Scrapbook Two Hundred Twenty Eight…


November, 2019

Alexandra, and a lot more. 


new painting

Nicolai Fechin painted this portrait of his wife Alexandra. 

alex d 2

Click on image to enlarge

It’s a great painting and I wish we had a better photo with which to show it off. It was in my collection for many years, and it has an interesting history. 

Fechin painted it on plywood in 1933, the year his wife divorced him. It wasn’t yet finished. Eya, (Fechin’s 19-year-old daughter, who moved with her father to NYC after the divorce), thought the painting was left with Alexandra in Taos. Alexandra figured Nicolai took it with him to New York. 

But in fact, Fechin stored the painting in an antique Spanish trustero, and left it in Mabel Dodge Lujan’s hay barn, where it languished, lost and forgotten, for almost 31 years. 

fetchin self 1

Nicolai Fetchin, Self Portrait

Nicolai died in 1955, and when Mabel died in 1962, Eya went for the trustero, and found the painting. It had a serious 4” horizontal scratch across the lower right bottom. I called it battle damage because of what that poor thing had been through. Maybe the painting should have received a Purple Heart. 

It was the last painting the artist made in Taos, and the last ever portrait of Alexandra.

Eya sold the painting to me for $5,000 because she didn’t like the subject, its history, and certainly not it’s “terrible state of disrepair.” None of those things bothered me at all, and I never framed it.

I displayed the painting in my gallery on and off for years, as it was, and not for sale. 

fetchin book 1

When my biography of Fechin hit the bookstores in 2001, the painting was illustrated in full page color on page 5. I even included a close-up inset of Alexandra’s left eye, so I could brag about how strangely beautiful it was painted. 

When my wife and I started de-acquisitioning our art collection, more than 10 years ago, I reluctantly sold Alexandra to a billionaire for exactly 100 times what I gave for her, and I sold her too cheap. I didn’t take intrinsic value into account. 

An off the subject side note. 

I used to have 2 birthday parties every year for Alexandra. Her nickname was Tinkabelle, but I called her Tinka for short. 

One day when we were in a pensive mood, she told me about her divorce. Fechin (she always referred to him as Feshin, with her heavy Russian brogue, and I hope you can discern the difference.) always needed absolute silence when he was painting, and that’s why he didn’t allow a phone in his studio. 

He spoke unacceptable English in the beginning, but Alexandra was semi fluent. That meant he could do the painting, but she had to do the selling. 

One day two ladies appeared at the studio door. They wanted each to buy a painting. Tinka put a finger to her lips and spoke to them in hushed tones. 

When Fechin yelled “Shut up” the ladies took a few steps back, but their voices soon elevated above the artist’s acceptable decibel level. He jerked the painting from his easel and flung it across the room, hitting Tinka in the mouth, knocking her down and breaking her lip. 

The ladies fled. 

Tinka said she could have forgiven Feshin if the 2 ladies had not been there and seen that, but since they were there, she had to divorced him. She was still very Russian. f






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        • Hey, yes I am. Let’s have a Montana meet up in Gardiner next summer. Come on, . . . you know you want to!

        • a little beauty a little imagination a little there there id dig deeper into this but its to close to home thanks for sharing f id put your book on my bucket list i want them all, so i listen but i’m not to good at it. that first clue may be in the tub some where i had to take a week away to care for my cousin with no wifi i fixed that but my pc was at home that has that ugly word cancer and a lot has been posted looking forward to 29 that’s odd but thanks for sharing good day always all you too ff.

          • Hi Jeff! Nice to see you post again! I wish I had come to Fenborre this year so I could meet you! Forrests’ Fechin book is on my bucket list as well!!! Take Care…

      • BuckskinBart,

        What gives? It’s not over yet, is it? Care to share your thought process?


        • Hi BG. Wasn’t implying the chase was over, just that this wave of SBs has come to an end.

    • Dal,
      That’s an ominous opening to a SB on this site.
      Hope no ff double entendre involved…

    • Now you wait just a minute Dal. If you are insinuating that I’ve written my last Scrapbook then you’re dancing around the periphery of what might have been, but ain’t. It’s true that I’ve mostly run out of things to think about, but I could still tell the story of Rhondo, and the one about my magic medicinal mojo necklace. And besides, how can I write my next SB if I haven’t yet written my last one?

      • Forrest,

        I look forward to any future scrapbooks that you may put out.

        Thank you for the chase!

      • More art stories, Forrest! If nothing else, I’ve got new favorite artists out of this whole adventure.

        • @Ronald Lee Oliver,

          I enjoyed looking through your web portfolio of beautiful plein air artwork Ron. “In the Shade of Oaks” was my favorite.

          • Thanks! I neglected to use the easel umbrella and painted that one with direct sunlight on both the palette and the panel. When I brought it indoors, under incandescent light, I had to readjust all the values. It was almost like starting over. I was lucky to salvage the painting without a “wipeout.” Moral of that story—be sure to take (and use) all of the tools you might need when the sun is blazing.

      • Forrest and Dal – Yeah, no. I didn’t think so, even for a minute.

        I thought Dal was doing a kind of Looney Tunes sign off, just for this episode:

        “Thaaaat’s all, folks!”

        I have loved every minute of this latest Scrapbook flurry, Forrest and Dal! Please keep ’em coming!

      • Forrest, I’d like to hear about your first or last mission in Vietnam, or the first time you were shot down. I look forward to retrieving your chest this summer and then that’s it 😉 Thanks for the adventure.

      • Forrest,

        It’s great to hear from you ‘in person’ if you will, and though that firehouse of your’s has been drowning me and a bunch of others I suspect, but if you don’t mind, the water pressure is a little bit too high. Now if it were my favorite scotch ale coming down that hose I’d be singing a different tune. Actually, I’d be on the floor if that were the case.

        Seriously, this is another one of your wonderful paintings that captures the eye and I must say, Alexandra most definitely has that Mona Lisa quality about her. But it’s her eyes that intrigue me the most, like most beautiful women, but they are so hard to read. What’s she thinking?

        Thanks so much for everything you’ve done as this Chase has filled a huge void in retirement and is keeping my ind active.

        With all due respect and I mean that sincerely……..Pinatubocharlie

      • Forrest,

        It is so good to hear from you. I wish I lived near enough to visit you and talk in person. It would be an honor. Take care of your beautiful wife and yourself.

      • How about a scrapbook about learning to fly.. I don’t recall any stories about those times

      • periphery of what could’ve been? Interesting phrase. Does that mean it still could be?

      • Who can say for sure what the future holds. Fate has a habit of pivoting on a twisted dime.

      • Haha! Right on, Forrest! Keep those scrapbooks coming!
        And if you run out of true stories to tell, just make some up. We won’t notice! 😉

      • Thank goodness there are more to come. I’ve been trapped in confirmation bias for so long, I need more stories to pull me out of my solve…which apparently isn’t a solve at all. Or maybe it is. Dang it.

