Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Three…


November, 2019


I had seen the movie, A River runs Through it, but had not read the book. “You should,” my friend said, and she gave me a copy. After only 8 pages a mood came over me and I put the book aside to write this story. It is something I had to do. The book will be there later. 

I Remember Bip

IMG 7503

Our hair is beginning to turn white

He was as close to me as anything could be, my arm for instance. His real name was Bippy, but I can’t imagine why. Perhaps it was given to him when he was just a pup and any flippant designation, applied with a laugh, would fit. You know how humans are around babies. 

As he matured, my little brown dachshund moved off of his pad and into my heart, and even closer if there was such a place. He started sleeping on our bed, and then under the covers. It was nice to awaken in the middle of the night and feel his warmth at my feet. 

Bippy became Bip, and then The Bip, as if the crown jewels had been injected into the name. In my work place he was always under the desk. If I moved an inch, he knew it. When I rose to walk, The Bip was always trotting, 3’ in my trail. 

Once, in Lubbock where we lived, at the time, my wife and I had the occasion to drive from the Red Barn (the name of our art foundry) to visit Glenna Goodacre at her home. We drove about 3 miles through downtown to get there. My little dog was in his usual car-riding spot on the top of my driver’s seat, and behind my neck. 

After a visit with Glenna we were ready to go, but The Bip wasn’t hanging with me, and he was nowhere around that we could see. He had never been to Glenna’s before and it was not like him to wander off into in a strange neighborhood. For three hours we searched, up this street and down that one, all about. He just wasn’t there, and I was sure someone had stolen him, or that he had been hit by a car. I was rife with despair. 

After more hours of circling and looking, we drove back to the Red Barn. And there he was, The Bip, sitting by the front door and wagging his tail if to say, “Where have you guys been?” 

How did he get from there to here, 3 miles through heavy traffic, and red lights, and big trucks? Those are the things that souls are made of. 

Peggy and I were going up the Amazon River when we received a frantic phone call from Santa Fe. A vicious dog had attacked Bip, and he was having trouble. We charted a small pontoon plane, which I think was held together with bailing wire and duct tape, (it had no heading indicator or altimeter) to come land beside our boat, and carry us to Manaus, Brazil, which was 250 miles across the unmapped Amazon jungle where we could catch a flight home.. The Bip saw us and wagged his tail. He quickly recovered. Reunions following near disasters, are wonderful.IMG 7507

In 1981, a friend assisted Bip in writing his autobiography. It’s called Bip, and has his signature on the leather cover. It’s a 30-page fictionalized account of Bip as an artist, and Eric Sloane illustrated it with 7 drawings.

IMG 7508

The book was published at Northland Press in Flagstaff, AZ, in one copy. 

IMG 7509

The book starts out:

I never wanted to tell my story. I think that should be stated at the start. I find most autobiographies rather self-serving. I hated “Doggie Dearest,” which I found highly exploitive, “For Whom the Dog Barks, “Memoirs of a Schnauzer of Pleasure,” “Cheaper by the Litter,” and all of the other volumes I have read over the years have left me cold. I always assumed that my art, not my printed word, would make the world aware that I have been one of the most colorful artists of the American West, Throughout all the years I have been painting, I have naively assumed that somehow my reputation would be discovered through the gallery we operate. But now that I am getting old, I think it is time that I tell the whole story.

At about 13 years, Bip’s muzzle turned white, and he got a cancer on his right fore-arm. It was an ugly balloon looking thing, the size of a cue ball. Our vet just shook his head, a gesture I wasn’t ready to accept. The 2nd vet, a wonderful man named Clint Hughes, said he could operate and fix it. 

IMG 7504

He operated for an hour and he did fix it, and he allowed me to sleep the night in his operating room on the floor beside my little dog. I knew he would be stressed. At about 15 years the terrible malignancy returned, and Clint fixed it again. We were on a roll. 

IMG 7505

Then at 17 years or so, The Bip began to fall apart. His liver failed and he had other problems. His eyes told me he was ready. Clint came out of retirement to help us, and as The Bip went limp in my arms, all of us cried. 

But I wasn’t ready for all of that to happen, and I told Clint I wanted my little dog to spend one last night on my bed, like he had done so many times over the years. “He’s no longer there, his spirit has gone.” Clint said. It was a kick in the gut to me, And I quickly reacted. “Who says he isn’t still there, where is your evidence, please show me your evidence?” Why do we arbitrarily believe things that we’ve been told? Just because someone said it doesn’t make it true.  Throughout the night me and Bip were together in spirit. It was a warm sleep for me. 

The next morning, I wrote The Bip’s biography and placed it in a fruit jar that had a rust-proof lid. My words said what I needed to say, so I signed it with my name and date. 

Then I made small wooden box. The boards were new and the nails were applied with loving care. Then I wrapped Bip in some warm covers and buried him under the big plum tree just outside my office at the gallery. 

Many years later, when we sold our gallery, I moved Bip to a place just outside the bedroom at our new home on the Old Santa Fe Trail.

Chiseled on a flat sandstone slab, and placed atop his little space, are these words, Bip, so long old friend, for now. I just went out and brushed the snow away to see if there was a date. There wasn’t, and I’m glad, because I don’t want to know when he passed away. I just want to remember that, in a real way, he is still with me. fContactThat story is full of reminiscing words and I feel better for having said them. 

Now it’s back to A River Runs Through it, page 9. Thank you S. 








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    • thank you for this entertaining story it reminds me of a dog like BIppy when I WAS searching for indulgence i named him Herculies he was guarding a owl art piece in a yard I left that good old boy alone I was not brave enough to search that spot i know a bite would not serve me well some times you have o let it go thank you and looking foreword to future stories they always touch my heart

      • I always tell my titan i will try to never leave him on this side of the bridge alone and i think its a deal but i know we will part in body some day to soon for me. There is never enough time with all we love. but in spirit i hope we will have forever. but then i think to myself i know the creator will have a good dog like Bip and Titan and so many more by his side. with all that good how could he go wrong god bless us all and them too. im a week soul when death is involved

  1. What an absolutely wonderful story. We lost our boxer at 5-years-old after a cancer formed in her front right paw. We laid the money to have her leg amputated as they said it would prevent the cancer from spreading. Unfortunately, It returned more aggressive in her spine and paralyzed her. It wasn’t long after we had to say our goodbyes, and we all cried as well.

    There is nothing that loves more in this world than the unconditional love from a pet. I lay here and type this as our now Pit/Lab mix lays under the covers, snuggled up against my leg. Warmth only she could bring.

  2. This story hits home for me. My Corgi (Tinker) is 11 years old and has developed a spinal issue and is losing the use of her back legs. We are looking into those wheels for dogs but we know it is a matter of time before we lose her. She is my best buddy and sleeps in bed with me every morning.

    Maybe I’ll help Tinker write her own memoir…


    • We have a young girl named Tinker who looks more like more like a fox than a Border Terrier. She is special because she was born on my husband’s birthday.

  3. Forrest,

    I am so sorry for the loss of Bip. I’ve had two dogs go in mine and my wife’s arms and it was one of the hardest thing to deal with.

    On another note it’s funny that you mention A River Runs through it. My wife and I took our 3 dogs on vacation to the in-laws in Copperas Cove, TX for thanksgiving. On the way back we always take a detour to an old cemetery in Maysfield, TX. During this detour today, I noticed that we went through Temple, TX and I took a 3 minute detour to your old house on Main Street just so I capfuls say that I saw it. I was hoping to see the wire on the left as mentioned in SB 218 but alas it is not there.

    During this trip today we passed an event venue named “The Bend in the River” and I started talking about “A River Runs Through It”.

    What a coincidence.

    Thank you for the Chase Forrest!

  4. Thanks Forrest,
    Its so hard to lose a pet. I just lost my best friend Ty this year. He was my shadow and slept at my feet every night. The problem was , Ty weighed 130 pounds and always stole the blankets.
    Ty was 11 when he died so that’s pretty old for a big dog. There is no coincidence why Dog is God backwards , or why we say mans best friend. A dog will always love you, even when you feel like no one else does. Someone once said that dogs don’t go to heaven because they don’t have souls. Well I have a hard time believing that because “how could it be called heaven without dogs?
    Who knows maybe Ty and Bib are at their big banquet table sharing a bone, if they are, I know they saved us both a seat !

  5. Our animal friends always remind us what unconditional love really is. Beautiful story, thanks Forrest.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your Bip memories with us! All of my dogs are getting some extra hugs tonight after reading this. Enjoy your book and make sure to give Willie some extra love too!

  7. Somewhere beyond the clouds , lit up by the electric glow of man ,…is the stars. I’m told that is where are loved ones look down upon us. Occasionally on a clear night or morning, if we’re looking, they’ll fly by as a shooting star to remind us there still here with us.

  8. There may or may not be a search related hint in there…somewhere, but I am too wrapped up in the emotion of the words to even try to find it.

    • I feel the same way Captain. I don’t even want to look for hints after reading this. Pulls the heart strings!

  9. What a beautiful and heartfelt story. It was hard to hold back the tears. I’m glad you told your story. Thank you.

  10. I have been blessed with many loyal companions over the years and suffered that same trauma as many times.

    If I could ask creation and receive an answer to only one question in this life, it would be, “Why do good and deserving dogs receive such short lives?” -It just doesn’t seem fair.

    The only answer that could possibly satisfy me is that they don’t need as much time to grow their angel wings as most people do.

    • Nice thought. I always felt like they would be back in another dog. But I do believe in reincarnation.

  11. George MacDonald wrote a poem called “The Girl Who Lost Things” and the final stanza reminds us “The Father great of Fathers, of Mothers, Girls and Boys, in His arms his children gathers, and sees to all their toys”

  12. A terrific story, Forrest, and especially timely at Thanksgiving. I always wanted to learn more about Bip, who made such a brief (but memorable) appearance in TFTW.

    A curiosity that doesn’t at all detract from the story, but maybe you’d like Dal to correct: that cast/wrap appears to be on Bip’s ~left~ forearm rather than his right (unless the picture is somehow mirror reversed?) Also, was Eric’s ghost-written book title intentionally misspelled … twice?

    Finally, did you see last Sunday’s Parade magazine? Harry Connick, Jr., was on the cover, and within the pages there is a picture of his mother-in-law Glenna.

    • The story is deep, Zap, but no scuba gear required. Just take a little dip using a snorkel.


    • Zap,

      Might I add, did ya happen to see “The National Dog Show” today on tv?

      There are 7 groups of dogs, and the first group was “The best of group:Terrier.

      The first dog up in this group was the “Russell Terrier”. And the name of that dog was(Drum Roll)… “BLAZE”

      Now Blaze didn’t win that group…the winner was “Blaine”.

      I just wanted to throw that out there. Also seen 333 again. Other than that, I got nothin…

      Deano Bravo

      • My son works for the AKC American Kennel Club and worked at the show that weekend. He lives in Raleigh where the AKC’s headquarters is. I have shown several times in terrier group with my Border Terriers.

      • Hi Deano: as it turns out, I *was* watching the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving morning. I missed the dog named Blaze (hilarious) — I was doing errands around the house and mostly had it on in the background. I did watch much of the herding and sporting groups.

        On a tangentially related topic, I spied an ad in the L.A. Times over last weekend for a (then) upcoming Bonham’s auction: The Eddie Basha Collection — a Selection of Western American Art, which was held November 25th in L.A. Never would have caught my eye except for that name Basha, which I can thank Forrest for exposing me to (SB 181).

        • F is definitely exposing us to a lot lately, I would expect another exposure today – gonna be hard to beat the dog (Bip) SB though.

          Wonder why one vet dr was resigned and the other persistent in helping bip. Diff attitudes can make a huge difference.

          “It’s your attitude, attitude, that makes you what your are!” I’m sure bip was happy to get the extended mile warranty. 🙂

          Thx Fenn – keep looking on the bright side of life!

  13. I remember as a child reading “Old Yeller” and crying so deeply at the end. Your real life story about Bip was very touching. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  14. I am crying. Forrest I understand!
    My Calico Cat Pearl ( in Pet contest)
    She died almost 2 years ago. I’m still missing her everyday. Its painful. She was a smart, beautiful girl!
    Don’t you think she was beautiful?
    She was my best friend on many cold nights!
    Wow I just realized today is the 10th anna. Of my mothers passing. Omg

  15. Dear Forrest, You’ve created the most original rollercoaster ride within a whirlwind. It was very difficult to read beyond half of your SB, through my falling tears. I can’t say much more here, because it’s to personal, except sadly, All have their time and place in the Lords hands, here and after.

  16. Who ever called them pets, never really bonded with then. They are not pets, they are family. Every cat, and dog I owned I have loved, and missed with their passing. Each had their own personality, their own humor, and their own place in my life. I always thought it was because I never had any children, but life has shown me other wise. Just like your story Forrest, even though you have two beautiful and loving daughters, many grand children, you have shown our little companions hold their own place in us. Even though they are gone their memories weigh warm upon our hearts.

  17. That book is a nice tribute. This story also. I once found a large post driven into the ground with a rock pile out in the backwoods. It dates back 100 years or so. On it is inscribed simply, Little Wonder. I have been back there several times since to just sit there. I don’t now why but it feels like I could have known them. It is a calming place. g

    • My husband visits our little graveyard a lot. Even our goat Sheldon is buried there with the dogs. The first dog buried on our property was named George but I called him Pie. A distinguished gentleman from England with a goofy side.

  18. Dogs have been a big part of my life as it seems yours.

    And I knew just as surely, just as clearly, that life is not a work of art, and that the moment could not last.

    Thank you Forrest.

  19. Forrest,

    You can bet your sweet Bippy that all dogs go to heaven. Very touching story. Brushing the snow off his sandstone plaque surely brought him a smile.

  20. Forrest are you doing some house cleaning because this is the second photo of Bip in the latest stream of SBs. Isn’t that Bip in the Office photo in SB 215? I do the same all the time. As soon as I find photos,I get carried away reminiscing and before I know it the cleaning is left for another day.
    Or should I be just listening good for the Beep out there somewhere.: )

  21. Thanks Forrest. The part where you slept with Bip reminds me of a short story. I remember one night when I was young, perhaps six or seven. I was thinking and scared about the prospect of dying some day and what that all meant. I asked my father what would happen if it were to happen to me. He told me that he would take my dead body and carry it up a hill where he would construct a tepee. He said he would then place me in there and sleep with my body overnight. I can’t remember if he said anything about what would happen in the morning but it didn’t really matter because that did the trick and I was no longer scared at all. Years later in college I would share this story with my classmates as it was part of my inspiration for a chapel project I was designing, a sort of kiva. A few years ago I asked him if he remembered this story he told me back then and he said he did not. So I don’t know if he really said all that or if it came to me in a dream or some other way. Your recent scrapbooks speak to me. I’m just a tiny portion Native American, Menominee, through my father’s side. I like to think this is my best part though.


  22. A man and his best buddy. A warrior and his wingman. A soldier who has seen too much lies on the floor to give comfort. You are so right, the eyes will tell you even if you don’t want to believe. I thank you, through my tears,for sharing your love and your pain. Paulette

  23. ” Memories…..misty water colored memories….of the way we were” The fires that warm us are not always in the hearth…..but in the heart. For this I am truly grateful. Thanks Forrest for the boost up so I could see over the garden wall. -guy-

  24. I wish I knew such loyalty.
    Not the pet kind — I have known that.
    The man kind.
    One in a gazillion …?
    I think not.
    Just one.
    Just that single one.
    Lovely. You are able to paint emotion with very few consonants and almost now vowals.
    Thank you.

  25. I’ve never told anyone about Sugar and Amerella being put in the boxes I made for each of them as they passed on. I didn’t want to hear people question my level of sanity for doing so. Because to most, they are “ just dogs”. They would just tell me their story of how we should just throw’em in a bag and drop’em in a hole and be done.
    We couldn’t afford special stones for our loved ones so we planted beautiful hydrangea that have this deep blue blaze of color when they bloom every year. They are side by side. Every now and then I can hear them playing together in the yard and running up and down the fence line barking at would be intruders that like to steal acorns and magnolia blooms out of the trees.
    Thank you for your story Maj. Fenn. You made that a lot easier for me. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  26. Forrest,

    I inherited a black farm cat when I moved in. The family said Lizzy was at home there and asked us if we would mind if she stayed. I said it’s ok with me and got to know Lizzy the folliwing day. I’d sit on the porch and feed her. I told her that she was okay, and I wouldn’t let anything or anybody hurt her. The deal was struck.

    About 5 months later she became ill. We took her to the vet twice but it got worse. I was delivering a load in my truck and I got a call from home that Lizzy wasn’t doing well so I made a beeline for home and loved on her fit 10 minutes or so and had to leave. Lisa had to have her put down shortly after.

    When I got back home, I sat with her for an hour or so, sobbing. I made a wooden box for her. Lined it with a big soft towel. Placed her in it and drove to my mother’s house. I carried Lizzy in the house and set her box on the table.

    Mom walked in from the living room and I said to her, through my vale of tears, “Mom, I’d like you to meet my kitty, Lizzy. I always talked about my new found friend to my Mom. We wept.

