Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Four…


December, 2019


Eric’s Humor

More than 40 years ago, when Eric Sloane was building his home in Santa Fe, I gave him a painting by Leon Gaspard. It was a house warming gift depicting two Taos Indians on horseback, up close, and riding directly toward the viewer. They were wearing shirts with broad, brightly colored vertical stripes. And they each had on pauncho hats, one with a feather sticking up and out at a rakish angle. 

Eric decided to put it on the left side of a fireplace, and it looked great hanging there, except that he didn’t have anything to offset it on the other side of the fireplace. That problem was quickly solved when he painted the same Indians wearing the same clothing, up close, and riding directly away from the viewer. Another typically looking Leon Gaspard painting with Eric Sloane martini-style humor. I told him how much I liked it, and we both had a good laugh. Eric was pleased to see that I recognized the subtle humor in what he had done. 

The next day he came into my gallery and presented me with a still-wet Gaspard-looking painting depicting two Taos Indians on horseback wearing shirts with broad, brightly colored vertical stripes. And they each had on pauncho hats, one with a feather sticking up and out at a rakish angle. He titled it Gaspard Memories and here it is: 

IMG 7798a

IMG 7799a

How can you not love a guy like Eric Sloane? f








320 thoughts on “Scrapbook Two Hundred Forty Four…

  1. I would have loved Eric’s martini-style humor. So much so, I think I’ll go make myself a martini! Thanks, Forrest! Welcome back! Cynthia

    • Great idea Cynthia….how about you start a new tradition here in TTOTC world…

      Let’s all drink a martini toasting Eric, Forrest, and their clever minded friendship!

      Maybe Forrest will let Us in on his secret date when he drinks his one martini per year.

    • Cynthia – as part of our Taos “research project” this winter, I say we make a systematic effort to find the Martini Tree at Taos Ski Valley. Good old Ernie Blake called it liquid courage…and promises the benefits are we will ski like “aces”. (Cards, anyone??) I’ve been looking for that elusive tree every year for 15 years with no luck…but if we follow the clues precisely? Who knows – we may find liquid gold.

        • @Pdenver,
          the Taos Mtn ski video you posted has a fun connection to Forrest and his dad’s wisdom “grab every banana”.
          The older man wearing the yellow ski jacket is Banana George. He was the worlds oldest snowboarder and barefoot water skier until he skied his final run into the sky at 98 yrs. I met him on the slopes of Steamboat Springs when he was 87 yrs young…he was riding a snowboard!

          • Thank you for your comment, 42. I didn’t notice who the gentleman was. I remember Banana George skiing barefoot, but didn’t know he snowboarded. It must have been nice meeting him. He sure lived life.

        • Chaos – but of course! …and if we time our “Taos research project” right we can do some pond-skimming as well. We better start practicing and we’ll get Shiloh to give us some “tips” LOL. (I hope they have a senior division; we’ll be sure to win even if we lose). There’s only one thing more fun than treasure hunting, and that is skiing deep powder snow!! Let the winter games begin.

          • Hearing about the martini tree brought back memories so I googled it to see whether it still existed. It sounds like it only existed in its original, uncontrolled fashion until a national firm bought out the ski valley in 2013. They saw it as a liability risk. So now the instructors martini tree (there was always one where the instructors knew to look) is kept in locked boxes for instructors to open and someone has to check IDs. Wow, sounds like they’re keeping up a tradition even after the fun is gone.

            Rumor has it that there are still random martini trees on the mountain like before, ones where only the person who placed it knows where it is. But I’m sure that they’re no longer done by employees, and they’re really hard to find. I never found one of the random ones in the three years I worked there. If only there had been a poem to tell me where to look.

            PS Ken, your avatar reminds me of the one time I taught a real cowboy. Being really bowlegged makes it almost impossible to ski since you need to stand on the inner edges to make it work. We gave it shot for a while, then we laughed about it and went to the bar.

      • I had an instructor take me to that tree once after a week long course. I don’t know if it was the same tree Ernie used but there were martinis there and I had one. It was near the Whistle Stop.

      • Sally: I’ve never skied Taos, but your mention of the Martini Tree there reminds me of the Elephant Tree at Jackson Hole — gotta believe you’ve skied to it many times. 🙂

        • Zap – gotta love the Elephant Tree! And all of those twisted, gnarled high altitude trees at the top of Rendezvous and Sublette.

          At Purgatory we have a “Rumple-stump” – a bottle of Rumplemint snapps tucked away in a hollow stump secreted in the trees (not in close proximity to a ski run haha). The bottle gets covered with snow; we dig it out and enjoy an icy, refreshing treasure treat while discussing how lucky we are to be skiing another glorious day. Worth the cold!

    • good guys are worth holding on to. life is a adventure. you only have one that we know about so live it its the center of beingy our title is who you are youve ben’ so i’ve been thinking a bit anws 2 i’m not givinanything away but think out side the book’

  2. Well who would have seen that coming….or going, depending on which painting you are looking at and maybe depending on which side of the fireplace you are standing on. I wonder if he separated the paintings so that no one would confuse the artist, or if he felt he was stuck in a loop. Hopefully he wasn’t telling ff a horses @$$ story….lol

    • David,
      Precisely my first thought as well. The coming/going or looping is where my mind focused. It quickly reminded me of an exhange between Forrest and an attendee at the Moby Dickens book signing for TFTW ( ):

      Forrest is asked: “If you follow the poem precisely, will you find yourself switching back – making a loop?”

      F’s response: “This gal’s dangerous. Would I find myself switching back? I think I can say no to that without giving away too much…”

      I end with a simple question: In rectilinear terms, how many consecutive right-hand (or left) turns must we take to arrive where we started?

      (original) Joe

  3. A very clever way to view it. I wonder if Eric put the feather at the rakish angle in the right angel or was their some subtle humor there as well.

  4. Eric Sloane was so talented at everything, he could have pulled off a master-fleece of any artist.

    Except your doodles, of course, Forrest.

  5. Is Eric Sloane a good friend of Forrest’s? I think it’s awesome that he was so generous regardless.

    I think it would be awesome if they did a collaboration. I bet if they just nailed down something they could make it work. I bet it would be a masterpiece !

  6. Well, I guess that those Taos Indians couldn’t tell if they were “Commin’ or a-goin'” – They pretty much looked the same – Nice martini-humor. Thanks for the post Forrest and Dal – 🙂 – JDA

  7. Eric had a great sense of humor. And I guess which way we are going depends on which side of the blaze we find ourselves. 😉

      • Zap – Do you think Forrest’s double omega colophon in TTOTC is a reference to his friendship with Eric Sloane and this painting he gave to Forrest???

        • Lisa, I’ll throw my two cents in here. I for one don’t think that, but check out the page in the book where Fenn talks about his daughters. Their hair cuts resemble the double omegas. Hint perhaps?

        • I hate to say this but everytime I look at those two omegas, I think of “two moons.” Boy am I seeing things from a different perspective.