        • AlaskaMom, IMO, It doesn’t matter what old, current, or new solves one has. One will always find confirmatiom bias in all things Fenn.

      • Thank God Forrest, I was worried Dal was cutting us off. I’m glad that’s not the last SB. I don’t care for that one too much. But thanks for taking the time to write to us.

      • Hi! Hey, quick question, did you ever deal in paintings by an artist name John Henri Moser? We once found one of his paintings at a thrift store for $5. It sold for a bit more than that.

      • Thanks, Forrest! For a while there i thought I was going to go into Scrapbook Withdrawal Syndrome (SWS).

      • Forrest,
        I would love to hear the story about the “magic medicinal mojo necklace” please 🙂

      • Dal – Forrest wrote:

        “…dancing around the periphery…”

        Is Forrest referring to the perimeter of a circle? And the ‘blaze’ in the Poem? And, possibly, King Beowulf’s ‘barrow-beacon’, or a Diggin Gypsy’s recent dance, around Campfire Lodge, and as pictured in TTOTC book? Or, maybe, as described in Osborne Russell’s Journal, about battles with the Blackfeet, fighting fire with fire, above the West Fork Campground?

        Or, am I supposed to look under that ‘gold tooth’, which is an inlet crossing ‘in the wood’, constructed of logs, in the mouth of my Smil•e face, out Baker’S Hole? That’s on the ‘periphery’ of my search area, near where we saw Old Fritz ‘dancing on the Madison’, wearing waders. He was so tired and hung over, he had to sit down on the chin of the Smil•e face. After fly fishing at his favorite fishing hole, just upstream, for several hours.


      • How about a tale or two about FG? Or baseball?

        Regardless of any news, I plan on venturing to that spot as soon as the waters calm down in Spring & plant a flag there with its name.

        Thanks for the recent plethora!

      • Glad to hear Forrest! You’re amazing and had me hooked on these scrapbooks from the beginning.

      • Dear Forest,

        If you run out of things to think about I can definitely help you out there, I’m no further than a couple hits on your computer keys.
        Blessing.. 🙂

      • Forrest, are you wearing your magic medicinal mojo necklace on page #3 of “The Genius Of Nicolai Fechin”? Do tell….

      • Forrest, You still haven’t shown us the SB about how you stumped us all! I can hardly wait to read that, but wait we must. I’m still scratching my head about Beowulf, and a few other things. Stay healthy!

  1. Psychologists would have a field day with that painting and back story. He went way too far and that seems to have been on his mind.

  2. Great story. I really like that painting, although I know nothing about art. I wonder if he ever apologized for hurting her? I would have marched straight over to “Feshin” and smacked him right back. He sounds like he was a moody fellow.

  3. An enjoyable yarn. I hope they’re not really over. I’d like a copy of that book. Are they still available?

  4. Forrest, I am sorry you had to say Das Vedanya
    twice to your friend Alexandra.

    I enjoyed “The Genius of Nicolas Fechin” and your introduction to the artist. He may have been a genius at the easel, but given your account here, he was at times a temperamental, selfish artist with little regard for one who loved him. Sad.

  5. Thanks Forrest and Dal for all these, it’s been an interesting run of SB’s. I thought the previous one was the last one in the waiting room. This one is a pleasant surprise. .

  6. Thanks again Forrest, and to you Dal for putting these SB’s out there for us.

    Anger never wins, and the price is far greater “in the eye” of Tinka.

    Forrest, I see that you can be a winner if you hold on to what is real, no matter it’s condition.


    • I agree Bur – “Anger never wins,” and the value of ANYTHING depends on how valuable it is to the one who possesses the object. My grandmother dearly loved an old painting – she would not have taken a million dollars for it, and yet it’s real value was almost worthless. Why was it so valuable to her? Well, I guess because I had painted it. (P.S. I am NOT a very good painter – sad to say.) JDA

  7. Great story. I am certainly sad that this is the last scrapbook that Dal has to post for the time being and I hope that Forrest keeps them coming.

    Knowing that there will not be another 6 questions from Mysterious Writings I look forward to all of these scrapbooks. While I still have things to say and pictures to share with Forrest I am not sending him any emails out of respect for he and Peggy. These scrapbooks are all we have left

  8. When I take off my glasses the whole world looks like his painting, in 3 dimensions. So, I ask you, if it takes a genius to put that on canvas, what sort of mind is it that makes it actually be reality?

    • I know this is not exactly what you are going after there, but …

      The neurological processes by which your mind creates your reality (physical and non-physical ) is totally non-intuitive. You can learn about it from this:

      The significance, to artists, of the effects illustrated by my Avatar (the checkerboard illusion) is not understood by anyone who has never tried to paint. What you put down is not what you will see. (aquare A and square B are the same exact shade of gray). This same effect can make brown appear yellow.

      I think this is illustrated in the chase by the the difference between the words in the poem, and their effects in the brain (called poetry).

  9. Forrest –

    When I read anything involving Mabel Dodge I’m just glad if everyone keeps there heads on straight.

    Lugnutz Dodge, Esq

  10. So a self-portrait is a mirror image, right? And I see another 50% reference too. But there’s much more here if you can dissect it with that razor Clint and I discussed the other day.

    And ‘shut up’ spoke volumes in more ways than one.


  11. Forrest,

    It’s crazy. If he only paid two bits for a pair of ear plugs, he could have possibly saved his marriage, although, it was probably inevitable in the end. She appeared to be a very attractive young lady and married to a very temperamental man.

    I wonder whatever became of her and her daughter, him, I don’t care to much for based on this one episode.

    Sorry to see a man of such talent had little control of his inner self towards others around him, but maybe that went with the territory back then.

    I guess one good outcome is that he never saw the real benefit of his effort in this one piece of work.

    It reminds me of the time I saw a man with a cast on his arm knock his girlfriend out in a bar with his cast. To my surprise no one came to her side but me. I gave the man two options, a.) leave the bar now, alone, or b.) step outside with me now.

    In a short amount of time, he and his two buddies wound up doing both a.) and b.).


  12. Beautiful Eyes


    The sword of genius cuts deep

    Two edges one remembers the other forgets

    Beauty is not always pretty

      • I think we’re both correct.. The Russian Name Day calendar has 3 entries for Alexandra and we nailed them all. I suspect she was born on one of them, but it’s not important.

  13. Thank You Forrest and Thank You Dal, it’s been exciting and a challenge reading these night after night. I pray you both will stay in good health and now Forrest & Peggy can find some Quality time together. Health &Joy to all!

  14. Forrest, a thought has crossed my mind, and I hope I am wrong. But my thought process cause’s me to think you are tired of all the attentions this chase has brought to you. I get the feeling you would like to divorce yourself from it, and all the drama that goes with it. I know you have said in the past you don’t care for any project that goes for over 10 years. As we approach that milestone it just makes me wonder if that might be the case here. All I can say is this adventure would be greatly effected it were that way. For many of us it has become a way to interact with someone we have come to love and respect. Age takes a toll on all of us, I hope Peggy does get better health, and I hope I am mistaking in this thought.

