Scrapbook Two Hundred Fifteen…


October, 2019


Business Partners  

Personnel retention was always a concern and we were constantly trying to think of creative ways to deal with it in our gallery. I never wanted to reward an average or mediocre performer. It was too easy to change the performer. 

One day I got an everybody-wins idea and it didn’t cost anything, at least not very much of anything.

Mary Lou was a good employee who had been with us for more than a year. Everyone liked her. One day I took her to lunch at the Shed. It was near the plaza on Palace Avenue, and they had the best Mexican food place in town. While we were eating enchaladas (I always called them that). We talked about her boyfriend who had a good job, and was well liked in the community. Then I asked Mary Lou how she liked her job at the gallery, where she planned to be in 5 years, what could we do to improve our operation, and a few other nosey questions. 

I was impressed with her answers, so after we finished our sopapillas and honey, we walked a few doors east to Guadalupe’s Shoe Store. 

I told Mary Lou that I had to run to the bank and while I was gone, she could choose anything in the store she wanted (Ladies really like shoes). 

Guadalupe came over and said hello. As I headed for the door I turned and said, “but you have to pick out what you want before I get back and the bank is just 2 blocks away.”

Guadalupe, whom I had known for many years, helped Mary Lou select some imported shoes, a nice hand bag, and a belt to match the new spring ensemble that was in her wardrobe at home. 

After I complemented Mary Lou on her taste, I winked at Guadalupe and we walked out of the store without paying. I didn’t want to discuss money in front of Mary Lou. That would have been vulgar. Guadalupe knew I would return later in the day with a bunch of dollar bills in my hand. 

We were mostly silent on our way back to the gallery. I closed the door to my office and we sat down.

“Mary Lou, I particularly like your work ethic and the way you handle yourself. We want to keep you here. As an incentive to stay I’d like to give you half interest in that painting,” and I pointed to an Eric Sloane hanging on the wall near my desk. I saw a flash in her eyes that said she knew I wasn’t kidding. 

It was a $15,000 painting that we had recently purchased from Eric for $7,500. I explained that the gift came with 3 rules. One, she couldn’t tell anyone that she was half owner in the painting. Two, she couldn’t get pushy. “Let someone else sell it.” And 3, you must work at our gallery when it sells or the whole deal is off.” She blushed and nodded at the same time. It was a cute gesture. You had to like Mary Lou.

She had to be thinking that she was now our business partner, in a small way. She became more diligent and almost daily brought cut flowers to put on the front desk.

When the painting sold a week or so later, I wrote Mary Lou a check for $7,500. The transaction cemented our relationship with a top employee, and we got our cost back. We didn’t make any money. Our profit was intrinsic, and an investment in our future. 

We used that technique with several other “Mary Lous” during our 17-year tenure on the Santa Fe art scene. There were a few “Billy Bobs” too. 

The secrets about what we did eventually leaked out and I became known around town as Daddy Warbucks. 

Louise was different. We needed an accounts receivable clerk and she applied. She was out-flowing and a little gushy, but that was ok. 

That night I knocked on her door about 8 o’clock. She had invited me to meet her husband. I had to step over a hoodie to get in the front door, and “things” were strewn all around the house. Dinner dishes were dirty in the sink, on the table, and on the divan. Something gooey-red was spilled on a chair. I didn’t dare sit down.

This gal was not going to work in my accounts receivable department.

Messy people are usually extroverted, smiley, and meet people easily. That seemed to be Louise’s forte’ so I hired her to work in sales. I was a good decision because she kept our staff morale up. We even taught her to wash coffee cups. 

And then there was Grace. She was a gentle Spanish lady, severely Catholic, who must have been sent to us from the personnel department in heaven. Both of her husbands were murdered and her son was hit by a car and killed at night while trying to change a flat tire. 

Grace quickly became part of our family, and after 42 years with us we talked her into retiring. That was 6 years ago. I once told her that she was “the strawberry in the milkshake of my heart.” I think she repeated that comment to everyone in North America and some of the ships at sea. My wife just rolled her eyes. 

We still give Grace her salary but she has to come to our home each a month to pick up the check. We just want to see her and make sure she’s okay. Her daughter drives Grace now because she’s 94 years old. 

The gallery business in Santa Fe was good to my family for 17 years. We worked with some really good people and met a bunch of celebrities. And you know what I found out about them? They were just plain-ole people who had a highly specialized talent. But doesn’t that describe all of us? 

