Sparrow’s Speculations…


August 2019
by Sparrow

Last year, about this same time, I wrote a short article called “Fishin’ Part 1” which can be found here if you are interested.

I had intended to write a “Fishin’ Part 2” at that time but decided to stay in the search for a while to see if maybe the lights would go on, and I might actually solve the riddle in the poem. Since another year has passed and I am still unable to solve it, I have decided to share some things that I have discovered during the last 3 years. I have never seen anyone share what I am about to so I hope that it enlightens someone, and helps toward a true solve.

I would like to share a few short articles containing things that have puzzled and amazed me over the last few years. I was originally going to share one long article, but decided maybe “bites” might be better so the things I share can really sink in and be of help to someone. I want to share some “speculations” in a couple of short articles, and finally a full solve I put together back in 2016 that I have always thought was good. (lol)

On July 27, 2016 I happened to be reading one of the News sources on the Internet (I have forgotten which one). I normally check CNN, ABC and FOX news to get a mix of the news. That fateful day there appeared an article about a man who had died (sadly) searching for the Treasure. I had never heard of the “Chase” before reading that article. I actually held myself back from reading it, as I feared I would be “hooked” on another treasure hunt (I had been involved in the TREASURE search for a golden horse back in 1984-1989 when I was younger). I read the story anyway. You guessed it—I was hooked on another treasure hunt—and have been “hooked” for 3 years now.

Now that I have decided to “let go” I want to share some unusual things that I have discovered during that time. My first “speculation” will be to share something I saw back on August 22, 2016 on Forrest’s 86th birthday. It was on Jenny Kile’s site “Mysterious Writings”. I had only been involved in the Chase for less than a month, but I was sure acrostics had something to do with solving the riddle in the poem. It may not be the ONLY thing required—but it definitely does involve acrostics. Let me show you why I believe this.

I had been very curious as to what the above set of words meant. Was it talking about water, rain, clouds, or rivers? Was there a special meaning to the words? I had once pondered whether “where warm waters halt” could be TEARS. Tears are warm. I knew that the “Trail of Tears” ends very close to Tulsa, Oklahoma, near the town of Talequah. The cabin for the Indian Sequoyah is near there. His English name was George Gist, and he was a silversmith. He was also disabled and limped. Sequoyah was a brilliant man who invented the written Cherokee language. It was an astonishing feat, and he has never had the recognition he deserved for having done this for his people. The name Gist was important to me, along with some of the other things concerning Sequoyah. The word “halt” always intrigued me, as “halt” in the Bible refers to a lame person. Sequoyah had a distinctive limp. Why would the “Chase” begin in Oklahoma? I do not know. If warm waters halt in Oklahoma, did Forrest begin there?

If he did start there, which direction did he go? Did he begin there and head southwest back towards New Mexico, or did he start there and head northwest towards Colorado, Wyoming of Montana? Is it possible that Forrest had left a meeting in one of those northern states, then flew to Tulsa Oklahoma, and then drove on to New Mexico? That would be the opposite direction than you would think he would have taken. Or had he rented a car there and driven north instead?

You may ask, Sparrow, why are you centering on Tulsa Oklahoma? Are you starting there because you “think” it might be the place? Is it because “tears”, and the coincidence that the “Trail of Tears” happens to end near where Sequoyah lived? Why would you think Oklahoma has anything to do with the Chase?
Let me explain why. During the short time I had been searching Forrest had made the statement that he hoped no one would check rental car agencies because there might be too much information involved. Then, shortly after on his birthday, 8-22-16, he left a cryptic message on “weekly words” on Jenny’s blog.
Here is his message of 8-22-16:
“Save your best smile until after you raise the lid.” f

Most people would immediately think about the treasure chest. How happy someone would be once they had opened that lid and saw all of the glittering gold! Some said that maybe a camera was in the treasure chest, so that when opened it would snap a photo—so you should be smiling when it did take the picture. Many searchers left comments below the weekly words. I remember that I left words to the effect “OK, if you say so, but I have always preferred Enterprise”. No one commented back on what I had said at that time. You see, I look at the poem very differently than others do. I also look at sentences in a much different manner than others do. I constantly scan sentences for acrostics—it is just in my nature to do so. Let me show you what is actually in the sentence above. It is a hint given by Forrest—and most importantly, a hint given on his birthday. Did Forrest do something special on his birthday one year? Is that why he would share this hint on this very day?

Let us take a closer look at the sentence Forrest shared. We will begin by capitalizing all of the first letters in the words:
Save Your Best Smile Until After You Raise The Lid. f
The capital letters in acrostic form then spell out the following:
I believe the “L” is actually there to tell what direction we should read the letters”
In other words, it is telling us to read from right towards the left.
If we now REVERSE the letters you will observe the following:
L TRYAUSBYS TRY AUSBYS (or “why not give Ausbys a shot?”)
Try Ausbys? What do you mean “Try Ausbys”? What is that supposed to mean? It helps if we go to this link—-it makes it much more clear: You can also just Google “Ausby Car Rentals”.