  15. The Process of Imagination begins with the question, “I Wonder Why?”

    Forrest, I hope we will still hear from you sometimes. I have a feeling you are busy with Peggy’s birthday and the upcoming holiday season. I like to picture you surrounded by your treasures and the love of your family and your little dog, Willie.

    When I read this, what might be your last scrapbook (forever? for a while?), I remembered what you wrote about picking out a spot in Russia for Nicolai’s ashes to rest. I couldn’t help but feel a little melancholy. Eventually, all good things do come to rest for a time.

    I wondered fiercely about that drop of blood in Tinka’s eye. At first glance, it seems that Nicolai may have painted the blood in his wife’s eye, because he could feel her anger at him, since she wanted a divorce. On the other hand, my Dad was a big fan of Bob Dylan, and I couldn’t help but think of the song, “Blood in My Eyes,” which expresses the man’s passion for a woman who doesn’t really want him. I guess the reason for the blood in Tinka’s eye will always remain a mystery, but definitely makes the painting unique.

    I also greatly wondered why you laid your biography of Nicolai in a pile of brown and gold leaves? Does it symbolize the fact that the chase begins with Brown (the word that is key) and ends in gold?

    Last but not least, I wonder when we will hear from you again? I know Dal has some interviews to release soon, and it seems Kpro might have one, too, but life still won’t be the same without your scrapbooks to look forward to. Then again, we probably need time to digest them fully. I wonder if we will ever understand them completely, but I know they are uniquely yours, and a gift to wondering searchers.

    • Diggin gypsy,

      Mary Chapin Carpenter had a song called “shut up and kiss me”. You may now kiss the bride…Maybe someone’s getting married? There’s your point of no return?


  16. Please don’t be a stranger Forrest.

    Although I’ve only met you once, I consider you a friend and appreciate your thoughts shared here.

    We all enjoy you…this ship of pirates leans toward mutiny without Dal’s rudder guiding us us, and your wind filling our sails;-)

  17. Hey, yes I am. Let’s have a Montana meet up in Gardiner next summer. Come on, . . . you know you want to!

  18. While tulips are beautiful in the spring, nothing beats a warm lip in winter. We will keep eya out, for a 4×4, the next time we are in-n-out. Forget the hot dog we are all about the meet. In the spirit of the season, and gobbling too, we will look for lip-o-section while gorging on beef liver and 4chin cookies!

    Best wishes owed to a star.

    David Wes and Kelly Jay

  19. Another unexpected side effect of this treasure hunt is appreciating the person that painted the portrait. I would have treasured that painting also. That closeup of Tinka’s eye is memorizing! Thanks you Forrest and Dal for all you do! I have to roll up my sleeves and get busy thinking.

  20. On Oct 16, Cynthia Meachum posted on her blog ( Dal provided link here on his site) about her and Dal’s luncheon with FF. A quote from her story:

    “Forrest told stories about John Ehrlichman (SB 214). 
Forrest recounted Chris LaFrieda’s story of finding Litter 81.”

    “Forrest mentioned there will be lots more scrapbooks coming, including “Everybody Needs an Intersection.”  He has written about China and “intersections” a few years ago. I commented on this. Dal looked surprised”. CM

    Nov 1 Mysterious Writings F&Q With FF posted , here’s a Quote:

    “Dal has 4 more SBs in the waiting room, and there will be more if I stay healthy. He decides when to post a story and he likes to spread them out. ” FF

    Dal Posted SB 223 Kate evening around 10:00 pm PST Oct 31 with the heading as “November, 2019
    Pansies on the West Fork

    So, with Jenny’s F&Q with FF, Cindy’s blog story with her Dal and FF, along with when Dal had posted these SB’s, give and take on if timings are all properly sequential in events and FF being up to date or not on Dal’s posting in that now moments his SB’s in the waiting room:

    Was SB 228 added to the waiting room after FF’s Jemmy F&Q.?
    Forrest still has an SB called “everyone needs an intersection” as yet to come?

    Seems like there’s more SB’s to come. IMO .

    IMO .

    • Thank you for pointing this out! Forrest did say there would be more! These are just the last of the four that Dal had already. Talk about seeing the glass half empty or half full! Suddenly I feel much lighter and the sun has come out again.

    • That’s a relief. I have come so entrenched in hear Forrest’s memories and stories that now with the knowledge you have shared I can just hope the best for Forrest and Peggy, and look and relish on his future correspondence.

  21. That is an amazing story! Forrest you seemingly have an unlimited supply. It sure sounds like Fechin had a temper. It would have been wise for him to have had a private painting studio. I feel sorry for Alexandra having to put up with that behavior too.

    In my marriage we have different types of fights. We had one just this morning. I was helping my my wife understand a problem on our daughter’s math assignment that stumped them even after they had spent considerable time trying to figure it out. I’m a believer that if you know something is solvable it’s just a matter of using the right tools, obtaining the necessary information and then spending sufficient time to complete the task.

    The problem was to use 3 numbers using no more than four operations and ensure an irrational number as the answer. I had to look up in Google (right tool) how to ensure mathematically I could obtain an irrational number (right information). I learned that one can ensure an irrational number by taking the square root of an integer that isn’t a perfect square or the cubed root of an integer that isn’t a perfect cube. Once I had that information the problem became straight forward to solve.

    I explained the answer and provided two examples to my wife over text. The first example was the square root (24 / 8 x 5). I said 15 is not a perfect square or perfect cube so take the square root and you get an irrational number. My wife called me and said I was wrong because 8×5 is 40 and dividing 24 by 40 is .6. We then had a twenty minute nonsensical heated discussion about order of operations and how I can never admit I’m wrong, ever! I stopped talking to her and went to explain the problem to my daughter. I noticed my second example I’d sent my wife was wrong. I had sent 8-5×24 = 72 and then take the square root or cubed root of that. I fixed this in my text to my daughter and then sent a text to my wife explaining I was wrong on the second example. I said my notation results in a negative number and you can’t take the square root of a negative number. I then gave her the corrected version. The square root of ((8-5)x24) is irrational.

    My wife still says I never admit I’m wrong. Apparently when I’m right about when I’m wrong that negates me admitting I’m wrong. I don’t know where to go with that one. It sure seems like strange logic to me. Clearly I’m going to need more time to sort that out.

    Thankfully my wife would only ever divorce me for reasons accepted in the Bible and those aren’t in my nature. I do my best to appease her within reason and require her blessing before I ever go BOTG. Somehow I know we will be OK.

    I find myself looking forward to more stories from you Forrest! It keeps me in a positive mood. I wish you and your family the most blessed day!

  22. If only that painting could talk! What it has seen and heard and endured throughout it’s years of ownership and abandonment- like a fly on a wall, artworks have seen it all. I wondered if Fenn told her where he hid the chest?!

    PS Looks like Alexandra got the last laugh, lol, she appears to be giving her soon to be ex the finger!

