Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty One…


November, 2019


Olden Wood

I like old wood when it has aged in a dry environment. It takes on a deep mellow patina. Can you see it in this 18th century Spanish Colonial chest? It’s just 9” long and 4” high.


Perhaps at one time its purpose was to provide a travelling home for some special religious object, like the 7 1/4th inch bulto below. An old tag on the back identifies it.


Our Lady (of Guadalupe)

Circa 1810 carried by Don Pedro Don Baptista Pino who was the only delegate from the New World to the courts of Spain. He was trying to acquire money for teachers and priests. The statue was carried with him at all times. 

Today, the old chest serves a useful purpose for me. It provides a home for 880-dollar coins. The value of the chest and the coins is about $3,500.


I’m trying to figure out what to do with it. Ideally, I would hide it somewhere in the New Mexico Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, but nearer than 8.25 miles from town. Then invite kids 16 years old and younger to go search for it. It can’t be out in the weather. What would you do with it? 

Here are a few of my old Spanish Colonial wooden crosses. f















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    • id cherish it but to think of kids in a safe environment we all know how we were not so smart at that age even some of us aged folk’s don’t think so smart. it would have to be a supervised event maybe raffell it of to the youth involved in the chase and a sit down with the word smith you how neet would that be for a kid in the chase good night all

  1. This one is quite hilarious, I get the humour of it. Thanks for lightening up the room, Forrest.

    IMO .

      • Yeah. Never known Fenn to tell a joke. Except when…

        You know, I got nothing. I thought I had a joke to tell there. And I don’t.

        I apologize and I’m going to try harder in the future.

      • Well, Countryboy,

        When the sun’s comin’ up I got cakes on the griddle
        Life ain’t nothin’ but a funny funny riddle . IMO .


          • I’ve certainly been called worse. Here’s a crazy thought.

            What if that’s what the next scrapbook is about? A kind jesture that almost went unnoticed.

          • AkB. I’d be fine with that. for the next SB. You’re fun to watch and you seem to have a great spirit with a lot of energy.

        • How about this one?

          When I get to the bottom
          I go back to the top of the slide
          An’ I stop, an’ I turn, an’ I go for a ride
          Til I get to the bottom
          An’ I see you again
          Do you, don’t you, want me to love you?
          I’m comin’ down fast, but I’m miles above you
          Tell me, tell me, tell me
          Come on, tell me the answer
          Well, you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer

      • Hello PDenver . To me, this Scrapbook has quite the many a loaded weaves to it. The humour is, well, It’s a bit ambiguous about it lol. Perhaps the next treasure hunt should be for kids?

        In the SB 140 before this one-see the bison skull pictured on the wall. The wall shadow of it kind of looks like either two eagles or two hawks in a nest? Or one of each?

        Lots a weaves in this one SB 141 also.

        Look at the bigger picture, just take the chest and go in peace. IMO .

  2. I think that is a Grand idea Forrest, The only problem I for see is some unscrupulous adult horning in and taking it. I would suggest it be done by a proxy item. That way you could be sure it was going to a child, but I would raise the age to 17. You know parents will be helping the younger children so I don’t think there is a conflict with older more knowledgeable children winning. You might try tying it to history though.

  3. I think that is a Grand idea Forrest, The only problem I for see is some unscrupulous adult horning in and taking it. I would suggest it be done by a proxy item. That way you could be sure it was going to a child, but I would raise the age to 17. You know parents will be helping the younger children so I don’t think there is a conflict with older more knowledgeable children winning. You might try tying it to history though.

    • Richard K McKeever – You took the words right out of my mouth! This is what I would recommend too for exactly the same reasons.

  4. Let your daughter’s church sell raffle tickets for their Festival. The proceeds can be directed to a charity of your choice. This provides excitement for the community, does some good, and if it matters to you—counts as a charitable contribution.

    • This would also carry on and fulfill in a way, Don Pedro’s mission—bringing the chest full circle. Fate would decide the winner and its disposition downstream.

  5. Bury the coins a few per hiding spot for the kids to find. Donate the chest to the National Museum of Catholic Arts and History. Beautiful pieces.

  6. Man, I wish I could afford to hide around my money like you do! LOL
    I guess you always can retrieve it, if needed.

  7. Forrest,
    You could still hide it outside. You could seal it in a weather tight plastic bag or rubbermaid container. I love the idea of doing it just for kids! Would you write another poem or what method would kids find most interesting?


    • Yes you could seal it in like a seal o meal bag, then hide it somewhere special and work backwards a bunch of clues, then pick your local church or history museum, or school/schools principle to give out clues a couple times a week, and the one or groups that find it have there name in the paper, and get the radio and news to cough up a scholarship for the kids. maybe a 1st 2nd 3rd prize runner up scholarship for those that have the most clues gathered. just sayin.

  8. Forrest, That last cross is an exquisite beautiful piece, chock full of esoteric symbolism.
    Thank you for sharing! Chris in Texas.

  9. Forrest,

    I would create a kids treasure hunt where you do not have to worry about it being out in the weather. You could create a weather proof plaque which when found could be brought in and exchanged for that chest full of dollars. Let me know if you need help with that. I have a few silver mexican coins I can throw in with it.

  10. Old Wood is The Name of Shilo and David Olds Re-claimed Wood flooring Buisness in Santafe,
    I thought it was Ironic..

  11. Display the chest at the museum you choose, and give out a Scavenger hunt sheet of historical answers and/or answers for kids to collect. If more than one person gets all items correct you can have them split the prize or give a bonus scavenger item to solve with the 1st person solving that one becoming the winner.

      • I like that idea Smart Blonde… Something where they have to learn something about the History of the Sante Fe area or maybe some of the artists of the area… I know that I have really enjoyed all the cool history of the area…

        My question is… Forrest, whats up with this talk of Sweet Smells, Peace and hiding a new treasure? Did someone find that other thang?

          • AkB – yes I believe Magic is important.
            Forrest might agree also. Ask him about Doc Arrowsmith. Lived quite a few years in his old stomping grounds.
            Doc was quite a magician.

          • Whoa. I had a Doc in the Army named Brightman. I’m pretty sure he was magic and that’s why I can still walk.

            Hey Fenn, what’s up with Doc Arrowsmith?

  12. The Spanish cross in the last picture is really beautiful and a unique design. I would be very happy humbly accepting it from you as a gift for being a contemporary Spaniard lost in America.
    I hope I just made you smile a bit. That’s all.

  13. A chest full of gold / 8.25 miles / Santa Fe = Common Ground

    Kids finding gold in the mountains / Nostrodamusing the Next SB = Triumph.

    Searchers helping ff decide what to do with a box full of gold = Cooperation.

    I’d say this SB is about Common Ground and Triumph through Cooperation.

    What say you?

    • Nothing? I thought that was clever! Can I get, like, the virtual equivalent of a high five or something? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Cooperation can be hard for introverts. But I’ve been trying harder. Common ground can be even harder to achieve but feels even better.

      • Well I appreciate the effort RK.

        Common ground can be hard for us loud mouths too. The noise often scares people away.

  14. Here is what I would do Forrest…

    I would find the largest Easter Egg hunt in the area you would like to hide the chest in.

    When I was a kid that was the Methodist Church in town. Looking back, I laugh at the irony in that. But Easter egg hunts are for the amusement of kids and this one seems to be for kids.

    I would hide this chest by proxy where a special Easter egg would contain instructions on how and where to collect the real chest.

    But I would take it a step further and have say 100 special token coins made to hide along in 100 additional Easter eggs so that many kids who found them would receive them as a trophy for their efforts.

    Then I would try to get a deal with the organizers of that large Easter egg hunt to not only allow me to add these special eggs to their hunt, but to also agree to try to enforce the rules about not letting people over 16 participate, except for parents assisting small children.

    There are several options to consider besides churches. Sponsorship by a business is one of them. Car dealers and other companies that have large advertising budgets shouldn’t be overlooked. Neither should any city or town that has a community events budget.

    Because it is intended for kids and young adults, there is the possibility of getting law enforcement to be involved for extra security that would be a good idea to have if you could get it, you can’t be too careful these days. For law enforcement, community events are simply good PR and they sure can use all of that they can get.

    Remember that with social media, word will spread at the speed of light to all corners of the world so expect there might be more than a few out of towners to show up.

    I would do it this way so that it would be done in a day with the Finder more likely to meet your criteria of a younger person.

    • I like your idea of having the token participant prizes – makes every kid feel like they were awarded for their effort. Children like that kind of thing.

      Easter is such a special time for families and the thrill of such an event will definitely heighten the community’s status for many years after. Hope they will be prepared for the notoriety it will bring once the word spreads.

  15. Put a plaque in a hiding spot and let the kids send in their solves to Dals site. Give the first a hundred coins, second place 50 and the 5 to as many as is left, or have a drawing of the correct answers. Spread the joy. Donate the chest to a museum for all to enjoy.

  16. Hiding the chest for younger searchers would be cool for sure. Just make sure it was your intention to include that beautiful ring along with the gold coins.

    • With this ring, I thee wed.
      I do believe vows are important in the poem.
      Especially I, O, U and sometimes Y.

      • Clever. But the more I thought about it, maybe it’s more about how something can be hidden in plain sight.

        • What about Our Lady (of Guadalupe)? That’s in plain sight. She is right there between the images of the closed and then open chest of gold.

          Maybe it’s a Marian Apparition? Maybe she was in the chest too. Haunting it.

          Maybe the crosses mean we need to take a small leap of faith to see what’s really happening?

          • wwwamericana

            Good one. Yet, hasn’t anyone figured out the narrative of the recent scrapbooks? Does this one tell you all anything? Think about the quote that he wished he had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians.

            Basically saying that if the current one is over. Now this story best fits the narrative. The location to where the treasure chest is hidden has been identified.

            So, now here is another one only for young children that best fits my needs.

            Well, my time is done here and I have had a great time. I will now complete my planned trilogy.

            Stay safe everyone and do the right thing; Thank you Dal and to Forrest Fenn for a remarkable hunt.

          • Hold up a second there Gey, can I call you Gey? It sounds like Guy when I type it.

            If the spot has been identified, that doesn’t mean anything is over. The wheels still look like they are spinning to me.

          • AkB Treasure Hunter

            Since you asked me to hold up. Don’t you think the wheels have been spinning for over 10 years now causing deep ruts. And yes, you can call me Gey but I have been called so many different names until they were Blue in the face.
            I am fine with it and they don’t bother me. I just laugh to realize what took me so long.

          • I’m not making fun of you Geydelkon, so I’ll use your full name so there’s no confusion.

            I just mean to say, I don’t think everyone sees what you see and maybe you could elaborate.

            And even if someone has identified the correct location, I don’t think that means The Chase is over because we are all still here talking.

          • Would that be such a bad thing?

