Scrapbook Two Hundred Nine…


October, 2019


IMG 3589a

Chaos                                                                                                             photo by Cynthia Meachum

IMG 3588a

Embroidery                                                                                                    photo by Cynthia Meachum

I love these two objects.

They found their way into my collection via a friend of many years past.  Are they soul fairies bred in chaos, demoted angels, nascent beings – what? Their exaggerated personalities are somehow persuasive to me. Why is that?

Both are wrought with a penchant for trickery. Maybe it’s because their armatures are made of spring wire. When I push one away, it comes leaning back at a nervous angle, as if were ordained to taunt me – or protect me. 

Look at their faces, each has an eerie diabolical grin as if is possessed by some unknown seminal moment. Their clothing is made of spangly materials, luscious forested vegetation, and woven woolen fabrics from around the world. Ancient beads adorn their necks while silent fetishes secret themselves beneath the understated colors.

Everything on their bodies is sewed in or tied down. Nothing can be removed, not even an ancient Afghani turquoise necklace that rests amid a cluster of old beads and precious amulets.

Doll 1

Chaos Full Frontal                                                                                        photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 2

Chaos Full Back                                                                                                   photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 3

Chaos Front Bottom                                                                                                photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 4

Chaos Front Top                                                                                                    photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 5

Chaos Back Top                                                                                                     photo by Lou Bruno      

aaaa copy

Embroidery Full Frontal

Have they been thrown out and are now suffering amidst the wreckage of failed marriages? I don’t know, but never mind, I like them as they are. I can relate somehow, especially now that I am past middle age and unwilling to postpone or subjugate any part of my life. Maybe they have the power to protect me and that’s why I keep them close. I hope so. f




352 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Nine…

  1. My, My, how beautiful, in a fiendish sort of way. One needs a dictionary to understand some of what is said – but that is OK, I enjoy looking up new words – How “Forrest-like” to use gems like, Nascent, seminal, and spangly. Loved it Forrest – JDA

    • Spangly = Glittering – Created with spangles = a small thin piece of glittering material, typically used in quantity to ornament a dress; a sequin. – JDA

  2. I love that you are putting so many scrapbooks out. I’ve never kept up with them until recently. I enjoy them very much Forrest thank you. And thank you for the chase.

  3. “Somehow, we’ll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.”
    ― Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

    Can we ever be truly satisfied with who we are? Are you, Forrest?

  4. The pictures do not do these dolls Justice. Everything that the dolls wear was handcrafted for them: their clothes, their fetishes, their jewelry. One even wears a rucksack on his back.

    I saw these dolls about 3 or 4 months ago. I thought they were strange because they were not like anything else in his office. I must have stared at them for 10 minutes. Every single inch and every single detail was so meticulously cared for.

    Whoever created these stalls has such a vivid imagination and an incredible Talent.

  5. Failed to marry to a map, a walking stick, wool worn by somebody…:), Relative, spring. Makes sense, ty. Deeep out

  6. Thank you Forrest, ORDO AB CHAO dear sir. Love you!
    p.s. your dolls look like an animation in the making or I suffer from an overactive imagination. 😉 Hoping all your days are grand.

    • Hi Frank

      Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Closest I can get is the date in this pages URL address, which im guessing is the publish date, not the date Forrest sent it ti Dal?

      In this case, its 10-4. On an oblique way, it has the possibility of a confirmation, though may be coincidence.

      Those dolls got my attention, something about them, and their stare downwords.

      • Astee – To me neither are looking down Chaos is looking ahead, and Embroidery is looking up. Am I wrong? – JDA

      • Astree – That’s a ’10-4′, good buddy! Or, good Bubba, if you ‘listen good’.

        And you wrote, “their stare downwords”. Giggles.

        I stare down Forrest’s use of words constantly. And then I laugh maniacly. With a Chaotic look on my face.

    • I did notice that the last handful of scrapbooks came out later in the even pretty much at the exact same time of day. Yet this one came out much earlier in the day

      • Robert;

        Dal is the one that manages what gets posted, and when. He would be the one who can answer your questions. Curious, what difference would it make when it was posted, or even when Dal received the info from Forrest? What relevance? – Just curious – JDA

        • JDA it would make no difference to me. I was just surprised to see this one posted so early because I got used to seeing them posted later in the evening. No difference to me either way

  7. We all travel this life in a path unkown to us. We except the gifts that chase gives us. We are always mindful of why we are there, and sometimes we must disguise that which is obvious to protect ourselves from those who seek our downfall. We give a little maniacal laugh as we continue our secrete ways knowing our path will lead us to the goal. Thank’s Forrest.

  8. We all travel this life in a path unkown to us. We except the gifts that chase gives us. We are always mindful of why we are there, and sometimes we must disguise that which is obvious to protect ourselves from those who seek our downfall. We give a little maniacal laugh as we continue our secrete ways knowing our path will lead us to the goal. Thank’s Forrest.

    • Copper. Perhaps these dolls have a more personal meaning to Forrest. One that if you can figure out, might lead you to the correct search state……..and more.


  9. Thanks Forrest, once again you have me thinking.
    Your objects do tend to give out a special allure which can distract from there true intentions.
    I must say they are out of the norm of what I have seen in your collections. Maybe those two are telling two other that might have the three or four clues solved but you weren’t sure to avoid all the chaos and remember the fairies that hide in the shadows.

    Very nice, thanks Forrest.

    • I agree – Forrest Ya’ got me thinkin’..”.and remember the fairies that hide in the shadows.” You may be right Bur, never know what lurks (devilishly) in the shadows – JDA

      • Have you ever seen an angel and knew it to be an angel? They tend to blend in .Trying not to attract attention to them selves . When things are done for reasons that are bigger than the individual doing them, they do it in the shadows. Some don’t want glory and fame ,some might just try to make a difference for the ones to come and contribute to a higher purpose. IMO

    • Is Tinker Bell a fairy?? Not that I care a hill o’ beans about it. As always, IMO.

  10. Hi Forrest, I cannot read the note in Chaos’s hand. Could you tell me what it says?

  11. Thank you Mr. Fenn for another scrapbook .
    Those dolls are unique, and colorful.
    Definitely different, you are protected.

  12. Those lil guys are mysterious just like the poem! I think they’re awesome and I’m jealous of all the people that have seen them in person!

  13. I love Chaos’s hat!! I love the name also. Chaos – confusion and disorder. Sounds like most of us searchers with this treasure hunt. Funny how the one thing that has ‘order’ in this Chase is the poem and is something we sometimes stray from. Shall I tarrily scant the subject anymore, or should I not?

    I want Embroidery to protect me. He looks like he may have a weapon of sorts there on his right 🙂

  14. Not sure about those things. Ha ha.
    Kinda scary looking. I would hide them in a closet and lock the door.

  15. Two pictures, one entitled Chaos and the other titled Embroidery.

    Chaos – Complete disorder and confusion.