  23. Tinkabelle? Haha. Frank Waters’ may argue she told HIM it was short for Katinka….but I guess a moot point if we dont worry of time and change and stuff like that…then again Alexandra may shutter at the misnomer…. lol… F I hope this err was an ‘on purpose’

  24. What happened to the left eye and what’s the significance?

    Even though I don’t believe someone is just curious, there’s always a reason 🙂

  25. Also side note…but if this was the painting he chucked at his wife anyone else wonder if that last eye dab was coconcurrent with the straw that broke the camel’s back?

        • ace340 – A Russian superstition, actually:

          “If your right eye itches, you’re going to be happy soon. If your left eye itches, you’ll be sad.”

          The second Ponder•O•S•A pine in my Smil•e face search area at Baker’S Hole, creates the same irritated looking mass, next to the ‘Eye’ of the face (the larger pine). I thought it was a tear.

        • Lisa, If you look long enough, Forrests left eye ( in the photo) is beginning to turn red. Perhaps he has a trail cam at the location. He sees all… only the shadow knows

  26. Once again, for the second time!

    Well, it looks like someone has married the bullseye ! Best not to throw it out. Don’t give up on your solution , though you haven’t completed it yet, you’re almost there. IMO .

    Bestow the vow of silence for the integrity of your great works, less there be a sound witness to your lack thereof .

    Crocodiles look like they’re flashing a toothy grin, as the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw sticks up over the upper lip.

    Cicero dicit fac hoc

    Simon says….

    ( had to figure out a way to get that Black Eyed Peas song out of my head) lol.

    IMO .

    • Sometimes you just havta get away from stuff for awhile. There’s always going to be more !

      • Long time, no see Woody! Pleased to see that ye be upright and still drawing a breath.

        • Thank you Lori. Hope all is fine in your neck of the woods. I stay busy as ever and time seems to fly-by faster than ever. Concentrating on many different things lately besides Treasure huntin . Hope to get back to more treasure hunting fairly soon .,who knows. My metal detectors look lonely standing in the closet.

      • @D.B Cooper. It’s an interesting SB in that there are many potential things to interpret. I have said two types but there could be 4 and or a combination . I like your sparrow( not referring to a name of a poster) idea. As in the Russian “Red Sparrow” . Though his wife is not inferred as such. There’s the Red spot in her eye and the daughters name is Eya. Red is symbolic to Russia. Etc.

        Why did Forrest have 2 birthday parties a year for Alexandra?
        Where did her and a husband live?
        Is there a connection to the pictures? I see the connection.
        Red eye highlighted
        Daughters name Eya
        Forrest calls Feshin a genius in the book title he wrote.
        Shhh… is the theme.
        Throws painting, hits Tinka in mouth…..shhhh!
        Due to witnesses, she can’t forgive and divorces him. To save face? Did she still love him???
        Eya stays with Feshin.
        The painting is not ever finished .
        4 inch battle damage to the painting.

        Did Alexandra still love Feshin? To Russia with Love. (Red Sparrow)

        Two birthdays a year. She was still very Russian.

        I do have my eye on the meld, masquerading as a Bond frog. 🙂

        IMO .

        • I mis-edited

          These two lines were about Mabel :

          “Where did her and a husband live? Is there a connection to the pictures? I see the connection. “

  27. I’m willing to bet Fechin had severe misophonia. Sounds will trigger an irrational fight or flight response in your brain. I have misophonia and I have to put in my ear buds and blast music so I can concentrate at work.

    • OMG I think this Chase has given me that affliction. My husband is watching tv next to me and I’d like to throw the remote across the room and break the TV and run away because I can’t concentrate on everyone’s beautiful words here with the sound of the TV distracting me from deep thought lol. Thanks for the tip…I’ll get my ear buds and tune into a Chase YouTuber to listen to while I re-read all of these SB’s!

      • I hear you there. I though it might only be me. Maybe I’ve thought, here me all and listen good too much. I am still hard of hearing but certain sounds, pitches, and voices sound so loud to me and put me on edge. Some so unbearable I have to flee the area. Even when I’m not thinking chase. Maybe subconsciously i’m always thinking chase. Maybe I needs to see a few doctors. g

      • I new a lady that was working on fixing a country’s money problems. I would pop in for a visit with the family occasionally but I would stay at the front entrance. She was absolutely the nicest most kind sort one could ever meet, but the few times our chit chat got too loud we heard a terrible crashing sounds coming from the far back office and I would cut the visit short. g

    • Chad M,
      You said, you’re willing to bet Fechin had misophonia. According to Forrest, Fechin did “miss a phone” in his studio.

      • I have Misophonia-moderate to severe. I was glad when they finally determined it as a medical diagnoses and defined.

        Go ahead….chew on that ice cube….see what happens….lol. It was interesting back in the day when I was a bartender. Lol.

        • I have to leave the room if someone’s crunching on an apple. My Dad would freak out if we ate popcorn too loud and my son can’t stand squeaky sneakers on a wet floor so forget about going to a Basketball game. We all need a fan or a/c on to sleep…enter the Calm App thank goodness. The positive in all this is that there are plenty of sounds that irritate us but equally enough sounds to soothe us. I wonder if Forrest has any quirks like his searchers. Judging from his clothes closet I would say yes lol.

  28. Someday, a half century ago, you were shot down from the sky; & yet again you did not die. Why this was, (I just can’t lie), for the Lord knows, you were ment to fly. You soared through life, right alongside your wife; & raised a family nest that was oh so blessed. Though scared & bruised along the way; you helped us to establish peace today. So thank you Forrest, for being shuch a maverick in the past; & thus allowing our freedom to ring out at last.

  29. Great artist. Sad to read Alexandra getting hurt by the flung painting, and their marriage ending. The painting of Alexandra is beautiful and I love the details. It’s amazing to think where one could find art worth so much money hidden and nearly forgotten. While reading what little information found online about Alexandra, I found it interesting that she is buried in the backyard at the Taos Art museum, if I read correctly.

    • Actually, the Taos Art Museum was her home before it became a museum. That might explain it!

      • If you are ever in Taos, the Fechin House/Taos Art Museum is a must. So much to see there. The grounds are beautiful as well. Highly recommended.

  30. Hey Forrest. It’s been so good to hear from you.
    You take care now and the same for your beautiful wife. Don’t be a stranger.
    God bless !!

  31. Best story yet!
    Moral of story:
    If your husband throws things at you, especially when there are witnesses….
    Divorce pronto

  32. As I read the recent SC Books from 209 thru the present, SC Book 228 something becomes clear, or at least in much better focus: “Forrest mentioned there will be lots more scrapbooks coming, including “Everybody Needs an Intersection.” He has written about China and “intersections” a few years ago. I commented on this. Dal looked surprised”. Cynthia M.

    I cannot help thinking that many of these could have easily been in Too Far to Walk or Once Upon a While, but what astounds me is why were these laid aside or latent in ff’s opinion?

