Scrapbook Two Hundred Eighteen…


October, 2019


Kid’s Toys  

002 7a

Here’s an old photo of me and Skippy in the back yard of our house in Temple. I don’t remember that car. Wish I had it now.

It looks like my big brother is holding me back from running him over. Makes me wonder what happens to great toys like that when the kids get too big to play with them. They’re probably just thrown in the dump.

If I were 50 years younger I might go back to Temple and excavate the dump and see.

The swing behind us is strung from a grape arbor my father built. Can you see the grapes growing up on wire to the left? It’s hard to see the wire, but it’s there just the same. The swing was my mother’s idea.

I don’t know how old I am in that picture, but I was born in 1930. You guess. f

0706191545b HDR

My house is gone now, but the arbor once stood in the green splotch shown in this photo, and left of our garage, which still stands. f




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  1. My guess would be 2-years-old. I have a 2-year-old now and this reminds me of her at around 2 years and 3-4 months. Educated guess you would say.

    Wonder what’s making that perfect X??

    • i was thinking of a few words as they ran through my mind sitting her in the circle of life like the belt around our waste we expect it to be complete and work as we but latch the buckle to the other end Your life is more complete buy giving others hope its never about what you’ve taken for there are so many of us if called upon would give back to you in a second and a pulp nickel would not be of importance you have given us so much more then the treasure even contains
      we care about you as you do us snow in the Rockies so be wise searchers and prepare i just saw the center of the circle my mind was at unrest soit so I I hought id share my thoughts we are here for you Sir like your thoughts are always w Olga and your tea you cared so do we . drop us a line any time you have our emails you are still the center of our lives. we care always Jeff Burch Titan Ranee mom You have touched lives in a very positive way ty to you and your Family they gave to allof us also ty Sir.

      • sorry i should of prof read that my mind is still scattered but i love it i’m alivey ou stay that way too the TC is in a safe place remember that.

        • Welcome to the land of speaking tongues.. a language I am new to, but have had two dreams I met ff in his garden and we spoke tongues!
          PS. I understood every word!

    • the “X” is made from the shadows of the 3 posts and top & middle cross tie of the right side of the “Arbor”, you can see two posts and their cross tie on the left, 1 post is off frame to the foreground. If you look closely you can see that all the posts are tied together with 3 beams from left to right side too, and a middle cross tie between the 3 beams. if the swing were not there, you would see another “X” shadow in the grass from this “roof” of the arbor, the top of the swing just catches part of the shadow of the most foreground beam. The swing is hung on the middle beam, supported by the middle columns.

  2. “It’s hard to see the wire, but it’s there just the same.”
    What a great line! Sometimes we miss seeing what’s right there in front of us…. 🙂
    (Beautiful old photo!)

    • The wire is sort of like truth, in some respects. Sometimes hard to find, but you know it is there, and if you search diligently, you will find it.

      It may be easy to see what the wire is supporting, and you may not see just how it is done, but the laws of physics are not fooled. *Something* is holding those vines up.

          • I concur as well. It just depends when it is retrieved. If it’s in Montana or Wyoming probably not until next year. New Mexico and Colorado there’s still a chance of it being found before 2020

          • Yes, close…but still missing something. Like the searchers within 200′ – they were there, but weren’t looking at things from the proper perspective.
            (I really need to get from Maine to the Rockies soon, so I can test my own perspective. 😉 )

          • There’s a particular iteration within these SB’s that are not about the clues, the poem nor location. A style unto its own purpose. IMO . The poem is a style, his books are a style and the SB’s have a particular style also. Not all SB’s are mirrors. There’s a pattern, yes, but that pattern breaks off, resumes and breaks off; forming also a pattern, nonetheless.

            It may not be specific nor limited to one entity in the now. But , these may be of a 20/20 hindsight tool; looking back to this now-depending on why someone is where they are ,could be written from that perspective.

            One can solve the poem, have the correct area married to a map and searching BOTG , and still not find it after 12 attempts. These SB’s might be only understood for hints unless in such a situation.

            Someone or persons could be in that situation now. It’s fair game. It’s a “guess’ at this point in time.

            A guy named Quess and then there’s guess his age. It’s anybody’s guess.

            Is he really saying guess his age?

            IMO .

        • I agree, the chest won’t be found this year, snow is on the ground. Maybe next summer…..IMO

        • It feels like he is saying something with most of the latest scrapbooks, all related. Figure that out and ‘maybe’ it’ll help with the poem.

          • OZ10. I can’t help but to see that there’s a message within the body of all these SBs of late. I don’t think any of it would be connected to anything within the substance of the poem nor clues. For I think the poem and clues are too sacred a ground for him to do such in these for that purpose.

            It’s hard to explain without going into a complete brake down of these SB’s in order to give substance to that thought.

            It’s almost like these are , ‘for in the future’ a tool; a tool for later ,once you have solved the poem and location.

            Looks like he’s building a sort of intersection with these stories. All the while, also saying something about something in the present.

            Such as- like when sage advice is asked of an eider. The elder tells a story instead of just saying-‘the answer is this’.

            That’s my take. IMO .

      • Mike Brown,

        Your perspective is an Interesting read.

        How do you know beyond the laws of physics that “something” is casting that shadow?

        And that X looks familiar.

        Something or someone is getting close to something and I hope it’s found sooner than later.


  3. How times change. when I was that age my parents bought me a toy John Deer Tractor. So many warm memories from that age. Yes after 58 years I remember the love a child gets from his family. I will always remember my Grandfather calling me his little Dutchman, as most outside the family could not understand what I was saying. Seems I still have that problem today. Warm memories Forrest.

  4. 🙁 you cant get clearer than that.
    Forrest was such a cute kid.
    Play cars like that are expensive today.
    I don’t think toys ended up in the local dump, most get past down to siblings or cousins or given to friends or neighbors or Goodwill.

