Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty One…


October, 2019


Us and Mexico Beach

039 2a

The date on this photo reminds me of some fun times. I had recently graduated from pilot training and was now learning to fly the F-86D at Tyndall AFB, Florida.

Peggy and I rented a very little house at Mexico Beach. It was on the Gulf of Mexico and only a few feet from high tide. My twenty-five-minute drive to work along the Gulf of Mexico was very relaxing.

Immediately behind our place was a fresh water lake that had a mind of its own. It was fed by a small streamlet of water that was barely big enough to get you wet. But over time it dumped enough water into the lake to fill it up.

But there was a problem. The tide came in every day and moved enough sand to dam up the outlet that allowed spill-water to flow from the lake into the gulf. So the lake just kept filling and kept filling.

Something had to give, and eventually the lake over filled and breached the sandy dam. Water rushed out for a day or two and drained the lake. Then the process was ready to start all over again. This took place not far from where we lived.

Enter me. 

IMG 20191028 195107171AA

One time some tourists walked on the beach past our house and picked up some of my sea shells that had washed up overnight. I just watched, trying to contain myself. How dare do those guys do that without my permission and in broad sunlight. 

Coincidentally, the lake had reached its total fill, and the tourists were almost out of sight. It was my turn. I took a stick and drew a thin line several inches deep. It was about 50’ long and spanned from the lake water to the downhill side of the sandy berm. As gravity worked its magic, fresh water pushed the sand down my manmade gutter toward the salt water in the gulf.

IMG 6290

At first it was a dribble that turned into a trickle, that turned into a flow. And before long it was a maniac river 40’ wide and 4’ deep. I wondered if the sheriff would come and get me.

He didn’t. When the tourists returned, they couldn’t figure out where the river came from all of a sudden. After their bewilderment subsided, they backtracked and cut up to the road. It was the only way they could get back to where they started several hours before. I never saw those guys again and I hope they’re not still mad at me.

IMG 6289

 In 1954 I was drawing 2nd Lieutenants pay. I don’t remember how much it was but I remember it wasn’t very much, and we had a monthly car payment. To help make ends meet Peggy fished off the pier at Mexico Beach. She didn’t like to bait the hook or take the fish off. Fortunately, there were always a few old guy fishermen around to help her.

That evening after work, I cleaned the fish and Peggy cooked them. We even had shark filets once in a while. It was a young family effort and life was good. 


Mexico Beach after Hurricane Michael

Then, 44 years later hurricane Michael came along and almost completely disappeared Mexico Beach and Tyndall Air Force Base. I took it personally. It was kind of like life got mad at me. Look at it this way. My family home in Temple burned to the ground twice, they tore down my junior high school building and they liked it so much they tore down my high school building. Over time I’ve lost 2 ½ inches and 24 pounds, my family won’t let me drive outside of Santa Fe, trout in the Pecos River contain mercury, and I probably have less than 20 years to live. How can things get any worse? If it were not for my upbeat attitude and a bunch of good treasure hunting acquaintances, I’d worry about myself. f



166 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty One…

  1. Thanks, Forrest. Please keep the scrapbooks coming. I don’t look for hints in them any more,
    but enjoy your great storytelling.

    • TA, i agree.
      Here’s to your health and Peggy’s too.
      May you have a lot more time and stories to tell.

  2. Forrest,
    Your drawings are the best! They keep getting better and funnier. Loved the story, hoping you will write one about a poker game soon, or maybe a good riddle you heard recently.

  3. Hear! Hear! That’s what it’s all about. The thrill of the chase, the stories and lessons we learn along the way, and the people we meet. Thanks for all your inspiration and sharing your stories.


  4. You all judge: the last email I sent Forrest was over a year ago and non-Chase related. It started:

    “Dear Forrest: if it weren’t for your second memoir, Too Far to Walk, I never would have heard of Mexico Beach, FL. But now, with Hurricane Michael’s passing and beachfront devastation, it seems that Mexico Beach has announced itself on the national stage in a major way. It’s been, what, 64 years since you and Peggy set up house there near Tyndall AFB? Perhaps that home
    has long-since been replaced, but I wondered if you checked Google out of curiosity?”

      • I have just thrown my arms up in the air. Ha ha
        This is a good scrapbook
        I wish I could lose 24 pounds.
        There are a few lakes where I search and I know one of them is not good.
        Forrest your words fit all of our solves. This is insane.

