Happy 89th Forrest……

Forrest Fenn will be celebrating his 89th birthday Today, Thursday, August 22…

Thanks for being here Forrest. I am in awe of your accomplishments as well as your fishing skills, and sincerely appreciate your treasure hunt…it has provided opportunities and joy for hundreds of thousands of searchers…including me!!

By the way…Wouldn’t it be a nice tradition to hand out a new clue on your birthday??…
just sayin!






163 thoughts on “Happy 89th Forrest……

  1. Happy Birthday, Forrest Fenn!

    Dal – where’s the fried pineapple pie and goodie bag?

    • Crysty Fiorello – Yes!

      “I will never leave Montana, brother.”

      Brad Pitt as “Paul”, Norman Maclean’s brother, from the movie, “A River Runs Through It”.

      What is “IT”?

      A good question for “The Chase Jeopardy”. Could be a great game idea for Fennboree.

  2. And a very happy birthday to you Forrest! I’d love to share a bag of Cheetos and a Dr. Pepper with you! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Sir.

    Thanks for all the Thrills.

    May the Valkyries allow you hang out with us for many more Revelries.

  4. Thank you Forrest for several more hikes into the Rocky Mountains.

    Have an amazing birthday whatever you decide to do. We collectively owe you a bracelet! :o)

    Don’t forget to ring that bell loudly.

  5. Oh my, wouldn’t it be lovely to have some fried fish for breakfast … and maybe a birthday cake later in the day. Have a good one Forrest.

  6. Happy Birthday Forrest! 89 is a lot of numbers to crunch. Hope you have a wonderful day and let the good times roll. If not a hint then perhaps at least a picture of you blowing out your candles?

  7. Happy Birthday Major Forrest Bubba Burke Fenn! I hope you get all the Love and Blessings you deserve. Thank you for the Chase and God Bless.

    We salute you! (AC/DC)


  8. Happy birthday, Mr. Fenn. To mark the occasion, how ’bout telling us whether the chest is more, or less, than 89 feet from a creek? Best wishes.

  9. Happy Birthday Mr Fenn. You have brought together and mended relationships with new hopes and dreams. You are the true treasure!
    Your Pyrate

  10. Every day is a good day, but one’s birthday is special. Happy birthday, Forrest! Have a special day.

  11. Happy Birthday!

    I am going to buck the trend and say “no more clues or hints!”

    • As Clarence the angel would say: “Oh no, you mustn’t say things like that Mark”. lol. Don’t listen to him Forrest. Keep the clues and hints coming our way. 🙂 And once again Happy 89th!! Wow.

    • Here’s wishing you a happy birthday forrest and many more to come.
      Thanks for TTOTC!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday, Major Forrest Fenn. You Are Legendary. You Are My Hero. Many Blessings And R.E.S.P.EC.T.
    Heatherdawn HetrickBrowne~Brochu

  13. Happy Birthday Forrest! Thank you for the chase, it has been an amazing experience for us all.


    I agree. It sure would be nice for him to come out and “Stick a fork in the chase”. Brno enjoy the challenge of using the information that is currently out there

  14. “Happy Birthday Forrest” and thank you for giving me a chance to search in your wonderful adventure of a lifetime. Wishing you many smiles today and hoping you will have a chance to reflect on the joy you have brought to many.

    Your friend here in Tampa.

  15. Happy birthday Forrest! I hope you have an awesome day and make a great birthday wish that comes true! Eat some yummy cake for me too. Lots of love and a big hug!

  16. Blessings for your special day,
    hoping all will go your way
    and I just would like to say –
    stick around so we can play.

  17. Happy Birthday Forrest! Hope your day is filled with many blessings.

    Thanks for the opportunity to see some places I never thought I would go.

    Maybe you will tell us the answer to “Why aren’t you asking how deep is a hole?”

  18. Have a great , Happy and memorable Birthday. I’m coming to New Mexico in a couple days and maybe we will run into each other. Possibly have a drink together. I too am a Leo, just had my 69th on the 14th.

  19. Happy Birthday Mr. Fenn!!

    Have a wonderful day with your family and try not to get distracted with all that whittling. Keep chipping away!

