Scrapbook Two Hundred Fourteen…


October, 2019


The John Ehrlichman Saga.


When John was the Domestic Advisor to President Nixon it could be argued that he was one of the 5 most powerful people in the world. Then along came the Watergate scandal that drove Nixon from office. It also spelled John’s political ruin. He said, “rules in the Oval Office were different from rules anywhere else in the world.” 

He was convicted in federal court of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury, and he served 18 months in the prison at Safford, Arizona.

IMG 1225s

Forrest, John and Diane Sawyer in the library at Fenn Galleries. She has just interviewed John for a nationally televised program. John refused to answer any questions unless both he and Diane were on camera together for fear that the question would be changed before broadcast and it would look like he was answering a different question.

I met John soon after he was released and we became friends. Our gallery had a book signing for his, Witness to Power (there were pickets outside our gallery), we fished the Pecos and San Juan rivers together and went to China on business once. 

John and I spent many hours in conversations about his political experiences and the famous personalities he had met along the way. I found his stories fascinating, especially the one about a criminal plot to break him out of prison and hold him for ransom. He thought it was funny that the government would have to pay the ransom to get him back so they could put him in prison again

John was easy and forthcoming with an answer to any question posed by me. One day John and I were talking about his trial and it was plain to see that he felt abused. He pointed out that, with public opinion so strongly against him, there was no way he could be found not guilty. He said, “When the president of the United states asks you to do something it is very difficult to say no,” thus his perjury conviction.

IMG 1980je02

To fight the boredom of long hours sitting in a courtroom John doodled. He drew portraits of the jurors, witnesses, lawyers, prosecutors, bailiffs, US Marshalls, other things, and Judge John Sirica several times. There were 102 doodles and many were drawn on White House letterheads. 


Original documents by John Ehrlichman

What his doodles lacked in artistic deference was made up in historical importance. They showed what a very important, man on trial for serious crimes, was thinking about while his fate was being decided by a group of people he didn’t know. 

Accompanying each doodle was a lengthy ink-written caption that explained the subject or provided commentary about it. 


I suggested that we publish his art in a leather-bound book. To give it class we needed to gild the edges and put it in a slipcase. The plan was to sell the books, each one with a doodle tipped in. That meant printing 102 books, I knew I was going to lose a bunch of money. John agreed, and we signed a contract. I wrote the foreword for the book. John Connally signed it.

Soon after the book was printed, we had a party at my home. While thumbing through a copy, my attorney turned to me and said, “Forrest, you’re gonna be sued for a hundred million dollars.” 

The comment caught me in mid sip. The small Corona beer I was half way through didn’t seem as necessary as it did when I first started drinking it. 

All of a sudden, I saw my attorney as a lawyer. Although I didn’t know the difference between the two, I think that characterization was correct. He started showing why I had made a mistake by publishing the book. One aberration was the drawing of a woman’s leg. 


I didn’t think that was so bad, but when my lawyer started reading other captions in the book, I balked. I had heard enough already, and I turned to John, who was standing nearby. “John, will you indemnify me for any loss I might incur as a result of what you wrote in this book?” He said “NO” with a halting abruptness that made me think it might be the only word he knew. 

With concern that something might happen inimical to me, I wrote a letter to John dated May 23, 1985. It said, in part, “When the book was printed and we were ready to start advertising and distribution, you took a copy to Morton Janklow (John’s lawyer and agent in New York, whose daughter worked in our gallery). He raised the question of libel, which you relayed to me. At that time, I put a hold on the project until we could find out where we stood.”

Other things were happening that I didn’t like, so one cloudy afternoon I burned 101 beautifully bound doodle books that had gilded edges and were slip cased. With that deed done, my liability was gone. I kept one copy for my own library and that’s all. It’s an orphan. 

There are a small few unbound copies of the book out there somewhere. Morton Janklow has one, my daughters each have one, and a friend in Cody has a copy. 

I just hope Jill Wines doesn’t get wind of it and come looking for me. 

In 1999 John died from complications of diabetes. He was 74 years old. I’m glad that chapter in my life is closed. f





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  1. Thank you for the backstory. Interesting it could still be viewed on Amazon so many years later. Hey isn’t that the gypsy’s missing leg?

  2. Loving these stories.

    Can we get a scrapbook about which items didn’t end up in the chest, but might have and their stories?


  3. That’s quite the Saga Forrest! Glad you got it worked out… Were you carrying your slick then?

  4. I’m glad you mini-skirted your way out of that chapter of your life…

    But I’m also glad you’ve continued to appreciate doodles. The definition of a “doodle” accuses it of being absent-minded, but you and John both mindfully doodle to capture personal moments in time and history.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. What an interesting story. Cycles old to new, a lot of past in the present.
    My Corona.
    Lol. IMO.

  6. Forrest,
    I guess we can call this a coincidence or are you privy to some insider information?

  7. “I am keeping one eye on the top searcher who is on the edge of finding the chest, but I still have one leg up on him.”

    I get that from the pictures with the handkerchief to the last one of the leg:

    “one eye” of john looking down at the doodle and the bold letters TOP SECT or possibly TOP searcher, book on edge and it’s binding (binding together) on the edge of finding, and Forrest still has one of the books of the doodles after destroying the others, so he still has one leg up on him.

    aaah… the joys of imagination.

    • “one leg up on him…or her” sorry didn’t mean to exclude gender possibility. The female leg actually could lend to it being a “HER” anyway 😛

    • Iron- Top sect is very interesting indeed! Sect is the home of Brown. But rearrange “top sect” to “Etc Spot”. Etc stands for et cetera; which means and the rest. The rest spot clearly hidden under the arm PIT in the doodle. How deep is a hole!?

        • Iron Will – Someone noted that in the Kissinger Doodle caption, ‘TOP SECRET’ became ‘TOP SECT’, when the ‘RE’ was left out of the letters highlighted with Forrest’s black ink pen. That made me think of this:

          When Lewis and Clark discovered the Northwest Passage in 1803, they named the Madison River after James B. Madison, then the U.S. Secretary of State.


          Looking for Lewis and Clark?

          And who was Nixon’s ‘TOP SECT’???

          • Henry Alfred Kissinger (/ˈkɪsɪndʒər/; German: [ˈkɪsɪŋɐ]; born Heinz Alfred Kissinger; May 27, 1923) is an American politician, diplomat, and geopolitical consultant who served as United States Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

          • Just a guess at who you might be asking about:
            Maybe the woman who “mistakenly” erased 7 minutes of
            tape recording, possibly including info that could tend to incriminate Nixon of acts considered illegal? I saw a news program of this woman, and it appeared to intend to pointedly show that she was NOT a klutz who (supposedly) mistakenly erased (part of) the tape.

            To me, this is all “water under the bridge”, and hardly
            relates in any significant way, if at all, to this treasure hunt.

            I’m not quite willing to make the same comment about
            the doodle of Henry Kissinger. I know something about

            As always, IMO.

      • To me, Forrest is saying: “please pass the butter.”

        (Those last 4 words are part of an old joke not suitable for children.)

        As always, IMO.

    • Gulp, gulp, gulp. Forrest, I’m going down for the 3rd time. I’m having trouble keeping up.

      Kidding aside, Iron Will, your post is hitting very close to home.


    • Yep, I completely missed that one…

      But I like your interpretation/ analysis. I wonder if burning the doodle books is kinda like biting a hard biscuit

      • Well, if I were to apply my reasoning to that part… I would have to ask “Why he still has one leg up on him/her?” Because he burned all the others. If I take a step back, perhaps I have had a certain clue wrong this entire time.

        • At least we have all winter to take a step back and refocus our efforts for spring (unless your search area isn’t getting snow).

  8. IMO Forrest realized John was not to be trusted. I can read between the lines that Forrest had to separate himself from John. If he were around now, he wouldn’t be able to do much harm.

    • Agreed CKL10510,
      Fenn didn’t think through all the consequences but a wise person has a lawyer for all business deals.

      • and we don’t see the irony that someone needs a lawyer to put a book cover around someone else’s doodles? one of the doodles of a lawyer who apparently sued their vet for their dog dying…

        the real lesson here maybe, a wise person never does business with a lawyer, (ie vet, sell your house)

  9. What a fascinating life you have lived Forrest. We read about people that made history, you rubbed elbows with many. And you have mementos from all of those experiences. WOW JDA

  10. I began drawing a cartoon character in the late Sixties I called the Smuffy Pupher Buffer. In appearance it’s a cross between that WWII cartoon character in the Kilroy was here graffiti and Al Capp’s Shmoo. My father, an art therapist and artist and art teacher had a book by Rhoda Kellogg, a psychologist who made a study of young children’s drawings called What Children Scribble and why. It’s a fascinating book indicating art is a legitimate form of communication for anyone. Art is not for the elite chosen few, it’s for all of us. Doodles and even scribbles are legitimate art forms.

  11. What an incredible accounts. The stuff that happens behind closed doors in history is fascinating! I appreciate Fenn for sharing with us. I have to think on this one.

  12. Forrest, guess a well thought out plan sure wasn’t one. Look at it this way the book most likely now is worth more then the 101’s that were burnt. Your life is full of surprises, but you always seem to get in a fishing trip or two. John was a “major player” that got a chance to meet the “dealer” Mr. Forrest Fenn.

    Thanks Forrest,

  13. A slipcase is a five-sided box, usually made of high-quality cardboard, into which binders, books or book sets are slipped for protection, leaving the spine exposed. Special editions of books are often slipcased.

    Gild – cover thinly with gold.
    “in 1436 he gilded and painted statues for Bruges Town Hall”

    Is Forrest saying the chest is placed in a carboard covering covered thinly with gold? “In the wood.”

  14. Mr Forrest you closed my solve thanks so much!!! That foot is a big one so depending on rain fall,thanks for not going to the deepend 🙂 I can’t swim,too bad no botg for me until a year or 2 got to get my health in order to travel and walk it,hopefully no one cracks it before then, I am out of service for now.

