Poetry Page XVII…


The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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261 thoughts on “Poetry Page XVII…

  1. The owl perched knowingly way up high
    Observes all as the fox races swiftly by
    Chased by the menacing hounds of hell
    Guided with a wicked sense of smell

    Through the thicket of the night
    Splitting silence of a pale moonlight
    Seemingly like an ominous scowl
    There comes a blood-curdling howl

    As beasts roam nigh in the shadowy Glen
    The fox does search for a heavenly den
    Tucked safely away in a hole so deep
    He listens attentively for things that creep

    In the mist of the glorious morning light
    The fox he emerges, no hounds in sight
    He thinks to himself, it’s been such a pleasure
    To Chase and be chased after Forrest Fenns treasure

  2. The dale so lush lies ahead
    The sun warms the trails we tread
    With hope as fuel we proceed
    We dream of lives freed from need.

    Our course is true our eyes are fixed
    Upon a prize of contents mixed
    No block can make us stumble
    No heights from which to tumble.

    Now sweat like tears fill our eyes
    It stings our gaze now we’re wise
    It draws us close to the end
    As Life was lived; now again.

  3. Heading out soon into the great wide yonder.
    Going to visit family.
    Past present and future.
    Been many years since I’ve gone so deep.
    Unknown yet familiar.
    Together we travel alone.
    It’s like going home into the unknown.

    Take care of yourself.
    Watch the wind talk to the trees and take it easy.

  4. A Boat, Beneath a Sunny Sky
    Lewis Carroll

    A boat, beneath a sunny sky
    Lingering onward dreamily
    In an evening of July—

    Children three that nestle near,
    Eager eye and willing ear,
    Pleased a simple tale to hear—

    Long has paled that sunny sky:
    Echoes fade and memories die:
    Autumn frosts have slain July.

    Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
    Alice moving under skies
    Never seen by waking eyes.

    Children yet, the tale to hear,
    Eager eye and willing ear,
    Lovingly shall nestle near.

    In a Wonderland they lie,
    Dreaming as the days go by,
    Dreaming as the summers die:

    Ever drifting down the stream—
    Lingering in the golden gleam—
    Life, what is it but a dream?

    2FF I like his style.

    I’ve heard people say thanks for places they’ve seen because of the chase.
    If it were not for the chase they would not have gone.
    For me it was places of the psyche.
    Long forgotten places I have not visited for awhile.
    I would like to say thank you for reminding me.
    Beginning and the end are truly the same if were returning to where we came from.


    • Thanks for the kind feedback (everyone).

      “Important literature” as a title sounds so antithetical to freedom
      but your example is so fine. Its words transcend the thin barrier between the author and his listeners.

      If you like, it shows our life is “the same as it ever was” ….

  5. “ Small Town County Fair “

    In calm of summers evening air,

    Many come to see.

    Lights strung at the county fair,

    Within the mighty trees.

    The Ferris wheel is shining,

    Lit spokes within its wheel.

    Its riders are admiring,

    This fair upon the hill.

    A scream it fills the air,

    From the nearby Crazy Spin.

    A huge brown teddy bear,

    Hangs for you to win.

    Hot dogs for a dollar,

    Cotton candy on a stick.

    Kids they run and holler,

    Deciding which to pick.

    BB guns are firing,

    By boys and dads alike.

    The fishing pond’s inspiring,

    Poles held by little tykes.

    It’s a grand ole summer night,

    With a moon high in the air.

    Oh the memories, sounds and sights,

    Of our small town County Fair……

    By: Focused

    • I can see it, my friend! Gosh, you brought me back to a time when I was at my first and last in my preteens. I remember a guy who blew up small red balloons and stuck a wooden skew through it and it looked just like a candy apple. My sisters and I each got one. Job well done!

      • I’m glad I could bring back fond memories of your youth for you Pdenver…
        Have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Lovely, lovely Focused – I can her the laughter now, and almost taste the cotton candy and corn dogs 🙂 Thanks so much for the memories – JDA

      • It’s that time of year JDA… small town fairs are popping up all around my area…
        your welcome for the memories my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Focused,
      Ya got me to start smiling and chuckling on this one! Fond old memories and even fonder newer memories. Ya just can’t beat a fair no matter what size town it is. Well done Focused


    • Every summer I went with my Grandparents to the County Fair – oh what a wonder it was for a city kid like me. You brought back those cherished memories of my youth that I had long forgotten. Isn’t it funny how words can light such a spark in our minds.

      I still have the little yellow rubber duck – it won me a prize.
      Silly of me to keep such a thing.

      You are truly an artist and you paint such beautiful pictures.
      Thank you Focused.

      • wwwamericana,
        Time spent with grandparents as a child burns priceless memories in our hearts, sometimes the vivid colors of those memories fade into shades of grey over time. I’m glad I could bring back those colorful memories for ya.
        Keeping the yellow duck is not silly at all. It’s a visual reminder of great, great memories…. hang on to it my friend….
        Your welcome wwwamericana and thank you for your kind comment…. have a great day and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it…. until next time… see ya

    • Thank you MJ… I’m glad you liked it… you should take the time to attend a “small” town fair…. the memories are worth it… have a great night my friend… see ya

  6. Thunder and Lighting.

    Thunder shook the soul
    Found hidden memories deep n ole.
    In the darkness the flash did reveal
    Why the heart needed to heal.
    With a flash from the sky
    It was uncovered, the why.
    Deep down was a gift
    That would provide the lift.
    Free the spirit so it may fly.
    That is the reason why.


  7. “ Alone “

    Alone I sit in nature’s chatter,

    I think about what really matters.

    will someday those who look on me,

    find what I already see?

    peace within my daily life,

    Alone I face a world of strife.

