Forrest Gets Mail – 24


Hello Mr Fenn,
My oldest son and I who had a rocky relationship due to his choice of wives and her inability  to let me just be a grandparent which cut off communication, began communicating with me because of your poem .

All excited with a “mom I’m obsessed by this”  we have begun communicating regularly about your poem and clues.

In a nutshell Mr Fenn, you have reunited a mother and son.  And hopefully I’ll see my grandkids soon.
I don’t anticipate a relationship with my daughter in law which is fine. Civility for the kids is my wish and we can on that.

I really need to know if the treasure has been located.
We can find other adventures now that we both know we truly love this sort of thing.  He never had any patience as a child or young man so his intentions on this I thought would be short lived. They are not.  He is really ready to go!

Being of little means and less $$, my husband and I took in three grand daughters from our middle son who was an addict. I’m not ready to burn gas from Green Bay WI,  home of the frozen tundra to follow 9 clues to anything.

Thus looking for you to be  honest and it will go no further if the chase must continue even if found for all your fans.   I’d prefer to bark up other trees is all if it has.

You already have me my treasure with getting my son back. But he still wants to find yours. I’ll follow and lead to ends of the earth for him. Just not if the end of the road on this one is a wasted trip.

Thank you for giving of yourself in a very stressful and sad point in your life. I took care of both of my parents as they took their last breaths from lung cancer. I understand the scary part and the can’t take it with you . All we leave here with is who we love and hopefully a piece of ourselves they hold onto.
God bless,


As of this posting the treasure chest is still where I hid it. Good luck to you and your son. f








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  1. I’m still wondering how he knows if it’s found. Is it on someone’s land he knows? Does he have a live feed of the area? Is there a contraption that alerts him if it’s finding?

    Very intriguing to say the least

  2. There is no doubt this is one of many, many stories of lives changed – all because ff invested in “hope” for several thousands.

    Well done, good and faithful servant!

    I believe that this community will make certain that there is always a Chase and always a legacy of a great American, with humble roots, who created it all.

  3. There’s still a possibility that someone has sent him the correct solve, but that searcher doesn’t know it’s the correct solve because they haven’t been BOTG there yet. Notice that his language only specifically excludes that the treasure chest has been retrieved AS OF THIS POSTING.

    • Interesting possibility Rudy. Forrest, from all I’ve heard, never gives positive or negative feedback to anyone revealing their solutions to him in an email. Even just a simple “nope” is giving a clue and an unfair advantage to someone else so he doesn’t do it. I think there is always a chance that someone has sent him a correct solve and just hasn’t put the final nail in it to drive out and pick up the chest. Remaining search time for this season is drawing to a close soon. They’d better hurry if they are going to do it.

    • That is a possibility Rudy. Or the sent him their solve and pics from BOTG sand they are still missing something. It’s seems like that could be the case from the last few scrapbooks and FGM’s. But that’s all up to interpretation

    • You’ll have to be more specific, as there are so many youtube channels on this subject and so many theories?

      • Iron,
        Some people where speculating that the Treasure had been found do to Forrest parting words in the last Scrapbook 205:
        “It is fun seeing some of my old memories come back home again. f”


        • Oh I got ya. I never listened to that dumb talk. Forrest has already said countless times if the treasure is found, he’ll immediately announce it.

          • Agreed, although I can see that sentence as a subtle nod by FF that he is thinking how fun it would be to get his bracelet back—that’s a far cry from being a conspiracy theory though.

  4. Intriguing message. If someone has the solve they haven’t executed on it yet and this season is drawing to a close. The suspense is truly killing me.

    • “If someone has the solve” they would have the treasure already!
      All we have is speculation and 7% confidence.

      Forrest’s scrapbooks are word stars in a dark sky (the chase) that leave us wondering how it all connects, and how we could be part of the constellation.

      What a story it will be when it is found!

      • Hi MM: Forrest often changes the sender’s name to protect their privacy/anonymity. Who knows — maybe Joanie is her real name and “Kelly” is a nom de plume. 🙂

    • Hi Kelly! Thanks for responding! Always good to see a post here from the original author of any email that Forrest chooses to share with the community. (No doubt he asked your permission to do so.) I’m happy that Forrest’s “Thrill of the Chase” served as an olive branch for reuniting you and your son.