    • It looks like that after each new Forrest SC some searchers got some “final piece of puzzle” to their solutions 🙂 At least it’s stimulate them to have BOTG.
      Vicki, don’t worry – nobody will go to your location even if you publish your solution. Because in this chase we have very interesting phenomena – each searcher believes that only his/her solution is correct. I’m sure that nobody go to locations of published solutions because of this phenomena.
      So, good luck with getting your health in order and having BOTG to your solve place. Even without finding of TC all BOTGs gave us fun and good memories.


      • Yes very true we are all right lol in some cases we are actually all right. He made this so we could all think our solves are right,that is the whole purpose. There are a million combinations to the different spots he hid the bells and the chest,each scrapbook each picture in the book shows patterns they are actually maps but you need special eyes and imagination to see it. 😉

    • Eaglesabound – Amazon sells or at least lists almost every publication imaginable. My dad’s revised masters’ thesis, dated 1963 (originally published in the mid 50s) can be purchased on Amazon. It is a pioneering scientific paper advancing the knowledge of geology in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of Colorado – so would be of value to the right person. I spent a lot of time in Colorado hot springs as a young child while my dad did field work LOL.

      • There has always been a touch of anachronism in Forrest’s words … I attribute that to “imagination” …

        All in my opinion, of course.


  15. Forrest,

    Wow…at first, I thought what a hairy leg, then I thought a muscle outline, or a hose reflection but I do like the shoe.

    But a slip, indeed, not a skid, but a slip, full aileron, opposite rudder. I always came in high on final and slipped in, it made me feel better especially when there was a large amount of cross winds.

    Butt, I am stalled on this one, kind of like a hammer head in a J3 Cub.


  16. That’s one nice leg. I get the feeling that gal did a calf raise or two in her life.

    Page 43 TTOTC has a similar leg.

    I wonder if you’d get in trouble for releasing the book now? Just go for it.

  17. Anyone else notice the sad crying man behind the leg along with the hidden message when inverted? Hard to make out but perhaps Watergate trial cover up is what’s between the lines? Also, 101 is likely referring to 101 dalmatians as in Jill Wine abused her powers to have a veterinarian investigated after her dog died under the vets care.

    • Hi dd: first thing I noticed. It’s what’s on the reverse side of the paper from the doodle of Jill’s leg. The doodle is of John Ehrlichman’s attorney, William S. Frates, with his eyes closed. Here’s what I’m able to read underneath:

      “Page 1518 of my trial notes of the Watergate trial. A sketch of my attorney, Wm. S. Frates of Miami who performed an impossible task with skill and wisdom. The trial was a lost cause from the start; I should have acted as my own lawyer, saved (obscured) and had some fun (the rest obscured by his signature on the Jill Wines Vollner side of the paper).

    • Don’t get me started about prosecutors and legs. I ain’t sharin’.

      Maybe I just did — hee hee!

      As always, IMO.

  18. Sometimes seems like when doing something nice for someone (charity in a way) you can get left out in the cold. Glad Mr Fenn shared the story and that chapters closed for him. Thanks

  19. In the words of a cruise ship comedian calling a Bingo game… B11, or nice pair of legs!

  20. Interesting story. So even uncirculated a copy didn’t wind up in the lLibrary of Congress? I thought they got a copy of all US published books.

  21. “All of a sudden, I saw my attorney as a lawyer. Although I didn’t know the difference between the two, I think that characterization was correct……”

    Too funny Forrest.


  22. There was one sold on e-bay not too long ago for next to nothing with an enscription by Forrest to some guy named Dan . Something to the effect “someone who also understands their is no justice”. (Note improper use of their).

  23. I wished it hadn’t snowed September 25th thru 30th,I had to cancel my
    flight last month.I got this as soon as the snow goes IMO.Clint

  24. I guess my only side note is… if this is at least the third John Ehrlichman post, we’ve clearly been missing the intended reference. I hope someone is able to pick it up from here. I thought I might have gotten it with “Sawyer”… but now it seems like “water gate” is the hint. But if “warm waters halt” is not a dam… then wtf is it if it’s related to a water gate??? I mean seriously?

    • My first attack on this puzzle ended with watergate. It started with the Teapot Dam scandal using dates. Might look into government mishap during Forrest’s life? Wait it out and we’ll probably all understand soon with how things are going.:)

      • Lugnutz –

        A gait is a walk.
        A gate is a street.
        A gate is a switch.
        A gate is where you wait to board a plane.
        A gate is a tally count of 5.
        A gate is a French cake.
        A gate is a Norwegian word puzzle.
        Gate is a town in OK.
        A gayt is a Finnish word.

          • Sometimes a gate is just a gate. It’s always been open that I seen. Maybe they close it in the snowy months?


          • And the old stagecoach and military barns there at Barns Holes were for horses: another ‘gait’ to ‘gate’ reference. That area is so close to the West Entrance Gate to enter YNP.

            But T.S. Eliot might call the Riverside Trail entrance “the unremembered gate”, as in “Little Gidding”. Riverside Trail is a loop, with Upper and Downstream sections.

          • Ahhhh Lisa, me and you are on the same page!!! There’s so much I’m wanting to share that fits perfectly. I just can’t as it might be the final nail in my solve.

            I sent Forrest an email, asking not for confirmation, but for direction. Wondering if he could tell me where something was due to his knowledge of the area. Knowing he probably wouldn’t respond because it would be considered help…them these scrapbooks started showing up. I’m not saying I’m the LS, if there even is one…just ironic to say the least.

          • There has to be a lead searcher. If he confirms it or not, someone has gotten close.

        • A lead searcher is the one who finds it. Until that day, everyone is at zero. This is a Boolean puzzle since no one can be certain any part of their solution is correct until they have the chest. The prevalence of ambiguity works against us.

          • I have to disagree E.C. Someone HAS to have figured out more of the clues than the rest of us. True, none of us has found it yet, and Forrest may not be aware of how many of the clues have been solved, by someone, but someone HAS to have solved more clues than the rest of us, and therefore is the “lead searcher.” JMO – JDA

          • JDA,

            That was exactly my point. Although no one has found it, SOMEONE has gotten farther than the rest of us

          • But what does it matter if someone guessed the first two if they cannot finish? Or the first eight? Being a lead searcher can only mean you have it since we can not confirm if we have found two, eight, or even nine if we don’t have the chest. Therefore, there cannot be a lead searcher. There can only be those who have failed until they haven’t.

          • I disagree only because once the lead searcher becomes the finder he/she will no longer be searching. We will call them the finder. Either way I believe a lead searcher exists and by the flurry of recent SB posts is likely close to the finish.

          • And yet, you are making an assumption this is the reasoning behind an increase in scrapbooks and ignoring other more possible reasons, such as he’s feeling better to write again, or it’s not summer and he has more time again, or he’s frustrated that no one is linking his clues together.

            The missing aspect to this puzzle for being able to define a lead searcher is confirmation. If you have read the book or watched the movie “Ready Player One”, a similar set of puzzles are presented, however there is confirmation along the way in the form of keys. Here, there is only one key, no confirmation, and just a lot of assumption around why he is posting. I agree there is a finder, and a not-finder. There is no lead searcher.

          • E.C.

            I just can not understand why you are so hesitant to admit that SOMEONE just might be a bit smarter or luckier than the rest of us – at this moment in time.

            In ANY kind of race or contest, there ALWAYS has to be someone that is ahead at any given moment. In the end, the winner of the race just might NOT be the person that was ahead at the half-way point – or any other given point. At THIS moment in time, SOMEONE HAS to be ahead of the rest of us. You, or I or Donald Duck just might be the one that will find Indulgence, but that does not take away from the fact that at this moment, they (he/she) is ahead of the rest of us.

            Is your vanity so great that you can not admit that there just might be someone out there that has thought of something that you might not have thought of? Just curious. You are usually a very clear thinker, but on this one you have me baffled – JDA

          • JDA, there’s a lot to unpack in your assertions. I’ll do what I can.

            Yes, there are definitely people who are smarter and more clever than me. I enjoy reading their posts when they are forthcoming, but not so much when they are evasive. Share, but don’t brag and act like you have the solution.

            Vain, not at all. Provocative, yes, but for the purpose of provoking thought and discussion. I don’t consider myself a lead searcher. And I don’t consider there can be one since there is no ability to confirm anyone’s results until the treasure is located. Making assumptions that Forrest is somehow helping one of us along is indeed vanity.

      • If another line in the poem IS, in fact, related to a dam, then the TC may be found before 2069. As always, IMO.

  25. That is a fascinating tale and I love the book. You are holding onto a one of a kind item of historic value with quite the liability tied to it. And you clearly have an affinity for one of a kind items. Thank you Forrest for the story and for continuing to enrich our lives beyond measure.

  26. To go along with the Johnny Cache puzzle in 211, we have two more John’s in 214 plus San Juan and Joanie in fgm I’d say that the/my solve does indeed involve a John/john :). Sometimes your confirmation lenses blind to what is being put right in front of your face lol. Might want to screen shot save this comment, it’ll be like planting a tree for a future smile lol. LS out. BTW he didn’t capitalize John in sentence with word ruin. This is how he red flags an aberration. Did same with Meryl Haggard. My solve has a John’s ruin, a John’s Cache, so to speak. Ty for smile Forrest.

  27. Otto Von Bismarck was one of the most successful statesmen of all time. Henry Kissinger’s father was born in Germany during Bismarck’s long chancellorship and lived for 95 years– into the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Henry is himself today 96 years old and seems to be going strong.

    Imagine the wisdom of first- and second- hand experience going all the way back to Bismarck…

  28. What one tells you is not always true.forrest it’s called alittle white lie from someone’s mouth.which comes from the heart. Liar,liar,pants on got caught telling little white lies and your dad spanked you. Time to come clean got dirty laundry in your hamper.what goes in ,must come out sooner or later.telling some fibbing like them old ladies makes your stomach tie like knots.nobody can keep a eats at your insides like cancer.little whit lies.weighs heavy on your chest ya stories,you little fibber who embellishes once in awhile.

    • Please provide examples of little white lies that that you appear to be accusing
      someone of telling. Thanks in advance.

  29. We obviously see it and I think he’s making a joke at the end with the woman’s leg not being retrieve ready and calling me a girl. Also he’s using john as him indirectly. Waiting for someone he doesn’t know to judge his faith. And he doodles.