    I try to spread, what’s oh so real,

    will others find, what I now feel?

    live on my friends, with lightened load,

    in lush green gardens, of which you’ve sowed.

    peace abundant , awaits in there,

    and comforts those, who really care.

    alone here in this gentle breeze,

    I wait for all , in which I see.

    will others see while looking down,

    die with peace, like I have found ?

    in closing I must surely say,

    peace my friend’s, the only way……

    By: Focused

    P.s- If you read down the first word of every line it say…
    “ Alone I will find peace, Alone I will live in peace and Alone I die in peace. “. Have a great evening my friends… until next time… see ya

    • Focused – Dark and yet inspiring.
      Remember tho – we are never truly alone. I believe there is “someone” always watching over us. That my friend is where “inner peace” can be found.
      Keep on writing and let me know when you bind these beautiful words of yours into a book . I want an autographed 1st edition.
      Till next time,

      • Wwwamericana , I agree that we are never truly alone, and I believe the we (as individuals) have to find peace, no one can find it for us. That’s what I was meaning in this poem…..
        If I ever publish a book I’d be honored to sign it for ya my friend. Have a wonderful night… as you said- Till next time…. see ya

    • Focused. Those who really care comfort others, and spread peace where there is strife. Your poem was thought provoking and comforting today.
      Thanks for sharing your talents with others. Kind regards.

      • Your welcome 42, and thank you for taking the time to read it. It means a lot to me to hear that my words are comforting to others, that’s what drives me to continue writing…. Enjoy your peace my friend…. until next time…. kind regards back at ya…..

    • Thank you MJ..I’m glad your feeling peaceful, true peace is something we must each find “Alone”. I hope you’ve found it my friend… have a great evening.. until next time…. see ya

    • Although I’m not understanding your poem, Geoff Idaho, I hope you’ll continue to pen. My only thoughts is that it has to do with a long march, hence the numbers, and the clomp of a boot is at the end where one/they have done it tired and the boot is taken off and dropped to the ground, hence the clomping sound. I really don’t know.

  8. A night seen.

    There a young man’s mental stream
    Where has captured the old man’s dream.
    I did see the stare in a mirror
    Nigh did I catch a glimpse of the seer?
    Here begins the dream of gentry
    Fear lurks in the valley of plenty.
    Those whose hearts see the purity
    Chose the road to maturity.
    Find the walls where beauty is kept
    Kind is where nature has slept.
    Man sees no peace without the divine
    Can we together live that fine?

    I was awake at 2am with words that would not let go so I scribbled a few lines and went back to sleep.
    This is what became of those early thoughts. It took awhile to unravel but here it is for those who would listen.


    • I like your poem, me. I think it was best to write down what the subconscious brought forward in mind and to find sleep once more. Hope you’ll continue to pen more.

    • Me,
      I read it 3 times. Well done!

      I was actually thinking earlier today how poetry is viewed by the masses. These poems make ya think and rethink and then let it simmer and sink in.

      Nice job everyone!


    • Thank you folks for reading it.
      It took me awhile to put it together.
      Remembering midnight thoughts was not easy.
      I was trying to rhyme the beginning as well as the end.

    • Me,
      The essence of your poem reminds me of works by Edgar Allen Poe. Well done.

      Im not sure I’m interpreting your meaning as you intended. Kindly help us understand what you are saying. Who is the seer? Why is this the dream of Gentry?

        • Me, thanks for helping me understand your meaning.

          you asked ‘us it not land that Gentry dream of?’

          That depends on which Gentry in which century…

          Historically, and even today Scott’s and English Gentry are land rich but some cash poor and can’t maintain their landed estates.

          • Poetry in my opinion opens different doors for different people.
            One might see historical reference or modern gentrification.
            It’s all open to interpretation.
            Ever see The Milagro Beanfield War?
            It is my opinion right or wrong that words should lead you to question.
            No one will truly see everything that was intended.
            There is a lot more there then people might think, or not.
            Line 3> maybe TFTW Page 254

  9. strike before the rivers rise upon the heel lest upon all bones to the breath/ proceed on ahead of dust that covers doomed stones and yesterdays ancient golden finds / become motion before time covers wheels and walking sticks tap for remnants of firm earth / refuge be mined within the searchers soul and not the highest peak / to be not prisoners but adventurers that cross imaginations border / so set the travel forth like joyful noisy youthful souls where treasure calls come play

  10. Oklahoma

    There I was sitting in the car
    Looking and wondering how far.
    In the distance the grid did unlock.
    Here was my chance to beat the clock.
    To my right it did flash red blue red blue
    I did not have to look I knew.
    There beneath the cover of night
    Someone had gone to eternal light.

    • We rolled by like a funeral procession.
      That image was etched in my mind I could not help but think of that young girl who lost her mother.
      The hour and a half we were delayed was the last hour and a half she had with her mother.
      It reminded me of how precious life is and how quickly it could be snatched away.
      I was just telling family a few days early you never know when will be the last time you see one another so tell them you love them every chance you get.
      The time spent with those you love is the most precious gift to receive as well as to give.
      It’s very difficult to let go of those you love and we all want more time with them but that’s beyond our control.
      Be grateful for the time you have been given and cherish every moment for we will all pass through that door in the end.

      Give My Love To Rose

  11. this treasure floats upon the warmest wind/ and in its brilliance briefly touches down to rest its weight/ again to fly away in night so silent the senses fall in pieces / and speaks to some in whispered tones not to look ahead but back / upon the path just blindly walked / where trampled under foolish foot lies treasure left to rust in ruins

  12. My road diverged in a Yellow wood,
    And I’m sorry I could not travel both
    I’m just one traveler, long I searched
    And looked quickly down as long as I could
    To where it drew nigh in the under earth;

    Then took the waters just as fair;
    And having perhaps the better game,
    Because the green grasses alone in there;
    Though as for the meek passing where
    Had warmed them really about the same,

    And the chest that morning equally lay
    In the leaves you looked with tarry black
    Oh, I kept the chest for another day!
    Yet knowing the poem leads on to way,
    I laughed that I could always come back.