      • Alsetenash: I realize you’re kidding, but if you hadn’t been I would have disagreed with you. I haven’t shared any solutions with Forrest since mid-2018.

        • Indeed,Zap. You are the author of your own perceptions. If you see a sword in a stone, I suggest you grab it!


  5. Warm waters must halt somewhere! Love your stories. So much to learn!

    The circle of life keeps going around and around, and sometimes I forget to duck and it hits me in the face! Sounds like you have that problem too! Glad I’m not alone!

  6. I’m from Panama City beach Florida and worked hurricane micheal for 9 months so sad what happened down there. Wiped Mexico beach off the map.

  7. Another great story. Thanks Forrest. The ancients built structures made of stone and a lot of them are still standing hundreds and thousands of years later. They knew and learnt a thing or two .IMO .

  8. Bad men make heap big trouble, but good men don’t get caught. Teach them to take your shell’s without asking for permission. Went to boot camp in Florida. Never again will I go there in August. I prefer the mountains.

    • Lookout for the rattlesnakes in August. Don’t need treasure hunting injury in the mountains. Just saying.

  9. I live on the Gulf Coast and we lost our house and everything in it just a few years ago when it flooded to the roof. It’s hard not to take the destruction of a structure personally when your memories are inside of it. I hear you, Forrest. Loud and clear. Though I have not been around for long, I’d like to think I am a part of those “treasure hunting acquaintances”. We spend a lot of time with you around here wether you know it or not. Good thoughts are sent your way daily!

  10. You’ve come far pilgrim.
    Like I said before you’ve lived a charmed life.
    Done many things people can only dream of doing.
    You and Peggy have been blessed with a good life together.
    I don’t know you as you’re friends know you but you seem like a “righteous dude.”
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Forrest, the leveling of your first home in Mexico Beach and the AFB is devastating. I’m happy your newlywed memories remain.

    When you mentioned, “How dare those guys do that without my permission and in broad sunlight.”

    I wonder if that’s how you & your family have felt as obnoxious searchers intruded on or around your property.

    Thanks for connecting in such a personal way with this community Forrest. It’s become a place I enjoy and a wonderful distraction from health issues.

  12. Dear Forrest:

    I’m not as dumb as I look,
    Twice letting the chest off the hook,
    But a third trip looks hazy,
    ‘Cause my fam thinks I’m crazy,
    I’d like to have someone else go look.


    First I looked in the water,
    And swore that my first trip was fodder,
    But the second time
    was a far greater crime
    ‘Cause I knew what I shouldn’t have oughta.

    Hard truth version:

    I know where to find a gold box,
    But my girlfriend thinks I have smallpox;
    I excel at trout
    and moving money about
    But reading a map is my Botox.

    Thanks for “sticking” with the art project. I need to be back in church, but the only way it will happen is a Scrapbook Christmas Miracle. Something so undeniable that even the mom-believers will be converted.

    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    Or, just pack your bags and get out, please.

    Hoping for a scrapbook miracle. It’s already snowing. All we need is the kindness of a stranger.

    Take care,

    Take care,

  13. “People need to be cautious because anything built by man can be destroyed by Mother Nature.”

    – Russel Honore

  14. 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep has got to be a hint. And there is F standing next to the gap again…nah

  15. I think I speak for everyone, we will always love you and your family F! You brought life back into treasure hunting especially those who got to watch Goonies growing up!

  16. Those poor tourists, they didn’t know that fenn had ‘the secret knowlege of water’…..guess he showed those guys!

    Great stories, Forrest!! Keep ’em coming!

  17. One of my favorite places to drive is along Hwy 98 to Apalachicola, Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach. I’ve stayed in each town but I stay mostly at the Port Inn, in Port St. Joe. . The best oysters in the World are in Apalachicola!! And I should know. When I went out there this summer, most homes along there were leveled and the trees for Miles are cut in Half. Very sad, the oyster beds will take a long while to come back. My Brother Billybob worked on the fishing boats out of Apalachicola in the early 80’s, it’s a special place for me…. It’s called the “Forgotten Coast” of Florida… so Peaceful and a Turn Back through Time, everyone should visit!!

  18. Luv ya ole coot I’ll send charissa over there and carve your name on something So you won’t be forgotten in her neck of the woods .

