Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…

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218 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…

    • A great prize for a great cause!! I have the perfect place to display this! Coincidentally, it’s right above where the chest will sit if I’m fortunate enough to find it!! Haha!!!


  1. “What if” the area Forrest hid indulgence was a place the family traveled thru on there way to YNP one summer. Maybe stopping to fill the water bladder on the radiator and enjoying a little of this areas history. Then many years later dropped in to the area looking for arrowheads and eating volcanic chili, on a trip to Cody Museum for one of his many meetings or visits there.

    “What if” Forrest revisited this area in his latter years with a special friend and discover even more that this place had to offer with them. (Friend had pasted after this visit) . Two can keep a secret if one is….
    Maybe this is why he post this poem –

    Here’s a toast to the art of forgetting
    That friend of the fast dimming past,
    Gone down with the sun that is setting,
    The sordid has vanished at last.
    Remembering beauty untarnished,
    The joy and glamor enhanced,
    Reviewing the years with laughter and tears,
    In the twilight I ponder entranced.

    “What if” Forrest then again went back to this place to reflect on his life and help heal what cancer had seemed to have take away, still not knowing if his life would continue for years to come. Then after this visit he realized that this place was special to him, it had so much meaning in his life, and that it would be a wonderful place to hide his treasure chest. Giving young and old a chance to discover what he came to know of this area.

    Is this just imagination at work or maybe there is even some truth in it. Either way one should ponder on Forrest’s special place, and how that came to be?

    Good luck searchers,

    • Those are some deep thoughts, Bur. Thank you for sharing your ideas on f’s special place. I can imagine there are a multitude of things that make it special to him alone.

      Now I’m off to water my keyboard….

    • Some of the poems words make me imagine Forest driving near a big lake.
      Then he makes first trip to put a small boat with paddle in or near the water.
      Another trip to put a heavy backpack into the boat. If too heavy he uses a wheeled device to transport. Like a bicycle.
      Then he starts paddling the lake for a while.
      It nears a place on a map with the word “point” or “arm”.
      Then sees a HOB.
      This is near to a creek which one climbs up.
      Then walks to where there are lodgepole pines and a small water filled area.
      All imagination only of course. But fun to visualize.

    • Gets one to also think of the possibility that f might have come up with his special place not because he has been there more than a couple of times but there’s a lure(s) there that attracts him to this place. I can see f reading books about this place and pulling him in either before he went there or afterwards.

      • Fundamental Design,

        Your right there is a “lure” for Forrest there. Look at his home, his collection and the place it sits. History is in his blood.

        Good thinking FD,

    • Hi Bur;

      I like the picture that you paint; whether true or not. It is easy imaging Forrest, as a boy scampering up and down those hills – and then later, as an adult bringing a special friend here to show him/her the wonders of this place; only to return, after the friend’s passing, to this place for renewal and healing when faced with a cancer that one could not know, was in life-long remission.

      DEEP memories – profound memories. Memories (Riches) new and old.

      Yes, this was the perfect place to hide Indulgence – Special in so many ways. “IT” would represent Forrest’s life in so many ways. Whether true or not, Bur, I like the imagery – Thanks for posting – JDA

      • Thanks JDA,

        I have posted some of this before and thought maybe some searchers might needs some things to think about over the winter months. Whether or not all is true that is up to the ones who want to believe
        there is a reason, and just maybe Forrest special place is not just a area he was in in his younger years, but maybe one he truely found later in life.

        Thanks for your reply JDA,

      • Kurt,

        Glad I gave you somethings to think about. It’s all about confirmation after you believe you have most of the poem clues solved.

        Just like when some of Forrest ATF comments help in confirming things in your area of search. Only you can see them you hope, and you just smile.

        Good luck,

      • Kurt,

        Glad I gave you something to think about. It’s just getting confirmation on your search area after you have most of the clues solved.

        Just like in some of Forrest’s ATF comments that you hope no one else understands that helps confirm your search area, and just smile.

        (I wrote you back but my comment went into moderation because I put a wrong letter in my email address so that comment might pop up later, oh well.)

        Good luck,

        • Ever wonder why f says don’t go if there is snow on the ground? Besides the obvious, is there something on the ground, staged, that would be missed if we went when there was snow? Since we could retrieve in any weather.
          Would have to be a hint if so. Maybe something that makes you observe something else, like a clue.

    • Thanks Amy,
      These thoughts have been on my mind for sometime since I came across the area I’m searching now. I know Forrest has been there and that had me research far more to help understand possibilities. I just might know that special friend. Their name came up too to this special place. Now if I can figure out what the blazes is the blaze.

      Thanks again,

  2. In some online Treasure hunting terms a B is very important. (Google that to see treasure hunting terms.)
    One meaning listed of B is 13.
    Move 1 and 3 close together and it forms a capital B.
    Another meaning for a B means the “treasure is near”
    This means very little unless we look at the map in TFTW.

    Ever wonder why Forrest’s map has lines on it?
    He didnt have to put those there
    Nor explain what the lines were.
    So why put lines if they are not somehow important numbers?

    Of course they may not mean a thing at all
    But are very curious as to their importance…or not.

    • Copperhead: Those lines on the map are the degree variation
      between magnetic north and true north. Depending on where
      you are, it could be from 8 to 15 degrees difference.
      I don’t know if you make that adjustment to the left or the right,
      but IMO it’s just another way of saying his gun doesn’t shoot straight. Curiously, 12 degrees passes through West Yellowstone and my favorite spot. Always remember-
      His gun doesn’t shoot straight and the cold water is on the right.

