Scrapbook Two Hundred Thirteen…


October, 2019


New Things That Turn Into Old Ones


For a while now, I’ve been on a history kick, trying to think of ways I can influence the thinking of folks in the future. All sorts of ideas are coming in. One of the best involves plant life.

The changing leaves of autumn are bragging about their new fall colors, I’m taking advantage of the situation.

I’ve gathered some of the prettiest newly-fallen leaves from around my yard. Then, with a felt-tip pen, I write the type of plant, the date, and print my name.

So far, I have a yellow from an aspen tree, a beautiful red from a vine that climbs one of my ponderosas, and a maroon from a group of weeds that keep coming back into my garden each year, much to my chagrin. 

Then I place each each inside the cover of a book to dry out and wait for some smiling face to find it in the far-distant future.

You should do that too. It’s a way to leave your mark on history and someday cause a smile. Please don’t underestimate your importance. What fun it would be to find an old book with a leaf that George Washington had signed. 

If you don’t want to do that, please go out someplace and plant a tree. f






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    • kinda like how the Egyptians built the pyramids I was wondering if they built them in honer of a tree they sure baffle us, even to this day what a mark on history. thanks for the great insight maybe that leaf would be a great cove on a knew book titled how to think by Forrest Fenn. ty Sir.

  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA FORREST ~♡ I was making pine needle tea today, handful of pine needles cut to about an inch and a half, boil water in pan then add needles and remove, let sit for 30 min, adding a cinnamon stick, and some Honey for sweetener to a cup ,enjoy your ponderosas!!~☆

  2. I can never tell if FF is continuing to drop subtle hints in hopes it will be found before long, or if he just does what he does, or if I’m just over sensitive to over analyzing things, but it seems like there’s hints in every scrapbook. Such as “West Yellowstone, AS I remember it”.

    I look at this post and see a home and brown. Last post gets back into the Denver art museum solve tangent.

    Perhaps my mind just continues to work too much. ‍♂️

    • Not sure why it posted that symbol at the end. Guess emoji shrugs don’t work here..? 🙂

      • The treasure is not associated with any structure. I am ‘on the fence’ as to whether or not any clues may be associated with a structure – as he said (and i paraphrase) the clues did not exist when I was a kid, but most of the places did…

  3. I wrote my epic on the needles of a lodgepole pine tree—you’ll need a magnifying glass to appreciate my pinemanship.

  4. Hmm…interesting.Don’t underestimate your importance. Write your book,which becomes a part of history, leave a leaf in a book and sign it, or plant a tree. Many different seeds and signs . IMO .

    • The librarian shakes the books as I return them. I choose to believe she is hoping I may have left some notes. Maybe I should go back and check that book a few more times. What book did George Washington have signed?

    • I didn’t realize I replied to your comment. I do apologize. Hope you are well Alsetenash

  5. Is that a Texas Red Oak, and Connally died earlier that year. Dead guys don’t write forwards.

  6. Wow…another one already. Forrest, your’e writing faster than I can read. I wasn’t even done with the the one from yesterday. Or the ones from the month before. Actually, I need to go back to SB 200 and just flat out start over. Forrest, your making my head hurt!

    But I really, really like these!

    Thanks guys.


  7. Forest, It seems as if you have a large liking for trees.
    He who plants a tree plants a hope.

  8. Every year is a battle against the incursion of the new season’s weeds at my place. It’s a losing battle because as diligent as I am in the fray, my neighbor is negligent. So, while I’ve eradicated the latest noxious, vegetal pest from my yard, the neighbor has allowed his to go to seed, so I’m ensured to have a bountiful crop, come the next rainy season. Talk about the labors of Sysiphus!

  9. Forrest – Did you ever plant a Ponder•O•S•A pine near one of your secret fishing holes, to replace the one that fell? From Dal’s “Passages One” blog post:

    “In the 1940s I had a really great fishing hole on the Madison River. It was a long cast to reach the big fish and I had to place my fly precisely. A big ponderosa in my back cast was bent on seeing me fail. Over the years I had 20 flies or more snag in its limbs.
    On my last visit to that spot I was saddened to see the tree had fallen. The pimento cheese sandwich I consumed while leaning against that tree didn’t seem as tasty as I remembered, and my can of Coke up righted and spilled on the ground.
    A cursory search revealed one of my wooly worms still caught on a limb where it had found sanctuary for maybe sixty-five years. I snapped this twig as a tribute to that great tree and a remembrance of those special times. I don’t know why I keep these things. You tell me.”

    Was that visit in 1979-80? Did you plant a replacement tree, near where you hid the bronze chest? Was there already another Ponder•O•S•A pine there, with a vertical rectangular blaze on it? Did you carve that blaze in your youth, maybe 65 years before? Is that tree that fell in the general vicinity, like, maybe, across the Madison River?

    Just exploring your clear love for Ponderosa pines…and why you kept that branch.

  10. I put leaves in books, too. Signing and dating them is a cool idea. I just picked a fall colored leaf from a Dogwood yesterday on my bike ride into the local cemetary. It is currently flattening under the clear panel in my wallet. 🙂
    I already have a bunch of tree seeds from special trees for next year, as well.

    • I took a walk to cemetery down from my house. Kinda sad to see two new pads poured for the day to come. What pulled the tears was the I (heart) U that was imprinted on the lower right hand corner.. I hope the trees last another 200 years that stand in the middle. I cant count the nights I too would go and spend hours thinking usually over things that were out of my control because I screwed them up.. I have been bad about not seeing what was right in front of me until after the fact and it was usually to late to change someones mind once it was made up. Like the bus driver she never changed her mind about what time I had to be on the bus Oh but the many years I tried to .. I always felt one of safest places for secrets was cemetery because things stayed quiet there and Lord knows O’l Estes and Missouri Smith are getting tired of me talking about the same thing ..I do fear the night I show up and theres a note saying give it up this isnt were the boy, the princess, and, the graveyard takes place . You would have better luck finding Fenns gold!!

  11. Ponderosas grow about 18 inches a year so a tree he planted should be over 20 feet,trees do better with company so plant 2? That’s plenty of real estate for the birds 🙂 I planted a peach and a fig this year. Going to make some hot pepper jams in a few years maybe send some to Forrest.