    I buried her in her favorite spot, under the Yew under the picture window. I couldn’t save her.

    Man I loved that cat…

    And Forrest, I’m tired….and I’m so sorry for your loss Sir.


    • You did a good job with that cat, George. The owners were probably wise to know that outside cats are actually more territorial than dogs and often do not adjust well to a new place. Maybe they wanted Lizzy to be comfy in her last days.

  27. Great SB Forrest, Erics drawings are so adorable. I would love to read more personal stories like this please, if it’s not too much to ask.
    I’m going to go water my plants now.

  28. A dogs only flaw is that their time on earth is too short. Now I’ll go back to chopping onions…

  29. I know it’s been awhile since Bip’s passing. But if you’re like me, that loss lingers long afterward.

    We just finished a 26 day cruise that included a four day ride up the Amazon to Manaus, Brazil. I’m thankful we no longer have any beloved pets or family emergencies because it’s not a place from which I would care to catch a flight home. Our beloved golden retriever passed three years ago and we are still so heartbroken that we’ve never had the heart to “replace” her.

    Not being tied down afforded us the opportunity to extend our trip another 22 days from the Amazon down the East coast of South America, around Cape Horn and we are now going North through the Chilean Fjords, without too much guilt.

    Our treasures are the memories of places we’ve been, experiences, beloved pets, family and good friends who have made an impact on our lives, hopefully making us better humans in the end.

    We have a lot to be thankful for.

  30. That was a hard one to read Forrest, having just recently lost my golden retriever, Nugget…..

  31. Who says animals don’t have souls? We all have egos, or souls and often when our loves ones are gone they are not gone at all but right beside us. Those of us who feel it strongly enough will feel them close beside us. But I do feel that there is a Ground or God, or Dog, or whatever it is called where all things come from that eventually all things go back to. We don’t live forever, even in death, but that’s OK, we don’t really understand what nothing actually is. It’s just something at a deeper level than something. What is actually sacred.

  32. A friend of mine had a dog that she thought had been reincarnated, because she was certain that she had owned the same dog some years before. Well many years later, after the dog had passed away for the second time. I was driving on a dirt back road in the Sierra’s, came around a turn and there was the dog standing on the side of the road looking at me, I recognized him in an instant. I became a believer too.

          • I do not. It’s all about math. Just think about the reincarnation thing taking into account the numbers. So for you guys, we all on Earth are the reincarnation of past souls. And how all that started? Non sense.

          • I’m not saying I’m a believer, but I bet I could write an equation that would support reincarnation.

          • AKB–

            Incredible! A friend of mine when I was a child died but had said ”
            In my next life I will write an equation that supports reincarnation”. Do you think you might be him?

  33. As I read your story, my twelve year old Welsh terrier enjoyed her daily morning creamed coffee on fingertips. The love and personality of a loyal dog creates a special everlasting niche, filled with joys and pains within our souls. For this invaluable service we owe them the best care we can afford to give. You definitely did all and more for The Bip, Forrest. One day you’ll joyfully meet mid span on the rainbow bridge. There are those who’d dismiss such ideas as “nonsense”—and sadly their lives will never know such riches.
    Thanks for reminding us with Bip’s story.

  34. Wow, Forrest. You found my weak spot. I’m a sucker for dog stories, and the sad ones like this generate a river of tears pouring from my eyes until I ask when the warm waters will halt. My dogs have always been my babies and best friends. My best consolation is knowing I will see them again, and that we will have an opportunity to dip our toes in the river where the warm waters halt.

    I can sense there are many layers to this scrapbook. Indeed, it runs deep. I think, like BIP with his favorite bone, we will be chewing on this one for a long while.

    The movie, A River Runs through It is one of my favorites. I, too, have only seen the movie, but after reading the first page of the book online, I am hooked, and plan to read it soon (between scrapbooks, of course).

    From a preview of the book, I found out it begins with the line, “In our family, there was no clear line between religion and fly fishing ( p. 1) and ends with “I am haunted by waters.” I think most searchers would agree with that statement.

    My intuition tells me, however, that Indulgence is not in Montana or near any of the rivers mentioned in the book or movie.

    However, there is a gold-medal river which runs through the country where Indulgence rests where the Native Americans and the buffalo once roamed. But to find it we will have to use that secret that you have hinted at previously in TTOTC and a prior scrapbook about the sweetgrass braids. We will need to braid the lines of the poem in strands of 3. Like you, we must become weavers of words, most especially the word that is key. Thank you, Forrest and S.

  35. .
    Sometimes life is almost too big, and short. Thanks for the wonderful story, Forrest. Best wishes to you and your family, and all here.

  36. All life with tight bonds will share a piece of spirit and take a piece of spirit when it’s time.He will remember you always,He has his peace.

  37. It’s strange how an animal can capture our soul and make us fuse together with them in spirit.
    There has never been a bonding as close to our hearts as that of an animal. I’d like to believe God intended it that way, to completely fill that corner of our hearts that can only be filled with a pet.
    Thank you for sharing apiece of your heart, Mr. F.

  38. Sniff Snuffle, darn you Forrest………. 🙂

    Ah crap, now I gotta go out and get “The River Runs Through It”.
    Ok, pages 8&9 are where the clues are, got it!!!
    Thanks Forrest, Love You!

    Pauley T

    • I don’t have the book, so I have no idea what’s in the first 8 pages, but I wonder why f would even mention a specific page number he stopped at? He could have easily said “part way through reading it” or something of that nature.

      • Addendum: apologies, the first few pages are missing, but those are easier to find online.

        • It’s a fantastic intro to a fantastic book. There is more there than just The Chase. But that’s there too. IMO

          It feels personal to me because I have many brothers, we are all tough, and we all like to fight.

          And after all the pieces of all the broken Corona bottles hit the floor, sometimes there’s laughter. Hands are shaken and the replays are told blow by blow.

          But the truth almost always stays in the bar. Who won, who started it. It doesn’t matter. What matters is who was there. Who stayed. Who dared to be a part of it when it was still hard to do? If even in a small way.

          Everything else gets lost to time. Everyone else is forgotten.

  39. What a heartfelt beautiful story. I’ll put the mention of A River Runs Through It and where it is and where the Fly Fishing was for my own later review.

    I too have a 20 year old cat. His name is Ringy. Yes, Ringy II actually. He is our sweet old boy. Tenderly loved part of our pack our litter our home. Even when he pees the bathroom floor if his box is dirty. Cats are like that. At 20, our beloved Ringy can do what he wants. If he protests the dirty box then hey, clean it up like it was nothing.

    Funny thing about Ringy gettin old. The older he gets the more in love and tender we become with him. Each day is cherished. I come home from work asking and calling where he is. In truth, part of it is I’m worried he is still alive. The other part is gratefulness he is.

    The first Ringy was a small black Persian that used to like to come sit in our window when my son was small. She would come running from her house two doors down to play and visit my son when he was out in the yard. He called her Ringy because she wore a bell on her collar and it rang as she came up to see us. He was 5 and so if he wanted to call her Ringy then Ringy it was!
    Eventually she just moved right into the house, right into our hearts, and slept in my 5 year old sons bed every night. In the morning before he left for school and I for work she would politely and patiently ask to go out for the day until we came home. Til One day she came home all beat up real bad. It seems a neighbor didn’t like cats and decided to make lunch meat out of her with their work boots. The internal damage was so great we had to put her down. It was devastating and left an ever lasting deep dark powerful detestation for a neighbor that did not like pets. My son (nor I) have ever recovered from that fateful day or the way that sweet little cat ended her time with us.

    I told my son he could get another cat. For 6 months solid he bantered about the new cat. It had to be like Ringy though a black persian. An all black long haired kitten is not easy to find. We visited both pet stores the SPCA trying to find a new pet. Even tried to get him a dog. But he was relentless. It had to be just like her.

    One day after work I stopped in at Walmart on the way home from work. I took the bus back and forth to work and had just missed it. So I had half an hour to mull about before the next one came. As I went in the side door to the mall I past a pet store. In the window were 9 black Persian kittens. A Persian and a Siamese mix. but all jet black long hair and fluffy. These kittens were unique as they all had coloured eyes. Some green, some blue and some like tigers eyes. There was one little guy that sat up above all the others all by himself. I liked him and thought he was the one. But I was not the final say person here. That would be my son. So I went home got my son and brought him back to pick one out.

    At first he chose one with green eyes. I was disappointed but then again it was his choice. Until they took him out of the cage and the kitten proceded to claw up his arm like a wild animal ripping his coat. My son was distraught and I suggested the little one with beautiful tiger eyes. He did not like that one as much but they took him out and the little guy cuddled up to my son immediately and stole his heart. (he already had mine (my heart) before my son got there so I was delighted in his choice)

    So we brought him home set up a bed he played very gently with my son. The house was alive again. Only one thing remained. What were we going to call him? It’s your choice I said to my son.

    Without hesitation he simply replied: It’s Ringy II

  40. I think it’s a story about change, the inevitable change Forrest and Dal will experience when treasure hunt is over. Something’s are only here temporarily, and they can stay with us in our hearts and memories. Ultimately we as people are only mortals in the chase of life and are not in charge,… With that being said something is. We get to have experience, but are also given a brain with memories.
    I’m grateful for pip and the experience it brought to Forrest, in addition to the story being shared.

    • I like the way you think Jason.

      I think it’s also about the nature of knowing. How do we know things? How do we define facts?

      When everyone has a different version of truth, how do we find the undercurrent of possibilities?

      I think there is a lot of relevant Chase related clues here. Clearly a carefully crafted story.

    • It’s not a story about the evitable change coming to Forrest and Dal – think a little deeper ..

      ~ B .. ~

  41. Like many others, I have just finished reading the story of “The Bip” with tears in my eyes.

    Anyone who has not shared the love of a pet has not lived, they have merely existed.

    For me, it was “Little Bit.” Not sure what she was, a Tibetan Terrier perhaps – but it made no difference what her lineage was. I did not have Little Bit in my life for 17 years, but we shared a wonderful 13 years together. Like The Bip, Little Bit shared my bed in her latter years.

    Like The Bip, if I was there, so too was Little Bit. We were inseparable. Little Bit developed some heart problems – like me. The vet said that it sounded like an old Maytag washing machine – clunk, clunk, kerchunk.

    Checking the mail was one of the things that she and I did together 6 days a week. One day, we headed out on our chore. Little Bit lagged behind a bit, and then, when I looked back, she was on her side. I rushed to her side, and felt that she was gone. I lovingly picked her up, and carried her into the house – tears streaming down my cheeks. I lovingly held her – – – and then she moved. She was not gone. She had not yet finished her job of giving me her unconditional love.

    About six weeks later, I knew that it was her time. We took her to our loving vet, and she helped us show Little Bit the road to the other side. This was on December 22, 2015.

    The next day, December 23, 2015 was when I first learned about “The Thrill of the Chase.” The Chase gave my life purpose. We have added two new friends into out family – Snuggles and Mis’ Pip. Try as they might, they have not yet been able to fill the void left by Little Bit in my heart – but they try valiantly. The Chase has given me purpose, and my two new friends delight me every day, but I often think of Little Bit, and long for the day that we will be buddies together again – JDA

  42. My dog’s soft tongue, my cat’s sandy tongue
    living memories from when I was young
    Barks and purrs from soulmates furred
    A place where lines between me and nature blurred.

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Love life

    Thank you Forrest.

  43. Such a beautiful story. And some great comments and shares. There’s no deeper bond then unconditional love – no judgement, no expectations. Just the pure enjoyment of knowing it is.

    Thanks for sharing Forest. And “A River Runs thru it” is my all time favorite on so many levels. Not one to watch a movie more then once (you know what happens.What’s the “thrill” in that!) But this one is different. Each time I see it, another deeper aspect is revealed to me.

    If you so do care to, please do a SB on this great story (memorie) by Norman Maclean. I would love to know your feelings on it. It seems to me that you would be able to relate in many ways. Until then… to the book store!

  44. Wow, this was heart-wrenching. All of us who have ever really loved a dog as part of our family (part of our very soul) can feel for this story!!! But you also spent enough time around Ind. people to know that every nation believes that the soul lingers around (for differing amounts of days), and that’s why you feed them (so your vet’s culture might not know it, but ours does :)). You did the right thing. And of course you and the Bip will have an eternity together – the separation is just for now. But boy, is it hard! It’s coming up on a year for my soul-mate Tyke (not to mention the kids I had before), and it’s rough. Nobody said it would be easy! Hugs from afar.

  45. Forrest – Beautiful story and tribute. Whether this is the true source of BIP’s name, or not, I will always think his name stands for: Bery Important Person.

    Was Sherry Brown the ‘S’ who referred “A River Runs Through It” to you?

    Loved that book. And the movie. And the book, “Shadowcasting”, written by the fly fishing guides who helped to choose the fishing locations. And who helped Brad Pitt to keep it real (or, ‘reel’?) in those awesome scenes. Hats off to Robert Redford for bringing Norman Maclean’s beautiful story to life.

          • Alsetenash – Looking for ARRTI parallels to this scrapbook, using the litchart link above:

            “During World War I, Maclean, who was too young to fight, worked in logging camps in a national forest. He attended Dartmouth College and then the University of Chicago, where he received a doctorate in English and became a professor of poetry and Shakespeare.”

            That was for you, AkB. Giggles.

            But, seriously, folks,…

            The link mentioned that Norman Maclean didn’t begin his writing career until the age of 70. Forrest began writing books pretty late, also. Alternatively, BIP began painting early; probably around the age of 10-11 years old. And ARRTI was autobiographical. Just like BIP was, and so we’re Forrest’s treasure related books.


          • Alsetenash – Ok, so ‘IT’ is where to begin? Underneath Where Warm Waters Halt?:

            Then he told me, “In the part I was reading it says the Word was in the beginning, and that’s right. I used to think water was first, but if you listen carefully you will hear that the words are underneath the water.”
            “That’s because you are a preacher first and then a fisherman,” I told him. “If you ask Paul, he will tell you that the words are formed out of water.”
            “No,” my father said, “you are not listening carefully. The water runs over the words. Paul will tell you the same thing.”

            Sounds like they are having a discussion, here on HOD.

          • Alsetenash – Um, does this kinda sound like it fits with the Poem?:

            “Paul proposes that beforehand, he and Norman take the day off to fish the “big river,” which they both know refers to the powerful Big Blackfoot with its many powerful fish. Its headwaters are on the Continental Divide, near a mine where the lowest temperature in the continental United States was officially recorded at 69.7 degrees below zero. Much of the Blackfoot was created instantly, when an enormous glacial lake (covering today’s Montana and Idaho) broke its ice dam—the biggest flood in history that has geological proof behind it. The Blackfoot is a difficult place for trout to live, since the water is so swift and powerful, but it’s the river the brothers know best, having fished it since the beginning of the 20th century.”

            Can’t wait to read Forrest’s autobiography, inside that sealed olive jar in the bronze chest. I just want his secret fly fishing locations.

            Where do you think BIP secreted his favorite bones? Anyone? Did BIP consider other animals who might dig them up? Could BIP retrieve his most treasured bones in any weather? How did BIP remember where they were?

            And why did BIP feel the need to write his autobiography, just when he did, in 1981?

            So many parallel themes…


          • Thank you for the link, Lisa. The past couple days I’ve been thinking about this scrapbook and “A River Runs Through It” first few pages. I wonder what it was in those first few pages, if it truly was the reason, that had Mr. Fenn come across the feeling/mood which made him write this scrapbook about Bip. I’ve read your reasonings and found them interesting, yet I still wonder. Was there something in those pages that triggered this memory? Did this mood just hit him because it did without the book? It’s a beautiful scrapbook.

          • Lisa. Are any of your supplied quotes from the book within the first 8 pages?
            Did you get my humour eluding to the old saying ,”I don’t know my but from page 8″?
            Or the other, military code form mentally unfit – section 8?

            How about this: “A River runs Through it”. What if he is insinuating—Poker?!Texas Hold’em ? A River is the 5th card of the flop after the Turn(4th). He’s from Texas and wants to hold Bip for one last sleep at his home at the Sante Fe Trail.

            And/ Or:

            “And I quickly reacted. “Who says he isn’t still there, where is your evidence, please show me your evidence?” Why do we arbitrarily believe things that we’ve been told? Just because someone said it doesn’t make it true.”

            If a searcher thinks they know where it is . Talks it up that they are some Lead Searcher and/or says they solved it all yadda yadda yadda. Then show your evidence? Supply your proof?In the end the last card, the River, will ultimately run through the bluffs at your next turn- The Proof of who is holding the best hand. Anything before the turn is a Flop and after your turn the river runs through it. No matter the bluff, it’s the river that determines the proof.

            I dunno anything for sure, but I enjoy trying to decode these SB’s . I have a couple of other ways to look at this one.

            The story itself is a good story and it could just be that of what it is too.

            I dunno.


          • Alsetenash
            Why would Mr. Fenn confront a mythical Lead Searcher about a false solve in a Scrapbook? Perhaps it’s a bit deeper than you think!

          • Boatman. Not a confront was I inferring. But rather possibly that of meaning :that a truth is only proven by evidence and not in the hearsay of opinions. A person may think they are correct but without any evidence provided ,to show as a fact, then there’s simply no proof positive . Essentially, just a lot of noise.

