Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Seven…


November, 2019


Enter King Beowulf


That’s Beowulf there on the left. He lived in the pond behind our gallery. His expression never changed so it was hard for me to tell exactly what he was thinking. He probably thought I was an Alligator Whisperer.

Sometimes when I went out to see Beowulf, he’d open his mouth really wide. I never knew whether he was thinking about eating me or just saying hello. But in the back of his mind he must have known that if he lunged at me, I’d make shoes out of him.

Every 4th day I’d go out to the pond with a big slab of beef liver in my hand. When he saw me coming, he’d ease off of his sunny rock and swish over to me. When I bent down and offered him food, he’d politely eat from my hand.

The pond was 12’ deep over by the waterfalls, and we also had ducks and several big fish. When the ducklets swam past Beowulf, I’d yell for him to be nice and I never knew him to disobey me. Sometimes when I wasn’t there, we’d miss a duck. Beowulf instantly became an alligator of interest. There were no eyewitnesses so we had to let it pass.

Then one afternoon about 4 o’clock, 6 baby ducks were swimming behind their mom when I heard a dull GULP, and then there were 5 baby ducks swimming behind their mom. The culprit was one of two 6-pound channel catfish, but still there were no eye witnesses.

Beowulf lived like a king. The first freeze in Santa Fe each year was supposed to occur on the 15th of October, so on the 14th Beowulf moved into his custom-built winter home. It was a 10’ x 10’ wooden enclosure with pond water circulating in and out. It had an electric heater and a transparent plastic roof to let the sun in. Beowulf was the envy of the neighborhood, and his hedonistic life promised to go on forever.

But then we sold the gallery. When the new owner was showing her insurance agent around the property Beowulf was seen chasing a small dog across the yard. It was his last day of acquaintance with the gallery, because, like Saddam Hussein, he journeyed way past the point of no return. f



165 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Seven…

    • *Beowulf probably wouldn’t appreciate my comment here so I retract it.
      ** except for the delicious part

  1. This looks like the one that we have been watching for.
    Great story! Thanks, Forrest!
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  2. There’s a Gator or two living at a hot spring, here in Idaho. Miracle Hot Springs! My kids loved it!
    Cute gator stories Forrest! Funny like you!
    I’m having a hard time keeping up with all this scrap! Scrap here, Scrap there……haha
    Now where is Beo. Now? Long forgotten?
    Wonder if he is still alive? Where did he go?

  3. A gator’s gotta eat! I bet they didn’t feed him enough so that little doggy looked like a nice snack.

  4. The point of no return, like the Kansas song. I hope Beowulf is remembered for his antics and not his hide.

    • Just went to “Kansas Point of Know Return tour” concert a few weeks ago. Totally amazing!

  5. I had a small alligator years ago and my dog stuck her nose in the tank and the gator latched on. And pretty weird because I was YouTubing videos of both wars and watching the Kuwait oil field fires they set and the ways each country came in to put them out. It definitely didn’t look good for the air we breath. r

    • Ummm… The Kuwait Oil Fires were in 1991 and YouTube launched in 2005? Am I missing something? Do you just mean you were videoing the fires?

      • Tidbit: The guy who started YouTube, Jawed Karim, went to Central high school here in St Paul Minnesota. My daughters graduated from the same school a few years after he was there. My good friend is a math teacher and taught him in her class there. She didnt know til I told her! Weird world we live in….. Amelia Earhardt and Charles Shultz attended the same Central Highschool too! 🙂 both discussed as possible hints to the treasure.

        • And Forrest went to Central Junior High School as well… But in Temple, Texas…. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

        • lol… I thought he meant he was making YouTube videos… Makes so much more sense now! I’m not much of a Youtuber for the first few years I called it Utube… Never could figure out why I couldn’t find it 🙂

          • And there is a company called UTube… They sell tires and are located in… Yup Toledo, Ohio!!! Gotta love a good rabbit hole in the morning 🙂

          • I was watching those fires live, on what they used to call “Tv”, not sure what they call it now.

            we were negotiating a contract with Kuwait to do drawings of basically golf courses all along the coast, including desalination plants all along there, before Saddam decided to line up tanks along the boarder (apparently he saw the potential for golf too)… I told my boss: “uhh, I don’t think we are going to get this contract”… 🙂 funny how the world rotates…

  6. I got a great alligator story. I started writing it but it’s just to long for me. it probably would take a week to get it right by that time this post would probably closed…

    But my dog did live and you can’t catch a alligator with hook and fishing line.


