Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Five…


November, 2019


Young at Heart


Peggy must have done something to make me mad so I did this to her. My math wasn’t very good and she didn’t correct me so I’m sure I got her age right. We moved to Santa Fe in 1972 and this full-page notice in the Santa Fe New Mexican must have appeared about 4 years after that.


Peggy has always looked young for her age and even today people are saying that she doesn’t look 69. f




89 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Five…

  1. Happy Birthday Peggy…you’re a special lady…to put up with Forrest!
    I hope your day brought you lots of love and joy!

    • Happy Birthday Peggy! I’m wishing you the most amazing day! May peace and blessings follow you and your family everywhere.

  2. The expression on her face when she started receiving calls must of been priceless. That’s hilarious. rr

  3. Peggy was my mom’s name and I would imagine that you’re just like her, loving and kind hearted! And I bet you don’t let Forrest get away with his antics very often!

    Happy Birthday Peggy Fenn!!


  4. Happy B day Peggy, at least Forrest got your hair color right…right?

    But I gotta tell you Peg, ff has been seen drawing some blonde with golf clubs, a vacuum cleaner…well we all know what happened to Tiger Woods, but never fear, if he ever disappoints you, I like brunetts..they are more intelligent, and cute-er too.


    • Peggy tell me you did not break the mirrow on his SUV with a 3 iron…? Use a 1 Wood, it hits harder….

      In 1972 you were 29 according to the notice, 4 years later you were still 29 but now you are 69 and even more beautiful, somehow Santa Fe you found the fountain of youth, cause you still are a classy lady, and we are all spellbound…

      Why are we repeating 2 2 4 and Juan number keeps coming back to HAUNT us.


  5. Whenever your birthday is – today or November 27, or whenever – HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peggy. Forrest married quite the special lady – JDA

  6. Surely Fenn is not a “yes dear” type of fellow – considering all his escapades we have read about. But given the longevity of his marriage, he must have done something right.
    I won’t say where I was in 1972 but it was a good year and full of changes.
    And as to being 69 – I ain’t there yet but it is creeping up on me faster than I would like.
    The years fly by too fast – and Christmas is just around the corner.
    Hoping that red light stays on longer than usual……

  7. Dal,
    Did you release this SB to soon?
    Just in case, Happy birthday Peggy 🙂
    Enjoy your day and many more..

  8. That would have been hilarious, is hilarious. I guess all his numbers of late have purposeful meaning. Need to dial in on that premise and perhaps something umbilical will be born attached in thought. IMO .

    Nice work ,FF.

    IMO .

  9. ff ran the original birthday notice in the Santa Fe New Mexican on November 16th. Peggy’s birthdate must be after 11-16.

    Is he wishing her an early birthday? Maybe someone finally solved the poem – which would be a nice gift to her after weirdos have hounded the Fenn family.

    • Happy early Birthday Mrs Fenn.

      Forrest, when you age a woman early? You’d better have an excellent gift!

    • Nice. I would never get away with that one. How lucky you are that she has accepted your antics all of these years. You should be required to bake her a cake every night now until her actual birthdate. Best wishes.

    • Wow. Peggy’s dad was Cliff Proctor. Test cliff? Cliff notes? Who nose? I’m sure Forrest does. Happy future B-day Peggy!

      I sincerely hope your health is better than reported by someone here at the HoD.

      Please take care…..,.Pinatubocharlie

  10. Bless your heart Ms Peggy , I would have killed my husband for doing that!
    I hope your birthday is a wonderful one!

  11. I wonder how many people will try and call that number now….lol
    Happy Birthday!…..whenever it is.

  12. Happy birthday Peggy. Your husband hid his life insurance so please don’t strangle him until the treasure chest is found.

  13. Aww! Peggy is so cute, and she doesn’t look anywhere near 69! I hope you both have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  14. I’ve been working on a very special project just for you Peggy. I hope it makes it in time. (:

  15. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Peggy,
    Happy birthday to you!

  16. Great Scott not another birthday! …Happy Birthday, Peggy. You do look much younger than that old man of yours. Ha, ha, just kidding. You both look 20 years younger than your age. Keep doing what ever you’re doing, it works!

  17. My wife’s name is Peggy. She grimaces when
    asked if it is short for Margaret, Best wishes
    to your First Treasure, Forrest , and to you also.

