Cutest Pet in the Known Universe Photo Contest…


November 2019



IMG 1030

Posh is ready for the holidays!                       by Megan Waters

Megan will get a Forrest signed and doodled Fetchin book like the one pictured below…

Congratulations Megan and Posh!!!

And we have a couple of wonderful runner’s up…so close…so many great photos and pets…

IMG 5396 768x1024

Bear says, “Forrest, can I be your co-pilot? ”                   by Courtney


Baby Burk napping in my wooden search box; treasures sniffer.         By Damon H.


Human says I’m too small to hunt this year        by Veronica

Hammy 1

Hammy is the strawberry in the milkshake of our family               by Alicea E.





IMG 2808s

Willie in the Dish Washer                                                            by Forrest

This is a photo contest that everyone can enter. If you don’t actually own a pet, you could borrow one.

Submit your photo either here or on Jenny’s site. Give it a short caption and a by-line and our razor sharp team of judges will choose the winner..

We’ll post them up for everyone to appreciate as they come in. So the Entry Pages will be updated daily.

This contest is a joint effort between Jenny and Dal


    • RULES
      1. One submission per person. You can only submit one photo so please pick your best one.
      2. The photo you enter should be at least 1000 pixels wide so that it’s big enough for us to appreciate in all its glorious detail.
      3. No digital trickery please. You can crop your photo if you’d like, but other than that please don’t tamper with it. Other than cropping it should be the way your camera recorded it. This contest is about sharing a photo of your pet and is not about comparing photoshopping abilities.
      4. If a photo is not suitable for all eyes or appears to be an invasion of someone’s privacy it will not be posted or entered.


      1. Send your photo as an attachment in an email to:
         sixer13 at gmaildotcom or dal at lummifilmdotcom as a .jpg file
      2. Subject line of your email should be Photo Contest Entry
      3. Make sure you include a 10 word or less caption for your photo and a by-line. (for instance: “Willy in the Dish Washer” by Forrest. This caption has five words. The by-line is not counted as part of the caption.)
      4. Make sure your entry is sent by the contest closing date/time
      5. Make sure you submit your entry to EITHER Dal or Jenny…NOT BOTH


      The last date to submit your photo entry will be November 20, 2019. After midnight MST on November 20th we will no longer accept entries.


      There will be one overall winner and one prize. The prize will be Forrest’s beautiful book, The Genius of Nicolai Fechin…

      fetchin book 1

      It will be signed and contain an original doodle by Forrest. 

      There may be other…unprized winners in categories such as biggest pet or smallest pet or funniest pet…


      The Judges will be Jenny, Dal, Forrest and Willy
      Judging will take place over the 24hrs following the close of the contest.
      Judges will be looking for the photos that best represent the theme. 
      Two of the judges have a pet, two do not. 
      They will all bring their own unique perspective as to what photo best exemplifies the theme. 
      Their decision will be final and no bribe could possibly be large enough to sway their decision. However you are welcome to try 🙂
      Remember, this contest is about the photo but a great caption will certainly help.


      Jenny and Dal will post entries as soon as possible after receiving them. They will be made available for all to see on our blogs and remember there are two blogs where different photos are posted…You need to look at both sites to see all the entries. If you have questions about the contest please email Jenny or Dal at their respective emails posted above.

      Please view the entries on Jenny’s site HERE

      Entry Pages on Dal’s Blog:
      Page One 
      Page Two
      Page Three
      Page Four
      Page Five
      Page Six
      Page Seven
      Page Eight
      Page Nine
      Page Ten
      Page Eleven
      Page Twelve
      Page Thirteen

58 thoughts on “Cutest Pet in the Known Universe Photo Contest…

  1. What a fun contest and marvelous prize! I gotta get busy giving all my pets a makeover. Not looking forward to the auditions, though.

