Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Two…


October, 2019


Athletic Addie

IMG 6292

Addie Fleischaker was athletic, or at least she used to be. At a decade or so past middle age her physical prowess, when I knew her, was mostly used up on the golf course. 

She was part of the Singer/Fleischaker Oil Company in Oklahoma City, and a very good friend and art client of mine. I saw her as a quiet and reserved person who liked to seclude in the background. 

We didn’t communicate much but I considered her to be a very good friend. So when I heard through the grape vine that she was going into the hospital for a very serious backbone operation, I was understandably distressed. 

IMG 1315 1

Without saying anything to Addie, I went into my private collection of prehistoric Zuni fetishes. There were a few that fit the description of what I needed, a stone bear or mountain lion fetish with an elongated back. I wrapped it carefully, and put it in a box with a note.

Addie, I hear you are going under the knife for a bone fusion. If it were anyone but you, I’d be worried. I’ll throw in some powerful medicine to help you. This is a back fetish. Please keep it in your hand during the operation. It will work for you if you have faith. I’ll be with you in my prayers. Good luck.


PS it is important that you have faith.

Addie was quiet. I didn’t hear anything from her for a long time. No news was out there anywhere.

Then I received a letter.

Not only am I playing golf with the girls again, but today I made a birdie on the 4th hole. That never happened to me before. I want you to know that I went into the operation with your fetish in my left hand. I had the nurse tape it closed so it couldn’t fall out when I was asleep. I had faith in it and the doctor said it probably helped me. I owe you a boa hug.

PS I really did have faith in the fetish. 


Don’t you just love stories that have a happy ending? f



137 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Two…

      • I wonder if Ms. Addie told Forrest what the Par was on the 4th Hole?
        Was it a Par 5? Was there a Ponderosa in the middle of the fairway?
        I’m Sure Robert Kraft would have liked this story !!

        • D.B. Cooper and Slurbs and La Cubana – How about a Mole Hole (equals the ‘Underground or Below’ direction) adjacent and below a Ponder•O•S•A pine tree, with a four-sided rectangular blaZe)blaSe, right across my ‘IT’ as the Madison River at Baker’S Hole?

          I have imagined Forrest and Donnie Joe and, maybe, Skippy, using the end of the Boundary Trail there, as a tee off point to clear that 100′ water feature to land on the grassy green of my hidey spot. Lots of muddy sand traps along that shoreline. I wonder how many golf balls are in that deep, secret fishing hole, which old Fritz pointed out in late August?

          Forrest and Donnie were golf caddies in Sun Valley for the resort, when Forrest was 19-20 years old, just before he joined the Air Force. I can walk to that course, from where I am sitting now, in 15 minutes.


        • It doesn’t matter what par was for the hole. A birdie is always one stroke under par.

          So, one under on the 4th hole could be telling us how deep a hole is….one (foot?) under.

          So, go to the 4th hoe “L” (also the 4th branch of the Ponderosa tree) and dig down one foot.

          A hoe is similar to a pick. “A child could pick it up if….”

  1. Just happened to check my email and saw this, Perfect timing! Needed a good positive reminder .

  2. I prefer stories with happy endings over those that don’t.

    Did the stone bear also have an elongated back? Otherwise I assume the mountain lion was included as it had an elongated back.

  3. Forrest,

    Your faith in her seems to have provided the true spiritual compass, while the mountain lion may seem like just a token symbol, its true strength appears to come from your thoughts bound together as one courage, with only one direction to be the outcome.

    • Mountain lions are fairly common in the area where I live. A fetish with an elongated backbone could come in handy someday. I believe that having a strong backbone is important, but also being flexible and able to withstand the twists and turns of life. There can be many ups and downs; sometimes life itself is a battle. A friend of mine recently said something that helped me understand…life is all about reaching for your dreams, while also being present in your reality. Holding onto the power of a fetish can bring healing and ward off evil spirits. A good thing to have around. But also a reminder that there is good and bad coexisting. Pain and suffering juxtaposed with healing and strength.
      Thank you for this scrapbook Forrest, it really makes me think. Also, I can see at least 31 hints to help me with my BOTG next Summer,…

  4. Nice story. I’m glad she got her swing back. I love golf and hope to get another round in Sat. before Winter returns with a vengeance.

