Scrapbook Two Hundred Eleven…


October, 2019


Requiem for a Wreck

A few months ago, I pulled out of my garage, successfully negotiated the turn around a big pinon tree, and headed for the street. I had done that about 58,688 times before. But this time I was fiddling with the radio trying to find Meryl Haggard singing Me and Bobby Mcgee. 

Everything was going great until I hit an awkward looking box elder tree. It was in front of the bunk house where Shiloh lives. There was a loud careening noise that resonated around the inside of my car, and parts of something were flying through the air. 

It was the housing that covered the mirror on the passenger’s side of my jeep. I suddenly went into denial and hoped Shiloh had not heard the crash. I thought about blaming it on Willie, but he wasn’t in the car.

So I picked up as many of the pieces as I could find and hurried them into the big trash can stationed by the gate. As I drove away, I noticed that the mirror was working fine. Only the covering was gone. 

Broken Mirror

And you know what? Even to this day no one has noticed the damage, and I’m not talking. The unfortunate mirror still needs a little cosmetic surgery, but I don’t care about that.  My wife would be appalled if she knew. 

The wreck made me start thinking. Maybe the gods were telling me to pay more attention to things that were happening in my life, and be more in charge. So I will, starting right now.

Who says I have to repair the fool mirror? It’s my car isn’t it, and I get to make all of the decisions related to it, don’t I? 

And while I’m on the subject, who says I have to eat broccoli, cauliflower, rhubarb, and certain kinds of squash?  Men my age are supposed to do as they’re told but from now on, I’m gonna do exactly as I please. 

With my new found freedom I might even get a piercing someplace, who knows?

And maybe I’ll make myself a hot dog for lunch, with sauerkraut and whatever else I want on it. But for now, I’m going out and thank that great box elder tree for giving me inspiration. f   






277 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Eleven…

  1. Forrest,
    You BETTER eat your broccoli, cauliflower, rhubarb, and certain kinds of squash or I will come out there and yell at you. WHAT DO YOU THINK KEEPS YOU HEALTHY? And don’t you DARE eat a slimy hot dog with no nutritional value! Next tine you’ll probably run over your covered wagon and tear up the old Santa Fe trail. WATCH THE ROAD AND the trees!

    • Too funny! I will definitely go to sleep with a smile tonight and wake up with a chuckle.

    • I was lucky enough to discover with my first child that the key to eating vegetables is to start when very young. I fed my kids all sorts of vegetables when they first starting eating table food. Broccoli is my children’s (all 5) favorite vegetable. In fact, my youngest will eat his broccoli first and ask for seconds before he touches anything else on his plate.

      Or maybe we are just a weird family!

    • I’m fine Forrest. You do know that they are going to pick apart that 58,688 like mad though. Sorry to hear about your mirror. Look at the bright side. It showed you how to reflect (pun intended) on what’s important.

      • Let me start the picking: 58688 as hours takes one forward to 2025 June 21st or summer solstice. Backwards would be Jan 27th 2013. Days takes one back to 1859. Mirror or Summer solstice would be Winter Solstice or Dec 21st for this year. Today is 282

    • I’m headed for them hills in the morning. If we cross paths on my trip, I’ll treat you to a kraut-dog and I’ll even tell Margie that it was an Oprah cauliflower dog!

    • If anyone notices, Just tell them you were climbing Potato Salad Hill in Moab and clipped a boulder with your mirror.
      (Note: You can get a new mirror on eBay as low as $30 delivered Mr Fenn.)

    • We’re watching out for you, too, Forrest! Merle Haggard could be singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow” but you still need to watch where you’re going, lol!

    • Forrest isn’t hinting at box elder. He’s hinting that the box is next to an elder(sambucus). Sambucus guards against witches and warlocks. Isn’t that right Forrest? So I have no chance?

    • I have seen a 7 iron made out of what I believe was a box elder. That was a while back I here their making them out of brick now days

  2. Meryl sings that with kris kristopherson. Ole coot do what ya want when ya want eat what ya wanna eat. Live free die hard

      • Yep and what u eat don’t matter my great aunt just died she was 98 years old she ate honey buns and hotdogs and spam lol I had another family member who lived to be 102 and she smoked cigars and ate them pink hot dogs haha

    • My Grandmother lived on Budweiser, cigarettes, and cheddar cheese. She lived until 95. Eat what you want and smoke a little too.

  3. I eat those Organic sausage dogs Forrest
    Somehow that makes it ok….plus they taste better! And I feel better about it!
    Do take care cause we all want you to be happy for along long time!

  4. You are an inspiration, Forrest!
    Hear that society? I’m done with this whole “you must wear pants in public” rule that has been forced upon me! FREEDOM!!!

  5. Man o man … that story made me laugh and laugh.. sorry .. it’s just part of human nature I guess….

  6. That sure looks like the passenger side mirror and not the driver’s side. Like a backwards bicycle

  7. Forrest, i cannot imagine what you have felt restricted on? You say you have spent your whole life out on the edge, rejecting societal norms. Surely it cannot simply be hot dogs. When i was just 22 i felt the same. Then i stopped and learned to observe a daffodil and marvel at its uniqueness. I’d say it was a religious experience. 🙂 i look forward to any future scrapbooks, these have been fun!

  8. It happens to the best drivers luckily I don’t drive too nervous for that. I feel like I am driving a space shuttle at Kennedy Space center not natural to me.

  9. Forrest,

    Awesome decision! Let’s go fishing! I’ll buy the food and “drinks”. Plus I can fix your Jeep. Easy-peasy.
    Let’s enjoy life again!

  10. I know what your saying Forrest. We men get to a point that, who cares if the hot dog is bad for you, slap some extra chili on it and live dangerous. Don’t forget that Dr pepper with it though.

  11. As long as you & the Jeep are going ‘renegade’ you may as well tattoo TTOTC on your butt Forrest, & get your Jeep new tags that read…Chase me.

    • 42…How funny! I could just see Mr. Fenn having a license that reads “ Chase Me”.
      Mr. Fenn thank you for posting!
      Sounds like your yelling the rebel call of FREEDOM!
      I say eat what so ever you like, I recommend, Hebrew hotdogs, there the best, imo!
      Sorry you hurt your mirror, thankful you were not injured!
      Oh well it’s just a mirror, and it still works so that’s the most important thing. It’s still functions!
      I’m happy your feeling FREE!
      Freedom, is the only way to be!
      Best regards, MJ
      Thanks Dal, Mr. Fenn is working overtime!

