Frosty’s Reflections Parts 1-3…

November 2019

By Frosty


Part 1 – Marry the Clues to a Map

Fenn advised searchers “to look for the clues in my poem and try to marry them to a place on a map.”

Solving the nine clues yields nine named geographic locations around Sweetwater Creek in Colorado, all within 10 miles of one another. They are as follows:

where warm waters halt
“Sweetwater Creek”  – Sweet is a related word to warm, though not a direct synonym. It halts at the Colorado River.

the canyon down
“Hell’s Gate” – Down as in down into hell and where it forms a canyon.

the home of Brown
“Riland Creek” – Play on Rhode Island, where Brown University is located. 

it’s no place for the meek
“Lyon’s Gulch” – Play on Lion.

The end is ever drawing nigh
“Tucker Draw” – Tucker as in tuckered out (synonymous with exhausted or done) and draw as in ending in a tie.

heavy loads 
“Deep Creek” – Deep as in heavy, in 60s lingo. 

water high
“Turret Creek” – Turret is synonymous with tower, in other words, high.

the blaze
“Hack Creek” – Hack is a synonym of blaze.

your quest to cease
“Cease Creek”.


Part 2 – The Big Picture

Fenn suggested that searchers “look at the big picture”. A phrase synonymous with seeing the big picture is “connecting the dots”. 

The town nearest the nine locations identified in Part 1 is Dotsero, CO. 

So let’s try our hand at the much-loved children’s puzzle game, connect the dots. Start by taking the nine locations from Part 1 and put a dot on the map for each. For creeks, put the dot at the mouth of the creek. 

Now let’s create our drawing. We will ‘begin it’ at the Sweetwater Creek dot (where warm waters halt is dot 1) and ‘take it in’ to the Hell’s Gate dot (the canyon down is dot 2). With no further instructions, we will continue with this pattern. (“Put in” and “From there” apply to the on the ground phase of the quest.) Continue drawing lines to connect to each subsequent dot. When you reach Turret Creek connect that dot to Deep Creek as those two clues are the only which are connected in one line in the poem. Finish up by connecting to the last dot, dot 9 (Lyon’s Gulch). 

Here is the architected result (note that “Mason Creek” – mason and architect are synonymous – feeds Sweetwater Creek): 


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Part 3 – Adjust the Blueprint

If you have a good imagination you may have seen an airplane in the connect the dots in Part 2. But clearly it is incomplete. Fenn did warn us that his “blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust.”

We are going to have to adjust to complete his blueprint which means we will be bending the rules for connect the dots. To justify doing so, lets look at some of the hints in the poem and see what they may relate to outside of the treasure hunt. 

And hint of riches new and old 
“Irrawaddy Creek” feeds Sweetwater Creek – The Irrawaddy River is located in the southeast Asian country of Myranmar. Irrawaddy translates to “abundance of riches”. The new name for the country is Myranmar. Of old, and when Fenn served in Vietnam, it was known as Burma. [Some of this hint had to be researched so you may choose to discount it.]

And with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where
“Treasures” hints at his bombs and “secret where” were his, at the time, secret bombing runs in Laos.

As I have gone alone in there
Hints at being in the cockpit.

So why is it that I must go
And leave my trove for all to seek?
The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak

“Trove” hints at bombs left on bombing runs. “All to seek” is the VietCong. “Tired” is short for attired which is synonymous with uniformed.

Outside of the poem, Fenn councils that if one is to read only a single chapter from “The Thrill of the Chase” it should be “My War for Me”. That chapter is about a slice of his time as a fighter pilot in Vietnam.

Taken as a whole, these hints point to Fenn’s time in southeast Asia as a pilot and how impactful and formative that time was for him. The hints give us confidence about how to appropriately adjust the blueprint.

First, lets connect dot 9 to dot 1 to form a complete outline of an airplane.


Click to enlarge

The hints also suggest adding a cockpit. We will create the largest one possible by connecting dot 3 to dot 7. 


Click to enlarge

Now that’s a plane!

(Stay tuned for Part 4 – A Dash of Logic)








39 thoughts on “Frosty’s Reflections Parts 1-3…

  1. Hi Frosty;

    Thanks for the solve. Hope that it leads you to Indulgence – Ya might be able to “Fly” right to it – 🙂 – JDA

  2. You’re a big help there Frosty. They say it never hurts to have another set of eyes. You know, a second opinion. I sense that you are close … to the treasure.

  3. Frosty, will part 4 light up an F-100’s logical dash board?

    I appreciate your solution, and imagination…which Fenn said would be helpful.

    Ask yourself why your place would be “very dear” to Forrest.
    IMO that is the litmus test for all Probable solutions.

    Here is what FF said of his spot…
    “I took it out and put it at a very secret, and a very dear place . . . private.”

    (Personally, I still wonder why he used the word “private.” Did he imply secluded or private property?? He chooses carefully, just the right words – IMO in all interviews and written material.