    • Vicki – Thanks! More on the Ponderosa pine’s growth rate:

      Are Ponderosa pines the conifers Shiloh was planting, when Forrest’s Aspen grove died? I like that pic of Shiloh shoveling snow, outside Forrest’s portal.

      Coincidentally, I attended John Peavey’s talk yesterday out Neal’s Canyon again this year at our Sheep Festival. When a tree carved by the Basque sheepherders falls on a rancher’s property, they usually excise that carving to save it. Like Forrest did with his Running Man on his deceased Aspen tree. Awesome.

      In our neck of the woods, here in the Wood River Valley, the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees before turning color. Bummer for us budding photographers, but probably an indicator of an early Winter for those of us who love snow sports.Bring it on!

  12. Forrest, you’ve already influenced history in some
    Terrific ways: you and Peggy have a bevy of grandkids who have witnessed your 60+ year marriage – which may help them to invest in long happy marriages; you’ve promoted artists; written books; memoirs; encouraged 1,000’s to experience the great outdoors via an evocative treasure hunt; tested AF jets to improve on future models; excavated & documented San Lazaro Pueblo; set up a teenage archaeology program at the Pueblo.

    If you plan to die with just $50, you must have given serious thought to contributions to your favorite university learning endeavors, charities, a museum in your name, etc.

    It’s wonderful you that you continue to find meaningful ways to leave a mark for future generations.

    We’re you iat the Whitehouse on November 11th for Veterans Day 1993?

  13. Forrest you should see the Blue Spruce I planted here at my home. It was 3 feet tall when I planted it. Now here in the Texas Heat it has grown to over 14 ft. My neighbor is in love with it.

  14. Forrest, I’m intrigued by the photo that accompanies this scrapbook. What was the occasion on Nov 11(Veteran’s Day), 1993 that placed you on the north lawn of the White House? And did you doodle the doodle? There are no end to the surprising things you share. It’s as if you’re unraveling the big ball of string that is your life experience for us string by string. Please keep sharing. And there is nothing like the glow of aspens in the Rocky Mts in the fall.

  15. I like that. I really do. Thank you Forrest! You are always so full of creative and fun things to do. And you are right. One never can know for sure who’s life may be touched in a future day by something we do today. It can be like tossing a rock in a quiet body of water. One splash can send waves rippling out in all directions. That is exciting. Thank you for the latest SB! Keep ‘em coming!

  16. May be it was an event in the White House to remember Gov. John B. Connally after his death in June 1993? Strange Forrest doesn’t mention that. I am sure Forrest sold art to John.

  17. Connally was in the car with JFK in 1963 when…. They kill him. This is more than leaves and trees.

  18. … and leave my trove for all to seek?

    Pretty timely statement that the history of John Ehrlichman seems to be repeating with a new whistleblower. But I do appreciate the date given as Veteran’s Day, and would hope to match this to Veteran, WY.

    • Was “leave your mark” an intentional pun?

      It is too easy to read hints into all these scrapbooks, so it makes me reluctant to do it. I think I have a very high probability of confirming what I want to confirm and chasing more white rabbits, not the chase I really want.
      Or am I missing golden opportunities?

      • If you like Register Cliff, Independence Rock, Names Hill, and a few others around the long-lat quadrangle, and if you like a specific definition of “chase, I’d say you aren’t missing the pun.

  19. I have to be honest. I am jealous of Forrest’s life and experiences. He has an amazing life and even better memory to recall the past. I feel like a nobody.

    • Hey Pablo don’t be jealous, just be “You” everybody has there down times in life, but you matter to your family to your mom and dad, and if theres not much family around, you could go to the library and read some books to kids, and maybe one day they might write about you and how you may have just changed there life.

  20. November 11th…great day to be born and I’m thankful for that day! 11-11-35 and
    12-24-32 is as well. Yabba Dabba Doo!


    • Vicki,

      24 July 2014 at Mysterious Writings. FF’s response to a question from Jenny Kyle:

      …Or I’d wish to be JFK on November 22, 1963 so I could reverse my decision to visit Dallas.

  21. I was never much into science. But in seventh grade, we had an assignment to go out and identify 25 trees and we had to make a report on it. My Dad took me around all over the place and we looked at all sorts of trees and identified them by their bark and by their leaves and by their seeds. I collected all kinds of leaves to put into my report and I did not want to quit even when we reached 25.

    It was probably the only “A” grade I ever got in a science class.

    • For any of you that might be unfamiliar with poison ivy maybe you should just do the latter of Forrest’s suggestions:)

  22. So the chest may be hidden near or under deciduous trees or shrubs?
    Pirate Benito Bonito supposedly planted a coconut tree to mark the spot where he buried his treasure.

  23. I have loads of orange and red maple leaves pressed in books all over my shelves. From now on I will remember to date and sign them.
    Those golden Aspens though, wow just breathtaking.

    • I have loads of trees that I intend on collecting, especially when they’re in color. Although, my solve only seemed to have green mountain trees the last time I ventured out. I’m hopeful to start a laeve book over the winter, that would be a great book to have while staring at the grasses on the prairie.

      • Great idea! My primary solve site has evergreen trees so no leaves for me. There is a marsh nearby with grasses/sedges so maybe I’ll pickup some aster pedals there. I’d at least come away with something on my search.

  24. Thanks Forrest,

    “For a while now, I’ve been on a history kick,”
    Maybe most searchers are not seeing this lately in your scrapbooks. You have been sharing some people who made a major impression in the history of your life. Now I see where your leading searchers if they only use their imagination.
    “It’s a way to leave your mark on history” so who left their mark on you Forrest. You sure have been throwing that hint out there. The big picture, now where’s that book of yours, shoot I don’t have one.