    • Oh tell me not, in mournful numbers Life is but an empty dream For the soul is dead that slumbers And things are never what they seem

  12. Forest let it go. It is in the past. Get the piercing if you want. Oh amd if that was the side you were driving from then that might have been the problem from the start.

  13. I quit driving because I don’t pay any attention to where I’m going. My mind is too busy looking way past horizons to waste time with practical things like driving – pshaw!

  14. Too funny! I will definitely go to sleep with a smile tonight and wake up with a chuckle.

  15. Eric I was thinking the same thing. Ha ha.
    Forrest your just silly, only you know exactly what u are talking about. . Glad your Mirror didn’t break that would have been 7 years of bad luck.

  16. Dang Forrest, I’m glad you are ok, but I thought you weren’t driving anymore. I think you should do what you want and be able to eat what you want and I wouldn’t fix the mirror either, but please be careful and you might want to listen to Peggy and Shiloh some. With much love.

    • ps My 89 yr old mom, her 90 year old BF, and my 96 year old mom-in-law still have their drivers licenses. (I may not ride with them, but …)

      • Now that.. was really funny!
        There came a time my mom had to give hers up (license) .. shortly after an incident where I was in the car and I screamed out loud!!! LOL

        All the best to you and your family.. Really enjoyed that!

  17. Taking inspiration from the box elder tree:

    Native range of box elders would knock out Montana and Wyoming, leaving mostly New Mexico and a bit of Colorado in the search area.

    Passenger side = right side: IMO perhaps justify the poem right sided

    Perhaps you drive around an odd box elder tree to get to the treasure site.

    Willie’s fault: ditch or fault line called Willie.

    Hoping some math wiz figures out ‘about 58,688’

    Just thoughts, not even opinion yet.

  18. Hi Forrest,

    Way to be your own boss! Plausible deniability. Go with it!

    By the way, I’d upgrade to a Brat and you’re good to go for lunch.

    Please keep us posted on your piercing…we’re gonna want to see pic’s on that one.

    Just now catching up with everything…..Hope all is well,


  19. Imagine that. The tree you planted, watered and cared for came back to give you new found inspiration.. and it just so happened to be a box elder. Full circle

  20. You tell em’ Forrest! Do what you like 🙂
    Now I want one of those nasty hot dogs.
    Loaded with onions, brown mustard and sauerkraut.

  21. Let me start the picking: 58688 as hours takes one forward to 2025 June 21st or summer solstice. Backwards would be Jan 27th, the day Salinger died. Days takes one back to 1859, Xmas day. Like when he got home from war. Mirror or Summer solstice would be Winter Solstice or Dec 21st for this year. Today is 282 .

  22. Just make sure to drink it with a Dr. Pepper or three a day. It’s the key to longevity.

  23. Forrest,
    Hotdogs? You hit this one out of the ball park. I love to hear you tell it like it is. I get a funny feeling you are demanding the freedom that you so deserve.

    • Just wondering if this gets us to John fremont from the lyrics to me and Bobby McGee. The line I One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away
      He’s lookin’ for that home, and I hope he finds it. Good story either way

    • My apologies for replying to you goldilocks. I was intending to reply to the scrapbook. I’m trying to figure this site out

  24. I wonder if something or someone is closer than they appear?
    Anyways, f mentions ‘surgery’, on the right side, with the mirror still intact. Did f have a past surgery on the right? Maybe it’s a metaphor for him being damaged, or altered perhaps, yet the memory and scar still remind him of it?

    SB 209? Seems like f may have been through a chaotic time in his life with cancer, and what his reminder of it is his embroidery, or stitched up scar.

    Or………maybe he just had a minor accident with his truck and I am trying to force things fit how I want them to.

    • Nice observation, but who are the objects in the mirror that are closer than they appear?

  25. It doesn’t matter if you want to hotdog it or not, just try eat cracker jacks. You are what you eat and all that healthy lingo. What is a mirror on a jeep used for anyways? I little damage is to be expected in a jeep. Just don’t let it get to the point where it looks chewed up and spit out. If you do, that might not be healthy. Don’t get too crazy on us f. Maintain your grip on things or you’ll end up in the underside of your roof trying to understand why your view is upside down. Enjoy your freedom and roll with confidence!

  26. THAT’S who grandma is. I don’t think her boy Merle recorded that song though.

    – freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

    Your fans are counting on you so eat them veggies and slap that sunscreen on, says Grandma Meryl. Try a happier driving song like Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Like “April” but different.

    • Dave B. – one of my favorites is “Long White Line” by Sturgill Simpson. Best road song in a long long time.

  27. Just wondering if this gets us to John fremont from the lyrics to me and Bobby McGee. The line I One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away
    He’s lookin’ for that home, and I hope he finds it. Good story either way

  28. You are wrong this time Forrest Fenn.

    The reason you need to have that mirror fixed is because of the image it portrays of the driver in legal circumstances. A police officer is more likely to give someone a ticket that does not seem to care about the maintenance of their car than someone who does. If the driver neglects the damage to that mirror, what care would they have about that car if the brakes or the steering were bad?

    I doubt you would have flown an airplane with damage like that until it was repaired so why the lack of concern for a car you drive?

    • Lurker Mike is always so logical. I have a purple heart license plate and a handicap sticker. The cops usually cut me a little slack. The only one I’ve talked to in the last few months wanted to tell me about his father who served in Vietnam the same time I was there. He ended up buying me a cup of coffee and i was late to my haircut appointment. f

      • Well I’d say you’re pretty well covered, Forrest.

        I stopped getting haircuts when my hairline receded over 20 years ago. I figured having a long ponytail flowing out from under my hat would cause people not to suspect the real reason I wore a cap. Not to mention all of the money I have saved on haircuts, snake oils, toupées, and now an additional savings I hadn’t considered before, mirror cover repairs on my vehicles.

        I do want to tell you that my wife and I really enjoy your Chase. Our BOTG adventures are something we look forward to doing each year together. But there is one marital problem it has caused that I could sure use your advice on.

        When we have an argument she wants to win, she will end it by saying to me, “Why can’t you be more like Fenn?” I have to bow my head, fold my cards, and accept defeat because I just don’t have a comeback for that one.

        Now don’t think she wears the pants, she doesn’t. She only wears one leg and I wear the other. Don’t laugh because if it’s a three legged race we are gonna win it because we have over 30 years together doing it that way.

        Even so, I could use some help leveling the playing field with this one.


  29. George H.W. Bush….“I do not like broccoli,” Bush once said to the press, tongue somewhat in cheek. “And I haven’t liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I’m president of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!”