            But I thought you said…? You know, that the location has been identified.

      • Thanks pdenver. We know it’s there for a reason.

        And agreed with AkB, even if the spot has been identified, it most likely may still need to be retrieved. That is IF the ”hidey” spot has correctly been given to Forrest. Big IF

        And Countryboy, your vague statement strikes a cord with one of my possible solves. All just speculation of course.

        • Paul said that One Bull, who was in the fight, told him that story.

          One Bull told him as he seen it.

          One Bull’s Eye.

          The precise location is known.

          • Oooohhhhh. One bullseye.

            Not One Bull’s Eye.

            Even after you pointed it out it took me several minutes longer than I’ll admit to see what you did there.


    • Playing catch-up on 241: nicely spotted, Geysergirl! I have to say, attempting to find everything that Forrest intentionally secrets in each SB is quite time-consuming, and at roughly a scrapbook per day I’m definitely having trouble keeping up. I can’t be the only one! I find myself pondering what takes longer: Forrest crafting a SB; Dal editing it, formatting, inserting pictures, and posting; or poor me deciphering the hidden meaning(s).

      • Let me add: I don’t think it’s just the “what” that Forrest hid amongst the coins, it’s the “where” in the “box.”

        • Zap-I think that could be a possibility as well. Lisa C seems to be running with that idea and doing a great job. I also thought about what a “wedding band” represents. Love, commitment, and a union. Well we certainly love the Chase and we certainly are committed to it. But what’s the union part? Maybe Fenn is hinting that at this point we all have a small piece of the puzzle correct and that we should try and “unite” all those pieces. Of course this is all just thinking out loud and pure speculation. And most likely not correct! Lol!

          • You are such a thinker AkB. I enjoy your posts but they can be “dizzying” at times for me. LOL!

            Yes, the easy task of uniting is just plain hard! I would be completely shocked if that ever happens. It’s just human nature to want to feel “special”. To be the “one(s)” that figured it all out. If I’m being honest, I guess I fall in there somewhere. But stay tuned cause we all know, this is yet to be continued……

          • Geysergirl, there may be a more important reason for the solo aspect of the Chase. In the same way that when you go to school no one else can do the learning for you, to earn the chest it’s necessary to go through the discovery process – to do the work oneself. It’s a personal odyssey, IMO, a vision quest, if you will. The community is there in a kind of support role, but it cannot “take the test” on anyone else’s behalf.

            The journey is long and arduous, but I have a feeling we’ll all kick ourselves if and when the solution is revealed!

          • Geyersgirl said-

            Yes, the easy task of uniting is just plain hard! I would be completely shocked if that ever happens.

            This is what I’d do with the chest. I’d hide it in a way that to find it, the searchers would need the help of the other searchers to get closer to unlocking the secret to where the chest is- unity.

          • Voxpops and Fundamental – Thanks for another viewpoint to all of this. I get what you’re saying and you may very well be correct. It would be in a “Fenn” way for sure. Let’s all keep trucking til we get there!

          • I love this thread and I want to cut in a bit.

            I don’t see why all three of you, Goldi, Vox, and Fun, Can’t all be right.

            Everyone is different and every Chase will be different. I had to run alone for a time because I needed to prove something to myself.

            Now I see how much I’ve been missing out on.

            I want to say that the symbolism of the rings and the coins can all be the same. A circular argument. A circular solve. Not one step, but many. Like how JDA does things, if I’m reading his posts correctly.

            If that’s the case, then Fenn could mash up all kinds of clues into many big hints with one simple idea.

            That’s why it’s so dizzying for kids like me and my youngest, Dean. For a time you chase your tail, but then you catch it.

            And the only way to make sense of a Chase like that would be to find real physical things in the world, along the path, that tell you with just a smidge of doubt, that you are in fact, hot on the trail of the treasure.

            But you have to indulge the kid in you first. If you start discounting possibilities that are plausible based on the fact that it’s never been done before, or seems unlikely, then you’ll become a lost boy. or girl.

          • The kids trade (inexpensive) rings that are each uniquely coded.

            By trading, they help others as others help them.

            Each kid updates the codes they receive in hopes they can unlock a cryptex device (also inexpensive) that each kid owns.

            The chest prize is in one of the cryptexes but no one knows where till opened by trading for the correct code.

  17. Enjoyed the scrapbook. The wooden religious relics are beautiful. I’m sure you will find something to do with this particular chest. If it were up to me, I would continue to think about it.

  18. I’d put the coins into the stockings of the first 880 children who enter the contest. Then throw a geography bee. Winner gets the box. His/her job is to fill it with treasures he/she collects over the course of a year only to repeat the contest.

    I think you should hold it in Alaska though. Better yet, just give it to me and I’ll do it.

  19. Hmm, might have to have a stand-in object that they can return and collect their bounty.

    I think it’s great encouraging youth to get out and explore.

  20. If I were Me, I would pay my bills. If I were You, I would pay off all those cute pets, a coin each for being so cute. High pressure being a judge in that contest. g

    • I recommend that if you are getting a dog get a male. They are more into you. The females have their own agenda Truth!

  21. I would hide in in the center of learning and knoledge, the library. In the reference section of course, it usually houses odd shaped books,. It houses and protects books! Wouldn’t it be meet for one kid to go and “check it out “maybe even.

  22. Forrest – Write a poem. With clues that match locations married to a map of Santa Fe, within that 8.25 mile radius. Then engage the principal of each grammar school within that area to have each home room class of second through sixth graders participate. Each home room teacher will get their class started. Only kids can participate. At school. Parents can’t play. The winning class that finds the Spanish wooden chest with the 880 dollar coins in it gets to go on a special field trip, when you give them $3,500 to buy it back. Like, maybe, taking a bus to Taos to go skiing in all that snow you’re getting?

    The poem could involve Santa Fe/New Mexico history:

    Kids that age are great with Google searching and technology. It would be fun to see how each class works as a team. And they could I.D. the location to you, via their teachers. Instead of getting cold, out in the snow, retrieving it. I think there should be a deadline date, though. Like, by President’s Day in February, or something.

    What do you think?

  23. Here’s my idea Mr. Fenn.
    1. Make the chase a 3 stage treasure hunt.
    2. For the first stage, write a very vague clue that will lead a prospective treasure hunter to one of your 3 crosses. For this stage I would suggest the 3rd cross from your list.
    3. Hide the next clue, (the second clue) inside the cross.
    4. Mark the end of the second stage with the first cross from your list and hide the last clue underneath it. The third clue should be even more vague than the previous clues. The third clue should lead the hunter to the vicinity of the chase.
    5. Mark the final location of the treasure chest with the second cross from your list.
    I know, the crosses are probably valuable, but it shouldn’t be difficult to build similar ones out of wood.
    Actually, the 3rd one doesn’t have to be made out of wood. Stones would do it.
    What do you think Mr. Fenn?

  24. I can actually help you with this very issue as it’s what I use to do. The answer is simple, you retain the chest/prize and then host your treasure hunt and clues/hints online on a dedicated website. And instead of hiding the chest you hide an unmistakable token that has to be redeemed for the chest. This still gets them outside and it still retains that authentic treasure hunt atmosphere.

    I’ve hidden many such treasures over the years and hosted such a website, my only word of caution is that there is never any guarantee that a recovered token will be turned in even once it is found, so, you have to make it worth their wile. It’s fun, but just like your current treasure hunt, you’re going to generate “a lot” of emails……lol

    • I think it means to wed the two ideas together.

      The Chase, and this new hypothetical hunt.

      We are the kids. We should act accordingly. Forrest Fenn doesn’t need help hiding treasure in the mountains. He wrote the book on that.

      • That’s a great deduction AkB. That’s what I do. Almost everything Forrest writes, I ask, how could this apply to the Chase and what he has said before. The ring was a really cool find, sort of like an I-spy picture.

        • I think that is an excellent strategy and I love I Spy. Me and my youngest play it all the time.

      • Agree with Blue Fox, AkB. You present an interesting theory for sure. Time to give it all some more thought.

  25. Maybe have the chest hidden in some safe but scenic place where it’s local enough, so kids don’t have to roam too far to find it, but plenty of room for kids to explore the many clues and varied geography that goes with it. Clues not too hard to find but complex enough to take time finding it in the course of a day and maybe whoever finds it, the agreement is to share the booty.

  26. Don Pedro Don Baptista Pino, the represente de Espania was also somewhat in the fashion of the Southern USA, he was prejudiced against Blacks, what was not seen as evil at that time 1810 soon became the reason that 620,000 Americans perished in a futile, brutal war of a civil nature. His religion failed to know that we all have the same DNA. That was the behavior in 1812.

    Now as far as the Hidey Spot, for this arcón de madera it fits wonderfully in at Santa Fe Basin SKI RUN, exactly in the place where I use to teach kids with disabilities how to ski, they would come even without limbs, very brave little spirits, that wanted to learn to skii.

    Now speaking of Skiing, ff how well did you know Ernie Blake? I spoke to Shiloh about an Uncle of mine who was Sheriff of Pecos, Andy Vigil he also was well known to Viveash Ranch and the Old family, this uncle also knew Ernie Blake of Taos Ski Run very well, they were amigos in WWII I skiied some cross country with him, but he was getting too old to downhill, so we hunted the Pecos Wilderness and even Viveash Mesa, Elk Mountain etc. Some times Andy was foreman at the Ranch, we fished Cow Creek and Pecos below at the Pecos Ruins and above Iron Gate, Jacks Creek, good times in the 19 70’s, he was a hero to me, what these men did in the 10th Mountain Division WWII to whip Fascism was legendary, remarkable men, the stories of heroism from the Aleutians to Italy and Germany were just unbelievable. Such fun to horse/backpack with Andy above Holy Ghost and into Pecos Baldy even went across to Tuchas, Trampas and beyond, Elk Mountain was picturesque those were beautiful times for me, after the Navy…


    • I am sorry that I did not say in the above post that there is or was a room and shed/covered area where we met and kept the harnesses and ropes, used to guide and balance them at the bottom on the Bunny Hill where these challenged kids would met for ski instruction. It was easy when the kid was small but older and bigger ones were like a wrestling match gone terribly wrong.
      The last cross shown here has a unique two piece slid cover that when assembled hides the heart of the decorations, nice to see it opened and exposed like when some one prays they open their heart, head and spirit to expose their feelings to the one who lives and rules above us.


  27. First of all I Love the chest! If you try to set up a youth treasure hunt I can almost guarantee an adult hunter will find it. You might consider auctioning it on eBay and then donate the proceeds to a children’s charity.

    • Or pick one child in need and give it to them personally and watch them beam! Forrest you will figure it out!

  28. Does the youth visit your dig sight?

    If so you could hide it somewhere there and have them search after digging! It could be some where on the land with a few clues. No problem for older folks stumbling on it that way.

