Important Advice From Forrest…


by Forrest


It is snowing in Santa Fe on top of 6” that I already have at my house. Willie is crazy out in it. Tomorrow will bring 25 degrees and my ducks are not looking forward to the pond freezing over.

That means it’s time to shut down all searching in the Rockies till next spring or summer. My advice is to get a cup of hot chocolate and watch a good Indiana Jones movie. f




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  1. Ironically, we did just that today. My 4 and 3 year old really want to see Frozen II, so we bought Frozen II hot chocolate and some marshmallows.

    Great advice! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. I think Ima go up into the mountains north of Santa Fe with my dog and do some camping now that it’s wet enough to use the stove in my TIPI without burning down the rest of the forest.

    • Keep that vent open to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. And remember — it’s always best to cook outside and several feet from your tipi. The smells will get into the cloth and draw wildlife you might rather not have nibbling on it or whatever is inside. The mountains are special in winter and always more special with a dog. Be safe and have fun.

  3. I’ll have the nurse start a warm I.V. drip and ween me off the sedatives by next March.

  4. Hi Forrest,
    I can almost guess which Indiana Jones movie is your favorite, but why don’t you tell us..

  5. That’s funny. Was up in some woods 4 days ago and it was sunny, dry, and over 50 degrees. How quickly things turn.


  6. Perfect advise!
    And…another Indiana Jones movie is coming out! Gotta love Harrison Ford!
    Have a great Thanksgiving F and family!

  7. While deer hunting this year, I pondered over the poem. Got an 8 pointer, 250 pounder, and a doe, filling both my tags. I also realized it’s cold in the woods, but really enjoyed the solitude. Haven’t posted in years, sorry gang. Any gatherings over the colder months for strategizing and face to face meetings?

    • “Good Indiana Jones movie” rules out Temple of Doom and that piece of junk about Crystal Gayles’ Skull.

  8. Hey Forrest which one is you favorite? plz dont say the last one labuff is cool but not a fan of ruskies 41 deg F in boise rest easy all

  9. Happy winter season and hunker down warm…to the cadence of the night before Christmas

    It twas the last of the searching,
    and all through the rockies,
    the snow was still falling,
    and too cold for even double sockies,
    The searchers were all hunkering
    deep down with their mugs,
    drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
    and maybe some hardy bugs,
    when out on the mountain
    there arose such a chatter
    that even the Forrest
    had to see what was the matter.
    The moon was there shimmering
    on the new fallen snow, and so bold
    that it had been luring out those chasers of gold.
    Then Fenn gave a caution
    to all scrap bookers this night,
    and told them to stay warm
    and out of the cold for this season of winter night. While it was still tempting
    to ignore the wise quote,
    it was soon realized that the weather
    was not even fit for the best mountain goat.
    So now here we sit
    with our season of cheer,
    in hopes that Forrest Fenn
    will write us many more Scrapbooks with cheer.
    Stay hot like potatoes
    decorated so chively,
    and season your writings
    with a toy soldier that is lively,
    then when the snow has melted
    and the frost is again gone,
    you can bet your best tutu
    that the chase is back on.

    • DavidWes- Did you say ‘two socks’?:

      I just want to ‘turn injun’, and go back in time with J.H. Sharp, to spend the Winter on the Crow Reservation, as described in Forrest’s great book about him. And as mentioned and pictured in Forrest’s Scrapbook #107.

      And like Lt. John Dunbar did, in “Dances with Wolves”, when the Cheyenne retreated to their Winter camp in the mountains, to hide from the U.S. Cavalry soldiers pursuing him. The author of that book, Michael Blake, signed my copy, here in Sun Valley, with: “Keep Dancing”. He passed from cancer, shortly thereafter.

  10. You would think this would be plain common sense. But as the saying goes, common sense ain’t that common! If you get a chance, post some pics of Willie in the snow!

  11. However I do recall FF saying *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.” Enjoy 1 of the 4 Indiana Jones movies – Im going with Raiders.