          • Zap – Thank you for that link. That is a new one to me. But I think my guess that the double omega colophon relates to Eric Sloane is an educated one.

  8. Good friends can be hard to come these days. My search partner and I are good friends and have made some amazing memories while going BOTG for your treasure. I can’t wait to get back out early next year.

    Thank you for sharing Forrest.

  9. I’m worried about Eric.. maybe the piece with the picture of the horses going means he’s nearly at his limits and doesn’t know how to paint the many details. Or maybe it’s just because he was rushed. Either way I wonder if he will be able to make a third one.. but I guess there is no place to put it so it would be unlikely.

    • Sure there is! The horses-coming-toward-you painting was on the left, the horses-going-away-from-you painting Eric did was hung on the right, so there would be space in the center directly above the fireplace, IMO. But what would a third painting have depicted?

  10. Hi Forrest
    Thank you,I like the one on the left best he has a little more character
    don’t you think?Clint

    • I don’t know.. just because he has a feather doesn’t mean much but I don’t know my history well enough to say.

  11. Dear Forrest:

    I always find good, subtle Chase humor when everyone tries to predict your scrapbook releases. 😉

    I really like Gaspard’s work. I never looked at his work before, but they’re stunning. I like Eric’s too. In this 1 I found myself visualizing what the riders would look like coming toward the viewer. When I did, I realized the one with the feather was now the right one, and the signature, which was “suppose” to BE on the right of any artwork, was right. Now the whole thing was right. The way I figure, three rights put me right back on the path I was on before. Right? I see what you did there! I got a charge out of this one.

    I’m glad you’re still making art for us.

    Take care,

  12. Earlier today I was thinking about the spicy pasta you mentioned previously. I wanted to make it but just didn’t have the time.. now I’m going to be busy for three weeks. If you make some will you send me some ? LOL

    • Would deliver work better possibly ?Shipping a special anything is wishky ,with all the porch pirates these days. ……to possibly prevent package loss or damage put the scaryhoe in the yard if in town I think it’s called on the street. …does the flamingo go in the yard or on the lawn

  13. Hey Forrest! This reminds me of Pancho and Lefty – a couple of desperados but good partners until the end. Merle and Willie, Forrest and Eric. Love the feather…because that’s my signature accessory. Big smiles and stay warm by your pinon fire.

    • Thanks Sally Colorado, was struggling to make hide nor hair of this but you’ve hit the bullseye. Yet another reference to Nelson.
      My favourite one is the Totem Café
      Tot (em, leave me out of it) = Baby
      Cafe (anagram) = Face
      Took the long ride home in 1934, just before the Bullet was made. Dang
      those cars look similar.
      There’s a few famous Nelson’s in history. I wonder which one
      F may be referencing?
      Where I come from the number 111 is known as Nelson

      One eye, one arm, one leg

    • In my opinion, and I could be wrong, but you might be a contender. I hope you are ready this summer. I’m ready now.

      And please don’t take this post in any negative way whatsoever. I’m only giving you a nod of agreement with this post. Meaning I agree with you. Just making sure there’s no misunderstanding.

      • @JoJo, thanks for saying hello. No worries, I don’t consider myself a contender. Best wishes to you.

        • 42 – I’d say that as long as you are making an effort towards solving the poem, then you are indeed a contender! 🙂

          • Blex,

            I was thinking the exact same thing. We’re all in this together, which puts us in the Chase, in some capacity.


          • ByGeorge – Well said! If and when the treasure is found, the consolation prize for everyone else except the finder will be that we’re all be tied for 2nd place as long as we gave at least 5 minutes worth of thought on the poem! 🙂

  14. Painting’s title is “Gaspard memories”

    OK, no one else has bucked the line with a brave question, so I will…
    Was Eric insinuating Gaspard was a horses ass?

      • Ronny Lee – I posted a link to a Leon Gaspard “Russian Horses'” painting above, which was 6-3/4 x 7 inches and sold in 2011 for $9,775. I asked Sparrow if he thought Eric Sloane’s humor was referring to that painting.

        The price info. is in a comment below the blogger’s commentary on the painting photo.

          • Ronny Lee – Sooooo, from Eric Sloane’s perspective, that tiny “Russian Horses'” painting garnered $207.88 per square inch in 2011.

            Wasn’t Eric’s agreement with Forrest that his paintings would be sold at $17.00 per square inch?

    • Forrest, you have enjoyed such a rich life to have know Eric and the many other talented and gifted people who have crossed your path. Eric clearly had a witty sense of humor too. I can imagine the fireplace and the thoughts that might cross one’s mind walking in and seeing those paintings for the first time. That last one I can see holds a special place in your heart as it should.

      Forrest, you have bestowed such a gift with your works. You’ve also kept our minds engaged this season with the late flurry of SBs. It’s enough to make my head spin trying to make sense of it all.

      Wishing you a Merry Christmas with many blessings to you and your family over the holiday season.

  15. Thank you for sharing the story behind this picture. It is beautiful art, but so much more interesting to know the inspiration behind it.

    Funny story, I was trying to prove something to my husband tonight and made a mistake and cut my pinky finger pretty bad. Guess it’s karma for disregarding his warning. No worries though, it will be okay. As I sit here with my finger hurting and bandaged, your story was just the pick-me-up I needed.

    Thank you!

    • A painting he got as a gift in 1980? It’s just a faint squeek but I think the train just started to roll.

      • Four Eyes, them glasses are doing us all a world of good.

        I’m pleased to see that you have recognized the subtle humor in what has been done.

        • It’s not a faint squeak. It’s the trains horn.

          CKL requested a story about Fenn’s 50th birthday because she thought she’d get some useful numbers out of the deal.

          2019-1980 = 39 years.
          f is 89. 89 – 39 = 50.
          More than 40 years ago, he gave Sloane a painting.
          39 years ago, he got one back as a present. In fact he got two backs.
          And if you look at that painting, I’ll bet you’ll see a vivid description of what caviar tastes like.

          CKL, go find Jason! Four Eyes, circle the wagons! Here we make our stand. Defend your positions!

          pew, pew, pew pew pew

          • Yeah Four Eyes!!
            I knew you were my favorite.

            I don’t know where the other two are but don’t tell them about the favorite thing. I don’t want to spread rumors of nepotism.

            Whatya say we play pirates next? I be believe’n we need some more proof, yar.

          • Aye aye, you be the captain and take care of the wheel. I have to go under deck and use the hammock for a while.

          • Ok but I want to be the first mate instead so we can mutiny later.

            Let’s make CKL be the captain since she didn’t see the answer to her own question.

            Maybe she’ll walk the plank?

          • I agree the 1980 date could be a subtle reference to Forrest’s 50th birthday, which I mentioned in the comments of the last SB (243). Forrest does not mention his birthday in this SB, but I don’t believe the painting was made in 1980, so why is the date referenced? Hmm, perhaps he is trying to keep us guessing. I’ll be patient for a few weeks and see if the 50th birthday comes up in a future scrapbook. With Forrest, it seems you never know what he’s got up his sleeve, perhaps a magic wand or a white rabbit.