            Im just sharing some deciphering potentials as opinions.


        • In a rare occurrence, I’m going to have to disagree with Als… why can I never remember how to spell your name?

          Anyways, truth exists regardless of evidence. Belief requires evidence in most cases, but never truth.

          The truth is, truth is true. And correct. And actually spot on. Because that is the word we have chosen to represent such things.

          It is true that there is no direct evidence to the existence of a black hole. We can’t even see them because light can not escape their grasp and light is how we see. Everything we think we know about them are inferred from other phenomena. Educated guesses and theories that have yet to be proven or unproven.

          Yet there they are. That’s a truth.

      • We have the book and will do a show tonight on it, in case you want to hear a summary and some other little tid bits 🙂 It will be on the Hint of Riches YT channel. 🙂

    • Forrest – When you mentioned the movie, you spelled the title as follows:

      “A River runs Through it”

      When you mentioned Norman Maclean’s story, you wrote:

      “A River Runs Through it”

      Are the story and movie different, in reference to ‘runs/Runs’ and ‘it’? I think in the actual story/movie titles, all words are in caps. But, I will go check. And I will look at page 9 of the book, here at the library. Because I never fail to look under the river rocks; especially when that is where Norman Maclean said the ‘words’ lie.

      That last scene in the movie was filmed on the Gallatin River in Montana, pretty close to the take out of a whitewater rafting company. The book refers to the Blackfoot River in Montana.

  46. Sorry Aardvarkbark,

    I can’t agree with you on two counts, 1. Not everyone should have a dog. Some are just not ready for the responsibility and some are just not dog people. 2. In SB 222 Forrest says “have faith” 3 times (and I always try to apply what he says in the SBs to the Chase). He also says he loves a happy ending, so I am continuing to have faith that someone is going to find that chest before Forrest’s 90th birthday.

  47. “Who says he isn’t still there? Where is your evidence? Please show me your evidence!”

    I think that is an especially important piece of the puzzle. I think a lot of us are very protective of our solves and our belief in them blinds us to possibilities that could make or break them.

    But it’s a special time of year now. No searching for a while and Magic is filling the air.

    I think it’s time to revisit ideas that were discarded over the summer.

  48. Forrest and Fellow Searchers,

    Lend me your imagination for a moment. Have you ever considered the evidence for parallel universes and how that might affect the Chase? If you want to explore the concept of parallel universes, go to In other words, in another universe the chest might already have been found, or it might be hidden in a different spot. Bip might be just a pup and Forrest a handsome young musician or living out those other things he didn’t get to do in this universe.

    Then there’s also the idea of eternal recurrence on this Earth. In this scenario, the Chase would take place over and over again, with the same outcome. Maybe the finder should include these scenarios in their movie. Though I don’t subscribe to Nietzsche’s philosophy, I think he expressed this idea best,

    “Fellow man! Your whole life, like a sandglass, will always be reversed and will ever run out again, – a long minute of time will elapse until all those conditions out of which you were evolved return in the wheel of the cosmic process. And then you will find every pain and every pleasure, every friend and every enemy, every hope and every error, every blade of grass and every ray of sunshine once more, and the whole fabric of things which make up your life. This ring in which you are but a grain will glitter afresh forever. And in every one of these cycles of human life there will be one hour where, for the first time one man, and then many, will perceive the mighty thought of the eternal recurrence of all things:- and for mankind this is always the hour of Noon” ( Notes on the Eternal Recurrence – Vol. 16 of Oscar Levy Edition of Nietzsche’s Complete Works (in English).

    Just an exercise in imagination. I think it’s good to flex that muscle once in a while. Of course, many will disagree, and scientists are still debating, but I, for one, choose to believe.

    • I’ll believe with you. Only, I like to think of those other me’s as wholly different from this me.

      Even a me whose only difference was a full head of hair past the age of 25 would surely have at least a little more swagger in his step. That me might be even more arrogant than this me.

      I don’t think my wife would like that guy very much.

    • Or maybe we have to continually relive the present until we get it right.

      This is the age of awakening. Unless we awaken to the truth which stands right in front of us, that ghost of the past might go on haunting us forever.

      Deep thought, right?

  49. Awe Forrest, you just hit a real soft and sore spot in my heart.
    Ya see I had to put my buddy down back in March. Or was that April?
    Bubby was a pompoddle, All jet black with a white blaze from his neck to his belly.

    When I was forced to retire by my medical condition I thought I was going to lose my mind.
    During the first year of sitting at home alone, my brother in a moment of wisdom stopped by one day and presented me with this black furball. His given name was Tyler.
    The funny thing was he never really liked that name, one day I was headed outside and said ” come on buddy ” Well Bubby looked at me and tipped his head sideways. Ummmm, interesting I thought. And so my quest for a name Bubby liked began.

    I tried Butch and got a bored yawn, tried Bob and he just rolled on to his back and went to sleep. Ummmm, this interesting. Later on, I tried Bill… He just sat there and looked at me as if to say you just don’t get it. Days passed as I pondered this conundrum. Out in the back yard tending my humble garden, my cell phone rang. A friend wanted to stop by and have me take a look at his car. Bubby was wondering the yard under my watchful eye. As our conversation wound down I said ” sure thing bub ” in response to a question. Bubby’s head snapped around.

    Ahhh ha! After hanging up, I tried something. Hey, bub! Tyler’s head snapped around as if to say you are close. Ok, Bubby I give up, he came running to my side and jumped up on my leg wanting to be petted. Eureka! And ever since he was bubby. We had a lot of adventures together. He loved the trip from Mi to SoCal. The desert fast became his new home full of interesting smells. Although his physical form is no longer with me, he still lives in my heart and mind.

    Thanks Forrest

  50. It must be pretty annoying to have everything one writes run through the analytical mill of treasure hunters and gold panners.

    • Would it be though? There’s something romantic about the whole process. It gives The Chase more immediacy.

      I would think the process of writing, being analyzed, analyzing the analysis, rewriting to add more oomf, I think all of that would become a treasured piece of one’s life. And it would certainly be missed once it was gone, no matter how annoying some of the moments became.

    • I don’t see it that way at all OS2. I think almost all searchers have a deep respect for Forrest and his wonderful stories. There are many heart-felt comments from searchers showing their appreciation for each and every one he shares.

      But most also know ff is a multifaceted person. His stories are real, and so is his unique way of intertwining some thought provoking hints. At least IMO. And what if I’m, and so many others, are wrong? Can you give me one negative that comes from that conclusion? I see many positives. There is a vast amount of knowledge learned thru researching “what-ifs”, imagination is sometimes summoned way beyond what I would normally conjure up, and maybe even the most important is people sharing their thoughts on not just the “treasure”, but every other aspect in life one can think of.

      Doesn’t matter if there are hints or not, it only matters if you think there are. Now why is something like that sounding familiar?

      • Ya, I’m sure Forrest wants to share such a personal, private, moment from his life and that of a beloved, loyal, friend only to have his true feelings, and reasons for sharing a cherished memory, be dissected like a pack of hyenas tearing into their latest victim. It’s easy to discern who has a deep respect for Forrest and his wonderful stories and who may not. IMO. Keep sharing your life experiences with us Forrest.

    • It’s a treasure hunt site pal, it’s what we do. I feel this site is full of way too little actual talk of the hunt than others. Funny you see it differently…

  51. Sometimes the “evidence” is circumstantial and you just have to go with your gut feeling.

    Why do cats get 9 lives? I have a black lab named reggie (actually Regulus Desimus Meridius Black) his dads name was Shaq…ha! We love him, but he is slowing down at age 11. Maybe I should get a cat and have him split his 9 lives with him…both get 4.5 lives….that works for me.

    Bip…if I reverse that…he’s mr Pib.


    • I agree. I’d act on a feeling in my gut over a fact that I was told any day of the week.

    • I like your thought Jmeils. Seems like Forrest lived most of his life that way and I think he did just fine. 😉

  52. Thank You Forrest, for sharing your sentiments on Bip. And how we treasure our time with our long time companions. My red Chow mix will be 17 in May if she can hold on that long. We named her Dottie, in short for a Russian word meaning Daughter as my wife and I only had boys to raise. But I’m gonna hold on to her and cherish the time with her until we get to that intersection.

    As far as the book goes, l ordered it online today. It should arrive soon. That will give me time to finish a book my mom passed along to me after Thanksgiving Dinner. My mom picked it up on our trip out west this past Summer. Although I’m only a quarter of the way through the book, it’s got me hooked. Ivan Doig has a writing style that I recently become accustomed to. The name of the book is Last Bus to Wisdom. So far, its a good read. I would recommend to all.

    Another recommendation is for the armchair searchers who haven’t left the couch yet. Start planning next year’s vacation. Even if you don’t find the treasure, You will come home richer for having doing so. Isn’t that what Forrest designed this Magnificent Chase to be. I don’t regret going, I had the time of my life, and if you didn’t go means you didn’t see it. But whatever you do, Do Not try to explain the dynamics of Canasta in a live stream chat room! Things can go south in a hurry.

    Thank You Again Forrest, I’ll be out there again.

    Larry S.

  53. Mr. Fenn, sure loves his animals…like Bessie!
    Nice, and compassionate mr. Fenn is.
    Love the pictures, there was a time,I was so close to a dog… black and white, boxer of a dog. It wouldn’t come to me… really upset me! I wanted that dog, beautiful dog! I wonder what happened to that dog, I do to this day! Pets can be so wonderful. Loyal, unconditional love…I hope to see that dog again and pet it!
    Thank you Mr. Fenn for the SB, it reflex’s your soul!
    Thank you Dal.

  54. I think Forrest is just saying, what A River Runs Through it is saying. We can really learn from our pets, we care and love them even though all they can offer us is Love in return. Isn’t that the true meaning of simple joy in life. Maybe that’s why Forrest always ask how much do you want for your dog. You can judge a person by how much they care for the simple pleasures of life. There is value in some things that cannot be measured in dollars.

    • TT,

      The storyline behind the poem speaks volumes. Johnny Carson was a staple in our house. I loved JS and I can honestly say that I remember seeing that show! I don’t remember if I cried that night, but, (tongue-in-cheek) YA JERK, I did this time!

      Rich Little was a big influence on me. I can do a pretty good Jimmy Stewart, but I’m no Jimmy Stewart.


  55. I cried for three hours last night.

    I dislike when people call their dogs fur babies. That is not what they are. It is an insult to the very core of what they are. Dogs are everything that we wish we could always be. Intelligent, brave ,even hard as nails when it counts, loyal, soft and warm, highly trainable, and I can’t even name them all.

    Just always remember how majestic they really are.

  56. I lived in Brazil for six months back in the nineties. Wow the people were so friendly until they got behind the wheel of an automobile. They did not respect pedestrians so nobody walked anywhere except for me when I lived there.

    I accidentally kept the key to room 201 at the Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio where lunch by the pool back then cost $60 to impress my girlfriend. I always think about Barry Manilow’s song when I remember that place, even though Barry’s song occurred in Florida somewhere.

    Later that day half way to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain she told me that Boy George is probably smarter than me and the rest of the trip was ruined.

  57. BIP = Your “Berry important Pal” Forrest, and isn’t that just the way you would say it to a puppy:-)

    My favorite childhood dog was Molly Brown, our miniature schnauzer. She slept under the covers, and loved to hike with me and dad in the Rockies at our home in Helena, Mt. On summer evenings my dad would whistle towards the neighbors yard and here came 2 more “pals” Fred & Waldo, Molly’s hiking buddies. Fred was a cow dog and Waldo a St. Bernard. Our pals trotted along many trails through the ponderosa pines with Dad and me. I miss all of them.

    Now we enjoy our son’s dog River running through our home. He’s a small, black rescue dog, with a white blaze down his chest. We all agree that River is the most intuitively kind friend we’ll ever know.

    As far as “A River Runs Through It” Norman McLean could have written it about my own family, except that we were Lutherans and usually went fishing or skiing rather than attending church. Five generations of fly fishermen have fished the Big Blackfoot River which ran through our meadow, and the Dearborn River near Wolf Creek. My father taught my sons and husband the cadence of a fly rod along the Gallatin River on a gentle sandbar near Storm Castle. I was married at the Montana Club in Helena (page 8), and unfortunately I’ve watched alcohol ruin lives and break hearts. Fighting with fists wounds physically but fighting with words damages the soul.

    Because of Montana’s rugged beauty that I’m lucky to know intimately, and because I have very few hang ups about God (no religion in the way) I can’t imagine there isn’t a loving Creator. One who gave us the magnificent outdoors to enjoy, and dog pals to prove that unconditional love is possible. Thank you God for loving pets and Nature’s beauty.

    • Elon Musk,

      In order for that to happen, you would have to know EXACTLY where Indulgence is resting. Quite bit of snow covering nearly all of the search states…good luck with that!

      But with that being said, enjoy your winter, next to a nice warm fire, because..

      Can we get some movement, started here?

      Gonna be a long winter in the Rockies….


  58. A very big thank-you to you, Forrest, for being so specific about those page numbers. Now my mind is at peace for the first time in a long time!

  59. The Bip sounds wonderful. Truly a unique spirit with so much love given. and received

    Thanks as always for sharing, Ff

  60. I also just recently lost a pet so this story tugs at my heartstrings as well.

    Thank you for sharing, Forrest.

    • Sarah B,

      I’m sorry for your loss. Our pets are like a young child, they’re just innocent creatures whom depend us. Forrest is for sure tugging on our heartstrings….like a Master-of-Puppets!!!


    • Cowlazars, tell Kpro that a Bulldog named, Thor won best in show on this Thanksgiving’s Day Dog Show.

      • David Nough,

        Sure did! And the owner dropped to the seat of his pants.

        All them puppies are winners. Put a smile on my face and learned a little something on the side…THOR needs a RAMP!!! LOL.

        Reminds me of another Beatles song…I get by with a little help from my friends(The Ramp).


      • Hello zaphod. Cowlazars’ channel was interesting last night. Saw there was at least two “Bip” books, and the “River Runs Throught It” book to Mr. Fenn was kindly given by SallyColorado. It was nice to see the sketches in the “Bip” book by Mr. Sloane.

        • Cowlaazers is best name ever. I bet if they sell those books their gonna be expensive. The etching was the neatest part I saw the one by Sloane.

        • Thanks for that, PDenver! I had my suspicions that “S” was SallyColorado, but good to close the loop on that. I’ll certainly watch the replay of last night’s show. (I intended to watch live, but got distracted by It’s a Wonderful Life. Some amusing connections between Frank Capra’s holiday classic and Fenn’s chase: George wants to be an architect; George is 4F due to deafness in his left ear saving his *brother* from *drowning*. Later, George offers to “lasso the Moon” for Mary while wearing a big #3 football jersey to replace his wet clothes. They harmonize singing *Buffalo* *Gals* (Gallatins ;-), and a frustrated neighbor on a nearby porch (listening to the two of them going back and forth) bemoans: “Ahh, youth is wasted on the wrong people.”

          • You’re welcome, zaphod. Quite the similarities to the movie. Can’t forget the tinkling of the bell. 🙂

          • Hi again, PDenver: I was going to see if anyone bit on the Wonderful Life angle, and if so offer up the bells (including the final frames of the movie of a giant Eric-Sloane-like church bell being rung). In the dining room scene at the Bailey house (prior to George heading off to the high school to join his brother), there are two frames on the wall behind George’s father containing pinned butterflies. 😉

    • Cowlazers and Kpro – Thanks for your broadcast, and for showing and discussing jonsey1’s copy of “BIP” and page 9 of the first edition of “A River Runs Through It”. Did you ever get that email from Cynthia of the page 9 of the edition Sally Colorado gave to Forrest? What’s on that page?

      This may be what that Episcopalian thing was about, on the page 9 of your copy (from the lit study guide I posted previously):

      Paul, who is three years younger than Norman, is already ahead of his brother in fishing-related matters. He reads the old book The Compleat Angler and tells Norman that the author didn’t even know how to spell “complete.” Paul says that he would have liked to place fishing bets with this author.


      p.s. Forgive me if I missed Cynthia’s email response in your broadcast. I had to quit before I finished watching it.

      • Sure sounds familiar to the recent comments in the chat.

        Me thinks Fenn read that and saw some low hanging fruit that made him hungry.

        • Lisa: page 9 in TTOTC is the first page of the first chapter (“Important Literature”). (Page 8 is a picture of Forrest signing a copy of one of his books “at the turquoise mine” — possibly “The Secrets of San Lazaro,” though I don’t own a copy to confirm.)

          The question is whether it’s a hint is to look at page 8 or 9 of TTOTC, or page 8 or 9 of “A River Runs Through It.” Or perhaps Forrest’s stall between pages 8 and 9 is a hint to how many clues someone has solved. 😉

          • I think it’s how many clues have been solved. 8 or 9.. Someone is close to the end I feel with all of these scrapbooks being released

          • He says at the end that he’s returning to page 9 now that he’s done writing this scrapbook.

            That doesn’t seem like it’s up for debate to me.

            We know there are 9 clues in the poem so it seems to me that he’s saying he is going to go back to helping achieve a desired ending to The Chase.