Sometimes when I write stories like this, I feel really good when I’m done. Maybe I’ll go make some hot chocolate and pet my dog. f


Me, my wife, my daughter, some Mary Lous and a couple of Billy Bobs





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  1. Always good to be with family. Very heartwarming to hear how your gallery worked like an extended family. We could all use a generous daddy warbucks on our side to help keep us on the right path and the bright side of life.

  2. Great story Forrest. I was just watching your interview videos the other day where you spoke of the Mountain Man rendezvous and it showed this picture. I bet it was a ton of fun

  3. The art of a benevolent deal, is the shared abundance for all.

    Cheers, to a joyful future procured from this kind of wisdom.

    Nice story.

    • Alsetenash,

      Would that be a good thing or a bad thing? I just don’t get it. What does your instinct / intuition say about this SB. Your comments always get read by many and appreciated by all. Just like many others in here.

      Didn’t you say at one time that you live in Canada? Just curious is all.

      Deano Bravo

      • Hello Deano Bravo,

        Is this a good thing? It’s a good thing when all parties are on the same benevolent wavelength . If just one person is , say, of being in its contrast of malevolence ; then opportunities for abusive agendas for personal gain may spark initiations by those with such intent- initiating chaos. Following our inner guidance ( intuition) married with our intellect, and with our observations; will greatly help in seeing which scale side of contrasts a person is operating from. Benevolent intent creates a beneficial balance in relationships. A form of relationship chaos usually results from the inheritance of a malevolent agenda. This being learnt from my experience being a manager most of my career. Hire wisely and get to know the people who work for you. Looks like FF knew his people well!

        Yes, I am in Canada, and born here.

        What does my instinct/ intuition married to the intellect see here? I see an accumulating culmination of something within all these stories. There is what the story is in truth for what it is. I see also that there is a hidden , say, fractal nature within them as well. There are nugget (fractals) within each that are accumulative. Though this idea would likely be seen, in the main, as too chaotic as a planned process. With less emotion, things might be more clearly deduced .

        Looking at/reading this interesting story as it flows as a story , it is what it is for what it is. But, if you can read it again, with intuition as the lead guidance ,you will spot one simple thing that is incongruent with the main story . It is then that I read the other story that is in this story, operating in incongruence to the main story.

        I approach all SBs this way. It’s not complex, just in the explaining it is. There’s a rash of these lately and soon the whole body will be covered.

        This is just me sharing my thinking. I really don’t know what is what yet or if I am right. It’s just my slight mental disorder talking. Lolol. 🙂

        In my opinion.

        • Alsetenash,
          Thank you Sir. I swear I could sit and listen to you guys for days. I would act like a sponge and soak it up!

          I’ve honestly seen so much philosophical genius from so many in here, Aristotle’s offspring if ya ask me! Man you guys are good.

          Thanks again Alsetenash, aye.

          Deano Bravo

  4. Apparently a “Halloween Tradition” at Fenn Galleries, partners and parties, symbols of the old west never get old, they and this photo are timeless reminders of the past when the west was won and how do we keep it alive? Treasure Hunt, the last or final frontier. Happy Halloween Forrest!

    TT, Terrifically enthusiastic about saving the Rockies!

  5. I admire the way you think ahead of problems. Always so much to learn from you. Thanks Forrest!

  6. Forrest, don’t forget to mention the tail waggin star of your gallery.
    I see you looking dog gone cute B.I.P.

    I love this glimpse at how you and Peggy lovingly care for others. What a reciprocal blessing you’ve had with Grace, sent from heaven’s personnel department.

  7. Well, I guess double names are somehow important. Like Mary Lou, Billy Bob, Sarabeth hot chocolate, Peggy Jean, etc., which tend to get abbreviated, as in “pet” names. ML, BB, SB, PJ, would be examples. Are we looking for bigrams as a way to decode?

    Someone who is described as “severely Catholic” and sent from the personnel department in heaven might be referring to “saints”, or “God’s most gracious advocates”, like Guadalupe or Louise de Marillac. To me, I like Saint Elmo as a blaze, next to the town of Hanna, WY.

    Not to mention plaza, palace, and place all in one sentence, or the Spanish word “chalado” as a “fool”. We’re clearly not getting (or maybe just not publishing) the many many “fool” references he continues to drive home for us.

    • I guess Ordinary, like “plain-ole”, is also a Catholic term. I’m not Catholic. So I don’t have sight recognition of these words.

    • Haha. A hoodie is also an “anorak”, also the name of the very rich game-master in Ready Player One. lol

      And a “requiem” is also a Catholic term.

    • Hmmm not a bad idea with the initials. There are so many names and celebrities mentioned over the years that it’s hard to recall every one of them.

