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September 2019




Has anyone here played Zork?  How about the  much less-known sequel, Zork: Grand Inquisitor?  In the game, the main character is guided by a lantern who selects the moniker AFGNCAAP – which stands for “Ageless, Faceless, Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person.”  During my last three years on the search (from my armchair and trolling HoD), I thought this name aptly appropriate to hide my true identity.

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, and stationed all around the country in the U.S. Coast Guard, I finally landed in Michigan, which has limited my ability to make regular BOTG trips to RM.  However, I am in this more for the fun than for indulgence, so decided to marry a work trip out here with a reunion of sorts with my father.  As of writing this, we will be heading to Wyoming this weekend to do some hiking and fishing, but also look in my primary search area.  I have some other areas as backup in case we find nothing the first day, but I’m hoping they will not be necessary.

Here is my breakdown of how I interpreted the clues in the poem to reach my solve location.

First stanza:  Since we all know that “Begin it where warm waters halt…” is the first clue of the poem, what can be said about the first stanza.  I believe there is only a subtle hint; Forrest’s “secret where.”  I thought to myself; if I was looking for a place to rest my bones, it wouldn’t be out in the open, but could be guarded from view by passers-by.  Do you know where would be a good place to hide?  Behind a waterfall.   I also believe this “secret where” is actually a secret weir, which are used to regulate river flow for management purposes, and result in changes in height of a river.  These occur naturally, however, and are called waterfalls.  It will be discussed further below, but I believe one of the functions of Forrest’s secret weir is that it prevents many fish species from heading further upstream.  

Second Stanza:  This is where I believe the “word that is key” is “trout” and is used in each clue of the second stanza.  With this key word, clues in the second stanza are not only unlocked for where to go; but when to go as well.  There are several rivers that get too warm in the summer for trout to pass through, but at other times of the year are very rich with trout.  Gardiner River north of Boiling River is one of these locations.  People may have inadvertently started at Boiling River for other reasons, but the true clue is that warm waters halt in the late summer as the trout migrate up the river and must stop in two places; Osprey Falls down Gardiner Canyon or down Lava Creek Canyon towards Undine Falls.  


NFBTFTW: my interpretation of this is that you could walk it from Boiling River if you wanted to, but why would you when there is a parking lot much closer to where you should “put in.”  HoB again refers to trout (specifically Brown) that have a late spawning run late September through November; this is where I believe you not only put in to one of these rivers “below” where Brown trout stop spawning, but also late enough in the year where most of the snow melt is finished and low flows make it easier to traverse.  Another assumption that I struggled with at first was words like “down” and “below.”  For a long time, I thought of them as “downstream” and “below” HoB would also be downstream.  But I was thinking like a nautical person, not someone following a map.

Third Stanza: This is another place I struggle with my interpretation of some of the clues, because as of this point following the clues has led me to two potential places; however, only one of them is a creek that breaks off “nigh” and has a relatively high climb to “heavy loads and water high.”  Is this confirming I took the right path?  If not, then I have inadvertently jumped around on the clues to know where (and when) to put in.

Fourth Stanza:  “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze.”  I’ve always believed that the blaze was a waterfall; there are just too few creeks to follow that would lead to anything but.  But “Wise Falls” is not in the Rocky Mountains (its in Washington State, if you are interested).  However, Undine are wise, typically female elemental creatures; and there is an Undine Falls that feeds the lower part of Lava Creek.  I can’t tell you how anxious I got when Wikipedia had this definition for a very long time, and then someone edited it and removed the “wise” part from the definition.  I thought to myself, “someone must be on the same path as I am and is trying to prevent others from making the same association.”  Maybe I should have taken that survey on HoD to see if I was paranoid…

I’m still not sure about the rest, as I know I will likely have to be BOTG to interpret the rest of the clues.  What I will be looking for is a terry scant, or a leaning flat(ish) stone that may be concealing indulgence from sight.  