      As for the Wisconsin welcome sign picture, Dal can be quite resourceful in finding internet pictures that go well with a story — perhaps he did so here, or perhaps it was Forrest’s doing. (Every time I try to guess which, I guess wrong, so I don’t even bother trying any more, lol.)

  5. It will be found by the end of the summer…

    Do I need to put IMO if I believe it to be fact? 🙂

    • AFGN,

      Technically this summer ends this coming weekend so why do you believe it will be discovered in the next 5 days?


      • Okay, we’ll call it Schroedinger’s treasure; until the end of summer gets here, it is both found and unfound 🙂

    • Quote of the day:

      Well, I think we tried very hard not to be overconfident, because when you get overconfident, that’s when something snaps up and bites you.

      – Neil Armstrong

  6. I enjoy anytime I can hear a story of humanity, and hope to incorporate what I learn in my own life. Thank you to the entire family in Wisconsin and God bless.

  7. I really thought Birdie was going to find it on the Friday full moon. I wonder what happened? Alas.

    • AFGN,

      Well confidence IS important however I have a question for you before you go, since giving away this detail won’t matter much, given only 4 days; What is the true purpose of the first stanza in the poem?



        • And since I’m feeling so generous with my solve, I believe “trout” is the key word and not only tells the location of WWWH and HOB, and “where” (weir) is the word that is key.


          • Hi AFGN,

            thanks for sharing of your hypothesis with us. Any solution is correct before BOTG (like any buyer of Mega Million ticket is a potential multi-millionaire before the actual drawing).
            So, BOTG for all searchers is equal to Mega Million drawing. Then we re-think failed solution and prepare next one.
            I wish you good luck in your BOTG! And don’t be sad if you not found TC.

  8. I’m happy you and your son have a better relationship, Joanie.

    Thank you for sharing the letter, Mr. Fenn.

  9. I am pretty sure that I know where it is. I just can’t get there due to my disability.
    The question is: How would f know if it had been found?
    Should I write him a letter with my solve?

    • Hi Michael,

      I’m sure that many searchers (including me) will say the same – I know where it is. It’s phenomena of the chase. Nobody will spend money on BOTG if not pretty sure about location of TC.
      If your solution is 100% correct before the blaze Forrest will never respond to your email. He will also not respond if your solution is wrong. IMO.

    • Michael,

      Do you have someone in the search community you can trust to go to your location for you?

    • Don’t write FF a letter with your solve; this would accomplish nothing worthwhile.

      You could “partner” with someone to do the actual BOTG searching, if they are
      trustworthy. And speaking of trustworthy, please consider bouncing your solve
      idea(s) off of someone trustworthy who will give honest feedback. It’s not easy
      to spot one’s own mistakes. Good luck with all of this. As always, all IMO.

    • I often post my solves on this board. I have posted this particular solution a few times over the last couple of years. I sometimes include the GPS, and a website about the general area. I really don’t care about partners sharing with me. I just have an intellectual interest to see that the treasure is found. Although a token from the loot would be nice. If I personally found it I would likely remove any papers from the chest and put in something of mine. There is a cosmic balance that must be respected….

      • Hi Michael,
        the chase is a good example of psychology phenomena when all searchers believe only in their own solutions.
        For example, I’ll never go to your place if it is different from my solution. At the same time I am afraid to share my general area and solution for the hoB because I am 100% sure that all searchers will immediately go to this area and found TC during several days.
        You can ask how many searchers right now have solution that will lead them to TC with 100% probability in next BOTG. And you will see that many of this website visitors (including me) will say that they have it and will extract the indulgence in 2020.

        • Agee Andy
          I’m thinking that night time is the best time to retrieve the chest. I think it’s safe enough.

          • Andy;

            If you know where Indulgence is, wouldn’t you have planned for retrieving Indulgence and brought along a backpack the way that Forrest did? Probably two, one for you, and one for your partner – split the “box” and the “Loot” between you? Seems logical to me.