    • Me, you can catch an alligator with a rod and reel… if he eats the fish on the end of your fishing line.

      • After my dog out swam the alligator to shore, I went back to the house and got an offshore rod with 150 lb test and a half a chicken. There was no match for the 12-foot alligator my game warden friend now has some very nice boots.. :-

      • When I was working at Boy Scout camp back in the early 70’s. I watched as one of my coworkers had a gator that took his Jitterbug. He thought it would be fun until he actually hooked it.
        It brook the line when it got about ten feet from the shore. Oh those were the days!

      • Or if you snag one by the tail….which is exactly what I did in FL. Had to cut the line and lost my favorite lure……

        • Geysergirl, do you remember what you favorite lure was? The Jitterbug lure for me brings back some of my earliest memories. g

  7. Beowulf went “missing.” But what about Elvis? Forrest’s memoir mentions a second gator named Elvis.

      • Thank you Spallies.

        Can Anyone offer an answer for why Forrest changed the story from gator chasing duck to dog? Is he just messin with us for fun?

      • Spallies – This SB#227 is entitled, “Enter King Beowulf”, and Elvis Presley was also aka “The King”, and acted/sang in that musical about Frankie and Johnnie.

        When I am up to my eyeballs in Alligators on The Chase, I think of Lewis Carroll’s poem, shown in the link you provided above, and then I see the profile shape of an Alligator in Hebgen Lake:

        The eye is Rainbow Point. The lower jaw is what the water runs off of, into Baker’S Hole, in Carroll’s Crocodile poem. IMO.

        Ok, we have 2 out of 3 Kings, Forrest. Someone even mentioned a Gaspar treasure hunt in Florida above. Gaspar had no beard.

        Who was the ‘King’, possibly previously mentioned, in reference to Saddam Hussein???

        • Spallies – I was referring to picture caption on a post I did yesterday, on the Odds & Ends thread:

          AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II, accompanied by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, on Thursday left for the United States to take part in the Economic Forum held at Sun Valley, Idaho.

          His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Al Hussein was sworn in as regent in the presence of Cabinet members.

          Petra News Agency
          June 30, 2016


  8. Well…..I think it’s all about the food chain.
    Believe me, I know what I’m talking about cuz my mamma told me to watch out for those big ducks – they eat frogs. Altho – the little yellow baby ducks ain’t so bad.

    Ducking out now on this SB – see you later alligator.

    • I think you are right. It’s all about the food chain. On p.36 in TTOTC, an alligator can be seen behind Forrest’s head. In this chapter he says he was higher on the food chain than his siblings and that June was the family pet.

    • Kelly… dad I’m bringing home a new guy I want to date.

      Forrest…okay honey. Tell him to expect a “fatherly” handshake and tour of our property.

      Boyfriend…hello Mr. Fenn, Sir

      Forrest…hello son, let’s enjoy a walk in the yard. I’d like you to help me feed my pet.

      Forrest…This is Beowulf, he’s a good boy.

      Boyfriend…(convo in his own head)
      Holy cr@p, No girl is cute enough!

      Mr. Fenn, SIR we’re going out for a grapette and she’ll be home in 30 mins.

  9. This scrapbook brings to mind King Beowulf, who slew the dragon and was a hero to his people. However, in the conflict the beast poisoned Beowulf. With his last breath Beowulf declares,

    “For the gold and treasure, to God my thanks,
    to the Wielder-of-Wonders, with words I say,
    for what I behold, to Heaven’s Lord,
    for the grace that I give such gifts to my folk
    or ever the day of my death be run!
    Now I’ve bartered here for booty of treasure
    the last of my life, so look ye well
    to the needs of my land! No longer I tarry.
    A barrow bid ye the battle-fanned raise
    for my ashes. ‘Twill shine by the shore of the flood,
    to folk of mine memorial fair
    on Hrones Headland high uplifted,
    that ocean-wanderers oft may hail
    Beowulf’s Barrow, as back from far
    they drive their keels o’er the darkling wave.”