    • Speaking of ““It’s a way to leave your mark on history” I wonder if the finder of Forrest’s Indulgence will be willing to come forward and let the world know who “Figgered it out?” Were I to find it, I kinda think that I would let it be known – Not so much for the “Fame”, but more for what I could do with the attached “Fortune.” I have SOOOO many people I want to help, and SOOO
      many organizations like Cancer Research Centers, ASPCA, Heart Research, St, Jude – and others. I would go broke quick, but WHAT FUN that would be. Almost as much fun as the Chase has been . Just dreamin’ – JDA

      • JDA,

        Sounds like you have things planned out.

        I’m still not seeing any part of the “big picture” being talked about here by anyone about this scrapbook. Guessing no one is following your life as you have told us.
        Don’t worry Forrest I see your recollections and would like to forward mine by J. Got the hint.


        • Well Bur, here is my “Look at the big picture.” Forrest says: “Then I place (each) each inside the cover of a book to dry out and wait for some smiling face to find it in the far-distant future.”

          I think that Forrest is saying that the finder should place something in the place where Indulgence rested. A “Thank You” of some kind that will be found by another searcher, maybe years from now.

          “You should do that too. It’s a way to leave your mark on history and someday cause a smile. Please don’t underestimate your importance. What fun it would be to find an old book with a leaf that George Washington had signed”

          Forrest is saying here, I think, that what is left behind should be personal, and signed by the finder, who – in his/her own way made a mark in history by finding the original Indulgence.

          Whoever finds Indulgence will have done so with the benefit of the ATF’s, the Blogs, and lots of press articles, along with the poem and Forrest’s books. A future finder might not have all of these tools available to him/her – so it might take a lot longer – in the future – to re-find the place that Indulgence WAS secreted.

          I like the thought of this “Big Picture Idea.” IF I am lucky enough to find Indulgence, I will leave two memontos from the original chest, as well as a logbook with a note from me, and an invite to the next finder to fill out the log, take ONE of the two memento’s, and leave the second for finder #3.

          I have always wanted to write a book about my search adventures, but more and more, (If I find Indulgence), I think that I will keep my mouth shut, and let other searchers continue the Chase. Keeping my mouth shut might be a new lesson I would have to learn though – Just Musin’ JDA

          • And why not do all you say JDA.

            The big picture I’m referring to is the one Forrest has been hinting about in these scrapbooks he has been putting out here lately. Like Eric D’s comment below the carrot is there in these scrapbooks.Maybe if you are close you can see them better but they are there in all fairness for all to see imo.


          • JDA,

            Above you wrote something that I feel is disturbing – “I think that I will keep my mouth shut, and let other searchers continue the Chase.”

            By saying nothing, don’t you think that folks would continue to be hurt or die unnecessarily for a treasure that isn’t there?

          • Bur;

            I hear what you are saying, and am doing my best.

            Rubber to Boots;

            IF I were to find Indulgence, Forrest would announce that it HAD been found, and officially end the chase.

            Were I to leave a couple of Memontos behind, they would not be worth risking one’s life for. The continued “mini-search” would be just for the fun of figuring out the poem. I do NOT feel that I would be putting anyone’s life in danger.

            If I am right, it is NOT in a dangerous place, and no one need put themselves in danger AT ALL. AT the place it is, or anywhere on the way to getting to that spot – JMO – JDA

  25. How long has Forrest been on his history kick? Was crafting his poem part of this kick? I think history will say yes.

  26. “Mighty oaks from little acorns slowly grow
    Then finally fall and wisp to naught,
    But those who plant a seed of words
    Live on in groves of human thought.”

  27. Another lovely note from you, Mr. Fenn. You give us so many worthy things to study and reflect upon. Even if I weren’t a searcher, these vignettes are fascinating.

  28. Thanks for the idea Forrest. My wife just bought a bunch of books from our library, at its annual sale. Inside of one, between sheets of waxed paper, were three beautiful purple leaves of some kind.

    Yes, we each, in our own way, leave a mark on mankind. Some with bigger shoes, some with smaller ones, but we each leave his/her mark.

    I hope that the mark that I leave will be related to my generosity. Tess (She is biased) says that I am the most generous person she has ever known – maybe that is why I have little to speak of when it comes to “Things” – I give them away, and glad that I do so. In almost every case, the recipient of one of my “Things” needed it more than I did – JMO – JDA

    • JDA,

      I like your thoughts. Books are very important. I know I needed to borrow a few, many times over.

      Speaking of over. I can no longer search, as I’ve taken on a new job and will be busy working. Thank God!! I do have a few words of advice, dont search alone. Always have a partner! Flying solo can be tricky, wink.

      Dont give up searchers! The chest really is there for the taking if you believe.


    • You are a good man,JDA . You remind me of my pops. He gives everything away. He has 1 drawer in his bedroom that has his pocketknife ,his grandfather’s St Christopher and his wallet, and that’s all. Plus his trusty cane that he made from a twisted piece of cedar that he found . I swear those are his only possessions.

  29. This one seems like a good post to ask Dal the usual question: Dal, did you put together the image at the top of the page, or did this come from Forrest himself?

  30. Another Fall in Washington? Was Forrest touched by Greta Thunberg? The times again just may be a chang’n.

  31. Who cares about anyone’s signature these days if you ain’t famous I would think no one People always ask me why do I collect Indian artifacts there worthless pretty much people only think stuff is cool if it’s worth something I think signing leaves are cool but the majority of people in this world would just throw them away without even a second thought unless it’s signed by you forrest ole coot fenn .

  32. Why did he “square off ” the spot where he wrote about the leaf in the front yard of The White House like he did? And two things in that, ouse in house looks like (DUSE) along with you can tell he went over the letters several times, how could he forget there is no s in Forrest???

    • MT;

      I think that that is the actual cover of a real book – he just added a “Paste it” note telling where the leaf was found. He would then move the note and the leaf to a page in the book – Didn’t he say behind the cover of the book? JDA

      • Thanks JDA, yes he did, maybe a hint he wrote “far-off future” , and “You should do that too “, maybe regarding to the inside cover of ” Too far to walk “, just working it, fun, fun!!! What do you think JDA? I don’t have any of his books.