    • D.G. Has your family been able to rebuild down there on the Gulf, I surely hope sure was a monster storm. Are you back in the hunt. If so, I would like to chat with you about it sometime. All the best on your ventures, D.B.

      • Yea my sisters place is all redone thanks to a lot of searchers donations and other people Was a mess for sure

  19. It’s such a pleasure to read your stories, Forrest, and I just love your sense of humor. I’m sure you had a good laugh watching the confusion of those tourists! Those moments of our life that make us smile when we look back on them are treasures in and of themselves.

  20. I just enjoy watching the floods.
    Nature has one every fight so far, least that’s what the million year old rocks say.

  21. Being a Floridian I seen a few hurricanes over time. When Michael hit Mexico Beach area my son was right there. He works for a gas trucking company as a diesel mechanic here in Tampa, and volunteers to drive a tanker of gas and set up close to where a hurricane is supposed to land. He fills up FEMA vehicles and utility trucks and equipment after the storm so the surrounding areas get the help they need. He is usually there for a few weeks a lot of times without the comforts of normal living. God bless you son.

    Any who, Forrest you are a prankster and I sure would not want to get on your bad side. But that was funny too. I been know to be sneaky in the woods as not to be seen by others traveling or camping in them. I like the 40 by 4, very helpful.

    Thanks for another one,

    • 40′ + 4′ = 44. Poem, the thing we are to solve: for all to seek or four all(like a score– 4-4) 44 to seek. So if yr spot has a distance that is referred to elsewhere of 44′ then could be right. Mine does, maybe I’m right. Michael is tearing it up…My solve has a Michael and a …nah nevermind. Rule one don’t tell anyone right?

  22. Humming the old hymn “Rock of Ages” as I write…

    Upon the sands of time I stand,
    as tides roll in and out you see;
    nothing remains as I have planned,
    my final thoughts – “oh no, not me.”

  23. Yes, (we the trees); that you have sprouted are worried for the prosperity of ya’ll . Times they are a changin, and old breaches must often be repaired, so that we may dwell in new paths.

  24. Forrest
    You have so much to look forward to. Someone will find your treasure and write a book and make a movie, starring you. Its gonna be so exciting…Didnt you secretly want to be a movie star?
    Maybe we can get Harrison Ford to co-star with you..
    Whatcha think about that?
    The Thrill of the Chase, a movie..just think of it !!
    You’re already a star, Forrest to so many of us that haven’t even meet you yet…
    Keep your chin up, the best is yet to come 🙂

  25. Forrest,

    I live on the Gulf coast in Florida. I have caught a fish or two. I have lived through hurricanes Andrew, Katrina, Wilma, Charley, and evacuated twelve days for hurricane Irma. So far this year has been slow and I am thankful for that.

    I am also thankful for many things but so far I can’t spill the beans because I am a bean counter I would have to count them again. And no, I am not talking about TC. Seems I am stuck with one tune in my head and I can’t quite seem to get it out. At this point it’s all so binary.

    My wife once offered to pay for my trip and I turned her down, now she won’t reconsider.

    My friend’s think I am nuts.

    I think, eat, drink and sleep all things Fenn..and sometimes dream.

    I thought my mom would tell me where it was after she passed on, but that didn’t happen, at least as far as I know. I lost our cat in an apartment we stayed at for hurricane Irma. Mom (with sever dementia and unable to talk) simply laughed and pointed at an old desk. I walked around the neighborhood for hours calling her name and HERE kitty kitty kitty with no reply. I thought I heard her in the walls of the apartment and almost tore out the walls. Finally, after tearing everything else apart with no luck and almost a full day of looking, we went back into Mom’s room. She couldn’t speak but had a smile on her face and was pointing at an old desk. We moved the desk out about four inches and out pops my cat.

    Sometimes things may be hidden in plain sight.


  26. Peggy must’ve caught a lot of fish that day, this one looks like a hammerhead but on p. 143 of TTOTC it looks like a dogfish. Maybe just a different angle.

    • It’s a shovelhead shark. Little guys in the hammerhead family. They have a tank full of them at the MOAT

  27. Thanks dal and Mr. Fenn,
    The treasured Queen of the Sangre de Christo’s keeping the sharks at bay or is that a dogfish? Perhaps I should read this again.

      • That’s the only way I read. Mrs. Fenn is a real gem and that’s where I draw the line. Always wishing her the best without trying to cause any wrecks.

