Scrapbook Two Hundred Thirty Five…


November, 2019


Me and Bobby McGee

When I was a kid wandering around in the country side where Belton Lake is now, I found a little kitten. The poor thing was resting under a tree and looking lonesome, and forlorn. It had to be newborn because it was so small, and barely had its eyes open. I sat on a rock holding the animal for almost an hour, expecting its mother to come looking. She didn’t, and its loud meow told me it was hungry. So of course, there was no other option but to take it home. 

I’m not normally a cat type of person, at least not a small alley-cat type of person. But my sister June was, so she took over the motherly care duties. 

I named the cat Bobby McGee. 

As she grew, my father was the first to notice that this animal was different. Her back legs were longer than her front legs, which gave the appearance of walking downhill all the time. Her face was feral-cat like, but she had a bobbed tail. Her fur took on dark spots, and short stripes. And she stalked a lot, even when there was nothing around to stalk at. Bobby was half and half, bobcat and alley cat. Wow!

My respect for her magnified and suddenly I enjoyed hanging out with Bobby, and her, me. 

One moonless night, Bobby and I were in our front yard catching lightning bugs. A small porch light was the only movement that pushed some of the close darkness away. 

Then suddenly, there was a faint, far-away wail. Bobby froze in mid step. Me too, and I instinctively looked at her. Not a hair moved for the longest time. Then, again, distant and demanding, that same call…

Bobby McGee sprang, and her first step was at whirlwind speed. In a mega second she disappeared into the total blackness of night, and I knew she was gone. She had been summoned, and the totallness of her response said everything to me that I was eligible to know. That’s why I didn’t wait up. f






242 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Thirty Five…

    • The wild Bobcat in her must have been stronger the the domestic alley cat… Sounds like she went where she belonged…. With your help of saving her… I think you should file this under “Sometimes I do something right” 🙂

      Thanks for sharing another great story!

    • Some species are not meant to be domesticated.

      The same is true of some individuals in a mostly-tameable species. The wild is never very far from the surface, yet people are apparently surprised when it manifests.

    • ty for sharing all these great stories would of been something if it showed back up with a big ball of string.

        • @wwwamericana, thank you for teasing out the name Fibber McGee from the recesses of my mind. My mom used to call a messy cabinet “Fibber McGee’s” I had completely forgotten the name.

    • If you read his mind well enough, it might help you find the treasure.

      As always, part of my opinion.

      • You dont need to read his mind at all, to be able to solve his poem. Just take one piece at a time and work it, deciphering them, and once you do, move the to the next one until you have completed them all

    • Forrest, are you sure it wasn’t just a full on bobcat? From what I find they cannot cross bread. But who makes the rules anyway and what do they know.

    • ZoeTheCat is mulling all of this over.

      I had a Bobcat with her kit in my backyard recently. They were beautiful; but they had a penchant for sleeping and walking noisily on my roof. I decided to have a chat with Momma-Cat. She instantly played the disdain card, and so we parted silently.
      But I have not seen them since. Bobcats are not vicious animals toward humans. They want to be left alone.

      I tend to leave humans alone too when they frustrate me. But I eventually come around. td

    • Forrest, be careful, a version of this song can caused the destruction of the passenger mirror on your SUV from a close encounter with a Box Elder Maple, but Merle and Kris and Janice are some versions this song we use to hear on the radio..Good Morning Vietnam…..Do not have a wreck now..just keep up those SC Books, we love to hear the old music and look at CM Russell Bronze..


      • Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waitin for a train…….

        One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away

        He’s lookin’ for that home, and I hope he finds it,
        But, I’d trade all of my tomorrows, for a single yesterday
        To be holdin’ Bobby’s body next to mine?

        Feelin good was easy Lord when Bobby sang the blues…

        Which one of these is “the message”


        • @Tom Terrific,
          Is it just me, or do you think this statement is odd?

          “I enjoyed hanging out with Bobby, and her, me.”

          ff’s talking about hanging out with 3?

          • I think he means here- me and her and her and I. Meaning- the feelings mutual between them. So, just the two of ( us) them.

            This story could contain a lot of messages, depending on ones perspective.

            IMO .

          • @Alsetenash, Thank you for that clarification. The commas threw me for a loop and I read it incorrectly

        • Tom. In the song, what’s another word ” nothin left to lose”?

          The Bobcat ( Bobby) was free to go and she did.

          Forrest is the “Lead” cat to keep apace with. The closest that one is to him and his secret is in mega second behind- nowhere near.


          • Dear Alsentenash, and 42, lend me your ears, a mega second is about 11.6 days and 0.0317 years. When we do Forrest Fenn Math we eliminate most of the colors from our painting pallet, sorta like 66,000 links is 8.25 or HWY 285 IMO, math does not shade our eyes but boggles many minds.

            Bobby was a cat, in a feline world which tolerates man as a kitten but never can be truly domesticated therefore it follows its nature and wild things should remain as much, but ff seems to keep rolling these down the track until we get the message and our first instinct, like a cat says: WAITIN FOR A TRAIN in big letters.

            Read “Winter Thoughts by Tom Terrific” and see my video….it was mad to be less than a mega second, because slowly is how this story unfolds as we slides down the banister away from Ms Fords Spanish Class…Did I say it parallels 285 for 90 miles and the border for 64 more, affectionately known here in NM as the CHILI LINE, pulling old cars and has a broken telegraph wire along its course? Say Mr Terrific does not make this stuff up..

            TT a

          • T.T. I’m not sure what your question is . Though ,from what I read here in your post, along with some others from memory I have; I’m not much in alignment with what your thinking, we just differ. No right or wrong in any of what anyone thinks. Just to say that we’re not in alignment.