        • I think that the message is straight-forward. We each make a mark in history. Some “leave” big foot-prints, some smaller. We each have our own story to tell (Red, yellow etc,) Live each day so that the mark we “leave” is the best – JMO – JDA

          • That’s good advice JDA. Now for fun dig deeper, The White House Doodles, he has the word doodles, the book that has the doodles is Once Upon a While, he also starts out with ” For a WHILE, ok, on the paper of the White House at top left is MEMORANDUM, maybe ( Memoir) again the ouse in house looks like DUgE , Doug and leaves in a book get pressed in, ( Douglas Preston ). He is showing A Forward by John B. Connally. Maybe hinting the forward by Douglas Preston? Again just having fun, but Doug’s forward is on the inside cover. One more fun thing, the word “chagrin” along with the word smile and smiling in this S.B. Reminds me of a Quote; If you go in with a smile, you will come out with a chagGRIN. Come on JDA use your imagination!!!

          • Agree 100% !!!
            Leave a positive mark, take a positive action, and it will affect the future. Keep looking to tomorrow while being present and enjoying every minute of today!

    • Missouri tom – FitS my Baker’S hole blaze and solve. And the ‘S’ mint mark of the San Francisco Mint, who made the 2011 Genna Goodacre Sacagawea Dollar with Massasoit’s hand holding the peace pipe on the obverse.

      I always catch your mis-spellings, Forrest.

      Love, MisS BesS

      p.S. What was BesSie the Cow’s name?

      • Missouri Tom – Maybe that’s not ‘DUSE’; maybe that’s ‘HD USE’?:

        Use a ‘High Density’ resolution for my topo map in satellite view? Or, did Forrest use a ‘Harley Davidson’ between his potential ‘put in’ at Cable Car Run and his final destination at Baker’S Hole in his TFTW preface?

        “So hear me all and listen good,…”?


  33. Connally presided over the removal of the US dollar from the gold standard…what was he thinking…

    • wasn’t that because of an order from the president at the time? you can’t have a fake thriving economy that has constant growth, without a fake currency.

      kind of like the stock market index, you can’t have a fake index, without a fake “variable”, look back at the Dow jones “Average” some times in the past, and compare them to the 30 companies today. you can’t use the original ones because they don’t exist or merged out of existence.. well except GE, which the dow replaced with I think Microsoft 🙂

      the “masters” pulling our puppet strings, would simply take out the non performers, and replace them with the new hot thing…

      then present that as proof that the stock market is going up… 🙂

      ain’t capitalism wonderful. as someone said: it ain’t what you are, it is what people think you are.

      and then some other wise person said: capitalism is the worst economic device you can possibly have…. except for all the alternatives, might as well put lip stick on it as you are forced to kiss it… oh wait, I just said that… so scratch the “wise” part out.

      it encourages people to hustle and innovate in the end… most get thrown under the tires. then a very few get dusted with fairy dust luck, and survive.. like evolution and nature, you can only have a few, of course when you also fill the system up with too many that are just sort of there, and not really winning, you get big problems.

      I think I will just try and find a chest to stay cool under… seems easier… ya, we wish.

      • Sir, I’ve done extensive personal studies on the currency system, gold standards, etc. I’ve had a securities license, and I’ve studied the Basel Accords and banking laws, and generally spent quite a few years studying and watching the events related to our currency system.

        That is a fine post and I commend you on it.
        However, I have to say, that the current US currency system is a marvel of adjustability and stability. Even in these trying times. People should be aware that those guys who designed it have “The Peoples” backs.

    • Eaglesabound – Did you know?:

      dollar – slang for money, commonly used in singular form, eg., ‘Got any dollar?..’. In earlier times a dollar was slang for an English Crown, five shillings (5/-), and ‘half-a-dollar’ was slang for the half-crown or two-and-sixpence coin (2/6 – two shillings and sixpence). From the 1900s in England and so called because the coin was similar in appearance and size to the American dollar coin, and at one time similar in value too. Brewer’s dictionary of 1870 says that the American dollar is ‘ English money a little more than four shillings..’. That’s about 20p. The word dollar is originally derived from German ‘Thaler’, and earlier from Low German ‘dahler’, meaning a valley (from which we also got the word ‘dale’). The connection with coinage is that in the late 1400s the Counts of Schlick, Bohemia, mined silver from ‘Joachim’s Thal’ (Joachim’s Valley – now equating to Jáchymov, a spa town in NW Bohemia in the Czech Republic, close to the border to Germany), from which was minted the silver ounce coins called Joachim’s Thalers. These coins became standard coinage in that region of what would now be Germany. All later generic versions of the coins were called ‘Thalers’. An ‘oxford’ was cockney rhyming slang for five shillings (5/-) based on the dollar rhyming slang: ‘oxford scholar’.

      Did I see Dal’s name in there somewhere???

      kick = sixpence, from the 1700s. Forrest referenced being on a “history kick”.

      Thinking of Glenna Goodacre and her Sacagawea dollar. I think that’s the item Forrest said “She” would be pleased to see in the bronze chest (paraphrased). Because of Forrest’s epic search at age 16 with Donnie Joe, as told in his TTOTC book, “Looking for Lewis and Clark”.

      Show me the money, Forrest!

      • Eaglesabound – I think Forrest also mentioned “yard”:

        yard – a thousand million (pounds sterling, dollars or euros). (Thanks P Lindsey) Yard here is a slang shortening of milliard, an old (1700s) English word for a thousand million (1,000,000,000), originally from French, from mille, thousand. Yard may be pluralized, for example 2 yards, or two yards = 2,000,000,000. In UK/US/Arab numbering and money terminology the word milliard has been replaced by billion, but elsewhere in the world milliard is still used, and a billion refers to a million millions, not a thousand millions. This perhaps explains why the slang ‘yard’ has grown in popularity among people referring to such big sums, so as to clarify quickly a very large number which might otherwise easily be confused in international communications. In the world of finance obviously confusion on such a vast scale would not be helpful. See the metric prefixes page for fuller explanations of big number words, and decimals/fractions, and the differences between UK/US ‘short scale’ numbers, compared with European ‘long scale’ numbers; there are examples of even bigger numbers and different words besides milliard/billion. Apart from the modern slang meaning of yard, the word yard separately came into the US slang language in or a little before the 1920s to mean either 100 or 1,000 dollars, and in certain situations this slang persists, related to the underworld/prison slang of a custodial sentence of a hundred years.