  28. Forrest,

    I totally agree that encroaching on your beach and absconding with your sea shells in broad daylight was not good form. Buildings can be burned down and torn down, sea shells may be taken without permission, chests of treasure may or may not be found, but the memories of a well lived life, friends and loved ones, and adventures lived, will continue with you through eternity. Thanks for helping us add a great adventure to treasure forever. BroStevo

  29. It was 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep of a river: amazing how a little line in the sand marks the beginning of such a great thing (even if it’s short-lived). So also our lives seem but an asterisk, but they too become floods, waterfalls, movements– even if short-lived they create a precedent for others to follow. Acts of God are a bit unpredictable, but powerful. The slow rebuild is of mankind, deliberate, slow, little lines in the sand.

  30. Quite a few places that were special to me have disappeared over time as well. I’m still sad about that, but at the same time I am content that at least I happened to be in the right place and the right time to enjoy, appreciate, and remember them.

  31. One thing regarding all these SB’s. Forget the fire hose, now I feel like I’m being buried alive with them. Is that his intent? To send a message that is, that it’s buried? I for one certainly hope not, because then his 12 foot wouldn’t work. but what if it’s almost completely buried with just one corner, or edge slightly exposed?

    To say it another way, we’ve been burying him with unnecessary and idle chit-chat email that he must read and understand ……everyone one of them……because something important might be inside ‘the one’ that counts. Turn-about is fair play and now it’s our turn to sift thru all these SB’s to separate the wheat from the chaff.


  32. Forrest,

    This is so surreal. Did you watch the Ladies Panel last night on Youtube and were inspired to write about the most important lady in your life?

    Your shell symbolism inspired me to do some research. As it turns out, “Shells are among the most remarkable designs found in nature . . . Shells are usually perceived as feminine; a symbol of birth, good fortune, and resurrection.” (Carla Huffman, MFT on June 03, 2016 at 09:00 AM in Of The Sea).

    Despite your ingenious plans to keep your chest hidden, will Indulgence soon be resurrected? Will someone soon breech the walls of your seemingly impenetrable fortress?

    Only time will tell! “Every ending is a beginning. We just don’t know it at the time.” Mitch Albom

  33. Well shoot. I’m a little bit late for this one. Who knew there’d be another SB so soon. It’s so hard to keep up with all of these. I’m just not gonna sleep anymore!

    I think the first photo with Peggy is funny. It cracks me up how she is barely holding on to the fish with her fingernails… eewww. That’s funny.

    Lots of doodles in this one too. I wonder if Forrest keeps them?

    Anyways, here’s to hoping the weather holds out. I’ve got my eyes on the sky and All Hallow’s Eve is looking pretty good to me.

    Thank you Forrest for the SB’s.

    Thanks Dal for keeping up with Forrest.

    Note to self. Buy warm gloves.

  34. Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. I love FF’s sense of humor bc that’s funny. ‘Enter me’.

    He sure showed those “treasure hunters”!!

  35. Hard to beat a shell game, lol…Eastside/Westside-I before E accept after C. The shill may be operating within a Unix system. But I have trust in a good old bunch, just sayin.and playin.

  36. Hi Forrest;

    Your last line reads: “If it were not for my upbeat attitude and a bunch of good treasure hunting acquaintances, I’d worry about myself”. f Sure glad that you have “a bunch of treasure hunting acquaintances” to keep your spirits buoyed – along with your great attitude..
    We certainly do not want to worry about you 🙂 JDA

  37. I live just west of Mexico Beach, Too far to walk but a short drive. The devastation there is so great that it was days before we could get in to survey the damage. No words can properly describe it. I have been in about 5 major hiurricanes having lived in Lousiana and Florida and rode them out unscathed. After seeing the total destruction I was glad that I was just outside the hardest hit area.
    Those who lived there are still trying to recover. Its been called the Forgotten Coast and yes it is still today forgotten but not in a good way.
    It will be a long hard road to recovery.
    Mexico Beach was a unique place. It will never be the same hopefuuly it will recover.

  38. Upbeat attitudes and treasure hunting friends that respect your land and property are very important for survival. My only “find” was a pure white shell at the top of a mountain near a cozy set of cabins in a forest near a small stream. Below the sight I was aiming for : a tall look out tower. There was a Meek and Brown property line and a set of mail boxes. But the road up to the tower was full of water and thick mud, too thick for my Ford Focus or the six all terrain vehicles that had spent six full hours trying to come down a four minute drive.
    Future trip # 10.