            The flashlight? I think that there is another use that Forrest had in mind. What if you need to illuminate a
            a dark crevice or other dark area in order to see and retrieve Indulgence?

            I suspect that Indulgence is in a place that is sheltered from the view of others that might be in the area. Forrest has said that there are no human trails in close proximaty (sic) to where Indulgence lies, so it is not likely you will be bothered by others passing near.

            A sandwich, just to relax for a few minutes, take a deep breath and compose yourself. After all, you have just done what 300,000 + people have not done before. Y E A for you. Shine the light on Indulgence, free her from her hiding spot, split the loot if necessary, eat your sandwich, take a breath and walk (Well, maybe float) back to your car and say
            “Finder, did you really just do that?” Grinnin’ ear to ear. Just dreamin’ JDA

          • Hi JDA,
            it’s very good scenario for finder 🙂
            I never think about possibility to use a flashlight for illumination a dark crevice or other dark area in order to see and retrieve Indulgence. It’s a good idea.
            I usually have a backpack but it’s very compact and definitely will not fit TC that is very heavy. You can put TC in your jacket but when you return to parking lot with such heavy package in your hands people will definitely pay attention to you.
            Anyway, you will never be well prepared to such event even if you don’t forget to take a flashlight and sandwich 🙂
            It was question about flashlight:
            Q: I would like to know if the blaze can be found during the day without a flashlight.
            “I would say yes.f”
            And one more:
            “People have become fixated on you telling them to bring a sandwich and a flashlight. Are they just wasting their time focusing on these things as clues?”
            FF: “They certainly are not clues”

      • As for me, I know that many searchers have gone to the general area of my favorite solves. And I have no problem sharing the GPS of the exact location. You want it, you got it:
        Today my favorite solve is back to the area near
        the POT CREEK Carson National Forest site. Specifically, north of there, up Bear Wallow Canyon-creek to Bear Spring.
        36 17′ 15″ N 105 31′ 39″

        There is no human made trail all the way up there. So that eliminates me from the area. Searching areas named Bear Wallow goes back to that scrapbook picture of the bear in the water, beneath Wheeler Mountain, with Forrest’s hat above his head. WWWH is Rito Olla at SMU. Canyon down is Bear Wallow Canyon to the north, not far but too far to walk. HOB is the original home of the Picuris people at the Pot Creek Carson Forest site. No paddle up your creek and other clues are up the Bear Wallow creek, a dry arroyo. Considering the location, there is likely an archeological site way up there which f may have found.
        That is my current best bet. IMHO
        or not…it is a good hike and not dangerous. You asked for it.

    • Michael, If you don’t mind me asking. What is the disability you speak of? I may be able to help you with your solve. g

  10. Nigh?
    Interesting that he said the CHEST is still there.
    I wonder if the same is true for the BRACELET.
    SB 205 is all about the return of cherished items.
    Makes me wonder.

  11. I’m so happy you are bonding with your son Joanie. That truly is a treasure. There is a BG commonality between this post and Forrest’s Scrapbook 205. Billy Goat and Green Bay. Maybe he’s telling someone it’s time to “pack” up and go?

    Speaking of the Packers…shouldn’t we be talking about the Seahawks instead?

    Winter studying is very trying. I can’t imagine waiting another winter to get out again. I hope 100% confidence comes to our eventual finder soon so we can all celebrate.

    God bless you and your family Joanie. And God Bless the Seattle Seahawks!!

  12. Alack-and-alas the chest remains to be discovered. My latest foray
    into the Rockies was disappointing (in more ways than one).
    It’s nice that Fenn’s chase can bring families closer together.

  13. I love the arrogance that each of us and potential searchers have. It must be a common trait. We all believe that the quest is within our solution. However, I never needed any more assurance of the treasure’s validity than the WORD of an older American man. THAT has led me to many wonderful places that I’ve shared his view.

    • Arrogance? I don’t see any arrogance. I see grateful searchers. This quest/chase is changing people’s lives. It’s a gift. I’m forever changed and grateful. It sounds like Joanie and many others are as well.

