Six Square Feet…

August 2019

By Coach Doug


What if BIWWWH is the first 3 clues ?

This solve gives you a search area of about 6 square feet, 500 feet from the nearest human trail and just under 4000 feet from the nearest parking lot. 2 trips is 16,000 feet, just over 3 miles, not too far to walk in an afternoon.
Waters is plural in the poem, but if we use it singular twice, Waters becomes the word that is key and the solve comes together.

Begin It where Warm Water -> Water Halt

IT – Forrest is a bit of pirate(April 27, 2015 – KOAT ; Tarryscant ID #9117) FF: “Oh sure, Sure. I would have been a great pirate.” . This is a Treasure Hunt. Start putting an X on a map. You need a good ‘pirates treasure’ map.

Ok, Forrest, but Where? From Warm Water to Water Halt. (FF says in Scrapbook 179 – “Imagination isn’t a technique, it’s a key”, and Imagery has the same root) So using imagery, Warm here is warm colors Red, Orange & Yellow of the Grand Prismatic to Water Halt at the mouth of the Sentinel (a sentinel says “halt who goes there”) Creek into Firehole River. When you do that on Google Earth you get this (which I did on April 13th):


Which looks a lot like:


From Forrest around May 1st.
Let Confirmation Bias take hold.
And then what if Canyon has Valley as a synonym and Valley has Basin as a synonym and what if Lower is a synonym of Down. Suddenly, we simply take IT (our X on our map) in the Lower Basin.
But where?

Well, what if the HOB is as easy as the Nez Peirce Creek where Brown Trout were first introduced to Yellowstone in 1889 and the “Put In” means park your car and start walking at the parking lot for Fountain Flats just south of the mouth of the Nez Peirce. But walking where?

The Poem tells us THE END is ever drawing nigh, and Fairy Tales end with Happily ever after NOT The End . A child could have helped with this. It is literally THE END that is ever drawing nigh. So we are looking to the Fairy Creek Area in the Lower Basin. Fairy Creek is quite small and would not require a paddle.

But Forrest, we still need the second line of the X on our map.

Then, what if Heavy Loads were Freight Road and Water High is Fairy Falls (the highest water fall in the Lower Basin). Bikes can be ridden on Freight Rd, but not all the way to Fairy Falls, (FF said 10/2/2012 Forrest Gets Mail ) “…What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it?” It should be pointed out that the trail head marker here says bikes and hikers ONLY. It also is not possible to ride your bike all the way to Fairy Falls. By omission horseback riding is not allow. So No Place for the Meek(tame horses) would apply as they are not allowed. There is also bike parking area on Freight Road past which you can only hike, you can’t ride your bike to “waters high”.

Connect those dots on the map and we suddenly have an X on our Google Earth map.


ZOOM in and just to the North and West of the X on the map, just south of the bend in Fairy Creek, you will see the Blaze. 2 trees on the banks of fairy creek lined up nearly parallel to the lines on the map


What’s that, you want a double Omega?


Since X marks the spot, this would be the primary target you need to look quickly down….under.


BOTG August 10, 2019.


What a disappointed with the amount of decomposition of the blaze. The log is only roughly 6 inches in diameter and the cross sections 2-3 inches. The bigger log is broken in 2 pieces. Of course I hand dug in the center and under the roots (quickly down the tree), but to no avail. The trees are too small to contain the chest in a hollow section.

Tarryscant ID# 2698 5/8/2015 FF “ If I were standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see tress, I’d see mountains, I’d see animaIs, I’d smell the wonderful smells of pine needles or pinion nuts, sagebrush”

Mountains, there is sage everywhere, pine trees, ample bison dung as well.
Did I mention that power and phone lines cross Fairy Creek here as well. Tarryscant ID 5176 2/9/2017 FF “ The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot”

Coach Doug








42 thoughts on “Six Square Feet…

    • Looks like you entered the Fenn dimension loved it the first layer of the cake is where warm waters halt it would be impossible to ride a bike and just toss it into the water high the point of above you just heavy loads and water high you would have to ride the bike up the heavy loads my mind is twisted with thoughts like this have fun and be safe all. good job

  1. Nice story, coach. I’ve searched a bunch all over the lower geyser basin, pocket basin, Fairy Creek, Sentinel Meadows/Creek, Firehole, etc. Did you go crawl around on the boulders above Boulder Hot Springs? It was fun. Chest not up in the boulder field, though, as I and others have picked it apart. (Not literally… with our eyeballs!) Ain’t this game fun? I have seen some of the most beautiful places in the Rocky Mountains because of Forrest Fenn.

