Scrapbook Two Hundred Ten…


October, 2019


Canoncito Church at Apache Canyon

Painting 1

Click on the image to view it larger.                                                             photo by Lou Bruno

This painting hangs near the kitchen door that leads out to our portal. I look at it several times every day. It was painted by Joseph Cestmir Svoboda (1889-1953), and was exhibited at the Chicago Artists Exhibition in 1934 where the listed price was $5,000.

 Joseph was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire but came to America early on so he could study at the Art Institute of Chicago. There he met Walter Ufer, who was elected to the Taos Society of Artists in 1917. Under Ufer’s influence, Joseph painted in Taos on and off for 30 years. 

I think it is a sweet little painting, but I like it for another reason. I acquired it from a neighbor lady one morning while we were sipping green tea and munching on Oreos. She was Joseph Svoboda’s daughter and her name was Olga. f


Contemporary photo of Canoncito Church at Apache Canyon






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    • Thanks, Dal. The timeline is a little confusing, though. Did Cynthia take the pictures for f, then go on her BOTG? Then she just happened to find the skull, and f made a scrapbook about it. Just a bunch of coincidence then? And it just happens to tie into Scrapbook 210. Wow! Cynthia is a lucky girl. Getting lots of attention from f. And maybe that is her booted foot on the chest! So clever!

      • Hi Denise,
        Are you suggesting Cindy found the chest?
        Or just pointing out the coincidences?

        • No, I really don’t believe SB209 is about Cynthia at all. I think her taking credit is a cover up to hide who SB209 was really about. One of the major players (youtube) was really upset when I suggested it might be about him and his partner. But what do I know. f is a master of deception.

      • Scrapbook 209 is not about Cynthia. It as well as this Scrapbook and pretty much all Scrapbooks after these were to assist and give confirmation to the two Lead Searchers. One of them finally figured out the final clues in the poem. It was the male Lead Searcher that figured it out around December 15th,2019 which is why Mr. Fenn suddenly stopped releasing Scrapbooks. The Chase is over.

    • Dal just curious if Forrest would tell us what that painting is worth now? Or if you would have a informed guess?

      • Andy-
        I suspect that Forrest will never state a value…for several reasons…
        1. He is not an appraiser
        2. The painting is worth more to him than the monetary value since it is not his intent to sell
        3. Why would he state publicly the value of things in his home…that’s just asking for trouble
        4. Art markets go up and down constantly, like a warehouse freight elevator

    • thanks Dal. you know paintings are much more relaxed in their native habitat. in this photo here on the scrapbook i can see the painting is nervous. holding back nuances, subtle highlights. not so much shy per sey but realizing a photo is taken and not giving true value. ah but thats the nature of a photo isnt it? im sure the painting is happy at Forrest’s home only being viewed by Forrest and his family and the occasional passer by who luckily for the painting will tarrry scant with marvel gaze and be gone. i imagine going to Forrest and Peggy’s home is just like going to a museum….with no admission fee. lol
      im just rambling now pay no attention to green,
      thanks for sharing Forrest.

      i think.

  1. It is nice to have had such interesting connections to people. It can reveal an interconnection with everybody. The colors in the painting are striking and vibrant . There is a full spectrum of life connected in one picture of the community.

  2. Forrest,

    Wow….either this means something, IDK, or I have been barking up the wrong tree, so to speak.

    Forget the Chase, If there was one person I would like to spend some time with, it would be you, but I wouldn’t have much to say, I would be all ears, and I would probably be rather boring, who knows, you cast a rather long shadow!

    Somehow, I think you would rather have someone take their turn, sooner than later.


    • I have to ask if s is Es then I might beat Forrest to the end of the rainbow or jump over the thing and back doing a leprechaun heel click in my cuāuhocēlōtl attire ….

  3. Thank you Forrest for sharing this story. Olga seemed like the best nieghbor to have. I like your use of portal, reminds me of when you showed a picture of your grandson and talked about Shiloh shoveling the snow from your portal.

    Thanks again,

  4. Thank You Forrest for sharing that painting and story..Olga’s father was born in the same country as both of my Grandparents..The Church in the mountains gives pause for thought..

  5. “I think it is a sweet little painting, but I like it for another reason.”