      • I though his sight was bent? Which he would only say that if he missed his target. He then made mental note of the needed compensation to make an accurate shot . Plus side didn’t have to worry about someone out shooting him with his own weapon !

    • Copperhead: “He didnt have to put those there”

      and he didn’t have to, nor did he put them there, the company who did the map for him put them there, he didn’t know Canada was missing from the map until later… obviously he did not participate in the details, when canada goes missing.

      • Thanks for the info everyone.

        If the lines were on the map already then I’m ok with that of course. Just wondering why he might have left them (since they worked with the map company and could have easily removed them using photoshop like I often do with my own artworks or like I use when editing our international magazine’s art submissions) nor why he put the text there explaining the lines nor why they extend into the poem area.

        Maybe totally irrelevant though.
        (Just a bit odd to my own editing eye. But not trying to make anything out of this other than wondering why they didn’t edit it out,)

        Thanks agin to all.

  3. OK! Here goes…..
    I believe in my heart I know the location of the chest.
    This is probably the most visited site in relation to the chase; therefore to make it fair, I am posting here.
    I had posted a friend of the great man and a newcomer to the chase, stating that who ever looks for and finds who the great man is, and not where the treasure is, I will tell them the spot I have found.
    We have all been told over and over again by this special man, how to find his chest. Maybe if we spent less time searching, we would have listened.
    I can not count how many clues we have been given, along with hints.
    If you truly listen to this special man, with no thought of the chest, nor the riches or the people he knows; there is one thing I believe that stands out about his life.
    Umbilical? Yes. Special? Yes. He had to make it work! No matter what.
    It is not who you are, it is who they think you are!
    Forget the chest, find out who the special man is. It may be worth your while.
    I have good reasons that I can not go, and I really need the financial gain; but, life is life. Yes I want title, yes I want the surprises; but I am a realist.
    No I have not failed and will be sad of course, I really believe now though, that most people want this over. I hope I am right in this.
    Please do not email me, unless you truly believe you know the great man.
    I suggest you spend your time wisely and not just to slate me.
    Words are important, in some cases they have over a hundred meanings, see what he says do not assume.
    For me, with a frog in my throat I would say Bells are important.

    • KIDQUIZ-
      Q- Why is it when you look for something you always find it
      in the last place you look?
      A- Because when you find it you quit looking.
      Sounds hokey but that’s how you need to interpret some of
      the things Forrest says. Like a kid.

    • Very interesting post Mario. Who is the great man that you speak of? It is Forrest, of course, but do any of us really know Forrest? That is a good question. I HOPE that I know who he is, one of the most generous people I have ever heard of. Giving, in SOOOO many ways. He gives of his time, his intelligence, his imagination, and most of all, his love of people, places and things – especially of those places and things of the past, most of which relate to the Native Americans. I do not think that most people understand just how committed Forrest is to the chase. The hours that he spends looking at emails, and reading posts, and communicating in so many ways with the search community. A VAST amount of effort – fueled by his love of people and adventure. All just my opinion thouigh – JDA

      • Thank you for that JDA.
        Through his books, media, and his own words he tells US of a place that is special to him.
        He also tells us all; WHY!!!!!!

        • HE DOES NOT ASK THE QUESTION. – The question that you are hinting at is : Who is Forrest Fenn, as a man, and as a person? Let’s hope that his autobiography will answer that question. I tried above to answer that question – in brief – but there is obviously SOOOO much more to the man that I am unaware of. I personally have never had the pleasure of meeting him, and yet I consider him my friend – a friend found only through the Chase – JMO – JDA

          • Too many ways to solve this thing. I think I am on too many paths. I have ADHD and my brain is about to explode. Grammar , smiles, eighty, why, s , imagination, arrows, drawings, I can’t take it!

          • I “believe” you are correct wwwamericana – a second chance at life to get it right… particularly following a long hellish look at death (via cancer) causes a man one to consider lives taken, wrongs done to others…

            Forrest once said, “slam the door and start over.”
            In my opinion 1988 was the start of his journey through the shadow of death .

  4. I read that a analyst in the stock market say the price of gold might be up to $2000.00 dollars a ounce by July of next year. That would make just the weight of the gold in the treasure chest at about $482,000.00 dollars alone. But we all know some of that gold is worth a lot more because of what it is. So what would the value of the chest be then if found. I bet it would be more then I can count on my fingers and toes. Lol

    Just thinking out loud,

    • Now that would be a BUNCH – or I think it would… not sure I can count that high though. I need my fingers to point to the toes to keep track, so how can I count both? haha 🙂 JDA

      • JDA,

        In a way I’m just curious what someone would pay for the complete chest, if auctioned. Of course that silver bracelet has to be given back to Forrest as part of the deal.


          • MJ,

            Really like that question so I had to look that up. Yep they sure have but no picture of Forrest special spot. They even gave a hint to wwwh. Dang wish I would have thought of this. Of course all is imo.

            MJ you have one up in my book, thanks for the question.


          • Now you went and done it MJ. I got National Geographic on the brain. I looked up to see if two things-(bad term) related to the big picture area were ever in NG and yes they had articles about them too.

            So now I’m going to look up my shoelaces and see if they did article on them.


          • Ok I’m done for the day. NG had a article on my shoelaces. Just kidding.

            Have a good weekend searchers. I’ll be celabrating mine. Cheers


          • I am pretty sure that NG did the special on this place in general, though not directly mentioned about the chase, including beautiful sceneries, many features, animals near and in it, and past history and future.
            — MajinKing

          • I was going to release all the details (solve, clues, and explanations) when I find the TC sometime next summer, but I’m rethinking whether I should do it or not.
            — MajinKing

          • Sorry, “when” in my previous post should be replaced with “if and when”.
            — MajinKing

          • One issue of National Geographic years ago, had a full spread on the Sange De Cristo mountains, due to there mystique.