  20. Happy Birthday Forrest!

    Wow, 13 years old with 76 years experience. A great combination of adventure and wisdom. Thank you for all you’ve shared with us.

  21. Happy Birthday Mr Fenn

    If not cake, me hopes ye be havin a fine biscuit with some homemade jam or jelly.
    (Not a hard biscuit, Arrrrg)

    David here

  22. Happy Birthday Mr. Fenn!

    Hang in there, you’ve made it over the hump… and you’re ALMOST over the hill! 🙂

  23. Happy birthday Forrest!

    (Hopefully Dal lets me out of blog jail.for the day…. 🙂 )

  24. Happy 89th Sir; I salute you. I hope that you and Peggy have something special planned. Only you know how pleased I am that you invented the Chase – THANKS –

    Your Ever-Grateful Friend and FENN-atic


    • I like your FENN-atic, nice twist. If you asked my wife to describe my roll in the chase, she’d have something similar to say about me…. FENN-addict, lol.

  25. Happy Birthday Forrest! The world became a better place the day you were born! You’ve done so much for so many! Thank you for having another birthday and cheers to you…may there be many more!

    Thanks for all the thrills, maybe one day one of those will turn into a blaze and more! The chase has most definitely made me stronger, wiser and more daring. I would have never been to the Rockies once, forget about 13 times without your magical endeavor.

    So much love and respect,

  27. Happy 89th Birthday, Mr. Fenn! Wishing you many more years of love and happiness and “Forrest Fenn, did you really do that!?!” 🙂

    • Forrest, you’ve managed to outwit the wittiest of witty people all around you & they don’t hold ONE CANDLE to yours! I think you DO plan to “take ‘IT’ wit’ you”. Take another 15 years to work on THAT poem to make sure it’s done YOUR WAY! Happy B-day! LEE

  28. Happy Birthday!

    I hope you have a blessed day filled with family, friends, cake, frogs, butterflies, and everything you love!


  29. Another chapter gone by the wayside in your book of life.
    I will be celebrating your Bday in the Gallatin National Forest looking for your (my) treasure.

    • Jake – Me, too!

      Thinking of paddling a canoe on the Madison River, all the way around the shore of Hebgen Lake, and then doing the put in below the home of Brown thing on the Upper Madison, all the way down into Hebgen Lake. And, yes, we will be fly fishing all along the way, to honor you, your birthday and The Chase, Forrest!

      I hope you have a beautiful birthday today, Forrest. You made that awesome catch in that pic Dal posted on the Madison River near Cameron, didn’t you? It wasn’t catch and release, back then. So you could feed your family back at the Airstream at the West Fork Campground. Nice.

      With appreciation for all you have taught me, and inspired me to do.


      Lisa Cesari

  30. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to youu
    Happy Birrtthdayy TOOO YOOUUU

    And thank you Dal for continued communication and information. I always look forward to seeing you in my email.

  31. Happy Birthday Forrest!!!!
    May your wishes come true.
    Thanks for the never ending adventure. 🙂

  32. Some may say you’re old
    But they’re wrong, by far
    You’re like a spring chicken
    Despite the ripe old age you are!

    Happy 89th Birthday, Forrest!

  33. Happy birthday Forrest!
    Thanks for the Chase. My family and I are in West Yellowstone today, on our way to check out where I think the hidey spot might be and enjoying some of the greatness this country has to offer. Wish us luck.

  34. Feliz Cumple Sr. Fenn!

    & Feliz Aniversario to my soulmate…10 years married today. Better chance of him seeing this here than his card on the dining room table, lol.

  35. Best wishes for a wonderful day with friends and family, Forrest. Be well, and thank you for making the world a better place for us all.

  36. Happy Birthday ole fella…hope that booth at the end of the diner was as interesting to you as I thought it might be.

  37. Good Birthday Mr. Fenn! So say we all take a shot of whatever we’ve got at 6:00. Feel the presents of the community. I’m glad the chase has gone on as it has. It’s given us all a chance to really get to Know you, indubitably. g

  38. Happy 89th Birthday, Mr. Forrest Fenn, this is my poem to you inspired by your thrill of the chase…… It has only 4 stanzas though.