        Now we’re talking, Forrest. But I ain’t going down for 100 years! Why am I thinking of Morgan Freeman in the last scene of “Shawshank Redemption”?

        And to think all these posts about money slang terms started with me looking up ‘leaf’, which actually means, ‘marijuana’. Giggles.

        Reminder: Forrest took out the paper money from the bronze chest. He didn’t think it would survive the moisture.

  34. Thank you for sharing, f. It does seem that history is repeating itself again in the White House and in the Chase. The colors of fall are lovely indeed!

  35. Could be there’s an underlying message of make like a tree and leave… old joke from back in the day? Perhaps there’s still time to squeeze in one last search before old-man winter really sets in? If so, I like the idea.

  36. Vicki, wow, nice searching to find the author. Funny you can’t see any of John Ehrlichman’s name on the cover, The leaf isn’t that big.

  37. This harkens back Bugs Bunny saying “What a Maroon! “
    Like an idiot or fool 🙂
    Maybe the leaves are references to someone ?

  38. I think he is speaking about his book forward by Douglas Preston, IMO of course! The title of the S.B.- New things that turn into old ONES, here he could have used the word things after old to! ones looks like – Once. Be on the look out for “look – alikes”. Hang with me, leaf picked UP ON the front lawn, again he could have said ” picked up off the front lawn. Now we have “Once Upon” , well what do you know, he starts out saying “For (A WHILE) now….. Now we have, ” Once Upon a While ” in his note in the pic. Doodles- the word House, the o looks like a D, and the S looks like a g , Duge ” Doug ” on the White House picture, above left “MEMORANDUM” looks like – Memoir, and a forward by John B. Connelly, what does a book do to a leaf, it Press, focus is on the “Forward by Dougas Preston on inside cover of the doodles book, “ONCE UPON A WHILE” does anyone have the imagination to see this ? I don’t think so. Having fun don’t freak out.

  39. Great idea Forrest , I was a tree planter for a 11 years I planted more than 1 million trees but there’s always room for another one . Also leaving leaves in books or a doodle or a short story Off When I was a kid is another great idea thanks FF

  40. Enjoying these scrapbooks and the inspiration they are creating! This is beyond the “chase” and so important to keep in mind that we can leave something behind, something positive, as Forrest Fenn has, especially love the ideas here, and going out to plant a tree. Thank you, Mr. Fenn, enjoy the autumn!

  41. Beep beep beep, wait a minute, back up, this book was published by Fenn Publishing 1984 and is on Amazon?

  42. I’ve always wondered if Forrest is more amused or frustrated that 99.999% of searchers don’t see the carrot he’s blatantly dangling in their face. I know I would probably get a kick out of it if I were in his shoes, but after 10 years the game has to be getting old.

  43. Forrest, thanks for such a fun idea. Autumn hasn’t reached this far south yet, and the earth is more patient than I am. Enjoy nature’s blaze of color.

    ‘Leave’ my trove ‘foral’ to seek.
    Leave = paper
    Trove Foral = legal document giving title to trove.

    In the wood = could be a reference to it’s in the paper.

    Did ff leave a legal ‘foral’ giving title to his trove?
    Is his trove different than his bronze box containing the treasure, or simply the correct word legally?

  44. First Yellow then red then maroon. Ithink i’ll memorize them in order! Sounds like an ArT ist!

    • And to those that say why don’t you just go get it – Have you ever thought that I’m waiting on something before I can go??

      • Whatcha waiting on double Arrrrrrrrr? It’s retrievable year round…I have no clue where indulgence is but hopefully someone will go get ! Good luck to you!


        • Thanks. I just have a long trip. I’m coming from a couple thousand miles away. I promise I’m not just one of those people who say they know. I KNOW. rr

          • rr,
            Seriously, good luck and stay safe!

            Do ya mind me asking what state you’ll be searching? Mine is “confusion” but I’m working on upgrading it to a simple “daze and confused”.


          • rr: “I promise I’m not just one of those people who say they know. I KNOW. rr”

            actually every one of those people “knew”, not only knew, they were 100% in that know.

            so really it would be more uncommon for a new “one” to say: “hey I know nothing…. john snow…”. maybe even refreshing.

        • That would give away too much. You seem like a genuinely nice person too. I’ll say this. It has gotten snow already and if it snows one more time it’s gonna make it a project instead of a simple task.

  45. Since no one has mentioned it… 11-11-1993 was the day Glenna Goodacre’s ‘Vietnam Women’s Memorial’ sculpture was dedicated at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in DC.
    Happy hunting all…

  46. 42..
    I also wonder what this book is about and why its not available ..
    And why did f change the name of his publishing company?

    • Eaglesabound – Posted by someone, named Bet, on another blog forum:

      “I was doing work unrelated to the chase and ran across this. This may be old news, but I didn’t remember that Charmay Allred is/was a part-owner of one horse land and cattle publishing. I am pretty sure they published TTOTC and TFTW.
      She is also the one who told Cynthia she knew where FF’s special place was.

      Charmay serves on the New Mexico State Arts Commission, boards of the Lensic Performing Arts Center and the Institute of American Indian Arts Foundation. She is an active volunteer with numerous community organizations including Cornerstones Community Partnerships, Spanish Colonial Arts Society, the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian, Santa Fe Symphony, the National Dance Institute of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance among others. She is a founding chair of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market and serves as an advisory trustee of the Museum of New Mexico Foundation. She and Forrest Fenn created One Horse Land and Cattle Company Publishing to publish Fenn’s memories, archives, and archaeological work. Formerly, she was an English and journalism teacher as well as a medical editor and a commercial interior designer. She was recently honored for her years of voluntarism in the arts. Charmay conducted her undergraduate studies at La Sierra University and postgraduate work at the University of Redlands.”

      • Eaglesabound – Did Charmay give “Chaos” and “Embroidery” to Forrest?:

        “She is a founding chair of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market…”

        Love, Sherlock

  47. I put my general solve inside my copy of TTOTC book. That should give somebody a thrill or a laugh in the future, I think.