I don’t know why, but I always wondered why Forrest made two trips from his car to the hiding spot that afternoon.  Most assume that one was for the chest, and the other was for the treasure.  I actually think he brought the “terry scant” down first, and then returned with the TC and concealed it.  I’ll be looking around the bottom of the falls, and even behind it.

Oh, one last thing.  Did you know there is an Upper and Lower Undine Falls?  From the lookout on the road, you can clearly see Upper Undine Falls.  But just around the corner to the left (about 200 feet away) there is a Lower Undine falls that people can hike to and never be seen  from trails or pull outs on the road.  It would also be a great place to ride your bike out to and throw in the water high.

I’ll write more after my search…


So… I fully believe lower Undine falls is no place an 80 year old man could go; I went once and barely made it back to the car.  Cutting down from Lava Creek trail, my dad and I went back and forth over all the cuts of the creek, often backtracking and zig-zagging more than we should have.  

IMG 1291

We finally got to the lower falls, which I thought was “the wise blaze.”  There was a lot to see down there besides the beautiful view that I am sure very few people have had the opportunity to see…

IMG 1290

This includes some orange markings on the wall behind the falls, a large group of rocks on the far side of the falls with lots of moss on them, and a large boulder directly down from the falls.  I was so exhausted after the trek there I didn’t have much left in me to explore, especially knowing I had to return to my vehicle at the end of it.  It might have been there, but from some of the nooks and crannies I could access without chest waders, I didn’t see indulgence in sight; I still have a difficult time thinking an 80 year old person could make it there, but I might just be too out of shape.

IMG 1288

Next steps:

So, I promised my wife after a BOTG trip (which also included other trips to Lost Creek falls, Joe Brown trail head, and Bear Creek Canyon), that I would stop talking so much about TTOTC, in hopes that she can begin introducing me in social circles without explaining what I am interested in😊  I still believe that some of my interpretations of the poem are correct, and want to help whomever else is looking for future BOTG locations.  My suggestions include:

  • I still feel Lava Creek is a good place; I wish I would have started where Lava Creek connects with the Gardner river, and put in there.
  • The second stanza (I feel) is most certainly around Brown trout.  Whether WWWH is something ecological, or perhaps it is on the border outside of NM where there is a legal definition of “warm waters,” I think that spawning location of Brown trout is a critical part of the solve.
  • I felt strongly that “wise blaze” was “Undine Falls;” or more generally that a falls was the blaze.  I’m much less certain of this interpretation now.  I still feel like it could be a possibility; especially since we are looking for a place where someone can throw their bike into “water high” near the TC.
  • It will be a few years before I make another BOTG trip, but I’m not keeping my interpretations a secret anymore; if one of use solves this thing, it will be a win for all of us!






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  1. Wow, that was fast.
    I didn’t think you would send it to Dal so quick.
    Glad you realize it’s no place for an 80 year old man as I have traveled thru quite a few of those places as well.
    Knowing what is capable of Fenn helps.
    Thanks for sharing as I will read and understand more but don’t like the treasure in the park but the park is a treasure.

  2. Really enjoyed the well-written solve, and pictures. You thought process is hard to disagree with, even if one does not agree the TC is in YT. Thanks!-JK

  3. This area was one of my early arm chair solves before I scratched YNP off my list. I really enjoyed seeing your photos and hearing more details about the area.

    Keep working on your wife. My line to my spouse was, “Hey, think of it as my hobby; only I’m not going out buying model trains and building track all around the garage, I just go BOTG once or twice a year.”

  4. It is odd how I came across this posting. I’m on my way to work, climb into the commuter van in which I traverse to LA, settle in and bring up the internet. I didn’t open my e-mail or click any particular thing in my in-box, yet fastened to my screen is this post. I’m telling you I must be losing my bolts. In my defense, this took place in the fourth small hour and now in the fifth I am still sans my cup of Joe! Sure this may be a bit of a long approach to say that I enjoyed the sovle story, but penduluming on what I wanted to say. Did I want to say I liked, I loved, or I enjoyed reading this; I wasn’t sure. Now you know where I settled my finger. AFGNCAAP, if you ever decide to write again, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as much as I have this ppost of yours.