        • @Zaph
          I couldnt reply to you directly so doing it here. I’ve been think about Nat Geo and George . I’m still looking things up.

  5. I can speak from experience when you are diagnosed with cancer ,it changes your outlook on life. First thing i thought of was the things that I wont be around to see that I would have never imagined would be cut short. Then came my downfall I attached some of the dearest memories were they did not belong. It is never a good feeling when your talking about some of the best memories you shared with someone and they tell you. Maybe you should go find the one you made those memories with because they dont recall none of them!!!!!!! I was fortunate that I had a rare case of cancer. It was removed and I have never been back to check up on it . That has been over seven years ago. They did find some things out about me that was very unique per say . Kinda funny how I remember back in high school we did a lab exercise and the results were the same there too and poke berries don’t effect me lol. Same class my awareness started taking its first steps as well. I appreciate how this chase has been taking me down some old roads I pray that there is one that the bridge is still cross able because that in my opionion was were the treasure was IMHO…

  6. You know I was thinking this morning about my search area. One that I have had for a few years now. Wondering about all the clue solves I have come to know, but not understanding or seeing the most important one.

    I have travel out to this area 5 times but my time searching is limited. Each time I had only 1 day to search, and believe this is the reason I can’t figure out that one important clue. My solves for all the others fit like a glove, so why such a issue on this last one.

    I think I have come to a conclusion.

    This important solve is the blaze. I have been to my water high and looked in many directions and see so many things that I could mark as possibilities, even things in areas close by, but how do I narrow all this down? “Been wise” has my mind doing flip flops. Have I seen the blaze on my treck up from the put in spot, or have I read what it could be in TTOTC book or in Forrest ATF comments or scrapbooks or does it related to maybe one of the other clue solves. I believe this my issue trying to find the blaze, I have to much information to consider and my mind kind of goes blank trying to put all this together for one blaze.

    So what can I do to remedy this?

    Guess the only way I can see is to have more time out there searching and try and cover all the bases. I’m sure it was easy for Forrest to just look out and see what he considers a blaze, but for maybe a mind filled searcher they just might have a hard time locating his easy blaze.

    Not sure if this the same for any other searcher here and if it is have you figured out and resolve?

    Not what and where is that blaze?


  7. I was looking through some old interviews and this answer by FF is making me wonder what he meant.

    “Stubbornness is sometimes confused with tenacity. There are many avid searchers looking for the treasure who are not blinded by its value. After I hid the treasure I never went back to that spot, and now I can’t.”

    Why can’t he go back now? Besides the obvious of it would make it known if he visited the area. But let’s just say that’s not the reason. If it’s in a place a 79/80 man can go, why can’t he go back? Is it “too far to walk?” Too high up in elevation?


    Here is the link to the question and answers:


    • James;

      Forrest has stated that because of his advancing years – now 89 – he can no longer go back to where Indulgence is – Just too hard for him – JDA

    • I think the poem tells us the answer to your question, specifically “and now I am weak.” Such line indicates that the condition of being weak that the person referred to as “I” is experiencing is an ongoing thing because “I am” is present tense and such necessarily attaches a habitual/constant characteristic to the weakness of that person.

      By publishing TTOTC, and resolving never to go back to the spot where he hid the chest (see the Laura Thoren interview—Tarry Scant website using keywords “never go back”), FF has locked himself into the perpetual condition of being powerless when it comes to going back to that spot—it is both a self-imposed and a self-enforcing (?) dilemma—he can’t because has decided he won’t.

      • Bowmarc;

        I think that the full stanza needs to be looked at. There is a question, and then an answer. The question has two elements “Go” and “Leave” where-as the answer also has two parts – “Tired” and Weak”.

        I think that the question and answer need to be linked – “Go” – “Tired” and “Leave” – “Weak”

        Tired can mean to want to lie down, to get to a lower elevation – So, Go to a lower elevation, Weak can mean watered-down like a WEAK – watered-down drink – or a slow moving or weak place that it wet. So, Go to a lower elevation and find a place where there is a slow moving spring or rivulet – a wet place. Didn’t Forrest say that Indulgence is wet? Just how I see it. JDA

          • The “I” translates to “YOU” so YOU must go to a lower elevation where you will find a wet (probably swampy) place – JDA

          • I also skipped a bunch of other words, but I will leave it up to you to decipher the others. I am not about to feed you everything my friend – 🙂 JDA

        • Yours is a possible interpretation as well, JDA, one which you have shared before.

          I have looked at the stanza as a whole, but only shared this tidbit since it was specific to the question at hand and revealing my whole interpretation is tipping my hand a little too much (although I do recall speaking at some length about this stanza and cancer somewhere on this thread, and you and Seeker were perhaps the only ones to respond at the time).

          • Seeker has a keen mind, and asks lots of “WhatIf” – one might do well to listen when he speaks – JMO – JDA

          • JDA,

            We all have “what ifs”, to single Seeker as the one to listen to doesn’t work for me. Because as he has mentioned in the past here on this blog, he doesn’t know where the first clue is or what it is.

            As I mentioned above we all have those “what ifs” and is important to listen or look with what others are saying in this Chase.


  8. Sometimes when searching Google Street view you come across something interesting.

    In the link below in May 2009 is someone in blue and maybe grey hair walking about 200 ft from the road. Is this Forrest? I won’t be checking this out so if anyone is near US-84 north of Ubiquiu Reservoir stop by and take a look. Hopefully I didn’t just give the treasure away. 🙂

    I just can’t seem to fit HOB or Meek into this location.