            I really don’t know if I’m in alignment with FF either. I just follow patterns and decipher accordingly as best I can.


          • Hey Alsetenash, I may not be the cat in the hat, but how many squares are there in a chess er chest board?

            I you said it borders on opinions you might not see the math..just sayin? How does the 43 inch doll “figure” in this game? Beowulf was the king and so is that figure who is easy to recognize in its rightful place.


        • Tom Terrific – They are playing the Janis Joplin version, right now, here at the coffee shop. Surreal. Is it a sign? Did someone just take out my car’s side mirror, in the parking lot? Is ‘Hermes’ sending me a message? If so, maybe it’s about ‘Freedom’. I truly have ‘nothing else to lose’.

          FYI – Mercury is retrograde.

          • Tom Terrific – Ok, now there is a female vocalist, from back in the day, singing, “A Sunday Kind of Love”. I just verified it wasn’t Fran Warren, but enjoy!:


            Imagining Forrest at age 14, listening to his Crystal Radio that Skippy built, pining away for Fran.

            Not a ‘Warren’ rabbit hole, Dal. Reminiscing about one of Forrest’s ‘Knight on a White Horse’ fond memories.

        • Uncanny wisdom Tom…

          But clues to “the message” may be in vain unless someone can determine the final clue!

          Could the song insinuate that Bobby was heartbroke because he didn’t find the treasure? Or could Bobby indicate the rainbow’s end & the place of the treasure?

          Possibly a weak argument, but it might pan out if someone could find the rainbow FF mentions. One thing that seems odd is that “bow” is a “stringed” instrument.

    • Reminds me of an old tomcat we used to have in the 80s named Big Red, a very large red tabby feral that became a back porch family member of our 80 foot long mobile home. He had survived a rattlesnake bite on the nose and his head swelled up but the swelling never went away and solidified, leaving him with a fierce looking big head. One day Red disappeared. About 5 years later, I was selling vacuum cleaners door to door in another town 10 miles up the road when after knocking on the door, I looked down to see my old friend Big Red lying on the stoop by some large food and water dishes. Red had made the big league and was being wined and dined by his new family. It didn’t take long to surmise what had happened. An old Italian paver/gambler, Steven Faligcino, had his equipment yard just across the street from Red’s new home. Steve used to haul asphalt for my stepfather’s paving company and would often stop by for a check with his 6 cubic yard dump truck. Big Red must have jumped in the back, and off he went. No worries, he was too happy in his new home and was getting plenty of attention…so I said my goodbyes again.

      Thanks for sharing your story with us Forrest.


    • A mega second is 11.6 days my friends. The season is drawing to an end…

      That’s my perception. Could be wrong. I still don’t have enough info to be confident enough to go again for my almost 70th day BOTG this year. At this point, I’d be risking Christmas presents for my kids and God knows I’ve already been disheartened and broken our bank account too much. I won’t rob my children of their own dreams to pave the way for mine, especially when it’s all still too vague to decipher.

      Either way. Thankful for a great year. I get by with a little help from my friend. S.

      I’d be happy to bless my kids in a mondo way if things worked out at the eleventh hour. At this point, a happy ending is looking dim.

      I’m thankful now though for the each day.

      Cheers all!


      • Dave Icenhower – Good catch on that parallel! Have you been able to find a version of “Me and Bobby McGee” sung by a Meryl (as Forrest wrote it in SB211) or Merle Haggard?

        I don’t see a credited version of that song attributed to Merle Haggard. I found a YouTube video of him and Kris Kristofferson performing the song at the Ohio State Fair, but it seems like Kristofferson was doing most of the singing.

        In SB 211, was Forrest trying to find a song on the radio that didn’t exist?

    • It is a great story. I’m sitting here surrounded by 3 dogs, 2 cats and a loud mouth bird trying to remember the time years ago I said “ok, but just one dog” to my kids. That didnt last long.. I also have had an opposum outside this last week that decided it wants to befriend my dogs. Sometimes nature and its creatures just do what they want. Including my kids.

      • I have a long time friend that I call her Dr, Doolittle because she’s absolutely amazing with animals. We’d go for walks in the wilderness or by the ocean and many birds and animals would always come by to say hello. Household pets also . You’d have to see it to believe it. She has an amazing benevolent power.

  1. Bobby doesn’t sound like a viable contender for the title of “cutest pet in the known universe,” though I’d love to see a picture of her.

    • Now, Willy on the other hand … unfortunately, I forgot to submit a pic of my lop-eared bunny Sparkles. Maybe next time.

  2. To keep and tame it would have been to mute the very “badass” nature you loved. Great story.

  3. Well,, well, well, and wow, wow, wow.

    My imagines are at warp speed.

    And so coincidental that Kris Kristofferson used the name Forrest gave “the cat” for a song he wrote at least 25 years later.

    Or maybe this yarn has nothing to do with a cat. Maybe this cat,………….ain’t a cat at all.

    • I saw that Mr. Fenn is aboard tonight after I wrote my post above. Good evening Forrest and thanks for the wonderful and very entertaining journey you’ve provide to all of us. May God bless and keep you!

      P.S. Any reason you’re interested in the responses tonight? Thanks, again!

  4. Thank you for yet another scrapbook for me to ponder over.. I love looking at all the connections and interesting hints you sprinkle throughout..

  5. I’m now looking into Jack London’s book, “The call of the wild” I have found some connections.. I also love rabbit holes!!

    • The Call of the Wild! Out of all the places that everyone has seen and been isn’t there one of those places that is so Intriguing and beautiful and different that it calls you back over and over . That it becomes part of you and you know you will go there even though you think you won’t. IT’s not about the chase it’s about the place. (Maybe)

  6. Great story Forrest! I like cats and dog’s each are unique and different. But a mix as you had was really special. Unlike cats, dogs are never under appreciated. You made my wife’s week, she loves her cats. You stepped up to top grade with this story to her. After all how can anyone who can’t say no to a little kitten, be a bad person. Thank you Forrest a very special story this.

