Scrapbook Two Hundred Nineteen…


October, 2019


Good food times in SF

Today is Saturday, October the 26th and that means it’s chili cook-out time at Christ Church in Santa Fe. I attended the event last year and that experience demanded that I not miss it this one, The temp is above 50, the sun is shining full bloom, and the wind is naught but a wisp. So I drove about 15 blocks down hill to the church. The parking lot was packed, so I had to walk a short distance past an antique car show to get in.

That church must be the friendliest place in the whole country. Two of the 3 pastors worked their way through the crowd to shake my hand. One of them was John Standridge. He’s originally from Kerrville, Texas so we had to talk about BBQ. He’s also bearded and I couldn’t let that pass without a comment. But then to the chili line. 

Twenty-two crock pots were all lined up in a row. They were full of 22 different kinds of chili, all plugged in and steaming hot. I read some of the labels: beef, chicken, buffalo, “meat,” glutton free, and green. I’m sure each recipe was a very closely guarded family secret.

 My plan was to check each one. It was a contest to see who was the best chili cook, and I planned to vote. The first pot I tried had some thin white pasta things in it. I never saw pasta in chili before and I’m sure the chili purists would disapprove. Anyway, I put a little in my bowl and sat down to eat. When no one was looking I removed a Tabasco bottle from my pocket and sprinkled some on. 

The pasta chili was good, really good and a little of it just made me hungrier. So back in the line I pretended to walk up and down checking out the other 21 crocks, knowing full well that I would end up back the #5 crock, the pasta chili crock. Heck with the contest, I was seriously focused and not at all interested in being distracted. I don’t know who made that pasta chili but I’d like to put her on my Christmas card list.

The other 299 people who passed past the crock line depleted the respective pots pretty fast, and as soon as one got low it was quickly filled again.

There were other things to eat also, like veggy queso, corn bread, green and red salsa with chips, regular “mac and cheese,” sour cream, and beans “cooked in tequila & beer.” I hope somebody around there had a liquor license. A volunteer wandered through the tables carrying large pitchers of ice water. 

A bunch of costumed little kids were running around everywhere, a few being chased by their moms who were also in costume. It was a recipe for chaos but it wasn’t. It was just fun. I think the kid contest was won by Zoro, but the adult contest was much more complex. The serious competitors were 3 ladies wearing huge hats made of feathers, leaves, and something else. My favorite had dangerous looking red hair under a pull-down feather fedora. It was a rather striking ensemble. The runner up was a young-looking middle-aged woman who had really short green hair. She was soothing to look at so I just watched her. 

A few dogs of carryable size were there also. I checked them out and decided that none were as cute as Willie. 

My path to the door was almost blocked by the dessert trough. I didn’t even want to think about it because I was totally totaled out.

Everything was free and the caterers were all church volunteers. Those people really know how to put on a do. You have to love that Christ Church. I have friends and a daughter who attend services there regularly. Maybe I’ll start going more often. 

The way to my car took me through the antique auto show. About 20 were being shown off, and it was interesting. One silver thing was so low that if you were riding in it down the road your jockey shorts would be about 8” above the asphalt. A speck of dust would not dare land on that thing. I asked the owner if it would go 500 miles an hour, and he said, “not with me in it.”

My favorite though was a strikingly blue 1956 Ford Thunderbird. It had a V-8 engine with 255 horse power. There were only 15,631 made and it sold new for $3,151. 

I drove home in my dirty Jeep Grand Cherokee. It was made in the USA in June of 2011. It says on the side that its trail rated and I’m not completely sure what that means. The odometer reads 19,139 miles. The right-side mirror is broken and the back-left tire is 2 pounds low. I have no idea how many horsepower the engine has and I don’t even care. That car has always taken me there and brought me back again. We’re a team, and that’s all that matters to me. f






224 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Nineteen…

    • I’ll jump in for grins and a smile.

      – Chili is a homophone of “chilly”, and it’s worth the cold. I am ignoring Chili, NM for the time being.
      – Gluttony is a sin. Gluten is a sin for those with celiac disease, probably needing one to pray to the patron saint of the gut (St. Elmo).
      – To be zorro is to be clever, like a fox. To be Zoro is a different thing all together.
      – Christ Church is on Don Gaspar Ave. Casper, WY is also the same name, originating as one of the three wise men, the Gypsy Magi from their Magi nation likely of Persia and steeped in Zoroastrianism.
      – Speaking of Zoroastrianism, the cosmic egg of Orphism was taken as the raw material for the alchemical magnum opus in early Greek alchemy. The first stage of the process of producing the philosopher’s stone, i.e., nigredo (not to be confused with “Negrito” in TTOTC on p86), was identified with chaos. Because of association with the Genesis creation narrative, where “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters” (Gen. 1:2), Chaos was further identified with the classical element of Water. Plato also referred to Orphics. Orpha is a town name in Wyoming.
      – To beard is to confront someone boldly, or to be brave.
      – Macaroni is a pasta whose name comes from barley, like beer, and Yankee Doodle with feather hats and such. Seems the grain is secret and important literature, a bit like a cacher in the rye.
      – 19139 is a prime. A prime meridian in geography = 0 degrees longitude.
      – 3151 is divisible by 23, another prime, and a recurring number in Forrest’s stories.
      – Kerrville is Brownsborough.
      – 15631 is the zip code of “Ever”son, PA. It’s “main street” is named “Brown Street”.
      – A “do” is also a “levee”.
      – Jockeys are briefs, which is how long one is to tarry. A block is a slab. So is a scant.
      – A plan is a plot. It’s also a “blueprint”.
      – Peacock blue is the color of the car he mentions, which is ironic considering blue does not exist if you grind up a peacock’s feathers. Of all the blues mentioned throughout the book and scrapbooks and posts elsewhere, my favorite is “blueprint”.
      – Crock is a soot stain. “Sympathetic stain” is what George Washington called his invisible ink.
      – But why is he calling out the frijoles borrachos? Is he suggesting alcohol is needed to expose something?
      – A Bichon Frisé is a curly haired lapdog. A handcart is also carryable, if Willie was ok with handcarts.
      – Avery Island, Louisiana, is formerly known as le Petite Anse (Little Cove). There is an Alcova, WY (Arabic for “vault”), and there is a Goose Egg, WY (anser), which makes a fine “yoke”.
      – Again with the Christmas reference, this time with a card instead of “Natalie”-dressed.
      – Being totally totaled is like any part of sum being better than no part of any. Sum stuff isn’t really adding up.
      – Being trail rated is what emigrants crossing Wyoming were when they were “seeing the elephant”, or “slon” in Russian. Their path was blocked by the desert where finding a “dessert trough” was unlikely.
      – If SF is Santa Fe, is “mac and cheese” KD?