    • The first part of his statement probably eliminates most searchers finding it in any weather – we don’t know precisely where it is!

  12. Trivia time:

    How many Indiana Jones stories has the actor Harrison Ford appeared in?



    Most people don’t remember, but he also starred in a Young Indiana Jones Chronicles episode in 1993.

    • Jeremy P – Oh, I remember that episode! He played a clarinet which caused an avalanche that killed the bad guys who stole a peace pipe.

        • Jeremy P – Thanks for the link! Yes, “Mystery of the Blues”! One only needs to watch the first 3 minutes and last 3 minutes to see the parts with Harrison Ford, and the rest is a long flashback.

          The other thing about this episode that sticks out in my memory is that the large funeral parade crowd scene was one of the first uses of computer-generated imagery that was actually really convincing.

        • It’s a series that ended too soon. I kept waiting for young Indy to grow out of the idealistic, whiny, and dorky version played by Sean Patrick Flanery and into the cool, world-weary, and cynical Indiana Jones we all know in Harrison Ford. It never really happened. It was a great show though. Really rounded out the character.

          • JeremyP – Yeah, I have fond memories of that show. I didn’t really care for the ones with Indy as a little kid, but teenage Indy was old enough to get into some heroic adventures.

            Now that I think of it, there was also the “very old” version Indiana Jones on that show who typically filled the role that Harrison Ford did on that one episode you mentioned; basically introducing the episode as a long flashback. I remember Very-Old Indy had an eyepatch that he wore under eyeglasses. I wonder if that’s an actor that I would recognize now. Hang on, I’ll check….

          • And nope! The actor’s name was George Hall and that was the most prominent role he ever played, though he also played “elderly driver” in the Adam Sandler movie “Big Daddy”!

        • Also, the opening scene of that episode takes place in 1950s Wyoming where Indiana Jones is snowed in of all things, while helping a Native American secure a special peace pipe… so, how appropriate here!

          • How amazing would it be to find the treasure and meet Harrison Ford. He played him. You are him. Boy that would be an ego boosting moment.

  13. Thanks, Forrest. I was planning to stay in and watch a few of your interviews and read a couple scrapbooks. Have a great night. Glad Willie is having fun in the snow. My greyhounds loved the snow in Colorado last May when we got about 6″.

  14. Stranded here in beautiful Santa Fe with the serene snow falling. Came through here on a move from Cali to TN with my daughter and the pup. Did a little research and searching yesterday and decided to stay an extra day. Well, I learned a lesson about how fast the weather can change in NM! Grateful to the Lodge for putting us up for longer than intended. Can’t wait till next year to give it a true good ole’ fashion try! Thanks for the memories, even with this unexpected hiccup! Honestly, I have truly fallen in love with this region….

  15. I wouldnt dare search in winter , where warm waters halt , that would be too easy . i want to see it as you saw it as a boy and as you saw it last , Mr. Fenn…till next time , enjoy the next few months , for the treasure is mine!!

  16. Dear Forrest:

    I’m going to follow your advice. I’m betting that even the 7-11 is closed, slushees and all. I’m working on patients, as part of my practice instead.

    Since it is snowing, I’ll probably watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade for a break from my research on genealogy and animal husbandry as an off-season hobby. I was looking at some old photos in a family bible and a man wearing one of those western style hats caught my eye. He was holding a small animal wrapped in a soft white blanket- you could see one hoof or leg sticking out. It looked like everyone was looking at it. I looked for a name and couldn’t believe my site- his name was Brionn Frederick Finnegan- barely legible in Sharpie on the back. Ansistry.,com shows him as one of my first traceable relatives in the US! Amazing. He was a self-trained vet and “country doctor” who traveled wherever he was needed. An old newspaper snipping said he was known as the “Irish Rover.”

    Thanks for motivating me to look into genieology. You never know who you might be related to!

    Take care,

    • Me too RJ! Lots of Irish im my blood, I hail from the Coughlin Clan. Not sure if I’ll stay at my home camp all winter. I rise from the mitten state so I have no fear of ice and snow, it’s the mountains that are in my way. Cheers to you and your family and Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I like tomb raider 🙂 really gets the brain firing!!