  8. Funny the girl in the left of the photo I guess she didn’t realize in the 1800s people didn’t smile

  9. Oh what jolly fun…….and then!

    Memories are like a treasured bank account….the withdrawals always out weigh the deposits when shared with others.

    Tank U berry much Mr. Fenn!
    -guy michael-

  10. I love this story much more than the recent one about the rather creepy dolls. But then, clowns are totally disturbing to me. 😉

  11. Wish I had known you a lot sooner, what a great boss you would have been! My Brother’s name is William Robert, I think I see him in that Photo, Great Message Forrest! Thank You

  12. I like Forrest’s everybody wins idea. I appreciate Forrest insight on plain-ole people.

  13. Good employees are hard to find and need to be treasured.
    The same goes for a good employer. 😉

  14. Half way thru a Corona beer and now 50% interest in an Eric Sloan painting. I’m scratching my head and need to sleep on this some.


    • Pinatubocharlie, when you awake, I would love to hear your take on Corona & 50% interest. There’s some real head scratchers…as usual…in FF’s scrapbooks.

      • 42,

        Well, I’ve slept on this for two nights now and can’t offer much I’m sad to report.

        Obviously crown/corona have numerous meanings, most commonly related to anatomy, money, royalty, and beverages, though I’ll probably be criticized if I didn’t mention cigars, pronounced ‘C gar’ by my dad.

        C gar —> see gar. A Garfish is a needlefish and a ‘fish needle’ would be a fishhook in my book. A stretch I know, but thank you Dad! I miss you.

        Considering my comment the other day regarding my moronic ability to close the deal, I am leaning towards half-wit, or half brain. 🙂

        Joking aside, there are, IMO a few important hints here, but they are too big to discuss/divulge in this very smart public forum. Sorry.

        Concerning the painting there is only one thing I can ‘offer’ that hasn’t already been said here. But a HUGE disclaimer first. I AM NOT searching in Yellowstone and so please take this with a grain of salt as I am in no way attempting to sidetrack folks or be devious in some other more creative way.

        So with that said, when I see anything with 44 I immediately think Yellowstone. Well, and this is certainly a big giant rubber band kind of stretch, but it just so happens that 44.1° N crosses almost directly thru the South Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It’s probably purely coincidental but since you asked, there it is.

        Finally, how are 1/2 a beer and 50% interest in a painting related? I don’t have a clue.


  15. You have built a nice peaceful community at your art gallery Mr. Fenn, it reminds me of a certain place that did the same. If they stayed so many years, it means you were loyal to them too, love to art and loving each other when working together is very important and valuable. Be blessed, we have a lot to learn from you.

  16. I get so much from Fenns words but even with so much confirmation i still ask myself if i just want to see all of the confirmations/coincidences or if they are actual confirmations and I just need to figure out the path better… which keeps me cautious and not cocky. I will point out only a couple of the many things I saw in 215:
    Daddy Warbucks was on Annie, Annie was an orphan. Which was used not long ago in another SB I believe
    A definition of orphan:
    the first line of a paragraph set as the last line of a page or column, considered undesirable.

    Parents have died. Child or adult. Which I see this as being a type of alone but I just dont know quite where orphan is going yet.

    cemented. Cement has been used over the years. Cut flowers, which I think something similar in TTOTC. Grace was born abt 1925 and began working for the Fenns abt 1971 which is another 1970s recent mention in the scrapbooks. Hot chocolate and coffee are brown.

  17. Wow, what a great story! A boss who expects the best from their employees, but also knows where their talents lie…and, how to keep them motivated! If only there were more Forrest Fenn’s in the world.

  18. I love the stories you write Forrest and I love that you share your life with us. You are a very smart and generous person.

  19. So many great reminiscence of late, glad I keep a box of Kleenex nearby. Please under no circumstance stop posting Forrest!!!

  20. I’ve got that same picture type.. done in Central City, back when Central City was still cool… touristy gold mining town that should have been a ghost town but still cool. Central City is wrecked now, with high rise gambling halls.. imagine high rises in what should of been a ghost town in the mountains… (I’ll let that sink in for a bit) I have to do everything I can to keep from barfing a little in my mouth ever time I think of it.

    They got what they wanted, lots of money rolling in, and right back out the door to some large company somewhere… It will be a ghost town again some day. One people will not like to visit though.

    • Writis,

      My hoB lived in Central City on one of my searches way back. Yes, I seen a lot of gambling places when I pasted through. I loved the road following Clear Creek from Golden.

