Emailing Forrest?…Please be Considerate…


by DAL



I recently spent a couple of days with Forrest in Santa Fe. We had an opportunity to chat about many things. First off I want to say that Forrest is in good health but both his hearing and his vision are weakening. Additionally, Peggy is frail. but in good spirits. Forrest spends much of his time caring for and attending to Peggy. 

At this point in his life the 200 emails per day that searchers feel compelled to write him are, by and large, a distraction from more important duties. He uses a magnifying glass to read his email. As you can imagine, it takes a significant amount of time to get through email that way.

What Forrest wants…and needs…is to receive fewer emails, from you, from me…from searchers everywhere. Believe it when I say that there are some searchers who write Forrest several times each day…with nothing more than idle chit-chat. He told me that this has become quite tedious.

Other searchers send him their solutions, hoping for a response that will verify or nullify their ideas. Forrest will never answer such emails with remarks that could support or thwart any solution. To do so would be to give the sender information that no one else has. He refuses to do that. So, sending Forrest a solution is pointless.

If you have the chest in your possession, Forrest certainly wants to know that…you can remain anonymous. He has no desire to know who found it. If you find the chest there will be ample ways to prove that you have it without disclosing your identity and Forrest looks forward to that information.

I realize that it is difficult to believe that I am speaking about these things with any authority from Forrest. But Forrest asked me to post this note to everyone in hopes that we would all cut back on sending unimportant email…

In the past Forrest has announced twice that he would be cutting back on responses to email. Those announcements never affected the number of emails he received. This is a third attempt to cut down the number of emails he receives.

It would be easy for him to just hit the delete button on any email he does not want to read…but the problem is…the email he deletes without reading may be important…so he reads most…

The solution to this problem is not for Forrest to read fewer emails…but rather, for us to respect his wishes and send less…self edit…be aware of his need to spend less time at his computer.

I think we can do that…









125 thoughts on “Emailing Forrest?…Please be Considerate…

    • prayers for Peggy and Forrest and family thanks Dal its always good to hear I don’t email often guess i haven’t a solid solve but the tc would be proof positive
      i cant nail the first clue but its fun thinking just the same Respect Forrest and his family please.

  1. Dal,

    My solemn oath…I will not send Forrest another email unless I have his chest in hand. My words are not important to him at this point…only family’s.

      • Dal,
        But you said, “…you can remain anonymous. He has no desire to know who found it. ”

        If he knows when it is found and doesn’t care who it is, then why does he need an email to confirm it?

        • 9-
          It isn’t about what Forrest desires. It’s about what the finder wants. Many folks want Forrest to know who found it. Others wish to remain completely anonymous. Some want Forrest to know who found it but not the IRS…etc., etc. The permutations are many. If someone finds it Forrest will know it’s been found but unless they tell him who they are he will not know who found it. He wants the lines of communication to remain open but he has no play in the game. As he has pointed out…It’s out of his hands.

          • I to am guilty of sending Forrest emails, I have sent a few wild solves as I thought maybe he would get a laugh out of them. Lately I have sent him a couple of what I think are solid leads I was pursuing. I always made it clear I was not expecting a reply, that I thought he may find them unique. I was wrong in that presumption, and failed to take into account how many of those things he must receive. I hope he doesn’t mind the occasional Christmas greetings and birthday wish’s he will still get. But maybe I’ll just send them snail mail. Thank’s Dal.

          • You are very confident in your statement that Forrest will know if the treasure has been found. If whoever finds the chest doesn’t disclose that information how in the world will Forrest know it’s been found?

      • Hi Dal,

        thanks for “email” comment – maybe it will cut this crazy 200 per day to 50 or even less.
        I never sent emails to Forrest directly but asked a couple of questions via Jenny Kile site. I got one answer that really help me with my search.
        One more question: recently you said that after meeting with Forrest you will publish some important information that contain some new hints. When are you going to publish it?
        Sure that many searchers see numerous hints even in this email comment but maybe Forrest release some real one?