        • Amy, we’re on peat and repeat. All of this has been said in different ways in the passed past.

          Like “meat” is “mete” and Borders (metes and bounds) for example.

          • That’s a giant ball of string you’ve collected there, E.C.

            I have another piece of string if you’d like it.

            There’s a Christchurch in New Zealand.

            New Zeal Land? Or perhaps…like Verdun…a piece of Newsy Land? Which could explain why the finder will want to tell all about it. eXtra…eXtra?

            Don’t ask me. I’m just spitballin’. Or spitting and balling…as occasion permits. :/

          • JC1117, Verdun suggests “fort” to me. I think “Christ Church” is just the manger (trough) setting to stage the story he’s framing.

          • What an absolutely breathtaking place, Lisa.

            I loved watching that. Makes me wish I was There. I love those movies.

            Thanks for sharing.

      • E.C. Waters – Forrest wrote:

        “..the wind is naught but a wisp.”

        That ‘naught’ means Zero and then there’s the spookiness of the Halloween Jack-O-Lantern (John the Pastor as the light?), also known as a Will-O’-the-Wisp:

        The will-o’-the-wisp is a flame-like phosphorescence caused by gases from decaying plants in marshy areas. … The light was first known, and still also is, as ignis fatuus, which in Latin means “foolish fire.” Eventually, the name will-o’-the-wisp was extended to any impractical or unattainable goal.


      • Dang, you folks are so smart, the only thing that came to my mind (and stomach) about Tabasco was C-Rats and MRE’s. I remember well when we transitioned from C-Rats to the MRE. Great Scott I thought…what if there was none of that secret sauce to spice up those new-fangled meals.

        For a few minutes it was downright panic, but alas it was all for naught, there indeed was Tabasco in the new-fangled meals. Sadly, years later that wonderful sauce was deleted from the menu, and today I don’t even know if it ever reappeared.

        • Forgotten MREs Tabasco, this is panic here. The elixer of life. How would they do that.
          I’m gonna have to go chase something now.

      • In 194 On Sept 1, agent R.W. Ogle handed the final orders of the line to conductor Henry Willis who next gave the signal to engineer Charles A Amell.
        And the train rolled out of the City of the Holy Faith carrying 20 paying passengers in 2 coaches, three freight cars, and one baggage-mail car…all pulled by Engine No. 470 AK-28. The narrow gauge arrived in Antonio 18 minutes late, but that didnt really matter because the Santa Fe branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) , affectionately called the Chili Line…had become history. 😉

      • Hello E.C.,
        I’ve been enjoying all of your comments for as long as I have been in this Chase and have had time to read the blogs. Unfortunately, I have missed a lot due to life’s obligations. Geez, I take my off the ball for a couple of weeks and come back and find 9 more scrapbooks that I need to catch up on. Thanks for all of your input that helps me to catch up.

        “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is E.C., and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28–30

      • E.C. Waters – On Peacock feathers, and those Birds of Paradise ones, and on fly tying, and on obsession:

        Great presentation! Great book! Putting a feather in your cap can be costly. So were Beaver top hats, back in the same day. Women were oblivious to the environmental ramifications of their feathered hat fashion choices, also. Fly fishermen beware of inadvertently buying stolen historic hackle!

    • good to hear your enjoying your life sounds like a tasty good day. ty for sharing your thoughts. jeff burch and titan

  1. Forrest I am in West Yellowstone and it snowed this morning. Well so the park closed so We went to IMAX and I was so SURPRISED to hear the word CHAOS in the movie about yellowstone! The narrator said Yellowstone began in CHAOS! Here you said it again!

  2. Fantastic! I am so happy for you!
    Amazingly, I went to hike at La Luz trail this afternoon and when I got back home at 5:30pm my wife had made chili! I ate two bowls to finish it. I kid you not.

  3. 56 Was a good year for Ford, But the best came out in 57. The chili must have been good, but if you had to add tobasco then you need to get back to Texas for some great chili Forrest.