  18. Happy Birthday Mrs. Fenn,
    The gifts you receive will never outweigh the gifts you have given. Wishing you the best today and always.

  19. ……..and the mysterious trout-ba-dour Forrest tunes up his 12 string, hums a few bars and begins to strum and sing…..

    …..”Jean, Jean, roses are red and all the leaves have gone gold…….while the hills are a-BLAZE with the moon’s. golden haze…..come into my arms Peggy Jean.

    Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive….come out of your half dreamed dream…..and run if you will to the top of the hill…..come into my arms PEGGY JEAN.

    May there be many stars in your crown PEGGY JEAN

    -H-A-P-P-Y. B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y !!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I know a couple of Margarets, they like to be called Peggy. Proper names and nicknames. Nowadays we have so many seemingly made up names. Picked old fashioned names for my own kids.
    Ones that stand the test of time.

    Mr Fenn, Sir, wonder what your nickname is for Peggy? My husband calls me Love. It’s the little details that get you there in the end. I bet you laughed about this prank for a long time.

  21. Peggy loos like a martini with olives for eyes in doodle. Guess The martini was what made Forrest mad.

  22. Happy Birthday, Peggy! and many happy returns. Forrest is right – you don’t look to be 69. Texas girls age well, like fine wine.

  23. I hope that Peggy has a very Happy Birthday whenever it is!

    Forrest’s stick-figure drawing doesn’t do her justice; it looks like an erupting volcano to me!

  24. Not sure if the phone number is still good, but guessing it’s not, or Peggy just might be get a lot more calls wishing you a Happy Birthday.
    Forrest, you can show Peggy this blog so she can see a lot more people, she doesn’t know, wishing her a Happy Birthday!!!!

    Peggy, just in case- the Bur family wishes you a Wonderful Birthday.

  25. Happy Birthday Peggy and may you have many more, after all, who is going to keep Forrest grounded? ( a pun on flying. )


  26. Happy Birthday Mrs. Fenn! I’m sure your husband brought you a bunch of your favorite flowers and more!

  27. Forrest, has Peggy ever smiled or laughed about this…would loved to have been a fly on the wall when Peggy found out about the ad.
    Happy Birthday Peggy, best wishes!

  28. Happy Birthday Miss Peggy! The Bykowski family wishes you a year of love and special time with family and friends and lots of unexpected blessings, and a end to the madness your dear Forrest has caused.

  29. Peggy Jean,

    I hope the vacuum wasn’t a Christmas present. My first year of my marriage I asked my wife what she wanted for Christmas. She wouldn’t say. Well it was almost Christmas and I was running out of time. So I bought her a new fancy iron.

    You should have seen the tears running down her cheeks when she opened the present.

    Sometimes men just don’t understand.


  30. I love that I share a birthday month with Mrs. Peggy.

    Am I wrong in thinking they are both from Temple, TX? Makes me wonder about her childhood memories with olive shaking classmates, marble competitions, pie factories and that old bat, Miss Ford;)??

  31. Peggy is a lucky woman Forrest, and you are a lucky man!
    Happy Early birthday Peggy!
    Much love to you both and congratulations for your years together! What an amazing love story!

  32. Happy Early Birthday Peggy. I always seem to be late to the party. Wishing you many more. Thank You Again Forrest, for this Magnificent Chase. Your words have a flow, You have an eye for detail and absolutely impeccable timing.

    Thank You Again and be safe and warm this winter.


  33. How absolutely funny, Mr. Fenn would post
    Mrs. Fenn’s Birthday in the paper 14 days early!
    Peggy, must have received many birthday wishes from strangers! How absolutely hilarious!
    That’s just like Fenn’s humor! I know the whole family got a kick out of it!
    Good job, Mr. Fenn your the life of the party!♥️

  34. Hi Martha,

    So staying with the theme regarding the next SB about Frankie and Johnny, perhaps ‘early bird’ applies here.


  35. Happy birthday Peggy! I’m sure Forrest has made this day an extra special one for you. And we all know you sure do deserve it! God bless you and your family.

  36. Stars in Hollywood,
    Stars in the sky,
    Stars so bright,
    Stars of every kind.

    A nu star born everyday,
    But one caught his eye,
    She’s beautiful in ways he only knows,
    A nu star born everyday,

    God Bless and Happy Birthday Peggy

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