  2. Dal,
    Amen to that! But most people still won’t get it.
    Forrest should create a new email account and share it only with his close friends and family. Put the other accounts on hold.
    I believe when somebody finds the chest, he/she will announce it right away to the four corners of the World. So there are no “important” emails to miss.

  3. ❤️ I’m so guilty. But I don’t send him that much.
    Yes I will respect his wishes. I completely understand. I’m sure it gets annoying.
    Forrest enjoy your wife and family, thank u for all your scrapbooks, books, and poem and all of your interviews. I will contact u when I find it. Xoxo

  4. I will respect that. That’s an understandable request. Sorry for emailing you Forrest. I will refrain from now on.


  5. Makes my “Merry Christmas from Tennessee” email ( the only one I’ve ever sent him) seem even more special..and yes, he replied:)

    • Thank you, Jeff. You clearly recognized the mathematics of what would happen if every searcher sent even a monthly email to Forrest.

  6. I can totally respect this, Dal, as I am guilty of sending him emails. Thank you for looking out for his well being, you are a good friend.
    My apologies, Forrest.

  7. Thanks for the update Dal. I’m sure Forrest would hate to miss something important and trying to clear that inbox every day would be difficult for anyone.

  8. putting my “shoes” on, and won’t be near my phone for a few days. so glad to see you well.

  9. Since everything I write is Idle chitchat I can definitely give Forrest peace. I won’t bother you Forrest!

    • By definition, everything you write is “Idle Dreamer chitchat!” 😉 Almost regardless of content.


  10. Done and done! Forrest seems like a nice guy to chat with, but I made it a personal rule not to bother him myself unless I found the treasure! 🙂

  11. “To everything there is a season….a time to plant and a time to pluck up….a time to sow and a time to reap….a time to embrace and a time to REFRAME from embracing”!

  12. Prayers for you both, and yes, I’ll respect your request! Until I retrieve the chest, that is!

  13. I am sorry. I certainly have contributed to this problem. I will not write further unless I truly have “something” to share. Thank you for reading the ones you have. Best wishes to you and your family, and thank you for giving your time and energy to all of us. It means a lot, to a lot of people.

  14. If Forrest Fenn sat in front of me in class, I would have passed him notes, blew in his hair, hummed him tunes. Is it any wonder I send annoying emails.
    I am smitten I tell ya.
    But will do exactly as asked even if difficult.
    I guess I should paint more. Yes! That’s the ticket. Everytime I wish to pass him a note, blow in his hair, or hum him a tune, I will paint instead.
    My apologies as well.

  15. I apologize as well. Guilty.
    I too agree with Forrest, email reading and writing on the “puter” is very tedious and time consuming. Thanks Dal

  16. Dal, there are so many devices out there to enable us older folks in the areas of reading and hearing. If everyone stopped bothering him with same old S he could upgrade screen and enjoy what pleases him. Hope Peggy gets energy back soon. Thank you for all that you do for us and the Fenn family. P

  17. I’m sorry for all the e-mails Forrest. I had no idea. From now on I will respect your wishes.

  18. All my best to you Forrest and to your amazing Northern Star, Peggy. I use a magnifying glass with a light AND I have a touch screen computer to enlarge my screen to read – it is amazing! * Get a touch screen computer monitor Forrest, you will wonder how you lived without it.

    In 9 years, I have only sent 2 emails
    (both this summer, and both out of excitement that I finally had a search area).
    You have a fascinating life, I’m a little jealous 😉 … thanks for sharing yourself.

  19. Less time on his computer, seriously!?
    Looking at the picture of him on his computer, he looks like he is playing Fortnite, lol.
    Ya know it’s true 😉

  20. Dal;

    Thanks for the post. I was so glad to hear that Forrest’s health is good. I am sorry that Peggy is not faring as well. Your advice regarding emails is good advise that I hope most searchers will follow. Take care of yourself Forrest – JDA

  21. Oh man. I’m sorry Forrest, I’ve definitely written an email or ten. It’s curious why people feel so compelled to write to him. I get so excited about search things and have that same pull. I’m going to start emailing JDA instead.:)

    Happy Halloween everyone.