    You don’t need scrap books or things like that to confirm. YOU WILL BE LIKE ! Once you do have that way of thinking you’ll understand something not understood before.

    Doubt me now but hello Forrest and hello search community I’d like to introduce myself. I’m r.

  30. Is it just me? Or am I the only one who does not believe that every scrapbook from Forrest is a secret coded hint or clue to the treasure?
    Many think that these are secret messages to
    “Lead Searchers” lol
    I do believe there is a few scrapbooks that may have hints but not everyone!

    • Thanks for saying exactly what was on my mind. Stick to the poem and keep going until the treasure is found. It ain’t over ’til Forrest sings opera while doing the dishes.

    • I made practically the same comment a few scrapbooks maybe Forrest has the scrapbooks purely for the reading enjoyment ‍♂️… I think a lot of people have overactive imaginations.

      • My thoughts exactly! I posted on the last SB but no one replied. Just crickets…What is the reason many of you think there are hints in the SB posts? Throw me a bone.

        • I can only speak from my perspective. My career has been based in text mining and linguistics, only in the past decade into machine learning. I apply this experience with this puzzle.

          Using a synonym library called Wordnet, it is possible to find etymon and synonym significance using the poem as a key, the book words to compare, scrapbooks and interviews and other blog posts as supporting info to derive specific term patterns. Whether or not this is an appropriate approach is arguable since it hasn’t produced the solution. On the other hand, the patterns are pretty clear, and matching these to locations or downloaded named features is the real trick. Separating personality word selection is also a weighting factor. But specific keywords that stick out tend to be terms like “turn”, “fool”, “saint”, “cobalt”, “punctuate”, “coin”, and a whole bag of others.

          • E.C. Waters – On “punctuate”:

            “They showed what a very important, man on trial for serious crimes, was thinking about while his fate was being decided by a group of people he didn’t know. ”
            Why is there a command after ‘important’?

            And what is a ‘Corona’? Is that anything to do with the blaze, or the L.S., maybe?


          • I believe there is lead searcher and there are key words.

            For example we know the lead searchers name is Doofass

            As for hints in these scrapbooks, well, I’d have to say nope, no hints…it’s a story. His story. It’s a long story. Ten years so far. Maybe 89? Maybe even hundreds of thousands? Maybe even infinite? I’m sure he’ll leave a somewhere, in history…or is it HIS-Story?

            But one thing for sure, WE are lucky to still have Forrest and Peggy still walking this Earth.


          • I agree , as in an opinion ,that there is a synergistic pattern as of late within these consecutive SB’s. I await with anticipation to the aforementioned “everyone needs an intersection” SB ,for the stitches to reveal the finale design . IMO .

          • The drawn reverse slashed zero in Cynthia’s post, and the recent mention of Jonas Brothers in SB212, further suggests Nick Jonas is somehow relevant given the same can be found in his logo.

            I don’t know if Forrest is trying to suggest “Year 3000” to correlate with his book mentions of millennia, or the symbolism of a slashed zero in the resulting pattern on a map of the clue path. If symbolism with “intersection” and the slashed zero is to average, “cut in half” (“Durchschnitt”), find the “mean”, etc., then I also wonder if something from each line of the poem is needed in order to find the solution, or if it is as simple as finding the final clue in the middle of the clue path on a map.

          • E.C.Waters,

            The line through the circle pic , to me, has no relevance within any pattern I notice. Though I wouldn’t dismiss such a possibility , since not knowing anything with certainty is all that is currently in play here.

            There’s many potential patterns to see in these SBs . I’m looking at ,or for, an intersection point in the synergy within the “text”. It is at the intersection where the destination is, IMO. Much like I see the poem- it leads to an intersection. One wrong turn and , well, I will eventually arrive at any a intersection.

            Depending on which signs one follows will depend on which intersection one arrives .Following the right signs to the right intersection , is key. There are many signs to follow.

            The pattern I see is ….Something about Canada, much more that Leaf pic .


            Maybe it’s because I am Canadian lol. But the chest is not in Canada.

        • BroStevo;

          Here is a small bone, that MAY not be worth a dime.

          In this SB, Forrest put this line in Quotation Marks. To me, that is a hint that something MIGHT be hidden here:

          “rules in the Oval Office were different from rules anywhere else in the world.”

          So to me, Forrest is saying: ” “rules in the CHASE were different from rules anywhere else in the world.”

          We need to figure out what these new rules are if we are to solve the riddle that is the poem.

          Something as innocent as this line: “we fished the Pecos and San Juan rivers together and went to China on business once.” COULD mean something like you looked for Indulgence up two rivers (streams – rivulets – whatever) and you told me about it – You also went a long ways off-base (China) on another excursion…

          This would only mean something to someone who had written Forrest about something relating to a search up two bodies of water, and then going on a wild-goose-chase later.

          IF I email something to Forrest, and then, soon there-after, I see a SB or some other post that MIGHT relate to what I wrote him about, my ears will perk up and I will try to “Listen” to what is being said.

          I DO have a GREAT imagination though, and can easily make a mountain out of an ant hill, and am probably full of “Tarry Scat” JMO – JDA

          • Thanks BroStevo

            GIFT = a natural ability or talent. – Well, maybe
            TREASURED = keep carefully – Well, again, maybe

        • Okay, I will throw a bone. I think Forrest’s hints are very subtle and lately seem to be helpful for someone closing in on the search area. For instance, Forrest said, “If you are in the right spot, something you probably haven’t thought about will be obvious to you” (Mysterious Writings), Another example, check out the difference in the patinas on the bronzes in SB 212. Is Forrest hinting the chest will look different than we would imagine? Does this mean someone is close to finding the chest? Not necessarily. Maybe Forrest is just finishing out his final hints for a future finder.

        • I hope I have an overactive imagination cause he said that’s important and I find it my weak point so what I see is even more amazing in that light poor imagination. Ok I’ll throw you a bone. There is someone ahead. He wants it found. By publicly posting subtle hints the Chase remains fair. If your not in right spot you wouldn’t see the hints in everyone. Sometimes I don’t catch them all but they are plentiful though. Not trying to convince you, just stating the truth as I see it. Peace

    • Lou, Dave, Jeff,

      For sure!

      Has to be difficult for ff to cough in a crowded room and hear a growing chorus of, “…cold, a cold creek…hack, Hacksaw Ridge, there is a ridge…cough, Coffman mountain…loud, the old bitty was loud…I noticed he covered his mouth, must be telling someone he is holding back information…(infinity symbol).”

      And ff replies, “I just enjoy writing and sharing.”

      “Sharing is what he did with his pineapple pie…apple, Appleton must be a new hint…writing, Right turn to get to CD…(infinity symbol).”

      • Thank you Ethical!
        I am sticking with the poem! And the hints in TTOTC! I enjoy all the scrapbooks and look for
        Info to tell me more about how Forrest thinks! I found one scrapbook that I am sure holds a major hint but it’s very complicated! I’ve been trying to crack it for years.

    • Agree. ff has stated he doesn’t give messages to specific searchers.

      This is what has driven me away from other forums–this “LS” talk. It’s demoralizing, tiresome, and sometimes can seem like (perhaps unintentional) boasting, being that there’s a difference between “I am the one with the answer” and actually offering insights to others who are struggling.

      I’ve been searching for almost 4 years; some of that time off to do disaster work, and each time I come back with fresh eyes, I say… simplify. Have had several WWWH from the poem, some of them really cool, but none I’m confident in. And keywords, too.

      DT, there is a Jose or Joe’s in the poem.

  31. I see only a tiny hint (or two) in this SB. But it’s good to know that FF is still active in the treasure hunt. As always, IMO.

  32. Agree Lou Lee on your premise that most Scrapbooks do not contain hints. Some do imo. Btw – I also believe the lead searcher theory lol.

    • morecowbell,
      I will agree on both of your comments.
      To me if you have done your research and have more then a few clues solved for your search area you will see those hints Forrest has scattered in his scrapbooks, also he hints that there is someone close.
      Forget the chaos and open your mind to Forrest’s history, why he chose what he likes doing, what opened the trail of adventure. If you can put a mark on that it will help in solving if not just the first clue but guide you along the path he has laid out.
      Forrest is not giving hints out to the LS they already have the solves. Forrest is giving them out to everyone willing to “listen” to help them on their adventure. If your not seeing hints and you have a search area it might be time to check out another spot, especially one he is guiding you to.

      I’m just looking for where he might have hinted to what the “blaze” is. Because he has given a lot of scrapbooks out lately and I have to now research them all a little more deeply to see if maybe he has incorporated in his words what it might be.

      Best of luck,

      • I agree with you Bur. I think that the final Solve will relate, very much, to who Forrest is, and what he has dedicated his life to. Forrest loves Native American culture, and the collecting of its artifacts. Something tells me that his “Special Place” will somehow relate to this love. I could be wrong though.

        Despite his love of Native American culture, I very much believe that it will NOT be found on Tribal Lands. JMO – JDA

        • JDA,
          I believe we discussed this but will throw it out there.

          For me the poem clues kind takes you on a history lesson and I believe that’s Forrest idea. It would be boring if the clues said start at a hot springs take the trail to brown trout and find a creek that’s near heavy boulders then up further is a waterfall. Not a real exciting adventure. Sure your out in nature but why not make it a exciting adventure along the way in nature. Those kids that Forrest has talked about would really enjoy seeing history along the way don’t you think. I know I have enjoyed solving 8 of the clues. Of course there are searchers h-ll bent on believing every clue is something natural in nature. Well good luck if that works for them.

          Ok, my food for thought.

          Thanks for your comment JDA.

          • Hi Bur;

            Paraphrasing, but didn’t Forrest say something like – A comprehensive knowlege of geography might help?

            One definition of “Geography” is: The study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources, land use, and industries.

            One must not only study the land, and it’s history – maybe going back to the very beginnings of the earth, but also study the peoples who have lived on these lands, and what impact they have had on those lands.

            Forrest has said that a knowledge of history is not important. a definition of “History” is: The study of past events, particularly in human affairs.”