  7. Forrest, I’m sorry about your catastrophic caper.

    It’s good you had Bessie the cow & Billy the kid

  8. I’m not much of a cat person either, yet having a Bobcat, named Bobby would be unreal. Though I’ve took in; (or rather entertained several strays); that like to sleep under my van. They always seam to have a mind of their own; so I let them do their own thing. Dogs, on the other hand are undesputedly; “man”s best friend” ; (& of the dogs I’ve been luckily enough to care for); by far the Mini Dachshunds my parents breed were the smartist.

  9. Thanks Forrest for this SB. At one time or another, I guess that we all hear that call in the night that we have to respond to – There is just no other way. When I hear that call, I hope that I will have done all that I needed to do – JDA

      • Hello Alsetenash. I understood it to mean that the porch light pushed back the darkness (edge of darkness and light). If the porch light is off, there would be total darkness, excluding the lightning bugs.

      • I took it as the light at the end of the tunnel has finally came on and his train is coming round the track.

    • Good night, wow …people are strange! Picking up strays then being attack by them! Just too much! I’m glad they didn’t get rabies! Lord have mercy, leave the wild things alone.
      Thanks for the SB, Mr. Fenn it’s real cute.
      Dal,doing a great job.
      What’s going on with all these SB, freedom just another word for nothing left to lose??? I don’t get that line, sorry!
      Best regards, meow

      • That phrase in the song bothered me, too, but then I realized the writer is saying they lost the most important thing in their life – i.e. Bobbie, so anything else would be anticlimactic.

        • She has her freedom in that she can now date anyone she wants, but with him gone she has nothing left to lose as nothing else mattered to her but him.

  10. I’m a Big Cat Lover but they can be a Pain in the Ass sometimes.. I adopted 3 cats and I have no idea why, maybe they adopted me… I have been awfully sick the past 3 years and I think they have kept me alive and fighting. I can’t imagine dyeing and leaving them homeless.
    My Big Cat of 19 LBs is Named Bob after my Dad…
    On the Treasure Note: Sometime on google earth the terrain looks alot different and then when you get BOTG, Your Like, Holy Cow, I had no idea there was a cliff here. Rivers look easy to cross from Outer space.
    IMO the story says Go Back and Examine your solve, you don’t want to end up with a Bob Cat ( Running loose ). Sometimes things first appear OK and then turn up wild and crazy.. Stay on coarse..

    • Great advice DBC. Searching my sole and gonna start back at the beginning.
      My thots have definitely runaway with me and I find my brain outta space for accepting “new” possibilities. “Stay on coarse” reminds me to grab the pepper before I go BOTG again.

      Oh and I have cats too. One is named May Ling and the other, believe it or not, is Shiloh. Quite a pair. A sweet little female and a real tiger.

      My motto – KEEP ON HOPPING but keep you eye on the big birds.

      • It’s all about the first clue WWWH or Canasta, take your pick. Thank You for the Reply. Searching for me is over till spring. Too Cold & Dangerous

  11. “Freedom is just another word for nothing to loose”
    Such a great line. I got flashbacks to my college years after reading your latest SB. In those years I remember a lot of good memories were compressed into a short amount of time. I know there is a pearl or two to be found in there somewhere too.

    I must say I loved the story Forrest. The call of the wild. It has a certain poetic simplicity to it.

  12. I have 2 cats in my house, Mitzi and Bobby, and about 15 street cats that i feed twice a day, Each have it own character and its amazing to see how different they are. Bobby shares my soul secrets too, and keep me from the cold, and my windshield wippers slapping time when we sing the blues. Take care dear Mr. Fenn , Enjoy time and be blessed.
    Zvia ben ami

    • Hi Zvia, I like that the C note.
      Hot 100, that’s huge for a song, I’m glad you have cats to keep ya busy
      There’s this cute little kitty trying to move in at my place. It’s black and white? Sure is friendly, I give it milk occasionally. It’s very demanding!

  13. Looking at the world through rose colored glasses. Not everything is as it appears.
    There is a BREED of cat called MANX. It is a cat that carries a gene for a genetic mutation. The breed has a history traced to the Isle of Mann in the Irish Sea.Domestic cats can be born tailless.
    Sea Captains were fond of these cats as they were to be good mousers and found passage of many a ship traveling to distant ports. Because of thus the breed expanded it range.
    MANX CATS are known for their shorter front legs.appearing to walk down hill. There are three kinds of MANX. Rumpies, Stumpies, and Longies.

    Rumpie… tail….just A socket.
    Stumpie….very short tail.
    Longies….few to several vertebrae in the tail.

    The Manx Cat is an accepted breed and celebrated by fanciers
    around the globe.
    Ain’t that funny…..I mean life that is.

    • What if it’s a call to all the searchers to find the cat with one paw on each side of the line, and when you find’em you get a choice: Chase him, or sit at home on the porch and hope for news.

  14. My heart would have melted if I saw the kitten by itself. A big surprise to see it was a bobcat. The call of the wild, bred from within, had to be. She was born free. I’m sorry to hear the loss of your friend Bobby McGee who died from cancer. Now I have the song, “Me and Bobby McGee,” playing in my head.

      • Agree! The half and half comment is odds. Reminds me of his coffee creamer. And Bobby McGee after a friend who died of cancer? Maybe it was Olga’s favorite song. Didn’t her last name mean “freedom?”

        Maybe the message is just that we are free to do as we please. Great story.