  4. Suddenly I didn’t feel like such a loser. I drive a 2011 named Sparkle with almost 109,023 miles. Thanks, Forrest.

    • .Not to brag but my 2002 named Cloud purrs like a big cat with 314k. It runs chili in the winter and hot in the summer. I pray to God everytime I get in and thank Jesus everytime I get out.

  5. Forrest, could you be more specific about the location of the Christ Church? There are several with similar names. I would like to visit it. Is it Catholic?

  6. Old cars are the best!! I’ve recently located the 1965 Ford Mustang my grandfather bought new off the lot for $2800. The current owner has promised to let me make him an offer when he decides to sell. Can you imagine how cool it would be to get that car back? It was Rangoon Red. Even the color sounds fast!!

  7. Forrest, do you know if the chili you like was Cincinnati Chili? They put that chili over spaghetti.

    My god mother has a ‘56 Ford Thunderbird. She might have bought it new. Last I knew it was still in her garage. She has a nephew that drives it around the block every few months and changes the oil each year. Not sure what engine is in it, but she has both the hardtop and convertible top for it.

    • Yes! It’s the best. I make it when the Packers Play the Seahawks. It’s extremely popular in Wisconsin.

      • Yes, Cincinnati chili is delicious, usually loaded up with shredded cheddar cheese on top.

  8. The 55-56 T-birds are among my all-time favorite cars. I especially like the two-tone off-white/cream and turquoise color combo. And I occasionally watch the car auction shows on TV to get a glimpse back in time when cars were cars, though there are many good ones nowadays too.


  9. My goodness, there’s a lot of extra ‘kick’ in this one. A few tricks, a few treats, spiced numb with numbers. These are a planned process ; many SBs are rolled up into this one-many are. 22, twenty two-ok, who’s the genius?

    IMO .

    • Alsetenash,

      Forrest Fenn is the genius. Pay attention to the guiding light….LEAD SEARCHER.


      • Thats crazy that you say what I asked before I left for a nightly walk to the cemetery . I did not come across ST. Elmo tonight or any other lights so I suppose I might just go to the bridge and throw a line in ..

    • 2 2…….Let’s dance. Ballet anyone?

      My calves and toes HURT just thinking about it.


    • Alsetenash – Did you note on my SB#18 post, about Diggin Gypsy and her sisters going on the hunt with Nick in the snow, that Charissa took a pic of the THUNDERBIRD at Legend Rock in Thermopolis, WY? It’s just after the one where it looks like they were at Cable Car Run and Riverside in YNP. And that’s all on the same article series that begins with the picture of Forrest in the pedal car with Skippy in front of him at the old homestead in Temple, TX.

      Coincidentally, my fly fishing librarian friend made us great chili for lunch today. No pasta in it, though, Forrest. But you know I am Italian; and somewhat spicy. And the 5th letter of the alphabet is ‘E’. And one royal ‘E’ lady with Red Hair has been historically known to be dangerous. And then there’s the little Red Haired girl in Rockwell’s “Marbles Champion”.

      And Forrest, you wrote:

      “It was a receipt for chaos but it wasn’t.”

      Did you mean ‘recipe’ and not ‘receipt’? Or, were you referring to the retrieval of the bronze chest and not the kids running around at the event?

      And what car did you own, in the Summer of 2009-10, when you were 79-80? A different ‘Sedan’ than your Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, which was ‘born’ in June of 2011? Did you trade that previous car in? How many miles did it have on it? Did you perhaps drive it into a deep hole in the Madison River, to use it as rip-rap to stabilize the stream bank? They did that here on the Big Wood River, below the Hemingway House, back in the day. Some cars have been since removed, but some are still there. A few train cars are still in that river, too, further downstream, serving the same purpose.

      • Lisa Cesari. I have not read your post you reference,sorry. Please do elucidate for me on the gist of your point please. 🙂

        • Alsetenash – Just following the threads that I see n all the recently posted scrapbooks. As you say you are doing.

          I noticed you didn’t have a hood ornanent on your pedal car in SB#18, Forrest. Vintage and Classic cars often have those. Like this 1956-7(?) Red Corvette does:

          Thinking of dyeing my hair red and wearing a wildly feathered fedora. And buying back the Red 1963 Ferrari Lusso, that my Uncle restored and sold. I will never forgive him for that.

          And my lucky number has always been 22.

          • Ya, these rapid fire SB’s are of a different dimension to the chase.
            #1 poem/books
            #2 map/ geography
            #3 SBs- the final exam-ination.

            Multiply choices in these SBs.

            This is an amazing curriculum!

            IMO .

        • Alsetenash – Read that caption. Could that steel cable you can’t see be the ‘wire’ that Forrest said is hard to see but there, holding up the grape vine in that arbor?

          Now I am hearing, “I heard IT through the grapevine…” in my head, and thinking of early telegraph and telephone lines in YNP.

      • Lisa, you said “ And the 5th letter of the alphabet is ‘E’. And one royal ‘E’ lady with Red Hair has been historically known to be dangerous.” the court of Queen Elizabeth 1st was no place for the meek.”

      • Charlie Brown was in love with the little red haired girl.

        Charles Schulz has a book with 299 quotes in it. One is : I know the answer! The answer lies within the heart of all mankind! The answer is twelve? I think I’m in the wrong building.

        The 299th quote is: “Nella vita non raccogli ciò che semini, raccogli ciò che curi.”
        ― Charles Monroe Schulz
        (In life, you don’t collect what you sow, you collect what you care for.”
        Charles Monroe Schulz)

        And of course everyone equates Charlie Brown with Christmas and Halloween.