    There are so many places in Rocky Mountains
    Where warm waters temporarily halt.
    And continue on their journey in a direction certain
    To carve a deep valley in a canyon down.

    In Ben Gate’s “National Treasure” movie
    The required key was Silence Dogood’s Letters.
    In Forrest Fenn’s “Thrill of the Chase” groovy
    The focused key is no shortcut Big Picture.

    Many searchers went out of the hinted street,
    And ended up at places far from the chest.
    Some lucky ones came as close as 200 feet,
    But was that all they could do their best?

    There once was an old man named MajinKing
    Who was destined to prove his name worthy.
    He was wise to solve the poem like The King
    And he finally claimed his prize at seventy.

    Once again, Happy 89th Birthday, Mr. Forrest Fenn !!!

    I have been enjoying my armchair solving very much and am expecting to be on my first and only (possibly) BOTG next summer to retrieve your chest. I will be seventy and you will be 90, but I hope that you will be ever so strong and ever so wise. Thank you very much.

    — MajinKing

  39. Happy Birthday Mr. Fenn!
    you’re the greatest, but you already knew that 🙂


  40. Happy Birthday Forrest!

    I thought of the nicest gift for you, but can not deliver. lol

    God bless you and yours especially today.

  41. Happy Birthday Forrest! You’ve given us all such a gift to chase our dreams! I hope you have such an amazing day today!

  42. Happy 89th Birthday Forrest, not 90 yet, I was never good at math. I hope you have a great day.

  43. 72 year old, 3 time BOTG, US Navy (Vietnam era) veteran here, Forrest. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,, Sir, and … THANKS FOR THE ADVENTURE! You ARE the man!

  44. Happy Birthday, f. Thank you for all of your wonderful stories and the chance to be part of your awesome treasure hunt. Don’t forget to make your birthday wish when you blow out your candles! XOXOXO

  45. Happy Birthday Forrest! You are an inspiration to many. Hope your day is filled with joy!

  46. “Once you’re grown up you can’t come back” – Peter Pan. Never grow up, Forrest! Enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday!!


  47. It’s your birthday, man, do what ya want when you wanna do it.

    So hear me now and have a beer, your birthday comes just once a year.

  48. Please DO NOT share another clue f. You don’t want everyone to know where your secret spot is do you? I know the area where I search is special to myself and I don’t want anyone going in and leaving trash around. Have a Happy Birthday f. I hope you don’t get all choked up with all of the birthday wishes. Now go out and find something to help you blow all of them candles. Maybe you can get some of those nimble little grand kids to help. You can teach them that sometimes blowing can make a fire even bigger and to be safe with fire. There is always opportunity to teach and learn I reckon. Anyway, please go to sleep with a smile upon your face and dream of being a pirate and saying are. Oh yeah, make a face while saying it. That’ll be fun enough to get that smile going.

  49. Happy Birthday Forrest! That is one fine fish line in your photo. Looks like it was a great fishing trip. Best Wishes for a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead! Thanks for this great adventure, Chase Fan

  50. Happy birthday Forrest. May you live to be another young 89. Is that the Madison or the Yellowstone in the background?

  51. Sorry I’m late with this. Happy happy happy birthday, Mr. Fenn! Sending a huge hug and every good wish. Bon

    • Another year gone. Hope we can get somthing figured out this year yet. Have a great Day.

  52. ff celebrate
    sooo, good to be off the umbilical, &
    breathing air. EH???
    No, hugs, kisses or warm and fuzzy platitudes from me.
    Have a snort of Jackie’s special for both of us.
    Batty batpoop aviation

  53. Happy Birthday Mr. Fenn,
    I hope your having the best birthday ever!
    Thank you for all you do, May you have many more birthdays to come and wish I had your bracelet to give ya on your very Special day!!
    I just love the Trill I’ve experienced in you and the chase! May God continue to bless you and your family, thank you so much for TTOTC!
    It’s been a true life changer for me!!
    Your truly a beautiful soul! 89 rules!!