        • Hello Copper. Your comment of half and half reminds me of the “Pie Caper” story where the pie was split in half, if I recall correctly. Freedom may very well be a good message in this scrapbook. The cat being named after a friend who died from cancer could be a “memorial” to them. I had just listened to the song and saw Lord mentioned in it several times and thought it was a coincidence to the “cross” breed of the bobcat. Just some things that caught my attention.

  15. Brought back childhood memories of sitting on the front porch and watching the lightning bugs. Also just like Forrest, the 3 meals were breakfast, dinner (noon), then supper.

    • Wonder if Forrest took a pic or Polaroid of the Bobbie.

      Also, did you save any of the cat fur? You know, for tying flies later on? My buddy used to make a fly out of cat hair – called it the Henley. Looked like it had sun glasses on.

  16. He is talking about a searcher And the searcher does not get on here and comment more of a stalker Lol I think this one is a no brainer She wore stripes and a and had a bobtail while searching Time to load up Bobby and go get it lol bundle up it’s cold in them there mountains

    • I like the way you think, except I think that searcher strays on in from time to time looking for a friend.

    • Hey Diggin…maybe someone’s been thrift shopping, searching in a leopard mink…watcha know about searching in a fur Fox skin??? Anything?? (My gator shoes, those are green.)

    • Like the Cheshire cat…poof! It’s gone!
      There’s a bit of wild cat in us Searchers. When we hear the call, were gone!
      Some have no idea where they are going but their spirit just yearns for that freedom the search gives.
      Don’t throw caustion in the wind, curiosity killed the cat! Always be safe!

  17. I think that Forrest was probably watching the CMA Awards the other night when the song. “Me and Bobby McGee” was performed. 😉

  18. In “The Call of the Wild”, the lead dog that was domesticated returns to the wild, but only if he can be the leader of the pack. But first he takes revenge on all who attacked his master. Parallels to the end of the Chase? On another note, the song “Me and Bobby McGee” is simply a metaphor for Freedom, IMO. Or … when nature calls, ya gotta go. Take your pick.

  19. Such a bitter sweet story, Forrest! I too, found a stray kitten, a few weeks ago. She kept coming to our patio. From the moment I let her in, she acted as if she belonged with us. Given her stubbornness, my failure to find her previous home and how much she needed us, I kept her. She was so malnourished that her front legs did not grow properly and they are bow-legged. I will try to get a picture of her in the contest. Good things come in small packages. She’s a keeper.

  20. Thanks Forrest. Had a cup of coffee and read
    this one early today. Used to get to watch a
    bobcat out the window sometimes at the cabin.
    He had the run of the place for years, but
    I think he’s gone now cause last trip over
    we had a pack rat, but no bobcat.
    Good memories

  21. Just my interpretation of course, but to me, this SB seems to be a reminder to us that sooner or later those we love will hear the “call” and go on to another life. And there is nothing we can do when that time comes other then to cherish the memories we had with them. Time is short….life is precious….as Forrest would say (paraphrasing) don’t miss your turn. And in this story, that is the “hint” for me.

    It makes me think and brings a smile. Thank you F

    • Geez Louise….this makes more sense than all the others combined.
      Forrest is the half wild-edgy alley cat. Half tamed and playing the edges his whole life. He stalked a lot even when there was never anything to stalk. (we shall never cease from our explorations) Small porch light keeping the close darkness away, the distant but demanding call then in a mega second disappearing into the total darkness, she was gone, summoned…everything that I was eligible to know. The road everyone must travel but no one knows what awaits……mega second…11 days? till what??
      creepy…just read the wild variety of interpretations

      • ” just read the wild variety of interpretations”

        And that to me, is the beauty of it all. They are just that, interpretations. I love the fact that as human beings our mind can see something that appears to be “black and white” on the surface and yet somehow manages to create a full rainbow of deeper thoughts. I love reading what others “see”. It’s part of the fun.

        • agreed..then this SB must be the most beautiful of all. Also how many feel they have found the exact interpretation of their special solve. Some long time searchers who have never talked like this before included….might be time to get a bag of popcorn and see what happens…..Some have said they are trying soon…most are waiting till next spring.

    • I agree. “A small porch light was the only movement that pushed some of the close darkness away.” The candle of life was still burning but slowly fading, until… “she disappeared into the total blackness of night, and I knew she was gone.”…the flame went out.

  22. This SB reads like a scene out of Forrest Gump! Could Forrest’s cat have been the inspiration for the writing of the song? The original version of the song was first recorded by Roger Miller in 1969 (when Forrest would have been 39 years old), and I remember Forrest writing somewhere that he has a guitar pick that was given to him by Roger Miller. He has also included Roger Miller in a list of celebrities that have shopped at his gallery in some Mysterious Writings Q&A’s.

    • Ah, so digging a little more I guess the name “Bobby McGee” in the song was inspired by Kristofferson’s record label producer’s secretary; at least according to this website:
      (and when has anything wrong been ever posted on the internet?)

      I listened to the original Roger Miller version of the song on the drive home from work this evening and wow, it’s quite different from the more famous Joplin version. Quite a festive horn section in the second half that almost sounds like a mariachi band!

  23. This SB, more than any other I have read, can be twisted to mean anything you want. Bobby is LS, Bobby is treasure and waited without moving a hair until a persistent call etc.
    I havent been this perplexed since Saturday night live was in its infancy and everyone tried to figure our “what”: Pat was.

  24. ‘Mega second’ – game second. This takes me back to SB 231 and the chess board setup. The doll holding the arrow is the second piece. A chess board is is one large square made up of 64 smaller squares and the chest is square. I know of a certain square I believe fits this SB all too well. I like the number too though.