You will notice that this car rental agency is small, and services Tulsa Oklahoma and Dallas Texas. As we all know Forrest is originally from Texas.

If Ausbys Car rentals are in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is Forrest hinting that he BEGAN his trip to hide the treasure near the very spot where the “Trail of Tears” comes to a halt? I believe that I can say without a doubt that I know the car rental agency Forrest used when hiding the treasure—-AUSBY CAR RENTALS. Or perhaps you are one of these people that will say “This is all coincidence. The fact that you can spell “TRY AUSBYS” with the letters in the sentence means nothing”.

I had actually shared this with two different searchers. One denied it meant anything—the other just said “Very interesting”.

I do not believe this is chance at all. Look at the sentence structure to “Save your best smile until after you raise the lid”. f It is created to hide a specific hint. I believe that hint refers to the rental car agency used to hide the Treasure. When? How many miles did he drive? Which direction did he go when he drove off in the rental? Towards New Mexico, or north towards the other three locations?
I think the answer to “When” is on his birthday. He shared this sentence on his 86th birthday—this is also a hint. But what year? A good detective might be able to find out the answers.

This is the first of a few “tidbits” that I would like to share over a few articles. Accept them or reject them. That is up to you. I offer this to help anyone who might be on the right track. I hope some future articles will also be of help. I am done. For further confirmation of my speculations please Google “Where does the trail of tears end?” To be continued……







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    • there is no time wasted in thought and your in deep thoughts that is. thanks for sharing your thoughts i think in circles but I’m trying to find the center of some where i think. good day to all be safe this weekend.

  1. Hi Sparrow;

    Thanks for the write-up. You say that acrostics come to you second nature – I, on the other hand, never think about acrostics. That is what makes the world go round I guess – We each have our own way of looking at the world.

    Is what you found important? Who knows, until Indulgence is found. You just might have stumbled onto something.

    Again, thanks for posting, and for showing some of us a different way of looking at things – JDA

  2. So why is it that I must go?
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    For All To Seek
    F A T S
    you’re all fat
    you need to go hike and lose that weight
    There’s an answer

    • This is why I do BOTGs with no idea what any of the clues mean.

      Looking quickly down and seeing less of my feet with each passing year, I realize that it’d be best if my quest were not to cease.

    • I had actually seen “fats” before. Shorter acrostics always make me wonder if they are there by “chance”. Whereas “TryAusbys” does not appear to be chance, but placed there by the author.

      • I see “fats” every morning next to the mirror! Right-aligned letters of the poem give “net snob leg, I ate Neo lol” so I wouldn’t mess with the poem too much.

        • Thanks magic but “net snob leg, I ate Neo lol” is not anything Forrest would be putting in a poem with purpose. Just my opinion though of course.

    • SW
      I it
      I’m gal mt

      I = it
      I’m Gal(latin?), MT (or mountain)

      No idea what that means, but… fun!

  3. First off Fenn said there are many places in the Rockies where wwh most north of Santa Fe. This tells me that it is not a specific unique place but many places. Second, by solving only the first two clues “ and take it in the canyon down” searchers were within 500’. So the wwh must be relatively near the Rockies if not in them. Oklahoma is out of bounds.

    • Yup Patrick!
      Way out of bounds and nearly all of them are north of SF in the Rockies.
      Not sure why searchers ignore the good stuff by Fenn.


        “Someone unfamiliar with your poem receives a message that says “meet me where warm waters halt, somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe”. Would they be able to work out where to go? If they can’t, would they need the whole poem, another stanza, or just a line or word to help them on their way? ~Phil Bayman
        There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.” f JDA

        • Thanks JDA. I was more specifically talking about being within 500 feet if you can solve the first two clues and take it in the canyon down.

    • Not necessarily. “BEGIN it where warm waters halt”. There is no telling how far clue one is from clue 2.

    • I’ve often wondered if when he said “500 Feet” –
      He Might Have Meant Altitude. Just A Thought That has come back around on several occasions. It’d be a real “Fenn” Thing to do. I Think.

  4. If you’re going to look at the big picture, you may have gotten the Gist of it.

  5. Right-aligning the starting letters of each word and reading downward you get:
    IT’S A W

  6. Sparrow,

    Good write up and thanks for sharing. I honestly don’t believe acrostics is the way to go, the leasing company in Oklahoma is a very big rabbit hole as you would need the exact date and I doubt the rental company keeps records for about 9 yrs ago.

    The other is are you sure he would drive all of the distance from Oklahoma to one of the four states, when he would have done that from NM. The problem would be a big drive if he went to MT and then a return trip back and drop off the rental. Question would be, how did he get to Oklahoma carrying the treasure, not likely by plane the baggage would have to be checked, that leaves by car a long trip to the Tears and then a long drive to one of the four states, such as MT and then back to possibly NM.

    The other is somewhere he mention that Peggy didn’t know when he hid the treasure. It would be very obvious that driving round trip for many hours or days, Peggy would more than likely know when he hid the chest.