            I think the mystery right now is what that end might be.

            What does he have in mind? Who can help him achieve it? Or maybe even, who is he trying to help?

          • Hazel, I think your right. The end is ever drawing nigh.

            I for one do not want someone to just go get it. I want it to be an event. I want the world to watch it happen and I want there to be a chat room full of people cheering it along and explaining the clues to the non-searchers as they are being revealed.

            More importantly, I want the world to take notice so that it can all happen again.

          • Zap ..if I were to guess, I would say that Forrest used page #8 of ARRTI as a literary device. Page #8 is a reference to Clue #8 which is secreted in the BIP story. The blaze is the sandstone “lid”; just as he hinted with Charmay and Me etc. After reading pages #8 and 9 of ARRTIrepeatedly (looking for my own personal message, of course), I dont see anything to get excited about. I truly think he is telling us what the blaze looks like. And it explains why it isnt facing a direction and why Forrest didnt take a radical off of it. All IMO of course.

          • AkB treasure hunter;

            I very much disagree with your statement. The chase is NOT a Hollywood reality show. It is a personal challenge. My hope is to solve the riddle of the poem – NOT to stage a spectacle for your amusement.

            Most importantly is what does Forrest want? He MAY have some very strong opinions regarding whether the “Hide” location is made public or not.

            What about the privacy of the finder? Some would prefer to remain in the background, and NOT take center stage.

            We each are in this Chase for our own reasons. You are welcome to yours – I just happen to very much disagree. JMO – JDA

          • Well JDA, for all of those reasons, I hope you don’t find it.

            The Chase could be a Hollywood reality show. And I bet it’d be number one every week for years. My amusement means more to me then your personal challenge.

            That’s why I want it to be a spectacle. It doesn’t have to be a mild mannered personal triumph for one person. Everyone here has worked hard, everyone here should get to participate in the end. Everyone here should get a vote in how the end goes.

            That’s my less than humble opinion.

            But as you know, I like the way you chase and I think there is room for both opinions. It can be a personal challenge and a spectacle both. When I find it, I want it to be AMAZING. I want Forrest Fenn to look at me and say, I wish I could have done that.

          • From what I’ve seen, The Chase is a lot closer to a hollywood movie than anyone would believe from this point in it’s history.

          • Hi Sally! I’m on the same page with you (no pun intended) about the nature of how Indulgence is hidden. I think the picture in TFTW taken from “The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo” coupled with Forrest’s frequent corrections to people insisting the chest is buried, and his delving into the differences between buried, entombed and sepulchered told me all I needed to know.

            We ~do~ differ on our ideas about what the blaze is, partly because my blaze is not clue #9. So I’m definitely going to have to check out Maclean’s book just in case there’s something there in the early pages that jives with any of my solution. There certainly was for me with For Whom the Bell Tolls, so there is precedent.

          • Zap, I consider that Forrest may be hinting that the blaze is clue #8; not #9. Which is why he halted at page 8. He / we need to do a little heavy lifting at that point!

            FYI for all; there are many editions of ARRTI. Forrest received the edition with a foreward by Robert Redford, published 2017.

            It is a remarkable book; and was my salvation during a very difficult time of desperate loss and grief. For me, the book is less about fishing and more about what is contained in this quote:

            “Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing to help, Lord, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what part of ourselves to give or, more often than not, the part we have to give is not wanted. And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us. But we can still love them – we can love completely without complete understanding.”
            ― Norman Maclean, A River Runs Through it and Other Stories

          • Hi again, Sally: okay, I’ve read the first dozen or so pages of Maclean’s book, which should encompass the page 8-9 transition in the version you sent Forrest. I can force-fit a couple things, but it would just be a case of confirmation bias.

            So that leaves page 9 of TTOTC (which I first tagged as important about 3 years ago due to the “Border’s” deliberate mistake), but I’m leaning more toward the 8/9 clues solved idea. It’s all just idle speculation since Forrest stopped giving clue-solving progress reports over 4 years ago.

          • I think why he stopped giving those reports is pretty relevant. And I think he stopped because somebody found something.

          • Zap – Thank you both for your responses and clarifications. Forrest wrote:

            “Now it’s back to A River Runs Through it, page 9. Thank you S.”

            My blaze is a backwardS bike ‘S’ at Baker’S Hole. And ‘A River Runs Through It’. My ‘It’ in the Poem is the Madison River. Yup!

            I believe that last ‘thank you’ could be to not only you, Sally, for Norman Maclean’s book, but to all those others who have names starting with ‘S’, that my blaze could refer to:

            Sloane, Skippy, Shakespeare, Salinger…

            I did a post here on HOD quite some time ago, about that topic.

            What say you?

            And per the BIP scrapbook, Forrest can clearly chisel an inscription on a flat stone. That was for you, JDA.

            Zap – Yup! That YNP ‘Borders’ thing fits.The YNP boundary cuts a line through my ‘S’ blaze at Baker’S Hole; I am seeing the $. Show me the money, Forrest! Or, Robert Redford, if you’re interested in directing “THE THRILL OF THE CHASE” movie. But, you will have to talk to Stephen Spielberg, first.



          • Zap – Regarding page 9 of TTOTC:

            Is that where Forrest speaks of throwing Time magazine and one of Hemingway’s books in the circular file? Did you note Sherry Brown’s/Eric Sloane’s text above about overrated autobiographies, according to BIP? Is this a parallel between this scrapbook and TTOTC book, Alsetenash?

            For the record, the autobiographical ARRTI book is not parodied in that paragraph. And based on the fact that Robert Redford wrote that forward in the later edition, and also narrated and directed the awesome movie, I don’t think Forrest would have added it to that paragraph in BIP, either.

            Looking forward to Forrest’s review of AARTI. I hope he comments here.

          • Zap – Thinking about a great book I read, called, “Einstein’s Dreams” about ‘Time’, and the Walter Isaacson biography, and how there is one of Einstein’s unfinished theories published at the end of that one. I know Stephen Hawking and others dovetailed on that theory. Kinda like when someone here at HOD dovetails on a published solve or scrapbook idea, right? That’s how I see.’IT’, anyway.

            A great quote about ‘Time’ and a ‘River’:

            “In Einstein’s equation, time is a river. It speeds up, meanders, and slows down. The new wrinkle is that it can have whirlpools and fork into two rivers. So, if the river of time can be bent into a pretzel, create whirlpools and fork into two rivers, then time travel cannot be ruled out.” -Michio Kaku

            I think Leonardo da Vinci wrote a great quote about that topic, also. It might help someone to identify WWWH. Google ‘IT’. I mean, in reference to ‘Time’ being like a ‘River’. And then read Norman Maclean’s quote about his thoughts as an old man fly fishing on the Big Blackfoot River. I imagine Forrest remembering the ‘words’ of his loved ones, who have passed on, as I read/watch that passage/scene in ARRTI. Beautiful.

          • I agree Lisa, the greatest triumphs were built upon the ashes of a thousand failures.

          • Hi Lisa C.: I’m away from my book, but to answer your question, Forrest tossed “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in the trash in that “Important Literature” chapter, but it wouldn’t have been as early as page 9 (the first page of the chapter). My recollection is that it was on a right-hand page, so I’m guessing page 11. I know you resist getting any of Forrest’s memoirs, but I really don’t think you’ll solve the poem without TTOTC.

            “Did you note Sherry Brown’s/Eric Sloane’s text above about overrated autobiographies, according to BIP?”

            Yep — same word (overrated) that Forrest used to describe Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

          • Zap – I have read TTOTC and TFTW, but I do not own them. And, besides, I have awesome searchers, like you, to look up the references I need. Thanks for that last one!

            Well, SOME people like Hemingway’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”:


            I was standing a week ago, Monday, across the Big Wood River from his Ketchum house, which the library has remodeled to add a Writers in Residence apartment. I was scoping out a great fly fishing ‘Run’ for my librarian friend. And we ate authenticly prepared Spanish Paella on the lecture room patio, after that annual Hemingway

            I know, Forrest. That book was about war. Is that why you threw it in the trash bin?

  61. The Spirit of Bip still lives. He will always live. His soul and his essence lives on, in the soil and the sky and the sandstone all around you ..


  62. I love that movie and decided to look at the book after your post. After downloading the sample on Kindle, I started reading and quickly became engrossed in the beautiful words. I’ll be honest, I don’t know where I stopped because there were no page numbers. But, I got far enough to know you got me hooked and I always like to finish what I start.

    This quote struck me, “To him, all good things—trout as well as eternal salvation—come by grace and grace comes by art and art does not come easy.”

    I like that. Your personal story touched my heart too. I say you are an artist, Forrest, and the TOTC and all it represents is your masterpiece.

  63. Agreed whole heartily with both of you. All of this is a very special time for all us searchers. Yes it’s a hunt…..but IMHO, Forrest is trying to remind us to not forget the journey.

      • I knew what you meant and I agree right back at ya.

        And I’ll add, we are all on the same journey. Competitors, but cooperative. I don’t think there is much about any of these stories that are not meant to help us along.

        And I’ll ask, has anyone checked to see what is on page 8 and page 9 of TTOTC?

        • I did just that late last night AkB. Page 9 is the beginning of the chapter ” Important Literature”. And there are many similarities to the story here and there. The one that stands out most to me is the statement (paraphrasing) that just because something is said doesn’t mean it’s true. Well worth another read.

          • That is exactly what I saw Geyser. What do you think that references in terms of The Chase? Why would Fenn highlight that?

            I think it means that this all works very differently than the common interpretation.

          • I agree. Otherwise I think someone would have Indulgence in hand by now. Which also brings up the comments being made that someone has cracked the poem. Again, just because it’s been said, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  64. While growing up in the Chicago land area, (we too had a short haired, mini, blondish Dachshund); (that also had a peculiar stripe of black hairs all along her back); that would stand up when ever she got riled up. Katie was her name, & I think she was the smartest dog ever. Her tricks included were; (of course only for a doggie treat) 1: Give me your paw, 2: Speak, (to bark), 3:Sit up, 4: Beg, (sitting with front two paws raised), 5: Roll over, 6: Dance, 7: Fetch 8: Stay, (head lowered, lying down), 9: Give me a kiss, (lick), 10: Sick um, (Attack mode), yet the one thing she did that truly astounded me , was when my mom made us kids a frozen spaghetti dish; (that was in a tin pan); & there was a little left stuck to the bottom; we would then give her the rest to scrap up. While on the sofa, (licking, & knawing away); the dish would slowly be moved towards the edge of the seat. Here most dogs would let the pan tumble to the ground, a then jump to the floor to finish it off; yet this weiner dog grabbed the dish in her teeth, & proceeded to place the remains spaghetti tin in the corner to stabilize it there, so she could get a better bite grip on this meal.

    • Part two; my Dachshund commands for me. #10>Licking any exposed skintranslation:> I need the salt in your sweat. #9>YEALP translation:>OUCH. #8>SCRATCHING at door translation:>I need to go pee. #7>BARKING constantly translation:>INTRUDER ALEART! #6>Wimpering & moaning translation:>FEED ME! #5>Blanket tossed over herself translation:>I’m going too sleep. #4>Snozel placed under your hand translation:>Please pet me! #3>Drops slimy, squeaky toy in your hand translation:>Let’s play fetch! #2No noise, ears up, black hairs along her ridged back at attention translation:>the chase is about to be on! #1>Crawls up next to you, & rolls over; exposing her undersidetranslation:>PLEASE give me a belly rub! Lol. R.I.P. Katie & the BIP

  65. Tonight I drink to The Bip! And hope my liver doesn’t go.

    Forrest, if you ever have doubts that Bippy isn’t with you still… then you just give me a call and I’ll reassure you. I have a way of inspiring others.

  66. Thank you Forrest for sharing some of your memories and reminiscence of BIP. His loyalty and unconditional love shines through. Glad BIP was able to find his way home the 3 miles from Glenna’s.

    “He’s no longer there, his spirit has gone” reminds me of a wise man who once told me “strike out at the tradition that proclaims when a man dies all of his spiritual being halts” (Mysterious Writings 7/8/14).

    I haven’t read or seen it yet, but obviously “A River runs Through it” makes for both an interesting book and movie, and even has Brad PITT and his toothbrushes/grin to boot. The title itself is enough to draw me in and make me want to check it out.

  67. It’s hard letting go of a beloved pet.
    It makes me wonder as Matilda my cattle dog starts to show her age if it’s worth the eventual anguish to own pets.

    • I had my first dog as an adult, before my husband and my son. Her name was Dodger like a boys name but a girl. And she died peacefully at home. I didn’t want another dog but my husband and son did. So we went to pick out a new dog and I had an anxiety attack. But once we got him he was a great dog. It is worth the pain.

  68. You both had great memories/gut instinct which directed you home to where the heart is.

    My family has a pet cemetary (six feet from the border, three feet deep, each marked with a white stone). I can still walk right straight to them…on the darkest of nights in the deepest of snow any time at all, because so many warm memories lie just there.

    Your are so right about the eyes of our loved ones.

    Turn the page.

  69. Great tribute to the Bip. Brought a tear to my eye. My little guy sleeps in the bed and under the covers also. On really cold nights when I wake up, he will be snuggled up tight against my back, and I always love that.

  70. This choked me up so bad. My very own Ringo Ding, was simply referred most of the time, and by everyone as “The Ding”. Short for The Mighty Ringo Ding.

  71. What about what this scrapbook is saying about Fenn’s approach to life?

    I think it says that there are some things in this world that are just going to have to happen his way. It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks about it.

    Relating that to The Chase; I think it means that the themes and structure are set. They can’t be changed. They are what they are. And we can either get on board, or watch from the sidelines.

  72. So there’s been something that has been gnawing at me about this story. Why is it that The Bip, who was almost always at Forrests side, decided to just take off and find his way back home that day only to be waiting anxiously for his beloved friend? What is The Bip telling us? I’m still thinking about it.

  73. Also, I was curious as to who Glenna Goodacre Was and found out this.

    Glenna Maxey Goodacre is a sculptor best known for having designed the obverse of the Sacagawea dollar that entered circulation in the United States in 2000. Look her up. She is a sculptor and her work is amazing!

  74. Happy National Shave Day everyone!

    No shave November is officially over.

    Off with the beard, on with the show.

  75. Sometimes, I get my best thoughts when I am asleep.
    Last night, for instance, I went to bed thinking about the poem, Forrest’s three memoirs, and all of the Scrapbooks that Forrest has been publishing of late – Including this one about The Bip..
    This morning I awoke with these thoughts:
    To me, Forrest’s first memoir “The Thrill of the Chase” seems like the unpublished title to the poem, and that “The Thrill of the Chase” takes us through the first six lines of the poem:
    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,

    This takes us to Forrest’s second memoir, “Too Far To Walk.”… and on to the next six lines of the poem:
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    Forrest’s last memoir, “Once Upon a While” seems to take us through the next four lines of the poem:
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    For me, the grouping of Forrest’s most recent posts to his Scrapbook collection are his final memoir. These – his most recent Scrapbooks – have all dealt with people, pets, places or things that Forrest has held dear throughout his life. And this brings us to the last two stanzas of the poem:
    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

    If I were to name Forrest’s last memoir (The collection of his recently posted Scrapbooks) I would title it: “I Give You Title To The Gold.”

    These “Four” memoirs have been like a long “Trail Ride” through Forrest’s life as seen through his eyes. He has shown us so very much through his Memoirs. All I can do is say, “Thanks for inviting us along Forrest.” I, for one have learned so very much. I have visited places I would have never thought to visit. I have learned things about “Geography” that I would never have thought to study. Family ties have been strengthened by the multiple searches that we have made together. I have also learned a lot about myself, and learned a LOT about friendship and comradery.

    I do not know how many more Scrapbooks there will be in this, Forrest’s last memoir, but I cherish every one. It is my feeling that there will not be too many more. To me, Forrest thinks that he is nearing the end of this “Long Trail Ride.” It would not surprise me if, soon, Forrest tells us that he is exiting the “Chase.” Remember, Forrest has been on this “Long Trail Ride” that we call the “Chase” for over 35 years of his life. I, for one, think that Forrest deserves the opportunity to take off his spurs, lift up his feet, and sit or lie comfortable (Like Bip in his wooden, pillow lined box) for a few years… not thinking much about the “Chase.”

    If, on the other hand, Forrest wants to ride along this long dusty trail, I will gladly ride along with him, and offer whatever support or strength I can offer – after all, it HAS been a “Long Trail Ride.” JDA

    • JDA. Interesting thoughts and ideas. You may be on to something. Thanks for sharing. This series of SB’s is cause for in depth study , that’s for sure. He has, or is , weaving something in this wave. IMO . It appears, to me at least, that he might be utilizing searchers comments and past communications over time. Hence, the inference of that possibility from many a searchers thinking he is doing such; thinking these are somewhat directed at them or a nod to their blog posted ideas or past emails. Those likely just gave him story based ideas to use at best. Such as Zaphod’s Mexico reference.

      I don’t think he is planning on stepping away from the chase though . Seems a bit illogical through the intention to produce a hurried flurry of en masse missives of literature ,as being a precursor to then back away from the chase- hurry up and rest? But that’s just my opinion. Just loook at Forrest’s comment in the comments in response to Dal in SB 228 .