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and eighties hence:
    Two roads diverged in a Yellow wood, and I—
    I took the chase less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  13. drive off course / live days through haze and tornado / past dancehall and fair / ballroom barefoot with Bigfoot / brimstone ballet / paired dragon duets / gone a badgers bedroll on a plank floor

  14. Natures Grace.

    Into nature’s baptismal fountain I did go.
    Redemption led me from below.
    The way up was before the down.
    In the shadow there I was found.
    I thought it luck but it was grace.
    Nature’s bounty I did embrace
    In the distant past scene a cross.
    All my faults were at a loss.


  15. Googly Eyes

    A murder I did see
    It flew just now over me
    Their beady eyes pooled dark
    Unleashed my dog did bark
    Saw him run as I hailed
    My words did leave to no avail
    There stood I beneath the tree
    The dog ran about full of glee
    On the bench sat Po’ Folks crooked
    The rich walking by never looked
    Only the lonely did see love
    Sitting quietly in the nest above

    Imagine Dragons – Believer

  16. Natures Balance

    The son dances the winter solstice.
    Both own my soul.
    Two ways become one in heart.
    Past Present Future I Live.
    Here there everywhere.
    Home in nature’s garden.
    Relating two everything.
    One in the end with all.
    Home again.


  17. 4 Bird Dog
    It was sometime in the month of March I would guess about 25 years ago.
    We were driving back from the city talking about spiritual matters.
    Yeah wouldn’t be great if Jesus’ words were highlighted in the bible, was said.
    I turned north on to the secondary highway and drove about a quarter mile.
    There on my right in the ditch just beneath the barbed wire buried in snow was something red.
    I stopped and my wife went to take a look to see what it was.
    It was a King James Bible covered in red leather.
    I sat there in the truck and opened the bible and looked to see the words of Jesus written in red.
    I took that bible home and read every page over the next year.
    My wife’s grandmother had given her this card on how read the bible in a year and that’s what I did.
    I’m a believer that things happen for a reason and sometimes we get it and some don’t.
    It just occurred to me 25 five years later that his words were written in blood.
    True story.
    What if the answers were in the bible, would you search as diligently.
    Moses went to the top of the mountain and came down with ten etched in stone.
    Tired of building the pyramid they walked.

    Blaze of glory
    To tell tales of ole
    Do good, searchers farewell.
    It is in the heart sits a man’s soul.
    Hidden deep here all the secrets dwell.
    The MIND the BODY and the SPIRIT create that soul.
    From birth to death we carry both the good and bad deeds.
    Lighten the load and discard that dark side, some pleasures deceive.
    Because we are loved we are accepted with all our faults unconditionally.
    Far better if we see the truth ourselves and understand what mankind really needs.
    Grandfather said when the end comes for me they will not look at those that hide in darkness.

    Vaya con dios.
    Despedida amigo.

    The Man Comes Around

    My church is also out there.
    Truth is where you find it.

    • Hank,

      Nostradamus has nothing on you! Why is it I sit here trying to understand someone elses thought process? Because there’s depth and meaning behind those thoughts, that’s why.

      Thanks for thinking about us Hank.


  18. “Dreams Of Fall”

    Dreams adrift, like crimson leaves,

    Float upon a crispy breeze.

    Chased by hands, so highly raised,

    Determined, caring, where dreams lay.

    If ever rest, upon the ground,

    A dream will rot, not ever found.

    But dreams that fall, within your palm,

    Like magic turns, chaos to calm.

    Chase on my friends, with hands held high,

    And catch your dreams, that fall from high.

    Then cup your hands, and gaze within,

    Smile at your dream, then chase again……

    By: Focused

  19. “Dreams Of Fall”

    Dreams adrift, like crimson leaves,

    Float upon a crispy breeze.

    Chased by hands, so highly raised,

    Determined, caring, where dreams lay.

    If ever rest, upon the ground,

    A dream will rot, not ever found.

    But dreams that fall, within your palm,

    Like magic turns, chaos to calm.

    Chase on my friends, with hands held high,

    And catch your dreams, now floating by.

    Then cup your hands, and gaze within,

    Smile at your dream, then chase again……

    By: Focused

    I changed the third from the last line… I like it better… until next time… see ya

      • Your welcome 42…. I’m glad that you enjoyed it… may you catch every dream you chase my friend….have a great night… until next time… see ya 42

        • Thanks focussed;)
          I’m chasing a sweet dream that I had at age 6 or 7.
          I actually dreamt that I found a chest of gold coins with a beautiful ring inside. Best dream ever…perhaps it will come true.

          • Perhaps it will 42…keep chasing my friend… have a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. until next time.. see ya

    • Focused,

      My favorite part was …

      Chased by hands, so highly raised.

      Reminded me of my childhood days and all the innocent fun we had. Nice job again Focused! Thank you.

      And for what it’s worth i liked both.


      • Thank you ByGeorge. Childhood memories that come floating back are special. I’m glad I could bring one back to you. Keep your hands highly raised my friend….. until next time.. see ya

      • All is well here pdenver… I’ve kinda been outta pocket lately. I’ve spent the last 11 days horseback in the Rockies enjoying the solitude at 10,000 feet. I wasn’t looking for Lewis & Clark but I did find many places with no cell service……. priceless…….. lol
        Have a great day my friend…. until next time… see ya

        • Ahh… Focused nice to read your words again! They always paint such a beautiful picture 🙂 Your time in the Mountains sounds lovely! Maybe a charity close to your heart is one in which they use horses for riding therapy.

          • Thanks Spallies… I’m still penning, just not posting much..
            Horses are good therapy for many issues.
            Good to hear from ya my friend. Have a great day… see ya Spallies….

          • It was pdenver. I seen plenty of deer, elk and bear and countless other little critters. The best thing was the silence..lol
            Until next time… see ya my friend

  20. Focused – probably one of your best.
    Truly songs from the heart.
    Still waiting on that autographed book of collected verses to arrive.
    When is “next time”?