          • It’s too late CKL. You asked for validation and it’s already here.

            Now you gotta walk the plank on 245 for not believing in the magic.

            It’s time fer the mutiny Capt.

  16. Eric Sloane and Fred Rogers had something in common, Eric got his paintings sold for 17 Dollars a Square Inch, a biography of friendship, by Forrest Fenn and now Fred Rogers a similar spirit, minus the Martini, has had his biography made by a company called Tencent Pictures, both have no need for any $ reference, these men were obviously “Priceless”.

    These were a couple of gentleman who influenced our world in positive ways, I wonder who else could be placed in this category? Would someone like to nominate a few, now Mother Teresa has her crown “Sainthood Ordained”, and Kit Carson has his place in history, along with Colonel Jackson, so how do you wish to be remembered? Mark Anthony describes my fears so well,

    As I said before, when I grow up I wanta be like Fred Rogers, and if I do not have $50 when I die, I have lived well and been happy, cause we just might be able to take something, some kind of treasure trove with us…Or lets not go…


    • TT – I like your interesting comparison of the two men; both seemed to have very big hearts and a generous spirit. Have you seen the documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”? It came out a few years ago (not the current movie with Tom Hanks, though I hear that is also very good). I would highly recommend it. It will change how you see the man, and your fellow man, forever.

    • Some people make art with a paint brush, others make it with a feather quill and paper, still others make youtube videos and but they all have a similar message, so expressive, these “Scrapbooks” how I treasure them, they are decorated with memories and dreams that we all have for a brighter tomorrow, thanks ff for the heads up, I mean nose up, I was about to hit a mountain top here but anything above 10,200′ is safe but not cigar.


  17. What does the blue dot mean? Why are there only three nails holding the panel in the frame but no top nail? The title written on the back is “Gaspard Memory” but the title at front, bottom center says “Gaspard Memories.” So, the letters I, E, S, and Y are obviously key to interpreting these messages.

      • Blue Fox – Just found this:

        “A blue dot means it’s been reserved, but not necessarily sold yet. With a blue or ‘hold’ dot, you still might have a chance to purchase the piece, so tell the gallery owner you’re interested if the other person doesn’t buy it.”

        Who is Forrest reserving this Eric Sloane painting for? Can I still make an offer?

          • Why do you got to say it all sad like that Tom?

            What if the finder is awesome and has cool ideas?

        • I agree for that explanation Lisa, but that is what ff wants you to think; not what you should be thinking in reality!

          • What if that is what you should think, but it’s not all you could think and f thinks it all but reality is the lie?

            Or what if it just means that somebody knows where the trail leads, and is busy fooling around, which leaves an opening for everyone else to sneak in for the steal, but you’d have to believe in the magic first to pull it off?

  18. Ronny—

    Where I work the colored “dots” would mean an item had been inventoried. But not sure about this blue dot. I did notice an “e” is missing from Sloane in one part of the story. Also 1980 + 40 = 2020. The painting has 1980 on it but Forrest starts the article “more than forty years ago”. It may mean nothing, but kind of interesting.

    One other thing. One could say “look at those two horses asses” and actually refer to the riders rather than the horses. 🙂

    • Sparrow – Did Forrest drop an ‘e’ at the end of Eric Sloane’s ‘assumed’ name, as a nod to this from his Weather Hill Farms site biography?:

      It was during his tenure at the Art Students League that Eric overheard a conversation between John Sloan and George Luks in which the two teachers were discussing the merits of working under an assumed name. Sloan and Luks agreed that it would be better for a young artist to assume a name, then once he perfected his technique and talents revert to his given name, severing his association with earlier (and presumably inferior) works. Impressionable young Everard J. Hinrichs decided to borrow his teacher’s last name and add an “e” to the end of it so as not to claim a familial relationship. He did not assume his new moniker immediately and spent years using both names – Eric Sloane to new friends and acquaintances and Everard Hinrichs to family members and on legal documents. He later stated that he chose “Eric” because the name formed a portion of the word “America”, but his choice likely had more to do with escaping the anti-German sentiment of the day by corrupting the name “Everard”.

      When you ‘assume’ something, you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’, right? Two horses’ asses in that Eric Sloane painting?


    • That’s what I am wondering as well Eaglesabound? Sounds like when Forrest gave him the painting he painted a painting right there maybe on a napkin or on the wall 🙂

      “That problem was quickly solved when he painted the same Indians wearing the same clothing, up close, and riding directly away from the viewer.”

      Then he goes on to say…

      “The next day he came into my gallery and presented me with a still-wet Gaspard-looking painting depicting two Taos Indians on horseback wearing shirts with broad, brightly colored vertical stripes. And they each had on pauncho hats, one with a feather sticking up and out at a rakish angle. He titled it Gaspard Memories and here it is: “

  19. Caller: “Hello Mr. Obvious, long time listener, first time caller. Mr. Obvious it seems like everybody gets it. But I don’t. Is there some humor here? Please explain. I’m baffled.”

    Mr.Obvious: “Well caller, you see the jokes not in the post at all. In in the subtle mention of ‘martini humor’ if you saw that.”

    Caller: “No I didn’t notice that Mr. Obvious. What’s martini humor anyway. Never heard of it.”

    Mr. Obvious: “Nevermind the post caller. Just Google these words: TWO HORSES WALK INTO A BAR. You’ll be the first one on the blogs to understand what two friends probably already knew.”

    Caller: “Wow. Just read it. Funny. I think I’ll just read martini jokes the rest of the night. So funny. Thanks Mr. Obvious. You’re the best.”

    Mr.Obvious: “No joke. Goodnight caller. “

    • Where is the likelihood that the two Indians are Eric and Forrest? I wonder which of the two had the feather in his hat? Looks about 42 degrees, what do you think? If a third Indian was to ride up beside them, wonder how that conversation wood go?

  20. I don’t know much about paintings, but I like the idea of going towards the sunset. That painting has my birth year on it so it’s not historic, just confirming that for everyone, it’s still new and young.

  21. I wonder if the misspelling of “Sloan” was an error by Dal or Forrest. I believe there was a blue dot on a horse painting in a previous Scrapbook, but not a sticker. This SB reminds me of Norman Rockwell’s “ Going and Coming”.

  22. How many creeks must a man run through before you can call him a man… the answer my friend is blowing’ in the wind, the answer keeps blowing in the end!

    A little Sloane humor.

    Notice how I said, “a little”…

  23. Hints: riding horses toward the VIEWER and brightly colored stripes. History/map visual.

  24. Well, there’s a feather in your cap. I actually really like that painting. I think it must be the bold coloring. I’ll bet Mr. Fenn has a whole stock of Eric Sloane paintings corraled in his home. I certainly wouldn’t ditch them. They’re bound to be worth a bundle.