    IMO it’s under a “bush”….said with tongue in cheek.

    Hey Forrest – I’m a RN and an expert with needles (and infection control – it’s my middle name). Let me know when you are ready for that piercing! I may be headed your way soon.


  30. Mr. Forrest, just go ahead and pierce your tongue. Let freedom ring. Lady liberty holds her flame .the flag,the star spangled banner .the land of the free and the home of the brave.god bless America. I need the old chest forrest
    Or chest old forrest.i love ya forrest fenn and your beautiful wife,ms.peggy

    • Forrest we all Love you or love ya!
      So We all want that chest! Can you go hide another 100 in the Rocky Mountains? Haha
      Keep it going!

  31. Yes, I will go to that great box elder and give thanks to the elder of the box, Forrest Burke Fenn…soon, but it must wait another day…too windy today. I’ll try and write you in the morning, too tired tonight sir. And I won’t video record the trees while driving anymore…that was a close call today. How did you know? DOT cameras? Satellite? Private Investigator?
    You are amazing.

  32. Hi Forrest
    I’m sorry about the mirror on your Jeep. However, I appreciate the sentiment in this scrapbook. You deserve to be at peace and live as you please. This reminds me of the good fortune you mentioned in scrapbook 205 where you got the lucky goat back from the lady in Albuquerque. Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket after all. Have a good night and take care of yourself.

  33. I was lucky to meet Kris Kristofferson who wrote Bobby McGee. I worked for his Grandmother in Corvallis Oregon and she took me to see him in Concert in the 1970’s than took us back stage to meet him. He sang this song!

    • That is so cool Lou! I like Kris Kristofferson. In the lyrics it says “I was holdin’ Bobby’s hand in mine” and body close to mine. So was Bobby a girl to Kris? and a boy to Janis? Here is a link to Kris and Haggard singing it together and they give homage to Janis:

      I am a fan of Janis Joplin – I should be, I was named for her. She died exactly 2 months (Oct 4th, 1970) before I was born. She was born in Texas 😉 This song became a #1 hit just after she died, the 45 rpm was by Columbia and had Bobby McGee on one side and Half Moon on the other 😉 . Though my favorite singer, Neil Diamond had the #1 hit with Cracklin Rosie the day she died. And Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head was the first American No. 1 hit of the 1970s… from the movie Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid! Which has Robert Redford in it. It was also the movie my parents went to on their first date back in November 1969. It all feels like it comes full circle or a butterfly effect of sorts.
      And no one says Forrest has to fix that mirror, it’s totally up to you of what happens next and its consequences… however, it is weird that no one has even noticed. Which may mean that WE haven’t even noticed something…. hmmmmmm

      • Kristofferson was also born in Texas! And yes Bobby was a girl. I too always loved Joplins version. I just Love all those old songs.

        • the real Bobby McGee was actually Bobby McKee
          It’s a interesting story.
          And I also worked for Kris Kristoffersons grand father. He lived to be exactly 100 years old! He was a coach at Corvallis High School. Among other businesses he owned. 1909-2009.

  34. I say, do whatever you like with your tree of life, enjoy, don’t eat what you don’t like, just drive safely

  35. I’m with you, Forrest, on those nasty veggies. At the age of 89, you’ve earned the right to eat what you want, and avoid what you don’t. So your Jeep’s right ear got “boxed” by a Box Elder, eh? I guess that’s one of the hazards of trying to get back inside the box.

    P.S. Sacha’s going to love that equilateral triangle exposed by the missing mirror cover. Creative spelling of Merle Haggard?

    • For some fun, try and remember all the vegetables mentioned above without going back up to look. Try and spell them down on a piece of paper with a pen.

      For the squash, use the other word for eggplant.

      • Lisa: I think Madison Junction will end up having nothing to do with the “correct solve.”

        • Zap – LOL!

          Except for ‘IT’ being named after President Madison, being where to “Begin it..” and where ‘IT’ begins, being the location of WWWH, having the ‘Y’ in the “So why is it that I must go, being the Yellowstone Caldera Boundary to generate that WWWH…..


          All IMO.

        • HI Lisa: well, I did say “I think.” 😉 Yes, everything Madison in YNP is named for President Madison, and Madison Junction has a geographical rarity going for it, is precise enough to meet Forrest’s WWWH requirement of being a specific place (as opposed to a broad region), and it even has a couple canyons in close “proximaty.” But the clue trail goes cold at that point. For instance, Hebgen Lake clearly cannot be Forrest’s “home of Brown,” since nearly every searcher who has used Madison Junction/Madison Canyon for the first two clues has considered that angle, and therefore the early two-clue solvers certainly wouldn’t have been stuck at two clues for several years if Hebgen was hoB.

          (I know *you* aren’t using Hebgen Lake as your hoB — I only brought it up as an example because so many folks do.)

  36. I love the story Forrest and it made me laugh. That is definitely the way to live! I can imagine the hell you’d give someone who tried to crimp your style. I think I’m learning to be more like you, but sometimes schooling takes time.

  37. Eric I was thinking the same thing. Ha ha.
    Forrest your just silly, only you know exactly what u are talking about. . Glad your Mirror didn’t break, otherwise that’s 7 years of bad luck.

  38. Nothing to fret about Mr. Fenn, I’m sure that was an old cover. Besides that square ole thing was no match for a well nutritioned Box Elder anyway. My only concerns would be whose looking out the other side of the portal.

  39. It’s a Jeep. It’s supposed to be damaged. That is what they are made for. That is why it is called “Jeep”. If a Jeep doesn’t have scratches, dents, chips and cracked windows it has been neglected. Unloved. Like a sad dog that hasn’t been walked or played with.
    Take that poor car out into the mountains. Cover it with dust and mud. Let it run around in the weeds and cross some creeks and puddles. Jeeps love to splash around in mud puddles the same as any dog. And don’t come home until you are missing a fender.

  40. Meryl Haggard singing Me and Bobby Mcgee

    As most have noticed Meryl is spelled incorrect and the G in Mcgee is lowercase when its actually uppercase in the song title.

    Merle didn’t record this song though he sang it with Kris Kristofferson. So why bring up Merle?

    I think Merle was the one in prison that decided he wanted to be a singer when he saw Johnny Cash sing in San Quentin! He could be seen as an “outlaw” since he robbed people.

    Merle was a fiddler… Fenn fiddled with the radio.