    • Kurt,

      It’s hard to tell what the blue is, let alone a grey haired man. As far as your 200 ft comment is just speculation unless you know where the treasure is hidden and have retrieved it.

      Sorry, one word “Speculation”

    • Kurt, how many clues do you think you have correctly solved?
      Have you bounced your solve off any anyone to see if they agree with your
      solution to any of the clues? By the way, I believe the TC was hidden in the summer, surely after May of 2009. Good luck to you.

      • Tall Andrew,

        I always bounce my ideas off my wife. The problem as we all know is it’s easy to fit our solves to the poem. That’s why no one has found it in 9 years.

        My current idea for WWWH I have rationalized two possible solves all the way up to the Blaze. In my opinion, the Blaze won’t be visible until you’ve gone up the creek. Forrest has said searches have identified the first two clues and were within 200 ft so I think once you find the Home of Brown it will be a short distance to the treasure.

        Again, just my opinion.

        So, until I find the treasure, have it appraised, and notify Bur of the value, we won’t know for sure any of the clues.


    • There is a “Show historical imagery” button in the menu bar at the top. It looks like a clock with a green arrow going counter-clockwise. It is only accessible when in 3D mode. Click this and you have access to recent and historical images in 3D mode. In street view you only get whatever is the latest image from Google (I believe). No historical images in street view.


  9. Does anyone know of another way to attach an image avatar next to the handle name other than going through WordPress’s site?

  10. Well, hell! The link is in response to a post that asked about contacting IllinoisGhost …..now, the dang post disappeared??

      • Hiya pd, how ya doing?

        Yep, I see my post w/ the link…..but the post I was replying to has disappeared. Didn’t pay attention to who posted it, so I can’t address them directly.

        Good Luck to ya Lady…..should be a very entertaining off-season this year, no?

        • Hello locolobo. Meeting life’s new challenges by the horns.

          Looks like I missed the original post for which you’re speaking of.

          It’s going to be very entertaining off-season, indeed. Good luck to you, locolobo. I hope to see you post again.

  11. Perhaps there is no blaze (gasp) – what did I just say? Could it just mean that you know where you are going – because you are wise?

    Fire away at me y’all…

    • Why, then, would Forrest say “The clues will lead you to the treasure and whether it’s buried or not, you can find it if you can find the blaze as a result of starting with the first clue. That’s what you have to do.” (From The Lure Post-Screening Q&A 5/18/2017)

      and many other blaze ATFs


      • wwwamericana – I repeat:

        Find ‘IT’. Find the blaZe/blaSe. Be WiSe. Start at my WWWH; the first clue. Madison Junction as the place to ‘begin IT’.

        Look quickly down at the S-curve/$ at Baker’S Hole. Then do the ‘worth the cold’ Boots-In-The-Water or jump-in-a-canoe thing, to get to the Ninth Clue;

        “If you are brave and in the wood,”

        Then look down to see the bronze chest.

        All IMO.

    • Oh great….so you are saying that the Blaze isn’t even a clue??? I thought it was CONFIRMED that the Blaze was the 9th clue!!!! But Forrest said “look down”!

      I do like your different way of thinking though www!!

    • Let’s see, Forrest Fenn interview VOA October 2019.

      Forrest, “When you get to the ninth clue look down because you’ll, you’re where the treasure chest is.”

      The Poem
      If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
      Look quickly down, your quest to cease,

      The Blaze is the ninth clue.


      • That is your interpretation Kurt. Just because the poem says to “Look quickly down…” and Forrest says to “Look down” – does not mean that they are one and the same. One can look down from any clue – Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon DOWN – Look down the canyon – etc. Don’t read too much into the one word “down” – JMO – JDA

      • Agree with JDA. The similar wording offers a possibility of connection, but isnt necessarily validated.

        There is a good probability that one will need to look down when reaching the treasure spot, in which case Forrests comment could work regardless of where the last clue is in the poem.

  12. After reading the last Canin Creek solve I’ve thought about this area and areas around it.

    As we know many searchers tend to gravitate to Yellowstone National Park and West Yellowstone Montana areas for their solves of the poems clues. I can’t say that I wasn’t attracted to these areas too in the beginning, but over the years especially seeing all the post of searchers that canvas these two areas you have to wonder if searchers are concidering all the other searchers in those prime spots. To me if you research your wwwh and your canyon down and see over six searchers have been to these locations, there is a good possibility that ten to twenty times that have been there and never post it, maybe your solve area has been over searched. I believe YNP and West Yellowstone areas are beautiful places, but most who search there now to me are just repeating a lot of the same searchs in places that I have seen over and over throughout blog posts over the years.They could be most likely be wasting their time if they truely are looking for Fenn’s treasure. There were at least five searchers that I knew about in the areas of West Yellowstone and of Firehole, Madison Junction, and quite possibly more that I didn’t know about, when I was there Spring of 2011. How many have been in those areas since? Thousands or more.

    I’m not telling anyone not to search these very common spots just do some research to how many have had the same solve ideas for your first two clue solves. Remember Forrest has said several -(refer to Moby Dickens video below) have gotten the first couple of clues, not a lot or hundreds.

    I have researched my area that I have now, and there were two searchers, that I know of, in the very early years (a woman and a man) that had the same first two clues and another after that. All mentioned wwwh area then traveled on the same main “canyon down” trail but went to three different hoB so call locations. Not one considered the hoB high above wwwh or the off beaten trail (the “put in” location) below (hoB’s elevation) about a mile 1/4 down that canyon. In fact the first two were to far down that canyon that by time they got to their final clue solve there was no way Forrest could have made two trips in one afternoon from their solves. These first two searchers were at this area well before Fenn’s comment came out “two trips in one afternoon” in this Moby Dickens book signing.

