Scrapbook Two Hundred Thirty Nine…


November, 2019


New Life From an Old Body

IMG 2137

This old juniper tree, adjacent to Shiloh’s house, was totally collapsed by the weight of snow about 15 years ago. It didn’t much care, it just grew sideways instead of up

In 1914, an archaeologist named Nels Nelson, working for the National Museum of Natural History in NY, took a photograph of a juniper tree at San Lazaro Pueblo. It was in full growth and seemingly in good health. I have that photo someplace but am too lazy to go into my basement and look for it.

Many years later, I took this photo of the same tree. It looked melancholy and forlorn, a stump of its former self. Well, here, you can see for yourself. 

IMG 7304

Sometime after 1914, someone cut all of its arms off, probably for no greater gain than to build a fence. It must have been a painful experience because an axe was used to do the cutting. Orange lichen soon covered its remnants as if to say “We’re helping you buddy, hang on.” It couldn’t, so it didn’t. 

IMG 2139

About 20 years ago I couldn’t stand it any longer so I brought that beautiful thing home. Now it relaxes under a growing pinon tree by my gate. It has earned a rest. 

Juniper is a hard wood that grows slowly and rots slowly. Nevertheless, I know that in another 100 years it will be gone. But in leaving, its decomposing body will fertilize a new generation of growth. I planted a small cluster of juniper berries near its soft underbelly, where they will get moisture from the ground, energy from the growing rays of sun, and nourishment from juniper decay.

Covenants on my 2 ½ acres say that no additional structures can be built on the property. So I expect the berries to germinate undisturbed, and enjoy full growth for many years. And every spring their own berries will residuate as the process renews.  

Please don’t anyone say I can’t influence the future? f







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  1. I believe you are capable of anything that you put your mind to. All one needs is a little imagination and some resolve. A wise man taught me that.


  2. “So I expect the berries to germinate undisturbed, and enjoy full growth for many years. And every spring their own berries will residuate as the process renews. ”

    I expect your expectations will last forever.

    • That’s a really neat stump Forrest! If you tied some “Bob Wire” around it it would be a real piece of art! Might keep the critters out too 🙂

  3. A bit over 2 acres is all “Forrests” allotment of public land.
    Juniper berry tea was also historically a treatment for kidney problems.

  4. I love this scrapbook and I hate these bushes!

    The tennis balls I lost would last 100 hundred years
    But the juniper thorns outnumber my childhood tears.

    • I have never encountered a juniper “ thorn” . I am interested to know what type of juniper has thorns ?

  5. Logs washed up on an ocean beach take a real long time to rot. More quickly, termites burrow in and convert them into sawdust.

    Twenty years ago I was urged by my friends to take home a particularly interesting-looking beach log. It weighs about 400 pounds and five of us managed to install it beside my front door. It is too heavy for me to remove, so I adorn it with interesting agates and rocks, including a great reproduction of Yoko Ono’s lost “Love Yourself.”

  6. You certainly are a profundicator, Forrest. I enjoy a juniper berry beverage from time to time.

  7. Ants collect the juniper berries and eat them down to the
    seeds, from which they eat the centers, leaving a hollowed
    out, ready to string seed bead. The Indians collected these
    and called them ‘ghost beads’

  8. That’s a cool idea Forrest, but how do you know the people that live there after you are gone will keep the old body juniper there to feed the babies? How long will it need to be there to help the berries germinate?

  9. You’ve sprinkled metaphorical seeds throughout the country. You’ve made many things in the future different, and for that we thank you.

    i’m sure the future people will thank you too; for plenty.

    And we’re all here, listening. Your words here influence the future, too!

  10. “New Life From an Old Body” – You, Forrest have breather “Life” into the souls of more people than you could ever imagine. I, for one, thank you for that new-found breath. Some day, the chase will come to an end Forrest, just as your life, and mine will, but the memory of what it, and we, have represented shall live on forever in the lives of those that we have come into contact with – whether in reality, or in the hearts and minds of others.

    Thanks for the reminder of what is important Forrest – Sew the seeds of good – Remember that what we do and say will influence many, whether we know it or not – Thanks – JDA

  11. “The treasure is not associated with any structure.” What if it’s not associated with (just) any structure, but is associated with one?

    • “If that cabin in the background were to disappear, that’s where it is”

      I personally believe his spot is an old cabin he took refuge from a killer storm during his finding lewis and clark journey. And all that is left is a lingering scant with one heck of marvelous gaze.