    Fenn listened to: TTOTC
    Amos and Andy’s radio show pg. 24
    Mr District Attorney pg. 39
    June and mom listened to Your Hit Parade pg. 40
    The car didn’t have a radio pg. 45
    wingman by radio pg. 87
    help of my little radio pg. 89
    no one was on the radio pg. 97
    Santa Fe Public Radio pg. 105
    on the radio pg. 127

    I’m sure there are other scrapbooks with radio mentions too

  41. I also like the idea that if Fenn blamed it on Willie then it would be Willies fault = fault lines
    but then that just helps my solve lol

    He backed out
    I like the idea of some things seem closer in a mirror
    covering like a canopy

    “the mirror was working fine. Only the covering was gone.”
    This reminds me of what Fenn said that George Burns said on TTOTC pg 131.
    “my health is good, it’s my age that’s killing me.”

  42. Why’s mine poop color? Lol who rigged this.

    I did that to my trunk once, it waved at everyone I passed afterwards. Lol

  43. I got to laugh Forrest. I said the same time to myself – “Men my age are supposed to do as they’re told but from now on, I’m gonna do exactly as I please.” about three years ago. I started letting my hair grow long and letting people know my opinion whether good or bad and really get mad at stupid drivers, after all they took the same test to get their drivers license as me so why the he.. don’t they drive like they should. LOL

    Oh by the way I was just posting about Shiloh on your other scrapbook. If he loves you like I see, he would helped you out with the mirror and not said anything to anyone that’s the bond we have with our grandkids.

    Enjoy this story. Be like Tarzan and “watch out for that tree.”

    Thanks for other tid-bits in this too.

    • 58,688 some have given comments on this number.

      What I have found out is this number is very interesting because it’s so close to the elevation of the “put in location” right at npuyc. 5868.8 ft + – just a couple of feet, now that’s a coincidence. And at this elevation put in place it is also in close proximity to a portal (SB 210), another coincidence.

      Now I’ll have to see if the big tree right at the “turn” from heavy loads leading up to water high is a pinion tree -“negotiated the turn around a big pinon tree,” then see if at water high the tree right in front if it’s a “box” elder tree. Boy if that would surely be a coincidence. Of course I won’t know this until next search season.

      Just thinking out loud,

        • John Edo
          Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner!
          I’m going with your number 242 – its a match for me.

  44. FFFEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!! I love you but you drive me crazy!
    I bet you love when women say that to you! hahaha 😉
    I’m staying where I am searching in the e-mails I sent you this summer. I’m trying to stay contiguous. I have a myriad of confirmations to be coincidental. I’m already planning my next trip out next spring. This is random but I thought of you ….here is a Neil Diamond song that I think you’d appreciate about Jonathan Livingston Seagull, called “Be” (this version has more words than the lyrics printed online) actually this whole track is wonderful:

    he begins talking and singing at about 1:44

    and every time you mention jeans I think of Forever In Blue Jeans! 🙂
    What concerts did you go to back in the day? Even if you decide not to answer, I just picture you with your cowboy hat having a good time no matter who you saw.

  45. In Canada once you turn 85 you have to write a test to renew your driver’s license. It is really just a dementia test, you have to draw a clock and put the numbers in the right order. And you have to circle all the h’s in a passage of writing. I think your comprehension skills are just fine Mr Fenn, Sir.
    If you’re getting distracted by a good song you’re practically a teenager.
    Do what you like, just find the music before you pull out.

  46. Oct.11 1952 – my birthday
    Oct.11 2016- Mysterious Writings- weekly words-
    If you don’t find it, then who?f
    Best b-day present ever. Many thanks, Forrest.

    • Yes. Mustard. Further supported by mentions of crucifers. But mustard’s root is “must”, like from the poem, which makes me think of Uva, WY because of how mustard originally was prepared with grape must, and Uva’s etymology is…well…

      Anyone guessing why all the fiddle allusions yet? Merle Haggard was a well-known fiddler, an Okie. In your mind, does it have anything to do with coins like lira?

  47. “Careening (also known as “heaving down”) is the practice of grounding a sailing vessel at high tide, in order to expose one side of its hull for maintenance and repairs below the water line when the tide goes out.” – Wikipedia

  48. I really like the tone of those last couple paragraphs. That is a beat a guy could really march to. Count me in.

  49. Some synonyms for “trash can”:

    ashcan (…ashes)
    trash basket
    waste basket
    circular file
    garbage pail
    litter box

  50. inspiration from a tree!
    ok, no problem.
    leave the mirror alone. we tend to repeat ourselves.

    “go not gently into that good night”

    rage on Forrest

  51. Hi Forrest!
    Funny story! You may live in N.M., but once a Texan, always a Texan!! God Bless Forrest & God Bless Texas!!

  52. The past is often littered with B.S., yet somehow the truth is covered in misconception. Uncovering past gems of knowledge requires a sound mind like f’s. Thankfully the “gods” have allowed him to soar in inspirtation !

  53. Manitoba (the common name for box elder in Canada) has come up a few times in recent days…

    • Kay-

      Maybe we need to pay more attention to where we are going, instead of trying to figure out where “Bobby McGee” is. JDA

  54. Crunch! Glad it wasn’t anything too serious than a possible few choice words. Searching for the song is a little puzzling. The numbers are interesting, and the math to it is very possible:

    58688 divided by 2 (round trip/have to go around the tree to return home) = 29344
    Current year 2019 minus 1972 (year the home was purchased) = 47 years
    29344 divided by 47 years = 624.34
    624.34 divided by 365 days a year = 1.71 times on average a day pulling in and out of driveway.

    My math solution may be wrong, but it was fun trying.

    The scrapbook is interesting and things seem to stand out a bit and will take time to think about it. As for the mirror, it’s possible others have seen it and just hasn’t said anything about it, especially since they know they didn’t do it. (Giggle.)

    • Pdenver, thanks for the numbers. Always enjoy when the math guys/gals pick it and share it.

      Note: I believe the home ff and Peggy now live in on the Old Santa Fe Trail wasn’t built until around 1988 (not certain when the property was purchased). The Gallery home would have been the one in 1972.

      • Thank you for the clarification, 42. My memory must have failed me. Mr. and Mrs. Fenn purchased their home in 1988, the same year Mr. Fenn got cancer?

        Math correction:
        31 years difference
        946.58 divided by 365 days a year = 2.59 times on average a day pulling in and out of driveway.

        • From January 1, 1988 to today = 11,606.days. 58,688 times out the driveway, divided by 11,606 = 5.05669.