    All I wanted to say is maybe research your solve and see if it has been well traveled, if time and money is something there is not a lot of for you just try and make sure you’ve have done your do diligence as to not waste either. All is my opinion.

    Good luck,

  13. I find all these SB’s amusing and I peruse them, like all y’all do, with interest – looking for hints and clues in his words. As each SB comes out, hundreds of comments are made. Many of them are interesting and lead me to research into areas that I would have never gone. But oh, I get so tired of “so much talk.” Hashing and re-hashing over the same things.

    As soon as a new SB comes out, we immediately forget about the previous one(s). They soon become just “astericks” in this wild and crazy Chase.

    Perhaps we need to return to the begininng – to SB 1 and reread it. Although it is written by the mighty Dal, there is a quote in there which to me is extremely important. Something maybe we should take remember and take into consideration as we search for his treasure. Let me share the words.

    “Forrest taught her to tie flies and as payment, made the rule that she can never fish for trout with a fly that she has not made herself.”

    Food for thot and as always IMHO.

  14. On the road to Santa Fe for the next few days so I will be slow in administering the blog…
    Un-moderating comments may take longer than usual…

    There are more SB’s coming out as Forrest finishes them…but I may not get them posted immediately because I am on the road. I will get to them as quickly as possible…

    • Just got back from spending a week day hiking with the dogs there. Aspens seem to be late to change this year. Still lots of green, but my favorite grove, two hours in from a Pecos trailhead, was full yellow, so a treat. I imagine they’ll be at peak when you arrive, though many leaves are already on the ground.

      I began every hike with my usual blessing to the wilderness gods by voiding my bladder of the grande americano I consumed on the way to that day’s trailhead. It occurred to me that, since warm waters were halting about a foot and a half just in front of me, I was starting each hike with a potentially successful solve of the first clue. But since I always went up from my WWWH (man, there’s a lot of up out there) and never down any canyon, and stayed on trails, so never was in ‘very close proximity’ to TC, if considered searches, each was an undeniable failure. But nothing that a blue corn chicken enchilada or green chile cheeseburger (I thought Santa Fe Bites was to have re-opened by now!) couldn’t put right.

      I don’t know how you tolerate all the driving you do. Clearly, competence and courtesy are not prerequisites for obtaining drivers licenses. I’m more exhausted from a 10-hr drive than from a 10-hr hike.

    • Be careful on the road Dal and watch out for the wildlife! And keep those SB’s coming when you have time! BOTG in less than 2 weeks and these SB’s are keeping me busy and making time go by.

    • Hi Dal,

      we are still waiting for last interview with Forrest that you have promised to publish on your website. Of course, if we get Part 1 and Part 2 after your current trip it will be perfect. Any word from Forrest to searchers could be very important piece of puzzle in someone’s solution. We have long winter before spring 2020 so any information from Forrest is welcome.


  15. I believe retirement is making Mr. Neitzel more prolific with The Chase than ever. I will be turning around looking for him coming up behind me on the trail next search season!

    Safe travels Dal!

    Say “hello” to Forrest for us!

  16. This is an open question for everyone.

    Having not kept up on the blogs and forums lately I’m wondering if anyone has ever posted anything spec regarding Forrest’s Mysterious Writings comments in June 16, 2017 where he discusses safe searching suggestions and says when wearing waders to use “felt soles and not rubber.”

    The reason why I bring this part up, is because the at least the month before this (see this link: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2017/05/yellowstone-considers-dumping-felt-wading-boots-fishermen/)

    It was already known that Yellowstone was going to BAN the use of “felt soles” and require rubber soled boots only. If Forrest knew this (which is very possible, if not likely), then his comments would seem to indicate that the Treasure Chest is NOT in Yellowstone.

    To add to this idea, Forrest starts his whole reply to the Question with the following words:
    “Yes Mrs. M, your email IS TIMELY, and because you are new to the search I will reiterate what has been said many times on blogs and in the media. If you plan to search in a National Forest or a NATIONAL PARK you should ask a ranger to brief you on your particular area.”

    Why is June more timely than say March or April? Unless it’s timely because Yellowstone had just made the announcement regarding the future rules and this is precisely WHY you would need to get a RANGER’s BRIEFING – to be up to date on the latest rules…

    Any thoughts?


    • Last April in a S.B. He said ” soon there will be searchers out looking for my treasure chest, but not yet “! It may be in May of June and shadows at that time might help point out the spot he put the chest? Not sure, but he wanted to tie everything together and his sisters name is June. Like I said not sure of course.

    • **** **** **** ****
      GCG asked about “. . . Forrest’s Mysterious Writings comments in June 16, 2017 where he discusses safe searching suggestions . . . .”
      **** **** **** ****

      Context –
      This “Know the Limits” post was kind of a “first draft” of at least two more safety comments by ff at the time when a searcher (Pastor Wallace) went missing (later found drowned) in the Rio Grande River north of Espanola. You’ll remember that this tragedy prompted much “call off this chase” talk in NM.

      I was vexed at the time that ff would even suggest to novices the idea that waders might be something they should consider. The quote in his response is “Wearing waders in fast moving water is dangerous, especially if you don’t have the chest type with a tight belt around your chest that will keep most of the water out if you should fall.”

      (Shortly after this another searcher drowned in the Arkansas River in CO in a cheap department store raft.)