    Synonyms of Chaos – Confusion, disorder, disarray

    Embroider(y) – Decorate (cloth) by sewing patterns on it with thread.

    Synonyms of embroider – Wake up, enliven, ignite, perk up

    Was the “Lead Searcher” confused at the end of their solution theory? Did they make finally make heads or tails of their solution theory and did they “ignite” excitement and/or “perk up” Forrest?

  16. I too hope they are protecting you, but for my own selfish reasons of keeping you around. I don’t like your dolls though.

  17. Can someone answer what is written on the scroll? Cynthia took the photo so she must know. Cynthia, Dal or Sacha? Thank you

  18. Dang, Forrest, if we get another turn at life after death and get to come back as someone else, I want your vocabulary and articulateness and ability to describe an item better than pictures. “eerie diabolical grin”… yes! I would have “borrowed” those words for my last video where I described the guy as Hannibal Lector if Dal would have posted this yesterday! You nailed this one!

    • Cynthia, do you happen to remember what was written on the scroll in the “Chaos” picture?

  19. 1. Seminal
    (of a work, event, moment, or figure) strongly influencing later developments.
    “his seminal work on chaos theory”

  20. Wow, that’s taking fiber arts to a whole new level! Wish I could go to the Taos Wool Festival this weekend! Looks like a good time!

    I’m assuming the spring wire adds some dimension and fun to the pieces but kinda lost on why he would need to tie everything down soo well…??? I don’t see too many people wanting to steal anything off them 🙂 I myself would just let them be… Don’t want any bad Ju Ju from them…

    Thanks for sharing very cool!!!

  21. The last two look Japanese, maybe all three. I often wondered if a lot of Asians settled in the Americas many thousands of years ago. One of my brothers is an amateur archaeologist. He has the same Eastern and Western astrology co-sign as TE Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia, who was also interested in ancient cultures and ancient mysteries. My brother’s theory and the theory of a number of maverick archaeologists is that the Anazasi Indians were, in part descendants of North African tribes. That there were many pre-Columbian settlers from Europe and Africa and Asia. In Wyoming there are petroglyphs depicting ancient Roman coins in a township called Moneta, In effect, the petroglyphs represented the first national bank of Rome in North America. Moneta is Spanish for money. In New Mexico there have been found remnants of ancient Egypt. One theory has it that the great pyramids in Egypt were built many thousands of years before established archaeologists claim them to be and that they were not originally designed as tombs for pharaohs, but ancient mathematical measurements of the earth and sun, moon and stars. As above, so below . It’s fascinating how many ancient cultures traveled through and for a time some settled in what is now called the Americas. When you start exploring, perhaps even in your own back yard there may be ancient remnants there not yet discovered. There is an abundance of wealth on our lands we have only just touched upon, old and new. I suspect Forrest Fenn indicates that in his poetic map. He is also telling us not only how precious our planet is, but how delicate our ecosystem is, that we are the guardians of our home called Earth, that much intelligent care is needed to preserve it and enjoy it’s abundant beauty. And to just get out there and explore it, enjoy it and put back into it, at least what we reaped from it.

    • SSSHHHH…………………………dang man dont tell all lol . I’m still looking for someone with a degree in history to confirm some things on same subject and many others ..M..

      P.S Francis don’t forget to mention the Mandan indians who’s tribe resembled european style homes .They also were know as blue eyed light hair indians. There First chief was a strange white man in a canoe who arrived after the flood …lol I dont think he was there by jumping ship that time . Watch out for crazy white guys in canoes the water patrol does pretty good job of that these days …

    • FTF: “I often wondered if a lot of Asians settled in the Americas many thousands of years ago.”

      Yes, they are now called “Native Americans”, or more appropriately, “First Nations”… (as in the first ones in America) by walking the land bridge from asia/russia/Alaska around 14000 to 18000 yrs ago, probably earlier with canoes/boats skirting the great glaciers of that time, we just have not found anything preserved from dates that are much earlier because coast lines have been submerged from those times. we have barely found the 18000yr dated objects.

      of which Europeans have pretty much wiped out these “First nations”, as has happened countless other times through human history and prehistory just with different peoples handing out the destruction and rebirth.

    • Actually Moneta is the Goddess of Treasure. She is from Ancient Greek mythology. She is said to be the guardian of treasure. She is best know from being on Confederate paper money.

    • Francis TF wrote – “In Wyoming there are petroglyphs depicting ancient Roman coins in a township called Moneta.
      In New Mexico there have been found remnants of ancient Egypt.”
      **** ***** ****

      Francis – please don’t buy any artifacts or antiques from whoever told you those things.


      • What about the Thoth figurine of Forrest does he tell the story of where it come from? Oh the goddess of treasure sure reminds me of a drive around a lake . One of the best rides I’ve been on.

  22. These rich items might yield ongoing uncertainties, relevant near our systematic eventualities, however any interested raconteur should find opinions regarding real, everlasting, strong truths!

  23. So hideous is now a hint? This post really brought the wack-a-doos out from the basement…

  24. Forrest, I get it… you were tired of being asked to babysit the great grandkids.
    Problem solved. They won’t ask after this scrapbook.

  25. If I were the lead searcher, and I knew exactly where the treasure lies…even had a cheshire grin on my face. Well, After this scrapbook I would say that the searcher who signs in as warlock62 will most likely beat me there. LOL. (Just kidding)

  26. IMO – They are each, a collective Talisman. Echos of lessons learned through a violent past, brought together to form unsurpassable protection to the one who knows it’s secrets. The red hair is a dead giveaway. I’m glad they’re on your side Forest.

  27. Forrest – Did you ever make a doll for your great granddaughter, Arden, from your amassed hair clippings?:

    And did you think I forgot about the paragraph above that one, where you lamented your fallen Ponder•O•S•A pine at your secret fishing hole on the Madison River? What kind of backcast fly is that? Were you bringing in big Brown’s and Rainbows? Were you anywhere in the vicinity of Baker’S Hole?


      • Lisa, I think I found a spot in this location. I searched from below Bakers hole (upstream), all around Barnes Hole, but nothing across the River.

        Upon my return to South Carolina I was doing some research about the area and came across information that may assist with searching around Bakers Hole.

        I truly believe, in my opinion, the home of Brown is Bakers Hole, but when he says “PIBTHOB” he is referring to the area near Barns Hole.” As he spent three days there fishing downstream towards Bakers Hole.

        • James Collier – Thanks for your response, and for your report on your BOTG search between the Barns Holes and Baker’S Hole. I still think hoB is the Big Brown trout in the landscape, across the Madison from Cable Car Run and the Barns Holes, where I believe Forrest did the PIBTHOB thing.