    • I guess 3 but even that is to young to drive safely, maybe Skippy didn’t want you running into the arbor and was protecting you from the wire. We hand our toys down to others that might want them. Probably similar to those buster brown shoes that Skippy is wearing which would end up being housed on your feet in a few short years in 1935ish if you didn’t run them over too much.

      Best wishes DW-KJ

  5. Forrest, I think most of them from that time end up in museums and antique stores. A few of the lucky ones still get played with by the kids of today.

    With how successful the chase is I am suprised you don’t just buy the land there and restore the house, swing and all, for a Forrest Fenn Thrill of the Chase museum.

  6. Great Memory Forrest ,
    Do you remember ever camping overnight in the tent ?

    And what happened to the house ? ( I know someone who moved their childhood home, buried it, and used it for a railroad stop with his miniature train.

    Did you move it somewhere like the Joseph Sharp Cabin ?

  7. Thanks Forrest for this look into your “Back Yard” and the “Toys” you played with. Sometimes all we have “left” are our memories – Thanks again for the post – JDA

  8. Forrest,
    You have a gleam in your eye like the proverbial “terrible two.” And I’m wondering if that is the same car as the one Skippy is sitting in on p. 30 of TTOTC? Did someone have a slight wreck and knock out the windshield and the hood ornament? Oh, and I don’t see a rear view mirror on either side.

  9. 1. I like that it’s Forrest driving…As if to say I can do anything you can do Skippy. Little bubbas have a way of saying, “I am too big enough.”

    2. Does Forrest own his family’s property on Main Street in Temple?? It seems odd to me that it would sit vacant if someone else had purchased it.

    3. I’ll have to think on this one. Not sure what ff is hinting at in this SB.

    • Forrest, Your brother had little to fear because your legs and feet don’t appear long enough to reach the pedals. Unfortunately for many, old cars and trucks ended up in scrap drives to help with the WWII war efforts. Thank you for sharing and rekindling memories.
      Rick Lasttolook

    • What I see as a (tiny) hint is the shadow of the swing. Nothing else in the pic
      grabs me.

  10. What about the pup tent in the background.
    The x is pretty meet too. Grapes, I wonder if it relates to grapette. If I were guessing 2 would be my guess. I would also not both hands on the wheel. Good form .lol

      • I usually built a fort and used what I had. Soldiers, cowboys and Indians were usually the theme. I grew up with three brothers though.

  11. Forrest it’s funny that the shorts overalls you two were wearing must have been a thing for years, for young kids. My mom had them for me when I was about that age. And I was born in the 50’s.
    I rode around on a tricycle. Lol

    Thanks for another piece of your life.

  12. I guess 3 but even that is to young to drive safely, maybe Skippy didn’t want you running into the arbor and was protecting you from the wire. We hand our toys down to others that might want them. Probably similar to those buster brown shoes that Skippy is wearing which would end up being housed on your feet in a few short years in 1935ish if you didn’t run them over too much.

    Best wishes DW-KJ

  13. I just love old photos! Forrest, you and Skippy are absolutely adorable. What sweet memories. I think I see the wire (;

    • RB, It’s interesting that you find the number 3 “enlightening”, “intriguing”. Maybe you’d like to expound.

      Wouldn’t it be convenient if the poem’s solution was reduced to one little number such as 3 or even 58,688.

      The blaze, confirmation and treasure all right there, just say, “three” and Shazam!! in your lap! If only. 🙂

  14. Hi Forrest,

    I really wanted to drive down to Temple from Rowlett while we were there for the wedding earlier this month to see your old place and pay my respects to your family. Unfortunately, I simply couldn’t find the time to drive my car 300 miles and take an entire day out of our schedule.

    I also wanted to stop and see the Leon River Bridge because of it’s importance to you and to the Chase, plus, it’s right of I-35. I wanted to see what you saw and imagine what was going thru your head that day. And that reminds me something I did when I was a teenager that I’ve never shared with anyone because it was so dangerous, but what a rush.

    Every afternoon at 4:30 a freight train from Oakland, CA heading south to LA would roll by and cross a 100 foot steel trestle not far from where I liked to hang out and nap sometimes on a thick bed of meadow grass. Not a nice bed like yours that night though, but it worked. Anyway, when I heard the horn blast I’d run to the trestle and hunker down behind one of solid steel bracing flanges and wait. The train was only a few feet away & traveling 50 MPH. Everything shook and it was crazy loud. Sometimes I’d even put a few pennies on the tracks and hope I could find the one or two that didn’t go into the drink.

    The bridge was similiar to this but the side were almost twice as high.

    Then the railroad police would show up because the train engineer would see me and call them, I had a secret cavity within the steel framework I could crawl inside and be completely out of sight.

    That’s been my secret for all these years. Now you guys know.

    Finally, thank you for all the recent SB’s Forrest and Dal, but now I’ve got a migraine headache trying to piece all this together and I think my head is about to explode.

    But then at least then the pain will be gone.


    • Great post, thanks! I used to squish pennies with my friends at the tracks by our summer cottage in Quebec. We also had “train police” that would come for us as we searched around the ties for our squished loot. Running away was part of the excitement.

      • Glad you enjoyed it Muset. There’s another interesting piece of that story. My dad drove 18-wheelers for Souther Pacific (PMT actually) and his primary job when I was growing up was to load those 40’ long vans loaded with freight onto railroad flatcar trains which could easily be 1/4 mile long, sometimes a little longer.

        The term used when loading trailers this way was Piggy Back and the ONLY way to load back in the day was to back up all the way to the opposite end of the train, drop your trailer, hook up the fifth wheel attached to the rail car, and then drive all the way back off the ‘train’ so the next driver could repeat the process. He did that job for about 20 years or so and loved it.

        Needless to say, dad KNEW how to back up an 18-wheeler and won a few truck rodeos back then too.

        Anyway, many of the vans dad loaded passed by me on that bridge because that was a Southern Pacific Railroad line.