    • Copper,
      Now that’s an EUREKA moment!! JDA can be our huckleberry! Great idea Copper! What’s his email addy???


    • Copper;

      I could never take the place of Forrest. He knows where Indulgence lies -I don’t – 🙂 JDA

    • P.S. I am not as disciplined as Forrest – I would probably try to answer every email – It would exhaust me 🙂 Nope – Don’t think that that is a good idea (all smiles) – JDA

      • JDA,

        That sounds like a challenge! Those are some big shoes to fill.

        Keep up the good work JDA! Hopefully this will be over this weekend and we all can hear from Forrest and his message. I think this message is the final hint to a new lead searcher. The last few SB’s tells me that they are on the final approach. I’m going to sit back and watch. Shouldn’t take long now, eh?


  22. Point taken, and I think we could also strive to keep our replies to Forrest’s scrapbooks short and to the point. Maybe only those addressed to him. We could discuss other search business on forums or private email? Let’s do all we can to help Forrest spend more time relaxing with family and friends. And writing those wonderful scrapbooks!

  23. Thank you Dal for this new update. I had suspected that Peggy was not doing well.
    My apologies to Mr. Fenn for overburdening him. I have never gotten an email response from Mr. Fenn and that’s all good. But I’m a little jealous of those who have, in my anticipation to some day get to talk to him as Dal and some others do.
    I sincerely respect his position with all do respects to Mrs. Fenn.

  24. Thank you for this post, Dal. I have tried privately to impress upon others the selfishness of daily pestering Forrest with their missives, as if he is one of their “buddies” and breathlessly waiting to hear what they had for breakfast. Such posters are not just presumptuous thinking Forrest is just waiting at his keyboard to hear from them, it’s rude to the rest of the searcher community.

    • Well said Zap.

      I’ve often wondered why some folks feel almost compelled to share every aspect of their daily business of living.


  25. Forrest,

    As I see it, you have been, and always will be someone to look up to and admire. You have accomplished more in your life than 99.999% of the rest of the world and you have done it, it seems, with much dignity and humility.

    I think that you have also accomplished what you have set out to do in this endeavor. Who knows, maybe someone will ring your bell two thousand years from now and think of you.

    Your health and well-being of your family is the most important thing for you to focus on now, nothing else matters. Please accept my apologies for my indulgences and I will respect your privacy.

    I will pray for you and your family that God will welcome you all with open arms and a smile on His face.


    • Eric, they look like horse bridles to me, and Forrest I’m sorry I have emailed you to much. I wish you and Peggy All the best of health and peace! My prayers will always be with you!

  26. Searchers,
    From a time efficiency standpoint, it is much quicker to make a post to this blog, in the appropriate category and allow ff to roll through them as time allows. Sharing more here makes this community more interesting. IF you have anything too confidential to share here you should not be emailing that info either. Emails are certainly not confidential to the recipient, not guaranteed to reach the recipient, not guaranteed to even be read and with a few clicks can be shared with the world (so to speak). Appreciation to Dal for caring and responding to the personal needs of the Fenn family!

  27. I don’t see any reason for anyone to bother a 89 year old man with emails… Unless you have the chest, at which point you may want to call his grandson and set up a face to face meeting.

    He has created a great past-time and hobby for us all to engage in and is generously sharing new material to entertain us. The discussion should be between the searchers and not directly with FF. Leave him alone! Xx

  28. There is no doubt Forrest gets too much email. But does anyone get the impression that something is different?

    “If you have the chest in your possession, Forrest certainly wants to know that… Forrest looks forward to that information.”

    Boy, it sure sounds to me like Forrest is saying, it could either have been found already or someone is about to get the kitty. Either way he’d like to know if it’s done or when it’s done and that feels different to me. If someone is out there right now I hope they are staying safe and staying warm.