          And I believe old Fritz guided us, in the Universal way of synchronicities, to find Forrest’s secret fishing hole on the Madison River at Baker’S Hole, on our BOTG trip in late August. There is a very noticeable fallen tree on my topo map, which I use to find just where the Boundary Trail meets the Madison shoreline at Baker’S Hole.

          • since when do topo maps show fallen trees?

            and why do you continually capitalize S in Baker’S?

            i was in the vicinity of a hole. it’s pretty deep.

            i think FF is saving his hair for relics.

          • bird dog – I think ‘it’$’ pretty obvious. Change this map to satellite view, then look at the bottom of the $, where the YNP boundary crosses my backwardS bike ‘S’ blaze and the Madison River, which is my ‘IT’ in the Poem. You will see my fallen tree marker. It’s huge.

            Maybe a SuperVolcano eruption, or an epic flood caused by an asteroid hitting the Earth, could remove my blaze, but not much else could.

  28. “Their exaggerated personalities are somehow persuasive to me. Why is that?”
    Anybody have any thots on this question which Mr. Fenn has addressed to us?

  29. Am I the only one that suspects that a hint is in this story?

    “Are they soul fairies bred in chaos, demoted angels, nascent beings – what?”
    “Both are wrought with a penchant for trickery.”
    “Look at their faces, each has an eerie diabolical grin as if is possessed by some unknown seminal moment.”

    Hints of Diablo?

  30. Even standing still they seem animated and full of color. If I imagine sitting in a room with them I suspect I’d be fully entertained! Thank you Forrest for keeping us all engaged with all of your fun and fascinating stories!

    I must say though with the flurry of recent activity I can’t help, but feel a bit on edge. I find myself returning throughout the day to see if something has changed in the Chase.

    • Me too, like three or four times. Waiting for the treasure to pop out from a post bubble ,slap me a few times then jump back in .. leaving nothing but the text … found IT now come get IT!!!!!!!
      But I sometimes used to think the school bus would come back and pick me up…after I learnt that my butt was warm enough with out any persuasion.. I figured out that the bus only sounded like it was coming back to get me,instead it was picking up my friends on the other side of the ridge …my little 4-wheeler was parked in there yard a few times after I learnt that…

  31. Sorry f, but they creep me out a bit. I can understand your attraction to them, but it is a bit like Caine/Olivier in Sleuth.

  32. The first one named Chaos. He has that smile on his face, almost like he creates utter confusion and disorder and enjoys it. Is there a hint of Forrest in that personality?

    The second one named Embroidery is a bit of a challenge. Needlework, stitching, designed patterns? Perhaps it has that look on it’s face of a searcher after a BOTG empty-handed and has the needlework of a cactus still imprinted on your… get the ‘point’….

    • yes, i got the ‘point’ …but, but, but…there are quite a few cactus needles here is arizona

  33. You have to think about Forrest scrapbooks, the way he discribes in his words and makes the reader want to understand those words in depth.

    Jeff above stated- Maybe not all of his stories hint at a clue.
    Well Jeff that might be true, but many searchers see some kind of a hint laying in Fenn’s words throughout his scrapbooks.

    To me if you know a lot about your search area, I’m talking it’s history, places near by, and how places came to be or their hidden meanings then you can see Forrest’s sprinkled words that fit these categories. He is sharing them with everyone willing to read his scrapbooks. If you can find and understand these little hints they can relate to the big picture. If you see nothing then to me your mind is not open to try to understand what it takes to get to a final outcome for The Thrill of The Chase.

    When you can read a scrapbook and at the end you know you seen some of Forrest sprinkled hints, it puts a big smile on your face. Then you wonder if anyone else sees them. Thinking should I share, sometimes if they are way out there, but if they are to close I tend to not. All I ever see in his words is just confirmation, but for others it could be a path.

    I’m always looking for “Something that stands out” or is hidden ever so slightly.


  34. If those two Pirates of the Caribbean are guarding the treasure chest you can be sure that no searcher will come within 200 feet of the chest, at least 500 feet if it’s at night! Now I see what you mean when you said if we get within 12 feet of the treasure it’d be hard to miss!

    • I think I understand you there. As crazy as it may sound I would gladly trade a chest of gold to possess both these curious oddities. They are truly mesmerizing. I’d like to know who’s imagination created them as well

  35. I wish Penelope would have asked what is the closest to the chest that someone has been. I wonder if the “200ft” searcher from early on in the chase is still the closest.

  36. Hmmm, two pictures of the same doll. Forrest does like things
    to have a certain duality. And, he knows how much the chase brings out
    the kid in all of us. Maybe this is his version of “can you spot 9 differences
    in these two pictures” ? LOL

  37. Chaos kinda looks like he is the type that will try to weasel his way out of a jam.
    While Embroidery has a much more serious look about him as though he might know you can’t be fooled. Very cool looking and I would display them behind glass and only take them out occasionally to play.. lol

  38. I don’t think I should be concerned about chaos and embroidery, I’m studying those windows and it’s corner.

    • Kirpan?

      Something caught my eye as I was looking at the dagger.
      “Have they been thrown out and are now suffering amidst the wreckage of failed marriages?”
      What do you think he is referring to here?
      Is it a voodoo curse or a jab in the ribs? LOL.
      Is this about the poem and marrying it to a map?
      Is he saying too many people are failing to marry the poem to a map.
      I have to have a second look here and I’ll need to pull out my trusty dictionary.
      I can’t pretend to understand all the words and walk aimlessly through the threads.
      I guess this scrapbook has many things to teach us and we have to work it out and pull something useful from it.

      MARY had a little LAMB.
      Its fleece was white as snow.
      Everywhere MARY went
      The LAMB was sure to go.

      • It is intuitive that you noticed the failed marriages comment and connected it to the condition of the Chase. The chaos of ideas and theories and tens of thousands of failed poem to map marriages is similar to my thoughts on this. Chaos almost always concludes with order… depending on how one approaches it.

        • ken – Is Forrest doing the Kachina doll thing, asking us to consider the antithesis of these two dolls to solve the Poem? The name antonyms are:

          Chaos > Order
          Embroidery > Simplification

          KISS, KIS$…Forrest!

          • JDA and ken – Did I mention the court Jester? Send in the clowns:

            Hopi clowns are an integral part of Hopi Kachina ceremonials where they participate in sacred rituals as well as unique clown performances—some with direct contact with the spectators. The clown’s performance centers on humor and entertainment, but also they monitor the assembled crowd and provide policing activities over both the Kachina performers and the audience. Mockery is a tool used to warn spectators of non-Hopi behavior, and generally long remembered by the recipient of clown attention.