    • Hi Cynthia
      Sorry for your loss.I loss my furry friend 3 yr ago and so I
      never forget her,her name is black dog same as my
      E mail address. Sorry I miss you all at FATJ,I seen the
      weather was going to change and not for the good.
      I did not want to pay for hotel for 4 more days
      grandson and I did get lots of botg and fun ,meet TLO from Germany
      & Jeff from Petes pizza.

    • Yes I got to the top of the hill above BHS and marvel gazed for quite some time. Went for the view alone as it, IMO, is too far from where many would just walk past the chest. Roughly 950 feet from Freight Road.

  2. Nice solve but can you tell me what brings you to firehole ? I like the use of colors as opposed to temperature but there are so many other places that would fit that description..IMO of course..

      • Coach Doug – nice write up.
        Agreed about the “river bathing” altho anything that holds water might work – even an old horse trough.

      • Yup,
        River Bathing is Best.
        As far as I know, there is nothing better than best. #1
        I like how you put all the pieces together for that area and also been around there searching but decided to move into Montana away from the park as the poem takes me away from some of Fenn’s favorite areas to other favorite areas.

  3. I cant help but think in a big open field like this, a cadaver would soon attract buzzards & bears & such and would not lie long beside the treasure. … which is an image I think Fenn wanted a finder to find. I may be wrong. I love the story’s logic and think it’s style may share some similarities to the poem’s. Thx/

  4. I was hoping that it would be on Sentinel Creek, somewhere between Queens Laundry and the Firehole River. That story about his little puppy eating money triggered that pursuit. There was also the story about the old telephone cord getting tangled up. That one made me think of Tangled Creek to the north of Sentinel Creek. It goes back and forth along so many turns that from above it looks like a tangled telephone cord.
    Your way narrows it down to a specific area. That helps me keep from flying off in all directions. Great analogy, Coach.

  5. Wow Coach, all of that was awesome. Great job.
    You really put it together.
    So here me all and listen good, I wonder if it is power lines because u can hear them humming.
    And I have some power lines in my area where I search. Actually so to speak the power lines is my heavy loads.

    Oh oneday I will share my solve.

  6. I like that you had ff sign page 99. Did he put those x’s in there with the arrow??

  7. Coach Doug , nice imaginative write up . Personally I don’t think there’s a
    literal X on the map but I don’t have the treasure. However it does make
    me want to put a tent or something on it and stay awhile .

    • One of us is correct. My thought is if you have a 1 square mile search area, it is roughly 27,878,400 square feet. We are looking for a chest that is 0.6889 square feet.

      If you live in a 2500 square foot house the equivalent item to search is 0.0000617 sq ft. which is 0.008896 sq inches. which is 0.0574 sq cm. less than 1 square millimeter. In essence a grain of sand in a house, and the grain of sand is in the shag carpet or forrest.

      The math gets worse when you consider that just Yellowstone is 3400+sq miles, and the whole search area even larger than that.

      • Type in Santa Fe, NM on Google Earth. Now zoom in on ANY house.
        Now zoom out until you see the top 1/3 of NM. Now zoom out and scroll up until you can see all of Colorado. Do the same for Wyoming and then Montana. You now have the total search area in NON-focus, since it is too large an area to focus in on.

        Once I had all four states, I used the polygon tool and outlined the four states. I then adjusted it so that it only included those portions of the four states that included the Rocky Mountains. I chose white as my color. I left the outline at 100% and then decreased the fill opaqueness to about 35%. This still lets you see what is underneath the “mask” but shows you how big the search area is.

        Now slowly zoom in on your Search Area. Zoom in close enough to “see” Indulgence IF it could go down that far. WOW It is like finding a dimple, on a pimple on the arm of a tiny ant. NEAR impossible –


        • Exactly, which is why IMO the poem has to put an X on the map with a very concise search area and a predetermined blaze.

          Though I do think ff is wrong on one point. Walking around looking for the blaze beats the heck out of playing Canasta.