  25. Forrest, “Olive us” enjoy your dry-spirited humor. You must miss Eric.
    Thanks for continuing to entertain us.

  26. Forrest stated “the problem was quickly solved” and wrote about a feather in the hat not once, but twice, which means an accomplishment or a win.. I also see a reference to riding off into the sunset and double omega’s(double end) … It seems to me someone might of solved the poem???

      • Hazel Stone. I second what 42 said- good dissection. Did not Bip also have a feather in his head in a picture shown in previous SB 243? That chilli has some macaroni. It’s in the doodles.

        FF Quote from SB 243- “And I quickly reacted. “Who says he isn’t still there, where is your evidence, please show me your evidence?” Why do we arbitrarily believe things that we’ve been told? Just because someone said it doesn’t make it true.”

        Quote from this SB 244:

        “That problem was quickly solved when he painted the same Indians wearing the same clothing, up close, and riding directly away from the viewer.”

        Saying it not just once, nor twice, butt double of one point twice on 1 is thus 3 different ways.

        Dare anyone to assume. Nah 🙂

        Page-eight point three is a square root of something. Nice 180 degrees. The feather is a talking stick and it’s someones turn to be heard?


        • A feather in a cap mentioned 3 times..3 times a charm. 3 strikes your out.. Dizzy Dean(final chapter)
          I don’t want to assume anything but it’s so obvious, “the end is drawing nigh”.

        • Alsetenash, Hazel, Lisa,

          The riders are Braves in the Wood of the saddle.

          Mis-Spelling of pauncho AU = gold

          “Tails” win this flip.
          FF scrapbook
          2-44 (Chest May weigh 42 or 44 lbs) posted on the 7th; 7 is number of completion, lucky.

    • Here is my own little “clue”/ idea based on my own solve. I could be wrong and you might not understand it. But here goes: One down, one to go. I’d guess Dal flew from the mountains to Santa Fe. Does this mean I shouldn’t bother chasing shadows and stick to the woods? I’ll do both just in chase.

      • Hi JoJo
        This is way to deep for me, I preferred your double omega post…..
        two possible endings.
        The treasure exists, the treasure doesn’t exist.
        At the risk of getting burned at the stake, F presents a fairly strong case for both sides of the ledger.
        The case for the latter…
        Don’t mention Mencken and his bathtub, or the Solid Muldoon, Poe – the father of hoaxing, my big toe, pigs might fly, jokes on u….
        The final drawing in TTOTC illustrates this dilemma. If I was to give the drawing a name it would be “When the forest is gone”.
        It shows a bird at HO(me) and a man with his AX.

        Just going to get my shield, P

    • Hazel – I have to say I agree your interpretation may be correct. But since my spirit of this Chase wants to remain free, I had another thought.

      So you have the two riders coming towards you and then going away from you. You also have the painting being shown from the front and the back. Both indicate a 180 about-face. Maybe that is what we do when we ” find the blaze and look quickly down” . Turn around for “our quest to cease.”

    • What if we forget about the poem for just a min and think only in terms of the scrapbooks themselves?

      Maybe there is a win in our comments and ideas from the last to this?

        • Well do it for me Geyser!!

          If I do it it’ll just become another crazy thing that one guy typed.

          • You aren’t the first and you won’t be the last to express some “crazy things” here! LOL!

            But right now, in addition to trying to stay up-to-date with current thoughts, I am circling back to some old stuff…..really old stuff. I feel since I am a novice at this, it could help me immensely.

            Next week is going to be a challenge though, I will be in Vegas. I’m not a big gambler by any means, and I figure my odds at hitting big there are probably about the same as me finding the treasure! LOL!

    • I think a few have solved the poem but have not retrieved the chest for whatever reason. More gas on the flames.

  27. Well not sure it f this is the house Forrest was referring to but I counted 7 fire places just in the pictures they showed… Wonder which one the paintings hung hanged??? Pretty cool place… Should be a historic house like Leon Gaspards…

  28. Out of all the colorful characters from Forrest’s life that he has shared stories about, Eric Sloane is my favorite! 🙂

  29. Dear Forrest,

    So glad to hear you are doing well and in good spirits. Maybe this was an occasion for your yearly martini, so you can remember why you don’t actually like them.

    I couldn’t help but think that your use of the phrase “pauncho hat” was an aberration of sorts and not just a misspelling and made me think of Poncha Villa, who tried to represent himself as a Robinhood to the people, when he was clearly trying to line his own pockets.

    Your mention of the left side of the fireplace, reminded me of the song Poncha and Lefty, which was sung by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. This made me think of what are rumored to be Poncha’s last words, “Don’t let it end like this. Tell them, I said something.”

    Somehow I think this scrapbook is referring to someone being a real horse’s ass, and I’m glad you are able to laugh it off with that martini-humor that you and Eric once shared. I happened to read his Declaration of Self-Dependence where Eric says, “I believe in the dignity of labor and the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, I believe that striving for the most pay for the least amount of work is an immoral aim.” I think this applies to this situation in our country, where everyone tries to get something for nothing rather than working hard for what they get.

    I hope you have that painting in a place where you can look at it often on such occasions as this.

    My prayers are with you and your family for a holiday season full of peace, love, and happiness.

    • Why can’t things ever be mutually beneficial?

      Fenn sold Sloane’s paintings For double what he paid Sloane for them. He didn’t give Sloane a bump after the fact.

      The people who bought them didn’t seem to mind. Without Fenn, they would have never known the paintings existed.

      So the value increased as the ideas changed hands. Everyone was happy and everyone’s life was richer in one way or another.

      I’d bet someone could make an argument that Fenn didn’t really “do” anything other than rip people off. He didn’t add to the painting. It would be cheaper to buy direct from Sloane and one person could buy two paintings that way.

      But your understanding and perspective of the events shape your opinion, right?

      I think understanding the scrapbooks work the same way. Your approach and intent matter in the analysis.

      • I’m sorry. This isn’t the time and place for discussions like that. I shouldn’t have engaged. Old habit.

        We should stay topical about SB 244.

        I think it’s about how we can all say and do some silly things, especially on a chat board, and those foolish quests can sometimes turn into lasting fond memories.

      • Yeah, sorry. I have a bad habit of correcting some when they tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Hi Blue Fox: regarding the horse’s derriere angle, the timeliness of this SB relative to the Colorado lawsuit guy springs to mind.

  30. Man, Forrest is a master of subtlety. That blue sticker in the 2nd picture is a huge clue. Anyone that’s worked in retail knows what that sticker means. I almost overlooked it.

      • NoName6 – That might mean that Eric Sloane’s “Gaspard Memories” is ‘worth less’ or ‘discounted’ in comparison to the original version of two Indians on horses coming by Leon Gaspard, which Forrest gifted to Eric for his new house.

        • Lisa, they use those stickers for inventory counts, but there’s another word for inventory. Can you think of it?

          • PS: The fact that the two men are going or leaving is important too. As well as the fact they had to have another painting for the RIGHT side of the fireplace.