    I would love to know what this reason is. Either way it is a lovely painting

    • Thanks Forrest;

      Forrest tells us: I acquired it from a neighbor lady one morning while we were sipping green tea and munching on Oreos. She was Joseph Svoboda’s daughter and her name was Olga- If you have not read TToTC – one chapter is called “Tea with Olga” – worth reading – (page 115) – JDA

      • JDA,

        I have absolutely read it and I am sure that this painting holds a special place in Forrest’s heart because of Olga. I was just wondering if there was more to his connection with this.

  6. Thanks Forrest;

    What a lovely painting. It is so vibrant and full of life. I Sculpt, not paint, but the original asking price of 5,000.00 seems like a very good deal to me. You are a very fair and good business man. I too, like Bur, like your use of the word portal. Forrest has used this term a number of times – JDA

    • JDA,
      Read again what Forrest wrote. He did not buy it for $5,000. Forrest was 4 years old when the painting was listed for that amount.

    • Nope – read more slowly – this story says “green tea with oreos” The last line of this chapter reads: “Olga was at peace at last and I suspected she may be having green tea with her father.” – JDA

    • Its interesting that red and green make brown. In fact, you can mix any primary color with its complimentary color to get brown, so purple and yellow or blue and orange will also make brown. But is this a hint of some kind? Doesn’t seem to be, but kind of interesting.

  7. He’s telling us all we need is some divine help to solve this thing, and a 5 and 3 0’s and green Tea if you are color blind.

    • Nice observation. A nickel for the 5; Baby Ruth is Grover Cleveland’s daughter and he’s on the $1000 bill and ties in Dancing with the Millennium; the green tea and black tea discrepancy could be a hint to “Texas” tea, the Lone Star state, and ties in Forrest’s T-33 Shooting Star, his “lone star” where he covered Philadelphia (and reminds me of one other story about a “shooting star” or marksman and a $100 bill). No idea what it all means! Well, one idea, but my gut feeling is not.

    • Did you know that the state of Washington recently became the first to legalize composting of bodies, starting May 2020? The business is just starting to raise money to get it off the ground. Maybe by the time I croak it will be up and running all over and perhaps come down in price a bit (already still a lot less than a “regular” funeral/burial), but it sounds like a marvelous alternative to me.

      • SeeN, the Italians have been doing that hundreds of years. I won’t go into the process here though. Research it if you’re interested.


  8. Forrest, your Canoncito painting shines with a light of its own… which is how I judge a painting’s ability to captivate. I also find it Sweet that the reason you like the painting is because of its connection to your friend.

    Cheers to you and Olga. Do you remember what her tea cups looked like?

  9. Lots of postings lately by Forrest. I feel he wants the chest to be found pronto. He wants to be in the movie! We better hurry up, it’s not that complicated, he said. Lol.

  10. Such a beautiful peaceful picture of faith.olga sounded like you forrest,sharp,full of wit,a much appreciated friend. The reflection of light is nice.thomas kinkade was known as the painter of light.the sun our eyes reflect such beautiful colors of the world.

  11. Forrest you have a wonderful collection, for many different reasons.

    If Van Gogh had painted in Taos, stylistically it would look like this painting by Svoboda .
    (brushstroke expression and a slightly skewed look at life).

    Let me know if you’re in need a docent who would enjoy giving tours of your collection. How fun would that be! Of course, you’ll have to hire me now so I can start hearing your stories and learning about each object. They’re meant to be seen in person not simply shown in photos online.

  12. I prefer fancy matcha with macaroons. LA is really getting to me. I’ve almost lost my rural senses, except I do remember how to hook up a propane tank to a fire pit. Oh whell.

  13. There is something very special about the painting.
    I liked it as soon as I looked at it.
    Not even sure what it is.
    Seems like something very old and personal.
    It reminds me of sacred moments from childhood.
    The old churches of New Mexico that we visited seemed like they were connected to the very earth they stood on. It felt like sitting with history and many old souls.
    Thank you Forrest.

  14. Did Olga’s father die penniless? I don’t think so. So why did she have a bathtub that could barely hold a body? I have read “Tea with Olga” half a dozen times. I cannot translate the story into an actual hint, but this Scrapbook seems to reiterate that it is more important than I thought.

    • That chapter may have had a tiny (not a game-changing) hint or two. I think
      half a dozen times is enough times to read that. I looked for a bit of wordplay,
      and could only come up with another tiny hint by doing so.

      On another subject, one should be cautious/careful regarding RIP tides. Or not.

      As always, this message is part of my opinion. Your wileage may vary.

      • Tall Andrew. I have to disagree with your ‘tiny’ hint comment.

        This is a very important chapter IMO and hints (tells us) which state to search in. If fact, someone here is close to figuring it out, but they don’t know it……..IMO.