            This, to me, is so very limiting when compared to the definition of geography. History = events * * * Geography, on the other hand involves the land and how human-kind has affected that land – So much vaster – at least that is how I see it – JMO – JDA

          • Good points JDA

            For my solve area no knowledge of history is needed, but you might learn some along the way.

            “A comprehensive knowlege of geography might help?”
            Well of course geography is a big part too, kind of falls under the common sense rule.

            Thanks JDA for your input.

          • JDA, you said-

            “ Forrest has said that a knowledge of history is not important.”

            Can you cite where f said this, I don’t recall that. Don’t know if you’re still paraphrasing from above or not. I think it’s your interpretation that f has said that or implied that. It’s not my opinion.

          • FD;
            I did not put that in quotes, so was not quoting Forrest directly, but since you asked – here it is 🙂


            “Mr. Fenn, Is there any level of knowledge of US history that is required to properly interpret the clues in your poem. ~Steve R

            No Steve R,
            The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean. But a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.”f

          • FD;

            As I said, I was paraphrasing – It was NOT in quotes.

            Here is what I said: Forrest has said that a knowledge of history is not important.
            Here is the question and answer: “Mr. Fenn, Is there any level of knowledge of US history that is required to properly interpret the clues in your poem. ~Steve R

            No Steve R,”

            To me there is minimal difference – but you are a nit-picker, and always want to catch me in an error. 🙂 It was NOT a quote, it MY interpretation of the quote I posted, which I see as very similar. I NEVER said that it was a quote!

            Have a great day FD – 🙂 JDA

          • FD;

            If a knowledge of something is not required – Doesn’t that mean that is it NOT important? JDA

          • Hi Bur,

            I’m not sure that small kids would enjoy seeing any history. They like games and use their imagination to play their games. Maybe Forrest just suggests simple idea here: “just see the chase as a game i.e. don’t take it too seriously”. The poem is just a puzzle and you need to crack 9 clues to win.
            ”I wanted to give the kids something to do,” he told Business Insider in February. “They spend too much time in the game room or playing with their little handheld texting machines.”
            Kids definitely don’t like any lessons particularly history lessons 🙂 But they will play Chase game.

          • Andy S.

            Yes,of course get the kids out in nature that is what Forrest wants and I agree. I think you are considering boring history. The history along Fenn’s clue solves is exciting. Also I’m not saying every clues is a piece of history. Kids love to see things they have never seen and we as parents can explain how they came about. Sure the really young ones might not understand it’s history or care but they will want to maybe touch or look at with curious eyes. So Andy kids are Forrest searchers too and Forrest made this adventure to include them I believe.

            Andy thanks for your comment, good luck.


          • JDA, you asked-

            If a knowledge of something is not required – Doesn’t that mean that is it NOT important?
            I would say something can not be required but still still be helpful. Just like when f included a comprehensive knowledge of geography (that includes history) in his answer.

            Try it out on examples in the real world…

            Someone wants to drive their old vehicle to the store. Keys aren’t required if that person knows how to hot wire the vehicle, but keys definitely help in the process.

            And I don’t want to always catch you in an error. I just want to be clear of what you said. Nothing wrong with that. Cheer up.

          • FD;

            Now YOU are changing terms. The two terms were “Important” and “Required.” You just changed it to
            “Helpful ” and “Required.” – “.I just want to be clear of what you said”

            You said: “I would say something can not be required but still still be helpful. Just like when f included a comprehensive knowledge of geography (that includes history) in his answer.

            YOU added (that includes history). I gave the definitions of history, and geography, and the definition of geography does NOT include history.

            I am not here to quibble FD. As you said, “.I just want to be clear of what you said” 🙂 You changed terms, and you added YOUR interpretation of what geography includes (adding history) – not me 🙂 JDA

          • JDA, do you think the clues can only be solved inclusively? Meaning one can only solve all the clues with just the clues? Is that even possible?

            I don’t think so. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is the only way to find the tc would have to believe the following isn’t all inclusive of everything helpful in solving the clues…the only requirement is for one to figure out the clues.

          • FD;

            When you can not answer the question – change the subject. Are you sure you are not a politician FD?

            You ask – JDA, do you think the clues can only be solved inclusively? Meaning one can only solve all the clues with just the clues? Is that even possible?

            Forrest has said something to the effect (Paraphrasing – NOT quoting Forrest) that All of the information you need is in the poem. Since Forrest has said so, I have to believe it.

            Am I smart enough to solve the riddle that is the poem, using only the poem? In a word, “NO”.

            Forrest has added that helpful tools are a good map and TToTC. I would add to that list everything that I can learn about Forrest, and reading everything that I can put my hands on that Forrest has published.

            I will even add reading as many of the Posts on this Blog as I can – keeping the good, and throwing out the not-so-good. I have even kept a kernel or two of your posts FD. I hope that I answered your question. JMO – JDA

          • Ummm…JDA, I did answer your question in my post just above the one you quoted. I even gave an example.

            Here’s another example. It isn’t required to wear shoes when trekking across The Outback but it certainly is helpful.

            Btw, I added my second post to further establish my point on the same topic. I didn’t change topic. Your 0-3 on your allegations. Maybe not your forte.

          • Also, JDA, I didn’t ask if the “poem” has all the information to solve the clues. I asked about the “clues” being able to do solve the clues by themselves. Two different things.

            But, my point was still about what we are talking about wirh f’s reply to the US History question.

          • FD;

            Again, you change what we were talking about:

            “The two terms were “Important” and “Required.” You just changed it to
            “Helpful ” and “Required.” – “.I just want to be clear of what you said”

            I tire of this quibbling – Have a good night FD. JDA

          • JDA…I gave no idea what you are talking about.

            “The two terms were “Important” and “Required.” You just changed it to
            “Helpful ” and “Required.”

            Yes, I added “helpful” because it explains the stumbling block you had in the question you asked me. Something doesn’t have to be required to be important or helpful.

            Not that hard of a concept to grasp.

            Until the next time we quibble…think about it.

          • Helpful and important are interchangeable with what we discussed. That’s easy to figure out too.

          • FD: for what it’s worth, I think a knowledge of history will turn out to be absolutely useless as far as solving the clues in Forrest’s poem.

          • Zap, I agree. But, I am not thinking about history helping solve the clues. I’m talking about the hints. Two different animals.

            F didn’t exclude history being important, or helpful, to solve a possible hint in his poem or ttotc.

            That’s the focused point I’m making that one needs to be able to read between the lines of f’s history/geography reply to see that f didn’t shut the door on that possibility like some have the opinion he did.

          • Hi FD: concur that the “rules” for the hints are much more flexible than for the clues. For one thing, they can be in any order — whether in the book(s) or in the poem (assuming there are hints in the poem — Forrest has never confirmed, but I think most agree that there are).

            “That’s the focused point I’m making that one needs to be able to read between the lines of f’s history/geography reply to see that f didn’t shut the door on that possibility like some have the opinion he did.”

            I don’t think of it as so much “reading between the lines” as being careful to restrict the scope of Forrest’s answer to the question asked: whether some level of knowledge of U.S. history is required in order “to properly interpret the clues.”

            Even the inclusion of that word “required” is slippery. Had Steve R. used the word “helpful” instead, Forrest might have answered differently. After all, he has stated that his first memoir is not REQUIRED to solve the poem’s clues, but he has certainly said TTOTC will be helpful.

            With respect to the Chase, my opinion about U.S. history knowledge is the same as it is about dictionaries, foreign language knowledge, military lingo, and fly fishing: none is required, and worse: digging into any of these is probably more likely to cause a searcher to go astray than be helpful.

            I still think “Important Literature” is an extremely helpful chapter of TTOTC, “bordering” on essential.

          • Hey Zap, you said- “After all, he (f) has stated that his first memoir is not REQUIRED to solve the poem’s clues, but he has certainly said TTOTC will be helpful.”

            Good find. This goes to answering JDA’s question about “If a knowledge of something is not required – Doesn’t that mean that is it NOT important?”

            Which is what I was trying to answer in a couple of different ways.

            One thing, Zap, is I’ll take the other side of the coin and say prbly something about history will be important to solving the Chase.

            I do agree that searchers that have used the word “required” or “requirement” in their questions to f made a mistake in using the term. F has been able to use that term against them and it gave f flexibility in dictating the terms of his answer, much like a magician does.

        • FD,

          For me yes Forrest’s history hints are in TTOTC book. But guess if you look at the big picture all in the book is history. Now is knowledge of history helpful in solving the clues that would be no, but again you just might learn some history researching and solving them imo.

          Good luck,

          • Yes, Bur, pretty much the whole Chase is about some kind of history.

            Again, I don’t think knowledge of US history will help solve the clues but could help solve some hints.

            Good luck to you too, Bur.

          • FD, with what you just said, I agree. Didn’t I say that above?

            Oh well, sometimes I’m hard to understand.

            Thanks for your comments.

          • Hey Zap,
            Don’t forget “Jump starting the learning curve “, both appropriately named and essential…IMO of course

          • Bur, I reread your post above and I see you did say what I later repeated. I was the one that was suffering. Lol

        • Hi JDA-You know my stance on tribal so I won’t repeat myself.
          What would you say about a solve that run through tribal and ends elsewhere? Doesn’t that sound like something Forrest might do? We have a love for the Native American culture on one hand and a peculiar relationship with the government on the other. Do we tie the two together perhaps?
          It’s not easy being a treasure hunter with all of this “stuff” floating around my head. I think I need an Advil.

          • Just crossing Tribal lands (actual BotG) would involve talking to tribal leaders and getting permission. Getting this permission will entail lies, or divulging information about your search that you might not want to disclose. I do not think that Forrest would put searchers in this perdicament – so my answer is, I would not consider it, unless it is just looking at maps, and visually crossing the reservation with your eyes, and picking up BotG on either side of the tribal lands – JMO – JDA

      • I think he might be hinting something important to the lead searcher Bur. Call it a gut feeling lol.

      • I think he might be hinting something important to the lead searcher Bur. Call it a gut feeling lol.

  33. Thanks dal and Mr. Fenn,
    Nothing better than a creative doodle to pass the time. Looks like both could benefit from a trim but who am I to judge.