    Also! Disney’s Atlantis:the lost empire is definitely something you were influenced by! I’ll prove it one day… maybes lol.

    Willie sounds cuuuuuuteeee, maybe a willie video scrapbook!!!!!

  18. If ever I go in search of FF’s treasures old and new, I will do it on the hottest month of the year and only if ever I am solid with the first two clues. I may have the very first clue figured out, but unless it directly connects to the second clue, I can’t be sure the first one is correct.

  19. Forrest, Have a great season! Happy Holidays and thanks for the advice! Warm snowy wishes!
    Meanwhile in the Northern Rockies, it’s clear and sunny in areas. Cold yes but it’s nice. Please share your top ten things to do this winter.
    Oh and do you know where I can get a good map?

  20. The spot I’m thinking about in the mountains has, at best, 6 easily operational hours a day now.

  21. Dear Forrest,

    I have only been working on your puzzle for a little while now, on and off. So pardon my ignorance but it is hard to keep level headed and not get carried away! I try to be cautious and not run off into the mountains just to get lost. Honestly, I think I have a better chance of standing under a UFO and saying “Beam me up Scotty”! Hahaha. It is probably better to heat up my teapot and lay down on the sofa.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope St. Nick comes to visit 🙂


    Mary B
    PS – Wicket is my Border Terrier named after the Ewok of Endor. James Herriot, the man who wrote “All Creatures Great and Small” had a Border Terrier named Bodie and said he was the greatest dog he ever had. I know you would love Wicket.

  22. See y’all next summer. ❤️
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas
    Enjoy your family and friends.

  23. Forrest, Thanks For looking Out for Us, No need to bet on a hunch, in the Middle of Snowy weather..
    It will be 48 years on Sunday that I jumped out of that plane, I remember How Cold it was that night…. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

    • IDK, I admire DB Cooper. Think about it…..he exits a perfectly good airplane in the pitch black. Yes, I am sure he had a plan but how accurate was he? Any lights below would have looked like tiny Chinese lanterns. And where did the money go? I think the only way I would exit a plane like that would be to do a tandem jump in the bright sunshine. Who am I kidding? It would do me no good to jump with a partner because I am a chicken, and clumsy too. You should see how easy my shins get all bruised up

      Have a good Saturnalia everyone!

  24. Will Indiana Jones ever get tired of swinging from suspension bridges or climbing in caves.
    I hope not. I’d spend 25 bucks to see a new episode this winter with Harrison Ford.

    Good advice, hot chocolate and a movie as we are all bound to be stuck indoors a lot this winter. Stay safe

  25. Ice cleats, wool clothing, sextant, off to the next treasure hunt. Like the Indiana Jones idea, but technology and Hollywood are a drain on the joys the world has to offer. Might throw a box of hot chocolate in the gear bag though,

    • I’ve often wondered why I just don’t go searching any time of year other than the fact that stuff is hard to find in the snow. I have all the gear and am experienced in the cold backcountry. I would love to see my search area in the winter. I think if my search are was where I grew up or where I live now I would be out all the time. There and here though, are familiar surroundings and I have friends and family near to be sure where I am going and that I am, or return safe and warm. I used to enjoy the cold but now i’m getting old, buur. I would say thought that if you currently own ice cleats, wool clothing, a sextant, and hot chocolate you are probably more prepared than most. But if you still need to go out and buy them I would advise staying home, slowing down, and relaxing for the season. It will still be there next. g

        • OMG! I think like that too! Better safe than sorry. I am making everyone tea and cornbread . I like to put honey in my tea and on my cornbread. Sweet tooth here…..but my son likes to take the lion’s share of the honey and then he fibs about it. (But that’s a ok because I love him!)