    Just tossing this out there, but still a good write up. 🙂

  7. Sparrow,
    Although I really like the end of the ” trail of tears ” as wwwh, the logistics makes it nearly, if not completely, impossible.
    Did f fly to Tulsa, Ok. Rent a car, then drive to Tahlequah an hour and fifteen away east, then turn around and head west to one of the 4 states?
    Oklahoma is a wide state and is probably a 10 hour drive or more to get to the hidey spot. How did he do this all is 1 afternoon..
    I’d like to hear more on your theory. but as it stands, I just can’t make it work logistically…

    • Eagle—-
      That is why I suggested it is possible Forrest did the opposite of what many think he did. Oklahoma is quite close to New Mexico. I didn’t say he drove to Talequah. I just said it puts Tulsa in very close proximity to where the Trail Of Tears ends.
      What if Forrest (to throw everyone off) STARTED in Tulsa and dove back to New Mexico—-hid the Treasure—then drove back to Tulsa again? Just a thought.

      • Eaglesabound, be careful of setting time lines. Forrest stated that he made two trips from his car to the hiding place in one afternoon. He never implied that the over all trip took any certain amount of time. The trip could have been several days. He made trips for the trustee meetings at Cody and I’m sure he was gone for more than a day.
        Forrest sold his plane before he hid the chest. As for baggage checks at the airport, he had friends with private planes that would not have been searched. If he went on a fishing trip he would probably had a fair amount of gear in which to hide the chest and contents . The possibilities are endless and Forrest has not given very many absolutes (IF ANY). Like when the woman asked if he had to take a plane to hide the chest and he told her no- so can you assume it is closer to home? He later clarified the answer in the fact that the question was “had to” , not weather he “did” take a plane. If you go to Hawaii do you HAVE to take a plane? No there are ships that you can take.

  8. Hi Sparrow,
    Enjoyed the post. Most interesting because I am from Tulsa and now retired lto liive on a creek about 25 miles from Talequah. I made the drive a month ago from here to my solve in Wyoming. It took about 17 hours to get there but well worth it. I haven’t completely given up on my solve and I have a local still partnering with me to search. I’m close to deciding to post my solve because, like others, I think it is pretty amazing. If interested, I might consider sharing it with you privately.

  9. Every part of that was ridiculous. I think you are pulling our legs.

    You took a flyer on “tears”. And then you took another flyer guessing the “Trail Of Tears” and another flyer on “Talequah” and yet another flyer cherry-picking letters from a random quotation.

    Somehow you came up with the first clue being at a car rental place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is renowned for being totally flat and 640 miles from the Rocky Mountains.

    The hardest part for me to understand is your audacious idea about how a good detective would have figured that out and then be able to figure out where Forrest drove from there, based on his birthday.

    Good luck searching the continent.

    • Muset–
      Thanks for the input. I did not “cherry-pick” from a random quotation. They are all the FIRST letters of the words:
      “S Y B S U A Y R T L
      “Save Yor Best Smile Until After You Raise The Lid.”
      Reverse the letters: L TRYAUSBYS
      That is not Cherry picking. The first letters say what they say: TRY AUSBYS.

      As I said anyone is free to reject it, so be my guest. But this is not “random”. Those letters are clearly there.

      • OK. Wow. I really thought you were having a laugh..

        My intention here is to be constructive. You decided on a method and applied it once. But you didn’t apply it to the poem, it doesn’t say anything reasonable, and you have a few letters left over.

        I suppose different people think differently and that’s just the way is it. Enjoy that puzzle.

        • There aren’t a “few” letters left over—there is ONE—the letter “L”–I explained that this could be an indicator to read in that direction.

          I am simply pointing out WHAT IS THERE. If you choose to reject it and not consider it “reasonable” that’s your prerogative. I don’t think you are considering the “odds” of those (9) letters and what they spell. I did not place the letters—Forrest placed them. I have altered nothing. Seriously. What’s there is there.

          • I think that what you’ve come up with is very interesting for sure. However I’m having a hard time figuring out what bit of good knowing this agency actually does for the solve. I guess if there was only one car company location by that name, it could be very intriguing if it was located anywhere within our search area. But Oklahoma? I’m not so sure.

            Regardless, thanks very much for sharing and for the creative way to look at sentence structure.

        • Because I have been making anagrams for six years, I actually do know that coincidental words coming out of a phrase is common.

          Here is some word-play for a laugh with no leftover letters:

          save your best smile until after you raise the lid
          you visit the Bodleian first. all see my treasure.

          I would prefer to vacation in Oxford than Tulsa.

          OK we disagree. I hope you have some great BOTG coming up and enjoy the rest of the summer.

      • Sparrow,

        How about TRY AUSBYS (BBQ)? Since you were likely going to take a sandwich anyway…take the best!

        Or use those very letters to spell ABSURL, with a few extra bonus letters. I know that you are saying, “why the L” and the answer is, “imagination is more important than knowlege.”

        All this is SHO (Somebodies Humble Opinion ???), somewhere.

        Just a little light-hearted jabbing. You are a delightful, funny and colorful contributor! Shed those feathers and you gain some callus.