  10. f,

    Kerrville is a great town. Very close to Fredericksburg. They throw a great Oktoberfest. I used to visit often when I was stationed at Fort Hood. Come to think of it, I used to visit Temple as well, as I was dating a lady at the all girls college there. God blessed Texas.


  11. This scrapbook makes me want some chili. I don’t see the hints but always enjoy the stories.

  12. If by the .01% chance what I sent him was the correct solve, I’m not going to this specific location until May of next year. Sorry Forrest, my help doesn’t want to go until then.

  13. Thanks Forrest;

    Sounds like you had a great day of Chili tastin’ and car lookin’. What more could a guy ask for. Pasta and chili sounds interesting – JDA

  14. Wow… yes a “rabbit hole ” for sure! Lots of “John’s” in his post’s laity. ??? Is it just a coincidence,or is John the lead searcher?

    • Given today’s use of John Standridge, the hint could be describing Custer’s Last Stand Ridge (“the end is ever drawing ‘nye'”) at Little Bighorn, and the mysterious “John” pattern could be garryowen (Irish for John’s Garden), if Auld Bessie is correct. It would then make sense why he references the 7th Cavalry on p136, and the mention of a dragoon bracelet.

      • Further suggested by the crazy hats, this is known as “millinery”, and likely why Forrest named his hat “mildew”. Millinery is a homophone for “millinary”, a thousand years, something with which we are to dance.

        Califorina Joe Milner was Chief Scout for Custer. “Well, here’s Moses”. His full name was Moses Embree Milner. Embrear is Spanish “to tar”. And Sitting Bull’s peace pipe could suggest “go in peace”. I also think “fizzy” and “Phizi” are interesting. I have some studying to do since I haven’t thought of MT much.

    • Lots of grapes and vines and Jill Wines lately. Grapevine Creek battle at Bighorn. They made 23 defensive structures in horseshoe formations and it was ended by a man named Stump Horn. For some reason this reminds me of Forrest standing over 23 Tree Stumps.

    • Maybe the lead searcher is a female with a name related to John – maybe Jane (as in John and Jane Doe). (Or a version of Jane.)

  15. I love these Scrapbooks. What an interesting life you have had. Every story you tell is a treasure in and of itself.

  16. Well, I for one, will be interested to hear what Zaphod had to say about all this chili talk.

    • Or we can start without him.

      The three Graces. But which of the 3 is the one that is winning and which does Fenn prefer? Euphrosyne wins the festival day of course and she’s not as interesting to Forrest as she once might have been. Thalia is the one he is focused on with her short green hair.

  17. funny…i have a jeep grand cherokee, too….it got us there and back, notwithstanding the darn yellow-bellied marmot stowaway that ate through the brake line.

    • IMO The little ground squirrels, Pack Rats or chipmunks are the culprits, they always eat all the wiring and hoses… I don’t think a Marmot would do such a thing but I was wrong once… have you searched Marmot Creek, perhaps there is your connection

  18. A dessert trough doesn’t sound appetizing but maybe it was full of ice-cream. Generally church functions are pot luck so interesting there was one big trough.

  19. Is it sad that I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean and still glued to the chase? Something reminds me of the redhead with the rollers in her hair. Red and green. Hmmm.

  20. Interested in only one selection of chilli, ( one of a kind) and back for seconds. Pasta in chilli is likened to be minestrone. IMO .

  21. Mine is a 2004 with 180,000 Chevy wish it was a Ford been a pain sense day 3 almost 8 or 9 years ago . Chili sounds good maybe I’ll make a batch of my 45 min Skillet Chili tomorrow

  22. Forrest,
    Curious, who won the adult custom contest?
    Thanks for the SB’s, they’re entertaining.

      • Well Bless Bess. Ya see there Chasers, less E-mails to read equates to more time for Forrest on the blogs and more time with his marvel gaze, Peggy Jean!

        Always thinking about you two, Sir.


        • For all to seek =
          4 to 4 to seek
          4242 seek
          FF seekers

          One of a kind!

          How about this one…
          Your effort will be worth the cold?

          If you find FF you are Victorious. Take that V and replace the “ff” in effort with your “V” and what do you have? You have EVORT. Now what does that spell backwards? Yup…TROVE!

          Man this has been one crazy journey.


          • Ok how about this for a guess…

            Maybe the 2 colophons(horseshoes?) ….if you get a ringer in horseshoes it’s 3 points. So 2 ringers is 3+3=6=f

            That could be a stretch but think about it…just musing is all.


    • I see it takes a kid to win the contest, Zorro riding up on Billy the Kid, perhaps he is not as dumb as he looks, the Goats that is…..

  23. Eric D,
    John 3:16
    John the Baptist
    John = toilet
    John Wayne..Mrs Cogburn

    And there’s even a famous movie from back in the 70’s that featured a famous Catholic. And no, it wasn’t Festus(Curtis Wayne Gates)…naahhh. No way.

    Many Johns and many Does. Two can keep that secret if one is dead…John Doe.


      • Jmeils,

        I’m so lost right now. I’ll be lucky to find my way home from the laundromat! But yes, Jane can be included. CSI has nothing on you Jmeils!

        I could use a good flogging right about now…just sayin!