  34. Fascinating Forrest.
    Please keep the scrapbooks coming.
    This one makes me nervous in a subliminal way.

    Do you have hidden reasons that make finding your treasure perilous???

    “You will ignore the poem at our own peril”
    (ff quote at mysterious writings)

    Ha! I won’t ask you to co-author or publish a book.

    Interesting DOODLE definitions:
    (From Wordnik)
    noun A fool, a simpleton, a mindless person.
    noun A small mindless sketch, etc.
    noun childish Penis.
    verb To draw or scribble (something) aimlessly

  35. ff has said he does not direct comments to particular searchers.

    There is a lot of solipsism on here suddenly. Too bad–greatly takes away from the more subtle meanings of his SBs. I mean, uh, we are in impeachment territory these days, as well. Think that has nothing to do with recent SBs? LOL.

    If you think there is a LS, and you are the LS, why proclaim it again and again? Makes no sense.

    • Good one (solipsism). Reminds me of “lip service”. What does Wordnik have
      to say about that?

      As always, IMO. Your myledge may diFFer

    • Dal -You may need to start a Solopsism page. The frisson I feel from these semiotic discussions is a psychic charcuterie to my intellectual perspicacity. I am not the lead searcher by the way.

      • Warlock62,

        The only $100 college word I recognize is charcuterie and that’s because I love food and watch a lot of Food TV, AND and my now daughter-in-law had a setting of it at her wedding this past Wednesday. GOOD JOB, but would you mind deconstructing it into a sentence most of us would understand?


        • Pinatubocharlie – I was just being silly. I googled “pretentious words” and then forced some of them into a sentence. I’m not even sure myself that the sentence makes sense.

    • Would you please explain what you mean by “operation sandwedge”?

      Thanks in advance.

          • both above were *behind the scenes shenanigans* in the WH leading up to what we know as the Watergate Scandal. Ehrlichman was one of the gatekeepers…

          • Ken, thanks for your kindness to answer.

            The reason I asked about Gemstone…

            when the poem is in grid format, no spaces, the word Gemstone can be located in the top 2-3 lines. Start with G in ‘gone’ and look for “gem” vertically. “stone” is adjacent but not as orderly.

      • Then there is Sam Snead and Sam Smarm. Is that a hiking stick or a golf club Embroiderery is carrying? Just kidding haha maybe not.

        • haha Sally ! Perhaps it’s a mashie niblick or a modified 6 iron like the one used on the moon in 1971 by Shepard.

  36. The guilded book!!!
    I didn’t read the book. Just the poem, map , and geography. Guilded is gold and the answers in the book. I need to get the book and go botg. There’s still time too.

    • Maybe the gold turned the bronze box guilded. I’m not sure, most of my books use crayons and aren’t guilted.

  37. I saw that too Iron Will.
    It looks like he highlighted those letters..
    Looks like there maybe more then one LS..

  38. A small Corona…..not as important as first thought of.

    CORONA = Bright Idea

    Could it be f you are losing your interest in this whole treasure businesd.

    Are you wanting that chest found soon?

    Can we surmise that the rapid release of SBs may indicate a desire to return to a simpler mode of living of just watching Dancing With The Stars..

    I am reminded of lyrics from John….another John. “I JUST HAD TO LET IT GO” -john Lennon-

    No matter what the case may be….I want you forrest to know my great respect to you as a masterful TEACHER….and confirming a belief that “the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    -guy Michael-

    • I don’t think that discussing Johns will provide much help to someone trying to
      solve the poem, but may instead provide, in the blogs, an occasional “quickie” of entertainment to others — as one might expect or hope for.

      Reminds me of Holden’s “conversation piece”. As always, IMO.

  39. I was working at the Safford Fairgrounds and met John who was on a clean-up detail with other prisoners at the fairgrounds, all were dressed in prison coveralls and manned with rakes and brooms keeping the grounds clean . Thanks John. A few of us carnies were allowed to say Hi to John , he was kind and friendly although he seemed to be embarrassed at being recognized, and a bit frail. We were allowed too give John some large parody wall posters we gave as prizes at the carnival ( I remember one, was Nixon ” I`m Innocent ” ) John took the posters for his walls at the big house. Upon his release and moving to Santa Fe to write books and paint . If your walls could talk ?

    Forrest thanks for the memory of John .

    • Looks like a “Good time was had by all.” Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the link – JDA

      • JDA,

        I agree, it looks like everyone had a great time. Good to see everyone in high spirits

    • Dal you and Cynthia all seem to have Forrest’s company a lot the last few months. Can you please answer the question of Does Forrest know or think someone is getting close? If not, then why the sudden increase in releasing all these posts?

      • That is a good question and I’m sure many of us want to know. But I’d bet none Forrest probably wouldn’t let that be known. But I could be wrong. I usually am lol

      • He’s likely bored and wanting to get things rolling again so that someone finally finishes.

        • Looking at some interviews in the recent past, I kind of was getting the impression that Forrest was a bit tired of it and does want it over. But more recently, I don’t get that feeling so much with the interviews I’ve seen. I don’t know. Sort of why I ask Dal what he knows. I don’t have a seat at the table with the man.

    • “Everyone needs an intersection”. Indeed! It defines the meaning of “contiguous”. IMO . Not a straight line, not a circle nor circular. To meet is to marry is to “touch”. IMO .

      • Deducing some SB’s from the “lead searcher” perspective that is being hypothesized on here lately; perhaps some of these recent rash of scrapbooks are , in part, hinting at who is the whom? Looks rather unintended to me. IMO .

  40. Gosh, I would like to see the book published. Hell, I’ll publish it— libel torts do not frighten me: they can take everything I own if they wish.

    But: “When the president of the United states asks you to do something it is very difficult to say no.” Ha! That’s *EASY!* I have been ignoring USA presidents for decades.

  41. I wonder where along the Pecos and San Juan Rivers they went fishing. The Pecos would be a short trip from Santa Fe, but the San Juan would take them a little farther away, possibly up into Southern Colorado.

    • Blex – my guess would be the tailwaters section of the San Juan River in New Mexico below Navajo Dam. That stretch of river is world famous for big trout; a fly fisher’s dream come true. People come from all over the world to fish those waters.

      • Thanks, Sally Colorado. That looks like a good guess to me! It looks like there’s a whole community located there dedicated to the support of fly-fishing.

  42. More “John’s” that could be coming in future posts. John Denver (Rocky mountain high, Colorado) John Elway (Denver Bronco’s) John Smith ( Pocahontas, HOB) John D. Rockefeller (heavy loads) Johnny Appleseed (seed, plant, bury) Johnny Cash (cash, treasure) IMO

  43. John Connally
    John Ehrlichman
    John Sirica
    John C and E and S. CES
    Someone named John has “found” the chest perhaps? But just hasn’t retrieved it yet?

    • Warlock62;

      Maybe CES is SEC – wait a SECond, the end is that close.

      A “John” can also mean someone who “Pays for pleasure” – Has someone “Paid the price” and is about to “Get Pleasur(ed)??? All in fun – JDA

  44. How about this Bro…
    Jill Wine Vollner (Banks) was the prosecutor during Watergate who cross examined Rose Mary Woods about the Watergate tapes.
    Rose Mary Woods was president Nixon’s “gatekeeper “.

  45. That was a fun read. I am a little disappointed that you did not publish it, because you were scared of a legal argument.
    Sometimes you just have to pull up your boot straps and do it… kinda like jumpin off a bridge, even if nobody is watchin ;”^}.

  46. Ok, so FF has dirt on a political figure – damming enough to get him/her imbeached? Forest IS the whistleblower!!

    • Hi Jdiggens.

      I want to say that I sincerely hope you and your family are doing well after that horrible fire last year. If memory serves (and it’s failing me more and more each and everyday) you were thinking about moving to NM. Is that working out ok for you and your loved ones?


      • Thanks Charlie! Yes we moved to the land of enchantment and are thankful for we are very blessed!

  47. If I were at my PC I’d cut and paste all the recent titles together in a list. May turn out to be quite telling…

  48. I feel terribly bad that this book was never published. It’s a piece of history that we don’t have. Forrest has so many stories to tell about the non-famous events of famous people, and each story is interesting in its own way.

    And then, of course, there are a dash of hints for us to mull over.

    Thx for sharing, FF.

  49. “I drew this so callers would see it instead of my face, while I did my guttural Kissinger imitation.”

    Hmmm… is Forrest hinting at the pseudonym “Deep Throat” like in the Watergate scandal? In the drawing Kissinger has a Top Secret document under his arm.

    The identity of the “Lead Searcher” (if there is one) is unknown just like the Identity of Deep throat was unknown.

    In due time Deep Throats identity was revealed. Are we soon to learn the identity of the “Lead Searcher?” Assuming they want to be known…

    That’s enough rabbit holes for me today lololol

      • FYI, there is a definition for “duck”, a significant term from TTOTC, that also means “zero”, like goose egg. But this matters to no one but me.

        There is also a historical link to the word “Shiloh” for Goose Egg, WY. Pretty sure it’s a fun coincidence and matters to no one but me.

      • Hi E.C.: a “duck” is also another name for a rock cairn or trail marker. One might even say … a blaze. 🙂

        • Zap,
          I have absolutely no reason to doubt you and this Chase has taught me so much but where did you come up with that meaning meaning for a duck? A rock cairn or marker? Maybe I’m just seeing things differently.

          Also I have looked up the meaning of man made structure and a cairn is considered to be one.

          Someone posted a video walking up to a rock cairn a month or so ago but I couldn’t understand why? Just wondering is all.


          • wwwamericana,

            Thank you for the link. Much appreciated. The question was directed at Zap but it’s an open forum and I’ll read all I can get. Thank you and thank thank you


          • wwwamericana,

            Interesting reading. Thanks again.

            So if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck then it’s a marker. Got it!

            But if there’s only one then the top rock is the pointer and of the 2 cairns I have seen on my journeys it certainly looks like some larger mammals like deer mules might have toppled it. My son restacked it. It almost looks like someone talking to God the way he stacked them. Pretty cool imagination he has!

            But the other duck he spotted was near an old cabin that resembles a mountain man.