      This last SB is particularly interesting. Whom is “S”?

      IMO .

      • I think maybe with the recent purchase of the Bip book it just brought some memories back for him that he wanted to share… Didn’t he mention recently that when Dal was down there they looked through a lot of photos and it prompted him to write a bunch of scrapbooks… I think we should all send him some pictures from his past to prompt more scrapbooks cause I really enjoy reading them… 🙂

          • Alsetenash – Of course I did. Forrest wrote:

            “Santa Fe’s Forrest Fenn is a maverick in the art business, because he deals in art, not because he loves it, but to make money.”

            Show me the money, Forrest!: $

            “A River runs Through it”

            I see an “ART” dollar sign in your spelling of that movie title.

          • AKB,

            Makes perfect sense to .

            Or maybe “Sasha”?

            Maybe someone is closer than they think?


        • Browsing around comments and a short watch of KPRO and Cowlazars video on this. I see the possibility of whom they surmise the ‘S’ is. That is logical to think of those they say as being the ‘S’ for it is their beginning initial. Those are very conducive within the dynamic of what all has transpired and lead to FF receiving the book ARRTI. Plus the publisher of Bips book , I think they said, has an S and last name Brown.

          Forrest is an ex-military and fighter pilot. Plus all his other attributes.

          So, Peggy and him are in the middle of the Amazon, get a call about their dogs condition ( there’s no cell phones back then and service?)Sure, it could have been a sat phone. Then call to have a plane land at their boat at their location in the Amazon river and take them to the nearest airport and fly home. And there dog was fine and healed quickly.

          Really now.

          I have some ‘S’ nake oil I could sell. I think I’d get rich. Lol. If it was so cut and dry, no oil would be needed to lube them springs. Why not just say the full name of S, instead of creating a mystery? Knowing fair well it would create a mystery and intensive research . Only to come to what is now what most are concluding. So why a mystery that can be referenced rather quickly and logically?

          Are not the capital letters of the name of the book ARRTI not capitalized properly nor consistantly in their twice written in this SB?

          There’s more to that capital S than what is reasoned. IMO .

          I dunno, butt Forrest stopped reading momentarily on page 8. 🙂

          First sentence:

          “A River runs Through it”…..”After only 8 pages a mood came over me and I put the book aside to write this story.

          There’s an ART to this story.

          Second last and last sentence:

          “Now it’s back to A River Runs Through it, page 9. Thank you S.”

          Or maybe I need a section 8. 🙂

          IMO .

          • Alsetenash and anyone interested…over the years I’ve posted on the blog as SandyB, Sandy, and Sally Colorado (homage to Doug Preston and the Codex). I gave Forrest the book A River Runs Thru It. Cynthia told Kpro, who used it on her show about BIP. Maybe “S” has a dual meaning, but I dont think so. It’s my initial. Maybe my new blog name! Forrest is always telling us to simplify.

          • 42…that’s good!! I’m lichen it. The book means something different to everyone who reads it. Brothers.

          • I think everything is OK. It’s like having a log cabin delivered to your build site and having to put it together and the builder forgot to number the beams. The other issue is we have to respect the rights of nature when we go out and can’t trespass so the place has to be just right.

          • Wow Lisa, Of course, you were E* I thought I saw that the other day… What ever happened to people subscribing? That was fun 🙂

          • Lisa Cesari aka E* – not sure where this will fall in the thread but I think you will see it eventually. Yes, I remember you as E* and always knew you were the same poster. We have had some great conversations! Each blog participant has a certain style of writing and that combined with insights shared is obvious to the more discerning reader. Speaking of, I really miss Old Shadows aka OS2.

          • Zaphod,

            One idea about dual purpose of S could be…

            Bubba + Skippy = Bippy

            Page 8 (in the copy I have) is about 2 brothers fighting and the lesson learned from the fight.

            Maybe “”Thank you S” is thanks Skippy for a lesson learned about fighting many years ago when Bubba & Skippy we’re fighting, rather than thanks to the friend who gave Forrest a copy of the book. Just a guess – no JDA I don’t have a reference. This is conjecture.

            Reply ↓

          • Zap. “Or are you suggesting the “S” serves a dual-purpose?” . I would say it’s “not the obvious” rather than “serves a dual purpose” – but I think it’s also possible. This whole story is not what it appears . Like most of these SB’s, Zap, they are , in the main , an “Imitation Game”. I know I probably will get a conflagration sent my way for this notion. After about 40+ SB’s in how many days as you have ousted recently. I have think there’s an enigma being utilizing within them. One created and used by FF of his own style ,methods ;garnered through his history, his view of history and told through his stories. Relaying information as a challenge to searchers for us to crack. In doing so, will help us understand his methods and meanings within the poem and help in understanding where and why he chose the location. It’s not just about the clues or hints for the clues specifically- not singularity in pointing and of that purpose .But about the whole poem in its entirety.

            So, in this sense, ByGeorge, theoretically could be correct in Superman for S . It could mean Marvel Gaze. Just an example.

            He’s testing us and reading our comments. There’s a test in the end- it’s Find the Chest. IMO .

            No SB story is what it appears. Instead of writing a whole SB to add a point to SB 240, he just erred SB138 as for SB 238. SB 240,still is not corrected as for SB 238.

            As you pointed out, the ‘right leg’ but it’s pictured as the left leg of Bip. No correction to that either. Because there’s a point to that error.

            Yes Sally, I just read your comment and I understand your point. The “S” instead of your full firsts name is purposeful. Had he said whom the friends name was at the start of story and ended with your initial S , its a simple notation. But , being missing as it was; it creates a question to everyone of , ‘Who is S”? I think that was purposeful by him.


          • Well, Alsetenash, if it’s any consolation regarding your theories behind the firehose of Scrapbooks since September, I’ve managed to find my blaze in 22 of the last two dozen of them, and I suspect I’ll find it in the other two if I ever get a spare minute to scrutinize them like I have the others. And no, my blaze is not the word “the”. 😉

          • For you, Zap, that works, good stuff for you. I like this new attribute in this chase FF has bestowed upon us. It’s a challenge I like.


          • Dual purpose? Ya think?

            Hail to the Sunrise, Great Spirit…Google it. Nice read.

            Sally? Prolly.

            Maybe someone took a picture?

            Jesus maybe?

            All speculations are IMO.


            by the time all this is over, we’ll all need section 8 on it’s side is INFINITY.

            I’ll never be the same…I’m going to miss me….


          • I agree with Als. This is a mystery. It’s meant to be solved and there is probably more than one answer depending on the question you ask.

            What if we all decided, as a group, on one question to ask?

            Maybe tempt fate a little? Looks to me like a lot of these scrapbooks are meant to tell us to work together. Seems like a logical first step.

            So what is it you’d like to know? Has the location of indulgence been identified? Is there a lead searcher? Do you like plums? What does caviar taste like?

          • Alsetenash – Superman was a DC Comics character. But, he could fly over my backwardS bike ‘S’ blaze, with a ‘marvel gaze’, just like I do in satellite view on my topo map program. Marvel’s Super Surfer could kick Superman’s butt, though.

            Not an ‘enigma’ to some of us here. Adding a few to my ‘S’ list, for the love of Cumberbatch:

            Sherlock, Smaug…

            The Shadow knows. I mean the one Forrest pasted on a pic of the Madison River, captured by Dal. See also: the book cover of “The Sound and the Fury” and Shakespeare’s quote on the inside cover. The one about the ‘walking shadow’.

            Spallies and Sally Colorado aka Sandy – So fun to be on here with you two again! You are both Stars* in my Universe. And stars are born in darkness. Let there be LIGHT! And peace. Happy Holidays to you both!

            Alsetenash and Zap – Let me know when you solve part four of Kryptos. Beware: there may be Kryptonite in the vicinity.

            Still giggling, Forrest. Big S•mile!

          • AkB – I agree. What Say you to this:

            The answerS I already know…

            In a word…



            Who was that painter or poet who knelt at Shakespeare’s tomb, reading his epitaph again??

      • Forrest will not ride off the chase quietly…
        Unless Peggy asks it. IMO

        His entire life he’s flown in or rode in, sliding sideways… yelling woo hoo…what a ride!

      • In this game, 3 strikes and You’re not out! There is always ONE more thing you can do!

        S- Sun?
        Hail to the Sunset.
        Nice google read.

        Zap is a GENIUS and I for one am thankful for his input. Spoonerisms? Y’all honestly amaze me.

        Thank you Dal for attracting such an informative core-base of knowledgeable individuals. And thank you Dal for all you do!!!


    • What about the other way The Chase can end? What if someone has found the location of the chest?

      What if that person can attain an educated guess as to where the thing is and be reasonably certain of success?

      What if they wait, just for a winter, just to see what else could happen?

      What if f likes that idea too?

      • By the way…you never know what else could happen in the wake of all these recent SBs. Maybe the summer of 2020 our vision will be clear?

      • I think you can guess at anything from reading Shakespeare especially the first folio. Shakespeare was a very wise man.

        • But I would wait a bit . Very Entertaining stuff. Though it has to end at some point, life is like that.

    • I feel like the word “too” may be important . For me it makes it personal, its that line that turns this whole thing into a letter to the finder vs a map that is in the form of a poem.But alone and a word that means also in the same sentence tricky…. . and gone why did he use gone not went .Maybe because once you start there is no going back? The poem was designed with perfect structure which is a work of art in its own rite and every other .
      side note: his books have to write themselves or he struggles. This one did
      I wonder if that was to be takin at face value ? Fenncents = priceless
      Where is The Book Of Fenn? …..J.D. vault maybe ….. Just rabbit hole’en a bit .. I should make a X-Mas card and deliver it to Prairie City to show that the calico cat is doing great and does not get chased anymore . She got the bluff on my pit bull . It makes me laugh how he is timid of her , This is a dog that has been shot twice , run over once and had some bad scuffles his biddies .. I wish that I could explain a event that happened that left me speechless and lost . How could someone hear what I was praying and not verbally and through the house walls ..

  76. Nicely thought out JDA.

    I agree on this last flurry of SBs possibly being Forrests way of letting us know he feels he may be getting closer to the end of his journey. I don’t even like thinking about that. But I guess it’s just a reality we will all have to face someday.

    But I’m not sure about him leaving the”Chase”. I think he loves it as much as we do and that is part of what keeps him going. His family being number uno. I do agree though, if ” kicking his spurs off” is where he wants to be soon…then we will all certainly support that! He has given so much of himself beyond comprehension. Thank you ff!

    • Thanks Geysergirl.

      As you said: “if ” kicking his spurs off” is where he wants to be soon…then we will all certainly support that! He has given so much of himself beyond comprehension. Thank you ff!” OOH RAH! – We salute you Forrest – JDA

  77. Caller: “Mr Obvious, all this talk about the Chase ending is making me nervous. I don’t have a single clue solved yet. Can you offer some of your expert (genius) advice on how to find and recover the treasure? Thanks in advance Mr. Obvious. You’re the best.”
    Mr Obvious: “You betcha caller. Just follow my ‘simple’ instructions. You’re welcome.”

    Drive to treasure site.
    Walk to blaze.
    Turn over log.
    Lift rock lid.
    Shine flashlight.
    If critter then
    Offer sandwich.
    Take the chest.
    Run like hell.
    Return bracelet.
    Thank f for everything.
    Write the book.
    Kickstart the movie.
    Put feet up.
    The end.

    PS: “Don’t forget to ask f for autograph.“

    • Who says it works that way? Where is your evidence, please show me your evidence!

        • There’s more than one frequency wave to tune the dial into within these SBs. There’s logical confirming evidence to support whatever and whichever thought station one dials into. This SB is a super example of a great DJ playing to whatever genres the perceivers choose to vibe with.

          It’s within the static ( lacking clarity/errors/mystery) that is the beat of a different drum and the whoop of a different dance 🙂

          Lalala . Lol

          IMO .

  78. One very important component of how this treasure hunt will end has not discussed here, but has been discussed on other blogs.

    If Forrest (still) plans to be interred or sepulchered at the exact same “very dear, private place” which he says has never changed… One must conclude that members of forrest’s family will know where he’s buried and where the treasure is at that time.

    Personally, I don’t believe Forrest will leave his family exposed to the general public and nut cases hounding them for location information.

    Therefore, I believe if the treasure has not been found upon his death, ff left instructions for his family to donate it to a museum like the Smithsonian, or to his favorite charity upon death.

    Another plausible option, is it there are actually two treasures… One chest filled with his personal favorite things which ff will Take with him to his grave, and a second chest filled with treasures left for the one(s) who solve his enigmatic puzzle and find the trove.

    All conjecture and my opinions.

    • Forgot to add…
      Maybe Forrest will drive his Jeep ALL ALONE when he’s ready to go
      (with paparazzi chasing closely behind) and lie down next to the chest without his family knowing.
      Not is plausible to me, but who knows.

    • 42;

      You say, “If Forrest (still) plans to be interred or sepulchered at the exact same “very dear, private place” which he says has never changed…” Will you please post a link where Forrest has said, or even implied that he still wants to be interred or sepulchered at the exact same spot. I have never heard or read of Forrest making such a statement – In fact, I believe that he has said the exact opposite although I can not provide a link – JDA

      • JDA…

        Read my exact words before “Barney Fifing” me on the rules. At no point did I say he does still plan to do anything. My opinion isn’t In anyway offered as fact.

        “IF” and (still)

        If he does.
        Does he still?

        By the way you offered a nice opinion about Forrest quitting the chase and hanging up his spurs.
        Kindly offer a quote or reference where ff says he’s going to do this.

      • 42;

        Your post includes the words, “which he SAYS has never changed…
        You are not saying that it is your opinion. You are saying that Forrest SAYS it has never changed.

        In my post, I merely suggest the possibility that Forrest MIGHT want to retire, but then I go on to say that he MAY choose otherwise. I imply no quote or knowledge – I merely offer an idea.

        I read your post a couple of times before commenting. I was merely asking for a link. Don’t get your panties all tied in a knot. Take your pack off and relax. If I post something, I can expect questions and comments. I choose my words carefully – Just as we all should – JMO – JDA

        • JDA you just said, “I chose my words carefully” Ha!

          You just told me not to get “my panties in a knot”

          In any office today that comment would land you in a sexual harassment law suit.

          • Or knocking the shelves off the walls in some janitorial closet ….Never know any more these days where and how far someone will run with the right/wrong situation..

        • JDA you just said, “I choose my words carefully as we all should.” Ha!

          You just told me not to get “my panties in a knot”

          In any office today that comment would land you in a sexual harassment law suit.

    • Roger that 42…but I still don’t think his family knows (exact location); could have a hunch on the general area…that’d be a radical departure from his thought of wanting to influence the future … just my Opinion.

  79. Forrest’s description of the Bip riding around the back of his neck while he drove is exactly what my grandfather’s dachshund did as well. The dog had passed on long before my time on this earth so I never met him myself, but my grandfather would tell the story of how one day while his dog was draped around the back of his neck while driving, he had turned a corner a bit too sharply and the poor dachshund flew out the open driver’s side window into the street. He has quickly retrieved and was unhurt from the incident so we could laugh about it without guilt. My grandfather was much more careful about preventing a repeat of that sort of thing from then on!

    It was a nice remembrance that Forrest told of the Bip. I wonder who named him, if not Forrest? Maybe someone who was a fan of “Laugh-In”?

    Blaze in Peace, Bip! (B.I.P., Bip!)

  80. @JDA,
    Here ya go. It would be OK to take off your rules badge now.
    Is the chest hidden in the (exact) same spot that you would like your bones to be found, or is it a short distance away for reasons beyond your control? ~ Phil

    The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that means many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to me. I still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient pleasure before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey. To make that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just want it all the more.f

    Question posted 7/5/2014:

    Mr. Fenn, Did you choose the hiding location purely because it was special to you, or were there other considerations? (I’m not talking about logistics like transporting yourself there, ease of access, not being spotted). ~Michael Monroe

    Thanks Michael. The spot where I hid the treasure was in my mind from the time I first started thinking about the chase. It is special to me and there was never another consideration. I was going to make it work no matter what. In my reverie I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine alone.f

    • “(it) would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just want it all the more”

      That’s my Imaginary Fenn all over. Boldness, Daring, Greatness and any other synonym you can come up with.

      Why settle for what is when what could be is so much better? Why on earth would you want to find the chest by yourself when there is a chance, even a remote tiny one, that you could take all of your friends with you when you do it?

      All that needs happen is for your friends to want to come with you.

      • AkB: it’s clear that you aren’t concerned with maintaining anonymity if you find the treasure, but many searchers are — some of them for reasons that have nothing to do with IRS.

        • Zap,

          There is room for more than one opinion in the world. I state mine because that’s how I see it. Someone else is going to have to take it from there.

          And I hope someone who doesn’t mind being forced into a spotlight finds it first. That way we can all see how it was done before it’s all over. It will make everything more exciting, to see the Chase from this point of view instead of after the fact, and when that’s done, maybe it will inspire someone to do it all again.

          Not everyone has the means to hide a box of gold in the mountains and dare the world to go find it.

          Greatness comes from the bold, it’s no place for the meek.