          Honestly, I would rather be on a beach like St. Kitts or Aruba. I think I would like to have rosie cheeks and a golden tan from the sun instead of rosie cheeks from the snow. Also, you can’t find seashells on the ski slopes;)

          I could take the works of Shakespeare and start with The Tempest, it would be easier to decipher than ff’s poim. I need a break from the puzzle because it’s Jamaking me crazy! Ahhaha

  26. Forrest I was going to watch Raiders of The Lost Ark, but my wife vetoed me and we ended up watching E.T. instead. But the home made Hot chocolate was good. Now if Mike Cawling will just send me my Chaseopoly.

  27. I am in total agreement with you Forrest.
    Here in SoCal it has gotten down to the 30’s at night, making for a brisk morning.
    Any self-respecting prospector stays in the cabin and thinks over the various locations they have visited.


  28. Forrest,

    Beautiful picture. Looks inviting from my point of view.

    One of the best views I’ve seen was the ski trails over looking Jackson Hole lit up at night. Spectacular, while eating some homemade ice cream from a local vendor around the square.

    It’s still in the 80’s here, nut I’ll take it with a chocolate malted milkshake.


  29. I’ll be going to a very specific spot in Montana where there is a very obvious blaze tomorrow, but after that I’m staying on the warmer side of the country for a bit!

    • No…that is not what he said Alice…
      What he wrote is this:
      “If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.”

      Note that you must know precisely where it is in order to retrieve it in any weather…
      This was posted in December of 2015 on Jenny’s blog under her Weekly Words From Forrest thread.

      So you must know precisely where it is located in order to retrieve it in ANY weather…
      Not just bad weather…but ANY weather…that would be good or bad…wouldn’t it??

      And the word “probably” is an interesting qualifier of the non-distinct sort…
      It could suggest that there are physical or mental eligibilities that need to met before it could be retrieved..
      Maybe you have to be strong or clever or tall or…etc.
      Maybe most folks but not everyone could retrieve it even if they did know precisely where it was at..

      It’s a wonderful example of “Fenn Speak”…in my opinion.

      Please be accurate when you quote Forrest and cite the original location of the quote…preferably with a link so that others can see the quote in it’s original context and determine for themselves what he may have meant.

      • Well said, thanks for all you do Dal. Sorry about all the grief people have been giving you lately, we don’t all share their feelings. I for one very much appreciate all you have done for this community.


      • Forrest “probably” meant that. Wonder if it’s still truly in there though. I hope somebody digs into the outcome soonish. Looking forward to a resolution.

      • Dal – This reminds me of something that I’ve often wondered about. Forrest has said (paraphrasing) that we shouldn’t go where an 80-year-old man couldn’t go, but that’s an 80-year-old man who knew right where he was going. Every time I go BOTG, this qualifier really burns my brain. A meandering search-pattern sort of route may be more than an 80-year-old man can handle, but a beeline right to the hidey spot may be perfectly doable. It would be nice to hear more detail from Forrest about this aspect. At least I know not to look on top of Devil’s Tower!

        • My last BOTG I really pushed myself to go as far as I could. I’m disabled and walking is hard on flat surfaces. So when he said don’t go where an 80 year old couldn’t go, I’m stumped. Because I can’t even get to most easy locations. So I found myself crossing rivers and ran into a Grizzly. I fell a dozen times and I’m only in my 50s. So it’s tough to Gage the whole 80 year old thing. Forrest could beat me in a foot race. I’m glad he has challenged me and I love him for it.. It’s All Good!

  30. The plane-raft scene from Temple Of Doom springs to my mind… but how awesome to have short round as a search partner?

    Wish I had my own Candy Ann right now.

  31. Well, theses nuggets will have to rest undisturbed under in unity during this winter and wait for the action to resume. We will have a Lot to think about while playing Blackjack! PB

    • The mention of ducks and an icy pond reminds me of Holden wondering what happens to the ducks in, “Catcher in the Rye”.

  32. We appreciate the tip, Forrest. Ivan and I will lay low until June, nailing down our next attempt with hot cocoa and a kettle of Borscht. Just like my Russian Bride used to make.

    Happy Holidays!
    Michael and Ivan Raymond

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