  39. Love it, just love it. Forrest, you have a Peter Pan mentality… and I like to think I resemble that. Keep on, keeping on ;”-^}.

  40. I like the nose on his doodle (#2).
    Right under our noses?
    Something smells fishy?
    Get the point?

  41. Wind and Water sure can change things in a big way in short time. It sure has changed things where I used to go when I was a young lad and even changed drastically after visiting there just a couple of years ago. Many of those places are non accessible due to different ownership and occupation along with new rules and road closures.Although I still go there sometimes even though it says do not touch. Sometime an alternative route may be found or discovered. I have learned to adjust to the changes and have many new and old friends to make up for it. Staying upbeat is the key to longevity and life enjoyment keep on keeping on.

  42. Although my mind is befuddled by unimaginable pain levels at times.
    I still have enough presence of mind to visualize things.
    Thank you Forrest for adding brush strokes to the painting in my mind.


  43. “Take one step towards your emotions and experience the healing powers of feeling. The illusions in you’re life are fading away as you begin to rediscover the truth. It’s a journey, not a destination. Breathe when things get hard, and know that you are truly never alone. Stay strong and you ARE love!” TB

    Just passing thru and spending a few minutes reading posts. Wanted to share what I have playing in the background.

    Something Beautiful.


    • Me – indeed beautiful and restful. Thanks for sharing. Every once in a while, it’s necessary to jump off the merry-go-round and find peace for your soul.

  44. Back February the father of a good client uh mine recently went through his Job experience — got let off from the work he did all his life, lost a lifelong bosom buddy, suffered some health issues an a few other diminutions sprinkled in his wounds tuh boot. Well, then Hurricane Michael come along and blowed away the home where he built his warmest sunshine memories. There’s somethin to that — not just a house or a beach –it’s like the hole etch-o-sketch got wiped clean. Anyhow I guess that was the gust toppled the hole thing over inside uh him, cause the next mornin at 6 a.m. he drove straight to a Wal-Mart parkin lot an ministered hisself Smith and Wesson therapy. Left a big hole in the heart uh them he left behind.

    I think any man who ain’t least considered walkin awn outta here on his own two feet aint truly lived or give Life a good hard look square in the peepers. It’s just a shame that some uh them bravest uns who do, in there dark moment, end up blinkin. So I remind myself when the darkness sets in dead uh winter, that it’ll get light again ventually. Always do.

    I done hit rock bottom a few times over in my life cycles, an in those moments I’ve studied hard awn the lines in the face uh life. I caint make sense uh most of it, but as of yet, I aint blinked. An I dont tend to neither. If Life is a game up Poker, fella up in the sky aint nothin but uh Joker. An what he dont no is I aint playin to win. Eyes just holdin out for the Draw.

    They gonna hafta carry me kickin an screamin awn outta this place, with Finn’s treasure strapped tuh my back. How’s that fer uh exit strategy — alls I gotta do now is fine it.

    • You have a great attitude! I think it’s the people who have hit those low times and bounced back from them that can really appreciate the view from the top of life’s rollercoaster…if and when they get there. Keep kickin’ an screamin’ – and good luck!

    • I just hope I go peacefully in my sleep, like my
      grandpa. Not yelling and hollering-like the
      people in his car.(apologies for that old joke)
      On a more serious note, Isa Lake fills up with
      spring runoff every year, spills over, and runs
      into the Firehole. The other side runs to the
      Snake. Is Forrest whispering a reminder of
      an old WWWH?

      • RFISH – Cool! Isa Lake named for Miss Isabel Jelke and Craig Pass named for Ida Craig:

        The pass was named by Hiram Chittenden for Ida M. Craig (Wilcox), the daughter of a close friend, General James Craig. Ida Craig was purportedly the first tourist to cross the pass after it was completed in September, 1891.

        The small Isa Lake is located just west of the pass on the Grand Loop Road and is noted for striding the Continental Divide and draining into two different watersheds—the Atlantic via the Missouri River and the Pacific via the Snake River.

        Probably had to appease Isa because of Ida:


        “Ladies, ladies! I have lots of things to name! Don’t worry!”


        Have you been to Isa Lake, RFISH? Does it have fish, when it fills up? Do the YNP fish & game folks stock it?