  12. I hope you’re warm next to a juniper fire tonight, Forrest. This is my favourite scrapbook so far.

    • Jennifer, Juniper Lives upon the hill.
      Jennifer, Juniper sitting very still.
      Is she sleeping, I don’t think so.
      Is she breathing? yes, very low.
      Whatchya doing Jennifer my love?


  13. Forrest’s legacy is spread among the almost 1/2 million people who have heard the call to mountains and experienced the Thrill of the Chase. These are the important seeds that have been planted and will continue to grow in our children.

    The recovery will simply be a short lived media event that will fade but my kids will one day tell their kids about our families adventures in the Rockies long after I am gone. Forrest has ,in effect, given each of us the seeds to plant and legacies to remember in our own families.

  14. Forrest it is my sound belief that we all in our very presence influence the future. Whether anyone will notice is another matter. I know my work on the V-22 Osprey saved many lives, if my words could have falling on open minds others could have been saved. To question if we can change the world or make a difference is not for other’s to say. It is for the truth of the universe to decide. You made a great difference in all the lives you have touched. Others for good or bad, all the lives they didn’t touch. As others who will never know my name will never know me or what I did is acceptable to me, for I know and so does the eternal universe. You have greatly changed my life. I went from someone with a death sentence, to someone with a new hope, and a sense the life around me. Your Chase gave me the opportunity to not just seek your treasure, but to explore the world with a new sense of optimism, and to meet people I would never have come in contact with and that is 99% good people with different knowledge. So thank you for changing our world. I don’t idolize you, but your are highly respected in my heart and being. Nunquam Obliviscar!

  15. This feels like a scene from Shawshank Redemption: “If you ever get out, find that spot. In the base of that wall, you’ll find a rock that has no earthly business in a Maine hayfield. A piece of black, volcanic glass. There’s something buried under it I want you to have.”

  16. Best tell Shiloh about the covenant everlasting,
    and the Sweet Vale of Avoca, Olden yet forever passing.

  17. I love this caption under the juniper tree photo.

    “This old juniper tree, adjacent to Shiloh’s house, was totally collapsed by the weight of snow about 15 years ago. It didn’t much care, it just grew sideways instead of up.”

    Amazing how nature is so resilient and finds a way to adapt in order to survive. Maybe that’s some good advice I need to apply to my search methods. If a straight forward solution fails but still feels “right”….maybe I come at it from a different direction. Maybe I give up to soon and go running for another “solution” when all I need to do is just “grow sideways instead of up”

    • GG – I had to chuckle when I read this.
      I’m definitely growing sideways instead of up.
      Happened quite a number of years ago.
      Don’t think it was due to a heavy snow tho…..

      • Lol! Well I guess that’s another benefit from par taking in the Thrill of the Chase…. getting our booties up and out to help keep that “sideways growth” in check!

  18. Well I don’t see any sign of roots in that last photo, so Forrest must have sawn or axed the trunk down to some degree. Now that single juniper will be nourishing the soil via its slow decomposition in his yard, along a fence somewhere, an in its original spot where its roots remain.

    Now why would anyone say that Forrest can’t influence the future? Seems like influencing the past would be the harder trick to pull off!

    • Also: Maybe Forrest originally wanted to die under a tree, so that’s where he hid his treasure chest, but then maybe the branches grew over the spot (due to being weighed down by snow or whatnot) so maybe we need to dig through the branches of a low-lying juniper to find the hidey spot. Could be as simple as that? I’ve stuck my arms into a few patches of juniper on BOTG trips in the past just to be sure.

      • Bingo. ‘New Life From an Old Body’. Doesn’t the last pic kind of resemble a dead body under a blanket? Did anyone else notice the ‘X’ near the center of the log? And why would one plant tree ‘seeds’ directly under an existing tree?
        I think that scene in the yard may possilby be a homage to Fenn’s hiding place.

  19. I love the story Forrest and see a whole lot of metaphors. Rest is something to be cherished. I believe, one day I will earn a rest and be able to relax. Thinking about It motivates me. My wife tells me I’ve already taken more rest than I deserve, so get back to work. Apparently there are some rough edges yet that still need work. All things in their due time, I suppose.