    Could we have seen something in these SC Books that would key us on an important tangent? All of these recent scrapbooks posted seem to have been written for the most part in the past, except some small details were changed ie: Enter King Beowulf feeding time etc. but these SC Books were written recently… 209, 211 and 219 Those subjects were, “Chaos”, “Requiem for a Wreck” and the mysterious Chili line with old cars at Christ’s Church?

    A lot of very sharp people have noted the subtle changes in the way we read and what ff had said originally so why interject these recent events and change those older stories IMO?

    What motive do we see in all the 224, the John’s, Juan’s and is there a pattern or net effect, some here think I am crazy, but my wife calls me Mr Terrific and after I wrote to Al or Tes la he might see the light, here too, he does not miss much…

    TT PS Forrest do not stop what you love, you and Dal need to keep these cards and letters a comin…..

  33. Forrest,

    I surely hope you are not going to leave us hanging. The thought of no more scraps is an aberartion. What will we possibly do until old man winter leaves us so we can get out and look under all those logs in the Forest.

    If you focused harder you might see to it to throw us a few more bones to use in the end.


  34. The billionaire will sell it for 10 times what he gave you.
    You must have raised the value with his bio.

  35. I see the fire in Tinka’s eyes. In her expression, a mix of sadness, stubbornness and resolve. The painting was never finished but maybe to Fechin, this is the moment he remembered and he couldn’t finish. Have you ever had a moment , a pure moment, where someone or something was emblazoned in your memory or a situation that plays on a loop, over and over?
    This is a beautiful piece of art, Forrest, but I too believe you sold her too cheap.

    • Maybe he should have held out for $5 billion. Naah, it’s never enough.
      As always, IMO.

      • It might just be me, TA , but I find myself going back to this scrapbook just to look at her. I have never been drawn to any art piece in particular but to this lady, I am. (Just my opinion, but if I were a gazillionare I would have outbid him 🙂
        Good to hear from you, TA.
        Take care.

  36. Beautiful painting.
    Speaking a bit of Russian, I can hear Alexandra pronouncing her nickname ‘Tinkabelle’ with her heavy Russian brogue.
    Thank you for posting the scrapbook Mr Fenn.

  37. Thanks Forrest, tonight I discovered a very enjoyable country/pop artist by the name of TinkaBelle and purchased several of her songs through iTunes.

    • TinkaBelle’s song “The Day” states there’s gonna be a day when I say…get out of my way. Good for Alexandra for ending abuse.

      • Was she abused? Or did he throw a pointing that happened to hit her face? And the two girls made it all the more awkward? I’m not trying to be a smarty pants but I am curious about why everyone is assuming Fechin was an abuser?

        • Anyone throwing a painting at someone when in a pique of rage is an abuser. The behavior is abusive, and the person injured, whether intentionally or not, has been abused. Grounds for dissolution of marriage. QED

          • We don’t know it was intentional. You are assuming it was.
            I also find it odd that the daughter seemed to side with her “abusive father,” but won’t speculate on how that all shook out because I wasn’t there.

          • Sad indeed, can you imagine what he acted like when no one was watching?
            What an abuse man!
            Sounds like a nice party!

        • I would say the alleged abuse that occasion started at “shut up!” and it probably was not the first time that ever happened, since Alexandra’s first instinct was to shush the ladies on arrival.

          But I don’t judge people from history because those were different times and I wasn’t there. I have a theory that having a statue erected in somebody’s honour will only one day be hauled down by activists in the future whose changed values will make good work look like bad deeds.

          • I don’t think the abuse is the the takeaway from this SB but rather “lost and forgotten” IMO.

          • You may be right and it’s not a subject that interests me, but the red burst blood vessel in the eye and the dark shadow below it are highlighted in close-up detail.

          • @Goldilocks. I agree that the dramatic negative action is a ‘noise’ that distracts from the essence intended in the story.

            “Lost & Forgotten” is a good insight, IMO.

            Focusing on the said action is only scratching the surface. Doesn’t sound like the result of the throw was an intended result, but a result non-the-less. Hence , it was forgivable. But due to the witness’s observation of the incident, reputations and perceptions had changed rather unfavourably.

            “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.” FF.

            IMO .

  38. This was the most important SB…

    This is my seventh day, from the first moment I read his poem, which isn’t unheard of… However, as Dan 5 says, the writing is on the wall…

    Some of the best poets, use ambiguity in their writing…. Let me share one of mine with you:

    The Poet

    This story a life where one may hide,
    in a book ones thoughts may play out mine.

    This path a winding and varied road,
    where stones and thorns hoard and goad.

    Yet beauty at every corner and pass,
    where eyes entreat in holding fast.

    As graces leave these melodies by,
    it seems as though, lone in thy.

    To some this path may find its home,
    to others these roam, all unknown.

    The beauty lies within this word;
    its future within, you whom heard.


    The ‘title” is most likely a transfer of ownership, within the chest. A simple gift, would release the finder of any gross income tax.

    He knows the treasure hasn’t been found; because, no one has called his lawyer… He has a $11 mil lifetime gift allowance…

    You’re looking for that story, he’s never told….

    This spot encompasses history, art, energy…

    • Golden Frog; Can you elaborate on your day 7 comment; are you a prophet like Daniel? Are you waiting 30 days in order to satisfy a legal commitment? Or are you simply new to the Chase and have read all 228 Scrapbooks in 7 days. Why is this the most important SB in your opinion, I’m curious. Your comment suggests you know more, Hope you can elaborate, Please excuse my forwardness, Thanks

      • It has literally been 7 days since the first moment I read FF’s poem…

        We share allot in common; collecting, planes, poetry…

        It is okay for a new comer to be confident; but, if you’ve been to your spot already, except you were wrong. Don’t call a man like F a liar, that pisses me off…

        The Bible is a puzzle, just as many puzzles I enjoy unraveling. It’s all about the art of the written word…

        I’ve written books on KGC gold, and Jesse James hoards… Among others…

        You asked about my reading capacity. I speed read approximately ten hours a day; but, that doesn’t mean anything. My 8yo child, can find the most important clue in the poem…

        Your main goal is to understand what F meant, when he said something, wrote something… Not your own interpretations… The art is in the ambiguity. Each line has multiple meanings, in his spot…

        Where did you get this idea about a legal requirement for myself within 30 days? Did you get that from my post? Or did you imagine that within your own head? I have no idea what your talking about there…

        The hints from F in these last 10 years will not help you find the treasure, they will only confirm to you, you’ve found it.

        Only the poem, and The Thrill of the Chase, can lead you to the TC…

        • Thanks for the reply. The book of Daniel is my favorite. I never called Forrest a liar, he is a very generous and thoughtful person. Given the timing I was curious about your comment that’s all, thanks again for making your point. Enjoy the Chase

          • Oh, I know you never did; it’s just as a new comer, I wanted to say that to all the others. I read allot about those who say such things…

            Daniel and Rev are my fav two books. They compliment each other well.

            Once I reach my spot, one of two things are going to happen. If I find it, it will go to a museum. Or two, if I don’t find it, I will post my solve on another forum.