  5. I’d say Forrest has a ‘fetish’ for Addie and/or the Singer-Fleischaker Oil Co. ..
    (boa hug?)

    • Randawg,

      I noticed that as well. I had a rattler coiled up 2 high with his jaws so far open all I could see was 2 little blacek eyes looking dead at me and his mouth was at about 130 degrees(unrecognizable) and the sound was like a wet sack of rattles. So I know where there’s at least 1 snake NOW!

      Oh the fun we have in the mountains.


    • I have heard that there is a new bird disease in the Rockies called “Chirpies”, and there is no “tweeting it”!

      • From what I’ve heard, the baby Bears have been drinking way too much and have the burpies!

  6. Hope the emails have tapered off Forrest, I look forward to your scrapbook’s and appreciate the effort Dal has put into all of this. Faith works, got some new sunshine in my days lately, and Forrest if I hadn’t have had the Chase to keep me occupied during the dark times I don’t know where i would be now.. I know I would not be waiting on my first fat paycheck from my new job to buy a rod blank so I can build a new fly rod just like the first one I built when I was 17. I’ll be on the Madison next year guaranteed fly fishing for the first time in 30 years, that’s the target that and the Box.. hope there are many many more scrapbooks to come clues or no clues.

    Thanks, MCHughes.. aka 1keyword

  7. Love these SB’s. Some good juju in this one.

    The Zuni Fetish is interesting. I’ll admit it, I had to look that one up. And Addie F. was in that last SB too.

    Love a good story with a happy ending.

    Just goes to show a little faith can go a long ways.

    Thank you Forrest for the SB.

    Thanks Dal for posting.


  8. Forrest,

    I’ve seen that exact kind of spirt in action and I’d love to tell you that story. And it all sorta starts in two places named Temple. Fancy that. And it’s got a rock solid, but sad, trail breaker ending.


  9. Nice, a back fetish. For good luck, rest, and recovery. Genius. I never had nothing like that for some of my tough times, but I had Otis. Otis the cat would appear from somewhere in the neighborhood and sit with me in the yard. He was a good friend, he thought he was a lion. So cool. g

  10. Happy endings always bring a smile. You gave Addie exactly what she needed…physically it was a fetish, a token; but spiritually, it was a gift of faith, hope, and love. Sometimes just a small gift like that, and knowing someone cares, is enough to help in getting through a difficult time. You are amazingly generous to those around you, and you are an inspiration to us all.

  11. Forrest teaches us how to send something and be patient until you hear back from then instead of sending a lot of mail to them. Love happy endings to stories! Thanks Forrest!

  12. Addie is a lucky lady to have you for a friend, Forrest. Maybe next time she will get a hole in one. Bet you are looking forward to the boa hug you will get then!

  13. I’m glad someone likes golf. Ha ha.
    I tried to hit a ball before and completely missed it. I hope I didn’t hurt the air. Ha ha.

  14. Your little drawing of that I think it’s a dog, has something at the very tail end. What is that?
    Anyway I when I ever see u again I give u a Boa hug. Ha ha.

  15. Nice scrapbook. Glad Addie has recovered well and had the faith. You’re a good friend, Mr. Fenn.

  16. First there is a #4 hole…4 ft deep? Then we have not a back surgery but a backbone one. Sounds like someone needs help to grow a backbone?
    They have been quiet and Forrest doesnt expect to hear from them a long time…next summer?? if the “operation/bog” goes well…she must have faith.

  17. Hi Forrest;

    What a delightful story. I am SOOOO glad that the fetish worked, and that Addie got to feeling a lot better, and that she got her swing fixed haha. Having a wee bit of faith can get one a long ways in life – Isn’t there a story about a mustard seed or something like that? JDA

  18. What a good friend…glad Addie was able to hit her very nice mark with faith and fusion!

  19. The Rocky Mountains are considered the spine of the continent, so I think that this SB may be a subtle hint that the treasure is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains! 😛

    Have a Happy Hallow’s Eve, Chasers! 🙂

  20. I’m more of a Charles Barkley player – too many hitches in my swing…need to see a priest after each time I play…not good.

    Happy Halloween everyone…don’t party too hard….keep an eye on your kiddos tonight and be well.