          I don’t know many things but you can bet your sweet Bippy that there is no such thing as a risk adverse adventurer.

        • AkB: I have no issue at all with you sharing your vision of how you hope Forrest’s treasure recovery day unfolds. In fact, if I’m not the one that has solved it first, then I can’t say I’d be completely crestfallen if it played out the way you described.

          The downside is that if it *does* end that way, then the puzzle enthusiasts out there will be robbed of the opportunity to finish solving it themselves, which will be a tough pill to swallow for those who have devoted many years of their lives to doing just that. I also expect there will be many “pilgrims” who end up trampling the place and leaving mementos.

          • Thanks Zaph,

            The downsides are there and they are real. No question. But some people can avoid knowing the score to the superbowl, so there is still hope.

            I don’t see the momento’s as a downside. One of my favorite things that I have found in the Rockies is an old soda can. That was trash once, now it’s mine.

  81. This SB #243 is very intricate , requiring an amazing amount of dissection. A great precursor to what I think is going to be an intensely loaded SB #244.


    • I think when this is over and the treasure is written about we should write an Ode to Forrest. I also think that when it is I will cry! I don’t like the idea of a big media circus, that would be like an elephant in the room.

  82. I’m gonna double down, you know, cuz of the thing I said up there.

    I think he meant to type exactly what he typed.

  83. What a great and compassionate story of a relationship between a man and his pet. Thank you for sharing it Mr. Fenn.

    Also, I’m very sure you’re going to enjoy reading ‘A River Runs Through It’. Especially the chapters after page eight. The description of the area in Montana always reminds me of a little property that a friend of mine owns in the mountains. The river that runs through his property is not as mighty as Blackfoot River, but still it managed to break through a mountain, creating a sharp, crescent like feature pointing towards his house. Great fly fishing and hiking all around. Oh, this reminds me, I should ask him to allow me to stay in his house in the near future.

  84. Forrest, thank you for sharing that beautiful memory. I believe you had a spiritual connection with Bip. I have an 8 year old red toy poodle named Joplin, and while I’ve loved all my animals like family, I have a true spiritual connection with her. I dread the thought of her physical being leaving me but I know we will forever be connected spiritually. I believe Bip will always be with you, 3′ feet behind.

  85. Thank Yous dal, Mr. Fenn and of course The Bip,
    It would appear that The Bip had a nose of his own. This was a very touching SB and I am sure that The “Reknowned” Bip is resting peacefully. I love the way he so bravely struts his stuff, just like a Holywood Star, and without even knowing it. The Bip, one very cool BFF and to top it off…loaded with real soul to boot.

  86. Dear Forrest:

    What a heartfelt story. The puppies provide a whole lot of unconditional love. It sounds like you had a great one in Bip. I appreciate you writing something for him. Some of the most important things we do are not visible to others. They’re for us, or that special other friend- whether 2 legs, or more than 2 legs.

    It reminds me of another story I read recently. I didn’t find it while in the Amazon, but rather while on the Amazon. Comparing the two reminded me that whether dog, cat, snake, or parrot, if we love them, we will see them on the other side of the little bridge.

    Take care,

    It reminds

  87. No human has ever shown me as much friendship and love as a pet. I mean that in my face licking my cheeks kind of love. That walking with me where ever I go kind of love. That sitting with me and looking at me instead of watching tv kind of love. That happy to see me when I get home kind of love. That being easily entertained by a ball or a string kind of love. That wanting a hug before I go to work kind of love. And that keeping it real by pooping on my pillow in anger kind of love. No human has ever done that to me. Any of that other stuff either.
    If it’s not too late, I give thanks for my pet friends

      • AKB,
        There’s 5,000 comedians out of work because of people like you!

        Thanks for the chuckle…

        That was the PERFECT description of the purest form of love. Well said!!!


          • I can’t imagine doing it but my friend Carlie made me a turquoise cardigan. Knit one pearl two. Phew crazy.

          • My cardigan started to Fray and I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Gutted really. Sometimes it’s knowing that is the worse.

    • This sparked a childhood memory of a true story from many decades ago when our family adopted a sickly, wirey, stray black tomcat, which my older sister promptly named, “Diablo.” Now I wouldn’t have chosen that name, but for her, it was a self fulfilling prophecy. One warm afternoon my sister was napping, asleep on the sofa with an oscillating fan blowing air across her. I watched as Diablo jumped up on the sofa, squatted near her head and proceeded to squeeze out a dark and tarry log of considerable proportions directly in my sister’s dark auburn hair. When the cat went to bury the evidence, as cats do, my sister was jarred awake and instantly sniffed out that something was amiss. With a scream, she grabbed the turd and flung it violently away. Where did it land?
      I think you guessed it.
      It squarely hit the fan.
      Is there moral to the story?
      I don’t know…

  88. Bubba + Skippy = Bippy

    Page 8 (in the copy I have) is about 2 brothers fighting and the lesson learned from the fight.

    Maybe “”Thank you S” is thanks Skippy for a lesson learned about fighting many years ago when Bubba & Skippy we’re fighting, rather than thanks to the friend who gave Forrest a copy of the book. Just a guess – no JDA I don’t have a reference. This is conjecture.

    • 42: or following the butterfly/flutterby Spoonerism lesson:
      Bubba + Skippy = Skubba (sic) + Bippy

      Weirdly prescient word scramble. 🙁 R.I.P. both Skippy and Bippy.

  89. I had a funny dog named Dodger and she would drop a ball down the steps and bring it back up again and do the same thing over. Never really understood it because I would have played ball with her.

    • JoJo: or perhaps SB 243 is pointing to TFTW pg. 243 entitled “r.i.p.” (thanks to anomy for pointing this out on Jenny’s). It’s a somewhat odd, single-page chapter about a fenced-in marble grave marker in SW Wyoming for Mary M. Washington (wife of Chas) who passed on 9/11/1838. Page 242 is a full page color picture of Forrest posing next to the marker, resting his right hand atop it holding a single feather.

      • It does have to do with that a little bit in my opinion. I mean, I’m sitting here knowing full well what that means and I can’t tell you for two reasons. One is that I don’t want anyone to get the treasure before me. The other is that in order to post online about this everyone has a rule that you can’t claim to know that you have the correct solve. So I have to admit that my solve is wrong until I have the treasure in my hands. Why I would waste the time and money to go BOTG if I thought my solve was wrong I don’t know. So my solve is 100% wrong, but I do have a wrong solution for what the little fenced in gravesite means. And it’s obvious as hell. Thanks for the reply and for pointing out that little chapter.

        • JoJo-
          Requiring folks not to say they know where the chest is…or that they have solved the poem before they actually have it in their hands, has nothing to do with being wrong…
          I would think anyone with a sense of responsibility and reason would understand this.
          No one knows if they have correctly unpuzzled the poem or followed the clues to the chest until they actually have the chest in their possession. Until then it is simply a guess or a hope or a feeling that they have everything figured out.Hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people have felt that they had solved the poem…I did on my first search in 2011. But I didn’t go around telling people I had solved the poem…
          I told people I “thought” I had solved the poem. I “thought” I knew where the chest was located.
          I used the word “thought” because I knew at the time that the only proof to me being right was actually having the chest in my possession…and since I had not actually gone on my search and found the chest, it was only a hope, a dream on my part.
          I understand the difference between truth and fiction.
          It is not truth that you have correctly deciphered the poem and followed the clues to the chest…until you have the chest in your hands…

          I’m sorry this is so difficult for you to understand..
          Truth matters on this blog…
          That’s why I ask people not to spread gossip;
          Not to inaccurately quote Forrest;
          and not to declare that you have solved the poem or know where the chest is hidden unless you actually have it in your possession…

          Many folks reading lies will believe them…and the poem has not yet been solved…the chest is still there for any of us to find. That’s the truth.

          Bottom line JoJo…no one is accusing you of being wrong…only of being a jerk…

          • Just to be clear, Dal, most forums I’ve been on try to encourage people to communicate without resorting to calling each other derogatory names, but on your blog you encourage that? You would be okay, in other words, if I called you one?

            I think if your blog is a mouthpiece for Forrest, and he wants world peace as much as he says, I think the first step would be to help people learn to communicate without resorting to name calling intended to hurt others. Everyone on Earth could disagree, and we could still have peace. But striking out in anger, will only fan the flames of hatred in this world.

            When will the madness end?

          • Geez Dal, I was only being a bit pissey about it for humors sake. But I know that doesn’t convey too well online. By bad. Anyway, I do understand this and I agree to an extent. And in my opinion I wasn’t the only one being a Jerk and the other someone, if you were referring to the scrapbook posts I think you are, – the other person being a Jerk was much, much, much more of a Jerk than I was. But that’s cool. It’s in the past and I’m not upset and I’m sorry about bending the rules in that regard and for being unclear which I admit was the casue of the issue in the first place.

          • No one can know if they can follow the clues all the way to the treasure until they find the treasure. I believe that is a fact and it’s not up for debate in my mind.

            But one can find the treasure by studying the poem over and over, and thinking, and analyzing, and moving with confidence. It will not be an accident. That is also not up for debate, it was mandated by the creator of the game.

            Once you attain that confidence, opportunity arrives. What one can do with that opportunity isn’t up to the person who found it. It’s up to the treasure hunting community.

            But in order to act on that opportunity, preconceived notions must be challenged and that causes friction.

            This is how I’ve seen impossible things happen: First there is pushback, and name calling, and anger. Second comes bargaining, a few people believe and a few more try to prove it wrong and fail to do so. Then understanding hits and suddenly, there’s fifty people by your side telling you they never had a doubt in their mind.

            You can know where the treasure is before you go, just not with 100% certainty.

            And if you are waiting for 100% certainty, then you are waiting for someone else to find it before you even begin.

            I am confident because I believe what I see, what I touch, what I feel in my gut. I could never be confident when acting solely on the words of another. I require proof. But I can’t share that proof: I would think anyone with a sense of responsibility and reason would understand this.

            So, odds are, I wouldn’t believe me either. It’s ironic and karma surely plays a role.

            But that don’t make me wrong. And you could be better than me, if you choose to be, because the opportunity to do so exists. It’s happening right now.

            The question was never: How many clues are there? or How does one find them?

            The question has always been: How many clues do you need?

          • People have claimed that they solved the poem almost from day one. And Dal has always absorbed their comments with a smile. JoJo should remember that you can post your thoughts and opinions freely on this site as long as you follow it with “IMO”.

    • JoJo,
      IMO …That would easily fit into Forrest’s persona. More spiritual per se.

      As for “doesn’t anybody do research anymore?”.
      I feel like Kelly Bundy studying for a game show. I’m so full of information that now, with each piece of information that goes in, one drops out!

      IMO…Forrest has brought us all here to his Chase for a reason. FENNSTOCK!!!

      There’s power in numbers and the more the merry! IMO…Forrest is a VISIONARY! He’s thought of everything.


      • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was a bit harsh when I said “Do you folks even research?”. There are indeed a number of people on this forum who do some great research. I was just lamenting at how quickly the Be IN Peace phrase was found upon a simple Google search. Also, there are some who seem, according to their posts and videos, don’t do any research at all. It’s not gooing to fall into your lap, I would say to those. You gotta put the time in. This thing is somewhat complicated, yet simple. But what do I know? I’m just a guy with the wrong solution.

        Fennstock? Never heard of it.

        • Thank you for your apology. I did think the part about saying we didn’t research was harsh. But I think Dal should not have called you a jerk. Very bad example, IMO.

          • Thanks for sticking up for me, but I’m fairly certain that Dal was referring to a post I made on another Scrapbook entry. Long story.

          • We are all playing a child’s game. Like TAG.

            But we are adults. Most of us I think anyways, I’ll admit I can’t know that for sure either. Such is the nature of the internets.

            But just because we are playing a child’s game does not mean we should have to play like children.

            Keep the Curiosity. Keep the Wonder. Keep the Imagination.

            Throw the inability to cope in the trash. Post your thoughts unashamedly and with the understanding that there are a lot of people out there who are not going to like what you say.

            There is nothing wrong with someone challenging your beliefs. It’s necessary if you wish to find the extent of your conviction.

      • Be in Peace, in my opinion, is reference to the phrase go in peace. It also clarifies it. What are you supposed to do at that point in the poem? What could this mean that would tell you what yto do at that point? It’s not hard, and it’s real close to the end. I’m suprised Fenn wrote it. But I’ve got the wrong solution so don’t listen to me.

  90. Well Forrest, it seems like we all have stories of lost animal friends that where really part of the family. Your artist companion ”Bip” sounds like he gave you the best of times. As you found out there are other companions to help ease the missing, but never fill the place of their memories.

    So enjoy every memory, new and old, and keep sharing these thoughts in your stories.


  91. This SB took me down memory lane. So many great memories of strong bonds and fierce friendships. Thanks for sharing your story…

  92. I think this idea deserves its own comment box.

    It seems to me like f wants us all to work together. He’s a pilot and a soldier, an officer, they lead from the front. So it stands to reason that he’s willing to play with us a lil in this sandbox.

    This new SB process is new and exciting and allows for him to read our comments and give a mysterious answer.

    So let’s ask a question, tempt fate a bit. Let’s see if we can’t agree on one question to ask as a group. For no other reason than science. Maybe we start with one that isn’t Chase related, since we don’t know how much mystery he wants to preserve.

    I’ve always wondered what caviar tastes like. He seems like the kind of guy that’s tried it before.

    What say you?

    • AkB;

      Your idea of a joint effort has been suggested by several different people in the past, and to the best of my knowledge, none has worker.

      I have my idea of where I think Indulgence is – You have yours – everyone has his/her idea. How do you propose that we settle on one location that we can all agree to? I know I am not about to give up on my idea – how about you?

      What are the nine clues – see above – How do we decide on what are the nine clues? Put our ideas in a hat and draw out a “winner”?

      Sorry, count me out. For me, this is an “Individual sport”, NOT a “Team sport.

      There will be only one winner. Only one person that will win the trophy. All other participants WILL NOT get a “Participation Trophy” to put on their shelf. Not even a Silver or Bronze metal – Only a Gold medal for the winner (Pun intended)

      When I say only one person will win, I am not discounting the fact that an individual searcher may, like me, have a “Search team” that works with the individual searcher. I have MY team, they have input, but in reality, I am the leader of the team, and I make most of the final decisions about where, when, and what to look for. It is MY responsibility to do almost all of the “Figgerin’ – – JMO – JDA

      • Should have been workeD – not workeR.

        No, I am NOT a “Team Player” – Sorry, that is just how it is – JDA

        • Shhhh, JDA. You are not as observant as you might think.

          I’m talking about caviar. Not clues and locations. Baby steps buddy.

          If you want to be a lone wolf, do your thing. I won’t stop you.

          But I’m looking for teamwork, not a dissenting opinion. Just because you see the worst in people, doesn’t mean all people are bad.

          The Chase is whatever we make it. Just like life. I choose people, friends, and collaboration.

    • See – You asked that we agree on one question to ask Forrest – and then without getting responses, you said that you have always wanted to know what caviar tasted like – and that became the “Team” question. That is the way that it always works – he who has the loudest voice gets listened to, and the other voices get drowned out. You just proved why the “Team” process does not work – Thanks – JMO – JDA

      • In my opinion, your opinion is wrong. And mean. And divisive.

        You ever seen a million dollars in cash? Me either. That don’t mean it’s not out there.

      • Suggestions are a starting point. They aren’t chiseled in stone.

        Do you have a question to submit to the group other than: Why will teamwork never prevail over individual effort?

        How about: how can individual effort help the team?


        What can you do for the team? Rather than, What can the team do for you?

        • AkB;

          You ask: Do you have a question to submit to the group other than: And what group are you talking ab out? In your mind, you WANT to have a group, but I have seen no one (Other than myself) respond to your group idea. And as you note, I am in opposition. FOR ME – groups never work. Your experiences may be different.

          I have been working on a solution to this enigma called the Chase for almost four years. No, I do not have the chest.
          You have been working how long? A month or two?

          I wish you well sir. It MAY need a team or group effort to solve it, but, as I said, I have seen several attempt to form a group, and all have failed. Good luck to Ya’ JDA

          • I have been working on the Chase for three years. Four summers.

            And I’ve solved it. I’m done. As I’ve been saying for weeks.

            Now I’m looking for a group, and I’ll try for as long as I’m still interested in doing so.

            Not everyone is in the chat, and I think the response to working together will surprise you. I know the personal emails I’ve received have surprised me. The group is already taking shape.

          • Congratulation then. Congratulations in solving it, even if you now think that you need a group to help you.
            Congratulations in getting a group together also. As I said, best of luck to Ya – both with forming the group, getting the group to work, and on finding Indulgence – JMO – JDA

          • Why thank you JDA. It was difficult and I’m glad you are coming around.

            Working in a group is very rewarding and I recommend everyone giving it a try.

          • AkB – Don’t assume anything. I am NOT coming around, I am merely offering congratulations. I know absolutely NOTHING about you, your solve, nor your group. IF you have solved it – Congratulations. IF you have formed a group – Congratulations – Although I am not sure what the function of the group would be IF you have indeed already solved it – but Congratulations anyway. IF the group has agreed on what it’s function is, what it’s goals and missions are, and how they are going to reach those goals and missions – Again, Congratulations. JMO – JDA

      • I agree, my opinion MAY be wrong – just like yours MAY be wrong.
        How is it mean? How is it divisive – just because I happen to disagree with the “Group process?”