    I thought the statue was of st. Mary.

    Thanks again for the day dreams 🙂

  29. Not right. Any man in Spain is a don. I am Don Pablo and have nothing to do with royalty, although I wish.

  30. Forrest, if you would/know, what is all of the symbolism on the cover portion of the last box? Interesting in knowing the significance of each symbol.

  31. Love this scrapbook! It’s like a scavenger hunt itself. If you go to you can read the story about Forrest’s grandson Shiloh and his dad who own a business named Old Wood, which recycles trees damaged by fire and/or bark beetles into beautiful hardwood floors.

    I love the closing line of the article which says, “It’s united us in a spirit and a common cause,” he says, “and that’s to make something good out of dead wood” (Santa Fe Reporter, August 2014).

  32. Forget about hiding it in the mountains. There are bears up there. You don’t want to mix kids with bears. Rather auction it off separately when Indulgence is found and donate the proceeds to a local grade school of your choice. Public schools are underfunded and teachers are spending their own money on supplies. They need help, IMO. The kids would appreciate it. Just my two cents.

  33. When I was a kid I had a little wood pirates chest with a skull on the front of it. I’ll filled it with my sisters presidential coins and buried that thing in my grandfather’s corn field. I remember going to bed that night thinking how cool it was that treasure was just outside my bedroom window for me to find after school with my cousins. Flash forward 30 plus year, that damn thing is still out there somewhere. Sure do miss that box, The coins not so much.

  34. I feel hesitant to give advice to a treasure hider as wily as you, but I might suggest you find a waterproof container and hide the chest inside a tree that will accommodate it. Then maybe make a treasure map of where you hid it, and have the first kid to use the map to find the treasure be the winner. Whatever you do, though, don’t write a poem. They will never find it then for sure!

  35. Create a Treasure hunt based on the three crosses. A poem or story would give clues as to where the crosses are hidden. But only one of them will actually lead to the cross with the chest and coins. Whoever finds this chest has to give you the ring back and then can have title to the coins.

    One of the crosses will lead to an envelope with a secret recipe for Pasta Chili, and a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

    The third cross will actually be a “double-cross” and will contain an envelope with a deed for ten acres of loo and located in Green Grass, Montana.

    The search will be called TRIPLE CROSS. 🙂

  36. Do an Easter Egg hunt with maybe local history, a trail of bread crumbs following the pioneers and then after about 4 or 5 eggs and hints then have it in a place that someone eager to learn a little bit of local legends and history they can find it?

  37. I’d like to float the idea that maybe, on scrapbook 241, we don’t take it seriously.

    Maybe we eliminate an unlikely possibility and see if maybe Fenn wants to play with us.

    Not the real man, of course, he’s far too busy doing important adult things.

    But what if you could meet my Imaginary Fenn? The guy that wanted to go on a treasure hunt since he was five years old and never got the chance so he made one up himself.

    What if we all just decide to take a leap of faith and do something silly and see what happens?

    • Like jumping (or hopping) off a bridge at night into the cold, dark water below us.
      Do you really think he did that? Perhaps he fabricated that story of his midnight adventure. Or let’s say, he embellished it a bit.

      What an architect he is. He has us all playing with our Lincoln logs and alphabet blocks. I’m getting blue in the face trying to blow up this dang balloon.

      • I don’t think we’re far from a break through.

        There has to be a reason for all of this. There are too many changes happening. There’s more electricity in the air now.

        So let’s try and give the scrapbooks to a child. Not our children, but the kids we were before the internet was a thing and we all had to play outside until the streetlights came on.

  38. How about a race instead of a chase? Throw a shovel or two of dirt on it. Give the GPS coordinates and Bam. Better yet take it to a public place and just leave it. Someone will pick it up. No need to complicate matters

  39. Buy a moderate first car for a kid. Nothing to crazy but still a cool first car. Park it somewhere with the chest in the trunk. Make a customized license plate with relevant information on it related to you or the map. The finder gets the title and you can legally park it / sign it over to them when they find it.

  40. I think the idea is great and would leave it as one prize and also outdoors in nature sealed inside a container of some sort.

    All I can think of is the place though. It’s a relatively small area.

    I know where I’d put it because of the impact on arrival.

    You could recreate a journey there for them, based on the Santa Fe Trail and/or the Camino Real.

    It’s a Devil of a place and I’d give you a Buck, man if you’d put it there.

    I am formally wondering if writing this is the corniest thing I’ve done this year.

    Hasta la vista

    • I think it might be a king of a place fit for the tiniest of knights. But I’d worry about getting poison ivy. ☀

  41. I love old wood with its unique colors too. That’s a neat chest. I say if anyone could hide something that only a child could find, It would be you, Forrest. Heck if you put it where only a child might imagine they’d fit that alone might throw us all off the scent.

  42. Is it just me? Am I the only weirdo who gets a tickling sensation on the back of his/her neck when reading comments late into the night? I’m wearing a tee-shirt so it ain’t no collar doing it.

    I’m babbling and imagining things, a clear sign to say goodnight Gracie.

    Until tomorrow.

  43. I really like that idea and I’m very angry with myself for not having ever considered that.

  44. How about you hide it in the same place I put my jewelry last time I moved? I haven’t been able to find that for 10 months.

  45. Absolutely you should hide it or bury it for that age group, you should create a easy poem for them. Ha ha ha. And I want all your crosses. ❤️

  46. Put it someplace where you can also have a surveillance camera on it.
    So that in this hunt you will see the look on the kids face when they find it.

  47. Thanks dal and Mr. Fenn,
    I Love It, and to keep it simple, you’ve already written the perfect poem and Santa Fe is the perfect location. Add a little media, a simple code, a timely released hint or two and you’ll have little fennstars Crisscrossing the search area like it was 5:55 on Halloween. I can hear it now, little Bella yanking on her mom’s boa and begging to go visit the San Miguel Chapel. Her mother quizzically looking at her and asking “why?” Then little Bella quickly replies “ Because it’s the oldest church in the United States and I want to hear the mellow tone of the finely tuned bell.” “What Bell is that Bella?” Bella replies “Oh mom, you know, the famous San Miguel Bell. The sweetest and richest toned Bell in America. The one that weighs 780 pounds and bears the inscription, ‘San Jose, Rogad por nosotros Agosto 9 de 1356’”. And besides that I just heard on the Richard Eads show that there may be a Lil Fenn clue hidden somewhere near there. And if so then that would tie in with the one I discovered heading down Canyon Road, etc.
    Ok, I know, it’s a little off set and needs some fine tuning but I hope you catch the drift.

  48. Forrest

    I think you should just add this treasure to the treasure you’ve already hidden in the Rocky Mountains more than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe.

    I think it would be cool for someone to find both treasure chests at your secret special place, and just think how funny it would be when that person try’s to carry all that loot at the same time, It will test their strength of character for sure!

    If you do decide that this is what you’d like to do, I’d totally be interested in bringing it there for you. I’d just need some gas money and, of course, the location of where the treasure is hidden. 🙂

    Your “Trustworthy” friend
    Pauley T

  49. I think hiding it for children is a great idea. I myself might go with the age group of 8 to 12. I believe that is a time that will really make them choose a good path. I think i would personally choose a certain amount of children and interview them , and pick the ones that you can tell will make a difference in life. Have them sign a waiver so they cant do anything with it until 21. This could mold them to become people that can guide others.

    • .
      Hiding the chest for kids is a great idea. Only issue is how to keep the grown ups from helping. Locking the kids in a room without cell phones seems contrary to the spirit of this chasette. Maybe just keep it simple and trust .

  50. .
    Lots of questions about the photos in this scrapbook… does the lock/ latch line up (might just be the angle in the picture, but it seems off center)? Some of the decorative “thumbtacs” have fallen off? The bulto and crosses were not in the box but represent era items that might have been. What did the tag on back of bulto say?

  51. This would be particularly challenging since you’ve already got every able-bodied Boomer out tearing up the countryside looking for a million dollar treasure in the mountains of New Mexico north of Santa Fe. When you put the million dollar one out first, that kind of narrows your options on the $3.5K one. 🙂

        • William – Was thinking about these two years added together:

          1680 + 1821 = $3,501

          Close, right? I wonder how Don Pedro Bautista Pino felt in 1821, when the Mexican Independence Treaty was signed?

          1680 – The Pueblo Revolt
          1821 – Mexican Independence Treaty Signed


          And are the 880 dollar coins in the Spanish wooden chest just worth their face values, or more? Are they gold or plated gold?

          • Someone may have already mentioned this (Not enough time to read through all the new scrapbook responses 🙂 But he also mentioned $3,500 in the Scrapbook where the New Mexico Business Journal came to interview him… Something like $3,500 was our bottom dollar and went up from there? Hmmmm

        • William, Spallies, Lisa – From what I’m seeing online, the Presidential dollar coins are already valued at more than a dollar since they are no longer being minted. I’m seeing a lot of these being sold online to coin collectors at around $5 apiece.

  52. Love the wooden crosses! I would hang them on my wall.

    I would put the chest in several clear plastic bags and seal them very well. Then hide it in a hangover or in a VERY shallow cave so the light doesn’t effect it and they can’t get lost in a cave. And then put out a poem to find it and instruct them to get a GPS device to take with them so they don’t get lost.

    I think it’s a great idea.

  53. Forrest,
    You have the coolest stuff!
    To answer your question though, you can always encase it in something waterproof. Unfortunately you’ll not be able to control who searches for it…

  54. It may fit in one of those large pickle jars too and you could seal it with the wax like the others.

  55. state wide “Go” or “Chess” or “Master mind” (or your choice) tournament for elementary schools, prize for first is 1 of the coins plus doodle, 2nd is 2 coins, 3rd place, 3 coins… etc.. keep the individual game winners and last matches untitled until finish… so they do not know their standing.

    wood box plus (left over coins from calculation) goes to school with the most “winners”… for display in the trophy case along side the sports trophies… so the “other” kids know that our society values other things along with sports.

    then schools use same money each year that they instead would have used for “standardized testing” that they would have paid to a “company” who sponsored the (idiotic) law they got legislators to pass, because it sounded good, but in reality only benefited the “company” that writes the test, basically creating a profit from our need to be politically correct from laws seeming to be well meaning… to do same type of tournament,

    with wood box going to that elementary school for display for that year… like Stanley cup

    then do the same tournament from every school level, as they are all being mislead by the same idiotic laws… and also the same tournament from every “professional” group, also being mislead by the same idiotic laws being passed that are written to sound like they are saving lives, but are instead meant to send a profit to “test” writing companies…

    kills two birds with one stone, as it shows humor, and that people are smarter than the companies trying to cheat them….

    hold tournament one month into school year, this would encourage kids to study before the school year.

    the reason for the backwards prizes, to encourage kids to try harder believe it or not, as most kids give up after realizing they are not the best, this backwards prize keeps kids motivated for good reason.