      Good luck,


  21. Last time I was in Goler’s there was a cute little one-eyed dog hanging around. Nice shoes…

  22. You sure were the kind of boss I would have liked working for. Did you buy the Bill-bobs a matching set of shoes, belt and wallet too? Lol

    Thanks Forrest for your gallery story, I really liked a few of your patrons/guests. Especially the one with the Eric Sloane connection.

    Thanks again,

  23. Thank you for this Scrapbook post. I really like to message of treating employees like business partners. Being smart and having good people-skills makes a huge difference in overall success. Kindness always triumphs. Forrest has endeared many people over the years. I am one of them.

  24. My first impression…it was a nice story Forrest, but I’m going to be honest and say the part about taking ML to buy anything she wanted was a tiny bit creepy and hopefully a half truth 🙂 I’m an employer and just don’t know how my employees would take that. The painting idea I could get on board with however! You are a very generous soul and creative thinker indeed.

    • Not alone on that but I thought the name Guadalupe was another connection to the name Mary.

      • Absolutely a way to drop Guadaloupe IMO. I think my creep radar is much like an aberration barometer. When something doesn’t sit right there’s a reason for it – good, bad or ugly.

  25. When I look at that staff photo I think of the Mountain Men era…fur traders and the rendezvous events all over the Rocky Mountains. These times evoke memories of folks like John Colter, Joseph Meek, Jim Bridger, “Liver Eating” Johnson, Jim Beckworth, Hugh Glass…..

    Over a year ago the Mountain Man Museum in Pinedale, WY published a story on their website about Forrest and the treasure hunt. It’s a good story and if you find yourself pursuing the chest in the Green River area or Wind River area of WY…the museum is a good place to gather info about the history and culture of the region.

    It’s one of the places I always stop…
    It’s also the site of one of the largest modern Rendezvous gatherings every year…great fun…

    That story on their website is here—A-Modern-Day-Treasure-Hunt

    • West Yellowstone used to host the Burnt Hole reenactment which was replaced by the Smoking Waters Mountain Man Rendezvous. It was a fun place to visit.

    • Dal – Thank you for that great information and that great link with Forrest’s article! Someday I will visit that Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale, WY. And the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, WAY after that.

      Thinking about Forrest’s Dad, and, later, Skippy, driving with Forrest in the car, from Temple, TX to West Yellowstone. Looking at a highway map. Do you think they drove?:

      Hwy 190 West > Hwy 10 West > Hwy 191 North (@ the intersection with Hwy 10 in Arizona)

      Highway 191 takes you to that Pinedale museum:

      Such great info. and some possible clues in that Pinedale, WY article, IMO.

      • Dal – Fred M. Brown, who drew that 1912 historic map you found with Brown’s Camp as Baker’s Hole on it, was Gallatin County’s Surveyor, and had a father who built Hwy 191 up through Gallatin Canyon, from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, MT (scroll down to Fred M. Brown):

        Reminder: The Gallatin River was named by Lewis and Clark in 1803 for Albert Gallatin, then the Secretary of the Treasury. Another reference to that ‘TOP SECT’ caption on the Kissinger doodle in Forrest’s SB#214? Montana is “The Treasure State”, after all. And the Madison, Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers all meet the Missouri River at what is my outermost ‘X on the Map’ blaze at Three Forks, MT, where that great bronze Sacagawea sculpture is.

        Still ‘Looking for Lewis and Clark’…

        And the ‘home of Brown’…

  26. Funny how the best boss’s always seem to be the owners of the business. I guess all the others are to busy trying to climb the corporate ladder to give a damn about real employee relations. Then again most employees working for them were hired by some one in an office who only see them acting on their best behavior. Kind of like the sale’s women you hired who applied for your accounts receivable position. As for the actors you met, yes some are good people, but many are fakes who think to highly of their own position in life. Everyone has a talent though Forrest. Some talents are not always good our desirable though, but they do keep life interesting.