  21. Yes, Forrest we do love happy endings…
    like Addie’s healing & Willie wagging his tail.

    How many of us have gone with faith, carrying an arrowhead or lucky rock in our pocket as we search for the treasure?

    Are you willing to show & tell about your Zuni fetishes? I would really enjoy seeing them and knowing more about each.

  22. birdie – one under par. out of all the “par strokes” (clues) your are one short. Forrest I’ve been asking what the blazes is the blaze for awhile now. LOL


  23. Forrest, we know that you were a trader of goods and monopoly player.
    With your numerous references to getting gas, oil & gas companies, it makes me wonder…Did you trade paintings in exchange for oil and gas rights from your friend Addie?

    • I think he’s legitimately remind us to get gas…no need to overthink this one.


  24. What fetish do u recommend for someone with walking phemonia please fed ex it ASAP lol

  25. I read somewhere it really is a happy ending,
    A fairy tale ending. For me the signs are on the wall and I can’t wait to see the look on my adies face.

  26. All I can think about is Turquoise, Snails, and the Tatum Salt Dome. Any one have a fold out map of those spiny river rights?

  27. I’ve come to think (IMO) that the chase is more of a tennis match than a leisurely round of golf.

    So, Fenn, you’re down 5-6 in the 5th set and it’s Deuce – where’s the next serve going? Up the line, down the middle, or slice out wide? Remember, I’m a lefty and we are playing center court at Wimbledon…no pressure.

    PS – I’m 85% sure it’s London style cold, raining, and the roof still open.

  28. I am finding hints and seeing a clue! In the previous SB #221 Forrest said, “You have to love that Christ Church. I have friends and a daughter who attend services there regularly. Maybe I’ll start going more often.”

    This will take some explanation. I worked with my Grandpa for many years. He was a retired electrician, a man’s man and a faithful hard-working provider for his family. When he retired, he took those skills and invested them (in part) in his grandson. The 18-year old who wanted to grow up to be a farmer, but he did not come from a farming family. Nobody plowed the fields ahead of him, so to speak.

    The 18-year-old was somehow able to get a loan, buy a farm, and build buildings on that land to raise hogs, aka, “the mortgage lifters.” So many pigs that more barns were needed and by the time that grandpa and the teen were finished building there were enough state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled confinement barns to breed, farrow, raise and feed out 1000 hogs per year that were headed from the farm to the breakfast tables of America.

    Grandpa would absolutely not consider taking money for his hard labor and expert opinions, so the grandson invested in Grandpa spiritually. Why don’t you go to church? Your family financed and built most of the church we attend, what happened? Don’t you believe in God? Don’t you see Him in all of His creation? Will you go with us on Sunday? Why do you faithfully drop Grandma off at the door? Doesn’t the sacrifice of Jesus Christ simply make sense in exchange for your eternal salvation?

    Grandpa and Grandma passed on with about enough money left over to pay for their funerals. Grandma was a prayer warrior till her final days. But Grandpa was another story. He turned into a cowboy western and Christian TV watching 90-year old, vocally expressive evangelist. He began taking Grandma faithfully to church every Sunday and staying! Grandpa did not leave behind any real money for the kids, but gave them the biggest, most permanent gift of all, the assurance that we would -all- be reunited one day behind Heavens gates.

    In this SB #222, I see comments by Forrest (years ago), “I will be with you in my prayers…PS. It is important that you have faith.” Here I am finding hints. Hints that ff has a clue! Leaving assurance behind for your loved ones upon departure, IS the biggest, most permanent gift of all! The Thrill of the Chase is exciting, personally rewarding and ultimately temporary.

  29. Definitely a pattern in these. Riddle, riddles and more riddles. Need to take a swig after each There’s credence in that, that drinking clear water revives the clarity of the mind . Add the green liquid to the yellow liquid and it becomes crystalline. There’s a bird on a wire and there’ll be chaos this spring. This SB curriculum is par for the course. Likely less imagined so, of course, if one thinks this is all just subterfuge.


    IMO .