        And if I’m right, there’s also a subtle hint related to the date stamp that sheds some light to further refine potential search locations.


    • So you don’t subscribe to the red-black-green == 205 theory? The 205 trail starts at the end of the road at Red Canyon Creek and winds over to Beaver Creek just below Potamogeton Park through the Cabin Creek Wildlife Management Area. The cover picture with Forrest on a horse (and in Searching for Lewis and Clark) was taken on the 205 trail.


  15. It is a beautiful painting with a brilliant backstory. Thank you for sharing Forrest. I sometimes feel people miss out who never learn to stop and see and enjoy what is right in front of their eyes. I hope many more get to enjoy such works of art through your efforts.

  16. It’s a beautiful painting. Joseph Svoboda was very talented and I had no idea of the relation — that Olga’s father was an important Taos artist. In passing thought, I wondered if it was odd that someone with the last name of Svoboda might want their ashes resting at the reservation, but that makes total sense. As an artist colony, Taos has hosted many people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

    Someone should write a book about all the secret stories from Taos 😉

  17. My Church and my home are in the mountains . A picture is as good as a thousand words.

  18. When I have been to where I think the treasure is this is what i feel. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  19. Oddly enough Forrest misspelled Joseph’s name. It is actually Josef. I’m sure there’s nothing there but I’m sure I’ll be stuck in an unnecessary rabbit hole for the rest of the night.

    • Keep in mind that immigrants from that time period often Americanized their names to the local spelling. They would answer to both versions, I’m pretty sure.

      • Muset,

        Good observation. I only made the comment because Forrest says that he misspelled words on purpose

    • Robert-
      You can get to Josef Svoboda by googling him as either Joseph or Josef…as well as several other prominent Josef Svobodas.
      I think Josef was a smart guy and he understood as a Bohemian immigrant that there were marketing advantages to spelling his name either way. Some wanted to purchase only American born artists. Others would believe that a foreign born artist’s paintings would increase in value quicker and some buyers just did not care…so how do you keep your artwork marketable to all three of those potential buyers while building your brand?
      Look how he signed his paintings…

      • Dal,

        hank you for sharing that and I agree with your statement. The last name Szalinski is the more prominent name in Poland. In many years past my last name eventually changed to Szelinski. The exact reason for that all probably never know.

        I’m just going stir crazy as the season winds down and I am trying to stay away from Rabbit Holes. It isn’t working lol. I’ll get one more BOTG in about two weeks to ease my mind. Hopefully I’ll be able to relax a bit after that until next season.

        • Here is a definition of ease for you Robert. Maybe it will help someone. I dont know…

          at ease
          1: free from pain or discomfort
          2a: free from restraint or formality
          feels most at ease with old friends
          b: standing silently (as in a military formation) with the feet apart, the right foot in place, and one or both hands behind the body —often used as a command

  20. Another wonderful SB!! The painting is beautiful. I find it interesting that he specifically describes WHERE the painting is hanging: in the kitchen by the door that leads out to their portal. Is there meaning to THAT specific spot? Or is that just because he makes tea in the kitchen and it reminds him of Olga?


    • Maybe he likes using the word “portal”. I’ve seen it a lot lately, and tink that
      folks using it are hinting or teasing. IMO.

      • por·tal (pôr′tl)
        1. A doorway, entrance, or gate, especially one that is large and imposing.

        Jesus said “I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.” John 10:9
        “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'” John 14:6

        • How precious and wonderful!!
          I just love that painting of the church!
          Thank you Mr. Fenn, for the many scrapbooks you have published recently.
          Dal, thank you also!♥️

  21. Is somebody to far north. Is that a fall harvest gathering as the two trees are a blaze.
    I don’t know what to make of the dolls. The one with the red hair I feel like I have seen a face like that somewhere. Chaos looks like he is selling his wears. Both are very elaborate.
    Except the sea shells. The painting is one with how you make a house your home.
    It is so interesting to see these things from Forrest.
    Thanks Forrest…

  22. In Tea with Olga, ff gave us Olga’s last name (Svoboda). A quick google search would have given us her father’s name , Josef , a long-time Santa Fe artist.

    IMO – this is telling us the hints in the book should trigger a quick google search.

  23. I feel like we’re all playing charades, and Forrest is going mad because he’s giving out tons of hints, everyone’s guessing and not getting it, and he can’t put his finger on his nose and point to a person with a correct answer.