            The clown personages play dual roles. Their prominent role is to amuse the audience during the extended periods of the outdoor celebrations and Kachina Dances where they perform as jesters or circus clowns. Their more subtle and sacred role is in the Hopis’ ritual performances.

      • That jab in the ribs did caused me to toss my pen that day. Just like my heart said I don’t. They do say your first answer is usually right as well as its better to stick with first choice..I cant say that my relationship failed because it did allow me to find my heart well at least to whom I gave it to. Unfortunately It may be too late to do anything about it. The voodoo curse even lets say if I did know were to find riches I was told it can only be done pure heart and clean hands. I have clean hands but my heart is missing a huge chunk….Ya something like that in a chasing my tail around a bush kinda way

      • The trusty ol dictionary lol but what was most mesmerizing is the last part of your post.

      • Mary had a little Lamb.
        It’s fleece was white as snow.
        Everywhere the Lamb went
        Mary was sure to follow.
        Now Mary is a beacon
        on the way for us to go.

      • Dolls, like all inanimate objects, including rocks, are like children, they gather inside of them the personalities of the people and the animals that come into spiritual contact with them .. the dolls, like rocks. Develop a personality of their own .. if you hold them long enough .. study their unique traits can begin to communicate with them .. They will tell you their life story if they trust you and if you are sincere in caring for them and listening to them ..

  39. I wonder if this SB could be f’s response to Toby and Shelly’s new “book club?” Is f saying that much of the information that is out there on the blogs and chat rooms helps protect Indulgence from being found?

    I’m glad I had my solved worked out before I joined in on social media. Otherwise, I think it would have been much harder for me to solve the clues with all of the information/dis-information out there.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the youtube videos, forums and blogs, and I think f does, too, but I think f may be emphasizing that it is best to listen to him first when it comes to solving the poem, and save social media for entertainment.

  40. Philosophically, the content of this scrapbook is interesting…

    Forrest is making an expression of his FAITH. He is placing his faith in these animated-appearing, inanimate objects, for his protection.

    What could you possibly be afraid of at your age Forrest?
    (You survived Vietnam in cancer).

  41. I see why you keep them close, Forrest. They are beautiful in their chaos . They have so much going on that the eyes don’t know where to focus first.

  42. I like this scrapbook of Chaos the doll. As unusual the doll is with different things of different places is to me much about what our lives are about where we’ve been and things that we have done. Put everything about our lives all together in one place, it does look like chaos until the back stories are added, then it would make sense.

    Another saga of the mind and appreciation of ff.

  43. Very strange! Mr. Fenn, next time you have an intruder at your residence, just show him your dolls… that should take care of it., they’ll protect you.

  44. Funny that no one had mentioned the definition of chaos- vast chasm or void. Sounds like canyon down to me!

    • Embroidery = embellishment or exaggeration in the description or reporting of an event.

      Another definition of Chaos = behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.

      Both could be important definitions – JDA

      • JDA, thanks for the definitions. Here’s another.

        “embroidery” definition – from Wordnik:

        noun In heraldry, a hill or mount with several copings or rises and falls.

        synonym for Embroidery: Emblazonment (blaze)

    • “Sounds like canyon down to me!”
      A slider for baseball fans?
      Chaos or Kaos?
      Get Smart?

      This is Y I need a good dictionary. Can’t spell so good.
      Avoid or devoid of knowledge or hanging on the abyss hoping to catch a break?


      1a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity; vast chasm.

      2anything profound, unfathomable, or infinite:
      the abyss of time.

      3 (in ancient cosmogony) a the primal chaos before Creation.
      b the infernal regions; hell. c subterranean ocean.

      • I like that he also threw the word ordained in there referring to the guardians of fate. Wonder if the home of brown is an order or an array like the bessie and me story where he is under cow on stool giving the squirts to the cats making them feel blessed. Or being cursed when getting clubbed on the head!

    • Melissa, Veronica…he may be poking fun at the recent Yellowstone adventure Cynthia and I had. Cynthia chronicled our search with a youtube video – including some shenanigans with a bison skull or 2. Who knows.
      Sandy aka Sally Colorado

        • Ken…glad you enjoyed my “search tips”! I think I bear a striking resemblance to “Embroidery” lol…the hair and the staff and my digging tool. One should always wear a feather in their hair to channel wisdom haha.

          Anyone who has been searching more than a few months has married sylvan to “wooded, in the wood” etc… that area just happened to be my final clue solution.

          Cynthia is a searching machine and so much fun!

          • I bring a small feather from my first search on all my trips. Folks that have humor and make their trips fun deserve another try! God bless the search machines…

      • Sally Colorado, These enchanted characters do somewhat resemble your recent hoornachtig adventure.

      • Sounds like you had a blast, Sally! There is so much to see and do . I must admit jealousy that I can’t get back up there soon myself

      • Hello Sally Colorado. I saw the video and thought it was great. I laughed when I saw the devil in you while you showed off the bison skull. Love it!!!! 🙂

  45. Sounds to me like a couple of folks were in close proximity…. wonder who that was ? 🙂

  46. There certainly is a likeness with Fenn and Embroidery.
    We are the ones in Chaos.

  47. These angelic souls seem more retired, than demoted.
    But I’m happy the fairies found your way, nevermind their nascent past.

  48. The responses to these two are very interesting. I have too many thoughts to mention myself.
    I think all of our similar or seemingly opposing interpretations might be simultaneously possible.
    To me, at the moment, these two might know things that we don’t. Not that they know everything or don’t find fascination in us. It seems like the weight that they carry reflects much of where they’ve been and what they’ve been through. The pain in their life may have had a big hand in becoming how beautiful they are. Maybe it’s like the harder the impact a coin gets struck with to produce, the more lasting character it ends up with.
    I’m not sure exactly why I feel I want to end up on this note, but it’s my take that if you seek to forgive yourself you need not seek more as seeking it means you already deserve it.

    • Child and Father in heaven planning a life in motion……gets to the years of love
      Child: I want that one
      Father :I don’t think its the best match
      Child: why not ?
      …………Oh I see
      Father: That is why, you need to slow down. GOOD things take time, and sometimes the GREAT things are right in front of you and not SEEN until its the right TIME……


    • Crazy thing just come to my attention the first time I learnt about the character of a coin I learnt from M coincidence maybe but ,one thing this chase is teaching me is there is no coincidences just oblivious and that I may have been .

      • Is that like
        2p=1 if p =1/2
        If p represents point (arrowhead)
        it sounds like someone went arrowhead hunting and picked up a couple of points but since you GET one point sounds like you found Fenns Little tomahawk that he glued together . He gets ONE point from a couple points he picked up .. Is that flexible or just to much desire to figure this out

          • Such as a mediator or reference ?? Or just mute because there is no right or wrong anser so only thing to take from it is the understanding it is what it is ?? I seeing this as someone who is looking at the big picture not just one point but two and the both sides of both to form an opinion based on observation??

