Winter’s Warning 2019…



by Forrest


For those treasure hunters who are searching the northern Rockies, it’s time to hang it up for another season. Please don’t tempt those mountains. One of the things I hate most is to have my feet cold. Burrr, makes me cold just thinking about it. f





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  1. Just got here today. Not leaving Bozeman until Saturday afternoon. Fingers crossed I get out and back to my girls! Until then, I will hike along!

    • Good luck and stay safe out there! Looks like I’ll have to wait until next spring for my next BOTG. Unless you come back with indulgence of course

    • If you’re still looking around for spots 45°1’29.73″N 111°35’10.27″W is a promising site if you can get to it. Stay safe!

        • Pearson road turns into Rising Sun Road where the blaze and property is. You won’t find the road name on Google maps though. Only a “good” map shows it’s true name.

          • Also this would explain why searchers have been 500 feet away. The top portion of the property is near a horse trail. Less than 200 feet away from the wooded area is the road where neighbors have inevitably drove by.

    • Ohhhhhhh my lord when did you become wimpy what happen to Diggin get out there in that blizzard and climb that mnt lol I finally get back to searching and u say go home ohhhhhhh heck no Lol

      • Hi Cuz! Forrest is just saying, “Wussies: cozzy up to your fireplaces with your hot cocoa. The sun has passed south of the equator, which means it’s Gypsy-only Season!”

        • Lol I guess he wants all the ones who might get killed to stay home playin it safe to late for a few of us out here already don’t think it’s gonna be to bad in Yellowstone but dang cold this morning

          • I like your gypsy attitude. This is the
            “Indian Summer” we’ve been waiting
            for. We will be heading to Emigrant in late
            Oct. to winterize our place on Emigrant
            Creek and check out our favorite WWWH. The hot pool at Chico. It’s
            never too cold for that!

          • Diggin Gypsy – Layers! I used to work for an outdoor store here in Sun Valley. Make sure your hands, feet and head are warm. And don’t sweat! Ask Bear Grylls; he’ll tell you!

            But you know all this already. Good luck to you and your little sister! That pic of you with the shovel on the hillside was priceless. So glad you are back on The Chase.

      • Glad you’re back in the “chase” Miss Gypsy. I’m going to have one more go of it this season before Yellowstone closes. Good luck to you!

  2. Thanks for the reminder Forrest. This appears to be a significant storm that could catch a lot of people off guard.

    Everyone please take precautions if you are in the area impacted.

  3. I was hoping to squeeze out one more BOTG this year. If my area isn’t too bad I might be able to go soon . I wonder if my effort will be worth the cold…

    Better not chance it. The wife wouldn’t be too happy with me lol

  4. This year clearly is winding down. Be safe everyone and definitely don’t search in the snow! It’s even chilly where I live and I live in a desert! I suppose there is a slim chance of an Indian Summer extending the season in some areas even after the snow shuts it all down.

  5. Wow, I don’t want to even think about snow!
    We’re still enjoying an Indian summer here on the east coast..

      • How are you doing Jdiggins?
        Hope you’re doing better.

        Just couldn’t take the heat, humidity and rotten employment environment in S. Florida anymore. 8 years was way too long coming from the Granite State.
        Love it in Sparks, NV – Great work environment, change in seasons, low humidity, lot’s of sun, got the mountains close by, can bet on the Patriots and it’s only a day drive to the Gallatin. 🙂

        Your poem still gives me inspiration.

        • Jake,
          Wow! Sparks is beautiful, love it there. If you take 395 north 31 miles you’ll see a dirt rd on the right, leads up to Peterson Mountain. Beautiful crystals to be prospected there!
          And I’m glad I’ve inspired you! Thanks!

          • Snow here yesterday.
            I see a few dirt roads and one goes by Yellow Rock, CA that goes up north of the mountain.
            This is where the road ends?
            39.850553, -119.984123
            Can you give some coords where the mine or crystals are?

        • Sure Jake, I’ll co my book for them. I found it with my Gem Trails of Nevada.
          I remember the directions though,
          Go 25 miles north on 395 to hallelujah junction. Ck your odometer and go six more miles.
          There are painted mountains just past it and the dirt rd to follow is rough and lengthy to get all the way to the foot of the mtn. You need a 4x
          Beware of others above you unaware of your presence due to the danger of rocks falling or landslide. Park farther back from the mountain also so ur ride dont get smashed. Then you can search the ground for them or imb up the hill with a pick, shovel and screens…its a blast! There is amythist, smoky quartz, citrine, beryl, tourmaline, and clear sceptors which dominate the majority.

          • Thanks Jdiggins,
            When it’s warmer and I get some time away from my changing work schedule, I will have to go and find some crystals, seeing Fenn’s treasure is much more elusive and this is up the road.

  6. Dang it Forrest, (as you know) , I was booking my Wyoming trip this week for my new solve. Well I guess I will hand it up for now and research throughout the off season. Very frustrating…….. here comes the off season! Kpro

  7. We’ll, heck.
    MT will wait on me til this spring. Farmer’s Almanac predicted correctly. It also says we will have another late spring due to heavy snowfall!
    Everyone wrap it up, pull out the research books and snuggle up to a cozy pinyon fire.
    It’s gonna be a long winter!
    Mr. Fenn, I hope you keep us entertained with some more great scrapbooks!

