most people I think (self included) would lose a little of their “nerve” upon seeing a body and might even be worried to take the chest from the body for fear of leaving any connection of their having been there at the site and then not reporting the body to the authorities – ‘robbing the dead’ so to speak… but he says; he gives “title” to the gold… i.e. it is now yours in a very legal sense – “Don’t worry… be happy!”.

    So, don’t dilly dally. Yes you found it, yes you can have it, but don’t hang around and just go in peace, just as ‘I wish you to let me rest in peace’. Maybe even to avoid drawing attention to that special spot should others be near/nigh.

    Additionally, as this would obviously be a “special” spot to Forrest anyway – a place he had once planned on leaving his bones – I wouldn’t want to hang around and overly stay my welcome, but would do my best to gracefully accept his offering of peace. {Considering his special place to be much like the idea of Native American sacred ground}

    It does not mean though that I do not believe there aren’t hints/clues within these lines – i.e. dual meanings in words etc., I think, such are a normal part of this poem. I am making the huge assumption in my post, of course… that FF’s actually meant this, or something close, when he states to “Tarry Scant” and why he would have used those terms.

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