    Interpretation of the word barrow is difficult. Here is seems to mean a mounded pile of earth and stones over a grave, but it can also mean a high hill or mountain. It is interesting to note, that a hog was also mentioned in some definitions of a barrow. I found it interesting that Ima Hogg was mentioned in SB 220 recently. Specifically a hogback, is a geological feature found in the mountains which is basically a ridge with spiny projections. You can look online for some examples. Is there a hogback in your search area?

    The numbers, as usual, are more difficult for me. I wonder if the dimensions Forrest mentions have any meaning. Guess I’ll sleep on it! Pleasant dreams everyone.

  10. Hahaha, I love that story. It’s too bad that Gator lost his home. I guess that’s part of life. Maybe if the insurance agent came on a different day he’d still be there.

  11. So many 4’s lately I keep ducking. In TFTW Beowulf chased a duck not a dog and the ducklings had to watch out for big bass and racoons, not channel cats. In TFTW he feed Beowulf 3 times a week. The Beowulf in this SB didn’t get as much to eat. Since writing 34 Beowulf and Elvis and this one he must have finally seen with his own eyes, what was the duck gulper. g

    • What interested me about the 10 x 10 is the “transparent plastic roof”. I always wonder if the chest is hidden/burried in an exposed way to the elements, or if it is protected in any way. I get that bronze is not going to melt away, but from my research (unless I miss understood) Bronze can start to pit under the right conditions. Not to mention the wood interior of the chest. Unless it’s “sealed” that could be a disaster as well. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong about the bronze.

        • So, is WWWH a 10’x10′ “enclosure” containing circulating warm water, with some sort of natural sunlight entering into said enclosure from above? Or might that be where the TC is to be found? Also, the golden scales remind me of Aspen leaves that carpet the forest floor in autumn.

  12. Well, There is only one Ali-gator left in Fenn’s Circle,
    and that one is the Prettiest of them all, Ms. Ali MacGraw !!
    My Gators Lost to the Bulldogs this past Weekend,,,
    I love Ducks, not to fond of Gators, Good eaten though!

  13. Forrest,

    I think you and I would have butted heads and I would have been kicked to the curb.

    I dated a girl in high school. She was pretty to me but probably not to most others, anyway, she was funny and spontaneous and up for anything and that’s what mattered most to me. I had my pilot’s license when I was 15 years old and I asked her father if I could take her for a ride in the plane. He was nice but said no. At that time I wasn’t old enough to drive a car so getting her to the airport undetected was just about impossible.

    So when I turned 16 I got my drivers license and asked her if she wanted to go for an airplane ride. She said yes and off we went into the wild blue wonder. When I drove her home she had a smile on her face and her Dad asked where we were. We fessed up to it and I think I lost some brownie points but I was still in the game. I guess it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

    She’s gone now but I think of her often (Rebecca) when I close my eyes and think of days past. But that’s a whole different story.


  14. Well Forrest if I knew you back then I would have said ship Beowulf here. Lord knows there are many here with homes in the rivers, lakes, and in Okeechobee and the Everglades. I thinks I have run into his distant cousin a time or two, on my canoe adventures.

    Thanks Forrest, every living thing gotta eat, right.

    • If you talk about “forbidden fruit”, please don’t say too much, unless you’re a
      valley girl.

  15. And on his last day, off in the distance a faint voice was heard saying “ The king has left the building”.

  16. Sure had exotic pets and knew how to draw in a crowd. Beowolf chased a small dog when the insurance agent was there? I thought I read Beowolf chased a duck. Interesting Saddam Hussein has been brought up. I know in previous scrapbooks oil has been brought up. Reminds me of places I’ve been and saddened to see oil fields there/nearby.