        You post something: You can expect differing opinions. Some will support your position, many will not. That is just how it is here on the blog – It is not personal. I am attacking an IDEA – not you as a person – JMO – JDA

        • And I am defending that idea, not me personally. That’s just how it is on this blog now, you see, because I am here, now.

          It’s mean because it discounts everyone’s opinion but your own. It’s divisive because it makes some people feel like they can’t share because no one will share in return.

          I’ll share. So will a lot of people. And I’ll work with anyone who is willing to work with me.

          Your opinions don’t factor into my decision making process.

        • Attacking was the wrong word – I was offering a dissenting opinion, – NOT attacking – JDA

        • JMO guys, but I think you are both correct in your thoughts. AkB, working together to me is what this blog is about after all. And JDA, I agree that many people will not want to “work together” BECAUSE they will not want to give away their “secret spot”. I fully understand that.

          However, IMO, you can have it both ways by sharing the “thinking” behind your solve. For example: many are working “too far to walk” as 242. There is a possible theory to work with, without giving away an exact location. Now your spot may be wrong, but it may help with someone else as a possible solve for them.

          I could be way off, but that’s just how I see it.

          • I quite agree. As you know, I have been a contributor to this Blog, and Jenny’s from day one – Dec 23, 2015. I feel that there is much to be gained by reading the Blog. For me, the difference between the Blog contributions and a group, we do NOT have to reach agreement before proceeding. I do not HAVE to accept a particular point of view or idea. Others do not HAVE to accept my point of view or idea. In a group – this is what I object to in a group – JMO – JDA

          • Contributing in this blog IS working together in a group. We are all already doing it. Even if only to make each other smile.

            I’m only suggesting we choke up on the bat a little. I won’t give my solve away either, I wouldn’t expect anyone else to.

            But there are questions we could answer by working together that could never harm an individual’s goals. They can only help us all.

            That is the secret to good business. Give a little, get a lot.

          • But there are questions we could answer by working together that could never harm an individual’s goals. They can only help us all. – – – What questions that have not already been addressed in the various threads here on the blog? If the questions are for Forrest, He USED to answer que3stions on Jenny’s blog, but has now stopped. Questions to the blog members will only produce OPINIONS, not FACTS. – JMO – JDA

  93. Don’t have the book, The Thrill of the chase, I mean. Could anyone tell me what is on page 9 of TTOTC?? Thank you

    • Dawn – BIP (Bery Important Person) passed at age 17. That is about 119 years old, in dog years. We should all live so long, especially after surviving cancer.

      So, at about 1.5 years, BIP would have been about 10.5 years old. The perfect time to begin to develop his talent as an artist. Maybe that is the time Eric Sloane was depicting in that etching; the one with the banner with the missing ‘ED’ and the missing ‘H’. Think, ‘Bery Important Person’, and how people address dogs with Baby Talk:

      16 months

      Talking rather than just babbling out loud has started, even if it isn’t all that clear. He calls you to get your attention and nods and shakes his head for yes and no. Common consonant sounds such as t, d, n, w and h become part of his speech.

      Probably, BIP painted that banner. Before he could add the ‘d’ and ‘h’ sounds. He spelled phonetically. IMO.

  94. “He’s no longer there, his spirit has gone.” Clint said. It was a kick in the gut to me, And I quickly reacted. “Who says he isn’t still there, where is your evidence, please show me your evidence?” Why do we arbitrarily believe things that we’ve been told? Just because someone said it doesn’t make it true. Throughout the night me and Bip were together in spirit. It was a warm sleep for me. This story on Johnny Carson is Jimmy Jem, about his friend named “Beau”, this poem is so funny yet touching, especially considering the person delivering it was such a patriot and mentor to US the US.

    I have been enjoying all these comments, you guys are terrific in your insight, candor and humor, the message of the Three Wise Men is clear at this time of year, Peace on earth and goodwill toward men, Amen and thanks for the memories I have had in the past year when you all were here, don’t leave us we fear, especially this time of year.


  95. AKB
    I’d say, if I could get a word in edgewise, that all the pitching and jawing with attitude about leading “us” to consensus regarding how the chase plays out could be trimmed back a bit if you want to take it to the bank.
    As far as I’m concerned, the ceiling and visibility is still unlimited on this thing. If your really want your personal flight plan to materialize, the best avenue to that end begins with an agent, IMO.

    • I disagree. I think strangers can work together for a common goal. I think that would be a wonderful moral to this story.

      I don’t want to lead anyone. I want to work together and have fun. I want to have an adventure.

      But I’ll admit that I don’t really understand what it is you’re trying to tell me RLO.

  96. Missouri tom – I don’t mean this in a sarcastic or mean way, but you really should get the book, TTOTC. Not just because of the treasure, but because it’s a fun and fascinating read. And it will help you understand the complicated man who wrote it. At least that’s how I see it.

    Page 9 – starts the chapter “Important Literature”. Although I’m not sure how much that helps if you don’t have the book.

  97. This is my 1st post here and have been following and exploring the TTOTC for the last 4yrs and finally started “Boots on the Ground” last year. We are all frankly in this for the gold, notoriety or both.! The thrill for each is in fact the chase and our own personal journey and what we want or expect. If we choose to team up or go it alone that is our prerogative. Some may want the attention and some may not and quietly go away and may never ever let Forrest know, that is up to each of us. Forest as we all know is an extremely clever and master of innuendoes!

    My opinion is that Forest’s resting place for indulgence has recently become somewhat accessible to the general public who may have the opportunity to actually “stumble” upon it. Through the SB’s , Forrest increased presence is allowing the “searchers” the opportunity to acquire before somebody happens upon it. ( “California couple finds $10 million in rare coins while out walking dog” ).

    Just my opinion of course, but I myself have enjoyed getting out and enjoying all the “senses” and learning of a forgotten past which I have found very rewarding and humbling, like kneeling before and alter. Best of luck to you all and stay safe!

  98. What about you RLO? Do you believe in the scientific process? What about Alsentas… Sherlock?

    At least give me that the test is valid, it only requires cooperation, or…

    What if it doesn’t?

      • I don’t think you are tolling, I know the song well.

        And I’m sure you know, I wasn’t talking to JDA up there. I was talking to the silent majority. All those people that look, but don’t type.

        I’m poking the sleeping giant. And the wheel is spinning.

        Surely somebody sees the merit to a simple test. Now they just have to speak up.

        • Why do you need a group to ask Forrest your question? Ask it here, or email him your question – you are a free spirit – Ask away – JDA

        • Hey all,
          I’m an outsider…I’ve been reading some of these comments…Here is my suggestion for asking Forrest a question that doesn’t relate to the Chase, but to see if he is providing possible hints in the latest SB’s: Ask him to write about his 50th Birthday. It would have been 1980, prior to cancer and deciding to hide the treasure, poem, etc. See if he will write about it and, if he does, see if there are any references to specific numbers, places, people or times mentioned in the recent SB’s…say from 205 forward.

          What do you think?

        • Nice song. This back and forth reminds me of taking boys and girls camping and trying to keep them separate in two different tents. Plus having to buy the camping gear from Cabela’s or REI depending on where you come from. It turns out to be an exhausting weekend. But to the point, they play games at the camp and the relay races are the best . I think we could get together on one question. Like, who rules the roost, Forrest, Peggy, or Willie? And are they always right?

  99. If I bet my bippy on the river, will I flop on my arse at the next turn? If I knock on juniper deadwood, will I get a basket full of berries for gin or rum? If I drink koko and nibble on Oros with Indiana Jones whilst he drinks a Dr Pepper, will his 10’s, 4’s, and 2’s trump my Cavendish? If I show a KQ, will I have a woolly worm and win a pinned pot from Granada? Inquisition minds want to know.

  100. 5. Try to stay on topic. Look at the title of the page you are commenting on and try to stay relevant to that topic. If you want to discuss another topic please move to an appropriately titled page.

    The topic is “I Remember Bip”. ….A lot of good posts here related to that topic. How ever, there are a number that are entirely disrespectful, and I fear that they only serve to Reinforce Forrest’s opinion of, if not the entire human race, then certainly some searchers.


    If you’re going to diss the memories, or if you’re just fishing in general….take it here ->

    Just ‘My’ not so humble opine!!!

    (Goofy, hope ya had a great turkey day….wish ya were here!!!)………loco 🙂

    • Thanks for pointing this out and providing the odds and ends link. I made use of it.

    • There seems to be multiple topics that could be taken as pivotal points for interesting tangents, IMO.

      Please don’t get too keen on policing your opinion. I personally try and tie my ideas into at least two ideas from the original and without making a big deal of it. But I do like to find the lesser discussed ideas, if you don’t mind.


  101. Hello Everyone,

    Amazing story from Forrest Fenn, thank you so much for sharing your experience thru your writing and amazing capturing method. I often get loss on the wording of expression, but things are getting more clear. The more I understand, the more I see and the more I feel. This is the sensation that is need it to understand the book and the poem. The five human senses and is a mastery that all don’t have master. The sense of Touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste and my BOTG have thought me so much. The focus to understand the simple things that we tend to ignore and we keep forgetting that the small things is what matters. My focus have been defined and my goal has been establish and more importantly the blue print have been made. The whole thing is about changing the future and that everyone has the power to do so. Forrest, the treasure was the bait, but the treasure is the influence you have injected to all of us, no matter how old or young go and make a difference. Thank you, if I’m bless next year to find indulgence, then I will know that I truly master what you having trying to teach us.

    • Hello Luis,

      I think you are right about one of Forrest’s motives with the Chase. “The whole thing is about changing the future and that everyone has the power to do so.” Even just getting us off texting machines and into nature could have a powerful impact on the future. More people need to appreciate what Nature provides for us. Even if I don’t find the chest, I have learned a lot from this treasure hunt, and Forrest’s messages are definitely more than entertainment, although they are that, too!

      • Blue Fox,

        100% with you, just look at all the wisdom he has collected. I’m 32 but my focus has always been making other people rich and no focusing on me. I love the outdoors, I did things that I never thought I could and my family fell in love with nature. My last BOTG my wife was so proud, that we finally did something that we always going to cherish.

  102. I hope you and your family will continue to enjoy the healing benefits of nature. The Japanese people have a term for this, Shinrin-yoku means “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.” It was developed in Japan during the 1980s and has become a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine. Best wishes to you!

  103. Blue Fox and all. This was such a beautiful,raw emotional memory that FF shared with us. When I checked in this morning it seemed to have turned into a discussion way off topic by two searchers. Logic was attempting to speak with illogic. Yes, it was a swipe at the junior represenative from NY. Sorry if I confused/upset anyone. Agree with Zap that these need to go to a different page. Respect the Man and Bip. Paulette

  104. I was just banned and my comment edited by kpro over at hint of riches ..due to me calling out her and cow for trying to exploit and profit off of Forrest Fenns late dog Bip. They never talk about the scrapbooks on youtube or go live on a Saturday night..but due to them acquiring the rare book, ” Bip” thought it was necessary to exploit, make assumed hints about the book, “bip” and the chase, all at the expense of a dead pathetic.. I have lost all respect and now see how far searchers will go to boast, grow fan base, profit, sell products and make money from super chat on YouTube. It has gone to far! I’m sorry Forrest may your little dog Bip RIP.

    • And pestering good natured Forrest with “Interviews” when they’re clearly out for golden blood, and stealing new searchers ideas… Just my opinion.

    • There are Kool Aid stands for those that buy want Kool aid. I saw your attack and it was a bit disrespectful even if you 100% believe it is true. I mean it is her blog…people should vote more with their feet….if people are into her shows and products, let them enjoy the entertainment. Otherwise just leave…

      • I completely agree with you it is truly pathetic kpro/Cow Profiting off of the chase. Coins, board games etc etc I think it’s sad that it’s gone this far!

      • Hazel Stone,

        Hi there! Good for you and your love of critters. We have something in common!

        I’ve got some good news for ya. Kpro can now retire from the royalties.

        Bad news, seems a bit over the top and somewhat judgemental.

        But here’s some good news Hazel, IMO ONLY…

        This scrapbook has to do with LOVE. Forrest loves his critters. Once Indulgence is found/retrieved you will see why this story came out.

        I give you my word. This was a very important SB. It’s not about exploiting death. It’s about promoting love, kindness, and above all it’s about memories.

        BIPSTER, lives on Hazel Stone, in our heart, and the Fenn family’s hearts.

        So keep your eyes peeped for a Puhhpyyy…or even 2?

        Good luck with your Chase Hazel. I would encourage everybody to try to focus on more positive issues, within.


  105. My pal Shadow Cat rests in a walnut box with a clay paw print on the shelf next to my desk. Just where she sat all those years wondering why I looked at a computer and talked into a phone. When she had enough of my work antics she let it be known it was time to stop. Life has its own way of bringing joy.

  106. Dear Forrest:

    I finally realized the other Bip I know was a jack-of-all-trades baseball player, and that means all of my outside reading is paying off! Single and double entry accounting, clockmaking, road-building, and military history, to name a few—so many thrills of the choice. It’s become such a passtime that my kids have started to ask me “What are we doing on to day?” for just about every day of the year.

    My current topic is a scentillating 200+ page read about young love and the American dream. I like one of the protagonists- I think his was named Dusty Rhodes. His best girl was named Cissy but there was a Sallie Mae too I think, but she was no loaner. I haven’t finished yet, but I feel like something is amissh. Lots of angst and even a near-JR Ewing type incident.

    Looking forward to the next scrapbook!

    Take care,

  107. I lost my chocolate Labrador Reuben a year ago and I still haven’t recovered. He could never get enough of me and I still can’t bring myself to get another dog. Dogs are wonderful confidence boosters. If we looked after each other as well as dogs looked after their owners the world would be a better place.

  108. Forrest, you dedicated “too far to walk” ‘to all who have pushed me against my will, and made me a better person.’

    Bip sounds like he was perfect. You made each other better in a warm, comfortable way without pushing you against your will.

    I would enjoy hearing about any of ‘those who pushed you against your will and made you a better person.’

    Perhaps we could glean some wisdom vicariously.

  109. I was thinking about the lower case r and the upper case R. Maybe it’s just as simple as up River and down river or upper and lower.

    • Dawn. I also was in tight focus on that word(s) Run-run differential in the above and the below written. In the likes of the poem , every word is purposeful. Is this the same for the SB’s? Unless a correction is made , is the noted misspell or a grammatical error sore thumb ,purposeful for a point?

      I like your idea here. I’ll add an example too. How about something like: Bighorne River and Little Bighorne River? The lower case?


      • I find it interesting that the Little Bighorn river is 138 miles long. Is the SB reference error in SB 240 of the SB 138 for SB 238 now have significance? The larger number is the correct one and the lower number was the incorrect one.

        Two more in correct lower cases. Is in-correct the likeness of saying such like , in-the-right as in-the-correct. Just musing a code.

        Interesting patterns .

        IMO .

      • Yes. I like this. Thank you. Up this road and down this one searching for Bip. Or that’s the wrong leg someone is thinking about. It’s the left leg not the right leg. At a fork or intersection.

  110. thanks for the heartwarming story Mr. Forrest.
    or i should say….feetwarming, looking lower quickly changing my mind.
    you found your treasure at the red barn. what took you so long?
    Bip had to go, and leave his trove in a book, an autodography.
    we should all be so lucky.
    i think.

  111. A River runs Through it,

    So how does a river not run through the “big picture” of where Indulgence is hidden?
    To me Forrest wouldn’t have hidden the chest in any area unless a river was close by. Might be a great fishing river who knows, but a river none the less.
    “My church is in the mountains and along the river bottoms where dreams and fantasies alike go to play.”

    “I moved Bip to a place just outside the bedroom at our new home on the Old Santa Fe Trail.”

    So does that river and the old Santa Fe Trail have a link? Yep-per imo

    Good luck all,

  112. I’ve seen some comments about a river running through ‘IT’ in the poem. Perhaps. It’s true for my solve, but another thought may be f crying that ‘river’ through BIP’s memory. Crying can have excellent healing effects.

  113. Best holiday wishes to all.

    After reading a good number of the posts here, I must say Forrest you paint a beautiful picture.
    With each brush stroke a picture emerges in my mind. in-robed in history, ornamented by the present. I am thankful for the chase, and the trail of Hansel & Gretel lives on.
    The chase has become my indulgence. A pastime with many rewarding discoveries.

    Thank you Forrest

  114. Touching tale Forrest.
    I’m curious, was BIP named for the renowned street artist. Ironic he is a fellow Yale alumni of Eric Sloane’s.
    Are you sure you didn’t leave BIP at home when you went to the Red Barn. Then he would have only been 3 inches from the real spot you left him?
    Yale, not the only show in New Haven, just saying.
    Roll on June 2020

  115. Ahh Forrest , you gone and did it again and made me cry. I sit here with all my elderly pets and my mom wondering which of us will die first ? I have been doing enough crying over the last few years . I am trying my best to not to do that. Each day is another blessing , another story to be remembered. Late at night at home I feel my beautiful friend Rocket jump up on the bed to sleep with us all . He has been gone fourteen years now. If you pay attention you may just feel Bip snuggling in to sleep by your side. Humans just don’t pay enough attention.