  39. I find this Interesting, Fechin:
    To Fetch: to go for and then bring back (someone or something) for someone.
    “he ran to fetch help”
    bring forth (blood or tears).
    “kind offers fetched tears from me”
    draw or take a (breath); heave (a sigh).
    2.achieve (a particular price) when sold.
    “handwoven blankets and rugs that can fetch as much as $45,000”
    inflict (a blow or slap) on (someone).
    “he always used to slam the gate and try and fetch her shins a wallop”

  40. I will be inside the Box , Heavy loads will be nigh and water high to the other side while facing south west looking up at the sky; I take a step to the left and turn to get cold, no matter I am not meek but rather bold….2 things left to do begin the KEY word and find my wisdom and hold it true…….,,

  41. 20 scrapbooks since Forrest’s “Devil Dolls” (I like to call them the Walrus
    and the Carpenter) popped in to lead us all complacently down the beach.
    One by one they take our hand,
    And march us to the promised land.
    Thanks to these 20 scrapbooks we now have 20,000 lead searchers,
    each with an armload of confirmations, and a backpack full of confidence.
    My thoughts? Don’t take your ‘Eye’ off the prize or you will stroll right on by.

  42. Divorce – not fun in real life.

    Divorce – fun/funny when it’s part of a FF write up. Better call Saul, Forrest!

    Giddy up baby!! The time has come to make things right! Can’t wait til Mayish.

  43. What if … the lead searcher is also an artist? What would his art be worth? On another note, Fechin paintings do look to be works of genius. Too bad he was flawed when it comes to personal relationships. Obviously one can’t have everything. Now for a joke. Does this post suggest that Alexandra took the “red eye flight”? Ha ha. Now if Mr Fenn is through with SBs does Dal know how to tap dance?

    • Ohhhhhh good thought I know a searcher who is a artist and kinda married in a wierd way to a loud mouth I bet the ole coot telling the artist to shut up that persons mate lol I believe they are close . Super close .

  44. While I certainly don’t condone Fetchin’s behavior, I do understand his frustration. As a creative person myself, silence is the door to “the Zone”……almost like another dimension. (and no, not the Twilight Zone. LOL) But you do get completely lost in your thoughts. Almost like some other force is guiding you to write, paint, invent or even think in a completely unique way.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful painting, (with a not-so-pretty story) with us Forrest. Keep the SB’s coming. I believe that many of us have gotten to the point in this search where we understand not every word you speak or write, has to have some deeper, hidden clue, but is shared with us simply to be enjoyed.

  45. So much about marriage and divorce. Have the clues been married correctly or is someone now divorcing themselves from the area?

    Also, there have been two women in a bunch of these last SBs. Two women witnessed the lip bust so she had to leave him. To save face.

    Gossiping biddies.

  46. Hear me all and listen good could be difficult if your def and cannot hear! Like ff or me! Guess i need to invest in some hearing aids. Obviously Fechin could hear really well!

  47. Forrest said he didn’t frame it. I wonder if Forrest did his own picture framing at his gallery? I could see him being crafty enough to do his own picture framing. I would love to ask him that question.

    • I think that Edgar Irving Couse made his own frames… And Fechin was an amazing wood carver as well…. This Fechin painting is amazing I love the different colors and the hints of starling blue poking through. Look at me I’m talking like an art critic… LOL i’ts Friday 🙂

  48. Wonder why the misspelling of Mabel Dodge Lujan, should be Luhan. Interestingly she was from Buffalo NY and I notice the book behind Forrest in the black and white photo is titled The Buffalo Book. Yet another SB highlighting Taos artists.

    • Goldilocks… I believe the spellings are interchangeable. Her husband was Tony Lujan.

    • Thanks Goldilocks…another confirmation for the solve I’ve been trying to ditch cause I can’t put it all together. Sigh….
      Maybe another trip is in order, after all. lol

  49. I notice people commenting on the red spot of red in the eye, i would venture an opinion that the painting was meant to be observed from a distance, where the spot of red would visually blend, creating a depth or feel that would not be noticeable if only observed up close. IMO

  50. Dr. Armand Hammer helped Forrest arrange for Fechin’s remains to be brought back to Russia. So much of Forrest’s life has been spent honoring, preserving and putting things back to where they belong… whether it be art, artifacts, people, or memories. Thanks to this treasure hunt, this wealth of information will now be passed on to future generations.

    • Hi WWWAMERICANA: reposting my reply here since I realized you accidentally posted your “red eye” comment in the wrong SB, but not until after I had replied to it.

      If I was to guess, it’s Forrest’s little homage to Ojo Caliente: a red hot eye. But if so, that’s a pretty strong strike against Ojo being WWWH since that would make this SB quite a bit more than a mere hint. Forrest perhaps doubles down on that eye/Ojo association in his comment above about the medicinal (m)ojo necklace.

      • I’m bad – yep it was supposed to go here instead of SB 127.
        Information overload – perhaps Forrest will slow down so I can preserve some of my sanity.

        • me – If WWWH is Ojo Caliente, and the hidey spot is at the irritated spot (second pine) next to the ‘Eye’ (larger pine) of my Smil•e face, then Forrest and I will, in fact, be seeing ‘Eye to Eye’ for the solution to his Poem.

          And about that possible ‘555’ hint in this scrapbook:

          That all-seeing Eye…and GOLD!

          What did the inscription read at the top of the Washington Monument in “The Lost Symbol”, again, Dan Brown?

          Dancing on the ‘perifery’ of a Circumpunct…

          • me – On the East face, facing the rising Sun, is: “Laus Deo” or “Praise God”.


            “This obelisk, larger even than Cairo’s or Alexandria’s, rose 555 feet into the sky, more than thirty stories, proclaiming thanks and honor to the demigod forefather for whom this capital city took its newer name. Washington.”

            I am holding a one dollar bill, which appeared recently on the floor of a restroom, located in the former basement of the library (where I have recently proved there are ghosts!). Washington is on the front. And the all-seeing Eye is on the back.

            Is this a what you would call a ‘General solve’, Forrest?

            Where is Robert Langdon, when I need him? I think Tom Hanks is currently at his second home, eight miles North of town here.


          • 777 – On Forrest’s use of “divorced” with a foreign language reference: maybe that was kinda like when the Declaration of Independence was signed in MDCCLXXVI?:


            Love that all-seeing Eye!

            That ‘D’ = 500. Forrest mentioned the painting sold for $500,000.

            And we kinda got ‘divorced’ from Mother England, didn’t we, George Washington?

          • @Lisa, thank you for the 1776 link. I love our first “Sons of Liberty” And what the rights. freedoms they bravely established for all who are lucky enough to live in America.

          • I was thinking maybe he celebrated the date that the Painting Alexandra was painted and the date it was recovered… lost and forgotten in the barn?

          • Zap and 777 – And now let’s see how our Forefathers, after achieving independence in the American Colonies, cut off the British fish supply. And that is why the search for Breadfruit caused the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’:


            Captain William Bligh was actually the character’s name. And he was either a good disciplinarian or a hot head. You decide.