  21. Im glad you liked it wwwamericana … as far as a book, heck, I’d have to give them away because I don’t write for monetary gain, I write for chasers ( my friends) as yourself to enjoy….
    Humm, maybe a charity would be a good option?
    Something to think about for sure…….
    Have a great night my friend….until next time (whenever that is)… see ya www

  22. Ahem… Set to an old English folk tune. This song is me:

    “Pathway To Indulgence”

    I’m a Searcher who’s sure
    All that glitters is gold
    And I’m finding the path to Indulgence

    When I get there I know
    House of Brown is real close
    With a look I can find what I came for

    Oh oh oh oh and I’m finding the pathyway to Indulgence

    There’s a sign on the wall
    But I wants to be sure
    ‘Cause I know sometimes words have two meanings

    In the tree by that brook
    There’s a songbird who sings
    Sometimes all of your thoughts are misleading

    Ooh, it makes me wonder
    Ooh, it makes me wonder

    There’s a feeling I get
    When I look for the chest
    And my spirit is pining for money
    In my thoughts I have seen
    Rings of gold and RVs
    And the voices of those who stand mocking

    Ooh, it makes me wonder
    Ooh, it really makes me wonder

    And it’s whispered that soon, If we follow the the runes
    Then the poem will lead us to reason
    And a new day will dawn
    For me, ’cause I’m strong
    And the forests will echo with laughter!

    If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow
    Don’t be alarmed now
    That’s a normal thing when you’re a Searcher
    Yes, there are two paths you can go by
    But in the long run
    There’s no paddle up the creek you’re on

    And it makes me wonder

    Your head is humming and it won’t go
    In case you don’t know
    The chest is calling you to find him
    Dear searcher, can you hear the wind blow
    And did you know
    Your pathway lies on the haltin’ wind

    And as I’m drivin’ down the road
    My shadow taller than my solve
    Here comes that Searcher we all know
    Who’s in the lead and I’m so slow
    And they for sure will find the gold
    But if I listen very hard
    The solve will come to me at last
    When all is done and it’s all solved
    To have the Gold and not a Stone!!!

    And I’m finding the pathway… to Indulgence

    • Me,

      I enjoyed it. So much. I had to listen to it twice. Sonny Boy Williamson gettin it on! I’d go see him in concert hands down! That’s what I need to do is go enjoy a night enjoying some blues.

      Catchy tune to say the least.


    • Robert Johnson, Ma Rainey, Howlin’ Wolf, Rosetta Tharpe… Yeah, good stuff. All of that era of English music pulled from the blues, one of the reasons I dig it. Europe did us all a favor around the same time by treating our Jazz musicians the way they ought to be treated too. And, now that we have YouTube, we also have a huge number of those performances preserved which were hard to come by in the states even twenty years ago.

  23. “ Mother Earth “

    The year was 1640, in a place the desert spans,

    Nothing in the distant, across the arid land.

    Ajei lived within it, a Navajo by birth,

    She’d sit upon the Mesa, and connect with Mother Earth.

    The summer has been hotter, and drier than the rest,

    Her people needed water, to pass their arid test.

    The children stopped their playing, cracks upon their lips,

    All pots were dry and dusty, the wet one saved to sip.

    Ajei knew their fate depended, on rainfall through the year,

    The water they must have, to live another year.

    Her hair was black and dirty, her deerskin robe was dry,

    She knew she had to go, and at least give it a try.

    She climbed the mighty Mesa, she sat upon the top,

    Hands held high she prayed, for any little drop.

    Mother Earth she listened, to Ajei’s every word,

    Then out across the desert, thunder could be heard.

    The sky it darkened slowly, the winds began to blow,

    Her people stood there gazing, in camp far down below.

    Raindrops started slowly, then quickly picked up pace,

    Cheers and smiles were all, across her people’s face.

    Ajei knew there’s more, beyond her earthly stay,

    For how the rains had come, on that hot and arid day.

    If Hope seems dim and lacking, take it for what is worth,

    Please go up on your Mesa, and speak to Mother Earth ………..

    By: Focused

    • Such a beautiful picture you have painted again Focused. I wish that I had your imagination and way with words, but thank gosh you do have these gifts, and are willing to share them with us. Thanks ever so much for another fabulous journey – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA… I’m glad you could see the picture. Native life was tough, the simple things we take for granted were hardships to many…..
        As far as my imagination, I have plenty…lol someone once said “imagination is more important than knowledge “ I like to think that it helps me a little….lol
        I share my words with you guys so you too can take a journey through imagination…. it’s a fun place to visit..lol
        Have a great night JDA…. until next time… see ya my friend

      • Thanks pdenver….. the words are there, but the vision comes from the reader, I knew you’d see it…. until next time… see ya my friend

    • Great stuff Focused!

      I can get tripped up looking too closely at each word my first read of anything. Your poem was worth the second read, as the second time it’s light had really shone.
      A warm hello to you and the rest of you fine folks.
      Lots of the good sentiments on the blog are especially fitting for me this week. I’m in a very good spiritual state as I climb up across mesa levels with the the wonders of nature all around. Everything was warm and welcoming yesterday.

      Having just enough can really be the best sometimes. ; )

      These lands of the west are of utmost appeal and in spectacular variety. I’ve been trying to see, touch and feel as much of the physical and spiritual sides of this place while I can, as from my first to last crosses, it’s been my enamor and piety.

      • Thank you m for your kind comment… I hope you find all that you seek in the “lands of the west “ have a great evening my friend… until next time… see ya

      • Thanks ByGeorge…. I’m glad you liked my words… have a great night and better tomorrow. Remember to enjoy the little things as you go about them….
        See ya my friend

    • Thanks for the “WOW” me and your welcome my friend… enjoy your evening and the days to come… until next time.. see ya

  24. Focused

    You never ceased to amaze me, your writing always draws a good picture in our minds and I thank you for all that you have written.