    • Muset – Is George Washington in that ‘general’ solve? Giggles.

      While using the library’s downstairs (haunted) restroom vanity this afternoon, I looked quickly down to my left, to the floor. There was a one dollar bill with George Washington’s face on it. It wasn’t there, when I walked in. That was just after I watched Dal’s “On Collecting” video I posted. The one in which Forrest talked about the George Washington portrait that he owned, which was the same one used on the U.S. dollar bill; the painting he allowed visiting school kids to touch.

      No, really. Boo!!!

      Halloween is coming fast…

      • No Washington.

        The history associated with mine starts in 1862 with President Lincoln when he passed the the Homestead Act, the Pacific Railway Act, the Department Of Agriculture Act, and the Morrill Act.

  48. I like this scrapbook. Finding little treasures in unsuspecting places would put a smile on my face. I have a small bag of leaves my youngest sister gathered for me while visiting back home a few years ago. They’re all brown, but I still feel a bit of “home”. The colors in Santa Fe sounds wonderful. I wish I was there to experience it first hand. Thank you for describing a little of the colors from your backyard, Mr. Fenn.

  49. There is a maple tree at a castle in Slovakia that is five hugs around. One of my favorites I would say. I still have the leaf. Proof of a moment in time at hallowed ground. g

  50. There exists a short animated film that is easy prey on YouTube. It embodies what one person is capable of in changing the course of history on earth for the good.

    -jean giono-

    Creative genius… Amazing graphics… Easy to swallow morsels for the soul!

      • Pablo-not all treasure is cloaked in bronze.

        When at first I was unaware of where The Thrill Of The Chase would lead me but now I know the path is laden with “riches new and old”.I have touched the gold of aspens…cast stones in liquid crystal in purple mountains of majesty…..walked banks of dancing waters in magnificent canyons down…..I have bathed in the purest air while surveying fields of diamonds overhead.

        This chase has taught us to “Paint With All The Colors Of The Wind”!!!

  51. To much beetle kill. The oak stands alone. Go plant a tree’ Beetle’s don’t kill Oak trees do they?

  52. Could it be possible that there maybe a different meaning to the White House instead of taking it literally? ‘Hail to the Chief’ seems to be linked to the fence was torn down to the ‘bronze’ sculpture of Massasoit. F is saying PLEASE TOUCH, just like the kids could touch the treasured George Washington painting in TTOTC.


  53. I am going to give you a good hint since I can’t go search, It’s in the west wing of your search area if you at the right “x” (White house reference”

  54. Zen sesshin that touching the heart, everything is being a tree, NO ME, Rainbow leaves. I think FF hints for 4th of July As the white house, maybe cottonwood tree which is Yellow and it Spanish name is ALAMO, So maybe he takes us to Los Alamos NM , “my secret where”.

  55. I’m helping on the ‘plant a tree’ end. I planted 4 black walnut trees on my property this year. They were grown from nuts I picked up where I work last Fall. It seems someone planted several trees on the border of one of the parking lots…but no one except the squirrels (and I) have recognized the round green balls that fall as having any value. I picked up a couple dozen more this year, but left enough for the squirrels to enjoy as well.

  56. – While not the Jonas Brothers me and my brother (DWG) are looking forward to more leaflets as these pages continue to turn. Honestly we are excited about our springly future BOTG. The decision to go is not a tough one, but is the most logical next step in this historical adventure. Seriously DWG bring your imagination home and lets put your scribbles back on the ground.

    • Hey Em got any time to go visit Forrest with me I figured since you know how read and write maps I wont take another wrong turn . You brought me back so its yours always has been . I got alot of time and ground to catch up on .. To all other searchers thank you with the most sincere thanks a maroon like my self can give lol

    • Oh Brother. While my imagination gives me vivid direction for the near future it would be prudent to elaborate that it was the good ship Imagination (CCL…tm…all rights reserved…lol…tmi…SAM I AM) that I was on these past days. Now that my foot is securely grounded I am anxious to put it into a boot too….YOU?. It appears that with the release of 214 the cat is out of the bag and the shroud of 213 has been lifted. Nothing more entertaining than watching the leaves fall from the trees when old man winter has been calling.

  57. New and Old… hmmm…

    Something here?

    I’m almost about to make like a tree and leaf with these scrapbooks.

  58. Hey Em got any time to go visit Forrest with me I figured since you know how read and write maps I wont take another wrong turn . You brought me back so its yours always has been . I got alot of time and ground to catch up on .. To all other searchers thank you with the most sincere thanks a maroon like my self can give lol

  59. Dictionary suggests maroon is a brownish-red color. If I read the book, I don’t find the word “maroon”. I do find other related colors, though.

    Dictionary suggests brown is a color, produced by mixing red, yellow, and blue.

    Dictionary suggests fawn is a light brown color. Forrest suggests this color in conjunction with a Guernsey cow, having a typically brownish-red and white pattern. Why is Guernsey, Wyoming not on everyone’s radar as the potential for the most obvious of clues?

    • It’s in mine, but I can’t find a specific location that fits. Working that angle now

      • Then have a look at the golf course SW of Guernsey. The trail ruts is where one might “putt” in below the home of Brown.

        • He’s a Maroon not colored Maroon What makes someone a maroon?
          They ran away from their Spanish-owned plantations when the British took the Caribbean island of Jamaica from Spain in 1655. The word maroon comes from the Spanish word ‘cimarrones’, which meant ‘mountaineers’. … The First Maroon War began in 1728. The campaign against them made the Maroons more determined than ever. Forrest and his mountaineer men I remember one was as big as a Grizzly and had a shot like a sniper won the 100 dollar bill on the tree. Maybe he was the Kennedy shooter?

          • Oh, ok, Vicki. That makes more sense now. And I can see the connections to the book, too.

            And here I was just trying to simplify with colors.

          • Marooning is the intentional act of abandoning someone in an uninhabited area, such as a desert island. The word first appears in writing in approximately 1709,[1] and is derived from the term maroon, a word for a fugitive slave, which could be a corruption of Spanish cimarrón, meaning a household animal (or slave) who has run “wild”.