    Also, I believe the song Kris wrote is great and reminds me of something I read somewhere during my last search; “may peace be in our homes….”. I can picture it now in my mind but I’m not sure it’s worth going returning to.

    My wife and I are heading to London for 2 weeks later today and internet will be very iffy, but I’ll be checking when I can. Have a lot of fun everyone and happy Thanksgiving too. How many SB’s will be waiting for me upon my return? Only the chess board master knows.

    And an early congratulations to the contest winner.


  25. This is another nice story by FF. But at the risk of offending most all of you, especially Dal, I think there are many hints in this and nearly every other Scrapbook. This SB gives some of the most important confirmations to the final solve.

    It confirms that there are cattails in the area: The bobcat had a bobbed tail. Her fur took on dark spots = the dark top end of a cattail. She stalked a lot = the long stalk of a cattail.

    The cattails grow in the shape of an eye and the eye is in the center of a tree image.

    Bobby and FF (I) hung out together. I = eye, so Bobby and the eye hung out in the same spot. They hung out at the end of hangman’s structure.

    Her back legs were longer than her front legs = the lower two longer branches of the tree image.

    She had been summoned, and the totalness…= you must sum up a total of the length of the 4 tree arms.

    There are many more hints in this SB that all fit.

    • Could be, but can’t yet be sure of the interpretation. Some other possibilities to consider for those who think a bit like me:

      – Forrest says he is describing a bobcat mix with the leg length and tail, a lynx, sounding like “links”.
      – Bob is a target, where Alice is a source. Google Alice and Bob if for no other reason than to learn about cryptography terms.
      – Bobby McGee was most famously sung by Janis Joplin, written in 1969, well after Forrest was a child (also mentioned here by Blex but deserves repeating) and well after the intended meaning of the song was a pop culture thing. Janus is a synonym for Juno. Moneta symbolizes Greek “moneres”, or “alone”. Juno Moneta was a symbol and protectress of money. Moneta, WY is in the middle of the state, and his sister’s name was June (named after Juno), as mentioned again in this SB.
      – Belton Lake uses the “bell” reference, the “clanker” of which is known as a “uvula”, which also means “little grape”, and possibly Uva, WY if we are to “nail down” our “clous”.
      – The etymology of McGee suggests the “fire” or “blaze” reference. A “cat” is also synonym for a “hoist”. Linked together (correctly or not), a blaze and a hoist might refer to Saint Erasmus / Elmo, maybe Elmo, WY.
      – “forlorn” uses the “lost”, “abandoned”, “deserted” repeating reference.
      – “alley” links to several words used in the past, including “alligator”, “alley”, and the Spanish form of “there”, or “allí”.

      … and a few more, but I bore folks with this stuff.

  26. Dear Forrest:

    I tried to draw a picture of Bobby in this reply box using letters, but no one could accept it. After I found out it didn’t make it through the box after all of that time I spent typing, I almost understood how Bobby might have felt under that tree. I called my unfinished symphony in bits and bytes “A Wail of A Tail.” In my mind, Bobby embodied the iconic Halloween image of a cat: on guard, tall, arched back, sleek sides, with that classic bobcat tail out on side. Don’t forget the back legs that were not congregated with or fluent with the front. I had her captured mid-step, right as that call came, front foot in the air, still. Oh well. That image will always be in my mind. I had the picture just right, but it was my type.

    I’m glad Bobby heard the caw, even though her forster family might have felt her lost. She heard the call of awhile. I bet it wasn’t the first call, probably the 27th or 30 times, but her ears were too small to hear until things were just right. If she could talk, and could spare the moment, she might have even said she didn’t really want to go, but needed to make like a tree and leave.

    Some say you can’t go home again. Others say you have to leave home to find it. I bet at her small size, the new owner would be able to fashion her a special “homing” collar or neck brace made of the finest little things. If she had one, I think she would always know where she belongs, but also remember where she came from. Maybe it would help find you again.

    Take care,

  27. Just got my copy of The Smithsonian magazine.
    Y’all will never guess what is on the cover.
    Better check it out.

  28. Great Story! Great Song. Made me think of the call of the wild way up North in the end. Kris Kristopherson did many movies.. I’ll have fun going over old ones and as I used to have a crush on him relive my youth a bit. Some of those movies cover the history of USA and how it came to be… that will lead me to more studying of history of the back stories to go along with them. I find it interesting as a Canadian I at times imagine myself having and gaining more knowlege than than a lot of folks in USA not a part of the chase … in my imagination of course! (not meant to offend anyone) I love it when it crosses the borders where back in history no borders existed….

  29. Dear Forrest:

    After some additional reading, I have lots of questions. My first three are HOW!? HOW!? HOW!?
    I am almost NEVER amazed. But I am amazed.

    Take care,

  30. You can’t play go (left out a letter), with anything, let alone a alley bobcat. Do alley bobcats have the same size teeth and claws as normal, someone should check with Forrest. I haven’t knowingly encountered one of these yet, but might on a treasure hunt, and that might be why it’s mentioned.

  31. OK , here’s a little info for the youngsters. McGee was a popular name from old time radio. One very popular show from Forrest’s time was “The Fiber McGee Show”, It was a comedy. So what would be more natural than to name a funny looking cat Bobby McGee, at that time. You’ll find many references to unknowns at that time as being referred to as McGee’s.

    • I interpreted the “Bobby” part as a reference to the cat’s tail, and the “McGee” part as the nod to his friend.