    Hopefully you will put all that you have written here on hoD in a book just so we can use our imagination in a simple way. 🙂

  25. Heck Rubber to Boots, sometimes I amaze myself..lol not all pictures are paint or pencil, I’m glad you could see the picture brushed by my words…
    Thank you for your kind comment. As far as a book, I’ve been asked many times over the years to publish one, I started the process once but stopped because I didn’t think I could even get my publishing cost back. I may rethink it, after my cost are reimbursed the rest would go to a charity anyways. I write for you guys, not me….
    Have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

  26. Each and every eternal year,
    Lady Winter lifts and drops her cloak,
    And never once in the very same way,
    Nor at the same date or stroke.

    The station manager fumed to no end,
    For consistency pleased the man.
    “If Winter comes and goes as she pleases,
    Then how can one ever make their plans?”

    The Lady laughed at the bespectacled man,
    and said “Peace, and save your breath!
    My whimsical schedule of coming and going,
    Shall prepare you for the true suddenness of death.”

    • Good penning Blex… keep up the good work my friend… have a great night and a better tomorrow… until next time… see ya

    • Nice. Now one about springtime please. Since the Chase, I like them even more. Minus 5 degrees, no wind, in the the high country right now. Gonna be a rough one. g

      • Here’s a springtime one for you Ace340… stay warm this winter… until next time.. see ya my friend.

        “Spring Bouquet ”

        Snow rests on a daffodil, its yellow bright and bold,

        Fighting for the season, in midst of springtime cold.

        Waiting for that moment, to let its colors shine,

        Soon it will become, a daffodil of mine.

        I walk into a meadow, with yellow all around,

        One by one I pick them, from snow upon the ground.

        Then I see a daffodil, just standing all alone,

        This one I must have, to take back to my home.

        The daffodils I gather, I clamp them in my hand,

        Bright and bold they shimmer, springtime is so grand.

        I head back to my cabin, to a vase I’ve chose for them,

        When They’re placed inside, I step back with a grin.

        In the center of my table, for everyone to see,

        My spring bouquet of daffodils, shining majestically.

        Every time I pass them, all throughout the day,

        I’ll smile upon the daffodils, my new found spring bouquet……

        By: Focused

        • Pretty, pretty Focused. I much prefer to leave them in my yard for all to see. They also last a lot longer out there – but that is just me.

          Again, a lovely picture you paint my dear friend – JDA

  27. Here’s a pretty poem that I found this morning. I didn’t write it but it’s reminiscent of the Chase, for me. How many of us can relate to this?

    It’s titled “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, and it was written by Robert Frost, in 1922.

    Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow.

    My little horse must think it queer
    To stop without a farmhouse near
    Between the woods and frozen lake
    The darkest evening of the year.

    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound’s the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.



    • Thanks for sharing Robert Frost’s words. I really enjoyed reading them. I could picture him on his horse on a cold blustery day and these words popping into his head….. loved it….
      Have a great evening my friend… see ya

    • SRW,

      I really enjoy this page a LOT! It’s a nice peaceful place to come.

      Like our mighty rivers, please keep the thoughts flowing……


  28. This is a repost of a poem I wrote in 2016 here on hod….. never give up my friends…. until next time.. see ya

    ” Golden Pond ”

    In the year of 1350, alone I drift about,

    Rejected by my people, for they have kicked me out.

    They say there’s evil in me, and band me from the tribe,

    My face it shows my sadness, with tears in every stride.

    My Apache hearts been strong, all my twenty years,

    In strength I will continue, I’ll proudly hide my tears.

    Alone within this desert, my days are very long,

    Listening to the birds, while they sing their desert song.

    There is no evil in me, my woman’s heart is pure,

    How did they see evil ? That haven’t any cure.

    Alone I press on forward, and with each passing day,

    I kneel to watch the sunset, falling as I pray.

    When I reached the foothills, I came upon a creek,

    Maybe it holds the answers, to everything I seek.

    I traveled up the creek side, through willows bright and green,

    Ahead the white cap mountains, most beauty I have seen.

    My Apache feet are tired, I can’t continue on,

    While traipsing through the willows, I find a hidden pond.

    The sun is getting lower, so here I’ll spend the night,

    At daylight I’ll continue, looking for my life.

    As the sun is rising, the pond it has a glow,

    I feel today is different, somehow I just know.

    Then I see a mother deer, there with her spotted fawn,

    Watching as they drink, across the golden pond.

    They jumped into the bushes, spooked by something near,

    Then Apache voices, I faintly start to hear,

    Then I seen their faces, they were Apache bred,

    They welcomed me to join them, in prayer I dropped my head.

    They knew that I was coming, the spirits told them so,

    Across the special waters, that held a holy glow.

    For years I lived among them, welcome as can be,

    For they did not see evil, when they looked at me.

    Happily I spent my days, and they were not as long,

    Living with my family, across the golden pond.

    Just because your judged sometimes, knowing it’s not true,

    Don’t give up, continue on, your family waits for you………

    By: Focused

    • Focused,
      Very inspirational. We need more kindness in this world. Your poem reminds me of my critters. They don’t judge us and there’s a ton of unconditional love waiting there when you get home.

      Keep on keepin on Focused! I like your style.


      • Thanks pdenver… I was just looking back through the hundreds of poems I’ve wrote for you guys and thought I’d repost this one… it’s not one of my favorites but I thought it deserved another post… I’m glad you liked it… enjoy your day… see ya my friend

        • P.s…. out of approximately 370 poems my personal favorites are….

          Note to cancer, Whiskey River, Native Voices and Distant Drums…

          These 5 have always touched me when I reread them…. see ya pdenver

    • So glad you decided to repost this one Focused. I had not read it before, and am glad that I now have the chance. I especially like the last two lines:

      Just because your judged sometimes, knowing it’s not true,

      Don’t give up, continue on, your family waits for you……

      Thanks Focused – JDA

      • Heck JDA, I thought you have read them all…lol all though it has been nearly 7 years of penning here…. time flys when your having fun….. have a great day today… see ya JDA

  29. I like it Focused. It made me think of Geronimo.
    Thank you.

    “Then Apache voices, I faintly start to hear,”

    The song that I will sing is an old song, so old that none knows who made it. It has been handed down through generations and was taught to me when I was but a little lad. It is now my own song. It belongs to me. This is a holy song (medicine-song), and great is its power. The song tells how, as I sing, I go through the air to a holy place where Yusun (The Supreme Being) will give me power to do wonderful things. I am surrounded by little clouds, and as I go through the air I change, becoming spirit only.