  8. See y’all should have a solve in Colorado 🙂
    In 2 weeks I will come to the “End” of my search season. If perhaps I fail again I may see y’all again next summer. I said I may. Ha ha

    Stay safe and wise out there. Peace.

    • Hope the snow waits until after your search, Amy. I’ve heard Colorado is predicted to have above normal precipitation for the next three months.

  9. That suits me just fine. I’ll wait for mid-summer 2020 to try again, I think. But I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to try out my new hip-waders this year.

    • Not if I can help it! I hate having cold feet just like f and… I don’t have them. Don’t get me wrong, I do have feet, they just aren’t cold. Steam is on my agenda Saturday. I’ll stop talking so I don’t get winded. I hate that, it lends itself to cold feet. Relax, some of the best days in life are hard.

  10. Poem: worTH THe cold, when listening good is a shiver sound or brrr. TH digraph is called a thorn. Fenn spells brrr as BURR which is a synonym for thorn (and a knot IN THE WOOD). Two thorns next to one another in “worTH THe cold” confirms that THORN is the answer to this line in POEM. Been saying it for years and falls on deaf ears (not listening good).

      • Lisa, the storm is already hitting Montana. Just got off the phone with family…it’s snowing in Missoula now. 50 mile per hour winds expected tomorrow.

        • Beautiful fall day here in Missoula today. Of course, a running joke in Missoula is that it is only 5 minutes from Montana.

          Thanks for the warning Forrest but Montana prefers to be unpredictable.

  11. Weather happens. I know a ski village operator who is deeply envious of MT’s blessing. Mushers in the Iditarod have been lamenting lack of snow. Snow shoes are available. Yurt-to-yurt treks in many feet of snow in the Rockies are common. If you haven’t been in deep snow and if you haven’t experienced the surreal sonic ambience of a forest during falling snow, I highly recommend it.

    Remember — entire civilizations, hundreds of years before gore-tex and polartec and patagonia and north face, survived in such conditions. It’s really possible, and it’s really transcendent.

    Just don’t consume alcohol as a way to ‘warm up’. That’s really bad.

  12. Just great. Booked flights and accommodations 3 days ago. For next week. Wyoming. Weather said 51 degrees high and sunny. Guess I’ll be on pins and needles this week.

  13. My mother just told me that it snowed at Bridger Bowl near Bozeman, MT.
    Now I read this advisory from F. We both have relatives up there that talk about the weather. Maybe it isn’t worth the cold.

  14. Well I’ll have to be the odd ball I goin to take my chances limited funds and the ol’ harley. If the first stop works out I might be able to complete my whole trip I have planned. From there I plan on backtracking to a area that I was rather attached to back in 2009 the area was beautiful and the people were awesome not necessarily in that order. I feel a great need to do search in the area maybe take another hike. This time a bit better prepared although there is always the oasis to stock up on some supplies .. since its to late to hitchhike a canoe ride If things don’t seem to be linking together by then I may have to kick rocks back to the trestel board. That path is starting to get pretty beat down and really could use some time away ….

    • pdenver,
      Well I’m glad that searchers are still thinking about the songs of Bob Haworth. At that time I went to his blog and there were some conversations between Forrest and Bob at different locations on it. If you can find them now they were interesting, especially dates and times of remarks and meetings together.

      Thanks for your post and YouTube link to Bob’s song.


      • I believe I may have read the blog a long time ago which you provided. I don’t recall reading conversations between the two gentlemen. Mr. Haworth did a great job with the final words to the song. Each time I hear the lyrics, I always think to myself, “Don’t stop running, Mr.Fenn.”

  15. Having spent the majority of my life in Michigan. I know the hazards of snow and cold.
    I think it was in “79” we had hit a record cold spell; -22F overnight. It was no place for the meek, and the journey to move trash cans was not worth the cold for some unfortunate souls.

    Be wise and enjoy the fireplace blaze.
    Thanks Forrrest


  16. “Don’t get ‘cold feet’ “ LOL. I’m sorry Forrest, but I did. What a I saw, ahead of time, troubled me. That combined with my initial reading of this post, shattered my confidence, and I did not do what a brave soul should have. But I still have over 24 hours here. So… TIME… is on my side for now.

    • Be safe Will!
      Good luck!
      Please remember failure is one step closer to success. Y’know…just in case.

      • Will be extra careful please!! Remember a man who doesn’t like to get his feet cold hid it! So only look where you won’t get cold feet wearing tennis shoes or slippers!!! 🙂

  17. Another conformation from Mr. Fenn, that he doesn’t like cold places. Like when he couldn’t bring himself to drop Olga’s ashes on the top of Tao’s mountain due to the snowy bleakness of the place.

    • Yes, stay warm folks. Keep you feet covered up and your mouths too! Leaky lips sink ships. I know this now.

  18. Are we sure that we HAVE to hang it up for the winter? Forrest has stated that the treasure could be found in any weather right? Just to shut off your “engines” until spring. Does anyone think you could ski or walk to the treasure in the middle of winter?

    • Yes cross country ski but remember he had a sedan that took him to where he had to hike 2 times in an afternoon. So where do you start? Is your vehicle able to get you to where he started hiking?

    • He said something to the effect that it could probably be retrieved in any weather if you know precisely where it is. He never elaborated (to my knowledge) on whether he meant it could be retrieved during winter though. My guess is he doesn’t want people out in winter tempting nature given the elevated risks and danger the mountains pose.

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