  30. Forrest,

    Every time you share a story it emphasises the impact you have had on so many people from each new beginning to every last end. *

  31. here’s what I’ve learned about f and chaos. there are so many clues that it could be anywhere. even those that seem straight may have a hook. for example, “below HOB” could mean underneath it, up-canyon, down-canyon, or just beyond it. Left could mean right, depending on which direction you’re facing, and vice-versa. Looking up could mean towards the sky or up-canyon, or needing to look up word in dictionary. So many opportunities for trickery, which is middle-name for f. Trick or treat today? My head still hurts from the last outing, or inning, depending on whether I went out or went in somewhere. BTW, the nationals won, or did they just fail to lose?

  32. I would like to point out that there has been a strong preponderance of New Mexico in recent SB’s including art, friends from Santa Fe, employees, churches, memories – for all of you New Mexico naysayers 🙂

  33. ” Faith is the substance of things hoped for, things not seen.”

    Each day I get up and put one foot in front of the other.
    With Osteo Arthritis in my hips and Osteoporosis in the lower back.
    I have to “walk in faith” each day. Naturally, my prayers are ones of gratitude for one more day in which I have been able to continue doing the things I love.
    And yes I have asked God for healing. As I see things this is a test of my faith,
    will I get bent out of shape if I become wheelchair-bound?

    Nope, I’ll be thankful for the chair.
    All praise and glory to God!


  34. Happy Halloween
    These Doodles Are So Fun And Artistic:)
    Fantastic Scrapbook. Did I Miss 221? Please Everyone Have A Safe Night:) Tomorrow Is The Day Of The Dead . I Will Be Talking To My Parent’s. I Miss Them. We Spend So Much Time, Wasting Time, That Wood Should Taje More Time, Too Cherish Every Moment, Fore We Never Know When It Will Be Our Last. I Also Must “Go Under The Knife ” And Wish I Had A Fetish. I Always Wanted To Play Golf ⛳️. I Have A Great Right Swing. Addie, Has Given Me Faith, That I Too Can Come Out Of This Swinging. Faith Of A Mustard Seed, Can Move Mountains . Bless You Mr. And Mrs. Fenn, And Dal,
    Sincere Blessings,

  35. FF seems to enjoy many NA collections…pottery; Strike-alight bags; dolls; ancient Zuni fetishes; Blackfoot moccasins &stone sewing tools; knives, arrow points, etc. I guess he retired because he finally got all he wanted. Or are you still collecting Forrest?

  36. I replaced the doodle of the fetish that Forrest gave Addie in the story above. I inserted the wrong doodle when I posted the story. Forrest caught the error a few minutes ago. My mistake. Apologies.

  37. The problem with out living so many people is out living so many people. At least now a thousand more people know who Addie Fleischaker is.

      • Rest in peace, Addie, Richard, Joe, Brown, Gracie, George, Lillie, Martin, Lewis, Fred, Puller, Jerry, Edard, William squared, H.W., Junie, Abrams, Laurel, and Hardy, etc.

        • Yes, Goldilocks, you may! I’m hoping Doug writes me into a sequel…or maybe even a movie. I’m a fan of your story (and comments) as well!

    • Goldilocks,

      I seen the same thing. There’s a story being told and the key is pointing if ya ask me.


  38. Forrest – tell us more stories about Gerry Spence. So many SBs … I feel like he’s the DJ and we’re phoning in our requests.

  39. So many scrapbooks to decipher. Hard to know what’s important and what isn’t. I wish Forrest would send me one of his fetishes. Maybe he will, I guess I need more faith in order to solve this. I can’t depend on my brain cause it exploded months ago!

  40. I thought that first doodle looked more like your old buddy Tesuque than a mountain lion!

    P.S. Are you saying there’s more than one type of cougar in that SB, since Addie is a decade or so past middle age?

    Hope you had a happy Hallow’s Eve with a lot of treats!

    • Blue Fox,

      It looked like Tesuque to me as well. Kinda makes sense.


  41. Zuni fetish. Maybe the bear is the answer. Has anyone seen any bears or snakes on their recent botg’s? Maybe the mountain ain’t lyin?


  42. I’m liken these doodles. Such a great imagination to covey with doodles. Always liked encyclopedias to help visualize. If there is one thing I may be the worlds worst at is drawing. Growing up my family would have art contests. My father would draw an elephant every time, and it was always comical when I reveled my masterpiece. g

  43. The golf angle confuses me. I’ve never played. Does scoring change for each hole? Or does it stay the same for each hole? Any golfers in here?