        • LOL— I couldn’t find an Ausbys Barbecue on Google. Just Ausbys Ark (a toy store). But barbecue does sound good.

  10. Sparrow I think it’s great. If it works for you then run with it. I am of the opinion you start and stop in one state and the whole grin thing has something to do with the Cheshire Cat. But here we are going into year 9 without any treasure. Perhaps if we did bring our own beer, and then shot gunned it….we’d have better luck. I look forward to the rest of your posts.

  11. Sparrow…I too was caught up in searching for TREASURE THE GOLDEN HORSE. So many twists and turns. I was sure belong a shadow of a doubt that TRESURE was hidden away in the Meterie Cemetery in New Orleans (built on top of a race tract.) and I was going to maybe have to dig up all the graves that had the name KNUTSON. There were many, many acrostics that I thought lead me there. I laugh out loud at my self now for buying several books and cutting out the pieces of the map to glue together so I had several maps at different places. I have thought that forrest may have borrowed some of the “red herrings” from TREASURE.I also still think that the Blaze is somehow related to an old movie called “Against A Crooked Sky”.

    No matter what our solves are….they lead us into new territory of understanding. The Trail Of Tears and The Long Walk are such. It is not finding the treasure that is the real goal…to me the real goal is…..The Thrill Of The Chase.. The ancient Chinese said it this way…..”HAPPINESS IS NOT TO HAVE ARRIVED, BUT TO HAVE TRAVELLED HAPPILY”

    • Guy—-
      Thanks for your post. I meant to reply right away. Yes—-The Golden Horse search really led to insanity. lol. There do seem to be many
      things from that search that match with the Chase.
      I wondered if Forrest might have met Sheldon Renan, the author of Treasure, or Dr. Crypton (Paul Hoffman). Did you know that Crypton actually had a place called “Pietown, New Mexico” in mind as the place bury the horse?

      He changed it though fearing people may have tracked his travels during that time. That puzzle was fantastic. There was something almost magical about it. I sure was hooked at the time. lol.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Sparrow. ‘Acrostic’ is my official word-of-the-day. Wasn’t even aware of it before now.

    I may be misinterpreting it, but one factor I apply to any potential solve is from this Q&A at MW:

    ***Question posted 6/20/2014:

    I have a question for Mr. Fenn:

    When you hid your treasures, did you take the same path that is described in the poem, or were you able to skip some of the steps because of your familiarity with the area?

    Thank you Curtis

    The clues should be followed in order Curtis. There is no other way to my knowlege.f ***

    If one were to start in Tahlequah with a sedan from Ausby, they could’ve saved a lot of time by renting a Hertz in Denver if there final destination is the Rockies north of Santa Fe. But f seems to be saying there’s only one pathway. So that seems to rule out starting in northeast OK.

    For those who investigate this path, though, I encourage you to spend a day or two floating down the Illinois river near Tahlequah. Very relaxing. I did so with a good buddy every summer for a few years as a teen. It is so calm, we’d float on air mattresses and one of us would tie the canoe to our ankle so we didn’t drift too far apart. Only white water was if someone poured some milk into it.

  13. Veddy…eentedesting…

    Seriously though, that’s pretty cool, although I must admit my skepticism of Oklahoma having anything to do with the clues or a correct solve. Interestingly enough, using your same resultant letters and sequence, it translates to something different, but very specific, within my search area.

    I’m looking forward to any other bits you choose to reveal in the future.

  14. I appreciate the insight, Sparrow. It is always interesting to me to try to figure out what might just be a coincidence, and what is actually by design in relation to TTOTC. I think what you found is by design, but there are always multiple ways of interpreting almost anything, so I thought I’d offer another perspective. I don’t know how that works (or doesn’t) with the ATF regarding the smile, so take it with a grain of salt. I look forward to any other secrets you kindly offer!

    Try Ausbys (Try wizard scrapbook yellowstone)

    AU = Austrailia. Nickname OZ = Wizard

    SB = Scrapbook (I have no idea which one, anybody?)

    YS = another familiar? = Yellowstone

    • Thanks kk. However I think this is not coincidence. “TRY AUSBYS” and the fact THERE IS an AUSBY CAR RENTAL in OK/Texas points to a real acrostic being placed and engineered into a sentence.

      • Sparrow, I think you misunderstood me when I said “I think what you found is by design” I agree that it was something purposefully engineered by Fenn and placed there, and not a coincidence.

        I only wanted to suggest that there may be more than one way to understand any results we find by any method (anyone) uses to interpret the answers to the poem. If a particular method for extracting information is correct, but we aren’t open to seeing it from different vantage points, we risk using the right information in the wrong way. (And I am not suggesting that you are using it the wrong way, only that there is more than one way to see it).

        I also think it is very possible the starting point could be anywhere in the world. As long as we follow his directions, we should end up exactly where the treasure is, regardless of where we start.

    • Hi KK: didn’t read far enough down — you came up with mostly the same idea, minus my AU=gold. 😉

      • With the exception of knowing which SB that might refer to, I figured that one as well. It’s nice to see what other people come up with 😉 Great minds!