  27. Hi Forrest;

    Too bad you no longer own your Gallery. I would work for you in a heart-beat – A strawberry heart-beat. I have had some good bosses, and some not-so-good, but all were worthwhile experiences. Good set of three rules – I could agree to those kinds of rules 🙂 JDA

    • A couple of those bosses, I still communicate with today – Not all work, a bit of pleasure thrown in too – 🙂 JDA

  28. I’ve eaten at the Shed before a few years ago. The food was great, but the place is a source of a bit of embarrassment for me. My wife and I had come down to Santa Fe in summer to see a show at the opera for our anniversary, which has become an annual tradition for us. I had purchased a new dress shirt for attending the opera and selected what I thought was a nice light green color. The evening of the show, we got dressed up and went to the Shed for a nice pre-performance dinner. Wouldn’t you know it, but every single server working at the Shed was wearing the same exact light green shirt! My wife laughed much at that, and my red face provided an excellent contrast to the bright green. 🙂

    • Also, Forrest seems to be very particular in the description of his stroll with Mary Lou through Santa Fe. You can follow their path along on a map. If you stick with Forrest from the Shed to the bank back to the gallery, it draws somewhat of an upside-down lowercase letter “f”? Not sure if there’s anything there. Where is the spot in Santa Fe where one can get old-time novelty wild west photos like the one shown? I want to say that there was one in the building at the southwest corner of the plaza, but the internet reveals nothing. Maybe it’s closed down recently?

      • I’ll buy it. It’s called a digamma in Greek, and it means six (6). An upside down one of these is nine (9). Another way to think of “a poem containing nine clues” would be a poem containing a whole bunch of clues that form “a really big dele”, or in this case, an upside-down digamma.

        If you saw Mad x4 World, it’s under the big W. With an upside down F on a map… might be a real wise-guy hoot.

  29. Dear Daddy Warbucks, when I had my insurance business on East Central Ave in Albuquerque from 1971 thru 2010 I bet I received at least 2 post card a year from Fenn Galleries Ltd for about a 20 year period, sometimes when request by the NM Dept of Ins. I would go to testify at the NM Legislature in committees for bills I was involved in helping get approved or disapproved, I sometimes visited the ff Gallery and could browse the artwork, not able to afford much but it made no difference to the people who worked there, they always treated me with respect, some had the sole purpose of educating me, all worked like a well oiled machine, I liked that, that was how the train moved, each room or department was a new view and there was always something for everyone, an education there was like a trip thru a library, the Native American Collections were my favorite…How the West use to be….Wild and Free..thanks Forrest for glimpse into the past, why not try to save it? I think you are doing a good job right now with the Thrill of The Chase and this mind expanding blog..Kudos to ya ff!


  30. I think the moral of the ole coots story is we all have talent in different areas in the chase and he sees everyone’s from where he is sitting . I know for myself thru the years some of us are extremely book smart and word smart all around just smart smart and others like me just have huge imaginations Must be fun to be where he is sitting taking it all in .

  31. I really enjoy the scrapbook,
    I don’t get shoes often, not have I ever.
    Reading this gives me hope, that if
    My search turns up t.c. I will help in a
    Business like fashion and put shoes and belts
    On many.
    The picture is awesome too. I have one like that and it reminds me of persistence and perseverance while on the trail of life,
    A simpler time and place in the culture of the nation.

    • Jasonhall,

      I’m not sure if I quite understand your shoe statement but certainly as an adult you can afford a pair of shoes once a year? I’m guessing you wear some other form of footwear as apposed to shoes possibly.

      Your intentions are well intended and seems to have a back-story ti it. I wish you the best of luck in your quest

      Always remember where you cane from…yeah. Wise words. That’s a nice start Jason. Enjoy the Chase.


  32. “I never wanted to reward an average performer because it would change them?” What does this mean? Why go to the bank and not pay Guadelupe and then just give her a wink? Not all ladies love shoes! If my boss took me shopping for clothes I’d probably call HR (after I put my new shoes away of course.)

    I’m sorry I’m no help. But at least I’m laughing.

    • Copper,

      Details matter. “I never wanted to reward an average or mediocre performer. It was too easy to change the performer.”

      Guadelupe made more “profit” than anybody on that day in the story.

      Forrest was HR. So that would be an interesting conversation.

      The following was lighthearted banter…

  33. Enjoying these recent flurries of activity. I like these kinds of stories. With hot chocolate and a good friend, it feels like easy listening music. g

  34. Forrest mentions the Guadalupe River in the audio interview (Forrest to Briggs) from 1968 (a big year) at TTU.

  35. Once again you amaze me with your literary talent Forrest.
    Sadly in today’s world, some would look upon your acts of kindness with suspicion and misgivings. Personally I believe that today’s mass media has shaped our trains of thought toward the negative side of things. And the race to rich’s has dulled our sense of social etiquette.

    Some years ago I was a floor supervisor in a steel mill. I learned quickly that acts of kindness were rewarded with improved productivity. And so as I read your story a smile ran across my face.
    Yeah, sure I am not daddy warbucks, just someone that learned to appreciate what I have in life and those rare people that enrich my life by just being the pleasant people they are.
    Although we have not met I number you among those people Forrest.