    Wisdom and peace come when you start living the life the creator intended for you.


  30. Enjoyed your poem’s message focused. Invisible things can hammer away at the soul and almost wreck a person.

    Kindness & reconciliation are doorways to peace.

    • Exactly 42….. I’m glad you could see it through my words…

      “ when hatred and judgement are upon you, stay strong, there is light at the end of the tunnel”

      Have a good day today 42…. until next time.. see ya my friend

  31. The Arrow and the Song

    I shot an arrow into the air,
    It fell to earth, I knew not where;
    For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
    Could not follow it in its flight.

    I breathed a song into the air,
    It fell to earth, I knew not where;
    For who has sight so keen and strong,
    That it can follow the flight of song?

    Long, long afterward, in an oak
    I found the arrow, still unbroke;
    And the song, from beginning to end,
    I found again in the heart of a friend.


    • Thanks LaCubana for sharing these words of Longfellow…. I really enjoyed reading them..

      “ I too have lost an arrow high,
      No time to say my last goodbye.
      Upon the midday summer breeze,
      It flew off through some distant trees.

      Walking, looking, I thought I could,
      Find it hiding, within the wood.
      And very much to my surprise,
      Alas I get to say goodbye.”

      Just messing around with ya LaCubana… have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

  32. To La Cubana and Focused

    Soulstice Saving(s) Time

    Fall back to your double omega grandfather clock,
    Wise to chase the arrows of time pro-hac,
    Eagle claw seconds from landing on the moon,
    Minutes, degrees, and ounces of sunlight to breeze-weigh,
    12 hours, 4 asteraces, 2 turtle-doves and a texas 2 step to hold-her,
    Square, triangle, full-circle yester2day,
    A goodyear to wave or handshake hello not goodbye,
    A generation ago brought La Cubana missile crisis to Ericameria,
    A fight of khan, a flight of song dynasty until midnight/gold,
    Our life-times to save A car-ousel Armand Hammerstein Second edition.

    • Thanks for sharing Soulstice…. I like words that make me think… these did…
      Have a great night my friend… until next time.. see ya

  33. Sunday thoughts about a powerful Vacuum Cleaner…

    Oh God in Heaven, Great Spirit
    You breathed life into mankind
    And the creatures of earth.
    May it please you
    To reverse your breath
    Suck evil from the earth,
    Leaving space in men’s hearts
    For kindness and peace to rule.

  34. “ The Pawn “

    The game of life is set, all players in a row,

    One but tiny pawn, the very first to go.

    Reluctant pawns they move, one space at a time,

    The eager pawns move twice, advance their battle line.

    A bishop slides across, to take a troubled horse,

    Life’s battle it has started, all players stay on course.

    Think of what your doing, the consequence is huge,

    One false move and then, from this game you are removed.

    The rook shows little mercy, just sweeping to and fro,

    Attacking one by one, and smiling as he goes.

    I am a tiny pawn, all alone it seems,

    One by one they fall, to protect our mighty king.

    The horses take the pawns, their queen falls to our rook,

    We lost our last brave bishop, to bad he didn’t look.

    The game is nearly over, two kings and tiny me,

    Space by space he moves, not watching as he flees.

    My king he sits back smiling, I have him on the run,

    Right into the corner, of where my game begun.

    I’m just a tiny pawn, but I make my final move,

    Their king just stands there gazing, with nothing left to prove.

    He lays his crown upon the board, and takes his final space.

    Captured by me a pawn, a smile upon my face.

    If you feel belittled, or you life’s not worth a thing,

    Please think about the pawn, who took the mighty king…..

    By: Focused

      • I’m not going anywhere jdiggins…. I’m in it for the long haul…lol I don’t know about “magic pen” but I have penned a lot…
        It’s not like it was in the old days..lol take care my friend and thank you for your kind comment… until next time.. see ya

      • Thank you 777… I just wanted to relate the game of life to the game of chess…. also, in both size doesn’t matter….
        Have a great night my friend….. see ya

    • Focused,

      GREAT JOB!!! This is my favorite one so far. And all your penning is awesome. Greatness from a Pawn. David and Goliath would be proud. My favorite page s this page…peaceful.


      • I’m glad it’s your favorite ByGeorge… I’m also glad that you like my words, knowing that makes writing them worth while…..
        The David and Goliath feel is what I was shooting for…… great things can happen if you keep pushing on…..
        This is a great page…. thanks Dal !!!
        Until next time… see ya

    • Really, really good Focused. Life does seem to be a game of chess at times. Move with purpose, keeping an eye open for the unexpected – JDA

      • Thank you JDA…

        Yes life is a lot like chess.. “ it’s not the steps you take that matters, it’s how you take them”
        Have a good night my friend… until next time… see ya

      • Thank you CrazyFox, I’m glad you liked it…. “ sometimes the littlest of things can make the biggest difference “

        See ya my friend

  35. There once was a guy who could fly
    His rules they’d never comply
    He dug up a Pueblo
    Said he’d never go
    Bones o’er a chest they might lie.

  36. I’m reposting this poem for someone who is currently fighting his battle….
    Send your cancer to Hell my friend… my prayers are with ya…

    ” A Note to Cancer ”

    You came into my body, not welcomed here at all,

    I did not ask for you to come, for you I did not call.

    Since your here, you must be warned, God is on my side,

    There’s no place in my body, that you can run and hide.

    Let’s not waste a minute more, let’s get this battle started,

    For I have not a tender soul, nor am I tender hearted.

    I’m not fighting just for me, I’ll fight for many more,

    Who’s lives you slowly crept into, I’ll even up the score.