  32. Forrest, the same thing happened to me when I was 16. I was out walking down our road and I heard a faint meow coming from underneath the car bridge I was on. A small creek ran under, so I went under and on the bank of the creek I found a tiny kitten. I took him home and had to bottle feed it and after a few weeks, I released it wasn’t a domestic cat. Of course the tail was different but bobtail cats are common, but this little fella had long black tips on his ears and the legs were a giveaway after he grew. (I was surprised how y’all he got) I named him Phoenix and I had him for months but he was so destructive! He would dig holes in the mattress , knocked everything over and tore into everything like a large puppy. I loved him , but my mom made me let him go. I took him back into the Woods behind a dam and he was so happy. He bolted before I could even get weepy. Some animals just can’t be domesticated and I hated to admit that my mom was right. I still think about Phoenix sometimes.

  33. If there’s gonna be music, I prefer Steppenwolf, “Born to be Wild”. I really hate old country music. Makes me sick to my stomach (gut feeling) especially “Me and Bobby McGee”. Yuk. Instead “Head out on the Highway” … lookin for adventure. Rockin’ it is more to my liking. Yea. I’ll end on that note.

  34. I think you will always have a soft spot in your heart for that little bobcat, Forrest. It’s very bittersweet that your seemingly domesticated buddy had to leave you to return to her home in the wild.

    What interested me the most, though, in light of your recent scrapbooks, was where the wild bobcat likes to make their den. Apparently, these cats prefer south and west facing rocky canyons or outcrops when they are available. Many Native Americans also chose rock crevices for interring their dead. It seems they preferred an east-to-west position of the body.

    But maybe you were just referring to the fact that a bobcat’s main prey are rabbits, which would reduce the number of rabbit holes significantly. We know how dangerous those rabbit holes can be for treasure hunters.

  35. Did someone say that there is a hint?
    Challenge accepted.

    Bobcat is reference to Bobcat Pass, between Red River and Cimarron Canyon. Near the site of an old flume that went from a gold mine to Elizabeth Town.

  36. Here’s a little trivia you may find interesting. Most Native Americans considered the Bobcat or Lynx to be a duality with the Coyote. The Nez Pierce, the Shawnee, and the Mohave all revered it in their folklore. The Mohave believed even dreaming of it would give them the supernatural powers it possessed to make them great hunters. One man who studied these concepts was Levi Strauss.

  37. Wait a second. Mega seconds? That about 11-1/2 days. November 29. That’s the 333rd day of the year. The number 333 is tied to “Philanthropy”. That’s interesting. Are we talking about a donation to the Smithsonian here? Cause that’s how I’m reading this. What do you think caller? Isn’t it obvious? Caller? You there?

    • Donation to Smithsonian would be a microphone drop and therefore awesome. Totally available for that treasure hunt.

  38. Sorry for the loss of both your bobby(s) mcgee, Forrest. Thank you for the lovely story.

    I have my own bobby mcgee tale that has nothing to do with a cat.

  39. Thought I’d tally the release dates of Forrest’s Fall Fury of Scrapbooks (so far!):

    205: Sept. 15, 206: Sept. 21, 207: Sept. 27, 208: Sept. 30,

    209: Oct. 4, 210: Oct. 9, 211: Oct. 10, 212: Oct. 12,
    213: Oct. 13, 214: Oct. 16, 215: Oct. 20, 216: Oct. 22,
    217: Oct. 23, 218: Oct. 25, 219: Oct. 26, 220: Oct. 27,
    221: Oct. 28, 222: Oct. 30, 223: Oct. 31,

    224: Nov. 1, 225: Nov. 2, 226: Nov. 3, 227: Nov. 5,
    228: Nov. 7, 229: Nov. 10, 230: Nov. 11, 231: Nov. 13,
    232: Nov. 14, 233: Nov. 15, 234: Nov. 16, 235: Nov. 17

    31 Scrapbooks in 64 days, and since SB 215 he hasn’t had a gap of more than 3 days: 21 SBs in 29 days. It’s a good thing Dal is retired (!), though Forrest’s volume doesn’t seem to be giving him a chance to put together the video(s) he took while he was in Santa Fe last month.

    • I think there is a reason for all of these scrapbooks?? I also feel hes communicating lots of things about the chase being almost over..he mentioned waiting a few times..are we all waiting for the reveal of the finder?

    • Zaph, I predict it is over at least for a while, because of a very important number that you have listed.

      That number is my secret, and yours…for now.


      • Hi TT: we’re probably not on the same page, but I’ll hazard a (likely incorrect) guess at what you’re referring to. What time is displayed on Forrest’s phone in SB 107? (I meant to make a post at precisely that time on November 10th this year, but it had already passed by the time I remembered).

        • Zap, it is hard to slide anything past your watchful eye, actually there is a SC Book 106 that tells a lot about how we are seeing the unveiling of secrets in these latest books I choose to call Chaos, our job is to Embroider it all back together properly, if ff does not post for a while then I am correct in a strange almost uncanny way.

          If he continues with the mad flurry of post then Mr Teriffic is not correct about this game, at least not entirely, we could have one more, but it will most likely be the Intersection of great Ideas, an enigma if you will in our match. That will even the score AT 32 IN ALL.
          Which ones of these recent SC Books were not written some time ago? List those and read them for a clue.


    • Zaphod. Wow man! A great deal of thanks to you for this. I semi attempted to do this for myself but it was a lot of work and effort- so I put it aside. Not only did you completely do it but you also typed it up and shared it with all.

      With much gratitude, thank you!

      • Hi Alsetnash/JDA: my pleasure. And actually, Dal makes that very easy to tally since each SB date is part of its URL.

        • Ah, good to know. I was looking at it and tempting to do it for pattern purposes. But then it was realized that FF had given Dal a set to post and Dal was in control of when they were posted, So, I didn’t continue. I decided to work on what is FF’s PI ,based on his symmetry pattern. Lol. Best to do that when trying to sleep and hopefully wake up wth an answer.

          Sometimes it works . Lol.

    • Impressive @Zaphod.
      Thanks for putting forth the effort for the blog community.