  20. Lots of pretty, fluffy snow on this juniper.
    The dark “holes” in the snow look like puppy dog eyes. Especially the ones to the upper left of the middle of pic. Looks like your cute dog Willie
    Saving that tree stump is important on a few levels. I get it. Or I get what I think you could mean.
    The “Lichen” tried to help but at a certain point was futile. Sad.
    Thanks for these scrapbooks. These pics are cooly familar
    PS..nobody wants to grow

  21. Junipers live for a hundred years…. Hummmm ……. “Toys are forever” in TFTW. “Scary things live in them”……what a fine place to hid indulgence under….. Brave an in the wood to find it..
    IMO of course.

  22. Finally a scrapbook about the wood. Hhmmm still not sure. Yes at times I wonder why the scrapbooks are being posted at late evening and at night. Is that some sort of hint? Not sure.
    I’m just not sure about anything. Ha ha ha.

  23. In 1960, Mom planted a “creeping” juniper bush in a three foot high raised bed infront of our living room window in Irving, TX.
    It grew pretty quick and soon branched out and covered that 8’x6′ planter box.
    Then, tragedy struck…BAGWORMS! Mom crawled in and amongst the branches, picking off the worm bags as often as she could while working forty hours a week. Those critters got the best of her juniper and it eventually became a bag worm hotel, all brown and brittle.
    I remember Mom, sitting in the middle of it, sawing it off at the base, crying.
    After she cleaned it out, she never planted anything in the planter box. She just spread some mulch and that was that. The stump stood up a good six inches, like a monument of what was once grand and green.
    She passed away in 2014, and I inherited the house. I planted some marigolds around the edge of the planter box and watered them every morning when I filled the bird bath.
    One morning, I noticed a shoot of green popping up in the middle of the mulch. I climbed into the box and dug around, uncovering a juniper limb, stretching up out of a deep layer of mulch! It was coming back to life thanks to my constant watering! Five years later, it’s branches reach out about six feet and look great!
    That creeping Juniper came back to life and no bag worms!
    Mom would be proud.

  24. You sure that downed tree was natures havoc and not the result of a mishap with you and your trusty sidekick “The Jeep”?

  25. Matthew 17:20 English Standard Version (ESV)

    20 He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”[a]

    • Wicket, this quote is real “truth”, and when I read this SC Book and hear the seeds that are planted I know that we are into a kind of experience that few people see in a lifetime, thx ff.

      Now consider the Juniper Tree: Growing sideways and all the metaphors expressed in this, that we may use today and each day hence. Consider the Juniper Berries, these can be used for flavoring a very strong drink, Gin which in my case became an abuse, so with the His (truth) power as you describe above in Matt 17″:20 I was able to conquer that demon, and have not used any alcohol in too many years to count now. Also when I was younger, at age 21 conquered the (demon) spirit called “Tobacco” for when we see the truth about things in life we see it in it’s effects like this and we are wiser and this IMO is the message from the Oracle, truth is often learned when someone or something cuts us down or stunts our growth, but for ff it just seems to make him a better person, he recognizes truth right away and understands how to store-y it to us, may we be so blessed in our oldenhood as he.


    • Ha. That’s funny.
      Also funny is Dal’s “scolding ” of we searchers who see clues in every scrapbook! I laughed all day at his post bc,.
      #1..I think he used past clues in that post..Darwin monkey trial, etc
      #2..right after his post how we shouldn’t look for clues we get a dissertation about Jimney Cricket. Lol (which I found interesting)
      #3..Not so funny to me but maybe everyone else, I thought Dal should have used the word Horsefeathers not Balderdash. Only bc that was a favorite saying from my grandpa. Then I looked it up.
      Well, now I understand FF’s Gotcha! He is probably the best fisherman in the World! He got me Hook Line and
      Oh boy, ..Colleen

  26. Juniper wood is one of the best wood for making walking sticks; (i like to call it twisty wood). It’s elemental makeup is recycled, again, & again thru time; & it nurishes the bodies of many. Forrest; (like many great teachers from the past), residuates in our hearts, & creates the foundations of the future. Physical attributes are developed in the womb, (as are needed for it”s new life); the spiritual attributes, we develop are our covenant for our future. We berriely do thank you, “f”.

  27. Forrest, the way you cared for that poor, scarred Juniper shows you have a Native American heart for trees. They often referred to trees as “tree people” who were their brothers and sisters. They even believed that at one time trees could talk.