          • NoName6 – That word would be ‘stock’. Like, two horses. Like, the ones the U.S. Cavalry and those Stagecoach companies ‘stabled’ at Riverside (now the Barns Holes). Which is 8.0 river miles from Baker’S Hole and my hidey spot. According to Craig Matthews, fly fishing guide and Madison River expert.

          • @NoName6,
            Stock, merchandise, wares, product

            Which word, and how does it apply to the blue sticker? Very curious and hope you’ll reply

          • 42 – Yes! Like ‘stock’ is ‘wares’:

            wares > whereS

            And with my treasureS bold…

            I can keep my secret where…

            And hint of ‘richES’ new and old.

            Heinrich > Eric Sloane


        • Nice! You got the word. Now you just need to get the other two words, and you’ll have that clue solved. Think of a word that means go and leave, but can also be tied to geology. And don’t forget the painting on the RIGHT.

          • Stock. This is the clue in the poem that asks, “So why is it I must go and leave my trove for all to see?” Stock is the trove part, but there are two more words to the location
            Think of a word that means “go” and “leave” or “abandon” that could be tied to geology.

      • Blue dot, no idea what it means in art galleries, but in TTOTC finding ff’s treasure terms, it could indicate his view of the sky looking out from where indulgence rests in peace – ff’s special spot.
        Just a wild guess.

        • 42, I believe Eric Sloane passed in 1985, but that sticker doesn’t look 34 years old. Either Forrest is really good at storing things, or he put it on recently. 😉

          • 42 – I love your antler arch / white butt double omegas! Very good.

            For anyone still interested in the blue sticker; Sacha gave a good explanation on THOR. It’s a color coded system to bequeath certain articles in advance. Makes sense to me. It’s exactly how my grandmother did it.

        • gm, it’s a fairly good view, a blue point gives you a broad visibility, or visual reaction; it might help me to see those two beautiful bright vertical stripe better!?

        • That couldn’t possibly be the explanation for the blue dot. Forrest doesn’t do anything other people do in their regular every day lives. Just ask most people here! He lives every moment of every day thinking of ways to incorporate hints into every aspect of his life, from the day he was born till the day he dies. IMO

          • BroStevo…LOL!! I assume you are referring to my comment above. I dont think there is anything magical or esoteric about the blue sticker. But it would be hilarious if Forrest were to attach a blue sticker (or any colored sticker) to all future SB photos. You saw it first here!

          • Sally Colorado – I was replying to you, not inferring you thought there was anything magical about the sticker, just poking at all those who do. I think you probably hit the nail right on the head. I would LMHO if he were to put a picture of a christmas tree with multi-colored stickers all over it for ornaments and see what clues everyone could come up with then. IMO

      • Hi Lisa: the combination of blue and retail made me think of Kmart and “blue light specials.”

        What I find interesting on the back of the painting is the unusual capital R in the word “GALLERY” that looks like a small capital D atop a capital L on its side. The odd thing is that I’ve seen that unusual R before on one of Forrest’s wooden crosses:
        That’s surely “INRI” not “INP-I”

        • Zap – If it snows 3″ or more, here in town, the Warfield Brewery activates a Blue Light Special to benefit the Sawtooth Avalanche Center. The blue flashing siren light, on the upper corner railing of the building, signals $10 unlimited beers in a commemorative pint glass. The Warfield emblem is a Billy Goat. Remember W.H. Leigh and his special signature?:

          I think those R’s are special for a reason, also. Maybe a Pirate thing, like:

          Arrrrrrr, Matey!

          That was for you, AkB.


          • Hahaha. That’s awesome. Thanks for thinking about me.

            Now go on over to 245 and see thar plank that CKL be walkin’.

    • It’s been put in stock. Added to inventory.
      Blue Chip Stock. Stable Company. Unlikely to take a loss. Best stock. Horses live in Stables. My take without doing any more research is that this is a good solid clue. The picture is labeled so. And/or the painting is now part of the stash in the chest. The sticker is on the reverse so it means the other painting is now part of the Chest Treasure. If true, this ups the value of the Trove significatly.

      • JoJo, you’re close. If you can put those 3 things I mentioned to Lisa, you’ll have one of the clues solved. I would recommend that you try to find WWWH and HOB first otherwise it will be VERY difficult to make the connection. Think simple when looking for WWWH.

        • Should I have a cup of tea and think about that? In order to draw a conclusion to this mystery, gotta look at both sides.

          Remember that song by Joni Mitchell?

        • I don’t think that sticker is going to help anyone solve anything. You might as well say it so you don’t go down a dead end alley.

          • AkB and NoName6 – Blue Sticker. Hold. On Reserve. First RIGHT of refusal? Indian Reservation? Hebgen Lake Reservoir? That’s a ‘BLUE print’ on my topo map!

            Is that placement of that sticker, up near the Northwest corner of the frame ‘box’, a location reference of some kind for the finder?


          • Honestly, I think it’s a late in the game kinda clue. I think if you don’t immediately know what it means then it is unlikely that it can be guessed.

          • Missouri Tom – I can’t remember Forrest mentioning that his favorite color is blue. Do you remember when he said that?

          • Hi Blex: I always assumed Forrest’s favorite color was purple. What color sweater does he usually wear? What was his favorite soda pop growing up? What is the color of royalty? SB 98: “My closet is attached to my bathroom so when I lock the outer door I’m a king.” Lots of purple on those hangers (but also lots of blue):

          • …unless the back of the painting is a treasure map and the G in Gaspard Memory with the line through it is the “X marks the spot”. The blue dot is East of the gallery if you rotate the “map”.

          • I believe that blue dot is a fantastic clue. Maybe the best clue one could have. But it’s worthless if we can’t find what it relates to.

            I’d be willing to bet that Fenn could tell us everything except what that blue dot represents, and we wouldn’t be able to find the treasure.

            Finding that blue dot is the best adventure a treasure hunter could hope for and no one can find it from their living room.

            I would never tell you, and neither would anyone else, what that blue dot represents until that information ceased to be useful as a secret.

            Playing in the sandbox is a whole lot of fun, but it’s nothing when compared to the jungle gym.

            But we have to look for it if we are going to find anything. We have to create testable hypothesis and we have to check our findings with repeated tests.

            I also think that blue dot is telling us that we need to stay current and keep testing theories while there is still some immediacy in the way the scrapbooks are posted. It can’t last forever, it’s just a sticker.


          • Blex—

            You’re right. Forrest’s favorite song is “Purple Rain”. Some say they heard it was “My Blue Heaven” but they are greatly mistaken.

          • Blex,
            Check out the scrapbook where Forrest takes the stand in his buddy’s court trial. Sorry, I don’t recall which one it is (and sorry, Dal- I wouldn’t know how to link it if I did; you can just hush, Mr. Fenn:)

          • Zap – I think of Forrest, taking off in his Piper Malibu or Rockwell Commander, and heading into the Great Blue Yonder, Southeast, over my hidey spot at Baker’S Hole, everytime I look at these pics:


            And I imagine Forrest at my hidey spot, laying in the grass, next to the large/small
            Ponder•O•S•A pines ‘in the wood’, looking up at those wonderous clouds.