  24. The very most amazing thing about that chalet in the mouth of this canyon is that. Several things occurred there . I’ have actually metal detected the whole parameter even upon the freeway upon the drainage to the north and all of the ranches that surround this area with a metal detector for meteor fragments that were littered upon this territory. Also if you didn’t know Louis is a civil war region that has civil war relics scattered. But that is the most history you need to know of this beautiful countryside it is glorious it is mysterious and it is God‘s country I have been all over it I have watched the majestic Mexican Wolf and black bears watch me hereBut I am completely sure that this is not the rest in place of the chest I hope you’ll see my words search it for yourself but I have scoured this country.

  25. I think Forrest realized that a big screen movie would be great for his family and charity. Lots of money. But if he is dead when the chest is found, then the movie writers are going to make a bunch of stuff up. He is not happy with that idea, I am sure. However, if he’s stll alive when the chest is found then he can explain to the producers all the ins and outs of the hidding process. So he is giving out hints. But we all are too damn to get it. IMHO.

  26. “This painting hangs near the kitchen door that leads out to our portal. I look at it several times every day.”

    Olga = Goal Remember his “rules” that he keeps in his desk?

    Just cookies for thot……. (Hey – what are “cookies”?)

  27. Forrest said:. “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”
    How about if he meant it literally. There is an actual litle church somewhere up in the mountains next to a river. That would be the home of Brown. Jesus Christ was brown, and the church is his home, the home of God. Therefore Brown is capitalized. I mean, we all are coming up with crazy theories. Mine is not any worse. Lol.

    • Pablo, a literal translation is not crazy. Searchers have discussed the Angel Fire, New Mexico Vietnam Vet’s church as a starting place for the search and a possible church building ff may consider his, given he’s a Vietnam vet. He’s quite vocal about not being religious though.

    • I agree too bird dog.

      Though similiar in style the ‘real’ church appears more modern to me, the attic vent for instance. The painted church has, what appears to me, a window, perhaps for a second floor, and the image is reversed.


    • Pablo…
      Not as long as I am still breathing…
      Today I tossed close to 300 spam and troll messages off the blog and another dozen or so from folks who at one time had unfiltered access but then became untrustworthy…
      Live chat would give me an aneurism…

  28. Olga Helen Svoboda (memorial contains interesting info about her home and Fenn Gallery)

    Olga Helen Svoboda was the daughter of Josef C. and Olga Svoboda (nee Nedoma). She passed away from cancer in Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center Hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 1, 1979. Her parents preceded her in death. She was survived by one brother, Michael Westbrook Svoboda (Cornelia), other family and friends. Funeral arrangements were made by Memorial Chapel Mortuary.

    Olga was mentioned in the book, The Thrill of The Chase, a Memoir by Forrest Fenn, in the Chapter, Tea With Olga, pages 115-117. A sampling follows: “Olga was a delightful woman with a warm and giving heart. She was also too young to be treated with such disrespect by the ungentle laws of nature and she joked about outrunning the well bug.” “Although Olga’s cancer was insidious and unforgiving by nature, it allowed time for her to reflect and prepare.” Olga retired from the Southern Union Gas Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She lived at 441 Acequia Madre, Santa Fe, New Mexico. According to an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican Newspaper on Sunday, May 6, 2012, page Z015, “The Acequia Madre casita was a very small house that was acquired by Forrest Fenn and ultimately incorporated into the Nedra Matteucci Galleries. Not too much is known about it, except that Olga Helen Svoboda was it’s last tenant—and Jackie Kennedy stayed there once. El Zaquan built it in the 1800’s as the home of SantaFe Trail trader, James L. Johnson. It’s been a home to artists since the 1920’s. Today, it houses five artists and serves as the headquarters for the Historic Santa Fe Foundation”.

  29. I shed a tear or three when I read that story in The Thrill of the Chase. I belive there is so much space in the universe so that there’s room for at least another person. I hope my life can be that expansive.

    A good heart is worth far more than all the gold in the world.

  30. Yep. I see it in google street view. It is very similar to the painting except for the location of the window.

  31. Forrest added a contemporary photo of the church to the post. I mentioned to him that the painting looks like a different church and has many features that do not match the actual church or its location. Forrest said that those changes are the “artist’s prerogative”.

  32. Joseph Sharpe….considered the father of the Taos artist movement. A previous SB.

    Taos Mountain….now called Mt. Wheeler.
    Mentioned in “Tea with Olga”.

    The Taos Trail…..used by trappers and traders between the pueblos and the northern Plains tribes in Colorado.