    (imagine if you thought you had a “chance” to learn “spanish” if you thought possibly that you didn’t have to be “best” in the class)

    • Then name the tournament after the “company’s principle owners” who secretly sponsored these laws by donating to the campaign to pass it….

      which accomplishes two things, shows state the sense of humor that people who live in the state have, showing that the people are smarter than the companies that are trying to cheat them, and to discourage other owners of companies with the same idea in the future of cheating people out of tax dollars, by writing “idiotic” laws that sound well meaning…

      They would think twice, because their name would be permanently tied to the source of them trying to cheat people out of their money….

  56. At risk of being excoriated as a contrarian, I’d leave leave the kids out of it. Childhood is complicated enough nowadays without inviting obsessional fixation and avarice over an elusive prize, even though the intent is well meant.

  57. Oh Kay….hear we go. How bout this.? We start a new holiday on August 22nd each year. THE FORREST FENN HIDE A TREASURE DAY. Retire the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Ground Hog (sorry Phil), and the Great Pumpkin.
    Gifts could be given of six packs of Dr. Pepper and boughs of Pinyon branchez in celeration

    Parents could create treasure maps and poems for their children to search for the family jewels but make the maps and poems so vague that they would never find them.
    Age limits should be lowered to twelve to exclude those that are “vapors” from the rest. Scrap Books could be given out annually complete with photos of the children at different stages of growth. The Family Jewels could be automatically given at completion of their education to help defray the mountain of debt from student loans.
    Each Forrest Fenn Day we could start the festivities with egg tosses…..because the YOLKS on us.
    S.A.G.L.M.F.H.O = Splitting a gut laughing my fool head off.
    Thanx Forrest for another good one. -guy-

  58. I like the idea of a local treasure hunt for children of Santa Fe. The idea of simply proxying the chest similar to what Jenny and Dal did for their hidden coin contest sounds fine to me, however if you are looking for a hunt that is more hands-off in terms of management, you could maybe take a page from the ancient Egyptians and entomb the wooden chest inside a larger sealed stone sarcophagus? There’s no control over making sure a kid finds it though.

    Okay, now down to business. For Chasers that are working on a solve based on numbers or math, this SB seems like a goldmine of possibilities with all of the numbers that Forrest is throwing around. Could there be something related to coordinates or something else? Not sure.

    “An old tag on the back identifies it.” Is he talking about the wooden chest, or the bulto? Also, bulto is a new word for me. If you look up the definition it has a secondary meaning for “a bundle especially of fibers for ropemaking.” That reminds me of the sweetgrass bundles in the previous SB.

    The three crosses are all beautiful in their own way. The first and third ones are photographed at similar angles. Maybe a clue for those working on a solve where vectors cross?

    The second cross strikes me as odd, because it’s just a floating head of Jesus. Is this a common motif in crucifixes from this region and era to just have a floating head, or did there used to be a body that went along with it that broke off and is lost to time?

    Speaking of floating heads, can anyone identify all of the portraits shown on the coins in the photograph? I can clearly see Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty. There is one face in profile towards the center of the photograph that I can’t positively identify (Thomas Jefferson maybe?). Also towards the center is an upside-down portrait of a bearded man (Ulysses Grant perhaps?).

    Lots of fun details to chew over in this SB, but who knows if any of it actually means anything!

    • Blex,

      It gives me hope and something constructive to do with those winter months here in Montana. Even if it’s all just dreaming! Lol

      • Geysergirl – I agree! No shortage of new material to ponder over this Winter!

        BTW, I looked up some images of the presidential dollar coins and I believe the one if profile is Richard Nixon, and the upside-down bearded one is James Garfield.

        • I don’t know much history about James Garfield, but when you mentioned Richard Nixon, the first thing that popped in my mind was “Tricky Dick”. Yup….this is all tricky alright! LOL!

        • I forgot who said it, or under which thread it was a few days ago, but I thought I should repeat that information here: That is indeed President Grant on the center coin and not Garfield.

          • Zaphod – LOL! Oh wow, I had someone else’s comment in mind, but yes you pointed it out too just there.
            (And here I am still convinced that I’m perceptive enough to try and find a hidden treasure? 😉 )

    • Lincoln is definitely in lower right, Nixon right of center and Ulysses S Grant upside down in center. There are a couple Sacajaweas next to each other. The others are too hard for me to make out definitively.

      I find it interesting that the INRI atop the middle cross (Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews, Latin abbreviation) has a rotated leg on the R that makes it look more like a P-dash. Anyone favoring Yellowstone has gotta like that cross with the *yellow* border and NP above for National Park. 😉

  59. I would put it two hundred feet from that other chest. That way, at least someone would find it.

  60. Hint simply is 3 crosses. He’s not going to spell out the places name but he sure as hell is describing it. All imho of course 🙂

  61. I don’t know about everyone else but I have a headache from this puzzle. I think it should be something easy like geo caching and keep the wooden box at Forrest’s house or maybe someone like Dal. Do not let these kids go crazy and need therapy.

    • I was thinking geocaching also. A coin with the poem attacheched in 880 geocaches. Or a sealed plexiglass covering like The Secret. g

  62. Forrest, after contemplating the idea, I think I have found a good solution. You might have Collected Book Works place the Chest and it’s contents on display in a locked viewing case. Take the key and hide it for the kids to find. Place a list of clues on the case with the rules you wish to go by. Take fake look alike keys, 2 or 3, that give secrete clues to help. Have a list of the original clues and rules sent to local school’s and children’s hospitals to give them a chance to solve by proxy if they cannot physically search. Use clues as you have for The Chase, make them research, use their imaginations, and learn the whole time about the rewards of using common sense. I think you should be careful to make it extremely safe and point out they must have their parents permission to participate, be sure to explain they do so at their own risk.

  63. I am 72, almost 73 and last week I tweaked my right knee so now I feel forced to sell my 2010 “ATOMIC Skii’s, either in the Ski Swap or Craig’s List, soon only golf will be left for me to compete with the younger crowd, seems a pity because at this juncture in life, I can ski free due to age. Skiing and Motocross were such fun except for the crashes, I remember once doing a Double Cross while skiin on Suicide run at Sandia, with Johnny Long a few years back about 8 or 9 years ago..I broke a rib, and it was hard to breathe, felt like a “cave in” when that happened, like I was in a tunnel and it had collapsed in on me.

    Once while working each summer during college at the Kerr McGee potash mine in Carlsbad in the late 60’s and early 70’s, fortunately had summers off as a UNM student, struggling to pay bills, working with the GI Bill to pay for tuition and stuff. so it seemed natural that risking a lot by doing “Shot Fire” AKA “Dynamiting Trade” learned how working with ordnance in the Amphib Navy, I seriously think that job was more dangerous than Nam and sometimes the fumes of TNT would make me sick, headache, watery eyes, Ammonium Nitrate saturated with diesel fuel, nasty stuff but effective for cutting tunnels in salt beds. While there a cave occurred and several miners were trapped so we went 24 and 7 to free them, it was successful but not many of them wanted to return to the underground RR, it that was on Narrow Gage platform, but the mining was all about seeking riches and the risk was worth the reward, I needed the $, but I soon purchased a 1956 T Bird for $2,944 which is what they sold for new and that was in 1970 it was not old enough to be priceless, just old enough to be like that wash basin. A few of these crosses need to be assembled or erected so we can get on with this search for “Holy Ground, or Grail”

    Wish I had it now, the 56 BIRD! Funny that is what we called our hang gliders in the 70’s. Sandia Crest come to mind, talk about fools…that is another sc book.


      • Buck, if you look at SC Book 106 you might see a hint about where this is going. If we look at where ff crashed in Laos we may understand “This Holy Field” where his life was spared on Dec 22, 1968 at that exact latitude…106. somethin somethin well flying off Sandia Crest is nuttin honey…but having 9 lives is SOMETHIN? Now why do I use the truth and experiences er consequence s of my life to relate? That is medium that has the message, like these Scrapbooks, after all what is left over after life to dig through, scrap piles of the debris of time, like an old pueblo ruin we were not there but diggin the dump is very effective, how many times does ff have to say it, the poem, the excavation of the past is all about understanding time…right?


        • Well, that was both surprising and intriguing. So much for me to now re-read, think about, and question.

          I’ll start with re-reading “Jump-Starting” where Miss Ford force marches f down to his dad’s office when he didn’t do anything wrong. The irony when you think about that.

          Does this also have anything to do with a night radio and a bottle of soda? Not sure if I’m over-reaching on this one. But if I’m right, then that is intriguing as well. Would appreciate a yea or nay on that, TT. Thanks.

          — bb

          • Buck, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some like Raphael, some Velasquez, others Nicolai Fechin that is why we all see these Scraps so differently, but truth is not Buck, or TT’s it is what ff sees, the more we know the closer that answers come, but I say if there is no Joker in the post by Forrest we will be lost.

            A repeating them seems to here over and over, since the Chaos of SC 209 started, and it is actually pretty easy to see and since it is snowin out I think Mr TT will just doodle….hope that does not bug ya..


    • Guy, and by George you guys are gettin it, me thinks.
      Scrap Books to one is an others Treasure.

      Each doodle leads me to one conclusion where we all need to Kneel at the cross of life and see where we can become better people.


  64. One thing you could do is connect with the Make-a-wish foundation in NM, see if there’s a kid who’s terminally ill who would love more than anything to meet Forrest Fenn and go on a treasure hunt with him (make it easy). To be Indiana Jones for a day… That would be so rewarding for all involved.

    • Also, Forrest, you could relate to that kid in ways others never could. You’ve been diagnosed with a “terminal” illness and had to live with the fear and uncertainty that comes with it.

  65. I wonder if this box of coins was part of the inspiration and or process? If so, it should find a place where it continues to inspire. g

    • ace340 – I wondered if the 880 gold dollar coins had any relationship to Forrest finding out he had Kidney cancer in 1988? And the prayers that he and his family offered up? Especially with the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue being in the wooden chest, previously. Remember that scrapbook about the church painting, just inside Forrest’s portal? Many Pueblo churches in Santa Fe have those kind of statues. There was a rash of thefts of them. I provided a link about that, over on that pueblo church painting scrapbook.

      Are those 880 gold dollar coins a symbol of Forrest’s gratitude for surviving cancer in ’88…multiplied ten fold? Just a theory…

      And I want to know whose gold wedding band that is…a treasured relative or friend? Another important symbol?

      I believe there is more to Forrest’s treasure hunt idea and gesture, than he is sharing with us, here in this scrapbook. IMO.

      • That might be my ring. I’m always losing the thing.

        Throw it in a blaze and see if there is a tengwar inscription on it.

    • Agreed. It will take some more thought but I think everyone can come to a consensus.