            Maybe it is time for me to learn how to paint?

        • desert my stock for all to seek

          Interesting. I know what stock means in relation to the solve. If I worked on it, I’m sure I could piece the rest together. I’m way ahead of you in my opinion on what that line means. I think I could give you a major clue here. Hmm. I’ve got WWWH’s and HOB. In fact in my opinion my solve is complete. Let me just say, though, that I have discovered more things on clues that I had already solved after I had solved them. Many of the lines in the poem don’t have to be perfect for you to get what to do, but some do. These additional bits always reinforce my solve. Of course that’s usually because there are….

          I already know what that line is telling me to do. In fact I’ve been there in person. And on paper. You are definitely right about this line so far, in my opinion, but there is more to that line than this.

          Have you gotten any other solves worked out all the way through? If you do, then think about what that line means in those solves and try to apply it to this solve.

      • @JoJo, I enjoy your interesting deductions & comments.
        “blue chip stock, stable company“…Hey maybe forrest invested in Microsoft Windows in it’s infancy and his stock doubled…more than a few times times. LOL

  31. Let’s see; humm; was that ; (two riders riding towards the future, from the past); with; (two more riders riding away; & then, followed by even (two more), riders; riding away; ” into the future”; with rakishly looking fethers? Actually , three, seeing the Forest through the trees. Brilliant Mr Fenn; & happy holidays.

  32. Rip the envelope open each passing moment
    and read readily written recordations in mind.
    Avoid the backward revisions biffing history,
    slant opinions enhancing righteous glory.
    Searchers search and tend to never find.

  33. Like all good *Oaters*… someone always rides off into the sunset in the end. Eric was as clever as he was prolific.

  34. Again, a great story Mr. Fenn.
    Personally, I would have hung the original on the right side of the fireplace. This way the riders would appear to go clockwise around the fireplace. Also, the feather’s rakish angle would have pointed inward. But, not being an artist I’m most likely wrong again.

  35. I’m pretty convinced after recent scrapbooks that Eric Sloane knows where the hiding place is, knows that there was going to be a hiding place and now he’s dead.

  36. Last night I was sitting by the fireplace with my son, talking about the puzzle and our search. I took another sip of sip of hot chocolate and said, “So now do you see why he capitalized Brown? And do you see why the zeros go here? Sorry, the ‘omegas’.” I did the ‘air quotes’ thing with my fingers.

    He is a senior in high school and a math wiz. He understands the importance of numbers. “Yeah,” he responded. “So if our calculations are right, the distance from the omegas is about 7.5 miles. That really is too far to walk for most people, but I could still do it.”

    I pulled up a picture on my phone to show him again. The four of us (including my wife and daughter) were standing where the warm waters halt. It was my daughter’s idea to put the phone on the ground against a rock and do a group selfie. The grass was green by the river, and the sky was blue with some puffy clouds. “You can see it here.” I pointed to a spot in the background of the photo. “The ‘omegas’ go right here.”

    “It’s really cool how the calculations work perfectly,” he said.

    My son is the one who figured out the significance of adjusting the angle of the lines. Without that, the lines lead to wonky places out in the mountains. We’re going back there in June next year, to revisit a special place.

    • I didn’t have to adjust my lines. But some of the stuff works in more than one way which blew my mind. But do you know what to do after the Home of Brown? I know you are a contender according to my solve. I’ll see ya this summer. Good luck.

      • I believe we’ve got it figured out. Pairings are important after assembling the timelines.

  37. If I were a betting man I’d wager half-a-crown that the riddle has been examined, and so perhaps it should now be sidelined. I mean, you don’t want to stare at a pair of asses all winter – there’s enough to give you indigestion through the holiday season without all that!

    Put on your best bib and tucker and have fun!


    • The banana has been well and truly grabbed! (I think that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?)

    • The retail side of the art world is about people with too much money wanting to be told they have good taste. Forrest understood that. Whether it’s paintings of a horse’s rear end or conceptual art, saying that something “is art” is on some level ridiculous.

    • Michael Hendrickson – Yeah, I laughed when I first saw that news story. I’m pretty sure that this sort of art was flying around the art world even back when Forrest was still running his gallery. Forrest was selective in what art he bought and sold. He lived in the same complex as the gallery at the time so it was essentially his home, and I can’t imagine him holding his nose and trying to display and sell a work that he did not at least have a small appreciation for. Based on what Forrest has shared with us up until now, I don’t believe that he would have even a small appreciation for the banana duct-taped to a wall.

  38. Thank you Forrest, for the new scrapbook. I wonder if Eric knew the story about you and Donnie. Someone is on the right path now, or someone was on the right path and went right by it. Maybe. I don’t have the best vision, it looks like the signature says Eric Scout.

    • “Someone is on the right path now, or someone was on the right path and went right by it.”

      Maybe both scenarios are correct.

      • Maybe that person is one of us… and he or she knows it….

        I’m going to keep my eyes peeled like a banana.

      • @Voxpops, I guess someone didn’t start at the mouth to turn left (draw nigh), but rather started at the headwaters and thought left was left when it was really right, or the wrong way. Right?

        • Or the right wrong way that should have been wrong and became right through persistence. But I don’t wanna talk about it.

        • Or maybe they just went clippety-clop up and down and in and out until they got saddle sore.

        • My dad always said: «  if you are on the wrong pass, then turn 180 degres and go back where you started ! » what u think 42?

      • I believe that you are completely correct, although I don’t think they went by it, I belive they just didn’t make the last nigh at the correct spot.

    • I definitely agree with you PB. It’s all about location and placement. Think about the omega and what it stands for.

  39. Are you sure? Do you now know where the treasure is? Because that would be one magical sticker.

    Maybe it’s a small hint and you just think it’s a big hint because this is the first time you’ve found it.

    Maybe it’s a hint worth sharing that won’t hurt your odds of finding the thing first. Maybe by sharing it, someone else will say something that adds to your big hint to make a quadruple deluxe hint.

    • AKB, Lisa already got that part of the hint. There are two more words to get the whole solution for that clue. Try to think of a word that means go and leave but can also be tied to geology. This is the part of the poem about the trove.

      • NoName6 – Ok. Don’t mean to be ‘intrusive’, but…

        Got the ‘stock’ part:

        Typical intrusive formations are batholiths, stocks, laccoliths, sills and dikes. When the magma solidifies within the earth’s crust, it cools slowly forming coarse textured rocks, such as granite, gabbro, or diorite.

        Deposit, Sediment, Chalk, Erosion, Obsidian…

        Heading way, way back toward that Father of Geology and his ‘Jur-Ass-ic’ term now…

        • NoName6 – Hmmmm….’to go’ or ‘to leave’ are verbs…so, how about the geologic term, ‘erode’:

          erode > E-road > East Road?