    That tree obviously spoke to you. Must be that special mojo you have. But I would hate to hear that tree tell the story of what he had to endure through his long, lonely life. I’m glad now he has a good home with you.

    If trees could speak to us, maybe this is what they would say:

    I am the heat of your hearth on the cold winter nights, the friendly shade screening you from the summer sun, and my fruits are refreshing draughts quenching your thirst as you journey on.

    I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table, the bed on which you lie, and the timber that builds your boat.

    I am the handle of your hoe, the door of your homestead, the wood of your cradle, and the shell of your coffin.

    I am the bread of kindness and the flower of beauty. ‘Ye who pass by, listen to my prayer: Harm me not.

    Portuguese Prayer of the Forest

    If you’re feeling a little sad; go hug a tree. Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and for emotional bonding. When hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine make you feel happier. I bet the tree will be happier, too!

    • Gosh, people are sure gettin smart here, next thing you know we will hear:

      I THINK that I shall never see
      A poem lovely as a tree.

      A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
      Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

      A tree that looks at God all day, 5
      And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

      A tree that may in summer wear
      A nest of robins in her hair;

      Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
      Who intimately lives with rain. 10

      Poems are made by fools like me,
      But only God can make a tree.

      Joyce Kilmer. 1886–1918 not a long life but deep thought.


      • In 1963 my 5th grade class sang this poem to our
        teacher. Her name was Mrs. Cook. She was an
        older woman with a leg brace and heavy boot
        from polio. She walked with a limp, but always
        wore a smile. I think the song was a birthday gift
        from our music teacher to her close friend.
        When we finished, I felt kind of bad, because
        she was crying, and heck, I didn’t think we sang
        that bad, plus we got all the words fight.
        I didn’t really get it then but I do now. Some
        things and some people are just special, and
        touch our hearts. I still remember them both.
        The poem, and the teacher.

    • Blue Fox..I’ve not heard this Portuguese prayer. Very nice. Thanks for posting. That’s a homerun in my book.

      • TT..I like your post too. Just saw it. Yikes, didn’t mean to say
        Rabbit Hole alert..
        I see said the blind man
        As he picked up his hammer and saw.

        • Colleen, THX and Like! Just cant help but say:

          Winter is the king of showmen,
          Turning tree stumps into snow men
          And houses into birthday cakes
          And spreading sugar over lakes.
          Smooth and clean and frosty white,
          The world looks good enough to bite.
          That’s the season to be young,
          Catching snowflakes on your tongue!
          Snow is snowy when it’s snowing.
          I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going.


          • TT..Thanks. I really like that one too. Thanks for the link. FF as old man winter, King of the showmen. Lol

  28. Whew…….I’m going outside with my flashlight and talk to some trees.
    TT & Blue, you just blew me away.
    Oh and lets not forget about the wonders of the Family Tree.
    Now that’s a “tree eternal.”

  29. What a wonderful way to view Life, we should all be planting Trees and Picking up Trash. If everyone did that and Loved their neighbor as themselves, this world would be a better place. I’m amazed at the great design of the earths ecosystem, How perfect it was created to sustain Life. Another Nice Story Forrest! My favorite Book is the Giving Tree..Shel Silverstein …who also wrote ..”Put Another Log On The Fire” Stay Warm

    • DB

      The Giving Tree has special meaning for me. Our Conformation class in the 8th grade made a project out of that book. Now, I am going to date myself here, but we drew on those clear plastic sheets that you put on an overhead viewer. Another team did a project with some Dr Zeuss book.

      I also like The Little Prince. It is written like a children’s book but has very religious meaning. It is also about nature.

      Any hoo, my son is in town from Raleigh NC for Thanksgiving. He is taking my husband and I out for supper. I think I will relax and have a glass of wine and count my blessings.

      Take care and everyone have a safe holiday.

  30. The book, The Overstory, won the Pulitzer Prize this year.

    It’s about trees. It’s full of mind- and heart-boggling information about them. Did you know, high in the giant redwoods, are animals that have never been on the ground? And miniature lakes and rivers where they live? Wonderland!

    And that they communicate. Not just aspens, who share a common root system across miles, but all kinds of trees. They release chemicals to let trees nearby know when they are under attack by insects, so that those other trees can release other chemicals in advance to protect themselves.

    When upset, there’s nothing like putting your palms on the trunk of a tree, and listening.

    • The Red Woods is a magical place! Whenever I am there, I love to feel the energy and wisdom of the trees through my hands. Perfect way to cleanse the soul and spirit.