            Did you know about the old town of Emigrant Montana? This settlement was a collection of fifty rough log cabins with dirt roofs and elk hide floors.

            Hey, isn’t Jeremiah JOHNson a mountain man? We were going to try and move it but it looked to be a good 800 pounds or so and tons of poison ivy covering it. So we just walked right on by it. Cute little feller. Only time will tell if there’s gold in them thare mountains!


          • Hi ByGeorge: I think wwwamericana covered your question well. Among backpackers/mountaineers, I think there are colloquial differences between what’s called a cairn and what’s called a duck. I’ve always thought of ducks as being more understated than cairns — small, and not too obtrusive. When I’m in the high country, I prefer not to be perpetually reminded every 100 feet that I’m not the first to be on a particular route, but a subtle duck or two can be helpful when traversing talus fields or other sections where it’s easy to get off-route.

    • Robert Szel, I’m not sure there is a lead searcher, Forrest may be simply be putting out the last information he ever plans to post about the chest. Cynthia and Dal have searched enough Rocky Mountain territory to have hopes they might be in the lead, or have been close.

      Your comment about Deep Throat is interesting. Sometimes I wonder if Forrest might have knowledge of important secrets and is planning to reveal/chase/expose them via his autobiography placed in the chest. Who knows? Not me.

      One thing I do know… knowing about Forrest is different than knowing him. Scrap books give a glimpse, but we won’t figure out who forrest is, only what he wants us to believe. “It only matters who they think you are.” ff

      • Well put 42. I was about to say the same thing about Forrest. It only matters who we think he is.

        And I agree with your statement on there not being a lead searcher, but I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of these scrapbooks

      • 42,

        What’s even better is knowing things about Forrest that is not common knowledge, and is not in his scrapbooks, interviews, posts, or comments on blogs. That info helps when he does do the above.

        Good luck,

        • Good morning Lady V & Bur,

          Lady V, you are kind, but in truth there’s nothing wise about me, other than the occasional wise acre remark.

          Bur, care to share what you know? I’m curious what your information source is – that is not in his sb’s, interviews, posts, or blog comments?

          Sounds like you’ve got an inside track. Good for you if you do:-) Those who are friends with forrest should have the best chance at solving his poem.

          Are you referring to the other books he has authored? Or are you close friends with Forrest?

          • 42,

            Not close friends with Forrest, but have been in contact with ones that had been in his early gallery days. Then they also hung with him years later for a short time in a special place where they had lived, but since moved to a area where I met them.

            I also have found somethings on the internet in my early years of the chase, and can no longer find, but wrote it down back then.
            Plus some possible info a few years back that’s related to him that I never seen him talk about, by that I mean it would not of even happened without him using his influence to make it happen and he should be proud of it.

            Did any of this info help with the poem’s clues? No but….well no. Tho some info sure helped in having some understanding of Forrest the person.

            Guess that’s all I will say about that and care to share at this time.

            All this will be in my book when I find the treasure.

            Just kidding I’m not a book writing person, but who knows LOL.


          • Good for you Bur, sounds like you’ve got it in the bag…book & treasure. So go get it, and make us all happy.

          • You know Bur, a good book may be the things early searchers have written down in old notes that no longer can be found.
            I have found old notebooks with things said from f that I no longer can find on the internet. Even though I found that info back then, on the internet.
            One thing I have written down was f talking about the blaze, and how it is meant to throw a searcher off, and that it is unusual. Of course, I didn’t date it or write down a link, and I cannot no longer confirm it, but here it is in notes. So, of course, I need to throw it to the side.
            Also have written down that he buried it, but have to go with what he has stayed consistent with.
            Looking back on notes, it’s pretty entertaining to see the early thought process, and the learning curve a searcher must go through. I still have copies of a lot of the pictures that I made into paper airplanes, to see how it looks if you fold them in on themselves. Crazy ideas…

        • Poisonivey,

          Like you I have researched many different avenues of this chase both in and out of the box. Some of the stuff I have written down or copied (took a photo of) off the Internet. I have a lot. Sometimes I go back to the early years to see if I can find confirmations to my area now.

          There is definitely enough to write a book but like I said just not that kind of person. You know I was thinking if anyone has all their comments they ever wrote here. I try and not write a lot but I’m sure there are many. There are some searchers I’m sure have the record and could fill a bookshelf with them.

          Thanks for your comment Poisonivey.


    • If someone was truly (something like) the “Lead Searcher”, he/she would be
      discreet, don’tcha think? Not the type to carry the treasure to one’s sedan, and then go into a nearby saloon and buy a round of drinks for all, bragging
      about having found the treasure and inviting everyone to follow, out to the sedan, to have a look.

      But posting pics anonymously, online, is a different story. I don’t yet know all the tricks/methods available for doing this in a very anonymous/untrackable way.

      As always, IMO.

  50. Or maybe “Orphan” is the hint. In reference to Tom Miner Basin…in 2015 orphaned grizzly cubs were there and were called the Tom Miner Orphans.

  51. I think I am like a student in one of Forrest classes. I have learned thousands of things
    in the last few years just working on the poem. The book is a lesson in a lesson like
    black and white paintings. Forrest keeps one. the last few scrap books, has me working on brave and in the wood. I have an idea what it is. along with title to the gold. I am still
    studying on it though. Lots of mirages everywhere. I better go hit the books again.
    The Committee -CRP. went overboard a little. Probably one of H.K. ideas. he was the
    big brain. Just kidding.
    Winter time. Cool… Scrap Books.. Excellent..
    Stay Safe.

    • Markt, if you get f’s point of this SB you can be an ace away from having this whole thing in the bag. It will help if things take shape like that shapely leg. Do I even know what I’m talking about?

      • Slurbs . I just thought the point was people were questioning
        the book he put the leaf on top of. And he was clearing it up
        I guess. Like a book not published or a leaf not left.
        I am not sure. The top and secret on H.K. the first thing I thought
        was he was the top guy and it is a secret. What we do have is
        we have Forrest. You can’t get any better than that. I am just
        enjoying the Scrap Books.
        I will be glad to see more.
        Stay safe..

  52. Maybe this is just to acknowledge that John ist an Honest Man. Based on his writings with his doodles he calls it how he sees it and is a bit of a prankster, sounds like ff characteristics. The worst fate of a book might be to burn, but it also could be to be a published book that is never read. (Looks like these doodle books took the double whammy). The folder under the arm seems to be John’s depiction of the secrets he knew where being harbored. The hidden message looks about parallel to other shenanigans. It is interesting to hear comments that ff hid this or that, in this or that scrapbook, when from my prospective it appears that ff could look at any number of objects and see an association to what he did there in the woods with the goods…lol. Is ff talking to me through these SB’s? Isn’t he talking to us all? Whomever is close to him just please do us all a favor and let us know when he starts talking more to himself.

  53. Dal, did Forrest send all of these pictures with scrapbook 214 or are they pictures you found and added? Thx

  54. Book burning is a form of censorship…some controversial/banned “important literature”… The Great Gatsby, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Catcher in the Rye, Farewell to Arms.

  55. It must make you feel better when you write and publish.
    Keep doing what you love to do until you can’t.

  56. If there is a hint… “Top Secret” envelope under Kissinger’s arm
    SECRET = TERCES (backwards) = 13 in Spanish.
    13/B were symbolic to the Jesuits in hiding the king’s gold circa 1500-1600’s
    And 13/B are important to other SECT’s/cults etc.

    • Mr 42, you are as staunch at anagrams as I am at etymons and synonym significance. I was completely blown away by the whole “meeteetse pitchfork realm of horn” thing, especially since I subscribe to a Wyoming emigrant rock inscription thing. I hope you are right.

      • E.C. Waters – I don’t recall the pitchfork realm of horn thing?? Was that someone’s solution posted here?

        • It’s been in a couple, including one who claimed to have reformed this phrase a year before it was discussed out here. I don’t remember who was the first to post it, though. Maybe someone named Happy. Nevertheless, it’s a fun coincidence like all others.

        • I believe that they got it from anagramming “From there it’s no place for the meek”

        • That’s correct, Robert, which just goes to show that with 29 letters you can anagram a thousand different seemingly (but misleadingly) relevant things.

          • Hi Lugnutz: since “horn” in order can be found in the first stanza in two different ways, I’m fine with including it in the mix. That an H, O, R and N happen to be among the 29 letters of the ninth line of the poem is not statistically meaningful to me. (As evidence, those four letters can be found in 10 out of 24 poem lines; that they can be found — in order — in “home of Brown” is more interesting.) Similarly, Meeteetse doesn’t raise much of an eyebrow, given that 7 of its 9 letters are the most common ones in English. So even though the word is fairly long with a lot of E’s, you can also extract it from “And leave my trove for all to seek.”

          • So Zap


            But of course there is always going to be an issue with waters ending in consecutive letters as it does.

          • Interesting approach, zap. My brain isn’t tuned for this, but I hope it works out for you!

          • Hi Lugnutz:

            “So Zap Metsabc”

            I’m not tracking your reply.

            “But of course there is always going to be an issue with waters ending in consecutive letters as it does”

            I see the consistency in your post of ABC and RS, but don’t get the significance. You’re aware of what I get from the ABC ducks, but I don’t use anything that ties to consecutive letters in the alphabet. Still, there may be something there, since there are lots of J proper names in Forrest’s stories, and he seems to have covered the beginning of the alphabet well:

            Joe Anna Arnett, James Asher
            Joe Billy Bob, Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber
            John Connally, John Charles (whatever)
            JD Salinger, John Dunn, Jerome (Dizzy) Dean, Jimmy Demaret, Joe Duveen
            John Ehrlichman, J. Evetts Haley (or use for H)
            JF (from TTOTC pg. 99 illustration), Joe Foss
            Jill Goodacre (Glenna’s daughter), Jolly Green Giant
            Joseph Henry Sharp (or use for S), Jerry House, Jackson Hole
            JI – ?
            Jackie Kennedy
            Jessica Lange
            Jerry Maribal (“Elkfoot Jerry”), James Madison, John Moyers
            JN-JQ ?
            Jane Russell
            Joseph Sharp
            Jose Tafoya
            Jonathan Winters

          • Zap –

            Relating to consecutive letters and use of the letter J to begin so so many names.