      Gotta fly it’s beer 30 and I got nothing done today.

  66. Very subtly advertise a planned library discussion. The topic will have to be a real attention grabber to compete with X Boxes, I Pads and phones, and we’ll, The World Wide Web; something like ” 18 Century Spanish Cultural influences on New Mexicos’ Heritage and Artisanship”. Whoever shows splits the coins.Forrest , you keep the box for your bracelet. If you should find yourself alone in there…… proceed to plan B.?

  67. This is extremely clever. I keep telling myself not to post again but Forrest’s SB posts are so interesting. What he did here was to mirror the real Chase with this idea of a Chase. He thrwos tons of hints about the location and then shows us how it’s hidden. From what I can tell according to this, you can look right at it and not see it. I like how he uses three crosses to possibly hint at the three shots from mountain men at the stump from the book. Of course that itself referrs to the three possible ….

    For novice chasers out there, try to ignore the letters in this post and look at all the numbers. It won’t help you that much unless you already have the …

    I’ll give you this one though, 7 1/4 inch statue, 880 = 8+8= 16/ 1+6 = 7, 16 year old = 1+6= 7.

    • JoJo – Is that you, 777 aka 42? Good one! I guess the old Vigilante Road crossing, where the West Fork of the Madison River meets the Main Branch, could be a ‘T’ cross, also. What was the Vigilante Code, again? Was it 3-3-777? Love the Old Kirby Place at the old Hutchins Bridge.

      • Nope. Not 42 or 777. I poste don here under two other usernames, but not those. 777 refers to Forrest referencing 777 in some other scrapbook posts. It has a meaning related to the chase.

        However, where West Fork of the Madison meets the main branch was as you know, another hint from Forrest. It’s good one too. Maybe he should have said West Arm.

          • JoJo – Is Forrest showing us the ‘box’ we need to get back into? If the wedding band signifies the location of the West Fork Campground, and I orient my online map accordingly, then does that faint ‘f’ symbolize the location of the bronze chest??

            Checking that out now…

          • JoJo – Ok. The West Fork Campground is in the Southwest corner. And those road boundaries form a ‘box’. Does anyone know what those buildings are, at the end of that long driveway? That sort of corresponds to where that ‘f’ is; the rising hillside being the ‘lid’:


            First map try. Going to zoom out to check another idea.

          • JoJo – My tangent for that map turns out to be the Madison River, and Lady Liberty is holding a ‘torch’ on that coin. Could one of those multi-million dollar houses, along my ‘IT’ from the Poem, be the ‘blaze’? I have wondered if Forrest spent his Gold buying that very house, which corresponds to Lady Liberty’s location in the Spanish wooden chest.

          • JoJo – Ok, here is the zoom out map, corresponding to the Spanish wooden chest pic orientation and contents. View the map in horizontal landscape mode:


            I used the point to point measurement tool to drag my tangent from the West Fork Campground in the Southwest corner to where that ‘f’ would be. I ended up at Finger Mountain! So, does that wedding band live on Forrest’s finger now?

            Another searcher pointed to Moose Creek, just below Finger Mountain, as a potential location for land owned by Forrest. Or, maybe also, a hard to get to location for the bronze chest.

            Hmmmm again…..

      • JoJo – The West Fork Campground. Where Forrest’s parents lived. Does the gold wedding band, hidden deep in the Southwest corner of the Spanish wooden box, belong to Forrest’s father? He was a principal. And according to the 2006 Cody interview at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, William Marvin Fenn was probably responsible for Forrest graduating at his school.


        • You’ve laid out some interesting possibilities here. I don’t see the f on the box. But I assume it;s there and I just need to zoom in on the image more. My sister mentioned that symbol from Dragonfly to me once and it does play a small role in this. It means River Ford you say? That’s music to my ears.

          I love it when I find out a small piece of the solve long after I am already well past that point in the solve.

          As for getting back in the box. In my opinion, that comment was meant for advanced searcher who were stuck on a very specific thing. After he said that, to my knowledge none of them got what he meant. I did and it helped me solve that part of the Chase. So thanks forrest for that. Of course you go right back out of it again shortly thereafter.

          I’ll give you some advice if you want. Take this hoiwever you want to. Ignore it if you like. If I were you, I would assume that I only have six months left to figure this thing out. I would assume that many of the hints given verbally or online were referencing things in the poem that had already been figured out by people and that Forrest was either correcting their misunderstanding of something, or confirming something for them that they already knew. The poem itself is more important than any other thing in this puzzle. The only thing that comes close is the hints in the books. Focus on the poem. The poem tells you how to interpret itself. Once you get that, you can move to the map and find where you need to be.

          You’re all running out of time. Lots of people are ahead of you. Some of us are at the end. I put in as much time on this per day as I do my day job for over six months straight. And lots of additional time afterwards. There were times I was pulling my hair out. The images in the books that relate act mostly as confirmations of something you already figured out. Most of the ones I know what they mean I onlyfigured out after I was past that part of the solve.

          Fenn uses several different methods for the clues. They are not all solved in the same way as each other. Think about meanings of words. Archaic meanings, but not just dictionary meanings. What else could something mean?

          The most important thing for you is to figure out WWWH’s. Stick with the first three stanzas until you know what it’s saying. Don’t guess. I read people saying “My WWWH’s is so and so.” You don’t get to choose WWWH’s. Fenn did. There are dozens if not more places in the Rockies where you can shoehorn in all the lines of the poem. That’s a waste of time. there is a definite reason why you will pick the spot to start that is clear from the words in the poem itself. The poem tells you what to do.

          Good luck.

          • JoJo – Thank you! All good advice. I do not own any of Forrest’s books. My solves, out Cabin Creek and at Baker’S Hole, are based on the Poem, and confirmed later by hints from the books, shared here, and by what Forrest writes in his scrapbooks.

            Oh, and another reminder: Forrest said he LOVES Yellowstone, and even returned there in the Summers, while in the Air Force. When you LOVE something, you invest time and money into it. And you find yourself ‘returning to it in your mind; in your reverie’. Watch that Cody interview again, filmed at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

            I can’t fathom that Forrest would hide the bronze chest anywhere but in the vicinity of YNP. All IMO.

        • Lisa – all very interesting stuff you’re running with. I don’t always agree with your thinking but I admire your energy and wish I had half of it! Lol! Good luck with all your work! You may just be dead on.

          • Geysergirl – Thank you! Drink more great Columbian medium roast coffee! I loved what Forrest said in that Cody interview about how he started his days, when he owned the Fenn Galleries. I am at the coffee shop by 7:00am, and spend several hours alone there, communicating my thoughts here, and on other online Social Media forums. It’s like a Livestream of consciousness, every day! I highly recommend it.

      • I don’t know about angels, but if you look at the middle image of the crosses in this SB post, you can see the head of Christ at the spot where the two crossbeams intersect. Note also that Christ had 12 deciples. Together with him that makes 13. With his head in the middle.

        Funny there was a guy online once who got through the clues and said there was no tresure there, so he knelt down and said a prayer. I said “Fool. Turn around. It’s right behind you!”

      • For runners, 880 should jump out as the number of yards in a half mile. Or if you’re a musician, 880 Hz is an A (two octaves above middle-C).

        • .
          Thanks zaphod. 880 looked familiar but i couldnt figure out why. I think that as it.

          Im also recalling 88 constellations and number of piano keys (i think).

          Probably not relevant, but also H is the 8th letter, so 880 > H H O (H2O chest), 440 would also be DDO.

        • I knew there was something else… forrest was 80 when the chase started, or when he carried the wieghty load to its hiding place?

          • Astree: yes on the first, no on the second. He was 79 since he hid the chest prior to July 12, 2010.

          • Thanks, zaphod. Im not so familiar with those details.

            Tonight, my wife and i were in line to cash out blackjack chips at the casino. She pointed to a nearby slot machine, where someone had just hit the jackpot (i dont recall seeing a large jackpot hit before). Along with video showing cascading gold coins, the jackpot was displayed in large numbers …. $2,880.00.

        • Zap, I see that you entered this post late last night, and I must comment ya, great sleuthing Sherlock. Now you might get the Academy Award if you know what the answer to the $3500 question? I think I can, I think I can, I know I can said Thomas as he solves the puzzle.

          Who here can answer the $64 dollar question, say the magic word and win big…Groucho Marx .


  68. I think he should just put the wooden chest right on the ground. Then cover it with a wheelbarrow. Even the idea of hard work will scare the kids to death and they will avoid it like a snake. The wheelbarrow will also protect from the elements. Forrest you can mail me $5 for the idea..))

  69. Since it can’t be out in the weather, I would ask someone I trust to be mediator between the hider and the finder, put the object somewhere safe and a another object that can be out in the weather in a secreted place, with a note where to take, exchange the mucguffin for the delicate ..


    • A McMGuffin covered in mushrooms sure does sound good. But mushrooms covering up the recipes secret ingredient sure would spoil the fun.

      So I pose a question – might mushrooms flag da feet? I hope Ronald forgives me.

  70. Send it to the closest searcher and get 2 birds with one stone. Unless they’ve searched everywhere then just cast a fake stone and put it inside and secret it at wwwh. That way we get some confirmation. And you feel pretty good too.
    Win win. Hehehe thanks

  71. I would assume a box like that one was used to store important letters. It would be redundant for a figurine and not strong enough to prevent looting for coins.

    I have a few old small wooden boxes from my several grandparents and they contain a diverse assortment of newspaper clippings, jewellery, match books, and even cigarettes that still smell like they could be smoked. When I try to decide what to keep and what to toss I get all confused and just put the stuff all back into their wooden boxes and those back into their plastic bins and those back into the garage.

    Somewhere in one of those bins is an Air Canada napkin signed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and a few letters from Prime Minister Mackenzie King, and G.G. Vincent Massey and some others.

  72. Begin it where some kids never seem to be and take it in the outside unknown, Not far, just far enough to walk, ride, or skateboard. Put in above the texting head and hand. From there it might not be for the weak, the exercise is something they all need. So listen, please, and don’t disregard, good health is something to achieve. If you are smart and want to learn, start studying please. The prize is the future to know only as you grow. Seek and you will find a treasure chest full of gold, search as you learn about the present, past and future. *disclaimer (Solve not included)

    • fenngshui – I believe we discussed the wildly successful Pokemon Go phenomenon, way back when, on Jenny Kyle’s Mysterious Writings site:

      I feel a similar Chase Scavenger Hunt, using hand held devices, coming on. Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Aquariums, Libraries, Art & Architecture Schools…all located within that 8.25 mile radius of Santa Fe.

      I know a software developer Forrest could hire…

  73. If the purpose of the rapid fire of scrapbooks is to utterly overwhelm and confuse searchers, I for one think it is working spectacularly. But if the purpose is to celebrate the finale (someone found and recovered the treasure recently) we are all screwed, you know, except for the finder.

