The Dream Solve…

July, 2019

By Yellowdog

First off, if you are thinking that by Dream Solve, I mean the ultimate solve, like Dream Machine or Dream Team, sorry, you will have to read elsewhere.  This is definitely not that type of Dream Solve
What you are about to read is a true and accurate accounting—at least as much as one can hope for when jotting down as many recollections as possible after waking from a second grade rendition of the The Wizard of Oz induced treasure chase dream.  What the heck am I talking about, you wonder?  Imagine about 40 “proud” parents, grandparents, siblings and sadistic people in small 96 degree room, all watching their 1st-ish through 4th-ish grader perform an hour long version of the classic movie.  I really felt sorry for the Cowardly Lion.  She was probably melting just as much as the Wicked Witch of the West.  But I have ventured down a rabbit hole—not the first to do that in the chase, hey?
So after the excruciatingly painful low-budget production, the gal I am seeing [let’s just call her “Kim”] was putting the mighty and powerful Wizard to bed.  Me, I was relaxing on the couch.  Well, somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 as I was lying there recovering from the performance, I ended up dozing off. And this is what happened…
Within the next 90 minute or so window, I had a very vivid dream that the treasure had been found. In the dream, “Kim” was crying.  When I asked what was up, she said someone had just beat her to it. This is odd in and of itself, because she is not even a searcher and kind of makes fun of me for being involved in the chase. Anyway, as it turned out, a team of searchers had just retrieved the treasure.
In my dream, Indulgence was located in Montana.
I was curious as to the final solve and started talking with the team that retrieved it. Interestingly enough, they were a team of six working together but each had their own individual solve. So when I had asked 2 or 3 people how they found it. They didn’t even know. They were just under direction of the leader du jour.
So here is how it all played out…  Indulgence was found on the grounds of a state university campus in Montana, but even in the dream it was still unclear witch (see what I did there): Billings, Bozeman, Missoula or Helena. So I started asking about the clues to the one who directed/lead the find. And the answers were horrible.
It was something along the lines of:
warm waters halt = the flagpole or the fountain at the front of Memorial Union (ISU had a Memorial Union) [Memorial, tears, parents dropping off kids, whatever]

Canyon down = take Canyon Drive down the hill

Home of brown = Brown House…  (when I was in school at ISU, buildings were halls, and floors were houses)

So the chase started, begin at Memorial Union courtyard, and take Canyon Drive down the hill, until you see Brown House…  This was the $#ittie$t solve I had ever heard…
That is pretty much about all I remember, oh other than the final resting place.  Indulgence was located beneath a bench sitting under a statuesque Cherry tree.
In my groggy state, my mind started going down rabbit holes and grasping at straws and piecing together bits of information in ways that it shouldn’t.
The woodsman illustration—George Washington—Cherry Tree (CLICK)
Education—too late to get any—sign over school house—wasn’t going to college because father and he didn’t think he could make it (CLICK)
And there was one other thing (CLICK), a Spanish word (CLICK)
Spanish class—teacher talking in Spanish—etc (CLICK)
In my dream the word was Fortunada? or Fortunas? In my dream, I thought that (whatever the word was), it meant to be fortunate, but it actually meant Treasure—the Treasure—Indulgence—The Treasure State. (CLICK)
Ahh…  All the tumblers had rotated into place and the puzzle pieces were starting to fit!
And then the fog began to lift.  As it did, I began to feel both elated and saddened at the same time.  Elated because it was just a bad dream and the treasure hadn’t really been found. Saddened, because even in my dreams I couldn’t piece the clues together, and was watching as someone else found Indulgence.
Happy Searching, All…  And Best of Luck…

Yellowdog in WA

By the way, just to rebate you 3 minutes of your life back:
Fortunada = nothing
Furtunadamente = Fortunately
Fortunas = Fortunes
Tesoro = Treasure





19 thoughts on “The Dream Solve…

    • I’ve had a few dreams like this but not so place savy good stuff don’t believe a car man can’t drive or a word smith can’ write circles around your brain thoughts.

  1. If there’s any truth in dreams, you’re right on with the notion that a team will find this treasure.
    IMO of course

  2. Nice to know others dream the chase. It does seem to help organize thoughts, if it is written down quickly. If I wait too long I forget, and it leaves me wondering if it was the one. g

  3. I was recently at the Bozeman campus checking out the special Genghis Khan exhibit in the Museum Of The Rockies. Definitely worth the visit. A searcher could get a few ideas from the exhibits in the permanent collection which were donated by Caroline McGill, I think.