  24. For the purist, pasta in chili is sacrilegious, but I bet it was hearty and comforting. So is fellowship amongst some non-threatening and friendly Christians—who don’t even make the connection when you ask if their car goes 500 miles an hour. There’s gold there, Forrest, in the canyon down.

    • I would love a 3 Musketeers Bar Right Now… it sounds like “Zorro rides to the Mission # Christ Church” Perhaps the “Kid Zorro” might find the Treasure before the evil Monastario does.. Monastario rode “King” a beautiful white/silver horse. I once owned a beautiful chestnut quarter horse named Beau when I worked on the Lazy 3x, back in 1986… It sounds Like Forrest had such an awesome day… That’s Great!! Giddy Up!

    • Hi Diggin Gypsy
      Do you have it in the bag yet or should I say crockpot
      I don’t know if I can wait 8 months for the snow to
      melt.Darn snow came early this year.nice to see
      you back on Dels blog again.Clint

      • Well I think I’m in the finals with a few others. Why is Cynthia so quite did she sneak back out there and did she dye her hair green hahaha

        • Hi Diggin Gypsy
          I don’t think Cynthia has a clue,she is all over
          the place but that’s why Forrest called it the
          chase IMO Clint

  25. That sounds like a real fun day Forrest and far more fun than my daily rituals. I could go for a cookout even though I’m not particularly fond of chill. Did you get to all 22? I could see that would take some time. I personally think that would be a bit over the top too. Then again you are kinda over the top in all that you do. Have an amazing evening and thank you for the continued entertainment you provide!

  26. That church is just a little over a mile from Fenn’s home.
    Definitely “Not far, but too far to walk.”..

  27. I never heard of pasta chili but would be willing to try it. If you know the recipe Forrest, please post it. Hope you do go to the Christ Church more often.

  28. Sounds like you had a wonderful night out. Your story makes us all wish we were there, too!

  29. Ec, Zoro means dawn, and don’t forget about the trough.
    You did good.
    This is a good scrapbook.

  30. Dear Forrest,

    You deserved a big break.
    Good for you! Glad you enjoyed a day celebrating life away from the treasure hunt with good food, nice folks, and beautiful autumn weather.

    I’m not sharp enough to process all you just said or Zoro in on hints, but my heart is lighter knowing you were outdoors enjoying life.

    All the best,

  31. I love chili cook offs. If there’s good food to be had, I’m there. But twenty-two flavors is a lot to choose from. I don’t know if I could pick just one. I’d probably have to try 3 or 4. And that yummy dessert trough, I get hung-up at that table every time. Now I need a cookie.

    Thank you for sharing your stories.


  32. Great to see Forrest is getting out and about. A good Chili bowl to eat is wonderful soul food when the weather turns cold, best while sitting next to the fire in my arm chair.

    Thanks for sharing all your interesting Outings.


  33. Mr Fenn,

    I’m a firm believer my dad just might make the best chili I’ve ever had. You won’t even need that tobasco bottle. It packs a decent punch without hot sauce, unless you just like the flavor of Tobasco. This year I convinced him to add some of the Carolina Reaper peppers he grows. Talk about 5 Alarm Chili!

    If I’m lucky enough to find your chest, I’ll bring you some. Sealed of course! He boils the jars to seal them.

  34. A good way to spend a Saturday. Never had pasta chili, but it reminds me a little of pasta fazool. Glad you brought your Tabasco sauce to add the right amount of heat. How hot do you like your chili and other foods?

  35. Sounds like a great day to get out and enjoy some chili, cars, and conversation. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I think it’s so funny you brought your own Tobasco…and used it when no one was looking. I would have needed one whole pitcher of that ice water just for myself!

  36. Isn’t it funny how one dish can be prepared in such a variety of ways yet still be called the same thing? Kind of like your poem Mr Fenn – you know the exact recipe and steps to the end but it has been interpreted in 1000s of ways. And so far, it hasn’t been proven that ANYONE interprets it like you do. I say proven because the chest is still where you put it.
    I think these flurry of scrapbooks suggest that you may be trying to influence or rather, encourage, someone. I hope they get the chance to put their BOTG soon but I wonder how this community will deal with the end of the chase? Will the retriever be celebrated or hated? Will you help them with what to ‘do’ with the chest?

  37. Hi Forrest
    Thanks again for such a wonderful story and all the details.I think you
    should just put a flag there.RRrr Maties Clint

  38. **Disclaimer- I accidentally posted this in a convo above. Forgive the double post.**

    In 1944 On Sept 1, agent R.W. Ogle handed the final orders of the line to conductor Henry Willis who next gave the signal to engineer Charles A Amell.
    And the train rolled out of the City of the Holy Faith carrying 20 paying passengers in 2 coaches, three freight cars, and one baggage-mail car…all pulled by Engine No. 470 AK-28. The narrow gauge arrived in Antonio 18 minutes late, but that didnt really matter because the Santa Fe branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RGW) , affectionately called the Chili Line…had become history.

  39. It is a full time job to connect all these dots, but what a beautiful contemporary Church. Whoever built it must be proud.

    • Joe Sheeran – Any relation to Frank Sheeran, “The Irishman”?:

      I had to ask. We are talking about putting pasta in chili, Dal, after all. Shameless plug for my good friend, Charlie Brandt, the local Sun Valley author of the book that the awesome Martin Scorcese movie is based upon. I bet Charlie could do a great interview to get some answers out of Forrest. Looks like he found out what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

      Lots of connections all around Forrest and me, both, for famous and influential movie directors:

      Martin Scorcese
      Clint Eastwood
      George Lucas
      Steven Spielberg

      That could come in handy, if the bronze chest is found, Douglas Preston and Dal. Wink.