    • I think it’s been solved. No one is retrieving it until late spring/early summer. The season is over.

        • I respectfully agree. I’m newer to the search and never emailed Forrest. Dal is really all any of us needs to keep us in the loop.
          I’m a retired registered nurse specializing in geriatrics. If Forrest or Peggy ever need assistance I would be honored to help.
          Rick Lasttolook

      • If someone has the solve I think they should review what they sent Forrest and then follow through on it. Clear the area. Do it for all of our sakes.

  29. Over the past few months as some may have noticed I address some of my comments to Forrest here in this blog. (Thank you Dal for the blog) Over the years one thing has stood clear to me. Forrest is a busy man, with that in mind I refrained from idle emails.
    Hopefully, others will realize the importance of giving Forrest the space he so richly deserves.

    After all, he has given us the chase, hints, and clues to locate the treasure.
    Who knows, just maybe he will drop a hint that will be the ah-ha moment for some chasers.
    Providing he has time to think it over. With so many distractions I image that it is difficult for him to do so.

    Perhaps someone with the knowledge can create a chasers chatter room where people who just desire some general conversation can gather for companionship of the chase.

    Just my thoughts.


  30. I completely understand.
    Mr. Fenn will only receive 1 email from me and only if I ever happen find the Chest. (fact)
    The truth is: the REAL treasure here, has already been found. He is “IT”!!
    We should be all be petitioning to have a national forest named for this man! So any time you’re feeling compelled to write him directly, email the U.S.F.S./government instead. Lets ask them to re-name a national forest for Forrest Fenn! It would roll off the tongue nicely anyway, Forrest Fenn National Forest / Treasure! (IMO) of course!
    I’m serious about the forest re-naming thing.
    Thanks for the announcement Dal!

    • Moon Shadow,

      You hit the nail on the head with your entire post! Maybe you can post the USFS/Govt email address for all of us.

      We could start a movement and leave our mark that way. GREAT IDEA!

      And for what it’s worth, Peggy should be included. I mean really, they’re 2 P’s in a pod. What a marvel gaze those 2 have had.


  31. Dal,

    Thanks for the heads up. I stayed off the email a few months back when F wanted to step back.

    When he started doing SBs again (not this recent bunch) I thought it was okay to send an occasional email with solution ideas.

    For me, it felt like I was showing the teacher my homework,,, although I never received a grade;; that should have been a clue lol

    Well, I guess F is accustomed to smarter dogs than me.

    Through a stick in the woods and say ‘fetch’ and there’s no telling what I’ll drag back when I can’t find the stick….

    God bless

  32. I think there is also more to this. My thoughts one of us has solved it who ever was the last set of searchers around the time Cynthia was out there and me and Dal. The ole coot don’t need any more emails. Someone sent him the Blaze Weather is stopping who ever it is from retrieving it . Now just a matter of time Before the Chase is over . Just my personal thoughts . A gut instinct

    • September and there was a searcher on cabin creek so I think all searchers in late August and sept are in the final home stretch

      • Thanks. Yeah I was out there Sept 26 for 4 days. All up and down the Madison, and up Red Canyon.

        Good luck to those who may be close.

      • I’d be okay with that too. I’m eagerly waiting to hear where it was if It’s not my location.

      • Yep who knows but I’m for sure who ever they are was searching in late August and September

    • Digging Gypsy, I too think there’s more to this. Also, the point that he would know it’s been found. Is it by ” an email ” or by other communication means, or a different method? Did a shovel trigger a sensor? Lol, just me musing. Think I’ll check out the snow this weekend, for snowboarding 🙂

      • Alsetenash,

        I don’t know you from Adam but your insight and genius are crazy cool.

        Those 2 points you just made are quite possibly more profound than some may think?

        Snowboarding…now where does one come up with that? Because it’s snowing in Yellowstone? Things that make ya go Hmmmmmm.