    • The king didnt cross the line. He did as kings do and protected his territory. After he went into his winter home, the gallery was sold and they had only superficial contact with him again. Good riddance to the lead searcher.

  17. “They will go through bone like butter. You need at least sixteen pigs to finish the job in one sitting, so be wary of any man who keeps a pig farm.”
    I’m sure the same could be said of gators – one of my fave movies…
    Brick Top

  18. Watching a tv treasure hunt for pirate Gaspars $30 million on the Pease River, Florida. Guys are vigilant watching for gators and snakes.

    Forrest, thanks for secreting your chest in the Rockies. I’ll take my chance with bears over gators and snakes.

  19. Anyone else grow up with a Coleco or Atari? Reminds me of the game PitFall…you had to jump onto the alligator heads to cross the pond.

    F – I hope my spring destination doesn’t involve a walk or ride into the Everglades.

  20. I hope I’m as kind and forgiving to people as you were to that alligator. Some people can’t help their nature and who they are but it is up to us how we treat them.

    I hope you are well Forrest.

  21. Even a king, who is fed by a trusting hand, can come to his demise if he goes chasing after the wrong thing 🙂 JDA

  22. With every new scrapbook, I can’t help but think about the fact that, chest or not, a day will come when we realize there are no more scrapbooks on the way. Yes, all things have a season, but the more I do this the more I dread that day. As a person who studies and loves storytelling, I recognize FF is the Big Fish- reminiscent of the movie by that name.

    But, there is a silver lining. The biggest fish do get to live forever- in the stories WE tell.

  23. I keep trying to figure out how an Alligator gently takes food from a hand. You would have to toss the food right? The mechanics of it wouldn’t work with a long nose and all of those teeth and no neck to bend down. Alligators give me the willies. They always look like they are smiling and they swing their fannies from side to side when they walk. I think they would look better on my feet then in my backyard.

    • Copper, gators certainly don’t nibble on anything. They gulp it hole in those powerful jawwws. Maybe he allowed Forrest to throw it into his jaws without lunging at ff. Would that be a definition of a polite alligator?

      • No such thing as a polite Alligator, friend. Just don’t have an alligator. He’s seriously lucky he still has all
        of his fingers. Can you imagine saying “now be nice” to an Alligator? No sir. Nope. No way and No Thanks! I would say owning and Alligator has the same amount of risk as offering coffee to a burglar. I

  24. Six ducklings! This combination of the crocodile and a catfish must have been pretty lethal. In scrapbook 146 only 3 ducks are left. I always thought that at least 4 of them would have survived.

      • 6lb isnt that small…and it was a baby duck….search Youtube and you will see several examples of just this size catfish eating baby ducks.

    • I had 3 ducks that I had had for several years. One (the drake) disappeared. No eye witnesses. Prob a coyote (maybe a fox).

      Then I had 2…….for several more years, they were fine. Then a couple months ago, they disappeared. No eye witnesses. Prob that same ole coyote or fox. I did find a pile of feathers left behind………

      Now I have none.

  25. Things just run a fowl sometimes. Going to wait until 2024 when the dust settles and the air is clear. Too bad we can’t email Forrest anymore. Oh well.

  26. Ever since Janis met My Boy Elvis, Beowulf had no one there to bear witness. So to add a little gumption and shed light onto the foreground perhaps we should all take heed, keep our eyes on the ground and our head on the horizon. Who knows where a little rocky brimfugol may lead us. Jump, wiggle and shake, go-go-go
    Jump, wiggle and shake, go-go-go

  27. I predict that Forrest will announce he has his bracelet, but the searcher remained anonymous and did not contact him… he simply received a brown ups box with his favorite bracelet.
    His family will undoubtably be relieved.

  28. This last SB of the prewritten series is sure loaded in- as a symbolic riddle. Snap snap , the last piece goes in place to complete the picture. There’s a lot in this one. So much symbology where-in a single word or two written ,is a 1000 words for a picture. Very crafty and well thought out SB and series. Links to the past SB’s that reverberate in the new.

    As the lone parrot speaks ‘Elvis has left the building’.