      I wonder if ff will publish another SB today to be “in the middle” again? 32 of 64?

      • I doubt it. IMO “The Chaos” has passed….at least for a while? So just for training lets Embroiderer the # 22 is it.. just a number, well no. However if I take that from this I get the secret word, er number that equals your sign. And that number is very important to the chase, the game and Chaos of these SC Books.


        • T.T. You think FF is done with this SB cycle? As in- according to your math thinking that is what is of his math? Interesting concept but I don’t see any of that being in this ; for being as a derivative means to some kind of mathematical end. But that’s quite an idea to to think of though. IMO.

          If I remember correctly, there’s still ” Everyone needs an intersection”, yet to be published.

          That would complete the 4 corners of patterns that leads to an intersection.


          But I don’t know, its just a mathematical guess.

          • AL, I think you see that the 43 inch doll is Kit Carson, the king… now and the 64 dollar question is much cleaner too..


          • TT. I see you about Kit Carson. 64-I dunno. I see that SB from a different spectrum. Or even perhaps all of these and likely the poem too . Lol. But that’s good , it gives diversity of thought to all this.

            IMO .

    • I’m not much interested in numbers, but remember that Playboy magazine once
      referred to Bo Derek (she was in a Tarzan movie!) as “Hollywood’s hottest number”. As always, IMO.

    • Zaphod – Thanks for the running tally!

      It’s also worth mentioning that on November 7th when Dal posted SB228 he immediately commented “That’s it folks!” which I took to mean that Dal had posted all the SB’s in his backlog that Forrest had sent him.

      So SB229-236 (so far) have basically been getting cranked out by Forrest and sent to Dal in real-time (correct me if I’m wrong about this, Dal). Forrest has been a scrapbook-entry-writing machine this month!

  40. My only kitty was a runt abandoned by her mother in a wood pile. She was happy at my house for thirteen years chasing the squirrels and clawing my wallpaper and furniture.

    As much as I loved that kitty, it was me who gained freedom when she sadly passed. Now I’m friends with the squirrels and birds and a buck and a raccoon who all live in my small but leafy back yard. I can go on holiday and they take care of the place while I’m gone.

  41. Forrest,

    A very touching story. I would have loved to have found the kitten in the wood. I bet she had a huge appetite and you had to keep an eye on the chicken coop. She probably liked the milk from Bessie, too.

    I hope you stay up past midnight tonight writing some more scrapbook stories.


  42. Forrest, you’re such a tomcat entertaining us into the wee hours of the night.
    Thanks for the fun.

  43. The Bob sounds like a fun place to visit. Maybe I’ll bring my Great Bear fetish with me. If I’ve lived to do all the things attributed to me, you might way I was a scapegoat 😉 Race you

  44. Lightning Bugs versus Fire Flies. Which one you call ’em depends on what part of the country you are from. I think there’s even a map on the internet someplace that spells it out. Where I grew up we also said Lightning Bugs, so that warmed my heart a wee bit.

    Some places don’t have Lightning Bugs. I feel sorry for the little kids who live in those places.

    • yes the fire flies sure do have a real impressive glow to them . They tend to be attracted by their own reflection . How awesome is that!

    • can see that. something you have no control over, can’t fully understand, taking someone you love away forever with no warning > loss of innocence. illness, or war.


  45. I Know some cool cats that had a Bobtail.  If I may just borrow a bit. Will and I one June went to fish some bigger waters in the southern part of the state and to see what we could see.  When we got to the place the winds were howling.  We walked down to the shore and just stood there.  With a thirty mile an hour wind in our face casting from here was going to be a problem.  Then we saw him.  Will turned to me and said, did you see that? I said, I think so. But surely we must have been imagining things.  We stood there thinking and looking when we saw him again.  Wow!  He would slowly poke his head out up to the gill plate and sink slowly back in tail first, like a pencil bobber going down.  It seemed as we were watching him, he was watching us.  Will called him Bob because of his strange behavior.  We commenced to tying on carefully selected lures we thought would do the trick.  Bob was of rare size with a head twice as big as any I have seen in these parts  Best I could tell he was a record size rainbow with a dark pattern.  One lure after another we caste with Bob staying just out of range and surfacing every fifteen minutes or so.  At sunset we decided to stay the night in the truck to try again in the morning.  At sunrise the winds were down and we hurried down to the shore.  We stood there again with a wide gaze, when up from the depths rose Bob to say good morning.  Oh man, this was our chance. With low winds we would now be able to reach him. But much like the day before he stayed just out of range.  Heavy long casting lures he stayed further out.  Light short casting lures, closer in.  It was as if he was checking out everything we threw at him, but was not going to take the bait.  It’s a strange feeling being watched by a fish.  After many hours we had about exhausted our arms and lure selection.  We didn’t quite know what to do about this fish just taunting us like that.  I then dug deep into the box, and pulled out a jar of power bait.  Upon inspecting it, there it was.  I told Will this is it.  In the jar was a woolly bugger.  All scented up.  I had placed it there years before and forgot about it.  I tied it on with a good knot and a bubble and sent it flying.  With a pulsing retrieve I started bringing it in.  Almost all the way in and nothing.  Just as I was about to lift it out for the next cast, Bob struck. His body three quarters the way out of the water, head and tail thrashing.  Lulled to sleep and startled at the same time I set the hook, pulling it away from Bob’s strike.  The next thirty minutes of casting told us it was over.  Bob didn’t make any more appearances.  We had seen him up close, and he, us. Walking back to the car after another long day, the late afternoon sun cast a  long shadow on our thoughts.  Beat by a fish.  We should have known.  We gave him a name, before the first cast. I learned that sometimes timing is everything.  If I would have set the hook just a bit later.  g  

  46. Well, who wouldn’t put such a nattily dressed man on their cover! I bet you are the best art salesman in the known Universe Forrest!