      And Dal, I’m grateful to you as well for hosting this site. Thank you for giving us a place to visit.

  14. The CHEESE! The big smile! The grin! Makes your heart melt! You’ve been redeemed with those you love! Good luck Joanie! Again from bad to good. Seems like a common theme in postings.

  15. Joanie, congratulations on reuniting with your son and hopefully your grandkids soon. I’m sorry for the time you’ve lost and excited for that you will gain.
    Good luck and best wishes for a future with all your loved ones.

  16. That’s two consecutive postings shared by Forrest in which burning gas is mentioned:

    This FGM: “I’m not ready to burn gas from Green Bay WI”

    and SB205: “That gave me ¼ psi of natural gas, which was enough pressure to melt the metal.”

    • Good catch, zaphod. Mr. Fenn has also mentioned gas on several occasions. Scrapbook 107 was about running out of gas in the middle of the intersection. Another on Jenny’s blog where he stated on 7/2/14 about searchers pitching in gas money for a percentage of the take (paraphrasing). Cynthia did a good post on her blog, too.

    • Hello Brian u. Mr. Fenn did a nice post over at Jenny’s blog a while back where he talked about melding the two metals which he was told couldn’t be done. The pieces are fireplace pokers; one of Emmett the Clown and the other a cow. You might like the story.

    • And another connection with the 2 posts.
      Pony Express = Mail = Post
      Forrest Gets Mail = Post
      As of this posting….f

      Back to the post office again.

  17. Looks like Green Bay is due East of Yellowstone. The last scrapbook ended with Pony Express rider headed west. Are there points of a compass coming together for some searcher?

  18. Nice Joanie, things are looking up. I don’t feel Forrest should be stressed or sad though. He is a winner. g

  19. Joanie, Fenn’s plan has succeeded. Like gravity , it pulls on imagination, and as in your case, brings some into their beneficial orbits. Your son needs help in this endeavor and has come to the true realization that most mom’s know everything ; quite the honor. No trip or journey is ever wasted. ” Begin it” (them) but never end them. Thanks for writing this inspiring letter.

  20. Dal, please dont moderate this out cause it might be my last post for awhile. I’m struggling to get the funds to do a BOTG that I should have done long ago in connection with the post about the hike near the oasis. One thing comes to mind a song called chasin you. This chase is a universal tool to inspire hope , hope for what well whatever a person searches for. My search has never truly been for the box of gold and I somehow think Mr. Fenn knows that . Don’t get me wrong I am still destined for the same location, but I have to take a historic scenic route and hopefully find what I’ve been looking for.From there I’m bound to follow the trails till I’m Santa Fe found ! Joanie thanks for the topic of reuniting. Good luck and God bless to everyone on this chase may we all find what we truly seek and may we know when we find it to not let it go……CM

  21. Thanks Joanie, dal and Mr. Fenn,
    A fortunate by product of the chase. Happy to hear about your rekindled relationship. Proof that the only wasted trip is the one never taken.

    • Well put Strawshadow. I’m trying to convince the wife to let me take one more BOTG this search season but it’s not looking promising. Maybe Mr. Fenn can call and talk her into letting me go. Nah I’m just kidding. It looks like it will have to be next season for this searcher.

  22. The chest is in NM…….. Does anyone think that FF made a trip, to verify if the TC is still where he hid it, to Wyoming or Montana? This would require a plane, bus, rental or personal vehicle, hotel stay, etc. I don’t think so.
    Too much of a chance for exposure and too much time away from home.
    However, a short drive from home to the spot would not bring much attention and could be done as a day trip.
    As always, IMO.
    OK, let the criticism begin. LOL.

    • Tarheel: Forrest is NEVER going to return to the chest’s hiding location prior to it being found. He has stated this on several occasions.

  23. Zap,
    I agree with your statement. However, what if the chest/spot can be viewed from a distance with the naked eye or binoculars……then FF would not have to go to the spot but still be able to verify that no one has discovered it.
    I have thought this to be the case for some time now.

    • Still too risky, in my opinion. He probably has people tailing him all the time for just that purpose (or even more insidious/illegal methods of tracking his movements).