      Maybe ff thought he was being proactive in bringing up this “safety tip”. The “Mrs SRM and son” he was responding to certainly didn’t mention waders.

      Some think “waders” is actually the crux of ff’s “quibbling/prevaricating” response to the 2015 question “Besides walking, did you use any other methods of transportation to get back and forth between the car and the hide?”

      I though it was a bad idea to bring up waders at all. Certainly any novice searchers inexperienced with them could think them a great idea – “wow, with those I could cross a hip-deep stream, not just a below-the-knee-deep stream!”

      I still think it was a bad idea.

      In response to your question, I don’t think hinting Yellowstone yay-or-nay was any part of ff’s thinking at the time of this Q&A.


      • And yes Jake — clearly safety was in the forefront at this time however I think the time to issue safety messages would be earlier in the spring when many searchers are beginning to hunt especially in the southern Rockies (he acknowledges this in the answer both referencing the cold of winter & New Mexico searchers dealing with heat). Certainly the middle of June is not perfect timing since many searchers have already begun and others will not get the message until even later…

        And like you said, why bring waders up at all? Either:
        1) He already knows many searchers are at serious risk with waders, if so why not have mentioned this even earlier?
        2) Waders are an intended part of the solution, as you said there seems to be several things that point to this possibility
        3) It potentially is a hint that the Treasure Chest isn’t in Yellowstone…but that summer Yellowstone was still allowing felt soles.

        PS just some additional thoughts – I was mostly wondering if anyone has spotted this detail previously.

    • GCG – I wore a size 9 in these boots with the studded Kling-on rubber sole and wading socks. I was wearing below the knee length running tights, a long sleeve Patagonia capilene top with my Columbia down vest over that. I had one of my fly fishing librarian friend’s ski poles to use as a fly fishing staff (too short for me!):


      My friend had just bought those boots, used, from a friend. They are a little big on her. Since it was my first river crossing, and in Spring, to boot (pun intended), I felt deeply grateful to have this gear. I was scared out of my wits, while crossing. Both directions. My friend goes Steelheading on the Snake River in Stanley, Idaho, guided by Scott Schnebley (that “Flywater” book author’s friend), so crossing was relatively easy for her. I couldn’t imagine having to carry the 20-22 pounds of the bronze chest or its contents on the return. I was really, really tired, after crossing about 100 ft. of that over-my-knees with heavy current water.

      • GCG – We both had day packs on. I had a large plastic zip lock in mine, to dump the contents of the bronze chest into, to then place in my pack. My friend would carry the bronze chest in hers. We were well prepared, Forrest!

    • I was wondering when he might give an update on that particular story..You just had to know that some people are going to think that Forrest is just not telling the truth and purposely trying to mislead them. It’s not associated with any structure means diddly squat to certain people..Hell I know of some that think it’s in Idaho and that Forrest is just slyly leading us a stray..These guys get a solve in their minds and every one is wrong but them. This is just one mans opinion from experience gained on another treasure hunt..

  17. I know in terms of fairness, this is probably never going to happen. But maybe it’s time for Mr Fenn to compile a top ten. 9 random people, with 1 of the 10 being the LS. That way no one knows which is the real LS.

    Maybe this will prevent further issues. Then again, maybe not.

    • Why does me Fenn have to keep doing anything else I wonder. Isn’t a piem, book and geography good enough. He said it was.

    • Sorry James–That’s just NOT going to happen..Forrest said he would not give any assistance to any searcher or let anyone know they are getting close.. Just one mans opinion,taking Forrest at his word..

    • Lead searcher categories:
      Most failed searches?
      Most failed solutions?
      Most e-mails to Forrest looking for some kind of confirmation?
      Most proclamations of solving the clues?
      Most meltdowns after failed searches? (my personal favorite)
      Most correct solutions but someone got there first?
      Take your pick, but know this: every time you put BOTG,
      if there’s nobody in front of you, then YOU are the lead searcher.

      • Sorry! Not entirely correct. If you were within 200 ft, and walked right by it, the person behind you would be the lead searcher; would they not?

    • Paulette,

      Didn’t know what you were referring to, had to scroll thru each comment made above. Maybe copy and paste the line as to help in these discussions next time.

      Yes, I see what you are referring too now, and I am wrong in the spelling, “passed” would be correct. Sometimes it’s me and sometimes it’s autocorrect.
      Maybe like Forrest said – if you know what I mean then what makes the difference. The line proceeding did say- Two can keep a secret if one is …. (blank means dead).

      Thanks Paulette, hope you understand now.


  18. I sometimes find myself changing the lyrics to songs as I am listening to them and singing along, and one such song I recently heard was Dream On by Aerosmith. While listening, I started to make my funny lyric change chase related, and the result was sounding pretty good to me, so I decided to pass along this funny altered version for those of you who need a good laugh. Enjoy….It’s going to be a long winter!

    (For best results, play the real song while reading/singing along below)

    Every time I wanna look for the treasure
    All these lines in the poem get unclearer
    The thrills not gone
    I went high, hiked dusk to dawn
    Isn’t this the way?
    Everybody’s solved the clues or so they say!

    But I know nobody knows
    Where its hid or if the blaze glows
    I know it’s everything Fenn
    You got to prove you know where he’s been

    Half my days
    On the blogs, trolling pages
    Live and learn from fools and
    From sages
    They know what’s true, no
    All the gold hasn’t come back with you!