          You said something about WWWH and hoB being to the North and East, didn’t you?

          I think that solution works for Sparrow’s last published solve. I will go get the Golden Tairona Frog for you, Sparrow. I have always wanted to see the Wedding of the Waters. And the Shoshone Summer/Fall camp at over 10,000 ft. in the Wind River Range.

          • WWWH is where Fenn Creek meets Corall Creek. I think Corral Creek is HOB. Look up Terrence J Brown. He’s from Coralles, New Mexico. He’s also an architect who was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. He just won some award in 2016

          • Lisa—-

            That would be great. There is a gold frog in the chest. There are no bronze animals in the chest though, unfortunately. But I would just love to have that frog. Have you ever caught the scent of frogs legs wafting in the air as they are being cooked? Neither have I.

          • Cooked frog legs is not a good topic for me…..
            Don’t even want to think about that possibility.

            Now a GOLDEN FROG is something else.

    • Like the Circle of Life and the Never Ending Story?

      Back to the beginning I go. Am I coming or going?

      • Ok, two horses is referring to Looking for Lewis and Clark and to a particular report that has to do with right area. Rakish angle is a term in The Great Gatsby, which Fenn mentions in TTOTC. In TGG, it is a description of the eyebrows being drawn by Catherine. In my solve there is the renting of two horses and an “eyebrow” at a rakish angle. Probably coincidence, not. Good luck folks, time is ticking and snow is melting. BTW the Pauncho and LEFTy Is also correct via SB with Bobby McGee and the Highwaymen. That puzzle was a case of who’s missing and answer was Johnny Cache and “I was hung in the spring of 65”. Not a season nor a year. Save this post folks, at some coincidence s cease to be coincidences, when they happen over and over and over. BTW I had also been to a Kris Kristofferson concert “a few months ago” at tiime of SB. I suspect I’ve been vetted. Why all the John’s? You need two in your area or your solve is wrong. Good luck again. Love you all . Deeepthnkr

        • Dang Deep. That’s a lot of info. But I’d still say you’re kicking at the tips of icebergs so you might want to pace yourself.

          BTW, my middle name is Kristopher.


  40. What an excellent line to end this scrapbook with. I sure did miss your words last week. Welcome back F!

  41. ITTOTC It’s the thrill of the chase, & the beat of the drum; the woohp of the dance, & the he@)(¥a&h; of the voice!

  42. I see this alot like fishing. You throw your line out and bring it back and then you do it over and over. You get a lot of nibbles. And then one day …you hook one right under the jaw and bring in the Big One.

  43. Edouard Toudouze (French, 1848-1907) Why does the first name remind me of Edard? Leon studied art with him, my be nothing.

  44. Forrest,

    I enjoy your humour, as well, as I can almost transcribe the smoke signals, although I never was good at pictionary, I can kind of smell the sage leaves burning up in the wind.

    It’s funny, we had Indian burial grounds where I grew up but they were “off-limits” to the spade. There was some hyroglyphics but I never understood them either.

    My mom, bless her heart, always said “six of one or half a dozen of the other”. I never quite understood what she was trying to say until I said it to someone else right out of the blue.

    I just drove back from my dad’s house for Thanksgiving. I woke up at there o’clock in the morning, pitch black and 40 degrees with a flat front right tire. I pumped it up and stopped every eighty mile’s just to pump it up again. After 700 miles, I finally made it home in one day. The next day, I plugged the tire and it’s been fine ever since.

    But it was worth the cold.


  45. Does anyone happen to know what Eric painted this on? It doesn’t look like a typical artist canvas. It kind of looks like sheet rock. I wonder if Eric painted it on sheet rock from the house he was building?

    • Luck Ryder – It’s difficult to tell, since you can’t really see the material behind the backing board on the back side of the frame. If I had to guess, I would assume that it’s regular ol’ canvas that’s stretched & gessoed, and Eric just used a really thick application of oil paints so that the texture of the canvas doesn’t telegraph through the finished surface. But if it is not canvas, then I would guess something thinner than sheet rock. I think a lot of painters like to also use masonite board as a painting material so it could possibly be that?

        • Strawshadow – I’m no expert, but wouldn’t be surprised if you are correct. Did you read that somewhere?

          It looks like production of masonite really caught on in the U.S. starting in the 1930’s. From what I read in a brief internet search, using it as a painting surface was not common due to earlier versions of the material having a tendency to warp.

          I just stumbled upon this blog that has some really nice examples of Eric’s work:

          I like the “Toast to Progress” mural at the top. I had no idea that another of his murals is buried behind a wall at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Interesting stuff. I can see why, as an aviator, Forrest had an appreciation for his art of the sky.

      • Yes, Eric talks about his use of Masonite in his book “Eighty”. He preferred it to canvas because canvas cracks and tears and Masonite is indestructible.

  46. If “humour” means “indulge” does that suggest that a “joke” is an “indulgence”? Did the Indians just arrive and leave the treasure chest right before our very eyes? Like the painting from a treasured friend marked with a blue dot, “not for sale”. Priceless.

    • Indulgence – “a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins”

  47. … now I’m wonderin’ if those two Indians are headed into town, ridin’ on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat … need I go further? Another doodle from Forrest Fenn don’t you think?

  48. … not done yet sorry. Now I see “Tao (two) people can keep a secret, if one of them is dude (dead).”

  49. A bit off topic, but mention of the artist Gaspard reminds me of the legendary pirate, Jose Gaspar, who terrorized the waters off SW Florida until his untimely demise. Gaspar supposedly left a bunch of buried treasure in FL that has yet to be recovered, so perhaps Forrest has designs of beating this legendary outlaw by having his trove remain hidden longer than Gaspar’s?

    What say you, Forrest? Did my thoughts hit the target, or miss everything badly?

    • Takes the phrase “go in peace” to a whole new level doesn’t it? Maybe Gasparillo Island will become tomorrow’s TTOTC.

  50. … there’s more?
    “Blue Moon …. now I’m no longer alone” …
    humm humm …
    Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) .

  51. Outside in the cold distance
    A wildcat did growl,
    Two riders were approaching
    And the wind began to howl.

        • Glad to see some Hendrix fans. He played at what we called the Jams out by the old airport here in Tampa early 70’s. He wasn’t in the line up to play just happen to be there and did some rifting.
          Always was the guy on my turn table back then.
          Do you think Forrest and Eric would be a fan. Eric sure had the right painting.


  52. “Yankee Doodle went to town
    A-riding on a pony
    Stuck a feather in his hat
    And called it macaroni”

    (A Trope of extraordinary and/or deep thought, FEATHERS, MACARONI)

    An Army cannot eat feathers, perhaps that is why this song was sung by everyone in the Continental Army in 1776.

    “And there was Captain Washington
    Upon a strapping stallion
    Giving orders to his men
    I guess there were a million”

    Rakish, having or displaying a dashing, jaunty, or slightly disreputable quality or appearance.