  36. So a metaphor for no shoes again. I know someone who didn’t have shoes related to the place… Sorry f, rule one: don’t talk. This is my last post. My favorite hint over the last ten SBs was the Johnny Cache puzzle and mention of me sending my daughter Grace, a check each month for her tuition (salary). How you knew this stuff, like the restaurant closest to my partners house is The Shed, that my brother was murdered and that I was involved in an accident at night where a son was on the freeway and another was killed is uncanny. But just imagination and coincidence huh folks. If you have been following my posts over last month you may see the light. I doubt it though. What some have speculated over the years about when the poem is solved that a back and forth may transpire between solver and Fenn. This is what you are witnessing right NOW. He hasnt helped with poem, only helping with ‘go in confidence”. Again last post. Love you all, such a great group of people here.

  37. Forrest treated everyone equal.he didn’t put on airs.we all are just common everyday people. We all have common sense. But I guess I don’t know what to do with it to make me it’s too late for me.i remember being a kid wishing I had rich parents and a nice house .from a small kid who didn’t like school.who would rather be out playing. He got experience, wit,by watching and working with people. Observation. Hard work.we all worked hard.did forrest brown nose to get ahead.thats an aweful thing to say,but I guess if ya got a family to feed,you’ll do just about anything. He just had the noodles to do it right.doodling makes your mind think.kudos to you mr. Forrest. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.kindness,meekness
    The fruits of the we are on the insides are what makes us or breaks us
    Our attitude toward things.some rich people put themselves up in the clouds looking down on us little people
    But not forrest or peggy.not a fenn.his mom and daddy always helped people .his mom gave brown lunch bags to people .just sayin.fenns helped people. Forrest is no daddy if he has a million dollars.things cost so a house,car,pay bills,food.thru the years his money I don’t really look at forrest as rich.he has a lot of stuff.but like all our stuff,its just material stuff that can be gone in a minute. Life is too short.yeah we have desires that’s why we are trying to crack this poem.but disney is wrong,dreams don’t come forrest pulling our legs,we in a game together. I don’t have prove there is a real treasure with all the stuff in it or not ,except his word.back in the old days a handshake or your word meant truth.i believe forrest because of his memories books and words he me he’s the real deal.sorry this was long,trying to get a point across

    • Maybe the richness of lives does go back to childhood thinking. When one is wishing others could make them rich. Another is thinking, how can I make myself rich?. g

    • Disney says magic wand, pixie dust, imagine, believe. Are you sure you followed the recipe precisely? g

    • Virginia Dianne,
      Don’t be sorry young lady. For what it’s worth, I could have read more.

      Your approach to life and the way you express yourself through words is a blessing to read.

      There are many people in here that I try to read what their thoughts are or get some fresh insights. Virginia Dianne from Arvada, don’t stop posting! You are an inspiration and a joy to listen to. Thank you.

      Deano Bravo

  38. Thanks for sharing dal and Mr. Fenn,
    So many places and faces to go with this feel good story. Surrounded by such a loyal cast of friends, family and business partners makes for a peaceful pose coupled with amazing Grace.

  39. Here’s a math problem. 1) Forrest Fenn paid $7,500 for an Eric Sloane painting. If the painting cost $17 a square inch, how big was the painting? 2) Could the answer reveal a) hidden coordinates b) a call number c) an ip address or d) absolutely nothing at all.

    • Interestingly enough a 21″X21″ painting would fit that bill and length + width = 42″.

      All factors of 441 (7500/17) include:
      1 x 441 = 441.
      3 × 147 = 441.
      7 × 63 = 441.
      9 × 49 = 441.
      21 × 21 = 441.
      49 × 9 = 441.
      63 × 7 = 441.
      147 × 3 = 441.

      • Goldilocks & Zaph,

        On page 11 of Seventeen Dollars A Square Inch Forrest says, “Eric Sloane was happy with the two-thirds cut he received on each of his paintings we sold.” Which means if they paid Mary Lou $7500 Eric would not receive his customary 2/3rds cut unless Forrest came out of his own pocket even further to compensate Sloane according to their gentlemen’s agreement.

        Later on page 21 forrest mentions the 68 paintings of Eric’s that the gallery purchased outright. Perhaps the “Mary Lou painting” was one of these.

        Either way, super generous of Forrest.

      • I believe Forrest sold the paintings for $17/sq inch.
        He sold this painting for $15000….not $7500..

