Art of the Chase…


by Sacha


I had to share this with you.

sachapaintIt is a painting, made by Rick’s grandson, Eli. Eli is 6 years old.

This is Eli’s very first painting.  On the left is Rick, and on the right is Eli.  They are both holding shovels.  Between them is a tree.  Below the tree is a red box.  According to Eli, that is “the” treasure.

Jason and I were on a video call with Rick when Eli came into the room to share his first masterpiece with his papa.

It is amazing how children can view life in such simple terms.

I asked Rick if I can borrow Eli for my next BOTG. He has this thing figured out.


image1 1

Rick added this new photo of Eli’s painting and the following comment about it:

When I took the picture Eli was signing the painting, I guess he wasn’t done signing it because he added the 6 to it after I took the picture for Sacha.

Sacha Johnston is a long time searcher.
She has a YouTube Channel devoted to the search.

Rick is IllinoisGho$t and has both a Blog and a YouTube Channel.

By the way…Eli is auctioning his one-of-a-kind artwork of eBay. Monies go directly to his college fund…Click HERE.







34 thoughts on “Art of the Chase…

  1. That is simply priceless. And it honestly is the best idea I’ve heard on the blogs. Can you ask him how deep to go? In thinking about it 2 ft would be easy, but beyond that might be challenging. He did bury his bells at 3 ft I think.

  2. Did Forrest tell you to post this? Obviously after the last post on here about emailing Forrest, I won’t ever again….so…I think I can at least ask if Forrest wanted this posted or not…

    Can you tell all of us on here Dal? Thanks.

  3. Aww… this is soo awesome Rick! Grandkids are the best! And I bet you are the Best Grand Pa! Thanks for sharing Sacha!

  4. Ya just gotta love little imaginations! I have a folder with my share of great art-worthy drawings. Warms your heart. And as they describe their masterpiece with vivid excitement you just gotta melt.

    Great job Eli. Keep up the hard work and if you can do us all a favor Rick, give that boy a high 5 for me and please do ask the young man if he can draw us all some stick figures? I think Eli has a special talent and a bright future!


    • I agree. I’ve been a believer for a while now that the chest sits inside the base of a tree. IMO.

  5. Cute painting of grandfather and grandson spending time looking for the treasure chest. Eli, you should be proud of your painting. I like it.

  6. Big shout out to Eli. I think he’s a genius at 6. I can see an easel, a few brushes and a pedestal under a tree. What more could elevate a kids spirits than that.

    • Well dos y do, after closer examination I think theres a touch of hidden code in that masterpiece. I vote for Eli to be the next olympic torch bearer.

  7. This Is an excellent first painting Eli. The texture here is especially appealing and you’ve captured the spirit of the treasure chest well. Make sure you save everything you create.

  8. Thanks for posting this Dal
    I was video chatting with Jason and Sacha when Eli brought it to me, I now wish we were doing a live show at the time so everyone could have heard his description of his painting.

    Awesome job Big Guy!

  9. Haven’t you folks figured it out by now? Forrest love’s Kids. Sacha knows that Forrest loves to see children express them selves, in only a way children can. Forrest has the gift of having an inner child to wonder at the simple things we tend to forget. That’s why Forrest has always said a child could figure out the meaning of his poem. They keep things simple. A child substitutes imagination for the lack of knowledge they have yet to accumulate. That’s the reason for all the hints Forrest has issued in scrapbooks. He needs to feed us imagination to help us overcome our disability of our lose of imagination, and our tendency to use logic to supplement that lack. Thank you Sacha, Dal, and especially Forrest. Hope fully we all can reawaken that inner child again.

  10. If you guys like coincidences, take a look at a children’s show “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” season 3 episode 12. You won’t regret it, it’s a spinoff from Mr. Rogers.

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