    • Pinatubocharlie: I have a remarkably similar story from my childhood in northern Virginia: the Lake Accotink railroad trestle. It was a pretty long run from one end to the other, so the last place you wanted to be was the center of the trestle when a train came: there’s no way you could make it to the opposite side in time, so you’d have to drop down below the tracks onto one of the giant concrete supports:
      But kids love to dare each other, and our parents would probably be mortified to know how many times we made that crossing (like you, dodging the railroad police). I wish I still had my childhood collection of flattened pennies from those tracks!

      • Very cool Zap. That’s almost exactly what I remember my bridge looking like, though yours is much longer and a lot higher up.

        I think I still have a few of those pennies laying around in a pile of other old coins somewhere. I need to dig out that jar and see what’s inside.

        Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

  15. I tend to want to believe that Forrest is just reminiscing and sharing stories and not trying to drop hints left and right with every new scrapbook; But if everyone is looking for some kind of hint or confirmation, perhaps he is saying one (or he) could drive right to it.

    Or perhaps the invisible wire is a reference to how the puppet-master can make all the searchers (i mean marionettes) dance, just by sharing some fond memories…

    • Yellowdog;

      A “wire” is a line – is it not? One can “draw” a line or move it right or left. HUMMM???? JDA

      • When I was younger I used to go to the woodlands and bet on dog races Had a lot of fun up there and the wire was the finish line .. The wire was also a smile on my face because I always know he is a man of his word

        • Traveler,

          For what it’s worth, I’m no Kenny Rogers so I stay away from the dog tracks. Horses are a much better bet if you’re a gambling man.

          But I’d be willing to bet there’s a finish line out there. And if I were a gambling man from London I’d bet 800 pounds that Peggy and Forrest will finish in a tie.


  16. I love the black and white photo. Warms my heart to see two little cuties captured in time. The toy car is really nice. Excavating would take some time, but would know one way or another. I like to think toys are handed down now. How old do I think you are in the photo? If you and your family went to Yellowstone that year, I would say you were about 21 months old. Pup tent in the back might suggest your family was preparing for the trip. Thank you for sharing this scrapbook. I loved it.

      • Hello Lisa. It’s possible he may want to search for his original car. As for the posts, I believe the family might have used telephone pole logs which I believe was available in lumber yards, but could be wrong.

      • Can I call you Lisa Link lol… I appreciate all of your links you share!
        I would guess the posts are made of cedar.

        • Goldilocks – Yes! And you are most welcome!

          Here is another one. Do a ‘find in page’ for ‘cedar poles’ to read about the 1924 relocation of telephone poles in YNP:

          Dal – Do you have a pic of that trailhead sign at the far end of Boundary Street, with map of the Boundary Trail and the Riverside Trails on it? And did you see all the cut off telephone pole stumps, running down the center of the Boundary Trail?

          Thinking maybe William Marvin Fenn did a little recycling during YNP road projects to build the FennHaven Cabins on Boundary Street, and for the post and lattice structures in the backyard of Forrest’s home in Temple, TX. I read that Lodgepole pines were used frequently in the park for telephone and telegraph poles, in a few 1919 Annual Reports for the park.

          Just a theory…

  17. My first car when I was sixteen was not much larger than that old toy. I got a hand-me-down 1978 Austin Mini from my big sister. It was covered in her unicorn and rainbow stickers but I didn’t care because we lived seven miles from my friends and high school. I was finally liberated from the school bus.

    We moved to a new house a year later and I was ready to sell the Mini to buy a used Honda. I sold it for a thousand bucks to one of the movers that my parents hired. When I drove it to his house later that week I was surprised to see the man’s entire house and yard filled with other people’s stuff, lots still in the moving boxes that were packed but never made it to the correct destination. I pretended not to notice.

    I think there is more old junk in hoarders’ homes than in the city dump. I wouldn’t want to excavate a dump for about a thousand years so the sour-milk stench would hopefully be gone.

  18. Forrest, wouldn’t it be nice if toy’s did end up on the Isle of Misfit toy’s to be repurposed and used to bring happiness to another child. Such are the dreams of an aging old man.

    • Forrest – Right. There be dragons, scorpions and black widow spiders. Send the dolls in after your toys! Or, after your treasure.

      Like, maybe?:

      Me & My Librarian Friend
      Diggin Gypsy & Her Sisters
      Donna M.
      Cynthia & Sally Colorado
      Jamie Jones
      Jenny Kyle


        • Lisa,

          I took just one hint from the post. Spread out across the scrapbook. A location made by just using 3 words. I’m probably just utilizing confirmation bias, but is near our location.

        • James Collier,

          Cable Car Run?
          Maybe some CCR?
          Bad moon rising? Or how about Fortunate Son?



      • Lisa,

        Don’t forget to take Forrest’s running man. He’s a pretty cool guy too.

        Wait, scrap that like the tin man. I’m digging myself a rabbit hole. Better stick with my mountain man.

        Your effort will be worth the Cold November Rain…


  19. Hubba-hubba Forrest…..looks like a Ford Steelcraft.
    Good for cruising and pick’in up chicks…..the feathered kind.
    “And the season’s they go round and round….were all riding on a carousel of time… can’t go back……you can only look behind”

    Reminds me of another Ditty…..”If I Could Save Time In A Bottle”
    A bottle of Grapette.
    Tanks Far Shar’in Forrest!

  20. Skippy age 4, Bubba age 2

    And if its “down to the wire” as rr cleverly noted…
    perhaps some lucky person at “the end of the line” and saying HUGE thanks to Forrest for the thrilling ride, or last hint needed.

  21. Wires indeed are hard to see… small or big, loads they carry.

    Someone on a previous SB picked up on a “garbage” theme…
    I’m now starting to think that the hidden spot might once have
    been a landfill or dump a long time ago.

    One more thought for ya, starting to think about FF’s statements about how close
    searchers have been, 200 & 500 feet: aren’t horizontal but vertical.

    • He wouldn’t try to deceive us like that (vertical instead of horizontal), in my opinion. And where’s any benefit to FF in teasing that someone’s getting close?
      This would discourage some folks from staying interested in the chase. Others might be tempted to hurry to their snow-covered search area and take unnecessary risks with their own safety.