            Or, we can go over and look at pics on the contest thread of Forrest putting Too Cute Willy in the dishwasher, I guess. Dog grooming is Sooooo expensive, right?


          • Lisa. Thanks for sharing your intensive research. You and Tom T go like 12 layers deep, that requires full scuba gear to breathe, lol. I tend to just use a snorkel .

            That may be how it’s sounds spoken in Russian (Aye), but I think it’s intended to sound as its spelt if FF was reading it in English. Muchly like the general linguistic language of the audience, I would think. IMO .

            Much appreciate both your shared efforts.

            IMO .

          • Alsetenash – I appreciate your response and your opinion, but I have to disagree. When meeting a person from a foreign country, as I often do, I always ask for a native pronunciation of their name.

            Interestingly, I was off researching the ligature I saw in the definition of the Latin words below the Great Seal on the reverse of the dollar bill. Which I see might be in this name from the provenance of a Fechin painting posted below:

            Alexandra Nikolaevna Fechina

            More following…

          • Alsetenash – Case one: say, “cat”:

            Æ (minuscule: æ) is a grapheme named æsc or ash, formed from the letters a and e, originally a ligature representing the Latin diphthong ae. It has been promoted to the full status of a letter in the alphabets of some languages, including Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Faroese. As a letter of the Old English Latin alphabet, it was called æsc (“ash tree”)[1] after the Anglo-Saxon futhorc rune ᚫ ( Runic letter ansuz.svg ) which it transliterated; its traditional name in English is still ash /æʃ/. It was also used in Old Swedish before being changed to ä. Today, the International Phonetic Alphabet uses it to represent a short “a” sound (as in “cat”). Variants include Ǣ ǣ Ǽ ǽ æ̀.

          • Alsetenash – Case 2: say, “Aye/Eye”

            In Classical Latin, the combination AE denotes the diphthong [ae̯], which had a value similar to the long i in fine as pronounced in most dialects of Modern English.[2] Both classical and present practice is to write the letters separately, but the ligature was used in medieval and early modern writings, in part because æ was reduced to the simple vowel [e] during the Roman Empire. In some medieval scripts, the ligature was simplified to ę, an e with ogonek, the e caudata. That was further simplified into a plain e, which may have influenced or been influenced by the pronunciation change. However, the ligature is still relatively common in liturgical books and musical scores.

          • Alsetenash – Case 3: say, “Era”:

            The meaning of the Latin phrase on below the all-seeing Eye on the Dollar bill reverse translated partially to ‘new æra’ as in ‘epoch’.

            Ok, I think I can pronounce Nikolai…

          • Lisa. Lol. Easy, easy on the keyboard ! Lol.

            Agreeing or disagreeing is root based on who or what is right or wrong. Neither of which we know either way. This is an exchange of insightful interpretive opinions . A said I said ..I think…I think I think. Based on supporting evidence WITHIN the SB, that is what I think. I stay within the SB, relating to the SB , comparatively with other SBs provided by the author FF in similar fashion . That is in congruence with TTOTC.

            In the SB is a purposeful closeup of the “eye” of the painting, that has a red dot. The daughters name is Eya. He doesn’t mention the pyramid nor the eye on the dollar bill in this SB poem nor any others.

            That’s what I’m a say I’m a saying here.

            IMO .

          • Lisa. Why do you think FF said ,”I used to have 2 birthday parties every year for Alexandra.”?

          • Hey Alsetenash,

            I read on another forum that it is a tradition in Russia to celebrate a born date and a reborn date… Maybe that has something to do with it???

          • Spallies. Thanks! Never heard of that. I don’t see that tradition anywhere but I guess it possible as to why FF did that. But I think he means another reason to say that. But who knows.

            IMO .

          • In some European countries, people in addition to the regular birthday, celebrate the so called ‘names-day’. Every calendar day has a corresponding saint assigned to it, e.g. if your name is Patrick you celebrate names-day on St Patrick day, March 17.

  51. The last person that framed my picture didn’t do it to my liking .I went back and framed my oun later on. We all have different taste of what the picture should look like.

  52. The meaning of 555. The number 5 is a powerful number in many forms of divine reading. 5 represents freedom, exploration, travel, and change. 555 is a triple of the number 5 indicating which amplifies its power. 555 indicates that a change is coming.

    • That’s the beauty of it all ! Change is the very thing we all seek when we go treasure hunting. The treasure will def change someone’s life.

  53. I think IMO, the red eyes is the fire in her. Eastern European fire. Problem is, the body language does not match. I hope they learned to smile again after the divorce. g

  54. Maybe she put the red on the red eye?
    Eye=I. I have gone alone in there……
    LOL….. So many meanings so little time!
    Just kidding

  55. Well forrest you’ve done it… Bravo!!

    Where else could somebody post a painting with an eye that’s been smudged with a simple short story and caused so much opinion gratitude and speculation.

    I’m impressed. 🙂

  56. The book next to The Buffalo Book in the black and white photo is called Indian Fights by J.W. Vaughn. The book looks at seven battles (in our search area). One battle in Wyoming is near Brown Creek which is West of Thermopiles and South of Cody. Maybe Forrest chose this story about Alexandra because of the photo he had of this book and not because of Alexandra and Fechin at all. He added this photo for a reason and I don’t think it was just to see the comparison in black and white, but I could be wrong.

    • @Goldilocks, If you are looking for info about Forrest and his interest in Native American battles, you should try to find the article where Forrest says something like ( it became a ritual for him to take a room in Sheridan, Wyoming once a year where he visited Indian battle grounds).

      Sorry, I don’t have time today to locate the article, but it’s out there.

      The area around Sheridan, Wyo is interesting as it has historical ties to Native American battle grounds, Polo ponies of the British Royal family raised by the Crow People, and Bighorn Medicine wheel. Plenty to build a solve around.

        • “ As the collection grew, it expanded geographically to include objects from all tribes that lived west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains. It became an annual ritual for Forrest to take a room in Sheridan, Wyoming, from where it was a short drive to many of the old forts and battle sites where he fantasized about his knife sheaths hanging from the belts of brave warriors who fought to defend their vanishing way of life.”

          -From splendid Heritage, regarding Forrest interest in visiting native American battlegrounds

          • @Me…glad you enjoyed the video! We had a blast dancing around the periphery.

            I’ve got another video in the can ready for Christmas titled
            “Not Too Far To Dance”’

  57. “She was still very Russian f.” There is a hint or clue in that last sentence. It seems a little out of place for the SB as a whole…doesn’t it? It’s at the end, there is meaning.
    I believe that everything that he has written in his books, scrapbooks, poems, and articles, everything that he has said in his words and whispers, and the things he has done will all be somehow in the chest. Until we know for sure, we will continue to read and hear his words and peel the layers off to decipher what they mean to him…. to others. When one has the solve they will find that, ALL is in the Fenn Treasure….I am sure.
    Humble Tx

    • I thought that was odd too at first but I think he’s referring to the line before which said “she had to divorced him” in a Russian accent, therefore the bad grammar.