    • Hello Lady V,
      Thank you for the book recommendation. Another good one is The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from A Secret World by Peter Wohlleben. He also has a Secret Life of Animals.

  31. My boy and I hauled home a large piece of very old pine. Half is gone along with the innards. The solid trough like shell was juxtaposed to a burl and the inside has some amazing grain. One side of it sits lower so it catches rain and waters my showcase flowers. It is one of my favorite yard pieces because it comes from a special place. g

    • Now I feel bad for my rock garden. They are also, all very special. From marble to about a volleyball size. Sometimes after a search I get back to my vehicle so completely exhausted and think to myself, I must really be out of shape. Then I swing my backpack from my shoulders and drop it to the ground with an astounding thud. Then I don’t feel so bad. g

  32. Forrest,

    I was walking in the woods about a year ago and came across an old pine tree that must have been knocked over in a hurricane. Well, half of the roots at the base were still in tact and the pine tree was laying over a gulch on the ground. The strangest thing was
    that there were multiple pine trees growing out of the remnants of the log with no other roots from the new growth touching the ground. The new growth of trees was just growing right out of the log. I have a picture of it but don’t or can’t post it here for you to see.

    Having grown up in the north and now living in the south for half of my life, ninety miles due north of the southern most part of the United States, I really appreciate seeing pictures of the snow covered landscape.

    I am visiting my 93 year old father for Thanksgiving in SC. Maybe I will get lucky and there will be a cold snap while I am there. He lives alone, still drives to the grocery and barber shop and walks outside ever morning to get the newspaper with the grabber I sent him for his birthday.


  33. This SB reminds me of the children’s book “The Giving Tree”. It’s a wonderful book that my sister and I talk about to this day – and our children are adults now.

    • The last picture in TTOTC always reminded me of that book. I will say there is something contradictory about this SB and how Forrest rejoiced in TFTW in the “Toys are Forever” chapter when he said, “The juniper bushes had burned to death and I was glad”. With age grows wisdom.

      • Yes, I think he was glad the juniper trees burned, because when he was just a preschooler his dad said, “creepy things lived in there, including dragons, scorpions, and black widow spiders” (TFTW, p. 2). I doubt Forrest ever said any such thing to his children or grandchildren.

  34. Some of the numbers in this SB are similar to some of the other numbers from previous SB’s…..that’s interesting!

    • Chris,

      I believe you are spot on with your words. Not Spot the dog, but your way of thinking.

      We need to have a
      “National Forrest Fenn Day” in honor of Mr & Mrs Forrest Fenn!!!

      Keep up the good thoughts and good luck out there!


  35. Forrest
    “ so I sit here past midnight beside my juniper fire”

    This reminds me of SB 148 the picture with your feet warming in front of your fireplace. Maybe that collapsed juniper tree is where you get the wood for your fireplace?
    Also there’s picture of Shiloh with the caption, “Shiloh, shoveled snow from my portal,”
    To me another important SB.

    Let’s see “Lichen” another important SB.

    I still believe you are sprinkling hints Forrest, and I always see more then I share.

    Thanks again for your entertaining story Forrest.


  36. Sooooo, this is a hard one. Not sure I understand what Fenn is trying to get into our heads with the abundance of his scrapbooks. I break off bits and pieces that don’t develop into anything significant – at least not for me.

    I find myself going down all kind of holes, none of which are the correct one. I do believe it’s growing harder and harder and the holes are getting deeper and deeper. Gonna have to shovel some of that dirt back in so nobody gets hurt if they step in one of my holes – as they say “leave no trace.”

    I feel like a dang dodo bird, no wonder they became extinct.

    (Posted this originally on SCB 238 by mistake)

    • In the words of Sigmund Frued, “Sometimes a cigar is JUST a cigar…” Forrest doesnt breathe out a new clue with every breath. I believe many of these are great stories from an older wiser man. Thats the treasure.

      • Ben thinking about what you said and I would like to agree with everything you said BUT…..

        This is HIS game and he started it. He wins either way whether someone solves it now or after he is gone. I truly think that he would like to be here when it is solved. He only knows one side of the story, his side – and just perhaps he wishes to hear the rest of the story. Together, they can close this book.

        I do so love the smell of a good cigar.

        • Yea. Nice sweet fragrance but I don’t smoke. I already have enough bad habits. My wife thinks my worst habit is treasure hunting.