    Taos….in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

    Taos….thought by some as a spiritual vortex (portal).

    Taos….known as the iconic “home of Brown” by artists.

    It is mine and others feeling that the TC has a direct relationship to Taos, New Mexico and is in close proximity.

    It is “not far, but too far to walk” from Santa Fe.

    Once again these thoughts are my bias, selfish, and very opinionated views.

    I am leaving myself a portal out of this rabbit hole if the treasure is found elsewhere as I do not relish the taste of hat.
    -guy Michael-

    • And remember Taos Plateau also. Volcanic field with all types of canyons and benches.

      Nobody’s Poet

    • errr — you said “portal”
      Urraca Mesa (urraca == magpie), portal to the 5th dimension guarded by six cats (bessie and me) put there by Anastazi shaman (blessed cats) to scare away the magpies that can open the portal.


  33. If there’s a hint in this scrapbook, I would guess it might be “Our Lady Of Light”, a few searchers had encountered a Lady phantom.

  34. Click on the picture of the church, look closer at the grave marker just left of door , it has an OMEGA symbol on it.

  35. I enjoyed seeing that photo. Thank you for sharing Forrest! Personally I love visiting small towns and seeing the historic buildings and surroundings. Sometimes I almost feel like I’m traveling back in time. The one you shared I think I’d like to pay a visit to see one day.

    Another potentially historic storm with more snow is upon us for the northern parts of the Rockies. It looks like this search season is mostly closing down. Stay safe everyone.

    Sage advice: don’t go searching in the snow.

    • DM,

      Good advice that everyone should follow. I’ll be going out in about two weeks. If the weather isn’t in my favor in my search area I’ll just relax and enjoy to nature. No need to put myself in a hazardous situation

  36. Forrest keep them coming every pic makes me Believe my solve!! So sad can’t go get it now!! #9 was unexpected.

  37. I find the painting to be particularly beautiful. The story of its background just makes me enjoy and appreciate it more. Thanks for sharing!

  38. For example… “Our Lady of Sorrows” church near Arroyo Hondo, NM, has a much more alike front structure.
    Yes an art painter changes things around to have a better composition (I do oil painting) but Josef did not paint “Nuestra Señora de La Luz” in that painting. That’s clear.

    • Pablo, I agree with your analysis that this looks more like Our Lady near Arroyo Hondo.

      Now, if you are correct… why is it important?
      Do you think the artist mis-titled it, or do you think Forrest intentionally said the wrong title to get us thinking about a different location like Arroyo Hondo? Would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

  39. Did anyone else wonder why f didn’t share this painting from Olga in TTOTC chapter, Tea with Olga? It would have added even more interest to the story. Sure is strange that he saved speaking of it until now. Any thoughts?

  40. Dal, next time you leisurely visit with Forrest, would you kindly consider asking him if he has a favorite painting in his personal collection, and why? I’m not looking for clues, just a lover of great western art, and always interested in what a true collector (with $ to purchase what he loves) acquires. Guessing it’s thrilling to chase and buy a great painting.

    (He gets so many emails; I hesitate to be #1001 for the week. No worries if you decide not to ask.)

  41. I think so, because he said Olga gave it to him, so I guess it had to be before she died.

  42. There is one thing I noticed that the painting and the photo don’t match the structure. In the painting there is a shed like structure attached to the church on the right side, in the photo the shed is on the left.

    Also in the painting the hills are a distance away from the church, in the photo the hills are at the church and the grave markers are in front of the church in the painting, in the photo the grave markers are close to the side.

    Differences yes, but I do like the painting,……. my church is in the mountains? Could be or not….hummm

    • Pablo and Dumbfounded – From an NMA 1971-72 article, about a rash of thefts of folk art ‘santos’ religious figures in New Mexico churches:

      “Despite tremendous adversity during the past
      one hundred fifty years, which often involved a
      clergy hostile to the “heathenish little figures,” the
      village folk have held on to their santos. For ex-
      ample, in the community of La Puebla, near Santa
      Cruz, as far back as the oldest people can remem-
      ber, the figures of San Jose and the Good Shepherd
      have been with the church. These two santos were
      stolen last March.
      La Puebla is typical of rural communities having
      isolated churches where mass is not said regularly.
      When a mass is desired the peop le get together and
      hire the parish priest to come. Although officially
      within the framework of the Catholic Church, these
      village churches are maintained and guarded by
      the people themselves.
      Today and for many years in the past, the vil-
      lagers here and elsewhere have developed a mayor
      domo system where on a rotational basis, the families
      assume responsibility for cleaning the church, open-
      ing it for specia l religious days and even for ring-
      ing the bell when a member of the community dies.
      Israel Maestas, mayor domo of the Santo Nino
      Church in La Puebla, feels a personal responsibility
      for the loss of their last two old santos.”