          Where are you getting your 946.58 from? Just askin’ – JDA

          • Hello JDA. I went with the standard 365 days per year, excluding leap years, and did not go to today’s date, but the average 365 days per year. The following is my calculations:

            58688 divided by 2 (round trip/have to go around tree to return home) = 29344

            Current year 2019 minus 1988 ( ~ year home was purchased) = 31 years

            29344 divided by 31 years = 946.58

            946.58 divided by 365 days a year = 2.59 times in and out of driveway

            The calculations you provided makes sense.

          • He writes 58,688 TIMES tells us that it’s units of time.see my previous posts for the connection to two of his stories: Salinger and getting home from ‘Nam

        • Pdenver, I’m not certain but I think they purchased the land for their present home around 1988, and built the home sometime there after.

          It’s public record in Santa Fe county if you want to research the parcel.

          • Hello 42. I appreciate the information, but feel this is personal information I do not need to know. I wouldn’t know how to do it if I really wanted to try. Does Mr. Fenn count the times he’s driven out of the driveway? I don’t think he does, but his numbers are plausible.

  55. What’s interesting is that if you take the title and take the words wreck out of it you have wreck in the beginning and wreck at the end leaving the letters u i a m f o r a if you unscramble that you get UIA forum and check it out

  56. Forrest,

    Are you going to carve FF and Running Helmet Man in the tree… can we see the tree if you do it ?

  57. I’m crunching numbers and pine nuts; it’s what I do. I like it. My abacus tells me that for the 58,688 times you’ve successfully navigated that Box elder, near misses of said tree would amount to 5,868 times. Statistically you should have hit that Box elder tree 196 times by now so the good news is that your driving skills are way above average. The bad news is that your still turning radio dials and winding car windows up and down manually.

  58. Hot dog – that reminds me of a hilarious and true story when living in FRANKfurt, Germany back in the late 70’s.

    One of the new guys in the office and the country and his wife were walking around downtown on a Saturday and decided he wanted a hot dog from a small establishment. So in his best and very new ‘understanding’ of Deutsch, ordered a ‘heiß hunde’.

    The proprietor laughed and in PERFECT English asked Dave ‘do you know what you just ordered?’. Dave responded, ‘I thought I ordered a hot dog’. Then the proprietor said, ‘No. You ordered a dog in heat.’

    We had a good laugh when Dave shared that story with us Monday morning.


    • Seriously though.

      SB 205 – ‘My parking spot behind the museum was tight and as I backed, the car bumper tipped over a large tin GARBAGE can.’

      SB 209 – ‘Have they been THROWN OUT ….’

      SB 211 – ‘So I picked up as many of the pieces as I could find and hurried them into the big TRASH can stationed by the gate.’

      There’s a theme going on here, but how to use it is the question.


        • Everyone keeps saying someone threw away the correct solve…

          how would Forrest know that?

          Did someone mail him the correct solution but didn’t follow up? I’m logically trying to figure out how Forrest would know this and craft a scrap book around that detail.

          • This has had me thinking as well. Did they lay out there “solution” to Forrest and mention that they feel that they are wrong so they are going back to the drawing board?

            I took SB 205 and the goat in the trash as a hint. He could be saying don’t throw it away or dig under those cans lol

            One man’s trash is another mans treasure…

      • Hi VolcanoChuck: don’t forget the Great Gatsby, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and Time magazine all in the trash. And Catcher in the Rye briefly.

        • Hey there Zap.

          I was just focusing on the recent SB’s, but you’re absolutely right! And thank you for the reminder.


  59. Recent Scrapbooks; scraps, probably not; embroideries of a theme.
    Attached for good.

    “Now, I’ve always had a warm place in my heart for Eli, though the reasons are not at all clear. Perhaps it’s because he seems to personify the underdog.”

    “The kids competed with each other to see who could gather the most berries. I always lost because I munched too much as I picked.” … ” Those were fun family times.” Bears and Berries

    “My parking spot behind the museum was tight and as I backed, the car bumper tipped over a large tin garbage can. It made a moderate racket, and its contents spilled all around the local periphery. My embarrassment was hiding behind sunglasses when Greg and I got out to clean up the mess. ”

    “But in the Chase, without that risk of failure, there would be no Thrill.”

    “My friends complained that the story had consumed me. Maybe so, because a note written to myself at the time, reads “I am drawn to Mr. Sharp like smell is drawn to a daffodil.” (that unfortunate comment is the by-product of too much wine, and working too late at night). ”

    ““You must have known I would be here,” a thought that did not underestimated the depth of our friendship.”

    “Have they been thrown out and are now suffering amidst the wreckage of failed marriages? I don’t know, but never mind, I like them as they are. I can relate somehow, especially now that I am past middle age and unwilling to postpone or subjugate any part of my life. ”

    “I think it is a sweet little painting, but I like it for another reason. I acquired it from a neighbor lady one morning while we were sipping green tea and munching on Oreos.” “…her name was Olga.”

    “With my new found freedom I might even get a piercing someplace, who knows?” Lord knows what he’s thinking…

    ” Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…..”

    How Forrest sees himself.
    How Forrest sees us.
    How Forrest is one of us.

    Good Grief Mr. Brown

  60. When Forrest recycles words (careen) or themes (cars) he has used in past scrap books I word search them in a TTOTC poem grid. (Search with eyes, not computerized)

    “Careen” Car een can be found when the poem is justified to the right with the it’s synonym lean running through it. I found Synonyms for careen: Lean, veer, swerve all in the poem grid; as well as car harm, severed door, tire iron, RIP, all in close proximity to ‘careen’ in the poem. But what do you do with them?

    Utilizing a poem grid Justified both Left and Right, car manufacturer names are found in the poem grid including: Buick Chrysler, Ford, V.W., red Carrara, Volvo, GMC, Bens(z), brown BMW/beemer, white Camero. (But No Jeep)

    Sometimes I wonder if Forrest has kept every car, truck and trailer he’s had – old, wrecked, etc in a type of outdoor junkyard…away from Santa Fe and Peggy’s view. In TTOTC he’s a self admitted hoarder of sorts.

    Just wondering why all the car manufacturers in his poem? Did he own a red Carrara and a brown BMW?

    • I think he might have a white or red camaro maybe a 25th anniversary.Throwing a wild dart .I just hope hes not talking bout my place I kinda let things go these past few months until these last few sbs hit home and I realized and remembered things first time in ten years. Gave me a new outlook on life I’m who I always have been not who I’ve been made to feel like. Time to re-calibrate and be me again .I did put my success in someone elses pocket and I think that was the best place for it . I know its probally tarnished badly but my question is can it be polished or should I just hope for a moment of time for a farewell HUGG ? Im keeping my polishing rag in my pocket in HOPE!