    • Or it could be an opportunity for something new and exciting. Another adventure.

      But I guess if you like being attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis… it’s not my thing but you know, roll with it.

      • Reading all these SB’s whilst playing an acoordian, there seems to be a song being relayed . Not sure of The Who the songs about, but he must be up late writing these every day lol.

        IMO .

  74. As long as we’re free to imagine, it may be that chest once held and transported in Spanish Colonial times, a chalice, ciborium, and platen. Those are items a priest would take in travel to administer holy communion to the ill or to give last rites. Those would qualify as Forrest called them, “special religious objects.” It’s about the right size for that.

  75. If only there was a place to the north but not too far, like a place with a chapel. Perhaps a cemetery. And if this place was so named after the Virgin Mary, maybe even on a street also named after the Virgin Mary… And if this place had an area that had a Nativity scene, wouldn’t it be something to hide it on or in Melchior? You could give clues like Wise Men, paint, RIP crosses and reliquaries, and even show a picture of a small box that might have held something important.

    Just kidding.

  76. Children are the real treasure of the community today; & the hidden gems of knowledge & wisdom needs to be developed in their characters. Schools nowadays are severely lacking in teaching morals or morality; so my idea was to start a troop called the Unity Scouts. Virtues learned; (on the fundemental foundations of all faiths), could be awarded with merit badges; & the best , (eagle, buffalo, or unicorn scout); could be voted on by their peers to receive the chest of olden”s bountiful treasure.

  77. I would see if there could be some kind of school program for kids , like a treasure hunting group, especially for inner city kids that may not have the opportunity to get out in the woods . They could go in groups, like on a field trip and the clues would need to be studied before the outing. (After school group maybe? )
    I would hide it in something that looked natural, but was weatherproof, like a big false rock ( like a hide a key rock ) imagine the pride the kiddos would have , seeing that chest in the glass case in their school knowing that they are the ones who found it

  78. Someone else mentioned this too
    Notice the latch is offset from what appears to be the hole it would go into. No I do not think this is a clue. But I have a large chest that has this same thing going on. I’ve always wondered what the deal is? The large trunk I have I think was made in mexico. I’m wondering why? Is it just decor? And why, anyone know?

    • I see a small rectangular hole behind that latch. I assume it has a loop on the backside of the latch that a swivel claw goes into when the key is turned.

  79. Forrest,
    I like the box and the idea. Although I guess my opinion is favorable because I like wooden boxes and adventure.

    • Covert One – Or, two rusted horse shoes! And Running Man blazes on every tree, as a directional change market! And Quanah Parker’s peace pipe, a can of Grapette…other stuff of Forrest’s….inside the Spanish wooden chest! And Chaos and Embroidery follow the clues to a place exactly 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe. And they find the chest!!!

      Oh, no, Forrest already won Best Supporting Actor for that epic film. Starting Cynthia and Sally Colorado. Nevermind.


          • I recommend fiddlin’ with your night radio dial to tune in to that famous classic rock station Down in Colombia (gotta have a big antenna).

            Why do all the indians think I’m in some sort of rush to attend their next concert? It’s at an outdoor venue and I thought the tour is supposed to be about the brotherhood and experience? Too cold for that, for me anyway, and I’m not desperate to attend by any means. I already have enough Stones’s albums on my shelf to fill me comfortably for a lifetime.

            Then again, there is just something about taking on never-ending arrows, and lying prostrate around here, that keeps me itching to play my favorite Stones song.

  80. Dear Forrest:

    I love these pieces. The details are amazing and full of emotion- hope and love. Some of the design elements provide warmth, clarify, and direction to those who seek it. The emotion on the face of the figure is tangible. I’m sure she would fill up with warmth whatever space she was in, no matter its size- from the tiniest mountain hamlet, to the largest East to West cross road. The blemishes are all earned, and point the right way to salvation.

    While I don’t understand all of the references in your collection, especially the exotic-sounding ones (some of them sound like distant Italian villages crossed with a pizza topping) they convey hope and memory that transcends language.

    Now that I’ve waxed “spiritual” as they say in some places, I better get back to the secular. I have a 5-yr old who might be, picking black olives off her pizza and making lines of them across the box. ‍♂️

    Take care,

  81. Game, set, match mr Fenn…I wish. This one is funny tho, I agree with some comments above.

    The saint Guadalupe reminds me of several other patron saints (while I lived in Paraguay) that were well revered.

    Can’t wait to see what’s next…

  82. Speaking of Saints –
    I would mention St. Jerome.
    Definitely one of my most reverred Saints and I am not Catholic.
    There is just something there that draws him me to him.
    I love researching the lives of the Saints.

    • Sorry I can’t spell – should be revered not reverred.
      Interesting reading also – Saint Junipero Serra
      Should he have been made a Saint or not – what do you think?

      • wwwamericana,

        I have no idea about how someone becomes a Saint, but, what interests me is the different paths each Saint walks in order to achieve/obtain such status.

        Monument of Junípero Serra (with Juaneño Indian boy) on the Plaza de San Francisco de Asis in Havana, Cuba

        This picture is powerful.

        But do we need to self mutilate? If the body is Gods Temple, are we to scar it permanently?

        Tough call but the man had faith and humility.

        What do you think www? Should he have been made a Saint?


  83. Lots of good “How to” suggestions on your new kids treasure hunt Forrest.

    Brian Vernon’s idea stands out as an outstanding idea. He said,
    One thing you could do is connect with the Make-a-wish foundation in NM, see if there’s a kid who’s terminally ill who would love more than anything to meet Forrest Fenn and go on a treasure hunt with him (make it easy). To be Indiana Jones for a day… That would be so rewarding for all involved.
    Also, Forrest, you could relate to that kid in ways others never could. You’ve been diagnosed with a “terminal” illness and had to live with the fear and uncertainty that comes with it.

    Well done Brian. – 42

  84. In the (g)olden wood you might see that old & new is (g)ood. You might hear the don(g), don(g) of the bell signifying the marriage of the two becoming one, and the nod, nod of affirmation.

    Or not!

    Being something of an old relic myself, it’s surprising that I had never come across the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe before: the intertwining of the Native and Catholic traditions; the scientific anomalies; the odd physical properties. It makes one wonder about the contents of the chest.

    Of course, like most of us, I’m a little weary of the never-ending cryptograms, but I have to admit they make us do the work. Some on the blogs are way more observant and assiduous than me, but at least I can count (sometimes, as long as I don’t run out of fingers and toes 🙂 )

  85. .
    There is some lustre in the shiny wood. And the modern coins create the contrast of something new in olden wood.

  86. I do not believe Forrest is fishing for an idea of where to hide the above wooden chest. I believe his question is a hypothetical one. The answer to the parameters he has set out above will lead us to THE treasure chest. Where would one hide a treasure chest, where kids could also find it, protected from weather, in the South West corner, which includes “our lady”, crosses and a place of matrimony, an old tag identifies it. One definition of tag is the refrain or last lines of a song or poem. He’s asking us to brainstorm, where would we hide such a chest. He is asking us to work together as AKB suggested above.

  87. “An old tag on the back identifies it.”
    Interesting and significant statement perhaps?

  88. Should the ‘niños perdidos’ get an extra clue to help them to solve the riddles?

  89. Stepping back just a little, it may be worth thinking about the poem in the context of these scrapbooks. If I’m right about the marriage of “old” and “new” we’re talking about dovetailing a “scientific” approach (in other words highly analytical) with metaconsciousness, where we try to connect with our core being. I believe it would be almost impossible to solve the poem with just one approach.

    In my eyes, the poem is designed to lead us toward the development of true awareness, something most of us have little direct experience of. Once we have begun that process, the pennies (or dollar coins 😉 ) start to drop. That corresponds to engaging our “primitive” selves, when we as a species were far more in tune with our surroundings and the forces of creation.

    But that’s not enough. Without thinking and analyzing we’ll not simply be able to intuit the solution. The two skills must be applied together. IMO, there is an apparent disconnect between the two parts that make up the path through the poem. If it was simply analytical skill required, I think the treasure would have been retrieved long ago. Without the “marriage” of the two – the poetic and the scientific, if you will – we’ll be chasing our tails for eternity. And that, I believe, is Forrest’s intention: to get us to “remember” what a few groups of humans, including some Native Americans, have never forgotten.

    • I really like how you Chase.

      Mine is a little different. The Goonies were super pro-active like you. They sought out clues.

      I take the Indie approach. I get in way over my head then work real hard to dig myself back out again.

      I think either extreme could get the job done.

  90. I spent some time looking through images and articles I could find on motifs in Spanish American Southwestern art and I could not find any mention of a crucifix with only the head of Christ being a common motif. That leads me to think that the 2nd cross pictured above originally had a body that was broken off; you can sort of see some discoloration in the paint where the body and arms may have once been up against the cross.

    So the common denominator I’m seeing in the three crosses pictured above is that they all have special emphasis on the point where the 2 beams cross: the first having the asterisk, the second being the head of Christ, and the third being what looks like a flat disc of gold inside, with a six-petaled rosette or knot on the outside lid. The Zia sun symbol also popped into my head as a cross-like symbol with strong emphasis on the point of crossing, and has 16 rays in total (4 in each direction) which was a number mentioned above. Also, connecting the 4 corners of the open chest seems to cross directly over the upside-down head of James Garfield.

    The designs on the lid of that 3rd cross are interesting too. The long piece has a ladder on the bottom end (similar to the design on the lid of Indulgence) with a bird or perhaps rooster at the top end. The shorter piece has an arrow or spear at the left side, but I can’t tell what the symbol on the far right is. The symbol next to it appears to be a pair of tongs, so maybe it’s some sort of tool I’m not familiar with? Could possibly be a sword as well?

    Does any of this mean anything? Maybe I’m just eating a big bowl of red herrings for breakfast today!

    • Though some are difficult to discern, the carved relief icons on the cross can all be tied symbolically into the telling of the Passion story of Christ.

      It’s a truly beautiful relic, and someone put a great deal of love and care into the making of it. I wonder if some of the pieces inside might be bone fragments kept as a reliquary of a Saint or a sainted family member of the one who created the cross?

      • The third cross is the same one shared by Fenn in 2014 and can be seen by clicking on the *Vignettes* selection above. Reliquary…

        • Thanks. That confirms my observations. I think one of the icons is a sword and an ear. I bet a little history sleuthing would reveal the saint’s whose bones are kept in the cross.

          • Ronald – I think you are right about these all being symbols of the crucifixion. So the symbol in the center of that one is the crown of thorns. And the item in the center of the inside is what Forrest describes as a white wax seal that represents the Lamb of God. Interesting.

        • Thanks for pointing that out, Ken! Much clearer pictures of the cross under the Vignettes link! I wonder if Forrest had ever tried X-raying the reliquary bundles to see what might be inside?