      • Zap,
        I agree……I bet it is risky for FF to make a trip to the area where the TC is,
        but I think it is more risky to go to Wyoming or Montana.

    • Zap,
      Another thought is FF said as of the posting, the TC is still there……so to me and my thinking, if the TC is in Wyoming or Montana, then FF would have had to make the trip to those states within the last week or so.
      Maybe he did or not, I don’t know….but I’m still thinking the TC I close enough for FF to verify within a relatively short time.
      As always, IMO.

      • It would be really dumb to go back to where he hid the treasure after hiding it with all the exposure.
        If you read all his ATF’s (and there are tons) and saw and heard all his video and audio digitals (tons more) you would come to a conclusion there are no cameras or listening devices, he never went back there and never will.

        It’s sitting out there without any Fenn surveillance whatsoever.
        If you think it’s in NM because it’s close to his home then I think you are underestimating Fenn like so many have during his life.

        • Hi Jake, I believe your right about Mr. Fenn. I don’t underestimate him.
          Still in Cody digging?
          Seems everyone is in Cody, maybe it’s hiding around Spirit Mountain or Heart mountain?
          Joanie, wonderful news your relationship with son. I hope you get to see your grandchildren soon.
          Thank you Mr. Fenn for the adventure, you truly are a blessed man.
          Thank you Dal, for website it’s very enjoyable! I love it!
          Sincerely, m j

          • I gave up on Cody back in 2015. Ya, Spirit Mtn switch backs and private property, out.
            Heart Mtn was my HOB at one time (Home is where the heart is) but couldn’t get things to fit.
            Rattlesnake Mtn, Colter’s Hell, Shoshone (Stinking water).
            Buffalo Bill Res.
            So many connections but just didn’t fit so I had to move on.

        • Jake,
          Then explain how FF could definitively say “As of this posting the treasure chest is still where I hid it.” His posting was within the last few days. Without observing/seeing the “spot”, how could FF make this claim? Does he have mystical powers, crystal ball, an inside man, etc.? My common sense tells me FF saw the TC and did not have to be at the exact “spot” to verify this.
          Stay on your turf…my money is on NM. Nuff said.

          • The fact of the matter is Fenn doesn’t really know for 100% if the treasure is still where he hid it and he has told us this before.

            It’s still where he hid it in his mind.

            He knows it’s still there because he was a collector with lots of connections and this is world viral. All the pieces in the chest are well documented and if any piece popped up on any market, Fenn would know about it with all his connections.

            There is a tiny possibility that someone found it and is locked up somewhere but I doubt it because no one would be able to keep it secret for long unless the finder died and locked it before that happened.

            You folks are dreaming and delusional that he went back there and checked before this post.

            NM searchers are sucked in because he lives there and they think that 80 year old feeble man couldn’t drive to the places he was in love with as as a child and adult.

            Such a small area in NM and most has been searched. Good luck and don’t get your heels stuck in the tarry scant.

  24. I can think of several possible scenarios that would allow ff to know when the chest is claimed. None of them engage high-tech or cause him to do any extra travel. IMHO he has a way to encourage the finder to reveal themselves. We will not be sure which he actually used until the end of the Chase.

  25. I have to revisit this. I have been thinking about this for a long time now and hope Dal doesn’t moderate this post. I’ve been a searcher for almost nine years and have read through thousands of blog posts, book pages, maps (old and new), fishing regulations, internet searches, state facts, history, etc. I am not alone in my endeavor, as many of you have done the same.

    I’ve been from North Carolina to the Rocky Mountains on six BOTG trips. The vastness is overwhelming.

    It has been almost ten years since the “Chase” had begun. There have been tens of thousands of people trying to figure out the poem and many more blog posts. I’m sure there have been thousands of “boots-on-the-ground” searches. Some extremely smart, logical, outside-the-box thinking, etc. people have given a shot at solving this “Chase”.