      • Maybe Fenn paid Eric $7500 outright and being in the business to make a profit sold it for $15000. When he paid Mary Lou $7500… he still broke even? I think the story supports this if read carefully…

    • I think the 17 per square inch was retail value, not forrest’s cost. If it sold for $15,000 that would be retail value. It was about 30 x 30 inches.

  40. Thanks, Forrest. You sure know how to write a great short story and share an important lesson at the same time. In order to motivate people effectively, you really have to get to know them. You have shown you are a master of motivation! No doubt, your chest will be found soon.

  41. The only shoes I would want from f are his Zebras .
    And I believe those are spoken for.

        • Veronica,

          I’m not into Zebra boots, but I sure like Forrest’s collection of late 1800’s Winchester Lever-Action Repeating Rifles. One of those in good working condition. Shoot maybe could work out a trade, one silver beaded braclet in exchange. Lol

          I’m sure his gun collection is spoken for too.

          Fun to dream,

    • Your awesome and have great taste in shoes! I get a mental image of Forest in his zebra’s dancing to stayin alive holding the bronze chest . Maybe sporting the western hat or a leprechaun outfit for Halloween. Oh and a bedazzled walking stick

      • I don’t know, Lisa…I think Forrest has trained Willie Specifically to guard the Cuddles twins 🙂

  42. The photo reminds me of a sepia toned painting that Norman Rockwell did called Murder Mystery. The readers of the Saturday Evening Post were supposed to figure out the clues depicted in the painting and solve the mystery.

  43. It is a very rare quality for a boss to show appreciation to the staff.
    It has been a very rare experience in my life. Too rare. To actually give a share of the interest in a show of appreciation is exceptional.
    I never had a boss like that, and perhaps because of that I never had a job I liked.
    Once again you raised the bar and showed the way. Your wisdom is ablaze.
    ..and I look quickly down in respect.

  44. This story reminds me of a Parable; Cleary those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will benefit from this scrapbook, in Great Measure! We have three persons, each representing a location and (perhaps if you’ve been wise) some distance. Forrest is a genius and a master at disguising his words with duel meanings. Another takeaway is that between this and the last SB, there is perhaps a legal and ethical question for the one who finds the Cache. If found, let Forrest Know and then go from there… that’s what I would do.. Legally if found in a NP it belongs to the Rightful owner, unless unclaimed after 30 days. However, would you ever trust the federal Government or it’s employees, I sure as Hell wouldn’t. Just my .5 cents…

    • With a name like D B Cooper it’s odd you talk about trusting the government. Just saying. Lol

      Good luck,

      • Perhaps you misunderstood me Bur, I said, I wouldn’t trust the Government. Only Forrest. And legally it still belongs to Forrest for at least 30 days. Then it might get tied up in a legal maze if you handed it into a NP. I was just referring, that I wouldn’t let anyone know but Forrest. As he mentioned in this SB in the Title, I believe he would make an excellent Business Partner! Let someone else sell it! Someone who knows a little bit about selling to the highest bidder… Namely Forrest

        • D B,

          I understood you, just making a joke.

          As far as the chest, I’m not believing it’s in a National Park or Indian, BLM land. From what I have come across is it’s on land controlled by local government. But in all fairness that would still be government – just local government. So if found yes legally you should turn it in the local police or sheriff and wait the 30 day process before you can claim it. But I’m like you, I’m not telling where I found it, only Forrest and I will know, sorry fellow searchers. I will tell which State that’s it.

          Good luck Cooper,

          • Bur, I knew you were joking but you got the punchline wrong. You should of said, With a name like D. B. Cooper it’s odd you talk about rules and ethics, lol. But then again your searching in the wrong area, haha Good luck! D.B.

    • This one was covered in other posts but to recap you did NOT find this in a NP because it becomes theirs no matter what the poem says. More or less the same with Indian land. It’s not on either of these anyway IMO. The west is filled with Gov’t Public lands. This is where you found it if anyone really presses, also where you get the turn it in for thirty days to allow the rightful owner to step forward and claim it info. BUT in the Poem Forrest gives you the title to the Gold so really it is yours to keep the moment you grab it and you are free to walk off with it and not have to turn it in to anyone. At one time Forrest said he didn’t want to meet you, “It’s your problem now” he said. I don’t know about these days. I’m sure it’s nothing personal if he is still this way. Go in peace, pay your taxes, and get a lawyer to cover you from anyone butt hurt over the whole thing. Oh and give Forrest his bracelet back just for good karma.