      I think there are no important hints in this SB. All part of my opinion.


    • Yes…would be fascinating to browse the garage. What other souvenirs lay in wait – what other bling? Probably an interesting book, and soMe old 8tracks. Maybe even an old Schwinn. Tell us more about your time at Tyndall.

  23. I think FF is saying this was his first car.

    Maybe a Skippy was telling him to slow down so he doesn’t wrap that car around the pole and hurt someone.

    Ive mentioned before that a list of of car names are found in the poem including…Bullet, Buick, Honda, Chrysler, Ford Mustang, GMC, Red Carrara,
    Brown BMW.

    (Note the poem must be in grid format to find the These names).

  24. What a cute black and white photo of you and Skippy holding onto the car. I guess that you were about 2 ys old in the photo. Hindsight is 20/20.

  25. Our pet cow Patch was our dinner as were our county fair steers. Farm kids don’t get cars I guess?

    • Amber, I had a big Brahma Bull named Danny. He had a ring through his nose and I would clip a lead rope to the ring , sit behind the big hump on his back and ride down our red dirt road. I threatened my dad that i would run away with Danny if they took him to slaughter. I still remember how his face felt like velvet .
      I haven’t thought about that bull for years, Amber. Thank you for reminding me 🙂
      Country life is best

  26. Dal,
    Did forrest chain you to his desk in Santa Fe to get all these scrapbooks out?
    Make him take you out for steak and a beer, a little fresh air.

  27. Since no one, up until now, has said anything impactful, I shall be the prime. May the masses forgive me of my assertions and understand the more elevated and …”human” purpose in mind. Forrest, from what I am reading in these scrapbooks, I see an end coming to a story. Not ours, in particular, but yours. I have to respectively voice my disagreement sir. TIME can be managed. I am asking that you manage your’s and Peggy’s time a little bit longer. I’ve seen your eyes change during my time knowing you. First they were colored (a hazel or green I believe). Then they became silvered. Now they are darkening. My years upon this earth know the truth, and to be honest I hope it is just the photographer’s mistake. However, if that is not the case may I make suggestions…

    There are ways to extend time. A full vitamin regimen will assist. There is also “Chaga” tea. But most of all, 2xE is the basic formula. Exercise and Eat. Your organs will cease to function if they have no nutrients to process. Like your muscles, the organs need “work” to do. Even if you’re not hungry…eat. I’m positive that this mythical “lead searcher” is out there and paying close attention to your words. But He/She cannot end this on their own. They need you… to complete the story. And needing you…means needing Peggy. Now you could do a few things with this response…

    You could: Fire us up with talk that you’ll live forever, and that these SB’s have some hints within.
    You could: Pit us against each other by using names or descriptions that would imply different individual searchers.
    You could: Blaze a new trail that we have not expected and show us truly why you are Forrest Fenn.

    What do you think about those options? Do they hold some validity? I sure hope so, because I cannot imagine an ending…without you there.
    Iron Will

    • Great post! I was thinking this as well, but didn’t want to go there. I can’t imagine finding indulgence without FF being here. I’d probably fall to my knees, pray, and then go home. I’d do no interview. My discussion would be between myself and Mr Fenn.

      Forrest, if this is your way of saying the end is nigh…keep grinding. Take one day at a time. It’s selfish of us to want you to love forever. After all of your experiences, I picture the part in Forrest Gump where Forrest stops and says “I think Ill go home now.” If this is the case, thank you for everything you allowed us to know about you. Everything you allowed me to learn. Thank you for allowing me to see Dinosaur NP and Yellowstone. Two places idk if I ever would have gone to. Thank you.

    • I hope you’re wrong Iron Will. The flurry of recent SBs does seem to hint at something. I’d prefer to think it hints that someone is close to finding the treasure.

      • Close indeed. Hoping to see another 24 SBs before Spring.

        I hope he keeps writing even after, his stories are a great read.

    • Iron Will,

      Please don’t take this wrong way as I am in no way criticizing your post. I can certainly see how you can draw that conclusion and in fact a few years ago he said something, “A toast to the host”, I Believe it was, and that caused me to be concerned about the same exact thing you raise here and if memory serves, I posted a comment on that thread.

      Until my retirement in 2013, I have been directly associated with the military in one form or another and my big bro is a retired fighter pilot too. So this phrase really caught my attention and I thought the end was near. That was like maybe 3 years ago or so.

      But in this case I am looking at the glass half full side and truly believe that Forrest simply wants this thing to end so he can spend, whatever time he does have remaining, hopefully years, to enjoy them at their fullest and share his devote love with his real the family and close friends.

      No one can deny him that ‘right’ and we cannot be so selfish to hope that the scrapbooks keep coming. How he does it, who knows. The amount of energy this must take I’m not sure any of us can really understand. But I know this with all my heart. We will never find a more generous person, in terms of knowledge, human kindness, his own form of philanthropy, and lastly, his teachings. I don’t know what I don’t know, but I know a hell of a lot more now than I did when I first joined this gig (HoD) back when John Glenn, another American hero, died.

      May God Bless you sir! I salute you as I have your friends.

      Now let’s get this thing done. So seriously, who’s the lead searcher and you better not say Seeker? Just kidding. Where is Seeker anyway?



    • Iron Will,
      I’m nobody but I just got done saying a few days ago about putting some heads together before something happens that would bring no joy to mudville.

      It’s no fun if there’s no Peggy or Forrest.

      Iron Will, would you be willing to look over what I’ve got? I could sure use your help. You’re smart enough and honorable enough and together I believe we can finish this off.

      Could you please give me your email address so I can get all my botg pictures to you as well as my breakdown of the poem?

      I don’t want your solve. I want your opinion and help. You can have it for all I care. How about doing it for the spirit of the Chase?

      Iron Will, ya gotta have FAITH! BELIEVE!! Maybe you can leave your mark!

      All I ask is for 15 minutes of your time and if you think I’ve got something then grap those One-A-Day vitamins and lets head for Santa Fe!?! I need some help will. 15 minutes.