    So , with the above, another season wrapping up and no treasure found…I am saying that without a specific, substantive clue from Forrest which puts searchers on the trail in a general area…then the TC will not be found by clue cracking, blog posting, BOTG searchers. WE must accept that we cannot get there with the clues in the poem or book. I know FF says we can, but no one has been able to do this. The clues are too general and only relatable to FF.
    I’m sure many doubters will disagree. If so, then what would be needed to solve the poem and find the TC. Don’t say the book and poem, or because I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Because our efforts using the book and poem, combined or solitary, are not working, even with all the brilliance, mental energy and time spent on finding the correct solve. Don’t say I’ve been looking in the wrong place, because no one else has the TC, so with that thinking, then we’ve all been looking in the wrong place.

    I am not discouraged or will give up trying to solve this mystery. It is the challenge for me…not the treasure.

    However, I believe without a substantive/specific clue which narrows the search area, the TC will only be found by chance.

    As always, IMO.

    • Hi Tarheel Searcher,

      I completely agree with your conclusions. Hints in TTOTC are very elusive and searchers already found tens of them and most likely all of them are false ones.
      If I can ask Forrest about one more clue I will just ask him to remove 1 state from 4. For me it will be enough. Narrowing search to 1 state will be too big clue.
      BTW, I also like to solve challenges (mostly it’s science challenges). This site ( even pay money if your solution is the best. I got numerous awards there and can assure you that it’s real.
      Forrest poem is very difficult challenge. I’m trying to crack first 4 clues during last 3 years and currently I have only the home of Brown (best case scenario).
      First search near the hoB was not successful but I did some corrections to solve and will repeat it again.
      Of course, any new information from Forrest might be very important piece of puzzle in our solves. Forrest knows it and releases new information very carefully. Dal visited him recently and promised to publish some new information that contain new hints. I hope he will do it soon.


      • Andy;

        Why change the rules, just because you can not solve the riddle that is the poem? What about all of the searchers who have “Played by the given rules” for the past nine years?

        Forrest says that Indulgence might not be found for years – tens of years – hundreds of years or even a thousand years. The poem is working exactly as Forrest intended it to work.

        Changing the ground rules now would be ridiculous in my opinion.

        My search state is Wyoming. Would I be happy or sad to learn that Wyoming had been eliminated? I would be MAD – that is what. I
        LOVE the chase – even if I AM in the wrong state – so be it. I am enjoying the chase. Why stead that enjoyment from me?

        Bah Humbug to your idea. You MAY not have solved it yet, but that does not mean that you can’t in the future. Keep at it. It is difficult, but not impossible. JMO – JDA.

    • Tarheel,

      I certainly hope that Forrest does not realease any more clues.

      If you’re playing in the pros and you cannot dunk on a regulation height goal do you lower it? Or do you train harder and try to adjust to overcome the obstacle in front of you?

      I completely agree with you that it is all about the challenge, the treasure would just be a fortunate byproduct of the chase. Forrest has mentioned that in order to solve his poem one needs to think the right things.

      I understand exactly what you’re saying but as one who has not competely ruled out their search area, I do not want forrest to give out any direct clues to narrow the search.

      After all it is the thrill of the chase…

    • Good for you (not giving up). I think most of us searchers, along with FF, would
      agree that solving the poem isn’t easy. The “substantive/specific clue which
      narrows the search area” has been provided. Study the poem and FF’s other writings. He said that the finder of the treasure will have earned it. I apologize
      for not being particularly helpful to you. But I encourage you to stay on the
      hunt, which can be good for you in various ways. As always, IMO.

    • I believe all you need is the poem and a good map to solve it. There are a few good hints from the book that will corroborate your solution.

      • I 100% agree Eric. I think that the SB’s and other things that Forrest has published will fuel the thought processes. No direct clues or hints, but kindling for a brain starved for fuel – Lights the imagination – JMO – JDA

  26. Do you not buy into the lead searcher theory that someone has already solved it but hasn’t yet retrieved it?

    • morecowbell,

      This is definitely a possibility. In SB207 Forrest said something along the lines of “The chest has not been retreived or moved since I first hid it”. (Paraphrasing of course)

      He didn’t say that the chest hasn’t been found. And by “found” i mean maybe someone sent him the correct solution but they haven’t retrieved it yet.

      Just a thought

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