      • @Goldilocks,
        One other thought about ff’s use of “divorced”

        English was not Alexandra’s first language. Perhaps she didn’t get the declension correct and actually did say I had to divorced him. Or, maybe ff is calling our attention to the ‘d’.

    • That’s pronounced Umble, to all of you non- Texans . 🙂
      ( sorry, Dan, I couldn’t resist!)
      New Waverly over here!

      I think you make an excellent point .
      Any time he puts something at the end of a story, it stands out.

    • @Dan from Texas,
      Forrest also used that phrase “he was still very Russian” in ff’s description of Nicolai in his book “The Genius of Nicolai Fechin” which predates this scrapbook.

      It’s hard to know if ff recycled a favorite phrase for describing Russians who are now Americans or if there is a hint.

    • Hi Daniel A: I liken our situation w.r.t. the Scrapbooks (and other communications from Forrest) to that of the prisoners in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. We see the projected shadows of Forrest’s hints, but not the hints themselves. And just as the shadow of a hand can be indistinguishable from that produced by a rabbit head, our interpretations of these “projections” of Forrest’s hints, guided as they are by our own prejudices and preconceptions, may be completely wrong.

  58. I see the American flag in her eye. I wonder if Nicolai thought of Alexandra as becoming Americanized. Maybe she wanted peace, freedom, independence and justice for herself. Just a thought.

  59. Forrest drew attention to the pronunciation of Fechin. According to the experts at fechin’s Taos museum, the correct pronunciation is “Fay shin”

    Definitions for Fay

    noun A fairy or an elf.
    transitive & intransitive verb To join or fit closely or tightly.
    noun Faith
    To cleanse; clean out, as a ditch.
    To join; put together; fit together; frame.
    To fit (two pieces of timber) together, so as to lie close and fair; fit.
    To put to; apply so as to touch or cover.
    To fit; suit; unite closely.

    Definitions for shin

    noun One of the two forms of the 21st letter of the Hebrew alphabet, distinguished from the letter sin by having a dot above the right side of the letter.
    noun The front part of the leg below the knee and above the ankle.
    noun The shinbone.
    noun A cut of meat from the lower foreleg of beef cattle.
    intransitive verb To climb (a rope or pole, for example) by gripping and pulling alternately with the hands and legs.
    intransitive verb To kick or hit in the shins.
    intransitive verb To climb something by shinning it.
    intransitive verb To move quickly on foot.

  60. It’s interesting how the close up of Alexandra’s eye reveals something different to each observer. I see a red bison skull or the bullseye.

  61. Did y’all notice that Nicholai, in his self portrait, has slight ptosis of the right eye?
    Simply put – a droopy eyelid. Usually the condition is fairly evident in photographs.
    Unusual to see it painted in a portrait.

  62. Ok, here is the fly in the ointment, “But in fact, Fechin stored the painting in an antique Spanish trustero, and left it in Mabel Dodge Lujan’s hay barn, where it languished, lost and forgotten, for almost 31 years.”

    If I know one thing for sure, when ff misspells a name like Mabel Dodge Luhan, there is a joker at work in this one, and let Mr T explain it….Mabel Dodge Luhan is the big mystery…her house in Taos, New Mexico is at 240 Morada Ln, Taos, NM 87571 I am very familiar with this name, location next to Taos Pueblo and exactly what a MORADA is…but first the history: June 22, 1918 – Mabel buys 12 acres of land bordering Pueblo land at the urging of Tony. Begins construction on the big house, known as “Los Gallos”
    -1918-1922 – Construction of the big house
    -Dec 1920 – The big house is finished. Has six rooms and a balcony
    -1921 – A sun porch is built on the third story. Currently is the solarium
    -Fall 1921 – Tony completes construction of a five room adobe on Indian land
    -1924 – Pink house is finished. Mabel moved into Pink House
    -1925 – Rainbow room added to the big house
    -1948 – Mabel and Tony build a smaller house on Morada Lane
    -1970 – Dennis Hopper purchases the house. He first saw it while filming “Easy Rider”
    He runs a 70’s (hippie) version of a salon with friends, colleagues and guests coming to stay with him.
    -Hopper renames the house the “Mud Palace”
    -1977 – Dennis Hopper sells to George Otero, who takes on the massive rehabilitation process for years of neglect and hard use.
    -The Oteros start a non-profit, “Las Palomas de Taos” and begin to hold workshops
    -1996 – The Attiyeh Foundation purchases the house and begins the current operation of the hotel and conference c center.

    Who through his watch away at retirement? See Easy Rider Dennis H and Peter F…
    Where is 2 and 2 equals 4, See how many times ff repeats those # 2 2 and 4
    and John?

    An order of Spanish Colonist called “Penitentes” meet at a Morada. see wiki

    Now many who read here are not aware of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, it started in Taos Pueblo by Pope…wiki that too…. but Forrest has said that keys he found at San Lazaro Pueblo might unlock an important trustero…or chest?

    Galisteo Basin is a candidate for WWWH a Basin is pretty good descriptor.

    Mr T does not make this stuff up, now what am I not going straight to it, because Juan key is missing now…


  63. Has anyone ever heard of Juan or Los Gallos in another SC Book? Iron it was and red like our parrot’s head why am I going on and on because locks are coming undone…


    • My father and mother went to high school with Jack Nicholson, I have their year book 1954 Manasquan H.S. I went to the same school in N.J. Jack went straight to Hollywood and started acting. Jack is John, John is Juan , Luhan = U Won… He is saying to lead searcher that if he figures out last SB , then he Won. IMO .. Go LSU

      • Funny you mentioned jack nicholson, I won 2nd place in Albuquerque’s Corner Pocket contest for being the Jack Nicholson Look Alike, we also so had to act to win…You want the TRUTH! You can’t handle the Truth! Line and act I put on to get 2nd place the guy who won stole my HERE”S JOHNNY so I had to ad lib another line..


        • Tom , that’s just Grand! You have great insight. Keep plugging. I’ve been sifting through these old S.B.s looking for confirmation.

        • TT,

          Why in the world would a guy win a Jack Nicholson contest using an Ed McMahon line?


    • In SC Book 175 we see brown converted to gold. in SC Book 226 we see green converted to red and bulls eye in 226 and red bulls eye again in 228? Where are the dissenters now? What UP? Tupac// how does Iron turn brown… time.


  64. Dear Mr. Fenn
    Thank you for THE ULTIMAT hint you could ever give, its fantastic and work as a mirror to my findings after i scratch it on paper. Be blessed, This S.B completes my solve. Now it need to be found on the ground.
    Zvia ben ami

  65. I just had an epiphany about the red dot in her eye. Often in theater and ballet a makeup artist puts a red dot on the inner corner of the eye to enhance the eyes to sparkle. Perhaps this is the effect Fechin was creating.

    • What I about this…

      When I take a pic of my dog, Regulus, his eyes reflect red…not sure how this would be pertinent, but just extra thot.

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