        • Chrisl and WWWA, Ok folks, not sure you are seeing the BIG PITCHER or PICKture here but the very first words out of the Thrill Book is what? :<:**:)
          “Life is a game of poker,
          Happiness is the pot.
          Fate deals you four cards and a joker,
          And you play whether you like it or not.”

          Forrest has been in the book writin business for a while and his explanation for mispellin words, or wrong themes is a QUE, it says that this or that ISs and I paraphrase, forgive me, put in there sometimes to get or attract critical thought, like the native Americans have as an actor, joker on feast days say at Taos Pueblo, they have a Joker know sometimes to us as a KACHINA, the Hopi have a famous one sometimes called a Hano, or see

          My suggestion to someone who wonders if there is some kind of message, we must find the Joker in the deck.

          I hope this helps and when you look back at toys are forever, look at the DOLLY ff's got in his hand? Good poker players understand a Wild card in the hand is worth many birds in the bush, can you relate in the scrapbooks sinCe Chaos SC B 209 began and now can you (embroderie) er find a relation to a Bird in the hand SC 226, and how do all these stick figueres fig into the poem and the TC, perhaps you deeserve another turn then?

          THis is not IMHO Rocket Science, no it is way slower and what live and breathes in the home of Brown? 64 dollar question on a chess board, find the king and split $64 in half or at the middle..

          Sometimes like can be a mysterious riddle, how many can you see that are abberations around the edge..s.


          • Gosh WWWA, Amazing fact is that the number of distinct 40-move games in chess is 10^41 times greater than the number of electrons in the observable universe. The number of electrons is approximately 10^79 , while the number of unique chess games is 10^120 which is known as Shannon number.

            How does 64 squares on a chess board appear somewhere in the Rockies? It does seem hard to believe, what if we whittle it down to a 10″ X 10″ square in that Rocky Mountain pursuit or put in, board games are such fun, but not infinite? Why do I bring up 64? Can you or anyone here answer me?

            This all borders on a real place and not just my im·ag·i·na·tion.


          • TT. Do you have a case of Dal’s long arms and flappy lips? Are you going BOTG or is it too far to walk for you?

      • I believe there are subtle “treasure hints” in his stories. But more important, I believe the real hints are about the importance of how we choose to take on our journey thru life. Told, of course, by an “older wiser man”.

        • TT…The 64 relates to the selling of Eric Slones’? Pictures? Sold for $64 per square inch? So you’re saying find a painting of a King and marry it to the map.
          Other note is I found “Oldenhood”. Fun. Thanks

          • Colleen, you are thinkin it is all about art and a good map, and at least half that is how I see it. That is a good reflection on you, so if you see the number 64 in the mirror does it say 46, now we see alike, and the number is 8.25
            or Pi at 3.14159 minus the 59 we get the main number so call HOME.

            If I break the housing on my mirror and it still works where might I be…..TT

    • Haha. It says Bob Ross used the color. The whole poem sounds like something Bob would say while he was painting. I love it.

    • Good thing it’s not Mummy Brown. It was made from ground up mummies and eventually they ran out. Ewww

  37. Forrest, This is what I figured. Saw them all over there. Already looked it up and saw the longevity. If it were to last a hundred years it would have to be this. Assumed the long cold Winters slowed the decay, but you clarified in this post that this tree decays slow anyway. You left out the other one. Looking for a skin sandwhich held by chopsticks. Tucked in below… get out of there sometimes they fall. I like this one, but aren’t you giving too much away? I assume ones and/or 55 was vacated since it doesn’t matter anyway. You had to follow to the final spot after that and it’s only 30 grand. That’s how it is the poem, why not in real life as well? Besides someone might have seen it without knowing that…

    It’s funny there are so many great hiding spots at the blaze. For a moment I was like .. he could have stuck it under any of these. But I found the three horizontal marks inthe middle and figured out the line bisecting the blaze. Both hisses are there and that narrowed it down. Didn’t matter the radial goes elsewhere. I’m not out for the chest anyway. You can keep it. I just want the holster. I want the bio too. You can have the braclet.

    This is my third username on this forum.

    • No kidding on the cryptic ,D.B. These SB’s are a great challenge in similarly as for the poem, in my opinion. There’s patterns , shifting patterns, some end then some begin, and stand alone ones. IMO . From what I can sort of muster in the last few; there seems to be a link to the last two stanzas. Looks like these last couple are in sync with the last stanza. There’s brave and in the wood for these last two. Perhaps the next one is about ,”Title to the gold”?