    Through the many harden months, with you I have fought,

    Not willing to give in to you, the victory that I sought.

    My strength , faith and love of life, grows stronger every day,

    Some day I’ll be rid of you, I bow my head and pray.

    I see your getting weaker now, my victories almost here,

    Just to know your evil’s gone, I know I’m gonna cheer.

    You have taken many lives, many that I know,

    Now it’s time for you to die, time for you to go.

    I just received the grandest news, my doctor he did say,

    That you have left my body, died and went away.

    I drop my head, close my eyes, ” Thank you God” I say,

    For helping me with my battle, and with me all the way.

    Many now are fighting, with the evils that I tell,

    Fight with every ounce in you, and send “Cancer”

    Straight to Hell…….

    By: Focused

  37. “Truly Grateful”

    I wish I could find the words
    to tell you how grateful I am.
    For doing things I use to do
    but now find I cannot.

    I wish I could find the words
    to tell you how grateful I am.
    For giving me strength
    during times I feel weak.

    I wish I could find the words
    to tell you how grateful I am.
    Loving tears falls
    and silences the words.

  38. When hope is full and doubts are scarce
    The air is filled with music and must.
    Then comes the time snapping twigs scare us
    The switch is swift; behind, ahead a puff of dust.

    A new day springs, our remains recovered
    In wondrous garments wove of flawless silk.
    Pain’s forgotten, boundless grace discovered
    Where air is scented with honey and milk.

  39. When hope is full and doubts are scarce
    The air is filled with music and must.
    Then comes the time snapping twigs scare us
    The switch is swift; behind, ahead a puff of dust.

    A new day springs, our remains recovered
    In wondrous garments wove from flawless silk.
    Pain’s forgotten, boundless grace discovered
    Where air is scented with honey and milk.


  40. “ Into The Light “

    Who goes there? Covered by the night,

    Show yourself I say, and step into the light.

    Behind the dark of shadows, a coward place to hide,

    Be brave and come I say, stand here at my side.

    I gaze into the darkness, a glimpse within the night,

    To see a shadow image, approaching to the light.

    My thoughts they run astray, I bravely stand my ground,

    The calm of night is silent, no Erie little sounds.

    Into the light it enters, now just as brave as I,

    To my knees I fall, a tear swells in my eye.

    Standing there before me, such a peaceful sight,

    An angel with her halo, my angel of the night.

    Sent from Above to guard me, from evil lurking near,

    Her voice was softly spoken, and soothing to my ears.

    She says her job is over, the danger it had passed,

    Then flew off in the darkness, came and left so fast.

    My angel brought a comfort, there in the black of night,

    She bravely came to see me, she stepped into the light.

    Whatever’s in the darkness, whatever sounds I hear,

    I’m not the least bit worried, I know my angel’s near…….

    By: Focused

      • Thank you 4rest4fend…. I’m glad you like my words… and your welcome my friend… knowing my words are appreciated makes writing them worth the effort…. have a great night… until next time… see ya

    • Focused, I believe my son was plucked from an icy swift river in Glacier Park – by an angel many years ago when we tried and failed to save our son. It was both the worst and best day of my life as my son was washed away and then miraculously saved by a man who came from no where.

      Your poem holds special meaning to me. May I have your permission to copy and save it?

      • Yes you can copy it my friend… I can’t imagine what you felt as your son was swept away. His guardian angel was watching over him that day for sure… this poem on the surface seems like a normal poem, but to me it’s personal, my guardian angel was there for me one dark night in the desert of southern New Mexico ( my heart attack).. and there’s comfort in knowing she’s still there watching out for me…..
        I’m glad you sons angel was there in the icy waters of glacier…..
        Have a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it…

        Until next time… see ya my friend

      • Thank you bird dog for your kind comment. I don’t see it as talent per say, I just jot down my thoughts for you guys to read, so you too can take a journey in thought…

        Someone once said… “no time in thought is wasted”… and I couldn’t agree more…

        I’m glad that you like my thoughts in words….
        Have a great day… until next time… see ya my friend

    • Focused,

      Do you take requests? The necklace posted yesterday is likely a birthday gift for Peggy because it seems custom made for her. I realized that the time frame of ’73/’74 was likely a happy time frame for her. There are many pieces; her husband was home and safe for good, her children were still children, the gallery business was on good footing, and the Mary Tyler Moore show was on the airwaves with all it represents. Life was good for her and only getting better.

      Perhaps you could whip up a poem along those lines. The necklace even provides some other personal insight. Being the poet laureate around here, I’m sure you could come up with something.

      Thanks in advance if you should take up this endeavour,

      Dave B.

      • Sorry Dave B for the late response, I just noticed this post….. are you talking about the mojo necklace? If so, I’m sure I can whip up something about it. I have a busy day today but this evening I’ll sit down and give it a shot k… I’ll be sure to include the granddaughter too… I don’t know how it’ll turn out, but I love a good challenge..lol have a great day today…. until next time… see ya my friend

  41. Focused – It seems that I just can’t find the exact words that say what I feel when I read your poetry. Kinda like when I stand on the side of a mountain and look out over a beautiful valley. It’s that feeling of “awe” – it’s the beating of my heart – it’s the tears that come to my eyes. You are truly a master with the pen. An artist.

      • Your welcome Spallies…

        you helped mold my poetry early on, along with Jdiggins.

        You have suffered through those early years reading them…lol

        You have pushed me to continue on..

        You are a special person.

        you are truly my friend…

        Have a great day… untilnext time… see ya Spallies…

    • Wow.. what a great and heartfelt comment wwwamericana….. believe it or not, now I’m at a loss for words my friend…. it’s comments like this that push me to continue on writing. I’ve tried to lay my pen down several times over the years since the chase started, only to pick it back up again because I realized that I can make a difference in the hearts and lives of others….
      I don’t see myself as a “master with pen”… heck I didn’t write my first poem until after I joined the chase… but thank you wwwamericana for ranking my words so highly…..
      Have a great day today my friend and remember to pass out a smile to someone who looks like they need it….