      • Wishin;

        You say, “BUT in the Poem Forrest gives you the title to the Gold so really it is yours to keep the moment you grab it and you are free to walk off with it and not have to turn it in to anyone. ” Nothing said in a poem – “I give you title to the gold”… can nullify a governmental regulation. Regulations regarding found items on lands overseen by the government are quite clear. One, at their own risk, may choose to overlook these regulations, but they are doing it at their own risk, and could be subject to prosecution.

        Please do not give out advice that COULD put a searcher in legal danger – JMO – JDA

  45. I enjoyed the scrapbook. It’s always nice to be told you’re doing a good job. Makes one want to try harder to do so.

  46. This line cracks me up, “Guadalupe, whom I had known for many years, helped Mary Lou select some imported shoes, a nice hand bag, and a belt to match the new spring ensemble that was in her wardrobe at home. ” New Spring Ensemble, LOL, Ole Guadalupe had to use her vivid imagination to match all that new stuff with Mary Lou’s wardrobe sitting at home. What color was the Bear?

  47. D.B. – maybe Forrest’s suggestion (conveyed with a wink) is that 3 women, who are all looking in the same general area, Ensemble next Spring. Personally, I think the belt ties the whole look together.

    • Nice catch Sally.. Yes , I just love his use of words, he goes out on a limb with his stories.. I imagine he has the best sense of humor..

  48. Fenn making a point of misspelling enchilada[enchalada] has been nagging me. Why bother?
    This just in from the Watergate tapes…conversation recorded about Attorney General John Mitchell.

    President[Nixon]: Mitchell, you see, is never going to go in and commit perjury. I mean you can uh, talk about immunity and all the rest, but he’s never going to do that.

    Haldeman: They won’t give him immunity anyway, I wouldn’t think, unless they figure they can get you. He’s as high up as they’ve been.

    Ehrlichman: He’s the big enchilada.
    So there you have it… another reference to Ehrlichman.

    • Chalado is a Spanish word for “fool”. This is a recurring term, making it significant. In his case he uses the feminine plural, suggesting “In Foolish Ladies”, “en chaladas”, as though we should look for something related in this scrapbook by reviewing “No Place for Biddies”.

      But I dunno.

      • E.C. Waters

        I’ve been chewing on “fool” as well, but still clueless as to what ff intended in the poem.

        Poem wise, the word “ fool” is found in line 13,14,15 when Justified left – Located on the left side.

        Other words or short phrases which are easily found near “fool” are: look foot, look book, kool, fool you, you fool, boo, loo, took look, took book, look at book.
        And loot tool which occurs 2ce in the poem.

        Note: for anyone who think’s “justifying” is messing with the poem. Justify The poem left in grid format and look at lines 12 & 13’s first letters: J U S T – I F Y

        FF did justify the poem in the end page map in TFTW.

        • 42;

          I am sorry, I JUST can not JUSTIFY putting the poem an any format other than how it was published. Justify right or left, MAY be OK, but the putting it in a grid pattern, JUST seems a bit like “messin’ with the poem” – at least to me – JMO – JDA

          • JDA – I appreciate your stance. That said, Forrest did justify left and published it on his map in TFTW.

            Placing in a grid simply lines up the letters with even spacing.

            Anyway, we each have to determine our methods for solving. Not much sense in arguing ad nauseum what has been covered hundreds of times.

    • Ken…I like your connection. Are you aware that at one time, Diane Sawyer was suspected of being “Deep Throat”? That theory has since been disproven but her involvement with Nixon both before and after his resignation is well known. There is a good reason Haldeman wanted to answer her questions with the camera on both of them simultaneously.

        • You bet. There were many suspects. An interesting story to know is about AG John Mitchell’s wife Martha’s calls to reporters shortly after the break in and the measures taken to keep her silent. Sketchy stuff to say the least. In the end… Mark Felt got the title of Deepthroat.

          • And the “Berlin Wall” – white house staffer knicknames for the Haldeman/Erlichman duo. They were “gatekeepers” –

          • I will say that I am drawn to [gatekeeper] for whatever that’s worth… I’ve muttered that one in the past. Take care.

      • Sally, I suspected Linda Boreman was Deep Throat , she died in a Mysterious Accident in Denver, not far from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Witnesses said, that a Mother Bear and Her cubs had crossed the road in front of Boreman. Since the bears had not recently been fondled, their dark green coloring made them hard to see, Boreman swerved and hit a box elder tree, killing her.. Tragic indeed!

  49. I like the old-fashioned photo. Reminded me of the time my husband and I had one done. He looked like someone you wouldn’t want to mess with while wearing his holster while standing beside me, while I sat in a chair with my full plaid dress and feathered hat. Still have the Polaroid.

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