    • Edit to my question above: So if a golfer is playing on the number 4 hole, and they make the shot in 3 whacks, then that is one under par? Or if they do it in 2 whacks, then that is 2 under par? Am I understanding that correctly? Does any of that change when they get to the next hole? Yea, not a golfer here.

    • Golfers usually play 18 holes with each hole is designated as a par 3, 4 or 5 depending on length. Par is the expected number of shots it should take an average golfer to get the ball in the hole. Birdie means 1 under par (2 on a par 3; 3 on a par 4; 4 on a par 5). Eagle is 2 under par. Bogey is 1 over par. Double bogey is 2 over, etc.

      • The holes are numbered 1 through 18. The hole numbers have nothing to do with what their par would be. Par is designated on each hole by it’s length.

      • Thank you Morecowbell.

        So it’s the birdie number that changes on each hole, relative to the distance to the hole? As in birdie doesn’t always mean 1. It can mean 2 or 3? I might maybe understand that, but I’m not sure yet.

        Thanks for explaining that.

        • A birdie means getting the ball in the hole in 1 shot better than par (2 shots on any par 3; 3 shots on any par 4 and 4 shots on any par 5).

          In this story we weren’t told what the par was on hole #4, only that she got a birdie (1 under par).

  44. In prehistoric Zuni Fetishes, each direction is represented by a “Prey God”, or guardian animal, and are listed as submitted in 1881 by Frank Hamilton Cushing (ethnologist) as follows:

    north — the yellow mountain lion,
    west — the black bear (represented by the color blue),
    south — the red badger,
    east — the white wolf,
    above or the sky — the multi-colored eagle,
    below or underground — the black mole.
    Each prey god is the “guardian and master” of their region, with the yellow mountain lion being the elder brother of all animals and the master and guardian of all regions.

    In Zuni New Mexico I have a very good friend, his name is Nelson Luna, he is the Zuni Tribal Game and Fish Manager/Director, he has also runs an Aviary that is authorized by the US Congress as a sanctuary and rescue/rehabilitation of American Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles and the Mexican Eagles, I have on several occasions gone hunting (Bow) on the Zuni Reservation with Nelson for Deer and Elk, but my biggest thrill is not the gathering of the sacred deer or elk which we are usually successful at, Nelson has a Boone and Crocket 396 Bull Elk in his home that was take with Bow, that is not the Thrill, feeding the Bald, Golden and Mexican Eagles is an even greater thrill, I have had huge female, female Bald are usually dominant and larger than the males eat from my hand, but this is not done without risk to you fingers and hand, you must recognize the “Pecking Order” of each bird in its place of dominance, they are territorial and you must respect that. Otherwise if you feed the wrong bird first one of the more dominant females will come and take your hand instead of the piece of beef or elk heart, we wear gloves and gore-tex jackets to fend off angry birds, and you better take enough food for all to eat.

    I have fond memories of Elk and Deer hunts on Jicarilla Apache Nation and Zuni, the significance of taking an animal you eat with a bow and arrow, if you are given a shot and execute it, just cannot be put into words, but there is a certain reverence I feel for this fortune that has been given to me.

    It helps to understand this feeling if you are familiar with or are a native who see these animals like the great “Tatanka,” which means “He Who Owns Us.” or we cannot say that we own the buffalo because he owns us. Tatanka is also “Sitting Bull” (Lakota: Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotakeis also God of many Native Americans the Sioux also use Wakan as a prefix to show Sacred or divine. This is why you often hear of Native Americans death as entering the Happy Hunting Grounds. Literally the abundance of Game and success in the Hunt, now if I could only apply that skill to this hunt, I would be in the Happy Hunting Grounds…


  45. His pic of the fetish reminds me of Sitting Bull’s pipe or else a Polish dog. Where’s the mustard?

  46. sometimes faith has you, especially when you don’t have it… it’d be wise to keep as much of it as possible, just in case. you never know who might be listening…

  47. I love happy endings, especially when they have happy beginnings.

    Congrats to Addie on the 4th birdie. I heard that’s a challenging one.

  48. Addie was lucky to have a great friend in you Forrest. Your kind words give hope. Even when you think someone had forgotten your gesture. That memory withstood the test of time for Addie.

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