      • Sure George, I can give you a impartial look at your solution, but so you know…I stick by everything Forrest has ever said. If I see something that disqualifies it (in my opinion) I will let you know. Go over to Mysterious Writings Forums… Call sign is ‘ironwill’. Shoot me a message there or ironwilly@gmail .

        • Iron Will,

          Sounds good, thanks.
          My call sign is “Doofass”.

          For what it’s worth, Will, it will probably be over sooner than later, I hope. Then we as the “Forrest & Peggy Fenn Chase Cmmunity” can put the naysayers/haters to rest. Or at least send them on their way to focus on another mission of unfounded innuendos.


  28. Too cute. A little Forrest Fenn on his very first road trip.

    Did I say road trip?

    Cool car Forrest. Thank you for the SB.


  29. Iron Will, Thanks for bravely saying what we were thinking.
    I needed the 2XExercise & Eat pep talk too:-)

    Forrest, I’m Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
    After all these years, don’t you dare cut out early on Peggy. Remember…she’s the best person you know. You need each other, and Willie would miss you terribly.

    – 42

  30. I’ve always said if I could bottle nostalgia up and sell it I’d be a rich man..nostalgia and anticipation.

  31. What is the address of the Fenn home on the “North Main” in his Temple in the mountains, is there a place, 3141 is just another number to someone who has dyslexia it might be very revealing if you were trying to find home in a storm, send a message down the wire that you cannot get there from here unless you have the co ordinates?

    ? TT

    • If you have been wise and found the blaze, how many times must a fire consume our home? Twice, But “Toys are Forever” .


      • Page 106 also hides a blaze, but Chris F has found it, 3 miles at 106.3141 now where is Leadville and Molly Browns House now?

        Check my math and tell me if I am close or just guessing? Where do all the lines meet? X or Cross.


      • Donna, I have been trying to get others to see this for a long time now, why the backward bike video?

        The answer is the points of the compass, 9 and 90 degrees are all perfect numbers…


        • actually…. its a mirror destination….

          and it is a mathematical calculation or equation

          My sister, is schizophrenic. She was brilliant. Something happened to her and we lost her capacity to function. But, she now speaks in numbers codes and letters. She explained it all to me today. Then I came on here and here was Scrapbook 218. I called her back. She explained it further. I did the math and found it. Mind blowing and she wants nothing to do with all of this chase stuff.
          She gave me the equation in her bizarre beautiful way. Its a mirror location to somewhere. I won’t tell you as she finally has agreed to go with me as I have solved something.
          Just this last hour I called her back sent her some links. She has explained some pretty bizarre but brilliant things about the world.

          Earlier I posted I would follow my sister to the ends of the earth. She did not know I wrote that. Tonight just before we hung up. She said to me. Wherever you go, i go too! She wants to come with me. She does not care of money she has more from her old life than she needs. She said she will take me to the point in the rode she now believes is correct and let me get out. She will go shopping while I dig in the dirt. She said she is too busy in her brain with her shiny ball to come all the way. LOL

          I have told her it will be a spiritual journey. She said she already had hers in life. It was my turn.

          One of the most beautiful moments we have had in years.
          My son found me in tears in the living room. I told him about it. He nodded his head walked away in silence.
          It has been a big day. A beautiful day with my beautiful sister.

      • Donna, you rounded-off invalidly. But pi could be a significant hint-like
        thing. All part of my opinion.

  32. Forrest,
    Let’s go fishing, damn it. You are worrying me with this latest burst of energy. Who cares if we ever find the chest and become rich. You already enriched all of us in many ways. You already made us richer. You did it! So now enjoy life!

  33. A clear allegory of lost treasure similar to The “toys are forever” chapter. A few location hints as well.

  34. You look 1 1/2 or 2 years old. I love the swing and the tent! We always sold or gave away our kids toys when they were too big for them.

  35. Forrest’s attention to the wire reminds me of the Song of the Singing Wire. Telephone and power lines oftentimes disappear into the landscape when viewing from Google Earth. Perhaps a hint? Perhaps not.

    Anyway, I’m going to guess that Forrest is right around 3 in this photo.

    Oh yes, and what “green splotch” is he referring to in the photo caption? The picture is practically filled edge to edge with green splotches in the trees, the grass, and the shadows! Ah well, I enjoyed this scrapbook nonetheless! 🙂

  36. I sent Forrest lots of pics of his home site and graves last week. What the photo of the steps is not showing is that there are more steps on the back side. It is strange. I will go through my photos and see what was in the area left of the garage. Hmmm.

  37. There should be a full-size bronze statue of Forrest a Fenn memorialized on that platform.

  38. Forrest, Your brother had little to fear because your legs and feet don’t appear long enough to reach the pedals. Unfortunately for many, old cars and trucks ended up in scrap drives to help with the WWII war efforts. Thank you for sharing and rekindling memories.
    Rick Lasttolook

  39. When I was three and my brother five, we had a toy fire truck and a tricycle. I was playing in the fire truck and my big brother got bossy and told me to get out because it was his. So I got on the trike. And big brother came over and told me to get off the trike because he was gonna ride it. Yep, I headed back to the fire truck — followed by my brother intent to keep me out of it. Having had enough injustice, I picked up a ructy old Folger’s coffee can and hurled it at my brother. It hit him near the eye and he needed stitches. I grew up to be an attorney.

    Karma stepped in and took care of me — within a few months I was in the car with my Dad, back in the day when little kids sat in the front seat and no one wore a seat belt. We had a car accident and I got a cut — right next to my eye, and I needed stitches.

    I love those old kid fire trucks the best and wished that I still had that old thing. I’d probably turn it into a planter or something.

    Love that photo, but I suspect that what was going on there was something akin to me and my brother debating who gets to ride.

  40. Sometimes the foundations we build are strewn with many differen’t assults, & the road to riches may not always be the one that we have imagined; yet somehow having a loving family, & true faith are priceless beyond any treasure. Thank you Forrest, & Pegg for sharing your life with ours.