          • I think it simply states, that when contemplating the beginning, we come in with expectations of a singular point, only to discover that there are multiple points. We must make our deliberations to find a balance, then when between the final observation we discover the points on either side have vanished and we are left with a single point on which to fixate.

  49. This scrapbook makes me feel “even more confident” about the direction of my most recent videos. FF has said a great deal here.

  50. wow, 209 scrapbooks now.
    scrapbooks are important to Forrest.
    because they have photos. i think.
    a photo is very important in finding the chest too.
    take (a photo) of the chest and go in peace.
    these scrapbooks are more of a memoir of Forrest’s life than TTOTC.
    hmmm. that means TTOTC is not really a memoir, i guess.
    TTOTC must be a puzzle book then.
    i think.

  51. Forrest, you are too funny! What a couple of characters! That walking stick would help Finder.

  52. Who among us has risked being thrown out of a marriage due to the chase? Why does Forrest want to get us in trouble like that?

    • Ha KTR, I’ll admit it…I’ve had some heated marital discussions over time & money spent hunting ffs treasure.

      gotta wonder how how ff’s own wife feels about the TTOTC’s craziness and crazy people who have bothered their family.

      What did forrest mention above about being able to relate somehow?

      • Haha I’ve had a few “discussions” with the wife about the chase as well.

        My birthday is 11/2 and I’ve convinced her to let me go one more BOTG in the next few weeks pending weather. I’ve got the search area in my sights…

        • My birthday allowance trip has passed. I also hope to get one final BOTG. I get push back from time to time from my wife, too, but she knows it’s time we’ll spent with my father. It helps that she thinks I’m right and likes to see me happy. I’m not sure if she or I would be better keeping it a secret. That’s tough to determine if you catch my drift.

        • Robert Szel…
          Nice birthday wish come true.

          Looks like I’ll have to wait for spring when a girls trip is in the budget. Too far fo me to travel alone, and girlfriend won’t spend the money now. Husband Not at all interested after 5-6 yrs.

    • I think Forrest is using his way of saying, many searchers have conjoined, (married), with their solutions, and have ultimately had to divorce themselves from them. When disappointed, and felt betrayal by their beliefs. This has caused many a weak and closed minded searcher to become angry with the chase. They in turn feel lost and uncertain of the path they travel on, and cannot find the new trail due to their constant looking back on that failed marriage. They have become so entwined in their failed beliefs as to have become fastened to the garment they wove as to be unable to break free from it. That is when the path to happiness becomes the chaos of a tortured soul.

      • With this line: “Have they been thrown out and are now suffering amidst the wreckage of failed marriages? ” – I am reminded of “Graveyard Logic” – the SB in which a young woman’s marriage is coming to an end, and Forrest encourages her to make an urn and put all of her bad memories in the urn and bury it. She faced many demons, and had to bury them – these guys remind me of those bad memories. Demons can, in their own way, bring happiness if seen from the right perspective, and put in their proper place – JMO – JDA

        • JDA,

          I like to think of the demons as being in my rearview mirror. Looking occasionally back, and never forgetting to, so as to avoid collisions in the future. Oh…if it were only that simple. Thank you.

        • JDA,

          It’s very interesting and coincidental you make that comment as I was just thinking about that same SB earlier today, it from a different angle.

          If Chaos and Embroidery are in fact voodoo dolls, then the nails in that urn could represent the pins or needles used in voodoo dolls. The thing is, I do not see any pins, needles or anything of the such stuck in Chaos or Embroidery, but nearly every voodoo doll image I saw on Google looks like a pin cushion.


          • What is the old saying charlie about “Two fools with but one thought?” Well, similar anyway – Have a GREAT day Charlie – JDA

          • I certainly will have a great day JDA. We are going to a rehearsal this afternoon for my son’s wedding tomorrow!

            You have a good one too.


    • I think Forrest is showing us how we have all been secretly sown into the fabric of the chase, to become something that we see in the weaves and chains. Don’t get lost in the chaos, but seek to find that perfect balance of happiness in life.

  53. After some soul searching and thought about “Chaos and Embroidery” I do not see an answer, just a plea for forgiveness for a diabolical question, why now, who would construct these spirits an who or why would anyone purchase them? What do search for, the answer to the poem or?

    I understand that some like poetry by Poe and others like Longfellow, but whoever these ARTISTs were my question is please explain the mixed metaphors, Meow Wolf would be proud to display these, but as a “Halloween Special Attraction” so sleep well with these in your bedroom, or your home? I do not think so!
    Forrest call the Exocist…. Release date: December 26, 1973 (USA)
    Director: William Friedkin
    Story by: William Peter Blatty
    Screenplay: William Peter Blatty
    Did you know: “The Exorcist” is the ninth-highest-grossing film of all time in Canada and the US (110,599,200 estimated admissions).

    Rest well and find peace, remember warriors sometimes search for forgiveness and peace, otherwise we wind up like these wizards, a fallen spirit like the talisman posses, their exaggerated personalities are somehow persuasive to me. Why is that?


    • Tom Terrific, regarding your comments above about “letting darkness pull the strings”…
      You may enjoy a song called Slow Fade. I’ll post it on the poetry page.

    • Guilt trips are not pleasant ones. If someone feels guilty about having been a
      warrior (along with the associated actions), that guilt is within. Exterior “votes”
      (opinions regarding justification of guilt) shouldn’t count too much, as they could
      be wrong, illogical, etc.

      Regarding “giving back” to assuage the feeling(s) of guilt, perhaps the “giving”
      should be toward the victims and/or their offspring, rather than some uninvolved
      third party that happens to live near the Rocky Mountains. As always, IMO.

    • Thanks Forrest and Dal. I am impressed and it’s really nice to see the rest of the story.

    • Forrest, thanks for another look at Chaos through additional photographs.

      Any cultural messages or possible clews/clues aside…
      the artistry of this textile sculpture is exquisite.

      Ancient fabrics/carpets/beads remind my imagination of what a “time traveler” through millennia might look like.

      Forrest -May your imaginary leanings be of kind souls who wish no one harm.

      Personal observation: Based on more than several searcher comments in SB209, it’s difficult for people like me, who don’t know you, when you switch from your memoir’s portrayal of a kind grandfather teaching the cadence of a fly rod to a granddaughter…to a guy who loves demoted angels with diabolical grins.

          • Deep comment TA. In respect to humans striving for balance, I can agree we cannot achieve perfection. There are always going to be outside forces attacking anything in equilibrium.