            The practice was a penalty for crewmen, or for captains at the hands of a crew in cases of mutiny. Generally, a marooned man was set on a deserted island, often no more than a sand bar at low tide.[2] He would be given some food, a container of water, and a loaded pistol so he could commit suicide if he desired Forrest’s treasure is “Marooned”

          • So with the word “maroon” giving a pretty specific connotation of a desert island, does this mean you are forming your clues around any of the 32 WY islands, the 1 in MT that is above elevation restrictions, or the 8 in CO?

          • If your are looking at desert island stories, have a look here on this site regarding a post with Dot Island in Yellowstone Lake. I enjoyed walking around it for a day as well as Stevenson Island with the E.C. Waters, hence my selected avatar.

          • Yes my solve is on an island WY But in order to s find the spot you must understand all of the subliminal messages in all of his scrapbooks and interviews,in one he spoke of having a nightmare he was looking on an island for the treasure but he woke up and doesn’t know if he found it.

          • Yes, that would be Gardiner’s Island. He mentions it in the book on page 133. I imagine one would also want to assure any subliminal messages in the book can be linked, too, like specifically those found in the chapter titled “Important Literature” given it has the word “Important” in it. But perhaps I am overthinking it.

    • : to leave (someone) in a place (such as an island) that is difficult or impossible to get away from

      : to abandon in a place that is difficult to escape from

    • Yes Gardiners Island, What do you call an Island, one that a Gardener would grow trees and flowers on? Oh yeah a Gardener’s Island 🙂 in his stories I don’t listen to places but descriptions,people and places are very deceiving in his tales.

    • I have thought about it, but elevation is 1000′ too low. Seemed difficult and a stretch to make it fit. IMO

      • You don’t think it could be a starting point? The rule is pretty clear. The chest has to be within the elevation range. To my uncertain knowledge, he never said the clues have to be, too. Lots of theories exist that the clues draw a pattern that points to the end point, like a center or a middle or a mean, or maybe an asterisk, or now a chaos star symbol.

  60. Finding treasures in unexpected places. I volunteered to help sort donated clothing for a non profit. Nothing more entertaining than checking pockets for loose change etc. Mostly old , forgotten Kleenex was the prize.

  61. Forrest and Connally partnered up to sell Elmyr de Hory forgeries. I think the story is on Old Santa Fe Trading website. FYI

  62. Sooo….when someone finds these gems…is that technically considered a “press release”?

    *asking for a friend. Lol.

    • If Gilbert Gaul painted a “smoking gun”, and Gilbert Stuart painted George Washington, and a pin oak gall technically made George Washington’s invisible ink, does a pin oak leaf drying on the inside cover of TTOTC release a press?

      *friending for an ask. Lol.

  63. New Things That Turn Into Old Ones

    What does it mean? Is history repeating itself? Leaf hint?
    I use to sing this as a child.
    I never knew how far back in history it goes.

    Yankee Doodle went to town.

    FOP or Dapper Dan man?

    Trying to figure out what this could mean while exercising and in the back of my mind
    I keep thinking “Daffy Dilly”. My first thought was Hank Williams may have sung that.

    So when I get home I have google it.

    Settin’ the Woods on Fire

    White House Doodles.
    Published 1984. 2+2=5 could it be?

    21 Presidential Doodles

    • The term DOODLE
      first appeared in English in the early seventeenth century[7] and is thought to be derived from the Low German dudel, meaning “playing music badly”, or Dödel, meaning “fool” or “simpleton”.

  64. While looking up White House lawn tree varieties, only the Red Maple (Acer rubrum), fit this photo from Scrapbook, I could not find any natural occurring “Maple Trees” in the Rockies, however it is the symbol of Canada, on their flag? Is there a reason ff said leaving Canada out of the map was the unintended clue at the release of “Too Far To Walk”. Perhaps it was because the highest mountain in this Park at the Canadian Border see:, see “Mount Cleveland” Glacier Nat’l Parks highest point, “Cleveland is the Home of the BROWNS” is it not? Who is buried in Cleveland, yet was a President of the USA, lived in White House, but has his “Memorial in the Rockies?” Assassinated President Garfield …..

    Jackie Kennedy also lived in the White House, and rode in the Limo with John B. Connally is there a connection to this? A maple tree, a deciduous tree, only natural trees in Rockies that have a Blaze, Aspen, as in the Wood? Note, Aspen all grow on the same root, one single tree, can live perhaps over 100,000 years? Now why do all these visitors like to come in the fall? Golden Fleece of the Rockies amazing Aspen Groves, scenic RR are built right through them. Millions visit to see their splendor in fall.

    Train Bell on a Kiva support, where have we seen that before? Eric sold paintings to Jackie?

    Whose gave ff the bell, for whom does it toll? For Thee..


  65. I have a dead serious question to the community. Have you ever carried 20 pounds when you walked? He said it’s almost too heavy for one person to carry. So that’s 40 or whatever. So next question. Have you ever carried 40 pounds over a distance?

    I’m a commercial fisherman and had to walk distances with 30-40 lb fish on the regular. I’m use to it so I can do 3 miles and still go further if needed but it’s not easy at all and to drag a chest just isn’t gonna happen on your own. I’m in pretty good shape myself. I’m just under 40 yrs old.

    So now put an 80yr old man in those shoes.

    I say – I can get this in less than 15 minutes once I arrive …..


    *Lead searcher is an understatement. I got this!

    • Okay one last comment haha. Sit there and close your eyes. Now picture him bringing it there. Do you picture him dragging it out deep in the woods. Use your imagination! And be logical!

      • Okay, logically, the two trips makes his pack, lets just say 25 pounds. In a backpack, to carry is much easier, and 25 pounds or so is nothing. I don’t think he is dragging 25 pounds. It wouldn’t be a strain for him “to walk, ‘long distances”‘.
        Also, f never answered whether he used a different mode of transportation or not, so that could be a possible.
        And, why would he tell us to not bring it back in one trip? He must know there are people out there looking that are, say, athletic. So why the comment, if you are not walking long distances?
        Are you thinking that the chest is not far into the forest? Are you saying that lead searchers only need walk a small distance?
        Are you saying that the 80 year old man took 40 pounds out with him?
        Or, do you just want your first question answered? My answer is then yes.