  4. Fun lighthearted read, although I’m waiting on one of the resident pessimists to inform you that your fever dream was nonsensical. I was very close this morning to submitting my Montana solve, which in my (admittedly biased) opinion, is the best I’ve seen. But of course something stopped me. I have solved (to my satisfaction) the first 6 clues. I briefly moved onto a Colorado solve, but after 2 clues, I just didn’t love it. Didn’t feel right. Now my gut is telling me that it may be in New Mexico after all. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I would have vivid colorful dreams about the location of the treasure. I had been there so many times in my dreams that I had begun to think that it was reality. One day I even got in my car and headed down the road. I decided that I needed the money and today was the day to go get it. Before I got to the freeway I pulled over to look at the map so I could decide the best route to get there. As I sat by the side of the road I tried my hardest to remember where that place was.
    I finally dawned on me that it was in my head, I dreamt it. Or, at least in another dimension. I had a whole other world in my imagination. Little of it was useful to me in this world. But just as real.

    • Since you mentioned certain things that clicked, I shall also.
      Where warm waters halt, the canyon down, and the home of Brown are all the same general area. Referring to to the confluence of rivers, or rio’s, in one box canyon. WWWH the end of springs where trout fishing is in the pools. The canyon down is there. The Home of Brown describes the origin of the river, which is known for its color. The rest of the clues are specific to a route that f took to hide the treasure.
      There are many places that may fit the poem. The upper Madison solve is the perfect example, with different clues fitting different pools along the way. Another perfect solve in my state, New Mexico, is the one which I link to with my name. Rio Puerco Gorge. Puerco meaning muddy, is brown. The headwaters are HOB.
      Identifying headwaters of a river as HOB was something that came to me in a dream.

      • …Rio Resumidero means:
        “Orifice, duct or channel through which wastewater or rainwater drain.”
        In other words, WWWH is where that water ends.
        At the confluence with the Rio Puerco.
        In My Opinion.

  6. Yellow dog, that was one of the funniest and best stories I have read on this blog. I was laughing out loud quite a bit. Thank you so much! I hope you dream of a really good solve this time.

  7. That was a horrible dream ha ha ha, all though the rabbit hole may be real.

  8. I had a dream once about the Chase. It was very different though. I was talking to someone in a restaurant about how the food wasn’t very good.
    This big Italian Chef walked up and said “What you no like-ah my Pizza? The pizza she is-a no good uh? Get-ah outta here. This isn’t-ah Florence. Why don’t you go-ah there and complain uh? Maybe you find your Treasure near there uh?”

    Then I woke up.

  9. You never know when a dream will pan out.
    Somebody had to come up with the idea of cold brewed coffee. Then bottle it and put in stores for the twice the price of a hot bottomless cup of joe in the breakfast cafe.
    It wasn’t me. Because to me cold coffee tastes like coffee that has gone cold.
    Really. Really?? They got paid for this? Really.
    Imagination sometimes needs to sit for a while and get cold before you get it.
    Dream on.

  10. I had a crazy dream three weeks ago about the blaze. I have no idea where I was or which state I was in, but in mountains, and I saw something and below it said “Look quickly down” as if it was typed there. Then I woke up! I never got a chance to look down for the chest, but now I want to find this white rock looking thing I saw on the mountain side. Maybe my sub-conscious was trying to tell me something. I still can’t tell whether it was a good dream or a nightmare….

  11. Had to say I thought I was on my way to the “dream solve” a couple of trips out and too much arm chair analysis has left me pretty banged up. what I thought was a fun distraction from the boring day to day has turned into a consuming endeavor. It seemed like everywhere I looked was another piece I could add to the ultimate solve. Random bits of conversation or furniture at a flea market could be “clues” I have to say its reached an unhealthy point. is there a perfect solve. ive been back and forth with the poem and its definitly time for me to take a step back. but best of luck to you all still searching although I have to add stick to the poem, books and map. find a good search buddy that will keep you grounded and watch out for those esoteric writings and juxtaposing of words. Those can put you down a dark path.

    That being said I have been really happy to hear other searchers positive experiences and wish everyone all the very best.


  12. Twice, I’ve dreamed of solving the poem. Both times there was a pickup truck.

    That’s all I’ve got, unless Mr sandman brings me another insight tonight. I’m done tired now, after this week.

    Cheers and goodnight, y’all.

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