  116. I have been thinking a lot lately about my past BOTG journeys. I carry 20lbs in my pack so I can try to feel how Forrest felt, as I walk I ask myself, what did Forrest see? I argue with myself about the difficulty of the walk and whether or not a 79 almost 80 year old could make it, Forrest was probably stronger at 79 than me at 49. I tell myself if he did it in one afternoon 12-6 that would be 1.5 hours there 1.5 hours back twice. I always wonder how much the trail has changed over the years. If I turn around because I have doubt Forrest made it further I always feel guilty. Another argument I have with myself is whether or not the view from the spot is amazing enough. I have seen some amazing views out there but I ask myself if they are amazing enough for Forrest. What did Forrest see? Was it so amazing from the ground? Was it so amazing from the sky that it didn’t matter what the ground view held? Maybe both. Does anyone else have these thoughts during BOTG?

    • Dawn, I think it was more of the atmosphere of the “big picture” that made Forrest want this place to be were he hid Indulgence. Yes it’s a beautiful place but there is so much more. Your trek times are about right, I wouldn’t push more or to much less.

      Good luck,

      • Thank you for the feedback Bur. The Big Picture can be overwhelming. When I’m BOTG I’m looking for that AH-HA!! That’s it moment, the moment I can’t see from a map… That 12′ moment.

        • Dawn,
          That ah-ha moment I believe is “heavy loads” not what one might think. It sure surprised me.

          Good luck again Dawn,

        • Clint,
          Hands up in the air…. maybe “River Beneath a1000 Years.”

          Clint, What do think it should be?


    • Dawn, you have described pretty much the exact same thoughts that go through my head on a BOTG trip as well!

      I also keep wondering about how much of a factor it is that Forrest knew exactly where we was going to hide the treasure, while all of us searchers are at least somewhere unsure, even if we think we have the spot narrowed down to a reasonably small search area. Just meandering around and looking for and investigating possible blazes can extend a BOTG trip into a seemingly longer and tougher route than Forrest’s assumed beeline route to the hidey spot.

      • I think a guy like Fenn would have noticed that difficulty, of being overwhelmed by the grandeur of a mountain and the endless possibilities, and would have taken steps to lessen that burden on us to make it manageable.

        How do you think he could have maybe solved that problem?

          • He sure could have, Blue. But something like that might also be confusing because shapes alone can be left open to a lot of interpretation. Of course, that could be a good way of strengthening the difficulty level.

            I think operating on faith is a very large part of The Chase.

      • When I think “beeline” I think of honeypot.

        The devil didn’t make me say that. It was more like Southern and
        Hoffenberg. Are those names bellringers for y’all?

        As always, this message is part of my opinion.


    • Also-this place is very special to Forrest. It calls to him. So he has a familiarity with it and goes right too it, built on memory and experiences. We have none of those memories or experiences, we have to create our own picture as to why? This is an extraordinary difficult task. Right now I think his treasure is under a small Juniper patch. But now I’m sitting here thinking, why would this one particular Juniper patch matter to him? It probably does it.

      Keep struggling! It builds character!!:)

        • Roger, got your ears on?? Where’s the rendezvous point for that, “one copy”??? 42… over and out!

          • Hazel Stone – Roger Wilco. Responding for 42. The “one copy” Forrest referred to in this scrapbook was the original leather bound one that was published. He provided a picture of the cover with BIP’s signature.

    • Depending on the press, the layout, and the paper stock used, it would be possible to print 16 copies in one run of the press—hence, “one copy,” or folio.
      Offered as a possible interpretation only.
      Not a MILCOM hint, IMO.

  117. Great story, Mr. Fenn. It’s going to take a long time to catch up with all these scrapbooks. But I enjoy reading everything you write.

  118. So much I do not understand. I have to play catch up. Wish I was smarter and had seen all this sooner!

  119. Hi Bur
    The answer to your question from above is
    (A River Runs Through It) pretty well sums it up

  120. Reunions following near disasters, are wonderful, however, reunions following a real disaster come complete with anguish, grief and sometimes it seems to last forever, we must find or see the light at the end of the tunnel through our travels. This is part and parcel of the stuff life is made of so when this feeling happens and we have lost someone near and dear to us FAITH is the ticket to survival, where in all your travels was this place a “blessed reunion of souls” following near and real disasters? How did you accept the anguish, and learn to be a kinder and gentler person ff? Congratulations for showing us how.

    “Lord of the here and now, faith in our hearts instill, by our example may we teach our young to follow Your will.
    Lord of the twilight years when our last hour shall come, take us from this land of ours to our eternal home.”
    This place called HEAVEN where there will forever be a “Blessed Reunion of Souls.”

    RIP, BIP


      • @TT
        Fred Rogers lived the simplicity of goodness…

        Love broken people
        Be kind To all
        It’s ok to ask for help.

        Is the Tom Hanks movie good?

        • 42, it is not just good, it is beautiful, Hollywood got this one right this time and it shows. Gottat go comment on the SC B 244. Ta Ta!


          PS not a just a kids show, it is a human drama of great social kindness by making a portrait of a wonderful life well lived. Fred Rogers, can you say Academy Award….I know you can.

    • Yes it is Focused!
      Thank God,..and Chris for fixing the issue.
      I felt disconnected for the last 2 days. Like a fish out of water..

  121. Could you please use a unique name, imposter Blex?

    (And didn’t Spallies also have a similar imposter on this blog a couple of days ago? Honestly, of all the people to impersonate online, why bother with us?)

  122. Blex-
    Yes…and also Randawg and a few others. There is a crazy person who I get email from….5-10 per day…and he also manages to get on the blog once in awhile…when I slip up…
    His notes are not threatening or inappropriate…however, they are not relevant…have to do with his phone or his carrier…usually…

    Anyway…he tries getting on the blog by impersonating others…Most of the time I catch him…but occasionally I think he is the person he is impersonating and let him in…since he is always changing who he is impersonating he sometimes gets past me…

    It’s easier to block when someone is caustic or profane or inappropriate…
    But his comments are just peculiar…and they do get on sometimes…

    Anyway, there is no telling who he will impersonate next…
    I would guess that he has tried about a dozen or so names and at least three times made his way in…

    He’s sneaky and possibly a lunatic but not harmful..

    If you notice someone impersonating you…send me an email rather than make a comment on the blog…
    I think attention is what he is looking for so replying to his comment just encourages him…

  123. I love this post because “He’s sneaky and possibly a lunatic but not harmful…” is probably an accurate profile of the average Forrest Fenn searcher! 🙂

  124. Caller: “Mr Obvious, I like dogs as much as the next guy, but why is this emotional story about the BIP important to the Chase? I don’t get it? Enlighten me with your brilliance, please.”

    Mr Obvious: “Well caller, sometimes a story is just a story, meant to reach the soul. But if this story has a hidden hint, I believe it might be tied to the TV show Laugh-In. Remember the phrase ‘You bet your bippie’. It’s a spin on ‘You bet you bottom dollar”. The underlying meaning “you are certain”, “no doubt”, “bet the farm”. If your solve takes you to the BIP, you may have hit the jackpot.”

    Caller: “Wow! You’re amazing. Now I wish I had a clue. But I’ll keep trying. Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best.”

    • Wow! You’re amazing. Now I wish I had a clue. But I’ll keep trying. Thanks Mr Obvious. You’re the best.

    • Because it really IS the bottom dollar, isn’t it, Mr. Obvious?

      True, yet that does not address the ethical dilemma. A masterful disguise…indeed.

  125. I think I figured out a few of the clues. The most important being WWWH. Once I found that, the places around it started to make sense. Maybe you guys can help find the rest. There are multiple clues that describe the same geological location. So we may be only looking at two or three locations. I don’t want to give the answers because what’s the fun of that, but I will try to nudge you in the right direction. For WWWH, it is a combination of two things. And keep in mind what he said about warm waters, “There are many places WWWH in the Rockies.” You have to find his warm waters.
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek: For the longest time, I thought “paddle” was the keyword of this clue, but it’s actually “your”.
    So why is it I must go and leave my trove for all to seek: This one is describing one thing. The trick is to try and think of a word that means “go” and “leave”, but that also can be correlated to a geological location. Also, I would highly recommend looking the word “trove” up in the dictionary.
    So listen all and hear me good: This one is describing one of the two things from WWWH though I’m not sure it’s the same spot. It kind of works the same way as the clue above. Try to think of a word that you can hear, but could also correlate to geography.
    That’s all I’ve come up with for now. I might have another look on GE later tonight. Happy hunting!

    • This is what excitement looks like. I love it. Doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. IMO

      But I’ll bet that 90% of the people in here have looked up the definition of trove in the dictionary and half of them are gonna be irritated that you don’t believe they are smart enough to think to use a book like that.

      • Yeah, I’m sure they have. But they should do it only after they find WWWH or else the connection will be difficult to make. No offense intended.

        • NoName6 – Thanks for recommending the German Playboy interview. I had listened to it before a while ago, but listening again just now tied in a lot of other things that Forrest has mentioned in a lot of his recent scrapbook entries. It’s a good listen!

  126. Animals are amazing, especially dogs. Bip found his way back to where he started (The Red Barn) and waited patiently for his friend. And on those little dachshund legs, that’s really amazing. Like Forrest and others here, I’ve been there when there is no other loving or humane choice but to ease the suffering of a dearly loved animal friend. And the sighing of their last breath matches the sinking of your heart.

    But the heart makes room for another. And Forrest has shown that his animal friends are as devoted to him as he is to them from Bessie to Bip to a donkey in the bedroom to Tesuque and now Willie and others in between. I’ve read this scrapbook forwards and backwards and it’s got to be one of my favorites. And then there’s Forrest and Peggy on the Amazon! That’s got to be another story.

    • I like this assessment. I do think Forrest Fenn loves animals.

      But letting a donkey in his bedroom is small potatoes when compared with what The Chase has done for me.

      I think the message goes more like this: This is how I (Fenn) believe animals should be treated. And we should treat each other even better than that.

  127. It appears that Bip is wearing an eagle feather in the bottom sketch (black on the tip, white on the bottom). Eagle feathers are earned in Native American tribes like the Hopi, often recognizing a brave deed. Paulette above said “a warrior and his wingman”… the question is, who was who.

  128. After reading this beautiful story it was only sensible to go a hunting for some info on A River Runs Through it.. and I stumbled across another beautiful story worth sharing.

    Hope Mr. F. has a chance to read this one as it’s a good one.
    To anyone else that stumbles upon it and actually takes the time to read it.. enjoy!

    The Old Man’s Knot
    By John Dietsch

    WANTED: Men in their seventies, must be excellent fly casters, meet at Sacajawea Park, Sunday, 10 a.m. bring fly fishing equipment.

    This was how the advertisement read that I had placed in the local Livingston newspaper. I figure it was the first casting casting call in the history of film and television, but I could be wrong…

    On Sunday morning about thirty Montana locals showed up—weathered faces, ribbed hands, wool shirts, hats from the attic, and fly lines cutting through the air. Robert Redford, the director of A River Runs Through It, was looking for the “Old Man” character who appears briefly at the beginning and end of the film. He was to play Norman Maclean in his seventies. One by one, I had the men sign in and walk toward the end of the dock by the pond in Sacajawea Park, near the Yellowstone River. Within just a few short seconds, I could tell whether or not the gentleman was a good caster or not.

    Surprisingly, only six of the men had decent casts, and really only two of them had the “right look”—one of the men was quite a bit older than the other one and had deeply etched wrinkles, cool blue eyes, and thick tufts of white hair. However, he somehow looked too fragile to me. The younger man, in his late sixties, seemed to personify the Norman Maclean I had heard about—strong, opinionated, handsome, and direct. Having chosen these two men among the thirty, I dismissed everyone else and began casting with them, talking to them, and tying knots. The latter task would be asked of the character on camera in the film’s final scene, so it was important to see how each of them carried it out.

    The younger gentleman showed me how he tied his flies to the tippet with a clinch knot. He slid the tip of the monofilament into the eye of the hook with finesse, and smoothly wrapped the tag end around the line, just above the hook like a spiral. Then he adeptly brought the tag end through the opening in the line, just above the eye. He wet the line with his mouth and pulled tight. The whole process took under thirty seconds.

    “There,” the younger man said with a smile, “a clinch knot.”

    “Impressive,” I replied.

    The older man stood to my left, and although I was half expecting him to be watching the younger man—his competition—tie the clinch knot, I realized that he was concentrating on tying his own knot. I excused myself from the younger man, and walked over to the older gentleman.

    “What are you tying?” I asked him.
    He looked at me, with a sheepish grin, and said simply “My eyes aren’t so good anymore.”
    His hands shook with the ferocity that only old age could induce. Between his poor eyesight and his trembling fingers, he had yet to simply thread the tippet through the eye of the hook, let alone tie the knot.

    “Do you know how to tie a clinch knot?” I asked patiently. Again, the painful smile crept up on his mouth, and he shook his head slightly.
    “No,” he replied, pausing for a long moment.
    A red light went off in my head. I thought, ‘This guy can’t even thread the line through the eye and he doesn’t know what a clinch knot is.’ Suddenly, I thought that the older man could never work as Norman on camera, but I kept the thought to myself.

    “I tie a turle knot,” he continued. “Do you know what a turle knot is?” he asked.

    “I’ve heard of it,” I replied, “but I don’t know how to tie one.” Then I thought ‘perhaps you could show me how to tie it if you could just thread the damn line through the eye of the fly!’
    It had been a good minute-plus, and still the old man had yet to thread the line through.
    “There we go,” he said with finality. “Takes me a bit longer than it used to. I’m sorry,” he said, sensing my youthful impatience.

    “No, that’s quite alright,” I said, not letting my true feelings show.

    He proceeded to tie his turle knot, twisting the line so that it formed a loop that would slide back against the eye of the hook. I felt the clock ticking in my head, and imagined a camera rolling thousands of dollars worth of film while this man’s trembling hands attempted to tie this ancient knot.

    “You know this is an old knot,” he said to me, his hands shaking like the San Andreas fault. “Most everybody used this knot in the old days here in Montana…it takes a bit more time to tie than a clinch knot, but I think it’s a better knot—worth the extra time.”

    I felt like saying, “Do you really know what time is worth here?” I could hardly contain the voices in my head—an impatience had developed in me from being around a film crew twenty-four hours a day, similar to someone who spends most of his day in traffic on the freeway. I don’t recall ever letting the old man finish his turle knot. As I remember, I told him that there was no need for him to finish the knot (since it had been about five minutes!). So I never did learn how to tie it, but I did end up learning something about myself.

    That afternoon, I presented Redford with the photographs of both men and explained that each of them had a beautiful cast. I then gave him my opinion that I felt the younger man might be a better choice since the older man would probably have a terrible time tying a knot on camera.

    “Why’s that?” the director asked astutely.
    “Because his hands shake violently. He can hardly even thread the line through a hook!” I replied with exasperation.
    Redford paused for a moment and looked at the picture of the older man again.
    “Excellent,” he answered. “I’d like to meet him tomorrow.”

    The older man had lived in Montana most of his life, and to play the part of Norman Maclean was both an honor and the memory of a lifetime. The shaking hands struggling to tie a knot at the end of the film are a trademark of the movie, and tell a story in themselves. Looking back at it, in my haste to “succeed,” I had lost my sense of compassion while working on the film, and in so doing I had missed the magic that unfolded right in front of my eyes. I missed the message on the backs of the old man’s veined, transparent, and leathered hands—the yearning that any man his age, feeling this passage of time, would have for younger days—the gentle acceptance that indeed those days were gone forever.

    Original link to article is here:

    • Thank you! This is a beautiful story of how age spawns wisdom!

      The question will always be, do we have the patience to except it?!

  129. A good film to watch is The Clint Eastwood directed “White Hunter, Black Heart.” It depicts the clash between a visionary film director and his perfectly imperfect struggle to lead his entourage of writers, producers, talent and crew to commit to his artistic vision. It explores themes of life imitating art and vice versa through the vehicle of a film within a film. For those interested, there are also exciting aviation elements. 😉

  130. I was re-reading the SB’s. This one is very touching indeed. But I did recall seeing this when The SB was first posted. It’s kind of interesting:

    “…the Below In Put”. Put in below the.. backwards is “the BIP”. Maybe just a rabbit hole. lol.

  131. I am a big fan of these old SB’s, but its the first time I read this through. I just randomly pick one out of the blue every now and again. I bet you are missing him so much sir. To me, pets are like chapters in our lives, but ones we can only read once and then we have to move on.

    Great story, it puts perspective in my heart. Makes me remember and realise the pets I too have lost are still with me, but in a better place.

    • Oh yes! I’ve been meaning to get back to that avalanche of SB ‘s . This one is really good! It usually takes me awhile between chapters though.

    • The world owes so much to our little friends. Heroes! They stand up tall when asked to do so and put all their trust in us. I let mine live outside and run free. Too cramped up indoors.

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