          • Alsetebash,

            Don’t mind me. It’s just funny sometimes is all.

            I have no idea what’s going on but it’s been fun.


  33. “Hear me all and listen good” Forrest Fenn

    After a second listen to Forrest’s request, I came to these conclusions:

    1. We need to stop bombarding you with emails.
    2. We need to listen more and talk less.
    3. We need to spend more time with our family and friends.
    4. We need to take care of our physical and mental health.

    The Thrill of the Chase could end any day, but our lives will go on, and we will enjoy them more if we have other hobbies and interests. But we will never forget you, Forrest. Thank you for the Thrills you have given us. We hope Indulgence will find a good home soon. 

    • 2 emails per year?? Do the math…
      If every searcher out there does what you do, Forrest would be flooded with hundreds of emails per day. We are all important. So, please refrain from sending him any email unless you find the chest, as he politely has requested. We can wish him happy B-day and Marry Christmas by means of Dal’s blog which Forrest reads when he pleases. It’s that easy.

  34. I suspect that many people are habitually attached to writing him. So, here’s a suggestion to help those folks out: Pick up a journal from Walmart. Write “Dear Forrest” on the cover. Write out your thoughts as if you were writing him a letter. Maybe after you find the treasure chest people would be interested in reading your journal. If someone else finds the treasure, you get to save face by having kept all your crazy thoughts to yourself 🙂

      • lol ken, I was thinking about that too. There is also the unfortunate probability that some will never stop or might even increase the frequency just because…

      • Ken,
        I did twice! And now that all you good people have discontinued emailing Forrest, that means he’s all mine! MOOWAHHHAAHHAAA…..

        Halloween brings out those spooky ghost riders in the skeyes!! Witch will shivers me timbers!!!

        Someone is nearing the end and I wish them well.


  35. Hopefully Forrest or Dal sent Jenny at mysterious writings and other prolific TTOTC sites this same information so we all give the poor guy a break.

    Remember “in case of emergency break glass” in TFTW…

    Do you think Forrest has considering hammering his computer screen?

  36. I don’t like getting more than 10 emails a day. I wouldn’t email him even if I found it. I would just have Dal post pictures here. I hope Forrest and Peggy stay healthy and enjoy their time with family and friends. I hope The Chase never ends. It’s good for people to have adventures.

  37. 10-4 Forrest. Thanks for passing on this information to us Dal. I appreciate giving us the update. Family comes first. Have a great weekend:)


  38. Forrest’s time is precious and bless his heart (in a good way) for being so attentive to the searchers. It must have been mind boggling to have so many emails in one day especially when the numbers got up into the thousands. Thank you, Forrest Fenn and family for sharing this part of your life with us.

  39. I’m guilty of emailing him twice since 2013; I won’t do it again unless I find the chest.

    I did want to note that, if not already known, hitting CTRL + and CTRL – will help zoom in and out on the screen, hopefully mitigating the need for the magnifying glass.

    All the best to Forrest and Peggy.

  40. Maybe a third time is a charm in asking folks to lighten up with emails. I have never bothered ff with an email about a solve or to ask a question, because I just don’t.

    Not happy to know ff is losing his hearing and sight along with taking care of his wife.

    I’d like to make a suggestion if you have the need to email ff, how about using a larger font at 16 pica, but reign in urges and wait awhile and give more thought before sending.

    Best of wishes to Forrest & Peggy!

  41. Dal, Thank you for sharing Forrest’s request. Again!

    I know that months ago I said I was off the crazy train. Reality is that I have been a closet searcher since. (No shame)

    It has always made my day when Forrest would reply to an e-mail. We had a few exchanges in the past few years, but I will join the ranks and respect this request, post haste.

    Good luck to all!!
    Good days to Forrest and Peggy!!