        • Only once Lisa, and that was pre-chase, but still
          pretty cool. Lots of lily pads but no fish. Might be lots of frogs tho. I ate frog legs once-didn’t
          taste like chicken! Bet they would snap up a
          woolyworm if given a chance.

    • On this day in 1991, I was working on the F/V Terri Kris out of Pt.Pleasant, N.J.. It was a Longliner fishing vessel (for catching swordfish and tuna). We we’re 90 miles off the coast of Massachusetts when a Massive Storm hit, it was called the Perfect Storm . We left Hydrographer Canyon (after we halled in our gear) on the evening of 27th. We were thinking we would make it home, no problem. We had 2 horrific days trying to get back into port and our electronics where knocked out. We made it back to Jersey early on the 29th. We had some friends of ours that did not make it home. I always reflect back on that storm and when I feel like giving up I remember the Storm is always darkest before the dawn. I think everyone can relate. My hope lies in Christ and him alone. Thanks for the Chase Forrest

  45. Enjoyable scrapbook. Glad there were old fishermen to help Mrs. Fenn fishing. Cute photo of her holding the fish. One cure to drain the natural lake and tourists. There are things in life we can change, while other times we have to accept what is. It’s good to have a positive attitude and friends.

  46. If I had another turn I would learn to fly, perhaps it’s not to late… excellent interview of Forrest with “Veterans History Project” if you have not heard

    I’m not sure who is still out searching but it sure is bitter cold out there and the Grizzly’s are still active, a Hunter shot a Grizzly in Montana the other day and two have been spotted in West Yellowstone. Be very careful this time of year, I was very tempted to head out but I will wait for spring… the best of Luck!

  47. With life unfolding at such a frenzied pace my senses pick up a little DiNero. Not like a bad turn in The Buck Hunter but more like a quick turn in Heat…”Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”

  48. Forrest,

    Old age is a racket that “they” have foisted upon us, and as soon
    as I figure out who “they” are, let’s go kick some butt, OK?
    Meanwhile, do the best you can…

  49. How can things get any worse? If it were not for my upbeat attitude and a bunch of good treasure hunting acquaintances, I’d worry about myself. f

    The only way things could get worse Forrest is if you stopped doing what you love and that includes these Scrapbooks, without you and your uplifting work here we would all be lost for a leader, you and the XO, (Dal) please keep those cards and letters a coming, otherwise we would be like the words of one of Michael Martin Murphy’s songs, I bet you know him too.

    Can anyone guess the name or the words….?


  50. Well, let’s see if can do any damage to this one.

    – Us and Mexico Beach – “Brownsville”, “Border” Field State Park, where border is also end.
    – The photo is of a “hammer” head shark (found).
    – The sum of 1954 is a prime, where prime is a word that is key, and a symbol of arc-minutes, and a “load”.
    – Florida spelling – lower case L looks like an uppercase i, fiorida (fjord/ford)
    – Forgotten Coast – apparently “lost” is the word we might be seeking, so that it is “disappeared”, “gone”.
    – Tyndall – Tyne and “Wear”, but also another recurring “Frank”. Frank is “free”, “straight forward”, took “Gaul”, and frank/franc is a coin, but I’m not sure what else frank is related to the poem nor why he is significant unless we’re supposed to look at him for Warren AFB, and a governor (title). Dunno.
    – He drove a relaxed drive from Mexico Beach to Tyndall, 60 miles, in 25 minutes. He was driving approx 144 miles an hour. 144 degrees is 2/5 “turns” (2.5 is also the correct answer of 60 miles / 25 minutes), while 24 is the square root of 144. Inches symbol is a double-quote, so is a symbol for arc-minutes. The octothorp symbol for “pound sign” could link to “prime number”, in which case, the single-quote prime would work. I think he’s suggesting the poem provides a specific set of coordinates.

    I have to cut this one short because of some priorities, which I’m sure thrills many here as they eye-roll through my tripe. I may come back to it and augment. But I will leeve you with this: the word “canal” is significant if Casper is interesting for “not-so-fresh natron water”. The word “weir” is interesting if you like “Yellow Hair” doodles. And I can’t make out what the doodles spell. Maybe someone else will.

    Looking forward to “pumice”/”pomace”/”foam”, “jams”, “jelly”, “Grapette”, “Bordeaux”, “Uva”, and “uvula (bell)” references. I think they “must” show up at some point.