    Search with me, search through the years
    Search through the laughter, search through the tears
    Search with me, not just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, a good solve will take it away

    Yeah, search with me, search through the years
    Search through the laughter, search through the tears
    Search with me, not just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, a good solve will take it away

    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search until your dreams come true
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search until your dreams come true
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on
    Search on

    Search with me, search through the years
    Search through the laughter, search through the tears
    Search with me, not just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, a good solve will take it away

    Search with me, search through the years
    Search through the laughter, search through the tears
    Search with me, not just for today
    Maybe tomorrow, a good solve will take it away

  19. TY Bur. I have never learned to cut and paste. Yes, my grandkids think I am a dinosaur. I may ask them to teach me. Have a fruitful winter and let’s get the bracelet back to its owner. P

  20. I think Forrest would have his heart do a flip flop if he seen his friend Suzanne Somers lastest photo. (Hint – it’s her 73rd birthday and she has on her birthday suit).

    Bet you looked Forrest, oh and why not.


    There is also a “hint” in Forrest write up when he went and visited her at her home, here on hoD.

    • Bur;

      I remember reading the story about Shiloh flying Forrest there, and the trip up to her house, but I can not find it. When I type in Sommers or “visit to Sommer’s home” – I get nothing that rings a bell. Can you help direct me? Thanks – JDA

  21. It’s that time of the year. Have all the webcams ready on my home page so I can monitor snowfall at and all around my search area. Right now no snow on the ground but tonight will be a different story. It’s kind of nice to watch snow falling since not much of any ever falls here.

    It’s time to start reviewing all I have and what Forrest has been putting out, to see what I might have missed in locating that blaze for next search season. Let’s see what the next scrapbooks will be, hoping they are helpful.


    • There sure have been a lot of SB’s Bur. I love reading them, and looking for gems within. Not sure I see all of the gems, but I try. Lots to go over during the winter recess. As you say, ” Let’s see what the next scrapbooks will be, hoping they are helpful.” Stay warm and safe Bur – until next time – JDA

      • JDA,

        You need to stay warm, your where it’s cold. I put on a jacket maybe 5 times in the winter here. Now being safe that’s something I always try to be but you know.

        Thanks JDA,

  22. Bur,JDA here we are collecting info and Major Fenn is working Dal 24/7. Thank you Dal and Forrest for all you are sharing. Love the stories.P

    • Paulette,
      I believe most of these scrapbooks are pre-written from days past. I think Forrest wants these stories out so people will know more of his life and time might be getting short. Plus he is proud of all he has done throughout his life. All we can do is enjoy and see if there are hints scattered in them somewhere, which I see are just confirmations for my solves.

      Good luck and grab all the info you can.

  23. I have same thoughts .FF is such a great mentor. My own grandfather, who passed at 105, is still #1 with me though. Have a productive season. P

  24. Hi! Here is an image of something (two things, actually) I found while searching. What do you think? The larger of the two was sticking up out of the ground (a good portion of the twisted end was stuck in the ground), oriented to match a nearby shrub and a tree a bit further on down the “path”. The area where I found these would fit with clues 7-8 in the poem, namely “there’ll be no paddle up your creek / but heavy loads and water high”.

    The wire used isn’t something I noticed elsewhere in the area (but there’s a decent amount of “trash” around, and it’d be very easy to miss). It’s not fence wire (AFAIK, it seems too thick for that but I could be wrong), there are no barbs, and the tips are square-cut so the strands didn’t tear off of anything else, at least that I can see. The twisted end that was stuck in the ground has a decent amount of rust on it. Who knows, maybe someone who reads this blog left it as a souvenir? If you did, I think they’re kinda neat. They also fit somewhat with the kinds of things Forrest himself makes from found objects.

    Anyways, perhaps these were made by him, or some other random person. SB207 made me wonder with the reference to “doodlebugs”, but who knows. My exploration in the area has thus far come up empty, despite trying a number of different ideas. I emailed this pic to Forrest, but out of respect for his time I’ll refrain and instead share what I’ve sent him with the community. Besides, more heads is always better.


  25. What if “cold’” means frosty means cola means grapette means 6 as in 6 fl oz.
    what if alone means 1
    Or iwhat if Not far but to far means 22

    What if marvel gaze means you are looking at something hot like superman’s hot melting gaze
    Or what if it means a gaze hotter than fire or hotter than lazer or are you looking through park binoculars? Or are you looking at a stone marvel like superhero type staue or rock that looks like a dragon or monster like Orb?

    Just thinking here about what ifs……

    • Hi Copperhead, I like your “What if..” thoughts.
      Question about one of them. You wrote: “Or iwhat if Not far but to far means 22.” How do you figure 22?

  26. One of my favorite what if’s –
    If seven maids with seven mops
    Swept it for half a year
    Do you suppose, the Walrus said
    That they could get it clear?
    I doubt it, said the Carpenter
    And shed a bitter tear.

  27. Sunday at 10pm there had been 19,716 unique viewers on the blog…of those
    12,546 visited Peggy’s Birthday Ad
    12,343 visited the scrapbook index
    11,799 visited Frankie and Johnny
    1,467 visited Bitburg

    My question is…What the heck were the other 7,000+ unique visitors looking at if not the latest scrapbooks??

    The top countries that these 19,716 viewers were from are:
    Saudia Arabia

    Saudia Arabia??? Things must be tougher in the oil industry than I imagined…

  28. “My girl, my girl, where will you go?
    I’m going where the cold wind blows
    In the pines, in the pines where the sun don’t ever shine
    I would shiver the whole night through”

    Just waiting.

    • Yes I watched Expedition Unknown. The Story was rich and fun but the peridot is only worth a small amount maybe $100. Plus
      These hunts are a huge effort for a small payout. It was a nice story.