  61. When I first started driving I was always afraid of doing something like that in fear of my privileges being taken. I guess the same will be true when I get older. Thanks for the story Forest. This has been a good reminder how everything Cycles back to the beginning. With all that money you’ve saved over the years maybe you should consider a chauffeur.

  62. 58688 is pretty close to the number of names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in D.C. (58,320 as of May 2018). The number has grown since TTOTC came out 9 years ago: Forrest listed 58,266 on page 76 in “My War for Me.” I note that on page 78 he mentions the “freedom plane” that took him home on Christmas Eve 1968.

    • Hello zaphod. Thank you for the comparison to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In this scrapbook, “Me and Bobby McGee” also speaks of freedom, as well as, Mr. Fenn’s mentions of freedom to be able to choose what he wants to do, (e.g. not to eat certain vegetables, eat a hot dog if he wants, fix the vehicle mirror, etc.).

    • Zaph, I appreciate the Vietnam Vets memorial numbers; and I’m thankful Forrest did make it home to Peggy and his girls in 1968.

      So many young men were lost to those who loved them, including a very close friend of our family, Captain Roger Richardson who in 1967 left 3 young children and a widow in Bozeman Montana with broken hearts and lives. We still miss him 50 years later. Captain Richardson flew on reconnaissance aircraft to assist pilots like Forrest.

  63. Oh Boy all these new scrapbooks…. I think my Brain is broken again like the mirror cover. I’m going to go check the garbage can to see if I can find some of the pieces that fell or “Flew” off…

  64. 6,128 time that I walked into my house this week.

    Really who counts the number of times that they go out somewhere. Is the 58688 times that he says he did it really a clue or just an explanation. A good example is that my wife has pulled into our drive way countless times; however there was that 1 time that she pulled in and scraped the fence with our van. Do we say “hey remember the 58688 times that you didn’t hit it or do we say, “remember the time you hit it”?

    At least sh took responsibility for it and didn’t blame our son for the damage to the car.

    Message for Forrest-If you cant see the street for the trees than maybe you should take out the trees. Just kidding

    • Davidwes, you asked, “Who counts the number of times they go out somewhere?” Maybe ff has a few quirks like his best friend Eric Sloan did. Apparently “Arithmomaniacs with OCD count number of times they complete tasks.

      Or perhaps there’s a hidden message/clue to be found. How will we know what it is? Lots of great ideas here, but only Forrest knows what the subliminal message is.

      • 42-Good point. Some OCD check that the door is locked and count when they do it.

        If FF is counting the number of times he leaves the house, then maybe we can ask him how many oreo cookies he has eaten in his life as well.

        I am not sure that I would recognize a sublinial mess age if I seen it.

        • I count steps and wraps of cords. He did say about 58688. Most of the jobs I have worked have required a lot of driving. I did some quick estimating once and figured I have driven about 999,998 miles. g

          • Ace340,

            I have counted steps and cord wraps too; however each time I do it I start again with 1. Which is also the same number I get to when I count the steps on an escalator.

          • No reply button on David’s post – but I want to say I agree. It all begins with one, with I, with me.

  65. Long time lurker, first reply.

    FF & I are a lot alike. On my 3rd BOTG trip a month ago, I had a small snafu. Missed a stop sign at a T & went into a ditch. Surprisingly, was able to drive on, but the front bumper was hanging off. Adding to that was a tiring 5 hour BOTG. Not until my return did I zip tie it back in place.

    Speaking of snafus, 2nd trip my battery died. Got a nice guy in a walmart parking lot to jump it, and after returning to truck after a 3 hour BOTG, had to walk another mile to civilization for another jump. 4th place I went to finally said, just the battery, & I was good to go.

    Yes, even my 1st BOTG, not me driving though, my brother-in-law, his eyes wandered, truck with trailer, major snafu. 2 tires & a razr dangling off trailer. Yay for cargo straps.

    After each trip & the associated snafus, gained a little more wisdom & desire to want to return… again.

    But now, my gut is saying no to snow and yes to good food & warm weather.

    Indulgence can wait… I want to hear another story.

  66. You could always turn that turquoise bracelet into a nose ring next summer. Nobody messes with a guy with broken mirrors and an 8 inch nose ring. Even squash won’t them help at that point.

  67. What some call a flaw, I call it “Character”. It kind of reminds me of the terminator’s arm after loosing all of it’s skin.

    Do: Whatever makes YOU happy Mr. Fenn! You’ve sure earned it!
    Don’t forget to have some fun along the way too! A day without laughter is a day wasted.

    Those “Dietary Health” doctors (mostly) only push whatever idea they’re payed to promote. I don’t buy in to all the hype, because; It’s likely be switched around when the next (high dollar) case study gets released. Funny how the funding for these “Dietary Health Studies” work, corporate propaganda! Follow the funding, it’ll tell you all you need to know.
    In my opinion, of course!


  68. Forrest, I actually like broccoli and cauliflower but I’m with you when it comes to certain kinds of squash. My mother used to feed us orange “spaghetti squash” when I was a child. The only way I could manage it was to smother it with butter and gulp it down while it was still hot. I once made the mistake of letting it get cold and that was a long night at the dinner table. In our family, you ate everything on your plate before you were allowed to leave the table.

    Sauerkraut should be fine; it’s just cabbage after all. Hot dogs are supposed to be indulgent–and don’t even get me started on the whole “grown” meat phase. Get your share of hot dogs while you still can!

  69. Mr. Dennis you need an autonomous vehicle, as for a piercing….skip that for a tat of a map. You draw I’ll ink you for no fee of course.

  70. I have a similar thing going on with my own car. The front tires are pointing in different directions and all the rubber is rubbing off. I was too lazy to fix that so I missed being able to search the past few weeks.

    And then my mother came to visit for a very long time and I couldn’t have my car in the shop or I wouldn’t have been able to escape during the daytime.

    Now the metal mesh is all poking out the side of the tires and they sound like I’m taking a tight corner even as I travel down the road in a straight line.

    I called the shop a few days ago but they can’t get me in until Tuesday. So I can’t go anywhere far for Thanksgiving this weekend. No turkey. Time to pay better attention to that stuff.. yes.

  71. FYI: Box Elder, Montana is an Indian Reservation;
    headquarters for Chippewa and Cree First Nations. It is not in the mountains.

    The lesson I take away from Forrest: don’t box in your elders with rules; and live your life. Be you, no one else can.

    • Hotdog = FF’s little dog Tesuque.
      Hope he’s waggin his tail and munchin steak bites in paradise.

