“Chase-opoly: The Thrill of the Chase” board game

Do you love the Chase and want something to do in the off season?


KPro and Cowlazars have developed a custom edition of Chaseopoly!  The game board, properties, hint and clue cards, pieces are all customized for the Thrill of the Chase!

BoxTop Final

Pre-orders are being taken now!

Here is a short video explaining the concept and the game:

$75 per game shipped to your door (within 48 US States)

$49.99 game, $15 shipping, $10 handling
We can accept payment by PayPal or by personal check.

Make a PayPal payment here


Make checks payable to KPROCOW LLC and mail to:

3870 East Flamingo Rd
Ste A2 pmb 212
Las Vegas, Nevada 89121

questions? email:







24 thoughts on “Chase-opoly…

  1. Nice job on the board… love the stick figure of Forrest wearing his turquoise belt buckle! When will these be shipped? in time for Christmas gifts?

    • Cynthia, I was very sorry to hear that Molly went home to doggie heaven. Losing a best friend is heartbreaking. I hope you soon find a new puppy to travel at your side. Thanks for being an excellent contributor to Forrest’s TTOTC. – 42

    • Hello Cynthia. I just read your post on your blog and I’m sorry to hear the sad news. I’ve enjoyed the photos and videos you shared over the years with you and your best friend. The times you’ve shared a treat on your journeys is priceless. Sending a big hug.

    • We hope so, but can’t guarantee due to trade custom issues the entire country is facing. We hope to have then mid November, and will ship right out in order of when the payment / confirmation was received.

      I might just personally deliver yours 😉 it has been too long since I have said howdy to you NM folks 🙂

      Stay wonderful!


  2. Ay-yi-yi. Of all the better boardgames out there that could be adapted with the theme of the Chase, WHY MONOPOLY??? Clue or Battleship would be much more thematic and adaptable to the treasure hunt theme. The last thing anyone needs is yet another re-skin of Monopoly.
    (Sorry, but I’m a boardgame snob.)

    • Blex, there’s room for more than one board game, and this one makes Fenn sense . My brain is in overdrive thinking about what type of game I would develop. Fun to think about.

      Re: Forrest and Monopoly

      “When I was a kid,” he says, by way of explaining his passion, “I played Monopoly. I have always thought of myself as one who plays Monopoly. That’s what I’m doing here.” – Forrest Fenn

      IMO this quote from ff opens geographical possibilities which could be adjacent the chest’s location. ff likely has owned or still owns properties which mirror Monopoly’s low-high priced & iRail Road/Utility holdings,

    • Blex, We has developed several ideas and Forrest loves Monopoly. We may develop some others in the future, but this one was SOOOOO much fun, as we were able to sneak in so many references to the hunt that we think us chasers will enjoy. We will have a prototype soon and will show some of the fun little things that will make this one great! K

  3. Do you think you can play a game of monopoly within Forrest’s TTOTC poem? Perhaps when spaces are eliminated and words slid together. (For those who think this is messing with the poem, look away now).
    I found Marvin Gardens, States Street & St Charles, the 4 railroads, and Tennessee Avenue.

    Poem also indicates FF’s favorite game pieces… iron, shoe, horse… which combined add up to a horseshoe or omega. Love it Forrest.

    • I am surprised nobody has asked the particulars of how it relates to the traditional game…. hmmmmm…. 🙂

      • That’s a good question, what are the names on the board? Geography, history? About the chase? Fenn? Might be interesting.

  4. We have about 40 2019 searcher coins left for the next 40 searchers who preorder the game at the link above. Thanks.

  5. I think the best part is the cards……. they might just give a hint…….. the best of the quotes directly from Forrest. Which is your favorite?

  6. I had a question come in about the actual game. We should have the prototype within a few weeks, before the preorder phase is complete. We will post when we get it and maybe do an unboxing video. K

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