    • Sorry. Not that anyone cares. I am in a super big hurry at the Meaux and making thought errors. 24 is not the square root of 144. 12 is. 24 is the number of hours in a day. And arc-minutes is the prime symbol while inches is arc-seconds. Sorry times 3.

        • Fenn’s a real Wizard with the Math, what an elaborate web he has woven for Us.. I admire him so much more everyday! The guy is a true genius in my book!! I hope I get to meet him someday, soon! I’m confident but cautious for Grizzly’s.

          MATH: Let’s see 15.4 Miles at 500 MPH, that’s 1 minute, 51 seconds to Tyndall, not including take off and landing.

        • I lived there it’s a 25 min ride two lane road was the only road to Walmart from port saint joe and Mexico beach slow ride

      • Ugh. My error. I’m in the middle of other stuff at the moment and unable to concentrate. Sorry.

      • In TFTW, he says that Tyndall AFB was “about nine miles distant” from their house. If you check Google Streetview today, you can see the devastation. Even the road is missing in places.

    • Does that first doodle have a big E C on it. Is EC Waters on to something? Just stirring the pot…

      • I’m sure it doesn’t. I think I can confidently say I’m sure he could give 2 Browns about most of us, including me.

        I think it is a beta for latitude and her dress is a lambda for that other coordinates-related word. I also think the Yellow Hair is for Custer.

  51. Is it safe to go asleep yet? This bombardment is too much to take. I’m scared another SB is going to hit soon and, and, ….. please Forrest, please. I promise to never send you another email until, …….until the next one.

    Happy early Halloween everyone. That wasn’t too scary was it?


  52. The quality of a person’s work commute can really make the difference in the mood of the day and overall quality of life.

    I once lived in Algiers for six months at the Sheraton Club des Pines located at the western limit of the city and I had to drive myself about twenty miles every morning to Bab Azzouar at the eastern side. During rush hour there were five lanes of traffic but only four lanes painted on the highway, and everybody was traveling at 60 mph ten feet apart. If you allowed twenty feet between you and the guy in front of you, then the guy beside you will suddenly change lanes and fill that space.

    In Bangladesh they wouldn’t even let me drive myself because the traffic was even worse.

    The air quality was very poor in both places and those days were over ten years ago. It must be hard to breath in many cities right now.

    I made it through and those are all happy memories now.

  53. It is possible there is a lot more to this scrap book than seems. Then again it is
    almost Halloween and I have a big imagination too. That is probably a 12 foot shark
    Forrest caught in his drainage canal. He was showing up Peggy. Just kidding.
    I better go check my imagination again. The best thing that could happen is to keep
    getting scrap books. I think I will pray for more.
    Thanks Forrest..

  54. Forrest or Dal:
    Is the Guy on the Left in the first “Master Piece” Wearing the Green Outfit (looking at us) is that Forrest of Tourist #4…. inquiring minds would like to know? Anyone? It looks like Forrest from a distance.

  55. You know Forrest there is a washed out area below my water high, is this just a coincidence to your story? Now the 40’ x 4’ is that how to locate the blaze 40’ over and 4’ down. Why am I asking. I’m sure the hints for answers are embedded in these resent SB’s somewhere or maybe in ones to come for this winters idle time , let’s hope. I have the feeling you want us to read all these over and over for hints just like you did for the TTOTC book.

    By the way Forrest the parking lot at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is covered in snow as is the area of my search, but I think you already know this for both.

    Stay warm and keep the stories coming.

    • Bur… I noticed you and others have made reference to the 40′ by 4′ mentioned in this SB, but no mention of the 50′ line in the sand?

      • Ken, that too can mean something. I have to research more of my area and of these scrapbooks this winter, but for now I’m just having fun reading them and making ridiculous comments. Lol

        Thanks for pointing that out Ken.

        Good luck,

        • ‘Tis all good Bur… just curious why this other *factor* was omitted.
          The [flood] of new SB’s is definitely entertaining on so many levels. Have a great winter…

    • Forrest, Some of your original hints came from your blog. I still have a lot of notes from the early dates of it. Always fun to reread those posts. Of course a few are parts of books now, which I have none of. Maybe one day i’ll have them with special comments from you.

      Thank you for that original place along with hoD. I remember when I would put in your name on the internet and your blog would be right there. Now I had to look for it with so many other treasure blogs blocking it.