    The alligator smiles ‘ at the homely little duckling and then there were none’. No witnesses to the final clue for anyone left to judge. But only that of Mr. Fenn at that war grave.

    Nicely done, Mr. Fenn.

    IMO .

    • Alsetebash,

      If ya ask me, It wasn’t the drumroll everyone expected but if you ask me, you nailed it.


  29. For 42 years I was an Insurance Agent in New Mexico and when it came to spotting a high risk client, like one who owns a dangerous animal, like Elvis or Beowulf it was often a suggestion to the client to cage, remove and relocate the risk or danger, and never would we, me and the companies I represented insure a business with a “beware of dog” sign on their gate. Premeditated murder for ducks, small dogs and biting a possible future Governor of New Mexico might be like producing John Eichmann’s Book, and easy lawsuit in the making for any attorney with evil on his mind…like taking a bite outa Forrest’s wallet.

    But I have retired from insurance (legalized crime) now and like Joe Pesci use to tell people (clients) “if they do not buy our product, SOMETHING could happen, but if they pay us…nothing will happen…Joe at 5′ 4” is actually shorter than me. He was always very convincing in that type of evil villainous role…it was his words that convinced his target to pay up…

    A Headland is a Knoll or Punta also a Mogote in the funeral of Beowulf we see his ashes scattered there. Memorials are a peacful place for a kid to sit and think about life.


    • Tom Terrific,

      It would be interesting to know how much his insurance premiums were to keep exotic dangerous animals at the gallery.

      I guess the City of Santa Fe overlooked Fenn Gallery housing a dangerous animal, or wrote their code after Beowulf was no longer acquainted with the gallery….

      From Code of Ordinances, Santa Fe. Chapter V
      “Vicious animals; dangerous animals.
      A. Vicious Animals. No person shall keep or harbor a vicious animal. An animal whose bite or attack results in or causes great bodily harm to a person or an animal may be deemed vicious by a court of law. Any person attacked by a vicious animal while on public property may use reasonable force to repel the attack. An animal deemed vicious by a court of law shall be surrendered to the animal services center for humane euthanasia, at the owner’s expense, or the owner shall provide acceptable proof to the animal services center that the animal has been destroyed.

      B. Dangerous Animals. No person shall keep or harbor a dangerous animal in a manner that constitutes a threat to a person or other domesticated animal. An animal deemed dangerous by a court of law shall be muzzled, on a leash no longer than three (3) feet, and under the immediate physical control of the owner or person having custody whenever the animal is not on the premises of the owner or person having custody. If an animal is found to be dangerous and the owner or person having custody of the animal has been found to not be in compliance with this section, then the animal may be deemed vicious by a court of law.”

  30. The last two SBs had groups of birds. A raft of ducklings and a pandemonium of parrots. If you’re looking for meaning in the SBs I think it’s all for the birds, but maybe there’s something beneath all of that bird scratch.

  31. I think it depends on what one thinks in regards to what one is looking for in them. Guided by personal expectations feeds perceptions. Many seem to say they get confirmations in them and say ‘ thank you ‘ for such perceptions.

    I think he’s telling stories within all these stories that have a value to something within the chase. But I think ,if anything ,being as if these are helpful in that regard ; having the poem and location solved correctly first , is probably likely necessary, IMO. I don’t think these SB’s are singular in what is to be interpreted. There’s multiple things weaved in them to accommodate the many perceptions .

    Otherwise, none of these will make any sense in relation to the chase. IMO .

    This being of my opinion said. I don’t no anything for sure.

    IMO .

    • Alsetenash, TESLA, or the person to WHOM I speak in reply, your ability to perceive reality is sometimes uncanny, so what do you get from the CHILI LINE at Christs Church? White House Doodles Book that never sees the light of day?

      Why all the Johns, the Juan thing I suspect that we may both focus on is WHO this is directed at? 2 plus 2 is 4 but why say it in so many ways?


      • @Tom Terrific. The chilli SB is quite loaded (hot)! in its details. There’s a lot of ‘noise’ ( meaning-whole lotta info) in it . What I see here, Tom, is the Architect at work creating within these series of SB’s. Some are linked with other SB’s and some are stand alone- independent. It may appear to be obvious with which ones may be linked with other ones, but I’d be cautious to conclude which with which . Just look at how obvious his poem is…not! Lol.