    Undine Falls area was my very first search in 2011. If you go up stream from the falls there was a tree crossing the creek and that’s how we got to the other side. In our search we found a small cave and thought it was the perfect place to hide the chest, but nada, glad there wasn’t something in there. Always on the lookout for grizzly’s, but what surprised us was mountain lion tracks on the trail going back that we just came down. This was a wonderful area to search. Thanks for sharing and bringing back those memories.


    • Hi Bur;

      I am glad that it was a wonderful place to search, and that the story brought back memories for you. – Knowing that there is a tree across the creek is good info too. JDA

      • JDA,

        It was a slow journey across that fallen tree. The wife really didn’t want to cross it because if you fell in the creek it could possibly have sweep you over the falls. But all went well in both directions.

        Thanks for your comment,

  6. The error I believe so many are making is “Brown” trout. The proper name is German brown trout. Even when used in a sentence unless it is the first word of the sentence brown trout would not be capitalized. So if that isn’t it… what is Brown?

    • KB Scout,

      Well the Brown I have come to know, is not brown trout. My Brown is a Brown and the capital B is a given. Some wonder more of where the home is, and what is considered a home? But you won’t know either answer if your not starting with the correct wwwh imo.

      Good luck,

  7. Enjoyed reading your journey and the photos are great. It did take Mr. Fenn two trips to hide the treasure chest due to the weight of each; chest and treasure. How did you and your father do while fishing?

  8. That’s a great looking search location. I may hike it just to check it out.

    One thing of note. The water isn’t too warm for trout north of boiling river in July. My son and I caught several trout there from the parking lot toward boiling river. We unwisely crossed the river there at boiling river and almost got swept away from the strong current. People sitting in the river there probably thought we were crazy.

    Thanks for sharing .

  9. Undine Falls is a beautiful spot thanks for sharing! I am a little confused about your screen name though?

    AFGNCAAP – which stands for “Ageless, Faceless, Culturally Ambiguous Adventure Person.”

    What does the “GN” stand for?

  10. Nicely presented and well documented.
    As I read your post, I felt a shudder run through my mind,
    and a touch of fear. ( My lord he is in the right spot. )
    For months now I have been pondering Lava creek area. Because it is indirectly associated
    with WWWH. I.E. lava flows, no paddle up your creek.
    Maybe I have said too much, meh. As much as I would like to put botg reality has something else in mind for me.

    Best of luck to all searchers.


  11. Beautiful pictures. Next time carry a Marlin 1895. People are taking too much risk.
    Forrest implied that a 3 years old girl could make it to the hidden place with some help.

  12. What a pretty place! Enjoyed your write-up as well. Whenever I’m in a social situation that I want to stay in, I tell people I’m an engineer. Whenever I’m in a social situation I’d like to scram from, I tell them I’m a treasure hunter. But most importantly….don’t make your spouse mad.

    Thank you for sharing.

  13. After reading and understanding a bit more I don’t agree with swapping “where” for “weir” in the poem. I know they sound the same but they have different meanings and seems like messing with the poem. Big no no in my book.
    I do believe you can use homophones in his ATF’s but not any words in the poem.

    Fenn’s statement about the word that is key (if there is one) should be in the poem. Although “trout” shows up in TTOTC, could be a hint to help with the clues but because it’s not in the poem (once again like weir) I don’t think it works for the word that is key.
    Not in the poem.

    That’s all I have time for tonight for criticism of your solve.
    Nice area though.

  14. A drum roll….hats off…..hand on heart.
    Thank You for the adventure and most of all for your service in the United States Coast Guard.
    Now here is the nugget to put in our pokes…….”Don’t go were an 80 year old can’t”.

    “She’s a grand old flag, a high flying flag, and forever in PEACE ay she wave. She’s the emblem of the land I love…..the home of the free and the brave”!

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