  72. I saw good ol Merle once performing and he told everyone when he came on stage that he was advised not to drink as he toasted in the air towards the crowd. By the 4th song in he passed out and nearly fell off the stage. His band continued playing through the night, but no Merle. It gave us all something to talk about for years to come and I still have no hard feelings as I listen to Misery and Gin.

  73. The song, it’s about freedom, as is the underlying theme of this scrapbook. Also about enjoying the simple pleasures in life.
    “Maybe the gods were telling me to pay more attention to things that were happening in my life, and be more in charge. So I will, starting right now.” Perhaps also a message?

      • IMO
        Speaking of religious freedom makes wonder why some believe and some don’t. I often make people very uncomfortable when I bring up this subject. Why is that? I wonder how they teach their children good from bad. If you are raised going to church I guess you would use this as a platform to teach your children. What of those that have never had that in their lives. The only thing left would be the laws that govern our society what some would call civilization. Then there are some that make up their own rules of survival and would even go so far as to use the dark side to get thru life. These ones obviously don’t believe in life after death or doing the right thing. One thing I often wonder about is how people can separate religion from life to exist in society. I see it more often where religious practices are forbidden in the work place and in schools. When we do this are we not giving in to those that would have us believe in their way of thinking. Shouldn’t we also be allowed to hang on to our beliefs also if we want wear a cross or live with whatever way we believe? If we are to live in peace we should just leave each other alone and not force our ways on others. We are all free to choose how we spend our time here on earth. For some religion is not something you can separate and put aside for the moment. As far I can tell most of the indigenous cultures of the world embrace the world and move with nature excepting there place in life as part of a whole. There is no separation of religion from their daily life, for them they live their beliefs. It is a struggle for sure with all the changes we are force to go thru. One thing I do know is we should all stand together against evil.

        If I could relate it to this chase or rather this quest I see many parallels. I’ve often compared it to a vision quest where were all seeking answers. I believe we all have our special places where we go to contemplate life perhaps this is the point to the chase. Take some time for yourself get away from it all as Forrest says. Go visit him once in a while and just sit and free your mind. I was thinking of “there is my shadow but where I’m I” and it took me too many places and this is just one of them. Sit in the shadow of the forest and look at all God has created. Be grateful for the life your given and being a part of all creation.

        ‘We Are All Connected’

    • MA.

      Maybe this is when TTOTC really begins. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. He’s got the flag in his hands and the race is getting ready to start (started?).

      Heading back to central Cali today, a 1,700 mile drive. Not looking forward to it. But we have a brand new daughter-in-law to be thankful for.

      Take care everyone and good luck……….. pinatubocharlie

  74. I went down to the Bridge to reflect a bit and dang I forgot my thermos of volcanic chili. So I had to roll on I didnt get the memo it was ice cream social tonight dang

  75. Little off subject but one night while fishing one of my old buddies sugested I paint something on the bridge leave my mark so to say.. I kind of laughed to myself because leaving a mark to me means something special something that makes a difference something that leaves an lasting impression or a unforgettable image to inspire or give hope . So I hoped that Mr.Fenn would someday see the Byzantine shield I drew for him that he could see from the sky. My buddy thought I would draw what was on one of my arms. My left side means exactly what Lisa wrote in the last scrapbook to Me but to others it could Mean Many things and whats on the right few know how to read the ones who can tend to listen closely to what they have to say.

  76. Boxelder
    17 Honey Gathering
    My Childhood in Montana
    Memoir of a hard & joyful life
    1920 – 1940
    Irene Estella Stephens

    Boxelder Creek

  77. *Requiem* is an interesting word. That word relates back to Scrapbook 26. Eric Sloane titled one of his paintings with that word in it. Seems to be a lot of reference to paintings and artists lately.

  78. ” A Noise That Resonated” = THE TAOS HUM

    PINON TREE….Colorado and New Mexico

    Thank You Forrest, you GREAT Old Box Elder for giving us inspiration and by all means keep those cards and letters coming!

  79. Box Elder?
    Riches Old?
    Elder Riches?
    Gonna raise a few eyebrows (and maybe blood pressure),
    At least for those searching the Eldridge area on the Gallatin.

      • JAKE, two years ago I enjoyed Taylors Fork and the beautiful drive past Eldridge Post Office. We stopped to visit with the care taker/carpenter of the Eldridge cabin… What a nice man!

        • Yea, Mikes great! Mike is a fun wise ruler of the land. I forget if he said he would be back next year after hip surgery although he did mention they will have more Forest Service personnel for Hebgen district including Taylor Fork area next year and makes me wonder if they are trying to increasing their odds at finding the treasure?

  80. Based on how minor the damage was, wouldn’t a more appropriate title for this SB be “Dirge for a Ding”?

  81. 58,688? A number curiously close to the number of names on the Wall. Once a day for 160+ years

    “Maybe the gods were telling me to pay more attention to things that were happening in my life, and be more in charge.” Maybe god is telling all of us that, Forrest. Some of us just can’t/won’t hear. The signal is loud and clear, like a crystal radio on a clear cold night. If you are tuned. The end is closer than it seems; so we should make the most of the time and opportunities availed us.

    I had a similar driving experience a short while back involving not a Box Elder, but a 1-ton work truck, which far outweighed our little Toyota. I managed to maneuver and turn a collision into a minor side-swipe, losing only the passenger mirror, and a fair number of credibility points.

    Hang Tough, Forrest!

  82. The 58,282 number of dead vets in the Wall pops first by Google search “Vietnam memorial number of dead”. But it maybe be an old number. May be by accident, I got the 406 right.

  83. Dear Mr. Fenn:

    When I was 25 I first read a story of ladies meeting in a restaurant and one of them ordering desert first. There was a moral to the story that I have followed ever since. When I worked at as law firm around the corner was a week pub that made fried cheesecake! It was not on the menu, but if you knew about it and asked the waitress for it the chef would make it for you. Many a time I invited girls from the office to join me after work for the secret fried cheesecake at this pub. Looking back now, what I find oddly funny, was that I now realize nobody ever turned me down! lol

    It stuck with me all these years since I read it and whenever I feel the need to eat a Snickers bar instead of lunch (goes best with a small bag of chips) or a piece of cheesecake instead of supper I go right ahead and feel no remorse or guilt. I just eat it and enjoy it to fullest.

    One thing I would suggest from another book I read at 25 was to taste your food first!
    Something I have lived by for over 30 years and have reduced my salt intake in doing so.
    That book explained that many people when served their food go directly to the salt and pepper without ever tasting the food without those condiments on the top of them.