  41. .
    is Skippy really holding Forrest back, or trying to get him to reverse? Beautiful photo, so nostalgic – that car would be a real teasure. I wish i could go back to that time again. Is that a tent in the background?

  42. I sure wish I knew sometimes what Forrest is thinking of. Sometimes though, I think I do. As far as a guess…1

  43. For some reason this scrapbook from Forrest reminds me of the TV show called Jay Leno’s Garage. Jay shares his car collection by taking a friend for a ride…discussing old American made cars, first cars, favorites etc.

    It would be entertaining for Dal & Forrest to take a ride together in Ezzy or ff’s Jeep and have someone film their conversation about cars & adventures.

  44. Isn’t it amazing how places we grew up in and visited never change in our minds and yet if we return to those place subtle changes have occurred? Often cumulating into places we hardly recognize.

    At age 64 I can recall my dad giving me a yellow peddle car. Closing my eyes I can still see it clearly. Sad to think it may have been recycled or discarded in a dump.


    • Was just talking to my sister today about that. She is schizophrenic diagnosed about 6 years ago now. So the conversation is difficult as she speaks in physics and other codes she is aware of. Today she spoke of time shifts and paradigms where she is lost. It’s sad but beautifully brilliant to listen to her speak.

      Today we talked of time travel and our home town. How we remember it a certain way. Yet the world has moved forward but time has moved backwards. That the old buildings are torn down not to put the new but because we move backwards in time not forward.

      She talks backwards in her understanding of the world. Her theories are mind blowing and quite brilliant. Unfortunately she is consumed by them.

      She sees the world in a pacmans world where pacman leaves the board onthe left and returns on the right. Pacman does not know he left the board and does not know he entered another world.

      She also talks of two pyramids in the worl and not one. So henceforth you travel from one shift to the other without realizing it. That people do not really understand the world and how it operates. She sees it all and they call her crazy for it.

      I believe her. I believe every crazy word she says. I am not diagnosed and I believe her. Every single word of it!

      • IMHO Most people who see things or situations from a elevated perspective are considered crazy or diagnosed with some disorder. I believe there are many things that is beyond the common knowledge. But with a understanding of WHY I can only say Blessed are those who have not SEEN and yet BELIEVED . Now this is my opinion if any one wants to hear it John 3:8 to me in this response means that just because we may not know where someones point is coming from nor where there going with it does not mean that they are not correct for the only incorrect thing is to think that they are incorrect based on common knowledge that kind of thinking and judgement is what keeps the common folk grounded per say. The only thing that is common is the Truth we don’t know, what we don’t know and its stupid to think that someone might not know more than us for reasons unknown . Id rather be diagnosed as different rather than common any day I think your sister is on to something roll with her on it whats the worst that could happen if it dont work be considered part of the common folk that are in the same boat huh who really has issues God Bless your sister and you . Godspeed and be safe

  45. I wonder if he remembers that its the same car in the picture on page 30 of the thrill of the chase?

  46. The Y.R’s are hard to C in the G.ray.P R.bow.R (The wires are hard to see in the grape arbor.)

    Was the dump his mother’s idea?

    Time to excavate the dump area.

  47. What a beautiful memory. I have many of those with my lil sis. My beautiful lil Deb. Deb was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about 5 or 6 years ago. I spoke to her today about the chase as she is brilliant in her view of the world now. She is my paragym shift my tectonic plate. She is the only person that understands how to switch my signals.
    In her brilliance where she is lost. Her view of the world and how she explains it. Is all done in letters and physics. She then has to explain to me what she means. My Sweet LIttle Deb. A beautiful genius most think is crazy. That only her sister believes and knows what she is talking about. One of the few people I’d travel the four corners of the earth for I love her so.

  48. What a n adorable picture of Mr. Fenn and his brother Skippy. Mr. Fenn is so cute and Heston the drivers seat! Skippy, is waiting his turn.
    The tent in the backyard brings back memories of camping outside with siblings! Fun times for sure!
    Funny how Skippy and Mr. Fenn are facing each other. Great profiles?
    Thank you Mr. Fenn for allowing us in your lifetime of memories, God bless you and your family.
    Thank you also Dal, you do such a great job!♥️

  49. Looking at these two pictures from a “thousand words tells a story concept” I see:

    The cement stairs and slab is a remnant of a past scene. Step onto the portal , if you will this now ,to view a past that once was. The black and white photo is the past scene . View this scene as being in the now , as the characters ,Forrest ( as being searcher-the “As I” ) and older brother, Skippy ( as being Forrest) in this now view.

    From the field view perspective of the characters in the picture , the searcher is going forward towards but just below the shadow “X” ,that is a reflection of a lattice. Forrest (as Skippy) tells the searcher to halt, before they get to or run past and below the “X”.

    “Can you see the grapes growing up on wire to the left? It’s hard to see the wire, but it’s there just the same.”

    Sitting in the car seat, the vine is seen to the left, just slightly behind the searcher. The searcher is traveling straight but just below the “X”. Line up with the vine, the shadows of the swing and then to the “X”, to where they intersect, miss this aligned path and you’ll go right passed the “X”.

    It’s hard to see it, but it’s there just the same. Left the poem and walked right past the chest. Sounds familiar–“just the same”.

    I hear this but I can’t see the grapevine. How much longer……?

    IMO .

  50. So to summarize: I heard it through the grapevine that it’s coming down to the wire — someone is in the driver’s seat heading towards the finish line and “X” marks the spot. But oh brother, there is something blocking the way so they can’t quite “swing it” and maybe they’re feeling a little “down in the dumps.”