      • Hi KK: I think Sparrow’s particular acrostic is a bridge too far (Ausby’s car rental would fall under specialized knowledge, IMO), but as everyone knows by now I think acrostics play a crucial role in deciphering an important part of Forrest’s poem. Acrostics and other forms of wordplay should always be considerations for anyone working armchair treasure hunts — if only because they have been used so often in the past. Remember: Forrest didn’t just “write” the poem — he considered himself an architect.

        • Hi Zap,

          I agree the car rental is a stretch for me as well, but I do see how FF uses indirect information frequently to hint towards information that he wants us to have an awareness of.
          When I consider that FF is well traveled, and that there are direct and or indirect connections that can be made to Rhode Island, New York, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania…..not to mention the 4 given search states and FF’s home state of Texas…… Mexico, Germany, Libya, Laos, Vietnam……..and given the fact that OK is a neighbor to TX, it starts to become less of a stretch for me when I consider the information Sparrow shared.

          Like most, I have my own WWWH and solve that I am working on. But I like to leave room for other ideas and connections just in case……and sometimes these thoughts and connections other people have made, make a nice jumping off point for a rainy day.

  15. Thought for you, Sparrow.

    Tears might only be a starting point for a solution. Perhaps the idea of crying could become a place name rather than a point in Oklahoma.

    Consider: Crystal, as an example.

    As a compound word . . .

    Cry Stal(l)
    Tears Halt


    Crys Tal(l)
    Tears Tall

    Crystal Creek, WY, next to Lander Cutoff portion of the Oregon Trail?


    • Iowaengr—
      Thanks for the suggestions. However, I really believe that there is something to “Where Warm Waters Halt” being linked to the end of the “Trail of Tears”.
      Where it ends is very interesting. Very close to Sequoyah’s cabin.

      Read up on Sequoyah. He literally invented a written langauge. This is a man Forrest would love—a man who can’t be told that something cannot be accomplished. He walked to HIS OWN drumbeat so to speak.

      Yet he was crippled and lame. He was “halt”. He was a silversmith (remember Forrest wants a silver bracelet back). He was just an all around brilliant man

      Somehow I think Sequoyah is somehow linked to the poem. Too bad I’m not smart enough to discover how.

      • Sparrow, if you want to start in Tahlequah, here is a way to do it.

        Wwwh = Tahlequah, OK


        Canyon = Can(ada) Yon!
        Down = Do/Due WN/NW

        Line due NW of Tahlequah passes through Glacier NP reroute to Canada, the home of Kootenay Brown.

        Perhaps you’ve found a very unusual way to put yourself onto the map?


        • Iowa——
          Thanks for that. One thing I did consider, which you show above is that it’s possible canyon does not mean canyon as we normally think of it
          If Warm Waters Halt is not water, could the “canyon down” not be a physical canyon?
          Forrest did say that imagination is a major factor in the Chase. 🙂

          • I don’t like my first thought very well. Sparrow, so I’ll throw out another.

            Sequoyah’s Cabin is located on Big Skin Creek near Black Creek. One could put into the water (canoe), head downstream to the Arkansas River and head upstream through OKand KS and on into Colorado.

            Browns Canyon would stop your upstream paddle because the Class IV rapids at Seidels Suckhole would be impossible to navigate without portage.

            A good look at a detailed map of the creeks below Browns Canyon might prove interesting to you.

            If: From = F roam

            Then the put ashore to walk point would be relatively close to the Arkansas River/Unnamed Creek interface.

            BTW: Canoe can be read into the poem by using an acrostic style, 90 degree bent on word grid. I had the canoe tied to a larger one that read : Canoe Moons Two that I used as part of my validation to search a coordinate near Moon Creek, WY, last summer.


          • Iowa—- if you click on the link in the article above it leads to an older article I wrote: “Fishin’ Part 1”.
            In that article I point out where “canoe” may be found in the poem, and it is right where it says to take the “canyon down”.
            Thanks for your input.

  16. Sparrow, yours is an acrostic plus anagram. Probably a coincidence, unless more phrases from Jennys blog using the same method would yield similar results.

  17. Sparrow – I have to ask…..
    How did you get your story posted? Did you submit it to Dal?

    • Yes Americana. I submitted it to Dal. And he most graciously posted it, despite the fact he thought it was a load of crock. lol.

      • Thanks Sparrow – enjoyed reading your write-up.
        Food for thought most definitely.

  18. Oz10—
    I would just ask you: what are the odds that TRYAUSBYS would lead to an actual car rental place called AUSBY CAR RENTAL? Of all things a CAR RENTAL place. Think about it. Coincidence? I think not. You are entitled to your opinion though of course.

      • Jake—
        It’s been 9 years. Obviously people are looking at the poem and the writings of Forrest in the wrong way. I appreciate your laughing it all off. No problem there. It is entertainment. But I think at this point any idea is valid. I really mean that. All the best to you.

        • Oh Ya!
          This one is just as good.