    So, being curious I started to try that before grabbing the salt and pepper shaker. Low and behold it works! The food tastes amazing and you get the true taste of what you are eating I do not use salt for any of my food (other than during the cooking process) The only exception: Fish and Chips! French Fries taste better with Salt! I highly recommend you give up regular salt and switch to Himalayan Salt though. The taste is much better!

    Food for Thought!

  84. Thank you for sharing this funny story Mr Fenn.
    It reminded me my own experience when driving on a forestry road, trying to negotiate a narrow passage between two trees, I lost both side mirrors. It wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to drive back, to a rodeo show 1322 km away. I was lucky enough to make it without getting a traffic ticket.

  85. I find myself speaking in tongues to my son here at home when I think of butterly is really a flutterby in my recent solves and he just looks at me like I’ve lost my mind! But yet…… I know I’m right!

    Oddly enough, with all these recent posts, I hope Mr. Fenn is okay as the tongues seem to be making more sense to many more than before. Almost as if in urgency.

    I liked it when I was in my own world thinking I understood his language. Now I just find myself dreaming of lamb chops, pheasants and paying my outrageous bills at Christian D’Or.

  86. I’d recommend adopting a female dog and taking her in the car with you. Men never get in accidents with women in the car, we scream frantically before a crash. Actually, pick four dogs then you’ll never have to worry about car wrecks again. 🙂

  87. Watched “Oh God” with George Burns and John Denver last night and woke to find myself traveling thru the past looking at old memories. Laying here thinking back and wondering what it could all mean. I let my mind wonder here and there picking up pieces or fragments of thoughts. I sit I type and send it thru the portal. Most of the time I don’t know what is going to appear I just roll with it.

    REQUIEM for a wreck
    Mozart’s requiem?
    Mozart Requiem Translation

    WRECK=careen=shipwreck=Skippy shipwreck diver?
    We should have buried him standing up?
    Standing up for what?
    WRECK= a person whose physical or mental health or strength has failed.
    Is getting tired?
    WRECK= engage in breaking up badly damaged vehicles, demolishing old buildings, or similar activities to obtain usable spares or scrap.
    More ? than answers.

  88. Perhaps the message is:
    It’s too far to walk.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  89. Well, here’s a few thoughts related to this post:
    – Converse County has a name that means to reverse.
    – WY-90, in Converse County, is also known as Boxelder Road. It is only 3 miles long.
    – Boxelder, WY is a place in Converse County.
    – A Plimsoll Line (waterline) is a circle with a horizontal line through it marking heavy loads and water high on the hull of a ship. We seem to be seeing this symbol a bit more frequently lately. A plimsoll is also a Converse shoe from Keds, the same makers of Hushpuppies, and a curious coincidence.
    – A smile is a miror in Latin, as well as somewhat of a marvel.
    – The word “merlot” comes from the word “merle”, a blackbird. If we “must” talk about Grapette, I like the town Uva, WY.
    – The word “hot dog” likely describes “frankfurter”, or “frank”. “Frank” tends to be a significant term in the Chase: Frank Turley, Frank Robinson, the mentioned air force bases Frank Scott, Francis Tyndall, Frank Lackland, Frank Luke, and Augustus Frank Reese (credit to Chmaanta). The word “lusk” means “tired, weak”. There is a Lusk, WY named after Frank Lusk.
    – The Virginian was a tv show, containing Shiloh Ranch, around Medicine Bow, WY.
    – Willie is another name for William. So is Bill. Bill, WY is a town in Converse County with a resting place called Oak Tree Inn. Do I turn right here when he says “So I will, starting right now” onto Dull Center Road and into the Thunder Basin National Grassland so that I’m more “in charge” (lightning)?
    – Denial is the converse of acceptance.
    – In Roman numismatics, the reverse of obverse is to face the asses.

  90. Forrest,

    Did you ever fix you car mirror? I think you should… I mean what if snow gets into or rain??? Or if you want to take it through the car wash? Might fry the unit then you’ll be up a creek with out a paddle!!! lol 🙂

  91. Dear Mr. Fenn

    I’m a single mom with children and I believe I have a perfect solve, its sc good it feels like it’s a storybook. I have worked at it for many hours. That’s the way I am. It’s time in two libraries, staring at maps, during interruptions like kid HW and dinner. It’s a labor of love but it’s not easy. I have also been planting to be married in May, but I think my significant other really wants a little more time. I don’t doubt his commitment and l love him obvi. But I’m in a creative field, and my experiences with having a big idea have often not gone well. I’m sort of old fashioned and try to share and in the past I’ve had big ideas that somehow become other people’s big ideas before I know it. It’s a product of my past to want to finish things before someone says I can’t. So I’m rip, torn. I will always worry there is someone or something else. It’s not selfish, it’s just that my own benevolent nature has bitten me in the past. If I wait for him, we have talked about making the BOTG our honeymoon. It’s a neat idea. I just have all kinds of fears that the more I wait, the more things can go wrong. I certainly digressed from my solve question (I just noticed something about that word) but I am just lost and kind of on my own about doing things right. Do you think things are pre-destiny or do we make our own path? “Carpe diem” or “inch by inch row by row.” I’m 99 percent sure I’m wrong like everyone else but i feel like I need to have confidence.

    Regards. Jessica

  92. I wonder the fate of the poor box elder. Can you imagine just growing in peace for years and getting careened into out of the blue? I bet it was wounded as well as the mirror.

    • Those trees are pretty dang strong and sturdy.
      With a little nurturing those ole warriors can survive most anything;
      although they don’t live as long as some of the other mighty giants.
      I love them little helicopters – we would play with em when we were kids.

      • I found a bunch of helicopter seeds this fall out west. Gonna make a shadow box out of some, and new trees with the rest. Inner net said to put box elder seeds in refrigerator before planting to get better results.

  93. oh, i’m sure that sturdy old box can take a hit. no worries about the mirror as only the cover was broken. i suppose you could say it was dis-covered. huh. weird.

  94. Update: hint here was Haggard and female spelling of Merle. A female Haggard. Time to pour some warm water over the roots of a pine tree lol. Sorry Forrest, sometimes I’m a lil slow. Tipping my hat to you, alone. Deeep

  95. Interesting name, “box elder”.
    Interesting photos, those of box elder leaves.
    I hope nobody takes offense at this SB or this thread.
    As always, IMO.

  96. Rereading these on a slow day. I haven’t laughed this much since I read them the first time!

    I’m very curious on a follow up on that piercing! Maybe you went the rebellious tattoo route?

    hahaha anyway,

    Thanks for everything, Forrest.

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