      Until next time… see ya

  42. GOLD

    By Myra Schneider

    Begin by banging out the g
    As you always do, one fist cracking
    Down on the other. Now fling

    all you fingers open – see them
    As tremulous rivets, winking suns.

    But why waste time on a word
    That’s not part of your everyday
    like the shoes that stray from your feet
    when you stumble to the dining room?
    Gold won’t add to your mastery, deepen
    your understanding. I know colours

    fill out the bleakness as you stare
    at the strange mouths sound makes
    but you possess a bagful of purples,
    red etc. so why bother with the niceties ?

    And why on a day with a sky heavy
    as an unmilked belly, grey as face
    that’s underfed, a day your lost in worry,
    won’t be going until mother is home

    from hospital, sovereign of your world again?

    What is it then, the gold I want
    to teach? More than money
    misers tensely count, more
    than a band on a wedding finger,
    bangles dug from an Egyptian tomb.

    It’s wet tarmac miracled by light
    to an estuary of shine: a girl on a train,

    by a coalfire when I deciphered
    my very first book; the way layer
    on mountain layer of meaning unfolds
    when two minds and hearts meet –
    a vision incorruptible as the metal…

    You repeat each letter on your fingers,
    then reach for the rim of my watch
    Which echoes the electric strip
    on the ceiling. Laughing you drop,
    sadness for a moment, hold gold.

  43. This poem is for you Dave B… you requested one about the necklace as a gift … I hope this is kinda what you had in mind.. the inspiration for this poem comes from the “ Medicinal Mojo Necklace “ story Forrest wrote, and Dave B for challenging me to write it……..
    have a great night everyone…. until next time… see ya

    “ Down The Line “

    The days are creeping closer, must faster now it seems,

    A birthday for my soulmate, no longer in her teens.

    Though years have caught up to her, she has that special shine,

    What gift should I present her, I have one thing in mind.

    Many, many years ago, we sat upon a beach,

    Gazing at the children, all we could see was feet.

    They were diving to the bottom, collecting tiny beads,

    Sunken then for many years, beneath the waving sea.

    I have them now before me, their colors bright and bold,

    I wish they’d tell their secrets, I know they surely hold.

    A necklace I will make, from beads with colors grand,

    A birthday gift for her, to place within her hands.

    One by one I slide, the beads along the string,

    Thinking of the memories, and all the things we’ve seen.

    I hold a finished necklace, it’s beauty bright and bold,

    No gift can ever match it, our lifelong memories told.

    Her special day arrives, her 89th grand year,

    I gift to her the necklace, her smile gives way to tears.

    Reminded of the memories, of a beach so far away,

    Her silence is then broken, “ I don’t know what to say”.

    Two arms around my neck, her lips upon cheek,

    Caught up in the moment, I too could hardly speak.

    Her special day was perfect, thanks to our tiny beads,

    Around her neck she wears them, so all the world can see.

    She looks into my eyes, in her softened voice she speaks,

    Wiping tears of joy, that’s rolling Down her cheeks.

    “ I know my years are few, and our granddaughter trails behind”,

    “ I know she’ll love this necklace, when I pass it down the line”…..

    By: Focused

    • Dang Focused! Having a daughter of my own I couldn’t help but tear up a little. Special high five for you on this one! Nicely done!

      • (Holding my hand up)… thanks for the high 5… Moody C…. and thank you for your kind comment… I have 2 daughters myself, they helped with my thoughts on this one….
        Have a great night… until next time… see ya

      • Pdenver, Spallies has the box of Kleenex, but I’m sure she’ll share….

        “Tears blurr our vision, but never our memories “

        Have a great night my friend…. until next time… see ya

    • (Holding out a box)…. here ya go wwwamericana….lol thanks for the compliment my friend… enjoy your evening… until next time… see ya

      • Gimmie that box focused! Geez… you sure know how to pull the old heart Strings don’t cha? Thanks my Friend that was beautiful sniff sniff 🙂

        • Here ya go Spallies (holding box to you), I think www is finished with them..
          I don’t know about heart strings spallies, but I do want my readers to feel something…
          Thank you my friend, I’m glad you liked my words… stay warm, until next time… see ya

  44. Gotta ask you F, who do you think Forrest will pass his hat to?
    Perhaps you can answer that question using your golden words.

    • Hummmm. Let me think on that one…lol. I’ll come up with something, I don’t know how golden they will be, but I’ll try…k
      See ya my friend

    • Www Americana…Whoever it is better place it on a shelf , because that would be a tough hat to walk under…..
      Now you got me thinking….lol. Thanks my friend..

      • Great poetry Focused, I know you will do “Justice” to ff’s hat and what it means to inherit that, I hope and pray that the passing of the hat will be the continuation of Forrest’s grand plan to “Save the Rockies”.

        TOM TERRIFIC, not just terrific, but enthusiastically passin the hat too save the Rockies.

        • Thanks Tom Terrific… the brown hat that Forrest wears is also special to me, in a distant way… you see, George Dabich gave him that hat and George died on April 22, 2013. On that exact day I had my heart attack and flat lined 3 times and was given 24hours to live by the doctors… April 22, 2013 will forever be a special date to me, therefore Forrest’s brown hat and George are also special…
          I’ll pen something about the hat soon, it may be next week. I’m leaving tomorrow and won’t be home till Tuesday… but I promise to pen one about the hat per requested by wwwamericana…. have a great night… see ya my friend

  45. Kind-ling

    Winter sun sets much too soon
    Passing days are drawing nigh
    Failure finds some fanning helps
    Juniper flames climbing high.

    Keep us warm Forrest Fire
    More scraps, more scraps kindly add
    Only way to staunch the cold
    Drips which chill the times we’ve had.

    In other words; other worlds
    In the hills and in the streams
    We hear the call and follow will
    Dare to share your timeless dreams.

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