        The Whitehouse doodles not being published? If I were to better than guess, I’d say he’s talking to someone to whom thinks that their solve is bunk. The may have stated somewhere that they are thinking about publishing it. He might be saying here to not doodle in that. He might be saying in a follow up SB to whom is Johnny ( Mr no name) that he’s glad he changed his mind? ( bunk with Peggy and bluff at poker- see the link?)

        The “John” ( no name) name being used a lot is, to me, just being generic: Johnny be good, dear John, Johnny come marching home, etc etc.

        The colours locations on all the doodles mean something relative to the story and theme of the SB.

        There’s a lot more in all of them , but these are just an example of my thinking. These are just an opinion of mine .

        Thanks for asking, Tom.

        IMO .

        • Alsetenash, humor an idea that has been in the recesses of my thinking for a long time, yes, everyone has them, but someone is right on a few or this TC will never be found. lt has to do with Scrapbooks.

          There have been times in the past when ff had issued a flurry of SC Books like now, also after Winter Thoughts in March 2017, and Biscut Basin Solve recently.

          Just after the “Chaos” started in SC 209, some themes kept popping up, look at the Athletic Addie SC 222, the Zuni Fetish of a mountain lion and a bear, I am very familiar with those, I even spoke of hand feeding eagles at Zuni, NM in my comments there, who is feeding who in this one? Those fetishes (symbols) are directions, the Mountain Lion is NORTH, the Bear is West, the San Juan or St John mts are NW of Santa Fe, NM? SC 214 John E. White house doodles where did they fish? San Juan River? Now call it coincidence in SC 223 and ff is flying tree top level between mountains when he spots the Great Sand Dunes Natl Monument and HWY 285, he then hops telephone poles to by a miracle…he drops down to it, arrives at Santa Fe Airport the Chili Line parallels HWY 285 for 90 miles to the Colorado border, then BEARS west for 22 miles to what? San Juan Range is crisscrossed by Chili Line? Yes these may be Scrapbooks ff wrote before but some are changed , big time, examine the inconsistency in this one, many others have seen it and commented here. I have a hunch was in the SC 224 and that hunch this was a winning hand. Someone needs to go buy a vacuum cleaner with a blonde attached.


          • @Tom Terrific. I don’t have the capacity to confirm nor deny your thoughts on this.But I can try to be humorous.

            Correct me if I am wrong, but I think your approach is deducing degrees , longitude/Latitude and also coordinates? Big on numbers in your approach-aka 32 degrees etc etc? In my opinion, much like math and mankind ; mankind didn’t invent math , they discovered it. In the poem there will always be , by natural occurrence, a translation of words to numbers. But that doesn’t mean the poem was written by with numbers translated into words. That would be ” chaos” to write a poem in that form and be cohesively related to geography . Darn near impossible to stitch it all together.

            How many telephone poles are where roads are? Is to say Bearing a direction so odd that it could mean ( in native American tradition) that a bear means West? If I were to say head West to a mountain, does this mean I mean Bear mountain?

            The chest location has a coordinate because every inch of the earth’s surface has a coordinate.

            I dunno, i just offer this as how I challenge my own thoughts all the same. You asked me to humour youridea, so that’s me answering. 🙂 🙂 🙂

            He probably was actually at the church’s chilli cook off that day. It might just have given him a story to base his next SB on.

            Is this SB an alleged belief with a crock of truth 🙂 I dunno. Lol

            IMO .

          • Wow… I really appreciate you sharing all of your observations on the scrapbooks… It helps take away some of the “Chaos” away from the “Chase” Thank You!