    • Take a close look at Chaos, looks like she’s about to set that book on fire. Fun times

  54. Updated photos, nice! I see now there is a boot on the box… I wonder what the front of the box says?

  55. W O W These are really cool – What a pair they are. I would be happy if they were looking over my treasures – Warding of any bad omens etc. JDA

    • JDA,

      I agree. I absolutely love these and I would love for them to stand sentinel over my treasure if I had one. I like that he has added more pictures of Chaos, but I’m oddly drawn to the picture of Forrest and Embroidery. It would be great to see more pictures of that one as well

  56. wow … Chaos seems to be the focus of this scrapbook imo. Important enough to add more photos and his neat little boot rests on top of a chest.

    “Coincidences mean you’re on the right path”

    • Last night on Cowlazars, the image of the book in Chaos’ hand was enlarged to read what it said. The end result apparently was not what it actually says.. imo, is why the extra photos from Forrest

    • Or maybe f is stating that he likes to cause chaos and embroider a little to protect himself. Or at least keep the two close at hand and use when needed 😉

  57. I see in the new pictures Forrest has posted as him saying, that he thinks the chest will soon be found. I believe he is saying he is happy about this, as he wants to step away from the joy, and chaos this has brought to him, and that soon he will be stepping away from the spell he has woven over so many and that he wish’s all who participated Happiness in their lives, as he moves on toward his own Happiness.

  58. wow … Chaos seems to be the focus of this scrapbook imo. Important enough to add more photos and his neat little boot rests on top of s chest.

  59. Chaos has his boot on the box?! Is someone that close to the finish? If someone is that close they must certainly know by now. There are two key figures in this Scrapbook along with Forrest. That hints at a couple. The mention of failed marriages could indicate a couple in strife.

    Boot can also mean Deliverance. From Chaos to Deliverance? Interesting. Chaos seems poised and able to get the chest. Will he? When? Is it already too late to complete this season?

    Why do I feel like I’m reading a book with all the recent activity and the last chapter hasn’t been released. We are all left waiting at the cliffhanger. At this point I just want to see the end.

    • Well dam I was east bound and down but I think
      Me and my sister forgot something out west under our boots lol

    • Very nice perception Dampened Myth. May I add something to your read on failed marriages? Yes, I think your correct in the assumption that the spouse of the searcher is not into the search, so most likely adds to the stress. There also is the fact that the Lead Searcher has been marrying the 8th clue to the 9th and has failed, several times. The final chapter has yet to be written by Dear Forrest Fenn, so we all wait. No chest as of yet, to be found.

    • It sure seems like someone is on top of it from all the SB posts. I think it’s too late this year. Time to root for Dizzy Dean’s team to make a run in the playoffs.

  60. I for one KNOW two searchers last week that were HOT! 3&3…hummmm 23356… you ever go walking with your brother and he is in the lead and every willow he walks through snaps back and hits you? (he all the while is smiling) stay in the car. it’s there for sure but where…
    ~kb scout

  61. My gosh, Chaos has beautiful details covered from head-to-toe. Very colorful. I love seeing the display of the potion bottles, rugs, and the satchel on the back. This really is a beautiful doll. Does anyone know what the front of the treasure chest reads?

    Thank you for sharing additional photos of Chaos, Mr. Fenn. They really brought forward many things I could not see previously.

  62. I think all the searchers who was looking last week is in the end stretch of the rat race Game on people get your snow suits back on .

    • DG-
      Sometimes I wonder if Forrest owns stock in some petroleum company and just wants you to drive that truck of yours back and forth on the freeways every month…

      • Dal, LOL! You may be right about petro stock. Forrest is always encouraging others to throw in for gas..

        Thinking like a kid, or in petroglyphs…change the little a’s in the poem to capitalized A’s and those
        A A A’s become oil rigs.

        • Dal, more on petroleum/oil…
          when the poem is in grid form, I could make a strong case in northern Texas for Forrest purchasing lands to protect Comanche lands from further oil exploration/exploitation.

          It won’t land anyone the treasure chest, but the poem does lead to specific property which was sacred to the Quahadi/Comanche’s of old and still to this day. I laughed out loud when the surrounding property was called Brown Ranch.
          (No kidding)

          • Check out “Medicine Mounds” in Northern Texas…4 sacred mounds/hills to Peta Nacona, Quanah Parker’s father.

            If things get slow this winter, and you want entertainment, I’ll send photos of my poem grid and how it led me there.

      • I know and I still ain’t home made it to Illinois Did you say the chest under the clown says mermaid hair ????

    • Not all the searchers. Just one.
      Has anybody else ever shared their location with Forrest as they searched?

      • I’m guessing way more than a few. There’s some pretty confident searchers out there and buddy left his email in the book, probability says almost daily.

  63. Chaos is equal to mess, and Embroidery is equal to exaggeration or embellishment.
    I think the word “mess” was exaggerated!

    • Oh I get it now-
      current solve = chaos = random jumbled mess
      solve needed to find indulgence = embroidery = finely decorated and embellished elaboration
      Think I’m still leaning more towards chaos. Back to the drawing board. Thanks for the heads up Forrest.

  64. Very interesting. I wonder when we will be able to order these things. Looking forward to BOTG this spring. One step at a time.

  65. ‘SMARM’ Definition:
    behave in an ingratiating way in order to gain favor.
    “I smarmed my way into the air force”
    smooth down (one’s hair) with water, oil, or gel.
    “he had smarmed his hair down”
    ingratiating behavior.
    “it takes a combination of smarm and confidence to persuade them”

    Synonym: shmooze (didn’t ff say he’s a shmoozer?)

    Anagrams: marms (school marm) arms(m), m rams

    S-M-A-R-M backwards M RA M S
    (RA = sun god, sun shine between M—M
    Perhaps happiness or the treasure chest lies in an M shaped Rock/boulder where sun shines through.

  66. Perhaps these figures hold clues and so we get to make sense of all the choas. Whatever the case, these figurea are sure to keep searchers guessing about what Forrest is trying to comunicate.

  67. I believe the chest at the foot says, “LT I DREAD HAIR” not sure, but that’s what I see.

      • Dal, as one who has spent serious diving time chasing underwater treasure, do you have any idea what “mermaid hair” is or may refer to?

        • Herman Melville – “They visit an extraordinary old antiquary”, Chapter XVIII. It lists Mermaid Hair as one of the curios.

        • 42-
          I was once severely harassed by a “mermaid” off the coast of Uruguay while diving on Admiral Nelson’s ship “Agamemnon”. She pinned me down on the bottom hoping to run me out of air. I struggled once to the surface with her on my back. It took every ounce of energy I had to get up there with her. The Uruguayan crew saw my struggle and to my irritation they merely laughed at my predicament rather than lend a hand. She quickly pulled me back to the dark bottom.