  2. I’ve had cats ever since I left home. Mostly rescue cats. My neighbor has two rescue cats. One is black. I never really cared much for black cats but this one captured my heart. I take care of them when their owner’s go in vacation. Lucy, the black cat, recently became blind and deaf at the same time. But, she still goes outside and finds her way around by smell, the feeling on her whiskers and how the Earth, sidewalk, gravel, etc feels underneath her paws. One day I was keeping an eye on her as she walked outside. She didn’t yet know that I was there. She was following a familiar path around some ficus bushes near her house and all of a sudden she must have caught a wiff of me because she made a 90 degree turn away from the familiar path of soft mulch under her paws and the scent of ficus and walked straight into my leg through the St. Augustine grass about ten feet away. Bless her heart.

    I won’t be posting a picture because I am sure there are prettier cats that are more deserving, but I thought at least she deserved an honorable mention.

    Good luck all.


  3. I would love to have that book 🙂 the chase has definitely given me an appreciation for different artists . Fechin is an absolute genius with paint. I don’t know how he incorporated such detail with faces and hands but remained so abstract.

    • Probably the only thing that could save poor Willie is for Forrest to pick him up out of that monstrous contraption he’s found himself entangled on. Hey…Willie…just tell Bubba you don’t have any cloves. That’s holding 90% of him back from helping you!


  4. I think Willie’s just a tad bit spoiled.
    Two guesses as to who runs that household.
    Should have captioned it “Dog & Suds” – anyone ever eaten at one of those drive-ins?

    • I have entered many contests on this chase! So far I have won a arrowhead and pieces of pottery from San Lorenzo site. I think I won these for participating. I super treasure these artifacts so much. And entering is so fun. THANKS Dal, Jenny and Forrest!
      I will enter my beloved pet who is no longer with me. Its lonely without her!

  5. Looks like Willie found where warm waters halt. Next you know he’ll be singing opera at the sink or washing dishes at the Totem Cafe.

  6. I really appreciate the contest Forrest, Dal, and Jenny, but can someone please answer a dumb question for me?

    How do I know my pic is 1000 pixels wide? And what about the dimension?

    This should be fun.


    • Pina-
      On your Mac machine:
      Ctrl+click on an image file to see an image’s properties.
      One of the items displayed will be “dimensions”
      Those dimensions are in pixels

      • Thank you very much Dal. I’ll try but I’m not sure if my iPad has those type of functions available and I won’t be home where my MAC lives until after the contest closes.

        Maybe I can find another work-around.

        Take care………..Pinatubocharlie

        • There is an app called “image size” for iPads and iPhones…It will tell you the size of any image on your device.

        • But the quick way on an iPhone or iPad is to eyeball the image when it’s displayed on your screen…if it fills the screen and looks sharp and clean…it’s probably big enough…

  7. Hmm..I think Forrest will be surprised by my entry. Christine and I gave him a clue, a “skinny” one, at Fennboree…

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

  8. I posted my autistic grandson’s therapy dog and best friend, Tyson. They love each other so much! He’s such an awesome, caring dog! 🙂

  9. Call me crazy but here’s what I get out if just the picture. It’s a carry-over from the 2 birthdays. I believe that’s about being born again and this one follows up with washing your sins clean.

    Isaiah 1:18
    Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

    I’m probably way off base but that’s just me trying to meld something together.


    • I remember one time in court some guy during his sentencing hearing, he quoted this exact verse. I don’t know what happened to that guy but I hope he is doing well. Maybe he’s still running. Maybe, just maybe, it’s okay today. What a run…it’s been fun.


        • I think I know that guy . I think he is trying to get in contact with a friend he lost contact with . He seems to talk about it àlot anyway .

        • Bye George
          I still think he did !

          RIP George P

          He used to say he was goin to build a track there someday . His dream came true .
          God bless the ones who made it happen


          • Shadow runner,

            I’m not sure whom G.P. is but George is in reference to my Father. By George…it’s my way of honoring him. And now Bunny George as well. He died in plain sight, in Vancouver.

            But I’m honestly happy for Mr. P. and God Bless those that made it happen. As JDA would say, YEA FOR GEORGE P!!!