      • Please help me. Am I missing something? How does anyone lately know that someone is getting close? We have had searchers stating they have the solution since I’ve been looking the last two years. To me nothing is changed except Forrest is using Dal’s blog to communicate his latest book, Pictures included. Forrest said he has a couple more books ready but doesn’t want to publish another book. With Dal’s gracious assistance, Forrest is putting it out there for our enjoyment. I don’t see any new clues or anything that resembles a hint pointed at anyone’s search. Just exposing a lot more gopher holes.
        IMO the searchers that walked right by the TC and were within 500 feet are searchers from out of country, (New Zealand, England, Australia) , and they haven’t ventured back here again. I’m just sayin.
        Rick Lasttolook

      • Hi Rick: it’s all just playful conjecture — attempts at reading Forrest’s tea leaves, be they black, red or green. The unusual cadence of Scrapbooks (w/o explanation) and Dal’s unexpected fast turn-around back to Santa Fe on Forrest’s request (also w/o explanation) only serves to fuel such speculation.

        Winter has already descended upon some of the four-state search area, so I’d say prospects are low for imminent recovery of the treasure — even if someone has solved all or nearly all of the clues.

        • It is and can only be, conjecture at this point. I have another conjectured analysis of 219 I’m typing up. Why? It’s just fun to do so.

  51. Zap, well, kind of funny . Someone’s missing something, one small thing, just like before-the long ago 200 footer.( all the same) I’m just going by this and other recent SB’s. Someone got it down to the wire but can’t see the wire.

    There’s three pointed directions in the poem , down ,up and below . Down and below are of this in focal point. Perhaps too far down below because the oops on the “up” part. Lol.

    The garbage mention linked in with backing up into a garbage can , is your inference here, Zap? In Backing UP, there were things of value in that garbage can , were there not?

    “Up your creek” line perhaps is somehow a interpretive mistake? Seems possible.

    IMO .

    • Hi Alsetenash: since the 200-footer remarks first appeared at a time when only 2 clues had been solved, I’d say being within 200 feet (whatever that *actually* means) is years away from solving the problem.

      “Backing up” is a fundamental part of the correct solve, in my opinion. (Thus the TTOTC mention of the sounds of a trash truck backing up.) But I admit to being completely perplexed by Forrest’s frequent mentions of trash, garbage and dumps. I doubt anyone thinks that Forrest’s “special place” is at or near any garbage dump!

      • Why would they be ” years away”,Zap ? I mean, time only has relevance when I comes to time spent trying. The “net” means “time” in the word -magnetic. Remove “net” and you have “magic” . Someone could at any moment solve this thing, as if by magic lol.

        Ya, the garbage dump potential is not realistic. There’s literal and figurative meanings in his usage ,I think, One is literal, a garbage can he backed into. The other in here, is likely meaning- don’t throw it all away, or into the garbage- there’s value in it. In some cases, the value increases over time but not currently appraised as a future value and is thrown out ,so on so on.

        Don’t give up on it, it’s valuable?

        IMO .

        • Alsetenash,
          How about this as a guess…maybe a searcher sent Forrest 3 or 4 solves and gave them a shot with botg but nothing came of it? So the searcher emails Forrest and Forrest is saying “don’t trash it, go back”.

          Again just an idea I’m throwing out there. I honestly have no clue about any of this trash talk but it’s interesting.


          • ByGeorge,

            All of what I know ,is less than the sum of what I don’t know. It’s a good thought within many possibilities .

            The next SB is #220. Could be rather ingenious, or not.

            IMO .

          • Alsetenash,

            I’m thinking SB# 220 could be diabolically genius. Or it’s retrieved by then?

            I mean Forrest has been spitting SB’s out like they’re going out of style. Should be an interesting week…or less.


        • Depends on what calendar you are following!

          If you follow a lunar calendar time shifts differently than what we have been forced to follow.
          The true lunar calendar started April 1st, 2019

          If you are following the Book of Enoch The sun rises and sets differently. In 30 day intervals

      • “Why would they be ”years away”, Zap ? I mean, time only has relevance when I comes to time spent trying.”

        I’d say the evidence is before us: hundreds of thousands trying for nearly a decade, and those few fortunate enough to solve the first two clues in 2012 or 2013 got no further than that in the 2 or 3 years that followed. Clearly the third clue is one bottleneck. And even the few who “may” have solved 4 clues — now coming up on 4 years ago (!) — have so far failed to finish it off. I’d say the puzzle is designed very well indeed, and apparently solving one clue is no guarantee that those that follow will fall like dominoes.

        • Zap, that’s a reasonable analysis , given the information available from in the past. It’s all been analyzed well for the next mortal lol.

          They may have not known they had, may not havebeen there because they were searching (aberration). Etc . Etc. The first stanza “sounds like 3 or 4” clues…you know the quotes better than I can remember.

          He’s never updated this scenario since. Except for
          “I don’t know that anybody has told me the clues in the right order.”

          To me this is a very big thing he said. Now this is for the clues meanings since he said ” in the right order”. It’s not merely what are the 9 clues because they are contiguous! He means their meanings! Theretofore, there at least two clues that can possibley be similar( or interchanged) in their interpretation. As one clues thought of meaning may actually be the meaning a different clue meaning and visa versa ,to FF. Hence, the wrong order! This quote said above, was said in 2017.

          A little bit of pasta with your chilli? Is it still a chilli?

          I dunno, just an idea. IMO

          • If I go to a chili cook off and eat some chili pasta and like it I’m not goin to be the one congregating in the corner causing a stink because it had pasta in it. Nor would i give a rats bottom to hear someones take on it if they didn’t try it because it had pasta in it. If it taste good then who cares if it had a odd appearance or a little off the status quo
            A poor man has poor ways
            .A poor man that has rich ways is disappointed most of the time .
            A rich man with poor ways wont be rich very long.
            A man that considers money as riches is probably to busy causing a stink about the Good chili to see that a Jewish pope has resurrected someone by the authority of THE ONE LOVING GOD ..and saved a Muslim couples baby so ssshhhh . Talk about opening a can of worms over r amen chili..

          • “The first stanza “sounds like 3 or 4” clues…”

            (No doubt you meant second.) We have a little more confidence than just the one reply to the reporter “Sounds like 3 or 4 to me.”