    One hundred years later came this:

    My countrymen, we do not now differ in our judgment concerning the controversies of past generations, and fifty years hence our children will not be divided in their opinions concerning our controversies. They will surely bless their fathers and their fathers’ God that the Union was preserved, that slavery was overthrown, and that both races were made equal before the law. We may hasten or we may retard, but we can not prevent, the final reconciliation. Is it not possible for us now to make a truce with time by anticipating and accepting its inevitable verdict?

    I wonder if Eric and Forrest discussed the personal downfalls and traits of 2 Russian Painters, well since “Pain” is the first word in this and horses seen from behind is there a message here about artists in general? Nah, ff would not stoop to that would he?

    Someone has a feather in his hat someplace in the Rockies and ff could just be causing chaos right now, since there is 4′ of snow on the ground.


  53. Hey I know those two guys they sold me really cool wagon wheels in Taos just over the bridge at the Rio grande And great to have friends with humor makes the world a little more doable I know you miss Eric I would of liked to of known him .

  54. I just looked at loads of Eric Sloane paintings and this looks nothing like his painting ability…to me this doesn’t look anything like a Sloane painting. I’m confused! I have worked in the art business for 23 years, in my personal opinion this is not a Sloane painting. Wow, if it is a Sloane it’s a rare, unlike his style, one off. It looks more like Forrest Fenn painted it. Haha

    • Hazel-
      See the story again. Eric purposely painted it in the style of Gaspard to match the one on the other side of the fireplace…

      • Yes, I understand, but I also looked at Gaspards body of work..his work doesn’t look like that either..I’m sure it’s a Sloane one-off..its just weird to me..when I just saw the cover of the Sloane “wood” book I could see the likeness in the cover drawing.

  55. He did sign his name as Eric Sloan at least once… kind of. Perhaps that’s worth a glance.
    Take a look, it’s in a book… #readingrainbow

  56. This picture reminds me of looking behind when hiking in the mountains. I can’t even remember how many times I lost my BACKPACK and had to go back to find it…

    Has anyone else done the same?

  57. Many people on this site believe that they have got the solve locked and loaded. So my question, if you’d be so kind as to grace me with an answer is, why havent you pick it up already?? I know why I haven’t (I don’t live in the USA, visa pending) i believe Fenn has said not to search in winter but if you have figured it out, that it could be retrieve it in winter. So why haven’t you?

    • Hi Jason: Forrest has never said the chest could be retrieved in winter. In fact he has strongly cautioned searchers against searching when snow covers the ground.

      The quote you’re alluding to is MW Weekly Words from 12/11/2015: “*If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.”

      There are 3 strikes against us in this short sentence:
      1. We DON’T know precisely where it is. Only Forrest does.
      2. Even if we *did* somehow know precisely where the treasure is, Forrest still caveats success with “probably”.
      3. “Any weather” is not the same as “any season” (and what that entails for the ground conditions). If it’s sunny, raining, windy, sleeting or even snowing (but not sticking) I can probably retrieve it if I’ve solved all the clues.

      • Hi zaphod- Oh ok sorry, my mistake, I’m by no means trying to provoke any body in to doing/trying some thing silly or dangerous. So please nobody think that. Was just curious. Thanks for replying.

    • Jason – In that latest interview, where Cynthia asked Forrest about the ‘word that is key’ in the Poem, Forrest reiterated that he considers himself to be a “Maverick”. Well, so am I, Forrest!:

      I just thought it was time to buzz the tower. Instead of dragging myself out to my hidey spot to get the bronze chest. This is Soooo much more fun!!!


      • Lisa, makes sense. I can see you enjoy it, I must admit I enjoy reading some of your ideas on subjects. they make interesting reading. Thanks for your reply.

      • Hi Lisa,

        I love the enthusiasm and frequency of your posts.
        Thanks for the update regarding F Maverick comment.
        I matched it against my key word, and sure enough, bullseye.
        I suggest you check out the gun shop


        • Maybe you should check the pond! Although I do love my guns . Lisa how much of a Maverick are you? Sometimes I think I,m a stray.

        • Lisa,

          I really like that idea of Indulgence finding a home at the Smithsonian or another public museum. It would be so cool to be able to go visit her after she is found. Do you think Forrest himself will purchase the chest and donate it?

    • I believe you are right to be skeptical, because without the chest in hand no one can be sure they have a correct solve.

      However, even if there is someone who does have a correct, or nearly correct, solve, it could take more than several BOTG for them to actually locate the chest. This would not be far-fetched, because Forrest himself has said, “The blueprint is challenging so the treasure may be located by the one who can best adjust” ( Hope this helps!

    • Same with me 42, i Struggle on the poem, and i keep circling around and falling into so many rabbit holes.
      FF is a pure genius and master of diversion, and the best riddle maker i’ve ever read! Bravo!

    • Hello 42. The mention of the DOTS candy reminds me of how hard it was to get that stuff out of one’s teeth. There have been several things we’ve read in scrapbooks, etc. over the years in regards to teeth. Wondered about all the chatter about it, and I just thought of something I hadn’t over all these years. Teeth, we have lower and uppers. It made me think of the Upper and Lower Falls in Yellowstone. Crazy.

        • Hello Peebee & pdenver, I enjoyed your candy and teeth comments. I ate waaay too much candy as a kid and did not brush enough. There is a 100 yr old confectionary in my hometown and a penny candy shop that created delight and canyons in my teeth. I’ve been crowned enough to be candy queen; and put my dentist‘s kids thru college.

          How does this relate to the poem?

          Well, in grid format the poem yields plenty of sweet treats…
          Lots of Dots, Reese’s, pez,
          Spearmint, to name just a few.

          I’m closer to understanding why candy refs are in the poem; how it may relate to the location.

          • Good thinking mr 42! A Dot can be marry on the map, so can a Pez! Do you know that Pez comes from Pfferfferminz ?? Ie PEZ? So i
            Guess Spearmint works too! Its the best dispenser ever and the first center openned in « Orange « county!

          • Right Peebee, Isn’t it amazing how smells and food bring back memories to the front of your brain?
            Talking about dots, mints candy, and poison olives…I was six years old again…
            watching Snow White and the seven dwarfs at the down town mar theater & pretending to be snow white with my wicked witch of an aunt and her boyfriend who took me.

            My parents should have kept me under lock/key. Sometimes relatives aren’t good sitters.

            Anyone out there have new ideas about ff’s smell the spices scrapbook.?
            Can’t say I ever made true sense of it.

          • Correct 42! Just like his two horses names are buttercup (reeses) and lollypop! Butter is a shortening ie simplify! FF does have fun spreading the butter on the

  58. Very interesting observation, noticed this, but didn’t think about it since I haven’t seen alot of famous paintings.

  59. JeremyP if youre still around could you tell us if the blue dot was applied to the painting or the photograph of the painting.

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