            Thanks for the post. It’s nice to some positivity.

            God Bless.


        • Me,

          Sorry. I missed your post…11-11 was my mother’s birthday so I’m guessing that’s why.

          Thanks for reading and posting. It’s nice to hear.

          God Bless…


  10. That Cynthia searcher lady needs to get by a shelter, adopt another searching buddy, and get her entry in.

    All shelter dogs are grateful to be adopted, but based on her posts over the years — a dog would be ESPECIALLY lucky to be adopted by her.

    • Wow, aardvark, thanks for the kind words. No more dogs for me until Fenn’s treasure has been found. Dogs, even on leashes, are not allowed on the trails in YNP. Oh, never mind, Forrest doesn’t use trails. And what the heck, I don’t usually search inside the Yellowstone Park boundaries… but I flit around so I never know for sure where my next search will take me, and I need to be flexible.

      Forrest did mention to me a couple days ago I should get another large dog to go searching with me. Hmmmm….I never considered that until now… was that a hint !?!

      • Cynthia — any dog would be so very very fortunate to have you as their owner. You are compassionate and understanding. f hisself has declared the treasure may not be found for 1000 years. Are you going to deny all those great dogs wonderful companionship for 1000 years? You can’t be that selfish. You must’nt be.

        All those signs at National Park trailheads showing the graphic with people and dog on leash with the red circle and line through it — that means that dogs must NOT be on a leash while enjoying our national treasured lands. So many misinterpret that. Show me ONE NP ranger who has fined an owner for a dog off lead (other than those morons who do so around Prismatic and other very few places where they’d get boiled alive).

        And now, f’s own guidance to you. I don’t hike in NPs because dogs aren’t allowed. NF, Wilderness — different story. Maybe his guidance to you suggests it’s not hidden in a NP. Or maybe his guidance is nothing other than that so very very many dogs would be so grateful to have you as an owner.

        You’re not going to be disadvantaged in finding the treasure by adopting another dog. What if you’re not the one who doesn’t find the treasure but denied the companionship of a dog for who knows how many years because you thought it somehow limited your chances of finding it. Don’t let that happen.

        • also — have you read Steinbeck’s ‘Travels with Charley’? Put it on your off-search-season reading list, if not. RE your ‘flit around and flexible’ comment — dogs make great travel companions, and you know this. Your own post pics of Molly and the one you lost (sorry don’t know its name), show they were completely comfortable traveling about. I’d argue they are happier traveling than left behind. And all the places you say you stay at are dog friendly for large breeds, if I’m not mistaken.

  11. One day left to enter the contest…and if you already submitted but do not see your entry…please let me know so I can look for it and get it posted…

    Even if you don’t have an entry you can peruse the pets here and on Jenny’s site and leave a nice comment for your fav…

    • Hi Dal! What an awesome contest! I always love these photo contests you provide! There’s so many wonderful entries! My dog Pepper and I talked it over and we decided not to enter, at age almost 13 she feels that the younger crowd should have a chance! LOL

  12. There’s some pretty tough competition here. Lot of cute pets.

    I’ve still got good money on our cute little dad frog!!!

    This has been a fun one to follow thanks all 🙂

  13. What a Ham, that Willie. At least he doesn’t have to put sunscreen on or hide from his daughters, or they’ll run out to poke him full of cloves while he bakes in the sun. With a gun on hip one, cloves on the other, they keep him protected, like their mother.

  14. It’s fun to see everyone’s pets! So many fit right in with how I’ve imagined their friends. 🙂

  15. well i guess the moral of this contest is to make sure your submissions are entered at the last minute next time! 😉

    • No kidding! I wasn’t even expecting my entry to win but it’s as though they didn’t even look at the first half of the submissions! Haha

  16. Some pretty adorable competition, but runner up isn’t too shabby. Hammy is sooo dang cute!
    Congratulations Megan!

  17. Congrats to the winners – and the losers as well. Pets are what differentiates us from other species I think. The desire to give and receive unconditional love – 🙂 JDA

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