    • Hi Goldilocks: I think there’s a possibility you’re right, particularly if the blaze turns out to be clue #8.

  47. this sb sings to me. a just right mix of childhood and wildhood. read it as a bedtime story and it wove itself into my dreams.
    don’t hear hints in it though. maybe ought to turn up my hearing aid.


  48. There’s a secret code buried in the lyrics. lol

    Or, BM is uh short for a BM, and it’s been a mega second of constipation.

    • Hi Chrisazy – I get that you’re being facetious, but amusingly I actually believe there *is* a code in the M&BM lyrics, just as I believe there is in a “Sunday Kind of Love.” Obviously not put there by the lyricists in either case, but rather selected by Forrest because they happened to contain something Chase-relevant he wanted to use. All my opinion, and I actually hope that most disagree.

      • Zaphod, I’m not good with codes, but I had considered basic Alphanumeric Conversion to single digit numbers whereby the numbers 424 does have relevance
        or 13-4-13 may have relevance.

        In the past I had considered using the key Note to Forrest’s favorite song by Fran Warren. If “F” was the main note Convert to the numeric frequencies which correspond to musical notes and see if that frequency matches up with Coordinates.

        What do you think??

      • Zap, not sure which state you’re looking in. IF Montana or Wyoming Fran Warrens song “Sunday kind of love” is written in 4/4 time which matches up longitudinally IN Mt & WY.

      • Hi 42:
        “Zaphod, I’m not good with codes, but I had considered basic Alphanumeric Conversion to single digit numbers whereby the numbers 424 does have relevance or 13-4-13 may have relevance.”

        I think something simple like A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. is fair game. It’s still a code, which I know some Fenners would scoff at, but I think if a 4th grader can figure it out it’s not unreasonable to include in the mix.

        “In the past I had considered using the key Note to Forrest’s favorite song by Fran Warren. If “F” was the main note Convert to the numeric frequencies which correspond to musical notes and see if that frequency matches up with Coordinates.”

        As one who has played many instruments, I have considered music-based codes in the past (and they played a part in my solving the Enigma Ciphers). But I’m reluctant to get that fancy with Forrest’s hints. That said, even though I consider reading music to be “specialized knowledge,” I don’t believe Forrest has placed any restrictions on the scope of knowledge required to decipher his hints. He has only said “No specialized knowledge is required” to solve his poem. Link:

        • @Zaphod, I appreciate your input. Thanks.

          BTW – I don’t think it’s anything that you have to solve to figure out location, but based on my opinion of line drawings existent Inside the poem, and given that Forrest is a pretty fair piano player, I think he may have woven a reference to match a musical frequency into the poem for fun.
          Without a bit of creativity you can overlay the outline of a cello or violin horizontally across the poem and the strings match with correct tuning notes.

          I may have to draw that again and see if Dal has any interest in posting it…Simply for fun. I was amazed that Forrest was able to do this with the words violin and cello. I also had a Great time overlaying line drawings of the candy and helicopter, and also Forrest fighter jet. (All in a grid format) obviously, won’t help anyone find the treasure chest. None the less people greatly under estimate what ff has incorporated.

          Forrest stated he wondered if anyone would find his “drawings” – I believe he asked the question in The Thrill of The Chase.

          I enjoy drawing, and so I took him at his word and have had fun looking for “his drawings” in the poem.

    • Oh can’t wait to till February. I love Harrison Ford adventure stories!
      I hope it ends well.

    • Wow. While of course I’m not insinuating here that the Yukon is in any way the location of the chest (um, duhhhh). I do believe this movie hits very close to home in one very tangible way with this chase. Thanks for posting the link, I too am a big Harrison Ford fan and fired up to see this.

    • luckydog – Thank you! I guess living near Jackson Hole, WY has paid off for Harrison Ford, in preparation for being in this awesome movie. Definitely going to see it in February.

  49. I think maybe a “DOG” is at the bottom of all this chaos.
    Tearing up the yard, digging holes, and chasing his tail.
    The squirrels in my yard have nothing to fear.

  50. Man of Iron, A cartoon figure wants to marvel at others….Will you entertain a thought about what you just penned?

    Who does not have a home in this SC Book metaphor? ME and who? Merle Haggard was who Forrest was fiddling for, see the wood of a Stradivarius, has he planted a few trees and seeds for us to digest, read SC Book 219 for a place to start and look for a lucky coin and a 7 iron…will you see the reference to Iron Tail, this is right on track for someone to be in the proper squares of this chess board.


    • This is the second time he has referenced “Me and Bobby Mcgee”

      It’s a song from Janis Joplin

      In the lyrics are….

      “”One day up near Salinas, Lord, I let him slip away
      He’s lookin’ for that home, and I hope he finds it.””

      He knows what home I’m looking for 😉

      • On a further note….

        Forrest, I’m sorry that few others understand the parables that you write about. But do me a favor…keep writing them. I really enjoy your imaginative translations.

  51. Bobcat…little tractor? John Deere …dear…deer?

    Some people collect tractors…fenn, you ever own a tractor? Prob easier to maneuver than a F100?

  52. “Deep in the forest a call was sounding, and as often as he heard this call, mysteriously thrilling and luring, he felt compelled to turn his back upon the fire and the beaten earth around it, and to plunge into the forest, and on and on, he knew not where or why; nor did he wonder where or why, the call sounding imperiously, deep in the forest.”
    ― Jack London, The Call of the Wild

    I love this scrapbook.

  53. Its funny how you remember, when the mist clears. Its the memory factor that connects things here. You just have to look hard to see it.

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