    • I don’t wonder about that. Did FF actually use the word “spot”? Should I
      earnestly research this?

  4. I was once in Rangoon but only at the airport on my way back to Dhaka from Honkers. The armrests on plane were all filthy dirty for some reason probably related to a nationwide ignorance about what nice things should look like.

    There are no riches in Burma, I think.

    • Muset, do ya think the rubies in FF’s chest are Burmese rubies, or from Ruby Valley, Montana near the Madison River?

      Burmese rubies are known to be the finest in the world. I can’t quite figure out if Fenn enjoys having the finest In the world, or the most sentimental, or both.

      • One of my two main search buddies likes to pan for rocks and gold and it annoys the heck out of me while I’m trying to locate the gazillion-dollar chest and he’s off panning for pin-head sized rubies in the Gallatin.

        He plus side is fantastic cooking and a scratch golf game.

  5. What happened to – There’ll be no paddle up your creek?
    There must be a clue in there somewhere….
    Frosty, U Can’t be serious?

  6. >the home of Brown
    >“Riland Creek” – Play on Rhode Island, where Brown University is located.

    Lost me there. Kudos for publishing, though.

    Good luck in the search!


    • I thought it was clever but hoB names creek. Just read next 3 lines, it’s obvious and.fits area, perfectly. Nice job Forrest, the words really do mean what they mean.

  7. Thanks Frosty and dal,
    Keep your nose up and buckle down. No need to wonder about your uncanny polarity with such a well grounded approach. Your chaotic weave seems to have somehow landed us without breaking glass. But then again, my hearing may have been somewhat altered by a beckoning call from distant places.

    • Strawshadow, your blog photo looks IDENTICAL to my backyard’s corner fence with the same trees, and we often have a bobcat jump into our yard hunting bunnies. When I say IDENTICAL, I’m not joking. Where did you take your photo???

      • That’s Zorro, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Ozzy cross. A little bi-polar and an amazing athelete, no need to exxagerate. The picture was taken while on early morning patrol by a redneck relative. It comes as no surprise to me that he could appear in 2 identical places at the same time…best keep the cat in the barn.

  8. Frosty, are you really Forrest undercover and your’er just messing with us? It has been said that Forrest could give out the complete solve and we would all shrug it off.

  9. Ah……what just happened here. Lol! I will say that is a very imaginative solve for sure. Looks like the treasure really is in “plane” sight!

  10. Hi Frosty. This is a cool way to figure out if your solve might work. I found a similar plane to yours last year but had a hard time “marrying” it to a map. My plane looks a bit different bc it includes the footsteps to get into the cockpit.
    It, the plane matches the pic of FF climbing up his plane. (I think you know that pic) He has one foot down and other foot on next step up.
    I think his bent knee, leg up, reminds me of the recent SB where he says 151. That could mean 151 Rum or Captian Morgan. The pirate with his foot on the Treasure Chest! (I was acquainted with that pirate in college,lol) and, of course this goes with his pirate clue.
    So in this line of thought you have to figure which point is pointing to the blaze/chest. Is his bent foot the point of the chest or is the airplane nose point the chest?
    Anyway, this is a good path to follow to try to pinpoint a solve. However, I think he said to find where all the lines intersect. But you have to interpret where HOB might be. I think it’s just above horizon which puts HOB at bent foot climbing into the plane. IMO. Hope this helps.

  11. What’s the chance that the dots connected together would form a plane?
    That’s pretty cool Frosty….pun intended 🙂

  12. Nice, creative solve Frost, but it’s got no arc to it. Glad you’re searching in Co…have you searched the Red Rocks area?

  13. Frosty, I love that you found a Plane. I asked my grandson what he wanted for Christmas and he said “I want big spy plane” 🙂

  14. Frosty – That’s a fun solve. Thanks for sharing!

    I don’t know if you’ve factored this into your solve yet at any point, but did you know that the town of Dotsero is named after Dotsero Crater that looms to the north? I believe that this is the only non-extinct volcano remaining in Colorado. Dotsero Crater got its name from being a high point of reference when the area was first being surveyed and the surveyors designated it as “Dot Zero” which eventually became Dotzero and finally Dotsero before the name solidified and stuck.

  15. I would have switched heavy loads to Turret/bullets are heavy loads. And deep is similar to high water so backwards. HoB was clever. The rest is at best a D. Sorry but honesty is yr best friend here. Line 1 has starting place and.person. line 2 gives you visual from book that matches area. His lines 8-10 are the most clever, imo and are much more clever than what you have. At one.time I had a dot to dot across 3 states that looked like a kite(heavy loads/electric and Ben wise/Franklin and key. It was just coincidence. So is yours. Smart solve though.

  16. So is tarry scant just a throw away, cause a scant in masonry terms is a block of stone sawed on both sides.

    • Clayton;

      And Tarry can mean “tar like” so tarry scant can mean to look for a black stone that is dressed on two sides – like a flagstone or a grave stone. JMO – JDA

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