          • In the *Vignettes* you may want to check out the [Falcon Mummy]. The hospital apparently did x-ray that for him.

    • Check out Garfield and you’ll find the battle of Pittsburg Landing.

      Then look to the heavens for the answers you seek.

    • Blex, congratulations, I spy your rhetoric, and I raise you one!

      It is time for me to come clean, and first it would help if some of you would watch a few Thomas the Tank…videos, especially knowing that the voice of the conductor is Ringo Starr.. Does anyone see STARS here?

      I rest my video at a value agreed upon earlier…


      • BLex, it could be one of these, but more importantly

        how do we find the edge in this stack of snow, we could just ski down or cross country maybe, well this is just a little stick figure signing out untill I have more Winter Thoughts, Tom Terrific

        PS Is any one out there listening at the Church of Philidelphia?

        In the mountains, cause its there, now do not cover this passage with your THUMB.

        See the books John wrote and find Revelations, it all fits.

  91. Giving this some serious thot….
    Don’t believe that old wooden box held a bulto as Mr. Fenn has implied but instead held a priest’s chalice for offering communion to the community. A very, very sacred cup that held the blood of christ, the wine.

    And the box now holds coins? Are they silver?
    And then there are the three crosses – such a symbolic shape.
    Makes me want to throw my arms out and ask why?

  92. Hi All
    Who can name the coins in the box.Hint not gold and there are 5 different
    faces on them?Clint

  93. Poker Run. 10 – 14 years. Playground/City Park. Nursery Rhymes clues. High hand wins the happiness. What’s with the ring in the corner ???? LOL

        • Rhymes lead to boxes containing a deck of cards individually wrapped in single colored paper stapled closed. More rhymes and boxes than 5 so a repeat color means solving another clue. Finish when 5 different colored cards collected or time expires. One deck has a wild card, the Joker. That way a late starter or younger has a chance. Highest hand wins unless a tie. Then high card draw for win. Joker trumps all and takes the Box. Think Forrest wants the ring back.

  94. Finding one’s Passion is different for all
    But finding Fenn’s Passion – well I think that’s pretty easy to determine.
    He hooked a keeper right under the jaw. What a trophy!
    Wonder where he caught it? Prob some hidden lake up in the mountains.
    Grabbing my hiking boots come Spring and heading to the trailhead.
    If anything, gonna see me some wondrous sights.

    Of course all IMHO.

    • Don’t forget your sandwich and maybe pack six…I mean pack a six pack…you might run into Grendel out there. Maybe take a buddy with you.

  95. I hope I’m not repeating a previous post, but does anybody else think thise coins were deliberately spread out in the chest like that? I think see an outline of something, but really camoflaged. Kind of like those pictures where you can’t see it up close. Step back and look at the big picture.

  96. Which president is on the dollar coin, well, well now thats a deep subject, like how deep is a hole? Suddenly it becomes important to understand Jackie, she feels this kind of pain, and where is his monument at? Stay Tuned for an important announcement: these Scrapbooks since 2009 have been straight forward hints, but sometime we do not see it unless our life is like 209….Chaos.

    Forrest has been peppering us IMHO with so many hints since then, it looks like Verdun or 1969 at the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This blog should be Blowing up with ideas….


  97. I don’t see much in the box, better screen might help. Oh well. He left something to read and that was enough for me to go off of.

  98. Hi seekers one and all.
    First time commenting and I have a couple of questions. I’ve noticed people taking hints from numbers and such, didn’t f say before that there were no kind of codes or any thing like that involved in his poem? Or is that just my misunderstanding? just curious. Thanks.

    • He said an average person can figure it out. Don’t need specialized knowledge.

      He didn’t say we weren’t allowed to play with each other though. And that don’t discount the possibility of extra specialized clues.

      We get to do what we like and have any adventure that suits us.

      • AkB, I can’t help but reread your post and wonder what it is you’re trying to say, especially the third and fourth sentences.

        • I am saying that there are a bajillion hints. They cover a wide variety of topics. And they all lead to the same place.

          And I’m saying I found that place. Then I blew past it and I’ve been Chasing it ever since.

          And I want to show you how to get there.

          • It is kind of you to do so, AkB. You say you would like to show searchers how to get there. What does the Chase mean to you? Some say for the treasure.

          • The treasure is just a carrot and only one person can eat it and then it is gone. But if you are imaginative then you can play with the stick and the string forever.

            I believe every single one of us is right. That’s how many clues there are.

            Now we have to work together.

          • Hello AkB. I’m not sure how many will due to many are after the treasure. Nine clues, yet everyone is right? Yes, I could see how this may be what some/many may think.

          • What if one person could prove to a reasonable person beyond a reasonable doubt that they had a strong inclination as to where the chest was and that it was as good as got?

            Would you then help that person find a way to share the experience with the rest of us so that all of us could enjoy in The Chase through the eyes of someone else?

            Or would it simply just be over and we should all just get over it an quit dragging it all out?

          • I can’t say this with any certainty, but this treasure hunt may only be over when it’s ready to be over. What does that mean? Possibly that there is a plan. Possibly that finding the physical treasure is just the start. Of what? None of us knows the answer to that yet. But there is likely more at stake than just a winner taking the podium, swigging from the champagne bottle, bowing to the audience, and then we all go home.

            Whether or not one of us knows where the chest is waiting, it may require many strands to come together before the lid is finally opened.

      • Hi. Pdenver, that does help. Was asking because I’ve had a really good solve for a while now. Emailed fenn it early in october. Im not saying it the correct one, but it’s a really good one. It just it didn’t have any numbers associated with it, so was worried. But I’m not now so thank you for that.

        • FWIW Jason, I was “wedded” to numbers for the best part of six years – until one day not too long ago something dawned on me.

          Numbers are helpful for precision, but to be honest, thinking like a kid is far more important!

          The trick is being able to slough off decades of what one might call mind-accretions. Innocence and simplicity is not easily regained. The analytical faculties remain critical, but the opening and spring-cleaning of the mind is the number one priority.

          • -Voxpopson, Thanks. Thinking like a kid is all I’m capable of, I’m about as sharp as a ball of cotton wool.

  99. Ok since Blex knows and I know, take the image of the Chest with the coins in it and do a right click copy or “save image as” download it, then enlarge it, no it is not IRON HEAD it is another person who lived about that time and is now in Cleveland….or is it Toledo? Chicago maybe?


  100. Ps do not forget to Rotate the image, and see who is on that coin in the chest…elementary my dear Watson.


  101. Now we can see the Image of a buffalo, a person’s monument and light at the end of the tunnel so why is the value 3500?

    If you can answer that you will split the 64 question with TT and Blex, he is on to it too.

    Why Ringo Star? Thomas the Tank might hold a clue for you. Just some winter thoughts from this iron head, er cone head or funnel headed stick figure…


    • My paddle’s keen and bright
      Flashing with silver!
      Swift as the wild goose flight
      Dip, dip, and swing!

  102. “I like old wood.” FF
    “Here are 3 of my old Spanish colonial crosses.”

    It seems apparent (to me) that Forrest is drawing attention not only to his new treasure hunt for kids, but also his love for collecting old wooden Christian crosses. Furthermore he selects 3 crosses including one from his previous SB. this this a reference to thieves on the cross at Christs’s crusifiction or Golgotha/Calvary – The place of the skull?

    Maybe he’s trying to get us to look at the wood used in crosses. I found the following interesting as it regards to the type of words used in the cross of Christ’s crucifixion.
    According to the sacred tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church the True Cross was made from three different types of wood: cedar, pine and cypress.[8] This is an allusion to Isaiah 60:13: “The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee, the fir tree, the pine tree, and the box [cypress] together to beautify the place of my sanctuary, and I will make the place of my feet glorious.” The link between this verse and the Crucifixion lies in the words “the place of my feet”, which is interpreted as referring to the suppedāneum (foot rest) on which Jesus’ feet were nailed

    Let’s play I spy in TTOTC poem and see how many different types of wood we can find. Note, you must drop it into grid format justified left or right and do a Note, must drop it into grid format justified left or right to complete the word search.

    I found:
    BOX(Using a KS in place of X),

    **LISA C, you looking for Ponderosa? 🙂
    (you may have to settle for pine)

    • What is ff’s favorite animal? What is always in the background in his study? Skull, Golgotha, Buffalo Skull, but big as Rushmore with an Arrowhead embedded in its side, like the one Forrest found at 9. I do not make this up, it exists and can almost be seen from space…

      What is the river in TT’s video, how many views do we now have of it?

      3500 and countin, on the day this SC Book was release, my video had exactly 3500, now is that a co-inc.eeee dink? I do not embellish my numbers ya’ll.


      • @RichardMck
        Right. I realize that Ponderosa is a pine tree.
        If you Look at the context of my comment, I was implying that Lisa C who LOVES pondersosa would not find the “word” Ponderosa in the poem, and she would have to settle for the word “pine”
        Which is found in the poem in grid format.

    • 42 – The Ponder•O•S•A pine is the Montana State tree. And the same species Forrest’s mother planted her pansies under, at the West Fork Campground.

      And that ‘ks’ is shown in the asterisk-like secret symbol for Christ, in the center of the first cross pic above: the XI or double-cross.

      Is that first cross of the three.made of pine???

        • 42 – Scroll down to the “Reliquary” Vignette. The symbol at the top is also a symbol of the Lamb of God: Christ. It features the Alpha and Omega symbols.

        • Good morning Lisa,
          The Chi Rho becomes the “Key Row” in TTOTC poem. Both can be found in the poem and both are pronounce the same.

          If you plan to apply that in anyway to a solution, in my opinion that lands you in the Sangria Cristo or blood of Christ mountains in New Mexico or southern Colorado.

          So my friend, if it’s about Christ as you imply, how do you apply that knowledge to your solution in Montana?

          Would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

          Forrest’s box of coins with the ring remind me of gambling tokens at a casino and Of course people get married in Las Vegas.
          Las Vegas New Mexico We’re forced family has their Old Wood business is not 8 miles north of Santa Fe, Form must be ruled out.

          • Oops, that should’ve read Las Vegas New Mexico where Forrest’s Family has their old wood business must be ruled out because it’s not 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe”

          • 42 – The origin of the Chi Rho symbol:

            “In a memoir of the Roman emperor that Eusebius wrote after Constantine’s death (On the Life of Constantine, circa 337–339), a miraculous appearance is said to have come in Gaul long before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. In this later version, the Roman emperor had been pondering the misfortunes that befell commanders who invoked the help of many different gods, and decided to seek divine aid in the forthcoming battle from the One God. At noon, Constantine saw a cross of light imposed over the sun. Attached to it, in Greek characters, was the saying “Τούτῳ Νίκα!” (“In this sign you will conquer!”).[7] Not only Constantine, but the whole army saw the miracle. That night, Christ appeared to the Roman emperor in a dream and told him to make a replica of the sign he had seen in the sky, which would be a sure defence in battle.”