      I believe Josef’s painting is of the Penitente Church at La Puebla, reflecting such a community event.

  43. Webster’s definition of portal:
    especially : a grand or imposing one
    2 : the whole architectural composition surrounding and including the doorways and porches of a church
    3 : the approach or entrance to a bridge or tunnel

  44. The origin of the name Oreo is unknown, but there are many hypotheses, including derivations from the French word or, meaning gold, or from an Ancient Greek root meaning mountain (wikipedia)

  45. Nice scrapbook and memory of a time spent with Olga. The green tea and Oreos are standing out. Does Mr. Fenn really remember the color of the tea that was served during that particular visit? Oreos and cross. There seems to be something.

    This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

    • IMO, Oreos = Black and White, Right there in Black and White, What is he saying?
      Green tea (Serpentine) is the Color of the Rock.. much like the Green Olives, Olive is in the Brown Color family,

  46. The painting depicts the community entering the church.
    Does anyone remember the story Forrest told? The last banquet, where loved ones meet up once again.

  47. I’m drawn to this painting by 2 things. The color of
    the steeple (I know I’ve seen it somewhere before), and an old prospector’s saying- Wherever you find an old Spanish mission you’ll find
    a forgotten gold mine.

    • 42 – Fits my UU Double Omega backwardS bike ‘S-curve’ blaze at Baker’S Hole. Including the canoe approaching the shoreline. Thanks!

      And ‘IT•S’ a mole hole. Not a hole made by the viciously evil white Attack Rabbit from Monty Python (“Run away!). Or the White Rabbit from “Alice in Wonderland”, thankfully. But my hidey spot is, in fact, in the “Wonderland” of old. YNP. Because Forrest has the Freedom to do whatever he wants. In “Our Park”. Giggles.

  48. Beautiful photo and Tea with Olga was a beautiful story.
    I thank you for sharing that Mr. Fenn
    Funny how things come back to you like that.
    Ironically every time I pick up bubble gum for my son I think of that story.
    Imagine that!
    a women who I have never met passes thru my thoughts as I chew bubble gum….

  49. A lovely painting…Inspiration for this artist in oils. There are times in the year when the full moon is rising as the sun is setting. In one direction, the sky is filled with blazing light. In the other, The cerulean and dusky colors of twilight frame the rising moon. I just saw this very glorious sight at dawn at 13,600 ft. at Trail Crest on Mount Whitney this past full moon in September—I was moved to tears. Though looking in only one direction, the artist Svoboda captures this concept in reflected light, but there is The addition of so much more interest In the human and spiritual additions he chose to round out his representation in this “cuadro.” It’s no wonder it’s displayed in a place of importance in your home.

  50. Rethinking Tea with Olga…during the years Forrest and Olga we’re enjoying friendship with a cup of tea, most folks weren’t drinking the fancy green, reds, whites available today. Most people were drinking Lipton tea which is a light – dark brown shade – depending on how long it’s steeped.

    If a broad hint exists in the tea leaves, my guess is the answer to the tea riddle is we should be looking for a brown T at the hiding spot. IMO

    • 42 – I believe that ‘brown T’ is for ‘Taos’. In the native Taos language, ‘Taos’ means ‘Place of Red Willows’. Do a ‘find in page’ for ‘red willows’ in this Baker’S Hole link:

      Willow bark tea was used by the Indians to relieve pain and to cure other ailments. Didn’t Lewis or Clark use that to help Sacagawea?

      Just checked the weather in West Yellowstone, because my friend wanted to make a quick trip to go fly fishing. I mentioned it will be -13 degrees this Tuesday night. Worth the cold???

      • Hello Lisa E,

        Gotta love your enduring commitment to Bakers Hole and Bart the Bear;-)

        I think I remember reading in “Undaunted Courage” about Sacagawea nursing her men back to health with her knowledge of boiled herbs and roots. It’s been a few years since I’ve read it.

        I’m spending a few days nursing my sweet “other mother” (in law) back to health.

  51. Green Tea and Oreos…

    Made a profit got a good deal..

    good laurels.. somewhere North of Santa Fe…

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