      • Why are you mentioning 40? he did 20 lbs twice. I also don’t know what you mean by dragging. Put 20 lbs in a backpack and walk with it, it’s really not that hard. The backpack makes all the difference in the world.

    • It all depends on individual.
      For myself typical gear weight in the outdoors is over 55+ pounds. So 40+ pounds would be fine. Terrain and conditions are the factors that I would watch.

      • Yes and If you have a large backpack it isn’t that heavy to hold in hands it’s heavy, on your back it’s very doable.

  66. Holy cow Forrest! Another SB already. That firehouse is drowning me and I suspect the search community as well in general.

    An interesting anagram of maroon is ‘a moron’. That is most certainly applicable to me as I’m reasonably certain I’ve been very close but just can’t close the deal for some reason……..I’m simply too dumb to marry the final piece of the puzzle and put it on the table.

    I say that because the blaze I’ve found is simply too powerful to ignore in a ‘big picture’ kind of way. Because of it, I’m now married to this spot and will continue to focus my energy this fall/winter to find the missing piece. “If I only had a brain”.

    Hi, my name is pinatubocharlie and I’m a recovering chest nut.

    • I remember bugs bunny saying “what a maroon” in some cartoons. Now I know why lol. I think I belong in Forrest’s weed patch.

    • Speaking of Firehouse why cant they furnish ladies with proper sized fire suits just curious wink !

  67. I’ve been thinking ponderosa pine.
    Here’s why, Everytime I sit in my warm waters halt, I remember searching and removing thorns from my rear end. This being said, I’ve realized I have to ponder this when in the tub. Ergo, my blaze has to be ponderosa pines south of wwh and that’ll take me to the treasure. Now I just need to place my feet.

  68. What a delightful idea Forrest, everyone could have a forest. Thank you for sharing those ideas. Have already placed a lemon leaf in a book after growing a little tree from a seed. About those weeds, they arise to heal the soil as it becomes deficient in necessary minerals. Wish folks would sprinkle a little volcanic ash or rocks on them rather than the poisons so often used to eradicate them which only leads to another weed until the land is ready for pavement.

    Years ago at a place I stayed, every Friday an old man of 80 would come out, straddle his lawn mower, a tank of oxygen on one side with a tube that ran up to his face and a tank of poison on the other and then proceed to mow and poison an entire acre of land. Could not imagine for the life of me what man would desire to grow old to have such a duty. I knew that the city had ordinances and that with weeds over a certain height he could be fined, so he was only doing what the city required and of course it was his land, he could go about it as he pleased.

    It was only one acre of many throughout the city with lots that the owners would come out and poison, often concentrating on the “goat heads” without realizing the thorny forms had come to say, stay off, the land needs healing, much like if one were in a hospital bed and the doctors and nurses could only poke, prod and administer poisons and antidotes.

    While watching the old man ride his mower, I recalled the grasses that grew in a goat pen where a pair of goats lived. It was as green as green could be despite the entire surroundings, but for the sky, was green. with tiny yellow and purple flowers that showed in the Spring. And then it hit me, goats, they could do these jobs and happily so. A couple years later heard there is a company in California that does just that, the news of which caused a happy note in my heart. Perhaps not everyone wants a goat in their yard and that’s okay, plenty of ways to get minerals back to the soil with the right kinds of rocks.

    A wonderful woman, Miss Tut gave me a poem called the Prayer of the Goat by Carmen Bernos de Gasztold years ago and it ends with:

    I love to bound to the heart of all your marvels,
    leap your chasms
    and, my mouth stuffed with intoxicating grasses,
    quiver with an adventurer’s delight
    on the summit of the world!

    • Aureate;

      I do not have an acre to mow, but I do have a sizable yard, and mowing it once a week is one of my delights. Because of heart problems, I can not walk behind a push mower, so I ride, And what a fun time I have – breathing clean air, smelling the fresh mown smell of grass. A true delight for this old man – JMO – JDA

      • JDA,

        Had not intended the post to be about mowing grass per say and forgot to mention the noxious fumes that used to come out the back of his mower while mowing the weeds, good thing they shot out the back so as not to asphyxiate the rider. Sadly, his acre was too poisoned to support sweet grasses after such treatment, much less a goat. Oh and the noise, but that only disturbs the peace of those with hearing. Just some observations, carry on.

        • One man’s bliss is another’s torment. Did you offer to buy him a goat since his mowing bothered you so much? Just askin’ JDA

          • No he had poisoned the lot already, would be cruel to set goats out on that. They will just pave it eventually anyway so who cares really? What part of poisoning land has anything to do with mowing grass? Just asking.

          • I am lost. I thought that you was the one that was talking about the mowing, and the fumes from the mower poisoning the grass. Am I confused?

            Just went back and reread your post – I had skipped over the part about the tank of poison (roundup or some such I guess) My comments were about the pleasures of mowing – has nothing to do with poisoning the weeds – and self – JDA

  69. Mowing the lawn is my go to for therapy. It brings on a feeling of serenity. More so if I could ever figure out how to get that chessboard pattern.

    • I agree. I am amazed at the patters at baseball fields and on golf courses.

      If I could get a job at a golf course, where all I had to do was mow the grass, I would be in seventh heaven – Serenity is right – JDA

  70. With my luck, I would end up in Fore(th) Heaven. I always said that if I was rich, I would have a golf course grass lawn.

  71. Brave & in the wood
    oak – koa = Hawaiian warrior/brave &
    a rare wood. Not sure how to apply this but fits.

  72. We got some pine trees to plant when we were very young for an earth day back in the 90s. They were saplings just a few inches shy of nothing, now they’re well over 20feet tall!

    Maybe we should all take your advice and even if we find a book with George Washington’s signature; we could plant a tree or two, too!

  73. Just planted a 1′ tall Pinyon tree that had an uncontrollable urge to “Trans-plant” itself from New Mexico to Pocatello, Idaho. Sure looks pretty – 🙂 JDA

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