    • Having met Forrest a few times, I don’t think this is simply about legacy as much as it is about avoiding an abundance of wasted leisure time and teaching others how to survive the next technologically induced wave of abundance of leisure time.

      Notice many retired searchers have found a new calling if life, a new purpose. This was one of his reasons I am sure.

      He loves working and using his mind! He wants us all to do the same.

  54. Sending you the warmest of wishes on your birthday Forrest! A thousand thanks for this journey of a lifetime.

    P.S. Tell Diggin Gypsy you aren’t an ol’coot…rather, you’re a wylie coyote with a few years of experience. All the best to you sir.

  55. Happy birthday Mr. Fenn, we just took our family on the second hunt, over 3000 miles this trip. It was a ‘memories of a lifetime’ experience. Thank you for the memories with our family.
    I hope you get 89 more, just easier.

  56. Forrest,
    As your birthday winds down, kick back and reflect on the joys another year has brought you…. enjoy the little things in the years to come…. until next year… see ya my friend….

  57. I hope you have relaxed and enjoyed this day. Soak in the beauty of the world around you and treasure the journey. Happy Birthday Forrest Fenn!

  58. Mr. FENN , HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! may the LORD bless you and your family ,,, I just love it when he does that .

  59. Thinking of you on your birthday. Hope you are reading all your birthday wishes with pleasure. Happy, happy birthday Forrest!!!

  60. Happy Birthday, Mr. Fenn. I realize it’s kinda late (probably not “day” in Santa Fe, as it’s
    already night in California). I wish you all the best in health, happiness, and all related things.
    And the same for Peggy. We don’t hear much about her lately.

    Thank you for the great adventure you have created for so many people. Please don’t give
    us more clues or hints. I don’t think they’re necessary (but I admit that when I see a little bit
    of teasing, I appreciate it). May your continued travel along this highway of life be trouble-
    free, interesting, and enjoyable. And speaking of which, I’m not gonna mention your age.

  61. Dear Friend
    You are in my heart forever. Much respect! A very berry happy Forrest day!
    Love, Lou Lee

  62. Happy Birthday Forrest, Hope you had a great day. Thanks for always challenging our imaginations and letting us escape from our complicated lives, even if just for a little bit each day. Always look forward to seeing your new posts. Someday one of us will figure this all out, but until then, Keep Fishing, (God subtracts the time put in fishing you know), at least that’s what I’m betting on.

  63. Happy, happy, happy birthday Mr Fenn. And thank you for the wordy puzzle. Couldn’t quite find the right words, it’s difficult.

  64. Dear Forrest,
    Whether you are touching the clouds or wetting your hooks, climbing a mountain or nose in a book.
    A treasure you hid and had to be fair, but nothing you’ve said kept me from pulling my hair!
    You’re an amazing man, it’s easy to see, just pitch us a clue, I’m on bended knee!

    A birthday is the best day of the year, and I hope yours was a great one!
    Much respect and love,.
    Donna M.

  65. Belated Happy Birthday, ye Old Coot! We’re all working as hard as we can to bring you a birthday present — that lead dog needs to step up her game, whoever she is! 😛 Archie

  66. Happy Birthday, Forrest!!!……. Belated that is, how about a few words from the birthday celebrity. Let us know how you are doing and how your BD went. As Bob Hope says “Thanks for the memories.”

  67. Hi Forrest
    How was your Birthday’? We would love to hear a bit about your day! What kind of presents did you get? Anything curious? Any tid bit would be appreciated.
    Lou Lee Belle

  68. Congratulations, Forrest, on starting your 90th lap around old Sol! Just tell everyone you’re 44 … plus shipping and handling. Many happy returns!

  69. Happy 89th birthday Forrest. Hope you have a tremendous day,. We all love you bunches here. Party down….

  70. I’d wish you happy 13th and say it’ll be awhile before the cowboys round up all those stray birthdays, but I don’t think Dal will post it.

  71. Happy Birthday Forrest have a great day and is the blaze seen only at the spring time or all the time.

  72. Happy Belated Birthday Forrest, I hope you had a great day. One day it would be great to visit with you. I really enjoy your adventures and hope more will come your way.