          Since my air was running low and I was tiring of the game, I finally had to pull my knife and chase her away. I spent the rest of that unfortunate day working on the safety of the deck listening to my diving mates tell sea stories of their own run-ins with mermaids and sea lobos…

          But other than that experience I have never seen a mermaid except in waters here in the NW where we have a seaweed that is commonly known as Mermaid’s Hair.

          Those dolls remind me of art dolls I have seen in the past…
          Like this one:

  68. Oh my! I LOVE these! Are there any more around? Where could I find one of these dolls for my own collection?

    • I think Chaos was running away to avoid being part of a collection! Thats why he is scuffling off the chest. Wonder who he saw ? Is bags were packed so it appears he was definitely going somewhere…I’m betting he seen embroidery and bout broke his neck cause well ya’ll know what a neck braker is…..

  69. Something is out of balance in “Chaos”, does he have 3 legs and feet or is he teetering on two legs n feet, which both seem to be left? Perhaps the effect of or illusion of imbalance is a message from the “Talismans true Spirit”, telling us to bring our reality into focus, or suffer the same fate as this Joker, is there a deck of Taro Cards with symbols in the chest?

    Are these cards Upright or Reversed? If you find the chest which card will be your future?


    • Geez…..lets try this for a third time – I’ve heard mention of “someone” who buys Folk Art.

      • Hey WWWUSAA are you referring to this from the scrapbook about Elli ? 205 I think?

        “Jesus Says Buy Folk Art.”

        • Moody – didn’t mean to repeat myself. It just took forever for the first one to show up. Actually it didn’t show up until I posted the last comment. Thot perhaps I wasn’t allowed to say the “J” word –

      • Old friends make me smile. ️

        I’m sure these two characters can make Forrest smile and oh what stories they tell without even saying a word.

  70. If Chaos wasn’t so content reading that Happiness book, he would have noticed that he was standing on the chest!

    Oh wait, maybe that’s the point 🙂

    Thanks again Forrest.

  71. The book is definitely “The Path to Perfect Happiness” by Sam Smarm- (maybe there is another letter there?). “Sam” almost looks a bit like “Sawl”, but I think it is Sam.

    There are a few strange things here. Except for the one from Cynthia (from June), these are recent pictures, and the latest ones were taken by Lou Bruno (production Manager) *after* the initial post. So they were taken special for this SB.

    Looking at Chaos, it looks like the foot was lifted and placed on the chest (the figure seems off balance by that amount). I wonder if the foot was on the chest when Cynthia was there?

    I know not what it all means, just pointing out what I noticed.


    • MBG, good observations. Thanks for posting. If there is any intentional, subliminal reference to ‘a boot on the chest’

      Forrest mentioned on March 22, 2017 at Mysterious Writings Questions with Forrest, “I think the gold -will again- become alert to the tromp and -vibrations- of hiking boots.”

      Sounds once again as if the chest is somehow beneath where boots tromp, or at a location where some form of topography appears like a boot, either in reality or an outline on a map. If maps are important, and ff created a book with line drawings, then perhaps line drawings on maps are important. I can think of one map reference where an outline looked like a cowboy boot, and another where the actual rock outcropping resembles the horned hat of Embroidery. I hope to check both out in the spring.

      All my ideas are simply offered as opinion.

    • Hi mBG,

      on her blog Cynthia said:

      “I went through my archive of photos I took June 4th at Forrest’s home, and found several that showed the position of the foot resting on the chest. He did not doctor or photoshop this picture just for the last scrapbook, but it sure seems like he added these additional pictures for a reason.”
      So, most likely Forrest gave us one more story about his collection. However, there is always some probability that he gave us some hidden hint here. Maybe he knows that one searcher already step on TC during last season BOTG? Thus, he/she was practically on the path to the happiness but failed .
      If it already happened Forrest will never said us directly that searcher’s boots already tromped over TC. It will be too big clue.

  72. Has Indulgence felt the tromp of a chaotic boot? As Allen K points out, Chaos seems blissfully unaware of the treasure chest trampled under foot. Or is he just B-L-I-T-H-E to it? (Examine first letters of each paragraph). 🙂

      • Absinthe…bohemian (Gypsy?)….Van Gogh…wormwood

        “When the third angel blew his trumpet, a large star burning like a torch fell from the sky. It fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The star was called ‘Wormwood,’ and a third of all the water turned to wormwood. Many people died from this water, because it was made bitter.” Revelation 8:10-11

      • Hmmm, bird dog. Hello, I do notice the bird in the absinthe link given above. Also, see the next scrapbook that has the 2 10 (x’s) in the painting, as in the absinthe poster.

        • Actually, there are 3 in the poster at the above link, but I GET IT, 2. The third one piercing the rib looks painful. The bird could be an eagle. Interesting time piece. I just recently sold my house on Little Owl street. Only Time will tell if I made a wise decision.

          In keeping with the topic…absinthe: psychotropic green “fairy” = chaos; looks like green tea. Could be one of Chaos’ potions.

  73. I don’t think Chaos is standing on the chest, I think he is pulling a fast one. If you look he is smiling at you while showing you the Path to Happiness. Meanwhile he is pulling and sliding the chest away with his left foot. He’s trying to get you to smile and nod along that it’s not the chest you want, but the Thrill of the Chase. He is adorned with all kinds of souvenirs from his BOTG trips. Don’t you want this? He insists as he shows you the book.

    Indeed for the majority of us this is what we must admit we want and be happy with that. Obsess over the chest too much and it will drive you insane, and what if you are not the one who finds it? What then will you have, pleasant memories of grand adventures with family and friends or nightmares of missing the mark? There is a balance in the universe we all need to achieve and Chaos is there to upset that and add confusion but he is also pointing out that in the confusion there is another solution. A path to happiness in the journey.

    Maybe today, this weekend, or many years from now someone will pull the chest out of its hiding place. That person will have both elation at recovering the prize but also a certain emptiness left in their heart that the search is over. A “Wow, now what do I do?” sort of moment. It’s very profound and I have had it once. But that’s another story…

    For those of us who didn’t find it. Depending on our own investment of money, time, and heart it will hit us all differently. Maybe we all a bit like like unfit runners in a marathon.
    Maybe we are just walking it for fun, maybe we hit “the wall” and drop out, maybe you got it but you are way off the pace for the win. In the end, we didn’t win, but if we still go to that special place once it is revealed we can find a bit of closure and move on.

    Myself, I’m sneaking up behind Chaos this weekend and taking that chest. Won’t he be surprised!

    • There will be no emptiness in my heart or soul. I will not be sneaking up on it. I will boldly take it for my own. There are still dreams to fulfill my own and others. There are souls in need, and body’s that need. My heart will fly whether I find it or not. But to see others fly from my winning this race is to be the greatest achievement I could hope for. Like you I boldly ride this weekend. If I fail, there will be no walk of shame, for I will know I participated in the greatest game of my day. Peace and good will to all.

