Marvel Gaze…the song


by Forrest Black


Forrest Black sent me this song he recorded with his wife in Germany. It is their musical interpretation of the poem. I don’t know if they live near the Black Forrest. He did mention that he has not been able to search for the chest yet. The song is titled “Marvel Gaze”.

Turn your sound on and click HERE to listen to their song.








34 thoughts on “Marvel Gaze…the song

  1. That is so beautiful.
    It will be easier for me to remember the poem as a song, and sing it when I search.

  2. Joe Brown was from Germany. He carried his pick axe around everywhere instead of a guitar when he was BOTG.

  3. So why is it that when I click on the link, all I get is a webpage full of code? I do have audio software that is the standard and professional, I’ve used three popular browsers and still I just get code.

    • CM-
      The file he sent is an .m4a. According to what I read about the file type…not all software will open .m4a files. It was intended for Quicktime but since it’s use has become widespread many other programs will also open it. Apparently Windows Media Player is not one of those players that will play an m4a file natively. My uneducated guess is that your computer software is unprepared to open .m4a files.

      • I listened to it on my Windows phone. The worst of all smart phones. Nobody makes apps for it. Yet the song played. You may need a new app from the google play store. I don’t know about Apple.

  4. Perfect, a song that I know all the words to. 🙂
    Love the title as well. Great job.

    • What a lovely tune, I couldn’t agree with you more Amy. Just perfect!
      Thank you Dal for posting.
      Forrest Black did an exceptional job!

  5. Nice work, well done! No new clues, of course, but interesting confirmation of a “correct solve” (IMO), when you put it to music. Forrest must have been singing his poem in the shower, we can assume from the SB post, where the natural stone reverb is best. Good luck with that ethical dilemma, when you get there…

  6. They did a great job with the song/poem! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Dal is his name really Forrest Black??? Or is he from the Black Forrest in Germany?

    Reminds me of this from Forrest:

    Strange, is it not? That of the myriads who
    Before us pass’d the Door of Darkness through
    Not one returns to tell us of the Road,
    Which to discover we must travel too…

  7. Perhaps “Forrest Black” could be associated with a devasting forest fire…… ??

    Into my imagination do I go,
    to solve this gosh dang picture show;
    Just my opinion, as alway I say –
    hopefully my Faith will show me the way.

    • oops – you don’t have to tell me, neither can I spell.


  8. This file played with no problems, I scanned it with Malware’s program and it passed Mr Terrific’s inspection, nice catchy tune, like the cadence, the iambic pentameter was spot on. Truly a marvel song fit for a Marvel Gaze! Great Job Forrest Black, I always thought the Germans use to own a place that was a Black Forest, but now I think twice.


    • Tom Terrific – Thinking about the Wolf reintroduction in YNP and “Little Red Riding Hood” by the Brothers Grimm:

      “The Black Forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany, bordering France. Known for its dense, evergreen forests and picturesque villages, it is often associated with the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. It’s renowned for its spas and the cuckoo clocks produced in the region since the 1700s.”

      Doug Smith, who was and is pivotal in wolf management in YNP, spoke at our Community Library recently. We also were fortunate to watch an awesome art film, “Redoubt”, by artist, writer and cinematographer, Matthew Barney, here this past Sunday. As we are out on The Chase, I hope everyone will consider and respect those who have helped to restore and balance our surrounding ecosystem, long before Forrest hid his elusive bronze chest.

      And remember to consider going ‘clock-wiSe’, per another great post I read here. When does the cuckoo come out of that “Black Forrest” clock, Jenny Kyle? Still thinking about a potential shadow from a Ponder•O•S•A pine tree at 5:55pm, or one extending from that curious Baker’S Hole interpretive sign across the Madison River. And wasn’t Forrest’s grandmother German??? And weren’t German Brown trout introduced at Nez Perce Creek in YNP in the late 1800’s?? Or, were those the Lochleven Brown trout mentioned in Howard Back’s 1938 book, and on that Baker’S Hole interpretive sign???

    • And ‘carr’ has two ‘r’ letters. Don’t y’all love how every time you google ‘forest fen’ it does an autocorrect to become ‘Forrest Fenn’? I wonder if Forrest meant to spell “Black Forrest” that way…

      Giggles. You are famous, Forrest! Google Search says so!

  9. Second thoughts on this style of prose put to music, take any verse in Psalms from the good book and put it to music and hear it the way David meant.

    Is there a deeper meaning to that special place? Yes there may be and it could be the key.


  10. When words and music combine, something magical happens.
    I felt the MAGIC.

  11. Mr. Black sent an .mp3 file this evening. So I replaced the old file with the new one. Now more folks should be able to hear the song.

  12. I love it when someone hears the whisper of a muse in their ear, and shares it with the world. Beautiful.

  13. Down is up. Up is down. Straight across is the Gaze…into the canyon you’ll see the blaze of saddles… Ghost riders in the sky.

  14. thank you for your musical interpretation of the poem! the “refrain” is in my head on repeat while pondering the poems (:puzzles:) it’s simply beautiful.


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