            I was referring to normal substitution where the key word is followed by the alphabet and you have letters to replace ABCD, in this case, METS. a problem arises in that Waters in the first clue line contains consecutive letters RS. So the “shift” would need letters to replace the RS in waters and that means front loading a key word that would result in substitutions that are consecutive and actually occur in English. The first possibilities are XY then AB then DE. (If we are not using Spanish or another alphabet)

            The keyword used in this way would need to be comprised of 6, 9 or 12 letters.

            I guess I assumed that you look at these ideas each time for fun. Who knows?

            And then, of course, there are all those J’s that tell us what to pay attention to, again, for fun.

            Lugnutz Dodge, Esq

          • Okay, Lugnutz, I’m onboard your thought train now. You’re referring to the common practice of keyword-based mixed alphabet — such as is used in a Playfair cipher or Quagmire III encryption (e.g. Kryptos). To answer your question, no — I haven’t explored any crypto angles on Forrest’s poem. IMO, such systems — while simple to learn — are most definitely specialized knowledge.

      • Hey E.C. you probably remember that the Meteetsee athletic teams are “The Longhorns”. The term in town when cheering on the team is “Go Horns”! Anyhooo …just another burrow off the old rabbit hole.

      • Oz10
        sorry for incorrect Spanish info.

        Catalan & Basque versions of Spanish…
        terces is “thirds”, not thirteens.

    • Jdiggins,
      You seem to have a nice grip on the poem and I’ve seen others mention that maybe if two or three worked together that this puzzle might get solved.

      Jdiggins, I would like to connect with you and see what you think of my solve

      Jdiggins, at the Fennboree this year Forrest hid behind a blanket(?) if I remember correctly…and he was peeking over it.
      Can you say without a doubt you know what he was doing? I can without a doubt.
      Jdiggins, you seem like a “pay-it-forward” kind of person. I love the concept and I do my fair share of it. It feels good!

      Let me ask you this, how cool would it be if someone teamed up to do the right thing. One common purpose which would be to put others first. Do the right thing!

      What if you had information that could possibly finish the Chase off and didn’t act on it, and because of your ego, pride, greed, or even selfishness something happens that would prevent Peggy or Forrest and even others such as Edard from enjoying this? I wouldn’t enjoy retrieving it after that. Forrest, in my opinion, deserves better.

      So with that said, Jdiggins do you believe that there could possibly be a lead searcher? Like some others in here i do. What if all our hard work, hourless researching, and trove went for not? Knot? Well it’s no fun if the master of ceremonies or any of his loved ones can’t make the party!

      Think about it Jdiggins, how awesome would it be to finish off the Chase the way it started? With one simple act of kindness for the better.

      Jdigging I need help. I could sure use a few heavy hitters to help. I would like to see if you would be willing to work together on my solve only. I’d like to get one other hard. hitting digger on board but everyone seems to be in it for themselves.

      Jdiggins, I believe we can end this before the snow blows! For all to seek. Jdiggins please have FAITH and if you find my botg info unappealing then so be it. But when you see it you will want to be a part of a group effort that is all about Forrest. Whatdayasay? Care to give ’em hell and do our best for the MASTER of ceremonies?

      Let’s bring in the heavy artillery and mortar support Jdiggins! The key is in the box!!! Jdiggins WAIT till you see what I have. I sure need some help and I’m extending an invitation to you that only Forrest has seen…from me.

      Enjoy your weekend.


  57. I had to laugh at that portrait of Kissinger . That confused look on his face told the truth. It was hilarious. Of the whole line of the usual suspects of that time John was the man. He was exiled to New Mexico and got back to the reality of the earthen adobe buildings and found something there. Good for him. And good for anyone that puts aside the electronic devices and pretense of power to touch nature.

  58. Hi All: I felt sure I had read the second photo caption before: “John refused to answer any questions unless both he and Diane were on camera together for fear that the question would be changed before broadcast and it would look like he was answering a different question.” It was here — almost 5 years ago:

    • Not sure what translator you’re using, but ehrlich in German actually means honestly or honorable. You got the ironic part right tho, with Ehrlichman being convicted of perjury.

  59. FD;

    Yesterday you asked: “JDA, do you think the clues can only be solved inclusively? Meaning one can only solve all the clues with just the clues? Is that even possible?” I can’t even understand what you are asking FD. Your question makes no sense – at least to me.

    I tried to answer your question and you came back with: “Also, JDA, I didn’t ask if the “poem” has all the information to solve the clues. I asked about the “clues” being able to do solve the clues by themselves. Two different things.” Again, “being able to do solve” makes no sense.

    Are you asking if “A” clue can help solve another clue? If this is your question, My answer is a “limited yes”

    If, when someone first reads the poem, and as yet has no idea what is a clue and what is a hint, and what is not important info – a TRUE nubie. – This nubie reads the line – “If you are brave and in the wood…” This gives our nubie an idea – What if wood means forest, and brave means an American Indian – and off our nubie goes to an atlas and finds the Arapaho National Forest northwest of Denver. Let’s then say that our nubie then finds a place within the Arapaho National Forest that could be a WWsH location.

    It later turns out that “In the wood” WAS a clue. Therefore, a clue (in the wood) helped solve the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt”, at least for our nubie at this point in creating a solve.

    Are there other examples where one clue could help solve a different clue? Not sure – Not something I have given any thought to.

    I still do not see how this has anything to do with our past conversation, but I am pretty dumb sometimes – Hope this answers your question – JDA

    • I DO know that the clues are consecutive (You can find Forrest’s quote as easily as I can) Once you have Clue #1 – this clue SHOULD lead you to Clue #2 (However you count clues and hints) Without clue #1, it is unlikely that you would just stumble on Clue #2. Clue #2 leads to clue #3 etc. Just how I see the “Solve” process – JDA

    • JDA, good morning. Thanks for answering and your question.

      It’s pretty basic what I asked and I asked it because it pertains to the history question that f answered.

      I asked if you think one can solve the clues in the poem with just the clues. Reading between the lines, one would understand that question excludes any possible hint in the poem helping to solve any clue or clues.

      That question doesn’t necessarily mean does a clue help solve another clue. Of course, in general, f has said a clue solved gets us closer to the tc so that can imply a solved clue can help solve the next clue.

      What my question was focusing on though was the first clue as you likewise gave an example of. Since the clues are consecutive and contiguous, how does one solve for the correct wwwh (first clue) by just using the clues? I don’t think it can be done. Others, like yourself, can have different ideas of what the clues are and so have a possible solution to this dilemma. Then again, that might be at your own peril if you don’t precisely (not nit-picky) follow the clues.

      The reason why that question applies to our discussion is because in f’s reply to the history question he says “No Steve R,
      The only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean. But a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help.”f

      -I was picking up on f saying the only requirement is that you figure out what the clues mean. Again, that doesn’t mean that something else- the hints, both possible in the poem and TTOTC, aren’t important, or helpful (same thing) to figuring out the first clue. I gave a few examples ystdy of how saying one thing is required doesn’t exclude other things from being important or helpful.

      Also, I don’t agree that a comprehensive knowledge of geography doesn’t involve any history. Not all knowledge about geography can be about future geography that hasn’t materialized yet. That doesn’t make sense.

      I think all of the geographical locations of the clues in the poem have a basis in history as pretty soon the poem has been released to the public for a decade. But as I posted to Zap, I’m not focused on the history of the clues but more the possible history of the hints.

      • FD it is SOOOO hard to have a discussion with you sir.

        Yesterday you said the following: ” “Also, JDA, I didn’t ask if the “poem” has all the information to solve the clues. I asked about the “clues” being able to do solve the clues by themselves. Two different things.”

        And then today you say, “I asked if you think one can solve the clues in the poem with just the clues. ” Aren’t these two sentences saying the same? Yesterday you said I read it wrong, and today you say that I read it correctly, and therefore answered it correctly.

        As I say, you change the rules all of the time, so is hard to know what you are asking, and actually talking about – but as I said, sometimes I am just dumb – JDA

        • JDA, It’s hard to have a discussion with you too but I don’t complain about it or make accusations. I work my way through it by trying to present where the misunderstandings may exist. No biggie.

          I will answer your questions.

          You ask- “Aren’t these two sentences saying the same?”

          Yes, they are the same.

          Then, you went off the rails again…

          Yesterday you read my question wrong because you answered about the “whole poem”. I phrased my question about “just the clues”. The way I phrased the question eliminates any possible hints for an answer. Your reply yesterday about the poem, and not just the clues, doesn’t eliminate the possible hint(s).

          Next, I don’t think I said today that you read it correctly, and therefore answered it correctly.

          I know I said you used a similar example about the first clue which was what I was focusing on (the first clue) with my original question about if it’s enough to utilize just the clues to solve the clues.

          I’m not changing any rules. That’s silly. If you can’t figure out that important and helpful can mean the same thing with what we are talking about then I think your silly accusations of me “changing the rules” and your other whiffs are a reflection of you, not me.

          • OK FD – I give up. You are correct in every aspect. Please consider this my last response to you. As I said, it is SOOOO hard to have a conversation with you, so I will no longer try. Have a GREAT day. JDA

          • JDA, ok done with you. Don’t know why you’re struggling. Just making up stuff. Fun!

          • FD – I am not making stuff up, but I will not use this open forum to argue with you. You know my email address if you want to take it off line – JDA

          • JDA, you did make stuff up. All kinds of accusations about me like I changed the rules. Name one rule, or more than one rule, that I changed? I don’t even know what you mean by that. What rules?

            I’ll take your answer off the forum but I don’t remember your email.

            I suggest we focus on one, distinct issue at a time instead of the habit of juggling multiple things at the same time.

          • FD;

            I can see your POV a lot better today than yesterday.

            Communicating on the Blog can, at times, be quite difficult. One can be easily misunderstood, and it is easy to misunderstand or misinterpret something said by another.

            Here’s to better communication in the future.

            Have a GREAT search my friend – We are both FENN-atics at heart – JDA

          • JDA, thanks! I agree with everything you said and I’ll get in touch later on today after work.