    • In what you just said, I believe you are correct. The problems I have encountered is in the interpretations of each clue. I believe Forrest is helping to relieve some of the obscurity in his original 9 clues. Confirmation bias definitely plays a roll in the interpretation of each of these SB’s. Therefore many see their solves and Forrest is speaking directly to them. That he would not do. If you see a word or a phrase that helps you in your solve, then it may just be do to the fact you did not interpret one of your solutions to begin with. Forrest is neither going to confirm or deny your solutions here. But he may just give you the clue you need if you read it carefully. But we will never know until the TC is found, and someone points to them as being what broke it open for them. I believe these SB’s are Forrest being like a father and saying to all of us,” Maybe I was a little to hard you to begin with, let me help you understand a little better. But I am still not going to do your homework for you.”

          • Yes.

            “But he may just give you the clue you need if you read it carefully.”

            The 9 clues in the poem are as such. Anything in the scrapbooks would be a hint, to help solve a clue, not a clue itself. Seblantics…

      • Richard; I agree 100% , Forrest worked to hard to just give it away, he’s making everyone think, real hard, including me.. he is a Brilliant man IMO with a Great Wealth of Knowlege and Experience and is sharing that with all of us.. I’m sure with all these SB’s someone will cross the Finish line

    • Alsetenash, you look like an actor, but you sound just like Forrest Fenn would sound discussing his brilliant SB strategy.
      Are you Fenn’s alter ego playing on line as Alsetenash?

      • @777. Um? No I am not him. That’s complimentary but no. I am a searcher participant just like everyone else.

        Maybe I just sound like a parrot? Lol.

        IMO .

        • @Alsetenash – I always appreciate your intelligent content and wit. Because of your confidence in seeing hints and linking SB’s strategically – I did wonder if you might be ff enjoying interacting with his online friends.

          Best to you,

          • @777. Thanks for that. But geeze, I’m not overly confident. All a person can do is perceive what they receive. Everyone here has some sort of knack in perception.

            IMO .

        • 777,
          As far as I’m concerned, Alsetenash along with Zap rock this forum with profoundness that blows me away.

          Don’t get me wrong, MANY others as well but I can only learn from all the insight on this blog.

          And don’t forger to check out the poetry page on here! Some greatness going on there as well.


          • @By George,
            They most definitely offer profound thoughts. I’ve come to appreciate everyone here. Each person brings unique perspective, and fun personality to the Home of Dal.

          • ByGeorge: thanks for the kind word! I’m trying to dial it back a bit and be a better listener. I’ve also got a bit of SB overload — it’s time-consuming (read “exhausting”) scrutinizing these stories and extracting the hints/confirmers/confirmation bias. I think it’s impossible for one person to catch everything (even when being overly generous with what they think is a hint), and I am frequently impressed by the folks here who excel at dissecting the parable angle (which usually eludes me).

            “King Beowulf” amusingly covers both alligators via Elvis “The King” (who himself comes up a couple times in a OUAW).

    • I think in a psychological sense, it’s quite possible that revealing fragments from Forrest’s subconscious mind are expressed in some of these scrapbooks. It’s also quite possible that after seeing how extensively each jot and tittle has been pored and hypothesized over, Forrest finds some sport in tossing out red herrings for entertainment’s sake. And of course it may be, but in my opinion probably not likely, that he is crafting complex architecture, subliminal hints, puzzles and messages into the scrapbooks. My guess is that *most* of these volumes are essays written some time (even many years) ago, and were not deemed of the caliber to include in the final manuscript of his published books. They are entertaining and enjoyable—but are they intentional codicils to “The Map?” As Forrest would say, “Who knows?—The Phantom knows.”

      • @Ronald Lee Oliver. In this realm of the TTOTC where only one person knows the absolute truth; any belief has the equal opportunity to masquerade as being a truth. Perceptions vary and are many.

        Thanks for your perception.

        IMO .

  32. I agree, they probably mean something if you have the poem figured out. My main motivation for the post was to use a pandemonium of parrots in a sentence. Small pleasures for a simple mind.

  33. This Croc reminds me of a past crock. Following the last SB pirate I cannot help but wonder if Beowulf is on a time schedule….tic toc at 4 O-Clock. The rubicon has been crossed again, but alas there was no witness to the eyes, not even the Jack of diamonds can travel without his friendly club. Even the Catfish would confess that a bird in the mouth is worth more than a chest in the Rockies….as reiterated by Kelly’s bird in the hand. Well as the king settles in for his long winters nap, it might just be time for the crew to dawn their jackets, boots and cap.