          TRY A BUS YS (YellowStone)

          I would give up trying if this is what it comes down to and Oklahoma and a car rental place is in play. I would throw in the towel and burn it.

          Good luck with this way off way of thinking.
          You didn’t even add a picture or map, just a bunch of text that screams “Let Go”.

        • Sparrow,
          Sorry but you’ll have to chalk me up in the skeptics column with Jake. Whenever a searcher uses the word ‘coincidence’ in their justification for a clue match I’m pretty much done. Coincidence is not a logical ‘method’ of verification. Here’s an example.

          From Wikipedia:
          “From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appear intuitively. An example is the birthday problem, which shows that the probability of two persons having the same birthday already exceeds 50% in a group of only 23 persons.”

          But let’s look at something else…your acrostic came up with Try Ausby…OK, who added Car Rental. You did, so that’s merely confirmation bias based on what Google spit out in a search result, and your preconceived notion about Trail of Tears adds Tulsa. Turns out Google says there’s an Ausby Car Rental in Dallas too why didn’t you pick that one instead? Doesn’t match the preconceived notion? This is no different from the guy that’s sure he has the right WWWH and goes looking on the map for a Brown Mountain in a 20 mile radius and just happens to find one. Must be HOB right,….too much of a coincidence? Everybody does this way too much. I’m not immune…I’ve talked myself into some whoppers over the years.

          You said: “It’s been 9 years. Obviously people are looking at the poem and the writings of Forrest in the wrong way.” I agree with that. I was just listening to the German Playboy interview with Dal, and Jason Dent, At one point F discusses why people aren’t finding the chest. Paraphrasing, F said: “….so many searchers are stomping on ants while the elephants run by.” We all seem to be missing something big that could help if we could just figured it out.
          Good searching

          • Colokid,
            I couldn’t agree with you more..
            And to your point on we all seem to be missing something big, consider this….
            “Please overlook my penchant for provocation and realize that all of us are environmentalists to some degree, and me more than most.” f
            Why don’t we have a category titled “environmental ” to discuss possible environmental issues that might be possibly related to the chase.
            Example: The great Colorado river no longer reaches the ocean. What happens to the west if the rivers dry up?
            Could that be the kind of big picture he’s talking about?

          • In the words of Dr. Gregory House from the TV show House…”Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” 🙂

          • Colokid—–

            I did recognize the fact that Ausbys is in Tulsa and Dallas, The LOCATION is what is important. This rental agency is in only two states—unlike many LARGE rental car agencies. Whether Forrest started in Dallas or Tulsa we don’t know. But don’t you find it more than coincidence that they are only in OK and Texas—Forrest is from Temple Texas remember.

            I don’t believe this is confirmation bias as I discovered the Ausbys in the sentence BEFORE I even googled to see what Ausbys might be.

            Al the best though!

          • Sparrow,
            I think you missed my whole point about coincidences.

            No i don’t find it coincidental, but coincidence is in the eye of the beholder so it can be if YOU want it to. The real question is, is it really improbable and does it mean it has to be a clue/hint. Most likely not in both cases. Here’s a must read primer on coincidence and what it does/ does not mean.

            I think this will prove invaluable to any searcher who really wants to apply a little critical thinking to their own solutions. Just my opinion.

          • Great article, Colokid. And to illustrate the author’s point in a Fenn-relevant way, consider that all of the following were in that article:

            “pile of money” (though not chewed up by a dog)
            “marveling” and “marveled”
            “treasure trove”
            “Drawing” (but no nigh)
            “Paris” (minus the Wallace)
            “put in”
            “odds and ends”
            “David SpiegelHALTer”

          • So Colokid. Let me go back through the process with you.

            “Save Your Best Smile Until After You Raise The Lid”.
            Each letter that BEGINS a word has been capitalized—no cherry picking. You then have:

            SYBSUAYRTL the “L” seems to imply to read to the left.
            So we reverse it:

            I then Google Ausbys wondering if Ausbys could be anything at all. A company called AUSBY CAR RENTAL comes up on the screen. First thing.

            So you are trying to tell me that I WANTED Ausbys to mean something to fit MY meaning? No—not at all. This is not coincidence. This is very real. Ignore it if you so choose. The odds that TRYAUSBYS would make up the letters in one sentence, and then it would match with a car rental company are enormous. But what the heck—lets just go back to the way everyone investigates the poem and expects results. Ignore anything that may jog the way you think about solving it. Perhaps you are the one showing bias in this instance. What do you think?

          • Sparrow,
            “ Ignore anything that may jog the way you think about solving it. Perhaps you are the one showing bias in this instance. What do you think? “ Happy to answer that in a minute.