  73. Happy Birthday Forrest Fenn…a poem for you


    not by Lewis Carroll
    ‘Twas brilliant and the shiny trove
    Did gibe and gambol in the wood;
    All giddie were the searching throngs,
    Each hoping that their solve was good.

    The fennman did take pen in hand,
    Fifteen long years he spent in thought…
    Then gazed upon the treasures bold
    He’d placed inside a chest he bought.

    The fennman glowed with beamish pride,
    His quest to pen was now compleat.
    He could not even tell his bride
    About his future marvel feat.

    “Why must I go? Why must I go?”
    Burbled inside the pen man’s head.
    The answer he did rightly know,
    “I cannot go once I am dead!”

    And so the box didst leave his home
    In manner bold but mystified
    For Rocky Mountain place unknown,
    Perhaps forever there to hide.

    And hast thou solved the riddle yet?
    A frabjous day will be that time!
    Doc Physics says the treasure’s wet,
    Whilst fennman chortles ’bout his rhyme.

    Beware the grizzlie baers , my son,
    With jaws that bite and claws that rake.
    Beware the ticks and stinging ants,
    And shun the slithy rattlesnake.

    So seekers come and seekers go
    A searchin’ for “the home of Brown,”
    Galumphing where, and to, and fro,
    To have their gen’ral solve shot down.

    Beware the pull of vorpal words,
    The siren call of hidden gold;
    But find it soon IFFN you can
    Because the fennman doth get old.

    ‘Tis brilliant and the shiny trove
    Still waits for thee amongst the trees;
    If you are wise while in the grove
    You and the fennman will be pleased.

  74. well, he’s 89 and almost 90 i think thats so funny.
    he hid a chest and called it a treasure…i wish i could be clever like that.
    Happy birthday Forrest Fenn, and for your gift lil ole me decided to save the planet just for you. heres how-

    i was going to write a book and save the planet. but i decided not to. someone else can do it. i dont want the money nor the fame that comes along with it. the premise is this- the devil at home in hell notices that the flames of hell dont burn as hot as they used to. someone is stealing his fuel. he comes to the surface to find out that humans are pumping his oil out and using it for their own gain. the humans must be stopped.
    since world leaders wont listen to the scientists about global warming, maybe a best selling book and then movie will convince them to stop burning fossil fuels.
    this how we got to the moon, by imagination first and then knowledge later.

    i think.

  75. Yeah, as some suggest, maybe, the 90 feels like this celebration more than the 89 has a feeling.

    Or I’m distracting from my tardiness, as if, ‘I’m not late for this year, I’m early for next year.’

    Now something sorta different, (changing the conversation, add distraction on distraction, so no one notices I’m late), the day Forrest was born (around 2pm CST, I figure), was barely 30 hours before New Moon. As I type this we are 40 or so hours before New Moon.
    People, be safe, this weekend, this holiday. The next few days look to me to bring large scale difficulties. (Neutral words — ‘scale,’ ‘difficulty’ — to avoid saying scary words. Example: I got a tenant eviction notice yesterday, a betrayal, and I have no place to go. Forward, brave or foolish.) Maybe an example is somewhat a hurricane aiming toward Miami ‘this weekend’ they say.

    But next year looks to me to be stronger of this sort. (Not to say, ‘worse.’)
    If you are out of an evening now, perhaps notice bright Jupiter overhead about midnight as it approaches sulphur-hued Saturn you see as well, 30° arc east from Jupiter. (Only stars twinkle to our eyes, planets don’t twinkle — that’s how to spot them.)
    Jupiter laps Saturn every 20 years. It signals very propitious times. Presidents then don’t finish their terms, according to Tenskwatawa. (Just a few search terms for the further curious.)

    I’m sure this was a happy weeklong birthday. Yet I expect happier is coming next…year…time.

    Forrest, scroll through this mass of birthday comments and see and know how great is our love affection and caring for you. It’s big. It’s great. It’s amazing. Truly, here in 2019, so rare, so awesome.

    Thrill in the chase, be reborn in the grace. Best wishes and warmest regards to you, Mr. Making Life Happen. Marvel of us all

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