  34. Good thing that even though you were feeding him out of your hand, he never got complacent and he never sat around waiting for the next hand out. He kept his instincts up and went out for the next meal. Well I should said good thing for Beowulf, bad thing for the ducks.

    This SB reminds me to not wait around for a handout. I have everything I need in front of me. Next season….

    • I am debating on whether or not to read TFTW and OUAW to see it I find anything in there that may help me. Up to this point I’ve only stayed with TTOTC. I think I’ll reread that first and see if anything clicks.

      Thank you for the chase Forrest! And I received my signed copy of OUAW and I was super excited. Excellent birthday present

    • Bet it will be a “dandy.”
      Which makes me think of the old movie, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” with James Cagney. Y’all prob too young to remember that.
      Great movie, great actor. Of course IMHO.

        • @wwwAmericana, as far as scrapbook content,
          Forrest is only predictable in his unpredictability!

          He could next be writing about anything including one of his favorite old Dallas Cowboy players #67 Pat Donovan; the unibomber; old friends like Sonny & Cher, greatest all time baseball players; famous Indian Chiefs; or his teeth. Ha!! Who knows what’s coming up next. It’s always interesting.

        • wwwamericana,

          Seeing as how Veterans Day is coming up, odds are in your favor on the Patriotic theme or “say it ain’t so Sammy”.


  35. I’m back from a break on the chase and boy is this interesting.
    Can’t wait to get caught up on what I’ve missed.
    Lets hope the snow holds off for a bit 😉

  36. Ok simple Question is 4 three 111 dimentional? As in x-y and z for depth. That would be perfect. Di d I G et it right?

    • my new favorite saying: “instantly became an alligator of interest”

      no, 4 is the 4th of several spatial dimensions (would be “w” in your example), there being somewhere between 7 and 11 of them. (not including time)

      my mind breaks at the 5th… but I have a pretty good handle of the 4th, as I had accidentally peered into it in an experiment long ago.

      • @writis & Andybates,
        I’m trying to understand a possible connection of your discussion of 10 dimensions to finding ff’s chest.

        Is this it?? In TTOTC Forrest discusses his epic collections beginning with string and stringing pieces together…are you tying that to “String Theory”?

        Writes, this discussion of T.O.E. and 10 dimensions helped me understand at a basic level.

        Interesting stuff, but I’m hoping Forrest puts out a new scrapbook today to get us back on track with finding his chest of treasures.

        What’s next forrest??

  37. I love this story! It’s funny too because my wife likes to describe me in a similar fashion where I’ve journeyed way past the point of no return. When she says it I’m reminded of Nurse Ratchet in a “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” who was hell bent on are regaining control.

    Thank you Forrest for providing such amazing stories and for TTOTC to ignite our imaginations and fuel our drive to be and do whatever we dream we can do!

  38. Thanks for all these SBs, however, I’m nervous as to all the info given out. (See, I can write a bad grammatical sentence
    I’m back from my 1st BOTG . Absolutely the best trip,with my daughter , in ages. What was to be a retrieval trip turned out to be a scouting trip. I do see where we may have zigged when we should have zag-ged! It is definitely more different or difficult once on point.
    A big Thank you Forrest for the opportunity to search for your TC with a good excuse to spend a great week with my daughter. We are going back this spring with my other daughter and son. My daughter says to stop giving away all the clues..Lol.
    When I had my AHA moment, I found this song to be “point on” . Don’t know how to upload a link here but it’s searchable through YouTube. “High Hopes for a living” I’ll play this when I bring you the Chest I think it describes a lot of we “searchers”..take care, Colleen

  39. What’s with the close up of her red eye?
    Flying at night – “red eye” flight.
    MMM……could this be something to consider?

    • Hi WWWAMERICANA: If I was to guess, it’s Forrest’s little homage to Ojo Caliente: a red hot eye. But if so, that’s a pretty strong strike against Ojo being WWWH since that would make this SB quite a bit more than a mere hint. 😉

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