            As you said, let’s walk through this one more time. You said: “So you are trying to tell me that I WANTED Ausbys to mean something to fit MY meaning? No—not at all. This is not coincidence. This is very real. Ignore it if you so choose. The odds that TRYAUSBYS would make up the letters in one sentence, and then it would match with a car rental company are enormous. “

            This is not about what you ‘wanted’ to happen….this is about the chain of events and occurrences that you are tying together in what you would have us believe is a surprising outcome. 1) “L” means left/backwards? You made that decision…why not Latin. What if AUSBYS googled out to a carpet cleaning company, would we be having this conversation. What if Fenn never referenced car rental receipts in an interview, would this still be important? What if you’d never thought about Trail of Tears? You are the one tying all these things together and then saying the odds are enormous…Which, BTW, is the very definition of a coincidence. Man you really need to read that article! The article points how just how this trap works of putting things together that ‘seem’ to fit and just how bad the general population is a judging odds and probability about this happening (no offence…I’m sure I fall in that category with everyone else).

            OK the birthday thing: “It was his birthday. Perhaps he felt like giving out a gift—–not expecting anyone to actually decipher what he shared.” Others can correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Jenny has informed us in the past that F delivered his quotes in bulk and then she decided when to post them. If that is correct then any connection between this quote and F’s birthday is based on Jenny’s actions, not Fenn. But don’t believe me, email Jenny and ask if he had any hand in that.

            Yeah, I am bias….bias to rational thinking. If mixing letters together works for you please carry on but people have been doing that since day one so let’s no pretend this is a new proven technique.

            Anyway I’m done here. My point was not to ruffle your feathers but to provide insight to the general community about the trap posed by “coincidences”. ‘Kid out.

          • ZAP,
            LOL. Next thing you know people will be saying Fenn wrote that article and it’s choke full of hints and clues.

          • Cool kid—-
            Thanks for the additional post. Yes, I agree. If AUSBYS CARPET CLEANERS had come up on google we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
            But thanks for the input!

          • Colokid,

            I think we are missing out on the Fly Fishing Link to the whole solve of the poem. Forrest said “it will lead you to my rainbow and the treasure”, this is the missing link.
            Jeff C

    • Hey Sparrow,

      Have you found another instance of acrostics used by Fenn, say for example in TTOTC? If you have, then you are onto something. That will be interesting to see since there are many who vouch for acrostics, anagrams and other word twisters but could never provide real evidence from the book. You did say, it is in your nature to look for those, and on top of that you already had Oklahoma in mind. So that sounds like a clear case of confirmation bias.

      He said he didn’t want to confirm the exact year of the hiding cause he didn’t want someone to dig up rental car receipts. But then he goes and give us the actual car rental co. he used. How is that a hint to any of us if the only one who could actually do something with that info will be an Ausbys employee that could check the records for 2009/2010 and find out where Fenn had been and the miles he clocked??? Wouldn’t that be cheating to find a shortcut? I just don’t believe ff would do something like that.

      • oz10—–

        Yes—–I have found unique acrostics in the actual Poem that cannot be coincidence. I will share in my next article.

      • oz10—-

        It was his birthday. Perhaps he felt like giving out a gift—–not expecting anyone to actually decipher what he shared. As I said No one seems to have seen this. I do believe it to be a real HINT though—not a coincidence. The important thing may not be Ausbys at all—but where they are located. There is one in Tulsa and one in Dallas, A very small area actually considering the size of some rental agencies.

  19. home of brown is outcropping of rock .on top is brown as you go down it turns blue and the hole is a watering hole , sometimes it is full and flows water and some times it.s just a puddle but an ocean to an ant. It is surrounded by trees. The trees grow around it because the water is there, The T is a very important part .If you can find it . IT is there. located at the end of his rainbow !

    • WoodyBogg – Hi! I hope all is going well for you at your place you built on Flathead Lake, MT. Have you seen any wolverines up in your neck of the woods lately?

      In this Poem stanza, I think ‘it’ still means ‘Madison River’, but also has the double entendre meaning of ‘eye•t’ (eye•cross, in river mapping/fording language):

      “So why is it that I must go,…
      …I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak.”

      Because: “heavy loads and water high”, of Forrest walking that “no place for the meek”, wearing waders and towing his dingy with his camping gear on ‘IT’ for three days.

      And I think that ‘I’m’ is a reference to ‘Eye•M’, which, to me, means look for my hidey spot: an eye on my satellite topo map, as part of a winking profile smil•e face, in Montana.

  20. Thanks Sparrow, I enjoyed the read and I feel much better now about your thinking.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

    • Exercise for Sparrow: decrypt Geydelkon’s name, but don’t blurt out the answer — just post something subtle that tells me you found it. 🙂

      • Zaphod–
        Some doors are hard to open. They require an object made of expensive metal.

      • Indeed, Sparrow. Sometimes in the Chase every seven steps forward can feel like two steps back.

        • Zaphod, I swear sometimes it seems like you’re from Oz. A lot of what you say is like a well decorated pizza. Plenty of peppers and onions on top. Hopefully pepperoni too if you have the cash. Order one now, or maybe order yourself two. Dominos delivers and tiu can use a credit card.

          After the pizza comes, look observe the first and last letters of the sentences above.

        • Nicely done, Sparrow! Mmmm… pizza. Which brings to mind a math problem: what is the volume of a pizza of radius Z and thickness A?