  42. How many years? How many e-mails? How many-am I hot? Cold? Warm?
    How many wrong solutions? How many solved clues? Only an incredibly
    naive searcher would expect a confirmation or some personal insight.
    Why? Because those are his rules. He wouldn’t change them now. Clues and
    hints are for everyone, equally, to be taken as you see them. If you have
    ever got a reply from Forrest, you can be sure that he has given you nothing.
    Only an equally naive searcher would think that he hasn’t seen his poem
    solved many times over, a clue here, a hint there, by dozens, maybe
    hundreds or even thousands of searchers. Just not all in one place at the same time by the same person. That has to be a frustration, but even if
    he wanted to say – Diggin Gypsy, you got one part right, or Dal- your’e
    first trip was closest, or Cynthia look on the other side of that hill, he won’t.
    Because those are the rules, his rules. The finder will earn the prize, not
    have it handed to them in an e-mail. Better to listen to the whispers,
    That’s where the answers are, in the whispers, in the things that are said
    and then lost in the blog. This is, as always, only
    my opinion, but I am a very opinionated person, and I hate e-mails!

    • Here’s a whisper for you RFISH,
      The confirmation you seek is in the TTOTC book!!
      IMO of course

      • Totally agree. I think all we need is right there
        in that one book. What do you make of the
        chapters having no numbers, only titles?
        TFTW has both. He also starts most chapters
        with a small version of the larger sketch at
        the end.

        • RFISH,
          Not just a smaller version, in some cases a bit different, like ” my Spanish toy factory”…

          • Should we be thinking of the beginning and the end as being the same, or
            slightly different in some way?
            Start small-finish big? I like that.
            Begin it where warm waters halt-
            Halt it where warm waters begin?

  43. Dear Forrest,

    I hope all is well with you and Peggy! I apologize if the few emails I’ve sent you have been a nuisance, and I pray that they have not bothered you in anyway. I promise not to send anymore unless I feel they are warranted with good news.

    As always, thank you for the chase!


    Robert Szelinski

  44. If it’s pointless pointing our pointers toward Forest, where then should we be aiming?

  45. So , Forrest is not interested in Indulgence of
    “Gossip” ? I personally find that hard to believe.
    Seeing that “Gossip” is where Indelgence is bedded down and scented in.

    Dal , you have been a steward of not letting Gossip run amuck on your site. Bravo to you Sir.
    BUT , Gossip is what we are all looking at and for.
    J a Street

    • Troll alert, Troll alert. Sound the alarm!


      I bet if the shoe was on the other foot you would be singing a different tune.
      Then again I am of the opinion that you sir, have very little knowledge about the chase etc.

  46. What most of us continue to forget is that this adventure started out as an aging and ill man’s legacy. He expected to die on his treasure chest and only wanted to print a few dozen copies of TTOTC and have some of his friends look for it. As far as “cowboy up”, to me it seems he has and then some many times over.
    He is continuing to enlighten us with stories of his past and interesting encounters with very many intriguing persons. They are his past and he is graciously sharing them with us. they don’t have to relate to clues or hints to be enjoyable. Enjoy them for the fascinating life he is blessed with and continues to bless us with.
    And who named the treasure chest. It’s name should be “Elusive “. That works for me.
    Take care all and keep warm.

  47. Greetings. I have been silently appreciating Dal’s moderation of this site and his role in the Chase for a few years. Thought it was time to chime in and say, “Thank you for your time, integrity and caring, Dal.” I am enjoying the Scrapbook entries currently.

    I’ve practiced restraint and only shared my solve once with Forrest. Does anyone know if Forrest is responding to emailed solves at all these days?

  48. At 84 year old women I still enjoy the thoughts of findiing a treasure,,, I hope some day youra will be found,,good health to you and let us know if it is ever found.

  49. Forrest, just want to thank you for writing the book and hiding the treasure. I purchased your book TTOTC while our state was on lockdown due to Corona Virus, and I’ve been spending time trying to decipher the poem with my 17-year-old son. It’s been a fun challenge for both of us, and we will attempt to locate the treasure once we have deciphered the poem. And thanks for not giving any more clues other than the poem.

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