      Thanks again Forrest.

      • Forrest, I was reading your blog and noticed some of your entries are not there anymore. Is it because they are parts of books now or was there another reason they are removed?

        Just curious,

    • I was just looking at the webcam that I watch to see how the area I search looks with snow and found a new webcam that actually shows my wwwh and the beginning of the canyon down trail. Dang that’s cool. Now if the cam close by the put in trail would start working, been out for over a couple weeks now.

      Two are stills shots that update, and one is live. Technology is wonderful.


  56. Life is in the flux….no day finds us where the day before left us.
    Sitting at the Elder Fenn’s feet and listening to the storyteller spin and weave reminds me of the Colorado River as it spins and weaves with it myriad heart pounding rapids knowing fullwell that after each rapid the river smooths out and it is gentle floating until the next one.

    Thank you ever-so-much for the thrills forrest.
    -guy Michael-

  57. Forest you are so full of amazing stories! I find myself sitting at times just trying to soak in your creations.

    This is such a breathtaking journey that you have engineered. Like in this story I suspect your special spot is one that was special to you as a child. Perhaps it was a place you and your siblings played. I remember as a child making all sorts of fortresses with my brothers including many in trees, another in a bamboo thicket near a river and one I remember we dug underground. Some of those we’d return to over many years and improve them with each visit. We included secret stash locations within these fortresses. I still remember where those are hidden. I often wonder if other children have taken over those spots.

    I imagine your special place might be like that except you’ve hidden your trove in a stash such that no one can find it except through solving your poem.

    One day someone will figure out your poem and find your special spot. I suspect it will be far work than they originally imagined to retrieve your trove. But, one day I do believe it will be done. Until that day unfolds keep the stories flowing!

  58. The one looks to be a flounder. Nice fish, six-seven pounder. Don’t care much myself for sharks anymore, but they sure like me. Once I lost half my blade to a tiger shark kayak surfing in mexico. The force was unimaginable, dislocated my shoulder. Another time, a record sized hammerhead (leanor) out of Boca pass almost took my head as I leaned over to inspect my bait. It was all of a sudden, all teeth and bad breath as I bent into my matrix move and she sailed on by. It sure was all exciting and I wouldn’t trade my experiences. Having been there done that I Know, for this I do not care. I can happily go the rest of my life never seeing another Shark, or Bear. g

  59. I love to fish as well. I dont mind baiting the hook, i dont care much for taking the fish off after catching them. I sure love to eat them though. Shark steak is awesome!

  60. Sad irony…

    In TTOTC, Forrest says (paraphrased) he’s more comfortable with building his castle on the sand.

    (I don’t have the book with me. Perhaps someone would kindly provide the page and exact quote).

    “The Sand Palace” is one of the few homes to survive on Mexico Beach. Sand castles are typically swept out with the tide. This one was built to last.

    • 42 – There is a quote in ‘Dancing with the Millennium’ chapter on PG 136 of my book: “Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand: Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!”.

      Good connection 42! There sure are a lot of references to sand in the Chase!

  61. Forrest,

    Since I promised not to email you anymore, and I’m going to stick to that unless I find the chest…my question is this:

    That looks like a pretty decent sized fish. Would you say that’s a summer fish? Or a September/October fish?

    I think I’m picking up what’s being said here…maybe.

  62. Thanks Goldilocks, I hadn’t seen this. To say this is a condensed version of his life is a massive understatement. If the casual reader only knew, they left out the best parts. g

  63. Now we all just sit here and wait… like a bunch of scrapbook junkies. 🙂
    You’re killing me, Smalls!

  64. If it were not for my upbeat attitude and a bunch of good treasure hunting acquaintances, I’d worry about myself. f

    Me too!!!

  65. I’ll be looking for the chest as long as life lets me. Thanks to you I have something to do to distract me from this cruel world full of wrong. We all love you F! Thanks for being who you are.

  66. Thanks for the wild story Forrest
    We all felt for you when the hurricane tore through meXiCO beach.
    We all know it was a very special place to you and Peggy Jean.
    I also spared a thought for you during the recent fires in Colorado. A terrible blaze
    in a beautiful part of the country.

    Don’t know how you managed to get by on $1836 a year.
    And losing tWo INCHES and TwEnty fouR pounds

    When are you guys going to decimal?

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