            He was ‘pondering’…


            Sounds like quite the ‘blaze’….

          • Lisa if that’s not confirmation bias, I don’t know what is. How you get to blaze from S and “hidey shaped hole” from A is a major stretch to me.


          • Prospector – Google the following:

   Baker’S Hole Lisa Cesari

            I have been posting about my solution at Baker’S Hole, since April of 2019. I am not going to repeat myself. I was addressing 42, who certainly knows that location. And I am sure Dal is tired of me repeating myself.

  103. Wow. You don’t have to go through all that relocation for me guys. I already confirmed I’m not really that interested in a timeshare condo.

    For what it’s worth I never wanted any of this to happen. Never. Not once. This all started because of “name calling arrows” being slung my way for reasons I still can’t understand. Lots of Foolishness that made me want to go to Sleep. I turned the other cheek in the beginning though that goes against my nature. But poke a bear enough times and eventually he growls back. The indian takes offense when he was the one who slung the arrow in the first place. That’s followed by more indians jumping in and poking followed by more snarls and yada yada yada.

    Then the prostration arrow (that one is still my favorite, btw). Turned my cheek again.

    And now the arrow that hacked at my back door. That one is a keeper. You should have at least cleaned up your footprints. But don’t worry my nifty sweeper picked up every single one from that you left. They’re all now in a secure lockbox.

    Don’t confuse my return volleys on all those arrows with me ever revealing that I figured out how the chase has changed. I told you folks awhile ago I wouldn’t do that. I know that message was received because I got a response from Ace acknowledging that. I gave you my word, but I get it if you don’t trust that because of how all this escalated due to arrows first shot from your side. I have a couple of bullets to fire back but I never did.

    It’s a shame it ended up here. And of course I feel partly responsible for you guys having to hike in there in this cold to switch it up. Again, never wanted this.

    Popcorn is in the popper. This outta be good a good one!

  104. I produced the above video on 10/24/2017 look back at the doodles and the numbers, they do not lie, but how many numbers since this Chaos began can you find that match 10, 2, 4, 7? This is not about finding and hiding your Dr Pepper, 10 2 4 is a date.


      • AkB, what do you see for all my posts that confuse you?

        Please be more specific? Of Just read Winter Thought by Tom Terrific on this here Blog.

        I thought we had things fixed?


    • @tom terrific,
      LOL – 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe on Highway 285 Lands you on the Indian reservation,..Unless of course he buried it at Camel rock… Which looks just like the joystick of his
      F100. Not sure if a monument would be excluded from the Indian reservation or not. Probably worth your time to sniff & dig around the out houses at Camel rock.

  105. Come on my treasure huntin’ peeps.

    How is the beer post not a kind jesture that almost went unnoticed?

    Did it have to be called 242 to count?

    I think you’re asking an awful lot of my Imaginary Fenn.

      • Even the Mythbusters would have to stamp two in a row plausible.

        Is there not one searcher that would even consider it?

  106. Forrest, do all 880 coins fit into that box at the same time?? It doesn’t look large enough (to me) but my perception of how deep holes are isn’t very good.

  107. a lot of great suggestions on how to set up a hunt and still preserve the box. Hiding something else to turn in also means a kid gets it , otherwise anyone could grab it. The crosses are beautiful as well as the statue. Forrest thanks for all the stories and pictures. It has kept me entertained for years. Finally it looks like I’ll be able to trek to the Rockies and have a look around. Plan to stay about a month. Happy Hunting to all.

  108. What would I do? I would give it to myself for christmas. I’ve been really good this year. I am just way over the age limit 🙁
    —Almost no parameters given, so I am guessing we a are working with an unlimited budget 🙂 Take a photo of the hidey spot, photoshop clues and hints into the photo. When complete, have the photo turned into individually numbered jigsaw puzzle ‘s . A valid and current school ID is required to purchase a puzzle. If a proxy item is at location, that same school ID is required to claim the prize…Thanks for sharing the scrapbooks Forrest and Dal

  109. Wait a minute here. Yes, these are all great suggestions. Now apply some of this simpler thinking for this kids treasure hunt to The Chase. Didn’t Forrest say he created the chase to get kids off the couch, and a child may have an advantage. Hence IMO, we are probably all overthinking. Not simplifying enough. Over complicating. Maybe limit our thinking to the extent of knowledge we had as children and expanding our imagination to the extent we had as children. Is the question how to create a Chase for children, or how to protect a treasure chest? Or both? g

  110. There is no clue that states the finder can not predict where the treasure is.
    In fact, there is a clue that says the one in the know can go right to it.

    So what’s the hold up? Do you think that the person who solved The Chase wouldn’t tell you first?
    Is that only because you wouldn’t tell anyone?

    Have you ever heard tell of The Allegory of the Cave?

  111. I haven’t seen much talk on that ring in the chest for kids. It looks like a wedding ring. With all of the speculation on the poem being solved I wonder if he’s saying the clues have been married to the poem? Now it’s time to focus on the kids.

    First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

    Additionally we have Juniper.
    JF-June Fenn
    JB-June Bug
    Gin is made from Juniper and Canasta is in the gin rummy family.
    Elvis had a brief fling with June Juanico. Juniper trees have tree bark that has scales, they are often referred to as alligator trees.

    Juniper was the goddess of marriage. The poem has been “Junipered.” I ate my first Juniper berry yesterday. It was terrible. I thought it was a huckleberry until I googled it.

  112. If the ring is Forrest’s personal, then it appears this treasure is good to go. Chest, check. Treasure, check. Personal item, check. Now it needs a poem. Oh, and a name. g

      • From Google:
        As nouns the difference between fourth and quarter is that fourth is (not used in the plural) the person or thing in the fourth position while quarter is any one of four equal parts into which something has been divided.

        I think we’re talking about a very specific fourth part – not any old quarter. The subtle distinction is interesting, since FF directs us away from saying one quarter in this instance.

          • My brain froze when I saw 1/4th. I only saw one quarterth and that did not sound right. Of course I have heard and used one fourth but it escaped my mind completely as I stared at this confused. I couldn’t see it, Knowing it was there somewhere but could not access it. My father is up in age and suffering some memory blocks. It must feel for him at times something I experienced with this. g

          • Ha! I hear you. Words escape with impunity and the thing I told myself to remember 30 seconds ago goes AWOL. How Fenn manages to keep it all together I’ll never know!

  113. the many faced god says: “allow myself to introduce myself…I’m a man of wealth and taste…”

    And then the nativity stuff…this chase is schizo.


  114. The Collaboration

    I would devise a puzzle with nine clues. The first two clues would reveal the general location of the treasure. The second clue would contain the name of a Place that the seekers can point to on a map, so they can be sure.

    The next seven clues, when assembled together, would reveal the precise manner and method in which the treasure chest can be recovered.

    I would deliver one clue to the history teacher in each of 9 public schools in Santa Fe: the 3 high schools, 3 combined high school-middle schools, and 3 middle schools. Each clue would be accompanied by a simple explanation of how the puzzle can be solved, by collaboration with the other schools.

    That’s it. The rest would be up to the teachers and students to figure out.

    P.S. I was on the Varsity Scrapbook Team back in high school. I finally found a purpose for those skills! I’ve built the “time machine” per your puzzling specifications. I might use it to see if anything was mailed on Saturday, April 5, 1933. Every day I get one foot closer to the treasure.

    • That date seems vaguely familiar. But there’s no way I can remember that far back, I was born in 1973. Anyways, that “time machine” trick could be considered illegal by some gold star standards.

      Hope we’re not counting tricks. If we’re too full of tricks, there might be no treat.

      Oh wait… Never mind, my mind forgets far too easily. That celebrated Holiday of tricks has already passed… many times over.

  115. Forrest, I just texted my sister the following: “I saved some of the mushrooms to fry up for John and Jill, they are keeping really well in the bag in the fridge (the mushrooms I mean:))” – – I did it without thinking….sheesh

    • C, isn’t your story a little out of place and time with the rest of these posts? Sorry, not trying to be rude, I’m just confused… then again, maybe that’s a good thing!

      I’m so dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirl wind it never ends… TOMMY James & the something Bells.

  116. I wonder how weatherproof indulgence is. I know it has the bronze exterior but there is wood inside and I don’t think Forrest ever mentioned sealing it with wax or pitch or something. g

  117. Perhaps this old Spanish chest was intended to carry writing accessories, such as ink, ink well (or pot), quill pens, wax, etc. Are those stains on the inside of the lid?

    Just a thot.

  118. Hi All
    The coins that are in the box are presidential from 2007-2016 Lincoln,Grant
    Nixon,Statue of Liberty on the reverse &one Sacagawea and one ring.
    Looks like 880.Clint

  119. Hi ,
    I’m sorry to report my opinion late.
    My English is not good and I translated quickly with the help of goole. I hope you will. Thank you in advance.

    I don’t think children should be given money.
    instead, the name “little rainbow” and “ears of rainbow-colored white rabbit cubs” should be given symbolically. The coins must be given to each of the symbols found in a wooden frame.
    Again “little rainbow and his family” note must be written in the frame of small fonts “wishing to be a century-old moment”.

    Baby rabbits “little rabbits” should be stored in well-confined, secure parking spaces. And a child should not take more than one.
    Then, when all the rabbits are found, a picnic type of entertainment should be organized with all the families and their children. For each “little rainbow” in the entertainment, a family and child can be given a wooden framed coin.
    There, it is ensured that children and families get acquainted with each other and the continuity of their relations is based on.

    In this way, Little rainbow clubs should be established in every school and there should be representatives of the school.
    Every year little rainbows and of course other volunteers can participate in the entertainment.
    These entertainments can also be connected with Fennboree.

    Of course I think raw. This can be changed and improved by a group.
    I hope you can do a nice job.
    Health in your labor.

    • Ali,
      I don’t want to end it, but my post’s keep getting deleted and that’s the truce of the matter. What am I to do? How about me sending you a letter with a special postmark?


  120. To make sure that a youngster finds it and not an adult, why not hide something else and the reward for finding “it” is the box.

    Example: (I’m sure you will know where this comes from)
    How about hiding a golden ticket that has instructions on it for claiming the box. You can place the ticket in a waterproof envelope or container so you can hide it in any location of your choosing. Add a note on the ticket stating that only a youngster 16 and younger can claim it and it must be the property of the kid not the adult.

  121. Looking at the pics of the three respective crosses, I think I see an asterisk, steps, and a ladder.
    To me, these all hint at an area I had already decided on as one worth searching.
    This area is fairly large, as hinted at by the asterisk.
    The steps/ladder signify a small hidey space (about large enough to accommodate just one
    adult person. As always, IMO.

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