        • I’m being a contrarian on this trip. I’m going to Balloon Fiesta a few days and then taking a couple days on the back end to check out a few picked over spots in NM a bit.

    • There will be no emptiness in my heart or soul. I will not be sneaking up on it. I will boldly take it for my own. There are still dreams to fulfill my own and others. There are souls in need, and body’s that need. My heart will fly whether I find it or not. But to see others fly from my winning this race is to be the greatest achievement I could hope for. Like you I boldly ride this weekend. If I fail, there will be no walk of shame, for I will know I participated in the greatest game of my day. Peace and good will to all.

    • WishinIwasFishin – lets not forget one other possibility: Although not likely for most treasure hunters, it is possible someone discovered the ‘where’ and decided to leave the treasure alone in there. I can think of a few possible reasons…

      (All conjecture/opinion)

      – didn’t want to ruin the fun for ff and searchers
      – didn’t want the notoriety to ruin their quiet life
      – arrived there and discovered a grave – didn’t want to disturb a grave to grab ff’s treasure. (Leave the bones reference in ff’s original version of poem)
      – arrived at treasure site and some diabolical shrine surrounded the area (no place for the “meek” )

      • I Like the diabolical shine notion. Guarded by creepy animated puppets like Chaos and Embroidery.

        Yes but too the more odd and weather related ones count as well if they took photos and sent the solve to Forrest. (strictly hypothetical as well)
        –Maybe they were from a sea level place like Florida and thought the vision of the chest was altitude sickness. They recovered but are still wondering if it was all a dream.
        –Took that wrong turn at Albuquerque and can’t figure out where they were when they spotted the chest. (Chuck Jones Studio Reference in Santa Fe)
        –Stubborn late(or early) season snow made removal of the chest a bit too dicey.
        –Didn’t want to risk it when loads of spring snow melt water flooded normally small streams and blocked their path
        — Got turned back by an August Monsoon and huge lightning. That much metal has got to be a great lightning rod.
        –A white rabbit with Huge teeth scared them off. Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference “Just look at the bones!”

        I don’t know, I’m just having some fun with this one. Not being a dyed in the wool local in the four search states I’ve had more than my share of misadventures whenever I show up for BOTG out there.

  74. Chaos… Reminds me of a ” Steampunk” character with a cross between someone that is also part gypsy, Hippy and Traveling trader.
    I think I saw him at a Grateful Dead concert once or twice!
    Many of the lead searches think this is about them……Haha
    What other treasures is Forrest hiding?

    • I think it is about searchers for sure the ole coot does stuff like this to make us think. Cynthia has the horns on her head That’s dead on I had the mermaid hat on with long flowing hair so I’m in the box so who is chaos makes your head spin for sure Cynthia friend or my sister lol haha who knows for sure I guess we never will and the story never ends

      • I have been trying to find out who coined the Term Lead Searcher.
        I thought maybe Forrest said it but some say no?
        Ok so here’s the thing;
        Is the Lead searcher someone who is search alot……? Or
        Is the Lead searcher someone who is close or was close?
        Maybe Forrest knows or does not know?
        This term does come up alot.
        It would be fun to have a chart of places searched.
        But there is one place I ain’t telling about!
        Please when a who started this ” Lead Searcher” bit?
        And thanks but no I dought it’s me. Maybe it’s someone who does not even know they are.
        Oh the mysteries of this Chase!

  75. Which came first, the Poem or Chaos? It looks to me like one was modeled after the other.

    While many see chaos, some see perfection.

  76. To me, this SB brings to mind “all the worlds a stage and we are merely players.” As Chaos looks as he is performing. Ironically, the text of “As You Like It” is laid out exactly the same way FF wrote his TTOTC:

    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
    Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
    Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel
    And shining morning face, creeping like snail
    Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
    Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
    Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
    Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
    Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
    Seeking the bubble reputation
    Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
    In fair round belly with good capon lined,
    With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
    Full of wise saws and modern instances;
    And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
    Into the lean and slippered pantaloon,
    With spectacles on nose and pouch on side;
    His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
    For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
    Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
    And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
    That ends this strange eventful history,
    Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
    Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

    I’m wondering, and I doubt Mr Fenn would even answer, if the blaze can be determined by one of these photos.

    • I always took this to mean that the one who played many parts as a master of disguise or man with many faces and no name .here one minute and in a blink of an eye gone like up in a whirlwind or gone in a single cab Chevy after sitting on a bridge just for a min thinking this was all his .Maybe it was really and I didn’t catch the hint or like the man that told me listening to lies is like drinking warm water .I’m usually wrong and bad about taking people seriously and if they want to say there name is Sara then there Sara I may not know a Sara that looks like someone who I know as ….. Or if I show up on scene and it feels staged or that I’m not needed I’m out but if something catches my eye then I think about it when I’m a safe distance away . Like how having improper equipment and clothing is more dangerous than having nothing at all especially emergency personnel . I think it’s awesome when people are willing to risk there lives for others and I also think that been said if a woman joins a fire department I think they should have some funding somewhere to rush some ppe to her . If the people who make the rules dealing with our monetary system can get by or slapped on the hand for imbelzing millions of dollars and only take a small portion of it back why not take it all back and start a program for emergency personnel protection equipment .Since we depend on them when we need them. Just my two cents oh wait I’ll have to owe ya cause im trying to save up to go see Forest . I could go get a tuckaway but I promised I wouldn’t touch it unless the other founder / hider was present since we did it together . Talk about putting your success in someone else’s pocket but I TRUST that it’s still safe .

  77. Interesting take and this maybe the only time I ever disagree with you. I think maybe worth nothing to most but to one its means most . Some times the best of people can come out at there worse moments. Kinda like a old history book wrote by someone with a unique insight to things .After the new weres off it gets tossed in the back shed and slowly the binding falls apart until someone . Finds it and looks past its rough cover to find the maps that were hidden inside the wordery overlooked by all until the last reader comes along to find the treasure hidden by the author.. I can relate to what you say above and I think if the means and opportunity came around i could spin some heads or win a heart. The hardest part is jumping on the opportunity before its to late Lord knows I’m tring to jump on one now thinking about selling my stuff and goin all in if i don’t the what ifs are goin to be what does me in.

  78. um.. I don’t know what to say other than thumbs up Mr. Fenn.

    We all find our rainbows in the end…

    Lots of Love from Canata

  79. I still really love this scrapbook! It sure stirred up the chili crock in the chase community. I think Mr. f likes keeping us on our toes 🙂

    • Green chili most likely with perhaps an algerian influence.
      Fenn keeping us on our toes? Mine are worn to nothing but stubs.

  80. That one was a good one, I’ll have to admit Mr Fenn has some amazing talents and creativity.
    Nearly confused myself and started digging to China on that one.

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