        • Here is a web based map that will allow you to create a custom elevation overlay so you can easily see 5000-10,200 feet.

          1. Go to
          2. On the left side-bar click on “MapBuilder Topo” or any of the other Preset Layers as your preference.
          3. Click on “+ Add New Layer” and select “DEM Shading”
          4. Create a Layer name. Maybe call it “Fenn”.
          5. For “Overlay?” select “Yes – Transparent Overlay”
          6. Check the box next to “Elevation”
          7. Enter 5000 in the first box and 10200 in the second box and select “feet” in the drop-down menu
          8. Click on the two colors to customize the color choices or use the default RED and BLUE.
          9. Click “Add Rule”
          10. Click “Save”

          You should now have a map with the elevations between 500 ft and 10,200 ft shaded for easy viewing.
          You can zoom in and out on the map.


      • Using math should not be necessary for a good solve. I don’t think any numbers at all are necessary, although a symbolic number may provide
        a small helpful hint. As always, IMO.

  8. My only concern is that the water in grand prismatic springs is blue. Although it has warm colors around it, the main source is blue which is considered a cool color.

    • Valid constructive criticism.

      I considered the faithful one, er Santa Fe, I mean Old Faithful. The odd part here is the line from OF to the mouth of Sentinel Creek goes straight through Grand Prismatic.

      More rabbit hole, the drive from OF to the parking lot on Fountain Freight Rd is roughly 8.35 miles.

      Of course the original quote from ff had nothing to do with miles and everything to do with telephone poles which of course are present at the sight.

      Confirmation bias runs deep.

      • That is my favorite area in the world. Was just there a couple of weeks ago. It’s a wonderful place to hide a treasure chest. Remember that Fountain (water high) + Freight (heavy loads). Ya’ don’t need another water high, really. That is, you don’t need to ‘paddle’ up Fairy Creek, just walk Fountain Freight Rd.

  9. Greetings Doug,

    Only one problem I see with this solution, it fails to meet my qualifyer of ” will the blaze be there
    in a hundred years? ” From your observation, the fallen trees have decayed substantially.
    I do like the area though and the train of thought that lead to the area.


    • HDD

      I agree the decay is a concern. The 100 year quote (tarryscant #6716 June 25, 2014) is:

      “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did. I think they might still exist in 100 years but the geography probably will change before we reach the next millennia. The Rocky mountains are still moving and associated physical changes will surely have an impact.”

      My thought process was ff is a pilot, as such trees forming a blaze would be much more recognizable from above, especially in a search effort for say a missing hiker. From the ground, unless you are a surveyor (ff probably has those skills as well) you would not recognize these trees point at the four corners of the “x” in the solve.

      So we are at year 31 since the fire and the tree is perhaps 20% decayed. Leaning heavily on the word “might” I am not ready to abandon the blaze as trees.

      I do appreciate the constructive criticism.

  10. Well guys most of that water is about 200 degrees and it is not HALTING.
    80 to 85 is comfortable .THINK FROGS this is where the kids come in
    to play on both counts.Clint

    • Randawg,
      English was never my strongest subject. My intention in closing the quote from ff after “great pirate” was to then continue with my interpretation of what “IT” is, predicated on the theory of ff being a pirate. Those are my thoughts and are not intended to be attributed to ff. I apologize if the solve reads in any other way.

        • Now I have searcher remorse, 11 days and 1000 miles removed.

          HDD above discounts the tree as a blaze as not meeting the 100 year test.

          If the X on the map is an indicator of where to search, perhaps the double omega of fairy creek is the blaze. fairy creek should certainly be there in 100 years. The line – TEIEDN – The end could be The Omegas which are the end.

          My myopia on the trees did not impel to search the omega’s.

          Perhaps Cynthia, Dal or others who have been there could chime in on whether they thoroughly searched the Omegas.

          I won’t be back to the area anytime soon and frankly I am more interested in seeing ff get his bracelet back than necessarily finding the treasure myself.

          • Coach Doug,
            Don’t be too remorseful. You fulfilled the broader intent of the treasure hunt. You went somewhere exceptionally cool, and got to experience the outdoors as FF hoped.

            I’ve gone on 2 trips and still cherish the experiences.


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