      I dunno. But it’s all interesting.


      • Yes, I was referring to the comment above mine. I’m sure you knew that. I believe your right. I’m sure the spot is covered with snow by now. My guess is that blazes might be hidden as well. When I was BOTG I sensed that it may be covered by fallen debris or overgrowth. 10 years out and that can be substantial. I have a small hand held metal detector that works nice. I can’t wait for spring.

        • Yes, I was D.B, and then the SB. That post above yours you are referencing is very strange- a la cryptic. My last recent BOTG to my new location , first time there, it is a very very strange place. I actually got a bit spooked when I was there. I left the area for a few minutes to gather my senses, then went back . Got spooked again lol. But I stayed and continued. I don’t no what to make of it but I liked the thriller sense of it lol.


          • Alsetenash, I did the same thing, I crossed the river and went up this little creek and then behind a Big Rock and I smelled Urine. Come to find out, a Momma Grizzly and her two cubs live in that area… as soon as I smelled the urine I was outta there… My next trip I saw a small Female Grizzy in the exact spot where I smelled the urine. There are more grizzlys crowding the Rivers I was told.. they are bunched up. We have some time to get it right!! I believe the SB’s are much like the book, hints are scattered randomly not uniformed. Like a puzzle.

  38. Jennifer, Juniper, lives upon the hill.
    Jennifer, Juniper, sitting very still.
    Is she sleeping? I don’t think so…

    Remember Donovan?

  39. I think Forrest said not to to worry too much about punctuation. “Some of the old writing rules have been worn so thin it’s time for some new thinking. I relish in the thought that I’m the only one who can say things my very own way. I’m particularly good with commas. I just throw them in here and there where I feel like it.” Most likely just a typo IMO.

  40. Are searchers falling victim to Shiny Object Syndrome through the rapid fire of scrapbook posts? Just wondering.

  41. Forrest,

    You influence the future every day. I would never say you couldn’t influence it.

    What would surprise me is if you could influence the past, but yet that might just be part of your future.


  42. Wow! I didn’t notice the crevice in the juniper stump before. It looks like the spot in a hollow tree where I used to hide my cigarettes when I was experimenting with smoking when I was a teen. They stayed very fresh with a few plastic baggies surrounding them in that hollow in an old oak tree.

    Could Indulgence be hidden in a tree stump–a sort of old wooden reliquary–with the treasure safely inside? The Blaine treasure proxy was found inside a hollow tree. Somehow I imagined Indulgence sepulchered in some rocks, but now I am leaning towards it being literally in the wood.

  43. Forrest, I also feel those connections in nature – mine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have lived in Arkansas since 1994. Playing it forward. Kudos and hugs. I still wish to hug your neck. Have searched for your treasure thrice and visited bookstore in hopes of meeting you. Sent you a secret package a few years ago…hope you received. Hopefully someday, Deborah

  44. I love that f called it’s branches “arms” and I’m glad that it finally found a place to rest.
    “within each seed, there is a promise of a flower, and within each death, no matter how small, there’s always a new life. A new beginning.“

  45. With the mention of the missing arms, I’m reminded of “A Farewell to Arms” which is mentioned in TTOTC book.

    • A Farewell to Arms

      HIS golden locks Time hath to silver turn’d;
      O Time too swift, O swiftness never ceasing!
      His youth ‘gainst time and age hath ever spurn’d,
      But spurn’d in vain; youth waneth by increasing:
      Beauty, strength, youth, are flowers but fading seen;
      Duty, faith, love, are roots, and ever green.

      His helmet now shall make a hive for bees;
      And, lovers’ sonnets turn’d to holy psalms,
      A man-at-arms must now serve on his knees,
      And feed on prayers, which are Age his alms:
      But though from court to cottage he depart,
      His Saint is sure of his unspotted heart.

      And when he saddest sits in homely cell,
      He’ll teach his swains this carol for a song,—
      ‘Blest be the hearts that wish my sovereign well,
      Curst be the souls that think her any wrong.’
      Goddess, allow this aged man his right
      To be your beadsman now that was your knight.
      George Peele

        • There are some big hints here in this SB IMO that lead you down to the hiding spot. I hope you can see them. Best of luck.

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