    • thanks for that link to story, I love that Artist’s work. very cool… the best part is Artist pointing out the word Boston in the painting… while everyone is slapping themselves in the head, really fun, Strangely, the finder’s interpretation of several of the clues were wrong?

      including Columbus, so how in the world did he get from that statue to five neighborhoods away is just really wild, maybe never know the actual interpretation. well I guess one can work backwards from home plate to see, maybe someone will.

      (although he importantly got several clues correct, placing him near Paul Revere’s house, and others to get Boston correct, good thing there were more than one)

      confirmation bias… a wonderful thing… where every hint points to one’s solution 🙂

      • Those who focus on the value Are missing the point Writis. If this story doesn’t stir something in your soul then you are not a true treasure hunter.
        I noted the errors too. And some of the actual clues even seem a bit contrived. It just goes to show that all of your facts don’t have to be right to guide you to the right place.

  29. Expedition Unknown aired the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt segment again on Wednesday night…
    I’d just like to remind folks that that segment was filmed years ago and since then Forrest has ruled out the Rio Grande gorge as a possible location for the chest…
    And this time of year is no time for the unprepared or the inexperienced to be walking around in the mountains where a cell phone won’t work…Stay Safe!

    The mountains control their own conditions and humans cannot out-think the weather…

  30. Yes. The hair color or eye color is wrong too, if I’m imagining the stamp you are referring too correctly. If the blaze is a color I would guess it’s red. Do Not Touch. I think it’s time I read TTOTC for the 937th time.

    • Copper,
      Not sure we are looking at the same thing. There is no color of hair or eyes. The little boy in the picture is black and white and the “stamp” is just a tiny piece on the right side. Look at the inside front cover spread.

      • @geysergirl & copper,
        That sliver of stamp showing is purple and resembles a soldiers gun. Do you think it’s possible the blaze could be one of Forrest’s Vietnam medals…Purple Heart??

  31. IMDB says that the new “Forrest’s Treasure” TV pilot (or movie?) is in post production and scheduled for release on November 15th.
    From what I’ve researched, it looks like a low budget mess that has nothing at all to do with Mr Fenn’s actual treasure hunt.
    There is a fundraising page for anyone interested in donating to this project:

  32. Dal, you’re in great company. When typing in “DAL” into google search engine…

    The two TOP hits are Dallas Cowboys & Dal Neitzel.
    I guess that works just right for Forrest.

  33. As I remember all of our brave men and women who have given their bodies, minds and lives for our freedom I am always grateful and saddened. Thank you Major Fenn for all you have given.

  34. Dal, Forrest, Dad,
    Today we celebrate the sacrifice of every veteran. Thank you for your service to this country. We honor you, both veterans and active service members…our nations heroes.

  35. Dal – I have a question for you.
    Way back when, one of the rules of being on your site was that we did not discuss religion, quote the bible, make references to God or Jesus. I even got reminded of this when I was in a conversation with another poster (who is no longer commenting on HOD).

    Can you tell me what has changed? Did the rules change?
    I see many many posts now that reference religion, the bible and God.
    Did you have a change of heart?

    Please don’t take offense at my question.
    I meant no disrespect to you by asking.

    • Couple of things wwwa…
      1. What I don’t want on this blog is political or religious discussions…That’s someone else’s blog…this one is about the chase. That being said, the occasional relevant bible reference or the occasional mention of a politician is not necessarily grounds for expulsion if it relates to the topic at hand…and does not incite political or religious discussions…
      2. Please understand that although I do read every comment that appears in moderation, I do not read every comment from trusted folks who are not in moderation…I just don’t have time to monitor EVERYTHING on the blog. So…occasionally someone trusted posts a comment that I would have tossed but I didn’t see it. That comment might stay posted til someone points it out to me and sometimes I never see it or hear about it and it just stays…
      AND, like almost everyone, some moments I am less tolerant than others…
      Although I try, I cannot claim an always even-handed application of the rules. I apologize for that…
      and for not seeing every digression of every commenter…
      Some times commenters test all the rules and push all my buttons…and sometimes everyone is an award winning model commenter…

      But tell me WWWA…what did you see that I missed?

      • Dal,

        Today I posted on the “cutest pet” a passage from Isaiah (Old Testament) that I thought might have been linked to a previous SB. That might be what wwwa is referring to.

        If I remember correctly, Sheriff Billy was posting thoughts about how part of the Chase had to do with some scriptures. Maybe he got booted for it because I haven’t seen him around since.

        Please delete it if it’s a problem. I apologize. It was just a thought. I was working on the Faith angle. Again, I do apologize.


        • BG-
          Sheriff Billy would not stop with his religious interpretations after numerous requests from me, so he ended up in moderation and when I continued to disallow his religion themed comments he finally left. Unless he took on a new identity Sheriff Billy has not returned.

          • Dal,
            Some day I’ll figure out right from wrong.

            Please delete my post. No hard feelings. Again i apologize.


  36. Thank you Dal for that honest gracious response.
    I was not insinuating that you missed something, just wanted to understand more clearly where the edge was.

  37. Dal – ByGeorge:
    Didn’t mean to open up a can of worms here. Nor do I want religion to become a debated topic here on this site. I was not pointing a finger at anyone or any particular post. I merely wanted to clarify whether I was able to mention something that might have a “religious” basis. Perhaps I went about it in the wrong way by even asking the question but I do see an “evolution of thought” happening with the Chase.

    • wwwa,

      No worries. I just wanted Dal to know that I posted something per se because I have seen many SB’s that could lean that way.

      I just think Faith is a key word and I was applying that to Willy, standing on a dishwasher.

      If you’re born twice that just sounds like you were born again and….never mind. It’s all good. Happy birthday Mom….Love ya!


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