      • No.
        And lest you think that is the only word that I know, Frank Sheeran had nothing to do with Jimmy Hoffa’s murder. Sadly, he was a failed bagman for the Philly mob and decided that a false claim to infamy was better than an inglorious, anonymous end in prison. Of course, I can’t wait to see the movie. I once had to deal with a similar character who falsely claimed to be able to lead searchers to the location of Mr. Hoffa’s body. Against my advice, he got a day out of prison, managed to destroy a swimming pool, and wasted many people’s time for his 15 minutes of infamy.

        *I have read about skiing at Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. I would love to go to Sun Valley to ski or hike and reflect on Sheeran’s history with Mr. Brandt someday. In the meantime, please tell him to keep looking.
        *I do claim Ed Sheeran though.

        • Joe Sheeran – You are too funny! Because Forrest wrote about John Ehrlichman:

          He said “NO” with a halting abruptness that made me think it might be the only word he knew.


          You have strong opinions on this who-whacked-Jimmy Hoffa topic. I get that. So, go read Charlie Brandt’s book, “I Heard You Paint Houses”, before seeing “The Irishman”, and then I would be happy to introduce you. It will be shown in select theaters on a limited release from November 1st-27th, then released on Netflix on November 27th.

          Robert De Niro called Charlie first, to talk about the book and the making of the movie. Then Netflix spent $150 million to make this film. The guy who wrote the script for “Schindler’s List” wrote this one. We have Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci in the lineup. I am thinking the folks from Netflix and these very wise guys all believe Frank Sheeran’s confession to Charlie Brandt. But that’s just me.

          And the Farmer’s Almanac says we’re going to get dumped on this Winter in Sun Valley. You had best make your reservations now. I look forward to meeting you, Joe!

    • Larry, are you BOTG this week, I was thinking about going, Freedom is just another word for Nothing left to Lose..

  40. Mr Fenn,
    I have heard that it’s a “Kansas” thing, but I sure hope you got to enjoy a cinnamon roll along with all that chili. They seem to complement each other. Regardless, it sure sounds like a good way to live a Saturday!

    • Kk – true story – I once made a pot of chili and accidentally used cinnamon (thinking I had grabbed the smoked paprika)…needles to say, there was a kitchen riot.

    • Your neighbors to the north would agree. Cinnamon rolls and chili go hand in hand. I’d have to side with the Puritans on the pasta thing though. I mean pasta (Sorry F)? Although, I must admit, I am a bit biased in that arena. One time my (wicked?; I”ll leave that one to posterity), ex-stepmother put green beans in her chili. I couldn’t eat chili for months and never touched green beans again (in fairness I’ve always hated those nasty green things). How’s that for a scary Halloween story? Happy Halloween all and Go Big Red.

  41. This scrapbook is packed with good flavors, awesome colors, and exciting animal motifs, but that pasta chili thing really bothered me. Then I remembered that Cincinnati-style chili is often used as a sauce for hot dogs and called a coney. The Smithsonian named it “one of the 20 most iconic foods in America” in 2013. So keep enjoying your pasta chili, Forrest, and you can even try it on a hot dog!

  42. That sounds like a day well spent! I can’t help but think that Forrest is having fun with this one with respect to the density of hint-like content included in this one. My personal favorite was the “glutton”-free chili!

    For what it’s worth, here’s one more possible hint: the event also featured bingo! It doesn’t sound like Forrest played any, but it does remind me of scrapbook #169.

    It sounds like the weather is still nice down in New Mexico. Today in Colorado, it’s in the 20’s and we’re getting more snow over the next few days. Winter seems to have arrived on the early side and appears ready to settle in like a sloth and wear out its welcome until next summer.

    • Other items of interest regarding the Church: It appears that there are 3 pastors and two of them have beards. The Church in its present location was a renovated building that opened on August 10, 2008 which could have been right around the time that the treasure was secreted. Photos of the Church and its grounds on Google Maps show what appears to be a fountain where water is springing from a rock.

      • If that doesn’t lead someone right to the treasure, I don’t know what will.

  43. You know what amazes me? That when there is something blatantly patterned within the SBs and I mention it on this site, the comment gets passed right over. It’s like you people don’t even see my comments, weird but oh well. Soo there has been a John posted on every SB since like 207 or so. Sometimes 2. Not my opinion, we know why. He has described John to a TEE! At least Bur is seeing these words lol. Have a great sunny, naught wind around 50’s in temp day. BTW that is the weather conditions of said place for last week and week coming 🙂

    • Just so you don’t get your feelings hurt, I will comment on your post Deepthnkr. You may be right about temps at correct search area – JDA

    • Deeepthnkr. There is a long list of John mentions. Some are real some are Doe’s. Go with what you think, Nothing else matters.

      IMO .

  44. By chance, I had pasta chili last night for dinner but we called it spaghetti bolognese. My buddy Bart and his girlfriend spent the entire day making the meat stew and the pasta from scratch. They told me to arrive early because they already opened a bottle of wine.