          • Zap, First of all a circle does not have a volume, only area, however I assume this is a question using the 26 letters in the alphabet, A=1, Z=26 the volume thickness A is 1/26th or 0.0385 in decimal or 3.85% a percent factor of radius. Therefore compared with the radius distance of 26, which is 100 per cent or “1” if expressed by it’s, the circularize pizza’s radial = 26, then the diameter would be 2 times the radial or 52 and the circumference would then easily be figured at pi times diameter of 52 and the volume would be to compute the diameter then multiply Pi or 3.14159 X 2 X 26 to compute the area of the pizza circle expressed as the area of that object we say A circle (2 dimensions) doesn’t have volume. It has an area of πr2 though. In our example above it is 163.52 in area, if the base used is 26, as the known factor, however if you were to make it into a ball, AKA a sphere (3 dimensions)it has a volume of 43 πr3.

            So Zap, the easy way to see the answer is not to ask the audience in the first place. Or was this a question only for Sparrow? If so, my apologies. Oh you only wanted to know the time and I make you a watch…sorry.

            Is anyone confused or do we care about pi and Isosceles, Geometry, Calculus etc, I DON’T THINK SO! but if you think like I do that the coordinates are in the poem as geographical markers, perhaps 9 or maybe 3, which is not the minimum to locate the TC, in fact there is only two coordinates required, and when the smoke clears and lucky someone finds it, they will most likely use the place where all the lines meet, or X or +. A cross makes the most sense because Longitude and Latitude are key to any location on mother earth.

            Somehow I feel like speculation is just that and X marks the spot is all we need. Someone will get the correct ones…..Look at what ff drew on page 99, two X’s see Cynthia M.’s blog for the book give away at Fennboree 2019, a line between two exes? Coordinates is the key IMO.


          • Wow, TT! You are over-thinking it. It was a joke/riddle. The volume of a pizza with radius Z and thickness A is:


          • “Tom—
            Thank-ah you a lot. But the pizza, who cares-ah how much-ah she weighs, or how big-ah she is. The question is-ah do you like-ah my pizza? Is-ah the pizza good? If you no like go-ah some-ah where else OK?”

            —-Chef Luigi

  21. Sparrow….I always enjoy your unique perspective and thanks for sharing!

    Sequoyah –>Sequioa (tree)–> “rare bark” (Mike Kemmerer scrapbook) –> “in the wood?
    That’s where my mind went with this. Have you thought of connecting your Trail of Tears to another trail of tears, say the Nez Perce Trail of Tears??

    Lastly, a funny story about Oklahoma. My great grandfather made the 2nd (NOT a Sooner LOL) Oklahoma land run and eventually settled his family there – he was one of the first physicians in Oklahoma – he also helped found OU etc. Anyway, he left his pregnant wife back in Arkansas along with several other children to participate in the land run (my mom thinks that was horrible). Their twin children, born during the Oklahoma land run, were named Okla and Homa WOOD.

  22. kk—–

    OK– I understand what you are saying. Thanks for all the input—
    you are correct in your last paragraph for sure–it could start anywhere–and following the directions will lead us to it. All the best to you!

  23. Double a—

    Thanks for your post above. One thing that may be hard to accept and is for many, is that the first clue could be so far away. One person said I should take my ideas and burn them. lol.

    Forrest has said that if you dont know where warm waters halt (the first clue) you might as well stay home and play Canasta. What if the First clue IS in Oklahoma? That would mean that many, many people are BEGINNING in the wrong place.

    What if the car rental reference, though it appears to mean little, could be a confirmation that this is where we should START? The Trail of Tears ends in Oklahoma, and the car rental can be Oklahoma or Texas– is this perhaps a hint that this where Forrest BEGAN his journey?

    I realize many say this is WAY OFF the mark. But I must point out that some of these people still hold on to a small area of Yellowstone for EVERYTHING and refuse to accept any other idea.

    Hey—Yelliwstone is fine. Not knocking anyone searching there. But is it possible the Chase area is much larger than we thought? I am open to all possibilities to be honest with you. Good luck with your search!!

    • Zap and Sparrow, yes I was making a watch, not just tellin the time, but the end game is near and someone must be expressing a knowlege of Geographical terms and places….simplified, otherwise we would see no interest from ff, no he will not be giving any more clues, but he cannot help himself, biology requires him to be drawn like a moth to the flame, he too is addicted to the continuous “laughter” we produce on the internet. Now Sparrow what shape is a Canasta? Basin, basket and tell me he is not giving out the laughs when he says these sublime comments, I am reminded of converting 66,000 links, 8.25 backwards and sublime the most northerly HWY out of Santa Fe, NM into the teeth of the Rockies.


      PS, does anyone else see the simple word conversion of WWWH to a basin? Biscuit aside, if someone got lucky in the beginning, using a wild guess or even child’s play, perhaps that was the reason they did not see the significance if it were as geographically simple as this, it would be so sublime it could hide in plane or plain site. Perhaps the canyon down and Home of Brown are related since two clues got you within 500/200 feet? ff said if you knew where HOB was you could go right too it….

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