            MW Q&A (7/4/2014): “You told a reporter that there are three or four clues in the second stanza. Were you telling the truth? ~Alison R”

            FF: “I don’t know what it is about girls but when I say something they automatically ask if I’m lying. Shame on you Allison R. I promise you that I get more things right than most reporters. If you were here I would make you take a dose of castor oil. Besides, if I lied to the reporter what makes you think I would tell you the truth?

            “Sorry Alison, I’m off my soap box now. No, I was not lying but I don’t remember a reporter asking me such a question.f”

            I don’t see much of a loophole for “No, I was not lying.” In other words, “I don’t remember saying it, but if I did, I wasn’t lying.”

            Re: “I don’t know that anybody has told me the clues in the right order” (from the Lure post-screening Q&A), it’s certainly thought-provoking. I see no way for anyone to screw up the order of the first two clues, but I can imagine cases with later clues where, say, one searcher’s “water high” might be another searcher’s “blaze.”

          • Zap, yes, I meant the “second stanza” not the first stanza.

            Within that quote of sounds like 3 or 4 clues; that makes it from there , they walked right past the chest…. Then we have the wrong order of the clues, perhaps in geographic meaning application to a clue allocation. That it is correct but for another clue line -correct to another clue line meaning; though the wrong is the right in its meaning for another clue. Missed by the interchange.

            It’s like these SB’s. Lots of “John’s” but not all persons referenced are really named John. There’s times it’s just a generic usage.

            IMO .

        • Zap,

          I’m no genius, but if ya ask me, I’d have to say punctuation matters! It’ll make ya think and make ya work for it…

          I think.


          • ByGeorge: punctuation in general, or punctuation in the poem?

            THOR forum (8/14/2018): “Fenn clarifies – as discussed in chat – Does the semi-colon have specific meaning for the correct solve? If so, what?”

            FF: “No. f”

            “Does punctuation have significance in solving the poem? If so, what?”

            FF: “No. f”

  52. If you cannot see it now. You are never going to see it. I’ve been at it for weeks and found the answers. What is going on? All these scrapbooks lately point in one direction and one direction only. The only direction. They reaffirm a very specific place over and over again and again If they cannot figure it out they do not deserve it. Why is he helping them so much? For those of us that do know it just confirms it further. So why all of these new clues? Very specific ones. It’s as if an urgency is involved. I hope ff is okay. I was concerned several Scrapbooks ago. Now I am really anxious for him.

    • IMO after 10 years if only one person JD gotten this close they absolutely deserve it. I just wish it was me lol

    • Donna,

      There are approximately 350,000 people efforting this enigma. I think big foot has it! Good luck and stay safe.


      • In the picture or from where you was or were standing. Your words have confidence mixed with knowledge so I will have to re-per sieve that bush in the background man that sure is a nice pond there too it looks like in front of the bush am I seeing that correctly now ?

        • Traveler,

          I’ve seen a few sage bushes, a George Bush, a Billy Bush, and a few spooky bushes around Halloween.

          As for the pond, I really need a new pair of glasses Traveler. I’ll need my magnifying glass. I’ll be back soon, my new prescription will be done in 10 days so I’ll go pick me glasses up then.


  53. Another old car in a photo.
    Many of FF stories have photo’s, drawings or references to old cars. I think an old car, truck, logging car or train car will be part of the solve.
    As always, IMO.

  54. Ah, I see what he’s doing . Forget emails, he reads Dal’s blog. The flurry of SBs creates a furry of readership and searcher posts. He reads them and perhaps gives nods to specific posters in following SBs. Fair game for everyone. This could be a crock or a tube snake boogie. There’s a bit of a dance going on here.

    For example: there are 3 pastors and one of them ***also*** has a beard and he’s from Texas. Referring to ZZTop:

    Posters mentioned:

    She’s got legs ( woman’s leg ((one of two she likely has))’sketch in recent SB)
    Sharp Dressed Man ( nattily dressed guy- recent and prior SB)

    ” He also bearded”- Forrest is not ( also ) bearded.

    Flame me on the “that’s too gray” in what I say, but that’s his style of ambiguity that I always see. But a “wink” is with only one eye, not two. If you blink and you may miss the hints. There’s many like this.

    May mean nothing and he’s poking fun at this.

    Boogie woogie all night long lol.

    IMO .

  55. I’ll take some guesses at this one…

    – Kidd was a colonel
    – holding me back = fetter(man)
    – 1932 Ford B
    – wonder = marvel
    – Wire + run-over = weir
    – excavate the dump = Go (game, encircle)
    – dump in Temple = Bullseye Lane
    – strung = any part of sum, totally totaled
    – grape vine = Quincy… but also, quince = 15. Quincy = #5.
    – arbor = windlass (St. Elmo)
    – swing = rock
    – 1930 = a date stamp format that gets chased into rocks (just guessing)
    – photo of a slab = scant

  56. Whoever poured the steps sure must be proud. They still look great after all them years. Forrest, did you and your family pour them steps?

  57. I’ve sat on those very steps… oh the thoughts that ran through my head… I wanted to see where it all began for Forrest and us…. truly a moment to remember….

  58. Really a good perspective here! I always wondered why skippy is behind the glass in many of the pictures in ttotc. The big shadowy X behind skippy stands out but what about the ladder under the swing? From a perspective the picture looks like a different angle of teachers with ropes from the book; where the youngster is looking at man in car windshield.
    Through the veil I cannot see; but I can remember and know who’s on the other side!
    Skippys hand at the hood ornament makes me think of the Rolls Royce’s flying lady in silver; or old lady justice. Imo

  59. I love going back and re-reading these scrapbooks and I thank Forrest for sharing them with us. That is a pretty sweet ride you got there ! They don’t make toys like that anymore.

  60. If you try to look close, FF shows his true color from time to time.
    I just think he hides it better than most.

  61. Looks like young Mr. Fenn was preparing himself for “The Bullet”. Unfortunately, the younger vehicle and both “Bullets” are gone.

  62. The fence in the background still looks the same. Some things were just built to stand the test of time.

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