    I quickly went to the shop and bought two bottles– Vacqueyras – Perrin Les Christins, Rhone France; and Campo Viejo Reserva, Rioja Spain. I arrived at 4.00pm. Their opened bottle was Ex Nihilo Night Red, Okanagan Canada and I poured myself a glass. They couldn’t sip theirs because both of their hands were too busy with pushing and pulling the pasta sheets through the spaghetti maker.

    There was a baguette all chopped up along with wedges of cave-aged Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses on a board in the corner of the kitchen out of the way from the action. I just wandered around munching the tapas and providing unsolicited advice about how Bart should rearrange his living room furniture.

    We all agreed no Halloween party this year, but I will be out-streaming ad-free Halloween-themed music from 5.50pm PDT Thursday until 1.30am if you click on my handle or connect to

      • I am a food spectator and grateful when other people make an effort to cook for me. But I don’t like seafood or beats.

        Most of the food I eat comes frozen from the supermarket.

        Are you trying to subtly tell me that I’m off-topic? Because I made sure to tie mine into his with multiple similarly themed references. But if I’m boring you then I will respectfully stop posting.

  45. I love it Forrest, bringing Tabasco with you. I was sitting in a rock bench, threw on my day pack to go on a 30 min hike. I accidentally left a bag of pork rinds and a bottle of Tabasco, when I returned a Bear was walking off, my Pork rinds were gone so was the Tabasco bottle. Often wonder what that scat pile looked like, got in my truck and left. Thank you for the SBs – Otis

  46. Sitting here like a bird on a wire watching all this chaos and laughing.

    The symbolism is so much simpler now understanding how all these
    stories come into play.

  47. If there are hints in the recent SB’s as many suspect, and searchers act on what they see as hints and go BOTG this year, doesn’t this go against Forrest’s Winter Weather Warning to wrap it up for the season in the Northern Rockies. Maybe “in the Northern Rockies” is the key phrase here. For myself, I know the minute I have a solid lead I would be out of hear like a bat out of hell (I always thought that was a funny expression), snow or no snow just saying. So either, there are no hints, he expects we will all sit tight until Spring, or he’s speaking to someone specifically and it’s still accessible. What about the impatient person who misreads the hints and goes somewhere that’s no longer safe to get to, that’s the person I’m worried about …

    • People should know to use common since If ya can’t access it safely don’t go I do know quite a few heading back out to search alll checking there blazes so far all seem to have easy access points Hopefully one person will come back smiling And send The ole coot the one email he is waiting for

      • Wish I could go this seasons end, but I simply cannot. Oh well. Lucky are those that can.

  48. Christ Church, Crock=C Rock=see rock=Church of the Rock= Church of the Nativity?
    “I don’t know who made that pasta chilli…”
    Pasta chilli=past the chilly?
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    Could someone be beyond cold and is getting hot?
    Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad.

  49. 22 and 5 mentioned. Then chili= chilly. Only lines 5 & 22 contain words related to temperature. Warm waters halt and cold. #5 was good. Clue 1. Also in roman numerals 22nd letter is V,.which equals 5. See?

  50. I’ve been using the name 5-Leaf Blaze for my Fenny business for over 3 years. This sure is fun. I love your books and scrapbooks, Forrest!

  51. Thanks Forrest, now i’m wanting some chili.

    You just happen to see 1956 Ford Thunderbird…. humm wasn’t someone just talking about the driver of a “56 Thunderbird” recently here !!!!
    Oh yes, she drove it in American Graffiti, Susanne Somers.
    I tried to tell others Forrest, there was a hint in your SB story of your visit with her, a few days back.

    Thanks for another confirmation.

    • hey bur! good catch on the Suzy Somer thing.
      and did you know a girl with a short haircut is known as a bob?

      i think.

  52. There is a Chili cook off coming up at work and I’m thinking about entering. There will be many competitors…do you think noodles will give me an edge? Funny thing, last year there were teams and our team won…I believe that is because our team had the most team members and we all voted for our chili. This year there are no teams I heard to keep it fair. I like teams…comradery always prevails.

  53. I feel like he is saying the same things over and over and over now. Can hear what he is saying, but unable to put it all together in a cohesive way. Question for long-term searchers, and for Dal:

    If someone were to find the chest, take the autobiography out of it, and the bracelet, and a couple of gold nuggets, and then leave the chest there and send ff the bracelet back… would ff announce it? Has he been consistent in saying he’d announce it when “found,” “discovered,” “retrieved”? I recall him saying a wise searcher who finds the chest should wait a month before doing anything…it’s been a busy month in the SB world.

    I know of at least 2 searchers, who are not working together, who plan to do this very thing, and there are probably more. (I am not one of them. I am dizzy with solves, overwhelmed with the possibilities of them all for -yikes!- years now! I’m very far from the end.)

    Thanks for any thoughts. I’m torn between continuing to search ‘from my armchair’ this winter and stepping back in self-protection. Ha!

  54. Ok, there’s a thousand words to this picture story. This particular one is about chilli, the one that’s different- with pasta. To emphasize this story is hot , he brought some tabasco.

    There are 3 women contestants specified, two are described, 1 is not .There are 3 pastors, only one is described ,named and noted as having a beard (male). 2 are not described nor named. There are 3 vehicles mentioned. 2 are named, 1 is not named and only described. There were 299 people plus FF that equals 300 . He is highlighting the 3’s in sets -there’s a something hint in his 3 sets of 3’s.