            Have a wonderful day and Chase!

  60. The Kissinger doodle seems straight out of a Peanuts Character, a Linus van Pelt, that Charlie Brown character, but like Charlie Brown, has a looser expression on his aged, timeless face. Odd that Linus, Lucy’s little brother and Pig Pen all seem to have a looser mentality, but Snoopy always saves the day, seems voice of Charlie Brown, was a real looser at one point went to prison…

    When John was faced with similar fate, that is a looser in the game of life, ff seems to have been a friend and propped up his position in a community where he and people like Valerie Plame could escape and find refuge and get their inspiration or Mojo back..Why Santa Fe? Ask Forrest, that is his job, only the Oracle knows why Santa Fe, the City Different….

    If a kid has an advantage and ff will not explain or does not wish to tell what are we to gleam from his reason for getting kids out of the funny papers and off the texting machines? Out in the Woods.


    • Maybe Forrest is another Snoopy, or am I thinking of Valarie? Who else escaped to Santa Fe that Forrest is friends with, not Dal, not Cynthia, Who is the mysterious person lurking in the Shadows? I think I know, but do you?


      • Tom Terrific,

        I’m guessing that Forrest has reached out and helped more people than we know… the let down, worn-out, who needed a good friend to help them get back on their feet in a peaceful place away from the public.

        • Is Forrest just talking about his real past experiences or is he trying to tell someone a subliminally message?
          What he said in #214 is: imo
          Forrest helped a controversial friend but he did not have forrests back so he burned their project and ended the friendship.
          Message to someone? Maybe?
          Who knows

          • Oh I can relate. Except from most angles it would appear as I would be in johns position. But from the one angle the one that laid the foundation. We started this journey by separating our selves . By choosing to do it honest. Thats what started it and If there was a honest way to handle a situation that would be the only way. Why break into a place when the owner would come open the door .Something WE swore NOT to do now WE are BOTH hindered .

      • Nope TT, I don’t know who but I like that you have 42 words in your question. LOL. Happy weekend!

    • TT: at first I thought you were saying that Charlie Brown was more relaxed — “looser,” which I thought was a bit of an odd take since he seems pretty up-tight much of the time. But from later context, I gather you were saying he was a “loser.”

  61. …“When the president of the United states asks you to do something it is very difficult to say no,” thus his perjury conviction….

    Doesn’t this suggest that personal responsibility, integrity of character, maturity are irrelevant? Rex Tillerson said ‘no’ to a president. It can be done. Perjury is like opioid addiction. No one is forcing anyone else to engage in behavior. People elect to do so. It’s bad form to blame weaknesses of some on others.

  62. Dal,
    Were you allowed to read Forrest’s ghost-written forward to
    “White House Doodles”?

    Guessing that we are all curious to know what forrest wrote.


      • Thanks Robert.

        It’s also a curiosity to me that Forrest didn’t consider earlier the backlash or libel which could present it’s ugly head with publishing Erlichman’s comical “Politically incorrect commentary.”

        Forrest is very bright…did he get caught up in the moment with his friend John and not think it through? Were they trying to make a political statement against the corrupt administration that landed John in prison? This is puzzling to me.

  63. Goldilocks,

    It’s the Greek letter phi and 21st letter in the alphabet.


  64. I wonder if Forrest ever met Richard Nixon. Nixon did a few good things too with respect to Native Americans. The work he did pre-Watergate is worth investigating.

  65. Never have I ever heard of anyone using the word “inimical” in a sentence. If that’s not an aberration, I don’t know what is.

  66. There was quite a lapse of time from when The White House Doodles was published January 1, 1984 to when Forrest wrote the letter May 23, 1985. The book was floating around somewhere for 14 months before it was “burned”. Why did he make a point of telling us the date he wrote the letter?

  67. My first thought was to figure out how many days are between those two dates. But for accuracy, don’t forget that 1984 was a leap year.


  68. He said “NO” with a halting abruptness that made me think it might be the only word he knew.

    Could HALT = NO in the poem? (Some form of equivalence or reference to number/No.)??

    • Goldilocks, Pinatubocharlie, and 42, this whole scrapbook might be summed up as a sad chapter in a way for Forrest, so when we try to find meaning in this, a work that never brought the kind of satisfaction and pride that was intended, the message is plain, some things in life you just cannot fix, nor help or bring some resolve so all you feel is a big empty. That is why ff said “I’m glad that chapter in my life is closed. f”

      Catch 22 is this, he took the 14 months to try and save the project, the book of Doodles, but alas Forrest did not become the success he is today without exercising caution, better to ground the ship by burning the books than face a costly liability suit, especially since there was no profit in it.

      Why did ff consult with lawyers before he hid the TC? Same careful and diligent practice as burning these hot potatoes, no cents in it so no sense makes good sense to eliminate the problem, John was gonna understand, but Forrest must have felt a little guilt.

      If you have ever tried to help a friend, and the move backfired? Now where is your heart? Sad, contrite, sorrowful and even regret.

      John and Forrest got to fish a couple of incredible rivers together, the Pecos is pristine beautiful Rocky Mountain stream, but the San Juan is one of the 10 best River in North America some say it is Number 1; see the best River in North America.
      Below Navajo Dam in New Mexico it is unsurpassed for size of fish and unique conditions, it is Mr Terrific’s favorite fishing, like Alaska but year round excitement on 3 hour drive from home.

      about the same time or even less from Santa Fe.

      Could the San Juan be the Canyon down?


  69. I hear the echo of Principal Marvin Fenn dispensing the wisdom of Solomon as Forrest burned Erlichman’s Doodle books…

    Bubba, a prudent man sees danger. Proverbs 22:3

    A malicious man disguises himself with his lips, but in his heart he harbors deceit. Though his speech is charming, do not believe him. Proverbs 26:24-25

  70. Rabbit Holes…….
    Time now for a new scrapbook!
    Looking forward to it.
    I wonder what Forrest and Dal are up too?
    Happy Fall Weekend Everyone!

  71. Can we talk about the process of “tipped-in pages” and book binding for a moment, and the meaning of “smile” (miror) from the prior scrapbook post? What I find in TTOTC as “tipped-in” might qualify as the “each each” inside the covers. This is extended from the prior scrapbook. At current thinking, this might be the 2x mention of “minor” (miner) in these pages that are of a different stock. I suspect while I “look at the big picture” inside the cover I’m supposed to find something revealing, like an out of place ID card that seems to fade into the background, or coins that seem to ghost over the top of photos, or that I find Clark if I were looking fort him. But is there supposed to be some special invisible ink here that I’m missing? Something that was printed elsewhere and supplied to the book binder?

  72. Hmmm
    First we get the VOA interview and the tarry scant snippet,
    then rapid fire scrapbooks for two weeks?
    I smell pepper!!

  73. “The comment caught me in mid sip. The small Corona beer I was half way through didn’t seem as necessary as it did when I first started drinking it.”

    Grupo Modelo

    Did you cheerleader the beer Midway through half A sip? I can’t see you sipping on Corona, even if it was the next Big Thing at the time. My guess is that sip was all it took .

      • The Forest Service labels any road that is no longer passable as “weak”. I read it as f’s interrupted sip was the first and the remainder of that sip was left in the bottle. I can only imagine the stress caused by the fear of being reprimanded for doing your job.

      • Consider “Corona” symbolizes “crown”, “ruler”, related to both “title” and “feet” (or “arc-seconds” if the symbol is reused from “inches” or double-quote characters). Consider “small beer” is to “trifle”, “dawdle”, or “tarry”.

        In his scrapbooks, there’s a very good probability that he’s reciting the poem words (not necessarily in order) in synonyms. I suspect he would do this to help us learn the hints in TTOTC.

  74. Did each book contain all 102 doodles? This scrapbook is presented in a way that could suggest each book contains only one doodle per book. If that’s the case, I hope one of the few survivors contain the doodle we are looking for.

  75. I understood it that the book was a compilation of all the doodles and each book would contain one original doodle “tipped in”, in other words glued to a page or added separately. That’s why 102 were printed but I could be wrong.

    • Goldilocks, I think you have that meaning correct. I sure hope forrest removed the originals before burning though? someone might like to ask… (cough) Dal? (uncough)

  76. Thanks Goldilocks , a small fortune went up in smoke then considering the historical significance of that first printing,

  77. Has anyone noticed that the “R” and the “E” in “TOP SECRET” were not written over in black? There were a lot of references lately to grandmothers. Arrie Simpson was Forrest’s grandmother. In the previous scrapbook, he overwrote the note about the leaf picked up on the White House lawn.

    Can anyone think of a reason he would want to draw our attention to his grandmother, Arrie Simpson?

  78. Regarding LS comments…

    Too Far To Walk, page 153…

    “I was reminded of the tree that floated down the Mississippi River. There were 50,000 ants on a the tree and each one thought he was driving.” FF
    Great quote forrest!

    • 42 I love that quote pretty much sums up our entire existence. Mr Forrest is a very insightful soul.

  79. E.C. Waters…
    You said, “The drawn reverse slashed zero in Cynthia’s post, and the recent mention of Jonas Brothers in SB212, further suggests Nick Jonas is somehow relevant given the same can be found in his logo.”

    IF you use the poem in grid form, all justified/flush left side:

    Look at columns 1 & 2 down; Rows 15 -18 (LOCATE “JB” in column 1)
    Jonas is there with Boys diagonal above. JONAS BOYS BUTTS. LOL!!

    Why, I don’t know. Perhaps an odd coincidence. OR MAYBE FORREST is using the reference HE KNOWS IS IN THE POEM FOR OTHER REASONS to get us to LOOK for the UU near “Jonas Boys”

    IN MY OWN VERY HUMBLE OPINION: Forrest may be using arbitrary words in the poem in these scrapbooks to get someone looking at the right material to finish the job.

    Any thoughts?

    (Note: this only works when the poem is in grid format, no spaces, justified left)

  80. Forrest,

    Are you telling us to take a leaf out of your book? To do as you do with foresight and caution and not as we would naturally do–the way fools rush in? Maybe it’s time we heed your advice!

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