    There were 2 sets of searchers in the past that were close-200 footers and 500 footers. He describes 2 women and 1 male specifically in here. There’s 2 sets that were close then. Who are/is the third set? Who is he describing?


    Just conjecture for entertainment purposes.

    IMO .

    • LOL The exit from the freeway in Livingston Mt. to Yellowstone Park is exit #333. No kidding, I take it
      all the time.

      • @RFSH, if you live locally near The turn from Livingston to Gardner you might be interested. When the poem is justified left (as Forrest did on the map in Too far to walk ) with spaces removed,
        You can find the words Paradise Valley centrally in the poem. Not exactly in a row, you have to hunt a bit to connect letters.

        I put together a solution in Paradise Valley, but was unable to complete it to an exact place I felt was married to the poem’s map.

        I tried hard to formulate a solve there…So much Native American history in that beautiful valley along the Yellowstone River.

        In his memoir the In his memoir the thrill of the chase, Forrest speaks about dancing with the stars. Paradise Valley has roads named after constellations, (as does Big Sky – Formerly named Ophir, which means gold).

        • Probably not. But since someone ate all the pasta-chile from crock5, I guess I’ll try the next one. This cat is hungry!

      • Jmeils, That would be fun to know if Forrest ever sported a beard. However, if there was ever a time for him to grow a beard it would’ve been for his mountain man rendezvous’s. In the photo he included in his memoir, he is clean-shaven.

  55. I know the Scrapbooks aren’t supposed to contain clues, but that crockpot of blazin’ chili had white streaks of past on top of it.

    And Forrest earned his Silver star by flying too close to the ground just like that silver thing.

    It’s almost winter, so I’m reaching for blankets.

    Thanks Forrest and crock #5.

  56. John, aka Juan, chili line, this is not a crock pot idea, since I know what the Chili Line is and even the restaurant in Tres Piedras, the home of one Aldo Leopold is across the 8.25 HWY?

    Clearly the line is now drawn and explains why PI is his old home address backwards, 3.1415 or 3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279 5028841971 6939937510 5820974944 5923078164 0628620899 8628034825 3421170679 … PI/4 = 1/1 – 1/3 + 1/5 – 1/7 + …

    Why did I not see this before, it is not the x but the why in the pi just a cross from Christ Church.

    How much snow will we see tonight ff? Too late to go now?


    • Finally some numbers I can work with, thanks TT….. I think the snow is going to put an end to the season in short order but we can parachute in if you want to go with me, Let me Know.

      • D.B. Cooper, I think you said something so sublime that many here who read and follow will not even see or digest ” I think the snow is going to put an end to the season in short order but we can parachute in if you want to go with me, Let me Know.”

        Someone very near and dear to us has already taken that step, 50 years ago in Laos, so we do not need to do anything so brash, now Jonsey has seen the light…uh blaze too I fear she might beat us to it.

        Ask yourself if an event like a Christ Church Chili Line where there happens to be an (old) cars show with his fav Mrs Ford look alike, with Green Hair and a 1956 style might come into focus? THIS is the best confirmation of a solution the lead searcher could ever want, so who is the one for whom the Bell Tolls? It tolls fro thee,,,TT

        Aldo Leopold was not Italian, not by a long shot, but 22 crocks all lined up with old cars defines something sublime for us if we see it.

        Now the important Juan is which mountain below the Red t, Black t or Green t do we see? It starts with an O and ends with a pot of gold…

  57. I made chili once for a church cook-off in Arizona, but I didn’t win. (Sad face…). Anyway, I love jeeps too, but mine isn’t trail-rated. It’s only a 2WD Patriot that can’t decide if it’s dark blue or light black in broad sunlight. Your post got me to thinking about how much our vehicles are a part of our lives. When I was a kid we had an Olds Delta 88. Dad called it our ‘land yacht’ because it was so huge. We’d drive to Arizona to visit my Grandpa in the middle of August, and we’d have to speed through the desert at night because that car didn’t have air conditioning. Dad would always laugh and say that we had a “280 A/C” – two windows rolled down, doing 80mph. My brothers and I would be sprawled out in the back seat, with them fast asleep and me pretending to be. I’d look up through the back window and occasionally caught sight of the Big Dipper or even the whole Milky Way. Occasionally I’d see a bright red spark fly past, which came from Mom’s cigarette when she flicked ashes out the window. Funny how I can recall stupid little things like that from 40 years ago, but can’t remember what I did last week. Thanks for the chili story, Mr. Forrest. Ordinarily, pasta in chili is an abomination, especially in church, but I’m glad you liked it anyway.

  58. I hope the Kerrville pastor informed them that if you knew beans about chili, you’d know that chili ain’t got no beans.

  59. So in another SB (they are like so running together now) where Forrest used the term ‘nattily’ and someone else connected it to Christmas clothing and I mentioned that my wife’s given name is Natividad. Well, her nickname is Naty, pronounced ‘naughty’ —> naugh-T —> NAUGHT.

    Oh yeah. And we both worked at SUBASE Bangor (banger… think HOTDOG) in Washington State, a chewing gum kind of place and close by is my so very favorite …… oh, never mind.


    • me,
      Walk a mile in a mans shoes…
      How about transverse the ennntirrre Rocky Mountains in Fenn’s boots.

      • I have a plan for the Rockies and treasure hunting, but I should stick to my last, otherwise they’ll see me coming.

  60. *this scrapbook is the only one specifically dated, meaning it wasn’t written in advance.
    Something to think about.

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